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Billy stopped a despondent Chelsea from jumping from the Grand Phoenix rooftop. Chelsea checked into a mental health facility. Kyle learned about Diane's lies. Devon realized Nate and Victoria had conspired to take over Chancellor-Winters. The tension between Abby and Chance escalated.
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Billy stopped a despondent Chelsea from jumping from the Grand Phoenix rooftop. Kyle learned about Diane's lies. Devon realized Nate and Victoria had conspired to take over Chancellor-Winters.
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Billy helps Chelsea avert tragedy

Billy helps Chelsea avert tragedy

Monday, October 31, 2022

In her office at Newman Enterprises, Victoria received an expected visit from Nate, who peered through the open door and said, "Trick-or-treat." Nate laughed and said that he had forgotten it was Halloween until he had seen the security guard dressed up like Frankenstein. Victoria quipped that the guard, Donny, dressed as the monster year-round. Victoria told Nate she was glad he had been free to meet with her and hoped he was ready to accept her offer to become CEO of Newman Media. Nate replied, "I can't accept your offer." Victoria assumed Nate had patched up his relationship with Devon and would be heading back to Chancellor-Winters. Nate replied that there had not been a patching-up of any kind, though he had believed he had been making headway before Devon had made it clear that he no longer trusted Nate.

Nate told Victoria he was concerned about how she might be affected should he accept her job offer because Devon, Lily, and Jill might suspect she was the one he had been feeding information about Chancellor-Winters. Nate was concerned he might put a target on Victoria's back if he accepted her offer. Victoria explained that she did not need protecting, as she was aware that business was a contact sport. Victoria served Nate a drink and told him she believed hiring him as CEO would make her appear innocent because he had been the one who had wrecked her plans. Victoria asked Nate if he was worried about being found out because, she acknowledged, it might cause irreparable harm between him and his family. Nate said his relationship with Devon might never be fixed because Devon felt he had been betrayed.

Victoria pressed Nate to tell her why he was holding back from taking her offer. Nate asked Victoria why she would hire him after he had blown up her deal of a lifetime. Nate admitted he should be more cautious after Ashland had taken advantage of his naiveté. Victoria cried that Ashland had played them both for fools, so they shared that in common. Victoria assured Nate that Victor and Nikki supported her decision to offer Nate the CEO position, though Nick had preferred to keep Sally on. Nate was taken aback to learn that Victoria had mentioned the job offer to her family. Nate said that while Victoria valued family above all else, he had betrayed his, so she should not want him anywhere near her family business. Victoria replied that Nate had proven his loyalty to her and was a good, decent man of intelligence who was driven and focused.

Nate expressed remorse as he recalled how Elena, Devon, Lily, and even Billy had appealed to him to stay at Chancellor-Winters, slow down, be humble, and learn the job before rushing ahead with his big ideas. Victoria was adamant that the reasons Nate listed should not discourage him from accepting her offer. Nate cried that he had turned on his cousins by endangering the company that Devon and Neil had built. Nate declared that he was not Victoria's ideal choice. Victoria said she understood why it would take time for Nate to work through what had happened, with or without Devon, and she praised Nate for having been a true friend who had helped her family repeatedly.

Victoria proclaimed that Nate deserved a future at Newman Enterprises. Victoria assured Nate he would be a great asset to the company and that his talents would benefit her family. Nate admitted he was struggling to see himself properly. Victoria told Nate she would readily embrace his big ideas at Newman Media. Nate told Victoria he had grown to trust her. Victoria was elated when Nate accepted her offer to run Newman Media.

Billy and Lily spent a relaxing evening dancing at the Glam Club. Lily noticed that Billy was distracted and questioned him about it. Billy explained that he was worried about Chelsea after he had seen her bolt out the door. Lily, somewhat frustrated, asked Billy what he thought Chelsea might do. Billy said he feared Adam might have said something to upset Chelsea. Lily rolled her eyes when Billy said it would give him peace of mind to ensure that Chelsea returned to the club safely. Lily agreed and suggested they finish their drinks while they awaited Chelsea's return.

After a worried Billy took a seat in the lounge area with Lily, he caught sight of Adam across the room. Lily grew annoyed. Billy explained that he was certain Adam was the reason why Chelsea had left in distress. Lily insisted that it was none of Billy's business. Billy said his gut was telling him that Chelsea was in a bad place over what had happened with Connor and Johnny. Lily told Billy she hoped he did not plan on spending his free time interfering in others' lives, as he had with Devon and Nate. Billy kissed Lily on the cheek and said, "I'm sorry to leave you like this, but I've got to go."

Adam noticed when Billy left, and he approached Lily. Lily asked Adam if he knew where Chelsea had gone. Adam replied that Chelsea had gone to the restroom. Lily noted that Chelsea, looking very upset, had left in a different direction, according to Billy's recollection. Adam claimed he and Chelsea had been engaged in a positive conversation before she had stepped out. Adam complained that every time he saw Chelsea, Billy was not far behind. Adam wondered aloud if Billy felt guilty about yanking away Chelsea's podcast or if she might be in distress about what had happened with Johnny. Lily offered no insight.

Adam recalled that Chelsea had been struggling since Rey's death, had lost friends, and had been unable to make new friends. Adam seemed confident that counseling would help Chelsea, noting that Billy had been wrong to believe he was an expert on how to help Chelsea. Lily asked Adam what he had said to Chelsea before she'd left the club. Adam shrugged and replied, "Some issues that she's dealing with." Adam warned that Lily and Billy should back off because only he knew how to help Chelsea. Lily replied, "Well, I'm glad to hear it." Lily abruptly left. After Lily left, Adam attempted to phone Chelsea, and he left a message when she did not answer. Adam sent a text message after Chelsea failed to call him back.

On the rooftop, Chelsea stood near a ledge and slid her hands toward the edge, watching traffic buzz by many stories below. Tears welled in Chelsea's eyes, and she appeared disconnected from reality. Chelsea gasped, dropped her handbag, and seemed to become slightly aware of her surroundings when a chilly wind hit her face. Chelsea cried, "Oh, my God. How did I get here?" Chelsea was repeatedly taunted by memories of having been reprimanded by Billy, Adam, Chloe, and Victoria, recalling all the hurtful advice they had all spouted about how she had failed everyone.

Chelsea remembered Adam having told her that it seemed as if she was backsliding, especially after Rey's death. Chloe had said she should have let Chelsea crash and burn like she always did. A seething Victoria had accused Chelsea of weaseling her way into Johnny's life. Johnny had rebuked Chelsea and said emphatically, "You are not my mom." Most hurtful was Adam having cautioned Chelsea not to use Johnny as a lifeline to fill a void. Chloe had warned that things could not go on as they had, and Adam had insisted that something was seriously wrong. Chelsea put her hands over her ears and cried, "Stop! I don't want to hear this."

Chelsea was unable to shut out the voices that condemned her and intensified her feelings of helplessness and angst. Billy, Chelsea recalled, had admonished her and told her she could not kiss him. Conner had cried, "Leave me alone! Don't ever come back!" Johnny had accused Chelsea of ruining his life. Adam had also berated Chelsea, claiming she had ruined the lives of those around her, and both Adam and Chloe had insisted that she was a failure. Johnny and Connor had yelled that Chelsea had failed at being a mother, denouncing her for having given Johnny away. Chelsea cried, "Stop. Why won't it stop?"

