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Nick and Sally had sex. Sally rejected Adam's attempt to reconcile. Nate quit his job at Chancellor-Winters. Nate offered to help Victoria secure a majority interest in Chancellor-Winters if she put him in control of the company. Diane accused Phyllis of attempting to set her up.
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Nick and Sally had sex. Nate quit his job at Chancellor-Winters. Chance and Chelsea bonded over their mutual restlessness.
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A distraught Lily seeks Billy's advice

A distraught Lily seeks Billy's advice

Monday, September 12, 2022

Chloe sighed and fumbled with a file folder as her frustration over Sally's unexplained tardiness exhausted her patience. Sally rushed into her office. Chloe cried that she had been five minutes away from sending out a search party. Sally claimed she had been delayed by an important meeting and had no idea what Chloe thought could be so urgent.

Chloe informed Sally that she had missed the marketing summit set up by Newman Media and the parent company's marketing teams. Chloe demanded to know which all-important, urgent meeting had detained Sally. Sally checked her calendar and realized she had overlooked the meeting, though it had been entered correctly on her schedule. Chloe said she had been forced to handle the presentation alone while everyone wondered why the CEO was absent.

Sally admitted to Chloe that she had been with Adam and had finally gained absolute clarity. Sally recalled that she and Adam had always had strong chemistry, though she realized she would have to put the brakes on their relationship. Chloe cried that Adam was so deep in Sally's head that he was getting between her and her priority to be the best CEO that Newman Media had ever had. Sally insisted that missing one meeting was not the end of the world. Chloe warned that her misstep might become the beginning of the end of her career.

Nick entered Victoria's office to ask about her victory tour. Victoria jubilantly boasted that she had closed almost every acquisition deal she had set her sights on. Nick observed that Victoria seemed even more elated than she had been before the merger. Victoria replied that her goals were different because she had carefully curated the selections to fill in the gaps and round out the corporation. Victoria credited Nick for becoming a team player and for being the best brother in the whole world. Nick agreed that he, along with his sister and mother were a winning combination.

Nick admitted to Victoria that not everything had run as seamlessly as she had hoped during her absence. Nick explained that Victor had enlisted him to fire Sally and install himself as CEO of Newman Media. Victoria asked Nick why their father had chosen him to head Newman Media. Nick said he believed it was a retaliatory action by Victor against Adam abandoning Neman Enterprises and accepting a position with Jabot as co-CEO. Nick reminded Victoria that their dad was always determined to move his chess pieces around and appoint people where he wanted them to be, no matter what. Victoria agreed that it was exactly what their dad was doing, though ultimately, they would make the final decisions.

Nick acknowledged to Victoria that he had concerns about Sally because she seemed to be second-guessing herself, recalling that after ratings had soured, she had begun to doubt her instincts. Nick feared Sally was losing her strong leadership and management style, and he blamed Adam's influence. Victoria was in favor of replacing Sally. Nick disagreed, explaining that it would be bad optics to replace Sally so soon after Adam's departure.

Nick praised Sally for having alerted Victoria about Adam's desire to publish a story about Victor's cover-up. Victoria replied that Sally's loyalty was not a reason to keep her around. Nick begged Victoria to trust him and give Sally time to turn things around. Nick received a text message informing him that Sally had missed the marketing summit.

Nick entered Sally's office while she was pleading her case before a frustrated Chloe complaining that Sally was putting Adam ahead of her career. Nick said, "Everything okay in here?" Sally asked Nick if everything was all right from his perspective. Nick replied, "What makes you think there's something wrong?" Sally noted that having the boss show up unexpectedly might signal bad news.

Nick said he had stopped by to see how the marketing summit had gone. Sally deferred to Chloe, referring to her as a capable COO, to give Nick a report. Chloe awkwardly commended her CEO for her willingness to give others the spotlight. Nick smiled knowingly and replied, "So, it went well, then?" Sally said it had, noting that she would be answering numerous emails about the meeting the rest of the day.

Nick informed Sally that the head of Newman Marketing had told him she had not attended the meeting. Sally admitted she had screwed up and would make up her oversight to both teams. Nick asked Chloe to step out. Nick told Sally he could count on one hand the number of people, including himself, who wished to see her succeed. Nick told Sally that he needed to understand why she had missed the meeting. Sally explained that she had run into Adam and admitted she had been struggling to process her feelings about him and their breakup.

Nick said he had been unaware that Sally and Adam were on speaking terms. Sally replied, "We're defrosting. He apologized, and he asked forgiveness." Sally said Adam had told her that things were going well for him at Jabot because he felt like he belonged there. Nick replied, "This whole mess with Adam has really done a number on you, huh? And despite your best efforts, you just can't seem to get past it."

Sally told Nick she realized that Adam had just been being noble when he'd stepped up to save her job, despite Victoria's hatred of him. Sally admitted that Adam had deliberately hurt her when, in his twisted way, he had acted to protect her. Nick replied that "twisted" was often used to describe Adam's motivations. Sally replied, "I know you can't stand the guy, but that's really not fair." Nick said he did not hate his brother, though they had had disagreements. Nick acknowledged that he and Adam shared common ground, which was helping him understand his brother better.

Nick told Sally he could not ignore the fact that she had missed the meeting because it impacted perception of her as a leader at a time when Newman was in an acquisition phase. Sally assured Nick she would make things right and not allow anything to get between her and her dream job. Nick promised Sally he would do everything he could to help her succeed if she could manage to get Adam out of her system.

After Nick left Sally's office, Chloe returned. Sally admitted she had been careless. Chloe explained that Adam had made Sally's brain short-circuit. Sally cried that if she made one more misstep, she would be history. Chloe insisted that Sally stay away from Adam. Sally begged Chloe to understand her relationship with Adam from her perspective. Sally cried that she believed she had found the person with whom she belonged.

Chloe vehemently insisted that no one belonged with Adam. Sally said she understood Adam because they were cut from the same cloth, and she could not erase him from her heart just because that was what everyone wanted her to do. Chloe, exasperated, replied, "Okay! You throw away your whole future. I swear -- I'm done." Chloe walked out, slamming the door shut behind her.

Elena and Nate grabbed a table on the patio at Crimson Lights. Elena suggested Nate drink tea to relax. Nate cried that he had been foolish to believe he could deal with Devon's stubborn nature and his defiance against new ideas. Elena asked Nate if he was referring to the meeting with Jill, Lily, and Billy. Nate nodded, adding that Devon had dialed in from Virginia. Elena suggested there was a way to heal and go forward. Nate recalled that Elena had advised him to leave Chancellor-Winters, so she should be happy. Elena recalled that she had been concerned about the tension between him and Devon.

Nate told Elena that Billy had loved his plans for the music festival, but it had not gone well when Billy had mentioned the festival during the video call. Elena said Devon had likely felt blindsided. Nate said it was frustrating because others on the team liked his ideas. Elena paused and avoided eye contact with Nate. Nate scoffed and asked Elena why she kept taking Devon's side. Elena told Nate she was not taking Devon's side, explaining that she had voiced Devon's point of view in hopes that Nate could better understand his cousin. Elena advised Nate to work things out, so tension between him and Devon would ease. Nate said he needed to cool off before deciding what to do.

