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Adam gave up his quest for revenge and accepted Jack's job offer. Adam asked Sally for forgiveness. Talia published a story about Diane's return from the dead. Noah and Allie made love. An adoption attorney turned down Mariah and Tessa's case because of their criminal records.
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Adam accepted Jack's job offer and later asked Sally for forgiveness. Talia published a story about Diane's return from the dead.
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Sally sees Adam embracing Chelsea

Sally sees Adam embracing Chelsea

Monday, August 29, 2022

Sally and Chloe met with Nick at Newman Media. Chloe outlined a plan to expand the company's reach to international audiences in Europe, Asia, and South America. Chloe asked Nick what he thought of their bold idea. Nick applauded the plan and acknowledged that Chloe and Sally were a very strong team. Chloe praised Sally, acknowledging her as a fearless leader. Nick requested a minute alone with Sally.

After Chloe left, Nick told Sally he was aware that Adam had approached her about information he had regarding Ashland's death. Sally admitted she had learned the truth about what had happened the night Ashland had died, and she understood why Nick had been sick over it. Sally assured Nick that she would be an impenetrable fortress in keeping what she knew a secret. Nick told Sally she had proven her trust. Nick explained that he had acted to protect Victoria. Sally admitted that the whole town was breathing easier with Ashland gone.

Sally advised that Nick and Victoria should be mindful of and guarded about Adam's state of mind because he was out for revenge. Nick, not at all surprised, said he had hoped Adam would turn the corner after donating a kidney to Faith. Nick told Sally she was better off not being in a relationship with Adam. Sally explained that as many times as she had told herself that things with Adam were over, she still had feelings for him.

Sally told Nick she understood Adam because she had lived in his shoes, having sought revenge whenever someone had burned and insulted her. Nick acknowledged he was aware of her past stunts and hoped she had left it all behind. Sally admitted she sometimes naturally yearned to deliver a swift dose of payback. Nick laughed and said he understood.

Sally credited Nick for her own turnaround, explaining that he had given her a fair chance. Sally told Nick it had truly made a difference in her life. Nick replied that though he would like to bond with Adam, his brother had repeatedly proven that his turnarounds never lasted long. Sally admitted she was worried about Adam and felt that she had served Adam's best interest by informing Nick and Victoria about their brother's plan for revenge.

Chelsea and Adam ran into each other at Chancellor Park. After chitchatting briefly without addressing major developments in their lives, Chelsea said, "Okay. I'm too tired to keep this up." Adam replied, "Same." Chelsea announced that she had recorded her final podcast with Billy. Adam joked that Chelsea should celebrate dropping dead weight. Chelsea explained that she would not be continuing the podcast without Billy and hoped to get settled in a career that would not be immediately yanked away. Adam commiserated, recalling how his positions at Newman Enterprises had been repeatedly yanked away.

Chelsea told Adam she discerned pure rage welling up by the look in his eyes and iciness in his tone of voice. Adam admitted that rage was his baseline emotion. Chelsea said the likely reason was that Adam wanted to hurt the people who had hurt him. Chelsea asked Adam if there was a way she could talk him off the ledge. Adam cried that he had allowed his father to use him again and toss him aside, though, he added, Chelsea could never imagine what else his dad had done.

Adam recounted how Victor had staged the car crash to protect Nick's role in accidentally causing Ashland's death. Chelsea replied, "Did Victor tell you all this?" Adam would not say, though he disparaged his father for having covered up the truth. Chelsea connected what Victor had done after Ashland's death to what Victor had done after A.J. Montalvo's death back in Kansas years before.

Adam admitted to Sally that he could never escape the harm done after discovering he had killed someone when he'd been a child. Chelsea explained that Victor had acted to protect Adam the same way Adam would in order to protect Connor. Chelsea added that Adam would even protect her, even though they were no longer together. Adam agreed that he would move heaven and earth, break any law, and even move a dozen bodies to help Connor -- or Chelsea, as well.

Adam, expressing anger because Victor had never offered an apology, explained that he had the power and evidence to force Victor's hand by exposing the truth. Chelsea warned that reigniting the battle with Victor would be a mistake that would hurt him and Connor both. Chelsea pleaded with Adam not to start a war with Connor's grandfather. Chelsea urged Adam to beat Victor by being a better dad, focusing on the future, and letting go of his anger. Adam sighed and appeared to take Chelsea's advice to heart.

Adam told Chelsea that Jack had offered him a job, which he had turned down. Chelsea told Adam he should have embraced an opportunity to start fresh. Chelsea admitted she had also turned away from an opportunity. Adam noted that they both were like "coolers" at a blackjack table. Chelsea said they had been through a lot together. Adam said he was glad he and Chelsea could support each other emotionally. Chelsea warmly embraced Adam. Sally happened by and watched as Chelsea prolonged her loving embrace with Adam.

At home, Jack was humming joyfully to himself as he sorted incoming mail. Traci, writing on her laptop, paused and asked Jack why he was so happy and always smiling. Jack claimed that singing with Harrison could turn anyone's mood around. Traci asked Jack if his newfound happiness might be related to someone in addition to Harrison. Jack scoffed. Traci told Jack that had he been a leading man in her novel, she would have to explain the reason for his mood. Jack informed his sister that there was no reason to scrutinize his mood.

Jack told Traci he was glad that Kyle, Summer, and Harrison had moved back and that his family was at peace. Traci said few would have believed that peace could be realized a few months earlier when Diane had returned. Jack agreed that at one time, he had believed that Diane was only capable of causing trouble. Jack was grateful to acknowledge that Kyle was healing.

Traci asked Jack if he was in the process of forgiving Diane. Jack replied that forgiveness was not quite the right word. Jack was about to respond to Traci's query about what forgiveness might entail when Allie and Noah entered. Allie stood by proudly as Noah announced that his Glam Club would soon open at the Grand Phoenix after the Chancellor-Winters acquisition was finalized. Allie noted that Noah's idea was a perfect fit for Lily's vision. Jack suggested they celebrate by having lunch at Society.

Diane entered Society and approached Nikki. After exchanging awkward pleasantries, Nikki praised Diane's success at Marchetti, noting that Summer had mentioned Diane's work at the firm. Diane, taken aback by Nikki's polite manner, asked sarcastically if she was about to take a pie in the face. Nikki said Diane's fear of flying pies was funny.

Diane called attention to her white dress and said she was glad Nikki's food had not yet been served. Nikki joked that she was glad she had ordered beet soup. Nikki informed Diane that Diane was no longer worth her energy because Nikki had a very full life to live. Diane boasted about her work at Marchetti and praised Kyle and Summer, adding that Summer had kept an open mind instead of accepting Nikki and Phyllis' harsh criticisms.

Nikki said she was certain that Diane would soon sabotage herself and afterward leave Genoa City without any help from Nikki. Diane mentioned that Phyllis had sold her hotel so she could work at Marchetti, a move she knew meant that something was afoot. Nikki replied, "Diane, you deluded narcissist, not everything is about you, dear. Did it ever cross your mind that Phyllis simply wants to work with her daughter?" Nikki recalled that Phyllis rarely held on very long to anything, especially men. Diane accused Nikki of disparaging Phyllis to throw her off and make her believe that Nikki and Phyllis were not working together.

Nikki said that Diane's years of living in hiding had made her paranoid. Diane insisted that Nikki's civility was a red flag. Nikki claimed that being civil was less exhausting than dealing with Diane's drama. Diane, barely containing her ire, rebutted that Nikki and Phyllis were Genoa City's drama queens. Nikki sarcastically observed that the novelty of Diane's return from the dead had worn off, so she was no longer the center of attention.

Traci and Jack entered the restaurant and spotted Diane sitting at Nikki's table. Jack said, "Ohh, that cannot be good." Jack walked briskly toward Nikki and Diane, and Traci followed him.

