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Johnny reacted badly to the news that Chelsea was his biological mother. Sally told Adam that she and Nick were romantically involved. Devon and Lily agreed to take Chancellor-Winters public. Elena decided she and Nate needed time apart. Diane panicked when a man from her past arrived in Genoa City.
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A man from Diane's past arrived in Genoa City. Johnny reacted badly to the news that Chelsea was his biological mother. Elena decided she and Nate needed time apart.
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Johnny's reaction to a revelation stuns Victoria and Billy

Johnny's reaction to a revelation stuns Victoria and Billy

Monday, September 26, 2022

At Newman Enterprises, Nick and Victoria discussed her plan to acquire Chancellor-Winters. Victoria acknowledged that Victor had approved. Nick observed that Victoria seemed rattled. Victoria said she thought she had done a better job hiding her emotions. Victoria confided that she and Billy had decided to tell Johnny that Chelsea was his biological mother. Nick recalled that Adam had once wanted to tell Christian that he was the boy's biological father, though it had been decided that Christian had been too young. Nick said he would have to deal with telling Christian in the future. Victoria explained that Johnny was old enough to know the truth, though she hoped she was making the right choice.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Chelsea bumped into Billy and asked to join him. Chelsea thanked Billy for agreeing to tell Johnny about her connection to him and for having convinced Victoria to go along. Billy noted that Victoria always made up her own mind. Chelsea was elated to learn that Billy and Victoria would discuss the issue with Johnny later in the day. Billy said there was no way to determine how Johnny might react. Chelsea said she would not expect miracles right off the bat, though she anticipated that it would be a big first step to something healthy and rewarding for them all. Billy replied, "I hope you're right."

At Society, Audra, an IPO advisor, asked Nate if he was certain about Chancellor-Winters going public. Nate said he was optimistic it would happen. Audra replied, "In that case, why don't you give me the lay of the land, the dynamics behind the scenes of the company. I like to know all the players before the games begin." Nate told Audra that Jill was a force to be reckoned with, though she seemed less interested in power and control than she was in providing a financial legacy for her family.

Nate explained that it had been Lily's idea to combine the two companies. Nate described Billy as being competent, though he did not mind letting others take center stage. Audra asked about Devon. Nate said that Devon had brought Hamilton-Winters to the party and always seemed to be focused and single-minded. Audra agreed to discuss her personal interests with Nate after the big meeting at Chancellor-Winters.

At Chancellor-Winters, Lily informed Devon that she had set up a video call. Lily asked Devon if he had changed his mind about taking the company public. Devon replied that he had not changed his mind one bit. Jill appeared on the video screen and greeted Lily and Devon. Jill was pleased when she learned that Lily and Devon had agreed to take the company public. Jill said, "From now on, Chancellor-Winters is going to be unstoppable."

Jill requested that Lily and Devon consult with the IPO advisor she had recommended. Lily replied, "We are, with Audra Charles." Lily recalled that it had taken some convincing to get Devon to agree, though he had approved after being assured that they would retain some control after going public. Jill noticed that Billy and Nate were not present. Devon assured Jill that he and Nate had settled their issues. Lily told Jill that Billy was dealing with a family matter. Jill said she would check in with them later, and she ended the meeting.

Devon asked Lily what was going on with Billy. Lily assured Devon that Billy approved of the IPO. Devon told Lily it would take everyone giving the project a hundred percent to make it successful. Lily admitted she felt Billy was pushing himself too hard to fit into his supporting role. Audra and Nate arrived, interrupting the conversation between Lily and Devon about Billy.

Lily told Audra that they had heard great things about her from Jill. Devon seemed taken aback to discover that Audra and Nate had already gotten to know each other somewhat. Lily refrained from telegraphing her thoughts and smiled broadly while cutting her eyes at Devon. Lily shook hands with Audra and said it was good to put a face to the name. Lily introduced Devon as her bother and co-CEO.

Audra told Devon that Nate had been singing his praises, noting that she and Nate had met coincidentally the day before at the coffeehouse and had had breakfast together before the meeting. Lily, smiling, announced that Chancellor-Winters would be going public. Audra said it was a smart decision. Audra assured Lily, Devon, and Nate that she would walk them through the IPO process from start to finish. Devon seemed a bit uneasy.

Lily asked Audra to be more specific about her role. Audra said she would offer advice before moving forward and would help with project management, technical accounting, and SEC reports while overseeing the drafting process and maintaining deadlines. Lily remarked that Audra's energy was infectious. Audra said that based on her research, it would be the most satisfying move they would ever make. Nate agreed that it was the right decision. Lily and Devon thanked Audra for laying things out clearly, and they officially hired her.

After Audra left, Lily said Jill's instincts had been spot-on. Nate said he approved. Devon mentioned that Nate had conversed with Audra before the official meeting. Nate replied, "I hope you're not trying to start something when we're finally in a good place again." Devon explained that he was pleased that Nate had made a good impression on Audra. Nate replied, "In that case -- thanks." Devon and Lily were pleased when they later perused the initial figures Audra provided. Devon admitted he felt better about his decision. Lily said she did, too, and was excited to proceed with Devon by her side.

Sally and Chloe sipped coffee at Crimson Lights and worked on their pitch for Victoria. Sally said she intended to be more focused when discussing her ideas. Chloe agreed to consolidate their to-do list. Chloe suddenly urged Sally to return to the office to finish their planning session when she spotted Adam. Adam approached, greeted the women, and jokingly asked them if they were plotting world domination. Sally smiled and replied, "Every morning." Adam smiled back, which prompted Chloe to tell them that their polite banter was freaking her out.

Sally explained that she had moved on, though she had decided to remain cordial because she and Adam lived and worked in the same town. Adam agreed that there were no hard feelings and no reason for awkwardness. After Adam left, Chloe remarked that the exchange had been civil and downright mature, and she praised Sally for focusing on herself instead of "that jerk." Sally received a text message from Nick asking her to stop by.

Nick entered Sally's office after she and Chloe returned. Nick asked Sally if she had received his text message. Chloe left to give Sally and Nick time to talk. Nick asked Sally if Chloe knew about them being together. Sally replied, "I haven't said a word to anyone." Nick asked Sally to join him for dinner. Sally said she would check her schedule and get back to Nick. Nick, filled with passion, looked Sally over as she passed by him on her way out.

At Chancellor Park, Billy and Victoria met together with Johnny. While Johnny kicked around a soccer ball, Victoria admitted to Billy that she was apprehensive. Billy replied, "You know, you may feel like he's outgrowing your love, but he's not. He never will." Victoria became emotional and asked to watch Johnny for another minute while she struggled to ground herself emotionally.

Reminiscing, Billy said that Johnny had been a joy from the moment he'd come to them. Victoria cried, "He's the greatest joy of my life." Billy and Victoria fondly remembered Johnny as a smiling, happy baby who had enjoyed bedtime stories. Billy credited Victoria for providing their children with a warm, stable home. Victoria praised Billy for being a wonderful father. Victoria took a deep breath and said she was ready. Billy summoned Johnny.

Victoria told her son they had something to tell him. Billy reminded Johnny that after the birth of Reed, a doctor had told Victoria she could not have more children, though Katie had been a pleasant surprise. Johnny said he remembered being told that he had grown in his mother's heart and not her stomach. Victoria asked Johnny if he had ever wondered about his birth mother. Johnny immediately and emphatically replied, "No."

