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Phyllis anonymously disclosed Diane's whereabouts to Jeremy Stark, who showed up at the Abbott mansion. Sally succumbed to Adam's kiss. Billy and Lily argued about his continued preoccupation with supporting Chelsea. Chance told Abby he wanted to move forward with a divorce.
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Phyllis' anonymous tip resulted in Jeremy Stark  showing up at the Abbott mansion. Sally succumbed to Adam's kiss. Chance told Abby he wanted to move forward with a divorce.
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Jack blasts Ashley and defends Diane to protect his family

Jack blasts Ashley and defends Diane to protect his family

Monday, November 28, 2022

Summer excitedly greeted Daniel when she met with him at Crimson Lights. Daniel told Summer it was good to be back. Summer was eager to catch up and asked Daniel how long he planned to stay in town. Daniel replied that he planned to stay for a bit and had set up a meeting with Billy, Lily, and Devon to deliver a pitch he hoped might be a game-changer. Daniel declined to offer details, fearing he might jinx himself.

Disappointed, Summer pleaded with Daniel to consider using his talents at Marchetti, adding that it would be amazing for Harrison to grow up with his cousin Lucy. Daniel reminded Summer that Lucy and Heather would be living in Portugal for the foreseeable future. Summer quipped about her and Daniel having made Phyllis a grandmother twice. Daniel replied, "Can you just picture her as a sweet little innocent old granny?" Summer, shaking her head, laughed.

Lily met with Devon at his penthouse and inquired about his somber mood during the family Thanksgiving dinner. Hesitating, Devon admitted that he and Abby had slept together. Lily was shocked when Devon said he and Abby had been caught when Amanda and Chance had walked in. Lily said she understood why Amanda had suddenly resigned and left town. Devon told Lily he did not blame Amanda for wanting to get away from him because he had also cheated on her once before.

Devon credited Amanda for having been understanding and supportive of his desire to help bring Dominic into the world and assume a role as a father. Devon told Lily that Abby believed her marriage was over. Lily replied, "Now I see why you've been so miserable. Look, I hate to ask, but, I mean, come on. What were you and Abby thinking?" Devon explained that Abby had stopped by to talk, as they had always turned to each other for support as friends. Devon told Lily that what had taken place between him and Abby had "just happened." Devon seemed resigned to acknowledge that his and Abby's mistake could not be taken back.

Lily urged Devon to fly to Virginia and try to work things out with Amanda. Devon explained that Amanda did not want to reconcile because he had hurt her. Devon expressed sorrow for having ruined Abby's marriage, acknowledging that it would affect Dominic. Lily reminded Devon that Abby had played a part, too. Devon cried that he and Abby had acted on impulse and that he had seemed to lose his grip on how to maintain relationships. Lily admitted that she, too, felt like she was losing her grip on her own relationship with Billy, though she wasn't sure why the distance between them had grown, since his business focus had changed. Lily told Devon she was not ready to give up and would work on her relationship with Billy. Devon told Lily he wanted her to be happy.

Devon answered a knock at his door and welcomed Daniel with an embrace. Daniel greeted Lily and said it was great to see her again. Daniel thanked Devon and Lily for agreeing to meet with him on short notice. Devon noted that though Chancellor-Winters had nice offices, he was waiting for Dominic to be dropped off. Daniel replied, "Oh, that's right. I heard that you, Abby, and Chance all have a kid together. That's got to be pretty incredible." Devon said he would talk about his child at a later time. Daniel asked about Billy. Devon explained that Billy had left the company.

Daniel opened his presentation by acknowledging that though art was still a part of his being, he no longer had the passion to paint on commission or do gallery shows. Daniel said he was eager to reach a wider audience through a mega universe gaming platform. Lily recalled that he and Devon had mentioned gaming in the past because ChancComm had once run a gaming division. Daniel noted that the ChancComm platform had had 20 million viewers, so he was certain that Chancellor-Winters' gaming platform could reach 50 million. Daniel proposed to offer problem-solving games that helped users explore and fight their fears or conquer self-doubt and emerge a better person. Lily seemed more intrigued than Devon.

Daniel assured Lily and Devon that their company could make money and present a useful and worthwhile product. Devon explained that such an endeavor would require research and development. Daniel submitted a written proposal about his ideas, including his passion project, which he titled "Finding Princess Louisa." Daniel explained that during the game, players would travel through a mythical landscape in search of a missing princess, a fearless heroine patterned after his daughter. Daniel touted the educational component of his interactive game. Lily embraced Daniel's proposal as a huge opportunity and said Lucy could be their good luck charm.

Daniel, speaking with intense passion, told Lily and Devon that his daughter had given him a new direction and a new purpose. Daniel assured Lily and Devon that they would love the gaming platform and the profits. Lily seemed excited, though Devon seemed a bit reserved. After Daniel left, Lily told Devon she sensed something different about Daniel, as if he was not himself. Devon cited Daniel's passion about his project. Lily replied, "Yeah, you're right. Maybe that's what happens when we get older -- things are more urgent when you know what's at stake."

Phyllis and Nikki gathered with investigative reporter Talia at the Glam Club. Phyllis explained that they'd chosen the venue because some in town were not thrilled about their continuing friendship. Talia assured the women she was not insulted because many had strong feelings about investigative journalists. Nikki led off the discussion by announcing that there was a new twist to the Diane Jenkins saga. Phyllis told Talia that Diane had been "moving money" for a known felon named Jeremy Stark. Nikki explained that Stark had been sent to prison, while Diane had not even been arrested, likely because she had cut a deal with federal authorities.

Talia, recalling that her editor had issued a moratorium on publications related to Diane, explained that she would not risk her professional reputation by writing an article or pitching a book based on hearsay. Nikki said she had hoped that Talia might enlist her own resources to nail down evidence. Talia replied, "I'm sorry, ladies. I don't like where you're taking things." Phyllis explained that she and Nikki were just trying to expose the truth about Diane's criminal behavior.

Talia said she understood that stopping Diane was Nikki and Phyllis' endgame, though in journalism, the ends did not justify the means, especially with regard to hearsay. Nikki recalled that Diane had committed crimes and might still be involved in criminal activity. Talia replied, "Frankly, enough is enough. I'm sorry. I'm a journalist, not a hatchet woman. Unless you have something solid, please don't contact me again."

Nikki and Phyllis were stunned when Talia walked out on them. Nikki accused Phyllis of having come on too strong to Talia. Phyllis suggested they find another reporter. Nikki agreed that publishing a story without proof could backfire because it might make Diane appear even more sympathetic than she already was. Phyllis said she could not believe that Diane had dodged every bullet they had fired at her. Nikki cried that Diane was an affliction they had failed to wipe out, no matter how hard they had tried. Phyllis replied, "That's not true. She can be bested. We need to take more drastic measure."

