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Ashley rejected Tucker's attempt to make amends. Audra met secretly with Tucker about Chancellor-Winters' IPO. After Elena told Nate she was leaving Genoa City, he confessed his duplicity to his family. Devon fired Nate. Despite Nate's pleas, Elena moved out. Adam lured Sally to a romantic dinner.
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Elena told Nate she was leaving Genoa City. Nate came clean about his plan to Devon, Lily, and Billy. Ashley rejected Tucker's attempt to make amends.
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Ashley agrees to meet with Tucker against Jack's wishes

Ashley agrees to meet with Tucker against Jack's wishes

Monday, October 10, 2022

Ashley returned home for a visit and encountered Jack, who expressed frustration because his sister had not returned his calls. Jack informed Ashley that Tucker McCall was back in town. Ashley expressed dismay when she heard about Tucker having crashed Summer and Kyle's ceremony and then presenting them with a car worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Jack said Tucker had seemed blithely unaware of how his antics might affect their private family gathering. Ashley suggested that Tucker might wish to stick around awhile to get closer to Devon and his grandson. Jack told Ashley that Tucker had not mentioned Devon or Dominic, though he had asked about her.

Ashley told Jack she had not heard from Tucker in years and had tried hard not to think of him. Jack told Ashley he did not trust Tucker and hoped Tucker would leave town soon. Ashley recalled that Tucker had helped them recover control of Jabot, though he had done so to convince her to marry him. Jack said he would never forgive Tucker for his atrocious treatment of Ashley. Ashley cried that Tucker had cheated on her twice -- once with Diane, and then with Harmony.

Ashley berated herself for even thinking that Tucker would have been faithful the second time around. Jack was taken aback when Ashley said she might meet with Tucker because she found it interesting that he had shown up shortly after Diane had. Ashley explained that Tucker and Diane, once adversaries, could have become allies due to the right motivations and agendas. Jack, unconvinced it was a wise move, wished Ashley good luck in reconnecting with Tucker.

At Marchetti, Phyllis asked Diane about the photos she had taken at the vow-renewal ceremony. Diane replied that the photos had beautifully captured the lovely day. Phyllis agreed that even Tucker's unwelcome arrival had not ruined the day. Diane blasted Tucker's vulgar and ostentatious display. Phyllis agreed, describing Tucker's entrance from a helicopter as a stunt reminiscent of James Bond.

Phyllis recalled that Tucker's wedding gift, a vintage Bentley, was an extravagance Summer and Kyle would never have chosen. Phyllis said she could not understand why Tucker had given the couple a Bentley, and she pressed Diane to explain. Diane suggested that Tucker's aim was to score points by reminding everyone that the beloved family patriarch, John Abbott, had driven a Bentley. Phyllis replied, "I know a lot of people who would kill for a car like that." Diane said she had never driven a Bentley and never would.

Phyllis animatedly suggested that Diane should ask Summer and Kyle if she could slip in and take the Bentley for a drive. Diane, exasperated, replied, "What is it that you're trying to say to me, Phyllis?" Phyllis feigned ignorance and said she thought that discussing Tucker and the car he had gifted would be pretty banal conversation, given that she had promised to remain civil. Diane apologized for overreacting and said she had to leave.

After Diane walked away, Phyllis whispered, "Liar, liar, liar. You are lying, Diane, and we're going to get to the bottom of this, Nikki and I. And then everything is going to blow up -- kww! -- in your face." Phyllis opened her tablet and examined the photo of the vintage Bentley an investigator had reported having seen Diane riding in back in Los Angeles. Phyllis nodded as she thought about the obvious connection.

Tucker approached Nikki at Society. Nikki complained that Tucker kept popping up everywhere. Tucker apologized for not having chatted with Nikki at Summer's vow renewal. Nikki reminded Tucker that he had been too busy making a spectacle of himself. Tucker said he would describe his entrance as a spirited homecoming.

Tucker took a seat after Nikki invited him to join her. Tucker recalled that he had met with Victor and had answered all his questions. Nikki replied that Tucker had claimed he wanted to catch up with Devon, meet Dominic, and offer his mea culpa to Ashley. Nikki sternly issued a warning, reminding Tucker that Ashland Locke might still be alive had he not messed with the Newman family. Tucker replied, "Well, I consider myself warned."

Nikki told Tucker that the Newmans, Abbotts, and others were having to deal with Diane Jenkins, though she would be on her way out of town soon. Tucker replied, "And your point is?" Nikki insisted there was no place in Genoa City for people who wanted to do harm to respectable families. Tucker scoffed and replied that "respectable" was a subjective term. Diane entered, and Tucker called out to her. Nikki rolled her eyes. Tucker joked that both he and Diane were back from the dead, explaining that he had almost been killed in a racing accident in Monte Carlo. Nikki recalled that Diane had only pretended to be dead.

Diane, defending herself, said some were allowing her to move forward. Tucker commended Diane and said she had made inroads. Confused, Nikki observed, "Wait a minute. You've barely been back for two days. How would you know that?" Tucker said it seemed obvious that Diane had made a lot of progress with the Abbotts, especially with her son. Diane agreed, explaining that she was even working at a Jabot company. Tucker told Diane he would love to pick her brain and learn how she had managed to reinvent herself. Diane coldly replied, "Why would I help you with anything? We haven't spoken in years, and the last words we did exchange weren't friendly."

Nikki warned Tucker that Diane's advice would be malicious because there was nothing sincere or honest about her. Nikki suggested that Diane and Tucker might still bond over all kinds of shady things. Diane insisted she would not be baited to engage in another argument with Nikki in public. Diane left. Tucker checked his messages and discovered that Ashley wished to meet with him. Tucker excused himself and left. Nikki seemed unsettled.

Audra greeted Noah at Crimson Lights and correctly recalled that he preferred triple expressos with the crema scraped off. Audra congratulated Noah on the opening of his incredible club. Noah asked Audra about her financial work with Chancellor-Winters. Audra said she would stay in town as long as it took to get her project completed, though she might stick around if it was worth her while. Audra apologized to Noah for the way their relationship had faltered when they'd been in London.

Audra told Noah that his new friend was very cute. Noah warned Audra not to belittle or disparage Allie. Audra replied, "Sounds like you're in love." Audra recalled that she had once been the recipient of Noah's love. Noah replied that it had been one of the worst mistakes of his life. Noah requested that Audra keep her distance and let him enjoy the happiness he had found since their breakup.

At Chancellor Park, Victoria met with Nate to inquire about the consultant Jill had hired to oversee the IPO. Nate replied that he and Audra Charles had developed a work-based relationship, though he had to watch what he said because Audra was extremely sharp. Victoria revealed that she had met Audra briefly and agreed that she had ambitions. Nate assured Victoria that Audra would become their best source of information, which he would pass along. Victoria was relieved, explaining that Audra was different than a problematic businessman she knew. Nate replied, "Are you referring to Tucker McCall?" Victoria nodded and acknowledged that Tucker could throw a wrench into their plans.

