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Diane tearfully confessed to Jack that she'd fallen hard for a wealthy businessman who'd tricked her into illegally transporting money abroad. Diane revealed that Tucker had blackmailed her into feeding him information about the Abbotts. Nick and Sally reluctantly decided to end things romantically.
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Diane's whereabouts while she was "dead" were revealed. Summer voiced her objection to Nick and Sally's relationship. Devon confronted Nate.
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Jack questions Diane and Tucker about their interactions

Jack questions Diane and Tucker about their interactions

Monday, October 17, 2022

Tucker joined Jack at Society. Tucker seemed hesitant to sit down with Jack, though he claimed it would be good to have a one-on-one conversation. Jack replied, "It's a necessary evil." Tucker acknowledged that Jack was not thrilled about Tucker's efforts to reconnect with Ashley and had likely enjoyed having witnessed Ashley storming out. Jack agreed and said Ashley should have thrown a drink in Tucker's face. Tucker insisted that his desire to reconcile with Ashley was genuine because his relationship with her had been the best thing in his life. Jack noted that Ashley had made her feelings known, and he strongly urged Tucker to respect Ashley's wishes. Tucker requested that Jack keep an open mind in case Ashley changed her mind.

Jack was not finished with Tucker and began grilling him about Diane, demanding to know if it was a coincidence that Tucker had shown up soon after Diane had returned. Tucker scoffed and insinuated that Jack's hunch about the two being in cahoots was ludicrous. Jack explained that he had heard rumors about Tucker knowing that Diane was alive and having been in touch with her in Los Angeles.

Tucker, evading directly answering questions, asked Jack why he was pursuing answers without the evidence to back up his assumptions. Jack admitted his suspicions were conjecture and pointed out that Tucker had failed to directly respond. Replying with a question, Tucker asked why he would want anything to do with a woman he had detested at the time she had allegedly died, recalling that Diane had set him up as a suspect in her "murder." Jack again pointed out that Tucker had danced around the subject.

Diane entered Society, approached Jack and Tucker, and said it was odd to find them dining together. Jack invited Diane to join them. Jack studied Diane and Tucker's faces when he mentioned having heard that they had had crossed paths in Los Angeles. Diane replied, "Gossip, Jack, really?" Jack explained that he was seeking answers in hopes of putting the whole matter to bed. Diane grew exasperated and complained that she was tired of having someone constantly digging up dirt on her.

Diane cried, "And you think Tucker showing up in Genoa City out of the blue means that we're connected somehow?" Jack replied, "No, I didn't say that. I asked what your thoughts were." Diane quickly recalled instances when she had reacted negatively to Tucker's arrival, one of which was his intrusion on Kyle and Summer's big day. Jack pointed out that neither Diane nor Tucker had denied having been together. Diane denied having seen Tucker after the night she had faked her death.

After Jack left, he stood outside the window and seemed troubled by the questions Diane and Tucker had avoided answering. Diane retreated to the bar and ordered a martini. Tucker followed Diane and lauded her evasive statements to Jack as sounding quite convincing. Tucker recalled how Diane had denied being with him in Los Angeles while boldly looking Jack in the eye.

Becoming emotional, Diane cried, "Jack matters to me. And I've built a life here, and that matters to me." Tucker asked Diane if he mattered to her. Diane grew irate and blasted Tucker for having addressed everyone's suspicions as if they were jokes. Diane expressed concern about Nikki and Phyllis having spread information they had gleaned about her, especially after Nikki had traveled to Los Angeles to dig up dirt.

Diane complained to Tucker that Nikki loved taunting her and threatening to ship her out of town, though neither Nikki nor Phyllis had a shred of evidence to back up their assumptions and accusations. Tucker instructed Diane to take a deep breath while he assured her that they could manage people's question if they kept their cool. Diane replied, "Tucker, there is no 'we' anymore. I am going to put as much distance as I can between you and me." Tucker laughed and replied, "That's not your call, is it?"

Diane reminded Tucker that she was no longer under any obligation to keep tabs on the Abbotts after Ashley had returned to Genoa City, so their partnership had concluded. Tucker disagreed, reminding Diane that she had failed to notify him the minute Ashley had arrived from Paris. Diane, flustered, explained that she was not psychic, and she reminded Tucker that before she'd been able to inform him, Ashley had already made contact. Tucker grew frighteningly irate and insisted that Diane was not off the hook until he said she was. Tucker received an urgent text message and told Diane he would be in touch with later.

Tucker returned to his hotel room, greeted Audra, and asked her what was so urgent. Audra said there had been a development regarding the Chancellor-Winters IPO. Tucker explained that Devon had accused him of going after the company and thought maybe Audra had divulged his secret. Audra assured Tucker that he had no reason to doubt her loyalty. Audra informed Tucker that Nate had been sharing inside information, which had blindsided Devon, Lily, and Billy.

Audra announced to Tucker that Devon and Lily had decided to postpone the IPO, so they could sort things out. Tucker said they would have to be patient. Audra mentioned an additional complication. Tucker guessed that it involved a mysterious CEO who was as eager as he was to take over Chancellor-Winters. Tucker said he believed his rival was Victoria Newman, recalling that Katherine had left the company to Victor when she'd died.

Audra expressed doubt that Newman Enterprises had sufficient liquidity, given a number of recent acquisitions. Tucker was certain Victoria was his competitor because she was a fighter, though he wondered if she was as formidable as her father. Tucker smiled broadly when Audra said it sounded like he was about to find out.

Nick stopped by Crimson Lights. Sharon and Nick talked briefly about Faith, noting that she was enjoying college, judging by the photos their daughter had posted. While Sharon prepared a cup of tea, Nick announced that he had been seeing Sally, and he admitted that complications had arisen. Sharon recalled a deep conversation with Sally a while back during which Sally had mentioned Nick's name. Sharon explained that she had mentioned having people she could count on when Sally had guessed that Nick was included.

Sharon confessed that she wondered how much the relationship was about Sally and how much was about Adam. Nick, defending himself, insisted that his attraction to Sally was not associated with Adam. Sharon reminded Nick that he and his brother often pursued the same women, namely her, Chelsea, and Sally. Nick joked that he and Adam both had excellent taste, though he was attracted to Sally despite the entanglement with her ex. Sharon replied, "And now it's getting complicated."

Nick told Sharon he was giving Sally time to work things out with Adam because he regretted ending their relationship. Sharon correctly guessed that Nick wanted to protect Sally from the pain of Adam's chaos. Nick noted that Sally was tough and did not need rescuing. Sharon surmised that Nick was committed to Sally, based on the worried look she had seen when he'd walked in. Nick assured Sharon he would be fine no matter what happened.

On the roof at the Grand Phoenix, Adam assured Sally that his arranged date had sincerely been meant to be all about her. Adam begged Sally to believe that he still loved her, and he admitted he had screwed things up badly. Adam appeared desperate and cried that he was putting his heart in Sally's hands and would not hesitate to put himself at risk for her. Adam grabbed Sally's hand and said, "Please, Sally, we can get past this." Sally shook her head and tearfully replied, "I don't think we can." Sally told Adam that all she wanted was for him to unlock the door so she could leave.

Adam apologized for having mentioned Sally seeing Nick. Sally reminded Adam that he had accused her of using Nick in a desperate attempt to get over him. Adam admitted it killed him to think about Sally being with someone else. Sally insisted Adam would not have gone to so much trouble if she was with anyone other than Nick because it was all about competition to Adam. Adam unlocked the door, but he stood between Sally and the door and begged her not to leave. Sally cried, "I can't do this. It hurts too much, Adam. You need to stay away from now on. It's best for both of us." Sally rushed out the door and down a stairway as Adam repeatedly called out her name.

