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Tucker crashed Kyle and Summer's vow-renewal ceremony by flying in on a helicopter. Elena struggled to keep Nate's secret. Devon hired Esther. Chelsea unraveled when Johnny rejected her. Noah told Allie he loved her. Audra turned out to be Noah's ex from London.
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Tucker crashed Kyle and Summer's vow renewal by flying in on a helicopter. Devon hired Esther. Chelsea unraveled when Johnny rejected her. Noah told Allie he loved her. Audra turned out to be Noah's ex from London.
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The mystery man crashes Summer and Kyle's party

The mystery man crashes Summer and Kyle's party

Monday, October 3, 2022

by Nel

At the Abbotts', Harrison walked Summer down the aisle. Nick, Phyllis, Jack, and Diane shared their special thoughts about Summer and Kyle before the ceremony. With Mariah, Tessa, and Noah officiating, Summer and Kyle renewed their marriage with the vows they'd written.

In Diane's hotel suite, the man said, "The countdown begins." Once he was dressed, he called someone and asked if they were ready to go because he wanted to make an entrance.

In the park, Chelsea told Connor that Adam was tied up in a meeting and wouldn't be joining them. Chelsea told Connor that he was the greatest joy of her life. She also told him she'd given birth to a baby boy before Connor had been born. She said she hadn't been ready to be a mom, and she'd given the baby to another family to love and raise. Connor was shocked when Chelsea told him that Johnny was his half-brother.

Connor asked if Chelsea had simply handed Johnny over to Billy and Victoria. Chelsea explained that it had been a difficult decision. She said Johnny knew Victoria would always be his mother, but Chelsea was Johnny's biological mother, which made Connor and Johnny half-brothers. She said she hoped that would bring the family a lot closer. Connor said that he and Johnny were already family because they were cousins.

Connor asked why Chelsea suddenly wanted to be Johnny's mother, and he questioned if he'd done something wrong. Chelsea assured Connor he was the best thing that had ever happened to her, and she was proud to be his mom. She said she'd thought Connor would see it as a good thing. Connor asked what was good about it. Chelsea said he could get to know Johnny as a brother. Connor said she'd never needed to be around Johnny previously, and he asked why she suddenly needed to be around him. Connor wanted to know why she'd never told him about Johnny before.

Chelsea told Connor that she, Victoria, and Billy had wanted to wait until Connor and Johnny had been older and able to understand. Connor said he didn't understand and didn't want to talk about it anymore. Upset, Connor demanded to be taken back to the ranch.

After Summer and Kyle said "I do" and promised to be husband and wife, through the good and the bad times, Noah said he, together with Mariah and Tessa, pronounced them husband and wife -- again. As Summer and Kyle kissed, a helicopter landed, and the man inside approached. Jack coldly asked why Tucker McCall was there. Tucker said he'd returned and heard about the special event. He said he'd thought he would stop by and say hello to as many people as he could in one fell swoop.

Jack told Tucker it wasn't the time or place for a meet-and-greet. He said Tucker had been absent for years and had just decided to drop in on a private family gathering. Jack said Tucker wasn't welcome. Tucker apologized and said he'd wanted to bring good tidings to Summer and Kyle.

Tucker approached Diane and said he'd read about her return from the dead and commented that she looked good. Jack told Tucker to back off. Tucker said he bore no one any ill will. Jack said he assumed Tucker wanted to see Ashley. He informed Tucker that Ashley was in Paris, and she wouldn't have appreciated Tucker's unwelcomed presence. Jack told Tucker to get off his property.

Tucker told Jack he only wanted to congratulate Summer and Kyle and give them a gift. Tucker wished Summer and Kyle the very best, and he offered Kyle the keys to his vintage Bentley as a token of his esteem. Kyle refused. Summer said the only gift she wanted was for Tucker to leave. Tucker put the keys in Kyle's hand. Tucker told everyone they would be seeing a lot more of each other because he would be staying in Genoa City.

Tucker asked to speak to Jack in private. When they were alone, Tucker asked Jack when he expected Ashley to return. Jack asked if Tucker had made his grand entrance as a ploy to get Ashley's attention. Jack said Ashley wouldn't have appreciated it. Tucker mentioned that he wanted to make amends and was certain Ashley would want to hear what he had to say. Jack told him not to bet on it, and he told Tucker to return to his helicopter and fly away before things escalated. Tucker left.

Summer told Kyle the gift was creepy. Kyle said Tucker had wanted to put on a show. Tessa said Tucker had a reputation in the industry of being a colorful personality, which, in the music business, was saying something. Mariah said that wasn't the only thing Tucker was known for around Genoa City. Mariah said Tucker was Devon's dad, and they hadn't seen each other in years. Mariah wondered if Tucker had returned for Dominic. Kyle said Dominic was Tucker's grandson, and perhaps Tucker wanted to make up for lost time. No one understood why Tucker had to literally drop out of the sky and crashed the party.

Nikki complimented Jack on how well he'd handled Tucker. Jack asked Nikki what her trip to Los Angeles had been about. Nikki said she'd been there to arrange for Summer's beautiful gown. She asked Jack why he was so curious. Nikki assumed Diane was also anxious about why she had flown there. She said Diane had told everyone that she'd had nothing to hide about her time in L.A. Nikki stated that if Jack believed that, then he had no reason to care about her trip, but if he didn't believe Diane, that was a whole other matter. Nikki left.

Diane asked Jack what he and Tucker had talked about. Jack said Tucker had wanted to know when Ashley would be home. Diane asked if Jack believed that was all Tucker wanted. Jack said Tucker might say he wanted to reconnect with Ashley or Devon, but he knew Tucker was up to something.

Victoria told Nick the timing of Tucker's appearance was interesting. Nick said Tucker had appeared right when Chancellor-Winters was going to go public. Victoria said they needed to warn Victor.

Alone with Phyllis, Nikki said Deacon had turned out to be very helpful. Nikki said despite Diane's claims of living a modest lifestyle in L.A., Diane had been driven around town in a Bentley. Phyllis realized that was the car Tucker had given Summer and Kyle. Nikki said that was "one hell of a coincidence." Nikki said that occasionally, Deacon had seen a man with Diane in the back seat of the Bentley, but he hadn't been able to see the face clearly. Nikki said it could have been Tucker or some other sugar daddy that Diane had latched on to, or maybe Diane had a pile of money squirreled away.

