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Chance told Abby their marriage was over. Nikki, Ashley, and Phyllis attempted to get Diane to leave town by threatening to reveal her whereabouts to Jeremy Stark. Chelsea gently explained her depression and suicide attempt to Connor. Nick and Sally decided to see where their relationship led.
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Chance told Abby their marriage was over. Chelsea gently explained her suicide attempt to Connor. Lily was blindsided by Amanda's resignation.
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Diane confesses to Kyle hoping he might protect her

Diane confesses to Kyle hoping he might protect her

Monday, November 14, 2022

Ashley convened a meeting with Nikki and Phyllis at the Abbott mansion. Ashley informed Nikki and Phyllis that Tucker had discovered that while in Los Angeles, Diane had been committing crimes. Nikki exclaimed, "I suspected as much." Phyllis replied, "Please tell me that these crimes are felonies." Ashley explained that Diane had been moving cash for a man named Jeremy Stark, a high-profile criminal currently incarcerated in federal prison. Nikki recognized Stark's name and said it seemed familiar. Ashley replied that Nikki might have remembered Stark's name after reading an article on a news feed because he was set to be released from prison.

Nikki perused a printed copy of the news article Ashley provided and said, "So, this is what Tucker had been holding over Diane's head to force her to do his bidding. She'd be willing to do anything to regain the wealth that she was so accustomed to." Phyllis said she had never believed Diane's claim of having lived a modest life in California while supporting herself by selling "little homes." Nikki insisted that a leopard never changed her spots. Phyllis asked Ashley if Jack knew about Diane's illegal activity. Ashley replied that Jack had shut her down, believing he was protecting Kyle and Harrison from being hurt by Diane.

Ashley was adamant that Diane had to be exposed, so it was their mission to nail her. Nikki said it would take more than just Tucker's claim that Diane had a connection to Jeremy Stark, adding they needed proof that she had broken the law. Ashley explained that after questioning Tucker, he had responded vaguely about Diane having been in the right place at the right time. Phyllis insisted Tucker had the proof they needed. Nikki agreed and suggested Tucker was playing Ashley. Ashley said she did not believe Tucker was lying because he had revealed the information to prove to her that she could trust him.

Ashley picked up a slim gift box and noted that Tucker had presented the news article about Stark as a gift and had vowed to remain loyal to her. Ashley pushed against Nikki's claims that she was softening toward Tucker. Ashley suggested having Victor's team investigate Diane's connections. Phyllis said Victor's team had already shown that they were useless. Phyllis insisted they approach Diane themselves and put the fear of God in "that bitch."

Ashley pointed out that federal agents had not pinned Stark's crime on Diane because she would have also served time in prison. Nikki said Stark likely suspected that Diane had cut a deal to turn him in in exchange for immunity. Phyllis said that if Nikki's assumptions were true, it would be very bad for Diane. Ashley agreed and said Diane would be terrified to realize that Stark would soon be freed. The women all agreed that convincing Diane she was in danger might get her to leave Genoa City for good. Ashley was in favor of enlisting Victor's team to uncover evidence they could pair with their threat that Stark was an imminent threat in order to get Diane to comply. Nikki said it was time for them to have another heart-to-heart with Ms. Jenkins.

Summer ran into Jack at Society. Jack asked about Harrison. Summer informed Jack that Harrison had improved, explaining that the boy's fever had broken, and his appetite had returned. After Summer joined Jack for lunch, he offered praise and said she was shining at Marchetti, acknowledging that she and Kyle made a great team. Summer explained that though she and Kyle were mostly in agreement, the one exception was Diane. Summer asked Jack how he regarded the latest revelation concerning Diane. Jack replied that he felt exhausted and no longer believed Diane's claims that everything she had done while living in Los Angeles had been a means to an end to be reunited with Kyle.

Summer told Jack that after everything she had done to help Diane reconcile with her son and grandson, she had hit a wall and felt just as exhausted as Jack. Summer said she feared that Diane's misdeeds would eventually catch up to her and might even pose a danger to Kyle. Jack suggested that Summer had assumed too much of a burden by trying to keep Kyle safe. Summer explained that Kyle's desire to remain reconnected to his mother could blind him to an oncoming threat. Offering reassurance, Jack replied, "We will have his back."

At the Jabot office building, Diane read the news story about the imminent release of Jeremy Stark. Lost in thought, Diane appeared to feel cornered. Kyle approached and said his mother seemed preoccupied. Diane asked to speak to her son privately in an office. Diane cried that she felt she had lost ground with Kyle and the Abbotts after they'd discovered what she had done in Los Angeles in order to survive. Kyle explained that the latest revelation had caused them all to feel even more guarded about Diane's past, though he had again chosen to give her the benefit of the doubt. Kyle told his mom she was being unreasonable to expect everyone not to trust her less than before.

Diane, exasperated, explained that she could no longer deal with constant scrutiny and uncertainty and did not believe they could truly be a family due to the undercurrent of suspicion. Diane cried, "Maybe it's time for me to go. Maybe I should've never returned." Kyle accused Diane of being a little melodramatic, which, he said, seemed like a calculated move designed to make him beg her to stay. Diane pointed out that her every move had been met with judgment and suspicion. Diane asked Kyle to consider how he might feel if he could not escape a questionable past, even if what he had done had been done out of a necessity to survive.

Diane complained about Phyllis, Nikki, and Ashley attempting to run her out of town. Diane told Kyle she was ready to throw in the towel after being victimized by baseless, hypocritical attacks. Kyle asked his mom if Tucker had done something. Diane showed Kyle the article about Jeremy Stark and explained that he was the man who had tricked her into moving money around for him illegally. Kyle recalled that his mother had claimed she had not been implicated, so she should not be concerned. Diane explained that she was worried that the "evil trifecta" might somehow use what they had learned about Stark against her.

Kyle asked his mother how Phyllis, Nikki, and Ashley might connect her to Stark. Diane replied, "Tucker. He's been hanging around Ashley, trying to win her back." Kyle reminded Diane that the statute of limitations had likely run out, so there was nothing for her to worry about. Diane replied that Stark might seek revenge for thinking she had put him in prison, and she feared her enemies would likely help Stark find her.

Kyle replied, "Did you help put Stark in jail?" Diane explained that she had implicated Stark, so she could turn her life around and try to reconcile with Kyle. Kyle assured Diane he would not let anyone do anything to her because the Abbotts protected their own. Diane embraced Kyle and told him his support meant "so much."

Kyle asked Diane if Jack knew she had helped put Stark away. Diane said she had not confided in Jack because she did not want Summer to know, fearing she might let it slip to Phyllis. Kyle said he refused to keep a secret from his wife. Diane was insistent that Phyllis not be informed, and she begged Kyle to trust her to handle it the right way. Jack and Summer entered the office unexpectedly. Diane quickly excused herself and left. Summer and Jack exchanged glances, realizing they had walked in at an inopportune time. Diane received a text message from Ashley demanding they meet at her house and instructing her to come alone.

Devon entered his penthouse. Amanda was stuffing her belongings into a travel bag. Devon appeared crestfallen. Amanda said she had hoped to be gone before Devon returned, as she saw no reason to stick around. Amanda announced that she would be resigning from Chancellor-Winters because she could no longer work alongside Devon.

Amanda informed Devon that she had decided to move to Virginia because her family needed her. Devon begged Amanda to sit and talk in hopes of working things out. Amanda said there was nothing left to talk about, noting that she had processed the shock of what she and Chance had walked in on and believed it had been a spontaneous and unexpected act, just as Devon had claimed.