Adam peeled off his suit jacket and let it fall to the floor before picking up a bottle of Champagne and drinking straight from the bottle. Adam leaned against the stone façade of the building and fell asleep. He dreamed that Sally had returned and told him she wanted clarification regarding his declaration of love. Adam replied that he had felt empty until he'd found her to fill the void and make him feel complete. Adam cried, "We fit together perfectly, Sally." Sally demanded to know why he had ended their relationship. Adam replied, "I was scared." Sally extended her hand. As Adam reached out, Nick put his hand in Sally's and angrily said, "Leave her alone." Nick told Adam he was dangerous and destroyed everything he touched. Nick told Adam he would not let Adam destroy Sally. Adam roused from his fitful slumber and realized the encounter was a dream.

At Marchetti, Chloe seemed perturbed by Sally's delayed arrival, explaining that Nick had stopped by, searching for her. Chloe noted that after a while, she and Nick had surmised that Adam had issued the dinner invitation. Sally sighed and explained that she and Adam had spent time reminiscing about the good times. Disgusted, Chloe sighed and said, "Crap." Chloe explained that Nick had seemed thrown off. Sally acknowledged that she owed Nick an apology, and she thanked Chloe for having been concerned about her welfare. Sally collected her things and left. Chloe appeared concerned as she watched Sally walk away.

Sally sent a text message to Nick and learned that he was at Crimson Lights. After Sally arrived, she and Nick sought privacy on the patio at the coffeehouse. Sally told Nick that her night had not turned out as she had expected, and she was aware that he knew Adam had tricked her. Nick noted that Sally had spent a good deal of time with Adam. Sally explained that Adam had made a heartfelt pitch for one more chance. Nick recalled that Adam had admitted he was still in love with her. Sally admitted that Adam's profession of love had left her feeling confused because some of what he had said had resonated with her.

Nick was moved when Sally cried that everything with Adam, including the trick to lure her to the roof, was a deception, so she could never trust him. Nick admitted that the situation had gotten messy, so perhaps they should pull the plug and go their separate ways before things got out of hand. Sally nodded and replied, "Yeah. Yeah -- you're probably right -- because this isn't going to get any less complicated. Yeah, maybe we should just walk away." Nick embraced Sally. Summer entered and stopped in her tracks when she saw Sally in her father's arms.

When Jack returned home from Society, Traci greeted him. Jack asked Traci if Ashley was home. Traci told Jack she assumed Ashley had gone to bed because her bedroom door was closed. Traci admitted she was concerned about Ashley, who had claimed she was immune to Tucker's charms. Traci admitted she was not so sure Ashley was being honest because she had been so in love with Tucker. Jack said he would take Ashley at her word, recalling that his sister had seemed more focused on knowing the truth about whether or not Tucker and Diane had met up in Los Angeles.

Traci asked Jack why Ashley had believed that Diane and Tucker had been together in Los Angeles. Jack mentioned the Bentley that Tucker had given to Kyle and Summer. Traci learned that Nikki had seen photos of Diane riding in the chauffeur-driven Bentley in Los Angeles. Jack said Diane had always been accompanied by a mystery man Nikki assumed was Tucker. Traci acknowledged that Diane and Tucker could have been in cahoots, and she asked Jack how he intended to approach them. Jack explained that he had spoken to Diane and Tucker at Society. Jack told Traci that Tucker, as usual, had equivocated, but Diane had looked him in the eye and sworn that she and Tucker had had no connection.

Jack told Traci that he had not mentioned anything to Diane and Tucker about the car. Traci replied, "Do you think her answer would have been different if you had mentioned it?" Jack admitted he did not know, though he wanted to witness Diane and Tucker's reactions to the allegations about them having been seen together in Los Angeles. Jack noted that Nikki had already convinced Ashley, as had Phyllis.

Traci asked Jack if he believed Diane's denial, reminding him that it could all be a coincidence despite Nikki and Ashley's suspicions. Traci suggested Jack keep quiet for Summer and Kyle's sake while keeping his eyes open. Jack replied, "Sound, sage, reasoned advice from my baby sister. I've come to expect nothing less from you." Traci said if there was something going on, it would eventually come out because the truth always did.

Summer voices her objection to Nick and Sally's relationship

Summer voices her objection to Nick and Sally's relationship

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

At Newman Media, Sally tried to work. but she couldn't stop thinking about poignant moments she'd shared with Nick and Adam. Summer knocked on the door, and Sally brusquely stated that she was busy. Summer observed that Sally had seemed to be drifting off the first two times Summer had knocked. Sally chalked it up to being a CEO who had been contemplating her next strategic move, but she agreed to spare a moment. Summer flatly asked what was going on between Sally and Nick and why they'd been spending time together outside the office.

Sally reasoned that she didn't take all her meetings at Newman Media and that people often conducted business over lunch. Summer suspected more than a lunch meeting or two had taken place between Nick and Sally, but Sally swore nothing else was going on. Summer revealed that she'd seen Sally and Nick in one another's arms at Crimson Lights, and she ordered Sally to "cut the crap" and not act like it had been innocent because it had looked like anything but. Sally maintained that Summer was reading too much into a simple hug.

Summer warned that just because she and Sally had stayed out of one another's way didn't mean she trusted Sally. Sally assured her the feeling was mutual. Summer considered the possibility that her dad was dating Sally "beyond disturbing," and Sally wondered why Summer hadn't gone directly to her father about it. Summer taunted that she knew Sally liked to upgrade, and she surmised that Sally was using Nick to make Adam jealous or as a power move because Nick was in and Adam was out at Newman. Sally pointed out that it was possible she and Nick enjoyed one another's company, and she scoffed at the thought that it had to be low and conniving. "You said it," Summer huffed.

Summer swore she wasn't there to throw around insults, but she believed her dad deserved much better. She sympathized that her father had been through enough romantic drama to last a few lifetimes. "Yeah, thanks to your mom," Sally retorted. Summer contended that Nick deserved something easy and honest, and he had a big, protective heart and an overwhelming desire to save broken people -- but Sally was a train wreck.

Summer barked that the last thing Nick needed was to be pulled into the disaster of Sally's life. Sally calmly promised to take Summer's advice into consideration, but she thought Nick deserved more credit from his daughter. Sally urged Summer to let Nick make his own decisions, just like he'd let Summer make hers.

A disheveled Adam sat glumly on the Athletic Club rooftop. Nick appeared and explained that when he hadn't been able to find Adam, he'd taken a shot that his brother was still up there. Adam testily hoped that Nick hadn't gotten them locked on the roof, since they didn't have enough food and Champagne if they were stranded. Nick refused to leave until he got answers, and he demanded to know why Adam had lured Sally up there under false pretenses. Adam surmised that while he'd been waiting for the sun to rise, Sally had run to Nick to give him her version of the story.

Adam predicted that if he stood up, Nick would just knock him back down. Nick insisted that he wasn't there to fight, but he was adamant that Adam not put Sally into the middle of another brother-against-brother feud. Adam snarled that Nick's heroic declaration had fallen flat because Sally wasn't in the middle of anything, since Adam couldn't compete with his great and noble brother. Adam encouraged Nick to continue on his chivalrous crusade, playing the role of the protector.

Nick shared that he'd heard about Adam's stunt, yet Nick hadn't rushed to the rescue. Adam sourly inquired whether Nick's cape had been at the dry cleaner. Nick accepted that Adam and Sally had needed time to work things out, and he pondered whether there was a need to protect her from Adam. Adam defended that he wasn't a glutton for punishment, and he wasn't going to beg because he couldn't force Sally to forgive him. Adam spat that Nick and Sally were free to do "whatever the hell" they wanted together, since Adam was destined to lose everything he cared about to one sibling or another. He called it "the curse of the black sheep."