Nikki told Phyllis she would continue digging. Nikki said the car was owned by a company named Private Image Limited. She said the company was based in London, with a branch in L.A. Nikki said Victor had had his people look into the company, and they'd sent her a list of their investors. Phyllis didn't recognize anyone on the list. Phyllis maintained that Diane was keeping a secret, and they couldn't stop digging. Nikki agreed and said they were going to expose Diane and her secret.

Diane received a text message from Tucker; "See? Your secret is safe. All you need to do is let me know the minute Ashley is back." Diane was startled when Phyllis joined her and asked if Diane was okay. Diane claimed it was a minor work thing, but nothing was more important than Summer and Kyle's party. Phyllis said they had to enjoy those moments with their kids when they could. Diane left to mingle.

Chelsea entered Crimson Lights, visibly upset. She called Billy and asked him to meet her at the coffeehouse. Billy said he was at a family function. In tears, Chelsea said she couldn't get anything right. Billy said he could sneak out for a little bit.

When Billy arrived, Chelsea said she'd blown it with Connor by telling him about Johnny. She said when they'd arrived at the ranch, Connor had run into the house without saying goodbye to her. She fretted that she couldn't do anything right. She said she'd decided to tell Connor about Johnny because Johnny had already been told the truth, but she'd miscalculated how Connor would react. Billy said it was complicated stuff for adults, let alone kids.

Billy said Chelsea had allowed her emotions to make some major decisions, and that wasn't always a good thing. He told Chelsea to slow down and take a step back. Billy asked if Chelsea had spoken to anyone like a child psychologist or an adoption specialist. Still in tears, Chelsea admitted she should have done that first. She berated herself for opening that door because she'd been so insistent on the truth. Chelsea felt she'd ruined her relationships with Connor and Johnny.

Billy told Chelsea the boys were smart, and they needed time to process the situation. Chelsea said she'd hurt and alienated Johnny and Connor, which had been the last thing she'd wanted. She asked Billy what she should do. Billy said he couldn't answer that for her, but he had an idea.

Billy took Chelsea to the rooftop of the Grand Phoenix and said that when he felt the walls caving in on him, that was where he went. Billy said that Chelsea was overwhelmed, and it was time she took control. Billy said she needed to get rid of all that anxiety. Chelsea asked how. Billy screamed and told Chelsea to get everything that was pent up inside and scream it out. He said she would be surprised how freeing it felt. Chelsea screamed and was amazed how good it felt.

Noah professes his love to Allie

Noah professes his love to Allie

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Outdoors at the Abbott mansion, Kyle asked Summer about her favorite memory of their vow-renewal ceremony. She pinpointed the moment Harrison had held her hand as he'd walked her down the aisle. Summer also cited Mariah, Tessa, and Noah officiating together, and she expressed amazement that she and Mariah had become something close to friends. Kyle thought that all the changes he and Summer had experienced had made the day that much more special.

Summer remarked that the first year of a marriage was supposed to be the most difficult, and they'd done everything to the extreme. She said she wouldn't have had it any other way. Kyle imagined that when he looked back on that day, he'd remember how beautiful she'd looked and how happy they'd been, and he'd forget Tucker had crashed the party in a helicopter. Summer grumbled that she wouldn't be surprised if the Bentley that Tucker had tried to gift them was cursed.

Across the yard, Nikki couldn't shake the feeling that Diane and Tucker had been involved while Diane had been playing dead. Nikki sent a text message to Victor's people to request that they find a connection between the two. Phyllis was certain that there was a link between Tucker and the company that owned the car Diane had been chauffeured around in while she'd been in L.A., and she found it suspicious that Diane and Tucker had shown up in town around the same time. Nikki recalled that Deacon had sometimes seen Diane in the backseat of the luxury car with a man. Nikki vowed to prove Diane was lying about being a changed woman.

Summer eyed Nikki and Phyllis together and wondered what Kyle thought the women were up to. Kyle speculated that they were secretly plotting to make Summer happy, and he encouraged her to focus on the handsome guy she'd just pledged her troth to. Summer joked that she didn't know what a troth was, so she might want to keep it for herself. They kissed, and she declared that he'd convinced her they would share it. Kyle proclaimed that they would share everything for the rest of their lives, and he toasted to his beautiful bride, the journey they'd taken, and the adventures ahead. "I love you," he added. "Forever," she adoringly replied.

In the Abbott living room, Allie fawned over the photos Noah had taken. Noah crowed that there was some solid blackmail material on his father as the self-proclaimed king of the dance floor. Allie gasped when she realized Noah had also taken photos of her. Noah explained that he'd always wanted to capture her with no filter in perfect, natural lighting. Allie revealed that she normally hated seeing photos of herself, and she inquired whether the pictures really depicted how she looked. Noah cooed that it was always the way he saw her, and she'd made a great subject.

Allie thought the photos belonged in a gallery, and Kyle asked what people would say if they saw her photo framed. She replied that they'd think the photographer might have really liked the subject. "And I'd say he loved her," Noah softly stated, and they kissed. Kyle and Summer interrupted and enthused about how it had been a perfect day despite having an uninvited guest. Allie rambled about what a fascinating business legend Tucker was, living his playboy life to the extremes.

Noah mentioned that Tucker was Devon's dad, and Allie was shocked to hear that Tucker had been married to Ashley and that he had also dated Diane and Sharon. Jack joined them and asked what he'd walked in on. Kyle explained that they'd been filling Allie in about Tucker's past, but Jack muttered that the less Allie knew, the better. Summer pledged to pretend the wedding crash hadn't happened. Jack wished he could do that, too.

Summer groused that the last thing she wanted to think about was Tucker's stunt when she looked back on that day. Noah agreed that they should erase that part, and he invited everyone to an afterparty at his club. Summer happily pondered the idea of dancing all night with Kyle, and Allie declared that the party was official. Noah told Allie to save him all her dances, and he headed out. Jack remarked that a party was a great idea after Tucker had nearly spoiled the day. Summer and Kyle pretended not to know what Jack was talking about.

Jack commented that Kyle and Summer deserved a honeymoon break. Kyle shared that he'd already lined up a villa on the beach in Costa Rica, and he hoped to get away within the next couple of weeks. Summer admitted that she was nervous about leaving Marchetti and Harrison, but Jack rattled off a list of people who would gladly help care for the boy. Jack urged the couple to delegate to their staff so they could take time to enjoy their love. Kyle pondered whether it was safe to leave their mothers without supervision. Jack encouraged them to take full advantage of Phyllis and Diane's stalemate.