Amanda told Devon that at any time after the first kiss, he could have stopped, but he had not. Amanda said she believed that true feelings between Devon and Abby had led him to commit the ultimate betrayal. Devon insisted that he and Abby had realized long before that their relationship was not a romantic one, only friendship. Amanda said she could not possibly compete, since Devon and Abby shared a child. Amanda cried that she would never be enough to fill the space in Devon's heart.

Devon shook his head and seemed at a loss for words. Amanda told Devon that his love for her had not been strong enough to keep him from acting on his feelings for Abby. Devon assured Amanda that his love for her had not changed. Amanda insisted Devon would have to accept that things had changed. Devon walked slowly to the door and left. Amanda slumped in a chair and sobbed in despair and heartbreak.

At home, Abby paced the room while holding Dominic. Abby told her son that Papa was away, and Daddy was working. She promised the boy he would see them both later. Mariah stopped by and handed Abby a gift she had brought for Dominic. Unable to contain her excitement, Mariah announced that she and Tessa were waiting to hear from a pregnant woman who planned to give up her baby for adoption. Mariah was elated and hopeful to become a parent.

Abby promised to keep her fingers crossed. Abby had set down the gift bag and wandered toward the front door. Mariah said she was so excited, she had decided to purchase a gift for the baby that was already part of her life. Abby said she would open the present later. Mariah recalled that Abby usually tore into presents right away.

Abby became tearful and said that Chance had been away all night. Abby claimed that Chance's stakeout had run late. Mariah replied, "Another one?" Mariah explained that she and Tessa often saw Chance filling up on coffee at Crimson Lights whenever they ventured downstairs for a late-night snack. Mariah tried to be encouraging by pointing out that Chance was no longer working undercover halfway around the world, though she realized that Chance loved his job. Mariah suggested that, like Rey, Chance fed off the rush of adrenaline from catching bad guys. Abby, distracted, replied, "That must be it."

Mariah admitted she enjoyed having Tessa around more, though she regretted that the time off from touring was the result of Tessa's throat nodules. Mariah said she would support Tessa's career after the doctor cleared her to resume her schedule, though it had been nice to get a little attention and not play second fiddle. Mariah commiserated with Abby, knowing that Chance prioritized his police work over her and Dominic. Abby admitted it was causing problems in their marriage. Abby admitted she had envisioned a perfect scenario after Chance ended his undercover work, though he continued to prioritize his police work over her and Dominic.

Mariah told Abby that Chance was a determined and dedicated man, not only to his family but also to his oath and his code. Abby, softly crying, asked, "Then where does this leave us?" Mariah said the answer depended on how Abby felt about the real man she had married versus the perfect one she had imagined. Abby sighed as she considered the implications of Mariah's response.

Sharon, after serving coffee to an exhausted Chance, admitted she would get jealous whenever work kept Rey away all night. Sharon said that though Rey had been committed to his work, she sometimes felt she rated second. Chance said Abby sometimes felt the same way. Sharon recalled having seen what she believed had been the tail end of an argument between Chance and Abby. She said she suspected that his work might be creating tension. Chance cried that Abby had an unrealistic fantasy about who she wanted him to be and did not understand who he actually was, so they had been having the same arguments over and over again.

Chance said Abby felt betrayed every time she suspected he was thinking about work instead of her. Sharon suggested the couple might work out a compromise. Chance replied, "I doubt we're going to find any middle ground. I can't control when I'm needed for work. If they call, I have to be available." Chance admitted he was not sure he wanted to be the man Abby claimed she wanted. Sharon acknowledged that remaining in such a relationship usually resulted in miserable heartache. Chance told Sharon he appreciated her refreshing candor.

When Chance returned home, Mariah left. Abby admitted to Chance that she had expected a lot from him after his return from Spain and had only considered their marriage from her point of view. Abby insisted that what had happened with Devon had been a complete mistake. Chance replied, "It's too late. We're past working things out."

Abby, sobbing pitifully, replied, "No, no. How can you say that after everything we've overcome? I mean, after everything that we mean to each other. We can work through this." Chance told Abby that he knew in his heart, without harboring bitterness or anger, that she belonged with Devon, because he fit all her ideals. Chance explained that he wasn't the right guy for Abby and never would be, so it was over for them. Abby was completely heartbroken.

Chance tells Abby their marriage is over

Chance tells Abby their marriage is over

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

At the Chancellor mansion, Abby begged Chance not to say they were over. Abby reiterated that what had happened with Devon had been a moment of weakness on her part, but Chance believed it had been more than that. Abby recognized that her mistake had been entirely her fault, but she'd been hurt and confused about the growing distance between them. She promised to stop being so judgmental about his job and put aside her fantasy about having the perfect marriage. He maintained that it wasn't working anymore, and he thought it was time she faced it just like he had.

Abby regretted that she'd blown up her marriage over a lapse of judgment that she still didn't understand, and she swore that she'd turn back the clock if she could. Chance replied that it didn't make a difference, since it wouldn't have happened if she and Devon didn't have feelings for one another, and it had only been a matter of time before they'd acted on them. Abby denied that she and Devon had been suppressing their passion, and she defended that she'd just been upset because Chance hadn't returned home. Chance conceded that it hadn't been entirely her fault.

Chance realized that he'd buried himself in work to avoid having a difficult conversation -- until Abby had ended up in Devon's arms. Chance calmly stated that he'd laid out all the evidence, but Abby cried that he was trying to connect dots that didn't exist. Chance cited the signs that their marriage had been faltering since the day he'd gotten back from Spain, including his trouble bonding with Dominic. Abby chalked it up to trauma he'd experienced, but Chance asserted that his PTSD had divided them.

Chance admitted that he was just as much to blame as Abby was, since she'd kept fighting for him, but she'd become tired of vying for his love and attention. Abby hated that he was being noble and logical when she was the one at fault. Chance swore that he wasn't trying to make her feel guilty, but he wanted her to face reality. She incredulously asked if he was really suggesting their marriage was over.

Chance thought it would only prolong the inevitable to try to repair things, but Abby pleaded that they had the power to change their future. She said she wasn't ready to give up on him after everything they'd been through, but he maintained that she wanted something and someone fundamentally different. He added that he couldn't be the man she desired, so sticking around would just cause more pain, and he preferred to make a clean break. Abby wailed that she couldn't possibly feel more pain than she was feeling right then, and she questioned whether he'd just walk out on their son.

Chance vowed to still be part of Dominic's life as the boy's father -- or one of them. Chance reflected back on the time and effort it had taken him to fill that role, and he didn't want to lose the connection they'd made. He insisted that they would still be a family, but a different kind of one. Abby was unnerved by how rational Chance was being, and she wished he would yell at her or do something to show he had feelings about it at all. Chance explained that he was trying to be as understanding as possible, but the one thing he couldn't do was comfort her. Abby whimpered that she was sorry she'd broken them. He silently walked out.

At home, Devon gazed at a framed photo of Amanda. He sent her a text message, asking her not to leave, because they could fix things.

At Chancellor-Winters, Lily was leaving a voicemail for Amanda about a contract to buy a recording studio when she saw an email pop up in her inbox. Lily's jaw dropped when she discovered Amanda's letter of resignation. Lily numbly read that Amanda had rethought her work situation and life, and Amanda intended to fly back to Virginia and not return to Genoa City. In the letter, Amanda offered to work remotely until Lily found a replacement, and she thanked Lily for giving her the opportunity of a lifetime. Lily called Devon and informed him that she'd just received a formal resignation letter from Amanda, and she demanded to know "what the hell" was going on.