Johnny was surprised when told that he already knew his birth mother. Johnny cried, "What?" Victoria replied, "Chelsea, Connor's mom." Johnny recalled having recently seen Chelsea at the pool and asked his parents if they had been planning the announcement behind his back. Victoria replied, "No. No, it's not like that." Johnny became emotional and reminded his parents that he had told them he had not wondered about his birth mother, though they had told him anyway.

Johnny asked his parents if something was about to change. Victoria assured Johnny that nothing would be changing. Victoria explained that other people knew, so they did not want him to learn the truth from someone else. Johnny, sounding frustrated, replied, "Great, so everybody knows that my birth mother lives in town? You told me, thanks. Now, I don't want to talk about it ever again." Johnny rushed off. Victoria and Billy were stunned.

Chelsea approached Nick as he was standing outside Victoria's office. Chelsea said she was looking for Victoria. Nick, noting that he was aware of what was going on, said Victoria was with Billy and Johnny. Nick said he understood why Chelsea was on edge. Chelsea admitted it was nerve-racking, though her thoughts and her heart were with Johnny because it would impact his life forever.

Nick said he was sure the revelation would have a huge impact Johnny's life and Chelsea's life. Chelsea said she knew she had done the right thing by having Victoria and Billy raise Johnny. Nick said that though Johnny was at an awkward age, Nick was sure the boy would realize that she cared about him. Chelsea received a text message from Billy. Chelsea, beaming, said, "It's done. Johnny finally knows who I really am."

Nick was alone in Victoria's office when she returned. Victoria said the meeting with Johnny had taken longer than she'd thought it would. Nick told Victoria that Chelsea had stopped by and was anxious to hear the news. Victoria insisted that Chelsea was not her priority and that she needed to go home and spend time with Johnny. Victoria admitted that the discussion had gone worse that she had expected. Nick said that kids were tougher than people gave them credit for and could adapt better than adults sometimes.

Victoria told Nick she did not believe it would be easy for Johnny to come to terms with the truth. Nick received a text message from Sally letting him know she would meet him for dinner. Nick smiled as he read the message. Victoria asked, "Who's that?" Nick said he was finalizing dinner plans. After Nick left, Nate called Victoria and told her the IPO was official. Nate asked Victoria to meet and discuss their next big step.

Chelsea met with Billy at Crimson Lights. Billy calmly explained that Johnny would need time to process the information. Chelsea was anxious to assist in any way and help Johnny. Billy replied, "You know, Johnny's a very happy kid, and he doesn't want his world to change. And we're not going to pressure him to do anything that he doesn't want to do." Billy told Chelsea that her immediate desire to be a participant in Johnny's life was not what they had discussed when they had agreed to reveal the truth. Chelsea said she just wanted Johnny to be okay. Chelsea wiped away tears and thanked Billy for filling her in. Chelsea left abruptly.

Chelsea went to the park and encountered Adam. Adam suggested they accompany Connor to an amusement park. Chelsea asked Adam if they could spend time together without being at each other's throats. Adam promised that their efforts would be an example of modern parenting at its finest. Chelsea said she would talk to Connor, and Adam offered to accompany her, so they could do it together.

Frustrated, Chelsea told Adam that it was not a good time for her because she was having a bad day. Chelsea recalled Adam having said she was using Connor to "fix [her] emotional struggles." Chelsea suggested that Adam was using their son to fill a hole in his life. Chelsea cried, "I would never use my son to make my own life better. I just want to love him and take care of him. Why can't anyone understand that?" Chelsea left abruptly.

Elena decides she and Nate need time apart

Elena decides she and Nate need time apart

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

In Allie's bedroom at the Abbott mansion, Noah watched as Allie awakened next to him in bed. She became self-conscious and wondered if she'd been drooling. He murmured that she was beautiful first thing in the morning. She leaned in to kiss him, but she suddenly realized she had to get to the lab. Allie asked why he hadn't told her what time it was, and Noah adoringly replied that he hadn't been in a rush to let her go.

As she got ready for work, Allie gushed that the prior night had been fantastic. She thought it had been a meaningful way for Noah to debut his new club, and she admired his vision and ambition. Allie praised Noah for showing his family how much they meant to him, and he responded that he was happy she'd been there because she meant a lot to him, too. They kissed, but she teased that he wasn't playing fair because she had to go. He invited her to join him for coffee on her break.

In the Abbott living room, Summer and Kyle chatted about how they'd slept in because the surprise party had worn them out. He asked her to remind him to thank Noah. "You're welcome," Noah responded as he and Allie descended the stairs. Summer anticipated that Noah's club would be a huge success, and Noah remarked that he'd tried the new venue out on something equally successful -- Kyle and Summer's marriage. Summer enthused about renewing their vows.

Diane stepped off the Jabot elevator, carrying a huge gift basket. Phyllis taunted that showing up with a gift for the bosses might look like Diane was trying to get special treatment. Jack emerged from his office and inquired whether Diane was giving or receiving. Phyllis muttered that everyone knew Diane was a taker, not a giver. Diane proclaimed that she was giving, since she'd decided to extend an olive branch in the form of pastries, and she handed the basket to Phyllis.

Diane conceded that the gesture wasn't subtle, and she suggested that Phyllis look at the basket's size as a symbol of Diane wanting to win back Phyllis' trust and forgiveness. Phyllis found it uncanny that Diane had shown up just as Jack had been exiting his office, and she agreed it wasn't subtle at all. Diane pointed out that she and Phyllis had almost lost their jobs, and she thought they shouldn't take the incredible opportunity they had for granted. Phyllis clarified that she'd almost lost her job because of Diane's emotional outburst.

Phyllis noted that she'd seen Diane with Victor just prior to the incident. Phyllis speculated that Victor had told Diane about Nikki's trip to L.A. and that Diane had been worried Nikki would uncover a secret about Diane. Jack asked if it was something he should know about, but Phyllis claimed that she was just making friendly conversation. Phyllis added that she and Diane had gotten closer to becoming friends at the party the night before, but she wondered why Diane had slipped out of the club early, like Diane hadn't wanted anyone to notice.

Diane chided Phyllis for turning every little thing into a big mystery, and she claimed that she'd left a young person's party to go home to bed after a long day. Phyllis scoffed at the "old and tired" defense. Diane whined that she was trying hard to bury the hatchet, and she questioned what she had to do to finally change Phyllis' mind about her. Phyllis' phone chimed with a text message from Nikki. "Interesting developments in L.A. Keep Diane distracted and off guard. This could be big," Phyllis read. Phyllis flatly stated that there was nothing Diane could do to change Phyllis' mind.

Jack urged Phyllis to give a little. Phyllis declared that the gift basket was tacky, but she was also tired of the constant battling, and she couldn't carry the burden of their feud anymore. Phyllis reasoned that if Kyle and Jack could move on from Diane's manipulations and lies, Phyllis could find a way to do it, too. Summer and Kyle walked in as Phyllis offered to meet Diane halfway. Phyllis pulled her stunned nemesis into a hug. "Let's figure out a way to make this work, Diane. Okay?" Phyllis whispered into Diane's ear.