Jack asked Diane and Nikki if he and Traci had interrupted a discussion. Before the women could respond, Jack immediately turned to Diane to ask her if everything was all right. Nikki, exasperated, replied, "Really, Jack?" Diane smugly laughed. Traci gave Jack a disapproving side-eye. Nikki, defending herself, explained that she had remained civil after Diane had joined her, uninvited. Diane acknowledged that Nikki had been shockingly even keeled. Nikki, replying to Jack, said, "Everything is fine."

Before Noah and Allie entered Society, they noticed the tense encounter going on inside, involving Traci, Jack, Diane, and Nikki. Allie made Noah promise not to let whatever was going on spoil their amazing day. Nikki greeted Noah and Allie on her way out. Noah introduced Allie. Nikki told Allie she hoped they could spend time together soon. Allie agreed.

Noah and Allie joined Traci, Jack, and Diane. Allie suggested they get a table. Diane said, "What's the occasion?" Allie explained that they were celebrating her boyfriend's new club. Traci looked on with utter surprise when Jack invited Diane to join them. Diane said she had to get back to work. Allie glared at Diane as she congratulated Noah and said she could not wait to check out the club. Diane picked up her food and left.

Traci loudly cleared her throat and tersely informed Jack that their table was ready. Noah and Allie departed the celebration soon after lunch, leaving Jack and Traci to talk alone. Traci noted that Allie and Noah were young and "in lust." Jack reminded Traci that she was referring to his granddaughter. Traci told Jack that she envisioned them finding someone special. Jack accused Traci of bringing up Diane, insisting she was not a special someone in his life. Traci reminded Jack that he and Diane certainly spent a lot of time together.

After Allie and Noah returned to the Abbott home, Noah said he could not believe that his club would soon become a reality. Allie told Noah to stop doubting himself because she believed in him. Noah recalled that Lily had seen the enthusiasm in Allie's eyes. Allie refused to take any credit. Noah told Allie she was incredible. The couple kissed passionately. Allie made overtures to lovemaking. Noah said, "Are you sure?" Allie replied, "Yeah. I'm sure." The couple made their way upstairs, pausing to kiss numerous times as they walked toward the bedroom.

Phyllis met with investigative journalist Talia in a suite at the Grand Phoenix. Talia was impressed to discover that Phyllis had been the creative force behind the boutique hotel. Phyllis announced that she was working at Marchetti. Talia replied, "Where Diane Jenkins works? Not a coincidence, I'm thinking. Is there an agenda there?" Phyllis answered that her strategic plan was the reason she had wanted to meet with Talia. Talia asked Phyllis if Nikki knew about the plan. Phyllis acknowledged that she and Nikki were working together, though keeping a low profile and creating crafty ways to deal with Diane.

Phyllis suggested that Talia should stick to her story about Ashland Locke. Talia, curious about Diane, asked Phyllis what was about to happen. Phyllis replied that Diane would screw up all on her own at Marchetti and end up getting fired. Phyllis explained that what Talia knew from reading about Diane's past was just the tip of the iceberg. Talia admitted she had been shocked to discover that Diane had been a homewrecker and an arsonist and had even stolen sperm.

Phyllis told Talia about everything. Phyllis recalled Diane's repeated blackmail attempts, the abandonment of her child, and the faking of her own death. Phyllis told Talia that if the world were to become reacquainted with Diane's past, she would snap. Phyllis said that everyone would discover that Diane had not changed at all. Phyllis assured Talia that an investigation of Diane's time in Los Angeles would prove to be the story of the century and would lead to the downfall of Diane Jenkins.

Adam issues a warning to Nick

Adam issues a warning to Nick

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

At Crimson Lights, Sally eavesdropped as Chelsea commended Adam for cheering her up after the end of her podcast career. Adam thought he should be the one thanking Chelsea for making him give thought to Jack's offer and reconsider how to handle Victor. Sally cheerfully greeted them and called it a Newman Fashion reunion. "Good times," Sally chirped, but Chelsea grumbled that she had a different recollection of that experience. Sally pointed out that Chelsea had moved on to bigger and better things, and she noted that Chelsea and Billy seemed to be having a lot of fun with their podcast. Adam flatly asked Sally what was going on.

Chelsea considered Sally's praise suspicious, but Sally claimed that she was just being polite. After Sally stalked off, Adam apologized, but Chelsea replied that Sally didn't scare her. Adam realized he'd forgotten how tough Chelsea could be. Chelsea encouraged him to get in touch with Jack, and Adam thanked her for giving him a lot to think about. Sally watched Adam leave before plopping down in Chelsea's booth. "Well, you certainly didn't waste any time," Sally huffed.

Chelsea assumed that Sally was very sad that Adam no longer looked at Sally with affection because what they'd shared had obviously been based on lust. Sally asserted that she and Adam had had something very special, and Chelsea retorted that it had been -- to Sally. Chelsea concluded that Sally was lashing out at the closest target because she was having a hard time accepting it was over. Chelsea crowed that she and Adam had been together for years, and they had a child together. Chelsea was glad she and Adam were finally in a great place where they could have a normal conversation, and she refused to let Sally get in the middle of that.

After Chelsea sauntered away, Sharon approached and guessed that Sally was having a hard time letting go of Adam. Sally confided that it was difficult, and Sharon referred to herself as proof it could be done. Sally relayed that Adam had finally admitted that he'd broken up with her to ensure she kept her job, but it had just made the wound raw again. Sally lamented that Adam had been willing to purposefully hurt her in a misguided attempt to protect her, and it had caused too much pain to ever go back.

Sally added that Adam had made it clear he didn't trust her to join him on his new path to get back at his father, and there seemed to be no escaping his love-hate cycle with Victor. Sharon theorized that Adam had simply been protecting Sally in another way by keeping her from getting caught in Victor's crosshairs. Sally replied that it didn't matter, since she'd realized there was no way for her and Adam to move their relationship past his daddy issues. Sally recognized that Victor would always be Adam's primary relationship.

Sharon noted that Adam had ended up alone again, looking to fight Victor. Sally cried that she was alone again, too, and she'd never been a fan of it. Sally contemplated how to handle the loneliness, but she quickly apologized for being insensitive, given that Sharon had recently lost Rey. Sharon insisted that she didn't mind talking about it, and she advised that there was a difference between being alone and being lonely. She continued that while she wasn't in a romantic relationship, she was surrounded by the people she loved most in the world.

Sharon continued that surviving cancer had made her feel different about being alone because she wanted to make the most out of every day and not waste time feeling sorry for herself. Sharon said she cherished the time she spent by herself, and Sally hoped she'd have the same outlook one day. Sharon counseled that life could change in an instant, but the people around her made her feel safe. Sally assumed those people included Nick, and she imagined it helped not having an ex as an enemy. Sharon admitted that not everything had been rosy with her and Nick; however, he was a good man, and she felt lucky to have him in her life.

At the Dive Bar, Chelsea's phone chimed with a message from Billy, who'd sent her a recording of their last podcast. She listened to his statement about how goodbyes gave people a sense of loss but also room for new beginnings. She sighed deeply and called Connor to tell him she missed him.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria told Nick that they needed to figure out a way to deal with Adam, since Adam had attempted to get Sally to publish an article about Victor covering up Ashland's death. Nick reported that he and Victor had just run into Adam at Society, and Adam planned to use the police report to seek justice. Victoria worried that even though Sally had refused to publish the story, other media outlets would drag the Newman name through the mud. Victoria believed Sally was the key to buy themselves some time, and she intended to instruct Sally to tell Adam she'd publish the article to make him think Sally was on his side. Nick vehemently objected to using Sally as a pawn.