Later, Devon stopped by the office to talk to Lily in person. She testily asked how long he'd known about Amanda's resignation and why he hadn't warned her. He explained that he'd just found out, and he hadn't known Amanda would move that fast. Lily wondered if Imani was quitting, too, but Devon didn't know. Lily groaned that the timing couldn't be any worse, with everything the company had going on.

Lily sympathized that the distance had been hard on Devon and Amanda, and she inquired whether they'd had a falling-out. Devon claimed that he and Amanda were working through things. Lily thought Amanda's letter had been tense and formal, like there was something else going on. Devon vaguely replied that he understood and respected Amanda's choice. Lily protested that it wasn't an answer, and she pushed to know what had really happened.

Devon pointed out that Amanda's family needed her in Virginia, and he hadn't wanted to stand in her way. Lily encouraged him to go be with Amanda and oversee his division from Virginia. Devon balked, but Lily swore they'd figure things out because she didn't want work to cause friction in his relationship. He promised it wouldn't, and he insisted on staying put. He admitted that he was trying to wrap his head around the fact that it might be time for him and Amanda to part ways. Lily remained convinced that something else was going on, and she pledged to be there when he was ready to talk about it.

Devon strolled through Chancellor Park and remembered telling Abby that Chance was a fool to not put her and Dominic first, which had led to Devon and Abby kissing and having sex. Chance glowered when he spied Devon sitting on a bench. Chance approached Devon, who was sure Chance didn't want to hear anything he had to say because it would just sound insulting. Chance confirmed that Devon was right. Devon reiterated that what had happened between him and Abby hadn't been planned, and they'd never considered doing anything like it before.

Chance maintained that the feelings had always been there under the surface, and actions were actions whether they had been planned or not. Chance continued that betrayal and infidelity didn't just happen, and Devon and Abby had made a choice that they'd have to live with. Devon acknowledged that he didn't deserve Chance's forgiveness, but he hoped they could both live with the mistake without it affecting Dominic's life. Devon also hoped Chance could find forgiveness for Abby. Chance snarled that whatever he decided was none of Devon's business, and he stalked off.

Diane arrived at the Abbott mansion and snapped that she'd received Ashley's polite yet vaguely threatening text message. Diane griped that Ashley had pulled her away from her job, and she demanded to know what they needed to discuss. Diane walked past Ashley into the living room and found Nikki and Phyllis there. Diane remarked that it wasn't a fair fight with a pack of hyenas waiting for her, and she guessed the topic of conversation was her. Phyllis informed her that another topic was convicted felon Jeremy Stark.

Nikki revealed that they knew Diane had moved money around the world illegally, and Nikki called quite the mystery that Diane hadn't gone to prison. Ashley mentioned that Jeremy was about to be released, and she speculated that he was thinking about what had happened to his old accomplice. Diane laughed at the absurdity of her enemies' latest ploy, and she claimed that her only connection to Jeremy had been going out on a couple of dates. Diane surmised that Tucker had made up the story about her moving money, and she guffawed that the three women were even more gullible than she'd thought.

Diane figured that Tucker had decided he had no use for her anymore, since he had a direct line to Ashley, and she chided Ashley for falling for the man again. Diane contended that Tucker was desperately trying to impress Ashley by feeding her what she wanted to hear. Diane bet the women had gobbled up the story in the hope of scaring her, but she called their latest attempt pathetic. Diane declared that she was done, but Phyllis stopped her from leaving and questioned why Diane thought they didn't have proof of her crimes.

Nikki reminded Diane that they had the full force of Victor's investigative team behind them, but Diane spat that Victor's team didn't intimidate her. Diane reasoned that if the trio had any proof, they'd be using it against her instead of warning her. Diane scoffed at the idea that they'd go to the Feds with their ridiculous hearsay, especially when the statute of limitations had long passed. Ashley considered it interesting that Diane knew the statute of limitations on crimes she supposedly hadn't committed.

Diane huffed that the ladies' plan had no legs, and there was nothing they could use to frighten her or force her to abandon her son a second time. Phyllis responded that they didn't have to do anything to frighten or intimidate Diane, since Jeremy would do that all on his own, and he'd had a lot of time to think during his six years in prison. Phyllis imagined he'd contemplated why "Taylor" was a free bird and whether she'd been the one who'd ratted him out. Nikki imagined that Diane would be a sitting target if she stuck around, pointedly adding that it would be a shame if someone were to tell him exactly where Diane was.

Diane blasted the women for threatening to send a criminal to menace her. Ashley chirped that Jeremy might welcome the opportunity to reunite with his former lover, and Phyllis figured that he would want some companionship after spending years in prison. Diane condemned them for having nothing better to do than trying to destroy her. Nikki anticipated that Diane would do the same thing to them if she had the chance. Ashley remarked that it was only a matter of time before Diane reverted to her old ways, but Phyllis objected because Ashley was implying Diane had changed when they knew Diane hadn't.

Diane lashed out at the ladies for testing her when they knew what she was capable of, but she opted not to be vengeful and petty like them because she'd reformed. Diane reiterated that she'd regretted the things she'd done, and she thought they should be able to relate to that because they'd all done questionable things. Diane ranted that the three of them had been allowed to repent and be forgiven, and it was an unfair double standard for them not to give her the same chance. Diane contended that she hadn't done one thing to cause them any trouble since she'd returned to town, yet they'd tried to make her life miserable.

Diane recognized that it would be easier for her to just go away, but there was one reason she wouldn't -- her son. Phyllis complimented Diane for getting Kyle on her side, but she anticipated that there would eventually be proof against Diane that he couldn't deny anymore. Diane bellowed to leave Kyle out of it, but Phyllis reminded her that he was part of all of their families -- and they protected their own. Diane barked that she'd tried to turn the other cheek, but they'd pushed her too far. She proclaimed that she was better than the three of them put together when it involved playing dirty. She ordered them to leave her "the hell alone," or she'd turn the tables on them so fast that their heads would spin. Diane stormed out.

Phyllis marveled that the real Diane had been in there all along, waiting to reveal herself. Ashley imagined it had been exhausting for Diane to hide her true self under all that smarmy niceness, and she ribbed that it was something Phyllis would never have to worry about. Nikki suspected that Diane was sweating bullets despite her bravado. Phyllis intended to keep applying pressure, and she urged Ashley to find out what else Tucker knew. Nikki was convinced Diane had been bluffing, but she thought they also needed to make sure not to fall into one of Tucker's traps.

Audra arrived at Tucker's hotel suite. He couldn't wait to hear her new ideas about making a move on Chancellor-Winters. She reported that no final decision had been made about the IPO, but she warned that even if it happened, he wouldn't have the same advantage that Newman had. Tucker told her not to sell herself short, since she was an excellent mole. Audra preferred the term liaison, and she pointed out that while she could feed him information, she wouldn't get access to shares of stock.

Audra added that Nate knew more about the inner workings of the company and could still give Newman the upper hand. Tucker inquired whether she'd gotten any intel on Jabot's financials, and Audra indicated that she hadn't yet. He clucked that he'd given her plenty of time to do it, and he wondered if there was a problem. He stated that he'd done his part to pave the way to execute their strategy, and it should all be coming together by then.

Tucker told Audra that he needed a partner who was running on all cylinders, but her focus had been split recently. He theorized that it had to do with Noah, but she denied it. Tucker cautioned that it appeared to be a problem, and he didn't like problems or the fact that his plan seemed to have stalled on both fronts. Audra lectured that it wasn't her personal life getting in the way of his goals, and his personal motives were a recipe for disaster with plans of that magnitude. She advised him that he wasn't being realistic and that he wanted too much.