Elena suggested that Nate return to the hospital. Nate replied, "The only way I'll go back to medicine would be as a surgeon, and you and I both know that'll never happen because of Devon." Elena asked Nate if he also blamed her for ending his surgical career. Nate said he absolutely did not, though he blamed Devon for once again screwing up his career path. Elena warned that it was dangerous to conflate the two incidents because the first had occurred because Devon had felt betrayed. The blowup over the differences of opinion, Elena continued, was a matter of varied business philosophies.

Nate insisted that Devon feared being outshined. Elena again put forth Devon's side, noting that he was an established music producer and businessman. Nate waved his hand and said, "I've had it. It's over. I'm done." Elena stood to leave and told Nate they could finish their conversation during dinner and hopefully map out his future career choice and discuss ways to make amends to his family.

Nate entered the main dining area and approached Victoria. Nate told Victoria he had heard that terrific things were in the works at Newman Enterprises. Victoria boasted that her recent acquisitions had not yet officially been announced. Nate told Victoria she looked happy. Victoria replied that she was where she was supposed to be, doing what she was meant to do.

Nate announced that he was interested in pursuing other opportunities. Victoria asked Nate why he was considering walking away from Chancellor-Winters. Nate replied that personal factors had arisen while working closely with his family. Victoria told Nate she did not yet have a position that would suit him, though she would keep him in mind once she took control of the new divisions.

After Victoria left, Nate returned to the patio to drink coffee. Imani entered and asked about his project. Nate explained that his plans had blown up during a group conference call with Jill. Nate said that after Devon had expressed his views, Jill had asked Lily for input, and she had not taken his side. Imani asked Nate how things had ended. Nate replied, "I walked out." Nate admitted it had not been his proudest moment, though it did not matter because it was his last day at Chancellor-Winters.

Imani asked Nate if his issues were related to Elena urging him to quit. Nate explained that he could not fight with Devon anymore. Imani told Nate that if he were to leave, it would make Devon believe he'd been right about Nate not being able to handle his job. Nate said he had played by Devon's rules and defied his rules, but nothing had worked. Imani replied, "Well, maybe it's time to start thinking a little more ruthlessly."

Nick returned to Victoria's office to report about his meeting with Sally. Nick said he would not offer details, though there were extenuating circumstances that had caused Sally to mess up. Victoria refused to excuse Sally, though she wanted Nick to stay at Newman Enterprises and suggest someone else to step in if Sally was not up to the task. Nick said he really thought Sally could handle things. Victoria told Nick she had heard complaints about the CEO of Newman Media failing to appear at the summit meeting. Victoria suggested that Nate might be a viable candidate because he was determined to make his mark in the business world. Nick seemed puzzled as to why Nate would abandon his family company.

As Billy returned chairs to their proper places in Lily's office after the group meeting, Lily expressed disbelief that the polished, even-tempered Nate had lost his cool, especially in front of Jill. Billy suggested that Nate's issues related to self-imposed pressure. Billy added that he thought Nate's idea to host music festivals was good. Lily agreed and said she could not understand why Devon did not agree. Billy said he believed Nate had been offended by Devon's negative reaction. Lily, taken aback, told Billy it seemed to her that he was taking sides, which was something she could not handle. Billy replied that he was not taking sides, though it was imperative that the conflict between Nate and Devon be settled as soon as possible.

Lily blamed Billy for mentioning the music festivals during the conference call. Billy explained that he had wanted Jill to know that both Nate and Devon had good instincts, noting that Nate had built on and improved Devon's original plans. Lily replied that Devon had felt that his authority was being undermined. Billy admitted he had not expected Nate to walk out. Lily cried that she was fearful that Nate might walk out for good, which would make her feel like she had failed because she was supposed to help everyone navigate the merger.

Billy reminded Lily that Devon was her equal partner, so Devon's personal problems with Nate should be handled outside the office. Billy advised Lily to talk to her brother before Nate jumped ship. Lily and Billy both acknowledged that they had been surprised by Jill's desire to take the company public. Billy admitted that initially, he had shared Devon's concerns about losing the power to make decisions without interference from stockholders.

Lily suggested that giving up control of some things would allow them to gain financial freedom to pursue other projects, like music festivals. Because Devon was mainly concerned that the festivals might become a financial pitfall, Lily added, going public would be beneficial. Billy suggested that finances might not actually be Devon's main concern about Nate's idea. Lily cried that all roads led back to her family's feud. Billy quipped that he was surprised that he and his mother were getting along better than Nate and Devon were.

Lily agreed with Billy that they should resolve the issue before it caused more disruption. Lily asked Billy if he thought Devon might still be hurt after Nate had cheated with Elena. Billy said Devon might feel that his contributions were not being recognized because Nate had successfully transitioned from being a surgeon to running a business. Billy told Lily that competition in the board room was one thing, but family jealousy was another. Lily cried that it was not good for the company or their family.

Billy embraced Lily and suggested she relax because it was like hugging a statue. Lily cried that she felt like a statue and did not like it. Billy massaged Lily's shoulders. Billy assured Lily that she was born to be a CEO. Lily smiled. Billy praised Lily for successfully merging two companies into a major corporation while at the same time managing complicated family dynamics.

Diane accuses Phyllis of trying to set her up

Diane accuses Phyllis of trying to set her up

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle reported that Harrison was tucked into bed but not yet asleep. Summer admired the proofs from Tessa's photo shoot, and Kyle surmised that they were the ones that had been taken after Adam had left. Kyle grumbled that he was already feeling the dark cloud of Adam's presence, but Summer opted to respect Jack's hiring decision and stay positive by not talking about Adam unless it was absolutely necessary.

Kyle declared that he and Summer had a lot to celebrate, and he urged her to listen to the beautiful, golden silence, since Harrison was in bed, and no one else was home. He seductively encouraged her to imagine the possibilities, and she cooed that her mind was going to all sorts of places. She prepared to get some wine, but he pulled her into a kiss instead. She purred that the wine could wait, and they kissed again. There was a knock at the door, and Kyle found Diane there. Diane stormed in and ranted that she was livid because of Phyllis.

Diane groused that Summer's mother was relentless. Kyle told her to slow down and tell them what had happened. Diane claimed that she'd found a document related to Phyllis' division, Marchetti Home, agreeing to have a subcontractor create furniture for a huge sum of money. Diane screeched that it screamed of a kickback scheme, and Summer asked how Diane had found it. Diane explained that she'd discovered the file on her computer, but Summer protested that Diane had nothing to do with that division. Diane argued that Summer wasn't conniving like her savvy computer hacker mother, and she accused Phyllis of slipping the file onto Diane's hard drive to set Diane up.

Kyle fetched Diane a glass of water and lectured that they couldn't just assume Phyllis was trying to set her up. Diane speculated that Phyllis had planted the document on Diane's computer, planning to wait for the right time to transfer it to her own computer as proof that Diane was the one trying to sabotage Phyllis. Summer clucked that the hypothetical scheme sounded complicated. Diane recognized that it would seem paranoid if it involved anyone else, but she was convinced that Phyllis had signed on at Marchetti to target her, and it had only been a question of how and when it would happen. Diane begged Kyle and Summer to tell her they believed her.

