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Nate and Victoria launched their plan for Newman to take over Chancellor-Winters. Kyle and Summer terminated Phyllis and Diane's employment but later decided to give their mothers another chance. Nikki met with Deacon in L.A. Victoria reluctantly agreed to tell Johnny that Chelsea was his biological mother.
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Nate and Victoria launched their plan for Newman to take over Chancellor-Winters. Nikki met with Deacon in L.A. Kyle asked Summer to marry him again. An anonymous text rattled Diane.
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Adam catches Nick and Sally together in her hotel room

Adam catches Nick and Sally together in her hotel room

Monday, September 19, 2022

Adam went to Sally's suite at the Grand Phoenix and was surprised to see Nick when Sally opened the door. Adam said, "I didn't mean to interrupt, but now that I have, I can't help but wonder what I've interrupted. Why is my brother in your suite, Sally?" Nick replied, "What makes you think that's any of your business?" After Adam turned to Sally to explain, Nick said he and Sally had been having a conversation in a private place.

Sally told Adam she had received a text message from Chloe letting her know he had been looking for her. Sally asked Adam what he needed. Nick mentioned that he had received a similar message from Victoria. Sally recalled having told Adam that she did not want to see him and was frustrated to learn that he had been racing around town, hunting her down like a criminal. Adam asked Sally why she had chosen to see the situation as such and explained that it was odd to find her and Nick together in her hotel room during business hours.

Adam glared at Nick and said he would wait to talk to Sally until after Nick left. Sally told Nick she would like to speak to Adam alone. Nick replied, "Are you sure?" Adam, miffed, asked Nick if he was implying that he could be threat to Sally. Sally assured Nick that she would be fine.

After Nick left, Adam said, "Are you sleeping with my brother?" Sally told Adam he had no right to hunt her down and hurl baseless accusations. Adam replied, "Come on, Sally. Baseless? Really?" Sally reminded Adam that he had dumped her. Adam said Sally was avoiding his question.

Sally, explaining that both she and Adam were free to do whatever they chose to do, asked Adam why it mattered if she was sleeping with Nick. Adam leaned in closer and replied, "Sally, it matters to me." Sally said she had no idea what was important to Adam because the only person that mattered to him in his big plan was himself. Sally cried that she could no longer discern if what Adam said was true or just another step in his plan to prove to his worth to Victoria, Victor, and rest of the world.

Sally told Adam she had jeopardized her career, her reputation, her friendships, and even her feelings for him in order to prove to him that he was worthy. Adam replied, "I know, and I am sorry." Sally cried that she had fought an uphill battle to prove she was more than just one of Adam's exes, though spending time with him seemed to prove to everyone that their assumptions were right. Sally insisted it was time for her to focus on what was best for herself. Adam replied, "Which is what, Sally?" Sally replied, "Your absence."

Sally reminded Adam that she had previously told him it would be best if they avoided each other, though he had disrespected her wishes and shown up at her hotel room. Sally cried, "This is why there is no future for us -- because I can't forgive you for your lack of trust or the ways that you manipulated me and played the game. You used me as a pawn. You did not treat me like a teammate." Adam tried to explain, but Sally interrupted and cried, "Please, stop! I'm done. I am moving on with my life. You should, too."

Nick entered Crimson Lights and ran into Chloe. Chloe asked Nick if he had seen Sally, explaining that she was just looking out for the good of her CEO. Nick asked, "Are you worried about something?" Chloe replied, "Adam. He's been searching for her, and, you know, I think he's actually having a hard time letting her go. I don't want him getting into her head anymore because I don't want her going off her game." Nick replied, "I think Sally's got this."

Chloe reminded Nick that Sally had missed the summit meeting. Nick explained that Sally had learned a lesson, realized what she was in danger of losing, and had hit the reset button. Nick added that Sally was stronger and more put together than people gave her credit for because past experiences had strengthened her ethic and overall drive. Chloe replied, "That's quite an endorsement. She should hire you as her hype man." Nick laughed and assured Chloe that Sally would be a very valuable part of Newman.

Chloe told Nick she was aware of Sally's talents, but she was not aware of how well Sally and Nick had gotten to know each other. Nick explained that he and Sally often worked together because Newman Enterprises was the parent company of Newman Media. Chloe again mentioned that Sally had missed an important meeting. Nick assured Chloe that despite Adam's mind games, Sally would do just fine. Chloe replied, "Yeah. That's the plan."

After Chloe left the coffeehouse, Adam entered. Nick saw Adam and vividly remembered in a flashback having made love to Sally. Both Nick and Sally had told the other they had never envisioned becoming lovers. Nick piped up and began talking to Adam, suggesting he had quickly handled whatever he had needed to talk to Sally about. Adam said Nick was likely happy to know that Sally was free for private meetings. Adam asked Nick if being with Sally was his way of getting back at Adam for leaving Newman Enterprises. Adam also asked Nick if Victor, Sharon, and Summer would approve of his relationship with Sally.

Nick angrily told Adam he had said enough. Adam said he had not intended to anger Nick because they both knew what could happen. Nick reminded Adam that Adam had wrecked every one of his relationships with family and friends, especially relationships with the women he had claimed to love. Nick told Adam that Sally was too strong to be ground down the way he had ground down Sharon and Chelsea. Adam said he thought he and Nick had developed a deeper understanding of each other after recent events and feared their understanding of each other had vanished.

After Sally returned to her office, she asked Chloe if she had missed anything. Chloe told Sally she had not missed anything important. Sally replied, "Well, no news is good news, right?" Chloe said she had run into Nick at the coffeehouse and learned that he was Sally's number-one fan. Sally replied, "What do you mean?" Chloe recalled that Nick had offered a lot of glowing praises of Sally. Sally seemed hesitant about how to reply.

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle whispered as he showed Traci various photos of Summer on his phone and discussed ways the images might be incorporated in the surprise wedding ceremony he was planning. Traci asked Kyle if he had sent the images to the event planner. Kyle said he had and desired to hear Traci's opinion as he considered her to be the reigning queen of romance. Traci replied that though it would be wonderful to have friends and family present to celebrate a special day, she believed it would be a huge mistake to keep Summer in the dark. Kyle asked Traci why she was not in favor of a surprise wedding. Traci suggested that Summer might wish to include traditional pre-wedding festivities with friends and choose her own bridal attendants.

Summer walked in the room and overheard part of the hushed conversation between Kyle and his Aunt Traci about "Summer finding out." Summer asked Kyle and Traci which one of them was prepared to spill the beans. After Traci excused herself and left, Kyle took Summer's hand. Kyle told Summer she had been his rock, his advisor, his best friend, and his love. Kyle praised Summer for helping him raise a child she had not given birth to. Summer insisted that Harrison was her son, biological or not. Kyle told Summer they were right for each other. Summer promised Kyle that their next chapter would be "out of his world."

Kyle knelt down and said, "Summer Newman Abbott, will you make me the happiest man in Genoa City? Will you marry me again?" Summer, giggling, replied, "Kyle, get up!" Kyle said he would not until after Summer answered his question and agreed that they deserved a do-over of their ceremony. Kyle told Summer he wanted everyone, especially those who had missed the ceremony in Milan, to join them and celebrate one of the most important days of their lives. Kyle disclosed that he had been planning the ceremony as a surprise until Traci had suggested that Summer might want to be involved. Kyle and Summer kissed.