Nate reported that Devon had been caught off guard when Tucker had stopped by, which meant that Devon and Tucker had not likely been in contact. Victoria and Nate surmised that Tucker had not heard about the IPO from Devon. Nate said that perhaps Tucker knew nothing about the IPO. Victoria told Nate she would have a talk with Tucker and covertly investigate his intentions. Victoria praised Nate for his business acumen, which, she said, Devon had not appreciated. Nate replied, "Which brought me to you."

At Chancellor-Winters, Billy informed Devon and Lily that he had investigated McCall Unlimited and discovered that Tucker had divested his company of several divisions to increase his cash reserves. Devon noted that Tucker had done so prior to showing up when the company was about to go public. Devon recalled that Tucker had seemed sincere when he'd claimed he had wanted to reconnect and spend time with Devon and Dominic. Devon told Billy and Lily that they should keep a close eye on Tucker.

After Nate arrived, Devon suggested Nate cut back on his work hours with Audra and reconnect with Elena. Nate said he and Elena would work things out. Audra arrived. Lily opened the meeting by stressing that they had to maintain confidentiality because Tucker McCall could take advantage of the stock offering to gain a controlling interest in Chancellor-Winters. Billy explained that Tucker had sold companies to amass cash.

Devon agreed that Tucker's actions had raised a red flag and made him consider pumping the brakes on the IPO until they collected additional information. Nate suggested taking the company public sooner than planned. Audra said she would examine ways to accelerate the timeline. Devon guardedly agreed that Nate's suggestion might work. Lily stressed that they should remain guarded, and Nate agreed that constant vigilance was required.

Devon invited Audra to join him for coffee, and they left. Lily asked Billy to keep tabs on Tucker through his various connections in Genoa City. Billy, sounding resigned, replied, "Sure. Whatever you want." Lily said Billy no longer seemed interested in his work and was just marking time as her COO rather than following his own bliss. Billy admitted that being her right-hand man was not working well for him, though it was an exciting time for the company. Billy said that "bigger, faster, and stronger" did not seem appealing, which made him feel he did not fit into the business world. Billy admitted he did not know what might be the right fit for him.

Victoria was at Crimson Lights when Nate called from Chancellor Park to deliver an update. Nate explained that during a meeting about the IPO, he had learned that Lily, Devon, and Billy were concerned about Tucker having sold off his divisions to stockpile cash. Nate told Victoria it was good news because concern about Tucker would prevent them from anticipating Victoria's moves. Nate explained that he had suggested they take the company public sooner than originally planned. Victoria thanked Nate for keeping her posted.

After Nate hung up from his call to Victoria, he turned and found Elena standing behind him. Elena admitted she had overheard the end of Nate's conversation and could guess who he had been talking to and what he had discussed. Nate sighed heavily and replied that he already knew what Elena would say about it. Elena asked Nate to hear her out. Nate sighed.

Elena stressed again how Nate's arrangement could hurt people and might also hurt him, too. Nate insisted that he would be fine, but Elena reminded him of how protective Victor was of his family. Nate explained that he had leverage and trusted Victoria. Elena replied, "But Victoria, first and foremost, is the CEO of Newman, and right now, Victoria's goals align with yours. But if her needs change after she gets what she wants from you, she could let you go without a thought. Then, where would you be after betraying Devon and Lily?" Elena pressed Nate to consider whether or not it was worth the potential downside.

Devon and Audra had coffee on the patio at Crimson Lights. Devon told Audra he wanted to get to know her better like Nate had. Audra said she was highly skilled at reading people. Audra told Devon she believed he had concerns about his cousin Nate. Devon paused as he considered Audra's intuitive statement regarding Nate.

Phyllis entered Jack's office to deliver a report. Jack, unable to concentrate, asked Phyllis to send him the report in an email. Phyllis asked Jack what was going on. Jack explained that Ashley was back in town and wanted to meet with Tucker, which, he cried, would be a terrible mistake.

Phyllis suggested that Tucker had a secret plot brewing. Jack agreed. Phyllis said Ashley could take care of herself. Jack cried that Tucker's plan to beg Ashley's forgiveness and attempt to win her back bugged him. Phyllis said she was always hopeful that forgiveness was possible. Jack seemed to understand Phyllis' subtle referral to her hopes that he might forgive her.

Tucker arrived at the Abbott mansion, and Ashley invited him inside. Tucker thanked Ashley for agreeing to meet with him. Tucker admired Ashley and told her she looked beautiful, having not changed a bit. Tucker told Ashley he had missed her and had dreamed of seeing her again. Ashley replied, "Please, spare me the compliments and the pretty speeches. Why are you really here, Tucker?"

Ashley rejects Tucker's attempt to make amends

Ashley rejects Tucker's attempt to make amends

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

At the Newman ranch, Victor instructed Michael to find out why Tucker had suddenly returned to Genoa City. Victor relayed Tucker's claim that he was there to mend fences with Ashley, reconnect with Devon, and meet his grandson, but Victor didn't trust any of it. Victor was determined to make sure Tucker didn't cause any harm to Ashley or Dominic. Michael questioned what ulterior motive Victor suspected Tucker had. Victor confided that Victoria was about to make a big business move by gaining a big stake in Chancellor-Winters, and he had a feeling Tucker was in town because he'd gotten wind of it.

Michael wondered if he'd missed the news of an IPO. Victor explained that it was still in the works, but Victoria had inside information and was ready to act. Michael asked who the source was, but he quickly decided that he didn't want to know. Michael advised Victor to be cautious because it wasn't ethical and might even be illegal. Victor requested that Michael guide Victoria in the legal aspects of the situation, but Michael didn't feel comfortable unless they were seeking advice about how to follow the law and not how to skirt it. Victor noted that Michael been around the inner circle of Newmans long enough to know how they operated. Michael muttered that it was exactly what he was afraid of.

Victor assured Michael that Victoria would play it discreetly, but he was worried that Tucker was in town to play a hand in the Chancellor-Winters deal. Michael argued that Tucker had divested himself of all holdings except McCall Unlimited, switching gears from world domination to downsizing his companies. Victor countered that Tucker was Katherine's son, Devon's father, and Dominic's grandfather, so Tucker's motives were likely more personal. Victor refused to let anyone interfere with Victoria's plans.

At the Abbott mansion, Tucker remarked that Ashley looked amazing. He recognized that it would sound hollow, but he said he'd missed her and dreamed of that day for a long time. She told him to spare the compliments and pretty speeches, and she questioned why he was really there. Tucker claimed that he was just drinking her in, and he swore there were no secret machinations in play. Ashley found that hard to believe.

Tucker recounted that he'd been in a near-fatal car crash in Monte Carlo. He contended that his recovery had given him a new perspective on life as he'd contemplated what he'd accomplished but mostly what he'd lost. Tucker continued that wronging Ashley was at the top of his list of regrets, so he was there to make it right with her. He claimed that he'd realized what he'd squandered when he'd lost her, and it was what had driven him to the ashram. He added that he'd given up all his worldly possessions, but he'd since discovered that wasn't really who he was.