Tears streamed down Chelsea's cheeks as she stepped up on the ledge, inches from the edge. Billy emerged from the exit door leading to the stairway. Billy calmly said, "Chelsea." Chelsea closed her eyes as if she had resigned herself to ease her pain the only way she knew how. Chelsea warned Billy to stay back. Billy asked Chelsea if Adam had upset her, and he reminded her that the roof was "our spot," which was why he had known where to look for her. Chelsea insisted she wanted to be alone as Billy stepped closer. Billy told Chelsea they could talk things over, and he suggested she yell at him about anything, including the hurtful conversation with Victoria. Billy said he knew how much Chelsea loved Johnny, and he suggested they talk about it or anything she wished. Chelsea cried, "I don't want to talk."

Billy slipped off his jacket and encouraged Chelsea to put it on to ward off the chill from the wind. Chelsea ignored Billy as he pleaded with her to step back from the end of the ledge and put on the jacket. Billy hopped up on the ledge and stood beside Chelsea. Billy said, "Wow, it's pretty high up here, isn't it? It's a long way down." Billy reached out and grabbed Chelsea's arm. Chelsea begged Billy to let her go, leave, and let her be by herself. Billy said he could not, and he again reminded Chelsea that it was their place.

Billy told Chelsea that many people, most notably Connor, loved her, cared about her, and needed her. Chelsea cried, "It hurts so much. It hurts when I wake up. I lie there in bed, and it feels like I'm floating. It feels like I'm floating, and I can't keep my head up. It hurts every single day when I wake up. I don't want to wake up anymore." Billy thanked Chelsea for sharing how she felt, and he asked her to step down so they could continue talking. Chelsea cried that she had failed at everything and could not seem to do anything right.

Chelsea told Billy that her suffering was payback for having lived such a selfish, greedy life and pulling scams. Chelsea claimed she deserved punishment for what she had done to Billy when they'd first met and what she had almost done to Rey and Adam. Chelsea broke down and cried that because she had hurt so many people, she did not believe she deserved happiness. Chelsea cried, "Maybe I'm just not meant for this world."

Chelsea cried that Connor believed she no longer loved him because of Johnny. Billy told Chelsea that Connor needed to know how much she loved him. Billy praised Chelsea's ability to persevere through adversity and told her he was impressed by the profound love she felt for both of her sons. Chelsea cried that telling Johnny had been a mistake because he wanted nothing to do with her. Billy replied, "Do you know where Johnny and Connor are right now? They're having a sleepover. On Halloween night, they're together as brothers, okay? That is because of you."

Billy promised Chelsea she would get past her pain, and he assured her he would not leave her. Billy begged Chelsea to get down off the ledge. Chelsea kissed Billy on the cheek and said, "Thank you." She called him a good man. Chelsea lunged forward suddenly and calmly said, "Tell Connor I slipped." Billy screamed, "No!!" He immediately reacted and wrapped his arms around Chelsea, preventing her from leaping to her death. Chelsea cried, "Let go! Get off!" Billy pulled them both back, and they fell onto the roofdeck below the ledge. Billy promised Chelsea that they would get through everything. Chelsea sobbed pitifully and told Billy she was tired of everyone telling her to see the bright side and insisting she could turn things around. Billy told Chelsea she could turn things around.

Chelsea told Billy that Adam had suggested therapy, though no one really wanted to hear what she had to say because they didn't want to deal with her. Billy assured Chelsea he would stay and listen to whatever she had to say. Chelsea recalled that Billy had rejected her and fired her after she had made a mistake by kissing him. Billy explained that the reason he had walked away from the podcast had had nothing to do with her. Billy praised Chelsea for having been insightful by telling him he was not made for the corporate world.

Billy asked Chelsea if she remembered that the rooftop was where he came to let out stress and anxiety. Billy assured Chelsea she would get out of the murky waters and find herself again. Billy put his arm around Chelsea and assured her that she would be all right. Billy suggested they go inside and get some tea to help warm themselves. Chelsea cried that she was exhausted and wanted to be alone to sleep. Billy wrapped his jacket around Chelsea and told her he would not leave her.

Adam entered the rooftop and demanded to know what was going on. Billy replied, "You need to stop." Adam tried to talk to Chelsea, but Billy insisted he go away and wait to learn what had happened later. Billy kept one hand on Chelsea while picking up her handbag with the other. Billy tightly cradled Chelsea in his arms as he brushed Adam aside and exited the door leading to the roof. Adam seemed completely baffled after Billy took Chelsea away.

If you or someone you love is struggling with suicidal thoughts, help is a phone call or text message away. You can reach the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline by dialing or texting 988.

Billy summons Sharon to help Chelsea

Billy summons Sharon to help Chelsea

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

At the Glam Club, Adam informed Lily that he'd found Billy with Chelsea, who had been very upset. Adam blamed Billy for Chelsea's state, but Lily defended that it hadn't necessarily been Billy's fault. Adam shared that he'd pressed to know what had happened on the rooftop, but Billy had shut him down and hurried Chelsea out of there. Adam insisted that he had the right to know what was going on with the mother of his child. Lily indicated that she didn't control Billy, and she refused to provide any information. Lily walked away, but she paused in the corridor and looked worried.

Billy escorted a despondent Chelsea to her hotel room and gently removed her boots. He took her phone out of her purse and explained that he was silencing the phone, assuming she didn't want to talk to anyone that night -- unless there was someone he could call for her. She remained silent, and he suggested they go for a drive around the lake. She responded that she didn't want to go anywhere. Billy offered to order some food, but Chelsea flatly stated that she wasn't hungry. He pledged to do whatever it took to help her, but she barked that the way to help her was just to leave her alone. She tearfully begged him to let her go.

Billy promised to stay right there, noting that Chelsea didn't need to be alone that night. She wailed that it was the one thing she wanted, and she groused that he wouldn't give her that. Billy protested that she couldn't send him out on the street on Halloween, since it wasn't safe with a bunch of teenagers out there. Chelsea told him to stop, and he offered to be quiet but still refused to go anywhere. She bellowed that it wasn't his call, and he didn't get to make decisions about her life.

Chelsea blasted Billy for stopping her on the roof when he'd had no right to do so. Billy calmly said he was sorry he'd interfered, but he doubted she'd been thinking clearly because she was in too much pain. Chelsea reiterated that she'd needed to figure out a way to stop the pain, and he'd taken that choice from her. Billy swore that he'd interfere again in a heartbeat. "Damn you, Billy!" Chelsea barked. Billy replied that she could "damn me straight to hell," but he wouldn't change his mind.

Billy knew it wasn't the choice Chelsea would have made two weeks earlier or the choice she'd make two weeks from then, and he refused to let her do something like that to herself -- or to her son -- because she had too much to live for. He recognized that things had gotten bad that night, but he encouraged her to work through it. Chelsea whimpered that she felt like she couldn't keep her head above water, but the water was closing in, and she wouldn't be able to breathe soon. Billy insisted that things would get better, but Chelsea spat that he didn't know that.

Billy admitted that he didn't know how to handle the situation, but he knew for certain that he had to stay there. Chelsea confided that she kept hearing voices of people reminding her how she'd failed, and his voice had been one of them. She cited when he'd told her that kissing him had been a mistake, and it had been like he'd been saying she was the mistake. Billy swore it wasn't how he'd meant it, but Chelsea countered that it was how it would always sound to her. She continued that the voices talked about the terrible things she'd done, and she wasn't able to forgive herself.

Billy figured that everything was forgivable, but Chelsea was adamant that it wasn't that time. He repeated that she had too much to live for, starting with Connor. Chelsea cried that Connor, Johnny, and the whole world were better off without her. Adam rapped on the door and pleaded for Chelsea to open up and let him know she was all right. Chelsea's phone chimed with a text message from Adam, asking her to confirm she was okay. Billy ignored a call and text message on his own phone from Adam.