Nick explained that he didn't think it was fair to enlist Sally in a Newman family fight after she'd been nothing but loyal to their family and the company. Nick preferred to keep Sally out of it, noting that she was still dealing with her heartbreak from her breakup with Adam. Victoria was adamant that they protect Victor and Nick by keeping the truth from becoming public knowledge. Nick snapped that he didn't need protecting, and the desire to protect him was what had gotten them there in the first place. He muttered that it had made him start to understand Adam.

Nick related to Adam's frustrations with Victor's constant interference, but Victoria griped that she was tired of Adam lashing out every time his ego got bruised. Nick clarified that he wasn't defending Adam, but he understood what was motivating their brother because Victor had forced his "help" on all of them. Victoria argued that they were nothing like Adam, and she warned Nick not to insinuate that they should be united against their dad. Nick promised that he would handle things differently than Adam, and he was disappointed that Adam had regressed, because Nick had started to like the new Adam.

Victoria haughtily stated that she'd never bought Adam's transformation, and she accused him of being up to his old tricks by trying to publish slander about their father. Nick reasoned that it wasn't slander if it was true, but Victoria countered that Chance had made his decision, so it was over. "That's right," Victor declared from the doorway, adding that he was happy to see his children working together. Victor pledged to take care of Adam's threats, and he proposed they celebrate by putting that dreadful chapter behind them.

Outside Society, Adam left a voicemail to let Jack know he was reconsidering the job offer. Adam peered inside the restaurant and spotted Victor, Victoria, and Nick toasting with Champagne. Victoria crowed that the company was on track to be stronger than ever -- not because Ashland was gone but because Nick had joined them. "To the Newmans together," she exclaimed, and they clinked their glasses together. Victor gushed that he loved that his family was running Newman Enterprises, and he proposed another toast to Ashland Locke being history. Victoria suggested that they never say her ex-husband's name again and pretend that he had never existed.

"Well, isn't this cozy," Adam taunted as he approached the table, noting that the situation was efficient because he could address his family all at once. Victor invited Adam to join them for a drink, and Adam asked the server to hand him the check so he could pick up the tab. Adam claimed that he wanted to show there were no hard feelings on his part, but Victoria questioned why he felt the need to drag their family into another fight. Adam pointed out that buying them lunch and expensive Champagne wasn't a combative gesture.

Adam added that he'd had an epiphany about life with help from someone close to him, and he'd decided not to go down the revenge road again. Adam declared his intent to focus on his own life and not fall into traps that were usually set by their father. After Adam stepped to the bar, Victoria doubted that Adam had gone to the trouble of digging up the police report if he didn't plan to use it to his advantage. Victor told her not to worry about a thing, since he'd deal with Adam.

Victor and Victoria returned to Newman, where she thought she had too much of a Champagne buzz to go over projections. Victor chuckled and confessed that once or twice, he'd had too much tequila before making a deal. Victoria expressed her gratitude for what he'd done for her and Nick, and she swore she'd never forget what Victor had risked to protect them. They embraced, and Victor wished her brothers felt the same way. Victoria suspected that Nick felt that way deep down, but she had no idea what was going through Adam's head. Victor vowed to do whatever he could to protect his family -- even if it meant protecting them from one of their own.

Meanwhile, at Society, Nick chugged his drink and reluctantly approached Adam at the bar. Nick inquired whether Adam's epiphany was real. Adam asserted that he had a vision of how he wanted life to go, and it didn't involve wreaking havoc at Newman. Nick questioned the abrupt shift, and Adam referenced a conversation he'd had with someone who'd convinced him that he'd been going down the wrong path. Adam swore that none of his anger and issues were with Nick, only Victor.

Nick warned that he stood to get hurt if Adam changed his mind and weaponized Ashland's death against the Newmans. Adam urged Nick to worry less about him and more about the people in Nick's camp, since Victor could turn on Nick after one wrong move. Nick admitted that he didn't like the way Victor had handled things on the night Ashland had died, and Adam stressed that Nick had killed Ashland that night. Nick reiterated that he'd had to jump in to protect Victoria, and Adam said he was glad Nick had been there.

Nick lectured that Victor's actions had shown how much their father loved his children, and he wished Adam would drop some of his resentment. Adam doubted it would ever happen. Nick considered it pretty low if Adam planned to use what Victor had done to protect his children against him, especially given how many times Adam had needed the police to look the other way. Adam maintained that he wanted to find a new path. Nick hoped that was true.

Adam acknowledged that it had been Victor's instinct to protect him and Nick by covering up the deaths of A.J. and Ashland, but it had also prevented Adam and Nick from processing the consequences of their actions. Adam recognized that both incidents had been accidents that had happened in self-defense, but neither he nor Nick had ever had to face what had happened because their dad had covered things up. Adam recalled that he'd had to bury his feelings about killing a man, and while Victor had thought he'd been helping, he'd actually been doing the opposite.

Adam cautioned that taking a man's life wasn't easy to forget, and the more he'd pushed the memories away, the more they'd resurfaced. Adam warned that suppressing what he'd done in Kansas had turned him into who he was that day. "Is that what you want, Nick?" Adam asked. Nick looked troubled as Adam walked away.

In Chancellor Park, a picnic was underway to celebrate Dominic's first birthday, complete with elaborate decorations and piles of gifts. Mariah and Tessa blew bubbles to entertain Dominic, and Mariah remarked that they could have saved hundreds of dollars on presents because Dominic preferred water and dish soap. Chance noted that the invitation had said no presents, but Mariah countered that no one had believed it -- especially with "Daddy Warbucks" on the guest list. Devon protested that he'd shown restraint.

Abby announced that she wanted to put together a time capsule to mark Dominic's first year. She requested that everyone write a note about their best memories of Dominic to put inside the capsule, and Dominic would open it when he turned 18 and know he'd been loved and supported since day one. After the group penned their notes, Abby asked everyone to read them aloud. Mariah shared her memory of her positive pregnancy test, which had been just the start because she'd had no idea how cute and fun Dominic would be.

Tessa remembered the first time she'd seen Dominic on an ultrasound and known even then he was super cool. Devon read his note, which recalled the nerve-wracking, exhilarating day Dominic had been born and how excited Devon had been to help deliver the baby into the world. Mariah expressed gratitude that Devon hadn't included the part about the psycho who had kidnapped her. Abby proclaimed that her favorite day of her son's first year had been when his father had returned home from overseas and met him for the first time. Chance added that it had been his favorite moment, too, and he and Abby kissed.

Mariah wished for Dominic to find unconditional love, and Tessa hoped he found his passion in life. Mariah wondered if addressing the note to "Bowie" would make sense in the future, and Tessa assured her it would. Mariah and Tessa prepared to leave for Tessa's first stint as the face of Marchetti. Devon was eager to see the ad campaign, but he also knew Tessa's fans wanted her to get back to doing what she did best. Devon also departed to get back to work, and Abby and Dominic waved goodbye to their guests.

Chance looked distant, and Abby noted that he'd been quiet that afternoon. She wondered if the time capsule idea had made him think of the time he'd missed with Dominic. Chance explained that he'd done enough work in therapy to get past it, but he had other things on his mind that he didn't want to get into on Dominic's birthday. Abby begged to know what was going on inside his head. Chance confided that he was worried about shutting down the investigation into Ashland's death.

Abby said she'd thought Chance had put the case to bed when he'd closed it, but Chance revealed that he had some loose ends to take care of and couldn't stop thinking about it. Abby urged him to stop second-guessing himself and reiterated that he'd made the right decision. Chance fretted that if he couldn't talk to her, he had no one to talk to about his father-in-law committing a crime, and he was having trouble letting it go.