Summer excitedly announced that she would need a dress. Kyle replied, "Oh, uh, Nikki is already in L.A., meeting with the Forresters." Summer replied, "We're a Marchetti family. Marchetti, Jabot, Fenmore's." Kyle explained that he had contacted Forrester Creations so he could keep his plans a secret. Summer assured Kyle that she would love to marry him all over again. The couple celebrated with passionate kisses. Summer pulled away and said, "Playtime is over. We have got to get back to the office." Summer promised Kyle that later, they would pick up where they had left off.

At Jabot, Diane told Phyllis that Diane would be writing a press release for Marchetti Home. Phyllis replied, "Really? A novice?" Diane scoffed and claimed that perhaps the release was not all that important. Phyllis said she was certain that Diane's work would require revisions and rewrites. Diane said she thought Phyllis' attacks might have involved more than rewrites and revisions and revealed that she had discovered a false document Phyllis had planted on her computer. Diane suggested she had given Phyllis too much credit. Phyllis clicked her tongue and replied "Oh, Diane, you haven't given me enough credit."

Phyllis denied having planted a fake document and warned Diane that if she wanted to take Diane down, Diane would never see it coming. Diane laughed and said no one had ever accused Phyllis of flying under the radar. Diane said that though Kyle and Summer had defended Phyllis, they had also assured her they would remain hyper-aware of what was happening. Phyllis laughed in Diane's face for having run to their kids about something Phyllis had not done. Diane explained that Kyle and Summer would research the attempted sabotage before making a decision about Phyllis' culpability.

Diane boasted that being able to share her concerns with her son proved that their relationship was becoming what she had hoped it would be, and therefore, Phyllis' actions had ended up being a good deed. After Diane walked away, Jack stepped out of his office and asked Phyllis if he had heard her talking to Diane. Phyllis complained that Diane had accused Phyllis of having tried to set her up. Jack replied, "Did you?" Phyllis replied, "That's insane." When Jack asked again, Phyllis emphatically replied, "No. No. You satisfied?" Jack warned Phyllis that it would be a mistake both on a business and familial level for her to cause chaos. Phyllis replied, "I get it."

Later, Phyllis was thumbing through fabric swatches when Kyle and Summer arrived. Phyllis greeted Summer as her incredible, brilliant daughter. Kyle asked Phyllis if his father was around. Phyllis told Kyle that Jack was in his office, and she asked him if everything was okay. Kyle replied, "I really hope so." After Kyle entered Jack's office, Summer said, "Mom, I know everything." Phyllis, apprehensive, asked Summer to clarify. Summer said she knew about the vow renewal. Phyllis, relieved, replied, "Oh, thank God. Okay. The vow renewal. Of course! The vow renewal."

Summer told Phyllis that the renewal ceremony would be even more magical than the wedding in Milan. Summer explained that Traci had spoken to Kyle about not springing a wedding ceremony on an unsuspecting bride. Phyllis proclaimed that Traci had been the voice of reason. Summer gushed that Kyle had properly proposed and made a most impressive speech. Phyllis replied, "That's lovely. I'm very happy for you." Phyllis was excited about helping her daughter plan the ceremony.

In Jack's office, Kyle told his father that Summer knew about the vow renewal. Jack asked Kyle who had spilled the beans. Kyle indicated he had and explained that Traci had suggested Summer would rather not have a wedding sprung on her. Jack said he was glad someone had finally told him. Jack asked Kyle why he still looked as if his world was falling apart. Kyle explained to Jack that his mother had told him about an incriminating document she had found on her computer.

Kyle told Jack his mother believed Phyllis was responsible for the planted document. Jack recalled having witnessed an intense conversation between Diane and Phyllis, though Phyllis had maintained that it was totally innocent. Kyle said that if Phyllis was involved, she would have to leave. Kyle admitted that it was troubling, knowing that his mother was actively searching for evidence, believing Phyllis was out to get her. Jack replied, "Between making accusations against each other, investigating each other, it's a wonder any work gets done at all." Kyle cried that the women were stuck in cycle because his mother thought the worst about Phyllis. Jack said, "And Phyllis thinks she's at the top of Diane's hit list; therefore, she has to prove that she's being wronged."

Kyle told Jack that nothing had improved and instead was getting worse, so it might have been a mistake to hire them to work at the same company. Jack told Kyle that both Diane and Phyllis would have to leave if they were creating tension between him and Summer. Kyle suggested that Diane and Phyllis might become aware of what was truly important after witnessing him and Summer renew their vows. Kyle cried that perhaps Diane and Phyllis loathed each other too deeply to change. Jack advised Kyle to confront Phyllis and Diane, draw a line in the sand, and inform them that there was a zero-tolerance policy against shenanigans going forward.

After Kyle met with Jack, he and Summer had lunch at Society. Kyle recalled that Jack had advised him to lay down the law with their mothers and warn them that if they crossed the line, they would get the axe. Summer told Kyle that they would risk losing two valuable team members. Kyle told Summer that if they did not intervene, their mothers might turn their ceremony into a battle royal, so neither of them could play favorites where their mothers were concerned. Summer agreed to put their mothers on notice.

After Summer left the office, Phyllis phoned Nikki in Los Angeles. Phyllis insisted she needed to know what Nikki was planning. Phyllis reminded Nikki that she could not handle not knowing what was going on. Phyllis put Nikki on hold to read a text message. Phyllis' message, from Summer, asked her to meet up for lunch at Society. Phyllis resumed her call and told Nikki she had things under control and would chat later.

As Phyllis walked toward the entrance to Society, she encountered Diane and accused her of showing up wherever Phyllis was. Diane replied, "Phyllis, just relax. Kyle asked me to meet him here." Phyllis glanced in the restaurant window and informed Diane that their children had set up a meeting and were watching them. Diane suggested that Phyllis behave for once. Phyllis replied that she was not worried and warned Diane that Diane should be worried.

Nikki reaches out to Deacon in L.A.

Nikki reaches out to Deacon in L.A.

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Phyllis and Diane joined Kyle and Summer at Society, and Kyle suggested they all sit down together. Diane chirped that it was a great idea, and Summer asked if her mom was on board. Phyllis admitted that she'd expected it to be a private lunch, but she remarked that making it a foursome would be "a kick." Kyle warned that he and Summer hadn't invited their mothers to join them for fun. He continued that they had two priorities -- peace within the family and productivity within the business. Phyllis and Diane profusely echoed their commitment to the same priorities.

Kyle firmly stated that he and Summer would be doing the rest of the talking, and Summer insisted that their mothers back up their flowery words with their actions. Kyle demanded that there be no more threats or attempts to undermine one another, and Summer refused to allow the women to turn to her and Kyle to complain about each other. Phyllis and Diane took turns defending their recent actions, but Kyle explained that he and Summer didn't want to have to figure out who was being honest. Summer declared that they were done refereeing the feud, and if there was even one more confrontation, Phyllis and Diane would both be out.

Phyllis and Diane were appalled that they'd each be held accountable for the other's bad behavior. Kyle stressed that it didn't matter who said or did what, since they both stood to be immediately removed from the company. Summer lectured that no excuses would be tolerated, and it was not negotiable. Kyle added that they had a company to run in the middle of a huge transition, since moving the company from Milan to Genoa City had been a big step for both Jabot and Jack. Kyle commended Phyllis and Diane for both doing great work at their respective jobs, but he reiterated that he and Summer were done making allowances.

Diane acknowledged that it had been difficult for Kyle and Summer to be caught in the middle, and she promised they wouldn't have to deal with it anymore. Phyllis swore that she didn't want to stress Kyle and Summer out and that she just wanted to help grow the company into the success they all wanted it to be. Phyllis and Diane insisted everything was good between them. Kyle proposed that they head back to work with a new attitude and perspective. Phyllis and Diane plastered on smiles and exchanged overenthusiastic pleasantries.

