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Ashland was arrested. Adam devastated Sally by abruptly ending their relationship. Sally convinced Victoria and Nick to keep her on at Newman Media. Ashland's behavior toward Victoria became increasingly ominous. Ashley implored Jack to forgive Phyllis. Noah and Allie shared their first kiss.
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Adam abruptly ended his relationship with Sally, and Ashlandís behavior toward Victoria became increasingly ominous
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Victor issues a dire threat directed at Ashland

Victor issues a dire threat directed at Ashland

Monday, July 18, 2022

At Chancellor Park, Kyle angrily confronted Ashland and inquired about Harrison's whereabouts. Summer Nikki, and Michael all waited for a response. Ashland, pointing to his right, replied, "He's fine. He's right down there by the pond with your mother." Summer told Kyle to keep an eye on Ashland while she went to check on Harrison.

Ashland turned to face Michael and asked him if he was waiting for the cops to arrive. Michael nodded and noted that witnesses had seen Ashland with Harrison, which was a direct violation of the restraining order. Ashland complained that it was madness to have him arrested for showing kindness and compassion to a child. Ashland insisted that he posed no threat to Harrison. Nikki replied, "You're a threat to everyone you come in contact with. And now you're finally going where you belong -- a jail cell."

Ashland said he assumed the cops were on Victor's payroll, just like the judge who had issued the ridiculous restraining order. Michael assured Ashland that everything was on the up and up. Diane approached Kyle and told him that Harrison was fine. Ashland lashed out at Diane and blamed her for having set him up.

Officer Roberts arrived and asked Nikki about the person who had violated a restraining order. Nikki pointed toward Ashland. Ashland explained that it had been an innocent mistake, but he left voluntarily with the officer. Michael said, "Good work, Diane." Diane said she had acted on behalf of her sweet grandson, Kyle, and Summer.

Later, alone with Nikki, Michael said, "We got lucky. Diane really came through." Nikki, mimicking Diane's words, replied that Diane had simply been in the right place at the right time. Nikki told Michael that Diane's goal was to improve her image by convincing people that she had changed, though she had not. Nikki cried that one could never disregard Diane's motives. Michael said they should give Diane the benefit of the doubt every now and then.

Nikki said she was pleased that Ashland was finally facing legal consequences for his actions. Michael said that although Ashland would likely be released soon, he was aware that they were no longer playing games and might leave town for good. Nikki agreed it had been a step in the right direction.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor was seated at his old desk when Victoria arrived and told her dad and Nick that everything was set for the press conference. Victor replied that they should wait for Nikki and perhaps Adam, as well. Victor and Nick asked Victoria what Adam had told her. Victoria said Adam had requested that Sally continue as head of Newman Media, explaining that he would not interfere with Sally's decisions, adding that they had broken up because things between them had not worked out. Nick suggested the breakup might be part of a calculated plan. Victor agreed and said it might have been Adam's way of keeping Sally in her position.

Nick asked Victoria if she would give Sally a chance before making staff changes. Victoria said she didn't want an important part of the company left in potentially dangerous hands, so she would need to make a decision sooner rather than later. Victor asked Victoria whether or not Adam would come back. Victoria confidently replied that Adam had no intention of coming back to work at the company. Nick said that, once again, Adam was the wild card. Victor told Victoria and Nick he had hoped to announce Adam's return, talk about corporate accomplishments, and announce that the Newmans had all come together. Victoria warned that if Adam returned, it would lead to more conflict.

Victor told Victoria and Nick he had been willing to mediate with Adam and work things out. Victoria told her dad he would have to accept the fact that Adam had refused to become her subordinate. Victor explained that he had assured Adam he would have autonomy of his division. Victoria said she believed Adam's decision was best for the company. Victor admitted he had asked Sally to convince Adam to return and take the reins from her. Victor suggested that because Sally had failed, she was no longer useful to the company. Victoria did not disagree, though she was hesitant to let Sally go until she found a replacement.

Nikki arrived and announced to Victor, Victoria, and Nick that Ashland had been arrested in the park for violating his restraining order after meeting with Harrison. Victoria asked Victor if he had had a hand in Ashland's arrest. Victor claimed that he had only informed Michael to be vigilant, knowing that Ashland would likely desire to see Harrison. Nikki said that Diane had tipped off Michael. Nikki cautioned her family not to let down their guard where Diane was concerned.

Diane returned with Harrison to the Abbotts' home. After Summer gave Harrison a snack in the kitchen, she told Diane that the boy was fine and likely had not seen what had happened to Ashland. Diane claimed she had been thrown by the incident. Kyle overheard and said he had to shake off his own fears about how easily Ashland could have run off with Harrison and vanished for good. Diane asked Kyle if he was angry with her, because he had every right to be.

Summer asked Diane if she had colluded with Ashland. Diane insisted she had not, though she had allowed Ashland to get close to Harrison for a couple of moments. Diane berated herself for not having thought things through and alerting Kyle instead of Michael. Both Kyle and Summer agreed that Diane had handled the situation correctly by making sure Harrison was okay. Kyle thanked Diane and said she had come through for them. Diane seemed relieved that Kyle and Summer had believed her version of the incident.

At Newman Media, Sally left a message for Adam, pleading with him to call her back. Before she hung up, Sally cried, "You're driving me absolutely crazy with this disappearing act -- and not in a good way." Chloe entered and asked Sally if everything was okay. With sarcasm, Sally said, "Everything is super, especially since I love uncertainty and being ignored."

Chloe asked for clarification, and Sally admitted she hadn't heard from Adam since the day before, when he had sent a text message explaining that he would be in Chicago for the night. Sally told Chloe that Adam had left Newman after Victoria had returned. Chloe replied that perhaps they should all take cover because Adam's instinct was to get payback. Sally said Adam had promised not to make trouble.

Chloe warned Sally that anyone believing that Adam would keep his word was in for the rudest of awakenings. Sally acknowledged that Adam could be seeking revenge against Victor and Victoria. Chloe said she assumed things were up in the air regarding her potential position. Sally replied that Adam had said her job was safe, so her offer to Chloe still stood. Chloe explained that she needed a job after she and Chelsea had dissolved their partnership, so the timing was perfect. Sally seemed confident that she and Chloe could endeavor to make their mark on the company.

Sally tuned in to the Newmans' press conference, hoping to get answers to her questions. Chloe cautioned Sally that they should only hope for the best until they knew for sure. When the press conference began, Victor addressed the audience and announced that Victoria, having returned from a short sabbatical, had resumed her position as CEO of Newman Enterprises. Victor added that Nikki would serve as co-CEO, and that Nick would become the chief operating officer. Victoria stepped up to the microphone and announced that her family looked forward to a brand-new era for Newman Enterprises. Sally, listening to every word, appeared apprehensive and sighed.

Victoria invited the media to ask questions during the press conference. A woman asked where Adam Newman fit in regarding the changes. Victoria praised her brother for having filled in admirably during her absence, though she noted that he had decided to move on to other things outside of Newman Enterprises. Sally, watching and listening from her office, remarked, "Because you kicked him in the teeth." Nikki commented that they wished Adam success with his next endeavor. Sally replied, "Yeah, until you need to use him as a tool to keep Victoria and Nick in line." Chloe, concerned for Sally, said, "Okay, you know, you're just talking to the screen. You can just dial it back."

After a journalist asked Victoria if Sally Spectra was still in charge of Newman Media, Victoria replied, "We were actually just discussing our plans for Newman Media." Sally glared menacingly at her computer screen and interjected, "Without keeping the division's CEO in the loop." Victoria boasted that Newman Media would likely outperform analysts' expectations, though possible staff realignments were under consideration. After the press conference concluded, Sally closed her laptop and began pacing. Chloe asked Sally what Victoria had meant when she mentioned possible staff realignments. Sally replied, "I don't know, but it doesn't sound good."