Abby swore that she'd never meant to influence Chance, and she reminded him that her family was his family, too. He told her not to worry about it. He answered a call and said he'd be right there. He mentioned that he had to meet an informant about one of Rey's open cases, but she protested that they were in the middle of an important conversation. Chance insisted that he see it through, and Abby pleaded with him to get away with her and Dominic once the cases were closed. Chance agreed to think about it, and he headed out.

Abby gazed down at a sleeping Dominic and looked forward to him graduating from high school and opening the box with special notes from all the people who loved him. Devon returned to grab his laptop, which he'd left behind in the bottom of Dominic's stroller. Devon sensed that something was wrong and implored Abby to talk to him. She confided that she'd hoped to spend time with Chance and Dominic that day, but Chance had been called away on a case. Devon figured that it was part of Chance's job, but Abby complained that the cases were all Chance ever thought or talked about.

Abby felt it was wrong for work to be all-consuming, and she recalled that she'd grown up putting family first. Devon recounted that Neil had instilled the same thing in him, and he argued that Chance was crazy about Abby and Dominic. Abby conceded that Chance had put them first in some situations, but there had been other times he hadn't. Devon thought Chance's sense of right and wrong and commitment to his job were a big part of who he was. Devon suspected those things might be as important as family to Chance.

Abby bemoaned that it was hard for her to understand when she'd been taught to always put family first at the expense of everything else. Devon pointed out that Abby had grown up with Victor as a father, but Chance wasn't like Victor. Devon added that he knew Chance loved Abby and Dominic, and he guaranteed the two of them were Chance's top priority. Abby and Devon hugged, but she looked unconvinced.

Mariah and Tessa met up with Sharon at Crimson Lights after Tessa had taken some test photos. Mariah raved about the clothes Tessa would get to wear at her upcoming photo shoot, and Tessa squealed that it had been more fun that she'd thought. Mariah enthused that the best part of the day had been going to Dominic's first birthday party. Mariah and Tessa announced that they'd realized they didn't want to wait any longer, so they'd decided to dive back into the adoption process. Sharon cried that she couldn't wait for their next chapter, and the ladies shared a group hug.

Adam accepts the co-CEO position at Jabot

Adam accepts the co-CEO position at Jabot

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

by Nel

At Society, Nick asked if Abby had spoken to Chance recently. Abby said she had and that he'd gone to work after Dominic's birthday party in the park. Nick asked if Abby was okay. Abby said she was great, but she'd been worried about Nick after everything he'd gone through the night of Ashland's death. Nick admitted that that night really weighed on him. Abby said she hoped Nick realized he'd been justified because he'd been protecting Victoria. Nick said living with the knowledge he'd taken another man's life, whether he'd intended to or not, was difficult.

Abby said Nick was a good person and he'd gotten caught up in a terrible and violent situation; he'd had to make a judgment call, and he'd done what he'd needed to. Abby hated that Ashland continued to torment them from the grave. Nick said Victor didn't seem tortured with regret. Abby stated that Victor never second-guessed his decisions. She said Chance had been struggling with the decision he'd made.

Nick told Abby he'd known Chance had regrets about his decision. Abby agreed it had been a tough call, but once Chance had made it, she'd hoped he would put the guilt behind him. She said she could tell it still haunted him. Abby said that at Dominic's birthday party, Chance had been preoccupied, and he'd admitted he'd been having a difficult time with his decision. She said Chance was all about integrity, and she admired that about him. She said there had been integrity in Chance standing by his family. She said she saw it as valuing the family, but Chance saw it as a conflict of interest.

Abby told Nick that Chance had done the right thing by standing by his family, and every time she thanked Chance for it, it seemed to hit a nerve. Nick suggested that Abby not mention it if it bothered Chance. Abby didn't understand why Chance couldn't see things the way she did; Ashland's death had been an accident, and Chance had had no qualms about dropping the case because it seemed like the right thing to do. She said no one would be charged with what had happened in the heat of that moment. She asked what it would mean to Victor if Chance reopened the case.

Nick told Abby he would talk to Chance and try to ease his mind. Nick warned Abby not to let the situation get between her and Chance. Abby said that was what she was worried about.

At the Dive Bar, Chance asked if Chelsea was all right. Chelsea said Chance hadn't been the first person to notice she'd had a bad day. She said she realized she wasn't doing a great job of coping. Chance said that after working undercover, he should be able to hide his expressions about his feelings, but Abby was able to see through him. Chelsea said Abby loved him and that they were lucky to have each other.

Chance told Chelsea he understood how it felt when the world was about to crash into them; the smallest things tipped the scales. Chelsea admitted Chance had caught her having a moment, but she would get past it. Chance and Chelsea discussed mental health issues. Chance admitted he'd been pushed into seeking professional help, and he was happy he'd done that. Chance said his therapist helped him see things in a new light, and it had made him realize he'd never had the control he'd believed he'd had.

Chance told Chelsea the most important thing was that things never worked out the way one thought they should. He said one could play by the rules and do everything right, but there were scenarios where the rules weren't adequate for what was going on. He said people had things thrown at them all the time, and sometimes they couldn't handle them; they could waste time and energy by getting worked up, or they could accept the fact that it was life, move on, and look for solutions.

Chelsea told Chance that everyone told them to put one foot in front of the other, but no one pointed them toward the right path to take. She said whenever she'd chosen a path, it would be cut off before she'd gotten anywhere. Chance added that she couldn't reverse because the path behind her had been blocked. He said when he felt that way, he looked at the smallest things that always gave him hope and strength, and that was usually Dominic. Chelsea agreed and said she wouldn't know what to do without Connor.

Chelsea said she was impressed with how open Chance had been about his struggles. Chance's appointment arrived, and he left. Chelsea kept watching Chance with his guest. When Chance's meeting was over, Chelsea said his meeting had appeared very mysterious, and she asked if that had been Chance's informant. Chance wouldn't admit or deny anything except to say he'd closed all of Rey's cases.

Almost in tears, Chelsea said Chance had done a special thing for Rey and made a thoughtful tribute to him. Chance and Chelsea admitted they missed Rey. Chance left.

In bed at the Abbotts', Ally and Noah discussed Noah's breakup with his girlfriend in London. Ally asked why the relationship hadn't worked for him. Noah admitted he'd been very confused most of the time because he hadn't been able to predict how his girlfriend would react during their conversations. He said they would talk about something one day and it would be perfectly fine, and the next time he'd brought the subject up, he'd known he'd made a mistake. Noah said he'd never known why, how to fix it, or if he should even try.

Noah told Ally it had turned into a giant guessing game and he'd never known where he stood. Noah said it had been good in the beginning, but then they'd gotten into little glitches that would leave him wondering what that had been about. Eventually, it had become so bad that he'd felt he'd constantly been walking on eggshells. Ally asked if Noah had loved her. Noah said he'd thought he had, in the beginning; however, looking back, he'd realized that relationship had been toxic.

Ally told Noah she hadn't dated many guys, and most of the relationships had been awkward. Noah said he'd had those, as well. He said he didn't want to talk about the past but rather find interesting things to do in the future.

Later, in the living room, Ally and Noah kissed as Traci walked in. After an awkward moment, Noah said he needed to get going, and he left. Traci and Ally laughed.

Over some snacks, Traci said that Ally and Noah were adorable together, and she could see their friendship was turning into something more. She said she could see how much Ally cared about Noah. Ally admitted she did, and it was ridiculous how happy she was. She said she couldn't stop smiling; however, part of her wondered if it was all too good to be true, since she was still in that infatuation stage. Ally said she wondered if she was setting herself up to get hurt. She said perhaps the smart thing to do was to rein herself in and be more cautious. Traci disagreed and told Ally to enjoy every moment.