Diane regretted that she'd put Summer in an uncomfortable position, but she pointed out that even Summer had been worried about Phyllis lashing out. Summer promised to get to the bottom of it, and Kyle encouraged Diane to let them handle it. Diane cried that she was just trying to be the best mother, grandmother, and coworker she could be. Diane tearfully wailed that she had a lot to make up for, and she expressed gratitude that they seemed to understand that, unlike most people in town. Diane bemoaned that being on guard 24/7 was a tough way to live, and she thanked them for making her feel seen and heard.

Diane apologized for interrupting Kyle and Summer's evening, and she headed upstairs to say goodnight to her grandson. Once alone with Kyle, Summer complained that something about the alleged setup seemed clumsy to her, and the story didn't ring true. Kyle didn't want to think the worst of Phyllis, but he contemplated how else the file could have gotten on Diane's computer if it hadn't been deliberately planted. Summer theorized that perhaps Diane had created the file and made up the crazy story to throw suspicion on Phyllis to get her nemesis out of the way. Summer urged Kyle to consider that there was more than one possible explanation for what was going on.

At the Chancellor mansion, Chance heard Dominic gurgle over the baby monitor, and he suggested that he and Abby take the monitor to the pool and take a late-night dip. He looked over and saw that she'd fallen asleep while reading in bed. He set her book aside and pulled a blanket over her. Chance kissed Abby's shoulder and began to fidget. He scribbled a note and left.

Abby dreamed about setting up a romantic dinner for Chance at Society. When Chance arrived, he announced that he had to cancel date night to go out of town for a few nights on a stakeout. She begged him to stay for dinner and leave in the morning, but he insisted that the case was too important to let slide. He called it an investigation of a lifetime and declared that it meant everything to him. "Everything? What about me? What about family?" she whimpered. Abby awakened and found herself alone in bed.

Chelsea flipped between television stations in her hotel room, and she eventually turned off the TV in frustration. She rested her head on a pillow and sighed deeply. She checked her phone and set it aside. She grabbed her purse and headed out.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon guessed Chance was there to pick up some caffeine to get through an all-night stakeout. He revealed that he wasn't working but was feeling restless. He indicated that things had eased up since he'd closed all of Rey's cases, and she recalled that Rey had felt antsy when he'd finished a complicated case. Chance was sure he'd figure it out, and he ordered a decaf tea. Chelsea walked in and stated that she could use one, too. Chelsea asked if Chance minded if she joined him.

Chance inquired about Chelsea's day. She replied that it had been rough at first, but it had gotten better when she'd spent time with Johnny, Connor, and Billy at the pool. Chelsea continued that when she'd returned to her suite by herself, she'd felt lonely and anxious, and she wasn't sure why. She apologized for venting, but he was glad she felt comfortable enough to be honest. Chance hoped she'd been taking it easy on the alcohol, and she thanked him for making sure she'd gotten home safely. He proposed that he try to help her out again.

Chance didn't notice an incoming call from Abby as he described the bouts of restlessness he'd experienced before his therapist had taught him some relaxation techniques to take the edge off. Chance offered to guide Chelsea through one, and he counseled her to take a deep breath. Sharon eyed them suspiciously.

Later, Chance returned home and was surprised to find Abby awake. She groaned that she'd had a bad dream, and she asked where he'd been because she'd tried calling him. He wondered if she'd seen his note, and he realized it had fallen on the floor. Abby looked forlorn. Chance explained that he'd been restless and hadn't wanted to wake her up, so he'd ended up at Crimson Lights. He inquired whether she was all right, and she responded that it felt like something was off between them. He assured her that they were beyond fine, and there was nothing to worry about. They professed their love and kissed.

Nikki arrived at the Newman ranch and was happy to find Victoria there. Victoria explained that she'd stopped by to catch up because they hadn't crossed paths at the office that day. Victoria mentioned an email Nikki had sent about being out the following day, and she wondered what was up. Nikki announced that she was going to Los Angeles to meet with Ridge and Eric Forrester because Kyle was planning a surprise vow renewal ceremony for Summer, and Nikki wanted Forrester Creations to design a special gown as a gift.

Victoria pointed out that Nikki could have one of Lauren's designers or the Marchetti team make the dress, but Nikki reasoned that it would be harder to keep it a secret because Summer worked with them. Victoria sensed that something else was going on, since Nikki could easily meet with the Forresters over the phone remotely instead of clearing her schedule to hop on a plane for one meeting. Victoria demanded to know what the trip was really about.

Nikki attempted to dodge the question, but Victoria observed that her mother was avoiding eye contact and obviously hiding something. Nikki confessed that while she was going to have a dress designed for Summer, she had another reason for taking the trip -- Diane Jenkins. Nikki resolved to find something she could use to drive Diane out of town, and she revealed that she was going to L.A. to confront the one person who might have information -- Deacon Sharpe. Victoria was aghast that Nikki was even considering seeing Deacon.

Nikki reasoned that if anyone had the real dirt on Diane from when she'd lived under an assumed identity, it would be Deacon. Victoria recommended that Nikki point Talia in Deacon's direction instead, but Nikki asserted that it was personal. Victoria fretted about how seeing Deacon would affect Nikki, since he'd once enabled Nikki's drinking and blackmailed her into marrying him. Nikki contended that she'd become a much stronger person since then, but Victoria worried that seeing him might trigger a setback that would make Nikki reach for a drink. Victoria urged Nikki to just let it go.

Nikki maintained that she could handle herself with Deacon, and she thought he should be the one worrying about facing her. Victoria wondered about the timing, and she asked if Diane had been causing any problems Victoria should be aware of. Nikki responded that Diane hadn't -- at least not yet. Nikki scoffed at Diane's claim that she'd changed, and she fully expected Diane to do nothing but cause pain until someone stopped her. Nikki vowed to do whatever she had to do to get "that woman" out of their lives.

Victoria asked how Victor felt about Nikki's mission, and Nikki claimed that he was totally behind it. Victoria imagined Victor didn't want Nikki to be alone with Deacon for one second, and Nikki expected that Victor would send his security team to watch over her. Nikki promised the trip would be worth the effort, and Victoria advised her to be careful. They hugged goodbye. After Victoria left, Nikki called Phyllis and reported that everything was in place for the trip. Nikki pledged to get the information they needed, and she ordered Phyllis to do her part by putting on the pressure at Marchetti.

At Society, Victor approached Jack's table, and Jack inquired whether Victor was there to say hello or just cast a dark shadow. Jack invited Victor to join him for a drink, although he doubted Victor wanted to toast Jabot's latest hire. Victor shared that he'd spoken with Adam about Adam's latest career move, and he wanted to hear why Jack had hired Adam as his co-CEO. Jack explained that he'd needed someone, and Adam had been not only available but also the best person for the job. Jack cited his history and friendship with Adam, and he thought Victor would agree that Adam's talents were indisputable.

Jack added that he wanted to spend more time with his grandchildren, and while Jabot would always be important to him, he'd learned that there was more to life. Victor agreed, but he divulged that Adam had led him to believe Jack had hired him to distract him from his anger toward Victor. Jack conceded that it had been a consideration, but he swore he hadn't hired Adam to get under Victor's skin. Jack proclaimed that he honestly believed it would benefit all of them in the end, but Victor warned that hiring Adam had been a huge mistake.

