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Abby and Devon comforted one another by having passionate sex. Amanda and Chance walked in on Abby and Devon's tryst. Chelsea opened up to Adam. Audra confessed to Noah that she'd miscarried his baby after he'd left her. Allie found Noah and Audra in one another's arms.
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Amanda and Chance walked in on Abby and Devon having sex. Audra confessed to Noah that she'd miscarried his baby. Michael discovered the connection between Tucker and Audra.
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Devon and Abby pour out their hearts and grow closer

Devon and Abby pour out their hearts and grow closer

Monday, November 7, 2022

While dining at society, Lauren asked Michael to reconsider his support of Diane. Michael said he was withholding judgment until he knew all the facts. Lauren replied, "She lied. She colluded with Tucker in L.A. after swearing up and down she had no connection with him whatsoever." Michael did not deny Lauren's factual information, but he explained that context was everything. Lauren sighed and told Michael that his constant support of Diane was unbelievable.

Having overheard Michael and Lauren's conversation, Phyllis approached and asked Michael why he was so willing to protect a calculating, deceitful woman. Phyllis reminded Michael that Diane admitted she had colluded with Tucker. Michael defended Diane and asked who or what had caused Diane to make such an admission. Phyllis replied, "Obviously, she had an agenda when she came back to see Jack and Kyle. Do you not see a pattern?" Lauren asked Michael how much clearer the facts needed to be. Michael received a text message and told Lauren and Phyllis he had to leave. After Michael left, Phyllis lamented that she and Lauren had two troublemakers back in their lives again.

Lauren assured Phyllis that she had always supported Phyllis' efforts to oust Diane. Phyllis said she and her allies, Ashley and Nikki, should be able to win over any jury, so she could not understand why Michael did not "get it." Lauren explained that it was very hard for Michael to be objective about Diane. Phyllis said she believed Diane was winning Jack over, as well, and Phyllis suspected that Diane had returned to reconnect with Jack and not so much to be with Kyle. Lauren replied, "You really think that?" Phyllis said that Diane had made it clear from the beginning that she wanted to be an Abbott and would not be happy until she sported a big rock on her finger while standing before the altar saying, "I do."

Lauren suggested that Phyllis put herself in Diane's position while considering how she would approach either Summer or Daniel. Phyllis was taken aback and confused by Lauren's defense of Diane. Lauren explained that she was trying to be reasonable. Phyllis, miffed, replied, "By insinuating that I'm unreasonable?" Phyllis cried that her only allies were her enemies. Lauren begged Phyllis to stop obsessing over Diane for her own sanity.

At the Abbott mansion, Diane waited nervously for Kyle and Summer to return home after learning that Harrison was ill and running a fever. Kyle thanked Diane for calling them right away, so they could summon Harrison's pediatrician. Diane replied that she would do anything to protect the grandson she loved. Kyle and Summer went upstairs, where the pediatrician was evaluating Harrison's symptoms. By the time Jack came home to see about Harrison, the pediatrician had left. Kyle reported that Harrison still had a fever. Summer explained that the pediatrician, suspecting that Harrison might have picked up something during their trip, would be running tests at the hospital. Kyle escorted Harrison to the bathroom to wash off stickiness from having eaten an icy treat.

Noticing that Summer had become evasive and unfriendly, Diane approached her and said she assumed Summer had heard about what had gone on back in Los Angeles. Jack replied, "She knows. I called Kyle and Summer." Diane told Summer that everything she had done had been done to repair her relationship with Kyle. Summer insisted it was not the time or place to have a conversation about it. Jack agreed. Summer and Jack let Diane know they could attend to Harrison without her.

When Kyle and Harrison returned from the bathroom, Diane told them she would see them later. Diane assured Harrison that the doctor would help him feel much better. Harrison replied, "I want Dee Dee to come." Summer rolled her eyes, but she agreed to let Diane accompany Harrison and Kyle while she handled a work call at Marchetti. Kyle assured Summer he would keep her informed. Jack offered to give Summer a ride to the office. As Summer was leaving, Diane thanked her and said she hoped they would have a chance to talk later. Summer did not respond and abruptly walked away.

Harrison rested upstairs in his room after he, Kyle, and Diane returned from the hospital. Diane confirmed that the doctor had said test results would be ready by the afternoon. Kyle nodded and admitted he had made the mistake of researching illnesses online and had read about all sorts of diseases, some caused by bug bites. Diane told Kyle not to jump to any conclusions, and she reminded him that kids were resilient. Kyle recalled how he had suffered from mono for weeks when he'd been about twelve years old.

Kyle told his mother that he had had no appetite and had barely had enough energy to even watch television while lying in bed. Kyle vividly recalled feeling scared that his exhaustion and suffering might never end. Diane reacted with profound sadness when Kyle told her he had ended up in the hospital after pushing himself too hard and overdoing. Kyle cried, "I just never want my son to go through something like that." Diane replied, "Oh, my God. I'm so sorry that you did." Diane told Kyle she felt terrible for not being with him to help. Kyle replied that he was not trying to make his mother feel guilty.

Diane expressed concern about things between her and Kyle being up in the air, explaining that everything she had done while living in Los Angeles had been due to her desire to reconnect with the son she had missed so much. Diane became emotional and assured Kyle that she was a different person than the mother who had left her son behind to suffer through sickness alone. Diane stroked Kyle's hand and assured him that the love she felt for him and Harrison was the most real thing about her. Kyle admitted he had been blindsided after learning what Diane had done in Los Angeles, though he had come to realize that Jeremy and Tucker had boxed her in and taken advantage of her desperation.

Diane appeared relieved when Kyle confessed that his mind had been swayed when Harrison had called out to his Dee Dee. Kyle said he did not want his son to experience the same loneliness he had, and he knew Harrison would never feel lonely as long as he had his family, including his grandmother. Diane appeared to feel reassured and said she wished Summer might share Kyle's perspective. Kyle offered to talk to Summer. Kyle warned Diane not to hide anything from him again. Kyle embraced his mother warmly.

While sitting alone at home, Devon reflected on fond memories of Neil. Devon recalled having shared with Neil his dreams of pursuing music by writing songs and working to afford sessions in a studio. Neil had offered to cover the costs of studio sessions. Devon had expressed surprise, having believed that Neil had expected him to become a business executive while dabbling in music on the side. Neil had assured Devon that he'd believed in Devon. Devon admired a framed photo of Neil on a shelf and said aloud to himself, "You supported me from day one."

Devon thought back to a time in the past when Neil had expected him to step up and earn his way. Neil had made it clear that he was no cuddly kindergarten teacher who would hold his son's hand through the learning process. Neil had encouraged Devon by reminding him that he had become a music producer despite his reliance on a cochlear implant. Devon had replied that Neil had always assured him he could do anything he'd set his mind to do. Neil had congratulated Devon for proving he could, explaining that he could not have asked for more in an employee or a son. After reliving memories of Neil in flashbacks, Devon said aloud, "Was it wrong to not give Nate the same support you gave me?"

Devon's trip down memory lane was interrupted when Abby stopped by with Dominic. Abby said she had heard that Devon had stopped by Society earlier. Devon admitted it was for the best that she had not been at the restaurant because he would have likely unloaded all his problems on her. Abby assured Devon he could talk to her about anything. Devon greeted Dominic and smiled. Devon's mood markedly improved after his visitors arrived.