Nikki and Phyllis retreated to the Newman ranch to meet in secret, aware that Summer had been suspicious of their civility. Phyllis expressed resentment that she'd had to swear she wouldn't try to run Diane out of town, instead having to stand back and watch Diane worm her way into the lives of everyone they loved. Nikki applauded Phyllis for doing a good job of faking it. Phyllis pondered whether Tucker's ostentatious gift to Kyle and Summer had been an indication that Tucker and Diane had been linked in L.A. Nikki announced that Victor's team had uncovered a fascinating new piece of the puzzle.

Nate and Elena ran into one another at Crimson Lights, and he asked how she was settling in at the hotel. She replied that she was feeling unsettled, and he reminded her that she was the one who'd wanted distance. He asked what she thought had changed about him, and she cited his new job making her see a power-hungry, destructive side of him that had the potential to hurt a lot of people. Nate argued that the work he was doing would create jobs, allowing people to keep a roof over their heads and send their kids to school. He asserted that it took guts and vision and sometimes required sacrifices.

Elena questioned whether Nate was willing to sacrifice his morality, family, and relationship. He explained that being in the business world required time and effort, and she bristled at the implication that being a doctor didn't. Nate reiterated that all his frustrations with medicine stemmed from not being able to do the challenging parts of the profession, but Elena demanded to know if that justified his behavior. He stressed that he really believed in what he could accomplish, and he wasn't doing it to try to get ahead. He wished she could understand him, and she sadly replied that what made it so difficult was that she did understand him.

Devon entered the coffeehouse and asked if everything was okay. Nate insisted that everything was fine, and he told Elena that he would call her later. After Nate headed back to the office, Devon sensed that Elena was upset, and he urged her to talk to him. Devon noted that she and Nate were going through a rough patch, and he wanted to help. She accepted that it was natural for people to change, but she felt she didn't recognize who Nate was anymore. Devon asked whether Nate's career transition had really been that bad.

Elena complained that it seemed like Nate had lost his center, and his hunger to prove himself and excel had replaced his goodness and compassion. Devon was confused, since things had been improving since Nate had returned to work, and he wondered what was really going on. Elena swore it was nothing at first, but she suddenly blurted out, "It's everything." Devon worried that he was to blame if it had something to do with work, and Elena wished things were that simple. He implored her to tell him what was going on so he could figure out how to fix it. She groaned that it was much bigger than that.

Devon pressed to know what he'd done that was causing friction in Elena's relationship. Elena swore that Devon hadn't done anything, but the only thing Nate cared about was making his mark and showing everyone that he had the talent and courage to operate at that level. Devon argued that he wouldn't have hired Nate if he hadn't thought his cousin was talented, but Elena explained that Nate was frustrated because things hadn't happened as quickly as he'd wanted them to.

Devon was surprised to hear Nate still felt that way, since it had seemed like Nate had been making an effort to respect the hierarchy. Elena confided that she couldn't accept the way Nate had been handling his feelings. Devon wondered if she was talking about Nate struggling with his transition to the corporate world or something different. She stammered that she was sorry, and she hurried off to work. Devon looked perplexed.

Nate arrived at Chancellor-Winters and found Esther waiting in the corridor. She asked how her favorite doctor was, and he hoped he'd become her favorite businessman. Esther said she always had room for another favorite -- especially one as charming as he was. She revealed that Devon had asked her to meet him there, but she wasn't sure what it was about. Nate invited her to wait in the office, and he inquired whether it was the first time she'd been there since the merger. Esther raved about how impressed Katherine would have been that her grandson's company had joined hers.

Nate realized Esther had known Katherine as well as anyone. Nate called Katherine an inspiration, praising her accomplishments in an era when it had been rare for a woman to run a big company. Esther recounted that people had underestimated Katherine because she'd inherited the business from her husband, and Nate muttered that he knew the feeling. Esther was aghast that anyone would think he didn't know what he was doing when he'd graduated from medical school.

Nate considered his plight nothing compared to what Katherine had gone through with detractors and naysayers. Esther cited Jill as the worst one, adding that it was crazy that Katherine and Jill had become co-owners of Chancellor. Esther reflected on how Katherine and Jill had made peace and eventually become co-CEOs. Nate found it fascinating that Katherine had been willing to share her power, and he encouraged Esther to tell him more about Katherine as a businesswoman.

Later, Devon entered the office and found Nate and Esther having a pleasant conversation. Devon asked if everything was okay with Nate, and Nate replied, "Why wouldn't it be?" Esther mentioned that she'd been telling stories about Katherine, and Devon admired that Katherine hadn't wasted one second of life, with the motto "live until I die." Esther asked why Devon had wanted to see her.

Devon recalled Esther telling him that her grandchildren were growing up and that she wasn't taking care of the Chancellor mansion anymore. Devon cited the principle behind forming Chancellor-Winters as a family enterprise, and he considered Esther to be part of the Chancellor legacy. He said he'd love to have her be part of what they were building, and she incredulously asked if he was offering her a job. Devon explained that the receptionist had to take time off for personal reasons. "Yes!" Esther enthusiastically cried.

Esther indicated that she couldn't start until the next morning, and Devon said he planned to have the current receptionist train her. Esther promised to learn the routine in no time, and Nate welcomed her aboard. Esther marveled at the idea of being an employee of Chancellor-Winters, but she panicked when she realized she had to find something to wear. She gushed that "Mrs. C" would be proud of Devon, and she hurried out. Nate commended Devon for hiring Esther, and Devon mused that it felt like a missing piece to the puzzle because Katherine had always considered her family.

Devon questioned why Nate hadn't been honest with him earlier about whether everything was okay. Devon revealed that he'd just had a conversation with Elena, and he'd been able to tell she loved Nate and was worried about him. Devon added that he'd like to help if he could. Nate claimed that Elena had been saying all the right things about him leaving medicine, but she'd expected him to eventually end up back at Memorial.