After the press conference ended, Nick, Nikki, and Victoria returned to the office and congratulated Victoria for having delivered a clear message that her steady hand was steering the ship again. Nikki assured Victoria that the business community once again had confidence in Newman Enterprises. Victoria agreed that they had emerged from Ashland's dark cloud and were stronger than ever. Victoria told her mother and brother that she was glad to be moving forward with them by her side. Nick said he was glad for his sister and envisioned blue skies ahead. Nikki noticed that Victor had left, and she wondered aloud where he might have gone.

Victor confronted Ashland in his jail cell and told him he was where he belonged, like a caged animal. Ashland said his lawyers would soon have him released. Victor replied, "Your lawyers won't do a damn thing. This is where you'll end up if you take another close step to that boy." Ashland accused Victor of despicably using Harrison like a pawn.

Victor stepped forward and replied, "You're one of the most despicable human beings I've ever met. Don't stand there in that hypocritical righteousness, as if you are the offended party. You deserve everything that you've gotten." Ashland told Victor he was the one who deserved to suffer loss. Victor grabbed onto Ashland's clothes, violently drew him closer, and said, "I don't like it. Okay? I don't like it. No one -- no one breaks my daughter's heart and gets away with it. No one!" Victor angrily warned Ashland to watch out because he would be followed wherever he went.

At the rooftop pool, Noah invited Tessa and Mariah to hang out with him. Noah learned from Tessa that she had visited another doctor to get a second opinion. Tessa reported that the second doctor had delivered the same diagnosis as the first, which meant she would undergo surgery on her vocal cords. Mariah insisted they would remain very positive about the outcome. Noah told Tessa she would return to the stage in no time. Allie arrived, and Noah announced to Tessa and Mariah that Allie would be working at Jabot. Mariah suggested she and Allie have lunch at the Jabot cafeteria. Allie mentioned New Hope before realizing she should have kept quiet about Noah's plans.

Noah told Mariah and Tessa that he was considering leaving New Hope, though he was concerned about timing after Nick had left to rejoin Newman. Tessa recalled that Noah had never felt like he was a good fit for New Hope. Noah agreed it was not really his thing, though he felt guilty about deserting his dad. Allie told Noah he should find his bliss. Mariah asked Noah if he planned to stay at a job he did not want. Noah said he would soon tell his dad that he would leave New Hope, and he asked his friends not to tell anyone.

Noah recalled how he had enjoyed transforming the Top of the Tower into a funky and cool club for Tessa and Mariah's wedding. Tessa recalled all the buzz she had read on social media about the hip, fun club. Noah replied, "So, why not keep the party going?" Noah said he had plans to turn the venue into a club if Victor agreed to lease it. Allie, Mariah, and Tessa eagerly supported Noah's idea.

After Mariah and Allie stepped away to get drinks at the bar, Allie confided to Mariah that Diane seemed to have an agenda regarding the Newmans. Mariah advised Allie to stick to the "core Abbotts" because they, as well as Noah, would "have her back" no matter what. Alone with Noah, Tessa asked about Allie. Noah said they had gone out on a date and that he had fun being with Allie. Tessa told Noah she was thrilled for him.

Adam devastates Sally by abruptly ending their relationship

Adam devastates Sally by abruptly ending their relationship

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria solicited Nick and Nikki's advice before deciding Sally's fate. Nick contended that they needed a qualified leader who was used to making deals and being at the front of the pack, and Sally had zero experience leading a media entity. He also cited Sally's connection to Adam, even though Adam had claimed that he was walking away from both her and the company. Nikki found the timing of the breakup interesting, and she theorized that Adam was just pretending to end things with Sally to keep her on as CEO. Victoria concluded they were all in agreement, and she intended to handle the matter as soon as possible. Nikki left it to Victoria and Nick to let Sally know her services were no longer required.

At Newman Media, Sally anxiously checked her phone. She sent Adam a text message to let him know she was starting to worry, and she asked where he was and what was going on. Adam suddenly appeared in the doorway and announced that the answer to her first question was that he was there. She fretted that she'd thought something had happened to him or that he'd ghosted her. He stopped her from embracing him and coldly stated that he was unharmed. Sally realized he'd been avoiding her.

Adam admitted that he'd never gone to Chicago, but he'd been contemplating how he'd responded to the latest mind game his father had played. Adam continued that he'd looked at every move and countermove made since the whole thing had started. Sally wondered why he hadn't just told her that or used her as a sounding board. Adam explained that he'd needed time alone to understand why he'd allowed Victor to manipulate him by dangling the CEO position in front of him, leading to Adam falling for it twice.

Sally encouraged Adam not to beat himself up for trusting his father, but Adam claimed it had been a huge mistake that had made him question everything he'd done since he'd returned to town. Adam considered what had caused Victor to question Adam's fitness for the job, and he thought Sally was the last person he needed as a sounding board right then. Adam announced that she was the reason he was on the outside, and she was standing between him and everything he wanted.

Sally thought blaming her made no sense after she'd stood by and believed in Adam. Adam recalled that she was the one who'd sabotaged Victor's granddaughter, and she was universally despised by the Newman inner circle. He added that she'd become a huge liability when he'd made her a fixture in his life. Sally argued that the fact she was still there proved that Victor had learned to look at her differently and that he even respected her a little. Adam contended that Victor had stopped respecting him because Adam had chosen to keep Sally in his life, and she had cost him everything he'd ever wanted.

Taken aback, Sally questioned why Adam was being cruel. Adam replied that he was being honest, and she pointed out that he sounded crazy. He countered that the crazy thing had been making the choice to be with her at all, leaving her speechless. He turned away, struggling to hide his true emotions. Adam claimed that Victor had voiced more concerns about Sally than Adam had let on, and he'd wanted to spare Sally's feelings. Adam added that his father had eventually stopped making his displeasure known, and Victor had found another way to get the message through loud and clear by refusing to consider Adam as the rightful heir of Newman Enterprises.

Adam continued that he'd deluded himself into thinking he could use the opportunity to prove he was worthy, but Victor had already made up his mind that he'd never respect Adam if Adam stayed with Sally. Sally ranted that she didn't buy any of it, since Adam didn't "give a damn" what Victor thought about her. Adam swore that he cared about the consequences, and it was who he was. He recounted that Billy had laid out Adam's history in graphic detail, so Sally had entered into it with her eyes wide open. Sally referred to Adam's declarations of love, and she argued that he'd shown his love in ways that were impossible to fake. Adam clarified that he wasn't saying he didn't love her -- he just didn't love her enough.

Sally said she believed Adam had meant it when he'd told her she was what he'd always needed, and she demanded to know how he could just pretend he didn't care. She remembered that he'd told her he would find a solution that would work for everyone, and he'd do whatever it took to keep her in the CEO chair. She surmised that it was an insane attempt to protect her by distancing himself from her so she could keep her job. Sally proclaimed that Adam meant more to her than her job, so he could drop the act and tell her he was doing it all to protect her -- and she would forgive him.

Adam scoffed at the idea of forgiveness, since that would mean there was a future for him and Sally. He flatly stated that he didn't want her in his life anymore because his priority was to reclaim his place and gain his father's respect and respect for himself. Adam snapped that he hated what being with her had cost him and turned him into -- someone who griped about his daddy mistreating him. Adam questioned how he could expect anyone to take him seriously, and he reiterated that he needed to get away from her and back to regaining credibility in Victor's eyes.

Sally was taken aback that Adam suddenly cared more about kissing up to Victor than he did about her. Adam barked that whatever glee he'd gotten from rubbing their relationship in everyone's faces hadn't been worth it, and they were done. "Is that clear enough for you?" he spat. Sally incredulously replied that everyone had been right about him being a "self-serving bastard." He figured that at least she'd gotten a CEO job out of the deal -- if she could hang onto it. "Go to hell!" she bellowed, wiping away tears.