While Dominic played in his playpen, Abby prepared and served tea. Devon told Abby he was glad she and Dominic felt comfortable at his home, noting that they were family. Devon recalled the conversation he and Abby had had when she had said he should consider whether or not his relationship with Neil was preventing him from having a partnership with Nate. Devon admitted he had taken a step back to reflect after having initially reacted negatively. Devon said he had also spoken to Lily about it and later reflected on how supportive Neil had been when they'd started their company. Devon admitted he had not treated Nate the same way Neil had treated him.

Devon told Abby that he believed the reason he had not embraced Nate in the same way was because he was hesitant to share Neil's legacy. Abby replied that Devon was being too hard on himself, explaining that he was holding on to the love and memories he had shared with Neil. Devon expressed fear that his holding too tight to his memories might be affecting the way he was running his company. Abby suggested that keeping Neil's spirit alive was a strength, not a weakness. Abby recalled that Neil had helped Devon become a man, just like Brad had helped her become the woman she was. Devon thanked Abby for understanding the feelings he had in his heart. Abby reached out and tenderly grasped Devon's hand.

Devon picked up Dominic and smothered the child with kisses. Devon thanked Abby and Dominic for visiting and helping him feel better. Devon recalled that Abby had been helping get him through hard times for years. Devon reminisced about how Abby had supported him when he had embarked on creating his own record label, had been by his side when he'd learned that Neil had married Hilary, and had comforted him when Hilary had died. Abby praised Devon for having advised her on the opening of Society and comforting her through a lot of heartbreak.

Devon told Abby that though he had never imagined he would build a family as he had, it was the best thing that had ever happened. Devon looked in Dominic's eyes and told the boy that he had a very special mommy. Devon said he was glad Abby would also be in his life forever. Devon kissed Dominic's cheek and said, "How lucky is Daddy?" After Dominic went to take a nap in his room, Abby confessed to Devon that she wished she understood Chance's heart half as well as she understood his. Abby told Devon that Chance had stayed away all night after they had engaged in a soul-shaking conversation about the future of their marriage. Abby cried, "Is this how my marriage ends?" Abby said Chance felt he could not live up to what she considered to be an ideal man, and she admitted it might be true.

Devon listened sympathetically as Abby cried that she felt like there was a wall between her and Chance because he refused to put his wife and son before his work. Devon comforted Abby and explained that she and Chance approached things differently, though he thought Chance was a fool not to put her and Dominic first. Devon gazed into Abby's eyes and said he would move heaven and earth for her and Dominic. Abby leaned toward Devon and began kissing him passionately. In the hallway, Amanda, pulling her luggage behind her, stepped off the elevator.

At the Newman ranch, Victor asked Nikki about her meeting with Phyllis and Ashley. Nikki admitted that she, Phyllis, and Ashley all shared a hatred of Diane. Victor asked Nikki if she, Ashley, and Phyllis had discovered additional details about Tucker McCall's activities with Diane in Los Angeles. Nikki quipped that she doubted she knew details additional to the ones already reported by Victor's investigators. Nikki informed Victor that Tucker had used Diane to gather information about Ashley, so Ashley planned to appeal to Tucker in hopes of discovering Tucker's true motives. Victor replied, "She better be careful dealing with that snake." Victor warned that Tucker was after something bigger than a relationship with Ashley.

Hoping to relieve Nikki from worry, Victor assured her that he and his team would continue with their investigations. Nikki cried that she was worried about Jack because he was adamant about giving Diane the benefit of the doubt. Victor dismissed Nikki's concerns, noting that Jack had always had a penchant for troubled women. Nikki reminded Victor that Diane, after faking her death, abandoning her son, and staying away for more than ten years, was claiming to have a maternal instinct. Victor, after reiterating that he did not care what happened to Jack, warned that if Diane Jenkins in any way affected the lives of Summer or Harrison, he would step in. Victor said that meanwhile, he intended to find out what Tucker McCall was really up to.

Michael stopped by to talk to Victor. Nikki told Michael she assumed Victor wanted to enlist his help with his latest preoccupation. After Nikki stepped out, Victor asked Michael what he had found out. Michael reported that though Tucker had covered his tracks well, an operative was able to confirm that Tucker had a connection to Audra Charles. Victor recalled that Audra was the woman Jill had hired to oversee the public offering of Chancellor-Winters. Victor told Michael that Tucker McCall was up to something. Michael agreed and said Audra was feeding information to Tucker so he could make a move on the company. Victor nodded in agreement with Michael.

While playing chess, Michael and Victor continued to discuss Tucker. Victor said Tucker's association with Audra Charles meant that he wanted to take over Chancellor-Winters. Victor told Michael that if Tucker was smart, he would run the company alongside Devon. Michael mentioned Tucker's association with Diane. Victor said he was aware that Tucker had made a deal with Diane to find out information about Ashley.

Michael scoffed that Tucker wanted to determine whether or not he had a chance with Ashley. Victor said he was certain Tucker was up to something and that Ashley would use his infatuation for her to find out what. Victor said he believed Tucker wanted to take over Chancellor-Winters and Jabot. Victor predicted Tucker would put Ashley in charge of Jabot while he and Devon ran the whole empire. Victor told Michael that Tucker might succeed by convincing Ashley and Devon that his aim was to build both a bigger company and a family.

Audra visited Tucker in his room at the Grand Phoenix. Audra asked Tucker why he had left the Genoa City Athletic Club. Tucker replied, "Devon sold it. Chancellor-Winters owns the Grand Phoenix now." Tucker told Audra he was ready to make a move. Audra recalled that Nate's confession had put everything on hold, though Jill still seemed intent on proceeding with the IPO. Tucker insisted he still had a chance and planned to turn brother against sister.

Abby and Devon are caught in a compromising position

Abby and Devon are caught in a compromising position

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

At Society, Chance left a message for Abby to let her know he'd stopped by the restaurant to look for her. He said he was sorry he hadn't gone home the night before, but he'd needed some time to think. He added that he didn't really know what the next step should be, but he wanted to fix whatever was broken between them. He requested that she call him back.

Chance spotted Louise, Dominic's nanny. He asked if she knew whether Abby was home with Dominic, since he'd tried calling a few times. Louise informed him that Abby had taken Dominic to see Devon.

Inside Devon's penthouse, Devon and Abby passionately kissed and began to undress. Devon pressed Abby up against wall and covered her body in kisses. They proceeded to make love on the stairs, the couch, and the floor.

Devon and Abby cuddled under a blanket on the couch, and he asked if she was okay. She softly replied that she was more than okay, and she wanted to hold onto whatever it was for a little longer because she was feeling seen and cared for. He kissed her forehead and held her close.

Nate stepped off the elevator as Amanda was about to enter Devon's penthouse. Nate welcomed her home and inquired about her mom. Amanda reported that Naya had regained consciousness and was stable but still needed care and attention. Nate sympathized that recovery from a stroke could be a long process, but Naya was in a great place to repair the damage. Amanda asked if he could talk for a moment about something important, and Nate reluctantly invited her into his home.

Amanda shared that she'd heard about Nate's plan to betray his family, and she questioned how he could have done something like that when she'd always known him to be an honest, ethical man. Nate groaned that he wasn't up for another lecture, so she had to leave unless there was something else she wanted to discuss. Amanda questioned whether Nate had even considered the potential legal troubles he'd been setting himself and Newman up for by feeding Victoria confidential information. Nate protested that he'd never said he'd been talking to Victoria.