Traci told Ally that some couples found a way to make those high and happy feelings last a lifetime, but for others, it moved to something deeper. She told Ally to really enjoy the moment. Traci acknowledged that Ally had had a very tough year; she'd lost her dad, found a new family, and moved across the country to live with a family she'd never known she'd had. Traci said nothing could be better than having long talks with the man who found Ally fascinating, and Ally smiled because that handsome man had crossed her mind.

Ally told Traci she really cared deeply about Noah; she felt very safe with him, and it was never boring. Ally said she'd never experienced anything like that before. Traci told her to enjoy it for what it was and what it might become. Traci warned Ally not to talk herself out of experiencing something rapturous in the name of caution. Ally admitted she needed to give herself permission to be happy.

Traci asked if Ally was nervous because she'd had some bad relationships. Ally said she hadn't dated many guys, but the relationships had all been duds. Traci said she'd known Noah since the day he'd been born, and he was an amazing young man.

At Jabot, Adam told Jack he accepted the position of co-CEO. Jack welcomed Adam and admitted he'd hoped Adam would change his mind about accepting the job offer. Jack suggested they would work out how they would divide their respective responsibilities, given Adam's years of experience in management and lack of experience in the cosmetics industry.

Adam asked how Jack's family would react to him joining Jabot because he didn't want it to cause any difficulties for Jack. Jack said Adam had nothing to worry about because he'd convinced the family that hiring Adam was a good idea. Jack said he was happy Adam hadn't taken on his earlier project, revenge. Adam claimed that had been a hobby rather than a career move. Jack told Adam that it was time to leave that obsession behind because Jack had bigger things for Adam to do.

Billy walked into Jack's office and realized that Jack had hired Adam as his co-CEO. Jack told Billy he was delighted that Adam had decided to join him at the helm. Billy said it wasn't a done deal yet, and Jack could change his mind. Adam agreed. Jack stated he didn't have any reservations about hiring Adam, and it was official. He said he would contact legal about a contract.

Jack received a call he had to take. Outside Jack's office, Billy warned that whatever Adam had planned, he would be watching Adam's every move. Adam said he didn't know how Billy intended to do that, since Billy hadn't worked there in years. Adam asked why it mattered to Billy who Jack hired. Billy claimed it mattered because it was his father's legacy, and Adam destroyed everything he touched. Adam stated that if Jabot could survive Billy, Jabot could survive just about anything.

After Jack ended his call, he told Adam he'd instructed legal to draft up a contract. Jack said he and Adam needed to have a celebratory drink, and Billy was welcome to join them. Billy claimed he'd rather have a root canal. Jack and Adam left.

Abby thanked Nick for listening to all her concerns. Nick said no matter how busy he was, he would always be there for Abby. Jack and Adam arrived. Jack invited Nick and Abby to have a celebratory drink with them. Adam said they were celebrating his new job at Jabot Cosmetics as Jack's co-CEO. Abby congratulated Adam and said that he hadn't mentioned it when they'd last spoken. Nick stated that Adam hadn't said anything to him earlier that day, either.

Jack told Nick and Abby that it had taken him awhile to talk Adam into working with him, and Jack claimed it was pure genius on his part. Jack said he'd needed to replace Kyle, and he'd known Adam was the right candidate. Nick asked if Adam had had that position in mind when they'd spoken earlier. Adam admitted it hadn't even been a glimmer. Jack said when he'd offered Adam the job a number of days earlier, Adam had turned him down flatly.

Adam told Nick that the more he'd thought about it, the more he'd realized it could be a beneficial move. Jack stated it was beneficial for the company and anyone who worked there. Jack said Jabot was lucky to have an executive of Adam's caliber. Nick said Adam would have had a lot more autonomy had he stayed on as CEO of Newman Media. Adam asked if anyone really had autonomy working under Victor. Nick reminded Adam that during their earlier chat, Adam had mentioned he was going in a different direction.

Jack told Nick that he and Adam had talked about breaking away from old patterns. Nick claimed that Adam's move to take a lesser position at a different company proved Adam had given up what he'd had at Newman Media because he'd been driven by rage and resentment. Jack said Newman Media's loss had been his gain.

At Crimson Lights, Chance told Sharon that he'd closed all the cases Rey had been working on prior to his death, and he'd filed the last report, leaving no unfinished business. Sharon thanked him and said that would have meant a lot to Rey. Chance said it had been an honor to work with Rey and to finish what he'd started. Chance said Rey had been an inspiration and a role model for him and many others. Sharon said Rey had felt the same way about Chance, and he'd had a lot of respect for Chance. Sharon said Rey had been happy working with someone as honorable as Chance. Nick arrived and asked to speak to Chance. Sharon left.

Nick told Chance it appeared that Adam had had a change of heart about holding the investigation over their heads. Chance asked about Adam's agenda. Nick said Adam had accepted a job at Jabot as Jack's co-CEO. Nick stated that Jack had always been a positive influence on Adam, and Adam had always looked up to and respected Jack. He said Jack and Adam seemed very excited to be embarking on that journey together. Nick said Adam might be sincere, and he might be looking at a reset. Chance hoped that was the case.

Nick told Chance he'd spoken with Abby, and she hadn't known about Adam's vendetta. Chance said he hadn't wanted to stress her out. Nick informed Chance that his plan had backfired, and Abby had begun to fill in the blanks on her own. Nick said Abby was very concerned about whether Chance would be able to live with his decision about closing the case. Nick said Abby was also worried about Victor and what would happen to him if Chance changed his mind and went after Victor again. Nick suggested that Chance talk to Abby. Chance thanked Nick and left.

Noah arrived at the coffeehouse and told Nick and Sharon he was in a great mood because he might be falling in love.

In her suite at the Grand Phoenix, Chelsea sat on the bed, and she began to sob.

At Society, Chance apologized to Abby for the way he'd spoken to her earlier. He said he wanted Abby to know there was nothing more important to him than her, Dominic, and the family, and he would do everything he could not to lose sight of that again. They kissed.

Jack and Adam returned to Jabot. Jack told Adam he would go to legal to get Adam's contract and that Adam was welcome to wait in the office. After Jack left, Adam sat in Jack's chair and smiled.

Chloe begs Adam to convince Sally it is over

Chloe begs Adam to convince Sally it is over

Thursday, September 1, 2022

by Nel

At Newman Media, Sally and Chloe discussed whether they should keep Omega News or dump it. Sally admitted it had underperformed, but when it was good, it could be number one. Chloe protested, but Sally claimed that one didn't give up on something because it had hit a rough patch. She said they all went through trying times, and she'd seen the numbers; Omega could be an industry changer.

Chloe told Sally to "cut the crap" and to forget about Adam, or she would wind up another Adam casualty. Sally denied obsessing over Adam. Chloe said she knew all the symptoms, but she couldn't find the cure.

Chloe told Sally that Adam found a beautiful woman who was a little broken around the edges, things burned bright for a while, and then Adam broke it off. She said Adam found ways to keep a woman interested so she would maintain a connection and believe there was something undeniable and immortal between them. Chloe said Adam was an expert at finding women who couldn't let go.

Chloe said that Sally would make a note of all the wonderful things she and Adam had done, and he'd made Sally feel special and important. Chloe said Sally had chalked up Adam's screw-ups to the trauma he'd suffered as a child. Chloe said Adam had treated her like a piece of human garbage, but Sally had convinced herself that wasn't the man she'd fallen in love with. Sally claimed she wasn't in love with Adam, but Chloe said it all started with the denial. Chloe told Sally she'd lived through it with Chelsea, and she knew it by heart; it was wearing her out seeing Sally wasting her time and energy thinking about Adam, and worse, still loving him.