Tucker reminded Audra that optimism was the lifeblood of success. She countered that it had to be paired with practicality, but he pointed out that he never shied away from a challenge. Tucker asked why it was wrong for him to reconnect with Devon and Ashley. Audra clarified that there was nothing wrong with it, but the rest of Tucker's plan was an overshoot. She referred to his desire to acquire both Chancellor-Winters and Jabot, with Devon and Ashley running the respective companies.

Tucker envisioned his son and the love of his life working with him, but Audra doubted they would see it as a mutually beneficial partnership. Tucker declared his intent to become the most powerful force on earth. Audra grumbled that it might have flown in the ashram, but his scheme was laughable in the real world because it relied on a series of actions he could never pull off. Audra doubted Devon and Ashley would turn against their families and agree to work for Tucker. Tucker was disappointed in Audra's lack of faith, and he remarked that she obviously didn't know him very well.

After Audra left, Tucker left a voicemail for Ashley, hoping they could get together soon because he was curious if she'd used the information he'd given her. There was a knock at the door, and Diane yelled for him not to try hiding in the bathroom. Tucker let her in and offered her something to eat. She accused him of feeding information about Jeremy to Ashley to get revenge for Diane not getting him Jabot's financial data. Diane angrily asked Tucker if he was really that vindictive and cruel.

Tucker found Diane's accusations hypocritical when she'd been the one who'd reneged on their deal. She defended that she hadn't had access to the information, but he surmised she'd just been protecting Kyle and Jack. Tucker asserted that his main priority in life was making Ashley happy, and the one thing that seemed to make that possible was Diane going away. Diane divulged that his "darling Ashley" wanted to get her to leave by making Jeremy think Diane had been the one who'd turned him in.

Diane contemplated the kind of danger that would put her and her family in. Tucker thought she should be nervous, and he suggested it would be a relief to just vanish. Diane declared that everyone had underestimated her, and the more they pushed, the more determined she was to fight to hold on to her family. Diane told Tucker not to count on her going anywhere, and she sauntered off.

Tucker left another message for Ashley, informing her that the day had turned out to be loads of fun because Diane was entertaining when she got riled up. Tucker said he assumed that Ashley had done whatever she could to egg Diane on, and he counted on Diane to be as predictable as ever.

Diane burst into Jack's office and sighed when she found it empty. She stepped into the lobby and sent a text message to Jack, saying she needed to see him.

Ashley listened to Tucker's voicemail and informed Nikki and Phyllis that Diane had gone to confront him. Phyllis implored Ashley to get more information out of Tucker, since they needed to find out how to get in touch with Jeremy to make good on their threats against Diane. Ashley received a text message from Abby. "Mom, I need you," Abby had written. Meanwhile, Abby clutched Dominic's baby monitor and sobbed while Chance sat at Society's bar, drinking a beer alone.

Sharon and Billy help Chelsea find a new home

Sharon and Billy help Chelsea find a new home

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

by Nel

At the mental health facility, Chelsea told Adam she was leaving the facility, and she wanted to spend time with Connor to talk about what she had gone through. Adam said they didn't need to do that yet, but Chelsea insisted they did because Connor had to know the truth. Adam said it was premature because Chelsea had barely begun to work through the issues herself, and the truth would have a profound effect on Connor.

Adam told Chelsea he hadn't known what to tell Connor because Sharon and Billy had kept him in the dark. Chelsea said they'd done that in her best interest. Adam asked Chelsea to think about what was best for Connor. Chelsea said she believed Connor had been imagining many things that might have happened to her. Adam said he'd told Connor she'd been sick, and there was no need to rush into giving him details.

Chelsea told Adam that Connor had to be part of her situation, and he needed to hear it from her. She added that her therapist had agreed. Adam suggested they talk to the therapist together about how to approach the discussion with Connor and to consider whether waiting was the best option. Chelsea accused Adam of having made up his mind not to tell Connor the truth. Dr. Malone arrived. Chelsea asked Adam to respect her decision. Adam asked Chelsea to consider what he'd said. Adam left.

At Crimson Lights, Billy told Sharon that Chelsea had been released and wasn't a danger to herself. He said he would like to see Chelsea living where she could start fresh rather than at the Grand Phoenix. Sharon said Mariah and Tessa had relocated to the tack house at the ranch, and the apartment upstairs was available if Chelsea wanted it. Billy acknowledged that Sharon had had a challenging relationship with Chelsea in the past, and she'd gone above and beyond to help Chelsea. Sharon said she knew Rey would have approved, and it was the right thing to do. Sharon hoped Chelsea would feel the same way.

Billy told Sharon he felt Chelsea would welcome the offer, and he would take his cues from Chelsea as to what she needed. Sharon said it was a very delicate time for Chelsea, and she still had a few obstacles to navigate. Adam arrived, and he told Sharon and Billy that the last time he'd seen Chelsea, they'd agreed not to tell Connor the truth. He said he'd just seen Chelsea, and she'd insisted on telling Connor immediately. He was concerned because Chelsea's life was unsettled, and she didn't have a place to live.

Sharon told Adam she was going to offer Chelsea the apartment upstairs. Adam said his main concern was how the truth would affect Connor. Adam said Connor would have new baggage to deal with after finding out that Chelsea was Johnny's biological mother. Adam said he felt it was best if they waited to tell Connor. He asked for Sharon's unbiased opinion.

Sharon told Adam if Chelsea was ready to take that step, they needed to support her choice. She said it was important to be open and honest with Connor. Sharon said Connor would take his cue from Adam's emotional state, and it was important to remain positive and consistent. Billy agreed. Adam asked for a moment alone with Billy.

On the patio, Adam said he was grateful that Billy had stopped Chelsea from stepping off the rooftop. He said Billy had saved Connor's mother's life and he would never forget that. Adam asked what Billy's involvement with Chelsea meant. He asked what Billy was after. Billy said he wanted Chelsea to get better and be happy.

Billy told Adam that when he'd gotten Chelsea off the ledge, he'd made her a promise to be there for her and to help her in anything she needed. He said he planned to make good on that promise. Adam asked how Lily felt about Billy's dedication to Chelsea. Billy said it was none of Adam's business, and Adam's focus should be on helping Connor.

Adam told Billy that Chelsea was in a vulnerable state, and Billy had a lot of influence on her. Billy asked if Adam was implying that he would lead Chelsea in the wrong direction. Adam claimed that Billy had told Chelsea exactly what she'd wanted to hear -- that she should tell Connor the truth with no forethought how it would affect him.

Billy said Adam was wrong, because he wouldn't presume to know what was best; it was uncharted territory for him. Billy said it was none of his business how and when Adam and Chelsea decided to tell Connor, and they needed to take their cues from Dr. Malone.

At the park, Chloe and Sally brainstormed about what they would do next. Chloe said they were going to create their own opportunity because they had the right ingredients. When Chloe saw Nick, she invited him to join them. Chloe told Nick about her and Sally's talents and their reputation in the fashion industry. Sally quietly told Chloe that she'd thought they would do things on their own, but Nick said he wanted to hear what Chloe had to say.

Chloe told Nick that Sally had regretted getting off on the wrong foot with Summer. She said Sally had learned to focus her energy in a positive direction. Chloe said Summer was the creative director of the hottest fashion house in town. Chloe asked Nick to convince Summer that Sally deserved a second chance.