Amanda argued that the risk had been the same if Nate had conspired with another CEO. Nate reasoned that nothing had resulted from it, since he'd told Devon, Lily, and Billy before things had gotten that far. Nate griped that Amanda's warnings were late and pointless, but she wondered if he had any idea how deeply he'd hurt Devon. She asked if Nate had tried to make things right with his cousin.

Amanda cited the tension between Nate and Devon at work, but she recalled that the men had put it aside to help her and Imani during their crisis with Naya. She cried that it broke her heart that the feud between them had escalated, and she was certain there had to be some way to bridge the gap between them. Nate recognized that he'd made a mistake, but he contended that the mistake had grown out of months of Devon criticizing and blocking him when Nate had been trying to do the job that he'd thought he'd been hired to do. Amanda countered that Devon had just been doing his own job.

Nate explained that he'd believed he'd found a solution that would have shown his good ideas would help them all thrive, but he acknowledged that his actions had been wrong. He continued that he'd made several attempts to make amends to Devon, but he'd kept hitting an impasse. Nate shared his theory that Devon had been antagonistic toward him because Devon had still been holding onto the memories of working with his father, and that was an ideal Nate could never even try to live up to. Nate complained that Devon hadn't even entertained the notion, and Nate couldn't force his cousin to do so. Nate refused to continue to argue about what he'd done or why he'd done it. He said he wished he could fix it, but he didn't think that was possible.

Nate and Amanda exited his penthouse, and she pledged to put aside her personal feelings about Nate's betrayal and help him and Devon find peace. She sensed that there was a festering wound under Nate's defensiveness, and she knew the feud was hurting Devon more than he realized. Amanda acknowledged that family dynamics would be complicated, but she also understood how precious family was.

Nate considered it pointless to push until Devon was ready, but Amanda remained determined to talk to Devon. Nate said Devon was "damn lucky" to have her by his side, but Amanda commented that it would be better if they were all on the same side. Chance stepped off the elevator and exchanged greetings with Nate and Amanda. After Nate headed out, Chance mentioned that he'd stopped by to look for Abby, since he'd heard she was there to see Devon. Amanda invited Chance to join her in surprising them.

Amanda and Chance entered Devon's penthouse and stopped in their tracks when they saw Devon and Abby on the couch, naked and kissing. Startled, Devon and Abby guiltily sat up and faced their stunned partners.

At Chancellor-Winters, Lily left a voicemail for Devon about needing his help with a pile of contracts because she was down two COOs. Esther dropped off some coffee and asked if everything was okay. Lily claimed that things were fine, but she just didn't know where her brother was. Lily instructed Esther to direct Devon to Lily's office if she saw him, and Esther returned to the reception area. Jill entered the lobby and wondered what Esther was doing there. Esther indicated that she was the new receptionist. "What can I do for you, Ms. Co-owner?" Esther asked.

Jill announced that she was there to see her son, and Esther replied that Billy wasn't there. Jill wanted to see Lily and Devon, and Esther told her that Lily was there, but Devon wasn't. "Where the hell is everybody?" Jill growled, and she stormed into Lily's office and demanded to know why the entire C-suite appeared to be out to lunch. Lily politely replied that she would have arranged for the entire team to be there if she'd known Jill was in town. Jill declared that an impromptu drop-in had given her a better idea of what was going on, and Lily swore that she had nothing to hide.

Jill said she expected all hands to be on deck after the insanity with Nate. Lily assured her that everything was being handled. "By you and you alone," Jill surmised. Esther referred to how Devon had been working from home occasionally because of the baby, and she gushed about how cute Dominic was. Jill dismissively claimed that she heard the phone ringing, and Esther begrudgingly stepped out to check.

Jill flatly asked where Billy was, since she'd been calling, and he hadn't answered. Jill added that she'd figured Billy would be there day and night as the last remaining COO. Lily urged Jill to speak to Billy directly, but Jill snapped that she was asking Lily as CEO. Lily conceded that it was her responsibility to inform Jill that Billy had resigned. Jill was infuriated that Billy had left Lily down two COOs.

Lily defended that it was clearly what Billy had needed, since he hadn't been passionate about working there. Jill argued that there were certain realities they all had to face, and the company was at a critical point. She griped that losing two senior executives wasn't good, and the reasons for their exits were even worse. Jill blasted Billy for resigning just because he hadn't figured out his life yet, but Lily lectured that he wasn't as flaky as Jill was making him sound. Lily asserted that she'd been the one to urge him to go because his head and heart hadn't been in it, and it had only made things harder.

Jill wondered what Billy intended to do with his time, and Lily admitted that she was also concerned about what he wanted to do next. She recalled that he'd been happy doing the podcast, but he'd stopped doing it after she'd appealed to him to devote himself to Chancellor-Winters. Lily suspected it had been a mistake for him to stay, but he'd done it for her and Jill. Jill huffed that if showing up for her had played a part in Billy's calculations, he would still be there.

Jill groused that it was Billy's pattern to decide he was unhappy and then convince himself there was something out there that would ease his discomfort, but there never was. Lily questioned whether Jill would have preferred that Billy stay somewhere that made him miserable. Jill swore that she wanted him to be happy, but she'd prayed his restless phase was over. She snapped that she'd seen how it ended too many times, and there was no excuse for his behavior anymore. Jill condemned Billy for letting Lily down, and she thought Lily deserved better.

Lily appreciated Jill's concern for her, but she accepted that it wasn't her job to fix Billy's flaws, noting that she had too many other things to deal with. Jill wondered if Lily really wanted to wait around until Billy found what he was searching for. Lily replied that she loved Billy and hoped he found what made him happy. She gushed that she also adored Chancellor-Winters and was grateful to Jill for trusting her with it. Lily was confident everything would work out the way it should.

Victoria joined Billy at Society and thanked him for getting back to her, noting that he'd been busy the last couple of days. Billy swore that the kids were always his top priority. Victoria informed him that Johnny and Connor had discussed Chelsea at their Halloween sleepover, and it seemed to have changed things. Billy was surprised to hear the boys had opened up after refusing to talk about the situation, and Victoria suspected that not talking had only made things more awkward.

Billy imagined that Johnny and Connor had realized that they had a bond because they understood one another. Billy added that he hadn't been able to get anything out of Johnny. Victoria revealed that their son had mentioned the conversation with Connor offhandedly after telling her about all the candy he'd eaten at the sleepover. She continued that Johnny had said things were cool between him and Connor, but she sensed that Johnny hadn't told her more because he'd been afraid how she'd react as his mother. Billy offered to talk to Johnny again, and he asked how Victoria was feeling about everything.

Victoria swore that she didn't regret how she'd reacted to Chelsea pushing to have a connection with Johnny, and she maintained that Johnny would get to decide whether he wanted a relationship with Chelsea in the future. Victoria pointed out that Chelsea had agreed to that but had changed her mind. Billy defended that Chelsea hadn't expected Johnny to have such a negative reaction. Victoria reiterated that she'd respect and protect her son's feelings.

Victoria wondered if Billy had inquired about how she felt because he was genuinely curious or because he expected her to feel guilty about how Chelsea had been affected. Billy insisted that he wasn't blaming anyone, and he supposed that he was the one projecting and feeling guilty. He pondered whether he should have handled things in a different way.