Nick asserted that people made their own destinies, but Adam bitterly noted that Nick almost always got what he wanted with minimal effort. Nick questioned whether Adam had meant it when he'd said he would accept things as they were or if he'd blame and punish everyone else for the situation he'd created when he'd pushed Sally away. Adam promised not to ruin any lives before his morning coffee, and he implored Nick to run back to Sally and tell her he'd saved the day yet again. Adam declared that he had a job to go to -- unless Nick intended to take that away from him, too. Adam stalked out.

At Jabot, Kyle was on the phone, wrapping up a call to make sure the plane was stocked with chocolate-covered strawberries and Champagne for his honeymoon trip with Summer. He ran into a bedraggled Adam in the corridor and commented that Adam looked "like hell." Adam quipped that it was why Kyle was in the fashion division and Adam wasn't. Kyle chided Adam for rarely showing up to the office and being late and clearly not in any condition to work when he did. Kyle groused that he'd told his father that Adam would be a liability to the company, and Adam was proving Kyle more and more right every day.

Adam questioned whether Kyle had an important meeting about evening gowns to get to. Kyle ordered Adam to go home and get some sleep before anyone noticed his raggedy appearance and unprofessionalism. Adam was sure Kyle would spread the word, and he implied that Kyle was bitter because Jack had handed Adam the job Kyle had bailed on. Kyle pointed out that Adam could have simply admitted he'd screwed up, but Adam had chosen to keep digging the hole deeper. Kyle added that if Adam wanted to keep digging until he buried himself, Kyle wouldn't stop him.

At Society, Summer thanked Nick for meeting her on short notice. She begged him to tell her that he wasn't getting involved with Sally. Summer whined that she was worried because Sally was dangerous, and things could end in disaster the way they had with Phyllis. Summer continued that while her mom was nothing like "that viper," she found the situation comparable because Nick was again getting involved with a woman who wasn't completely over her ex. Nick claimed that he and Sally were just close friends, but Summer sensed that something more complicated and emotionally risky was going on. Nick swore it was nothing for her to worry about and that he could take care of himself.

Nick joked that Summer should be busy packing her 16 pieces of luggage for her honeymoon. She defended that she'd already packed lightly, and he guessed she was only taking 15 pieces. She happily anticipated having an amazing honeymoon, but she confided that she was nervous about leaving Marchetti -- particularly Phyllis and Diane. Nick encouraged Summer not to let anything interfere with the trip.

Kyle arrived at the restaurant, and Nick wished Summer and Kyle a great trip and headed out. Kyle bet that he'd interrupted a conversation about Sally after the earful Summer had given him about seeing Nick and Sally together. Summer relayed that both Nick and Sally had claimed to be only friends, but she still suspected certain benefits were involved. Kyle recounted his run-in with Adam at Jabot. The couple resolved not to let anything wreck their vacation and decided it was honeymoon time from that moment on.

Sally entered Crimson Lights and found Connor by himself. She asked if he was there alone, and he confirmed that his mom had dropped him off to meet his dad, who was late. Connor asserted that he was fine because he wasn't a kid. He hoped she was there to take him to his dad, but she asked why Adam wasn't there. Connor seemed disappointed that Adam and Sally weren't back together again.

While covertly sending a text message to Adam under the table, Sally voiced surprise that Connor had known she and Adam had dated. Connor shared that his dad had always been in a good mood after he'd been with her -- smiling, laughing, and happy for a change -- but Adam had gone back to not smiling as much. Sally suggested that part of the reason for the seriousness was Adam's important new job, but Connor insisted that it was because his dad missed her. Meanwhile, Adam received Sally's message, urgently summoning him to Crimson Lights about Connor. Adam raced out of Jabot.

Sally made chitchat with Connor about school and hockey. She inquired whether Chelsea had been in a rush when she'd dropped the boy off by himself. Connor admitted that he'd told his mother that he'd seen his dad inside the coffeehouse so she would just take off. Sally gently pressed to know why he'd done that, and Connor said he'd just wanted to get out of the car. Sally figured it was only temporary when kids and parents got into arguments, and they always made up. Connor whimpered that his mom thought things were fine, but they weren't -- not anymore. Sally spied Adam watching from the patio door.

At Chancellor-Winters, Devon informed Lily that it hadn't been easy to get a straight answer out of Tucker. Devon reported that Tucker had seemed shocked when Devon had accused him of trying to pull a takeover of Chancellor-Winters, and Tucker had sworn that he'd never do anything to hurt Devon or the company. Lily wondered if Devon had believed his father, and Devon admitted that he had no clue. Devon recognized that Tucker had a long history of taking over companies, and he didn't know who to trust after watching Nate do something unforgivable to his own family.

Lily bemoaned that she couldn't concentrate on work because all she could think about was how Nate had been willing to put his own family in the vulnerable position of losing control of their company. Devon thought they all needed to clear their minds and figure out how to move forward. Lily brightly pointed out that all systems were go with the IPO, but Devon worried that the person Nate had been working with was also ready. Devon believed the smart thing to do was pull the plug on the IPO deal, but Lily wasn't ready to make that call yet.

Devon argued that going public would make the company vulnerable to another attack. Lily explained that she had to check with Jill to see where things stood. Devon expected Jill to be angry, and he doubted she wanted to open them up to the same thing happening again. Devon was adamant about not moving forward, and he asserted that half the company was called Winters, so it was his as much as Jill's. He refused to let anyone screw up what they'd built again, and he instructed Lily to tell Jill to talk to him if Jill insisted on taking Chancellor-Winters public.

Nate arrived to see Victoria at Newman Enterprises. She assumed that the new development he'd mentioned in his voicemail wasn't good and that it had to do with their plans to take over Chancellor-Winters. She planned to adjust their strategy accordingly and crowed that there was no setback they couldn't handle. Nate divulged that the plan had been exposed. Victoria pointed out that the only person who had known had been Elena, who would never betray him. Nate admitted that the person guilty of betrayal was him.

A shocked Victoria questioned why Nate had exposed their plan. He explained that the Chancellor-Winters team had been about to file the final paperwork for the launch, but Elena had walked into the office to tell him goodbye for good. Victoria feared that she might have played a role in Elena's decision, and she shared that she'd run into Elena and tried to smooth things over with her. Victoria continued that Elena had accused her of being the only one to get anything out of the deal and not caring how it would affect Nate's relationship with his family. Nate assured Victoria that Elena had already made her position clear before then.

Nate told Victoria that he'd realized he'd needed to reevaluate things when Elena had walked out on him. Victoria wished Nate had figured things out sooner, and she recalled that she'd given him a chance to back out. Nate groaned that he'd been fooling himself to think he could make it work, and he'd confessed because he'd known deep down that Elena had been right. He added that he hadn't been able to risk losing Elena, nor had he wanted to lose his family, but he'd ended up losing them all.

Victoria regretted what Nate's decision to form an alliance with her had cost him. Nate said he was sorry for many things, including letting her down. Victoria imagined it was only a matter of time before a livid Devon and Lily banged on her door, but Nate told her he hadn't revealed her identity -- only that he'd been meeting with another CEO. He added that Tucker's splashy entrance had put the spotlight on him as the likely culprit. Victoria appreciated Nate's loyalty, and she enthused that she could still pull off the takeover because he hadn't exposed her.

Nate warned that everyone's guard was up at Chancellor-Winters, so Victoria had to be extremely cautious. Victoria viewed Tucker as the only threat left, and she reasoned that Nate could still sell her his shares because he had nothing left to lose. Nate clarified that he had no ownership stake in the company, only a seat on the board. He considered the kind of man he wanted to be, and he decided that even if he had shares, he wouldn't sell them to anyone because he never wanted to hurt his family like that again.