Sally told Chloe that she didn't want anyone's help. Sally apologized to Nick and said she would never ask him to intervene to get her a job at Marchetti. Sally said she would be very lucky to work with Summer and admitted she'd been awful to Summer and Kyle; she felt terrible about that.

Nick said he knew how Sally felt. Chloe claimed that she and Sally would be an asset to Marchetti. Nick said he had no doubt about that, and if he was in charge, he would hire them immediately. However, he said he wouldn't interfere in Summer's business, not even to ask for a favor, because that wasn't the nature of their relationship.

Nick told Chloe if they were serious about getting back into the fashion space, he was offering a loan so they could start their own label. Chloe said it was an extraordinary offer. Sally thanked Nick and declined the offer. Chloe received a text message and had to leave.

Sally told Nick she wasn't used to people offering to do her a favor. Nick explained there hadn't been a grand plan to make up for Victoria firing Sally. Nick said the deal was a loan that would be paid back in cash. Sally said it was an extremely bad idea, but Nick claimed his best adventures had started with those words.

Nick suggested that he and Sally go for drinks. He said the last time they'd had drinks, Sally had told him about where she wanted to be in life, and he wanted to tell her what he'd been thinking. Chloe returned. Nick said he hoped they would seriously consider his offer, and he left.

Chloe told Sally that Nick was giving them a chance to make their dreams a reality. Chloe indicated it was a loan they would pay back. Sally said she didn't want to be in anyone's debt. She said things between her and Nick were still blurry, but something might be happening, and she questioned whether things would work out. Chloe said there were no guarantees in life. Chloe said Nick wasn't going to walk away and demand the money be returned. She said Sally needed to set aside her personal feelings and see it as a business transaction.

Sally told Chloe it wasn't that simple. Sally said her past involvement with Adam had tainted her tenure as CEO at Newman Media. Chloe said it was because Victoria hated Adam, but it was a completely different situation with Nick. Sally insisted she had to keep her personal life separate from her professional one, and it would be much easier if she wasn't involved with their banker. Chloe asked Sally to think about it because an opportunity like that came along only once in a lifetime.

In Dr. Malone's office, Dr. Malone asked Chelsea how things had gone with Adam. Chelsea said Adam felt it was too soon to tell Connor the truth. Chelsea said she'd felt very confident after their last session, but after she'd spoken with Adam, she was confused. Dr. Malone said what mattered was how Chelsea felt and what was best for Connor.

Dr. Malone asked if Chelsea was strong enough to handle that conversation with Connor. Chelsea admitted she was. She said it would be a difficult conversation, but Connor needed to hear the truth from her. She said she wanted to show Connor she was okay, eliminate any concerns, and make sure he knew it hadn't been anyone's fault, especially not his. Dr. Malone said they needed to discuss the best way to do that.

Dr. Malone told Chelsea she wasn't dismissing Adam's concerns, but it was important to talk to Connor and help him understand what had happened. Dr. Malone suspected that Connor was probably confused and uncertain about what might be wrong, and he might have created a scenario in his head that made him feel fear, anger, or guilt.

Chelsea told Dr. Malone that Adam was afraid Connor would feel responsible because of the way Connor had reacted when he'd been told that Johnny was his half-brother. The doctor said it wasn't uncommon for kids in that situation to feel that they'd done something wrong or that they were to blame. She said Chelsea needed to make Connor feel he wasn't at fault in any way and that no one was.

Dr. Malone told Chelsea not to flood Connor with information, and she said Chelsea should talk to him in a safe environment where he felt comfortable and free to express his emotions. Chelsea thanked Dr. Malone and admitted she was in a better head space and thinking more clearly. She said she'd been in turmoil for so long that she'd taken it out on people close to her, especially her friend Chloe. Chelsea said they'd hit a rough patch. Chelsea said she needed to tell Chloe the truth. Dr. Malone agreed, and she was certain Chloe would give Chelsea plenty of love and support.

Dr. Malone said Chelsea should be proud of the commitment she'd made to address the root cause of what had brought her to the facility. She said Chelsea would have rough days ahead, but she was strong enough to make it through and reach out for help when she needed it. Sharon and Billy arrived. Chelsea said she was ready to go, but she had nowhere to go to. She asked to be dropped somewhere where they had an Internet connection so she could look for a place to stay. They all left.

A short time later, Adam arrived at the facility and told Dr. Malone he'd wanted to see Chelsea because he'd had some thoughts about their earlier conversation. Dr. Malone told him Chelsea had been discharged, and she'd left with Sharon and Billy. Dr. Malone said Chelsea was lucky to have so much support, and she would need a lot of it in the future. Adam promised Chelsea would get it.

Billy, Sharon, and Chelsea arrived at the coffeehouse. Sharon told Chelsea that Dr. Malone didn't think returning to the Grand Phoenix would be the best idea. Sharon said Mariah and Tessa had moved to the tack house on the ranch, and the apartment upstairs was available to rent if Chelsea was interested. Chelsea asked why Sharon would offer the apartment to her after everything she'd done to Sharon. Sharon said she wanted to. Sharon said there was room for Connor. Chelsea was stunned. Billy told her to say yes. Chelsea said yes and hugged Sharon.

In the apartment, Chelsea said Sharon and Billy had been unbelievably kind to her, and they had every reason not to be. Billy said the only thing that mattered was that they were there for her. Sharon said she was needed at the tack house, but before she left, Sharon said, "Welcome home." Chelsea said that meant more to her than Sharon would ever know. Sharon left.

Chelsea told Billy she couldn't have gotten through her ordeal without him. Billy disagreed and said she would have because she was strong, and he was happy to be there for her. Chelsea said if Lily didn't know the whole story, then Billy needed to tell Lily the truth.

In the park, Adam recalled several vivid memories:

Adam admitted to Chelsea that he'd played a pivotal role in getting Chelsea off track. He said he felt responsible for causing her so much pain, but he was trying to get her some relief. Chelsea suggested perhaps it hadn't been about her; maybe it had been his guilt talking.

Sally told Adam it was like he was an addiction, which was unhealthy and toxic. She said letting him get to her had been a huge mistake.

Chloe told Adam he'd done it to himself; he'd pushed too hard, and his desperate pursuit had Sally running in the opposite direction. She said Sally finally had room in her life for a good thing.

Adam told Nick there had been a lot of conflict between them lately, and he'd wanted to get to the root cause. Nick told Adam not to bring up Sally again. Adam insisted they needed to talk about it because he was still in love with Sally.

Adam told Sally he was truly and deeply sorry for lying to her, hurting her, and loving her. He'd said if he hadn't fallen in love with her, they wouldn't be where they were at that moment. He said that as much as he treasured the memories of the joyous times they'd spent together, he would have given it all up if it meant that he'd never caused her a moment of pain. Sally said she couldn't regret anything that had felt so good.

Adam said he knew Sally thought she had feelings for Nick, but Nick was just a way for her to forget what he and Sally had. Sally spat that it had all been about Nick. Adam denied it. Sally thanked him for being honest. She asked if he'd meant anything he'd said or if it had been a power move to best Nick and win her back like some prize.

At Society, Adam was having a drink at the bar when Nick arrived. Adam invited Nick to join him, but Nick said he was meeting someone. Adam wanted to guess who it was. Just then, Sally walked in.

Chelsea and Adam prepare to tell Connor the truth

Chelsea and Adam prepare to tell Connor the truth

Thursday, November 17, 2022

by Nel

At Society, Adam was annoyed when Nick and Sally arrived. Sally said she thought she and Adam had reached the point of being friends. Adam snarled that Sally knew what she meant to him. He said he knew that whatever Sally thought Nick had to offer, Sally would be disappointed. Sally reminded Adam that their situation had been his doing, and she told Adam to stop blaming everyone but himself.

