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Victoria offered Nate the CEO position at Newman Media and forced Nick to fire Sally and Chloe. Johnny and Connor bonded. Chelsea's feelings of anxiety and depression escalated. On the roof of the Grand Phoenix, Chelsea looked to the ground below and considered ending her pain.
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Victoria offered Nate the CEO position at Newman Media and forced Nick to fire Sally and Chloe. Chelsea's feelings of anxiety and depression escalated.
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Devon meets with Tucker to find out what he is up to

Devon meets with Tucker to find out what he is up to

Monday, October 24, 2022

At Society, Chance phoned Noah to make date reservations at the Glam Club, explaining that Abby deserved a special evening out. Seconds afterward, a haggard Abby emerged from the kitchen, flustered because, she explained, her day had been a nightmare due to an injured chef, broken dishwashers, a clogged grease trap, and a minor fire. Chance presented a bouquet of flowers and said, "Surprise." Abby's frown gave way to a smile as she smoothed her mussed hair. Hesitant to rearrange her schedule, Abby abruptly changed her plans and announced that Genoa City should be put on notice because the Chancellors were going out.

Devon was still reeling after having confronted Nate. Lily followed Devon into their office, where he told Lily he could not understand how Nate could have looked them in the eyes while stabbing them in the back. Devon claimed that Nate had lodged ridiculous accusations. Devon cried, "He has the nerve to say that I drove him to betray us because I haven't gotten over Neil's death." Devon added that Nate had claimed that his ideas had always been shut down because Devon could not accept being partners with anyone other than Neil. Lily advised Devon to do some soul-searching to determine if there was any truth to what Nate had said about Neil.

Changing the subject, Devon asked Lily to catch him up on what had been going on. Lily informed Devon that Jill was furious. Devon said he understood why because merely a week after Jill's company had merged with his, Nate had destroyed it. Lily surprised Devon when she informed him that Jill planned to move forward with the IPO after identifying who had been plotting against them. Devon was not in favor of Jill's plan, insisting it was not the right thing to do. Lily agreed to table the IPO in favor of discussing how their company had torn the family apart. Devon replied that Nate, not the company, was to blame.

Devon told Lily he should be excluded from family holidays if Nate was present because he could not forgive Nate for crossing the line. Lily reminded Devon that they were family and should be able to fix things. Devon suggested he and Lily work together without Nate. Devon recalled that Nate had refused to divulge the name of the other CEO, though he believed the other CEO was Tucker, given that he had arrived the week the company had planned to go public. Lily cautioned Devon to proceed carefully if he wished to fight back. Devon told Lily he would set up a meeting with Tucker to dig up information.

At the Glam Club, lively music encouraged guests to dance and mingle. Noah approached Nate as Nate sat stone-faced in a chair, seemingly oblivious to the cheerful atmosphere. Noah offered to provide a listening ear. Nate cried, "Thanks, but I wouldn't subject my worst enemy to what I'm holding back right now." Noah, recalling that Nate had saved the lives of people Noah loved, offered to compare their troubles.

Noah said that his ex-girlfriend had arrived in town out of the blue, explaining that she was out to make trouble, though he could not dismiss the possibility that she had changed. Nate insisted his troubles did not compare to Noah's. Noah offered to help if needed. Nate said he preferred quiet time to enjoy his drink. After Noah walked away, Nate considered phoning Elena but slipped his phone back in his pocket.

Chance and Abby arrived at the Glam Club and greeted Noah, who proclaimed that Chance and Abby were the guests of honor while they enjoyed child-free fun. After Noah escorted Chance and Abby to a cozy spot in a lounging area, she noticed Nate drinking alone. Noah dissuaded Abby from approaching Nate because he was having a bad day. Abby asked Noah about Allie. Noah explained that Allie had stopped by earlier during a break from her lab work. Abby said she sensed something was amiss, but Noah changed the subject and offered to order them one of his signature cocktails.

After Noah walked away, Abby told Chance that Noah had tensed up when she'd mentioned Allie. Chance replied that he had not noticed because he had been staring at his wife's beautiful face. Abby turned her attention to Chance and proclaimed that they were among the lucky few to have found perfect spouses. Abby kissed Chance as they clinked their glasses together to celebrate their toast to each other.

After Noah's visit with Abby and Chance, he remembered an argument he had had in the past with Audra. Audra had refused to accompany Noah to his art opening. Noah had demanded to know why. Audra had claimed that the owner of a gallery had offered to host a showing of his art because she'd wanted to sleep with him. Angry, Noah had insinuated that something was wrong with Audra to have jumped to such a conclusion. Noah seemed troubled by the painful memory.

In a hotel room at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Tucker informed Audra that Nikki had set him up to be interviewed by Talia Morgan. Audra recalled that Talia had written an article about Diane Jenkins. Audra asked Tucker why he would agree to be interviewed after he had shut down Talia's series about Diane. Tucker explained that he wished to show the world that he had nothing to hide and nothing to fear. Audra asked Tucker if he had found out any information from Nikki or Victoria. Tucker said he had not been able to verify whether or not Victoria was the CEO who had been in cahoots with Nate, though it no longer mattered after Nate had come clean.

Tucker told Audra they had to devise another plan of attack. Audra said she wished she had the perfect Plan B, but the Chancellor-Winters' IPO had been the best option to convince Devon to merge his shares with Tucker's to form a controlling majority. Audra suggested that Tucker orchestrate something to undermine the company, and then force Lily and Devon to sell the company due to a hostile takeover. Tucker was reluctant to engage in a hostile maneuver because he upheld the sacredness of family and believed that only he and Devon had the right to run a Katherine Chancellor company. Tucker put Audra in charge of setting things right. Tucker received a phone call from Devon inviting Tucker to join him at the Glam Club. Tucker agreed to meet with his son.

When Tucker entered the Glam Club, Abby glared at him and complained to Chance that Tucker had shown up while they were present. Chance told Abby to ignore Tucker. Abby cried that Tucker had returned to town to stir things up with her mom. Chance reminded Abby that Ashley was capable of taking care of herself. Abby told Chance she did not want Tucker anywhere near Dominic because even Devon did not trust Tucker, who always had a hidden agenda. Chance gestured toward the entrance, where Devon was greeting Tucker with an embrace. Chance suggested that Devon had had a change of heart.

After Devon and Tucker entered the Glam Club, Devon spotted Nate. The two men menacingly stared at each other. Tucker asked Devon if there was a problem. Devon explained that he had hoped to avoid running into Nate. Nate stood up and puffed out his chest as if he were challenging Devon to confront him. As Nate headed toward the exit, Devon told him not to leave on his account. Nate stepped back and said, "What I said about you and Neil was the truth. One day, I hope you finally accept it."

Devon claimed that if Neil were alive, he would be disgusted with Nate. Nate disagreed and said Neil would embrace new blood and new ideas. Devon replied that Nate had no idea what Neil would want for his company. As the men were arguing, Chance approached and told them it wasn't the right place to hash out their issues. Devon agreed and told Nate he was not worth any more of Devon's time. Nate said Devon was not worth his time, either. After Nate left, Noah asked Devon if there was a problem. Devon insisted that everything was great.