Summer requested the use of Jack's office to talk to Phyllis privately. Once alone, Phyllis swore she'd been doing her best to be civil, so Summer would have to trade her in for another mom if she didn't approve. Summer threw her arms around Phyllis and thanked her for really trying. Phyllis recognized that Summer, Kyle, and Jack had forgiven Diane, and while Phyllis wasn't convinced Diane had changed, she couldn't continue to harbor her hatred. Phyllis figured that secrets had a way of getting out, and she wouldn't have to do "one damn thing" to make it happen.

Later, Jack found Diane and Kyle having lunch at Society. Kyle answered a call and realized that he'd forgotten about a meeting, so he headed back to the office. Jack referred to what Phyllis had said about Nikki discovering something in L.A., and he asked if there was anything Diane hadn't told them. Diane recalled that Victor had implied that Nikki's trip would mean bad news for Diane. Jack divulged that Kyle had told him that Nikki was in L.A. to buy a custom dress for Summer from the Forresters.

Diane thought that made more sense, since there was nothing more to discover about her time in L.A. that would contradict anything she'd said. Diane pledged to just enjoy what had happened with Phyllis that day and hope the war was behind them. Jack picked up his takeout and thanked Diane for waiting with him. She excused herself to read an anonymous text message: "Arrived in GC. We need to meet ASAP." Jack asked if everything was all right, and Diane abruptly said she had to run. Jack eyed her suspiciously as she hurried out. Diane reeled outside the restaurant.

At Jabot, Summer asked Kyle how Diane had seemed at Society, and Kyle reported that his mother had been in good spirits. Summer relayed that Phyllis didn't trust Diane, but Phyllis also had realized it was useless to continue the feud. Summer chirped that their moms making peace was the perfect way to go into their vow-renewal ceremony, and nothing would get in the way of their celebration.

Allie met Noah at Crimson Lights, advising him that she only had a few minutes. He indicated that he'd already ordered her a black coffee, and she awarded him points for remembering what she liked. Noah mused that he hadn't thought he could be that happy with anyone, noting that there had been ups and downs in his past relationships that had felt like a fight for love and appreciation. Allie asked if he was trying to tell her they were too easy.

Noah clarified that his and Allie's relationship was easy in the best ways, and their comfort level with one another was special. He continued that he could be himself around her and not be worried about when the other shoe would drop. He wanted more days and nights like they'd just had at his club, and she suggested that he throw an afterparty for Kyle and Summer's ceremony. Noah commented that it would be the second wedding he and Allie would attend together, but she reminded him that they hadn't been together at the first one. He confided that he'd hoped it would happen, and they kissed. She reluctantly scurried back to work, and he smiled as he watched her leave.

At Chancellor-Winters, Billy entered Lily's office and apologized for taking longer at the park than he'd intended. He explained that the conversation with Johnny had been harder than he'd expected, and he asked what he'd missed. Lily updated him about the meeting with Audra and shared that Devon had been worried that Billy's heart wasn't in it. She confirmed that she'd told Devon it wasn't true, and she said that she hadn't revealed anything about Johnny because it hadn't been her place. Lily was more concerned about how things had gone, given the look on Billy's face.

Billy revealed that Johnny was rattled and angry, since the boy thought everyone but him had known who his biological mother was the entire time. Lily sensed the timing of the conversation had had more to do with the adults in Johnny's life than Johnny himself. Billy lamented that his boy had been through "so much," and he regretted that he'd allowed Chelsea to convince him it had been the right thing to do. Billy suspected that Chelsea was trying to figure out a way to be Johnny's mom.

Billy said he found Chelsea's desire to support Johnny inappropriate because she wasn't the boy's parent. Billy recounted that Victoria had warned that Chelsea might keep pushing, and he wished he'd listened. He admitted that part of him felt for Chelsea because she'd been in a bad place, but he hadn't accounted for the pain it would cause his son. Lily remembered that she'd felt hurt and angry when she'd learned Malcolm was her biological father, but she'd always considered Neil to be her dad. She added that she'd been older than Johnny when she'd found out the truth, but it was bound to be a confusing time at any age. Billy vowed to protect Johnny at all costs.

Later, Chelsea showed up to thank Billy for going to bat for her with Victoria. Billy admitted that he was second-guessing his decision to tell Johnny the truth about his parentage, but Chelsea maintained that it had been best that Johnny had heard it from Billy and Victoria instead of someone else. Chelsea hoped everything would go in a positive direction moving forward. She promised that she wouldn't try to force anything, but she hoped Billy would give Johnny something from her.

Chelsea pulled out a baby blanket that she'd bought when she'd been pregnant with Johnny, but Billy thought it was too soon. Chelsea explained that she'd let Connor play with it when he'd been a baby, but it hadn't felt right because it had been Johnny's. Chelsea hoped the blanket would help Johnny ease into a place of acceptance, knowing she'd never stopped thinking about him. Chelsea continued that she didn't intend to be a threat, but she wanted to be another person in Johnny's life who cared about him -- and she wanted Johnny to know that.

Billy recognized that Chelsea's heart was in the right place, but he found it inappropriate. He stressed that it would always be Johnny's decision to make in his own time, and he worried that Johnny would shut down if they pushed him. Billy warned that Chelsea was overstepping, and he demanded that there be no more gifts or anything unrequested. He ordered her to back off until Johnny chose whether he wanted to reach out to her or Connor. Lily piped up that it was difficult for everyone, but especially for Johnny. Lily was sure that, in time, Chelsea would find her way through it.

After Chelsea left, Billy swore that he would be back to 100 percent to help Lily prepare for the IPO. Lily assured him that she wasn't asking him to, and she thought he was handling the situation well by trying to figure out what was best for his son. Lily agreed with the statement Chelsea had made about forging ahead in a positive direction, and she noted that Billy was an emotional rock who was trying to take care of everyone. She sympathized that it was exhausting, and she encouraged him to vent or take a break if that was what he needed.

At Newman Enterprises, Nate informed Victoria that his strategy was working, since he was back on the inside, playing the secondary role his family thought he should have been playing all along, and things were going smoothly as a result. Victoria asked if he was sure no one was suspicious. Nate grumbled that all it had taken had been a complete absence of opinion on his part.

Nate announced that Chancellor-Winters was officially moving ahead with the public offering and that management had already met with IPO advisor Audra Charles. Victoria considered it risky to pull in an outsider, but Nate was pleased that Audra had done her homework and hit the ground running. Victoria advised him to keep his eyes open, since he was trusting the woman with Chancellor-Winters' future as well as his and Victoria's. Nate refused to let anyone derail his plans, but Victoria questioned whether it was really the right move for him. He wondered if she thought he wasn't up to running the company.

Victoria swore that she wasn't backing out of the deal and that she valued Nate's instincts, but she cautioned that they were venturing into a tricky endeavor that could result in legal ramifications if they didn't do it right. Nate informed her that he'd taken the necessary steps to prepare to sell his shares to Newman, and he sensed that there was something else on her mind. Victoria reiterated that he was risking the wrath of his family when they found out he'd betrayed them. Nate asserted that what he was doing would lead Chancellor-Winters to the next level of success, and he was setting the stage for his family to witness his leadership and vision when he introduced a new way of doing things that would include and value them all.

Victoria arrived at Crimson Lights, and Audra called to her by name. Victoria asked if they'd met, and Audra introduced herself and said she was a huge fan of Victoria's because she followed the business news. Audra shared that she was in town to do some consulting for Chancellor-Winters, and she'd read about Newman's latest acquisitions. Audra exclaimed that the company seemed to be heading in a bigger and better direction with Victoria at the helm.

