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Diane received a mysterious text message stating that she owed someone for killing Talia's articles. Imani encouraged Nate to make a bold move while Devon was out of town. Devon objected to Jill's suggestion that they take Chancellor-Winters public, prompting Nate to walk out.
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Diane received a mysterious text claiming she owed someone for killing Talia's articles. Nate walked out of a Chancellor-Winters meeting. Nikki decided to track down Deacon Sharpe.
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After hurtful setbacks, Diane turns to Kyle for comfort

After hurtful setbacks, Diane turns to Kyle for comfort

Monday, September 5, 2022

Traci was eager to help Kyle arrange a renewal of his and Summer's vows and a reception afterward. Both said that keeping the plans a secret from Summer might prove to be difficult. When Summer entered the sitting room, Kyle and Traci abruptly changed the subject and carried on about the Blackhawks winning a Stanley Cup. Traci asked who in the NBA might be a contender, revealing her lack of knowledge about sports. An amused Summer said, "Nice try, you two."

Summer recalled having noticed Kyle and Diane engaged in a hushed conversation and had become even more suspicious after catching Kyle and Traci with their heads together. Summer told Traci and Kyle that there was no reason to hide their reactions to the article published about Diane. Kyle replied, "What article?" Traci excused herself so Summer and Kyle could talk alone.

Summer explained to Kyle that reporter Talia Morgan, who had initially said she was writing an article about Ashland, had instead published a story about Diane. Summer showed Kyle the article displayed on her phone. Kyle sighed and read aloud, "The Long and Winding Road of Diane Jenkins -- Back from the Dead." Kyle sighed and cried that his mother likely felt mortified. Summer seemed sympathetic toward Kyle's concern about his mother.

At the rooftop pool and bar, Nick joined Adam. Nick asked Adam teasingly if his time working at Jabot had ended already. Adam explained that he had just had lunch with the head of Jabot's global supply chain. Adam asked Nick how he was doing. Nick paused before claiming he was fine.

Adam, in a more serious tone, asked Nick how he was dealing with his situation. Nick took a drink of bottled beer and insisted he was not thinking about Ashland. Adam asked Nick if he had difficulty sleeping due to intrusive thoughts or troubling memories. Adam suggested that Nick talk to a therapist. Nick acknowledged that Adam had insight from his experiences as a kid and said the difference was that he was not a kid and had not blocked his memories. Adam said he believed his life would have been completely different had he sought help. Nick replied that he did not wish to rehash what had happened with a stranger. Adam replied, "God forbid you wind up like me."

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Phyllis and Nikki met with Talia, the investigative reporter digging into details of Diane's past. Cheering the recent debut article in Talia's forthcoming series, Phyllis said Diane would not know what hit her. Talia asked Nikki and Phyllis if they were as pleased with the overall tone as much as they were the content. Nikki replied that it was perfect, while Phyllis praised Talia for publicizing Diane's lies and methods of subterfuge that had led up to her faking her own death. Talia apologized for rehashing the women's painful histories with Diane, noting that her initial installment had contained no new information. Nikki declared that the article would, however, be eye-opening for most readers.

Phyllis, certain that Diane would find it too difficult to deal with the scrutiny of public judgment, told Nikki and Talia that Diane would flee and be gone forever. Talia bragged that readers had reacted favorably, wanted to know more, and had even phoned in tips, some of which would likely be false leads. While Nikki and Phyllis were thinking ahead to a blistering smear campaign, Talia received a message from her editor informing her to drop the investigation because the series had been canceled. Phyllis and Nikki were taken aback by the cancellation.

At Jabot, Diane checked her phone and read a text message. The message stated, "Future articles killed. You owe me." Diane appeared confused after reading the message. Jack approached and asked Diane if something was wrong. Diane explained that Talia Morgan had written and published a toxic story about her. Jack said, "I saw it. You can't be that surprised. No reporter is going to turn their back on a story that's as juicy as this one."

Diane cried to Jack that the story of her life covered in the article was the old, outdated half. Diane insisted she had transformed her entire life, proven that redemption was possible, and been unfairly targeted based on the unkind things she had done in the past. Jack honed in on the word "unkind" and noted that Diane had learned artful public-relations tactics as part of her new job. Jack reminded Diane that her past actions had been brazenly cruel, so no possible spin would alter the suffering her victims had endured. Diane cried that the article was meant to humiliate, provoke, and punish her. Diane complained that Phyllis and Nikki would never give up or give her a chance.

Diane complained to Jack that the worst aspect of publishing the article about her past was the possibility of undermining the progress she had made in reestablishing a relationship with Kyle. Jack advised Diane to be thoughtful and deliberate with her response to the article, reminding her that the people she cared about already knew. Diane replied, "Except for my new co-workers, who are only going to think the worst of me." Jack told Diane that she was on the right track and should not let it derail her progress. Diane thanked Jack for his encouragement and stepped out to reread her text message.

Phyllis approached Diane and asked her if she had read any good articles recently. Diane reacted in frustration and blamed Phyllis for encouraging Talia. Phyllis, feigning sympathy, said, "Oh, wow. This has really gotten under your skin, hasn't it?" Diane insisted she had made peace with her past and had transformed her life, so no trigger could throw her off. Phyllis replied, "I don't obsess about you like you think I do, Diane." Phyllis added that the world was aware of what a vile, conniving excuse for a human Diane was.

Kyle arrived at Jabot as Phyllis walked away, though he had witnessed his mother's heavy sigh and her attempt to shake off Phyllis' ugly confrontation. Kyle told his mom he had read Talia's article. Crying softly, Diane said she had worked hard to put the person she had once been behind her and no longer sought to manipulate or capitalize on any situation, though most would instead think of her as the old Diane. Kyle replied that he could distinguish between the woman in the article and the mother he knew. Diane tearfully thanked Kyle and told him it was exactly what she had needed to hear.

After Kyle left his mom, he entered Jack's office to talk to Phyllis alone. Kyle told Phyllis he was planning a surprise party for Summer after they renewed their vows. Phyllis, agreeing to help, replied, "Count me in." Kyle made it clear that he had invited his mother, though he would try to keep her interactions with Phyllis to a minimum. Kyle told Phyllis he understood why she was protective of Summer, given what had happened in the past with Diane. Phyllis assured Kyle she had been working through everything and had it all under control.

Changing the subject, Phyllis mentioned to Kyle her email about textile designers. Jack entered and told Phyllis he had read her email and was impressed. Phyllis smiled in response to Jack's approval of her idea. Kyle said he liked Phyllis' idea, as well. Phyllis said she was having fun working with them. After Kyle left, Phyllis asked Jack if he knew about Kyle's plans. Jack said he did. Phyllis said she was glad their kids were doing well.

Jack asked Phyllis how involved she had been with the piece Talia Morgan had written about Diane. Phyllis suddenly became cross and strongly replied that she had had nothing to do with it. After Phyllis cooled off, she asked Jack if Marchetti Home could redecorate the Abbott living room and share photos on social media. Jack replied, "You want to redesign a home you know I happen to love just the way it is?" Phyllis recalled how old Jack's furniture was. Jack agreed to Phyllis' idea as long as everything reverted back to the way it was after photos were taken. Phyllis nodded.

Diane appeared nearby as Phyllis teased Jack about being unwavering regarding all changes. Phyllis put her hand on Jack's shoulder, leaned close to his face, and murmured that memories of Jack's dislike of change were coming back to her. Both laughed with ease. Diane paused and reread her text message informing her that plans to publish future articles had been killed. Diane replied, "Things are still precarious. You shouldn't contact me."