Ashley sourly remarked that Tucker had always loved his toys. Tucker revealed that he'd gone back to his company and thrill-seeking, and it was what had led to his accident. He explained that it had forced him to see what he'd been missing -- the love and life that he'd had right in front of him but let slip away. Tucker recounted that when Ashley had ended their marriage, she'd told him that the only way she'd ever trust him not to hurt her again was if he went through a miraculous change and became a completely different man. He proclaimed that he stood before her a completely different man that would never hurt her again.

A skeptical Ashley reminded Tucker that she'd ended things with him because she hadn't been able to take any more of his secrets and lies. Tucker admitted that he'd taken her for granted, and he'd lost the best thing that had ever happened to him. Ashley called it a good speech, and she imagined it had taken him a long time to write it. He confirmed that he'd thought long and hard about what he'd say if he saw her again to convince her he was sincere. She incredulously asked if he thought there was a future for them.

Tucker acknowledged that he couldn't just expect Ashley to take him back after all that time. Ashley flatly stated that it wouldn't happen because she'd moved on with her life and never looked back. She found it interesting that he'd returned to town a few months after Diane had, as if he'd followed Diane back to Genoa City. Tucker swore that he'd been just as surprised as everyone else to find out Diane was still alive, but he had zero interest in revisiting anything with her. Ashley implored him to tell her the real reason he was in town because they otherwise had nothing to discuss.

Tucker was taken aback by Ashley's apathetic reaction when he'd expected her to be angry. He figured that if she'd been furious with him, he would have known she still harbored feelings for him because there was a fine line between love and hate. He handed her a gift bag and hoped the contents would show her that she'd never left his mind. She found a Japanese trinket inside, and he referred to the memory as a beautiful, sweet moment.

Ashley stuffed the item into the bag and handed it back to him, but he refused to accept it. She asked if there was anything else, and he replied no and headed to the door. He stopped and requested to speak with her again after she'd had a chance to process what he'd told her, and he pleaded with her to think it over. She huffed that she'd heard everything she'd needed to hear, firmly adding, "Goodbye, Tucker." After Tucker left, Ashley dumped the gift in the trash.

At Jabot, Jack warned Phyllis that their conversation was about Ashley and Tucker and not their own relationship. Phyllis excused herself to answer a call. Nikki reported that she had new information on Wild Beauty and asked Phyllis to meet her in Chancellor Park. Phyllis told Jack that she had to go to a meeting, and she hurried out.

Summer ran into Kyle by the Jabot elevators, and they kissed. Kyle indicated that he was on his way to meet his mom for lunch and invited Summer to join them. Summer groaned that she had too much to catch up on, and she noted that he'd added a meeting to her calendar later that day. Kyle vaguely referred to something he needed to discuss with her, but he hesitated to get into it then. He headed out.

Summer stepped into Jack's office and asked Jack if he'd seen her mom. He mentioned that Phyllis had just run off to an important meeting, but he'd sensed it hadn't been about Marchetti because she'd had the kind of gleam in her eye that she got when she was up to something. Summer refused to get drawn into the drama when she was still walking on cloud nine after the vow renewal. She thanked Jack for helping make it special, and he declared that the Abbott home was her home. He marveled that she'd been every bit as lovely a bride as she'd been in Milan. She thanked him for being the best father to the best husband and partner she could ever hope to have.

Jack credited Summer for making Kyle the great man he was that day. Summer invited Jack to pick out his favorite photos from the vow renewal so she could get them printed for him. Jack marveled that Summer had been part of his life since the day she'd been born, and he said it gave him great joy to see her and Kyle happy and in love. Jack continued that having them and Harrison living on the Abbott estate had made the house a home, and he welcomed them to stay there as long as they liked. Jack enthused that it had been the thrill of life to watch Kyle and Summer grow and mature into a loving couple and attentive, adoring parents.

In the park, Phyllis begged Nikki to say that she'd connected Tucker to Private Image. Nikki divulged that Noah had heard of Wild Beauty and that his former girlfriend, Audra, had once worked there. Nikki added that Audra had just shown up in town, and Phyllis clucked that the coincidences kept piling up. Nikki was certain all those coincidences tied back to Tucker, but Phyllis fretted that it was all conjecture on their part until they connected Tucker to one of the companies. Nikki answered a call from Noah, who informed her that he'd just run into Audra at Crimson Lights.

At Society, Diane gushed about the vow-renewal ceremony and how much it had meant for her to be there to witness it. She observed that Kyle seemed distant, and she hoped he hadn't let Tucker's stunt put a damper on the day. Kyle swore that nothing could have wrecked the ceremony for him, but he was concerned about the innuendos he'd heard about Diane and Tucker's past. Diane pointed out that half the women in town had a past with Tucker. Kyle referred to Phyllis' suspicion that there was a present connection between Diane and Tucker, and he begged his mother to tell him it wasn't true.

Diane grumbled that Kyle was suddenly doubting her just because Tucker had shown up. Diane reiterated that she'd been shocked that Tucker had had the gall to show his face in Genoa City again, and she regretted her past with him. Kyle insisted that he wasn't accusing her of anything, but he wanted to know the truth. Diane swore that her only connection to Tucker was one of pure loathing. Kyle was glad to hear it.

Kyle and Diane returned to Jabot, and she rambled about impromptu lunches with her son being one of her favorite parts of the job. She hoped he understood why she'd gotten defensive about Tucker, and she chalked it up to it being a reflex when she heard Tucker's name. Kyle said he had to track down Summer to discuss some important business, and he headed off.

Diane entered Jack's office and admitted that she was worried because Tucker hadn't given any real explanation about why he was back. Jack indicated that it was supposedly all about reconnecting with Ashley and Devon, but he was happy that Ashley wasn't interested. Jack informed Diane that Ashley had met with Tucker to make her position clear. Diane suspected that Tucker had another agenda, and she cautioned that they should all be on alert and not trust anything about Tucker.

Summer was curious when Kyle led her to the park for a work meeting, and he explained that he hadn't wanted any interruptions. He revealed that he'd finalized his plans for a perfect honeymoon, complete with a secluded beach in Costa Rica, a private chef, pi˝a coladas, and spa treatments. She purred that he really was the perfect husband, and he lovingly replied that he'd been inspired by his perfect wife. They kissed, and he added that he had one request for the last few days of their trip. Summer blurted out that the nanny could escort Harrison down for a family beach vacation, but she gauged from Kyle's stunned reaction that it hadn't been what he'd had in mind.

Summer apologized for stepping on Kyle's wonderful plans. She explained that she'd just been looking at pictures from their vow renewal and thinking about how much love they had in their little family. Kyle revealed that he'd had the same idea about Harrison joining them on the trip, and he'd simply been shocked that she'd thought of the same thing. He reflected back on all the times they'd broken up and gotten back together, and he figured that once they'd made it permanent, they'd been destined to last forever.

At Crimson Lights, Nikki approached Audra and started to introduce herself, but Audra immediately recognized Nikki. Audra proclaimed that she prided herself on knowing all the major players in the business world, and Nikki assumed that Audra also knew she was Noah's grandmother. Audra claimed she'd been pleasantly surprised to learn Noah was back in Genoa City, and she explained that she was in town to do some consulting work for Chancellor-Winters. Audra gushed that she'd admired Nikki's career from afar and heard about the Newmans from Noah's perspective. Nikki was sure that Audra knew more about her than she knew about Audra, and she hoped Audra appreciated the importance of keeping Katherine's legacy alive. Nikki pressed to know more about Audra.