Once alone, Kyle supposed that was the end of it. "Let's hope," Summer replied. She chose to remain hopeful about their mothers' ability to follow through. Kyle suggested that they put their energy where it belonged, like focusing on making Marchetti a huge success. Summer considered their vow renewal to be the bigger priority, and they kissed.

At Jabot, Diane knocked on Jack's office door, and he invited her in. She apologized for taking her suspicions about Phyllis to Kyle and Summer and putting Jack in the middle of it. Jack wondered if Diane had realized that Phyllis wasn't guilty. Diane avoided the question and simply acknowledged the terrible position she'd put Kyle and Summer in by forcing them to mediate the issues between her and Phyllis when all the couple wanted was an uncomplicated working relationship with their mothers. Jack asked what had caused Diane's sudden epiphany, and she informed him about the meeting Kyle and Summer had called at Society.

Diane accepted that she and Phyllis had to be on their best behavior, since they stood to be fired if either of them did anything antagonistic. Jack considered that plenty of incentive to get along, but Diane admitted that both she and Phyllis had found it unfair. Jack joked that the women had finally agreed on something, but Diane didn't see it as a silver lining. Diane remarked that it had been an odd role reversal for their kids to lay down the law with them, but Jack doubted Kyle and Summer had been off base.

Jack opined that Diane shouldn't have been surprised, since she'd appeared to be enjoying the war with Phyllis. He questioned whether it was more important than her commitment to work and family, but she denied it. Jack compared it to his ongoing battle with Victor and advised Diane not to get lost in hatred or fall into old habits. Diane was touched that he sounded concerned for her, but he clarified that his concern was for Kyle and Summer. Jack shared that he'd tried repeatedly to give Phyllis the same advice. He said it hadn't gotten through, and he hoped the same wouldn't be said for Diane. Diane assured him that she was taking all his advice to heart and promised things would be different from then on.

Diane stepped into the corridor and received a text message. An unidentified person informed her that Nikki was in L.A. with Talia and that the sender couldn't hold Talia's editor off much longer. Diane looked worried.

Meanwhile, Phyllis left a voicemail for Nikki, begging her to get enough paydirt in L.A. to "drive this bitch out of town."

In Los Angeles, Nikki thanked Talia for meeting her. Nikki announced that she had business to take care of in town, since she was there on behalf of the people of Genoa City who deserved to be rid of Diane. Nikki shared that she intended to speak with Deacon Sharpe, who had helped Diane fake her death, to get enough dirt to drive Diane out of town for good. Talia mentioned that she'd researched Deacon's past, and it was almost as colorful as Diane's. Nikki was certain that Deacon knew what Diane had been up to while she'd been living under an assumed identity, and she planned to dig up enough so Talia's editor would allow the reporter to finish the series of articles.

Nikki considered it suspicious how abruptly the series had been killed after the first installment. Talia revealed that she was committed to turning the story into a book if the magazine refused to publish more about Diane. Talia had the feeling Deacon could take the story in a whole new direction. Nikki anticipated confronting Deacon about everything he'd done with Diane and how it had almost ruined Nikki's life. Talia sensed that Nikki seemed nervous underneath her tough talk, and she asked what Nikki thought would happen that day.

Nikki claimed that she didn't have any specific expectations for her talk with Deacon, but she intended to be cautious because he was manipulative and self-serving. Nikki condemned him for being perfectly fine with her being accused of a murder he'd known hadn't happened, and she pledged not to let him distract her from her goal of exposing Diane for the fraud she was. Talia clucked that she'd become adept at reading people and listening to what they were saying and not saying, and she concluded that Deacon had the potential to knock Nikki off her game. Talia recalled that Nikki had once been married to Deacon, and she assured Nikki that they were speaking off the record.

Talia recommended that Nikki talk things out with her first to be more solid and in control when she met with Deacon. Nikki thought it might be good to get things off her chest to ensure she was at the top of her game, and she stressed that the conversation was off the record. Nikki recounted that she'd met Deacon during a low point in her life when she'd been drinking excessively, and he'd taken advantage by working his way into her life and becoming her enabler. She flashed back to Deacon pouring her a drink while he'd been bartending at Gloworm, and she'd insisted she hadn't wanted it. He'd referred to earning enough of his own Alcoholics Anonymous chips to know it was exactly what she'd wanted.

Nikki's thoughts shifted to a time when she'd vowed to stop lying and sneaking around, and Deacon had suggested they make a pact to pour out the booze and not slip up again, claiming that no one else understood. Nikki told Talia that Victor had eventually had enough, and he'd moved on with Diane. Nikki remembered drunkenly confronting Diane and hitting her in the head with a rock. Nikki continued that she'd been too drunk to know if she'd killed Diane, and Deacon had taken advantage of the situation by blackmailing her into marriage. Nikki wailed that it had been a dark period of her life, and it had taken quite some time to climb out of that hole. Nikki added that she hadn't wanted to look back, but that day she had to do it in order to face Deacon.

Talia called Nikki a remarkable woman, and she admired Nikki's strength for reclaiming her life. Nikki gave credit to all the people who had shown her love and support. Talia hoped talking it through had been of value to her, and Nikki confirmed that saying things out loud had lessened the power Deacon had over her. Talia was confident that Nikki was strong enough to deal with anything or anyone.

Nikki flashed back to telling Deacon that he wasn't the "evil bastard" he wanted everyone to think he was, and she'd decided to leave town for a little while to figure out what was going on in her head and her heart. Nikki explained to Talia that while in recovery, she had been warned to avoid the people, places, and things associated with her addiction, and she steeled herself to remember exactly who and what Deacon Sharpe was. Nikki vowed not to be complacent because she could really get into trouble if she wasn't careful.

Later, Nikki stared out her hotel room window. She sent an anonymous text message with the name of her hotel and room number, indicating that it was important that she meet with the recipient. Elsewhere in L.A., Deacon read the message and looked perplexed.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria and Nick met to discuss their recent acquisition contracts. She divulged that she'd gained possession of some huge information that could be quite lucrative, but it couldn't leave the room. Nick was intrigued, and Victoria informed him that she'd learned from a reliable source that Lily and Devon were taking Chancellor-Winters public. Nick was stunned, given how recently the companies had merged. Victoria outlined her plan to use the inside information to grab as much of the initial stock offering as possible to garner majority control and several seats on the board. Nick surmised that a disgruntled Nate had tipped her off.

Nick recognized that Nate had been experiencing problems working with family at Chancellor-Winters, and Victoria sympathized that the situation had become untenable. Nick noted that the move seemed unlike Nate, but Victoria stated that Nate had his reasons. Nick considered it very vindictive that Nate had leaked inside information about his own family's company, but Victoria reasoned that Nate was a businessman who'd seen it as a smart move all around. Nick demanded to know what was in it for Nate. Victoria admitted that Nate's incentive was assuming leadership of Chancellor-Winters.

Nick incredulously asked if Victoria would appoint Nate CEO above Lily and Devon. Victoria explained that it was what Nate wanted in return, and Nick muttered that he'd never expected such a mercenary move from Nate. Victoria countered that Nate saw it as an opportunity that would ultimately be what was best for everyone at Chancellor-Winters. Nick argued that everything Nate was doing was unethical, and it would invite serious scrutiny if Nate benefited financially from the situation.

Victoria dismissively told Nick to let her worry about that, and she pressed to know if he thought the acquisition would otherwise be a smart move. Nick protested that it was impossible to take Nate's involvement out of the equation, and he questioned Nate's end run on Lily and Devon after they'd worked hard to merge their two companies. Nick anticipated that Lily and Devon would take it personally -- because it was personal, and they would see it as a betrayal. Victoria expected the siblings to be upset initially, but she rationalized that it was part of the risk of going public.