Victoria mentioned that she was friendly with Devon and Lily, and she inquired about what kind of consulting work Audra was doing. Audra declined to provide details for confidentiality reasons but said she expected her assignment to keep her in Genoa City for a while. She suggested she and Victoria get together over lunch because she intended to get to know all the players in town.

Later, Chelsea knocked on Victoria's office door, but Victoria curtly stated that it wasn't a great time. Chelsea entered, anyway, and thanked Victoria for speaking to Johnny, even though Billy had informed her that things hadn't gone as smoothly as they'd hoped. Victoria snapped that it had gone the way she'd worried it would. Chelsea believed that once the shock wore off, Johnny would want her in his life, and she suggested that they all work together to slowly nudge him in that direction.

Victoria asserted that the only direction they were going in was the one that was right for Johnny. Chelsea insisted that she only wanted what was best for him, but Victoria ranted that all she was hearing was what Chelsea wanted. Victoria accused Chelsea of trying to weasel her way into Johnny's life, even after Billy had told Chelsea that Johnny wanted nothing to do with her. Chelsea called Johnny a child who didn't know what he wanted. Victoria spat that Chelsea had thought he was old enough to know the truth, and she firmly stated that none of them would be nudging Johnny along.

Victoria added that she and Billy would remind their son every day that he was loved and that his life wouldn't change, since Johnny wasn't obligated to build a relationship he wasn't comfortable with. Chelsea pleaded that she loved Johnny and that he deserved to know every part of himself. Victoria barked that Chelsea had given up her rights as Johnny's mother, and it was his decision to make. Victoria growled that she was the only mother Johnny had ever known, and she wouldn't stand for Chelsea trying to influence him. Chelsea walked out.

Nate returned home and asked Elena about her day. She coldly replied that she was still working, and she prepared to finish reviewing charts upstairs. He stopped her and observed that it was clear she was trying to avoid him. He scoffed at the idea that she wouldn't talk to him unless he followed her advice. She complained that whether she voiced an opinion or not, it turned into a fight.

Nate urged Elena to try to understand his position. She argued that he was making a specific choice when there were other options, like leaving the company or slowing down and actually learning the ropes, but he was choosing to hurt people who were supposed to mean the most to him. Nate countered that those people had no problem overlooking and belittling him, and he saw no reason to play small ball when he had big ideas, strong leadership skills, and the ability to execute. Elena questioned how he knew he had those skills, and she asked what he'd successfully executed.

Nate groused that Devon had refused to let him execute anything, and Elena reiterated that Devon got to make the call because it was his business. Elena accused Nate of being mad at Devon and wanting to hurt everyone else who was directly or indirectly involved, including Lily, Jill, and Billy. Elena added that Nate was also hurting her, since what he was doing was about morality, family, and love -- things that still stood when everything else fell apart. She wailed that he was no longer the man she'd fallen in love with, and she didn't know if she could be around that version of him anymore. She thought they needed some time apart.

Diane encounters a man in her hotel suite

Diane encounters a man in her hotel suite

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

by Nel

At Society, Nick told Sally she'd managed to win over the marketing team, and he wanted to know how she'd done that. Sally said she'd been candid and up-front, and she had accepted full responsibility. Nick asked Sally to share her plans for success. Sally said she wanted to learn from her past mistakes and not allow herself to fall into the same trap.

Sally told Nick she had a tendency to be impulsive, taking on new challenges without forethought, and when she was overcome with inspiration, she couldn't hold back. Nick admitted he overthought things, but sometimes it was best to dive in and to learn as one went. Sally said that was the reason they made a good team -- because they wound up inspiring each other.

Sally asked how Nick felt about leaving New Hope behind for the business world. Nick said he'd left New Hope in very capable hands, and he hadn't walked away, since he was still on the board. He was very happy where he was because he'd needed a change.

At Crimson Lights, Adam asked if Chelsea had reconsidered a weekend away with him and Connor. Chelsea suggested Adam make it a father and son trip. She was sure Connor would love spending time with Adam. Adam offered to buy dinner so they could talk. Chelsea said she'd talked all day, but no one cared about what she'd had to say. Adam said he was tired of eating alone at the bar. Chelsea agreed, as long as the subject was about Connor only.

At Chancellor-Winters, Victoria told Billy she'd tried to reassure Johnny, but he'd shut her out. Billy said Johnny hadn't responded to his phone calls or text messages, either. Victoria said Johnny was holed up in his room, playing video games, furious with her and Billy.

Victoria told Billy the situation with Chelsea wasn't going to go away, and Johnny would have had to deal with it sooner or later. Victoria said Johnny had told her that he wished they hadn't told him that Chelsea was his biological mom, and he'd insisted that he didn't want anything to do with Chelsea.

Victoria told Billy that Chelsea had barged into her office and accused her of not having done enough to nudge Johnny into a relationship with her. Billy said he'd told Chelsea that Johnny had been upset by the news and that he needed space. Victoria said she'd had to threaten Chelsea to get her to leave. Victoria said they'd made a terrible mistake, and Chelsea had only begun to make demands.

Billy asked Victoria how Chelsea could have misled them about her intentions. Billy said he'd believed Chelsea had wanted them to tell Johnny so that he wouldn't be blindsided down the road. Victoria said she'd gone against her better instincts to take things slowly.

Billy reminded Victoria they'd gone along with Chelsea's plan because too many people in their circle knew the truth about Johnny. He said it was better that they'd told Johnny rather than some random person they couldn't control. Billy said Johnny was upset because everyone around him had known. Victoria wished she'd been more adamant about waiting because they'd answered questions Johnny hadn't even asked yet. Victoria said Johnny hadn't wanted to know who his biological mother was, and they hadn't considered the possibility that Johnny might have wanted to keep that door shut forever.

Billy told Victoria they'd wanted to save Johnny from feeling they were hiding something from him -- or feeling he been unwanted or abandoned. Victoria said Johnny was confused and vulnerable because they'd made him face something he hadn't wanted to, all because it had been what Chelsea had wanted.

Victoria told Billy she hated watching Johnny suffer, and she had no idea how to make things better for him. Billy said that together, they would figure out how to ease his pain. Victoria said Johnny was frightened because he believed his world was going to change. Billy said they had to reassure him that nothing would change. Victoria asked how they were going to make Johnny really believe nothing would change. Billy said perhaps they needed family counseling. Victoria said they needed to keep the line of communication open.

Billy told Victoria that Chelsea had stopped by with a gift for Johnny, and he'd told Chelsea it had been inappropriate and not the right time. Victoria asked if Chelsea wanted to badger Johnny to fall into her plan. Billy said the gift had been a baby blanket Chelsea had had while she'd been pregnant with Johnny; perhaps she'd been trying to find a way to show Johnny he'd been loved and that the decision to give up her parental rights had been a difficult one, but it had been best for Johnny.

Victoria told Billy the situation was all about what Chelsea wanted, and she didn't want Chelsea to use any subtle attempts to influence Johnny. Billy agreed to setting limits and not giving up on Johnny accepting Chelsea. Victoria said that from the beginning, she'd said it was Johnny's decision, and Johnny had made his wishes very clear.

Billy told Victoria that Johnny was a thirteen-year-old kid, and his feelings might change. Victoria said from the beginning she'd made it very clear that Johnny would decide on any future relationship with Chelsea, and Chelsea had agreed to the ground rules but was overstepping them. Victoria said Chelsea was trying to take too much too soon.