Devon recognized that much of Nate and Elena's connection had been based on being in the same profession. Nate accused Elena of being focused on how things had been in the past, whereas he was looking forward. Nate received a text message and said he had a business matter to handle. Nate swore he was committed to working things out with Elena because he loved her, but he also stressed that he wouldn't allow personal issues to interfere with what he was trying to accomplish. Nate headed out.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor was taken aback when Victoria and Nick informed him that Tucker was back in Genoa City. Victor recalled that Tucker had supposedly divested himself of all his worldly goods and gone to an ashram in the Far East to find himself. Nick remembered that Devon had tracked his father down in Thailand, where Tucker had been playing the role of a humble spiritual seeker to the hilt. Nick inquired whether Tucker's sudden reappearance made Victor and Victoria reconsider making a play for Chancellor-Winters, since Tucker's return might be connected to the IPO.

Victoria contemplated whether Tucker had been working behind the scenes with Devon to take Chancellor-Winters public. Victor noted that Tucker had been in bed with Jill in more ways than one. Nick opined that having Tucker in the mix was a complication they couldn't afford. Victoria argued that Chancellor-Winters was too big of a get, and she didn't fear Tucker. She was confident they could outmaneuver Tucker, and Victor agreed. Victoria added that they'd know about any hazards ahead of time because of Nate.

Victor noted that Nate was perfectly positioned to find out if Tucker was involved with Chancellor-Winters going public. Victoria looked forward to getting more intel, but Nick warned that the SEC had a name for that kind of behavior. Victor pointed out that no regulations had been violated. "Yet," Nick flatly stated. Victoria reported that Nate had developed a personal relationship with Audra, the consultant hired to help with the IPO. Nick cautioned that they were assuming Nate could continue to lie to his cousins' faces.

Later, Nate arrived at Newman, where Victoria informed him that Tucker had returned to Genoa City. Nate confirmed that Devon hadn't said anything about it. Victoria reasoned that either Tucker hadn't told Devon he was in town, or Devon had been keeping Nate out of the loop. Nate wondered if Tucker had found out about the plan to take Chancellor-Winters public. Victoria steeled herself for the possibility that Tucker was plotting to make his own move on the company, and she ordered Nate to find out what was going on because it could change the entire game with a wildcard in the mix.

Tucker answered a knock at his hotel room door, and Diane burst in. She admonished him for pulling the helicopter stunt without any warning. He reasoned that he hadn't wanted anyone to find out about his surprise entrance, and it had been the perfect cover because her shock and outrage when he'd shown up had been real. She chided him for choreographing the entrance for Ashley when Ashley hadn't even been there. Diane pointed out that if he'd told her about his plans, she could have warned him that Ashley had been stuck in Paris. Tucker figured it had been worth it to see everyone's friendly faces, and he expected to meet up with Ashley in good time.

Diane ordered Tucker not to contact her again. Tucker chuckled and found it ironic that she was saying he was dead to her. Diane asserted that she'd satisfied her end of their agreement by giving him information about Ashley and the Abbotts, keeping him apprised of Ashley's well-being and romantic status, and she refused to spy for him any longer. Diane added that it was time to say goodbye, but Tucker replied that it was a little too soon for that.

Tucker demanded that he and Diane would continue to be partners, and she would be his eyes and ears inside the Abbott world. Diane inquired whether he was threatening her if she refused. He reminded her that she wouldn't have been able to make progress with her son or get to know her grandson without his help, and he was facing the same uphill battle. Tucker pointed out that Diane's crimes had been far more egregious, which gave him hope. Diane demanded that he tell her exactly what he wanted from the Abbotts.

Tucker swore he wasn't out to hurt anyone and that he simply wanted the forgiveness and acceptance Diane had found when she'd returned to Genoa City, but he mostly wanted it from Ashley. Diane was sure people were already suspicious about her and Tucker returning to town at the same time, and she warned that all his help would be for nothing if anyone put the pieces together. Diane begged him to reconsider using her as his spy. There was a knock at the door, and Victor called out that he knew Tucker was in there.

The past catches up with Noah

The past catches up with Noah

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

by Nel

At Newman Media, Chloe said since Adam knew the truth about Sally and Nick, things could get pretty ugly. Sally said she would never underestimate Adam, but she refused to live in fear of what Adam might do. Sally was amazed at how different Nick and Adam were. Sally said Nick was a sweet soul, and Adam had a dangerous edge -- but underneath that edge was a very sensitive man. Chloe pointed out that Sally was in the middle of two brothers, and that wasn't a good place to be.

Sally told Chloe that any lingering feelings she had for Adam were remnants of a relationship that never would have worked. Chloe said Sally needed to think long and hard about her relationship with Nick. Sally said that might be a little late because those feelings were already settling in. Chloe said Sally needed to figure out where things were headed. Sally asked why they had to be headed anywhere.

Chloe told Sally that a fling with Nick was a welcome escape from the pain and anguish Adam had inflicted. Chloe reminded Sally that she'd heard Sally say she didn't believe much would happen between her and Nick. Sally received a call from Nick asking if she was free later.

At Crimson Lights, Adam asked Chelsea "what the hell" she'd been thinking. Adam said Connor was very upset. Chelsea accused Adam of choosing business over family. Adam said he'd never thought Chelsea would go solo and drop that bomb on Connor.

Chelsea told Adam that Johnny had already been told the truth, and she'd been concerned that Johnny would tell or send a text message to Connor. Adam said she should have apprised the school of the situation, or she should have taken Connor's phone away. Adam said Chelsea didn't get to take away his rights to be with his son when Connor needed him.

Chelsea told Adam she'd been trying to be a good mom to both boys. Adam said it seemed the only person Chelsea had been concerned about was herself. Adam said there hadn't been any reason to tell the boys anything because they hadn't asked any questions. Chelsea said Victoria and Billy had agreed to it. Adam reminded Chelsea that it had been her idea, and he hadn't been included in any of those conversations.

Chelsea admitted Adam should have been included, but her concern had been for Johnny, since he was the person to discover she was his mom. Adam told her to stop calling herself Johnny's mom. Chelsea spat that she was technically Johnny's mom; she'd given birth to him. Adam said from the moment Johnny had been born, Victoria had become Johnny's mom, and it had been Chelsea's decision. Chelsea yelled that it had been the best decision at the time, but things had changed.

Adam told Chelsea she had a son of her own, and Connor should have been her focus. Nick arrived and asked what was going on. Adam told Nick they were discussing a private family issue. Nick refused to leave until he knew Chelsea was okay. Chelsea said she was all right. She said what was done was done. Adam asked Chelsea to promise she wouldn't make any more unilateral decisions regarding Connor. Chelsea said Connor would be just fine.