Adam stepped out of the office and reeled. Nick and Victoria arrived, and Adam informed them that he was out of their lives as well as Sally's. Adam warned them not to be fooled by Sally's tough exterior because she was having a tough time accepting that things were over. Adam added that the worst mistake Sally had made had been getting involved with him, and he would hate to see her lose her job on top of it. Adam asserted that Sally was loyal, dedicated, and a hard worker, and she deserved to be there. He urged Victoria and Nick to give Sally a chance.

Sally was attempting to regain her composure when she heard a knock at the door. Victoria and Nick entered, and Sally offered them a drink. Nick declined, and Sally expressed relief because she wasn't up for niceties when she was wallowing in pity from a freshly broken heart. She steeled herself for them to tell her things just weren't working despite all she was accomplishing, since all they cared about was playing the game. Sally ranted that the Newmans had been too busy swapping nameplates in the executive suite to notice what she'd been doing, and she deserved to be judged based on her achievements and not her relationship with Adam.

Sally continued that she'd been working night and day to research the company and reimagine its future, and she'd established a clear mission statement and made connections that mattered. She explained that she'd prioritized connectivity because the world was changing, and they had to be the ones to keep people informed. Sally proclaimed that the job had been one of the greatest opportunities of her life, and she lamented that she'd miss the view from the office. She invited Victoria and Nick to get it over with, so she could pack up her things, and they could all go back to their day. Nick asked to speak with Victoria outside.

In the corridor, Nick opined that what Sally had said had been extremely impressive. Victoria figured that Sally had been scrambling to keep her job, but Nick pointed out that people revealed what meant most to them when their backs were against the wall. Nick believed that Sally's job meant everything to her, but Victoria had doubts about whether Sally had what it took. Nick reasoned that Sally had a clear plan that she was ready to implement, and she had good ideas and a vision for Newman Media. Nick thought Sally was exactly what they were looking for.

At Society, Ashley raved to Jack about how Allie had been a star during her orientation at Jabot. Ashley predicted that Allie would be running the lab soon, since the girl was smart and intuitive like her father. Ashley said she appreciated that Allie had made it clear she wanted nothing special just because she was an Abbott, and she anticipated that everything would work out because Allie was happy. Ashley inquired about Jack, and she noted that Phyllis hadn't been around lately. Ashley pressed to know what Phyllis had done.

Jack confided that Phyllis had lured him into a romantic interlude at the hotel and arranged for Diane to witness what he'd thought was an intimate moment with Phyllis. He admonished Phyllis for taking what he'd believed had been a giant step in their relationship and using it as an opportunity to send Diane a message. Ashley pointed out that it could have been both things, and Jack was shocked that she seemed to be defending Phyllis' actions. Ashley stressed that Phyllis wasn't her favorite person, but they all knew what Diane was capable of. Ashley thought it made sense that Phyllis had set some boundaries, and she chided Jack if he'd expected subtlety from Phyllis. He realized his sister was imploring him to forgive Phyllis.

Ashley recounted that when Jack had returned from L.A., he'd had a look in his eye that she hadn't seen in a long time. Jack chalked it up to learning he had a beautiful granddaughter, but Ashley said she had the feeling he'd been falling back in love with Phyllis. Jack groaned that it was what had made Phyllis' betrayal even more painful. Ashley said she'd agree under other circumstances, but she thought Phyllis deserved a second chance because all bets were off with Diane involved.

Ashley questioned why Phyllis had felt the need to let Diane know where things stood with Jack. Ashley recognized that Phyllis acted out when she felt wronged, and she surmised that something had set Phyllis off. Ashley guessed that Jack was forging a path to forgiveness for Diane, despite the horrific things she'd done, yet he wouldn't forgive Phyllis for doing something out of love to protect her relationship with Jack. Ashley sensed that Jack had more complicated feelings for Diane than he was willing to admit.

Ashley argued that if she'd noticed Jack's feelings, she could only imagine how Phyllis had felt to see him being kind to a person who'd done such horrible things to Phyllis. Jack defended that he was only doing it for Kyle, but Ashley warned him not to buy Diane's act. Jack contended that the issue was Phyllis' penchant for self-sabotage and her inability to embrace what was good. He recalled that he'd given Phyllis many chances, and they were better off as friends. Ashley stressed that things were never as simple as they seemed with Diane.

Jack spotted a distraught Adam make a beeline for the bar, and he prepared to go check on his friend. Ashley clucked that Jack had befriended every pariah in town, and he was way too forgiving with everyone except Phyllis. Jack approached Adam and offered to buy him a cup of coffee, but Adam muttered that he wasn't in the mood for company. Jack recognized the look on Adam's face and explained that it was exactly why he was joining Adam.

Jack guessed Adam's demeanor had to do with Victoria being reinstated as CEO, and Adam grumbled that his dad was living the dream of having the whole family at Newman. Jack pointed out that Adam's absence at the press conference had been conspicuous, and he hoped the statement about Adam moving on to pursue other ventures had been true. Adam groused that he'd thought he'd been doing the one thing he should have been doing, but Victor had completely changed the rules.

Adam remarked that there was only so far a man could be pushed past his limits before he pushed back, and there was no going back that time. Jack worried that Adam wanted to lash out, but he cautioned that Victor expected Adam to give in to his worst impulses. Adam conceded that it was pointless to go after his father, and he was the last person Victor needed to worry about. Meanwhile, Ashland stewed in his holding cell.

At Crimson Lights, Noah declared that coffee was on him, and Allie teased that he was magnanimous for a guy who never paid for a cup of coffee because his mom owned the place. He appreciated her listening to him figure things out with New Hope when most people would have told him to shut up and get on with it. She sympathized that it was a big decision to disappoint his father, and he suggested that he take her along with him, so she could blurt out the bad news before he could say anything. She regretted that she'd slipped in front of Mariah and Tessa, and he figured he'd made her nervous with his devilish good looks and unique brand of humor. Phyllis interrupted and exclaimed that the young couple was adorable together.

Phyllis referred to Allie's internship at Jabot, and Allie voiced surprise that Phyllis remembered it. Phyllis enthused about the dozens of products Jabot's chemists churned out, and she inquired whether Jack had ever told Allie that Phyllis had once been CEO of Jabot. Phyllis offered to give Allie insight into how things ran there, and she suggested they talk over drinks and pastries right then. Noah intervened by claiming he and Allie had a "thing" they didn't want to be late for, and he and Allie rushed out. Diane, who'd witnessed the exchange, remarked that Phyllis could really clear a room.

Diane taunted that Noah and Allie had obviously been trying to get away from Phyllis. Diane assumed that Phyllis had been trying to make Allie her bestie, hoping Allie would go to Jack and tell him how nice Phyllis had been. Phyllis denied it, but Diane lectured that using Jack's granddaughter wasn't a good look. Phyllis refused to play Diane's games, but Diane recalled that Phyllis was the one who'd toyed with Jack to make a point with her. Phyllis snarled that it took a paranoid mind to think a simple conversation had a nefarious plot connected to it, but Diane chided Phyllis for trying to get back into Jack's good graces by using his grandchild.

Diane gushed about how she was rebuilding her relationship with Kyle and enjoying time with her grandson, and she chose to focus on the people whose opinions mattered to her. Diane looked forward to working with Kyle, Summer, and Jack as part of a big Jabot family, and she contended that her life was in such a good place that the last thing she wanted was for things to be adversarial between her and Phyllis. Diane implored Phyllis to accept that Diane was a permanent fixture there. Nikki overheard and called Diane delusional. Nikki noted that Diane was becoming more confident, and Phyllis predicted that Diane would let her guard down.