Billy assured Chelsea that the whole world could stay on the other side of the door, and she didn't need to talk to anyone, but he'd listen if she wanted to talk. He added that the only thing that mattered was her. Billy checked the hallway and confirmed there was no sign of Adam. Chelsea was sure her ex-husband thought horrible things about her after seeing her and Billy on the roof. Billy urged Chelsea not to worry about what Adam thought, but Chelsea thought the alternative to worrying about herself was too painful. Chelsea said she couldn't face continuing to be tormented by the voices, and Billy reasoned that she didn't have to listen to them.

Billy recounted that it had taken him years after Delia had died to realize he could shut off that part of his brain, even though he still saw her sometimes and had to remind himself it was just noise. He hinted that it sometimes helped to talk to someone, and he suggested that Chelsea try talking to Chloe or Anita. Chelsea flatly declined and complained that she was exhausted. Billy led her to the bed and pulled back the covers, and she climbed in. He covered her up and advised her to try to relax. As Chelsea closed her eyes, he sat at the foot of the bed and reeled. After Chelsea fell asleep, Billy grabbed his phone and stepped into the bathroom.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Chance sipped a drink and rubbed his temples. A costume-clad Abby entered and was surprised to see him. He called her a vision, but she testily asked what he was doing there. He pointed out that he was relaxing and enjoying a hot beverage, and she inquired about his stakeout. Chance explained that it had finished early because the guy he'd been monitoring had been picked up attempting to vandalize a shoe store, so he'd decided to call it a night. Abby questioned his choice to go there instead of going home.

Chance claimed that he'd wanted to catch some peace and quiet by himself before heading home. Abby demanded to know if he couldn't get that at their house, and he admitted that he hadn't been ready to go home. She asked what was happening with them. Chance reasoned that it was a natural progression for relationships to have their ups and downs. Abby asked if they were on the downside or stuck in the middle. He told her not to worry, but she snapped that she wasn't the one avoiding him.

Abby ranted that Chance had canceled their plans because of work, and she'd tried not to be upset that they hadn't been able to dress up in their matching costumes and take their son out for Halloween. She added that while she'd been disappointed, it hadn't made her love him any less. Chance opined that things as a whole seemed to be pretty good until he had to fulfill a work obligation, and then she became resentful because he wasn't always free to put her above all his other responsibilities. Abby bristled and proposed that they talk at home. Chance worried that they'd just push it aside and deny it was even a problem, and he preferred to face it right there. Abby wiped away tears and sat down.

Abby objected to Chance describing her as resentful, and she didn't know why he seemed to think she didn't understand how important his job was. She pointed out that she'd bent over backwards to accept his call to duty, even when he'd been called away to Spain. She recalled waiting and praying while having no communication from him and then showing nothing but compassion for him when he'd returned home, filled with grief and stress. She added that she'd found a way to accept that he'd wanted to go back into law enforcement. Chance said he believed that she'd been trying very hard to accept it, but he didn't think she was being honest with him or with herself.

Chance reiterated that he and Abby had to be open and real with one another. He professed his love, but he worried that resentment had been building on both sides. He acknowledged that she didn't like his late hours or the time he'd spent clearing Rey's cases, and he reminded her that he was conflicted about how he'd dealt with Ashland's death. Abby wondered what Chance resented, and he referred to her always protecting her father. Chance sensed that Abby wanted an ideal and not a real man with actual flaws.

Chance thought that while Abby liked the idea of being married to a cop, the realities of the job didn't interest her. He continued that he had an unpredictable schedule and would be put in dangerous situations, and she was disappointed whenever it happened. Chance implored Abby to look deep down and realize it was the truth. Abby snarled that he might be unhappy and disappointed, but he didn't get to tell her how she felt. She huffed that she felt like being alone, and she rushed out over his protests.

Sharon dropped off a pastry for Chance and remarked that it looked like he needed it. She excused herself to answer a call, and she voiced surprise to hear from Billy. He informed her that there had been an incident with Chelsea, and he wasn't sure what to do. Billy asked if Sharon could go to Chelsea's suite, and Sharon said she'd be right over. Billy instructed her to keep it between them, and Sharon promised she wouldn't say anything to anyone.

Adam entered the coffeehouse as he left another voicemail for Chelsea, begging her to contact him and let him know she was all right. Sharon hurriedly prepared to leave and told Adam she couldn't talk. He asked if she'd seen Billy and Chelsea there that night, since he was worried that something might have happened and that Billy had been responsible. Sharon assured Adam that Chelsea was a true survivor at heart. Adam wished Chelsea would pick up the phone, and he groused that it was irresponsible of her to be unreachable. Sharon said she'd stayed too long already, and she had to go.

Lily returned to Chancellor-Winters. She coolly answered a call from a shaken Billy, who said it was good to hear her voice. He asked if she was at home, and she curtly replied that she'd gone back to the office. She reprimanded him for leaving her at the club, and she inquired whether everything was okay. "Not really," Billy vaguely replied. Lily mentioned that Adam had seemed concerned after finding Billy and Chelsea together, and she wondered if she should be concerned, too.

Billy reported that Chelsea had had an incident that night, and he needed to stay with her until help arrived. Lily demanded to know what was going on, and Billy said he didn't really know but that Sharon was on her way and would hopefully know what to do. There was a knock at Chelsea's door, and Billy promised he would call again as soon as he could. After Billy hung up, he stepped into the hallway and told Sharon that he'd found Chelsea standing on the edge of the hotel roof, ready to jump. He continued that he'd gotten Chelsea down safely, but she hadn't been happy with him. He said she'd been prepared to end her life. Billy confided that Chelsea's feelings hadn't changed, and he begged Sharon to tell him what to do.

Billy checked on Chelsea and reported that she was still sleeping. Sharon considered that a good sign, and she inquired whether Chelsea had taken any drugs or alcohol. Billy was fairly sure no drugs had been involved, but she might have had a drink at the club. Sharon indicated that one drink wouldn't cause any medical issues, but the next 72 hours would be crucial. She recommended that they get Chelsea to a facility to be monitored and kept safe. Billy warned that it would be a struggle.

Sharon called Billy a good friend and sympathized that the situation had been stressful on him, too. He reflected back on the night Delia had died, when he'd held his daughter in his arms, waiting for the ambulance for what had felt like hours. Billy recounted that he'd told Delia she would be okay, but he'd known she wasn't going to make it. He admitted that he'd had that same feeling that night, and all he kept thinking was that Chelsea wouldn't make it, either. Sharon assured him that he'd handled things perfectly fine. Billy vowed not to let the same thing happen to Chelsea that had happened to Delia.

Chelsea called out for Billy, and Sharon followed him into the hotel room. Billy explained that he'd called Sharon for some help. Sharon recognized that Chelsea was in tremendous pain and was looking for a way to make it stop, and she offered to help get Chelsea support to ease her pain in a positive way that gave her room to feel the love people had for her. Sharon and Billy affirmed that they were among those people.

Chelsea maintained that she didn't need help. Sharon urged Chelsea to trust that Rey would have wanted to see her take that step, since he had seen the good in Chelsea and given her another chance. Sharon pleaded with Chelsea not to throw that chance away. Sharon gently asked if Chelsea would let them help her, and Chelsea tentatively nodded.

At Society, Victoria drafted the details of Nate's generous employment agreement on a cocktail napkin. She prepared to send her notes to legal and asked if they had a deal. Nate replied that he thought so, and Victoria raised her drink and welcomed him to the company as CEO of Newman Media. Devon overheard and growled, "You've got to be kidding me."