After Chelsea left, Adam asked why it had become Nick's mission to interfere in every aspect of his life. Nick said he was trying to distance himself from all aspects of Adam's life, and to assume otherwise was arrogance on Adam's part -- but not surprising. Adam said it had been very arrogant of him to think Nick cared enough about him to meddle in his life.

Adam told Nick his argument with Chelsea had been about Chelsea not including him when she'd told Connor about Johnny. Nick agreed that Adam should have been included. Adam said Connor was confused and upset, but Connor had insisted on going to a previously arranged sleepover with his friend. Adam said perhaps he should pick Connor up, but Nick said Connor needed space and told Adam to talk to Connor in the morning. Adam said the situation was complicated for the adults and overwhelming for Johnny and Connor.

Adam said there had been a lot of conflict between him and Nick, and he wanted to get to the root cause. Adam said they needed to talk about Sally because he was still in love with her. Adam admitted Sally was hurt because of him. Adam also admitted he had a lot of regrets about what he'd done. He said when he'd been with Sally, he'd envisioned a future for them, and he wanted Sally back. Adam said he didn't think Sally's feelings for him had evaporated. Nick said Adam needed to listen to what Sally had been telling him.

Adam said he was trying to be open and honest with Nick. Adam asked if Nick could ever love Sally or consider a future with her, and Adam asked Nick to back off and let him and Sally work things out if Nick couldn't. Adam left.

At Noah's nightclub, Noah told Allie he was feeling anxious, but it looked like everyone was having a pretty good time.

Nick arrived and told Noah the club was amazing. Sally arrived, and Nick and Sally left to find a spot of their own. Noah and Allie were stunned. Noah said he hoped it was work related and that Nick and Sally didn't cross paths with Summer.

Noah thanked Allie for believing in him, but there was something he needed to check on. Allie said she'd go with him. He turned, and Audra stood in front of him and said it had been a long time.

Sally told Nick she was really happy for Summer and Kyle, and despite everything that had happened between them, Sally held no ill will toward Summer. Nick said Summer was everything to him, and he would defend her to the end of the earth. Sally suggested they discuss exactly what was going on between them.

Victor knocked on Tucker's door at the Athletic Club. Diane whispered to Tucker not to answer it. Tucker told Diane he would handle things. Diane hid in the bathroom. Tucker opened the door and invited Victor in.

Victor commented that Tucker had been gone a long time, and he was curious why Tucker had returned. Tucker said he wanted to meet his first grandson and spend time with Devon. Victor laughed and said Tucker didn't "give a damn" about family relations, or he would have visited Devon first rather than crashing Jack's boring party.

Victor told Tucker he wasn't the only one who'd returned to Genoa City. He said Diane Jenkins had also returned and claimed she was on the straight and narrow. Victor said he believed in Diane's transformation as much as he believed in Tucker's. Tucker said he'd seen Diane at the Abbotts', but he wasn't in a position to say whether her transformation was legit. Tucker assured Victor that Victor and his family had nothing to worry about from Tucker.

Tucker told Victor the reason he hadn't approached Devon first was because he wasn't sure how to go about it, since there was a lot of distance to be bridged. Tucker said he also wanted to make amends with Ashley. Victor asked how many times Tucker had cheated on Ashley. Tucker admitted he'd made mistakes, but he wanted to own them. He said he wanted to apologize to Ashley and make it up to her. Victor suggested that Tucker go back to where he'd come from because Ashley didn't need Tucker's BS.

After Victor left, Diane stormed into the room and accused Tucker of provoking the Abbott family and doing the same with Victor. Diane asked why Tucker was playing with fire. Tucker claimed he hadn't had that much fun in a long time. Diane said it wasn't a game, but Tucker claimed everything was a game. Diane said she'd worked long and hard to gain footing in that town, and she wouldn't have it destroyed because Tucker enjoyed taunting the big dogs. Diane claimed Tucker had put them both in danger.

Diane accused Tucker of being cheeky and brazen, and she said Victor could have found her in the bathroom. Diane said Victor had already been suspicious, and he was even more suspicious since Tucker's arrival. Tucker assured her that Victor didn't know anything about their connection. Diane said Victor had the money and power to discover things. Tucker assured Diane that he had the money and the power to hide things. Diane said she didn't have either, and her life was hanging by a thread. Diane said she'd returned to Genoa City to be with her son, and she couldn't be associated with Tucker. She stated she wouldn't lose the progress she'd made with Kyle and Harrison.

Tucker told Diane he wanted to amend their first deal. He said Diane only had to let him know when Ashley returned from Paris, and Diane would have fulfilled her end of the agreement; she would be free.

At the ranch, Nikki told Phyllis the Bentley that Tucker had given Summer and Kyle was the exact same make and model that Deacon had seen Diane in. Phyllis asked if Diane and Tucker had rekindled their romance while they'd been in Los Angeles. Nikki said Tucker had completely abandoned Diane during the time that had led up to Diane's "death." Nikki said she couldn't imagine Diane reaching out to Tucker. Phyllis said Diane was desperate, and Diane would do anything, no matter how unpleasant or despicable.

Nikki told Phyllis that according to Victor's investigators, Private Image Finance developed artists in the United Kingdom, and their main benefactor drew funds through a bank in L.A. Phyllis asked if the main benefactor was Tucker. Nikki wasn't sure, but the name of the fund was Wild Beauty Incorporated. Phyllis said that was the name John Abbott had had for Ashley. Nikki said Ashley had been the reason Tucker had crashed the party.

Nikki told Phyllis that the absence of Tucker's name on the list didn't mean anything. Phyllis disagreed. She said Tucker was a braggart, and he would want to be connected to funding young artists. Nikki was certain that Tucker had a secret agenda. Nikki said Noah would be able to help them, since he'd been a young artist in London, and he might be able to give them some clues. Phyllis said she was going to do some hacking.

Victor arrived. Phyllis left. Nikki told Victor she was homing in on a connection between Diane and Tucker in L.A. Victor said Tucker and Diane needed to be taken care of, and he hoped they could kill two birds with one stone. Victor said his conversation with Tucker hadn't gone anywhere other than Tucker saying he wanted to make amends with Ashley. Victor was afraid Tucker was going to make Ashley's life a living hell. Nikki said her focus was completely on Diane.

On the rooftop of the Grand Phoenix, Chelsea took Billy's advice, and she screamed.