Abby seemed saddened by Devon's hurtful encounter with Nate. Chance rejoined Abby and said that a fight had been averted. Chance said the fray had sounded work-related. Abby blamed Tucker, explaining that he was toxic. Abby cried that Tucker poisoned everything he came in contact with. Chance replied, "I don't know, honey. It sounded like he was on the periphery of whatever this was, and his name didn't even get brought up." Abby noted that Tucker had not attempted to cool things off. Chance suggested they forget everyone else and enjoy their night together. Abby could not refrain from eavesdropping on Tucker and Devon even after Chance handed her a menu to peruse.

Nate and Devon seated themselves at a table. Tucker told Devon he did not wish to pry, though he assumed that Nate was the insider at Chancellor-Winters who had been sharing information with a predatory CEO. Devon noted that it was personal company information he would not discuss. Devon apologized for having come across aggressively during their previous meeting, explaining that Tucker had shown up at the same time Devon had discovered that there was a mole at the company.

Tucker acknowledged that most people concluded the worst scenarios whenever he was around, though the real blame could usually be attributed to rumors and innuendo. Devon noted that Tucker's mystique led people to believe that he was never the good guy, which left him free to ignore the rules. Tucker pointed to Devon and said he was glad the apple had fallen far from the tree. Tucker said that together, they balanced everything out.

Devon invited Tucker to stop by and meet Dominic. Tucker said that getting to meet his grandson meant everything to him. Devon replied, "To me, too." Tucker encouraged Devon to open up about what was going on with Nate. Devon admitted that Nate had been the one who had maliciously sold out Chancellor-Winters and lied to their faces. Devon reminded Tucker that the Winters part of the company was something he and Neil had built and that losing Neil was still affecting him. Devon recalled that Nate had claimed that the company would fall because Devon could not move on from Neil's death and the legacy that his father had left behind. Tucker advised Devon to deal with his issues before they took down Chancellor-Winters.

At Crimson Lights, Lily remembered Nate having told her that he desired to make the most of his position and have at least some of his ideas be implemented. Nate had complained that it would never happen as long as Devon pulled rank over him, so he had explored other opportunities. Nate had told Lily and Billy it was the only way he could prove himself. Lily had replied that it was not the only way, though it was the choice Nate had made. Lily remembered how painful it had been when she had told Nate to get out.

Audra entered the coffee shop, and Lily called out to her. Audra joined Lily and offered to listen and make suggestions involving efforts to move forward. Lily said she had been too blindsided to look at things from a business standpoint. Audra said she was aware that Lily was dealing with complicated family issues and that her emotional reactions were valid. Lily explained that Devon and Billy were equally as furious because they had all trusted Nate. Lily cried that she felt as if everything was her fault because she had proposed the merger, had encouraged Nate to accept their job offer, and had convinced Devon that the company should go public.

Lily changed her mind and asked Audra to discuss the suggestions she had mentioned. Audra leaned forward and said, "Trust no one." Lily admitted she had made mistakes, but she insisted she could trust Devon. Audra shared a vague story about a man she had trusted who had betrayed her and afterward had disappeared from her life without ever dealing with their unresolved feelings, instead blaming her. Audra told Lily she hoped Devon would never turn on her, though money and power often drew out the worst part of people.

Lily confided to Audra that Neil had taught her that people could react in good ways, as well. Lily said she wished her father could help her fix things because he would know exactly what to do. Audra assured Lily that very few companies she had guided through the IPO process had expressed regrets from taking the big step. Audra said that one person with an axe to grind should not rob Lily of the glory she deserved. Before Lily departed, she paused and thought deeply about Audra's advice.

Nate entered Crimson Lights and saw Audra sitting alone. Nate approached and said, "Last man you wanted to see, right? In fact, as far as you're concerned, I'm probably public enemy number one." Audra told Nate he had just missed Lily. Nate said the last thing he wanted was another run-in with the top brass at Chancellor-Winters because he had almost gotten into a fistfight with Devon.

Nate acknowledged that he had torpedoed Audra's plans for Chancellor-Winters. Audra told Nate she had not taken it personally and actually appreciated his creativity. Nate replied, "I feel like I should remind you of which side you're supposed to be on." Audra said she knew who paid her bills and was not condoning what Nate had done, though she appreciated a man who was aware that he could not win big without taking chances.

Audra said she was curious to know why Nate had done what he had done. Nate admitted it was a mistake to put business before family, though Devon was so focused on family that it got in the way of business. Audra asked Nate to explain. Nate replied, "You know what? It's a Chancellor-Winters issue. You should ask the man yourself, although he lacks the self-awareness to give you an honest answer." Nate admitted he had gotten himself into a mess for sharing too much information with insiders and was trying to learn from his mistakes. Audra sighed after Nate left.

Tucker learns about Diane's confession to Jack

Tucker learns about Diane's confession to Jack

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Phyllis arrived at the Newman ranch and informed Nikki that something had just gone down between Diane and Jack at Jabot. Phyllis gleefully reported that while she didn't have the details, Diane had been rattled and crying. Phyllis added that she wasn't sure if they'd been tears of anger or sadness, but from how both Diane and Jack had looked, whatever had happened had been big.

Nikki questioned the point of Phyllis being at Marchetti if she wasn't going to dig deep to get the scoop on Diane. Phyllis asserted that her part of the plan was going great, since she wouldn't have witnessed what had been going on between Diane and Jack if Phyllis hadn't been at Marchetti. Nikki scolded Phyllis for not pressing harder. Phyllis mentioned that Jack had slipped out of the office before she'd had a chance to grill him, and he wouldn't have been forthcoming if she'd shown up at his house. Phyllis was sure that Diane was at her tipping point and would eventually snap, and once Diane did, no one would think it would be a good idea to keep her around.

Nikki acknowledged that Diane only played a small part in her everyday life and that Ashley was usually in Europe, so Diane's departure would impact Phyllis the most. Phyllis thanked Nikki for seeing her suffering, pointing out that she'd given up her career to go to Marchetti and spy on Diane. Nikki appreciated the sacrifice, and Phyllis swore it would pay off. Phyllis vowed to find out what secret Diane was hiding, and she intended to use her job to her advantage because she wanted her life back.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack flashed back to Diane's confession that Jeremy had used her as a mule to smuggle cash abroad and that Tucker had blackmailed her into supplying information about Ashley. Ashley called to Jack and observed that he appeared to be deep in thought. He claimed he'd been thinking about work, but she pressed to know what was really going on. Jack confirmed that Ashley, Nikki, and Phyllis had been right about Diane. He revealed that Diane and Tucker had crossed paths in L.A. after Diane had gotten herself into a sketchy situation that she'd managed to wriggle out of.

Jack continued that Tucker had been the man in the Bentley, and Tucker had offered to stay quiet about Diane's identity and transgressions and give her information that might reconnect her with Kyle. Ashley surmised that Tucker had known about Allie, and Jack condemned Tucker for sharing what he'd known about Jack's granddaughter as a means for Diane to manipulate her way back into their lives. Jack divulged that in return, Tucker had expected Diane to feed him information about Ashley. Ashley was aghast that it had all been about his obsession with her. Jack indicated that Diane had been vague about the rest, but she'd been lying to them from the beginning.