Back at home, Kyle contacted a party planner and explained why he needed assistance keeping the party a secret. He cut the conversation short when Summer entered the room. Kyle told the planner he would call back later. Kyle asked Summer how much of his conversation she had overheard. Summer said she knew Kyle was definitely up to something. Kyle replied, "I'm planning a surprise. That's all I'm going to say." Kyle declined when Summer asked if he could offer a hint.

After Nick arrived at the Newman ranch, Nikki asked about Christian. Nick explained that Faith was saying goodbye to all her friends before heading off to school, and he knew Christian would rather stay behind with his grandmother than listen to his parents' sobbing on the way home. Nick, looking troubled, told his mom he wanted to talk. Nikki was eager to listen. Surmising that Nick had hoped his feelings regarding Ashland might have become less intense, she assured her son that things would be all right. Nick replied, "I'm just wondering if that's ever going to change."

Nikki explained to Nick that when facing a major threat, one usually focused on the emergency at hand rather than one's own feelings. After a while, Nikki added, everyone else eventually resumed their normal lives as if nothing had happened. Nick realized he was unable to do the same. Nikki acknowledged that Nick felt consumed with guilt. Nick agreed with Nikki's assessment and said that if he could let go of the burden, he would be able to breathe, relax, and focus on his new job.

Nikki asked Nick what was holding him back from letting it all go. Nick cried that if he did not feel guilty about what had happened, he would feel guilty about not feeling guilty. Nick said he constantly relived the experience as a form of penance. Nick admitted that he had judged Adam harshly after learning that he had accidentally killed a man when he'd been a kid. Nikki recalled that the man had been threatening Adam's mother.

Nick admitted he had come to realize that he had acted the same way Adam had when someone he loved was in trouble. Another similarity, Nick recalled, was that their dad had covered up what had happened. Nick told Nikki that Adam, who had dealt with the aftermath all his life, had gone out of his way to be supportive. Nikki replied that what had happened to Adam explained why he had not been able to get close to anyone for any length of time. Nick replied, "Deep down, he knows what he's capable of. How can he risk it?"

Abby and Chance spent time together at Chancellor Park, enjoying a leisurely picnic while reclined on a blanket. Chance declared that it was a treat to spend his whole day off with his wife while Dominic and his nanny visited the zoo. Abby told Chance that she had prepared a playlist and had packed all his favorites from a French food market. After naming all the treats she had chosen, Abby opened the basket and discovered that she had packed Dominic's cheddar fish crackers, sippy cups, and apple slices in the wrong container. Chance laughed, thinking of Dominic and his nanny being in possession of a bottle of wine along with a baguette, cheese, and chocolate mousse.

Chance munched on fish-shaped crackers and said he was blessed to have Abby as his wife. Abby remarked that things no longer seemed as tense as when she had first brought up the investigation. Chance assured Abby that it was no longer an issue. The couple shared a romantic kiss. Abby and Chance seemed happy and relaxed in their serene surroundings.

Later at home, Chance and Abby made love. Chance thanked Abby for a fantastic day. Abby said she anticipated spending more days with Chance, focused solely on themselves. Looking back, Abby recalled the painful time after Chance had returned from Spain, though she was glad they had had an opportunity to spend time together while he healed. Abby confessed that she could not stop being concerned when Chance was involved with a risky case. Abby told Chance that the more they prioritized their family over work, the happier they would be. Chance seemed somewhat concerned about Abby's directive.

Chloe entered Sally's office. Sally asked Chloe about running to Adam and telling him to break Sally's heart all over again. Chloe claimed she was looking out for Sally's best interests and that Adam had spun the truth to his own advantage. Chloe reminded Sally that Adam was a snake. Chloe asked Sally what Adam had talked about. Sally replied, "Forgiveness." Chloe replied, "Forgiveness? Good God. Adam has some nerve." Sally told Chloe she needed someone to talk things over with because she was so confused.

Chloe warned Sally that Adam was a master at getting what he wanted. Sally insisted that Adam was not evilly calculating every move and instead had seemed lost. Chloe, recalling Adam's tough childhood, warned that he was damaged goods and incapable of being part of a healthy relationship for lack of a good example. Chloe recalled that even Chelsea had tried and failed to help Adam. Sally, insisting she was not like Chelsea, reminded Sally that Chloe's meddling had caused Chelsea to end her business partnership with Chloe. In her defense, Chloe said she and Chelsea were still friends because Chelsea understood that her advice regarding Adam had come from a place of love and support. Chloe reminded Sally that Adam was not her friend.

Sally went to the park to collect her thoughts. Adam happened by and asked Sally if he was interrupting. Adam took a seat beside Sally and told her he had not wanted to put pressure on her, which was why he had not called, sent flowers, or made any other romantic gesture. Sally replied, "That won't be necessary." Adam told Sally he hoped she had not been thinking about what he had said to her. Sally cried that she could not stop thinking about it.

Sally admitted she had been distracted from the job he had gone out of his way to make sure she kept. Sally cried that Adam had done an excellent job of stomping on her heart and making her feel like a fool. Sally insisted she was not a fool and had no idea how she and Adam should interact should they embrace forgiveness. Fighting back tears, Sally told Adam she could not talk about it, and she left abruptly.

Victor fumes over Adam's latest career move

Victor fumes over Adam's latest career move

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

At Society, Mariah and Tessa commiserated over the adoption agent who had refused to represent them because of their criminal pasts. Mariah resolved to look at the situation as half full and not half empty, and she refused to let the lawyer get inside their heads and ruin their dream. Mariah figured that they'd always known it wouldn't be easy; facing the reality of it was hard, but she was confident they would find someone great to help them.

Tessa suggested that she and Mariah change their approach by considering someone they already knew. Mariah thought of Christine, who had helped Sharon get custody of Cassie and done an amazing job with Dominic's surrogacy agreement. Mariah reasoned that Christine knew what they'd been through with Dominic, but she wasn't sure if Christine would want to represent them. Tessa said there was only one way to find out.

At Crimson Lights, Nick anticipated Faith's imminent arrival to get her college move-in road trip started. Sharon rattled off the tasks she'd completed to prepare for the event, and she gushed that she was excited and proud. Sharon steeled herself to return to a home without Faith in it, and she imagined it would be strange without her daughter around. Nick pointed out that Noah, Mariah, and Tessa weren't going anywhere, and he reminded Sharon that she could spend as much time with Christian as she wanted.

Nick stressed that families helped one another out, and he shared that a couple members of his family had tried to help him earlier. Nick recalled that he'd had a nice heart-to-heart talk with his mom, and he'd also received advice from the last person he'd expected to offer it -- Adam. Nick recounted that Adam had asked how Nick had been coping with Ashland's death, and Nick hadn't needed to say much because Adam understood the self-recrimination and overwhelming guilt over taking a man's life. Nick confided that the situation had given him insight into his brother.

Sharon sympathized that it was a terrible thing for the brothers to have in common, but she hoped Adam's perspective had been beneficial. Nick believed that Adam had sincerely wanted to help, and he mentioned that Adam had recommended that he see a therapist to help him process everything. Sharon sensed that Nick wasn't comfortable with the idea, and Nick hesitated to share his thoughts and feelings with a stranger. Sharon reasoned that everyone needed someone impartial to talk to without any judgment, and Nick remarked that he'd gotten spoiled by talking to her. She encouraged him to give thought to the idea.