Nikki asked what kind of drastic measure Phyllis was talking about. Phyllis replied, "Well, Jeremy Stark -- he was released from prison yesterday, right?" Nikki asked Phyllis if she was concerned about making contact with a hardened criminal. Phyllis said only Diane would be in danger. Nikki was not in favor of putting Diane in physical danger. Phyllis noted that they were running out of options, and she believed Stark's presence would make Diane flee elsewhere and create a new identity.

Ashley joined Tucker for breakfast at Society. Tucker gave Ashley a long-stemmed red rose and told her it was a token of his affection. Ashley replied, "Well, this isn't a date, so you can forget the flattery and everything. Let's get down to business. You know why I'm here. I haven't changed my mind. Diane pushed me too far." Ashley told Tucker that Diane had had the nerve to insinuate herself into the Abbott family while seated at the family table on Thanksgiving. Ashley warned that she would be lowering the boom on Diane. Tucker informed Ashley that he would end his involvement.

Miffed, Ashley told Tucker he was abandoning her when she most needed him to share his intimate knowledge about Diane. Tucker laughed and noted that his feelings were not as passionate as Ashley's regarding Diane because Ashley hated Diane more than he had ever hated anyone or anything in his entire life. Ashley expressed doubt about Tucker's claims and advised him not to "spout crap" about how his time at an ashram had given him great love for humanity. Tucker assured Ashley that he would support her in other ways, while she could still rely on Phyllis and Nikki to confront Diane.

Ashley reminded Tucker about his claims that her goals were his goals. Tucker explained that his goals had shifted to supporting his son after two COOs had left Chancellor-Winters, leaving Devon as the leader with the most business experience. Ashley told Tucker he was selling Lily short because she had proven to be a terrific CEO, having earned Jill's complete support. Ashley reminded Tucker that Diane had informed Jack about Tucker's plan to take over Jabot. Ashley warned that Jack would not be the only Abbott that Tucker would have to contend with. Tucker replied that he was sure Ashley would also make a formidable opponent.

Ashley, confronting Tucker about his attitude, said, "You're very blasť about this. Diane is your enemy, too." Tucker contended that because Diane was weak, he believed that Ashley, Nikki, and Phyllis would soon send her packing. Tucker mentioned the comparison between Jack's angry reactions to Tucker going after Jabot to Ashley's blasť response. Ashley recalled that Jack believed Diane's lies about Tucker having asked her to get ahold of Jabot's financial information. Tucker told Ashley it was good that she trusted him.

Ashley told Tucker she could not imagine him acting foolishly, especially after he had given the company back to the Abbott family. Ashley was adamant that there was no way a takeover could possibly happen. Tucker said that despite all that, Jack had decided to assume the worst about him, though Ashley seemed to be coming around to see that his intentions were sincere. Tucker leaned forward and said, "You are shockingly close to giving me a second chance, and you just don't want to admit it, do you?" After Ashley left, Tucker phoned Audra and left a message. He said, "Hope you're making progress. Things are coming to a head here, so I think it's time we make our move. See you later."

Diane stopped by the Abbott mansion to thank Jack for inviting her to join the family's Thanksgiving celebration. Diane proclaimed that she had made memories she would cherish forever. Jack told Diane that her being with the family had meant a lot to Kyle and Harrison. Diane insisted she was not to blame for Ashley's abrupt departure. Jack said he understood why Ashley had left, though he did not feel Diane was to blame for sharing her heartfelt feelings about her newfound place in the family. Jack admitted to Diane that Ashley would never accept her as an Abbott.

Diane cried that Ashley, Nikki, Phyllis, Talia Morgan, and Tucker's sheer determination to destroy her were a problem. Diane told Jack she had been forced to declare war to defend herself. Jack warned that using the word "war" was pretty extreme. Diane said she feared how Jack and Kyle might react if things got ugly. Jack advised Diane that not engaging would be her best defense. Diane cried that the situation had gone too far for inaction, though she would hate for things to get ugly for Jack and Kyle.

Diane informed Jack that she had warned Ashley and Tucker about how ruthless and dangerous Jeremy Stark could be, though Ashley, Nikki, and Phyllis might provoke Stark to lash out uncontrollably. Diane told Jack she feared that Stark might carry out threats he had often made to people who had crossed him. Jack asked Diane if Kyle and Harrison might become targets. Diane replied, "And maybe Summer and you. And Jeremy might still have the resources to attack Jabot. Ashley would be putting the whole family and the business at a huge risk if she reaches out to that man." Jack admitted that Ashley would not listen to him.

Diane told Jack that Tucker was throwing gasoline on Ashley's fire and making things even worse. Jack insisted to Diane that Kyle be informed about everything, including Tucker's demand for Diane to turn over information about Jabot. Diane said she had intended to inform Kyle after the holidays. Jack replied, "He needs to know now." Diane said she would try to protect them all from physical harm and would prove that she cared more about them than she did self-preservation. Diane cried, "I will never abandon my family again. It's not an option."

Diane swore that nothing or no one would ever again pull her away from her son or her grandson. Jack told Diane that someone had to protect her, so inaction was no longer an option. Jack assured Diane she could depend on him to prevent the clashes from turning into a full-on battle. Diane replied, "I have complete trust in you. Thank you for standing up for me." Jack pulled Diane toward him and embraced her as she wept. A thunderous slamming of the front door caught Jack and Diane's attention. Diane was still wiping tears off her checks when Ashley, scowling, stood ready for a confrontation. Diane thanked Jack for his support and told him she had to get going.

After Diane left, Ashley asked Jack how he could be so completely irrational where Diane was concerned. Jack asked Ashley when Tucker's words had suddenly become gospel to her. Ashley angrily replied that where Tucker was concerned, she was not the one being played. Jack warned that his family was in potential danger. Livid, Ashley replied, "You are in danger! You are in danger right now -- succumbing to Diane again!" Jack pointed his finger in Ashley's face and said, "You go to war with Diane, you're going to war with me. Is that what you want?" Ashley, defiant, stood firm and did not back away from her seething brother.

Billy and Lily's fight about Chelsea gets heated

Billy and Lily's fight about Chelsea gets heated

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Sally opened her hotel suite door to Chloe, who was brimming with ideas about ways to jumpstart a new fashion line. Chloe exclaimed that with Sally's talent, Chloe's business acumen, and Nick's funding, they were too good to fail. Sally recalled that it was what Nick had said -- right before she'd turned down his loan offer.

Sally swore that she'd considered taking the loan, but it hadn't felt like the right move because she didn't want to start a fashion line. Shocked, Chloe asked what Sally wanted to do. Sally revealed that she had an idea, but she didn't want it to get in the way of Chloe's career goals. Sally continued that she loved working with Chloe, and anyone would be lucky to have Chloe as a partner. Chloe incredulously inquired whether Sally was breaking up with her. Sally hoped Chloe would continue working with her while they conquered a brand-new field.