Ashley clucked that she'd told Jack that Diane couldn't be trusted. Jack expected Ashley to be outraged that Diane had been feeding Tucker information about Ashley, but Ashley clarified that she was angry because Tucker had used Allie and the loss of Allie's father to get to them. Jack pointed out that they'd already known Diane had used Allie. Ashley recognized that Diane had been motivated out of love, but Diane had also said nothing about making a deal with the devil. Ashley cited the numerous times Diane had sworn she'd told them everything when she'd really been working with Tucker the whole time.

Ashley called Diane's actions despicable, and she imagined Jack was furious. Jack admitted that he'd never fully trusted Diane, but he'd given her the benefit of the doubt for Kyle's sake. Ashley was happy that he wasn't harboring any illusions about Diane, and she was glad Kyle and Summer weren't there to deal with the situation. Jack lamented that Kyle would be devastated, since Diane had sworn up and down that she'd changed while she'd continued to lie to her son. Ashley proclaimed that something had to be done because Diane was far too involved in their family, and she refused to let Diane get in any deeper.

Ashley theorized that Diane was hiding her true ulterior motive and that it had to do with Tucker. Ashley questioned why Jack seemed hesitant about going after Diane. He explained that he understood what it was like on some level to have to restart one's life, and he sympathized that Diane had felt forced to do sketchy things out of fear that her real identity would be exposed. Ashley scoffed at the thought of feeling sorry for Diane.

Jack believed that Diane had done what she'd done for her own survival, and he thought they needed more information before jumping to conclusions about her having any other motive. Jack asked Ashley how things were going with Tucker. She remained committed to stringing Tucker along to get more dirt about him and Diane, and she cautioned that their family needed to be prepared for anything. Once alone, Jack reflected back on the conversation he'd had with Diane that had led to her planting a kiss on him.

A sullen Diane stirred her coffee at Crimson Lights. Tucker approached, and she silently stared at him. He suspected something had happened, and he wondered if they needed to go somewhere private. She ordered him to go away because he was the last person she wanted to talk to, and she would be happy if she never had to speak to him again. Diane grumbled that she regretted ever allowing him to blackmail her into colluding with him. Tucker guessed that someone had found out what they'd been up to in L.A.

Tucker plopped down at Diane's table and implored her to tell him whether their plan had been uncovered. He guessed that Phyllis or Nikki had found an unturned stone. Diane informed him that her enemies hadn't discovered anything, but it would only have been a matter of time until they did. Tucker realized that Diane had jumped the gun. Diane explained that she'd needed to get ahead of things to prevent her relationships with Kyle and Harrison from being ruined. She admitted that she'd told Jack about the darker parts about her life in L.A.

Diane confirmed that she'd told Jack about her involvement with Jeremy Stark and with Tucker. Tucker sternly reminded her that he'd been the one who'd given her everything she'd needed to get her where she was. He pointed out that she never would have known Allie existed if it hadn't been for him, and she'd used the information to her full advantage. Tucker demanded to know if Diane regretted it, and she acknowledged that he had played a key role in reuniting her with her son. Tucker snarled that what she should regret was that she hadn't had the strength and willpower to keep her mouth shut.

Diane argued that if Tucker had ended their arrangement when he'd gotten what he'd wanted instead of reneging on their deal, she would have kept mum, but she'd had a greater chance of being caught when he'd forced her to keep working with him. Tucker warned that she hadn't considered the repercussions of her confession, since Jack would undoubtedly tell Kyle and possibly others everything she'd admitted. Diane fiddled with the stirrer in her coffee cup, but Tucker angrily grabbed the stirrer, snapped it in half, and tossed it aside. He angrily questioned what would happen to all her progress.

Diane defended that it was better Jack had heard about it from her than from someone else. Tucker chided her for thinking it would make any difference, since once people found out, they'd know "sneaky, conniving, death-faking Diane Jenkins [was] actually still the same self-serving, lying manipulator." Tucker stressed that he had two primary objectives, and one was to reunite with Ashley. He fretted that Diane's confession to Jack might destroy any chance Tucker had with Ashley as well as his other plans, but he refused to give up on his goals.

Diane clarified that she'd only told Jack that Tucker had wanted information about Ashley, nothing more. Diane reasoned that Ashley had made it very clear that she wanted nothing to do with Tucker, and Diane had needed to give Jack something with lower stakes. Diane added that it wasn't like Tucker had had a chance with Ashley to begin with. Tucker warned that Diane's confession would tear down everything she'd thought she'd built, and it had been a bad move all around.

Diane insisted that she'd only confessed to Jack because he'd repeatedly shown himself to be sympathetic, and she believed he understood how people could be trapped by circumstance. She hoped Jack would help her preserve her relationships with her son and grandson. Tucker sneered at the thought of them living happily ever after. She rationalized that she'd been the victim all along, being trapped first under Jeremy's thumb and then Tucker's. Tucker predicted that no one would ever see her as a victim, and he advised her to be more worried about how Tucker saw her -- as a liability.

Diane reasoned that if she was such a big liability, Tucker shouldn't want anything more to do with her, and they should part ways. He gave her points for nerve, but he informed her that he wasn't done with her by a long shot. He received a text message from Ashley, inviting him to meet for a drink. Tucker ominously stated that for Diane's sake, he hoped Jack hadn't told Ashley anything about Diane's confession. Tucker threatened to make Diane's life very hard if he had to clean up her mess, and he walked out.

Later, Phyllis entered the coffeehouse and feigned concern about how Diane was doing. Phyllis considered it obvious from what she'd seen in Jack's office that Diane had done something to screw up. Diane spat that Phyllis was relentlessly destructive and compared her to a vulture circling around, waiting to feed off other people's pain. Phyllis claimed that she was just extending herself out of concern, noting that she'd gone out of her way to honor their truce out of respect for their families. Diane huffed that it was just like Phyllis to act like she was protecting the people she loved when she was secretly savoring the opportunity to say she'd told Diane so. Diane called Phyllis' response dark and perverse, and she stalked off.

At the Glam Club, Abby raved about the art exhibition, but Chance cooed that he'd been too busy kissing her to notice any of the art. Devon joined them and apologized for them having to witness his argument with Nate earlier. Devon said he appreciated Chance stepping in to make sure things hadn't escalated, and Chance credited Abby for suggesting that he intervene. Abby wondered why Devon and Nate had been that upset, since they hadn't been at one another's throats for a long time.

Devon hesitated to get into the details of his blowup with Nate, but he admitted that tensions had been building between them for a long time. Devon mentioned that he'd been there to talk with Tucker, hoping to avoid running into Nate. Abby questioned whether things were really that bad between the cousins, and Devon lamented that a long history of issues had finally boiled to the surface. Chance hoped the men worked things out, but Devon barked that what Nate had done was beyond repair.