Abby warns Tucker to stay away from Ashley

Abby warns Tucker to stay away from Ashley

Thursday, October 6, 2022

by Nel

At the club, Noah asked Audra what she was doing there. Audra said she'd heard about the club from a business associate, discovered Noah owned it, and decided to check it out. Allie introduced herself. Noah told Allie that Audra was someone he "used to know." He told Audra to enjoy herself. Noah and Allie walked away.

Noah told Allie to ignore Audra, but Allie said it was difficult, since Audra appeared determined to get Noah's attention. Allie persisted in asking Noah about Audra. Noah became annoyed and said he didn't want to get into it. Allie asked why Noah was being evasive. Noah raised his voice and said he had a lot going on and didn't want to get into it. Allie said it didn't say much about their relationship if they couldn't have a simple conversation about a woman from Noah's past.

Noah apologized. He said Audra had been the woman he'd been seeing in London. Allie clarified that it was the one who'd broken Noah's heart. Noah denied that Audra had broken his heart; however, after he'd left Audra, he'd realized how toxic their relationship had been. Allie asked if Audra was trying to rekindle things with Noah. Noah said it was doubtful. He said things had become intolerable toward the end.

Elsewhere, Sally asked Nick to define their relationship. Nick said they enjoyed each other's company without thinking about consequences. Sally said she couldn't call it a relationship but rather a situation. She said it felt like they might be blindly driving off a cliff. She said she'd been in similar situations, and they'd always crashed and burned. She said she'd believed that Adam had been the real thing, and she'd been blindsided when it had ended. Sally said she wondered what the fallout would be if her situation with Nick ended.

Nick told Sally he'd had his fair share of failed relationships, and he understood her fears. Sally said the beginning of any relationship was fun. Nick said they had two options: end things immediately and avoid any chance of heartbreak, or see where things went. He said there was no need to overthink their situation. He suggested they jump into the deep end and swim.

Nick told Sally he would back off if she had more chapters in her story with Adam. He said he didn't want to label their situation because it would change their behavior to fit the label, and that never worked. Nick and Sally agreed not to define their situation. Nick said whatever it was between them, he liked it and didn't want it to end.

Audra intercepted the distracted Noah as he walked by. Audra said she'd been recruited by Jill to do some consulting on financial strategy for Chancellor-Winters, and that was the reason she was in town. Audra said she hadn't been looking for Noah and hadn't known he was in town. Audra insisted she wasn't trying to reunite with him. Audra said Noah looked happy, his friend was "so cute," and his club was amazing. Noah thanked Audra for checking out his club, and he walked away to speak to Nick.

Noah asked Nick why Nick was spending so much time with Sally. Nick said as CEO of Newman Media, they had a lot of things to discuss. Noah wondered how Summer would react to seeing Nick with Sally after Sally had almost sabotaged Summer and Kyle's relationship. Nick said the bad blood between Sally and Summer was in the past, and they didn't need to create problems where there were none. Nick said goodnight and left.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon asked Chelsea how things were going, but Chelsea appeared oblivious to the fact that she'd been spoken to as she sat down at a table. Sharon asked Chelsea what was going on. Chelsea said she was always amazed at Sharon's kindness toward her, considering their history. She said Sharon had been good to her when she hadn't needed to be.

Chelsea told Sharon that whenever she tried to do the right thing, it always blew up in her face. Chelsea said she'd convinced Billy and Victoria to tell Johnny she was his biological mother, and that had backfired. Chelsea shared that she'd told Connor about Johnny, believing he'd be happy to discover he had a brother, and that hadn't gone well, either. Chelsea said she'd been trying to protect the boys from discovering that some of their history had been hidden from them. She said both boys were angry and wanted nothing to do with her.

Sharon told Chelsea things might not be as bad as Chelsea perceived them to be. She said Chelsea had seen the boys' initial reactions, but in time, they might feel different. Chelsea claimed the boys could wind up hating her. Chelsea said she would have been happy if Johnny had been willing to talk to her.

Chelsea asked if Sharon remembered how much she'd hated Sharon when Sharon had tried to help after her stroke. Chelsea said she hadn't been herself, and it had driven her to do dangerous things. She said she'd nearly killed Rey, and she'd tried to frame Adam for it. Chelsea said Sharon had helped her then, and Sharon was helping her once again. Sharon asked why Chelsea had brought that up. Chelsea said whenever she tried to be a better person, she messed it up.

Sharon told Chelsea she was impressed how hard Chelsea had worked to successfully become a better person. Sharon said Chelsea was a concerned and attentive mother to Connor. She told Chelsea not to jump to the conclusion that nothing in her life was working because the boys had reacted negatively to her revelation.

Sharon suggested that Chelsea see a professional. Sharon offered to make a few phone calls to set something up for Chelsea. Enraged, Chelsea asked if Sharon thought she needed help. Yelling, Chelsea asked if Sharon had asked her to open up only to tell her how pathetic she was. Sharon asked Chelsea to calm down and said it had only been a suggestion. Chelsea claimed Sharon had wanted to make herself look good and insinuate that Chelsea was a lunatic. Chelsea claimed everyone in town thought the worst of her, and Sharon was no different. Chelsea stormed out.

At Chancellor-Winters, Lily checked her phone and read Billy's text message: "At Society. Meet me? Hell of a night." Lily invited Devon to join her and Billy at Society. Lily said she wanted to hear about Summer and Kyle's vow-renewal party. Devon said it had been lovely. Lily and Devon were shocked when they heard Tucker say he agreed the party had been lovely.

Tucker told Devon he'd arrived in town earlier, and he'd wanted to surprise Devon and take him out to dinner. Tucker said it had been years, and they had a lot of catching up to do.

At Society, Billy told Abby the party had been lovely, but he'd left because of a family issue. Abby was shocked when Billy told her that Tucker McCall had arrived in a helicopter and crashed the party.

Abby asked Billy if Tucker had known it was Summer and Kyle's vow-renewal ceremony. Billy said Tucker had known, and he'd wanted to make a grand entrance to let everyone in town know he'd returned. He said Tucker had done that to impress Ashley. Billy said Tucker had given Summer and Kyle a vintage Bentley, just like the one John Abbott had owned. Abby stated that if Tucker wanted to get to Ashley, he would have to go through her.