Chloe was floored when she heard what Sally wanted to do with no funding, and she imagined it would be an insane adventure. Chloe could hardly believe it herself when she agreed to jump on board, but she wondered how Nick had taken the rejection. Sally indicated that he'd understood, and Chloe gushed that the amazing Nick Newman understood everything. Chloe added that she was glad Sally had chosen the brother who was capable of honest human emotion.

Sally defended that Adam had emotions but just had a different way of showing them. Chloe worried that Sally was waffling, but Sally asserted that there was no way Adam cared more about her than his own ego and need to win. Chloe counseled that she was going to need all of Sally's attention to devise an entirely new business plan from scratch. Sally clarified that it wouldn't be from scratch.

In the apartment above the coffeehouse, Chelsea folded laundry. She suddenly heard Billy's voice inside her head, sternly warning that she'd overstepped. Chelsea flashed back to Victoria accusing her of trying to weasel her way into Johnny's life. Chelsea gasped for breath, and there was a knock at the door. Billy entered and found her panting, and he encouraged her to take a deep breath. He explained that he'd knocked. He said he hadn't known if she'd heard him, and he'd found the door open.

Billy observed that Chelsea seemed upset, and she lamely chalked it up to doing laundry. Billy joked that it wasn't high on his list, either. He mentioned that he'd stopped by to make sure everything was all right because he hadn't seen her for Thanksgiving dessert. Chelsea recounted that she'd spent time with Connor and Adam, but she hadn't felt like doing more for the holiday. She swore that she was okay, but Billy assured her that she didn't have to pretend with him.

Billy urged Chelsea not to push him away. She confided that some dark thoughts had started entering her mind, and she hadn't had anywhere for them to go. She wiped away tears and wondered why those painful thoughts wouldn't go away. Billy sympathized that she hadn't had a lot of reliable or stable people in her life. He cited the obstacles she'd overcome, and he guessed that her brain was reacting to create tools to help her survive. He compared it to a fire alarm going off, even though there was no smoke or fire because there wasn't really any danger.

Chelsea marveled that it was like Billy knew exactly what she was going through. He recognized that depression could come on fast and hard, but he thought it was important that she try not to let it take her power. He implored her to push through the pain and fear, but she lamented that it was easier said than done. Billy advised her to take baby steps.

Billy cited Chelsea's great conversation with Johnny the day before, noting that they'd never dreamed of it happening a week earlier. Chelsea worried that Victoria had been upset about it, and she asked if Billy had told Victoria what Chelsea had almost done. Billy shared that he hadn't told Victoria everything, but he'd thought Victoria had needed to know what Johnny had been reacting to. Billy commended his son for taking those steps on his own, and he believed Chelsea would do the same thing because she had the ability to develop healthy ways to push through things.

Billy pledged to be there for Chelsea, no matter what. He read a text message from Lily, who hoped he was on his way. Billy explained that he had plans to meet Lily for coffee. He told Chelsea that he thought her brain was trying to protect her by telling her to push people away, but she had to override the system because a lot of people loved her and wanted to help. He added that one person was vital to her team -- Chloe.

Later, Chloe stopped by Chelsea's apartment, and the women hugged. Chloe said she was glad Chelsea had contacted her, since it had been way too long. Chelsea remarked that a lot had happened, and her move there had been a byproduct of some major events. Chloe recalled that Adam had been looking for Chelsea, and Chelsea confessed that he'd had trouble finding her because she'd been in the hospital for mental health issues. Chelsea recounted that she'd been spiraling down a dark, deep hole for months, and she hadn't been able to find her way out of it.

Chloe felt guilty that she hadn't been there for her friend, but Chelsea admitted that she'd hidden it from everyone until it had finally exploded. Chelsea wished she had confided in Chloe, but Chloe blamed herself for not checking in more. Chelsea believed she'd been weaker than Chloe, who had been through more but had always persevered. Chelsea couldn't imagine how Chloe had managed to go on after she'd lost Delia. Chelsea struggled to justify her own pain compared to Chloe's struggles, but Chloe quipped that pain wasn't a competitive sport.

Chloe acknowledged that everyone had their own losses, and trying to compare pain didn't make it any less real. Chloe recalled that Chelsea hadn't gotten the help she'd needed the last time she'd been hospitalized, and she hoped Chelsea was getting the right treatment then. Chelsea tearfully recognized that she didn't have a choice because she'd literally been on the edge. Chelsea confided that things would have gone terribly wrong if Billy hadn't stopped her, and she credited him with saving her life.

A shaken Chloe realized that Chelsea had thought about dying. Chelsea said she was thankful she hadn't done it, and Chloe said she couldn't imagine the world without her best friend. Chelsea wailed that she'd felt like a piece of her had been missing after she'd pushed Chloe away. Chloe pledged to be there for whatever Chelsea needed, since she loved Chelsea like a sister. Chloe added that they were supposed to grow old together, wearing matching tracksuits. Chloe anticipated that there would be bad days, but she insisted that Chelsea stick around for the good parts. "That's the plan," Chelsea replied, and they embraced.

Billy met Lily at the Glam Club and apologized for being late. Lily noted that he'd left their apartment very early, and he informed her that he'd gone to the gym and checked on Chelsea to make sure everything was okay. Lily grumbled that she'd figured it had been where he'd gone. Billy pointed out that Chelsea hadn't joined them for Thanksgiving, so he'd wanted to see if there was anything she needed. Lily curtly replied that there was something she needed, and Billy said he was all hers. Lily complained that she'd known that at one time, but they hadn't had a chance to talk lately.

Lily referred to her conversation with Devon about how delicate relationships could be and how distance could grow if people weren't careful. Lily noticed that Billy seemed distracted, and she guessed it had something to do with Chelsea. Billy relayed that Chelsea was filling Chloe in on everything that had happened, and he wanted to be there in case Chelsea needed something. Lily testily hoped that having Chloe in the mix wouldn't interfere with his new life mission to save Chelsea.

Lily theorized that Billy's preoccupation with Chelsea was a distraction to make himself feel better about leaving Chancellor-Winters. Lily lectured that Chelsea had a lot of people to support her, but she thought Billy felt Chelsea couldn't function without his constant attention. Lily ranted that he might feel like he was doing a noble gesture by sacrificing his days and nights for Chelsea, but he wasn't taking responsibility for anything. Billy conceded that he wasn't a therapist, but he understood what Chelsea was going through.

Lily questioned how Chelsea would develop normalcy or independence if she was always navigating around Billy. Billy asserted that Chelsea needed support from family and friends, and Lily countered that Chelsea had Sharon, Adam, and Chloe. Lily accused Billy of using Chelsea's traumatic experience to run away from the company rather than owning his own limitations. She spat that he was being who he'd always been by chasing the next high, and his latest high was being "Billy the savior."