Sally claimed Adam hadn't trusted her, and he'd broken up with her, claiming it had been for her own good. She said Adam had had no idea how humiliated she'd felt. Adam replied that he'd repeatedly apologized for that. Sally said that somehow, Adam felt he was the wounded party. Nick said that because Adam was a narcissist, everything happened to Adam, never because of him. Adam told Sally not to get her hopes up that Nick would love her because the only woman Nick had ever loved was Sharon. He claimed Sally was Nick's latest substitute. Sally and Nick walked away from Adam.

Adam received a call from Chelsea. She told him she was taking the apartment Sharon had offered. Chelsea asked Adam to bring Connor by later. Adam agreed to bring Connor. He said he hoped she'd given some thought to what he'd said. Chelsea said after she'd spoken with her therapist, she hadn't changed her mind. She said she was ready to tell Connor the truth, and she hoped Adam would support her decision. Adam said he wanted to discuss it further, but Chelsea said she wouldn't change her mind; she had to do it.

Chelsea told Adam she wouldn't lie to Connor or risk him finding out the truth from some other source. She said Connor had to know what had happened to her and that she was better, getting help, and would be all right. Adam was concerned that Connor might blame himself for what had happened to her. Chelsea said she'd spoken to Dr. Malone at length, and the doctor had agreed they had to be honest with Connor. Chelsea assured Adam she would use language that Connor would understand and allow him to express his emotions. She asked Adam to do it immediately as a family. Reluctantly, Adam agreed.

During a lighthearted conversation, Sally said her tombstone would read "carpe diem." Nick translated it from Latin, "seize the day." He told Sally he'd had to take Latin for a semester at boarding school in Switzerland. He said boarding school hadn't been for him, and one day, he'd sneaked out and returned home. He'd told his parents he was never going back and transferred to Genoa City High. He said he really loved his family, even though they had less than harmonious moments, and he liked being around them.

Sally said that was the perfect segue into the promise Nick had made, and she was going to hold him to it. She reminded him that he was going to tell her what he wanted out of life. Nick said he had almost everything he wanted. He said he'd found his purpose at Newman, and he was happy with his position at work.

Nick told Sally he had four incredible kids, he had solid relationships with Phyllis and Sharon, and they would always be part of his life. Sally said she admired how he and Sharon still cared about each other, as it should be when family was involved. Nick said he wanted to make sure Sally didn't think he was pining for Sharon because emotionally, he wasn't even close to that. Sally asked where Nick was emotionally.

Nick told Sally he'd meant it when he'd said he had almost everything he'd wanted, but it would be nice to share it with someone. Nick clarified he had no expectations regarding him and Sally. He said he'd only wanted to be honest the way Sally had been with him.

At Crimson Lights, Allie said she'd been at the club earlier, and she'd seen Audra in Noah's arms. Allie said it had appeared they'd been sharing an intimate moment, and she hadn't wanted to intrude. Noah promised he would tell Allie everything, just not there.

Sharon and Billy arrived at Chelsea's apartment with her things from the hotel. Chelsea was overwhelmed and very grateful. She said she appreciated their support and admitted she was juggling a lot of emotions. She said she didn't have a safe haven. She said she was in a new apartment after spending three days "in a psych ward" for attempting to end her life. Sharon hoped the apartment would become Chelsea's safe haven and begin to feel like home.

Chelsea told Sharon and Billy she hadn't had a home since the penthouse she'd shared with Adam and Connor. Billy suggested she look at it as the beginning of a healthy and wonderful future. Chelsea said before she started her new life, she needed to tell Connor the truth.

Billy said Chelsea didn't need to do that immediately if she didn't want to. He suggested she take the time to settle in before facing Connor. Chelsea said she didn't want to hide anything from Connor, and Dr. Malone had agreed with her. Sharon asked if Dr. Malone had given Chelsea any ideas about how to approach Connor. Chelsea said she had, but it made her nervous to think about how Connor would react. She said it could be shock, anger, or guilt; they didn't know which way he would go.

Sharon said Chelsea didn't have to do it unless she was ready. Sharon said Chelsea had to do what was best for herself, also. Chelsea said she'd decided telling Connor was best for everyone. She said she needed to explain to Connor about the crisis she'd gone through, and she hoped he would understand. She said Adam didn't want to tell Connor yet because he was worried about Connor's reaction, but she felt that the longer they waited, the more pain and confusion it would cause Connor.

Billy told Chelsea that Adam loved his son, and he would do what was right for Connor and Chelsea. Sharon agreed with Billy. Billy received a text message from Lily asking if they could meet. After Billy left, Chelsea asked if Sharon could stay. Sharon said she could, and there was something they needed to do immediately.

Sharon told Chelsea she wanted Chelsea to feel like she was settling in and making the place her own. Sharon gave Chelsea a framed photo of Chelsea and Connor. Sharon indicated that when Chelsea brought her personal items in, it would start feeling more like home. Chelsea said she would do everything she could to prove Adam had been right to have faith in her. Sharon told Chelsea to not put pressure on herself and to follow Dr. Malone's advice. Sharon told her to trust her instincts as a mother. Sharon left.

At the Glam Club, Noah told Allie that in London, Audra had been pregnant with his baby, and she'd miscarried. He said it had been the first he'd heard about it. Allie said it was awful for Audra to go through that and that Noah had been blindsided.

Allie asked Noah why Audra hadn't said anything before. Noah explained that when Audra had become pregnant, their relationship had been falling apart, and she'd wanted to wait until they'd made up to tell him. However, that time had never happened; things had continued deteriorating, and he'd moved out without telling her. He said Audra had never intended to tell him, but seeing him in Genoa City had brought back all those painful memories. He said it had killed him that he hadn't been there and that she'd suffered through it alone. He said he'd just learned about it, he'd hugged Audra, and that was what Allie had walked in on.

Allie asked how Noah felt after learning everything from Audra. Noah said he couldn't help feeling guilty about how it had gone down. He said if he'd been there, Audra wouldn't have gone through it alone. He said he thought the stress of their relationship might have caused the miscarriage, and he'd had conflicting emotions about almost becoming a father. Allie said it had to have been mind-blowing to realize how different life might have been. Noah said he was trying not to dwell on it; Audra had carried a huge secret, but she'd come to terms with the loss.

Allie asked if the news had made Noah see Audra differently. Noah said nothing had changed about the way he saw Audra. He said he felt terrible she'd gone through the miscarriage on her own and that she'd been too upset and proud to let him know at the time. Noah said it hadn't changed who Audra had been or how they'd treated each other. He said their relationship had been toxic. Noah said if he could go back, he would have handled the breakup in a more mature way, and that would have been the only thing that would have changed.

Noah told Allie it had been painful, and it had made him think about their past. He said it had hurt even more, knowing she'd had a baby and lost it. He said that was in the past, and his future was with Allie. They were kissing when Audra arrived and saw them. Noah looked up and saw Audra. Audra stormed out.

In the park, Lily asked Billy how Chelsea was and commented that Chelsea seemed to be his main focus lately. Billy told Lily that Chelsea had tried to take her own life. Lily was stunned and said she hadn't thought it had been that bad. Billy explained that it seemed to have started when Rey had died. He said Rey and Chelsea had become very close friends. Billy said it seemed Chelsea had relied on Rey too much, and after he'd died, Chelsea hadn't felt like she had anyone. She'd begun to question every decision she'd been making. He said she'd had no one to turn to, it had begun to eat away at her slowly, and the walls had begun to cave in on her; all she'd been able to focus on had been the pain and her despair.