Victoria wondered why Devon was surprised she wanted to hire Nate. She pointed out that she'd tried to hire Nate before, but he'd opted to go to Chancellor-Winters. She declared that she was thrilled Nate was available then, and Devon muttered that she knew why Nate was available. Nate demanded that they stop talking like he wasn't there, and he admitted that he'd already filled Victoria in. Devon sourly bet it hadn't taken too much to get her caught up, and he surmised that the CEO job was payment for Nate betraying his family.

Devon accused Victoria of being the CEO who Nate had intended to sell his shares to. Victoria feigned confusion about why she'd hire Nate if they'd conspired in a scheme that had failed. Nate piped up that it didn't matter who the CEO had been, since he'd been honest with Devon and Lily before following through with his plan, and Chancellor-Winters hadn't been hurt. Devon angrily countered that Nate's actions had done serious damage to their family, yet Nate didn't seem to mind. Devon regretted suspecting Tucker and noted that the Newmans were famous for corporate moves like that.

Devon questioned whether Victoria hadn't had enough after absorbing Locke Communications and scamming her way into getting ChancComm. He blasted her for choosing to honor his father's memory by trying to take control of the company Neil had left behind. Victoria fondly remembered that Neil had been a good friend to her and her family, and she swore she would never do anything to disrespect his memory. She contended that even if she had done it, Neil would have seen it as business and not personal. Devon retorted that having Nate lie to his family was personal, and he lectured that Neil would have never done something like that to Victor while working at Newman.

Victoria reasoned that Chancellor-Winters and Newman were two separate companies and even rivals, so she and Devon didn't owe each other anything. Nate insisted that the issue was between him and Devon, and he asked that Devon leave Victoria out of it. Nate recognized that it would take time for Devon to forgive him, but Devon swore that he never would. Nate claimed that he was trying to move on and forgive himself, and he had to find purpose somewhere else. Victoria proclaimed that she was happy Nate would be part of her family business. Devon warned her to watch her back because Newman Media might not be enough for Nate one day, and Nate would go after her job. Devon wished her luck.

After Devon retreated to his own table, Nate apologized for his cousin. Victoria figured that Devon would have put together the pieces eventually, and it was best to have gotten it out of the way. Victoria asserted that what mattered was that they were moving forward, and she didn't regret her decision one bit because having Nate on board would be worth any trouble it caused with Devon and Lily. Devon seethed as he watched Victoria and Nate leave. Devon contemplated calling Amanda, but Abby distracted him when she cursed after knocking some fruit off the bar. Devon asked what was wrong.

After Abby updated Devon about her encounter with Chance, Devon figured that married couples sometimes argued, but Abby and Chance would make up and move past it. Abby contemplated whether every negative thing Chance had said about their relationship might be true. Devon chalked it up to people saying things in the moment. He picked up a lemon and pondered what to do when it was what life had handed her, and she opted to throw it on the ground and cry. "How'd you know?" Devon asked with a grin, and they hugged.

Kyle is met with disturbing news about Diane

Kyle is met with disturbing news about Diane

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

by Nel

Jack and Ashley welcomed Kyle and Summer home. Ashley told Kyle there had been some developments regarding Diane and Tucker. Jack told Kyle that Diane had been hiding her connection with Tucker in Los Angeles and how Tucker had found Allie. Kyle couldn't believe that Tucker had dangled Allie as Diane's ammunition to get back into their good graces. Jack said Diane had only wanted a relationship with Kyle and had agreed to feed Tucker with information about Ashley.

Jack told Kyle that Diane had admitted everything to him. Kyle said everyone had warned him that Diane was still the same person who'd left him to believe she'd been dead all those years, and he hadn't believed them. Kyle said it was unforgivable that Diane had wormed her way into Harrison's heart.

Summer told Jack that Diane had sworn there were no more secrets and that they knew everything. Summer said Diane had lied to everyone about what she'd done in L.A. and who she was. Kyle wanted to know how Diane could do that to him and Harrison. Jack said Diane hadn't had a choice.

Jack told Kyle that Diane had begun seeing Jeremy Stark and that Jeremy had swept her off her feet, giving her wonderful gifts and exotic vacations. Diane had later discovered that Jeremy had been stuffing large amounts of cash in her luggage. Jack said Jeremy had been using Diane as a courier to launder money. He said Diane had tried to get out of a difficult situation; however, she hadn't been able to because Jeremy had known she'd faked her own death, and she'd been complicit in Jeremy's crime. Jack said Jeremy had threatened to have her arrested.

Jack told Kyle that when Jeremy had been arrested, she'd waited to also be arrested, but when that hadn't happened, Diane had thought she'd been free of that nightmare. Jack said Tucker had discovered Diane's entanglement with Jeremy. Tucker had sworn he wouldn't say anything -- provided that Diane worked to unite Allie with the Abbotts and provided him with information about Ashley so that he could get close to her. Jack said Diane had been unable to say no because she'd wanted a relationship with Kyle.

Kyle told Jack it didn't negate Diane's lies. Jack said he wanted them to know the whole story so they could decide whether or not they wanted Diane to be part of their lives. Jack said he hadn't told anyone about Jeremy. He said Ashley only knew about Tucker's plan. Jack asked them to keep that information to themselves.

Summer said she wondered why Diane had suddenly confessed to Jack. She asked if it had been a calculated move to avoid the information being discovered later. Jack explained that Diane had learned that Phyllis and Nikki had continued their rapport with Talia Morgan, and Diane had been worried that the story would come to light.

At Society, Tucker said he hadn't realized that telling the truth had been part of Diane's repertoire. He said it seemed that confession had been a good move for Diane, as she'd gotten in front of the problem. Tucker complained that he no longer had leverage over her because she'd pulled the rug out from under him. He said he'd lost half his dream since Diane had told Jack their secret.

Diane asked Tucker about the other half of his dream. She acknowledged that Tucker had wanted her to get Jabot's financial statement for him and information about Ashley's personal life. Diane said she'd hadn't been able to get her hands on the financial information. Tucker said she could have had she tried harder.

Diane asked if Tucker had plans to take over Jabot, since takeovers were his M.O. Diane said that made no sense if he was sincere about winning Ashley back. Diane asked how Ashley could love the man who was trying to take her company. Tucker stated that he'd never said he was trying to take it away from Ashley. Diane asked what he'd intended to do with the financial information if she'd been able to deliver it to him. Tucker said their collaboration had ended, and the details weren't any of Diane's concern. Tucker left.

At Newman Media, Adam told Sally he was looking for Chloe. Sally informed him that Chloe was out of town, and all future queries should be directed to her successor. Adam was stunned. Sally explained that due to restructuring, she and Chloe had been let go. Sally said Victoria had decided they weren't a good fit, and she had a replacement lined up.

Adam asked Sally to ask Chloe if she'd heard from Chelsea. Sally asked if Chelsea was all right. Adam said they'd probably gotten their signals crossed. Before leaving, Adam told Sally that she'd done an excellent job at Newman Media, and it didn't make sense to let Sally go. Sally said being let go hadn't been a shock because Victoria had made it clear that Sally had only been there on a trial basis. Adam said he wondered how much input Nick had had in that decision. Sally warned Adam not to trash Nick. She said it was none of Adam's business, but Nick had done everything he could to change Victoria's mind. Sally said it had been solely Victoria's decision.

Adam told Sally he'd seen her as having the talent and temperament for that job, and she'd proven all her detractors wrong. He said the only reason Sally was being let go was because of her former association with him. Adam said he would put in a good word at Marchetti and Jabot, but Sally said she didn't want any favors, especially not from him. Adam wished her good luck, and he left.