Lily, Devon, and Tucker arrived. Lily joined Billy at the bar; Tucker and Devon sat down at a table. Billy told Lily he'd received an urgent call from Chelsea. He said Chelsea had had a bit of a breakdown after telling Connor she was Johnny's biological mother. Billy said Connor wasn't any happier about that information than Johnny had been. Billy said he'd told Chelsea to seek out a professional to help her and the boys navigate the situation. Billy said he'd wanted to make sure Chelsea respected Johnny and Victoria's boundaries and to stop her from intruding into his son's life. Billy admitted he was worried about Chelsea.

Elsewhere, Tucker told Devon he wanted to meet Dominic. Devon informed Tucker that he shared custody of Dominic with Abby and Chance. Abby approached their table. Abby warned Tucker to stay away from Ashley. She said Ashley didn't want anything to do with him. Tucker said if he had a face-to-face with Ashley, she would understand that things had changed. Abby said he was wasting his time if he thought he would make inroads with Ashley. Abby said the idea of Tucker being anywhere near her son was abhorrent to her. Abby walked away.

Devon asked Tucker how long he planned to stay in town. Tucker said he had to get under Ashley's radar, and he wasn't there to cause trouble. Devon asked why Tucker had returned after such a long absence. Devon asked what Tucker had been doing since they'd last seen each other. Tucker said he'd been thrill-seeking and taking bigger risks, such as skydiving, paragliding, and deep-sea fishing. He said he'd even started racing and trying to find the next level of understanding.

Devon asked if Tucker had found what he'd been looking for. Tucker said he'd found it in Monte Carlo in a hospital bed. He admitted the rumors about him being injured in a car accident had been true. He said he'd almost died, but he'd downplayed that to Devon because Devon had had so much loss in his life, and he hadn't wanted to add to Devon's pain. Tucker said there was no bigger thrill than just living every day to its fullest because there were no second chances. Tucker said the accident had made him re-evaluate who he really was, what he wanted, and what really mattered to him.

Tucker said that reconnecting with Devon had been at the top of his list. Devon asked if Tucker had business in town or if it was a personal visit. Tucker said it was a bit of both. Devon asked if Tucker remembered when he'd tried to take over every major business in town. Tucker said it had been his excuse to stay in Genoa City. Tucker admitted this time, he had a better excuse to remain in town: Devon, and he hoped Dominic and Ashley. Tucker knew it wouldn't be easy for him and Devon to reconnect because of his long absence. Devon agreed.

Devon asked Tucker not to insert himself into the Abbotts', Ashley's, or Abby's lives if they didn't want to talk to him. Devon said he would appreciate it if Tucker would allow him to orchestrate Tucker's meeting with Dominic. Tucker said he had no interest in forcing himself where he wasn't welcomed. Tucker said he would take his best shot and accept defeat if it came to that.

At the bar, Billy asked if Lily was worried about Devon. She said she wasn't, but she found it curious that Tucker had shown up just when Chancellor-Winters was about to go public. Lily said Tucker's timing was suspect. Billy agreed. He and Lily left.

Chelsea is devastated when Johnny rejects her

Chelsea is devastated when Johnny rejects her

Friday, October 7, 2022

by Nel

At Crimson Lights, Johnny said he knew that Billy and Victoria were concerned, but they didn't have to worry. Johnny said he knew he had a birth mother, Chelsea, and he was over it. Johnny said he just wanted things to get back to normal. Chelsea eavesdropped from the patio.

Billy told Johnny if he didn't deal with problems immediately, they would fester and became a problem later. Billy said he wanted Johnny to know that he and Victoria were there for him with whatever he was going through. Johnny asked to drop the subject because nothing was going to change. Billy promised that nothing would change, and no one would force him to do anything. Johnny said he'd made his choice, since it had been his decision to make. Billy said it was Johnny's call. Johnny left to go to school.

Chelsea followed Johnny.

When Adam arrived at the coffeehouse, Sharon told him she'd had a disturbing conversation with Chelsea the previous evening. Adam asked how Sharon had found Chelsea's demeanor disturbing. Sharon said she'd suggested that Chelsea go back to therapy because whatever Chelsea was juggling, it seemed like it was too much for her to handle on her own. Sharon said her suggestion hadn't been well received. Sharon said that Chelsea might be more open to Adam, but Adam said he'd already tried, and Chelsea had pushed him away.

Adam told Sharon that he hadn't been there when Chelsea had decided to tell Connor that Johnny was his brother after they'd decided to do it together. Adam said Chelsea hadn't waited until he was available. He said Chelsea rejected anything she didn't agree with. Sharon and Adam agreed they had both seen Chelsea's downward spiral. Adam said he'd been responsible for Chelsea's initial breakdown from which she hadn't yet recovered. Adam said he didn't understand why Chelsea had such a fixation on Johnny.

Sharon told Adam that Chelsea was looking for answers and for someone to make her feel whole. Adam agreed. Sharon suspected Connor had helped Chelsea stay grounded from the day he'd been born. Sharon said Chelsea would continue to look for someone to make her feel anchored, and at that moment, that anchor was Johnny -- and Chelsea was clinging to him. Adam said it was unfair to Johnny and just as unfair to use Connor to draw Johnny in. Adam said Chelsea didn't seem to comprehend that what she was doing was wrong. Adam said his focus was on Connor, and he wouldn't let the situation hurt his son.

Allie arrived at the club, and she told Noah he'd had a great opening night. Allie said Noah had had a great turnout for opening night, and Noah's club could rival any nightclub anywhere. Noah told Allie he'd never expected Audra to show up. He said the last time they'd spoken, he'd been living in London. He said there hadn't been any communication between them since then. Noah assured Allie that Audra was no threat to them.

At Society, Abby expressed her concerns to Chance about Tucker McCall's return to Genoa City. She said that technically, Tucker was Dominic's grandfather, but she was afraid he could endanger Dominic or be a negative influence. Chance said that was a stretch, and he asked how Tucker would influence a toddler. Abby said Tucker was dangerous and manipulative. She said Chance had to support her and not allow Tucker anywhere near their son, no matter what the circumstances were.

Chance said Abby was overreacting. Abby said she'd seen firsthand the pain and devastation Tucker had caused, and she wouldn't allow him to hurt their son. Abby said she was annoyed that Chance wasn't supporting her. Chance said that just because someone had made mistakes in the past, it didn't mean they couldn't be a good parent or grandparent in the present.