Nick suspected that Billy was part of the reason Victoria wanted the company so badly, since Billy would have to answer to her. Victoria denied that Billy's potential role was a factor, and she insisted that the takeover was completely a business decision. Nick didn't buy it, but Victoria saw no downside to having Chancellor-Winters under the Newman umbrella because the result would be powerful and explosive. Nick clucked that it wouldn't be in a good way because she'd be undercutting Lily and Devon, who he liked and respected.

Nick cited the massive financial outlay required just after Victoria had gone on a spending spree, but Victoria claimed it wasn't an issue. Nick inquired whether she'd run the idea by their dad. Victoria replied that she intended to get input from both Victor and Nikki, but she contended that it was ultimately her call. Victoria recalled that Victor had once had control of Chancellor after inheriting it from Katherine, and while selling it had made sense, it had been hard for him to let go of Katherine's legacy. Victoria crowed that they had the perfect opportunity to get the company back, and she dared Nick to give her one solid reason they shouldn't seize the moment. Nick grumbled that there apparently wasn't one she wanted to hear.

Nate ran into Imani at Crimson Lights and observed that she looked upset. He wondered if it was about her mom, but she confided that it was her dad. She cried that her father had been a rock for her, Naya, and Amanda, but the pressure had been too much, and he'd needed to be hospitalized after he'd collapsed. Imani rambled about how terrified she was for both of her parents, and she had a knot in her stomach that wouldn't go away. Nate hoped her father's condition wasn't too serious, and he offered to make a call to see what he could find out. Imani hesitated to keep dragging him into her personal business, but Nate referred to everything she'd done for him and implored her to let him return the favor.

Over the phone, Nate found out more about Imani's father's symptoms and prognosis. After he hung up, he reported that Imani's dad was suffering from extreme exhaustion and needed to rest and take better care of himself. Imani expressed relief that it wasn't life-threatening, and she thanked Nate for always giving her peace of mind. Nate encouraged her to go visit her father, and Imani panicked that there was something Nate wasn't telling her. Nate explained that he simply thought she wouldn't feel better until she saw her father for herself. She hugged him.

Imani decided to go to Virginia to see her dad and resolved not to fall apart. Imani praised Nate for being reassuring and supportive, and she said she didn't know how she'd get through it without him. She referenced him talking earlier about her being there for him, but she felt that she was the lucky one because he was always showing up for her. Nate exclaimed that he couldn't begin to explain how helpful it had been to have someone to confide in who understood what he'd been going through with Devon constantly shooting down his ideas. Imani cooed that Nate's ideas were amazing, and he appreciated that she really listened to him. She hoped he listened to what she had to say to him right then.

Imani stressed that she was talking to Nate as his biggest supporter, noting that she'd constantly encouraged him to follow his instincts because they were really good -- even if Devon didn't give him the recognition he deserved. Imani pointed out that Lily and Billy also saw merit in Nate's ideas, and it was confirmation that Nate belonged in the C-suite and that he'd been right to think big and bold. Nate proclaimed that he was only getting bolder.

Imani chided Devon for trying to undermine Nate's confidence, and she hoped Nate would reconsider leaving Chancellor-Winters. She wished Elena had never suggested it because Nate deserved to reap the benefits of his ideas. Imani believed Nate had to prove that Devon had no reason to hold Nate back. Nate marveled that Imani had once again tuned in to what was going on with him, and he confided that he wanted to show that Devon had been wrong about him.

Nate conceded that he might have acted prematurely by walking away after letting his frustration get the best of him. Nate added that there was still a lot he wanted to accomplish at Chancellor-Winters, and Imani asked him to promise he'd be back at the company by the time she returned. He confirmed that was his plan, and he wished her luck in Virginia. After Imani left, Nate answered a call from Victoria, who wanted to meet about his proposal. He grinned.

Nate asks for a second chance and sets his plan in motion

Nate asks for a second chance and sets his plan in motion

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

by Nel

When Deacon arrived in Nikki's hotel room, Nikki asked if Deacon had forgotten that he'd almost ruined her life. Deacon said he hadn't, and he wanted to make it up to her. Nikki said he'd taken advantage of her when she'd been vulnerable, manipulated her into marrying him, and then pretended to be on her side when she'd believed she'd killed Diane Jenkins.

Deacon admitted that he'd set out to use Nikki in the beginning, but then he'd fallen in love with her.

In a flashback, Deacon told Nikki there was booze in the house, and he wasn't leaving. Nikki poured herself a large glass of vodka. He wanted to take Nikki to an A.A. meeting because she'd fallen off the wagon. Deacon asked if Nikki's drinking was about the night Diane had died. Deacon admitted he'd seen Nikki in the park. Nikki suggested he leave. Deacon said he wouldn't say anything about what he'd seen. Nikki asked him to leave. Deacon begged Nikki to put her drink down, but Nikki guzzled the rest of her drink.

In the present, Deacon told Nikki he wished he'd handled things differently. Nikki said she knew how Deacon had helped Diane fake her own death and escape Genoa City. Nikki said he'd left her and others suffering in Diane's wake. Deacon asked how Nikki knew he'd helped Diane. Nikki told him about the article Talia had written about Diane's return to Genoa City. Deacon said he'd known nothing about the article or that Diane had returned to Genoa City.

Nikki told Deacon that Diane had revealed herself to Jack Abbott, and she'd told him about Deacon's part in her demise. Deacon asked if Nikki was planning revenge. Nikki said she was, but not on Deacon -- as long as he did everything she asked. Nikki said Diane had claimed she hadn't reached out previously because she'd wanted to be the best possible version of herself for Kyle. Nikki said Diane had wrangled a job at the business Kyle and Summer ran.

Nikki told Deacon that Diane had mentioned she'd lived a clean and modest life in Los Angeles. She said Diane was hiding something that would ruin the new image she'd created. Nikki said it was time for him to pay for everything he'd done to her and help her expose Diane. She wanted Deacon to tell her anything she could use to expose "that bitch" and get Diane out of their lives for good.

Deacon told Nikki he didn't have much to offer. He said after Diane had "died," they'd gone their separate ways, and he'd seen her a few times as Taylor Jensen. Deacon said it had struck him at the time that Diane had a lot of money because she'd always arrived in a Bentley each time they'd met.

Deacon told Nikki he thought Diane had been dating a rich guy because there had always been some guy in the back seat of the Bentley who'd been sitting next to her. Deacon said every time he'd asked Diane about the guy, Diane had shut him down. Nikki said Diane had told everyone that she had only been getting by as a real estate broker. Deacon said Diane had told him the same thing. Nikki said Diane had always been resourceful and gotten money, whether it had been legally or illegally.

Deacon told Nikki he wanted to help her as his way of making amends. Nikki spat that there was no making amends after what he'd put her through; all she wanted from him was information. Deacon suggested that Nikki go to his restaurant, and he would give her something that could be significant.

After Deacon left, Talia returned. Nikki told her it appeared that Diane had been living the high life, which contradicted the story she'd told everyone in town. Nikki said they needed to dig deeper into what that lifestyle had entailed. Nikki said Deacon had something he wanted her to see. Talia encouraged Nikki to go on the off chance he did have something.

At Society, Diane greeted Victor, and she suggested they catch up. Victor said he'd seen Diane slapping Nikki, and he'd seen her crash Chancellor-Winters' launch party. Phyllis arrived and commented that it was interesting to see Diane and Victor together. She asked what they were talking about. Victor said he didn't recall anyone asking anyone to join him.