Faith entered the coffeehouse, anxious to get to the college campus because Moses and his mom were already there. Faith reported that all her stuff was in the car, but it was so packed that she didn't know how they'd fit in it. Sharon imagined it would be a quick drive there and a very long drive home, and she became choked up. Sharon promised not to get emotional until after they dropped Faith off. Faith assured her mother that she'd only be on the other side of the lake, but Nick replied that it was a really big lake. Faith grabbed her parents' hands and said they were the best.

Mariah and Tessa rushed into the coffeehouse to see Faith, and Faith indicated that saying goodbye to them was the last thing on her to-do list. Mariah clarified that it wasn't goodbye, just "see you later, college girl." Tessa envisioned sending Faith off into a new frontier without any of them to look out for her. Mariah predicted that Faith would rock it, and Nick echoed that their girl was ready -- even if the rest of them weren't.

Mariah and Tessa presented Faith with a gift to open once she got to campus. Tessa explained that if Faith opened it there, Tessa and Mariah would both start crying. Faith was sure that she'd love whatever it was, and Nick gently pushed to get going. Faith hugged Mariah and Tessa and said she loved them and would miss them. Sharon softly stated that it was time, and she and Nick led Faith out. Tessa comforted Mariah.

At Chancellor-Winters, Nate was surprised to see that Imani had returned from visiting Naya in Virginia. Imani explained that it had been Amanda's turn to fly back, but Amanda hadn't been able to tear herself away from their mom. Imani continued that one of them needed to keep an eye on things, so she'd decided to be the one to keep the legal wheels turning. Nate said it was good to see her, and Imani replied that it was good to be seen.

Nate was sorry to hear that Naya was still in a coma, and he inquired how Imani was holding up. Imani admitted it had been stressful, between worrying about her mom and traveling back and forth, but she was determined not to let the exhaustion get to her because she had too much work piled up. Nate hoped she'd taken time to eat, and she laughed and recounted that she'd rushed to catch her flight and gone straight to the office from the airport. He offered to catch her up on what she'd missed over lunch.

Elena stopped by Lily's office, eager to discuss her medical podcast because she wanted to make a strong first impression. Lily cited Elena's huge fan base from "Ask MD Now" and envisioned the show becoming one of their most profitable programs. Lily recognized that Elena had Nate at home and Devon across the hall, but she made it clear that she and Billy were also there to support Elena because they were a team. Lily acknowledged that it didn't always feel that way, and she hoped to get Elena's thoughts about the conflict between Devon and Nate.

Elena pointed out that she hadn't been in any business meetings with the men, but Nate had indicated that he felt that Devon wasn't interested in any of his suggestions and that Devon didn't respect him. Lily asserted that she'd seen nothing but love and respect from Devon, but she conceded that the men approached business differently, so it was a constant balancing act between them. Lily confided that Devon felt that Nate had overstepped a few times, and Elena sympathized that Lily was caught in the middle. Lily insisted that she could handle it, but she wanted to help Devon and Nate find harmony. Elena requested to speak off the record, but she cautioned that Lily might not like what she had to say.

Elena confessed that she'd suggested Nate leave Chancellor-Winters after hearing him vent about how upset he was. Lily was taken aback, and Elena explained that it had hurt her to see Nate continually bothered and disappointed by the situation with Devon. Elena continued that she didn't see the point of Nate staying with the company if he was that miserable, but he'd refused to leave because he'd made a commitment to his family. Lily was relieved, and she stressed that she believed in Nate's ideas and that he belonged there. Elena urged Lily to tell him that, but she warned that peaceful coexistence might be a distant hope.

Over lunch at Society, Nate informed Imani that the company had acquired the Grand Phoenix from Phyllis. Imani preferred to talk about him, and she inquired whether the tension between Nate and Devon had improved during her absence. Nate groaned that things might have gotten worse, and he told her about his idea for a music festival that Lily had supported but Devon had later nixed. Nate groused that whenever the idea was his, the answer was always no.

Nate added that he'd been keeping things polite and trying to coexist at the office. Imani questioned how constantly swallowing his frustration had really been working for him. Nate griped that he was tired of biting his tongue, and poor Elena had been getting an earful. Nate shared that Elena's advice had been for him to make a clean break and quit before his relationship with Devon took an irreparable hit. Imani protested that Nate could never do that, no matter how bad things were.

Imani wondered what Nate would do if he left Chancellor-Winters. Nate recalled Elena's proposal that he go back to medicine, but Imani doubted that would really satisfy him. Nate knew Elena had just been trying to look out for him, but he thought that life was no longer for him. Imani was relieved to hear it, since she firmly believed he was exactly where he needed to be. She huffed that the guy with the chip on his shoulder was Devon, and Nate's only real option was to prove his worth in a way that couldn't be ignored.

Imani commended Nate for going off script at the launch party because he had generated buzz and excitement for the company by going with his gut. She exclaimed that it was what he needed to do again, but on a bigger scale. She recommended that while Devon was out of town, Nate make a major move to show everyone that his ideas smelled of success and make sure Devon knew exactly what Nate brought to the table.

Adam arrived at the Newman ranch, and Victor hoped it was a friendly visit -- or at least a civil one. Adam revealed that it was more of a courtesy call, and he announced that he'd taken a job at Jabot as Jack's co-CEO. Victor barked that if Adam was trying to get a rise out of him, it wasn't going to happen. Adam calmly stated that it wasn't why he was there, and he'd simply wanted Victor to hear the news from him first. Victor scowled at the thought of Adam working alongside Jack, but Adam argued that Jabot was a good fit for him.

Victor surmised it was a retaliatory move because he hadn't given Adam the co-CEO position after Victoria had returned, but Adam maintained that he was done lashing out at Victor and the rest of the family. Adam contended that he was doing it to move on, and Jack had extended the offer because he'd sensed Adam needed a new purpose. Adam relayed that Jack had told him to let go of his anger, use his energy for something productive, and stop trying to tear Victor down. Victor ranted that Jack had tried to tear him down many times and had failed miserably.

Victor warned that Adam going to work for Jack was a big mistake for many reasons, one of them being that Jabot was a family business where Adam would always be an outsider. "As opposed to how I'm treated by my own family at Newman," Adam pondered, adding that he'd take his chances at Jabot because it couldn't be worse. Victor wondered if there was anything he could say or do to convince Adam to resume working at Newman. Adam refused to change his mind and firmly stated that his deal with Jabot was already done.

Adam thought Victor would save himself a lot of frustration if he just admitted that Adam's leaving had been best for both of them. Victor denied it, but Adam argued that all they'd done had been to butt heads. Victor insisted that he wanted Adam in his life, but Adam pointed out that Victor didn't want Adam to run the company. Victor asserted that he'd treated Adam no differently than his other children. Victor said he had had differences with all of them, but no one other than Adam had ever felt like they weren't part of the family. Adam accepted that he was cut from a different cloth, and he thought it was long overdue that Victor accepted it, too.

Victor recognized that Adam wanted to be his own man, but Adam was still a Newman like his brother and sisters. Adam recalled that he'd tried hard for a long time to seek Victor's approval, and he'd just wanted to be his father's son. Victor pointed out that he'd protected Adam from the day Adam had returned to Genoa City, and it often hadn't been appreciated. Adam argued that he hadn't asked for protection, and he proclaimed that it was time for him to follow in his mother's footsteps. Adam recounted that it had been her choice to end her relationship with Victor and not fall into the traps of being a Newman.