Devon shared that it had been eye-opening to see a side of Nate that Devon had never imagined, but he declined to talk about it any further because he was clearly ruining Chance and Abby's date. Abby assured Devon that he hadn't ruined or interrupted anything. Chance received a text message from the police station, and Abby griped that she'd thought Chance had covered everything after the last work message he'd responded to. Chance explained that he was needed at a crime scene, so he had to go. He said he was sorry, and Abby figured it was what she'd signed up for when she'd married a detective. Chance promised to make it up to her, and he kissed her and left. Devon asked if Abby wanted some company.

Abby sensed that Devon needed to get some things off his chest. He assumed she hadn't been thrilled to see him with Tucker, but she swore she wouldn't criticize Devon for spending time with his father. Abby surmised that Devon's bad mood had to do with Nate, but Devon balked at ruining her night even more by making her listen to his problems. She said she'd rather be helping a friend than wallowing in her feelings about Chance prioritizing work over everything else yet again. Devon shared that the difficulties he'd had working with Nate hadn't gotten any better, and Nate was no longer his COO.

Devon added that Nate had quit at first before returning to the company, but they'd all realized Nate hadn't been the best fit. Devon confided that what was bothering him the most was Nate's assessment that Devon was hanging on so tightly to Neil's memory that he was squeezing the life out of the company by not opening himself up to having another partnership with an equal. Abby noted that Devon and Lily were equal partners, but Devon clarified that Lily mostly ran the Chancellor side, while Devon oversaw everything Winters. Devon relayed that Nate had accused him of not allowing anyone else to step into Neil's territory.

Abby questioned whether Nate's statement had bothered Devon because there was truth to it. She recognized that Neil had been an important part of Devon's life, and the men had started Hamilton-Winters together. Abby thought it made sense that Devon wanted to hold on to Neil's living legacy. Devon admitted that it had been why he'd been hesitant to proceed with the merger at first, and Abby wondered why he'd gone through with it. Devon recounted that Lily had pushed him to do it, and Amanda had encouraged it, so he'd suppressed his feelings of doubt. Devon contemplated whether Nate had been right about Devon purposely holding him back because Devon wasn't past losing his dad.

Abby thought Devon was being too hard on himself, since everyone was responsible for their own actions, and no conflict was one-sided. Chance reentered the club and glowered when he saw Abby with her arm around Devon. Chance composed himself and approached them, and Abby excitedly kissed him and asked if he'd solved the case already. Chance revealed that he'd arranged for someone else to take the lead, and he thanked Devon for keeping Abby company. Chance hoped to steal Abby back, and he led her to the dance floor. Abby was amazed that he'd left an important case, but he swore nothing was more important than dancing with his beautiful wife. Abby worriedly watched Devon leave.

Billy greeted Lily with a kiss at Society. He explained that she'd had "a hell of a day," and he'd thought she deserved something special. He proposed that they celebrate his impending departure from Chancellor-Winters before things got sticky when they told Jill that he was leaving. Lily asked if Billy was worried that Jill would feel like he was letting down her and Chancellor-Winters by quitting.

Billy anticipated that Jill would be upset that he was walking away before the company's issues were settled, but she would ultimately see Chancellor-Winters was in a great place because Lily was capable of anything. Billy believed Jill had more faith in Lily than his mother had ever had in him, but Lily assured him that Jill saw strength and value in him. Billy insisted that Jill was right to put her trust in Lily. Lily confided that Billy's decision was bittersweet and a bit worrisome for her, since he tended to get himself into trouble when he had a lot of time on his hands.

Billy feigned shock at the idea of him getting into trouble, and he pondered how good he'd be at becoming a world-class couch potato. He promised not to get lazy or jump into the first thing that crossed his mind. Lily thought he was a creative, adventurous person with too much energy to sit around doing nothing, but he hoped she wouldn't spend a second worrying about him. He urged her to free her mind and not think about a single thing but dancing with him in middle of the restaurant. He pulled her into his arms, and they kissed and swayed.

Later, Billy escorted Lily to the door, where they ran into Ashley. Billy asked if his sister was picking up takeout, but Ashley replied that she was meeting someone for a drink. He hoped it wasn't Tucker, but Ashley informed him that she'd be lying if she told him that. Billy questioned why Ashley would spend any time with her ex. Tucker entered the restaurant and remarked that it was nice to see the rest of the Chancellor-Winters leadership team.

Billy and Lily headed out, and Tucker and Ashley sat down at the bar. Tucker hoped Ashley's invitation meant she was open to finally giving him the benefit of the doubt, and she told him it depended on how open and honest he was with her that night. Tucker declared that he was an open book and asked what she wanted to know. "I want to know everything about you -- and Diane -- in Los Angeles. And one more thing -- go slow, and start from the very beginning," Ashley commanded.

Victoria offers Nate the CEO position at Newman Media

Victoria offers Nate the CEO position at Newman Media

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

by Nel

On the patio at Crimson Lights, when Billy and Lily saw Adam and Connor arrive, Billy said Johnny didn't want to talk about Chelsea or mention her name. He wished he knew how to make Johnny feel better. Lily said Billy was already doing that by being there for Johnny.

Billy then told Lily he wanted to make his transition easy from Chancellor-Winters. Lily said she was grateful that he'd been honest with her about wanting to step away. She said she only wanted Billy's happiness. Lily received a text message and told Billy she had to get to the office.

Adam told Connor that his costume was genius, and he reminded Connor that the reason he'd gotten dressed up early had been for Chelsea to see him in his costume. Sullen, Connor said Chelsea was always late for everything -- waking up, going to sleep, and dinner. Connor said Chelsea was like that with him all the time because she was sad about Johnny. He said she had no time for anything else, including him.

Sally had been standing in the doorway, eavesdropping on Connor and Adam. She approached Connor and complimented him on his fantastic costume. Sally asked if Connor had taken a million photos. Connor said Chelsea usually did that. Connor suggested they leave because Chelsea probably wouldn't be there. He said Chelsea made promises but never followed through because she didn't care about anything anymore.

Adam told Connor that Chelsea was probably involved with something. Connor said she didn't have a job, and he asked why she'd forgotten about Halloween. Adam said he had an errand to run, and he asked Sally to stay with Connor. Adam left. Connor said that Sally probably had things to do, and he would be okay alone. Sally said she'd promised Adam she'd hang out with Connor until Adam returned.

Connor asked why Sally would do anything for Adam, since they weren't friends anymore. Sally said that even though things were different between her and Adam, it didn't mean they weren't friends. Connor understood and said that he and his friend had had a falling-out, but they'd sorted things out. He said he was going to a party at that friend's house.

In her suite, Chelsea lay in bed and ignored Adam's phone call. Chelsea appeared downcast. She reluctantly sat up in bed.

Adam knocked on Chelsea's door and told Chelsea that he and Connor had been waiting for her at the coffeehouse. Chelsea realized she was late. Chelsea opened the door and told Adam she'd been feeling under the weather. She said she'd meant to call him, but she'd fallen asleep.

Adam told Chelsea that Connor was waiting for her at the coffeehouse so that she could see his costume. Adam told Chelsea that Connor felt like he wasn't her priority because of Johnny. Chelsea said she was really sorry. Adam said next time Chelsea felt sick, perhaps she could let Connor know, and they could adjust their plans. Chelsea agreed and claimed it wouldn't happen again. Chelsea asked Adam to give her a minute to get dressed, and they could go to the coffeehouse together. Adam agreed.