Chloe said the sooner Sally purged herself of Adam, the better off she would be. Chloe said Sally was talented and energetic. She said Adam would deplete Sally of everything. Sally said Chloe knew what it was like to love someone, and there was no "Do Not Love" button, even after her heart had been broken -- especially since she'd discovered that Adam had only called it quits to protect her. Chloe insisted that Adam should have trusted and believed in Sally, but he'd put his obsessions first. Chloe begged Sally to break the chain and resist Adam. Sally claimed she would. Sally left.

In her hotel suite at the Grand Phoenix, Chelsea wiped her tears when there was a knock on her door. Adam arrived. He opened a bag, and Chelsea pulled out a piece of wood that Connor had made at camp. Connor had burned their names into it. Chelsea said Connor was a special kid. Adam agreed.

Adam told Chelsea he'd taken her advice to heart, and he'd accepted Jack's offer to work at Jabot. Chelsea was elated. She said it had been a big decision for Adam to resist the urge to take down Victor and ignore the impulse to burn it all down. Adam referenced revenge and self-destruction and said Chelsea had known what road he'd been on. Chelsea stated they were part of each other.

Chelsea reminded Adam that Jack would catch some heat for hiring him. Adam admitted Jack would, but more importantly, Adam had made the better choice, which wouldn't have happened if he'd ignored Chelsea's advice. Adam said it meant a lot to him that she still had his back. Adam said he wanted to do the same for Chelsea.

Adam noted that something more than jitters over finding a job was bothering Chelsea. Chelsea claimed she was fine. Adam said it had been nice that they'd let their guard down and reconnected. Chelsea said it didn't mean she was ready to dive into the deep recesses of her personal life with him. Adam said he hoped she would talk to someone she trusted because bearing the pain wouldn't make it go away. He said it would grow, fester, and manifest itself in terrible ways down the road.

Chelsea yelled and asked Adam why everyone thought she was one step away from a breakdown. She apologized. Chelsea claimed she'd been having a bad day, but instead of people offering her a mai tai, everyone suggested she see a shrink. Adam said there was no shame in talking to a professional.

Chelsea told Adam she'd done some stuff, but it didn't mean she wasn't capable of functioning. She wanted Adam to see her as a normal person who was allowed to vent. Adam reminded her that other people hadn't been though what she'd been through. Adam admitted he'd played a pivotal role in getting her off track and for much of her pain. He said he was invested in trying to help her. Chelsea called it Adam's guilt talking. Adam said Chelsea was evading, and he asked if he'd pushed too far into her danger zone.

Adam received a text message from Chloe; "Need to see you ASAP." Adam apologized to Chelsea and said the last thing he'd wanted to do was to upset or offend her. Adam left. Alone in her suite, Chelsea recalled a conversation she'd had with Adam: Chelsea asked why Adam couldn't commit to something as simple as a family outing for the sake of their son. Adam said he hadn't said he wouldn't do it. Chelsea said he hadn't said he would and asked if it was because Sally was there, and he didn't want to send Sally the wrong message.

Chelsea then recalled a conversation with Billy: Billy stated they were good together, and their relationship was unlike any other he'd had in his life. It was a unique connection. Chelsea kissed him. Billy said they'd been working closely together, and the moment had been misinterpreted. Chelsea asked Billy to pretend it had never happened, and she said they needed to focus because it was their final podcast. Billy asked if they should talk about it, and Chelsea said absolutely not.

At Society, Talia sent a text message to Nikki and Phyllis: "Let's get together soon to discuss the Diane Jenkins story." Diane approached and asked if she was Talia Morgan, the investigative reporter from Los Angeles. Diane declared she was a huge fan who would love to know what brought Talia to Genoa City. Talia said she was working on a story about Ashland Locke, but she wasn't at liberty to disclose any details.

At Newman, Phyllis repaid Nick the money he'd given her for the hotel. She told Nick she'd sold the hotel to Chancellor-Winters. Phyllis said it had been her rise from the ashes after all the bridges she'd burned, and she couldn't have done it without Nick. Nick said Phyllis had created a luxury destination, and the hotel was unforgettable. He said Phyllis had created something special.

Phyllis told Nick it had been a lot of hard work, but she'd made it into something, especially the Escape Club, which was amazing. Phyllis said she'd made a profit and made the hotel a success, and she was walking away.

Phyllis asked how Nick was doing as COO. Nick suggested they drop that subject because he knew how Phyllis felt about him working there. Phyllis claimed she could be happy for Nick, even though she disagreed with his decision to work there. Nick said things were great, and he loved working with Nikki and Victoria. Nick said Victoria had a lot of projects, and he was there to make sure they happened. Phyllis stated they knew who was really behind Victoria and who held all the puppet strings. She said Victor had someone else doing his bidding.

Nick suggested he and Phyllis drop the subject. Phyllis agreed because all the messy Newman stuff had been the demise of their relationship. Nick assured Phyllis that he knew exactly what Victor was capable of. Phyllis told Nick to stay vigilant, especially when there was smooth sailing.

Nick told Phyllis he was happy she was working at Marchetti; however, it seemed super suspicious because of Diane. Phyllis claimed Diane was a nuisance, and she was going to ignore her. Nick said Phyllis hated Diane along with half the town, but it would be a terrible mistake if Phyllis had made the move to Marchetti to make a move against Diane. Phyllis said she'd sold the hotel so she could work with their daughter. Nick warned Phyllis not to risk all that love and happiness for the momentary satisfaction of sticking it to Diane; it wouldn't be worth what it would cost her.

Sally arrived and said she needed to talk to Nick. Phyllis claimed they were having a private conversation, but Nick said they were done. Phyllis claimed she had work to do, and it was fun working with their daughter. Phyllis said people had tried to take Summer down, but she'd risen like a phoenix, just like her mom. Phyllis left.

At the elevators Phyllis told Nikki she'd given Talia a few tidbits from Diane's past that had yet to be exposed. Nikki stated that judging from the text Talia had sent them, Talia was about to write an exposť about the real Diane Jenkins.

In the office, Sally asked Nick if they should drop one of their new platforms. She explained that she'd seen potential in it, but she thought it had become too predictable. Nick asked about the numbers, and Sally said they weren't where she wanted them to be. Sally admitted she'd been ready to dump it earlier, but she was having second thoughts and was wondering if she should hold on to it so they could gain some traction. Nick asked why Sally was second-guessing herself.

Nick said Sally had proven she'd known what it took to run Newman Media, and he wanted to get to the root of her problem. Sally swore he... it wouldn't get in the way. Nick said they all wanted her to reach her full potential and to succeed. Sally said there had been an outside issue that had caused her to question her initial decision. Nick guessed it had been Adam. Sally said constructive feedback was always appreciated, and she thanked Nick for his thoughts. She promised that her personal life wouldn't interfere with her job.

At Society, Diane told Talia that she and Ashland had shared a unique connection: he'd raised her grandson. Diane offered to shed some light about Ashland. Diane said she was curious how Talia was going to breathe some new life into the same old facts because so much had already been reported about Ashland. Talia said the secret to her success was her ability to dig deep and find out what people were hiding.

Diane told Talia that Kyle had turned out to be Harrison's biological father. Talia said Ashland had kept many secrets only to discover his wife had been keeping the biggest one. Diane said perhaps that had eventually led to Ashland's downfall.

Talia asked if Diane had only recently learned she was a grandmother and if that had been the reason Diane had left L.A. Diane said she'd moved to L.A. because of personal issues; she'd worked hard and gotten her life into a good place, and she'd returned to be with her son. Diane said Harrison had turned out to be an unexpected miracle she'd been blessed to receive. Talia said perhaps Ashland hadn't felt the same way because Diane was another person with a biological connection to Harrison. Diane said she and Ashland had had a civil relationship.

Diane said she was curious how Talia was going to tell Ashland's story. Diane claimed there were many ways of looking at a person's life, and she asked if Talia was merely digging for dirt or if she intended to portray Ashland as a misunderstood mogul.