Ashley entered the coffeehouse, and Phyllis informed her that they'd been talking about how Diane was strolling around town without a care in the world, gainfully employed and pretending to be a doting grandmother. Diane corrected that "DeeDee" was Harrison's pet name for her, but Ashley imagined it would only last until he grew up and found out who Diane really was. Diane huffed that she had a job and life to return to, and she offered to give the women's love to Summer, Kyle, and Jack. After Diane left, Nikki hissed that something had to be done. Phyllis and Ashley agreed.

Phyllis demanded to know why everyone else in town was giving Diane a free pass. Ashley believed Diane had been playing things perfectly, and Phyllis admonished Diane for using Kyle to get to Jack. The women recalled Diane's past crimes against them, and Phyllis pondered whether the three of them could do something even though they couldn't stand to be in the same room together. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend," Nikki quipped, and she contemplated what would happen if they pooled their talents. Ashley envisioned getting Diane out of their lives. "Forever this time," Phyllis vowed.

At the Abbott mansion, Allie expressed gratitude to Noah for getting her out of the conversation with Phyllis, who Allie suspected had been trying to get more information about Jack. Noah described Phyllis as a force of nature, but he believed she had a good heart and would go to bat for her loved ones. Allie thought Phyllis and Summer seemed very different, and Noah explained that Summer took after their dad, who was a steady presence in the middle of the hurricane.

Allie prompted Noah to have an honest conversation with Nick about stepping away from New Hope, adding that she knew from experience that good dads wanted their kids to be happy. Noah thanked her for saying that and for everything. He caressed her face, and they shared a tender kiss.

Sally is informed she can keep her CEO position

Sally is informed she can keep her CEO position

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

by Nel

At Newman Media, Victoria and Nick told Sally they wanted her to stay on as CEO. Nick said that during her emotional outpouring, they'd realized that some of Sally's ideas had potential, and they wanted to give her a chance to see them through. Victoria said they would keep Sally on for 90 days, at which time Sally's performance would be evaluated, and if Sally could meet or exceed their expectations, they would keep her on.

Victoria told Sally she expected Newman Media to play a key role in keeping the entire company moving forward, but if Sally couldn't demonstrate the leadership to do that, then they wouldn't have a choice but to replace her. Sally said she was up for the challenge. Nick said Adam had had a lot of faith in Sally and felt that he could guide her. Sally said she could do the job without Adam's help.

Victoria told Sally there was more riding on the position than Sally's pride; millions of dollars in revenue, and people's livelihoods and reputations; if Sally felt she couldn't do the job, Victoria would be happy to give Sally a robust severance package and a high recommendation to Sally's next employer.

Sally told Victoria she was the right person to run Newman Media, and they would not regret their decision. Victoria suggested that Sally hire a COO with experience, someone who'd been in the media business for years and knew all the players, and someone who was a good resource for Sally. Victoria said there were several candidates within the company they could promote.

Sally told Victoria it wouldn't be necessary because she'd already hired Chloe Mitchell. Victoria said the idea was to hire someone who could make up for Sally's lack of experience. Sally said she and Chloe had worked really well together previously, and Chloe was a smart and savvy thinker. Sally said Chloe could learn just like Sally had with Adam, and Adam, who hadn't had any experience in media, had turned out to be very successful. Victoria agreed and said that Sally and Chloe could rise or fall together.

Nick told Sally to reach out to him or Victoria because they wanted to help Sally any way they could. Victoria said Adam had probably said a lot of negative things about her and Nick, and she hoped Sally saw she couldn't take everything Adam had said at face value. Sally said she recalled Adam telling her she would regret getting involved with him; that much had been true. Victoria stated that Sally was better off without Adam because he had a way of eventually turning on everyone. Victoria said Sally had the opportunity Adam had left her with, and that wouldn't have happened if Sally and Adam had remained a couple. Sally said the job was her silver lining.

After Nick and Victoria left, Sally called Adam and left him a voicemail stating that if he'd broken up with her so that she could remain CEO, then she didn't want the job.

Jack arrived at home and saw Allie and Noah kissing. After some awkward conversation, Jack left, smiling. Noah told Allie he wanted to spend more time with her, but Allie claimed Noah was procrastinating about talking to Nick. Noah admitted he was, but it didn't negate the fact that he wanted to see Allie again.

Noah suggested that he and Allie return to the Rooftop later for the music and dancing. Allie said she was starting her internship the next day and she didn't want Jack to think she wasn't taking it seriously. Noah asked if that was Allie's polite way of turning him down.

Noah told Allie to let him know if he'd done something to make her uncomfortable. Allie admitted she'd been blown away by how fast her life was changing; she had a job, a family, and Noah. Noah suggested they slow it down, but Allie said she wanted to go to the Rooftop. They kissed, and Noah left.

Jack returned and told Allie there was no reason to be embarrassed, because he liked her spending time with Noah, getting out and living her life; she deserved it. Allie said Noah had asked her to go to the Rooftop with him later. Jack encouraged her to go. Jack saw Allie's crestfallen expression and asked if there was a problem.

Allie said Jack didn't need to worry because things were going great, but at times, she felt overwhelmed. Jack said if Allie wanted to slow things down, Noah would understand. Allie said Noah had already suggested that. Allie admitted she really liked him. Jack said if Allie was happy, then he was happy for her.

At Society, Phyllis, Nikki, and Ashley discussed how they could get rid of Diane before she harmed the people they loved. Ashley said that Kyle was the only one who had any influence on Diane. Nikki said Kyle had also hired Diane to work at Marchetti; they had to make Kyle realize that Diane couldn't be trusted. Phyllis said she'd spoken to Summer many times, but Summer wanted to support Kyle. Phyllis admitted she wasn't the best messenger with Summer and Kyle because she always became emotional when Diane was the topic. Phyllis said that Summer and Kyle believed she'd lost her perspective.

Ashley told Phyllis that Jack had given her the gist of what had happened between him and Phyllis. Ashley said she'd told Jack she didn't blame Phyllis for what she'd done. Phyllis told Nikki she'd wanted to send Diane a message, but Jack had felt used. Nikki said she agreed with Ashley; sometimes the impulse to fend off Diane was overwhelming because Diane was a predator. Phyllis said whenever she'd tried to talk to Summer and Kyle, she would become emotional, and they had accused her of trying to justify her behavior. Nikki suggested that perhaps Jack would be more receptive to what she and Ashley had to say. Phyllis agreed.

Ashley disagreed with Nikki because if they pushed Jack too hard, it might backfire, since Jack's feelings for Diane were very complicated. Ashley assured Phyllis that Jack's feelings weren't romantic. Ashley said Jack felt Diane deserved a second chance. Phyllis said Nikki and Ashley had to talk to Jack and warn him not to ever let his guard down around Diane. Phyllis said they had to convince Jack that Diane would ruin his and Summer's lives.

Ashley said she didn't want Phyllis doing anything stupid. Phyllis insisted she was focused on bringing Diane down. Nikki reminded them that they needed to keep their eyes on the prize: get rid of Diane.

Ashley told Phyllis and Nikki they had to face the fact that Jack, Summer, and Kyle didn't want to hear anything negative about Diane, so they needed to provide evidence, not suspicions. Phyllis asked Nikki about her investigation into Diane's past in Los Angeles. Nikki said Taylor Jensen had had a very low profile in L.A., but Nikki wasn't giving up. Ashley refused to believe that Diane would have been able to keep her hands clean for all those years; there had to be a witness or victim of one of her scams.

Phyllis told Ashley that Allie had been the only one Diane had targeted in L.A. Phyllis said Diane had seen her talking to Allie at the coffeehouse earlier, and Diane had accused Phyllis of trying to get back into Jack's life. Nikki said she was sure Diane would love to have Allie as an ally. Ashley was concerned because Allie wasn't equipped to handle anyone as devious as Diane.

Nikki told Ashley and Phyllis that she would keep them posted if her investigator discovered anything about Diane. Ashley said she would talk to Allie and try to make inroads with her. Phyllis said she would stay out of Diane's path because anything she said, Diane twisted and then used against her.