Nikki remembered Noah telling her that Audra had been an artist, but she doubted Audra's work at Chancellor-Winters was related to art. Audra explained that she still considered herself an artist, but it had never been something that had paid the bills. She continued that after years of scraping by, she'd gone to business school as a fallback career to please her parents, and it had turned out that she enjoyed it. Nikki wondered if Audra missed pursuing art. Audra commented that sometimes parents knew best.

Nikki said Noah had told her that Audra had worked for a nonprofit organization that supported artists, and she pretended to struggle to remember the name of it. Audra enthused that Wild Beauty did wonderful work by donating to artists and encouraging creativity. Nikki inquired about who funded the noble endeavor, but Audra claimed that she hadn't worked on the financial side and had only helped the organization identify artists to support. Audra suddenly said she had a meeting to go to, and Nikki predicted that Audra would cross paths with more business leaders in Genoa City. Nikki casually stated that even Tucker McCall had just returned to town, and she wondered if Audra knew him.

Abby was excited to see Ashley at Society. Ashley apologized for the flight issues that had prevented her from making it to Kyle and Summer's ceremony, but Abby was certain her mother had heard about the event's unexpected guest. Ashley shared that she'd met with Tucker earlier, and Abby spat that she'd already made it clear that Tucker wasn't welcome there. Ashley asserted that she'd been over Tucker when he'd left town, and she thought less of him than she ever had. Ashley scoffed at the idea that he harbored a deep love for her. Abby was sure that Tucker had an agenda, and she wanted him as far away from mother and family as possible.

Nikki and Phyllis arrived at the restaurant in response to a text message from Ashley. Abby was shocked that the three women were meeting voluntarily, and she stepped away to leave them to whatever their meeting was about. Ashley referred to the plan to get Diane out of town and announced that she had someone else to add to the list -- Tucker. Nikki remained convinced that Diane and Tucker were a package deal.

Ashley thought it was a reach that Wild Beauty and Tucker were linked just because the company's name included his former nickname for her. Nikki reported that she'd had an interesting conversation with Audra, who had claimed she knew of Tucker but didn't actually know him. Phyllis was skeptical that Audra had never met him, but Ashley accepted that it was possible Tucker had no connection to either Private Image or Wild Beauty. Nikki noted that Tucker had arrived in town on Audra's heels, and she sensed that they were close to tying everything together.

Ashley questioned what had happened with Talia's articles, since only one had been published. Nikki shared that Talia's editor had suddenly shut the series down, and Phyllis added that someone had applied pressure not to release more stories about Diane. Nikki realized that Tucker might have known all along that Diane had staged her death. Phyllis mused that they were all pieces of the puzzle.

Ashley grumbled that if Victor's people hadn't had any luck, the three of them wouldn't fare any better. Phyllis accused Ashley of letting her and Nikki do all the heavy lifting. Ashley divulged that she'd met with Tucker earlier and told him she was suspicious of the timing of his return, but he'd sworn he had no connection to Diane. Ashley added that she hadn't believed him, and she'd made it clear that there was no hope of rekindling their relationship. Phyllis advised Ashley not to be so quick to shut the door on Tucker, since he might slip up with Ashley.

Tucker returned to his hotel suite and found Audra waiting for him. She asked how things had gone with his ex, and he replied that it had been what he'd expected but not what he'd hoped. He acknowledged that it wouldn't be easy, but he remained determined to win Ashley back. Tucker inquired about Chancellor-Winters, and Audra reported that everything seemed to be going smoothly with preparations for the IPO. He seemed pleased.

Elena tells Nate she is leaving Genoa City for good

Elena tells Nate she is leaving Genoa City for good

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

by Nel

At Noah's Club, Noah told Mariah and Tessa that his ex Audra had shown up at the opening of his club. Mariah asked if that was Noah's ex from London. Noah said it was. He said Audra's company had sent her to work on some big deal at Chancellor-Winters because Audra had a business degree in financing. Mariah asked if Noah had believed her. Noah claimed he'd gotten a bad vibe from her.

Mariah and Tessa teased Noah about being crazy about Allie. Noah said Allie might be his game-changer, and her positivity was infectious. Mariah said she was relieved that Audra wouldn't be any trouble. Noah said he hadn't said that.

At Crimson Lights, Audra told Allie she was happy Noah had found someone special to be with, and she asked how Allie and Noah had met. Allie said they'd met through mutual acquaintances, and she and Noah had been together since then. Audra warned Allie that Noah went through some artists' phases she called Noah's "purple funk." Allie said every artist did, just like Picasso.

Allie told Audra that the Noah she knew was upbeat, hilarious, grounded, and very productive. Allie said Noah was an amazing son, brother, and boyfriend, and he was surrounded with a lot of love and authenticity. Audra noted that Noah wasn't doing his art anymore. Allie said the club was Noah's work of art, and if Audra couldn't see that, then she never really appreciated Noah. Allie told Audra that Noah was back where he belonged.

Audra claimed Allie had gotten the wrong idea. Allie said she hadn't; she saw through Audra. Allie said nothing Audra said or implied would make her doubt Noah's affections for her. Audra claimed that hadn't been her intention because she was thrilled Noah had found the right partner. Audra said she and Noah had been too volatile and unpredictable, and it had been inevitable the fire would burn out for them. Audra said that didn't seem to be a problem for Allie and Noah.

Back at the club, Mariah asked Noah what kind of trouble they needed to watch out for from Audra. Noah said he never knew what would set Audra off on an emotional spiral and lead her to behave like a spoiled kid. He said it had been a dark time in his life, and he didn't need that drama again.

Allie arrived and said she'd run into Audra, who appeared super friendly, but Allie could tell there was more going on under the surface. Allie said Audra had been anxious to regale her with stories about London. Allie said Audra didn't worry her. Noah and Allie kissed.

In the park, Billy approached Chelsea and asked if she was there to ambush Johnny. Chelsea denied it. Billy asked if she was waiting to accost Johnny again about her being his mother. Chelsea said she'd bumped into Johnny by chance, and she'd wanted to make sure he was all right. Billy asked why she kept pushing Johnny to bond with Connor as his brother. Billy said if Chelsea kept pushing Johnny, they would have a big problem.

Angry, Chelsea told Billy she and Johnny had a biological connection. Billy said he and Chelsea had agreed to allow Johnny time and space to handle the situation the way he saw fit. Billy said Chelsea kept pushing for more than she'd originally asked, against his and Victoria's wishes. Chelsea claimed it had only been a conversation. Billy said it had been a conversation Johnny hadn't been ready to have and that Chelsea had freaked Johnny out.

Chelsea told Billy she'd been proud of how Johnny had stood up for himself. She said she hadn't pushed him on anything. She said she would never put Johnny in that position. Billy claimed Chelsea's presence had put Johnny in that position. Chelsea claimed Johnny would have been more hurt if she'd ignored him and walked away.