Phyllis told Victor she was there to pick up her order and leave. Diane told Phyllis she wanted to talk to Victor in private. Phyllis wished Diane luck and said Victor saw right through Diane, just like Phyllis did. Diane sat down and claimed their conversation was long overdue. Victor said he didn't remember anything they needed to discuss. Diane admitted they'd had an ugly history, and she had a lot to atone for; however, she said she didn't carry any ill will toward Victor or Nikki. Victor stated the feeling wasn't mutual.

Diane told Victor she was trying to prove she wasn't the person he'd known previously. Victor said he would pass that on to Nikki when she returned from her trip. Diane asked if Nikki was on a business trip. Victor said Nikki was on important business, and he asked if Diane was worried Nikki would stumble across something while she was on the West Coast. Diane claimed she had nothing to hide.

Diane said she knew Victor and Nikki had investigated her time in L.A., but they hadn't found anything to use against her. Diane reminded Victor that he and Nikki had checkered pasts, but they'd managed to put that behind them. She said she wished they would extend her the same courtesy and insisted she posed no threat to him or his family.

Diane told Victor she'd returned to Genoa City to be with her family. Victor said that had been Diane's choice, but since his family lived in the same town, Diane would have to deal with the repercussions. Diane said when she'd returned, she'd been under no illusions and despite the countless sneers, insults, and threats, she'd handled them with grace because she'd been aware of the emotions her presence stirred.

Diane told Victor she hadn't returned from the dead to suffer endless abuse. She said she had too much to lose to have anyone scare her off. Victor asked if he should bring in the violins. He said he enjoyed a fight, and Diane knew where that would end.

At the park, Victoria asked Nate if he thought Jill and Lily would be successful in taking Chancellor-Winters public. She said she was interested in buying enough shares to obtain the majority stake in the company. Nate said he would be surprised if Billy and Devon didn't go along with Jill and Lily, since they were pumped to do it.

Victoria told Nate that Lily and Jill were very savvy, and they would make sure the family retained the bulk of the stock. Nate said Chancellor-Winters would retain 51% that would remain with the senior executive team; however, Nate said he would be willing to sell her his shares, and together with the shares Newman would purchase, they would make Newman the majority shareholder. Nate said he was willing to take that risk in exchange for Victoria giving him what he wanted.

Victoria asked if Nate was still part of the inner circle, despite the difficulties of working with his family. Nate said he was confident he would have the same access he'd had previously. Victoria said Nate was the perfect person to help her achieve and oversee the transition at Chancellor-Winters and also when he joined Newman. Nate asked if Victoria agreed to let him run Chancellor-Winters once it was under the Newman umbrella. Victoria agreed, and they shook hands.

At Chancellor-Winters, Lily told Devon and Billy she wanted to discuss taking Chancellor-Winters public. Lily said she and Jill had crunched the numbers, and they were very eager to pursue the IPO. Lily hoped to have their support by the end of the day.

Billy said he appreciated Lily and Jill's passion, but they needed to consider a lot more before they got a full consensus. Devon said even after reviewing the numbers, he wanted to hold off. He said the merger had happened recently, and if they went public, they would have made two major moves in a matter of months. He said it was too soon. Devon said he wasn't a fan of giving up autonomy of a family-owned business, losing control, and answering to shareholders, instead of doing what they thought was best for the company.

Lily provided Devon and Billy with the financial analysis and projections pursuant to an IPO. After Lily had given them time to look over the information, she asked if they saw the benefits of the IPO. Billy said the numbers were impressive, assuming they were correct.

Devon told Lily the reason he'd agreed to the merger had been because they'd wanted to create a unified family-owned business and a legacy for their kids and grandkids; if they went public, they would lose that completely. He said they would end up answering to a board of people they didn't know, and it would become all about profits, share prices, and pleasing their hedge funds. Devon didn't think that was for the better, and there should be more to the company than turning profits. He wanted the personal satisfaction of being at work, but as a public company, that would go out the window.

Lily told Devon she believed their vision would define the future of Chancellor-Winters and be an opportunity to grow and make an impact. Lily said they were giving people who believed in them the chance to provide the money they needed to make it a bigger and stronger entity. Nate arrived.

Nate told everyone he'd done a lot of reflecting, and he'd realized Devon had been right about overstepping. He said he needed to grow into his position and to respect the opinions of others, no matter how strong he felt about his ideas. He regretted that he'd resigned in anger, and he asked for another chance.

Nate told Devon, Lily, and Billy that he knew he had to check his temper and ego at the door. Lily and Devon asked what had changed Nate's mind. Nate said he'd had a chance to think about what they'd all tried to tell him, and he'd finally heard what they'd been saying. Nate said it didn't mean he didn't have strong feelings about his ideas, and he'd love to see them come to fruition when the time was right. Nate admitted he'd lashed out because he'd only been thinking about himself, not his relationship with his family; they needed to present a united front for the success of Chancellor-Winters.

Nate told everyone the company would look less stable for the IPO if he jumped ship, assuming they were moving forward with that. Devon asked how the dynamic between them would change. Nate said he was the COO reporting to Devon, and the final word would be Devon and Lily's. Nate asked Devon to be open to his suggestions, even if Devon wasn't comfortable with them at first. Nate suggested that if Jill, Lily, and Billy saw merit in what he had to offer, he wanted Devon to give it weight and to hear him out. Nate said if they were operating as a team, he hoped Devon would meet him halfway.

Lily said she would love to have Nate back, but it would take all of them to make it work. Devon said he would try to be more open to Nate's ideas and to hear him out. Devon said if they could do that, he was ready to give Nate a second chance. Billy welcomed Nate back. Lily was delighted and said she saw a bright future for all of them. Nate said he couldn't agree more.

After her meeting with Nate, Victoria bumped into Phyllis at the park. Phyllis said she'd seen Victoria's stepmom Diane with Victor -- and that Victor wasn't buying whatever Diane was selling. Victoria said she was more interested in what Nikki had discovered about Diane in L.A. Phyllis was surprised Victoria knew Nikki was in L.A. to get the goods on Diane. Victoria said she didn't appreciate Phyllis encouraging Nikki to go to L.A. and face off with Deacon Sharpe. She said it would cause Nikki stress, physically and emotionally.

Phyllis told Victoria that in a way, it would be cathartic to meet with the man who'd aided and abetted Diane. Phyllis said Nikki might have been a train wreck back in the day, but she wasn't that person anymore. Phyllis said Nikki wouldn't allow Deacon to play her, especially with Nikki's resolve to get Diane out of town for good.

Later, Victor entered Victoria's office as she ended a business call, and he said it sounded like Victoria was about to acquire another company. Victoria said she wasn't ready to present it to him yet. She said she knew Nikki was meeting with Deacon about Diane, and she was very concerned that Deacon would try to mess with Nikki's head. Victor said Nikki wasn't in any danger because he had his security team watching her at all times. Victoria said she wanted Nikki to come home and never have to give Deacon Sharpe another thought.

At Jabot, Diane exited the elevator. Phyllis greeted Diane and commented that Diane had survived Victor unscathed. Diane told Phyllis to stop being so disingenuous. Diane said she had a meeting to go to, but when she tried to leave, Phyllis stopped her and asked for an apology from Diane. Very angry, Diane raised her voice and told Phyllis to get over herself; she pushed Phyllis out of her way. Phyllis smiled and said she'd known Diane would crumble, and she saw the first crack in Diane's armor.