Adam recognized that Hope had wanted something happier and healthier for him, and it was why she'd raised him as a Wilson. Victor reminded Adam that it had been her choice and not Victor's. Adam remembered that he'd resented that his mother had waited until her last breath to tell him Victor was his father, but he understood why she'd done it. Victor argued that he'd respected Hope's wishes, even though he'd often wanted to interfere and claim Adam as his son. Adam stood by his decision to walk away, and he said he was sorry Victor couldn't understand it or be happy about Adam's new venture. Adam stalked out.

In Chancellor Park, Chelsea wrung her hands as she flashed back to Billy pulling away from her kiss and apologizing for giving her the wrong impression. Billy approached and asked how she was doing. Chelsea overenthusiastically responded that she was great and rambled about it being a beautiful day. Billy confided that he didn't feel great about the way he'd ended things as podcast co-hosts, and he asked how Chelsea had felt since their last taping. She turned the topic to whether he'd had a chance to talk to Victoria about telling Johnny that Chelsea was his biological mother and that he and Connor were brothers.

Billy explained that Victoria had been away for work, and it wasn't a conversation to be had over the phone. Chelsea fretted that she didn't want too much time to pass, and Billy promised to make sure Connor and Johnny spent more time together, even just as cousins. Chelsea told him to let her know when, noting that her schedule was open those days. Billy urged her to reconsider doing the podcast on her own or with a new partner, but she maintained that she wanted to put it behind her without him involved. Billy questioned whether she was sure that was best for her, since he doubted it was.

Billy recognized that he'd thrown Chelsea a curve ball when he'd decided to step away soon after they'd joined forces, but he was adamant that she didn't need him. He raved that she had a gift for holding the audience's attention, and he didn't want her to walk away, because she'd obviously been very happy behind the microphone. She admitted that she felt very adrift, and she hated not knowing what she wanted anymore. She wailed that she'd planned to return to Genoa City to rebuild her life, but somehow, everything had been thrown off track. Billy thought the reason was very obvious.

Billy blamed Adam for the disorder Chelsea felt in her life. Billy's phone rang, and he ignored a call from Lily, who left a voicemail asking him to meet her at the office. Chelsea appreciated Billy's concern, but she told him not to go down the "Adam rabbit hole." Billy implored Chelsea not to let "Mr. No Name" shake the belief she had in herself, since he was confident she'd get her mojo back. Chelsea wished the same thing for Billy after he'd abandoned the podcast he'd loved so that he could focus on corporate America.

Chelsea maintained that the latter wasn't who Billy was and that he'd been the first person to admit it. He stood by the commitment he'd made to Lily and his mother to be the best COO he could possibly be, claiming he liked the challenge. Billy added that he felt most alive while he was swimming upstream, but Chelsea countered that he felt most alive when doing his podcast. Chelsea thought they were alike in that they couldn't be content with what they had and where they were. Billy encouraged her to keep looking to find a place where she belonged.

Billy returned to the office and asked Lily if everything was okay. She told him about her conversation with Elena, and she feared they were facing more of an uphill battle than she'd realized where Devon and Nate were concerned. Lily remained determined to unite the men, and Billy offered his full support. Lily asked where Billy had been, and he mentioned that he'd had a meeting out of the office and run into Chelsea afterward. Lily's expression darkened, and Billy wondered if she wasn't happy that he'd spent time with Chelsea.

Lily accepted that she and Billy would run into Chelsea on a regular basis, and she hoped there hadn't been any uncomfortable miscommunication that time around. Billy assured Lily that there was nothing to worry about, since Chelsea was embarrassed that she'd mistaken their camaraderie for something more than friendship. Billy chalked it up to Chelsea having a bad day and feeling a little lost, and he admitted he felt guilty that he'd left her high and dry by walking away from the podcast. Lily wondered if he was reconsidering his decision, but he insisted that he was where he wanted to be. They embraced.

Meanwhile, Adam and Chelsea exchanged polite greetings in the park. He said he'd just been thinking about her, and he inquired whether she had any plans lined up. Chelsea announced that she intended to visit her mom in Minnesota -- and she wanted to take Connor with her.

Billy and Jack lock horns over Jack's leadership skills

Billy and Jack lock horns over Jack's leadership skills

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

by Nel

At Crimson Lights, Billy asked Jack if Adam had burned the place down yet. Jack said Adam hadn't caused any problems, and he refused to discuss Adam with Billy.

Jack congratulated Billy on Chancellor-Winters' purchase of the Grand Phoenix. Jack said he wanted to talk to Billy about opening an exclusive Jabot boutique on the premises because it appeared that Lily wanted to cater to a more sophisticated and artistic clientele, and Jabot seemed like the perfect fit.

Billy claimed Jack was trying to divert the conversation away from Adam. Jack admitted he was. He stated that he ran Jabot, and they were his hires. Jack understood that Adam had hurt Billy, but Jack said he had to support Adam and make sure he was a success at Jabot. Jack said he'd wanted to talk to Billy as COO of Chancellor-Winters, but perhaps Billy was happier doing his podcasts. Billy surprised Jack when he said he'd quit his podcasts in favor of being COO because he'd been spending too much time on the podcasts.

Jack noted that Billy had given up something he'd enjoyed. Jack pointed out that a corporate career had never been Billy's top priority. Billy said supporting Lily with the new company was exactly where he wanted to be; working with Lily and her family was very rewarding, and he was continuing Jill's legacy.

Jack was happy Billy was focused on his business career and offered to help him, but he didn't want to offer unwelcome advice. Jack said Billy wasn't suited to corporate life. He said Billy had given it his best shot, but invariably, Billy either got bored and walked away, or he self-sabotaged. Jack commented that wasn't where Billy's passions lay, and Billy needed to be wary of history repeating itself.

Billy told Jack he'd walked away from the podcasts in order to break the cycle of the story that Jack kept reminding him of. He wanted to make sure he showed up to do the job that Lily needed him to do. Jack asked what Billy needed and if being COO of Chancellor-Winters was Billy's dream job. Billy said his dream job was being a professional gambler. Billy told Jack not to worry because he knew he couldn't do that, and he was very aware of his history.

Jack told Billy that when he hired someone for an executive position, he had to know that that person wanted to be there and that it wasn't just a steppingstone. Billy said Jack wouldn't hire him at Jabot because of his history, yet Jack had hired Adam. Billy asked if Jack was aware of the ways Adam had hurt Jack's family. Jack said he knew Billy hated Adam and wouldn't forgive him for Delia's death, but Billy's anger wasn't about him hiring Adam. Jack said it was instead about Jack having more faith in Adam than he did in Billy. Billy claimed Jack did, but Jack denied it.

Jack told Billy that he and Adam had been friends for a long time; he'd been there to support Adam in a way Victor never could. He said Billy was his brother, and there was no comparison. Jack said he would always be on Billy's side. Billy asked if Jack thought Billy was jealous of Jack's friendship with Adam. Billy insisted he had nothing but disdain for Adam, and he resented that Jack believed he was jealous because Jack had hired Adam as his co-CEO. Billy said he'd walked away from Jabot, and he had no desire to return -- even though the door was open for him to do so.