In Victoria's office, Victoria told Nick she was going to replace Sally, hopefully with Nate. Victoria claimed Sally wasn't the right person for the job, and Nick's relationship with Sally had given her pause. Nick said the executives in their company had dated each other, and Victoria had been involved in some of those relationships. Victoria said she was afraid it would impact Nick's objectivity and his judgment.

Nick told Victoria that Sally had been loyal to them. He said she hadn't run certain stories because she'd had their backs. Victoria asked if Nick would be defending Sally so passionately if he wasn't involved with her. Nick said his and Sally's relationship was off-limits, and he was offended that Victoria would suggest he couldn't separate work from his personal life. He said Sally had been doing a stellar job for months.

Victoria told Nick she wanted to be surrounded by people she could trust and respect. She said she didn't want to second-guess peoples' loyalties or if their personal issues would get in the way of work. Nick pointed out that Victoria wanted to hire a man who'd turned his back on his family for his personal ambition. He asked what Nate would do to them if he'd been willing to do that to his family.

Victoria told Nick that allegiances changed on a case-by-case basis. Nick claimed Victoria was making excuses for a man who'd been willing to sell out his family. Victoria stated that Nate had taken a risk in a high-stakes game, yet he'd never revealed she'd been the one working with him. Nick said that wouldn't remain a secret for long. Victoria claimed Nate had displayed the kind of loyalty she appreciated. Nick pointed out the kind of loyalty Sally had shown around Ashland's death. He said Sally had been the perfect blend of journalistic integrity and loyalty to their family.

Nick told Victoria that Sally had proven she could do the job. He said Victoria hadn't bothered to ask what Sally's plans were for the future or how many great ideas they could lose by replacing her. Nick questioned who was looking out for Newman's best interest and who was reacting to their personal feelings.

Victoria told Nick that Sally had done an adequate job, but she felt Nate would be a better fit for Newman Media. Nick asked why. Victoria said Nate had been a trusted family friend for years, and he'd put his integrity on the line when they'd asked him to. Nick asked what she would do if Nate didn't work out. Victoria said she had other candidates to choose from, and whether Nick liked it or not, the change was going to happen. She said Sally and Chloe were out. Nick said he would tell Sally.

At home, Nate left Devon a voicemail stating they'd said a lot of things in the heat of the moment, but it was good they'd gotten it out in the open to deal with it. He said they'd fought hard, but in the end, they were family; when one member made a mistake, they didn't quit on them but patched things up. He said they could figure things out.

After Nate ended his call, Billy arrived. Billy said Nate was smart and dependable, someone people admired. He said Nate had made a terrible mistake, but it could be fixed. He said Nate needed to make things right with Devon and the rest of his family.

Billy told Nate he'd thought about the battles he'd had with his siblings when he'd worked in the family business. Billy said he'd needed to make the decision that Jabot hadn't been the right place for him because he'd tried to live up to other people's ideas of what he should be doing. Billy said Nate loved being at Chancellor-Winters and he'd had good ideas for the music festival. Billy said he'd supported them, and he acknowledged that Nate had good instincts. Nate claimed Devon couldn't acknowledge them.

Billy told Nate there were two sides to every story, and Devon had a part in that. He said Nate and Devon had to get past their issues; however, the longer they festered, the harder it would be to heal. Nate said he regretted his actions and admitted he'd been blinded by his desire for power. Nate said Devon had had every right to call him out, but Devon wouldn't admit his part in it.

Billy asked if Nate had tried to reach out. Nate said his calls went straight to voicemail, and Devon hadn't returned his calls. Nate said Devon and Lily probably hated him. Billy admitted that Lily had been upset, disappointed, and hurt. Nate claimed Lily would never trust him again. Billy suggested that Nate needed to earn their trust again. Nate said he didn't know where to begin. Nate received a call from Devon. Billy told Nate to answer it and to apologize. Billy left.

Devon agreed to talk with Nate.

When Devon arrived, Nate admitted he'd said a lot of things he shouldn't have, and he apologized. Nate admitted he'd been busy defending his own actions and blaming Devon for his role in what had happened. Nate admitted it had been reprehensible that he would have allowed someone else to take over the legacy of two families, and he would never do anything like that again. Nate said he hoped Devon could forgive him and that they could find a way to get past what had happened by being completely honest with each other.

Devon said Nate had accused him of holding on so tight to Neil's memory that he'd been squeezing the life out of the company and not allowing any room for growth. He said Nate had also claimed that Devon's love for Neil had ruined his and Nate's relationship. Devon said there might have been some truth to that. Devon said even if Neil's memory had a hold on him, he'd tried to let Nate in. Devon admitted he would miss Neil for the rest of his life and that it also affected every decision Devon made.

Devon told Nate it had been his choice to go ahead with the merger and to bring Nate on as his COO, even though Nate had had no experience. Devon said he'd given Nate the same guidance and focus Neil would have given Nate. Devon said Nate had only seen that Devon had been trying to quash Nate's dreams. Nate admitted he'd allowed his emotions and ambitions to cloud his perspective.

Devon said Nate had gone out of his way to screw over his family. Nate admitted that he'd convinced himself that it would be in everyone's best interests, and it would lead to a bigger and better Chancellor-Winters with him running things. Nate said that all he'd wanted had been to prove to everyone what a great leader he could be. Devon asked who'd blown Nate's head up with those ideas and who he had shared information with about the IPO.

Nate told Devon it didn't matter who it had been because he didn't have shares to sell, since he wasn't part of the company. Devon said it didn't mean that person wouldn't go after their company. Nate said Audra would make sure that no one could do that.

Devon said Nate was choosing to protect an unknown CEO instead of his family. Nate denied it. Devon asked for a name because Nate was leaving the company vulnerable for another attack. Devon said if Nate was truly sorry, he would provide Devon with a name. Nate refused. Devon asked if Nate believed by saying he was sorry he would be forgiven. Devon asked why Nate deserved a second chance. When Nate didn't respond, Devon left.

At Chancellor-Winters, Billy told Lily he'd spoken to Nate because he'd wanted to facilitate an end to the family drama. Billy said he'd told Nate that family drama happened, and it had happened to him at Jabot. He said he'd told Nate that reconciliation was possible if there was forgiveness, and it was up to Nate to convince Lily and Devon that he'd deserved what he'd gotten.

Lily said she didn't understand why Billy had taken it on himself to talk to Nate without running it by her first. Billy said he knew how much family meant to her and Devon. He said he'd wanted to do his part before he resigned. Lily said Billy's actions hadn't been about helping to heal her family and had been more about his guilt because he was about to walk away. Lily said he didn't need to worry about it; she had it covered.

Billy told Lily he was trying to help. Lily understood, but it was having the opposite effect. She said Billy shouldn't have put himself in the middle of what had happened with Nate. She said it was her company and her family, and she would handle it the way she saw fit.