Nick and Victoria arrived, and when they saw Nikki, Phyllis, and Ashley together, they asked what was going on. Nikki claimed they were working on a project together. Nick reminded Nikki and Phyllis that the last time they'd worked on a project, they'd been trying to hide a body. Phyllis said they were discussing how to make Genoa City more beautiful and happier. After Phyllis and Ashley left, Nick told Nikki that he hoped whatever they were up to didn't get her into any trouble.

Nikki asked Nick and Victoria how things had gone with Sally. Nick said Sally had had a good defense about the work she'd done to date and an impressive argument why she should stay in the job. Victoria said they were going to give Sally a chance to prove herself, and there was no longer a conflict of interest because Adam had broken off with Sally. Victoria said Sally had put a lot of thought into where she wanted to take Newman Media, and her ideas were surprisingly good. Nikki said she had a meeting to get to, and she left.

Victoria told Nick she was concerned about Adam because if Adam had broken things off with Sally, then he would be more emotionally unstable than before.

Nick told Victoria he couldn't wait to see how Summer would react when she heard they'd given Sally a second chance, because Summer would never forgive Sally. Nick stated that Sally was creative and fiery, she wanted to prove herself on her own merits, and that was exactly the type of person that job needed. He said Sally would give it her all. Victoria said she would even if it was only to show Adam he'd made a mistake dumping her. Nick said he thought Adam had broken up with Sally so that she could keep her job. Victoria asked if Nick believed Adam had done something so noble and unselfish. Nick said it wouldn't have been the first time.

Adam knocked on Ashland's hotel suite door, and when Ashland didn't answer, Adam asked a hotel housekeeping employee if she would let him in because his friend had a heart condition. Adam said he was worried something might have happened to his friend. The employee allowed Adam to enter; both were shocked when they saw the mess in the suite.

Adam checked the rest of the suite and informed the employee that Ashland wasn't there. The employee said Ashland had to be a troublemaker. Adam replied that she didn't know the half of it. Ashland arrived and asked why Adam was there. Adam said Ashland had been missing, and he'd stopped by to check up on him. Adam asked if Ashland had been robbed and suggested they call the police.

Ashland apologized to the employee about the mess and said he would clean it up himself; he gave her a check, and she left. Adam asked if Ashland had been on a bender. Ashland said he'd been in jail. Adam guessed that Ashland had violated the restraining order and had gone to see Harrison. Ashland said he thought he'd found an ally in Diane. Adam said anyone who'd ever trusted Diane lived to regret it, and that included himself.

Ashland told Adam that he thought Diane would have understood what it felt like to be separated from her son. Ashland said Diane had taken Harrison to the park, and Ashland had spent a little time with him. Adam said Diane had known she could use Ashland to score points with the Newmans. Ashland was certain Victor had been behind it from the beginning. Adam agreed, and he asked what Ashland intended to do about it.

Ashland asked Adam to leave. Adam said Ashland couldn't allow that provocation to be left unanswered. Adam stated that his family would go public with the news that Ashland had been arrested; they would leak it to the press or the podcaster because they were determined to ruin whatever was left of Ashland's reputation. Adam said the Newmans would probably come after him after they were done destroying Ashland. Adam claimed Victor only used him, and Nick and Victoria thought they could earn his loyalty and trust.

Ashland asked if Adam was rooting for him to tear the Newmans to shreds, and he asked why Adam was there. Adam claimed he needed an ally because he didn't have a lot of people in his life that he could open up to about his anger toward his family. Ashland suggested that Adam cry on Sally's shoulder, but Adam informed him it was over between him and Sally.

Adam said Sally couldn't be in a relationship with him and remain at Newman. Ashland commented that it had to have been a real blow to Adam's ego when Sally had chosen Newman Media over him. Adam claimed he and Ashland were in the same position -- nothing left to lose. Ashland said that Adam was possibly in the same position as Diane; he could win points with Victor to get back into his good graces. Ashland claimed that Adam would run straight to Victor and tell Victor about Ashland's intentions and where to find him.

Adam said he understood why Ashland was skeptical; Victoria had lied to him, he'd believed Diane had been someone he could trust, and they'd both turned on him. Adam claimed he was done trying to impress Victor and wanted nothing to do with the Newmans. Ashland stated that had been what Victoria had said just before she'd taken 250 million dollars of his money and transferred it into her own account. Ashland was puzzled about Adam's proposal that they pair up.

Ashland asked what Adam would do if Adam was in Ashland's shoes,. Adam claimed he would burn everything to the ground; they had to hit Victor where it hurt -- his legacy. Adam said that Ashland had snatched up companies and sent their founders spiraling into bankruptcy; those were nothing compared to what Victor had put Ashland through.

Ashland told Adam that that had been business; this was personal, and he was going in a different direction. Adam asked what Ashland had in mind. Ashland said he would do Adam a favor and leave him with plausible deniability so that when Adam was questioned later, Adam could reply honestly that he'd had no idea what Ashland had planned. Adam claimed he could help because he could anticipate Victor's every move. Ashland said the company wasn't the most important thing to Victor and to look at the extremes Victor had gone to in order to protect his precious daughter. Adam realized that Ashland would go after Victoria.

Ashland told Adam they wouldn't be working together because he was going his own way. Adam wanted to talk things through, but Ashland said the time for that had passed. He opened the door to show Adam out.

At Crimson Lights, Noah asked if Sharon had seen Nick. Noah said if he saw Nick, he would talk to him about the whole New Hope thing. Sharon suggested that Noah set up a time to meet with Nick and that he would feel relieved once he got it done and over with. Sharon commented that Noah seemed very cheerful for someone who had bad news for Nick. Noah said he had something great going on.

Adam arrived in Victoria's office, looking for her. He pulled out his phone and tried to decide whether to call Victoria or not; he chose not to. At the same moment, he received a call from Sally; he didn't answer it; however, he listened to Sally's voicemail message.

Adam warns Victoria that Ashland is out for blood

Adam warns Victoria that Ashland is out for blood

Thursday, July 21, 2022

by Nel

At Society, Victoria asked Nick if he believed Adam had broken up with Sally so Sally could keep her job. Nick said Adam had displayed selflessness on a few occasions, like when he'd saved Faith's life. Victoria rebutted that Adam had done some egregious things that far outweighed his few acts of kindness, and she refused to give him the benefit of the doubt while he threatened to walk away from Newman Enterprises and the family for good.

Victoria told Nick that she wondered if Adam had something bigger planned. Nick asked if Victoria thought Adam was planning revenge against them. Victoria didn't know, but she wasn't buying that Adam would walk away from the company for good.

Victoria told Nick that given what they knew about Adam's childhood, she understood why he'd become the person he was, but it didn't mean she could trust him; he flip-flopped back and forth, had an extreme competitive streak, had a constant need for Victor's approval, and showed angry resentment every time he'd been shunned. Victoria said for those reasons, there was no room for Adam at Newman Enterprises.

In Victoria's office, Victor asked Adam how he could convince Adam to stay. Adam said Victor could have kept him on as CEO, but he'd chosen Victoria. Victor asked why Adam was there.

Adam told Victor he'd wanted to finish his conversation with Victoria about Sally. Adam said he'd realized getting involved with Sally had been a mistake, but he hoped they would give Sally a chance to prove herself. Victor asked if Adam's goal for the breakup was to protect Sally's position with the company. Adam claimed he'd ended things because it hadn't been working. Adam said he didn't want to see Sally punished because of their personal relationship.

Victor said it pained him to hear Adam go to such lengths to protect Sally, yet be willing to walk away from his family and Newman. Victor asked if Adam disliked them that much. Adam said that besides hatred, there was devastation, humiliation, and betrayal. Adam said he'd thought they'd finally turned a corner when things had been going so well between them, but he'd been wrong. Victor agreed that things had been going very well; however, Adam could have had another position at Newman if he wasn't happy at Newman Media. Annoyed, Adam claimed Victor had been jerking him around like his puppet.