Jack said he would always support Billy, and he was trying to get to the source of Billy's restlessness. He said he'd heard Billy's podcast about feeling lost. Billy said it had been how he'd felt that day, but it hadn't been the root cause for anything. Jack claimed it had been a symptom. Jack asked if Billy was looking for a safe place to land about unresolved issues. Billy said perhaps Jack had unresolved issues, and he might outshine Jack.

Jack said Chancellor-Winters wasn't where Billy's heart was, and neither were the podcasts. Billy said Jack had implied that Billy was a wandering soul with no purpose in life. Billy said he resented that, and he didn't need Jack's armchair analysis about what was missing in his life. Jack asked if Billy would be as angry if anything Jack had suggested hadn't been true. Billy walked out.

On the patio, Sally asked if Chance wanted to thank her for not publishing the article about the Locke case. Sally said she hadn't fallen into Adam's trap after he'd promised to provide her with concrete evidence of Victor's involvement in covering up Ashland's death. She pointed out what a career-making story that could be. Sally said she knew that had been more about going after Victor than catapulting her to success.

Sally stated that, like her, Chance had had to make a hard decision. She said they'd made the right choice and towed the family line. Chance said he hadn't towed the family line. He insisted he done his job and closed his case based on the evidence he had. He said he couldn't prosecute anyone based on that evidence.

Sally said she'd put the issue to bed, and she was sure that Chance had, as well, given the family dynamics at play. Chance reminded her that a man had lost his life. Chance admitted Ashland had been a terrible human being, but the investigation had been taken seriously. Chance said he was happy the case was closed and that everyone could put it behind them.

At Society, Abby asked Chloe if she'd been working long hours recently, because if Chance's schedule had been any indication, she was sure that Kevin had been working long hours on the Ashland case, as well. Chloe agreed and said she hoped Chance and Kevin could get past the tension. Abby asked about the tension. Chloe was reluctant to elaborate. Abby said she would speak to Chance about it and that he was on his way there.

Chloe told Abby she didn't want to cause any trouble for Abby and Chance. She said Kevin had been venting about the case and the hours he'd put in on it. Chloe claimed she should have kept her big mouth shut, but Abby was happy Chloe hadn't because she hadn't been aware of any tension between Chance and Kevin. Chloe said she hoped her long hours at the office were temporary. She admitted she loved her job, but she hated dealing with Adam, who seemed to be a constant presence.

Abby asked Chloe why Adam had been hanging around. Chloe claimed Adam seemed to have some sort of hold over Sally, which made her job difficult because Sally was distracted. Chloe stated that Chelsea was always irritated by Adam, as well. Chloe said Adam wreaked havoc on all his ex's lives, and Sally was a mess because of Adam. Abby said that Sally had known the risks, and she deserved what she'd gotten for climbing into bed with Adam.

In the park, Chelsea told Adam she wanted to visit Anita in Minnesota, and she wanted to take Connor with her to spend time with her mom. Chelsea said she needed to get out of town for a while. Adam said Connor didn't need to go with her. Adam asked if Chelsea was planning a lengthier stay. Chelsea denied it. When Adam asked how long she would be gone, Chelsea said she wasn't sure. She claimed the last time she'd been with her mom, it had helped her reset her perspective, and she'd been more grounded when she'd returned to town.

Adam told Chelsea that soccer season would be starting soon, all of Connor's friends were there, and he didn't want to disrupt Connor's school year. Adam refused to let Chelsea take Connor. Chelsea admitted she felt like she was heading toward some emotional issues again. She said she knew the signs and claimed Adam did, as well. She said she couldn't find her footing, and she needed a change.

Adam told Chelsea that Connor wasn't a life preserver, and fixing his mother wasn't Connor's job. Adam told Chelsea she needed more help than a visit to Anita's to set her on the right path; she needed to return to therapy. He reminded her that she hadn't completed her previous therapy because she'd convinced the judge to release her from the psychiatric treatment facility so that she could help Anita. Adam said Chelsea had never faced the core of her issues.

Adam said he understood the toll Rey's death had had on Chelsea. He said he was trying to empathize with her, since her career had taken some turns. Chelsea said she was sick of Adam talking down to her. Chelsea found it ironic that he was pushing her into therapy because she was in that situation because of him. Chelsea claimed she'd taken responsibility for her mistakes, and she'd almost lost her son because of it. She insisted she wanted some time with Connor. Adam said he wouldn't allow Connor to go with her. He said Chelsea needed to stay in town and deal with her issues.

Chelsea accused Adam of being vindictive, petty, and judgmental. She said if it wasn't for Connor, she wished she'd never met him. After Chelsea left, Adam turned and saw Sally. Adam said he was really concerned about Chelsea because she'd been very erratic recently, and he was concerned about Connor being around someone with a hair trigger like Chelsea's.

Adam told Sally that Chelsea hadn't taken it well when he'd said he wouldn't allow her to take Connor to her mother's. Sally said Connor was Chelsea's son, too. Sally said she knew what it was like to be cut off from family. She said life could be hard when one felt isolated, and it could mess with someone's head. Sally said she could see Chelsea's side of the issue. Sally walked away.

At Society, Abby asked if Chelsea was okay. In a minor meltdown, Chelsea said she wasn't fine. She said she was sick of apologizing. Chelsea admitted she hadn't been okay since Rey's death. She said life had been good until Rey's death, then nothing had been okay. Chelsea said she'd been enjoying doing the podcasts with Billy, and those had been yanked away from her after she'd shared her deepest, darkest secrets with the world.

Chelsea told Abby she felt lonely. She said that every time she'd made a connection with someone, it would blow up in her face. She said she needed everyone to stop telling her what to do and how to take care of herself because no one knew what she'd been going through. She insisted she needed everyone to keep their opinions to themselves and to shut up.

Abby said she was sorry that Chelsea was going through a rough patch. Chelsea told Abby that she and Adam had gotten into an argument, and Adam had tried to tell her how to handle her emotions. Abby said Chloe had been at Society, and she'd mentioned the havoc Adam wreaked on people's lives. Abby said she'd hope Chelsea would find a happier and healthier relationship than what she'd had with Adam. Chelsea said co-parenting was tricky, and they'd been fighting over Chelsea taking Connor for a visit with Anita, which Adam was completely against. Chelsea was adamant that she would never reunite with Adam.

Chance arrived and told Abby he wanted to get the wine and head home, but Abby said Chelsea had had a couple of drinks on an empty stomach. Abby asked Chance to drive Chelsea home. She warned him not to ask if Chelsea was okay.

Chance approached Chelsea. Excited, Chelsea squealed a greeting and said her guru was there. Chelsea told Abby that Chance had talked her out of one of her moods the previous day. Chance offered Chelsea a lift home, but she said she was fine. Chelsea stood up and almost fell. Chance escorted Chelsea out.

At Newman Media, Sally asked if Chloe had checked in with Chelsea recently because she'd witnessed Chelsea and Adam in an argument, and Chelsea had said she wished she'd never met him. Chloe claimed that was what Adam did to the women he'd been in love with. Sally pointed out that Adam and Sharon were friends and in a good place. Chloe said it had taken Sharon and Adam years to get there. Chloe said Adam was so destructive that he caused repercussions long after the relationship was over.

Sally said that Chloe's statement could apply to any relationship that ended. Chloe said when it came to Adam, it was taken to the extreme. Sally said she couldn't keep doing that with Chloe, and she didn't want Chloe going behind her back to talk to Adam. Chloe claimed she'd been trying to protect Sally.