Chelsea and Adam arrived at the coffeehouse in time to hear Sally ask Connor which was creepier, clowns or vampires. Connor said clowns because everyone knew what a vampire would do. Chelsea watched in envy at the happy rapport between Connor and Sally.

Chelsea approached Connor and complimented him on his costume. Connor looked sullen. Chelsea asked if they could go outside and take some pictures. Connor went reluctantly after greeting Nick.

Alone with Sally, Nick said they needed to talk.

Nate walked into Victoria's office and said he'd received her message. Victoria asked how Nate would feel about taking over as CEO of Newman Media.

Nick informs Sally that she and Chloe have been let go

Nick informs Sally that she and Chloe have been let go

Thursday, October 27, 2022

by Nel

At Newman, Victoria told Nikki she'd offered Nate the CEO position at Newman Media. Nikki asked about the deal Victoria had had with Nate regarding Chancellor-Winters. Victoria said the IPO was on hold, and Nate was out of a job. Nikki surmised that things had blown up with Nate's family. Victoria said Nate's family knew what Nate's endgame had been.

Victoria told Nikki that Nate had chosen not to expose her. She said that kind of loyalty was rare. Nikki asked if Nate's reward would be Victoria giving him a top-level executive position. Victoria admitted that Nate had very little business experience, but at Chancellor-Winters, he'd been involved with entertainment and media. She told her mother she felt he was up for the challenge. She said he was an analytical thinker and didn't always go for the obvious answers.

Victoria told Nikki that she and Nate had an excellent rapport, and he would be a great fit. Nikki asked what would happen if Nate turned down the position. Victoria said she had a list of candidates who would do a better job than the current head of Newman Media. Nikki claimed Victor would be pleased if Nate joined Newman.

Nikki asked Victoria how Nick felt about it. Victoria said Nick had ultimately agreed after a prolonged argument. Victoria said Nick was informing Sally at that moment. Victoria said she believed Nick and Sally's relationship was no longer professional. Nikki demanded to know how long that had been going on. Victoria didn't know but said Nick hadn't denied their connection.

Nikki asked Victoria if Nick had given any thought to how that would affect Summer or to Sally's history with Adam and Jack. Nikki said she hoped Sally would take the news with a modicum of grace. Victoria was certain that Nick would handle Sally.

Victoria told Nikki she had a company to run and her personal life to figure out. Nikki assumed Victoria was referring to the Johnny and Chelsea situation. Victoria said Johnny was struggling with the fact that Chelsea was his biological mother. She said Johnny didn't want to see or talk about Chelsea.

Victoria told Nikki she and Johnny were going to Walnut Grove to watch Katie at her Halloween party. She said later she would spend some one-on-one time with Johnny. Nikki asked if they would discuss Chelsea. Victoria said only if Johnny wanted to. She shared that he'd been very emphatic about shutting that door, and she wasn't going to force anything on him. She said she wanted him to feel safe and secure. Victoria said she wanted him to know she would always be there for him and that she was his mother. Victoria declared that it was up to her to repair the damage Chelsea had done.

At Crimson Lights, with great difficulty, Nick told Sally that Newman had decided to replace her and Chloe at Newman Media. Sally asked if the decision had been Victoria's or Nick's. Nick said it had been Victoria's call, and Victoria already had someone in mind to take the position. Nick said he'd tried to get Victoria to change her mind because he was opposed to Victoria's decision, and he'd fought for Sally. Sally said that meant more to her than Nick could possibly know.

Sally reminded Nick that it had been a trial run with no guarantees. Sally said she was disappointed, but she would be okay. Sally expressed pride in what she'd done at Newman Media and felt that she'd done a "damn good job." Nick agreed. Sally said she was upset that Chloe was also being let go. Nick agreed that Chloe had been excellent as second in command.

Nick told Sally he would do what he could to get her a new position, and she could take Chloe with her if that was what Sally wanted. Sally thanked Nick and said she would figure things out. She said Nick shouldn't feel responsible or feel he owed her anything.

In Costa Rica, Harrison had joined Kyle and Summer. They told Harrison about the adventures they would have. Later, once Harrison was asleep, Summer and Kyle got romantic, only to be interrupted when Harrison ran in announcing that Zippy the fox had woken him up.

Chelsea encountered Phyllis at the park. Chelsea asked Phyllis how she was. Phyllis complained that she saw Diane's face every day, but other than that, she was terrific. Phyllis said she knew why Chelsea had left Fenmore's and turned down the job at Marchetti. Phyllis said Chelsea had needed to get out, and it had been for the best. Suspicious, Chelsea asked what Phyllis had meant by that. Chelsea asked if it was because it had been best for her or for everyone else because she was gone.

Phyllis told Chelsea that it had been Marchetti's loss, not Chelsea's. Phyllis said Chelsea had a good eye, and she was really good at her job; it didn't matter what everyone else thought. She said if Chelsea didn't feel it was right for her, then it wasn't right. Phyllis said she'd sold her hotel because there was nothing more gratifying than working side by side with her child. Chelsea told Phyllis she had a lot of errands to run, and she was sure Phyllis had a lot on her plate.

Not to be dismissed, Phyllis said she'd listened to Chelsea and Billy's podcasts. She said they'd been funny and very engaging. Phyllis asked why Chelsea had stopped doing them. Chelsea said it had been time to move on. Phyllis said Chelsea would find the right fit very soon. Phyllis left.

Moments later, Johnny arrived, and Chelsea greeted him. Victoria was right behind Johnny. Johnny asked if Chelsea had been following him. Chelsea vehemently denied it and said she hadn't planned anything. Johnny told Victoria he wanted to leave. Victoria asked him to meet her at the coffeehouse. Johnny left.

Chelsea swore to Victoria it hadn't been an ambush. Victoria said she would always be grateful to Chelsea for Johnny, but he was having a difficult time reconciling that Chelsea was his biological mother. Victoria said Chelsea needed to stop exacerbating Johnny's stress and confusion. Chelsea said she'd never wanted to cause Johnny any pain. She'd only wanted him to know the truth and to understand who she was to him.

Victoria said Chelsea hadn't left it at that. She said Chelsea had pushed for more of a relationship with Johnny. Victoria reminded Chelsea that she and Billy had said it was up to Johnny how he wanted to proceed, and Johnny had made his choice. Victoria said she and Billy would support his choice. Victoria said the next time Chelsea saw Johnny, Chelsea should walk away and not talk to or approach him. Chelsea said she understood. Victoria left.

Nick returned to Newman and told Nikki he'd done what Victoria had asked him to, but he didn't support her decision. He said firing Sally was a mistake. When Nikki didn't respond, Nick said Nikki was condoning Victoria firing Sally and replacing her with Nate. Nikki said it had been Victoria's decision. Nikki said she wasn't as personally invested as Nick was. Nikki clarified that it was Nick's association with Sally outside of work.

Nick told Nikki that his association with Sally had nothing to do with the situation at hand, and it was none of Victoria's business. Nikki said it wasn't just any woman they were talking about. Nikki said they couldn't help who they were drawn to, but they could control what they did with those feelings. Nick said he wasn't in the mood for a lecture.