Nate recalled that Neil had left him a seat on the board of the family company because Neil had trusted him. He regretted forgetting that, especially when the point of the merger had been to join the family together. Nate pledged to focus on getting his family back. Victoria assured him that she wasn't upset with him for being true to his family, and she swore she wanted him to be successful. She was grateful that he'd kept her name out of it despite being under extreme pressure, and she said it meant a lot that he'd given her the news right away. Victoria wanted to reward his loyalty by offering him a suitable position at Newman.

Later, Nick entered Victoria's office and surmised from her expression that something had gone sideways. She was sure he'd be pleased to hear the Chancellor-Winters takeover deal had imploded, and he confirmed that he hadn't wanted it to happen. Victoria indicated that Nate had sacrificed the deal to help save his relationship with Elena, but Elena might still leave him. Nick assumed Victoria blamed Nate for the deal falling apart, but she said she felt bad for Nate and would never let her ambitions get in way of her friendships. Victoria resolved to focus on things closer to home, and she announced that she wanted to replace Sally with Nate at Newman Media.

Nick concluded that Victoria was having a kneejerk response after Chancellor-Winters had slipped through her grasp. Victoria pointed out that she'd always wanted someone stronger than Sally in the position, but Nick countered that Nate had proven his loyalties were flexible at best when he'd been ready and willing to turn his back on his family and company. Victoria asserted that Nate had proven his loyalty when he'd immediately confessed what he'd done, and he'd covered up the fact that she'd been the CEO he'd been plotting with. Nick protested that the job was a bribe to keep Nate's mouth shut, but Victoria reiterated that she trusted Nate and thought he'd do a great job running Newman Media.

Nick suggested that they find another role for Nate that wouldn't require firing anyone, but Victoria stressed that Sally had never been right to run Newman Media. Victoria conceded that she'd been swayed by Sally's passion and enthusiasm, but Sally had never had the background for the job. Nick doubted an M.D. had the qualifications for running a media company, but Victoria countered that Nate was well-educated, and a CEO should be a graduate of more than just the school of hard knocks. Nick encouraged Victoria to look at their self-made father, but she scoffed at the idea of comparing Victor and Sally. Nick continued to protest, and Victoria agreed to table the discussion for then.

Nate returned home to a silent penthouse. He gazed at a framed photo of him and Elena in happier times. There was a knock at the door, and Nate found Devon there. Devon snapped that he needed Nate to help him understand why Nate had wanted to screw his family over the way he had. Nate saw no point in trying to explain when it was over, and he was out of the company. Devon considered it Nate's opportunity to finally explain everything, since there was no job on the table and no reason for either of them to hold anything back.

Devon has a major confrontation with Nate

Devon has a major confrontation with Nate

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

by Nel

Adam arrived at Crimson Lights and thanked Sally for the text message about Connor. Sally left. Adam told Connor that Chelsea wouldn't have left him alone if she'd known no one had been waiting for him, because Adam and Chelsea loved him very much. Connor said Chelsea didn't love him as much as she had because if she did, she wouldn't act the way she had been. Connor asked Adam why Chelsea couldn't just love him. Adam assured Connor that he was Chelsea's heart and soul. Connor said Chelsea was always sad, and he didn't know how to make her feel better. Adam said that wasn't Connor's job.

Connor told Adam that Chelsea had been sad since she'd told him that Johnny was his brother. Adam said it would take time to get used to the new family dynamic. Connor stated they were already a family, and they didn't need Johnny. He said Johnny had his own family. Connor said if Chelsea missed Johnny so much, then she shouldn't have given him up in the first place.

Adam told Connor that giving up Johnny had been very difficult for Chelsea. He said Chelsea hadn't been able to provide for Johnny, and she'd allowed Aunt Victoria to be the mother Johnny had needed. Connor said either one loved someone enough to take care of them, or one didn't. Connor asked why Chelsea hadn't given him to Aunt Victoria, too.

Adam told Connor that Chelsea had worked very hard to provide for Connor; unfortunately, she hadn't been able to do the same for Johnny. Adam assured Connor that nothing would change the way he and Chelsea loved Connor.

When Chelsea arrived at the coffeehouse, she heard Adam tell Connor he would always be there for Connor. Adam said secrets sometimes caused harm, and Chelsea didn't want that secret to harm Connor down the road. Connor stated he wasn't enough for Chelsea because she wanted to have Johnny around. Chelsea approached and gave Connor his backpack. When she tried to touch Connor, he shied away. She asked Connor for a minute alone with Adam.

After Connor left, Adam asked how much Chelsea had overheard. Chelsea said she'd heard Connor say he wasn't enough for her. Chelsea said she would fix that. Adam suggested they needed help from a professional to help them deal with the information about Johnny and finding a way to move on. Chelsea agreed. Chelsea said she'd had the best of intentions, but she'd failed miserably. Adam assured her they were on the same team. Connor returned and asked Adam to take him home. As he and Adam were leaving Chelsea told Connor she loved him.

At Chancellor-Winters, Lily told Billy she couldn't believe that Nate had been willing to hand over the company to another CEO. Lily said she'd believed her family wasn't like the Newmans or the Abbotts. Billy said he would stick around until the IPO went through, if that was still the plan. Lily said it was up in the air because Devon was opposed to it, and she had no idea how Jill felt.

Billy told Lily he was concerned about public perception after Nate had been fired. Billy said he wanted to support Lily and Jill, and he would stay until everything had been sorted out.

Lily noted that Billy had wanted to leave Chancellor-Winters for a while, and she didn't want to hold him back from what was next for him. Billy said he was worried about the optics of what people would think if he walked away. Lily said no formal announcement would be needed, and Billy could simply step away to find his path. Billy said they needed to clean up the IPO mess Nate had created.

In a video chat, Jill said she wanted to know how Lily and Billy had allowed Nate to create such a situation right under their noses. Lily said it hadn't been something she'd ever expected from Nate. Jill said when she'd agreed to the merger and to make Chancellor-Winters a family company, she'd never dreamed the family would be the downfall of Lily's legacy. Lily assured Jill that wouldn't happen.

Jill said Lily's determination had been the reason she'd put Lily in charge, but she blamed herself, too. Jill said she had good instincts about people, but she hadn't seen Nate as a threat. Billy assured Jill that Lily had done everything she could to keep the peace between Devon and Nate. Lily said she was the CEO of Chancellor-Winters, and there were no excuses.

Lily told Jill that Nate had shown his hand during their last video call with Jill. Lily said they'd blamed it on the personal dispute between Nate and Devon. She said they hadn't thought it would bleed over into business. Lily said Nate had apologized, and his apology had appeared sincere. Lily said she took full responsibility for what had happened.

Lily told Jill that Nate had been fired, and the IPO hadn't happened yet. She said the risk of Nate selling his shares to whomever he'd been colluding with had been eliminated. She said no permanent damage had been done, and no one would get the majority shares of the company. Billy left to meet Victoria and the kids.

Lily told Jill her major concern was Tucker, and she said that she and Devon weren't buying that Tucker had returned to Genoa City to reconnect with Devon, meet Dominic, and make amends with Ashley. Lily said if Tucker wasn't the one Nate had conspired with, then there was someone else looking for a way in.

Lily told Jill the sharks were in the water, and Lily wanted to make sure they weren't caught with their eyes closed. Jill stated that her priorities hadn't changed; she had every intention of moving forward with the IPO. Jill hoped Lily and Devon were on board and said they had to figure out who the outside predator was.

At the penthouse, Nate told Devon that when he'd joined Chancellor-Winters, he'd wanted to be an active contributor with ideas that could be implemented. He'd wanted a chance to become a success, but Devon hadn't allowed that. Nate said there was only one way to have a hand in things, and when the opportunity had arisen, he'd grabbed it.