Phyllis and Nikki arrived, and they were shocked to see Diane with Talia. Nikki said she didn't think that meeting had been planned. Nikki decided to send Talia a text message, but Diane saw Nikki and Phyllis and invited them to meet Talia.

Diane made the introductions, and Phyllis said she wasn't familiar with Talia. Diane said Talia was from L.A., and she was certain that Phyllis had read her work. Diane informed them that Talia was doing a story about Ashland. Phyllis asked how Talia and Diane had met. Diane said she'd stopped in to have a bite to eat, and she couldn't believe that Talia Morgan was in Genoa City. Diane said she'd barged over and introduced herself.

Talia asked Nikki and Phyllis what the chances were of Diane having a connection to the subject of her article. Phyllis told Talia that Diane wasn't a reliable source. Nikki agreed. Diane reminded Nikki she'd been instrumental in having Ashland arrested for violating his restraining order to keep away from Harrison. Phyllis claimed Diane always exaggerated her good deeds. Nikki said Diane would have Talia believing she'd stood toe to toe with the saints, and perhaps she had, since there had been a miraculous return from the dead. Talia said that sounded like a juicy story.

Diane stood up and said it was clear that Phyllis had been trying to goad her into an emotional meltdown in front of Talia. Diane apologized to Talia for Phyllis and Nikki's bad behavior, and she apologized to Phyllis and Nikki for not giving them what they so desperately desired. Diane left.

Talia told Phyllis and Nikki that according to Diane, she was a loving mother and a doting grandmother, and she'd had a lot to overcome. Talia said she'd had a lot of experience dealing with people like Diane; apply pressure and push the right buttons, and it was amazing how they gave themselves away.

At the Dive Bar, Adam told Chloe he'd been in an intense conversation with Chelsea because she appeared to be in a very precarious state. Chloe said the last thing she wanted to hear was that he was spending time with Chelsea while he was messing around with Sally's head.

Adam told Chloe he wasn't playing games with either Chelsea or Sally, but he was very worried about Chelsea because she really needed help. Chloe said if Chelsea was struggling, it was because of what Adam had done to her. Adam said he'd admitted that to Chelsea. Chloe asked if Adam was going to show Sally the same consideration. Adam said the last thing he wanted was to hurt Sally. Chloe asked him to prove it.

Chloe said Adam had finally done something decent when he'd broken up with Sally, but he'd messed it up by claiming he still loved her and that it had been a selfless act to save her dream. Adam said it had been the truth. Chloe said it had had the opposite effect, and he'd been a jerk. She said Sally hadn't been able to focus on her job, and she would fail because Adam had made himself the hero.

Chloe begged Adam to make it crystal clear to Sally there was no future for them, and she wanted him to find some way to convince her it hadn't been a selfless act of love or protection. Adam said he wasn't sure he could do that, but Chloe asked him to be the cruel, selfish, heartless bastard they all knew he was at the core.

Chloe asked Adam to break Sally's heart, then Sally would get over him; otherwise, Sally would continue to wonder if Adam would ever take her back. Chloe said Adam had to make sure that Sally didn't wreck her career. Chloe said he'd done enough damage for one lifetime. Chloe left.

Adam asks Sally for forgiveness

Adam asks Sally for forgiveness

Friday, September 2, 2022

by Nel

At Crimson Lights, Nick and Sharon got Faith ready to leave for college. When Adam arrived, Faith said that she and Adam's kidney were on their way to college. Faith said it was her freshman year, and if it hadn't been for Adam's kidney donation, she wouldn't have been able to go. She thanked him. Sharon said they were all forever grateful. Adam wished Faith luck and success.

At the counter, Sharon told Adam she was excited that Faith was starting a new chapter in her life. Adam said he was also starting a new chapter: working with Jack at Jabot. Ambivalent, Sharon wished him well, and she hoped Adam hadn't made the move just to stick it to Victor. Adam said Victor was a nonissue. He said Jack valued his input and respected his abilities as an executive.

Sharon said she was happy Adam had found something to focus on, and she was certain that Sally would be happy, too. Adam asked why Sharon had mentioned Sally. Sharon said Sally had confided in her again. Adam asked if those chats were becoming a regular thing. Sharon said since Adam wasn't interested in Sally, she didn't see what difference it made. Sally arrived.

Adam approached Sally and asked to speak to her on the patio. Adam asked how things were going at Newman Media. Sally said things were going well. Adam said he knew Sally would impress the Newmans enough to seal her position there. Sally said of course he did, because that had been the reason that he'd broken up with her.

Adam told Sally he'd accepted the co-CEO position at Jabot. Sally asked if Adam had had that cushy job lined up when he'd walked out on her and Newman Media. Adam said Jack had offered him the job after he'd quit Newman Media. He said he was worried about Sally. Sally said he didn't need to be. Adam said Chloe had accused him of trying to mess with Sally's head, which had never been his intention, and Chloe wanted him to make it clear there was no future for him and Sally as a couple.

Sally asked Adam if there was anything more that he could say that would hurt her more than he already had. Adam said he wanted to say he was sorry. Sally asked what Adam was sorry for because she had a long list of his offenses. Adam said he apologized for every one of them. He admitted he'd been a cruel jerk, and he felt terrible for lying to her. He said that they could have decided how to get ahead of the situation together, but he hadn't allowed Sally to weigh in at all.

Adam told Sally that all he'd been able to think about had been protecting her and her position at Newman Media. He said he'd wanted to give her the opportunity to shine in her role, and she had -- despite all the doubts the Newmans had had about her. Sally stated the Newmans had more faith in her than Adam did. Adam said he hadn't wanted Sally to be collateral damage in the war he'd planned to wage on his family. He said he and Sally should have figured out a way to keep her out of it, and he stated there wouldn't be a war.

Adam told Sally he'd been burned too many times, and he'd made mistakes in his past that he never wanted to repeat. Adam admitted he should have had trust in himself and Sally. He said Sally saw through his lies, and she'd been right about him. He said the apology was sincere, and it came from the heart. He asked if Sally could forgive him.

After Faith left, Nick received a text message from Victor asking Nick to meet at the ranch. Sharon said she hoped it was nothing serious. Nick asked when it was not serious with Victor. As Nick left, Mariah and Tessa arrived with long faces.

Mariah told Sharon they'd been turned down by a private adoption attorney. Mariah and Tessa said they had wanted to be open about their past so it wouldn't come up later and delay or affect the process. The attorney said it wouldn't be likely they would be chosen by a prospective birth mother because they had criminal records.

Sharon told Mariah and Tessa the attorney's decision had been absurd because Mariah and Tessa weren't criminals. Mariah said their records were far from spotless. Mariah said she cringed at all the break-ins and robberies she'd committed. Sharon reminded Mariah she'd been forced into a cult by the people who'd stolen Mariah from her; they should be taking all the blame. Sharon said Ian Ward couldn't teach anyone right from wrong.

Tessa told Sharon she wasn't innocent, either, because she'd blackmailed Sharon, Nikki, Phyllis, and Victoria, and she'd stolen Nikki's gun. Sharon said Tessa had done that to protect her sister, who'd been in serious danger. Tessa said that part hadn't gone over well with the lawyer, either, because being mixed up with a sex operation didn't make them look like the best prospective parents. Mariah said it hadn't been enough to have lived through all that trauma, but it felt like they were being punished for it.

Tessa told Sharon and Mariah she'd been prepared for the process to be long and difficult; however, she hadn't been prepared for the person who was supposed to be their advocate to reject them before they got started. Sharon said it was outrageous, and she hoped Mariah and Tessa weren't giving up.