Nikki said she was only trying to understand why Nick hadn't given any thought about how Summer would react. Nikki said she was certain Summer was concerned about the ramifications regarding Adam. Nikki said Victor wouldn't be happy about Nick's association with Sally, either, because he detested her. Nikki said she didn't understand why Nick and Adam kept falling for the same women. She asked if Nick had realized it might be the reason Adam resented him, and she asked if Nick even cared.

Nick told Nikki he hadn't had any desire to go out of his way to create conflict with Adam. Nick said he would live his life without worrying about Adam's feelings. He reminded Nikki that Adam never worried about anyone else's feelings. Nick said his concern was for Sally because she didn't deserve to be fired. He said Sally and Chloe had done an amazing job.

Nick told Nikki that Victoria wanted to bring Nate on because she valued his loyalty to her, and he asked why it had to be at Sally's expense. He said Sally had worked her tail off and proven her worth. He said Sally and Chloe deserved better than that, and so did Newman Media. Nikki was surprised that Nick had concerns about Nate taking over that division. Nick said Victoria's objection to Sally had been Sally's lack of experience. He said Nate had even less. Nick asked if it was in the company's best interest to put Nate in charge. He said Victoria had dug her heels in, and he couldn't persuade her to change her mind.

Nikki said she knew Nick was upset, but Sally had never allowed anything to hold her back; she was a survivor, and she would land on her feet.

At Society, Sally sat at the bar, deep in thought. She remembered the day she'd entered her office at Newman Media and seen her nameplate with CEO after her name, and she recalled the joy she'd felt.

In the present, Sally called Chloe and said that what they'd feared had happened. She asked Chloe to call her. Phyllis arrived and eavesdropped on Sally's call. Phyllis greeted Sally and asked if Sally was having a bad day. Sally asked why Phyllis had presumed that. Phyllis admitted she'd overheard Sally's call. Phyllis asked if Sally had a problem at Newman Media.

Phyllis announced that she would sit and talk to Sally while she waited for her takeout. Sally asked what Phyllis' problem was. Phyllis said she wanted to buy Sally a drink because Sally looked like she could use one. Sally said she didn't need a drink. Phyllis said Sally had sounded upset on the phone. Phyllis assumed Sally was having problems at work, and Phyllis said it happened to the best of them.

Phyllis said she wasn't surprised Sally was in trouble. Sally said her track record spoke for itself. Phyllis said it had been a short track and it had been teed up for Sally to trip prior to her taking on the CEO position. Phyllis said Sally hadn't been qualified for the job, and she was having problems. Phyllis said Sally had only gotten the job because her ex-boyfriend had gotten it for her.

Sally asked Phyllis to get out of her face before things got really ugly. Phyllis claimed she was only stating facts. Phyllis said Sally had been with Adam, and that had blown up in Sally's face. Phyllis insisted Sally had no one to blame but herself. Sally said there were many things she could say that would be very gratifying, but she wouldn't. Sally said she was a class act who knew when to shut up and walk away. Sally left.

Chelsea's depression reaches a crisis point

Chelsea's depression reaches a crisis point

Friday, October 28, 2022

by Nel

In the park Chelsea told Billy she wished she hadn't seen Victoria and Johnny earlier. She said Johnny had been shaken when he'd seen her. She said Victoria had set the boundaries regarding Johnny. Billy stated that they had to put Johnny's needs first. Chelsea said Victoria had forbidden her to see Johnny again, and her decision was probably for the best.

Billy said he was surprised Chelsea was on board with Victoria's decision about Johnny. Chelsea said she'd seen how upset Johnny had been when he'd seen her. Chelsea regretted that she'd misjudged the situation. She admitted that she shouldn't have pushed to reveal the truth to Johnny and that she'd opened Pandora's box.

Billy told Chelsea not to allow the guilt to overwhelm her. He reminded Chelsea that he and Victoria had agreed it had been the right time to tell Johnny. He said there hadn't been any way of knowing how Johnny would react. Chelsea said Victoria had known from the start that it would be a mistake to tell Johnny because he'd been through so much, and she admitted that Victoria knew Johnny. Chelsea acknowledged that she should have listened to Victoria.

Chelsea told Billy it had been a wake-up call after she'd seen how upset Johnny had been, and she was backing off. She said Johnny might feel different down the road. Billy asked Chelsea not to pin her hopes and dreams on whether Johnny would accept and love her. Chelsea said all her hopes were grounded in reality, and she would work through them.

Chelsea told Billy she'd pushed for something that wasn't meant to be. She admitted that Billy had been right; she'd been lost and reaching out to Johnny to balance things. She stated that her needs and longing had influenced her thinking. She asked Billy to tell Victoria and Johnny she wouldn't intrude in their lives again.

At Crimson Lights, Johnny told Connor he'd been freaked out to learn Chelsea was his biological mother, and he thought she'd been following him. Connor said Chelsea had been acting very strange lately.

Adam saw the boys together, and he asked what was going on. Connor assured Adam they were fine. Victoria arrived. Johnny asked what had happened between her and Chelsea in the park. Victoria said she and Chelsea had worked everything out, and there was nothing for Johnny to worry about. Victoria said it was a big night, and Nikki and Victor had a ton of candy for them. Connor said he was having a sleepover at Becket's house. Adam and Victoria excused themselves to have a private chat.

Johnny griped because he just wanted to hang out with Connor -- either as cousins or brothers; it didn't matter. Connor said it wasn't Johnny's fault that Chelsea wanted to mess everything up. Connor said he wanted things to go back to the way they'd been. Johnny agreed. Johnny asked if he could hang out with Connor and join the sleepover. Connor thought it would be okay, and he was sure Becket's parents would be cool with that. Connor agreed that Johnny should definitely go with him.

On the patio, Adam asked Victoria what had happened with Chelsea and why Johnny was so upset. Victoria claimed Chelsea didn't know when to quit. She asked if Chelsea had told Adam that Johnny and Connor knew Chelsea was Johnny's biological mother. Adam said she had, and it had caused Connor a lot of stress. Victoria said Chelsea had known Johnny had been stressed by the information, yet she'd pushed for a relationship with him. Victoria said she'd told Chelsea to back off, and Chelsea hadn't argued. Adam said he was sure Chelsea had been deeply hurt by that.

Adam stated that as a parent, he understood Victoria's stance, but he asked Victoria to see things from Chelsea's perspective. Victoria asked if Chelsea had told Adam how she'd convinced her and Billy to share the information with Johnny and why it had needed to be immediate. Adam said Chelsea had, but after the fact. Adam admitted he'd been upset that he hadn't been included in that decision. Victoria said Chelsea had claimed that Johnny would find out eventually, but then Chelsea had expected to have a relationship with him. Victoria said her concern for Johnny outweighed her sympathy for Chelsea.

Victoria said she would have thought Adam would be worried about how the situation had affected Connor. She said if Connor was upset, then Connor should be Adam and Chelsea's main focus.

Victoria and Adam joined the boys. Connor asked Victoria if Johnny could go with him to Becket's Halloween sleepover party. Victoria agreed. Billy arrived and said seeing Victoria and Adam smiling was the scariest thing he would see on Halloween. Victoria explained that Connor had invited Johnny for a Halloween sleepover at Becket's. Billy said that had been very cool of Connor, and he was proud of Johnny for not pushing Connor away. Everyone agreed it would be good for the boys. Adam left to drive Johnny and Connor to Becket's party.