Chelsea said Billy didn't understand how extremely painful it was to know that the child she'd protected and nurtured for all those months wanted nothing to do with her. She said she'd felt the connection when she'd looked into Johnny's eyes. Chelsea told Billy to stop chastising her and to try to understand where she was coming from. Billy told her to give Johnny space. He said Chelsea had gone years without any connection. Chelsea claimed Johnny had always been in her heart.

Billy told Chelsea that maybe she was feeling a little lost and saw Johnny as an opportunity to balance things out. Incensed, Chelsea asked how Billy dared accuse her of using Johnny. She claimed she'd always loved Johnny. She accused Billy of being exactly like Adam, who'd claimed she was using Connor to fix her broken parts. Billy said he'd tried to be respectful, but he would always protect his kids.

At Newman, Victoria told Nick that Victor had asked Michael to find out if Tucker had an agenda with regard to Chancellor-Winters. Nick said Tucker had a lot of strong and personal motives to get his hands on the company. Victoria said that in the past, Tucker had had a majority stake at Chancellor, and perhaps he was looking after Devon's position there.

Nick reminded Victoria that Katherine hadn't left the company to Tucker in her will, and he might have felt slighted. Victoria said she wondered if Tucker wanted more than just a percentage of the company -- more like the whole company. Nick asked if Newman wanted to get into a fight over something Tucker saw as his birthright.

Victoria told Nick they could take on McCall Unlimited. Nick said it could turn into a colossal battle involving legal risks to them and to Nate. Victoria admitted they were walking a fine line, but they hadn't broken any laws. Nick suggested they focus on the companies Victoria had recently acquired and maximize their value. Nick wanted them to step back and consider the right play. Victoria claimed they had to move immediately because Nate had persuaded Devon and Lily to speed up the timeline for taking Chancellor-Winters public. Nick suggested that Victoria question her motives and think about what they could gain -- and what they could lose.

At Chancellor-Winters, Devon told Lily he was having second thoughts about going public, and rushing things wasn't the right move. Lily said they were all concerned about Tucker. She said it was the reason they were speeding things up, so that Tucker couldn't come after them. Devon said he didn't want to think that his father would steal their company. Lily said she hoped they were wrong about Tucker, but they'd taken precautions to protect Chancellor-Winters.

Billy asked Lily why she hadn't informed him that Esther had been hired. Lily said Devon had hired Esther. She said she was surprised Billy cared, since he'd claimed he didn't know what he was doing at Chancellor-Winters. Billy said he'd shared his dissatisfaction with Lily because he hadn't wanted to lie to her. Billy said he would wait until the dust had settled after the IPO, and he would walk away slowly to avoid the appearance of instability. Lily said she hoped he would find peace. She assured Billy it wouldn't damage their relationship because she loved him.

At Nate's penthouse, Nate told Elena he hoped they could figure out how to mend things between them. Nate reminded Elena the penthouse was the home where they'd begun to create a future together. Nate said they'd gotten past other challenges, and they would get past this one together. Nate asked Elena to move back home.

Elena told Nate she hated being away from him, and it was killing her to see what had happened to him. Nate claimed he was still the same man she'd fallen in love with. He said he'd taken the initiative and trusted his gut to do what had to be done. Nate said with their careers going in different directions, they needed to trust each other's decisions in their respective professions. Nate asked if Elena would agree to leave their careers outside the door and out of their relationship.

Victoria arrived unexpectedly. Elena left. Victoria said if Nate felt the need to back out, it was time -- because the window was about to close. Nate said he had no intention of backing out. He said he had everything under control. Victoria said what they were about to do required Nate's full focus. Nate asked if Victoria was having second thoughts.

Victoria told Nate that Katherine had left her company to Victor in her will, not Tucker, Jill, or Devon. Victoria said that even though Jill had convinced Victor to sell the company to her, Katherine had made it very clear she'd wanted Victor to be her successor. Victoria said she would set things right by bringing the company back into the Newman fold the way Katherine had intended.

Victoria later encountered Elena at the coffeehouse. She told Elena that she and Nate had had a very productive conversation. Victoria said she knew Elena was aware of their plan for Chancellor-Winters and that Elena had some concerns. Victoria said Nate was a smart man and she was genuinely sorry if their plan had caused problems in Elena and Nate's relationship. Elena asked if Victoria was really sorry, because it appeared Victoria would gain the most from the plan. Victoria said that wasn't the case.

Elena asked why Victoria didn't care what would happen to Nate on his collision course with his family. Victoria stated that Nate knew exactly what he was doing. She asked Elena not to fault Nate for learning how to play the game. Elena said Victoria calling it a game was all she'd needed to hear. Elena left.

When Victoria returned to Newman, she told Nick she'd decided that Newman would be moving full speed ahead regarding Chancellor-Winters.

Audra arrived at Chancellor-Winters. Lily thanked her for fast-tracking the IPO. Audra said if everything went well, they would be ready to launch ahead of schedule. Devon said he wondered what Katherine and Neil would think about their move. Billy said he'd been thinking about them recently, and he felt Katherine and Neil would tell them to go big. Devon said he was okay with going ahead as long as they'd taken all the precautions to make sure that Tucker or anyone else couldn't make a move on the company.

Lily assured Devon they'd structured the shares in a way that they would maintain control of the company. Elena arrived. Lily told Elena they were seconds away from filing their IPO paperwork. Nate suggested that Elena wait in his office. Elena said it couldn't wait, and she needed to speak to Nate alone.

In the reception area, Nate said he'd thought Elena was going to tell everyone about his plan. Elena said she'd considered it, but she couldn't do that to Nate. Elena told Nate she was leaving Genoa City for good. Elena said she'd spoken to her friend in Baltimore, and there was a position open in her friend's hospital. Elena said the hospital was interested in her joining their team. She said she would interview for it, and chances were she would receive an offer.

Stunned, Nate said that he and Elena had spoken earlier about the future they would build together. Elena said she couldn't pretend she liked what he was doing in his career, and she couldn't ignore the fact that he was about stab his family in the back. She said she was leaving that evening, and she'd only stopped in to say goodbye.

Nate told Elena he didn't want to give up on them because what they had was real. Elena told Nate there was no future for them, and they were over. Nate refused to believe that because Elena was too important to him. Elena said she loved the man who was deep inside Nate, but the person he'd been turning into, the person who was obsessed with power, she didn't want in her life. She said Nate had to do what he felt he had to, but so did she. Elena kissed him and left.

Nate returned to the meeting and told Devon and Lily he needed to talk to them in private.

Nate confesses his betrayal to Devon, Lily, and Billy

Nate confesses his betrayal to Devon, Lily, and Billy

Thursday, October 13, 2022

by Nel

At Chancellor-Winters, Nate returned to the meeting after Elena left. Nate told everyone he hadn't been operating in good faith. Nate said that from the beginning of the IPO process, he'd met with the CEO of another company and shared every closely guarded detail about their planned offering.