Lily asked Billy if Connor had been unable to pull Chelsea out of her grief. Billy explained that Chelsea hadn't been able to focus on anything but the pain, and she hadn't seen a way out; she'd just wanted the pain to stop. Lilly said it had to be awful to feel that lost and disconnected from everything one loved and cared about. She said when she'd been in prison, she been depressed and overwhelmed by guilt about her role in Hilary and her baby's deaths. She said Neil had moved upstate to be close to her; she'd been grateful because he'd been her lifeline, but she'd never reached the point of being suicidal.

Lily said she understood why Billy had felt compelled to be there for Chelsea, and she was sure it had been overwhelming for him at times. Billy said he hadn't been focused on his own burden because it hadn't been about him. Lily said helping someone through a crisis that severe had been huge, and it had to have taken a toll on him emotionally. Lily asked why Billy hadn't told her everything from the beginning or allowed her to be the person he'd turned to.

Billy told Lily that it hadn't been his story to share with her. He said it was very serious, delicate, and extremely personal. He said Chelsea hadn't told Adam about it until earlier that day. He said Chelsea had insisted that he tell Lily the truth. Billy said that for the past 72 hours, Chelsea had been in a psychiatric facility. He said Chelsea had been released earlier, and she'd agreed to rent the apartment above the coffeehouse, since Mariah and Tessa had moved to the tack house at the ranch. He said he and Sharon had packed up Chelsea's things at the Grand Phoenix and had brought them to Chelsea.

Billy asked if Lily was still upset about him helping Chelsea. Lily said all that mattered was how Chelsea was doing and whether she would try something like that again. Billy hoped she wouldn't. He said Sharon and Dr. Malone had indicated that the first 72 hours were the most crucial, which was why they'd admitted Chelsea immediately to undergo an evaluation and intense therapy.

Billy told Lily that Chelsea seemed to be in a better head space. Billy asked if supporting Chelsea at that critical time was going to be a problem for him and Lily. Lily suddenly realized that 72 hours previously had been when Adam had found Billy on the roof with Chelsea. Billy said when he'd left Lily, he'd gone to the rooftop, believing Chelsea would be there. He said he was glad he'd found her when he had and that he'd literally talked her off the ledge. Lily realized that Billy hadn't only been supporting Chelsea -- he'd saved her life.

Adam and Connor arrived at the coffeehouse, and Sharon greeted them. She told Connor that Chelsea was renting the apartment upstairs. Connor said he was happy she wouldn't be at the hotel anymore. Adam agreed the apartment would be a much better place for Chelsea. Sharon said there was a second bedroom for Connor when he came to stay with Chelsea. Adam sent Connor to get a treat for Chelsea. Adam thanked Sharon for renting the apartment to Chelsea.

Sharon told Adam she'd been with Chelsea when he'd called, and she hoped he didn't mind her weighing in on Connor's visit. She said she knew Adam had concerns about Connor learning the truth, and she was happy that Adam saw Chelsea's point of view. Sharon said Chelsea was ready for it. Adam appreciated Sharon's perspective, but it didn't make things any easier. Adam sent Chelsea a text message: "We'll be up in a minute." Chelsea responded, "I'm ready."

Adam and Connor arrived at Chelsea's, and Connor hugged her. He said he'd missed her "so much," and he'd been scared. He said he'd wondered why she'd been avoiding him.

Diane declares war on Tucker, Ashley, Phyllis, and Nikki

Diane declares war on Tucker, Ashley, Phyllis, and Nikki

Friday, November 18, 2022

by Nel

At Chelsea's apartment, Connor asked Chelsea not to disappear again. She asked if Connor remembered when she'd been in the hospital the previous year and why she'd been there. Connor said it had been because she'd been sick, and he asked if she was sick again. Chelsea said she'd needed help because she'd had trouble determining what was real; she had been lost, hadn't been able to distinguish what was right or wrong, and had felt confused. She said she'd recovered, and that had been the end of it; however over the past few days, she'd found herself slipping again, and it had felt worse. She said she'd chosen to return to the hospital.

Chelsea asked if Connor knew what depression was. Connor said it was feeling sad, and he asked if that was why she'd gone to the hospital. Chelsea said it had been one of the reasons. Connor began to cry and said he hadn't meant to make her sad or to hurt her. Adam reassured Connor that none of it had been his fault, and he hadn't caused any of the things Chelsea had been dealing with. Chelsea said it hadn't been about one thing that had happened or one person. She said she'd been struggling with a few things in her life. She told Connor that things had turned around for her, and she had a safe place to live.

Chelsea told Connor she'd been struggling with her work, then Rey had died, which had been really hard on them. She said what had also been difficult had been when Johnny hadn't embraced the news that she was his biological mother. She said that hadn't been Johnny's fault because he was allowed to have his feelings. She said giving birth to Connor and Johnny had been the best things that had happened to her and that Connor was her whole world.

Chelsea told Connor she would work very hard with her doctors to try to figure out why she'd become so sad and how to get better. Chelsea said she wanted the sadness to stop. She explained it was a mental illness, and she needed help from her doctors to learn how to manage it and make it go away. She told Connor that it took time. Connor asked why, if it wasn't physical, she'd had to go to the hospital and how bad it had been.

Chelsea told Connor it had been really bad, and it had hurt intensely on the inside. She said the pain had been unbearable, and she'd wanted it to stop. Connor asked if it had been so bad that she'd wanted to die. He said he knew what it meant to "unalive yourself." Connor said when someone didn't want to live anymore, they "unalived" themselves. He said that was what they called it online. Chelsea said there had been a moment in her head that had told her the pain would go away if she wasn't there anymore.

Chelsea told Connor the pain had been so heavy that she hadn't been able to see all the wonderful things in her life because of the sadness. She said she'd felt desperate and alone, with nowhere to turn, but she didn't feel that way anymore. She promised Connor she would work very hard to never feel that way again. Connor said he would help her and hugged Chelsea.

Adam told Connor they hadn't wanted to scare him but to instead show him that honesty was important. Chelsea said she regretted keeping the fact that she was Johnny's biological mother a secret for so long. She said moving forward, she wouldn't keep anything from Connor, and they could talk about everything for as long as Connor wanted, with no shame and no secrets. Adam said that no matter what, they were a family, and they would do it together.

Adam told Connor that if he didn't want to talk to them, he could talk to Sharon or one of his teachers at school, but there were no reasons for him to feel ashamed or embarrassed for his mother because Chelsea wasn't. Chelsea said she had to face it head-on to get through it. Connor asked Adam if he could spend the night with Chelsea because he wanted to stay close to her and make sure she wasn't alone. Adam smiled and agreed.

After Adam left, Connor told Chelsea he didn't know what he would do if something bad happened to her. Chelsea assured him that wouldn't happen. She said she was very happy he wanted to stay with her, but it wasn't Connor's job to make sure she didn't feel alone. She explained that it was her job to take care of him, and that was the best job in the whole world.

Abby arrived at the Abbotts' in tears. She told Ashley her marriage might be over. Abby said Chance didn't think he was the right person for her, and he didn't think he wanted to be. Ashley said Abby had been by his side since his return from Spain. She asked if he wanted to leave the marriage without provocation. Abby said he'd been provoked. Ashley asked if Chance had cheated on her. Abby confessed that she'd cheated on Chance.