Billy suspected that Lily wasn't being honest about her feelings about him leaving Chancellor-Winters, and she was putting Chelsea in the middle of it. Billy expected Lily to recognize that he was trying to help someone else in need, but Lily snapped that he was turning things around to make her the villain. Billy recalled that they'd agreed it had been the right time for him to walk away from the company, yet she was holding a grudge. He guessed that she was upset because his goals weren't the same as hers, and he was finding purpose outside of working for her. He imagined that she'd liked him better when he'd been dependent on her to rein him in, and he questioned where it left her if he didn't need saving anymore.

At Newman Media, Nick knocked on Nate's office door. Nate said he'd been meaning to give Nick a call, noting that he hadn't seen Nick around much. Nick curtly stated that he'd been working on other projects, and Nate suggested they get together for lunch to talk about them. Nick claimed that he was booked solid. Nick pointed out that they had known one another a long time and had always been on good terms, but he wasn't a fan of what Nate had tried to pull at Chancellor-Winters. Nick added that he wasn't pleased with Victoria for replacing Sally as CEO of Newman Media.

Nate shared his opinion that Sally had been a visionary. Nate commended the policies she'd implemented, and he agreed that she hadn't deserved to be let go. Nate defended that it had been Victoria's call, and he hadn't sought out the job. Nick sourly noted that Nate had been aiming to run Chancellor-Winters, but the Newman Media job had fallen in Nate's lap because he'd been willing to sacrifice his family's legacy to help Victoria -- and himself.

Nate lectured that it was easy to judge the players after watching five minutes of what was happening on the field, but Nick had missed a lot of what had happened in the locker room beforehand. Nick countered that people showed their true colors in times of crisis, and what Nate had pulled at Chancellor-Winters had gone against anything Nick had ever thought he'd known about Nate. Nate looked forward to proving he was still a decent person, and Nick flatly wished him luck. Nick reflected on his own transformation when he'd started Dark Horse. He warned that the power could be addictive and dangerous, but getting the big chair was rarely as satisfying as one thought it would be, since one always wanted more.

Nate argued that there was a world of difference between him and Nick, since Nate hadn't been raised to lead a billion-dollar empire from birth. Nate added that he'd never wanted power, only knowledge. Nick questioned whether Nate had felt powerful when he'd been the only person who had been able to save someone's life. Nate explained that he'd gotten into medicine to help people, and his new position was just another way to find purpose and do good. Nick advised that the rush of power was a high that felt great until it became all-consuming and took everyone down with him. Nate was certain nothing like that would happen, but Nick sadly stated that he couldn't trust the man Nate had become.

Victoria entered Nate's office and asked what was new at Newman Media. Nate claimed that Nick had been offering friendly career advice, and he planned to take it to heart. Nick silently headed out. Nate revealed that Nick had admitted he didn't trust Nate, and he accepted that he needed to work hard to prove himself. Victoria informed Nate that she'd received many complimentary emails from long-term employees about how he was a great hire. Victoria praised him for getting off to a wonderful start, and she invited him to accompany her to L.A. to meet the team in Newman's California offices. Nate mused that he wouldn't miss it for the world.

Abby dropped off Dominic at Devon's penthouse, and she remarked that it felt weird. She pondered whether they should stick strictly to discussing childcare or if they should talk about their lives going off the rails. Devon opted to talk about them.

After putting Dominic down to sleep, Devon asked how Abby was doing. She admitted that she hadn't been up to going to the ranch for Thanksgiving, so she and Dominic had spent the evening alone. Devon pointed out that she could have stopped by his place, but Abby bemoaned that there would have been questions she wasn't ready to answer yet. She shared that Chance still didn't want to talk to her, but Devon doubted that Chance would throw their marriage away. Devon reasoned that even if the couple didn't get back together, Abby and Chance would figure out how to co-parent because they both loved Dominic.

Abby was happy she and Devon could still be open and honest with one another, since she didn't know what she'd do if she lost that on top of everything else. Devon promised that would never happen. He added that they could never take back what they'd done, but they could make sure it didn't ruin their friendship or the way they raised their son.

Abby thought that she had to accept that her marriage was over. Devon protested that it was too soon to say that, and he urged Abby to give Chance time. Abby contemplated whether Chance had been right about not being able to give her what she needed and her trying to turn him into something he wasn't. Devon shared that Amanda had returned to town to tell him that she planned to spend more time with her family in Virginia, and he figured that their breakup had only been a matter of time.

Abby pondered whether her own breakup had been inevitable or if she was just making excuses to not feel guilty about what she'd done. Devon regretted hurting the people they loved, but he maintained that a part of him didn't regret what had happened between him and Abby because, in the moment, it had made all the sense in the world. They began to lean in close and appeared to be about to kiss, but Dominic's cries interrupted them.

At Crimson Lights, Chance greeted Victor and asked how he was doing. "What'd you do to my daughter?" Victor barked. Chance asked what Victor had been told. Victor countered by questioning what was going on in Chance's marriage to Abby. Chance called it a private matter, and he preferred to let Abby decide whether she wanted to confide in her father. Victor threatened to ask Devon what was going on, and Chance squirmed. Victor recounted that he'd seen an upset Abby at Society, but she'd greeted Devon very warmly and obviously felt comfortable with him.

Chance stated that he was glad Abby had someone to lean on during a difficult time. Victor clucked that he didn't know of a marriage that hadn't experienced difficulties, but it was an occasion to pull together and work things out. Chance shared that Abby thought he'd been putting work over family, and he supposed that they'd gotten married too soon and spent too much time apart. Victor asked if Chance still loved Abby. Chance responded that he did and probably always would, but he had to accept that the loving thing to do was to let her go before things got worse.

Chance maintained that it was up to Abby to tell Victor more, and he said he was sorry she was hurting. Chance added that he was hurting, too, and Victor ordered him to do something about it. Chance commented that not everything could be fixed, and sometimes the best way to heal was to leave things alone. Victor recounted that Chance had promised to make Abby more important than anything else, and he questioned whether Chance was a man of his word. Victor warned Chance not to forget that family was worth fighting for. Victor walked out.

Abby found Chance waiting for her at Society. He informed her that he'd had an interesting conversation with her father, but he'd kept her secret and taken the blame himself. He swore he had no intention of telling her family or anyone else, and she thanked him for his generosity. "Protect and serve," he replied. He thought there was one thing they could both agree on -- it would be a monumental mistake to drag it out any further, and the best thing for everyone involved was to move forward with a divorce.

Adam asks Sally for an answer to his proposal

Adam asks Sally for an answer to his proposal

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

by Nel

At Society, Sally told Adam she didn't want a replay of their last encounter. Adam apologized and asked for her forgiveness. He said that heartache and booze were a dangerous combination.