Devon wanted to know how much damage Nate had done. Nate said he'd had only one goal: creating an opportunity in the only way that seemed possible for him in which the company would still thrive. Devon guessed that the CEO would put Nate in charge of the company once it took over.

Nate told Devon he'd needed to find a way to give himself the break Devon had refused to give him. Billy stated that Nate had screwed everyone in that room. Nate claimed it hadn't been about revenge. Billy said that Nate had betrayed them, Jill, Neil, and Katherine.

Devon asked Nate to confirm that he'd planned to sell his stake in the company to the CEO, which would give them the controlling interest in the company. Devon said the trade-off would have been to install Nate at the top to carry out their orders. Nate remained silent. Devon was astounded that Nate would do all that over some stupid issues between them.

Devon said he'd given Nate opportunities when he'd literally handed Nate the position as his second in command when Nate had no business experience. Devon said they'd all wanted Nate to be part of the family business, and they'd supported him while Nate had been lying to everyone. Devon also found it interesting how many times he'd run into Nate with Audra outside the office, as Nate had obviously been looking for as much information about the IPO deal as possible.

Devon told Nate that the reason Elena was staying at a hotel was because Elena didn't recognize the person Nate had become. Devon said the only reason Nate had confessed was because Elena had shown up and intended to tell them about Nate's plan. Nate stated it had been solely his decision to come clean.

Lily said after Tucker's arrival in town, it had been Nate's suggestion to speed up the IPO, when they'd wanted to slow things down. Shouting, Devon asked Nate if Tucker had returned to Genoa City to control Chancellor-Winters. Nate refused to reveal the CEO's identity because it was about what he'd done and what he was doing to make things right. Devon stated it was Tucker. Nate said he hadn't said that, but Devon said Nate didn't need to. Before Devon left, he fired Nate.

Audra asked Nate to tell them how much confidential information had been compromised to the mysterious CEO about their plans. Nate said enough for them to be able to make a move. He said they'd had time to get their financing in place, and they were ready to swoop in on the day of the offering. He said they only needed the day it would happen.

Lily asked Audra to hold off filing the paperwork until she'd spoken to Jill. Audra left. Lily told Nate they were doing the IPO to pursue their collective vision, and that had included Nate. She said a lot of what they'd wanted to do had been Nate's ideas. Lily insisted that if Nate had gone through with his plan, Chancellor-Winters would have been led by someone else's vision, and they would have pushed the family out.

Lily told Nate that what Katherine, Neil, and Devon had built would have been taken from them. Lily couldn't believe Nate had been willing to let that happen. Billy asked how Nate could do that to his own family. Lily told Nate to explain his motives to her.

Nate told Lily that frustration had motivated him. Nate said he'd been robbed of the one thing that had brought him joy as a doctor, the ability to perform surgery. He said once he'd lost that, his career in medicine had begun to feel hollow. He said he'd never taken to being a hospital administrator. He said when Lily and Devon had offered him a job at Chancellor-Winters, he'd been very grateful for that opportunity.

Nate told Lily that he'd thrown himself into that job, and for the first time in a long while, he'd taken pride in what he'd done. He said he'd felt purpose and the desire to excel. He said it had been disconcerting in the beginning when Devon had shut down his ideas and refused to discuss them. Nate said Devon had rejected every idea he'd had, ideas he'd known had been good because Lily and Billy had told him they were. Ultimately, it had been a lost cause because he'd known Lily wouldn't challenge Devon because Nate hadn't been a priority. Lily said that wasn't true.

Billy told Nate that none of it justified stabbing them in the back. Nate said he'd wanted to make the most of the position he'd been given, to be a full participant, hoping some of his ideas could be implemented, but it had become clear that as long as Devon pulled rank, that was never going to happen. Nate said when a different opportunity had presented itself, he'd grabbed it. He said he'd taken the initiative and had set things in motion that would allow his voice to be heard and respected. He said that would have been the only way he could prove himself. Lily said that hadn't been the only way. Lily told Nate to get out. Nate left.

Audra returned and told Lily she'd taken the necessary steps to stop the IPO from moving forward. Audra asked if they should keep the framework in place in case the IPO had only been delayed. Lily said that she and Devon would have to decide. Billy added that it would be after they knew who Nate had been feeding the information to.

Tucker arrived in Adam's office at Jabot. He told Adam he was happy Adam had cut ties with all things Newman, especially Victor. Adam called it rich that Tucker editorialized about Victor and him, since Tucker hadn't shown up for his own son. Tucker claimed he was building his relationship with Devon and becoming part of his grandson's life.

Tucker said he'd been on his way to the lab to see Ashley. Adam said Tucker was wasting his time with Ashley. Tucker said he was going to try because he loved Ashley. He acknowledged the gravity of the mistakes he'd made and that they had cost him true love, and he said there was no barrier one wouldn't try to overcome to win back that kind of love.

Alone, Adam had a flash of memory: Sally told Adam he wasn't selfish because she wouldn't have fallen in love with someone like that.

In another memory, Adam recalled Sally in bed with him. Sally said they'd wanted to keep things professional, but that was definitely not professional. Adam cited all the declarations that nothing was going on between them. Sally noted that all her assurances to Chloe and Chelsea had been legit. Sally said what was most important to her was that she didn't ruin her chances with what she really wanted -- Adam.

In yet another memory, Adam recalled asking why one would waste time worrying about what people thought. He'd said life could change in an instant, and they needed to grab every moment they could.

Adam recalled Sally saying the flowers were beautiful and reading the card: "Shine brightly, kick some ass, and know that I have your back, and the best is yet to come. Love Adam."

At home, Traci held a round container. Traci told Ashley that Harrison had found it in the trash. Ashley said she'd put it there, and it was from a tea ceremony she'd gone to with Tucker a number of years back. Traci asked if Ashley believed Tucker had changed after his brush with death. Ashley said she didn't because Tucker was a narcissist. She said the way Tucker had interrupted Summer and Kyle's vow-renewal ceremony had been obnoxious. Ashley said she didn't believe Tucker had had an epiphany after he'd crashed his car. She said Tucker was a master manipulator.

Ashley told Traci that Tucker had cheated on her when they'd been married, and he'd been involved in business dealings that had hurt people she'd cared about. She said Tucker had wanted her to believe it had been a coincidence that he'd shown up in Genoa City a few months after Diane had. Ashley said she believed there was a strong possibility that Diane and Tucker had somehow been involved in Los Angeles, and if she was right, Diane wouldn't want that to come out.

Ashley told Traci that Diane had gone on about the exemplary life she'd led in L.A., how hard she'd worked to change, and how frugal she'd been. Ashley asked how long that lifestyle had lasted once Diane had been in Tucker's orbit. She said it was too much of a coincidence between those two charlatans to ignore. Ashley left.

In the park, Nick told Sally he'd been thinking about their conversation from the previous evening. Sally said she'd also given it some thought. Sally asked Nick if they could spend some time together over the weekend and if they could go to the lake to enjoy the fall colors -- and maybe go skinny-dipping. Nick loved the idea.