At Newman Enterprises, Nate stopped by Victoria's office on his way to complete his onboarding paperwork. He joked that it was her last chance to rescind her offer, but she proclaimed that she was sincerely thrilled he'd joined the company. Nate replied that he was, too -- more than she realized. She sensed that something was wrong, but he thought the last thing she needed was him lamenting about his personal problems.

Victoria declared that she wanted everyone who worked for her to feel strong and confident, and she implored Nate to talk to her. Nate said he found it refreshing to have a boss who wanted to hear what was on his mind instead of telling him everything was wrong with his way of thinking. Victoria figured that helping him thrive was best for Newman.

At the mental health facility, Chelsea slowly paced in her room. There was a knock at the door, and a woman entered and introduced herself as Dr. Malone. She asked if Chelsea was ready for their first therapy session.

In Dr. Malone's office, the doctor suggested setting guidelines for the conversation, since she didn't want Chelsea to feel there were any limits being imposed. Dr. Malone urged Chelsea not to hold back what she was thinking and feeling, since they were both blank slates to one another. Chelsea pointed out that it would be one-sided, since she'd tell the doctor all about her struggles, yet she wouldn't get to hear about Dr. Malone's. The doctor intended to focus on helping Chelsea, but she also encouraged Chelsea to ask if she had any questions.

Chelsea remarked that it wasn't her "first therapy rodeo," so she knew the rules. Dr. Malone prompted Chelsea to share what was on her mind right then. Chelsea admitted that she was feeling self-conscious and embarrassed, and she was worried people would judge her or handle her with kid gloves. Chelsea asked how the doctor was feeling, and Dr. Malone replied that she felt open and ready to listen. The doctor explained that when she'd started seeing people who'd lived through a suicide attempt, she'd been worried she'd say the wrong thing or trigger them, but she'd eventually realized she'd been putting up her own wall.

Dr. Malone continued that her patients had sensed that wall, and she'd since learned that talking directly about what had happened could be constructive. Dr. Malone contended that shying away only made it seem like it was something to be hidden, and that could make things worse. Chelsea asked if the doctor had talked to a lot of people in her situation. Dr. Malone explained that she was always grateful to be speaking to them because it meant they'd survived. The doctor inquired whether Chelsea wanted to discuss the thoughts and feelings that had led her to the rooftop, but Chelsea balked. Dr. Malone encouraged Chelsea to talk about whatever she wanted, with no pressure.

Chelsea recounted that she'd felt like she'd been running on empty for as long as she could remember, going back years. She reflected back on being a teenager with unpredictable and dangerous feelings, which she'd fended off by keeping busy running cons and getting into relationship dramas so she wouldn't have time to stop and feel. She'd realized that she finally hadn't been able to escape herself when she'd had her stroke. Chelsea continued that she'd recently felt like no matter how fast she ran, the pain and darkness was always faster, and she hadn't been able to take the pain any longer.

Later, Billy ran into Dr. Malone in the corridor outside Chelsea's room. He hoped to find out how Chelsea was doing before he visited her, and he inquired whether there were certain things he should say or shouldn't say. The doctor advised that the most important thing was for Chelsea to know she had people who supported her without judging her.

Billy confided that he couldn't stop thinking about how he would have felt if Chelsea had died, and he was really glad she hadn't. Dr. Malone encouraged him to tell Chelsea that he was glad she was alive. Billy was concerned it might make Chelsea feel embarrassed, but the doctor reiterated that it wasn't helpful to hide from what had happened. She added that Chelsea seeing that people cared about her would give her the glimmer of hope she needed.

Billy knocked before entering Chelsea's room. She protested that she didn't want him to feel responsible for her, but he insisted that she was his friend and that he was where he wanted to be. Chelsea regretted dragging him into her mess, and she bet Billy wished he'd never run into her on the roof. He revealed that he'd gone looking for her, and he was really glad he'd found her because he wouldn't have been able to forgive himself if he hadn't. Chelsea wailed that his feeling guilty made her feel worse.

Billy stressed that he was grateful Chelsea hadn't died, and she struggled not to cry. She relayed that Dr. Malone had said the same thing, but it had seemed disingenuous because the doctor didn't really know her. Billy stated that he wasn't a therapist, and he knew Chelsea pretty well. He repeated that he was happy she was still a part of his life, and he looked forward to watching her grow alongside the other people who loved and cared about her -- especially Connor. Chelsea perked up and asked if Billy had seen her son, and he confirmed that he'd seen Connor with Sharon and Adam at Crimson Lights. Chelsea imagined that Connor was wondering where she was, and she hated worrying her little boy.

Chelsea recognized that Connor and Adam were concerned about what had happened to her, but she didn't have it in her to return Adam's messages. Billy warned that it was probably best not to put it off, and he suggested that he or Sharon talk to Adam. Billy added that the most important thing was for Chelsea to focus on healing and let people help her any way they could. Chelsea promised she would take care of herself, but she insisted that she be the one to tell Adam what had happened.

Abby and Devon try to explain themselves

Abby and Devon try to explain themselves

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

by Nel

Chance and Amanda entered Devon's penthouse and discovered Abby and Devon naked on the couch. Abby dressed quickly and rushed out. She saw Chance on the elevator, and he let the doors close before she could join him.

Devon told Amanda he had no explanation for what had just happened because it had been spontaneous. He asked why Amanda had returned from Virginia early and if something had happened to Naya. Amanda snidely replied that Naya was still alive; she'd regained consciousness but was not responding the way the doctors had hoped. Devon said he was sorry that she'd found him with Abby.

Amanda said she'd returned to tell Devon that she needed to spend more time in Virginia with Naya. She said she'd owed Devon that much because Devon had been so incredibly patient. She exclaimed that she couldn't believe how clueless she'd been. Devon tried to explain that he and Abby were just friends, and she'd brought Dominic for a visit. He said they'd been talking about Abby's problems and leaning on each other for support, and one thing had led to another.

Devon assured Amanda there was nothing going on, and it had just happened. Amanda asked how many times it had just happened. Devon swore it had been the first and only time. Amanda stated it had been her luck to walk in on them, and it hadn't been the first time Devon had let her down that way. She said she'd forgiven him before because she'd believed he'd been working through unresolved feelings for Elena. Devon admitted he had no excuse, and he had no idea why it had happened. He said the situation with Abby hadn't been the same as when Elena and Nate had gotten together.

Amanda told Devon that as disgusted and outraged as she was, it was a relief. She said she could leave town without a backward glance; she'd walked in with her bag already packed, and she was going to walk out with it. Devon begged her not to leave, but Amanda said she would march away from him. Devon said they couldn't just give up everything they'd had.

Amanda told Devon their relationship had never had a chance. Devon said that wasn't true. Amanda asked if Devon had cheated on Hilary. He said he never had. Amanda exclaimed that because she'd believed she wasn't another poor man's Hilary; she'd let him have a baby with another woman. She said she wasn't the same woman Devon had met because she'd found her family -- a mother, a sister, and a stepdad -- and they needed her support; Devon didn't.

Amanda explained that prior to entering her home, she'd been at Nate's, supporting Devon, while he and Abby had been rolling around like two teenagers in the backseat of a car. She said nothing that had been said had convinced her their relationship was worth saving. She said she would focus her energy on her family. Devon said he wanted her to know he loved her. Amanda said she believed Devon loved her in his own warped way, and she didn't want it.