Jack chided Victor for pulling the rug out from Adam more times than they could count. Victor huffed that Jack didn't know the inner workings of his company or family, but Jack argued that he knew the pride and joy Victor had in Victoria, Nick, and Abby that Adam felt was missing in his life. Victor countered that Adam had chosen to see what he wanted to see, but Jack questioned how many times Victor really expected Adam to graciously accept a demotion. Jack recognized that Adam was most dangerous when he was angry, and he was thankful Adam had seen the light and accepted Jack's job offer.

Victor maintained that hiring Adam had been a huge mistake for Jack, since Adam had only accepted the position to "piss [Victor] off." Victor anticipated that once Adam realized he couldn't get a rise out of Victor, the job would lose its allure, and Adam would be out of there -- unless he got fed up before then. Victor questioned who in Jack's family or company liked Adam, and he condemned Jack's decision to allow Diane and Phyllis to work for him. Jack explained that Kyle and Summer had wanted to work with their mothers, and it was an ongoing experiment. Jack added that he'd agreed to it because he had faith in Kyle and Summer, and he had the same faith in Adam. "And I wish you good luck with that," Victor replied.

Jack figured that it was difficult for Victor to see Adam move on, so Jack decided to overlook Victor's condescending attitude. Victor stressed that he was just warning Jack what he was in for. Victor recounted that he'd tried to get through to his son, to no avail, and a wise man knew when to cut his losses and move on. Jack noted that Victor lived and breathed family, so Victor giving up on Adam would be like giving up on himself. Jack didn't see Victor doing that for one minute.

At Newman Media, Nick found Sally in her office and commented that it was after hours. She explained that she didn't want there to be any doubt that it was her top priority to prove to everyone that she belonged in that chair. He replied that they should talk about that, and he closed the door. Sally thought she and Nick had reached an understanding earlier, and she surmised that things had taken a turn when he'd seen Victoria.

Nick reported that Victoria had rightfully expected an explanation for Sally's absence at the marketing summit, and Sally worriedly imagined what Victoria had thought when Nick had told her Sally had gotten caught up talking to Adam. Nick clarified that he'd only told his sister that there had been extenuating circumstances but that Sally knew she'd messed up and was sorry. Sally doubted that had satisfied Victoria, and Nick remained silent. Sally questioned whether she was out of a job.

Nick assured Sally that he wasn't there to fire her, but he cautioned that Victoria was losing patience and starting to look around at other options. Sally recognized that Victoria wasn't in her corner the way Nick was, and she had no illusions about how Victor felt about her. Nick reiterated that he believed in Sally, and he'd talked up her concepts to the executive team because he wanted to prove he was right, too. Sally was grateful that she had at least one senior executive pulling for her.

Sally elaborated about everything she'd done to smooth things over after missing the marketing summit. She swore that she was doing everything in her power to salvage the situation, and Nick said he knew she intended to. Sally figured that Nick was wondering whether she would pull it together to be the leader she needed to be or if she'd let her feelings for Adam hold her back. Nick said he wasn't judging Sally, and he sympathized that dealing with Adam could be overwhelming because it was hard to tell whether to expect the worst or the best of his brother.

Nick referred to Adam's unique ability to keep people off balance. Sally refused to use it as an excuse because she was nobody's victim. She admitted that her struggle was about more than Adam because it was also about her own insecurities and fears. Nick found that funny, since, when he thought about her, the last thing that entered his mind was fear. Sally recalled that ever since she'd been little, she'd known she'd been destined for something great, and it was why she'd fought hard to make a name for herself and prove to everyone who'd undermined her that she had what it took to succeed.

Nick thought those people would be impressed if they saw Sally. She regretted that she'd stumbled a lot along the way, and she'd been her own worst enemy too often -- and still was. Sally recognized that she had the opportunity of a lifetime, but there was still a small, secret part of her that felt like she was an imposter, and there were moments she felt lost. She doubted a guy like Nick would relate to that. "Trust me, I know exactly what that's like," Nick mused.

Nick stated that Sally knew the truth about how Ashland had died. Sally recognized that it had been an accident that had occurred while he'd been protecting his sister, and it hadn't been his fault. Nick acknowledged that he'd still done it, and he confided that he was struggling to find a way to live with what had happened. He continued that he was desperately trying to prove to himself that he was the same person he'd been before the incident and that it was okay to let go and attempt to move on.

Sally assured Nick that he was a good person who deserved the good things life had to offer, and she encouraged him to keep believing in himself. Nick found it ironic because he'd been about to give her exactly the same advice. Sally proposed that they make a deal that neither of them would stop fighting for what they wanted. She extended her hand, and he clasped it in his. They gazed intensely into one another's eyes.

Nate quits and walks away from Chancellor-Winters

Nate quits and walks away from Chancellor-Winters

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

by Nel

At Newman Media, Sally told Nick she wouldn't stop fighting if he didn't. They shook hands, and that led to a passionate kiss. Sally locked the door, and they began to disrobe. While they were making love on the couch, Adam tried to enter the office, but the door was locked. He called out to Sally and asked if she was in there. When she didn't respond, he left. Nick and Sally continued making love.

At Crimson Lights, Lily told Victoria that Chancellor-Winters was doing extremely well. Victoria congratulated Lily on the purchase of the Grand Phoenix. Victoria apologized for the tension between them in the past, explaining that the stress of dealing with Ashland had affected every part of her life. Victoria said she was starting a new chapter, and she wanted Lily to know she appreciated Lily as a peer.

Lily congratulated Victoria on her impressive and numerous acquisitions. Victoria said it was important to have a team they could rely on. Lily agreed and said she believed they'd done that at Chancellor-Winters. Victoria commented how challenging it was for Lily working around Billy's podcasts. Lily informed her that Billy had been focused solely on his COO job, and he'd stepped away from podcasting. Victoria wished him the best.

Victoria told Lily she'd never questioned her decision to work with Nick and Nikki. She admitted to understanding what it was like to be close to the people who were also one's colleagues; that had its own complications. Lily said she was sorry for what Victoria had gone through with Ashland and how difficult that had to have been. Victoria said she was happy having her family around to help her through it, personally and professionally. Lily said she was happy having her family around her, as well, because, like Newman, Chancellor-Winters was also a family company. Lily said they had issues, but they kept things professional.

At Chancellor-Winters, Devon told Nate he wanted them to talk immediately. Nate asked if he was about to get a lecture. Devon said he wasn't, and Nate's comment was another example of Nate jumping to conclusions about him. Devon wanted Nate to get everything off his chest; the back-and-forth had to stop.

Nate told Devon that since he'd been hired, Devon had rejected every idea he'd had. Nate claimed it had begun at the launch party, which had turned out to be a huge success. Devon pointed out that Nate hadn't lived up to the 50 podcasts he'd promised. Nate claimed he would have reached that goal if Devon had approved more of the series Nate had submitted. Devon said they hadn't all been ready to be approved. Nate claimed Devon had never given him a specific reason why.

Nate said that in Devon's head, Nate's entire worth and the company's reputation were based on producing that number. Devon wasn't sure how Nate had jumped to that exaggerated conclusion because no one had based Nate's worth on anything he'd done. Devon said he wouldn't apologize for the company not living up to its word -- the word Nate had put out to the world. Nate claimed Devon never apologized for anything. Devon said he wasn't clear on what he needed to apologize for.