Sally told Adam she wasn't sure she could forgive or forget the previous evening. Adam said he deeply regretted his excessive behavior, and he admitted he shouldn't have said that Nick didn't love her. Sally reminded him he'd also said Nick was trying to find a replacement for Sharon, Nick was using her for sex, and that she and Nick were using each other to get back at him. Adam said none of it mattered because the reason he and Sally should be together had nothing to do with Nick. Adam said they had a deep understanding and appreciation for each other, and he wanted to marry Sally because they belonged together.

Adam said he and Sally loved each other, and Sally was the only woman who'd really understood him and accepted him for who he was. Sally said that whatever she'd understood about Adam had turned out to be wrong; everyone who'd warned her about Adam had been right, and everything they'd said had come true. She said Adam was obsessed with proving himself to Victor, he resented his siblings, and he played games. Adam said that had nothing to do with them, but Sally countered that it had everything to do with them.

Sally said Adam had broken her heart, and he'd continued to do so with his "Hail Mary proposal." Adam admitted he didn't regret proposing because they had a love of a lifetime. Adam said he didn't believe Sally regretted his proposal. Sally admitted that when they'd been together and happy, she'd thought about them getting married, but not in the way that it had happened or the timing.

Adam said he felt terrible for the pain he'd caused Sally, but the fact that Sally still had strong feelings for him had given him hope. Sally said they'd had their chance as a couple, and it hadn't worked out. She said she wasn't trying to punish him or playing hard to get; she merely refused to go back. Adam said he saw all of Sally's layers, and those were the root of their connection. He said Sally wouldn't trade passion and excitement for safety; that wasn't who she was or what she deserved.

At Newman, Victoria told Nick she'd heard about the career advice Nick had offered Nate and that Nick didn't trust him. Victoria stated that Nick had no right undermining her new CEO. Victoria said if Nick had had an issue about her hiring Nate, he should have said something. Nick reminded her that he'd conveyed every issue he'd had about hiring Nate. Victoria said that nevertheless, she'd hoped her COO would have supported her decision or kept an open mind about it.

Nick told Victoria he had every right to tell Nate that Nate had a long way to go before Nick would ever trust him again. He said Victoria needed to be very careful. Nick said the way Nate had tried to help Victoria gain control of Chancellor-Winters had shown a side of him that Nick had never thought existed, and Nick doubted it had been a one-time thing.

Victoria claimed Nick had seen what Nate had done at Chancellor-Winters as a weakness, but she'd seen it as a strength. She said she hired people who wanted her job because they worked hard. She said Victor had often surrounded himself with ruthless adversaries, and he'd valued unabashed ambition in his leadership team. Nick said Victor saw it as a game -- a dangerous one. Victoria said she wasn't afraid of taking a risk with Nate. She said that she expected Nick, as her COO, to back her. Nick reminded Victoria that she'd said the same thing about Sally, and what she'd done to Sally had been unfair.

At home, Elena told Nate she had a meeting with Lily about her medical podcast. She wondered if Lily had any residual resentment, considering how she felt about Nate. Nate admitted Lily was still angry, and Devon could barely make eye contact with him; however, he didn't think the family would take anything out on Elena. She said she wasn't so sure because she'd picked up on some judgment from Devon the last time she'd seen him. Nate suggested that Elena do her podcasts from Newman Media.

Elena appreciated Nate's suggestion, but it had taken a lot to get her out of the Newman contract. Nate said he'd gotten her out of the Newman contract so that they could work together at Chancellor-Winters. He promised that if she joined Newman, Elena's passion would be rewarded in a way it wouldn't be at Chancellor-Winters.

Elena told Nate she'd made a commitment to Devon and Lily, and she felt a sense of loyalty to them. Nate asked about her sense of loyalty to him. Nate told Elena that he and Victoria had talked about the future of Newman Media, and he'd realized there was much he could learn from her. He said it was a different working dynamic than with Devon. He said Victoria's leadership would allow him to soar.

Nate said if Elena brought her podcast back to Newman Media, he would support her in a way that would ensure she would shine. Nate said he hoped she would give it some thought. Nate invited Elena to join him and Victoria on their business trip to Los Angeles. He said it could be a combination business trip and romantic getaway.

Elena told Nate a romantic getaway sounded intriguing, and during that time, Nate would give her reasons why she should bring her podcast back to Newman Media. Nate said they had always worked well together. Elena said she wanted things to go back to the way they had been. They kissed.

At Crimson Lights, Lily gave Billy a cool greeting when she arrived. Lily said Billy had accused her of having a savior complex. Billy said it was after Lily had accused him of the same thing. Lily pointed out that Billy was already at the coffeehouse, checking up on Chelsea. She asked if Billy was worried that Chloe might take his place as Chelsea's go-to confidante. Billy said he hadn't spoken to Chelsea, and he only wanted to pick up a coffee. He asked Lily if they could talk and try to fix things.

Billy told Lily he didn't like the tension between them because he'd been trying to help Chelsea. Lily admitted she cared about Chelsea, and she supported Billy's involvement. She said he'd hurt her when he'd said she was being petty about her concern about his over-involvement. Billy apologized.

Lily said any time she'd questioned Billy's actions regarding Chelsea, he'd accused her of not understanding the situation. Lily responded that even after Billy's explanation about the situation with Chelsea, he'd kept Lily at a distance. Lily admitted it felt like Chelsea had occupied his thoughts and made him feel special. Lily said that had been her role.

Billy stated that Lily was the most important person in his world, and he loved her very much. He apologized that he hadn't shown it. He promised that once he got Chelsea through her crisis, Lily would have his undivided attention. Lily said she believed there was more to it than Billy trying to help Chelsea.

Lily said she understood that Billy had a connection to what Chelsea was going through because of his past, and she hoped Chelsea would get through it and become stronger. Lily asked what Billy was searching for. Billy said he hadn't had time to figure that out because of Chelsea. Lily said she wanted to help Billy find the answers, but she always felt that he didn't want her involved. Billy said that couldn't be further from the truth.

At home, Chelsea awoke with a start when she heard the voices in her head. She sent a text message to someone: "Can you meet? I'd like to talk."

In the coffeehouse, Lily told Billy that Chelsea had sent her a text message that she wanted to talk. Billy said it was good that Chelsea was reaching out.

After Lily left, Victoria arrived. Billy said that what Victoria had pulled with Nate had been despicable. Victoria said she was tired of people giving her grief about hiring Nate. Billy said it was how Nate had gotten the job and the fact that she'd used Nate as a mole to infiltrate Chancellor-Winters. Victoria said Devon had jumped to conclusions. Billy countered that it had been the truth, and he told Victoria to "cut the crap." He asked why she'd done such a thing.

Victoria pointed out that Billy had quit as COO of Chancellor-Winters, and she asked why he cared so much. Billy said the company meant a lot to Lily and Jill. He said Victoria hadn't considered how Johnny and Katie would feel when they discovered their mother had tried to steal their father's company. Victoria smugly said it was Billy's former company, and if she'd done such a thing, she would have told them it was so they could all work together. Victoria said that with that scenario, Billy would have stayed on as COO. Billy stated he wouldn't have stayed with Nate as CEO.