Later, at Newman Media, Sally told Chloe that she and Nick had had a long talk about where things stood and where things were going. Sally said they'd both had intense relationships that had crashed and burned. She said neither one of them wanted to go through that again, but they didn't want to miss out on the wonderful connection they felt. She said they'd decided to take things as they came and enjoy themselves in the process.

Chloe told Sally it was wise to get things out in the open to make sure they were on the same page. Sally commented that Chloe was being very diplomatic. Chloe said she liked Nick because he was genuine, a good guy, and down-to-earth. Chloe said she was delighted to see Sally so happy and moving on from the worst thing that could have happened to her. Chloe said she hadn't mentioned Adam's name, yet Sally's smile disappeared. Sally said she'd been open with Nick about still dealing with leftover feelings and breakup trauma. Sally said Nick had been understanding.

Sally told Chloe that Nick was giving her space to sort through her feelings about Adam. She said Nick wasn't pressuring her. Chloe said Nick was what Sally needed; he was confident enough in himself that he didn't want to be someone else's rebound. Sally said they'd made plans to get away for the weekend. Sally said she was determined to focus on the positive things in her life.

A short time later, Chloe brought Sally a hand-delivered envelope. Sally said it was an invitation to dinner that evening at the Grand Phoenix rooftop, and it was signed "N."

Nick arrived a short time later, looking for Sally. Chloe said Sally had already headed over to their rendezvous at the Grand Phoenix rooftop. Nick appeared perplexed. Chloe reminded Nick about his romantic dinner invitation.

When Ashley arrived at Jabot, she accused Tucker of ambushing her at work. Ashley said she'd made herself crystal clear that Tucker needed to "stay the hell away" from her. Tucker said Ashley had every right to be angry.

Ashley told Tucker she wasn't angry with him, only indifferent toward him. Tucker said it was a fašade to cover the pain she'd felt for what he'd done to her. He said a love like theirs never died. Ashley told Tucker to get over himself. Ashley said it was easy to stop loving someone who'd cheated repeatedly and who had tried to take away her family's company.

Tucker reminded Ashley of the time Katherine had urged him to talk to Ashley. He said at that time, Ashley had said the only way they could stay together was if he was a different man and if he'd undergone some miraculous change. He said Ashley hadn't been sure she believed in those miracles. Ashley asked if Tucker thought the best way to defy her belief in miracles was to land his helicopter in her backyard. Tucker admitted that hadn't been the best decision he'd ever made.

Tucker told Ashley he wanted the opportunity to show her he'd changed. He wanted to take her to dinner, and if, after dinner, she honestly wanted nothing to do with him, he swore he would back off. Ashley said there was no future for them. She said when they'd broken up, it had been because she'd been tired of Tucker's lies, his betrayals, and his manipulations. She said that had been when she'd been madly in love with him in the past. Ashley said she didn't trust him.

Tucker asked Ashley to hear him out over wine and dinner at Society, where Abby would have him tossed out for one wrong move. Ashley agreed only because she wanted Tucker to stop stalking her. She agreed to one dinner where she would reiterate there was no future for them. Tucker promised to steer clear of her if that turned out to be the case.

At Nate's penthouse, Elena had finished packing when Nate arrived. Nate told Elena that everything she'd said had hit him hard. He said it had forced him to look at what he was doing. Nate said he'd confessed to everyone that he'd been meeting with another CEO and providing them with information about the public offering. Nate said he hadn't mentioned who it had been because he didn't want it to turn into a major conflict. Nate said he'd told the truth, and he'd been fired. He said he'd done it for Elena.

In Tucker's hotel suite, Devon asked if Tucker had returned to town to go after Chancellor-Winters.

Ashley waited impatiently for Tucker at Society.

Sally arrived at the Grand Phoenix rooftop and saw a table had been set for two. She poured herself a glass of wine. Sally was shocked when Adam showed up and said he was glad she could make it.

Devon asks Tucker if he is after Chancellor-Winters

Devon asks Tucker if he is after Chancellor-Winters

Friday, October 14, 2022

by Nel

At Nate's penthouse, Nate told Elena being the chief of surgery hadn't been the right job for him, and he'd been excited to move to Chancellor-Winters. He said he'd had big plans for his future and the future of the company, but it had all ended once he'd confessed to what he'd done. Nate said he'd done it for Elena. Elena said everything would work out for Nate, but there was no more "us."

Nate told Elena he'd blown up his career by owning up to everything for them. Elena said she hadn't asked Nate to change his plans. Nate said Elena had said she didn't want to be with a man who allowed his ambition to drive his decision-making. He said he'd proven he cared about more than power.

Elena said she was glad Nate had told the truth, but it shouldn't have been about their relationship. She said it should have been because it was the right thing to do for himself. Elena said betraying his family for a business deal would have been a mistake. Elena said Nate still didn't see what the problem actually was and that what he wanted to do was wrong. She said Nate wasn't the man she'd fallen in love with.

Elena said she'd admired Dr. Hastings, the one who'd saved lives. Nate spat that Dr. Hastings had ceased to exist after Devon had sucker-punched him. Elena said the man Nate had been was gone, and she wasn't going wait to see if the man she loved was going to disappoint her.

Elena told Nate she was going to take the interview in Baltimore. Bitter, Nate complained that Elena wouldn't stop her plans for her professional ambition to save their relationship, but she'd forced him to. Elena snapped back that she hadn't forced him into anything. She said it had been his choice to confess. Nate countered that Elena's arrival at Chancellor-Winters to announce she was leaving had forced his hand.

Elena told Nate that hadn't been her intention. Nate said he'd made the choice for both of them, but Elena leaving Genoa City was solely about her. Elena said maybe she was being selfish, but Nate had been going through too many changes. She said she wanted to stand by him, but it was something he needed to do alone.

Elena told Nate their relationship had meant everything to her; however, it had been excruciating to watch Nate struggle through a moral dilemma. Elena said the man she'd been holding on to wasn't the man standing in front of her. Nate said they could fix things together. He claimed he was still the same man Elena had fallen in love with, the man who wanted her to move back home.

Both in tears, Nate asked Elena to stay. Elena said she had to leave, and Nate had to figure out who he was. Nate said he knew who he was. Elena said Nate failed to understand that everything that had happened to him had been a direct result of his choices. She said he knew that what he'd done had been wrong.

Elena told Nate she'd wanted to work at Chancellor-Winters, doing the podcasts, to be close to Nate. Nate said he'd been looking forward to collaborating as a team again. Elena said they hadn't been a team for a long time, and she didn't see a future with him.

Elena told Nate she was going to Baltimore because that was the best thing for her. She said regardless of whether she got the job or not, she needed time alone. After Elena left, Nate called Victoria and said there had been a development, and it wasn't good.

In Tucker's hotel suite, Devon asked if Tucker had returned to Genoa City to go after Chancellor-Winters. Tucker asked why he would do anything that would affect his son negatively. Devon said there was a CEO in town who'd been receiving inside information that would benefit them in a takeover. Devon asked if that was Tucker.

Tucker told Devon he wasn't that CEO. Tucker asked what was going on at Chancellor-Winters to make it possible for another CEO to take over. He asked if there were any significant changes happening at the company. Devon said they'd recently merged, and a lot of things were still falling into place. Tucker offered to help, since he had the resources. He asked Devon to tell him about the leak, and he would have his people uncover whatever was at play. Devon refused.