Sharon told Mariah and Tessa they would find a better attorney, one that would see they'd gotten their lives together in spectacular fashion. Sharon said she was in a position to know they would be great parents. Sharon said it took strength and stamina to be a parent, and she could testify that they both had that and a lot more. Sharon said their pasts would make them better parents because they would know how to keep their children from falling into the same traps.

At the ranch, Victor questioned Nikki about her meeting with Talia Morgan. Nikki explained that Talia had initially arrived in town to write about Ashland's death and the impact it had had on the Newmans. Nikki said that with a little help from her, Talia had found that Diane's return from the dead was a much more compelling story. Nikki claimed she would provide Talia with all the information she could for what she hoped would be a beautiful hatchet job.

Nikki told Victor she hoped the sheer humiliation of seeing her crimes in print would be enough to drive Diane out of town for good. Victor wanted Nikki to move with caution because Diane was Kyle's mother and Summer's mother-in-law, and he didn't want anything to impact that young family.

Nikki told Victor that Summer would benefit from Diane's departure just as much as the Abbotts and the Newmans. Victor reminded Nikki that Summer had encouraged Kyle to reconnect with Diane. Nikki said Diane wasn't the kind of mother or mother-in-law those kids deserved or even a good grandmother for Harrison. Nikki said that when Diane showed her true colors, everyone would see her for the fraud she was.

Victor told Nikki he couldn't stop thinking about Adam's place in the family. Nikki was sorry Adam had let Victor down again. Victor said Adam had promised not to be vengeful because he could have caused the family a lot of trouble. Nikki said it wasn't Victor's fault that Adam was incapable of being a meaningful member of their family. Victor said he felt there was still a chance that Adam would come around, and he wasn't going to give up on Adam.

Nikki saw the article about Diane on her phone. She told Victor it was "so good." Nikki read, "Many years ago, Diane Jenkins appeared to be the victim of a vicious murder. Now, she had returned to the scene of the crime, alive and well, and hoping to pick up where she left off, but could she really overcome the trail of destruction she left behind?" Nikki told Victor she had to call Talia and tell her how brilliant that article was. Nikki left, and Nick arrived.

Victor told Nick he was concerned about Sally, and he asked how she was doing at Newman Media. Nick said Sally had lived up to their expectations. Victor said not to his. He said he'd asked Sally to convince Adam to stay with the company, and Sally hadn't been able to do that. He declared that she wasn't up to the task. Nick asked if Victor believed that Sally would be able to talk Adam into doing something he was determined not to do. Victor maintained that Sally should have been able to convince Adam to return to the company.

Nick told Victor that Adam hadn't just walked away from Newman Media and the family; he'd also walked away from Sally. Nick said Sally had been very hurt by the way Adam had done that, and Sally wanted to put the whole situation behind her. Victor asked if Nick believed Sally was able to run the company. Nick said Sally had done everything they'd ask of her, and she'd done a great job. He said Sally would do an even better job once she'd purged Adam from her system.

Victor told Nick that personal feelings had nothing to do with running a company, and he didn't think Sally was capable of doing that. Victor reminded Nick that Sally had convinced Summer to move to Milan, thereby endangering her relationship with Kyle. Victor said he didn't trust Sally, and he suggested that Nick fire her.

At Society, Summer told Phyllis that she'd been on the lookout for the article that Talia wanted to write about Ashland, and she wanted to be on top of anything that might be detrimental to Harrison in the future. Phyllis stated that Talia wrote nothing but the truth, and she wouldn't hurt an innocent little boy. Summer said she hadn't seen the article and wondered where it was.

Phyllis claimed Summer didn't trust her. Summer couldn't deny it because something was off. Phyllis said she'd been on her best behavior with Diane. Summer said she suspected something else was going on under Phyllis' polite veneer. Phyllis reminded Summer she was doing what Summer had wanted. Phyllis said biting her tongue was difficult after everything Diane had done to her, but she was doing it for Summer.

Summer told Phyllis that she and Kyle had made a pact to not babysit their mothers and to trust they wouldn't destroy each other. Phyllis said she only wanted to help Summer realize her dream and create something long lasting. Phyllis said Diane was an annoying byproduct, and the tension between her and Diane would die out.

At Jabot, Jack told Kyle that he'd said he wouldn't replace Kyle as co-CEO because he hadn't wanted Kyle to feel guilty about leaving Jabot. Jack said the move to Marchetti had been a great move for Kyle. Kyle said working with Summer was a great fit, and he was okay with Jack filling the co-CEO spot -- as long as it wasn't Adam. To Kyle's dismay, Jack said he believed Adam was going to be a great addition to the Jabot family. Kyle claimed that giving Adam any power was a recipe for disaster. Jack stated that Adam was looking for a fresh start and that he'd put the worst behind him. Kyle found that hard to believe and said he would keep his eye on Adam.

Kyle told Jack he wanted to enlist Jack's help in creating a surprise wedding. Kyle said their wedding in Milan had been beautiful, but Summer regretted not having a celebration in Genoa City. Kyle wondered if Jack was okay if Kyle planned something at the house. Jack said it was a beautiful idea, and his heart swelled at the thought. Jack said he would be honored to celebrate Kyle's marriage in the Abbott home.

Kyle told Jack he hadn't told Summer about it because he wanted to make sure he had everything planned first. Walking out of his office, Jack told Kyle he had to get to a meeting, but he would help Kyle in any way he could to make the celebration special. Diane stood up and asked what celebration. Jack left.

Kyle told Diane it was a surprise for Summer, and he wanted Diane to keep his secret. Diane promised. Kyle told Diane about his wedding plans. Diane wanted to help make it a spectacular day. She said she was happy for the time she'd had with Kyle and Harrison after missing so many of those moments. Diane said that, in a way, she felt the wedding was for her, since she hadn't been there for the first one. She said she was ecstatic that she could celebrate such a milestone.

Phyllis and Summer arrived and noted that it looked like they'd walked in on something. Diane said it was just another day of counting her blessings, but she had to get back to work. Diane complimented Phyllis on her dress. Phyllis thanked her and said it was a Marchetti. Diane frowned.

Alone with Kyle, Summer asked what had gone on earlier between him and Diane, noting that they'd looked almost conspiratorial. Kyle said Diane's emotions sometimes got the better of her. He said Diane still couldn't believe she'd been able to get her life back after all those years. Kyle said they had to go to take the conference call from Milan. After Kyle and Summer left, Diane exited her hiding spot. Phyllis entered right behind her and asked if Diane had been eavesdropping.

Diane told Phyllis she was marveling at how happy their kids were. Phyllis said she wanted them to stay that way. Phyllis commented on the moment between Diane and Kyle. Diane said that wasn't for public consumption. Phyllis said that was interesting, since all of Diane's lies had been served up for public consumption. Diane looked stunned.

Phyllis said Diane hadn't seen the latest posting on Talia Morgan's magazine site. Phyllis claimed that Talia had scrapped the article on Ashland and decided to do a deep dive into Diane's life. Diane claimed in was all gossip, but Phyllis reminded Diane that Talia was an investigative journalist. Diane asked if Talia had written about old news because Diane claimed she hadn't done anything wrong in years. Diane claimed that the people who mattered had moved on from the past, and she didn't have the energy to those clinging to it.

Phyllis said Diane had been on her best behavior since arriving in town, but after everyone read the article, everyone would know Diane was the most despicable and the most hated woman in Genoa City, and that had to disturb Diane "in so many ways." Phyllis left.

Diane pulled up the article and read the byline: "The Long and Winding Road of Diane Jenkins, Back from the Dead." Diane read the article. Phyllis returned and said she'd known Diane wouldn't be able to resist. Phyllis stated it was the first in a series of articles about Diane. Phyllis left.

In his office, Jack received a text message from Traci; "Thought you should know about this." Jack opened the article about Diane.

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