Astounded, Ashley said she'd assumed Abby would never see that person again. Abby said that person was going to be a part of Dominic's life forever. Abby claimed it had "just happened." She said they'd both felt alone and isolated; Amanda was in Virginia for an indeterminate amount of time, and Chance had always been working. Ashley claimed they could get past it if Chance could forgive Abby. She said Abby had to change her relationship with Devon -- just because Devon was Dominic's biological father, it didn't mean they had to be that close. Abby asked if she had to lose Devon, as well.

At Jabot, Diane demanded to know why Jack hadn't responded to her text messages. Jack informed her he was working and didn't want to be interrupted. Diane said she had an urgent matter she needed to discuss. Annoyed, Jack said there was always something urgent with her, and he didn't have time for her drama.

Jack told Diane he wasn't interested in what she had to say because there was always "some fresh hell." Diane said the hell had started when Tucker had returned to town. Diane said Jack needed to be wary of Tucker because part of her deal with Tucker had been for her to find any financial instability at Jabot. She said Tucker was looking for a weakness to exploit the company.

Diane assured Jack she hadn't given Tucker any information because she would never do that to Jack or Kyle. Angry, Jack stated it was "one more lie, one more secret, one more deceit." He asked why, if the information had been so critical, Diane hadn't told him sooner. Diane said she hadn't wanted to cause the family any more problems. She said once Tucker had returned to town, she'd known his plan wouldn't be derailed by her lack of cooperation.

Jack asked Diane how many times he'd asked if there had been more to her arrangement with Tucker, and she'd said there wasn't. Diane claimed she'd tried to handle it herself; she'd waited for the perfect opportunity to set a trap for Tucker. She said if he'd revealed his true intentions, she would have caught him red-handed. Diane reminded Jack how ruthless Tucker was and cited the dangerous people he associated with. Jack reminded Diane that she had dangerous people in her life, especially Jeremy Stark.

Diane told Jack that Tucker would use Jeremy to get revenge on her. She said Tucker had told Ashley about her connection to Jeremy. She said Jeremy had served six years of a ten-year sentence, and he was about to be released. She insisted he wouldn't be reformed. Diane said Ashley, Phyllis, and Nikki intended to plant the idea in Jeremy's head that she'd put him away. She said if they were successful, Jeremy would want payback. Jack appreciated Diane telling him the truth; it would give him time to prepare for whatever Tucker's plan was.

Jack asked what Diane had told Kyle. Diane said she'd told Kyle about Jeremy's release and her fears about it. She said Kyle had vowed to protect her. Diane said she hadn't told Kyle about Tucker wanting Jabot's financials because she'd been afraid Kyle would try to confront Tucker. Jack agreed and said he didn't want to put Kyle in a dangerous situation.

Jack asked if Diane had put Jeremy behind bars. Diane said she'd made a deal: immunity for turning him in anonymously. Jack said she'd done the right thing and extricated herself from the situation. Diane said no one else could know about that other than him and Kyle. She said Ashley had been doing everything she could to point Stark in her direction. Jack said he'd told Ashly to back off. Diane said Ashley hadn't listened.

Nick and Sally arrived at Sally's hotel suite, and she invited him in for a drink. She made it clear that she didn't want to discuss Nick's loan offer. Nick agreed. Sally asked how he thought things would go at Newman Media under Nate's leadership. Nick admitted he didn't think Nate was the right person for the job, and he questioned Nate's integrity. Nick said he hoped Sally would accept his loan as a vote of confidence in her talent. Sally said she was grateful for his generous offer, but she didn't want anyone, including Nick, thinking she'd wanted to manipulate a romantic situation.

Nick told Sally there was nothing illicit about their relationship, but he didn't want Sally to feel uncomfortable with him offering her a loan. Sally said enough people had assumed Adam had only hired her for personal reasons that she was worried it might happen again. Nick admitted their relationship meant a lot to him, but it had nothing to do with his offer. Nick said he'd seen that Sally was a very talented woman prior to them becoming involved, and Chloe was very driven; they made an incredible team. He said if they decided to start their own fashion label, it would become a powerhouse, and he wanted to help her achieve that.

Sally told Nick that running Newman Media had given her a taste of something bigger, and she realized she was capable of doing more than designing dresses. Sally said she loved the fashion world, but going back to that felt like she would be taking a step backwards. Nick said sometimes one had to take a step back to propel oneself forward. Sally said she wanted to try something new. Nick said there wasn't a way to fail, and that went for anything Sally put her mind to.

Nick told Sally he would be by her side to help her figure things out. Sally said that Nick's belief in her meant everything, and she declined Nick's generous loan offer. She said when she succeeded, she didn't want anyone thinking it was only because Nick Newman had bankrolled her. She wanted it to be because she'd done it herself and that she and Chloe were that good.

Nick said that as much as he wanted to be by Sally's side, he couldn't wait to see her triumph. Sally said he could be by her side but in a different role, if that was what he wanted. Nick said whenever he'd spent time with her, it had him yearning for more time with her. Sally asked if they were just friends or if they were going somewhere. Nick said he sure hoped they were going somewhere. They kissed.

After the loving, when Nick left to take a shower, Sally had an idea and grabbed her tablet. Later, Sally told Nick she'd had an idea, and she gave Nick her tablet. Nick said he loved her idea, and he couldn't wait to see her and Chloe run with it. Standing in front of Nick, Sally said she wanted to be with him.

At Society, Phyllis had been having a drink at the bar when Tucker arrived. She invited him to have a drink with her. Phyllis said she wanted to propose a toast to Tucker and the interesting information he'd given Ashley about Diane and her activities in Los Angeles with Jeremy Stark. Tucker said he hoped they'd put it to good use.

Phyllis asked why Tucker was in Genoa City. Tucker said his sole focus was Ashley. He said he'd made a lot of mistakes in his life, and breaking Ashley's heart had been the biggest one; he missed Ashley. Tucker said he'd noticed how easily Diane had slipped in with the Abbotts, and he figured he could do the same.

Diane arrived at Society and saw Tucker with Phyllis. Diane said they could collude all they wanted, but they wouldn't win. Phyllis stated that Diane was very confident. Diane said she had Jack and Kyle in her corner, so no matter who or what they threw at her, Jack and Kyle had her back. Diane said that Tucker, Phyllis, Nikki, and Ashley were no match for them, and it had officially turned into a war.

At the Abbotts', Ashley said if Abby and Chance were going to save their marriage, it stood to reason that Chance wouldn't want such a close relationship between Abby and Devon. Jack arrived and asked to speak to Ashley alone. Abby left.

Ashley asked if Jack had ridden in to Diane's rescue once again. Jack said he'd made it clear that Ashley was to leave Diane alone because it had been about protecting Kyle and preserving a relationship that meant the world to Kyle.

Ashley asked if it meant the world to Kyle -- or Jack. Ashley said Jack knew who Diane was and what she was capable of. She pointed out that whenever anything had been discovered about what Diane had done, Diane always ran to Jack, claimed she was the victim, and wormed her way back into Jack's good graces -- and Jack would go out of his way to protect her.

Ashley said she'd been watching Jack, and he was constantly going to bat for Diane. She said he hadn't taken into consideration the depth of her illegal activities. Jack claimed Tucker was using Ashley and coercing her into doing his bidding. Jack said Tucker had asked Diane to provide him with Jabot financial information, and when she hadn't complied, Tucker had turned on her.

Jack informed Ashley that Tucker was looking for weaknesses in Jabot so that he could exploit them the same way he'd been exploiting Ashley's hatred toward Diane. Jack said whatever Tucker was after, it appeared Ashley was his unwitting accomplice.

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