Devon said he did want to hear Nate's ideas, and then he would make a decision about Nate's ideas. Nate claimed he'd bent over backwards to answer all Devon's concerns about the music festival, and Devon had still rejected it. Nate asked what Devon wanted. Devon said he wanted someone who was willing to learn, who believed they knew what Devon was talking about, and who didn't run around with a schoolboy attitude. Nate asked if that was how Devon perceived him. Devon said that was how Nate had portrayed himself to everyone.

Devon stated that before the launch, he, Nate, Lily, and Billy had all discussed how much and how little they were going to share, but Nate had thrown caution to the wind and decided to do what he'd wanted to do. Devon said he wasn't the only one who'd seen that. Devon asked if Nate thought that Jill had been oblivious to seeing him storm out of the meeting; that hadn't been the best impression to make on the co-owner of the company.

Nate said he was certain Devon had given Jill an earful. He asked if Devon had told Jill that Nate was the problem and not a team player. Devon said he'd had nothing good to say, and he'd chosen not to say anything. He said Lily had tried to play off what Nate had done, but he was sure Jill had wondered what Nate would get out of it, because it wouldn't help the company. Nate claimed that, unlike Devon, Jill had appeared to be interested in his idea, and she'd appreciated the healthy debate.

Devon asked what was healthy about Nate's singular focus on only his own ideas and how he wanted them done. Devon said Nate was like a surgeon with a God complex, believing he was above everyone else and didn't have to listen. Nate asked if Devon was throwing his surgery career in his face, and he asked if Devon wanted to hit him -- because this time he wouldn't hold back. Devon realized the crux of the matter was that Nate was incapable of taking a punch.

Billy arrived and separated Devon and Nate. Devon said Nate wanted to be professional by having a fight in the office. Nate claimed he'd had it with Devon claiming to take the high road like some executive forced to deal with the newbie. Nate claimed he might be new, but it didn't mean he had no worth. Nate claimed that Devon had given him a title with zero power to do anything. Devon claimed that Nate didn't understand that he wasn't a one-man band; he had collaborators to work with and bosses. Nate claimed Devon got off on being the boss. Nate stated he was done with Devon and Chancellor-Winters. Nate said he quit.

Billy said he didn't think Nate meant that, and he told Nate to take a breath and not make a hasty decision. Nate assured Billy he'd considered doing that for a while. Billy stated that whatever had been going on between Devon and Nate had spiraled into something else, and they should be able to talk about it. Devon said talking wouldn't work if no one listened. Lily arrived. Devon told Lily that Nate had quit. Nate claimed he couldn't take any more of Devon's BS. Billy told Lily that it was a family matter, and he left.

Lily said she was tired of the fighting, and she didn't accept Nate's resignation. Lily said they were going to work things out, no matter how long it took. Lily said she saw both sides of the argument, but they all wanted what was best for Chancellor-Winters. Nate thanked Lily for everything but insisted the situation felt untenable, and he couldn't see a way to make it work. Devon said he was only asking for respect. Nate said he wanted the same thing, but he wasn't going to get it. Devon told Lily they'd reached the end of the road.

Lily told Nate she wouldn't let him quit. Devon insisted it would be for the best. Lily asked if either of them understood the confidence Jill had in them in order to want the company to go public. Devon asked if Lily was seriously considering Jill's proposal, and Lily said she was. She asked Devon to think of the doors it would open for the company and said they needed to present a united front to move forward, and that included Nate.

Nate said he was grateful for the faith Lily had in him, but nothing would change Devon's mind. Nate said that as much as he wanted to be part of Chancellor-Winters, Lily was trying to convince the wrong person. Nate said he was done, and he left.

Lily told Devon she hoped Nate would cool off and return. Lily said she'd done everything to convince Nate to stay. Devon said he'd been surprised that Lily had used the "going public" card. Lily said she would have said anything to keep Nate from quitting. Devon asked if Lily was actually considering Jill's suggestion about going public. Lily said she was completely serious after looking at the numbers and doing the research. She said she needed to convince Devon it was the right thing to do.

At Society, Jack said it was unlike Victor to give up. Jack didn't believe Victor was willing to walk away from Adam. Victor claimed Jack didn't understand the situation. Victor said he'd always had good intentions regarding Adam, but Adam had caused him a lot of heartache.

Victor told Jack he'd been remiss in conveying his condolences regarding Keemo. Jack thanked him and said it was a heartache. Victor said he recalled a conversation he and Jack had had when Jack had said he'd regretted some mistakes he'd made raising his children. Victor had assumed that Jack had been talking about Keemo at that time. Jack admitted he had been. Victor stated that nothing was more important than family. Jack said that had been the one thing they'd always agreed on, and Jack didn't understand Victor's stance where Adam was concerned. Victor didn't want to discuss it.

Victor told Jack he'd met Allie and that Noah was quite smitten with her. Jack said they might have another Newman-Abbott couple on their hands. Victor said he couldn't control everything. Adam arrived. Jack said he'd been having a pleasant conversation with Victor. Adam said it couldn't have been about Adam's position at Jabot because Victor would never be in good spirits about that. Jack said they had, and they'd talked about the meaning of family and the gift a son could be to his father.

Adam asked if Victor had told Jack what a gift Adam had been to him. Adam said he knew Victor was deeply disappointed in him. Jack said Victor had said a number of kind things about Adam. Jack said he'd told Victor that Adam's move to Jabot had been the right career change at the right time. Adam said he knew how Victor felt about it. Victor told Adam it was a huge mistake that Adam and Jack would regret.

Victor said he couldn't control Adam's actions, but the best place for Adam was with his family and being part of Victor's company. Victor said Adam would regret his recent move. Victor wished Adam luck, and he left.

Adam told Jack that had sounded very final. Jack said he was sorry, but Adam claimed he wasn't. Adam said he'd been the one who'd suggested that he and Victor part ways. Adam claimed Victor wouldn't be able to restrain himself for long. Jack said Victor was in pain over the latest break with Adam, and he sensed Adam was in pain, as well. Jack left.

Nick and Sally arrived, and Adam invited them to join him. Sally said she and Nick had a few things to discuss. Nick said it was a work dinner. Adam said he realized he hadn't eaten and asked to join them. Conversation was awkward, especially when Adam told Sally he remembered the nights they'd forgotten to eat because they'd been so engrossed in work. Adam said Sally knew what people wanted, and she had a knack for it.

Sometime later, Nate arrived at Society. He ordered a drink and left Elena a voicemail message asking her to meet him at Society as soon as she could. Imani arrived. Imani said Nate looked furious, and she asked what had happened. Nate said he'd taken Imani's advice about making a bold move; however, he couldn't keep banging his head against a wall, and his argument with Devon had pushed him over the edge. He told Imani he'd walked away from Chancellor-Winters.

At home, Victor took out his frustrations and hurt on a punching bag.

At the coffeehouse, Victoria told Billy it appeared that he'd had a trying day. Billy asked why life couldn't run smoothly once in a while. He asked if Victoria was aware he wasn't doing the podcasting anymore. Victoria said that from his mood, his career move hadn't exactly been what he'd been looking for. Billy said there was some internal conflict at Chancellor-Winters, and it had reached an excessive level.