Devon repeated that he loved Amanda, and he didn't want her to go. Dominic began to cry. Amanda told Devon to go to his son who needed his love, and if Devon went to his son's mother, that was okay, too. Amanda said she had a life to get back to. She said goodbye and left.

At Society, Jack commented that Adam had been dealing with some very potent distractions. Adam stated it had started with Billy and Victoria telling Johnny that Chelsea was his birth mother. He said Connor had been struggling with it, but he and Johnny had come to terms with it over the past few days after a sleepover at a friend's home.

Adam told Jack there was something going on with Chelsea, and he was worried about her. Adam said Chelsea had been erratic and unsteady recently, and she'd stopped communicating with him on Halloween night. Adam said he found it strange that Billy was the only person Chelsea was confiding in.

Jack told Adam that Billy had a lot of respect and admiration for Chelsea, and he was certain Billy hadn't made things worse. Jack assured Adam that if Billy was involved, he would only be trying to help. Jack advised Adam to focus on Connor. He told Adam to be patient and that he was a good father. He was sure Chelsea would get things sorted out soon. Adam admitted he wasn't great at being patient, and waiting wasn't always the smartest thing. He said that was how he'd lost Sally.

Adam admitted to Jack that he'd screwed up because he'd waited too long to fix things. He said that by the time he'd thought they could get back together, it had been too late because Sally had moved on with Nick.

Jack informed Adam he'd been in Adam's shoes with Billy, and he was sorry Adam was dealing with it. Jack asked how he could help. Adam said just listening to him helped, especially since Jack didn't have a good opinion of Sally. Jack said his relationship with Sally had been very different, but he'd had the sense that Sally and Adam had had something very special. Adam agreed. He said he and Sally could be honest with each other. Adam admitted they'd had a strong connection, and he'd blown it up, believing he'd done the right thing for Sally.

Adam told Jack that he'd believed if he and Sally weren't a couple, Victoria couldn't hold it against Sally as CEO of Newman Media. Adam said Sally had lost her dream job even though she'd been crushing it. Adam said he'd hurt Sally for nothing. Adam admitted he loved Sally more than he thought he could love anyone. Jack told Adam to find some way to let Sally know that.

When Victoria opened the door to Newman Media to show Nate his office, Sally was there, packing up her things. Sally commented that Nate had to be her replacement. Seeing the scowl on Victoria's face, Sally explained that Nick had told her to take her time. Nate said he hadn't been looking to take her job, but it had worked out that way. Sally said she had no animosity toward Nate, and she wished him the best of luck. Before Victoria left, she ordered Sally to be gone by the time they returned.

Sally returned for her last box, and inside, she saw a note Nick had written. "Great job on the Fall Arts preview. Things are looking up. Nick." Sally also found a note from Adam. "Shine brightly, kick some ass, and know that I have your back. The best is yet to come. Love Adam." She replaced the notes, closed the box, took her last look around the office and left.

A short time later, Victoria and Nate returned, and she apologized for the run-in with Sally. Victoria claimed Sally had been lingering a bit too long. Nate said it came with the territory. Victoria liked his attitude and said Nate had been right; it was only business. She said she was impressed with how Nate had handled things, not just with Sally, but the way he'd introduced himself to the team; that had been outstanding. She stated he was clearly in charge.

Nate told Victoria he understood what employees felt like when their ideas were dismissed out of hand, and he didn't want to make that mistake. He said what the employees needed was a sense of balance and stability. Victoria said Nate was batting a thousand and confirming she'd done the smart thing hiring him to run Newman Media.

Elena arrived. Victoria left. Nate said he hadn't been sure he would see Elena after the way they'd left things the previous day, and he was happy to see her. Elena said she'd returned to town because she'd wanted to work things out with him. She said it felt like they'd been digging the hole deeper, and it had become more difficult to get out. Nate said he felt the same way.

Nate told Elena he wanted to get back to what they'd had, but they both had to be willing to try. Elena said she had to let go of her suspicions about his motives, and she wanted to believe he was back on the right path. Nate said if Elena gave him a chance, he would show her he was and that he was the man she'd fallen in love with. They kissed.

Chance arrived at home, very upset. Abby rushed in and asked him to let her explain. Abby apologized; she was filled with regret. She said it had been a mistake, and it shouldn't have happened. She explained that she'd been in a bad place because Chance hadn't returned home the previous night. She said she'd gone to Devon's, and he'd been going through a rough time, as well. She said they'd been supporting each other the way they'd done a hundred times before. She said she didn't know what had happened when it had turned into something neither one of them had expected.

Abby told Chance she'd been shaken up, and it had come from nowhere. Chance said it hadn't come from nowhere; something had been going on between Abby and Devon for a long time. He said it had been inevitable. Abby said there was no way he could have seen that coming. Chance said he had because he'd seen moments that had gone beyond friendship. Abby said she didn't know what Chance was talking about because she and Devon were friends, something they'd always been.

Abby told Chance they were "such good friends," and that was all they'd ever been. She said the custody thing with Dominic had almost turned them into enemies. Chance said Abby relied more on Devon than she did on Chance. Abby said Devon was always there for her and Dominic, and he'd never claimed that work mattered more.

Abby asked if Chance wanted her to turn down Devon's support for her and Dominic. Chance said what he'd seen hadn't been a friend supporting a friend. He asked if Abby had wanted to get back at him for what he'd said to her at the coffeehouse. Abby denied it and said she couldn't explain why or how it had happened. She said that when she'd gone to Devon's, she'd still been upset over what Chance had said at the coffeehouse. She said Devon had been hurting, as well, and things had "just happened."

Chance told Abby that Devon had stepped up when she'd wanted a child, and he'd delivered Dominic. Chance said Devon had been there every moment that he hadn't been. He said he and Abby had shared the same space for months, and he asked what had Abby gotten that she'd needed from him during those months. He said during that time, Abby and Devon had grown closer. Abby stated she'd hurt Chance in the worst way, yet Chance was talking about her wants and needs. Abby said she wanted to know about Chance's expectations. Chance said he'd wanted to return home to fix things.

Chance told Abby his expectations had changed, but he wanted to make somebody happy, be himself, and have that be enough. He said that wasn't what he and Abby had. Abby said she didn't want to believe that things had gone that far, but Chance said they had. Abby said she wanted to make it up to him because she loved him, and she knew he loved her. Chance admitted he loved her, but he needed time and space to figure things out. Abby was in tears when Chance left.

Nick and Sally bumped into each other at Crimson Lights. Sally told him that Victoria had arrived at the office with Nate, and Victoria had politely told her to clear out. Sally told Nick not to blame himself; she knew it had been Victoria's decision. She said she wished she could be that decisive about her romantic life because she was still confused.

Nick and Sally agreed they missed each other. Nick said he wanted Sally, but he had no interest being in a triangle with Adam. Nick admitted that it wasn't the first time he and Adam had gone after the same woman, and it had never ended well. Sally asked where that left her and Nick. Nick said Sally had to figure out what she wanted, personally and professionally, and she had to be 100% sure.

Sally said she knew what she wanted. She said she wanted a drama-free romance with someone who saw her as their equal. She wanted to show the world she could succeed in whatever she chose and that she could balance her personal and professional life. She said she'd had time to think, and she knew Adam represented nothing but conflict. She admitted she didn't want that in her life anymore. She said she needed stability and positive energy. Sally told Nick that love didn't mean clinging to each other, but independence and synergy.