In a raised voice, Diane asked where Phyllis and Victor got off throwing stones at people, since they'd lied and cheated countless times, and they'd been tried for a litany of crimes. Diane said she wasn't the only one who'd faked her own death; Victor had done that half a dozen times, yet Phyllis and Victor thought they got a free pass to torment and punish her. Diane warned Phyllis that if she kept pushing Diane, Phyllis would regret it. Phyllis smiled and said that was the Diane she'd known and hated, and it was the beginning of the end for Diane.

Noah plans a pre-vow renewal party at his club

Noah plans a pre-vow renewal party at his club

Thursday, September 22, 2022

by Nel

At Jabot, Diane yelled a warning at Phyllis to back off. Jack entered and told Diane to tone it down. He said Kyle and Summer had made their position very clear, and had they'd walked in, Phyllis and Diane would have been out of a job. Diane wanted Jack to accept her apology for her outburst, and she left. Jack said he could see it was killing Phyllis not to gloat. He told her to be happy that neither Summer nor Kyle had seen that. He said Phyllis wasn't off the hook.

Mariah and Tessa arrived at the coffeehouse and saw Kyle and Summer negatively critiquing something on their tablet. Tessa and Mariah believed Kyle and Summer were critiquing Tessa's photoshoot. Mariah assured Tessa it would be fine.

Mariah and Tessa greeted Kyle and Summer. Tessa asked if her photoshoot had been a complete waste of time. Kyle and Summer said they hadn't been looking at the Marchetti photoshoot, which had been fantastic -- and problematic, because Summer couldn't choose which photos should be in the layout. They said the photos had all been that good.

Kyle told Tessa and Mariah they'd been looking at different concepts for their vow renewal. Noah arrived. Kyle said they were celebrating their impending wedding redo. Summer asked if Noah would be bringing Allie as his date. Noah told Tessa and Mariah he wanted to talk to them about Allie, and they left. Summer and Kyle found that very strange, and Summer asked why they hadn't been included in Noah's discussion. Phyllis arrived and told Kyle and Summer that something had happened. At that moment, Kyle received a phone call from Diane.

At the Abbotts', Allie told Traci that Ashley always made sure she had special projects to work on. Traci asked if that was true, even with Diane and Phyllis there. Allie said she merely kept her head down and focused on her work. Traci said when Phyllis and Diane were together, something was bound to explode.

Allie told Traci that Phyllis and Diane were a handful, but they hadn't been a problem for her since she'd stood up to them. Allie said she loved being in the lab. Traci said Ashley always found the lab a peaceful place to work. Allie said she was in awe of everything Ashley had accomplished, and working in a place where Keemo had found so much joy was more than she could have dreamed of.

Traci asked why Allie was home and not at the lab. Allie said she couldn't tell Traci anything, and she promised she hadn't done anything wrong. Traci said the mystery had piqued her curiosity. Allie said all would be revealed when Noah arrived. Traci was delighted that Allie had found happiness at work and in her personal life. Allie thanked Traci for advising her to allow herself to be happy. Allie said it felt great to be with family again.

When Tessa, Mariah, and Noah arrived. Noah told Traci they were planning a surprise for Kyle and Summer, and they could use Traci's help. Noah said it was going to be a surprise pre-vow-renewal party at his new club later that evening. Noah asked Traci to be the decoy and lure the guests into the club. Traci agreed.

Noah told Traci that obviously, Phyllis would be there, and Mariah asked if they should include Diane or if they were just asking for trouble, putting Phyllis and Diane in the same room with a throwable cake. Allie said she had another option; she suggested they stagger the times for Diane and Phyllis to be there. She said they should bring in Diane first because it would be easier for them to get her to leave, and then they could bring Phyllis in. Everyone loved that idea.

Jack arrived at the park and encountered Diane in tears. Diane told Jack that whatever he wanted to say wasn't necessary because she was already beating herself up for what he'd overheard. She said she'd really screwed up. Jack agreed. She admitted she'd been hiding her feelings for a long time. Diane told Jack she'd had a borderline threatening conversation with Victor, and she'd had another run-in with Phyllis. She said that for all she knew, it had cost her the job she loved and a chance to be closer to Kyle. Diane said she hated when she allowed people like Victor and Phyllis to get to her, but she hated that she'd brought it all on herself.

Diane pulled out her phone and told Jack she was going to call Kyle because he deserved to know the truth. She asked how she should tell Kyle what an idiot she'd been to have had a fight with Phyllis in the office when she'd known better. She hoped Kyle could forgive her. Jack said he had no intention of telling Kyle about Diane's run-in with Phyllis. Jack said the situation involved Diane, Summer, Kyle, and Phyllis, and he couldn't be the one to instigate issues at Marchetti. Diane said she respected that, and she felt terrible that Jack had had to witness her meltdown.

Jack told Diane she'd been careless about anyone and everyone who worked with her overhearing her. Diane said it was another reason she needed to come clean, but Jack said he didn't think anyone had been nearby. Diane said it didn't matter if Jack carried her secret to the grave; she would know, and it would impact her interactions with Kyle. She said she had to be honest with Kyle. That was the only way their relationship could work. Diane said she was going to tell Kyle how horribly she'd behaved, and Kyle would have to decide how to deal with it.

Diane, Jack, Summer, Kyle, and Phyllis gathered in Jack's office. Diane immediately assumed Phyllis had wasted no time in sharing with Kyle and Summer what had happened earlier. Phyllis said she felt they had the right to know. Diane said she'd asked Summer and Kyle to meet her there so she could own up to what had happened. Phyllis said Diane was just saying that because she'd been caught. Jack said he'd been with Diane prior to the phone call, and Diane had been very remorseful.

Diane told Kyle and Summer that what she'd done had been indefensible, and her behavior had been out of line. She apologized. Diane said that after sharing that her priorities were in the right place, she'd lost her temper. It had been unprofessional and uncalled for, and she was truly sorry. Phyllis asked if that was when she applauded, because Diane's performance was truly remarkable. Diane said she wasn't going to make a last-ditch plea to save her job -- a job she'd grown to love because working with Summer and Kyle had been a dream. She said she was going to officially resign.

Phyllis said she wanted to congratulate Diane for doing the right thing and stepping down after that very embarrassing outburst. Kyle asked if Diane was sure that was what she wanted to do. Diane said she'd agreed to Kyle's terms, and she'd violated them. She asked how Kyle could trust her again if she didn't keep her word. Kyle said the agreement was that Phyllis and Diane would be terminated if there were any more infractions, and they'd meant it. Summer said Diane had resigned because of an argument with Phyllis. Phyllis was incredulous and asked if they were saying she needed to resign, as well.

Phyllis told Kyle and Summer it hadn't been her fault, and she hadn't provoked Diane. Summer said they were aware of what had happened. Phyllis said Diane had resigned because Diane knew she'd done the wrong thing, and Phyllis shouldn't have to resign, as well. Summer reminded Phyllis about the agreement: it didn't matter who did what to whom; they would both be out. Phyllis asked if she'd sealed her fate when she'd gone to inform them about what had happened. Under her breath, Diane said no one liked a tattletale. Kyle asked what Diane had said. Diane said Kyle had made the terms of their employment crystal clear.

Diane told Kyle that Phyllis hadn't grasped the concept of what Kyle had said, but she respected that Summer and Kyle had meant what they'd said as senior executives of Marchetti. Phyllis said she had the utmost respect for Kyle and Summer, and she didn't believe that some arbitrary rule would stop them from doing the right thing. Kyle said that he and Summer were sorry to see Phyllis go because they'd both been assets to the company, but it seemed the situation was inevitable. Phyllis left. Diane left seconds later.