Billy told Victoria he understood there would be a certain amount of drama as part of the business world, but it had to be manageable. He said it was affecting everything, and it had the potential to sink the ship; he didn't want to see that happen. He said that at that moment, it was a disruption, and he didn't know what to do when two immovable forces went head-to-head. He said something had to give.

Nick escorted Sally to the door of her suite at the Grand Phoenix. Nick commented that it had been an interesting dinner. Sally said it hadn't been as big a disaster as it could have been. They said goodnight, and Nick left. Sally entered her suite. Adam stepped out from his hiding place.

Sally tells Adam he is a huge liability to her

Sally tells Adam he is a huge liability to her

Thursday, September 15, 2022

by Nel

At Society, Nick and Nate had a drink to commiserate over the unsettling day they'd each had. Nate asked if Nick's mood was because of what had happened to Ashland. Nick said that when Ashland had died, the chaos should have stopped, but there were always long-term consequences.

Nate told Nick he'd been dealing with the same long-term consequences. Nate said for the longest time, he'd felt sucker punched after Ashland had lied to him about being sick. Nate said he thought Ashland had chosen him because Ashland had thought he was weak. Nate stated he wasn't weak but ambitious; Ashland had seen that.

Nick told Nate there was nothing wrong with ambition, within reason. Nick said it shouldn't be malicious or predatory, because when that happened, people tended to sink their claws into anyone or anything, and turn it into maliciousness, whether that had been intended or not. Nate said he had let go of all his animosity toward Ashland, and he hoped Victoria had moved on, as well. Nick said she had. He said she was completely focused on righting Newman.

Nate told Nick he was questioning a lot of things and trying to figure out what he was supposed to do with his life and his role in the business world. Nick said if things didn't work out at Chancellor-Winters, it was possible that Nate would wind up at Newman one day. Nate thanked Nick and said he believed things were going to turn around for him very soon.

After Nick left, Elena arrived. Nate said he'd quit Chancellor-Winters; it had been spontaneous, no notice and not on the best terms. Nate said Devon had admonished him like a child, hadn't given him credit, hadn't trusted him, and had claimed he wasn't a team player. Nate said it seemed Devon didn't want Nate on his team.

Nate told Elena that even when Lily and Billy had agreed with him, Devon's need to control the situation had surfaced. He said Lily had insisted they stay to work things out, but he'd made it easier for everyone and walked out. Elena said she'd hoped he would have kept his familial connections intact. Nate claimed Devon hadn't given him a choice, and it hadn't been up to him alone to keep the peace. Elena said she was glad Nate had left Chancellor-Winters because he'd been very unhappy there. Elena said she was sure a better opportunity would present itself soon.

Nate told Elena he'd figured out a way to show Devon and everyone at Chancellor-Winters just how capable and forward-thinking he really was. Elena said that was a horrible plan. Nate griped that Elena wasn't supporting him again. Elena said she supported him, which meant she would tell him when he was making a mistake. Nate claimed he was building a new career, and unfortunately, that wouldn't always be easy. Nate reminded Elena that she'd been the one who'd told him to walk away from Chancellor-Winters, but Elena retorted not in the manner he'd done it.

Nate accused Elena of never wanting him to leave medicine and said he shouldn't have been surprised that she was hesitant. Elena said she found it difficult to believe his plan was going to get him where he wanted to go. Nate claimed he had no other viable options. Elena reminded him that she'd been by his side from the beginning, and she'd been willing to follow him on his journey wherever it led; however, his plan would compromise his integrity, and that shouldn't be part of business, especially a family business. Nate claimed he was justified after everything Devon had put him through.

Elena told Nate it wasn't just about him and Devon; others would also be affected. She wanted to believe that in his heart, Nate knew it was wrong.

At the Abbotts', Jack asked what had upset Diane earlier. Diane said things had gotten a little crazy at the office. Jack asked if something was going on at Marchetti he should know about. Diane said being at the same company with Phyllis was extremely challenging. Jack reminded her that at times, they had to work beside people with whom they didn't see eye to eye. Jack told Diane to focus on the job because the more focused she was, the easier it was to block out any interference.

Diane told Jack she hated the pressure it put on Summer and Kyle because they shouldn't have to worry about their mothers being in constant conflict at the office. Jack was taken aback when Diane said perhaps her working at Marchetti had been a mistake. Jack didn't agree that Diane should leave Marchetti, because Kyle wanted her there. He said if the goal was to build a bond between mother and son, that was the way to do it, and she needed to stick to her plan. Jack said he believed Kyle would make the right decision.

Jack told Diane to let Kyle make the decision and strengthen the bond between mother and son. Diane thanked Jack for his advice. She said she wanted to stay at Marchetti and prove she was up for the challenge and that it was no longer just for Kyle, but for Jack, as well. Jack asked how Diane's desire to stay at Marchetti involved him. Diane said she took pride in her goal of becoming friends with Jack. She said she was proud of how far they'd come. Jack said he admired Diane's determination to prove she'd changed.

Diane told Jack she needed to leave. Jack suggested she stay in one of the guest rooms if she didn't feel like driving. Diane thanked him, and she left.

At the ranch, Victor asked why Nikki was so uptight about meeting with Deacon Sharpe after so much time had passed. Nikki said her conversation with Victoria had shaken her. Nikki told Victor she was concerned about the negative memories the meeting would bring up for her and Victor. Victor said their relationship was solid, and no matter what Deacon Sharpe did, he wouldn't affect them as a couple; however, he was concerned how meeting with Deacon Sharpe would affect Nikki.

Nikki told Victor she didn't like the person she'd been back then. Nikki said that she and Victor had gone out of their way to hurt each other. She said they'd made decisions with hurt feelings and misinformation; it had been a terrible time in her life, and Deacon Sharpe had been front and center at that time. Victor said that if he could go back in time, he would erase all the pain he'd caused her. Nikki said the feeling was mutual.

Victor said if Nikki felt so trepidatious about her trip to L.A., she should remain in town. Nikki said she had to go, and she was aware that meeting Deacon would be unpleasant. She pointed out that Deacon was the only one who could provide her with information about Diane. Nikki said that when Diane had been "killed," Nikki had thought Deacon had been trying to help her avoid jail time for a crime she hadn't committed only to discover there hadn't been a murder and that Deacon had known that the entire time.

Victor told Nikki he would take on Deacon himself, but Nikki said it was her fight. Nikki stated that despite her reservations about the trip, she and Victor were in a better place than they'd ever been, and no one could take anything away from them.

Nikki told Victor the trip would be very productive because Deacon would know if there was anything illegal in Diane's past. Victor suggested he send his team to L.A. and bring Deacon to Genoa City. Nikki refused to let Victor talk her out of the trip. Victor said he would have his security team follow Nikki while she was in L.A. Nikki asked that the team be discreet because she didn't want Deacon spooked, but she was grateful for the extra sense of security.

Nick entered Victoria's office and called out to Victoria, but she wasn't there. Nick sent Sally a text message; "CEOs miss meetings sometimes. In the future, keep me in the loop."

In her suite, Sally recalled her afternoon making love with Nick. She snapped out of her reverie when Adam knocked on her door. Adam asked if he could come in for a nightcap because he wanted to talk. Sally asked what he wanted to talk about. Adam said there wasn't anything specific or urgent. He said he missed Sally and admitted he'd blown it with Sally in every way possible, but he hadn't stopped loving her and didn't want to let her go.