Devon said Nate had stabbed the people who'd given him an opportunity in the back. Nate claimed there had been no real opportunities for him at Chancellor-Winters. He accused Devon of not knowing how to manage people. Devon said his track record spoke for itself; he'd never had a problem before Nate. Nate said he wanted to talk to Devon's employees because, in his opinion, Devon didn't know how to delegate.

Devon noted that Nate understood how hierarchy worked. He said a boss would listen to ideas from his employees. Devon said that at the end of the day, the boss made the final decision, and if everyone wasn't okay with it, they could leave the way Nate had. Nate accused Devon of having an overblown ego.

Devon said the Nate who'd asked for his job back, claiming he'd understood his role in the company, had never existed. He said the only reason Nate had returned had been to get information to screw over his family. Nate claimed it had been business, never personal. Devon pointed out that he and Lily were Nate's family, and they didn't trust Nate; Elena had been staying in a hotel, and she'd taken time off to leave town. Devon said it didn't get more personal than that. Nate accused Devon of craving control.

Devon said Nate was angry at the world; he'd betrayed his family and lost his girlfriend all because of the choices he'd made. Devon suggested that Nate stop playing the victim. Nate claimed Devon wanted to keep everyone under his thumb. Nate said that the minute Devon lost a little control, he believed he had the right to change everyone's life, but no one had a say in Devon's life.

Devon said the only one whose life he'd tried to change for the better had been Nate's by bringing him into Chancellor-Winters. Nate spat that that had been after Devon had taken away his life as a surgeon. Nate said he would never forgive Devon for what had happened to his hand. Devon reminded Nate that he'd retaliated after Nate had had sex with Devon's girlfriend. Nate claimed that in return, Devon had taken away his career and had driven him to a place of uncertainty and depression. Nate said he'd wanted to forgive Devon, and for a while, he'd thought it had worked. Nate said he'd pushed his resentment to one side. Devon shouted that Nate had let it fester. Nate claimed that was Devon's fault.

Nate told Devon that being offered a chance at Chancellor-Winters had reinvigorated his hope, and it had solidified his resolve to forgive. Nate said he'd wanted to put his passion into something new and exciting, but Devon had stopped him at every turn. Nate claimed there was something buried deep inside Devon.

Devon said Nate had never been able to accept that he was a novice with no experience at Chancellor-Winters. Nate told Devon he'd had other executive job offers. Devon asked if the offer had been from Ashland Locke, the guy who'd had Nate convince people Locke had cancer.

Nate asked if Devon would have become a CEO if he hadn't inherited billions of dollars to launch a company. Devon asked if Nate knew how many companies Devon had worked for before he'd received that inheritance. Devon said he'd established a track record; Nate didn't have one. Devon said his first mistake had been handing Nate the COO position. Devon said his second mistake had been to assume Nate would approach a high-level job with some humility and intelligence.

Devon said the only thing he'd ever wanted from Nate was to respect Devon's final decision, but Nate couldn't because he'd been too arrogant to see he wasn't qualified. Devon stated that after a big career change, Nate should have taken a step back and tried to learn the ropes. He said Nate's arrogance had him believing he was the only person to lead the company in the right direction.

Devon said Nate could have destroyed the company Devon had built and shared with Neil. Nate said things wouldn't have gone that far had Devon been open to hearing Nate's ideas and loosened his grip on the reins. Devon said had he loosened his grip, Nate would have run the business that Devon and Neil had built into the ground.

Nate claimed it wasn't Devon and Neil's business; it was Devon and Jill's, and Lily was Jill's CEO. Devon said half the company was called Winters, and that part would always be Neil's. Devon said he'd had the privilege of learning from Neil. He said Neil had set a standard of professionalism that Nate would never understand. He said they'd had a partnership that Nate could never aspire to. Nate claimed Devon couldn't get past the partnership he'd had with Neil.

Nate claimed Neil wouldn't want Devon holding on to his ghost. Devon said Nate had no idea what had mattered or what had been important to Neil. Devon said the thing Neil had cared about more than anything was family, the very thing Nate had betrayed. Devon said if Neil been alive, he wouldn't have ever forgiven Nate. Devon left.

At Newman Media, Sally told Nick that Summer had stopped in to see her, and she'd claimed Nick deserved someone better than her. Nick said Summer had crossed the line. Sally said she'd told Summer they were just friends. Nick said he'd seen Summer at Society earlier, and he'd told her the same thing.

Sally said she'd seen Connor at Crimson Lights, and he'd told her he'd wanted to get away from Chelsea. Sally said she'd stayed with Connor until Adam had arrived. She said Connor deserved two loving parents, and she felt partially responsible for Adam falling short in some way. Nick said Sally wasn't responsible for Adam. Nick said that was up to Adam.

Nick told Sally he'd seen Adam earlier, and Adam had been pissed off and in a lot of pain. Sally said it didn't change anything. Nick noted it was taking a toll on Sally. Sally agreed.

Sally told Nick that Connor had told her how much Adam had smiled when she and Adam had been together. She said that Connor had thought when she'd shown up at the coffeehouse that he that she and Adam had reunited and that she had been there to pick him up. Sally told Nick she assumed Adam had gotten drunk because she'd rejected him. Sally claimed she couldn't ignore the impact she'd had on Adam and Connor. Sally said she hated watching Adam suffer.

Nick said he understood that Sally had some unresolved emotions she needed to work through. Sally said she'd been ready to move on and expressed how much she loved spending time with Nick. Nick said the last thing he wanted was to make things more difficult or complicated for Sally. He said whatever was happening between them had to be at a comfortable pace for Sally, if at all. He said he didn't want to make things harder for Adam, Sally, or himself. Nick said when he'd spoken to Adam, Adam had appeared heartbroken and had expressed regret over pushing the woman he loved out of his life.

Nick told Sally that Adam's losses had been mostly Adam's fault . He said if Sally was conflicted, then Nick had to step away because he refused to be in the middle. Nick acknowledged that he and Sally had amazing chemistry, but that wasn't enough. Sally said she needed to figure out what she really wanted.

In the park, Chelsea thought back to a conversation she'd had with Connor. Connor had asked Chelsea if he'd done something wrong because Chelsea wanted to be Johnny's mother. Chelsea had assured Connor that he was the best thing that had ever happened to her. She'd said nothing had changed and that she was proud to be his mom. She'd said she'd thought Connor would see it as a good thing because he could get to know Johnny better as a brother. Connor had asked why Chelsea had made it sound like it was about him when it was really about her.

In the present, Billy greeted Chelsea and asked how she was doing. Chelsea said she was sick of feeling sorry for herself. Billy said he hoped she would stay strong. Billy said that Victoria and the kids were on their way to the park, and it would be best if Chelsea wasn't around. Chelsea agreed and left.

Diane blames Phyllis for Jack's misgivings about her

Diane blames Phyllis for Jack's misgivings about her

Thursday, October 20, 2022

by Nel

At Crimson Lights, Mariah and Tessa were excited to meet with Christine. When Christine arrived, she said that a pregnant woman had responded to their adoption profile and wanted to know more about them as prospective parents. Christine said the mother wanted to form a relationship with the adoptive parents; however, she had some requests regarding communication.

Christine told Mariah and Tessa the first step was to exchange email addresses with Joss. Christine said she'd gotten some information about Joss, and she felt Joss was sincere in her desire to place her child with a family.

Alone with Christine, Sharon thanked her for everything she'd done for Mariah and Tessa. Sharon said she remembered when Christine had helped her and Nick adopt Cassie. Sharon said they would always be grateful for how deeply Christine had been invested in the outcome and how hard she'd fought for them. Christine said she'd cried when the judge had brought down his ruling, knowing Cassie would be with the family she'd loved and who'd loved her.