Adam said Victor made him feel like he was a second-class citizen in the family and never good enough to be a real Newman. Victor said it upset him because he'd always had Adam's back, and he couldn't believe Adam felt he didn't belong in the family. Adam said Victor never listened; Victor expected everyone to take what he dished out and bow to his will.

Adam told Victor that some people didn't accept defeat, like Ashland Locke. Victor asked what Locke had to do with anything. Adam said they were all in for a rude awakening; the saga with Locke should have ended when Locke had been paid off, but Victoria had felt compelled to get the money back as her special way of kissing Victor's ring.

Victor asked if Adam had a problem with Victoria returning the money to her family. Adam stated that Victoria had taken Locke's money, rubbed his face in the loss, humiliated him, and decided that Locke's cancer deception had to be exposed via podcast, completely destroying Locke's chances of ever doing business again. Victor claimed "that bastard" deserved worse than that after what he'd pulled.

Adam told Victor that was how to motivate someone to seek retribution, yet Victor praised Victoria's actions. Victor said Locke had gotten what he'd deserved. Adam asked if Victor believed that would be the end of Locke. Adam said when Locke had returned to town, Victor had had him arrested after Victor had set Locke up. Victor said he'd had Michael obtain a restraining order because he'd known "that bastard" would violate it.

Adam told Victor that Locke was out on bail and gunning for a fight. Victor asked if Adam had spoken to Locke. Angry, Adam asked why Victor was questioning him when Victor should be thanking him for the information. Victor asked if Adam believed Victor was impressed with a potential threat from Locke. Victor said Locke could try whatever he wanted but would find he'd arrived at the wrong address.

Victor suggested that Adam take some time off to realize he belonged with his family and at Newman. Frustrated, Adam said he gave up because there was no getting through to Victor. Adam left.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon asked Noah if the lovely Allie had something to do with the great goings-on in Noah's life. Noah admitted she did, and he said he liked Allie and couldn't remember ever feeling so comfortable and relaxed with anyone that quickly; it made him wonder if his relationship with Allie could go anywhere.

Sharon said Noah and Allie were in the beginning stages of getting to know each other, and she wanted to know why Noah was questioning whether they had a future. Noah said he'd never been with anyone like Allie; at first, they'd irritated each other, then they'd become friends, and that wasn't his usual thing. Sharon smiled and said that from Noah's first girlfriend, he'd been attracted to troublemakers, drama queens, and women with so much baggage they'd been destined to break Noah's heart.

Sharon told Noah that he'd been raised by parents who'd had a complicated past, and at some point, Noah had decided that conflict in a relationship was normal. Sharon wanted Noah to be with someone smart, kind, and honest -- someone who would appreciate him for who he was. Sharon said that a loving and lasting relationship didn't have to be contentious; it didn't have to be hard work.

Sharon told Noah she didn't want him to overanalyze or put too much pressure on himself, trying to figure out where he and Allie were headed. Sharon told him to enjoy their moments together. Noah assured Sharon he was going to live in the moment and enjoy himself. Sharon suggested that Noah call Nick and talk about New Hope. Sharon said Nick deserved to know the truth about how Noah felt.

At the Abbotts', Ashley asked Allie how things were going since she'd found her new family. Allie said it was "so much better" than she'd expected. Ashley said it had to have felt strange meeting Jack in Los Angeles, discovering he was her grandfather, learning she had a whole other family, and finding out Diane had manipulated the whole scenario.

Allie told Ashley she would be forever grateful to be part of the Abbott family, a family she'd never known she had. Ashley said Allie's situation had to be overwhelming because of so many intense dynamics. Allie said she had a feeling Ashley was really asking about Diane.

Allie told Ashley that Phyllis had questioned her about the family and Jack; then Diane had done her own fishing expedition, and oddly, Ashley was probing her about Diane. Allie said she understood why Ashley didn't trust Diane, but Allie said she didn't want to be involved. Ashley understood and apologized if she'd made Allie feel uncomfortable. Ashley said that she and Phyllis knew how incredibly manipulative Diane was. Ashley admitted that Diane had done a great thing uniting Allie and Jack, but Diane had had an ulterior motive for doing so.

Ashley said Diane had used Allie to get to Jack to help her reunite with Kyle, and it had worked for Diane. Ashley warned that they hadn't seen the last of Diane's scheming. Ashley said she didn't want to see Allie get used again, and she hoped Allie knew that Ashley's concern was genuine. Ashley said it was important that Allie had her eyes wide open where Diane was concerned because as long as Diane remained in town, she would continue inflicting pain on the family.

Allie told Ashley she might appear innocent and naÔve, but she was far from it. Allie said she wouldn't allow anyone to manipulate her, not Diane or Phyllis -- or Ashley. Allie left to get ready for her date with Noah.

A short time later, Allie returned, and she asked Ashley to forgive her if she'd been harsh earlier. Ashley said there was no need for an apology because Allie had been standing up for herself. Ashley said she respected a strong and independent woman -- a family trait.

In the park, Phyllis had been working on her tablet when she saw Jack walking by. She called out to him. Phyllis said Ashley had mentioned that Jack had shared with Ashley what had happened between her and Jack. Phyllis said Ashley had understood her reaction to Diane. Phyllis said Ashley saw Diane the same way she did. Jack said Ashley was as determined as Phyllis to see the worst in Diane.

Phyllis stated that Jack respected Ashley's opinion, and Phyllis asked if Ashley's stance didn't change Jack's mind. Phyllis said Diane had never been more important to her than her feelings for Jack. Jack appeared to be at a loss for words; he claimed he had to get to the office, and he left.

At the Grand Phoenix, Lily told Phyllis she had an offer she hoped Phyllis would be interested in. Lily said if Devon had waited until after the merger to sell the Genoa City Athletic Club, Lily would have asked Devon to hold off and update the property because Chancellor-Winters needed an upscale hotel. Phyllis said she would love to partner with Lily, and she would love the Grand Phoenix to be the exclusive hotel of Chancellor-Winters for all their VIPs and rock stars.

Lily told Phyllis she wasn't looking for collaboration; she wanted to buy Phyllis' hotel and make it a Chancellor-Winters' property. Phyllis said the hotel had been her chance to show the world she was a legitimate entrepreneur. Lily knew that it had been Phyllis' drive and commitment that had made the hotel what it was, one that would get a hefty price. Lily told Phyllis to think about what she could do with the money and the freedom she would have; it could be a new chapter in her life.

Phyllis told Lily the Grand Phoenix was her life, and she wasn't ready to step away. Lily provided Phyllis with a written proposal. Phyllis looked at the proposal, and she was stunned. Phyllis claimed it was a very lucrative proposal and very persuasive, but the hotel wasn't about the money; Phyllis turned Lily down. Lily asked Phyllis to look over the proposal, and perhaps she would change her mind. Jack arrived as Lily was leaving. Jack told Phyllis his meeting had been moved to the hotel because the Marchetti board wanted to discuss business over a meal.

Phyllis told Jack that Lily had dropped a bomb on her. Phyllis handed Jack the proposal and asked for his advice. Jack looked at the proposal, and he was stunned, as well. Jack said the offer was significantly above market value, but it had to be something Phyllis wanted.

Phyllis told Jack she loved running the hotel, and it had never been about the money but had instead been about proving to the world that she'd done something successful. She also noted all the memories she'd had there. Jack agreed there were some good memories and some not so good. Jack said the proposal was a highly personal decision only Phyllis could make. Phyllis said if it wasn't for Summer, she would definitely take the offer. Phyllis said she didn't feel like she belonged in Genoa City anymore.