Sally told Adam she didn't need to hear that. Adam said since they'd been apart, he'd seen how strong she was and how well she'd been doing; he loved it. He said seeing Sally succeed had confirmed he'd made the right decision. He admitted it had been a mistake to do it unilaterally. Adam said that they had worked very well together, personally and professionally, and they had supported each other in a way that no one else ever had. He said he was committed to getting that back.

Adam told Sally that with them working at different companies, they could avoid the work and family conflict, since that had always been the problem. Sally asked if Adam thought they could be together again. Adam said he wanted to earn Sally's forgiveness and perhaps earn her love again someday. He said he'd been a jerk and might be beyond forgiveness, but he asked if Sally was ready to throw away what they'd had.

Sally told Adam that earlier, she'd made an error in judgment and missed a very important meeting because she'd been at the Rooftop Bar with him. She said she'd been spending time with the man who'd broken her heart and had caused her so much pain, and she'd neglected her job and her own ambition. Adam said he'd had no idea. Sally asked why he would pay attention to anything that wasn't centered around him. She said she'd convinced herself the meeting had been later in the day and that she'd been able to spend time with him. She said being with him had been intoxicating, and it had prevented her from thinking rationally.

Adam told Sally he felt the same way about her. Sally said when she'd been at the Rooftop Bar with him, she'd had the feeling she'd missed something, and rather than looking into it, she'd ignored it and chosen to hang out with the man who'd shown her very little respect. Adam admitted his treatment of her had been unacceptable. Sally said she'd neglected her own well-being -- like Adam was an addiction, and it was toxic. She said allowing him into her suite had been a huge mistake.

Adam told Sally she was right, and his clumsy attempt to reconnect with her had been selfish and poorly conceived. He did insist that there was something between them. Adam apologized for monopolizing her schedule but said their time together hadn't been a waste, but rather an investment in them and their future. Adam said he knew Sally felt the same way. Sally said there were a number of things she needed to invest in, and Adam wasn't one of them. She said Adam was a huge liability for the foreseeable future.

Sally told Adam that running a media company was very different than running her little fashion house. She said she had a lot resting on her shoulders, not just the company, but also the livelihood of all its employees. She said focusing on her love life wasn't something she could do, and having a conversation with him had a negative impact on her work. She said she needed to clear her head and refocus.

Adam asked if that was what Sally and Nick had been discussing in his office. Sally said it had been a business matter, and it wasn't Adam's concern. Adam said he'd been concerned that Sally would be fired, but Sally retorted she wasn't going to get into what had happened with Nick, especially not with Adam, since he didn't work for the company. Sally said she thought it best if they avoided each other, but Adam didn't think that was necessary. Sally told Adam to finish his drink and then Adam had to leave.

Adam told Sally he knew she'd said what she'd needed to say in order to get past the pain he'd caused her, but he asked her to listen to her heart. He said he'd believed he'd been protecting her, but he realized how wrong he'd been. Adam said he'd never stopped loving her, and he didn't believe she'd stopped loving him. Sally received a text message from Nick.

Sally told Adam he was looking for answers and chances she couldn't give him. She said she needed time and space. Sally opened the door and asked Adam to leave. After Adam left, Sally cried.

Nate tells Victoria that Chancellor-Winters is going public

Nate tells Victoria that Chancellor-Winters is going public

Friday, September 16, 2022

by Nel

At Newman Media, Chloe apologized to Sally for the things she'd said the previous day about missing the meeting. Chloe suggested they agree to disagree about Adam and start fresh. Chloe said they needed to get to work, but Sally said she needed to do something first. Sally left.

Adam arrived and asked Chloe if Sally was around. Chloe informed him Sally was in a meeting with Nick. Adam asked if Nick and Victoria were keeping a heavier hand on the day-to-day operations and if so, why.

Adam said Sally had told him about missing the meeting the previous evening when he'd been with her. Furious, Chloe said Adam had broken up with Sally, and he'd crushed her. Chloe said that just when Sally had gotten her stride back, Adam had crawled out of the woodwork and caused problems. She asked if Adam understood how cruel that was or if he even cared.

Chloe asked Adam why he was so compelled to destroy every person he was in a relationship with. Adam claimed he only had Sally's best interest at heart.

After Adam left, Chloe sent Sally a text message: "Adam is looking for you. Please avoid him. This has to end."

At home, Elena said she understood that Nate was under a lot of stress and that quitting his job hadn't been an easy decision. She told Nate she would support and help him move to his next opportunity -- and help repair his relationship with his family. She said she hoped Nate had changed his mind about going ahead with his plan, but Nate said he was more resolved than ever. Elena begged Nate not to because going forward with his plan would only cause more trouble.

Elena asked Nate about Lily, who'd brought him into the company and given him a chance. Nate claimed Lily sided with Devon every time and left him the odd man out. Elena asked if Nate realized how much that would hurt Lily. Nate said it felt right to him and that Elena misconstrued his motives.

Nate told Elena that he would be helping Lily and ultimately Chancellor-Winters. He said he wasn't a liability, something no one understood. Elena griped, "Except Imani." Nate claimed Imani had helped him see his value, and his ideas were strong. Elena said there was nothing wrong with being a visionary, but that wasn't what he'd been talking about. Nate disagreed and claimed it was the right move for him to make. Nate said it was the best way to make a lasting impression and take control. He insisted his mind was made up. He said he was going to set things in motion immediately.

At Newman, Victoria told Nick she was very intrigued about hiring Nate. She said Billy had informed her things had been tense between Devon and Nate and that Nate would leave. Nick said he'd seen Nate earlier, and it appeared he was ready for a change. Nick suggested they create a position to get Nate in the door.

Victoria asked Nick how things were with Sally; she assumed Nick had put Sally on notice. Nick said Sally had made a mistake, and he was handling it. Sally arrived.

Sally said she wanted to apologize directly to Victoria for missing the meeting, and she explained that she was making things right with the team. Sally said she knew Victoria understood that sometimes life encroached on work. She said she'd seen Victoria handle a crisis in her personal life and not miss a beat at work, and she was in awe of Victoria's ability to do that. Sally hoped to emulate Victoria's example. Sally said she'd wouldn't make that mistake again.

Nick said he needed to talk to Sally about the matter they'd discussed earlier. Nick and Sally left.

Adam arrived and asked Victoria about Sally. Victoria said Nick and Sally had gone for coffee. After a few caustic remarks to Adam, Victoria said Sally had blown off a meeting, and they'd had to step in for her. She said that wasn't the behavior she expected from a CEO. Adam asked why Sally had been a no-show. Victoria said she had a COO who took care of personnel issues. Adam said one missed meeting shouldn't make or break someone's career. Victoria agreed, but she added that people were replaceable. She said she hoped Nick was making that very clear to Sally.

Adam told Victoria that if Sally said she wouldn't make the same mistake again, then she wouldn't. He said Sally was conscientious to a fault. Victoria asked why Adam was advocating for his ex. She recalled that Adam had been the one who'd ended things. Victoria said if Adam's presence had caused Sally's distraction and if Adam cared about Sally, Adam should let Sally get on with her life. Adam said he was trying to right a wrong like civilized and evolved people did.