Victoria told Billy that when Chelsea had chosen to step aside as Johnny's mother, she'd changed their lives for the better, and for that, she'd always be grateful to Chelsea; however, Chelsea didn't get to force a relationship on Johnny that he didn't want. Billy agreed that if Johnny wanted a relationship with Chelsea, it would be his choice and at a time he chose. Billy said they needed to be patient with the situation and each other.

Victoria told Billy she wasn't going to let Chelsea invade her life; she wouldn't watch her child go through more trauma. Victoria said Chelsea knew no boundaries and wouldn't take no for an answer. She said Chelsea had pushed them until she'd gotten what she'd wanted, but she hadn't been satisfied with that. Victoria said she wasn't going to be patient with someone who didn't know when to quit. She said there wouldn't be any more gifts for Johnny or get-togethers, and if Johnny wanted to talk to Chelsea when he turned 18, that would be fine.

Victoria said that they were Johnny's parents, and they were going to honor his preferences; she didn't want anything to do with Chelsea, and she expected Billy to stand by her. She said for Johnny's sake, they needed to close the door on that situation immediately.

Outside Jack's home, Diane was upset after she received a text message: "Arrived in GC. We need to meet ASAP." Jack invited her in, and Diane said she'd brought Harrison a replacement for his favorite dump truck that he'd broken on his last playdate. Jack commented that Diane had been on a spending spree, first the gift basket for Phyllis then a gift for Harrison. Diane asked Jack not to talk about Phyllis. Jack said he wasn't going to, since Phyllis had agreed to a cease-fire. Jack asked why Diane was so stressed, since she'd agreed to accept Phyllis' word of putting their ongoing war behind them. Diane received another text message: "Where are you? I'm waiting."

Jack said it was obvious something was going on, and he asked Diane to talk to him. Diane claimed she'd used Harrison's gift as an excuse to see Jack. Jack said she didn't need gifts for Harrison as a reason for wanting to talk to him. Jack asked what had her wound up. Diane said she needed to hear Jack say he believed that she'd worked hard to make amends for her mistakes, that she'd changed, and that he'd forgiven her. Jack said he would forget the past and start with a clean slate.

Diane asked Jack if it was a total start over; Jack said it was, unless there was truth to what he'd heard Phyllis say -- that there was something about Diane's life in Los Angeles that could be her undoing. Taken aback, Diane said she couldn't believe the lack of trust and the questioning about what she was hiding because of a snarky remark Phyllis had made. Diane asked if she'd ever get past all the doubts and suspicions. Jack said that depended on Diane.

Diane told Jack she'd done everything she could to prove she'd returned for all the right reasons. She said it was exhausting defending herself about the never-ending innuendos and suspicions. Jack reminded Diane she'd earned that reaction, and she'd returned to a town where she'd made more than her fair share of enemies. He said Diane could have stayed in L.A., but Diane claimed she'd had to return because Kyle, Harrison, and Jack were the only people whose opinions mattered, and she'd thought they'd accepted her.

Diane told Jack she lived in constant fear that one of her enemies would find something that would change the way Jack and Kyle saw her, whether the information was true or not. In tears, she said she hadn't realized how difficult it would be to redeem herself. Jack told Diane to take the clean slate he and Kyle had offered and let it fortify her going forward. Diane said she appreciated Jack because he had the least reasons to make her feel worthy and safe. She kissed Jack passionately.

Jack ended the kiss and told Diane that when he'd referred to a clean slate, he'd meant for a peaceful co-existence as Kyle's parents, as Harrison's grandparents, and for them working together. He said it had been wonderful, and he didn't want Diane to misinterpret their friendship for anything else. Diane apologized and admitted she'd misread the moment. She also admitted she'd been hungry for a sympathetic ear, and Jack had been very generous when he had every reason not to be. Diane said she respected Jack's boundaries, the clean slate, co-existing at Jabot, and being in Kyle's life. Diane left.

Chelsea and Adam greeted Nick and Sally when they arrived at Society, and they proceeded to their table. Nick suggested that he and Sally leave if she was uncomfortable. Sally claimed she'd moved on. She said she'd made it clear to Adam they were through, and there was no way forward for them. She admitted it was complicated and confusing.

Adam told Chelsea that Sally wasn't wasting any time cozying up to the boss. Chelsea shrugged. Adam said something serious was wrong because Chelsea had passed on an opportunity to take a dig at Sally. Chelsea reminded him they would only talk about Connor. Adam said Connor was the one thing they'd done right, and Chelsea was a great mom. Chelsea said she'd done everything right with Connor and everything wrong with Johnny. Chelsea said Billy and Victoria had told Johnny she was his biological mother.

Adam asked Chelsea why they'd told Johnny. Chelsea said she'd persuaded them to do it. Adam asked why she'd done that. Chelsea said she hadn't wanted Johnny to discover that his biological mother lived in the same town and that everyone knew about it except him.

Adam told Chelsea that it affected Connor, and he asked why she hadn't given him a heads-up. Chelsea said she hadn't known if Victoria and Billy would go through with it. She'd wanted to see how things panned out before she said anything to him. Chelsea assured Adam she wouldn't have said anything to Connor without talking to Adam first. Chelsea said she'd promised not to tell anyone until they saw Johnny's reaction. She said Johnny was upset, and he didn't want her in his life.

Adam said he realized how big that was for Chelsea, and he guessed it had brought up a lot of things she'd kept buried for a long time. Adam said he'd seen what a difficult decision she'd made because she'd wanted to do the right thing for Johnny. Chelsea said she always wanted to do the right thing, but she'd always made the wrong choice. She said she'd searched for the right answers and convinced herself she'd found them, but ultimately, she'd realized she hadn't. She said she was beginning to believe she never would.

Adam suggested that Chelsea needed a fresh start, somewhere away from Genoa City. He said they could work out an arrangement concerning Connor, but he wouldn't allow Chelsea to take Connor away. Adam said Connor needed Chelsea to be strong, healthy, and happy. Adam said Chelsea needed to find answers, but she wouldn't find them in Genoa City.

Chelsea told Adam she couldn't leave town when she might be able to spend time with Johnny, and she couldn't walk away. Adam suggested a temporary get-away to clear her head, and he said getting a fresh perspective would help. Chelsea said she'd pushed for Johnny to know the truth, and she owed it to him to remain in town and handle the fallout. Adam said he was afraid Chelsea was pinning too many hopes on something that might not work out the way she wanted it to.

Chelsea told Adam to stop being negative; it was going to happen because she had Johnny's best interest at heart. She said eventually, something had to go right for her.

When Nick and Sally left the restaurant, Adam watched the exchange between Sally and Nick and saw Sally leave.

In her suite, Chelsea hugged Johnny's baby blanket. Billy arrived and told Chelsea that he and Victoria agreed that they wanted their son to have some space for the time being. Chelsea began to cry.

Adam arrived in Victoria's office, where Nick was working. Adam commented that Nick and Sally were sleeping together and that Nick hadn't been able to wait to make his move.

Diane entered her suite at the Athletic Club and stopped dead in her tracks when she saw a man in her suite. She asked how he had gotten into her suite. He said he'd had the feeling Diane had been avoiding him, and that wasn't nice after everything he'd done for her. He said he'd thought they'd had an understanding, and it would be a real shame to discover he couldn't trust her.