Tucker said Devon needed to find out where the leak had originated and undo the damage it had caused. Devon said the leak had been plugged, and he wasn't comfortable with Tucker probing into the company's business. Devon said he was taking Tucker's word that he wasn't the CEO who'd received the information. Devon thanked Tucker for his offer to help, but he would take care of things himself. Devon wanted Tucker's word that he'd told the truth about Chancellor-Winters. Tucker said Devon had his word. He said he wouldn't make a business play that would harm Devon or jeopardize their relationship in any way. Devon left.

When Jack arrived at Society, Ashley told Jack that Tucker had refused to stop bugging her until she'd agreed to have dinner with him. Ashley said she would repeat that there was no chance for her and Tucker to reunite. Jack asked where Tucker was. Ashley said it appeared "the bastard" had stood her up. Jack asked Ashley if it would have been easier to ice Tucker out entirely.

Ashley told Jack there was something fishy going on with Tucker. Ashley said she was convinced Tucker had been involved with Diane when Diane had lived in Los Angeles. Jack asked why it was Ashley's business and why she believed Tucker and Diane had been in cahoots in L.A. Ashley said it was her business because Diane was involved with her family, Jack, Kyle, and Harrison,

Ashley told Jack that Nikki had discovered some information when she'd been in L.A. Ashley said Diane had been seen in the company of a very wealthy, Bentley-driving gentleman when she'd lived in L.A. She said it seemed odd that Tucker had arrived in Genoa City in the same make and model Bentley that he had gifted Diane's son. Jack said it wasn't real evidence, and Ashley and Nikki were working very hard to ruin someone's life. Ashley asked Jack how deep Diane had gotten under his skin.

Jack told Ashley he wasn't willing to accept that Diane and Tucker had had a partnership because they'd both lived in L.A. with a passing acquaintance with Bentleys. Jack asked how that connected them and to what end. Ashley said she didn't know, but she and Nikki planned to find out. Jack said Ashley and Nikki were trying to ruin Diane. Ashley countered that they couldn't ruin anyone if they hadn't done anything wrong.

Jack told Ashley his principal concern was Kyle, who had a decent relationship with his mother. Jack said he wouldn't allow that relationship to implode because of unproven accusations. Jack warned Ashley not to do anything to hurt Kyle. Ashley swore she wouldn't do anything to hurt Kyle. Jack asked Ashley not to jump to conclusions.

When Tucker arrived, he apologized for being late. Ashley said she had to leave because she wouldn't give Tucker the benefit of the doubt, only enough rope to hang himself. Jack asked if that meant Ashley would let go of what they'd discussed earlier. Ashley said no. After Ashley left, Jack told Tucker they needed to talk.

At Newman Media, Nick told Chloe he hadn't set up a dinner date with Sally. Chloe said someone had, and Sally was at the Grand Phoenix rooftop to meet that person. Chloe said Sally had received an invitation that had been delivered by courier. Nick and Chloe realized Adam would go to those lengths to see Sally.

Chloe said Nick had to stop Adam from sinking his hooks into Sally. Nick said they shouldn't interfere because Adam and Sally needed to either get closure or reconnect. Nick said it was Sally's call. Chloe said Sally needed time and distance to heal after her toxic union with Adam. Nick said he didn't know where things stood between him and Sally, but he wanted to find out -- and only at a pace Sally was comfortable with.

Chloe said she was concerned Nick might not get anywhere if Adam was successful in working his voodoo on Sally. Nick admitted he wanted to see where their friendship went, and he'd heard from Adam and Sally. Nick said there were conflicting feelings from both sides. He didn't believe that the Adam and Sally chapter had been completely closed. He said Sally needed to work through those feelings, and if their relationship was going to progress, Sally had to be sure she wanted only him.

Chloe said Nick didn't realize what a difficult time Sally had had letting Adam go and how hard Adam would fight for something he wanted. Nick said perhaps Chloe wasn't giving enough credit to Sally and was giving too much credit to Adam for how strong his hold was over Sally.

At the Grand Phoenix rooftop, Sally realized that Adam had sent the invitation. Adam said if he'd asked her directly, she wouldn't have agreed to meet him. Sally said he was right. Adam said he wanted them to have an honest and uninterrupted conversation. Sally said Adam wouldn't know honesty because everything with him was a manipulation. Sally wanted to leave, but the door was locked. Sally ordered Adam to unlock the door, or she would call the cops. Adam begged her to stay long enough to listen. He wanted one last chance to plead his case.

Sally said if Adam wanted the conversation to be open and honest, he had to accept that there might be no going back. Adam said he accepted that, but he intended to prove Sally wrong. Sally agreed to have dinner with him.

Sally told Adam she probably wouldn't believe anything he had to say or ever let him back in. Adam said he hoped Sally could feel their connection and believe it was honest. He said he'd shared more with her than with anyone else, and he thought Sally felt the same way. Sally admitted she had.

Adam asked if Sally had found it easy to move on. Sally said it didn't matter because that had no bearing for the way she felt about him. She said the only person who had the power to affect the way she felt about him was Adam. She said Adam had made her feel used, manipulated, and lied to. She said she'd believed they'd had something special. Adam agreed they had.

Adam told Sally he'd counted on her friendship and relied on her as a confidante. He said Sally had been a true friend to him. Sally said she missed their friendship, and Adam had seen things in her that no one else had. Adam claimed he'd seen how amazing she was long before they'd started seeing each other. Adam said that had been before he'd blown things up with a series of very foolish mistakes.

Adam said when he'd realized he could trust Sally, he'd been filled with an overbearing desire to protect her, not only from the backlash from his family but also from the damage he'd historically done to the people who'd cared about him. Adam said he'd realized the terrible mistakes he'd made and that he'd pushed Sally away. He said he'd hurt her in ways he regretted. Adam said he was deeply sorry for lying, hurting her, and loving her. Adam said if he hadn't fallen in love with her, they wouldn't be there. He claimed he would have given up a lot to prevent causing Sally any pain.

Sally told Adam she would never regret anything that had meant so much and had felt so good. They toasted to great friendships, honesty, transparency, and an amazing future. Adam said he knew Sally thought she had feelings for Nick, but Nick was just a way for Sally to forget what they'd had. Annoyed, Sally claimed the evening had been about Nick. Adam denied it.

Sally said everyone knew Adam's history with Nick, and she asked if the evening had been about beating Nick. She questioned whether Adam had meant anything he'd said or if it had been a power move to win her back like some kind of prize. Adam said it had nothing to do with Nick; it was about them. Adam said that Sally and Nick had admitted to him that they were involved, and he'd realized she'd moved on. Sally spat that she'd moved on because Adam had dumped her.

Sally told Adam she'd almost fallen for his ruse, and she'd almost been pulled back into a false sense of security. She asked if Adam had accomplished his agenda. Adam claimed that wasn't what he was doing. He said he only wanted to make Sally happy. Sally stated that Adam couldn't stand that she was with his brother.

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