At the ranch, Ashley told Nikki and Phyllis that Diane had admitted to conspiring with Tucker when she'd been in L.A. Ashley said Tucker had told Diane about Allie and her relationship to the Abbotts. Gleefully, Nikki said they'd backed Diane into a corner, and she'd gotten scared. Ashley said she believed there was more to the story because she didn't buy that the only thing Tucker had wanted from Diane had been information about her.

Phyllis asked Ashley what Jack's reaction had been. Ashley said she'd been shocked because Jack was more conflicted about Diane's actions than she would have believed. Astounded, Phyllis asked if Jack was going to forgive Diane. She claimed Diane had brainwashed Jack.

Ashley told Nikki and Phyllis that Diane had claimed she'd had no choice but to go along with what Tucker had wanted. She said Diane had continued to maintain she'd changed and only wanted to reunite with Kyle. Ashley said Tucker had been the only person who could help her do that, or it wouldn't have happened. Ashley said Jack seemed willing to accept what Diane had told him, but she believed Diane had given Jack a very sanitized version of the events.

Nikki told Phyllis and Ashley that Diane had dug her claws in so deep that Jack felt she deserved a second chance -- and Kyle would follow suit. Nikki complained that Diane would get away with all her lies and manipulations. Ashley said Diane was going to dig in deeper and hold on tighter to Kyle and Jack, and she would never let go. Nikki declared that they couldn't allow that to happen; they needed to get Diane out of their lives for good.

Nikki told Phyllis and Ashley she was shocked that Jack seemed okay that Diane had used his granddaughter to manipulate him and that every move had been carefully choreographed. Nikki said they needed information too sordid for Jack to forgive Diane. Phyllis grabbed her purse and said she was going to make sure "that bitch" didn't "wriggle off the hook." Phyllis left.

Summer told Jack that Phyllis had vowed she'd stopped trying to get information about Diane, but she hadn't. Kyle said that he felt for Diane after she'd been used by two powerful men, but he didn't think he could trust Diane again. Summer said she was "pissed" that her mother had lied to her.

A short time after Jack left, Phyllis arrived and said she was looking for Jack. Phyllis commented that Summer and Kyle didn't look very happy for two people who'd just returned from their honeymoon. Kyle asked why Phyllis was looking for Jack. Phyllis said she was glad they knew about Diane and Tucker conspiring in L.A. and that she wasn't the saint she'd been pretending to be. Summer said she knew Phyllis had maintained her rapport with Talia Morgan and had had kept digging for dirt on Diane even after she'd sworn that she wouldn't.

Phyllis told Summer not to come after her; she wasn't the bad guy. She said they'd accused her of being filled with rage and hate regarding Diane, but she'd been right that Diane couldn't be trusted. She asked what Summer and Kyle were going to do about Diane.

At Newman, Nick told Victoria that firing Sally had been heartless and unnecessary. Victoria claimed Nate would be a great fit for Newman. She said Nate had accepted her offer, and Nick needed to get on board. Nick claimed Victoria had hired Nate to erase all traces of Adam. Victoria denied it was about Adam. Nick couldn't understand why Victoria was ruining Sally's career all because she'd been involved with Adam.

Nick told Victoria that Sally was a talented employee who'd been ousted for no good reason. Victoria asked how serious things were between Nick and Sally. Nick said his relationship with Sally had no bearing on their conversation about work. Victoria claimed Nick's relationship with Sally had put him in a very troubling position.

Nick asked if Victoria had recently instituted a non-fraternization rule. Ignoring the question, Victoria claimed his relationship with Sally had hindered his objectivity and decision-making, and it had pitted Nick against Adam. Victoria said Nick's relationship with Sally was problematic.

Nick said he didn't appreciate Victoria using his relationship with Sally as an excuse to hire Nate. Victoria claimed it had been a smart move and far more savvy than keeping Sally and her allies in place. She said Nick would have seen that if he hadn't been blinded to the reality of business. Victoria said she didn't regret her choice, and it was right for Newman Media.

Victor arrived and told Nick he'd approved Victoria's decision to replace Sally with Nate. Victor said Nate would make the right decisions. Nick reminded Victor that Nate had betrayed his family. Victor claimed that whatever challenge they gave Nate, he would solve it. Nick said they already had someone in that position with an incredible vision, one who had made real progress in that division.

Victor told Nick to let it go. Victor said Sally had managed to turn Adam against their family by constantly feeding into his resentments. He said he didn't want that to happen to Nick. Nick claimed they were making up stories as grounds for firing Sally. Nick said there was no reason to criticize Sally as CEO because the numbers were up and climbing. He said Sally had the respect of her employees, and she'd been able to handle everything that had been thrown at her. Victoria said they wished Sally all the best in her future endeavors, but she wasn't the best person to run Newman Media.

Nick told Victor and Victoria the only mistake Sally had made was missing one meeting, something they'd all done, but her getting involved with Adam had been unforgivable. Nick said that Victor and Victoria had allowed their personal feelings to color their business decisions. Nick said his personal life didn't factor in because it was personal.

At Crimson Lights, Adam commented that Nick wasn't bothered that Sally had been fired. Nick said if Adam had a problem with the way Sally had been treated, it had nothing to do with him. Adam asked if Nick had slept with Sally just to get under his skin. Nick said Adam hadn't crossed his mind at all. Adam accused Nick of having his fun and discarding Sally. Nick reminded Adam that Adam had been the one who'd discarded Sally.

Adam said he didn't believe Nick had any real feelings for Sally. Sally arrived and asked if there was a problem. Nick asked Sally how she was holding up. Adam told Sally it was obvious Nick had used Sally to hurt him, and since Nick was done with her, Nick was cutting her loose. Nick said none of that was true. Adam claimed he had more important things to deal with, and he left.

Sally told Nick she didn't believe that Adam had been right about them. Nick asked again how Sally was doing. She said she'd kicked into survivor mode. Nick said he was sick over how that whole situation had played out, and he would do anything he could to help Sally.

Nick told Sally he thought she'd been an incredible asset to Newman Media. He said he'd told Victor and Victoria that they'd made a terrible mistake letting Sally go. He said they'd claimed that his personal feelings for Sally had clouded his judgment. Nick said he would do whatever he could to help her. Sally thanked him and said she didn't want anyone's help; she would find something on her own.

Chelsea receives help from Sharon and Billy

Chelsea receives help from Sharon and Billy

Thursday, November 3, 2022

by Nel

Billy and Sharon took Chelsea into a mental health facility. Chelsea suddenly realized where she was, and she panicked. Chelsea asked why they'd taken her there; she didn't want to be there. Billy calmed her and said it wouldn't be like the last time because she was in a better facility, and she would receive the help she needed to stop the pain. Billy promised to be with her every step of the way. Chelsea said no one could make that promise. Billy said he wasn't "no one," and he would be there for her.

Chelsea panicked again and asked who else knew where she was. Billy assured her no one did, and she'd checked herself in because she'd wanted to get better. Sharon said she'd informed the medical staff they had to go at Chelsea's pace. She assured Chelsea that her situation would be kept confidential by everyone because it was the law.

Sharon told Chelsea that if she ever wanted to share what had happened with anyone, Sharon and the medical staff would help Chelsea find a way to approach it in a way that was right for her. Billy told her not to worry about Connor because he would be well taken care of. He said they wanted to get Chelsea stable in time for Thanksgiving so she could spend some time with Connor.

An employee by the name of Janine entered. She told Chelsea she wanted to ask her a few questions about how Chelsea felt. Billy and Sharon left.