Adam demands answers from Nick and Sally

Adam demands answers from Nick and Sally

Thursday, September 29, 2022

by Nel

At Crimson Lights, Chloe asked Sally about her meeting with Nick. Nervously, Sally said it had been a constructive meeting. Chloe apologized for being outspoken but said she saw a lot of potential in Sally, and she wanted the best for Sally and Newman Media. Chloe said Sally had had to fight for her position, and Chloe wouldn't let Sally screw it up.

Chloe said she was happy Nick was in Sally's corner, and it appeared Nick couldn't get enough of Sally. Sally said things between her and Nick had taken a personal turn. She said things had become very intimate, and it had happened twice.

Sally told Chloe she could really use a friend. Chloe asked if Sally needed the kind of friend that was very supportive or the kind that offered a ton of opinions. Sally said the relationship with Nick was brand new, and it was mind-blowing. She said Nick was honest, charming, and funny; he listened to what she had to say; he respected her opinions; and she was genuinely happy when she was with him.

Chloe told Sally that Nick was a really good guy, and recently, he'd been Sally's biggest champion; however, Sally wasn't doing herself any favors, getting involved with someone who was not only her boss but also Adam's brother. Sally said it had just happened. Chloe said she knew how it felt to be connected to someone, but Sally wasn't completely over Adam. Sally claimed she would get there. Chloe said it would take time for Sally to get over Adam, and the overlap could get very messy.

Sally told Chloe that she and Nick had been very open with each other, and Nick understood exactly what she'd been going through. Chloe asked if Adam knew about Nick. Sally said Adam suspected. Sally said she and Adam were civil to each other, even when she and Nick had crossed paths with Adam earlier that evening. Chloe said if Adam suspected Sally was with Nick, Adam would hound Sally for an answer, and when he knew the truth, Adam wouldn't handle it gracefully.

Sally told Chloe she didn't want to discuss Adam's reaction because there was no news to react to. She said she and Nick weren't a thing, just work buddies. Chloe asked Sally what her heart felt. Sally said she knew she couldn't go back to Adam and allow him to break her heart again. Chloe said she was referring to Nick.

At Newman, Nick reminded Adam that Adam had had accused him of sleeping with Sally, and he'd told Adam it was none of his business, yet Adam had followed him just to repeat the same accusation. Nick said Adam's ex could do "whatever the hell" she pleased, and that included having a business dinner with her boss. Adam claimed that by the way they'd been looking at each other, he doubted they'd been discussing Newman Media's profit margins.

Adam told Nick to admit that he'd slept with Sally. Nick advised Adam to tread carefully because jealousy wasn't a good look on Adam. Adam claimed Sally was using Nick to get back at him, and Nick was the rebound guy. Adam said he'd broken Sally's heart, and she'd gone to the next Newman in line. He said Nick had to have known that but had gone along with it, anyway. Nick said Adam had no idea what he was talking about, and if Adam thought that was what was going on, then Adam didn't know Sally or him at all. Adam said Nick hadn't denied he'd slept with Sally, and that told him everything he needed to know.

Adam asked why Nick didn't have the decency to tell him if he was sleeping with Sally and why Nick was afraid to tell Adam the truth. Nick said he wasn't afraid, but obviously, Adam was. Nick said Adam was regretting the way he'd ended things with Sally. Nick told Adam to let it go because Adam had a lot going for him with the new job at Jabot that had room for growth and recognition. Nick said Jack liked and respected Adam. Nick suggested that Adam try to be happy there, but their discussion about Sally was done.

Adam told Nick he was just getting started, and he wouldn't leave with his tail between his legs. Adam said he wanted to know what was going on with the woman he still loved. Nick said Sally had chosen not to tell Adam anything about her personal life, and she'd made it clear she didn't want to see Adam. Nick said it was sad how Adam had accosted him to try to get the answers he wanted.

Adam told Nick it wasn't just about Sally; it was about Nick and what Nick was doing to him. Nick said to "cue the violins, poor Adam, always the victim." Adam said he preferred "innocent bystander" because Nick had taken full advantage of his situation, and Nick hadn't given "a damn" how Adam felt about it. Nick said he had no idea what Adam was talking about. Adam said that after years of Nick showing he wasn't interested in the family business, he was COO. Adam said Nick had never shown any interest in Sally, but suddenly, she was never too far from Nick.

Adam said Nick had meetings with Sally over dinner, in her office, and in her hotel suite. Adam said there were thousands of women in Genoa City, and Sally had been the woman Nick had gone for. Nick said not everything was about Adam, and he didn't appreciate Adam showing up and twisting his words and everything he was doing. Nick said Adam was turning it into a weird personal vendetta that didn't exist. Adam said the conversation wasn't over, but Nick said it wasn't a conversation because Adam hadn't been listening. Nick declared that Adam had arrived with his mind made up.

Victoria entered and asked "what the hell" was going on. She asked if Adam had been looking for her. Adam said he was there to see Nick, and he was sure Nick would bring her up to speed about himself and Sally. Adam said he was sure Nick would see Sally later. Adam left.

Victoria asked Nick what that had been about. Nick said it was Adam looking for a fight. Victoria said she was referring to Adam's comment about Sally. Nick said it was nothing to worry about. Victoria said Nick and Adam had made it her business. She said Nick had become a very strong advocate for Sally, more so than she would have expected.

Nick told Victoria he'd been fighting for Sally because she deserved the position, and he was convinced she would do great things for Newman Media. Victoria said Adam seemed to think there was something going on between Nick and Sally. She said an unhappy Adam would lash out, and she wondered how bad it would be. Nick told her not to worry; he could handle Adam.

Victoria asked Nick what Victor would say when he discovered Nick was romantically involved with the woman Victor wanted to fire. Nick said it wasn't a big deal. Victoria asked how Summer would feel about Nick seeing someone who'd been hell-bent on stealing her job. Nick said she was getting ahead of herself, and whatever was or wasn't happening wasn't for public consumption. Victoria said everything had a way of coming out eventually, whether Nick wanted it to or not. Nick said it was his life.

Before Victoria left, she asked Nick to consider carefully what he was doing with Sally. She asked if it was a passive-aggressive attack against Adam or if Nick was playing with fire. She asked him to remember that his actions affected the company and the family. Victoria left.

Sally asked if Chloe thought she didn't deserve a nice guy like Nick. Chloe said Sally felt things very deeply, and when someone saw Sally for who she was, it meant a great deal to her. Sally said it wasn't like that between her and Nick. Chloe asked Sally how she would feel if Nick told her that it had been a fling and that it was over. She wondered if Sally would be okay with that.

Sally told Chloe that if things moved in that direction with her and Nick, they would talk about it and call things off. She said everything would go back to the way it had been previously. Adam arrived. Chloe and Sally got up to leave, but Adam waylaid Sally and said he wanted to talk. Chloe refused to leave. Adam asked why it was so difficult for Sally to be honest with him because she knew how it was eating away at him, and she knew how he felt about her. He said he needed to hear the truth from her.

Sally told Adam something had happened between her and Nick. She said she didn't know what it was, but Adam didn't get to have an opinion about it. She told him they had broken up, and she didn't owe Adam an explanation. Sally left.