Victoria told Billy that Katherine would have approved, since she'd left Chancellor to Victor in her will. She said if they'd held majority shares in Chancellor-Winters, it would have been in keeping with Katherine's wishes. Billy said that was "one hell of a rationalization." Victoria said that was the way business worked, and if Billy didn't like it, then it was a good thing he'd stepped away from the corporate world. Victoria left.

Lily asked how Chelsea was feeling. Chelsea said she was becoming more confident and stronger every day. Chelsea said she was sorry she'd taken up so much of Billy's time. Lily assured Chelsea that she and Billy were happy Chelsea was on the mend.

Chelsea told Lily she'd realized how dangerous secrets could be, and she wanted to be as transparent with Lily as possible. Chelsea said she didn't want Lily to misread anything that went on between her and Billy, since he'd been so involved in her situation. Chelsea offered to answer any questions Lily had.

Lily told Chelsea that Billy had accused her of not really understanding the situation, and Lily admitted she didn't. She said she'd had no idea what had happened or what Chelsea was going through because she'd never been through anything like that. Chelsea said she felt like she was gaining control of her life. She said she owed Billy everything, especially for giving her a second chance at life.

Lily said Chelsea shouldn't give Billy all the credit for saving her. She said Chelsea had worked very hard to be where she was and continued to work hard to get better. Lily said Chelsea had a network of people like Sharon, Adam, Chloe, her therapist, and Billy, but Billy couldn't be there for her 24/7, so it was good to have a connection with the group.

Chelsea agreed with Lily that Billy needed to focus on his own life. She said Billy was lucky to have Lily, and everyone should have that kind of support. Lily said Chelsea had that kind of support, and she was rooting for Chelsea to continue healing and building a wonderful new life for herself.

A short time after Lily left, Chelsea saw an incoming call from Billy; she chose not to answer it.

At Society, Sally was getting ready to leave when Adam said Sally hadn't given him an answer to his proposal. Sally said she'd been as clear as she could be. When Sally saw Nick, she left Adam to join Nick. As Adam was leaving, he said he would see Sally later and thanked her for the chat and clearing the air. Adam left.

Nick asked Sally what had happened because Adam clearly wanted him to know that he and Sally had talked. Sally said Adam had apologized for his behavior the previous evening. Nick asked if she was referring to his desperate proposal. Indignant, Sally asked if someone had to be desperate to propose to her. Nick said he knew the situation had Sally on edge, and that wasn't what he'd meant.

Nick said Sally hadn't mentioned how she'd really felt about Adam's proposal. Sally said she was exhausted from everything Adam and tired of thinking about his proposal. She said the last thing she wanted to do was cause trouble between Nick and Adam.

Billy waited impatiently for Lily to return. When Sharon saw Billy, she asked if he was there to see Chelsea. Billy explained that he was waiting for Lily because Chelsea had wanted to talk to her. Sharon said she'd given Chelsea her space and let Chelsea know she was there if Chelsea needed anything. Billy said he felt like he'd been paying too much attention to Chelsea, and in a way, he felt responsible for what had happened to her.

Billy said he hadn't thanked Sharon for everything she'd done for Chelsea and for him. He said he was grateful Sharon had helped him get Chelsea to the hospital that fateful night. He asked if Sharon thought he had a savior complex. Sharon said no; what he'd done for Chelsea had been important. She said not everyone could look beyond themselves and take responsibility for what was going on with someone else.

Adam arrived and greeted only Sharon. Adam said he'd wanted to check on Chelsea. Billy informed him Lily was with Chelsea, and it would be best if they had some space.

When Lily arrived, Sharon and Adam left to give Billy and Lily some privacy. Lily said Chelsea had told her how much Billy's support meant to her and that he'd saved her life. Lily said it had been a good conversation, and she had a better understanding of what Chelsea faced. Lily said she'd felt Chelsea had been testing her at times to see if she would admit that Chelsea had been taking up too much of Billy's time.

Lily said she'd explained that Billy wanted to be there for Chelsea, and Lily supported that. She added that she'd reminded Chelsea that Chelsea had a network of people to rely on. Billy said Lily had said all the right things, and he thanked Lily for being so forgiving. Lily admitted Billy was doing a good thing by helping Chelsea, and she understood that better after talking with Chelsea. Lily left, and Billy left Chelsea a voicemail message asking her to call him.

Phyllis tells Nikki and Ashley she spoke to Jeremy Stark

Phyllis tells Nikki and Ashley she spoke to Jeremy Stark

Thursday, December 1, 2022

by Nel

At Society, Lily told Billy that Chelsea had wanted to be transparent with her to eliminate any misinterpretation about anything between her and Billy. Billy wanted to check on Chelsea, but Lily suggested that Chelsea might want some space. Billy argued that something might be wrong.

Billy left to call Chelsea. Lily greeted Phyllis, Summer, and Daniel. They invited Lily to join them. Phyllis asked how the hotel was doing. Lily said they had big plans for it. Phyllis asked if those plans would affect Chancellor-Winters, since Nate had jumped ship and taken over Sally's job at Newman Media. Phyllis said she'd heard that Billy might leave Chancellor-Winters. Lily asked where Phyllis had gotten her information. Phyllis said she'd heard it from Ashley, who'd heard it from Tucker. Lily admitted there were a lot of changes happening, but the company was stronger than ever.

At home, Chelsea recalled telling Lily she'd been worried that she'd been a burden on Lily and Billy. Lily had said she and Billy cared about Chelsea and her recovery and that Chelsea shouldn't give all the credit to Billy for saving her because Chelsea had been working very hard to get better. Lily had said Billy had suggested that it was important to have a network of people to lean on, which Chelsea had in Sharon, Adam, Chloe, and her therapist. Lily had said it was better to have a group of people to support her because Billy couldn't be there for her 24/7.

Chelsea saw an incoming call from Billy when an angry Connor arrived home from school. He told Chelsea he'd gotten into a fight at school. Chelsea said they'd discussed that violence didn't solve anything. Connor said he couldn't let anyone get away with calling Chelsea crazy.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon acknowledged that Adam was genuinely concerned about Chelsea's well-being and committed to being part of her recovery. Sharon said she sensed that Adam was attempting to turn it into a competition between him and Billy, which was the last thing Chelsea needed. Adam asked if he should step back and allow Billy to continue playing the hero. Sharon said Adam was turning the situation into something adversarial for no good reason.

Sharon told Adam that Billy wasn't playing the hero, but he'd been there when Chelsea had been at her lowest point. She said Adam should be grateful that Billy had stepped up for her. Adam said he'd told Billy more than once that he was grateful Billy had been there.