Outside Chelsea's room, Sharon told Billy they needed a strategy on how to keep Chelsea's privacy, and they would need to involve Adam. Billy said it seemed counterintuitive, since Adam was responsible for Chelsea's misery. Sharon said they couldn't blame it all on Adam.

Sharon told Billy that suicidal ideation could come from culminations in a person's life that could become overwhelming. She said some could seem obvious and suffocating, while others came from the outside and might seem small at first but become enormous. She said it never came from one thing. Billy admitted that Adam wasn't fully responsible for Chelsea's condition; however, he made every situation worse. Sharon said Adam had to be involved in how and when they told Connor.

In Chelsea's room, Janine asked Chelsea to relax while Janine asked some questions. Chelsea said they had her medical history. Janine said Chelsea was more than some note in a file. Janine said the questions were to get to know people and help them get better. Janine said she wanted to hear what Chelsea had to say. Chelsea agreed.

Janine asked Chelsea if she had any children. Chelsea said she'd had two biological sons and a miscarriage after a car accident. Chelsea said only Connor was hers. She said she'd given Johnny up to his father and his then wife. Janine asked if Chelsea had ever been hospitalized and why. Chelsea said she had because she'd tried to hurt someone, a really wonderful man, but unfortunately, he'd died; it hadn't been her doing. Janine noted that Chelsea felt guilty about it. Chelsea admitted she did.

Janine asked if Chelsea had any history of suicidal thoughts or prior attempts. Chelsea began to cry and said she just didn't want to be in pain anymore. She said she'd felt very alone and unworthy, and she'd felt as if she were ruining everything for everyone.

Janine asked if Chelsea had supportive people in her life. Chelsea shook her head no. Janine said the man and woman who'd been with Chelsea earlier had been very supportive and concerned. Janine asked what Chelsea's goals were for being in that facility. Chelsea said she needed help, and she didn't want to hurt anymore. She said she wanted to get better, but she didn't know if that was possible.

At Chancellor-Winters, Devon told Lily that Nate had been hired at Newman Media as CEO. Lily was stunned. She said it was obvious who Nate had shared information with. Devon said he couldn't find another reason why Victoria would give him such a job. Lily said it didn't matter. She said they'd removed the possibility of a takeover.

Lily asked if Devon thought that the animosity between him and Nate stemmed from Devon's ties to Neil. Devon said he'd spoken with Abby and Nate, and he felt it had been Nate's excuse to let himself off the hook. He said it wasn't relevant to what Nate had done to them.

Lily and Devon reminisced about the amazing things Neil had done. Lily called Neil her superhero. Devon said Neil had saved his life. Lily said Neil had loved being a father, and despite her being a rebellious teenager, she'd realized what a wonderful man he'd been.

Lily remembered the time Neil had told her that he and Dru had wanted her. He said he loved her, and he'd kept every letter Lily had sent him. He said he'd saved them in the shoebox that Lily and Nate had decorated together. He added that he'd kept every drawing, every picture, and every poem Lily had written about the places she'd visited. Lily said she guessed that was nice. Neil said it had been even nicer getting them, but even better than that had been Lily showing up that day, out of the blue. Neil said he'd missed her and asked if Dru had told her that he'd hoped Lily would stay. Lily said Mom hadn't said anything.

Lily told Devon she wished she could go back to that time. She admitted she'd been very cold and distant to Neil when all he'd wanted had been her love.

Devon admitted he'd always given Neil a hard time because he'd been too scared to let Neil in. Devon also remembered an interaction with Neil. Neil said that one day, Devon would look back and realize that that moment had been Devon's crossroad. Neil said before Devon knew it, he would be 18 years old, a legal adult. He asked what kind of man Devon would be. More importantly, he asked what kind of man Devon wanted to be. Neil told Devon to let his life be driven with purpose because he could do and be anything he wanted as long as he put his mind to it. It was Devon's choice how he created his future.

Devon told Lily that everything he'd accomplished and everything he'd had in his life had been because of Neil. He said it had been Neil's belief in him that had inspired him to become the man he was. Lily said there had been many amazing moments.

Lily remembered another conversation with Neil before her second marriage to Cane. Neil said he would always be there for Lily. Lily told Neil she'd wanted to keep things casual, since it was the second time that she was getting married. She explained that she'd wanted to walk herself down the aisle, but she wanted Neil by her side. Neil said that was the father/daughter connection they had. Neil hugged her.

Lily told Devon that Neil had supported them, no matter what; he'd always given them room to make their own decisions, whether they were right or wrong. Devon said he couldn't help but think about the last conversation he'd had with Neil about the company.

Devon recalled the conversation in detail. Referring to Hamilton-Winters, Neil told Devon he wanted them to be a true team. Neil said he never wanted Devon to feel he was talking down to Devon. He respected Devon and would never forget that Devon had put up the capital to start that venture that Devon had invited him to join. Devon said they wouldn't have been as successful if it hadn't been for Neil's guidance. Devon said that was something he would try very hard never to forget. Devon said he'd missed having Neil around. Neil responded that it was not half as much as he'd missed Devon.

Devon told Lily he really missed Neil. He said there were many days he would power through while thinking about Neil without giving in to the pain, but "it's never not there." He said Neil's memory would always have a hold on them, and he didn't want to let that go.

Billy arrived. Devon said he was surprised Billy would walk away from his mother's company at that particular time. Billy said he'd offered to stay. Lily claimed she had it handled, and she'd insisted that it was the right time for him to move on. Devon said he didn't think that was the best move for the company. Devon left.

Lily asked Billy about Chelsea. Billy said Chelsea had had an emotional break and would need time to recuperate. He said he wished he could give Lily more details, but it wasn't his story to tell. He said he and Sharon were trying to figure out how to support Chelsea through her ordeal. Lily was happy Chelsea would get the help she needed, and Lily said Chelsea would be grateful to Billy when she emerged on the other side.

Billy told Lily his part in the situation wasn't done. He said he'd promised Chelsea that he would help her every step of the way. Billy said Lily had seen Chelsea, and he asked if she could understand that Chelsea needed support. Lily understood that Chelsea had gone through a lot, and Lily felt for her; however, she pointed out that Billy was on a mission to save every woman in his life -- first Victoria and then Chelsea. He asked if Lily didn't like him helping people in distress. He asked if Lily didn't want him to be there for Chelsea.

Lily told Billy she understood that Chelsea needed support, and she asked how much time and energy Billy was going to dedicate to Chelsea. Billy admitted he didn't know, but he'd promised Chelsea he would be there for her. He said he couldn't turn his back on her.

Later, Lily sent a text message to Billy: "Lunch at Society?"

Elena arrived at the penthouse and surprised Nate. Elena told him she hadn't taken the job. Elena said she couldn't move to Baltimore until she could see whether they could make things work.

Nate told Elena he'd tried to reach out to Devon to work things out, to no avail. Nate said he'd mentioned that Devon's connection to Neil might have been the factor that had led to Devon's resistance to taking professional input, and he'd suggested that Devon might have seen it as a betrayal to Neil if he'd allowed anyone else to hold authority over what he'd built with Neil. He said Devon had disagreed.

Nate told Elena he'd realized he'd never forgiven Devon for the punch that had ended his surgical career. Nate admitted that when he'd joined Chancellor-Winters, he hadn't taken the time to figure out the work dynamics between him and Devon. He said he'd gone in ready for a fight that had never needed to happen. Nate said his action had been wrong, and he would have to live with the guilt of knowing he'd betrayed his family. Nate said Devon wouldn't forgive him until he revealed who he'd been collaborating with. He said he was still a traitor in Lily and Devon's eyes.