Sally told Chloe she couldn't spend so much time thinking how horrible her ex was. Chloe agreed. They agreed they needed to eat lunch and get their work done so they could get home. Sally said she needed to consider herself lucky that she and Adam had ended things when they had so she wouldn't have to end up screaming that she'd wished she'd never met him. Adam had been standing behind the door that was slightly ajar, and he'd heard what Sally had said.

Chance walked Chelsea to her suite. Chelsea told Chance she'd had a rough day. Chance said that he and Abby were there for her. He said people didn't always understand how someone felt, but they made assumptions based on how they interpreted someone's actions. He said sometimes those assumptions could sting. Chelsea thanked Chance for bringing her home, but that wasn't home. She said it was possible it was the reason that she felt so lost. Chance said as long as they had their kids around, any place would feel like home.

Nikki announces she is going to meet with Deacon Sharpe

Nikki announces she is going to meet with Deacon Sharpe

Thursday, September 8, 2022

by Nel

At Society, Jack asked Phyllis if Talia was going to write a follow-up to the article in which she'd attacked Diane. Jack said when he'd asked if Phyllis had had anything to do with the article, Phyllis had denied it, yet she'd been seen several times in Talia's company.

Phyllis asked Jack if Diane had pointed a finger at her as the one who'd hatched it. Jack claimed that Phyllis had convinced Talia that an article about Diane would be fun. Phyllis said she'd only been messing with Diane when Diane had been with her and Talia. Phyllis said it had been Diane's own fault for sucking up to Talia, who was an investigative journalist.

Phyllis said she didn't understand why Jack was so angry about the article, since all the information had been published previously. She said the information was true, yet she'd been the one under suspicion for all the horrible things Diane had done. Nikki arrived and told Jack that Diane was still a menace.

Phyllis told Jack that Talia had been working on her own. She admitted that she and Nikki had joked about looking into Diane's past. Jack didn't believe that Talia had changed her subject from Ashland to Diane on a whim. He didn't think there had been anything funny about taking potshots at Diane. Phyllis asked if Jack was upset because Diane's feelings had been hurt. Nikki said Diane had gotten to Jack to the point that he was defending her.

Jack told Phyllis and Nikki he was honoring Kyle's decision to give his mother a second chance. He said Diane had gone out of her way to prove she was worthy of that chance by changing her behavior. Jack didn't appreciate Phyllis and Nikki's gratuitous attacks on Diane. Nikki asked if she was supposed to forgive Diane for setting her up to take the fall for Diane's murder. Jack said thankfully that hadn't happened. Nikki said it would have if Diane had gotten her way.

Jack claimed no one was condoning what Diane had done. He said she was trying to move on with her life, and he suggested that Phyllis and Nikki do the same. Jack left.

Phyllis asked Nikki who had convinced Talia's editor to kill all future stories about Diane. Nikki suggested Jack had, but Phyllis said Jack had appeared genuinely concerned that more articles would be published. Phyllis couldn't believe their plan had hit a brick wall. Nikki reminded Phyllis she was supposed to be working her angle inside Marchetti. Phyllis confirmed she was. Nikki said she was going to Los Angeles the following week to see Deacon Sharpe.

Phyllis asked why Nikki wanted to meet with Deacon Sharpe if Talia couldn't write more stories about Diane. Nikki said Talia might be able to change her editor's mind if Deacon had some juicy information. Nikki said Deacon might have enough dirt on Diane to write a book. Phyllis asked if Nikki was up for a meeting with Deacon, since he'd helped Diane fake her death. Nikki claimed she could handle it, and it was long overdue.

A photoshoot had been set up in the park for Tessa, who was all nerves. Mariah attempted to calm Tessa down. Mariah told the photographer they wanted some fun and romance in the photoshoot. The photographer said she would capture as much fun and romance as the model gave her.

Mariah took Tessa to one side and said Tessa was fire, spirit, and beauty. She said Tessa needed to get into the right head space. Mariah reminded Tessa that when she'd done the video shoots, she'd forgotten about herself and felt her music; that had been when the magic had happened. Tessa claimed she was ready for the shoot.

Adam arrived at the park. Summer told him they were in the middle of a photoshoot. Adam said that as the new co-CEO, he'd thought he would stop by and see how it was going. Summer said she was sure Adam had more important things to do.

Kyle arrived, and when he'd spotted Adam, he intervened and told Adam they didn't need that many chefs in the kitchen. Adam stated he was there only to observe. Summer left. Kyle suggested that Adam leave and allow everyone to do their jobs. Kyle said he didn't have to put up with Adam, despite Adam's title.

Kyle claimed that Jack had done Adam a favor because Adam was a charity case. Kyle said it had taken Jack a lot to convince the family to sign off on hiring Adam; however, out of respect for Jack, they'd agreed because they didn't believe Adam would bring anything of value to the company.

Kyle warned Adam not to cause Jack any grief during his tenure. Adam stated he was there to help Jack run Jabot. Kyle said it was only a matter of time before Adam screwed up or lost interest. Kyle said Adam's input wasn't welcome. He said Adam had nothing to offer, nor did he belong. Adam said it wouldn't be the first time he would have to prove himself, and he left.

At Crimson Lights, Nate told Elena that he'd decided to follow his instincts and run with an idea he had for Chancellor-Winters. Elena asked if he intended do that while Devon and Amanda were out of town. Nate said it was the right move, and Devon couldn't ignore or dismiss it. Elena asked if Nate's unilateral decisions had been the cause of the rift between him and Devon.

Nate told Elena that their own music festival would bring in a huge revenue from streaming, and he wouldn't allow anyone to stop him, including Devon. Elena said Nate was blatantly ignoring Devon's decisions. Nate claimed he'd found ways to address the issues Devon had pointed out, and he was making an effort; Devon wasn't.

Elena asked if Nate had at least run his idea by Lily. Nate claimed Lily was excited about having their own music festival. Elena suggested that Nate rethink his plan because it had the potential of ending badly. Nate claimed he didn't understand Elena's reaction to his work situation. He said her first reaction to his frustration had been to tell him to walk away instead of encouraging him to make a statement and show Devon that he should take Nate seriously. Disappointed, Nate said he had a meeting to get to, and he left.

At Chancellor-Winters, Lily announced that the purchase of the Grand Phoenix had been finalized. Nate said the hotel was a great acquisition and a great opportunity. He said they should capitalize on the publicity to set a new tone for the place and their connection to the music industry. Billy liked the idea and told Nate to work with the PR team on that.

Billy said the podcasts were doing well, but they needed more content. Nate asked if they could find someone to partner with Chelsea or have her do it on her own. Billy said Chelsea had decided to step away. Nate said he had a line on a dozen or so podcasts they could acquire from smaller companies that were ready to feed into the Chancellor-Winters pipeline.

After the meeting, Imani told Nate he'd been on fire, and he'd brought a lot of energy to the meeting. Nate said he was taking Imani's advice, and he was going to make a big move while Devon was gone. He said he was going to generate the kind of success that even Devon couldn't dump all over.

Lily told Billy that Nate had seemed very enthusiastic. Billy agreed. Lily said she had thought that Nate would quit because things had been so strained between Nate and Devon, but instead, Nate had turned a corner.

Billy told Lily that Chelsea had been trying to put her life together after her breakup with Adam and then watching as Adam chased after Sally. He said Chelsea had had a relationship with Rey, who'd been kind and caring toward her, and he'd been ripped out of her life. Billy said Chelsea's partnership with Chloe had also fallen apart. Lily added that Billy had walked away from the podcasts. Billy said it had been the right decision for him; however, it had been more than just a job for Chelsea. Billy said he'd had to shut Chelsea down when she'd asked to spend more time with Johnny.