Jack told Phyllis that if she was trying to back him into a corner, it wouldn't work. Jack said she could keep the hotel, sell it, stay in Genoa City or go; it was none of his business. Phyllis asked if the fact that she loved him didn't matter. Jack said it was everything, but therein lay the problem: he'd never stopped loving her, and that was the reason it hurt "so damned much." Jack walked away.

Adam arrived at Society, and he asked Nick and Victoria about their decision regarding Sally. Nick said Sally would remain interim CEO of Newman Media. Victoria said Sally had made an incredible case for herself. Adam said Sally was the right person for the job.

Adam told Victoria she needed to worry about "the hell" that was about to rain down on her. Adam said no matter how much they hated Locke, having him arrested for seeing his son had been a vicious move. Victoria said she and Nick had had nothing to do with it. Adam said no one had considered the consequences after Locke was released from jail and angrier than he'd been previously. Nick said Adam needed to warn whoever had been responsible. Adam said he'd told Victor, but Victor hadn't seen Locke as a threat.

Nick asked if Adam had spoken to Ashland, since Adam seemed to know a lot about it. Adam admitted he'd paid Locke a visit at the Athletic Club earlier because he'd hoped to find the man who wanted to sabotage Newman Enterprises and to offer Locke a helping hand. Victoria wanted to know why Adam would do that and about his agenda.

Adam told Victoria that his agenda had come to a screeching halt when he'd discovered that Locke was going in a different direction and was out for blood. Adam said Locke had been stripped of everything that had mattered to him, and Locke was so messed up that he'd trashed his hotel room. Adam said when Locke had mentioned Victor's darling daughter, it had given him a chill. Victoria asked if Locke was coming after her. Adam said Locke hadn't been specific; Adam wasn't certain what Locke would do. Adam said Victoria needed to be aware so she could be on guard.

Nick thanked Adam for the information. Adam acknowledged that he was the last person Nick and Victoria would trust, but no matter how they felt toward each other, he didn't want to see anyone get hurt. Adam left.

Victoria told Nick she felt Adam's concerns had been sincere, and she asked if Nick believed Ashland had gone off the rails. Nick said Victor had confirmed that Adam was being real. Nick said Victoria needed to move to the ranch for the time being. Victoria refused to let Ashland have that kind of control over her.

Victoria told Nick she couldn't imagine Ashland trying to hurt her, but Nick said it sounded like Ashland had gone over the edge. Victoria said Ashland was upset, but it didn't mean he was dangerously violent. Nick reminded Victoria that Ashland had trashed his hotel room, and they had to take that seriously. Nick wanted Victoria to move to the ranch so the family could protect her. Victoria said she would think about it, but she refused to let Ashland scare her. Nick received a call from Noah, who asked Nick to meet him at the coffeehouse.

Nick offered to drop Victoria off at the office, but Victoria wanted to take a walk. She reminded Nick she had a security detail watching her, and they were never very far away. She said if anything happened, she would call out to them.

Nick arrived at the coffeehouse, and Noah asked Nick to chat privately on the patio. Nick said he knew he wasn't going to like what Noah was about to say.

Victoria was on a business call while walking through the park. After she ended her call, she felt like someone was watching her, so she ran. Ashland stepped out from behind the bushes.

Ashland confronts Victoria in her home

Ashland confronts Victoria in her home

Friday, July 22, 2022

by Nel

At Victoria's, Billy told Victoria he had to go out of town, and he wouldn't be able to pick up the kids from camp. Billy noted that Victoria seemed on edge, and he asked if she was okay. Victoria said she had a lot on her mind. Billy said he'd heard Ashland was back in town, and he wondered why Ashland was still there. Victoria said Ashland was the least of her worries.

Victoria told Billy it probably had something to do with Harrison. Billy said Ashland had lied to Harrison about his cancer, he'd allowed Kyle to take Harrison to Milan to be raised by Kyle, and Ashland had a restraining order against him. Victoria said Ashland had violated the order; the police had arrested him, and Ashland had made bail. Victoria jumped when something hit the side of the house. Victoria checked the windows. Billy reminded Victoria the house popped and cracked when it was windy.

Billy told Victoria he was concerned because Ashland was in town and had no reason to be in Genoa City. Billy said he was sure that being handcuffed and thrown into the back of a police car would have played with Ashland's head space. Victoria said she didn't care. Billy said he was worried that Victoria would be at home alone with the kids. Victoria said if Ashland was angry with anyone, it would be the Abbotts, because they'd had him arrested.

Victoria said she had a security detail watching out for her. Victoria said Billy had nothing to worry about and that she would pick up the kids from camp. After Billy left, Victoria closed all the drapes.

Victoria was working at her desk when there was a tapping on her window; she ignored it. The tapping happened again. Victoria opened the drapes, and she was startled to see Ashland.

Victoria opened the door and asked "what the hell" Ashland was doing there. Ashland said he wanted to see her one last time and hadn't meant to scare her, but after everything they'd shared, he didn't know how to say goodbye. Victoria agreed to hear Ashland out on the condition that he left her alone after that.

Ashland told Victoria it was difficult to see her so wary, but it was also difficult to stay away. Ashland asked if Victoria felt the same way after everything they'd shared. Ashland declared that they had been the happiest days of his life, and Victoria had said they'd been hers, too. Ashland asked if Victoria truly felt that it was over between them. Victoria's phone rang; she ignored it. It had been Nick calling. Victoria said it was over, and it was time for Ashland to accept that. Ashland claimed that her family had turned her against him. Victoria said she was the one telling him there was nothing left between them.

Victoria told Ashland that she'd thought after New York, Ashland would have received the message, but he didn't like to lose. Ashland shouted that he would not be dismissed. Ashland said her trust in him had been shaken to the core. Victoria shouted that it had been destroyed. Ashland asked if she thought he was still the ruthless man he had been, and he admitted he'd never cared about anything he'd done in the past or felt any remorse for what he'd done.

Victoria said Ashland had finally admitted that his contrition had been an act. Ashland yelled that it had been until Victoria had changed him. He said their love and their marriage had made him want to be a better person, but she'd taken all that away from him. He said he'd turned into that lost man she and Victor had accused him of being.

Ashland said Victoria had been his heart and soul, and they'd been ripped from him. Victoria said he'd brought it on himself. Ashland shouted that he felt pain because Victoria had made him feel again. Ashland said he'd believed her when she'd said she would always love him, no matter what. Victoria said he'd wanted to believe that she would forget all his monumental lies and that they would go on with their lives as if nothing had ever happened.

Ashland said Victoria couldn't accept the fact that something important had changed inside of him -- or perhaps she saw the change and didn't care. Victoria said they were over, and there was nothing left to talk about or for Ashland to fight for. Ashland said he also had nothing to lose.

Victoria told Ashland their conversation was over, and she wanted him to leave. Ashland claimed he wasn't finished. Victoria said she didn't want to hear any more; she wanted him to leave town. Ashland said Victoria wanted him gone because she couldn't face the sacrifices she'd made when she'd given up on them.

Victoria said Ashland couldn't manipulate her anymore, and she'd stopped "giving a damn" about him the day she'd realized who he was. Ashland stated that Victoria saw him as worthless, pathetic, and something to be tossed aside like so much trash. Ashland said there was only one way Victoria would be done with him and end things.

Nick arrived at Victoria's front door, knocked, and called out to her.

At Society, Sally told Chloe that Nick and Victoria had agreed to keep her on as CEO for three months, at which time they would assess her and Chloe's performance. Chloe accepted the position and the challenge. Adam arrived; he and Sally saw each other.

Adam picked up his takeout order and was about to leave when Sally asked Adam to talk to her. She asked if he'd picked up her voicemail. Adam told her not to do that again because he didn't get any pleasure from being cruel to her. Sally asked if he was destroying their relationship so that she could keep her job at Newman Media. Adam said the breakup had nothing to do with Victoria or with Sally's career. Sally said she didn't want to be CEO if it meant losing him; she refused to believe Adam could shut off his feelings for her so easily.