Ashley demands answers from Tucker

Ashley demands answers from Tucker

Thursday, November 10, 2022

by Nel

In Amanda's hotel suite, Amanda told Phyllis that when she and Chance had arrived at Devon's, they'd found Devon and Abby naked on the couch. She said Devon had claimed he and Abby had been very upset, they'd needed comforting, and it had "just happened." Amanda said she should have seen it coming because Devon and Abby had always had a profound connection, something that Chance and Abby had never had. Phyllis insisted that Amanda was the perfect woman for Devon, and Devon was to blame, not Amanda.

Phyllis asked Amanda if it might have been just a colossal mistake that they could all move past. Amanda said she wouldn't forgive Devon, and she wouldn't even try. Amanda stated she was leaving Genoa City and returning to Virginia. Phyllis protested strenuously and claimed Amanda was making an emotional decision, and emotional decisions didn't always work out.

Phyllis cried out that Amanda had put down roots in Genoa City and had a great job at Chancellor-Winters. Amanda asked if Phyllis really believed Amanda could work with Devon on a daily basis. Amanda stated that her family needed her, and she would return to Virginia sooner than she'd planned. Amanda said she had to leave for her own emotional and mental well-being, and it wouldn't be good for her to work with Devon every day. Amanda said she would work remotely from Virginia until Lily found a replacement. Amanda insisted she needed a fresh start away from Genoa City.

Amanda told Phyllis she wanted to forget about Devon. Phyllis cried that on top of everything she was going through, she was also losing Amanda. Phyllis said she didn't want Amanda to leave because she loved Amanda. They hugged.

Amanda told Phyllis she'd believed Devon was her safe haven and her kindred soul. She said they'd been open and honest, and they'd helped each other through some very difficult times. She said if she'd lost her mom, Devon would have been the one person who would have understood, and he would have been her solace. However, he'd blown it all up. She asked if a romp between the sheets with Abby had been worth losing her.

When Abby arrived at Devon's, she told him she wasn't okay. Devon said he didn't know what was real and what wasn't. Abby said Chance had questioned their whole relationship. She said she'd told Chance it had been the one and only time it had happened, but Chance had said it didn't matter because it was a symptom of a larger problem in their marriage. Devon asked if Chance didn't want to work on their problems. Abby said Chance didn't know if he was the right person for her because he didn't think he could give her what she wanted or needed. Devon disagreed because he'd seen how happy Chance had made her.

Devon told Abby things hadn't gone any better with Amanda. He said Amanda had returned home, looking for support, and no matter what he'd said or done, she had refused to forget the image of him and Abby naked. He said when Amanda had left, he'd had to let her go because he hadn't been able to leave Dominic. Abby suggested that perhaps Amanda and Chance needed a bit of space, and it might give her and Devon some time to fix the massive mistake.

Devon told Abby it sounded like Amanda wanted to make a permanent move to Virginia and be with her family. He said Amanda had claimed their relationship had never had a chance. Abby asked if there was any way to salvage their respective relationships. Devon said he didn't know where to begin to make things right.

Devon told Abby he'd never expected or planned on something like that to happen between them; it had come out of nowhere. Abby said according to Chance, he'd seen it coming since he'd returned from Spain. She said Chance had believed he'd been overreacting about how close Abby and Devon's friendship had become, but he'd also seen how heavily Abby relied on Devon. She said Chance had claimed that what had happened had been inevitable.

Abby said that she and Devon had both been in pain, and they'd acted on impulse. She said they'd made a big mistake, one that might have ruined both their lives. Devon said being together hadn't ruined their lives. He said they needed to do their best to make things right with Chance and Amanda. He said Abby was the mother of his son, and that would never change. Abby said she didn't believe things "just happened." She said she didn't know if she'd wanted it to happen, but their betrayal had caused a lot of damage. Abby admitted that after the sex, she hadn't rushed to get dressed; she'd laid in Devon's arms.

Abby asked Devon if she'd done it because Chance worked long hours at his job, something she wished he would quit, or because he hadn't rushed home to her and Dominic. She asked if Devon had been upset because Amanda had been gone for so long and if he had been trying to get back at her. Devon said no because they weren't malicious people. He asked if Abby regretted what had happened.

Abby told Devon they had to regret what had happened because they'd hurt the people they loved and had wanted to build a future with. Abby said what they'd done had felt right in the moment, but she wondered if they would have felt any guilt if they hadn't been caught and had remained wrapped in each other's arms. Abby said they needed to find a way to undo the pain they'd caused.

At the Abbotts' Diane had a flashback to the time she'd said Jack had the least reasons to make her feel worthy, believed, and safe, and she'd kissed him. Jack interrupted her reverie and asked what was wrong. Diane said she was fine.

Diane said she knew things had been strained between her and Jack since she'd told him about Jeremy and how he'd manipulated her and about her subsequent unfortunate reunion with Tucker. Diane was hoping there was a way they could move past that and start fresh. Diane said she'd felt they'd been on the verge of something good, which she'd ruined with her confession about L.A. Jack said that had been "one hell of a secret" she'd been keeping. Diane hoped the explanation for her silence had made sense.

Jack told Diane his main concern was how Kyle felt, and Jack was taking his cues from Kyle. Diane said Kyle understood why she'd kept silent about L.A. Jack admitted he questioned Diane's sincerity. Jack said he would like to let it go because Diane had been in an untenable situation. Jack said if Kyle had really been her top priority with her self-imposed exile, it had been because of Kyle that she'd allowed Tucker back into her life.

Diane swore to Jack that Kyle had been her top priority. Jack said it felt like the next time Diane was backed into a corner, another secret would be exposed, and there would be heartbreak for the two people who were most important to him, Kyle and Harrison. Diane claimed she wouldn't allow more heartbreak into Kyle's life.

At Jabot, Tucker gave Ashley an envelope. Ashley opened it; it was an excerpt from the Genoa City Chronicle. The headline read: "Convicted Felon Jeremy Stark to be released from prison four years early." Tucker said Jeremy was the key to the odyssey of Diane's life in Los Angeles.

Tucker told Ashley that Jeremy Stark was an entrepreneur who'd committed so many crimes that he'd ended up in prison, and the authorities had never been able to uncover all of his crimes or who his co-conspirators had been. Tucker explained that when he and Jeremy had been in L.A., they'd had a friend in common, and she'd been Jeremy's meal ticket. Tucker said she was a piece of work with expensive tastes, and she rode around in a Bentley. Ashley said it was Diane Jenkins.

Tucker told Ashley that if Diane had chosen to tell Summer and Kyle about Jeremy, they'd chosen to keep Ashley out of the loop. Ashley asked about the nature of Diane and Jeremy's relationship. Tucker said in the beginning, it had been a romance of sorts, but it had been a cover for the scam Jeremy had been running. Jeremy had used Diane to transport cash all over the world, and Jeremy had sheltered the cash in offshore banks. Tucker said if Ashley wanted to drive Diane away from her family, that was the way to do it.

Ashley asked Tucker if Jeremy had cut Diane in on the deal. Tucker said no; Jeremy had stuffed Diane's suitcases with cash and had the cash removed before Diane had noticed. Tucker said Diane had had no idea she'd been involved in anything criminal or that Jeremy had known about her past. He said when Diane had discovered what Jeremy had been doing, he'd threatened to expose Taylor Jenkins; he'd left her with no choice but to keep working with him until the authorities caught up to him.