Sharon asked Christine what Mariah and Tessa's chances were. Christine said after the woman had looked through a lot of profiles, she'd reached out to Mariah and Tessa because of their solid relationship, successful careers, and great family support. Christine said it all worked in their favor.

Mariah and Tessa returned and told Christine they'd checked out Joss's profile, and they wanted to connect with Joss. Christine said she would make it happen. Mariah said she was very ready to start a family with Tessa.

At Jabot, Jack told Allie the presentation would be a good learning experience for her. He said Allie would make a great businesswoman. At the mention of a businesswoman, Allie said Audra had a job in Genoa City.

Allie told Jack that Audra had claimed she was there on a job and not to pursue Noah. Allie said she wasn't so sure because Audra seemed to show up wherever Noah happened to be. Allie said Audra was very assertive and glamorous, and she had a history with Noah. Jack said Audra and Noah had split up for a reason. He told Allie if Audra gave her any grief, she needed to give it right back. Allie agreed.

After Allie left, Diane asked if Jack still believed that Diane and Tucker had led a secret life in Los Angeles. Diane said she hated that Phyllis had turned Jack against her and that Jack didn't believe she'd been honest with him. Raising her voice, Diane said Phyllis had created suspicion about her since Diane's return to town. Diane said that Phyllis' unfounded accusations had Jack distancing himself from her, and that hurt. She said that was exactly what Phyllis had intended. Jack told Diane not to make it all about Phyllis.

Jack told Diane that the timing of Tucker's return and the unfortunate coincidence of his vintage Bentley had brought up a lot of questions. He said Diane and Tucker hadn't provided any reassuring answers, and it had been an eye-opener for him. Jack admitted he'd given Diane the benefit of the doubt for a while, but he had trouble trusting her, and he wasn't sure that would ever change.

Diane told Jack she'd believed they'd made progress, and she couldn't believe how easily it had become undone. Shouting, Diane said Phyllis had shared some convoluted suspicion about her and Tucker, and Jack was doubting her honesty, again. Jack admitted it had brought up misgivings he'd thought he'd buried. He said perhaps he'd held them in check for Kyle and Harrison's sakes, but his instincts told him he hadn't buried those misgivings.

Disheartened, Diane walked out of Jack's office and encountered the smiling Phyllis in the reception area. Phyllis said she'd known Diane would self-sabotage, and it appeared Jack had lost faith in Diane. Phyllis said everyone knew Diane had more secrets that would be exposed. Phyllis informed Diane that Talia had returned, and she was doing research on Diane. Phyllis said Diane should have seen Talia's face when she'd discovered that Tucker had been involved with Diane.

Phyllis told Diane that investigative people kept digging until they found what they wanted. Phyllis said once the facts were exposed, Kyle and Jack would know Diane's secrets. Diane said that, unlike Phyllis, she wasn't looking for or creating trouble. Phyllis said they both knew that wasn't true because Diane had already wreaked so much havoc. Phyllis said Diane had betrayed and lied to many people. Phyllis said all Diane would get from Jack was a strained acceptance. Phyllis left.

Diane returned to Jack's office in tears and said there was something she hadn't told Jack about her time in L.A., something she'd been ashamed to admit.

Audra arrived at Noah's club and told Noah that her consulting project wasn't going as planned. Noah asked why she was there. Audra said she'd wanted to sit somewhere vibrant to figure things out. Noah suggested that whenever Audra was at odds, there were other places in town she could go. Audra asked how long Noah intended to hate her. Noah said he didn't hate her; she brought chaos wherever she went. Audra asked if Noah really couldn't bear to be in the same room with her and said she'd hoped they could be civil. Noah told her to stop talking about being civil after what she'd pulled with Allie.

Audra asked what Noah was referring to. Noah said he didn't appreciate Audra trying to make Allie feel insecure about him and their relationship. Audra asked if it had occurred to Noah that she'd missed him, and she hated what they'd lost. She believed Noah missed her, too. Voice raised, Noah asked what Audra wanted from him. He said it pissed him off that Audra had only wanted a reaction from him and that he'd given her one.

Audra asked why Noah couldn't see they had unresolved feelings to deal with. She asked why it made him crazy to see her if there was nothing there. Allie entered and said she hadn't expected to see Audra there. Allie kissed Noah. Audra said she was headed to Society, and she left.

At the ranch, Ashley informed Nikki and Phyllis that she'd told Jack how the Bentley had connected Tucker and Diane in L.A. Ashley said it hadn't fazed him. Phyllis chirped that Jack had doubts about Diane's whole reformed act. Phyllis said they needed to get evidence that Tucker and Diane had been together and had collaborated in L.A. Nikki wanted to know the nature of that collaboration. She wondered if it had been personal or a moneymaking scheme, and she wanted to know how it would play out after their return to Genoa City.

Nikki told Phyllis and Ashley that Tucker had claimed to be in town for three reasons: Devon, Dominic, and Ashley. Ashley declared that Tucker's agenda went far beyond winning her back. She said Tucker only used people to get what he wanted. Phyllis asked if Ashley had given any thought to spending more time with Tucker to get him to let his guard down. Ashley said she'd agreed to have dinner with Tucker, but he'd stood her up. She said he'd shown up later claiming he'd had an emergency with Devon.

Ashley told Nikki and Phyllis that Tucker believed he had a chance with her. Nikki said she knew Tucker would try harder to convince Ashley he was sincere after screwing up his dinner date with her. Phyllis suggested that Ashley have dinner with Tucker, and after he'd let down his guard, Ashley could pretend to reconnect with him. Ashley claimed it wouldn't be easy because she could barely stand to be in the same room with Tucker.

After Ashley left, Phyllis and Nikki agreed it had been a productive meeting. Nikki said that she and Phyllis would continue digging while Ashley handled the Tucker angle.

Phyllis and Nikki were surprised when Talia arrived. Nikki told Talia they'd just finished a meeting about their favorite project. Talia said Diane Jenkins was her favorite subject. Phyllis said Ashley had a plan they hoped would reveal some information about Diane's life in L.A.

Talia told Nikki and Phyllis that no one would tell her why her original series on Diane had been killed. She said she'd discovered that someone with a lot of money and clout had warned the owner of the magazine to kill any further articles about Diane. Nikki said it was possible that influential someone had been Tucker McCall. Talia was stunned. Nikki said Tucker had been involved with Diane, and it was only a matter of finding out how and why.

Talia told Nikki she was enthralled by the possible connection between Diane and Tucker in L.A. Talia said she loved that it had turned on a vintage Bentley that Tucker had tried to give away as a gift to the young couple renewing their vows. Nikki informed Talia that Tucker and Diane had had a romance back in the day.

Nikki also told Talia that because Diane and Tucker were back in town, she was convinced they had an agenda. Talia said they needed hard evidence. Nikki said she had a way of getting to the truth.

When Tucker saw Victoria at Society, he recalled a conversation he'd had with Audra. Audra had said Devon and Lily were postponing the IPO to sort things out and that there was a larger problem than the delay. Tucker had guessed it was the mysterious CEO who was as interested in taking over Chancellor-Winters as he was. Audra had asked if he'd had any thoughts about the interested party. Tucker had named Victoria Newman. He'd said that when Katherine had died, she'd left the company to Victor.

In the present, Tucker invited Victoria to join him. Victoria gathered from Tucker's dramatic arrival at the Abbotts' that Ashley had been the focus of his attention. Tucker said it hadn't been a secret he'd wanted to make things right with Ashley.

Victoria told Tucker it was a good thing Ashley hadn't been there. She said Tucker would have been embarrassed when Ashley had told him to go to hell in front of Genoa City's movers and shakers. Tucker said he didn't care what anyone thought of him. Victoria countered that Tucker was a very image-conscience person and thrived on attention.