Adam told Sally he'd broken it off because Sally was a liability standing between him and everything he wanted, specifically Victor's approval and another chance to prove himself. Adam said that wouldn't happen if he was tied to Sally or Newman Enterprises. Adam told Sally she needed to focus on proving herself and not chasing after a man who didn't love her. Sally refused to believe that.

Adam told Sally he'd been surprised that Victoria had kept Sally on, even though Sally deserved it. He said Sally needed to make the most of it. Adam said it was over, and Sally needed to accept it. Chelsea arrived and asked if everything was all right. Adam told Sally they were done, and he left.

Chloe asked Sally what had happened between her and Adam. Sally said that she and Adam had broken up, but she claimed she was single minded about the future of Newman Media. They toasted to their future as partners at Newman Media.

Chloe asked Sally if Adam had expected her to walk away from the CEO position in solidarity. Chloe asked what had happened between them. Sally said it didn't matter and suggested they move on because their every move would be under Victoria's microscope, and they needed to strategize. Chloe commented that she knew how invested Sally had been in her relationship with Adam. Sally said she refused to let her personal problems be the reason she would lose her job, as well.

Chloe told Sally that Adam had a bad habit of keeping women in his orbit and making them feel like they had something special and like they were the only ones who truly understood him. Chloe said she's seen it happen multiple times. Chloe said she'd known she'd sounded like a broken record since Sally and Adam had started dating. Chloe said Sally was in the CEO chair because of who she was, and if Adam had said it was over, Sally should let it be over.

Chelsea joined Chloe and Sally and said she couldn't believe how Adam had treated Sally. Sally said she appreciated Chelsea's concern, but she and Chloe were in a meeting. Chelsea wanted to know what was going on. Sally said that she and Chloe were working together.

Chelsea said she knew she'd put Chloe in a jam because of the short notice; however, she'd lined up an incredible designer from New York to take over for her. Chelsea couldn't believe Chloe had asked Sally to join her, and she didn't understand how Lauren would be on board with it. Sally said it was the other way around. Sally explained that she was CEO of Newman Media, and she was bringing Chloe on as her COO. Sally said they'd been hammering out the details before they got down to work.

Chelsea told Sally that when she'd heard Victoria was back in charge, she'd assumed Adam would return as CEO of Newman Media. Sally said Adam wasn't interested, and he'd moved on from everything. Chelsea said including Sally. Chelsea said Sally's relationship had lasted as long as Chelsea had expected it to. Sally said that Chelsea had deserted Chloe with no warning, but Chelsea stated that Chloe had admitted their partnership hadn't been working. Sally said Chelsea had screwed up, and Chloe had called Chelsea out on it.

Chloe told Sally she understood that Chelsea had needed to do that for herself. Sally asked why Chelsea couldn't have given Chloe the same grace and understanding and be happy that her friend had landed in such a good place. Chelsea said she couldn't believe Chloe would work with Sally, of all people. Chloe said they were a good team. Chelsea said that Chloe had hired Sally for the fashion platform without even asking Chelsea. Chloe said that Chelsea hadn't been with the company at that time, or even in the same town.

Chelsea told Chloe that Sally had previously been Chloe's subordinate, yet Chloe was working for Sally. Chelsea asked why Chloe didn't see how manipulative Sally was. Sally said she was sorry that Chelsea's life was so empty and miserable that she had nothing better to do than spread her poison. Sally told Chelsea to give it a rest and leave. Chelsea turned and saw Billy. She told Sally that her life was great, and she was embarking on an exciting new partnership. She wished Sally good luck with the job Adam had given her because she'd been sleeping with him at the time. Chelsea said at least Adam had left Sally with something. Chelsea left.

Sally told Chloe that Chelsea was an utter witch, and she wondered what was going on between Chelsea and Billy. Chloe said they were working together on a podcast, and she wished Chelsea the best. Chloe told Sally they had better things to do, like proving to Victoria they were the best team to run Newman Media. Sally wondered what Lily thought about Billy's partnership with Chelsea. Chloe asked Sally when she could start work. Sally said the next day. Chloe left. Sally watched Chelsea and Billy.

At the bar, Billy told Chelsea he had to go out of town for a few days, and when he returned, he wanted to discuss some podcast ideas with her.

At Crimson Lights, Noah told Nick he had wanted to wait until Nick was more settled at Newman before he spoke to Nick. Nick guessed that Noah wanted out of New Hope. Noah said he loved the work, but it was Nick's vision. Noah said he would support Nick's vision any way he could, but his heart wasn't in it. Nick asked where Noah's heart was and how long he'd been thinking about a change.

Noah told Nick he'd been thinking of change since Mariah and Tessa's wedding, when he'd been the art director in charge of putting together their venue. He said it had felt good, and it had felt right. Noah said he wanted to turn the Top of the Tower into an awe-inspiring nightclub. Noah said he wanted to create a space where people could feel inspired, have fun, relax, and socialize. Noah said he could take his experience and the knowledge he'd gained from working at the Underground and his passion for art, video, and photography, and he could transform the space into something new and exciting.

Nick asked if Noah had spoken to Victor, but Noah said he'd wanted to talk to Nick first. Noah said he had to talk Victor into seeing it would be more profitable for Newman Tower than some upscale restaurant. He acknowledged that it meant putting together a business plan and seeing the vision through. Noah promised Nick he would stay on at New Hope until Nick hired a replacement Nick was satisfied with. Noah said he hated that he was letting Nick down.

Nick said Noah could never let him down, and after hearing Noah's pitch, Nick wasn't disappointed. Nick said he loved seeing Noah excited about something. Nick said it was an inspired idea, and there was nothing like it in Genoa City. Nick told Noah to go and make it a reality and that Noah had his support. They hugged, and Nick said he was proud of Noah.

Noah said he'd been worried about telling Nick. Nick said given the many career changes he'd had, he would have a lot of nerve judging Noah. Nick said he'd been excited about the possibility of Noah continuing his work at New Hope, but it was far more important to Nick that Noah was happy. Nick said Noah would always have Nick's support, no matter what. Noah left.

In the common area of the coffeehouse, Billy told Nick that Victoria was on edge, and she was covering it up. Billy said Ashland had returned to town, and he'd violated his restraining order. Billy said that he and Nick knew what Ashland was capable of. Nick told Billy to stay out of it. Billy said he would always worry about Victoria because she was the mother of his children, and he had a "damned good reason" to worry about her at that moment.

Nick claimed Billy had a compulsion to play the white knight to a woman who'd gotten over him years before. Billy said he'd just left Victoria, and he knew she'd been covering up how upset she was that that snake was slithering around. Billy insisted that Ashland had to be desperate to disobey a court order. Nick claimed Ashland was an entitled jerk who believed rules were meant for other people. Billy said Ashland had been handcuffed and thrown into the back seat of a police car; he asked if Nick didn't believe Ashland would retaliate. Nick said Ashland would retaliate against Kyle, who'd had the restraining order issued.

Nick told Billy they were done, but Billy reminded Nick they'd been united in trying to show Victoria who the man that she'd been about to marry really was. Billy offered to stay in town to help protect Victoria. Nick said there was nothing for Billy to do. Nick promised he wouldn't let Ashland hurt Victoria. Billy told Nick to check on Victoria to make sure she was okay.

Noah and Allie arrived at the Rooftop, and Allie wanted to know how Noah's conversation with Nick had gone. Noah said it had gone great, and Nick was happy that Noah had been fired up about something again. He said Nick wanted to see him happy. Allie said it was time to celebrate. Noah asked Allie to dance. Noah said he couldn't stop thinking about their kiss. Allie said she couldn't, either, and they kissed.

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