Victoria smirked and asked if that was what Adam was claiming to be. Adam said he was trying to prove that was what he was. Victoria asked if Adam expected her to believe he loved Sally. Adam admitted he did, and he'd made a terrible mistake, thinking he was helping her. Adam said Victoria wouldn't admit she'd screwed up, and she pretended she hadn't left a path of destruction. Adam left.

Victoria sent Nick a text message: "Adam's looking for Sally. Trouble for her = trouble for us."

At Chancellor-Winters, Devon was aware that Lily wanted to discuss Nate's resignation. Lily said she hoped Nate would cool off and return; however, in the event that he didn't, Lily asked Imani to look into the legal ramifications because of Nate's departure. She asked if there was a non-compete clause in his contract.

Imani asked if Lily was referring to all of Nate's great ideas that Devon and Lily had shot down, and she expressed disgust that they were already talking about legal ramifications. She asked if anyone was going to talk to Nate and try to smooth things over. Devon asked why Imani was so defensive of Nate. Imani said someone had to be.

Lily told Imani they'd tried to work things out with Nate, and they would continue to do so; however, as leaders of the company, it was their duty to know where things stood when it came to the intellectual property Nate had been overseeing, and as a lawyer, Imani should have known that. Imani said the best way to protect the intellectual property was to keep Nate around because Nate was an asset to the company, and he had strong ideas. She said she'd tried to convince Nate to stay. Imani said they all needed to put forth a genuine effort to make sure Nate knew he was valued.

Devon told Imani he wouldn't try to convince anyone to stay who didn't want to stay. He said Nate had made up his mind. Devon said it was for the best that Nate left because he and Nate couldn't find common ground, and that wasn't about to change. Imani couldn't believe how easy it was to let Nate go. Lily insisted it hadn't been easy.

Lily told Imani she hadn't given up on Nate, and she hoped Devon would keep an open mind if she won Nate over. Lily said things had spiraled completely out of control at the worst possible time because of what Jill had suggested would be the right way to go. Lily asked Imani to look into the ramifications if Nate decided not to return. Imani thanked them for not giving up on Nate.

After Imani left, Lily told Devon she wanted the IPO to stay between her, Devon, Billy, and Jill. Devon said Lily made it sound like a done deal, and he asked if he had a say. Lily said they were equal partners, and he had a say. Devon said it sounded like Lily was siding with Jill. Lily said they were in the beginning stages of exploring the IPO. Devon said it felt like Lily was about to make an impulsive decision.

Lily agreed they needed to hash things out and get approval from the board, which might take some time, but it was her and Devon's decision. Devon added, "And Jill's." He said two were on board, and he was the only one hesitating. Devon left.

At Society, Imani told Nate that Lily had called an emergency meeting about him, and they'd been shaken by his resignation. Nate asked if that included Devon. Imani said she'd tried to reason with Devon, but Devon was very stubborn; however, Lily wanted to work things out and have Nate return. Nate said he had a better and more powerful solution, thanks to Imani. He said Imani had suggested that he needed to think more ruthlessly, and he had taken her advice and was about to put his plan in motion immediately.

At Crimson Lights, Elena told Devon that Nate was on a path that didn't make her happy. Devon said when he'd hired Nate, he'd had every intention of things working out. Lily arrived and heard Devon's comment. Devon thought Nate quitting was for the best; on paper, working together had looked good, but in reality, they had very different philosophies. Lily approached and asked to speak to Devon privately. Elena left.

On the patio, Lily told Devon she was upset that the tension between Devon and Nate had reached the level it had and that Nate had felt his only option had been to quit. Devon asked if Lily was blaming him. Lily said yes but added that Nate wasn't completely blameless. Lily claimed that Devon couldn't accept anything Nate had to offer, even when Nate had addressed all Devon's concerns. She said Devon had been unfair to Nate.

Lily told Devon she'd wanted the merger because she'd wanted to build on what Devon and Neil had created and build something for their family. She said she didn't want to lose Nate. She asked Devon to consider the part he played in the problem. Lily asked why it was so hard for Devon to let Nate have a win every once in a while. She asked if Devon was subconsciously trying to punish Nate for what had happened with Elena.

Devon said that he and Nate had gotten past the Elena situation some time before, and it wasn't payback. He said he wasn't a vindictive person, and he'd taken umbrage that Lily had implied it. She apologized and said she was trying to keep their family from falling apart.

Devon told Lily he tended to take charge, and he believed he knew what was best, which could be annoying to some people. He insisted that was only because of all the experience he'd had. He said he'd been in the business world with Neil since he'd been a teenager. He said he knew what to look for, and he could see the pitfalls ten steps ahead of any idea Nate brought to him. Lily said sometimes people had to make their own mistakes, and it couldn't always be Devon showing the next dangerous curve ahead.

Devon asked if Lily was suggesting that in order to get Nate to believe that Devon knew more about business than Nate, he needed to be more open to Nate's ideas and give him the opportunity to fail. Lily agreed.

At Newman, Nate told Victoria that Jill wanted to take Chancellor-Winters public. Victoria said that was an extremely big move for a family-run company, particularly since they'd recently merged. Nate said Devon's first reaction was no, Billy was hesitant, but Lily was all in. Nate said he believed Lily and Jill would prevail. Victoria asked if Jill had said why she'd proposed that move. Nate said to raise capital for rapid expansion.

Nate told Victoria he was willing to be Victoria's inside man, feeding her with any helpful information so that Victoria could make her move at the right time to buy enough shares to gain control of Chancellor-Winters.

Victoria said she was stunned that Nate would give her that information, and she wanted to know why Nate would help Newman gain the controlling shares for Chancellor-Winters. Nate said Victoria had admired his ideas, energy, and skills. He said she knew he was driven to make a mark in the business world to prove that was where he could shine. Victoria asked if providing her with insider information was the way to do that. Nate said Victoria had wanted to find a place for him at Newman, and that was the place he wanted to be.

Nate told Victoria he would help Victoria acquire Chancellor-Winters shares if Victoria would put him in control of the company. Victoria asked if Nate would do that to his own family.

In the park, Sally told Nick that Adam had stopped by to see her after their weird dinner, and he'd made some declarations that had her very conflicted. Nick admitted he'd been trying to warn Sally off Adam. Sally said everyone else in town had been, too. Nick said he knew Sally had very strong feelings for Adam, and Nick didn't want to make things difficult for Sally if she was attempting to reunite with Adam. Sally said that wasn't where things were headed or something that she wanted. Nick said it was for Sally and Adam to sort out without him factoring into the equation.

Sally told Nick she needed to steer clear of any complications, and because she'd been distracted, she'd put everything in jeopardy. She said her judgment hadn't been great, and she needed to keep her attention laser focused on Newman Media. Sally said she couldn't afford to slip up, especially when Victoria was ticked off with her. Nick asked if they should head back to the office.

Nick and Sally took a detour and wound up in Sally's suite in a passionate embrace, and they began to disrobe. After the loving, Sally said that hadn't gone according to plan, and Nick agreed. Sally swore she hadn't intended for that to happen again. Sally suggested they order room service, have a shower, and get back to work.

Nick read Victoria's text message about Adam, while Sally read Chloe's text message about Adam. There was a knock on the door. Thinking it was room service, Sally opened the door, and Adam stood there.

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