Tucker asked Victoria about the Ashland Locke fiasco. Victoria said she preferred not to think about that time. Tucker said she'd emerged stronger from that situation, and he'd been impressed with everything she'd done with the company since she'd taken over.

Victoria told Tucker she was aware he'd been selling off divisions and banking his profits, obviously for something he wanted to acquire. Tucker claimed he was merely simplifying his life. He assured Victoria that he wasn't stockpiling cash to make a run at Newman. Victoria said that thought hadn't crossed her mind.

Tucker told Victoria he admired that Jill had stepped back from Chancellor after she'd made her mark and had nothing left to prove. Tucker said Jill had been enjoying her life away from the corporate battlefield. Tucker said he'd been contemplating semi-retirement in Genoa City. Victoria found that a little far-fetched for Tucker.

Victoria asked for Tucker's take on the Chancellor-Winters merger. She wondered if he'd been upset that his mother's company had merged with his son's company and that he hadn't been included. Tucker said he'd been very pleased for Devon.

When Ashley arrived, Victoria wished Tucker the best of luck on his semi-retirement. Victoria left. Ashley asked Tucker about his semi-retirement. Tucker asked why she found it surprising that he would want to work less and enjoy life more. Ashley said she knew how obsessed he was about living on the edge, pushing boundaries, and facing challenges. Tucker claimed the only challenge he'd been focused on was to prove to Ashley how much he'd changed. He said it was an opportunity to get things right because they'd had such a beautiful connection and could have it again.

Tucker invited Ashley to join him for lunch and hoped he could charm her into giving him another chance. Ashley agreed to join him. She told Tucker it was strictly lunch, and it wouldn't go any further. Tucker agreed.

Tucker told Ashley he remembered how sympatico they'd been and how they'd connected on such a deep level. Tucker didn't believe those connections would ever disappear. He said he'd been thinking about the first time they'd truly connected. He said it had been during their trip to Japan.

Tucker told Ashley they'd been "such a good team," and he'd taken great pride in watching her thrive. Ashley asked if Tucker believed that she owed him for what she'd become. Tucker said she had it backwards: he owed everything he was to Ashley. He said Ashley had fought like hell for him when the doctors had wanted to remove him from life support, but she'd wanted him to have every chance to recover. He declared that he was alive because of her.

Tucker told Ashley he wanted to take Dominic to the park with her. Ashley said there was no chance of that. She said Tucker had had his do-over, and she told him not to push it. Ashley said it would take a lot more that a conversation for her to see that he'd changed in a meaningful way. She thanked him for lunch, and she left.

Tucker received a call from Nikki inviting him to the ranch. He accepted.

Diane tells Jack about her time as a ''dead'' woman

Diane tells Jack about her time as a ''dead'' woman

Friday, October 21, 2022

by Nel

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis told Lauren that "Project Diane" was progressing, and it was the best time to get rid of Diane, with Kyle and Summer out of town. Lauren said Kyle had fully accepted Diane in his life. Lauren said she was surprised Jack had accepted Diane like nothing had ever happened. Phyllis said she felt Jack was seeing Diane for who she really was. Lauren commented that Diane was trying to worm her way back into Jack's life through Kyle and Harrison.

Phyllis told Lauren she'd overheard Jack tell Diane that his doubts had reignited. Phyllis said there was a theory that Diane and Tucker had connected in Los Angeles. Lauren said if Jack found out that Phyllis was connected to Diane's downfall, he would be very angry, especially about how it would affect Kyle. Phyllis said it was more important to her that her friend and her daughter knew the truth about Diane. She said Jack should thank her for being such a great friend.

At Jabot, Diane told Jack she and Tucker had crossed paths. Diane said Tucker had discovered things about her -- things she'd had to do to survive when she hadn't had a choice.

Diane told Jack that when she'd arrived in L.A., she'd needed a new identity, and she'd found someone who'd created a new persona for her. She said she'd needed a new Social Security number, driver's license, and birth certificate. Jack said Taylor Jensen had been "reborn." Jack said the only way to get that kind of documentation was to assume the identity of a dead woman. Diane said it had been her only choice to begin a new life. When Diane claimed that she hadn't wanted to break the law, Jack told her to stop with the excuses.

Diane told Jack that a short time after she'd settled in L.A., she'd met a man named Jeremy Stark. She said she'd lied and told him she'd been involved in a series of bad relationships. She said Jeremy had said her life could be good again.

Diane recalled thanking Jeremy for a lovely afternoon of watching the dolphins play and the fabulous lunch in Malibu. He said he couldn't wait to explore more with her. She said it had been a long time since she'd had a good day. She admitted it felt relaxing and invigorating. Jeremy said that whatever had happened to her was in the past and that she had her whole life ahead of her. He said she needed to enjoy life, and he called himself the person who would make that happen.

Diane told Jack that Jeremy had been kind, gentle, and thoughtful. She said she hadn't been looking for a serious relationship, but she'd fallen hard. She said Jeremy was a wealthy jetsetter. Diane was slightly taken aback when Jack asked if Jeremy had been the man in the Bentley. Diane said Jeremy was an international financier. He'd flown around the world, finding opportunities and making deals.

Diane remembered when Jeremy told her that she was looking at the third largest distributor of automotive parts in Eastern Europe. Impressed, Diane said that would explain all the paparazzi outside. He said it didn't sound like much, but it was huge. Diane congratulated him and said that between that and the Australian land he'd acquired the previous week, he was on a roll.

Jeremy gave Diane a framed photo of a private island. He said he was flying there later that evening and wanted Diane to join him the following day. Diane said she couldn't go on such short notice. She said she knew the circles he traveled in, and she had nothing to wear. Jeremy told Diane to contact his assistant, Francesca, who would do all the shopping for whatever Diane needed. He said that all Diane had to do was be ready for his car to pick her up at noon the next day.

Diane told Jack it had been a whirlwind and a fantasy come true. She said Jeremy traveled a lot on business and would ask her to join him on his trips. She said he took care of all the arrangements. Diane said she'd found what had been missing in her previous relationships. Diane said what she hadn't realized until it had been too late was that it had been Jeremy's trick.

Diane explained that she'd always flown alone, never with Jeremy. Jeremy had always said he'd wanted to get to his destination early to get business out of the way so they could enjoy themselves, but that hadn't been true. She said Jeremy had sheltered millions of dollars in illegal funds, and he'd used her to do it. Diane said she hadn't known about it until her trip to Barbados.

Diane said Jeremy had been late meeting her at the airport, and she'd been looking for something in her suitcase when she'd spotted stacks of hundred-dollar bills. Later, when Jeremy had thought she'd been napping, Jeremy had removed the money. Diane said she'd followed Jeremy to a bank. She said she'd been devastated when she'd realized what had happened. She said she'd waited until they'd returned safely to L.A. before she'd confronted him.

Diane remembered when Jeremy told Diane he was going on a trip the following day and asked if she was up for it. He asked her to be ready by 3:00 p.m. Diane asked how much cash he planned to hide in her suitcase that time.

Diane told Jeremy she had trusted him and had even thought she was falling in love with him, but he'd been using her as a money-laundering mule. He said she was overreacting and apologized that the fantasy had been shattered, but their relationship didn't have to end. Diane said it was over and that she wasn't going to do his dirty work. Jeremy said he'd invested a lot in her. Diane replied that he'd taken her on a few trips, which didn't buy her loyalty to commit crimes for him. She said she wouldn't tell the authorities about him, but they were done.

Jeremy stated they weren't done. He said Social Security numbers of dead people didn't come cheap. He said the man who'd arranged for her new identity worked for him, as did Diane Jenkins. He said there were probably a lot of people who would be interested to know she was alive and well. He threatened that if she didn't want that kind of trouble, she would keep doing what she'd been doing.