Adam told Sharon that he was trying to help Connor navigate an incredibly difficult situation, and as parents, they needed to work on it together. Sharon agreed. She told Adam not to make the situation about him and his feelings nor to let his history with Billy complicate things for Chelsea. Sharon said Chelsea had a long way to go to find her footing, and Adam tended to blur the lines occasionally. Adam asked if Billy didn't.

Sharon told Adam that Billy hadn't blurred any lines because he and Chelsea had been friends for a long time. Adam pointed out that Billy was Johnny's father, and Chelsea's issues hadn't started until she'd been determined to tell Johnny that she was his biological mother. Sharon said that might be a symptom of her problems, but it was not the root cause. Adam claimed Johnny was still a very painful topic for Chelsea. Sharon mentioned that Chelsea and Johnny had had a very friendly chat on Thanksgiving. Adam claimed that had made things murkier.

Sharon told Adam that Billy had left it up to Johnny whether he wanted to have any contact with Chelsea. Adam said Billy had taken the hands-off approach when it came to his kid, and he wished Billy would do that with Chelsea instead of convincing her that she should be dependent on him. Sharon said Adam almost sounded jealous. Adam denied it and suspected he wasn't the only one who had a problem with that dynamic. He said Lily was probably concerned about the situation, which had likely been the reason for her conversation with Chelsea. Sharon informed him the conversation had been Chelsea's idea. Adam said he was going to see Chelsea and see what was going on.

At Society, Billy joined Summer, Phyllis, Lily, and Daniel. Phyllis said she'd heard that Billy was leaving Chancellor-Winters and asked why he would leave such a great job. Billy said he'd chosen to walk away from Chancellor-Winters for personal reasons, but he would always support Lily. Lily said that Daniel had pitched an amazing idea to Chancellor-Winters, and they were in serious discussions to make it happen.

Billy asked if Daniel was still painting and if it would be an online gallery. Daniel said the idea was still in its early stages. Summer wanted a hint, but Lily said they were keeping it under wraps for the moment. After Phyllis and Summer left and Lily walked away to take a call, Daniel commented that Billy was the same guy he'd been when Daniel had left town.

Daniel said he was referring to Billy's abrupt departure from Chancellor-Winters in the middle of a big transition. Daniel said he didn't know why Billy had left, but it was what Billy had always done. He said Lily didn't seem thrilled. Billy said how Lily felt was none of Daniel's business. Daniel said he was surprised that Billy and Lily were a serious thing, especially after Cane. He thought Lily would have opted for someone more reliable. Lily returned.

At the Abbotts', Ashley asked Nikki if they were any closer getting Diane out of town. Nikki told Ashley she thought Talia would want to know that Diane had been laundering money for Jeremy and that he'd spent six years in prison while Diane had been living the high life. Nikki said Talia had realized they didn't have any proof, and she'd seen it as a smear campaign, which she had wanted nothing to do with.

Ashley told Nikki they'd also lost their biggest ally: Jack. Ashley said she'd walked in on a teary-eyed Diane embracing Jack. Ashley said when she'd asked Jack why he was so irrational where Diane was concerned, Jack had told her that if she went to war with Diane, she went to war with him. Nikki asked if Ashley intended to walk away from their plan. Ashley responded, "Not a chance in hell."

Ashley told Nikki it was because she cared so much for Jack that she wouldn't allow him to be manipulated by Diane again. Ashley said Diane seemed to think she had a future with Jack. Ashley said that wouldn't happen because Diane hadn't changed, and Ashley wanted to make sure Diane left town before she hurt anyone in Ashley's family again.

Nikki told Ashley that Phyllis had had the idea of contacting Jeremy, since he'd been released from prison. Nikki said Phyllis believed she could plant the idea in his head that Diane had plotted with the Feds to have him arrested. Ashley said Jeremy was dangerous. She said it was one thing to scare Diane but another to get involved with a known felon. She said Stark had been laundering money for someone, and they had no idea what else he'd been involved in.

Ashley told Nikki that Diane had claimed Stark would come after her whole family. Nikki didn't buy it and said Diane only cared about the inroads she'd made with Kyle, Harrison, and Jack. Ashley said Diane had put them all at risk.

Nikki told Ashley that Stark would only be interested in Diane, but Ashley said they couldn't be sure of that. She insisted she didn't want anyone put in danger, including Diane. Nikki said Victor and Jack would know how to deal with any threats to their families. Ashley said it didn't feel right handing over their dirty work to Victor and Jack. Nikki commented that it felt like Ashley was about to walk away.

Ashley told Nikki she wanted Diane out of town more than anyone, but they had to think it through. Ashley asked what might happen if something happened to Diane if Stark went after her. Nikki didn't believe that would happen, but Ashley said they couldn't be 100% sure. Ashley asked what might happen if they pushed Stark too far with information that might not be true. Phyllis arrived and told Nikki and Ashley that she'd spoken to Stark anonymously, and she'd told him that Diane had made the deal with the Feds that had ultimately landed him in prison.

At Jabot, Jack told Diane he'd warned Ashley she would make an enemy of him if she continued her reckless attacks on Diane. Diane was touched, and she hugged Jack. Kyle asked if he'd interrupted something. Diane explained that Phyllis, Nikki, and Ashley had escalated their attacks against her.

Jack said the situation had become untenable. Diane told Kyle that Tucker had made a deal with her in exchange for information about Ashley, but Tucker had another goal; he wanted to take over Jabot, and he'd wanted her to provide him with Jabot's financial information. She swore to Kyle that she'd never intended to do that.

Diane told Kyle she'd pretended to accept Tucker's terms. She said she'd planned to trap Tucker and reveal what he'd been up to. Diane said she'd realized it had been over her head, and she'd told Jack the truth about all of it. Jack said he'd confronted Tucker personally, and Diane had been right -- Tucker was going after Jabot. Diane said when Tucker had realized she'd reneged on his plan, Tucker had told Ashley about her connection with Jeremy, and Ashley had probably shared it with Nikki and Phyllis.

Diane told Kyle she was concerned what Nikki, Phyllis, and Ashley would do with that information because Jeremy had recently been released from prison. Diane said she'd seen beneath Jeremy's polished exterior, and it wasn't pretty. Diane said Nikki, Phyllis, and Ashley had no idea how ruthless and cold-blooded Jeremy was, and they were putting everyone in danger. Diane said those women believed their money and status would give them control over the situation, but they were wrong.

Kyle said Diane was making Jeremy out to be a monster. Diane said he was, and no one had any idea how abusive and unpredictable he could be. Diane stated she was afraid of what would happen to her if Jeremy found out that she'd sent him to prison. She also revealed that money laundering hadn't been the only thing Jeremy had been guilty of, but the Feds couldn't prove anything other than money laundering. Kyle realized there was a potentially violent felon after Diane.

Diane told Kyle that Jeremy knew that hurting the people she loved would devastate her, meaning Kyle and Harrison were at risk. Jack told Kyle not to worry because he would do everything necessary to protect Diane. Kyle promised he would also protect her. Diane said she was grateful to have them stand by her. She said she'd never wanted to bring trouble into their family, and it was wrong of those women to use her past as a weapon.