Billy told Lily that his priority had always been to make sure Johnny was okay, but he'd always known that at some point, Johnny would want to know who his biological mother was. He asked Lily whether he should allow Johnny and Connor to hang out together. Lily said she knew what Johnny would go through because she'd had her own dynamics in that regard. She thought the right thing to do was to start dealing with the situation immediately by taking baby steps. Lily said that way, when Billy finally told Johnny about Chelsea, Johnny would know Chelsea had cared.

After the meeting, Nate informed someone on the phone that they would be moving forward with the music festival. He said he understood it would be costly to cancel, but he was focused on the upside. He said he would get the performance contracts started, and he'd found land to lease. He asked them to make it happen.

On the patio at the coffeehouse, Chelsea called Anita and told her that she and Connor wouldn't be visiting. She told Anita she would be fine.

At the counter, Imani told Elena she'd just left a meeting at Chancellor-Winters. She said Nate was excited about his job in a way she'd never seen previously. Imani said Nate had informed her that Elena had wanted him to quit, and she asked if Elena was upset that Nate had shared that with her. Elena asked if Imani had hoped Elena would be upset by that revelation. Elena said she wondered what else Imani hoped would happen with Nate. Elena stated she was aware of what Imani was doing, and she told Imani to stop.

Elena told Imani she'd put up with Imani's flirting and her little digs, but that could hurt Nate's relationship with Devon. Elena said Nate could lose his job and the connection with his entire family. Imani claimed she'd been encouraging Nate to follow his potential. Elena asked whether that meant going behind Devon's back and doing what Devon had asked him not to do.

Imani realized that Nate was going for the music festival and uttered "fantastic." Elena told Imani it was a mistake. Imani asked if Elena wanted Nate to go running back to medicine, something that didn't make him happy. Imani boasted that she had more faith in Nate as a businessman than Elena did. Imani left.

On the patio, Lauren told Summer and Kyle that the photoshoot had been an unqualified success. Lauren said she was thrilled that Fenmore's was the exclusive American retailer for the line. Chelsea stood in the doorway, listening. Lauren gushed over how Summer and Kyle had remade Marchetti, and she said that the designer who'd taken over for Chelsea was spectacular. She said she was very happy with him.

Chelsea stepped back when she received a text message from Billy; "Taking Johnny to the GCAC rooftop pool if you and Connor want to swing by." Chelsea smiled.

At Jabot, as Adam exited the elevator, he bumped into Diane exiting Jack's office. Diane said she'd dropped off a list for Jack of the bloggers who'd covered the photoshoot and some potential fashion sites they could send the photos to. She gave Adam a copy. Adam thanked Diane for acknowledging that he had an actual job there. Diane said she hadn't heard what Kyle had said to Adam, but it had to have been disappointing. She said she knew what it was like to be on the receiving end of something like that.

Adam told Diane he'd left Newman to get away from judgment and condescension, and it seemed like he'd swapped that out for a different variety. Diane said the only reason Phyllis had sold her hotel and taken a job at Marchetti was to spearhead some plot against her.

Diane said the difference between her and Adam was that he had no specific enemies at Jabot. Adam said Kyle hadn't been welcoming, Ashley would always hate him, and he was sure Billy would make his displeasure known any chance he got. Diane said none of them was actively trying to undermine him, and he had a shot at winning people over. Diane said she'd made a little progress with a few who were willing to give her a chance to prove she was sincere; however, with Phyllis, she was an enemy for life.

In the park, Mariah told Tessa that Lauren had been thrilled with the photoshoot. She said Tessa was the glam model of Summer and Kyle's fantasy.

At the rooftop pool, Chelsea greeted Johnny, and Johnny left to join Connor in the pool. Chelsea thanked Billy. She said it was special seeing the boys together. Billy hoped she felt better than the last time they talked. Chelsea said it helped a lot.

Nate walks out during a Chancellor-Winters meeting

Nate walks out during a Chancellor-Winters meeting

Friday, September 9, 2022

by Nel

At Crimson Lights, Nate told Elena he was getting everything in place for the first Chancellor-Winters music festival, and it would be done before Devon returned to put the brakes on it. Nate said he refused to believe it would be a mistake. He'd listened to everyone's criticisms, and he'd taken them to heart. Nate said he'd found ways to address Devon's issues with his ideas. He'd found the perfect location and acquired a number of food trucks for a bargain. Nate claimed the ticket sales would make a lot of money, and it would generate a positive buzz.

Nate told Elena that everything was ready to roll. Elena urged him to hold off until Devon returned and approved the plan. Nate insisted it had to happen immediately. He said that no matter how viable his music festival idea was, Devon wouldn't accept it. He said he would consult with Lily.

Elena asked if Nate thought Lily would green-light his plan without Devon's input. Nate claimed Lily would be fair and open-minded, and she would consider his idea based on its merit. He said Devon would find a way to reject it because it had been his idea. Nate said he needed to find a way to maneuver around Devon. Elena reminded Nate that Devon was his boss, and Nate couldn't cut him out of the loop. She said it would be professional suicide. Nate claimed the business world ran by a different set of rules than a hospital.

Elena said the music festival was a massive undertaking, and Devon needed to be part of it. Nate said Devon would be once the ball began to roll. Nate said he'd been hired for his instincts, not his degree or experience, and he was going to follow those instincts. He said he was tired of holding back to appease Devon.

At Chancellor-Winters, Lily told Billy that Jill had said she had a very important announcement to make. Billy didn't think it would be a big deal. Lily said Jill wouldn't schedule a conference call that included Devon and that interrupted Devon's personal time for something trivial.

When Nate arrived, he asked Billy what the conference call with Jill was about. Billy said he had no idea, but if Devon had been included, it had to be something big.

Billy said he and Lily were concerned that Nate's transition hadn't gone as smoothly as they'd hoped. Nate said he was tired of his ideas being bypassed or ignored. He said that even when Lily liked his ideas, Devon shut them down. Nate said Devon's negativity was condescending and insulting. Billy said historically, Devon had always been cautious when it came to business. Nate claimed it was their personal connection that complicated the situation.

Nate asked how Billy and Lily kept their relationship going so flawlessly. Billy said he kept a low profile, supported Lily, and let her shine. Billy said he and Lily believed it would be a huge loss to the company if Nate walked away. Nate asked if he could pitch his idea to Billy. Billy reminded Nate he didn't have the authority to green-light it.

After hearing Nate's pitch, Billy said he thought it had massive potential to be a huge success. Billy said Nate had good instincts. Lily arrived. She asked if Nate had run his idea by Devon. Nate said he hadn't yet. Billy suggested that Nate share his idea with the group.

During the video call, Jill said she had a proposal that could change everything, but she wanted updates on what they'd been doing. Devon said they had a lot of great press with the acts they'd signed. Billy said Nate had improved on what their first music festival would look like. Devon said he thought they'd put a pin in that because it was too much too soon for the company. Billy said it had massive potential, and they should hear Nate out.

Nate said he'd taken Devon's concerns to heart. He said he knew Devon wanted to play it safe while the merger was so young and that the timeline had worried Devon. Nate said he'd pushed back the date and crunched the numbers, and it would still give them a healthy profit margin. Devon said they weren't live numbers, but calculations, and they rarely held up when it came to live events. Nate said he'd compared them to other festivals with the same breadth and scope they were going for, and what he'd come up with would be very accurate.