Elena asked why Nate wouldn't give up Victoria to get his family back. Nate claimed Victoria didn't owe Lily, Devon, or Chancellor-Winters anything, but he did for his betrayal. He said it didn't make sense to drag Victoria and Newman Enterprises into a battle. He said he wasn't sure it would make a difference if he admitted he'd colluded with Victoria; Devon and Lily might never get past what he'd done.

Nate told Elena he would work hard to win back a place with his family with no illusion he would be successful. Nate said he'd moved on professionally as the new CEO of Newman Media. Elena said Sally was the CEO. Nate said Sally's position had been on a trial basis, and apparently, Sally hadn't been a good fit.

Elena said that Nate was Victoria's consolation prize for Nate selling out his family. Nate said Victoria had needed a CEO, and she'd trusted him to fill the position. Elena said Victoria already had a CEO. She said Victoria had used Nate, first to steal Chancellor-Winters away from his family and then as justification for firing Sally. Nate asked if it was impossible for Elena to accept that Victoria believed in him.

Elena said Nate didn't see it for what it was. Elena said it had been a pat on the head for staying quiet about Victoria's part in her hostile takeover attempt. Nate said he didn't know what else he could do for Elena. He said he'd admitted and accepted how wrong he'd been. He'd shown remorse and regret to Devon and Lily in the hope of earning a modicum of forgiveness, and he'd taken a new direction with his career. He said those had been all the things Elena had asked him to do before she'd see him as the man she'd fallen in love with. He asked why that hadn't been enough.

At Crimson Lights, Connor asked Adam why he couldn't spend the day with Chelsea, since he had the day off from school. Adam explained that Chelsea had been under the weather and was probably sleeping. Connor wanted to go and see Chelsea because he wanted to tell her that he and Johnny had talked a lot about Chelsea being Johnny's biological mom. He said they'd realized they might have made a bigger deal of it than it was. Connor said it had sounded bad when they'd first heard about it because they hadn't seen it coming, but it didn't change anything for them. He wanted to tell Chelsea that he and Johnny had both agreed on that.

Adam told Connor that Chelsea had to have something going on because that would be the only reason that she wouldn't answer her phone. Connor said Chelsea might be avoiding him because some of the things he'd said had probably hurt her feelings. Connor said he wished he could make it up to her. Adam assured Connor he didn't have to do anything because Chelsea's love for Connor ran deep, and she would always forgive him, no matter what Connor did. Sharon arrived and saw Adam with Connor.

Billy arrived at the coffeehouse. Sharon told Billy that Chelsea's facility had informed her that things had gone very well. She said Chelsea had been very open in the preliminary session, and they had a good idea of how to proceed with her care. Billy asked if Sharon had found a way of telling Adam and Connor about Chelsea. She said she hadn't, but they needed to tell Adam soon. Sharon suggested that Billy check in on Chelsea.

After Billy left, Adam approached the counter, and Sharon asked what Adam would like. Adam said he wanted to know what she and Billy were hiding.

At Society, Devon sent a text message to Amanda: "Call when you can. So much going on. Nate now works for Victoria. And I really miss my dad."

Billy returned to the facility and waited for Chelsea to wake up. When he reached for his phone and leaned forward, Chelsea took his hand and thanked him.

Kyle feels betrayed after Diane's confession

Kyle feels betrayed after Diane's confession

Friday, November 4, 2022

by Nel

At Noah's Glam Club, Summer told Nick there had been more drama with Diane. Summer said she'd hoped Nick had called it quits with Sally. She said Sally was unpredictable when she felt disrespected or frustrated, and they both knew what Sally was capable of. Nick informed Summer that Sally and Chloe no longer worked at Newman Media, and he and Sally were on a break. Summer was overjoyed.

At Society, Ashley recalled a conversation with Tucker. She asked him to tell her about him and Diane in Los Angeles. Tucker claimed he and Diane had had a chance encounter in L.A. He'd been stunned because Diane was alive and a far cry from the vengeful woman he'd known. He said Diane appeared to be a completely different person from the one he'd known in Genoa City.

Tucker said Diane's new mission was to find a way for Kyle to forgive her and reestablish their relationship. Ashley accused Tucker of seeing a chance to use a mother's deepest desire to his own advantage. Tucker described his partnership with Diane as a mutually beneficial arrangement. He said they were both looking to get back into the good graces of someone they cared about deeply. They'd made a pact. He admitted he'd heard about Allie and provided Diane with the information in exchange for Diane providing information about Ashley. Tucker said Ashley knew what she meant to him, and he would do anything for her to offer him another chance.

Ashley told Tucker no one should partner with Diane. She said it made her wonder if the bargain he'd struck had more to it than he'd admitted. Tucker assured her that his bargain with Diane had been completely benevolent. He insisted they'd both been looking for a good outcome.

Ashley's musings were interrupted when Tucker asked if she was all right. Ashley said she'd been thinking about him and Diane in L.A. and trying to decide whether or not she should believe anything he'd said.

Ashley said Tucker and Diane's partnership was "shady as hell" because he and Diane had hated each other before Diane's "so-called death," but they'd bumped into each other and decided to form an alliance. Tucker said they had both been in a unique position to help each other. Ashley said, "Well, as much as I hate to admit it, this makes sense. It wouldn't be the first time that you formed an alliance with an enemy in pursuit of a goal. That's why i believe you." Tucker laughed and said, "Thanks for letting me know. I wasn't sure where you were going with that." Ashley said she'd been trying very hard to ignore him since his arrival in town. Tucker said he was suspicious of the sudden turnaround.

Ashley told Tucker she she'd been thinking about him and wished she hadn't. Tucker said if Ashley had told him he'd captured her attention before she'd found out about his connection to Diane in L.A., he would have been more inclined to celebrate, but he couldn't help but wonder if Ashley was trying to lure him in. Ashley asked if he was doubting his animal magnetism.

Tucker said Ashley had questioned if there was more to him than met the eye, and he questioned whether she was using his feelings for her to uncover some agenda he might have. Ashley asked what he'd think if she was resorting to her feminine wiles. She said if Tucker had nothing to hide, he shouldn't care, since she was hoping to spend more time with him. Tucker asked if Ashley was giving him a chance to prove himself and tell her everything that had gone down in L.A. Ashley said yes. He accepted her challenge.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis told Jack she'd had a very illuminating conversation with Ashley about Diane in L.A. She said Diane had lied and pretended to be outraged that Tucker had crashed Summer and Kyle's ceremony. Jack said he was gravely disappointed in Diane -- and he wasn't so thrilled with Phyllis, either.

Jack said Phyllis hadn't seen the look on Kyle's face when he'd heard Diane's story, nor had she seen Summer's concern for Kyle. Phyllis said she'd stopped by the house right after Jack had broken the news to them, and she'd provided Kyle with the same compassion she'd shown him when his mother had pretended to be dead. Phyllis said if everyone had listened to her, none of it would have happened.

Jack reminded Phyllis that she'd insisted that Kyle make the decisions about his mother. Phyllis said it had killed her that Kyle had chosen to let Diane back into his life. She said she'd known the situation they were in would inevitably happen. Phyllis stated that Diane needed to leave. Phyllis said Diane needed to leave town before another one of Diane's sordid secrets was exposed. She said they all knew there were more secrets besides Tucker in L.A. Phyllis claimed that Diane had Jack totally sucked in.

Jack said how he felt about Diane didn't matter because Phyllis had already made up her mind. Jack told Phyllis to look in the mirror and take stock on her own behavior. Jack said that from the moment Diane had arrived, Phyllis had done everything she'd been able to do to get in Diane's way. He accused Phyllis of continuing to dig into Diane's past without giving Diane a chance to fall on her face on her own.