Chance said Abby needed to let go of the past and focus on the present and the future because that was all he could handle. He said his priorities had to be his work and his family. Abby said it was good that Chance's family made the top two. Chance told Abby not to read into the order in which he'd said things. Chance said Abby knew that family was very important to him. Abby said that recently, it hadn't felt that way. Chance said he had a meeting to get to. He explained that he'd made an error about the time, and he left.

When Devon arrived, Abby told him she really detested Tucker. Devon said Tucker showing up out of the blue had thrown him for a loop. He said Tucker was going to put down roots in Genoa City. Devon said he wasn't sure how he felt about Tucker's return because there was a lot of distance between them.

Devon told Abby he wanted to have a tighter bond with his biological father, especially with Neil gone. He said it was hard to believe Tucker's intentions, given his past. Devon said that Chancellor-Winters was doing really well, and Tucker's timing seemed a little suspicious. Devon said he couldn't help but wonder what was on Tucker's agenda.

At Newman, Victoria told Nikki she was worried she'd made the wrong call, telling Johnny that Chelsea was his biological mother. Nikki said information like that could throw Johnny's world into a tailspin. Victoria said everywhere she turned, there was an avalanche of complications thrown at her, and Tucker's return was one of them. Victoria said Tucker was always working an angle, and she had no idea what that angle might be. She said Tucker's interests were acquisitions.

Victoria told Nikki that Tucker always had an agenda, and in the past, he'd gone after every big company in town. Victoria said she had it on good authority that Chancellor-Winters was about to go public. She said she'd devised a strategy for Newman Enterprises to swoop in and become the majority stockholder.

Victoria told Nikki that she and Nate would work together. She said Nate had become a very savvy businessman, and he felt the current structure at Chancellor-Winters had been limiting his opportunities. Victoria said once they obtained the majority stake, she would put Nate in charge of the company. She told Nikki that Victor was all-in, but Nick felt the move was too risky. Victoria admitted there was an ethical gray area, and Nikki agreed that it might be an ethical legal gray area. Victoria said she was certain she and Nate could take care of it and wondered if Tucker had the same goal in mind. Nikki said she didn't believe Tucker had access to the Chancellor-Winters board.

Victoria asked if Nikki thought Tucker had bought gifts for the board members at Chancellor-Winters to get information. Nikki said if Victoria could have a mole at Chancellor-Winters, so could Tucker. Victoria said it would be foolish to think Tucker didn't know something about the IPO. Nikki said if Tucker knew, he would try to take control of the company. She told Victoria to keep her guard up and her eyes open. Nikki left.

A short time later, Billy arrived and told Victoria he felt they were making some progress with Johnny. He said Johnny felt less confused and less angry. Billy said Johnny didn't want anything to change, and Billy had promised Johnny that nothing would. Victoria said she'd said the same thing to Johnny. Victoria asked how Chelsea would react when she found out the scenario wouldn't go her way.

Billy told Victoria he didn't want to speculate how Chelsea would react, but Chelsea seemed very fragile, more so than he'd seen in a while. Victoria said they needed to keep Johnny as far away from Chelsea as possible. Victoria said Johnny had to be their main priority because Johnny couldn't deal with that trauma on his own. Billy agreed, but he couldn't help worrying about Chelsea. Victoria said Chelsea needed to pull herself together and stop using their son as her crutch.

At the park, Johnny seemed a little nervous and mumbled that he should have waited for his friend at the coffeehouse. Smiling, Chelsea approached Johnny and said she hadn't expected to run into him. Johnny didn't look happy. Chelsea sat down beside him, but Johnny moved to the other bench. Chelsea said she wanted to thank him for spending time with Connor at the pool the other day. She said Connor had had "so much fun" with Johnny.

Johnny told Chelsea to stop. He said he knew the truth about Connor and Chelsea. He said Chelsea wasn't his mom, and nothing would change. Chelsea agreed that Victoria was his mom, and she wouldn't force anything on Johnny. Chelsea explained that she hadn't wanted Johnny to find out about her being his biological mom from someone else. She said she didn't want Johnny wondering about her or resenting everyone for keeping that secret.

Johnny told Chelsea she was the reason his parents were forcing the information on him. Chelsea said it was something they'd decided to do together. Johnny said it had been Chelsea's idea in the first place, and she was the reason it felt like his world had been flipped upside down. Chelsea said it hadn't been her intention; she'd only wanted him to know that his birth mother cared about him. Chelsea said she thought Johnny and Connor could have a deeper connection as brothers. Johnny yelled that he and Connor were cousins. He asked if Connor knew the truth. Chelsea admitted that Connor knew.

Johnny asked Chelsea how Connor had taken the news. While Chelsea searched for the words, Johnny realized Connor hadn't taken the news well. Johnny said Chelsea's silence proved his point. He said that he and Connor didn't want anything to change. Johnny said he wanted them to forget they'd had that conversation, and he wanted to go back to the way things were supposed to be. In a snarky manner, Johnny said he had to go because he was in the wrong place. Johnny left.

A short time later, Chance stood beside Chelsea, and he asked if something was wrong. Chelsea said the world was a cruel and unforgiving place. She asked what the point was in trying to make it less horrible or to bother trying to make it better. Chance invited Chelsea to have coffee with him at the coffeehouse.

Nikki arrived at Noah's club and said she wanted information dating back to his time in London. Allie left. Nikki asked Noah if he'd ever heard of a fund called Wild Beauty Incorporated. Nikki explained that her question was related to Diane's time in Los Angeles. Noah said the woman he'd been seeing in London, Audra Charles, worked at Wild Beauty Incorporated.

Nikki asked who Audra worked for. Noah said he'd just been thinking about her because she'd become impossible to avoid. Noah said he hadn't seen Audra since he'd returned from London, and Audra had suddenly shown up out of nowhere in his club on opening night. He said it all seemed very weird to him that Nikki was talking about Wild Beauty. Nikki agreed it was very weird.

Adam greeted Chelsea and Chance when they arrived at the coffeehouse. Chelsea asked Adam if Sharon was there. Adam said Sharon was in the back room. On edge, Chelsea asked if Adam and Sharon were conspiring against her and discussing all the things that were wrong with her. Chelsea asked if Chance had brought her there because they were all trying to fix her. Adam said no one was conspiring against her; they were all concerned about her.

Chelsea shouted at Adam that she didn't need his concern, pity, or judgment. She said all she was trying to do was spend time with her other son because she wanted to be part of his life, and she wanted him to be part of hers.

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