Diane told Jack that Jeremy was nothing but a con man. Her meeting with him hadn't been a coincidence. She said Jeremy had never cared about her, and she'd been part of his system, his way of recruiting people he could control. She said he'd had all the leverage; he could have exposed her and told the world she was a lie. She said she'd been trapped.

Jack asked Diane how she'd escaped Jeremy's well-made trap. Diane said she'd continued to carry money out of the country for him. She'd pretended she was his lover, but she hadn't been able to stand to be in the same room with him. She said that one day, he'd demanded that they meet at their usual spot.

Diane met with Jeremy and asked if they could quit the charade that they were a couple. He demanded that she sit down. Jeremy told her he was about to be arrested at any time. He said a friend in the Justice Department had tipped him off. He said he didn't think Diane was in any danger because she was a small fish, but she could be used to get to the bigger fish. He insisted that that couldn't happen. He asked if she understood. Diane said she did. Jeremy told her to keep her mouth shut.

They heard sirens, and Jeremy told Diane to leave immediately, which she did.

Diane told Jack how terrified she'd been. She said Jeremy's whole operation had been exposed during the investigation. Diane said the preparation and trial had taken four years, and she'd been on pins and needles the whole time. She said she'd been certain there would be a knock on her door and that she would be implicated, but the fact that they'd never flown together had made it so nobody had connected them. Diane said it had been a huge wake-up call.

Diane said that after that experience, she'd been determined to get her life back on the right track. She said she needed Jack to believe that everything she'd told him about that part of her journey was the truth. She said she'd always believed that a rich husband would solve all her problems, but after Jeremy, she'd realized she needed to take care of herself. She claimed that was what had driven her to get the help she'd needed.

Diane said she'd sworn that if she was able to get out of that mess, she would reconnect with Kyle, whom she'd missed every day. She said that had kept her going for years.

With distaste, Jack said Diane had managed to evade the law. Diane admitted she had. She said that once Jeremy had been convicted and in prison, she'd been able to relax and focus on returning to Genoa City and Kyle's life. She said that was when Tucker had shown up. Diane admitted Tucker had been the man in the Bentley. She said it had been a random run-in about six months before she'd reached out to Jack.

Diane told Jack that Tucker had recognized her immediately. She said Tucker had been able to connect the dots because he'd known people who'd done business with Jeremy. She said Tucker had somehow uncovered evidence of her crimes the Feds had overlooked, and he'd promised to keep quiet if they helped each other. Jack commented that Diane had been blackmailed from two different directions. Jack asked what Tucker had wanted from Diane.

Diane told Jack that Tucker had wanted to return to Genoa City to rekindle things with Ashley, and he'd wanted a way in with the Abbotts. Jack was gobsmacked when Diane said that was when Tucker had found Keemo and Allie. Diane said Tucker had thought she could help him from Genoa City. Diane said Tucker had offered her the information about Keemo's house as a way for her to reconnect with Jack and Kyle. Jack asked what Tucker had expected from Diane in return.

Diane told Jack that Tucker had wanted her to keep tabs on Ashley -- her romantic status, work, and travel plans. Astounded, Jack asked if Diane had returned to town to spy on Ashley. Diane denied it and asked Jack to see the situation that she'd been in. She said she'd worked very hard to turn her life around -- years and years of effort and therapy -- so that she could be with her son again. She said it had been her chance, and she couldn't risk Tucker revealing that she was alive before she'd had the chance to do it herself.

Diane told Jack she could have gone to jail, and Kyle would have discovered she'd faked her own death when she hadn't had a chance to explain anything to him. She'd agreed to help Tucker. She said she'd sold all the expensive gifts Jeremy had given her and used the money to buy Keemo's house, and Jack knew everything after that.

Diane told Jack she'd been trapped, first by Jeremy and then by Tucker. She said she'd been forced to behave in ways she never would have under normal circumstances. She said it had been about survival and her need to reconnect with her son, no matter what it took. She begged Jack to understand. She said Phyllis and Nikki were determined to dig up dirt on her, and she'd known everything would be discovered sooner or later. She said she'd wanted Jack to hear it from her.

Phyllis arrived and saw Diane with Jack in his office. Phyllis opened the door and asked if she'd interrupted something. Jack said everything was fine and asked what Phyllis needed at that moment. Phyllis said she would return at another time. Phyllis asked Diane if she was okay. Diane tersely responded that everything was fine. Jack told Diane they would continue their conversation later. He left for an appointment.

Phyllis said she didn't know what had happened, but it didn't appear very good for Diane.

Tucker arrived at the ranch. Nikki said it wasn't a social call, and she introduced Tucker to Talia Morgan. Talia said she wanted to ask Tucker about his future plans. Nikki left.

Talia said Tucker had history with the Newman family; he'd gone head to head with Victor in business and personally. Talia asked Tucker why Nikki had encouraged her to write a profile about him when there had been bad blood between them. Tucker said the Newmans were in the past, and they didn't enter into his current plans. Talia asked why he'd been divesting and liquifying so many of his assets and asked if he was downsizing or retiring -- or if he had a major move in the works.

Tucker told Talia not to read too much into his latest maneuvers because he was buying, selling, and divesting all the time. Tucker said he was clearing a path and making room for whatever would be revealed.

Talia asked what Tucker had been doing since he'd left Thailand. She said she knew he'd spent time in L.A., and she asked if he'd had business there, if he'd owned a home, and what he'd enjoyed doing. Tucker said he'd gone to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Venice Beach, the Decca Records building, and the Brown Derby -- all the hot spots. Talia said the Brown Derby had been closed for about 30 years. Talia said she had things to do, and if he ever decided to be serious, she would love to interview him. Talia left, and Tucker told Nikki to come out and explain what that had been about.

Tucker asked if Nikki had expected him to believe that had been for a real article. Nikki said she knew nothing about Talia's assignments. He said Talia had asked about his business in L.A. when most of his business was done internationally. He said Nikki seemed to be concerned about what he'd been doing in L.A. Nikki claimed she had no idea what he was talking about.

Tucker said Nikki and her friends had a theory that he was somehow connected with Diane, which he said was the reason Nikki had brought in a reporter to do an exposé on him. Nikki said out of respect for Katherine, she wanted to treat Tucker fairly. She thought Tucker was smart enough to avoid Diane at all costs, but she felt there was a connection between them. Nikki said Tucker knew what Diane had done to her and her family, and he should understand why she didn't want Diane in Genoa City. Nikki said if Tucker was collaborating with Diane, she wanted to know why and what Diane was after.

Nikki told Tucker if Diane harmed anyone she cared about, she would hold Tucker personally responsible. Nikki said she wanted to believe Tucker would step up and provide her with information if he wanted to help Nikki protect her loved ones. Tucker said he'd like to help, but he couldn't.

In Costa Rica, Summer told Kyle she'd loved him for a long time, and it had always felt inevitable that they would wind up together. Kyle agreed and said they had everything they'd ever wanted.

Kyle told Summer that he had her and Harrison in his corner, and nothing else mattered. Summer guessed that Kyle felt truly whole since the mother Kyle had thought he'd lost was back in his life. Kyle admitted that having Diane around left him more at peace, since there wasn't any uncertainty anymore. Kyle said he was grateful that Summer had allowed him to figure things out on his own about Diane.

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Brandon Barash, wife Isabella welcome a baby boy
Glory days: Ellen Travolta returns to General
Meet GH's new Danny and Georgie Spinelli
J. Eddie Peck returns to Y&R, and he's ready for the ride ahead
Hello, again: Hayley Erin opens up about her return to Y&R
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