Devon pointed out that Nate had compared everything to festivals that had been established, but he noted that they weren't. Devon said there were too many unpredictable factors, like if acts pulled out, they would be responsible for refunds. Devon said there was too much financial uncertainty. Nate claimed he could counter all Devon's objections. He said he'd spoken to organizations and vendors who were eager to do business with them, and they could address all of Devon's concerns by hooking the festival to a charity like the Abbott-Winters Foundation.

Nate said even if they didn't hit the numbers that Devon was concerned about, they would still come out on top for promoting and donating to a worthy cause. Nate said he'd gotten Lionel Hunter to agree to perform for free if it was for a worthy cause. Devon asked if Nate had already spoken to artists about it. Nate said he'd spoken to other organizations to confirm the numbers. Nate said they could start moving on it the next day.

Devon said he didn't understand why no one believed that he knew what he was talking about. Billy said Nate's idea was solid, and he'd improved on the original idea. Devon said it had nothing to do with the idea; it was a great idea, but the timing wasn't right for their company, and he had a decade of experience to back that up. Jill asked if Lily liked the idea. Lily said she would look at the data and the facts from every angle when Devon returned from Virginia.

Jill thanked everyone for their hard work in making the merger happen, and she said Chancellor-Winters was in a very strong position to do incredible things. Jill said after all the buzz they'd generated, she wanted to take the company public. She said going public would increase their development and capital exponentially, and it would fund the kind of expansion that Nate was so passionate about pursuing. Billy said that was a very big step, but Jill claimed it was the time for big, bold moves.

Jill asked why they should waste time debating the music festival when they could have a worldwide circuit out there. Lily said she needed time to digest everything, since she'd been caught off guard. Devon said going public meant they would be giving up a lot of control. Billy agreed. Devon said control was more important than an influx of cash. He said they shouldn't lose sight of the concept that had appealed to everyone from the beginning -- that it would be a family company and not one that was publicly traded and owned.

Lily asked for Nate's opinion, but Nate claimed it was above his pay grade, and he would leave it to the experts. Nate left. Jill wanted to know what had happened.

Outside the office, Elena walked in just in time to hear Nate canceling the festival and asking the person on the other end of the phone to bill the company. After disconnecting, he told Elena she was right -- staying at Chancellor-Winters was a big mistake. "I'm out!" he declared.

At Society, Victor arrived and asked Nick and Sharon to join him. They discussed Faith, and Sharon said they'd seen Moses at the college. Victor said he hoped Moses and Faith wouldn't get serious because he wanted Faith to study. Sharon said they wanted Faith to have the whole college experience: friends, parties, and a boyfriend. Victor said Faith would face a lot of challenges, and it was always good for Faith to know she had family to help her out and to remember who loved her. Sharon became weepy and excused herself. Nick told Victor that he and Sharon were a little raw from dropping Faith off at school and that Sharon was still dealing with losing Rey.

Elsewhere and still in tears, Sharon debated whether to call Faith.

Victor told Nick he wanted Faith to study hard. He said Nikki was convinced that Faith was next in line to take over as CEO of Newman Enterprises. Nick said Faith had told him that was her goal.

Victor asked Nick how things were going with Victoria's proposed acquisitions. Nick said some companies were willing to sell, and others needed more convincing; however, by the end of the quarter, Victor would see a lot of movement. Victor said Nick was making a lot of good moves, and once they replaced Sally with someone to run Newman Media, that division would make a lot of money again.

Nick told Victor he wouldn't fire Sally. He said she was green but was learning and doing a great job, and she would prove to be a valuable leader. Nick said the latest numbers were great. Victor claimed those numbers were what Adam had put in place. Nick asked if Victor believed that all Newman Media's success had been because of Adam. Nick said Sally had been killing it. He said Sally had made decisions on the fly that he would have made. Nick said that a company completely family run wasn't always the best solution.

Victor told Nick that family made their company strong. He said Jack had made an egregious mistake hiring Adam as co-CEO of Jabot. Victor said he didn't have any say at Jabot, but he would make the major decisions at their company. Sharon returned. Victor said Sally would be fired, and Nick would take over Newman Media.

Nick told Victor that Sally's dismissal wouldn't happen, and it was the first he'd heard about him taking over her position. Nick said that he and Victoria made a great team. Victor said he was asking Nick to protect one of their most valuable assets. Nick said Victor was only making that decision as a slap across Adam's face. Nick said he didn't want any part of that; Adam didn't deserve it and he'd been through enough recently.

Victor said he was stunned how Nick had defended Adam, knowing Adam had turned his back on the family. Nick said Adam had made what he thought was the healthiest decision for himself. Nick said the battle between Victor and Adam had always brought out the worst in Adam. Victor asked if Nick was blaming him for Adam's decision. Victor stated that Adam was a grown man and made his own decisions.

Sharon told Victor that Adam was a grown man, one who'd tried to win a place in Victor's heart for a very long time. Nick said he'd seen Adam in a different light, and he understood Adam's psyche better. Nick said that he and Adam shared a strange and tragic thing: they'd both felt the repercussions of taking another man's life. Victor didn't want to discuss that in front of Sharon, but Nick said Sharon knew everything.

Victor told Nick it was a very delicate family matter, and it shouldn't be discussed with anyone else. Nick said Victor should be happy he had Sharon to confide in because he still struggled with what he'd done that night. Victor said Nick hadn't done anything wrong, and he said it was time Nick got over it. Nick said Sharon and Adam believed he should talk to a therapist and not allow his feeling to fester the way Adam had. Victor said he'd protected his sons, and he wouldn't apologize for it. Nick said he found it interesting that he might have discovered what made Adam tick.

At the Dive Bar, there was an awkward moment when Sally and Adam saw each other. Adam invited Sally to join him. Sally asked how things were at Jabot. Adam said there were a few sharks in the water, but he felt like he'd made the right decision by stepping away from his family. He said he knew Sally was in a good place and he'd heard that Newman Media had beaten the quarterly expectations for growth. Sally said the numbers were spectacular, and she had Adam to thank. Adam said he didn't want any credit. He said the victory lap was all Sally's.

Sally told Adam she would take her share of the credit, but she wouldn't have been in that position if it hadn't been for Adam. She said Adam had believed in her, and he'd seen a career path for her that she hadn't seen for herself. She acknowledged that Adam had made sure she kept her job when he'd left. Adam asked if she'd forgiven him. Sally said there was nothing to forgive. Adam thought Sally wanted him to earn his shot at redemption, and he'd been prepared to do what it took.

Sally said that Adam was who he was. Adam asked if he was a jerk incapable of change. Sally said it wouldn't change anything because he'd been the jerk she'd fallen in love with. Adam said since Sally had shared a confession, she would receive one in return.

Adam said that Sally might have fallen in love with a jerk, but he'd fallen in love with the one woman he'd never felt the need to pretend with -- with the exception of that one time -- and he was genuinely sorry. Sally said they'd moved past that, and they'd both admitted they'd fallen in love with each other. She said they could have a cocktail as friends. Adam claimed he didn't feel like just a friend.

Sally received a text message from Chloe on a matter that required her immediate attention. Sally looked around, and Adam asked what was wrong. Sally thought Chloe had seen her with Adam and that the text had been to lure her away from him, but Chloe wasn't there. Sally left reluctantly.

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