Tucker told Ashley that after Jeremy had gone to jail, Tucker had discovered that Diane was alive. Tucker said he'd leveraged the information about her crimes to persuade her to work with him. Ashley said Tucker had blackmailed Diane. Tucker denied it and said they'd had a mutually beneficial arrangement. He said he'd given her information about Allie in exchange for information about Ashley. Tucker said Diane had never been an innocent victim, and she'd never played by the rules. He said Diane always found a way to wriggle out of being held accountable for whatever sin she'd committed.

Ashley told Tucker she knew exactly who Diane was, and there would definitely be more to the story. Ashley said she wanted to know why Tucker had told her about Diane's life in L.A. and why he was making a big push to get her out of Genoa City. She asked what was in it for him.

Tucker said he'd told Ashley he would prove himself worthy of her, and that was what he was trying to do. He shouted that he meant that, and whether Diane stayed or left made no difference to him. Still shouting, Tucker said he was trying to find trust and forgiveness in Ashley's heart. He said he wanted Ashley to tell him what she wanted and needed, and he would move heaven and earth to get it for her.

Diane and Jack arrived. Tucker invited Ashley for dinner where they could continue their discussion about L.A. Ashely accepted. Tucker kissed her on the cheek and left. Diane asked if Ashley had planned to travel or relocate to L.A. Ashley laughed and slyly said it was important to know all the major players in such a prominent city. Jack asked to speak to Ashley alone.

In his office, Jack asked Ashley what was going on between her and Tucker. He said he had the impression that she and Tucker had been discussing Diane. Ashley told Jack that Tucker and Diane's secrets were intertwined. Jack asked if Ashley had heard of a surgical strike, and then he talked over her and said, "You use a scalpel, not a sledgehammer." Ashley exploded. She claimed Jack was protecting Diane again after she'd lied over and over. Ashley said Jack wanted her to look the other way after she'd found out more about Diane's misdeeds.

Jack told Ashley they might not find anything, but Ashley shouted that they didn't know the whole story yet. She said the only reason Diane had confessed that she'd worked with Tucker was because she'd been cornered, and she'd used the confession as a bargaining chip for more leverage. Ashley accused Jack of knowing that. Jack admitted there might be more to it. Ashley said Tucker had just given her some juicy information. She said Tucker knew about Diane's comings and goings and the dangerous people she'd been associated with.

Jack told Ashley he didn't want to hear anymore. His said his focus had always been Kyle. He said Kyle's relationship with his mother was in danger, and he wouldn't let Ashley destroy it. He said if Diane had a hundred more secrets, he didn't want to know any of them. He told Ashley to back off and "leave the poor woman alone." Gobsmacked, Ashley stormed out of his office.

As Tucker was about to enter Society, Diane stopped him and asked "what the hell" he and Ashley were up to. Tucker said Diane had given up her rights the minute she'd told Jack about L.A. Diane said she hadn't told Jack everything, and Tucker knew it. Tucker warned her to keep her mouth shut about the rest of it. Diane asked if that was a threat. Tucker told Diane their business had concluded, and they were through. He told her to go and live her life and to stay out of his way.

Audra tells Noah details of their relationship he didn't know

Audra tells Noah details of their relationship he didn't know

Friday, November 11, 2022

by Nel

At Society, Sally commented that Adam looked like he was deep in thought. Adam said he hadn't heard from Chelsea, and he hoped she was all right. He said he had a bad feeling about it. Adam said he was certain Billy and Sharon knew what was going on, but they hadn't shared any information with him. Adam received a text message from Billy asking to meet with Adam.

At Crimson Lights, Audra stood in the doorway and watched Allie and Noah.

Allie told Noah they were the perfect fit. They kissed, and Noah said he had to get to the club. At the door, Audra greeted Noah. Noah didn't acknowledge her, and he walked out the door. Audra followed him.

On the patio, Sharon told Billy that Chelsea's therapist believed things were moving along in a positive direction. Sharon said Chelsea was ready to tell Adam and Connor what had been going on with her and where she was. Sharon said the more people Chelsea had supporting her, the better. Sharon said she was concerned about Connor wondering where his mother was.

Billy told Sharon he cared that Adam was taking care of Connor. Sharon said the more honest and truthful they could be with Connor about what his mother was dealing with, the better. She said she didn't want Connor to misinterpret his mother's mental health issues as something he should be ashamed of. Billy said they had to make sure that Connor didn't feel he was responsible for his mother's condition. Sharon said they had to assure him that Chelsea was getting all the support and care she needed from experts and friends.

When Adam arrived, Sharon told Adam that Chelsea had had a major emotional setback and was receiving care in a treatment facility. Adam was upset that he hadn't been told earlier. He said he'd had a difficult time assuring Connor that Chelsea was all right. Sharon said Chelsea had been their priority. Adam asked what had precipitated Chelsea's crisis and why she wasn't in outpatient therapy.

Billy told Adam that things had become extremely serious for Chelsea, and he'd taken his cues from the people who knew how to handle the situation. Billy told Adam that the doctor said Chelsea wanted to tell Adam everything. Adam claimed the doctor didn't need Billy as an intermediary. Sharon informed Adam that Billy was the one person Chelsea really trusted. She said they were all trying to work together to help Chelsea.

At Chancellor-Winters, Lily told Jill she was on the fence about the IPO, and Devon was completely opposed to it. Jill was annoyed that Billy wasn't there to provide his input, since he hadn't officially tendered his resignation. Lily said Billy was helping Chelsea through a traumatic episode. Jill asked how worried they should be about that.

Lily assured Jill that she wasn't worried about Billy's involvement with Chelsea. She said Chelsea was going through a very difficult time, and she'd become Billy's mission while he was on his quest for self-fulfillment.

Jill told Lily that if they decided to take Chancellor-Winters public, they had to decide the best way to do it, given their nightmare situation with Nate, and Billy's "genius decision" to step down as COO. Jill insisted there couldn't be the slightest hint of instability in their executive team. Lily told Jill she hadn't wanted Billy to stay because of some misplaced guilt. Billy arrived.

Jill accused Billy of abandoning the company and Lily. Billy assured Jill that Lily knew she had his full support. After Lily left, Jill asked "what the hell" was going on with Billy. Billy suggested they start where it had all begun. Jill said Billy had walked away from Jabot; Billy said Jill had paired him with Lily because she'd wanted him to have direction and focus. Jill said not just focus; she said Billy had been destroying all his relationships, he'd been gambling again, and he'd been in full-on self-destruct mode. Billy said she'd given him a soft place to land, and he would be forever grateful, mostly because she'd brought Lily back into his life. He said falling in love with Lily had been the best thing for him.

Billy told Jill that Lily and Devon belonged at Chancellor-Winters, and they were very excited about expanding their family's legacy. Jill said she co-owned the company, and it was Billy's legacy, too. Billy said that was why he'd initially committed himself to it, but he needed something else; he didn't know what that was, but he wanted to feel passionate about whatever he did.

Billy said he knew he was letting Jill and Lily down, but he couldn't be at a job that didn't fulfill him just to appease everyone. Jill said Billy was brilliant and clever, and she wanted to know when he would figure out who he really was and what he was doing with his life. She said the last part of life went lightning fast, and that was why she wanted to take Chancellor public.