As Chloe walked by Adam, he said it had to have been cleansing for Chloe to see Sally eviscerate him. Chloe said she didn't like seeing Sally get hurt. Chloe said he'd done it to himself. He'd pushed too hard, and in his desperate pursuit, he had Sally running in the opposite direction. Chloe smiled, thanked Adam, and told him to keep up the good work. Chloe left.

At the Abbotts', Summer sat on the edge of the bed with her eyes shut. Kyle kissed her and put a straw hat on her head. Summer thought it was cute then realized it was a clue. Kyle said they were going to a place where the straw hat would fit in with the tropical vibe. He asked how Costa Rica sounded to her. Summer squealed in delight then became concerned about taking time off, but Kyle assured her Marchetti would run smoothly without them.

Later, while Summer and Kyle cuddled on the sofa, they heard Harrison call out. Kyle asked Harrison if he'd had a bad dream. Harrison said no. Summer asked if Harrison had woken up because he'd had a really great dream where he had gotten everything he'd ever wanted and had been so happy he couldn't fall back asleep. Harrison said yes. Summer asked if he was super excited about the next day. Harrison said he couldn't wait. Kyle said it was going to be a great day for everyone.

When Nate returned home, Elena said she hadn't changed how she felt about what he'd done, and they needed to spend time apart. Elena said she'd booked a room at the Grand Phoenix. Nate said Elena moving out wasn't the solution to their conflict. Elena said it was about having some distance so they could find a solution. Nate said he wanted her to stay and work things out, but Elena said she couldn't stay with him because it would make things worse than they were already.

Nate told Elena he hated that she couldn't see his plan from his perspective. Elena said she saw exactly what he was doing, and more importantly, she saw who he was becoming. She said Nate had once cared about people and spent all his free time volunteering at the clinic, but since then, he'd been blinded by greed and ambition. She said he believed his opinion was the only one that mattered. She said she didn't recognize him, since the only thing that mattered to him was power and recognition over everything else, even his own family.

Nate told Elena he wanted to make his mark, and he believed he could be the kind of leader that Chancellor-Winters deserved. He insisted he didn't value power over the people in his life, and he certainly didn't value it more than what he had with Elena. Elena said she had previously believed that. She said she wanted to help him, but he wouldn't listen to anything she had to say. Nate said all he wanted was her love and support, and he expected the same in return. He acknowledged that it seemed that was too much to ask.

Nate said that after talking things out with Elena, he agreed that a separation was for the best, but it wouldn't be forever. Before Elena left, she said she loved him, and she wished ... Nate interrupted and said he wished the same thing. Elena left.

Alone, Nate poured himself a drink and looked at the photos of him and Elena.

Elena entered her suite at the Grand Phoenix, sat on the edge of the bed, and began to sob.

At Society, Nate invited Victoria to join him for a drink. Victoria commented that he looked like he wasn't having the best night. Nate said he'd needed to get out to clear his head. Victoria asked if whatever was going on with him had anything to do with Chancellor-Winters. Nate said it had everything to do with it. Victoria asked if he'd changed his mind about their arrangement.

Nate assured Victoria their arrangement stood. Victoria was happy to hear it. Nate said it was too bad Elena wasn't happy to hear it. He said Elena didn't understand his reasons; she couldn't see his point of view and it had created conflict between them. Victoria said she was surprised Nate had told Elena about his plan. Nate said he wished he hadn't, but he assured Victoria that Elena wouldn't say anything because she wouldn't do that to him.

Victoria told Nate there would always be people who took issue with people like her, Nate, and Victor, the ones who made bold and daring moves and who weren't afraid to see the big picture. Nate said it was a relief to talk to someone he didn't have to explain himself to. Victoria said what they did in the corporate world was just as valid in any other field. She said they created jobs and paid salaries. She added that people were clothed, fed, and housed, and their children could attend college because of what people like them did, and it was nothing to be ashamed of.

Nate told Victoria he wasn't used to justifying his decisions. Victoria told him to make his choices, follow his path, and stick to his convictions. She said it was the only way not to have regrets.

In her suite, Sally stood at her window, deep in thought, when there was a knock on her door. She opened the door. Nick walked in, and they kissed.

Audra and Nate raise Devon's suspicions

Audra and Nate raise Devon's suspicions

Friday, September 30, 2022

by Nel

Nikki arrived at the Abbotts' with Summer's wedding dress and said she had to go home and get ready for the ceremony. Phyllis pulled Nikki aside and said she wanted to hear all about Nikki's trip to Los Angeles. Nikki said it had been very successful.

Elsewhere, Kyle told Jack he loved that they were doing the vow-renewal in the house where generations of Abbotts had lived. He said it made him feel connected to the whole family, past and present. Jack loved that Kyle cared so much about family. Kyle said Jack had taught him that, and it was something he would teach Harrison. Jack said he was very proud of the man Kyle had become.

Upstairs, Phyllis told Summer she was happy for Summer. She said Summer's wedding in Milan had been gorgeous, but the one at home was the one that really counted. Summer said it was their home and where everything had begun for her and Kyle, and it felt right. Summer said she didn't want anything to erupt between Phyllis and Diane. Phyllis said she and Diane had promised they would co-exist peacefully, and nothing would ruin that day for Summer.

The mystery man arrived at Diane's suite. Diane told him it was a big day, and she asked him to keep his distance. She told him he'd arrived at the worst possible time because Kyle and Summer would be renewing their vows shortly. Diane said she was "so close" to gaining the trust and forgiveness she'd hoped to find upon her return to Genoa City. She said if anyone got suspicious about their connection, it would be over for her.

The man said he'd made Diane's return to Genoa City possible, and he didn't like the way she was treating him. He said he expected a little respect, since he'd given her the key and a chance at redemption; they had a deal. Diane said she was sticking to the deal, but she was asking for a little more time to prepare. She said things had to happen before he revealed himself. Diane was taken aback when the man said it was the perfect day to reveal who he was to the Abbotts when they would all be gathered for the happy occasion. Diane begged him to be patient, but he promised he wouldn't blow her cover or reveal their connection.

At the ranch, Victoria told Victor it would be foolish not to buy shares in Chancellor-Winters once they went public. Nick said he didn't like it because they would be opening themselves up to a major conflict with Lily and Devon, especially when they discovered Nate had stabbed them in the back.

Nick asked Victoria if she was prepared for the legal consequences from insider trading and if Victoria wanted to fight with the federal government. Victoria said it was worth the risk. Victor asked if Nate would be able to deliver what they wanted. Victoria said Nate had incentive to help them because she was going to put Nate in charge of Chancellor-Winters once they had majority shares.

Victoria told Victor and Nick that Nate would handle the situation with care and grace. Nick asked if Nate would be able to convince Lily and Devon that he was a team player after he'd betrayed them. Victor claimed Chancellor-Winters would become stronger and more profitable, and it would be backed by Newman Enterprises.

Nick told Victoria and Victor that Devon and Lily would structure the IPO so that they retained the controlling interest. Victoria said Nate would sell his shares to them. Nick said he had to leave for Summer and Kyle's vow renewal. He said he left the decision to Victor and Victoria, and they knew how he felt.

After Nick left, Victor told Victoria the offer would be financially risky and complicated. Victoria said she could handle it. He told Victoria he would go to Chicago to sort out the finances. Nikki arrived and was greet warmly

After Victoria left, Victor asked Nikki whether Deacon had been able to provide her with any information about Diane's time in L.A. Nikki said Diane had led a much more luxurious life in L.A. than she'd led them to believe. Nikki said Diane had been chauffeured around in a Bentley. Nikki produced the photo of the car that Deacon had given to her. Victor said that wasn't a car a real estate agent could afford. Nikki said Diane had been riding around with a man, but Deacon had no idea who the guy had been.