Phyllis said she couldn't believe that Jack was making her out to be the bad guy. Phyllis said she'd been very close to getting dirt on Diane, and when Diane had been backed into a corner, she'd confessed to Jack. Phyllis couldn't believe he was trying to make Phyllis feel guilty because she was trying to help everyone. Jack said they both knew there was more to it than help.

Jack said he understood why Phyllis had no use for Diane. He said he'd had a front row seat to the battle royale between her and Diane when he and Phyllis had been married. Jack said Diane had set down roots in Genoa City, and if she left town, she would leave a giant hole in Kyle and Harrison's lives.

Phyllis told Jack she understood that, but if Kyle and Harrison suffered, it would be because of Diane, not her. Jack said they had to wait and see how Kyle wanted to handle things once he'd spoken to Diane. Phyllis said she hoped Kyle would see things more clearly than his father did.

Summer arrived and asked what was going on. Jack said that he and Phyllis weren't seeing eye to eye. Jack left. Phyllis told Summer that Jack had said horrible things to her. She said she was frustrated because despite everything Jack had learned about Diane, he still wanted to give Diane allowances. Summer reminded Phyllis that Jack had given Phyllis allowances. Phyllis stated that she'd never done anything as bad as Diane. Summer said it was more complicated because Jack and Diane shared a son and a grandson.

Phyllis told Summer that Diane held Kyle as her trump card. She said Diane had used Kyle as a manipulation tool when he'd been a baby. She asked if Summer still thought it was a good idea to keep Diane around, since Summer had new information about Diane's past, and that information would be exposed. Summer said she'd been very patient with Diane, and she'd wanted Kyle to have a chance to heal and have a sense of peace; he'd had that. Summer admitted that Diane had to go, since more secrets and lies had been revealed.

At home, Diane told Kyle she had more information than what she'd told him. Diane hoped Kyle would understand why she'd needed to keep that information a secret. Diane told Kyle about Jeremy Stark, how he'd seduced her and used her for his own illegal enterprise. Diane told Kyle the whole sordid story. She said Tucker had discovered her crimes, and he'd agreed to keep her identity and the crimes she'd unknowingly committed for Jeremy a secret in exchange for help with Ashley.

Diane told Kyle that if she'd refused to do Tucker's bidding, he could have turned her in to the authorities, and she would have lost the life she'd worked so hard to rebuild. Angry, Kyle said Tucker had dangled a pretty big carrot to get her to cooperate. Diane said Tucker had provided her with the ability to open the door to Jack and Kyle. She said there was nothing more important than finding her way back to Kyle. Disgusted, Kyle said that way had been Allie. Kyle said Diane had colluded with Tucker, and she'd concealed it, even after he, Jack, and others had asked if she'd had any dealings with Tucker in L.A.

Diane told Kyle she'd regretted her history with Tucker and that she'd loathed him. She said she wished he'd hadn't returned to town. Kyle said it had been a massive lie of omission. Diane said she hated that she hadn't been brave enough to confess everything to him, but she swore she hadn't had any ill intensions. Kyle said her intentions didn't matter; it was where they were at that moment. He said despite her pleas for understanding, she'd broken his trust, and he didn't know whether they could get back to the way things had been.

Kyle told Diane he'd wanted her back in his life so badly that he'd been willing to overlook certain things. He said he'd been vulnerable and too quick to forgive, but he'd chosen to give her a chance to prove herself. He said he was questioning whether it had been a mistake to put that much faith in her. Diane asked Kyle to remember she'd chosen to admit what she'd been hiding. Kyle said Diane's argument for coming clean wasn't very persuasive.

Kyle said Diane had only confessed because she'd been afraid that someone like Nikki or Phyllis would expose her. Diane said the reason she'd decided to tell Jack the truth hadn't been because of Phyllis, Nikki, or Talia; it was more complicated than that. Kyle said he was having a difficult time accepting that it hadn't been a defensive move on her part.

Kyle told Diane he hadn't forgotten a single word of a conversation they'd had the first time they'd met face to face after spending so many years apart. Diane had promised she wouldn't hide anything from him ever again. Diane apologized for breaking that promise, but Tucker had forced her to stay quiet, and he'd been calling the shots ever since he'd found her in L.A. She said she'd finally been strong enough to break his hold on her. Kyle asked if it had been a preemptive strike.

Diane told Kyle it had been a spontaneous decision. She said someone had said something that had made her realize she had to own up to what she'd done. She said she'd been afraid to tell him because she'd been afraid it would destroy the beautiful relationship they'd created. She claimed that since she'd left Genoa City, all she'd wanted had been to be worthy enough to be part of Kyle's life. She said her love for Kyle was endless.

Kyle said he'd loved having Diane there, he'd loved seeing her bond with Harrison, and he hadn't believed they could become a real family. However, they had, and it was amazing. Kyle said he knew Diane was hoping he would look the other way again, but he needed time to sift through everything. He said he couldn't ignore that Diane had carried a huge secret and had pretended it didn't exist. He said she'd acted like she'd been wronged whenever someone had questioned her about it. He said that when the truth had finally been exposed and Diane had admitted it, she'd claimed someone else had forced her hand. Kyle said he didn't think he could believe anything she said anymore.

At the Glam Club, Phyllis said she hadn't expected to find Nick in a bar in the middle of the day. Nick said he wasn't in an office frame of mind. Nick asked about Phyllis, and she repeated what Nick had said. Phyllis said she wanted Nick's unbiased and honest opinion. She asked if Nick thought she was destructive, vindictive, and a bad person. Nick said he assumed that had to do with Diane. He explained that he'd run into Summer earlier, and it was obvious that there was drama regarding Diane. Phyllis said she was tired of being blamed for the mess with Diane. She said she wasn't the villain.

Jack walked into his home and told Diane he was surprised to see her there. Diane explained that Kyle had wanted to meet with her, and they'd gotten everything out on the table. She said that before Kyle had left, she'd asked if she could stay to ask Harrison about his trip, but he was still asleep. Jack said Harrison would be happy to see her when he woke up, but Jack had to leave. Diane asked if Jack didn't want to hear how things had gone with Kyle. Jack said he'd rather hear it from Kyle when Kyle was ready. Diane said she wasn't sure where she and Jack stood. Jack said he wasn't sure, either, and he wasn't ready to discuss it. Jack left.

Harrison came downstairs and told Diane he didn't feel well. Diane touched his forehead and said he had a fever.

At Jabot, Summer told Kyle she'd walked in on an intense conversation between Phyllis and Jack at the coffeehouse. She said they had very different viewpoints where Tucker and Diane were concerned. Kyle asked if Phyllis knew about Jeremy Stark. Summer said she hadn't said anything, and she was sure Jack hadn't, either. Summer said Phyllis wouldn't give up going after Diane. Kyle said he'd confronted Diane about hiding the truth from him. He said Diane had confirmed everything Jack had told him, and Diane had made all the excuses he'd expected. Summer asked what Kyle wanted to do.

Kyle told Summer that when he and Diane had spoken, he'd felt betrayed. He said since he'd left the house, he'd thought about what Diane had actually done in L.A. Summer said Diane had committed a few felonies. Kyle said she hadn't done anything malicious. He said Diane had made some mistakes, and Tucker had taken advantage of them. He said Diane had wanted to find a way to get back home to her son. Summer asked about the fact that Diane hadn't told him any of it until she'd had no choice. Kyle said he wasn't saying it was right, but he understood.

Summer said she knew how much Diane meant to Kyle. She also knew how much Kyle wished he could overlook everything and have everything go back to the way it had been, but she didn't think they could run the risk of trusting Diane again.

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