Billy told Victoria he'd spoken to Chelsea after her encounter with Victoria. Billy said Chelsea was on board with Victoria's boundaries, but he claimed that there was something off about Chelsea's demeanor.

Devon and Lily arrived at Society, and Devon told Abby he'd heard she and Chance had big plans for that evening. Abby said they had, but the stakeout was back on. Looking unhappy, Abby wished them a happy Halloween and left.

Lily asked Devon what was going on. Devon said he was worried about Chance and Abby. He said Abby wasn't happy about how much Chance had been working lately. Lily remarked that that was the life of a police detective. Devon agreed but said it had put stress on their relationship and their family life. He said Abby could make up her own hours, but Chance couldn't. He said Abby resented Chance's commitment as a cop.

Lily informed Devon that Billy had resigned from Chancellor-Winters. Devon asked why Billy had chosen that particular time to leave. Lily said the company had been more her dream than Billy's, and Billy had wanted to support her. Devon said he was concerned that they'd lost both COOs on the heels of what Nate had put them through. Lily said Billy had offered to stay on longer, but she'd told him not to and that she would handle things on her own. Devon shared that it wouldn't be as easy as she thought.

Lily told Devon that Billy's resignation was good for their relationship. Devon agreed that relationships were important. Lily asked about Naya. Devon reported that there hadn't been any change in her condition. Lily asked if Amanda would be returning home soon. Devon didn't know and added that things between them had been a bit strained. Lily commented that distance always weighed heavily on a relationship. After she received a text message from Billy, Lily invited Devon to join her and Billy for drinks, but Devon said he wanted to stay and check on Abby.

After Lily left, Abby joined Devon at the bar. Devon asked Abby what was really bugging her. Abby said it wasn't the Halloween she'd envisioned. She said it sounded petty that she and Chance wouldn't be dressing up in matching costumes when Chance was potentially saving lives. Abby admitted she was frustrated, but mostly with herself. She asked why she cared so much that Chance was so dedicated and focused on his job, and she confessed that it made her feel like a bad person. Devon said sometimes they wanted the people they cared about to be a certain way, and it was hurtful when they didn't conform.

Chelsea walked into her suite and began sobbing. Chelsea heard voices in her head. Adam's voice said, "I've been concerned about you lately. Are you sure everything is all right?" She heard Billy say he hoped she was taking care of herself. Adam told her, "No one is wishing harm on you, not Sally not..." Billy's voice interjected, "Do you really believe that's what's best for you, because I'm not sure." Adam said, "When you came into town you were positive and looking toward the future, but now it seems you are backsliding. Since Rey died, you aren't yourself." She heard Chloe say, "When he starts to turn on that Abbott charm, you lose perspective." She heard Billy apologize for giving off the wrong signals, and he called it a mistake. Chloe chimed in, "What was I thinking? How ridiculous of me, caring about you and saving you time and time again. I should have just let you crash and burn like ..." At last, Connor's voice said, "You gave away Johnny, you just handed him over to Victoria and Billy."

Suddenly, the voices were all talking at once. When they stopped, Chelsea curled up on the sofa.

Adam arrived a short time later. He told Chelsea that Connor had gone to the party with Johnny. Chelsea was glad that Johnny wasn't holding a grudge against Connor for her behavior. Adam said the boys were still friends.

Adam told Chelsea he'd stopped by to see if she wanted to grab a drink with him rather than staying cooped up in her suite. He said they could go upstairs to Noah's club for a quick cocktail. Unenthusiastically, Chelsea said it was a great idea. She told Adam she would clean up and meet him there.

In the bathroom, Chelsea stared at her reflection in the mirror. The voices returned. Adam voice accused, "You are trying to latch on to something to fill a void," and Billy's accused, "I'm not trying to be harsh, but you are overstepping." Adam said, "This isn't just a mood; something is seriously wrong." Victoria's voice hurled another accusation as Chelsea heard, "Your goal is to weasel yourself into my son's life, even after Billy told you he wants nothing to do with you." She heard Johnny declare, "You are not my mom," and Chloe say, "I have tried every way I know how to try and help you navigate your emotional ups and downs. Meanwhile, all I get in return is snark and putdowns." Billy's voice offered to have "all this equipment" moved anywhere she wanted so she could continue to podcast without him. Adam's voice advised Chelsea to listen to herself, adding, "You can't use Connor as a life preserver. He's a kid, and fixing his mom is not his job." Connor said, "Mom is different now, and she would probably be happier if she'd kept Johnny." She heard Johnny hurl the accusation that "you are the reason my world has been turned upside down."

Chelsea heard more voices, but they had become garbled comments. Sobbing, Chelsea screamed, "Stop, just stop!"

Victoria and Billy returned to the coffeehouse. Victoria acknowledged that it was a tough day for Billy because it had been Delia's favorite holiday. Billy said the memories of Delia kept flooding back, but spending time with Johnny and Katie helped.

Victoria told Billy she wished Johnny had been with them for Katie's Halloween parade party, but the sleepover was a good distraction for him. Billy agreed and said it was great that Johnny hadn't blamed Connor for what was going on with Chelsea. Victoria said she saw it as a sign that Johnny was making peace with everything, but she wished he would talk to her about it. Billy said Johnny would handle it his way until he saw red flags, and they had to let him do that. Lily arrived.

Victoria received a text message from Nate: "I thought about your offer." Victoria wished them a happy Halloween and left. Lily suggested they go to Noah's club for a drink. Billy agreed.

At Noah's club, Lily told Billy she'd told Devon that he was leaving Chancellor-Winters, and Devon wasn't happy. Billy saw Chelsea arrive and join Adam. Billy told Lily that Adam was the last person Chelsea should be spending time with. Lily reminded him that Chelsea and Adam had a long history, and Chelsea seemed fine. Billy hoped Lily was right.

Chelsea asked Adam if Connor had said anything about her after she'd left. She admitted she'd hated that her actions had turned him away, and she was determined to prove to Connor how much she loved him. Adam told her to stop beating herself up about it. Chelsea said she needed to focus on the future.

Chelsea told Adam she'd admitted to Billy that she'd made a mistake pushing to tell Johnny that she was his biological mother. She called it a big step for her to recognize what she'd done, and she admitted that she needed to focus on making things right. Adam agreed, and he hoped she would continue to do so. Adam suggested that perhaps counseling was something she should consider. Chelsea admitted she needed help to end the cycle of anxiety and depression.

Adam told Chelsea things would get better for her once she'd seen a therapist, and it would improve her relationship with Connor. Chelsea suddenly blocked Adam out as she stared at Allie and Noah kissing then watched Billy and Lily dance. Chelsea appeared to sink deeper into her depression as the voices returned. Chelsea told Adam she had to use the restroom. Billy watched Chelsea leave.

Chelsea went to the rooftop. The voices continued. Chelsea said she couldn't take it anymore. She just wanted the pain to go away. She leaned over the edge and looked down.

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