Nikki told Victor she'd discovered that the car was owned by a company called Private Image Limited, based in London, but they had a branch in L.A. She said the business was entertainment and art related. Victor said he would have his people find out more. Nikki said it was obvious Diane was hiding something.

At Crimson Lights, Devon told Elena that he was excited about Elena beginning her podcasts at Chancellor-Winters. He said he was sure Elena was relieved that things had been worked out between him and Nate since Nate's return to work. Devon was aware it hadn't been easy for Nate to admit he'd overstepped and to ask for a second chance. Devon said they were all happy that Nate had returned. Elena said she was sure Nate was happy to be back.

Devon asked Elena if everything was okay. Elena said Nate's transition into the corporate world had been complicated for her. She said at first it had been fun seeing Nate take on a new role and try to prove himself, but recently, it appeared that Nate was a completely different person.

Devon told Elena he understood; Nate had been a doctor his entire adult life, and that was all Elena had known him as. Devon said the corporate thing was a very different animal, and he'd wondered if Nate had made the right decision. He said when Nate had quit, he'd believed it had been the right move. Devon said they'd all wanted Nate to be part of the family business, as long as it made him happy and fulfilled and he wasn't just going through the motions.

Elena said Devon had always been a giving and generous man, and she hoped that would continue. Devon said Nate was family, and they stood by each other. Elena reached into her bag to check her phone and dropped her hotel key card in the process. Devon picked it up and asked why she was staying at a hotel. Elena said she really needed to get going and said would talk to Devon soon. Elena left.

At Society, Audra told Nate she had some non-business-related questions for him. Audra asked what there was to do in Genoa City at night because the town became a ghost town once the offices shut down. Nate said there was a club that had just opened with a modern art theme, and it had a very cool vibe. Audra said she would be in town for a while, and she suggested she and Nate go there one evening.

Nate told Audra he wasn't sure it was a good idea for the two of them to go clubbing when they were supposed to be working together. He said if they went clubbing, he didn't see them getting much work done. Audra disagreed and said it was a very progressive way of doing business. She wanted Nate to think of it as taking team building to a whole new level. Nate informed Audra he was in a relationship.

Devon arrived and saw Audra and Nate together. Audra she'd been pestering Nate for things to do in town. Nate said he didn't have his finger on the pulse of the night life. Audra said Nate had to mix things up because he couldn't work 24 hours a day.

At Chancellor-Winters, Lily asked why Billy kept checking his phone. Billy said he was worried about Chelsea. He said he'd been second-guessing the way he'd handled the whole Johnny situation. He said he wondered whether telling Johnny that Chelsea was his biological mother had been the right thing to do. He said it hadn't gone the way they'd hoped, and it was gnawing at him. When Devon arrived, Billy left.

Devon told Lily that Nate and Audra had been spending a lot of time together outside of the office. He said he'd seen Elena earlier and he'd discovered that she was staying at the hotel because she and Nate had been having problems. Devon said Elena had been Nate's voice of reason throughout his transition into the corporate world. He said with everything that had happened recently with Nate, he felt Nate needed more positive influence than ever, since there was a lot riding on the IPO. Lily said Devon needed to have more faith in Nate because Nate seemed determined to make the most of his role in the company.

Nate and Audra arrived a short time later. Audra told Devon she'd thought Billy and Lily would be there. Devon explained that Billy had gone to a family event, and Lily had gone to legal to get clarification on regulations for the IPO. Nate asked if they should drop the price by five percent. Devon said the price was where it should be. Nate said a discount could draw some early movement and lead to a feeding frenzy, which would ultimately drive up the price. Audra said the current valuation was right in the sweet spot. She said they didn't want to go any lower and give the impression it was bargain basement stock. Audra left to find Lily.

Devon asked how things were between Nate and Elena. Nate said Elena was upset with him because she thought he'd let things get out of hand with Devon. He said Elena was taking some time to herself, and they would work things out.

When Diane arrived at the Abbotts', she told Kyle she was very happy for him and Summer. On the stairway, Phyllis glared as Kyle and Diane hugged.

Nick arrived and gave Traci a parcel that had arrived from Ashley. Traci thanked Nick, and she left. Phyllis greeted Nick and asked if he was ready for the ceremony. Nick replied that he would do anything for Summer. Phyllis said Summer was an incredible woman, and Nick was an amazing father. Nick said most of the credit went to Phyllis because Summer was more like Phyllis every day, and Summer was lucky to have Phyllis because she was an amazing mother.

Phyllis watched as Diane followed Jack to the backyard. On the patio Diane told Jack that it was nice to see Allie fitting in so nicely with the Abbotts. Jack said Allie was a joy, and she was an integral part of the family. Diane apologized for what had happened the previous evening and admitted she'd overstepped. Diane said she'd felt a connection between them, and she'd been caught up in the moment and shouldn't have put Jack in that position.

Jack told Diane she'd read more into his words of encouragement than he'd intended. He said he'd only wanted to tell her she'd done a great job rebuilding her life in Genoa City, and she should be proud of that. He also admired that she'd taken responsibility for her mistakes, but some people would never forgive those mistakes. Diane said Jack had given her a chance to prove herself and she didn't want the previous evening to get between them. She said the connection she and Jack shared as parents and grandparents meant everything to her, and she didn't want to jeopardize that.

Phyllis interrupted and told Jack she'd received a call from Abby informing her that Dominic was sick, and she and Chance wouldn't be at the ceremony. Jack said he was disappointed and left. Phyllis told Diane that Summer had expressed concern about a potential blow-up between them. Phyllis and Diane agreed that nothing would spoil their kids' day. Diane left.

Upstairs, Nick asked Summer if she was ready to do it again. Summer asked if Nick was okay not walking her down the aisle. Nick said he was fine because he was still the ridiculously proud father of the bride. He said he couldn't be prouder seeing Summer happy and loved. Nick said she was a Newman, and she was tough. He said she'd been born in an elevator, survived a coma, and gotten through all the ups and downs with Kyle, but she had become the creative director of a chic fashion house, was happily married, and was raising a family.

Nick gave Summer a bracelet with the letter "S." Nick said everyone would think it stood for Summer, but only they knew it really stood for "Supergirl." Nick said she would always be his Supergirl, and he loved her. They hugged.

Billy arrived and said the house looked amazing, and he left to find Kyle. Phyllis watched from the doorway as Diane said she would keep Harrison busy until the big event.

Nikki and Victoria arrived. Phyllis asked to speak to Nikki. In the dining room, Phyllis complained that Diane kept insinuating herself into the Abbott family, and she had to be stopped. Phyllis asked if Nikki had discovered anything in L.A. Nikki said she had proof that Diane had been lying about her time in L.A. Nikki said a reckoning was on the horizon.

Noah asked everyone to move to the backyard because the ceremony was about to begin. Mariah, Noah, and Tessa welcomed everyone to Summer and Kyle's renewal of their wedding vows. Mariah announced that all three of them were going to officiate.

When Summer arrived, Harrison walked her down the aisle, and the ceremony began.

In Diane's suite, the man thumbed through his tablet, looking at photos of the Abbotts. He stopped at Jack's photo.

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