Jack said he knew it hadn't been easy for Kyle and Summer. Jack asked if they were teaching Diane and Phyllis a lesson or if Marchetti was saying goodbye to them forever. Kyle said there was no possibility of Diane and Phyllis playing nice. Summer said it was sad because they'd both been doing really great work. Summer said Phyllis had been a perfect fit for Marchetti Home.

Jack suggested that Kyle and Summer allow Diane and Phyllis time to stew and then offer both of them one last chance. Summer asked if Jack was serious about giving Phyllis and Diane one last chance. Before Jack could respond, he received a text message from Traci, and he left.

Summer told Kyle she thought Jack was a pushover. Kyle said perhaps they'd scared Phyllis and Diane straight. Summer said it was the only way their moms would learn, and they had to be firm. Kyle asked if the collateral damage to Marchetti was worth it to prove a point. Summer pointed out that if they let their moms off the hook, they might never take anything seriously again. Kyle said they needed to see what their moms were up to since they'd left. He said if they were crafting apology letters, they could talk; if they were planning on waging war, they were out of chances. Summer agreed.

At the coffeehouse, Summer told Phyllis she was sorry about how things had worked out. Angry, Phyllis said Summer was her daughter and should have been on her side, but instead, Summer had fired her over something Diane had done. Phyllis said Diane had lost her mind, and it didn't seem to matter that Diane couldn't get over the hatred for Phyllis. Phyllis said Diane was constantly playing mind games, but Phyllis was paying the price.

Summer reminded Phyllis they'd laid out the zero-tolerance policy less than 24 hours earlier. Phyllis said it didn't matter because Diane's hatred for her went back decades. Summer said she understood why Phyllis felt the way she did about Diane, but Phyllis had given her word that she would keep the peace. Phyllis stated that she'd kept the peace; Diane hadn't. Phyllis said it was ridiculous that if one mom was bad, the other mom should be fired, too. Summer said it was the behavior that wasn't acceptable. Phyllis said it was Diane's behavior that was unacceptable.

Summer said if Phyllis had wanted to keep the peace, she could have quashed the conflict by either walking away or ignoring Diane, but Phyllis hadn't. Summer said that as much as she loved Phyllis and felt bad for what Phyllis was going through, she and Kyle were trying to run a major fashion company. Summer said they were dealing with time differences and creative differences, and it seemed like they were dealing with mom issues on a daily basis. She said those were a distraction, and she wasn't going to talk about the mysterious file that had shown up on Diane's computer.

Summer told Phyllis that whether it had been diabolical or not, Summer had needed to take time out of her day to deal with it, and that was a problem. Summer begged Phyllis to see the bigger picture. Summer received a text message from Noah, asking her to meet him at the Grand Phoenix. Phyllis said she'd go with Summer, but Summer suggested they sleep on it and talk in the morning. Summer left.

Phyllis remained at the coffeehouse, and in her thoughts, Phyllis said Diane was "so sweet, innocent, and humble" but was getting the better of Phyllis. Phyllis claimed she wouldn't let Diane win. She claimed everyone wore blinders, and she needed to get Summer to open her eyes and look at things from her perspective. She felt Summer needed a little nudge to see Diane was the one who'd been wrong. Phyllis left.

At Society, Kyle told Diane he was proud of her. He agreed she'd been wrong, but she'd made the right decision afterwards. Diane said she'd had no choice but to resign. She said part of her therapy had been to own her actions, and she hoped it hadn't changed the way Kyle saw her and that it wouldn't have any effect on her relationship with Harrison. Kyle said it had been business, nothing more, and it would stay that way unless things escalated. Diane said she had no intention of that happening.

Diane told Kyle that after losing the job she loved, she was more resolved than ever to be better. Diane asked if Phyllis had officially resigned. Before he could answer, Kye received a text message from Mariah: "Meet me at the Grand Phoenix. Important. Bring your Mom."

The Grand Phoenix was in darkness when Summer, Noah, and Diane entered. Suddenly, the lights came on, and everyone yelled, "Surprise!" Kyle asked someone to explain what was going on. Noah said the party was for them in honor of another wedding. Summer and Kyle thanked everyone. Noah said, "Let's party," and the music and the mirror ball were activated.

Summer took Noah to one side and said she saw Kyle's parents there, but she asked where hers were. Noah said Nick would be there shortly, and they'd thought it might be prudent to avoid tensions, so they'd staggered the arrivals of Diane and Phyllis. Summer said that was a brilliant solution. Noah suddenly spotted Phyllis and said they'd hit a little snag. Phyllis asked what was going on.

Victoria gives in to Chelsea's demands

Victoria gives in to Chelsea's demands

Friday, September 23, 2022

by Nel

At Noah's club, Phyllis was upset that she hadn't been invited to Kyle and Summer's pre-vow-renewal celebration. Noah explained that Phyllis hadn't been excluded because they'd never thought it mattered who was first or second to attend. Noah said that as the host, he took full responsibility for messing things up. Noah asked Phyllis to forgive him. Nick told Phyllis to forgive Noah, and she did.

Referring to Phyllis, Diane told Jack that everything fit except for one thing that stuck out like a sore thumb. Kyle chastised Diane for her comment. Diane snarked that it was hard not to notice a big pouty face, and Phyllis looked like she was about to throw a tantrum.

Nick joined Phyllis and said he didn't blame her because he knew the last person that she'd wanted to see was Diane. Phyllis explained to Nick that she'd lost the job she loved at Marchetti because of Diane. Phyllis said she was being punished because Diane had lost her mind. Nick said Noah had put in a lot of work for Summer and Kyle, and they deserved to enjoy their party. He asked Phyllis not to ruin that and to put things aside for the evening.

Phyllis stood up and announced that as the mother of the bride, she wanted to make a toast. She said that she and Diane were capable of being in the same room together, and she complimented Noah on what he'd done to his new club. Phyllis said she wished she still owned the hotel because Noah's club would be a huge success. She thanked Noah for including her in the party. She asked that they toast one of the best couples she knew, Summer and Kyle.

Mariah made a toast. She complimented Noah on his club. Mariah said she appointed herself as Kyle's best person and was giving a speech. Mariah said she was happy Kyle and Summer were renewing their vows. She said that as someone who'd recently married the love of her life, she knew how meaningful it was to have family and friends bear witness. She toasted Kyle -- to the man, husband, and father that he'd become -- and Summer. She said she was truly happy for both of them.

Noah thanked everyone for being there because he'd had a soft opening for his new club and scored some big brother points, hosting the soiree for the bride and groom. He said it also gave him a second chance for his brother of the bride speech. He said his first speech in Milan hadn't adequately described the incredible woman Summer had become. He said he was glad they were both back home and able to celebrate family. He toasted Summer -- and Kyle, who was lucky enough to have her.

Kyle and Summer agreed they were happy to be home with family, and they said it was where they wanted to live their lives; nothing could replace the importance of family.

Kyle and Summer sat down on the couch with Phyllis and Diane. Summer apologized to Phyllis about the botched arrival and said it hadn't been intentional. Kyle said he and Summer wanted to see Phyllis and Diane back at the office the following day. Summer said they were giving them one last chance.

Diane was overjoyed and thanked Summer and Kyle. Phyllis was subdued and also thanked them. She said she had "so much" to accomplish at Marchetti, and she was looking forward to a long tenure without incident. Diane said she and Phyllis would find a way to work together. Summer asked them not to make her and Kyle regret their decision. As soon as Kyle and Summer left, Phyllis and Diane's smiles disappeared.

Diane told Jack they'd been given another chance at Marchetti. Jack was happy for her and said he'd been impressed that Diane had taken responsibility and offered her resignation. Diane received a text message; "En route to Genoa City. Can't wait any longer." Diane seemed to be in a panic over the text message, and she left. Phyllis followed and watched Diane leave.