Jill told Billy she wanted to look back on her career and know she'd made a commitment to do her very best while having a good time. She said it was what she wanted for Billy, too. Billy said he would get there. Jill said it wasn't the first time he'd made an impulsive decision based on restlessness. Billy said he wasn't the same person he'd been at Jabot. Jill said he still had the same issues. He admitted he needed to break the pattern of being in an uncomfortable situation to make everyone happy.

Jill said she was afraid that Billy hadn't learned the truth about bright and shiny objects. She said they faded, and he had to learn how to stay engaged. Jill asked if Billy remembered the word John had used. Billy said "sticktoitiveness." He said he thought about that word and John often. She said there was a lot to be said for determination and loyalty. Billy said he was loyal, and what he was doing for the company happened to be the best for him, too. Lily returned, and Jill left.

Lily asked Billy about Chelsea. Billy said that what had happened to Chelsea had been a culmination of many things in her life. He said Chelsea was going through a rough patch, and he hoped Adam would support Chelsea the way she needed. Billy claimed Adam had a history of making Chelsea's life worse.

Lily reminded Billy that Chelsea had tried to frame Adam for attempted murder. She asked Billy to stay away from Chelsea's dysfunctional relationship. Billy said he couldn't abandon Chelsea while she was in a vulnerable state. Lily asked if Billy's concern for Chelsea's well-being had more to do with his hatred for Adam. Lily asked if Billy wanted to be the one to help Chelsea just to rub it in Adam's face.

Billy told Lily he wasn't trying to be Chelsea's hero. Lily snidely remarked that Billy had been her savior so far. Billy said he'd been the right guy at the right place when Chelsea had needed him. He said he understood that Chelsea had been in a dark and lonely place, and she hadn't felt she could get out. He said he knew what that felt like -- knowing one had no one to turn to, no one who understood, feeling invisible and forgotten. He said it "hurt like hell."

Billy told Lily he hadn't felt that way in a long time, and he knew he could turn to her if he ever felt that way again. He said he knew Lily would be there for him and would support him, but it didn't mean she could relate. Billy said what Chelsea was going through was a darkness that hit hard. He said it was an elite club that no one wanted to be part of, and when one made it through, one felt a sense of responsibility to help someone else in that situation. Lily said she understood.

Noah arrived at the Glam Club. Audra walked in behind him and asked when Noah was going to stop punishing her. Noah asked why Audra was showing up wherever he was and insinuating herself into his life. Audra claimed they'd been important to each other, even though Noah had decided to walk away. Noah said their relationship had been toxic, and he'd had to walk away.

Noah told Audra she'd made it impossible not to be aware of her existence. Audra said whenever they'd talked, it had always been intense and combative. She noted that when Noah was with Allie, he was never harsh or angry; he didn't seem excited or euphoric -- he was just there.

Angry, Noah asked what Audra wanted. He said he was happy, and he didn't want to argue with her. Audra asked Noah to stop pushing her away. Noah said he couldn't go back. Audra asked him not to say that because it had meant something. Noah said she thrived on chaos, and he couldn't live that way anymore.

Audra told Noah it had also been good, and everything they'd done had been new and exciting. She said they hadn't been able to get enough of each other, and that kind of passion only happened once in a lifetime. Audra reminded him about the night he'd said nothing would keep them apart. She reminded him of the afternoons they'd been tangled up in each other. She asked if none of that had mattered.

Noah told Audra it hadn't been worth it. Audra said they had mattered because of the baby. Stunned, Noah asked what baby. Audra said it had been toward the end of their relationship. She said she hadn't been able to eat; everything had made her sick. She'd taken a pregnancy test, and it had been positive.

Audra told Noah she hadn't been able to tell him because it would have appeared that she'd been using her pregnancy as emotional blackmail, and things had been miserable between them. She said she'd decided to tell him when they'd made up, something they'd always done; however, they hadn't made up, and she'd miscarried. She said she'd discovered Noah had moved in with a buddy. Noah had walked away and hadn't looked back. She said she'd lost the baby and Noah.

Audra told Noah it had been the most difficult thing she'd had to go through, but she wasn't blaming Noah. She said he needed to know that she hadn't gone through all that pain, loss, and sadness because of someone who hadn't given a damn about her. Noah hugged her and apologized. Allie arrived.

Adam arrived to visit with Chelsea. She fell into his arms and cried. Adam told Chelsea the situation might be easier to navigate with Connor if he knew why she was in the facility. Chelsea explained that at first, everything had been fine -- a day at the beach and running around in the sand. She said she'd been in a raft, and at first, it had been okay, but then the waves had come crashing in, and no one had noticed. She said she hadn't wanted to be a burden, so she hadn't said anything. Chelsea said she'd been dying day by day and being dragged out by the raft, and no one had seen it. She said the raft had begun to fill with water; nothing had been working, and after Rey had died, she'd really missed him.

Adam acknowledged that Chelsea and Rey had been close. She said she'd done unforgivable things to Rey, but he'd always seen the good in her. She said she'd mourned Rey, then she'd quit her job, she'd lost Chloe, Connor had been upset with her because she'd told him about Johnny, and she'd lost Connor, too. Crying, she said she felt like she didn't belong to anyone; she'd felt lost, and she'd wanted the pain and the problems to go away.

Adam told Chelsea he thanked God that Billy had been on the roof with her. Adam said Chelsea was all that mattered. He apologized if he hadn't told her that enough. He said he was glad she was receiving the help she needed. Chelsea said she'd been afraid Adam would be angry or disappointed because she'd been about to do something that would have changed Connor's life forever. Adam acknowledged that Chelsea had been in a lot of pain. Adam said Chelsea was a good mother, and she would move heaven and earth to be with Connor. She said Connor was the best thing she'd ever done. Adam said Connor was a great kid because of Chelsea.

Adam said he would be there for Chelsea every step of the way. Chelsea said she would talk to the doctor for advice on how to tell Connor the truth. Adam asked her to tell him what she needed, and he would be there whenever she needed him. Chelsea said Adam had a lot of goodness in him, and his main job was to take care of Connor. Chelsea said Sharon and Billy had been helping her.

At Society, Sally saw Jill enter. Sally immediately pulled out her phone and pretended to be speaking to someone in a fairly loud voice. Sally thanked them for reaching out. She said it was wonderful to know her name was out there and that the buzz was positive. She said modesty had never been her strong suit, but she'd been so busy leading Newman Media that she hadn't had any time to pay attention to the praises.

Sally said she was thankful for it, but it wasn't the reason she did the work. She said she did it because she loved it -- the crazy hours, the excitement, coming up with solutions to challenges, and leading by example. She said it was the dream. She said she was glad they'd reached out because it was nice to know there was interest. She said the position was absolutely spectacular, but there were a few other offers she was considering. She said she would keep them in mind.

Jill had stood to one side, listening, and then approached Sally and laughed. Jill asked if that was for real or a terrific performance for her benefit. Sally admitted it had been for Jill's benefit and her clumsy way of introducing herself. Jill said she already knew who Sally was, and Sally was as brazen as Jill had been led to believe. Jill asked Sally to tell her how she'd managed to last so long at Newman Media. Sally said she'd considered her tenure there as one of her greatest accomplishments. Jill asked if Sally had the time to chat. Sally admitted she did.

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