At home, Nate handed Elena a glass of Champagne when she walked in the door. He told her about the dinner they were about to have, but Elena said if that was Nate's way to get her to forget about his plan for corporate espionage against his family or to try to convince her to jump on board, it would take a lot more than Champagne and flowers. Nate said he'd had a great conversation with Devon and Lily earlier. He said he'd made amends with his family, and he would stay on at Chancellor-Winters.

Elena asked Nate how that had happened. Nate said he'd admitted he'd allowed his anger and pride get in the way of the big picture. Elena said Nate had done that with an agenda in mind because staying on in the company was part of his plan. She asked if he was still working with Victoria as her man on the inside or if he had rethought that. Nate admitted he was going ahead with his original idea, but he hoped she could see that ultimately, it would be the best move for everyone involved -- including Chancellor-Winters. He said he was going to use the public offering and Victoria's purchase of the majority stake to unify his family.

Nate said when he'd presented the idea to Elena, some of his anger and bitterness had been present. Elena said Nate hadn't hidden any of his anger or bitterness, and it had concerned her because that much heightened emotion could cause a lot of damage. Nate said what was fueling him was what Chancellor-Winters could become under his leadership, and he planned to be the opposite of Devon as a leader. He said he was ready to embrace Devon, Billy, and Lily's input to show how all four of them could collaborate and create something amazing.

Nate said he really needed Elena's support with his plan and for her to understand where he was coming from and why. Elena said she wanted to believe in him and that he felt it was the right thing to do. Nate said that was all he needed to know, that the woman he loved had his back, and he didn't want to risk losing her.

Later, Elena told Nate she had a better understanding of what he was trying to accomplish, but she couldn't get behind it. Nate asked why she couldn't see things from his perspective and that it was his best and only option. Nate accused Elena of being as limited in her views as Devon and said that she and Devon had more in common than he'd realized. Nate left.

At Chancellor-Winters, Lily told Devon and Billy how happy she was that things had worked out with Nate. Billy said he and Lily appreciated that Devon and Nate had reached an understanding. Devon said he wanted to put the conflict behind them, and he would give Nate more opportunities to prove his ideas would work -- and see if they would actually work. Billy asked if Devon was setting Nate up for failure. Devon said he would never intentionally set anyone up to fail, especially in his own company. He was merely allowing Nate to run with some of his ideas, despite Devon's reservations.

Billy received a text message from Chelsea to meet him for a drink. Billy left. Lily said she and Devon needed to talk about going public because she wanted Devon to be as excited as she was. Devon said he had a lot of concerns, and the biggest one was losing control of the family business that he and Neil had worked very hard to build and that he had then strengthened by joining Chancellor. Lily said she'd had the same concerns, but they could structure things where they maintained 51% of the shares, giving them the final say on everything.

Devon told Lily that would be the only way he would agree -- if no one could override their decisions. Devon said because he trusted Lily, if she thought it was the best course of action, then he was on board.

At the ranch, Victor told Victoria that Nikki had met with Deacon and that she'd learned some details about Diane's life in Los Angeles. Victoria said she would feel better when Nikki was home with thousands of miles between her and Deacon.

Victoria told Victor she wanted Newman to become the majority shareholder of Chancellor-Winters. She said Nate wasn't happy at Chancellor-Winters, and he'd approached her, looking for a change. Victor asked why Nate had given up so easily on his family business. Victoria said Nate wasn't giving up; he'd told her that Chancellor-Winters was planning to go public soon. She said Nate had offered to be her inside man and provide her with information, and he would sell her his shares so she would have the majority stake. In return, she would put Nate in charge of Chancellor-Winters once Newman had control.

Victor told Victoria that Nate was playing a very risky game. Victor asked what would happen if the situation at Chancellor-Winters imploded, and they went after Nate. Victor said that Nate providing Victoria with information was insider trading, and it would have enormous legal ramifications. Victoria asked when they had ever shied away from a risk. Victor agreed to do it.

Billy met with Chelsea at Society and said that he and Lily were hoping Chelsea had reconsidered doing the podcasts solo. Chelsea said she had no interest in doing the podcasts herself. Chelsea thanked Billy for allowing her to spend time with Johnny the previous day. Chelsea said it was time they told Johnny and Connor they were more than cousins.

Billy told Chelsea that he and Victoria felt it wasn't the best time to talk to Johnny about her. He said Victoria had done an amazing job protecting Johnny from everything that Ashland had been, and in Johnny's world, he was dealing with the loss of his stepfather. Chelsea claimed Johnny would consider it great news to find out he had a brother. She said Johnny was getting older and would wonder about his biological mother. She suggested they get ahead of the question.

Billy told Chelsea that Johnny had already asked questions about his biological mother, and they had avoided answering him. Billy reminded Chelsea that it was an important decision for Victoria. Chelsea asked when he was going to get Victoria on board. He asked Chelsea to be patient because he hadn't had time to talk to Victoria about it.

When Victoria arrived, she told Billy and Chelsea that Johnny had informed her of their little outing, and she didn't appreciate it being done behind her back. She asked what Chelsea was up to. Billy said there hadn't been anything subversive other than getting the boys together. Victoria didn't buy that because they'd both asked her to tell Johnny that Chelsea was his biological mother and Connor his brother. Victoria accused them of trying to back her into a corner.

Chelsea apologized to Victoria and promised they weren't trying to do anything behind her back. Victoria said she'd thought about it, and Johnny and Katie had been through a lot recently; it wasn't a good time for it. Chelsea said she needed them to know how important it was to her because she was worried about the emotional issues it could cause Johnny down the road, that his biological mother had been in his orbit, and he'd never been told.

Chelsea told Victoria and Billy that with all the DNA testing, Johnny would find out that his half-brother and biological mother were not only living in the same town, but also people he'd seen at family gatherings. She asked if they realized the damage that could cause. Victoria said Johnny had always been her priority, and she wanted the best for him. She said she'd never hidden the fact that she wasn't his biological mother. Billy suggested that perhaps it was time to tell Johnny.

Victoria told Billy and Chelsea it had always been her intention to tell Johnny when the time was right. Victoria said if and when they told Johnny, it would change everything for all of them. She said Johnny would have to decide what kind of relationship he wanted with Chelsea and Connor, but she needed Chelsea to accept it if Johnny wasn't ready to spend more time with them.

Victoria told Chelsea that Connor might not react the way Chelsea expected him to, since he'd been through a lot, as well. Victoria asked Chelsea not to speak to Connor until she and Billy had spoken to Johnny, since he would be the one most affected by the information, and his feelings should be their first consideration. Victoria said she knew Chelsea was hoping that Johnny would want to know her in a different way, but Chelsea needed to be prepared that Johnny might not want that. Victoria said Chelsea would have to accept his decision. Victoria said she would only take that step if Chelsea agreed to those terms.

Chelsea told Victoria she agreed to those parameters; they were fair and sensible. She thanked Victoria. Billy said he and Victoria had to have a conversation about when and where. Victoria said that would be up to Johnny. Victoria picked up her order and saw Chelsea thank and hug Billy.

At Crimson Lights, a woman told Nate she recognized him from the press coverage of the Chancellor-Winters launch party. She said he'd made quite a splash. She introduced herself as Audra Charles and asked if her name rang a bell. She said Jill had brought her in to take his company public. Nate said he hadn't heard that the decision was official. Audra said it wasn't, but she hoped it would be by morning. Nate said he would be happy to tell her all about their company and their plans.

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