Kyle told Jack they needed to come up with a plan to make sure that Ashley, Nikki, and Phyllis didn't contact Stark. Jack said he believed they'd only wanted to scare Diane to leave town. Diane said she'd made it clear to them that she wouldn't abandon her family again. Kyle left.

Outside Jack's office, Kyle waylaid Summer as she exited the elevator. He told Summer that Phyllis had threatened Diane, and Diane was afraid Stark might be looking for her if he thought she'd ratted him out. He said Stark was out of prison, and Phyllis was about to put a target on Diane's back. Summer said they didn't know if Phyllis had said anything, and if she had, she was probably bluffing. Summer said if Diane had turned Stark in, then there had to be a way to prove that.

Summer was stunned when Kyle confirmed that Diane had turned Stark in. Kyle said Diane had sworn him and Jack to secrecy for everyone's safety. Angry, Summer stated she should have been informed the minute he and Jack had known. He said Nikki and Ashley were in it together with Phyllis. He said they had to be stopped immediately.

At home, Chelsea asked Connor how the other kid knew about her. Connor said that he and Johnny had been talking about everything away from everyone, but one guy had overheard them. Connor said the guy was a jerk and a bully, and he'd jumped in and begun saying stuff about Chelsea. He said he'd needed to stop the kid.

Chelsea told Connor that people handled things differently when things were exposed; some were kind and understanding. Connor said others were just mean. Chelsea responded that that kid might have problems at home. Chelsea said that kid had been trying to make Connor feel bad and force him to defend her, but Connor never had to do that. Connor asked if he should let that guy say terrible things about her.

Chelsea told Connor she wasn't ashamed of what she was going through because being ashamed had stopped her from getting help sooner, and that had made things a lot worse for her. Chelsea said she was better, but she still had an illness and was getting treatment. Chelsea said every family carried some kind of stress or embarrassment, and that bully had zeroed in on those horrible things to make Connor feel bad and goad him into fighting. Connor asked what to do if it did hurt. Chelsea said then he needed to talk to her, Adam, or his counselor at school. Chelsea said she loved that Connor wanted to protect her, but that wasn't his job. When Adam arrived, Chelsea said they needed to talk.

After Connor relayed what had happened, Adam wanted the kid's name. Chelsea told Adam to calm down. She said they would call the school later and figure out how to handle the situation as a family. Connor left to do his homework.

Agitated, Adam told Chelsea they had to pull Connor out of that school, or that kid had to be expelled. He said those were the only two options. Chelsea said they couldn't just pack up and run away every time something like that happened. Adam said they were talking about how it affected Connor. Chelsea admitted it had made her angry, and she wished they could protect Connor from everything; however, that wasn't being realistic. Adam suggested they shield Connor as much as possible. Chelsea said that was very shortsighted.

Chelsea told Adam they needed to help Connor build confidence and strength to face things head-on and not resort to using his fists. She said people behaved badly for many reasons. She said she felt responsible that she'd been used as a weapon to hurt Connor. She said they had to be better because if she fell apart, Connor didn't have much chance of getting through it. Chelsea said they had to show Connor they could handle things; that way, Connor would learn how to handle things.

Diane comes face-to-face with Jeremy Stark

Diane comes face-to-face with Jeremy Stark

Friday, December 2, 2022

by Nel

At Crimson Lights, Tucker was surprised to see Diane because he figured she would have left town. Diane said she wasn't going anywhere. Tucker asked if she was worried about Jeremy tracking her down, because they both knew what Jeremy was capable of. He said Jeremy had spent six years in prison, thinking about Diane walking around scot-free and reinventing herself after she'd turned him in. Diane said she hadn't turned Jeremy in.

Diane told Tucker she'd come clean with Jack and Kyle about her relationship with Jeremy. She said they knew what kind of man Jeremy was, and they'd promised to protect her from Jeremy. Tucker said they were both fools. Diane accused Tucker of providing the ladies with information about her past mistakes and painting her in the worst possible light, and she said the ladies had threatened to sic Jeremy on her in the hope of chasing her out of town. She said that had been Tucker's way of retaliating because she hadn't been able to give him Jabot's financials. Tucker stated that Diane was very resourceful, and she could have found a way if she'd wanted.

Tucker said Diane had lied to him, and she'd never had any intention of fulfilling her end of the deal. Diane said she finally had what she'd wanted for a long time: her son and a place in Harrison's life. She said she wasn't going to run. Tucker asked if that meant putting the people she loved at serious risk.

Diane called Tucker a "bastard" for providing dangerous information about her to three women who hated her so much that they might actually use it. Tucker said they would absolutely use it, and with the combination of Ashley's determination, Nikki's endless resources, and Phyllis' recklessness, he was sure they would formulate a diabolical plan. Diane reminded him it was her life, not a game.

Tucker told Diane it would have been nice if she'd realized that before and had worked a little harder to get Jabot's financials. Diane asked if Tucker was rooting for her to get hurt. He said he only wanted the woman he loved to achieve whatever goals she wanted. He said Ashley only wanted Diane to relocate. He accused Diane of being selfish because she hadn't considered how dangerous Stark was. Diane said whatever happened was on him, and she refused to let him scare her away "by proxy."

Diane told Tucker that she was becoming a fixture in the Abbotts' world -- and she was in a position to be Tucker's ally. Tucker said she might have won over Jack and Kyle, but she would never convince Ashley that she was an improved version of herself. He said all she would accomplish would be to drive a wedge between Jack and Ashley.

Diane smiled and said Tucker wanted to separate Ashley from her family so he could be the port in a storm. Tucker said that was Diane's devious mind at work, but Diane claimed all she wanted to do was live her life, be a productive citizen, and enjoy time with her family. Devon arrived and asked if Tucker was ready to spend some time with his grandson.

Sarcastically, Diane said "what a precious gift" it was for Tucker to spend time with his grandchild. After Tucker and Devon left, Diane sent Jack a text message: "Are we still on for dinner?" Jack responded, "A few things to take care of. Meet you at my place?" Diane wrote, "See you there."

Phyllis arrived at the Abbotts' and said she'd contacted Stark anonymously from a burner phone. Ashley told Phyllis she should have discussed it with them before she contacted Stark and that Phyllis had made a stupid mistake.

Nikki asked what Phyllis had said to Stark. Phyllis said she'd told him that Diane had made a deal with the Feds that had gotten him arrested. Phyllis said he'd been very kind, he'd talked about being released from prison, and he'd used words and phrases like "rehabilitation" and "incorporating himself into society." She said Stark had then asked how his old pal Diane Jenkins was and where she was. Phyllis said she'd told Stark "the bitch" was in Genoa City. Ashley said she and Nikki had discussed whether that would have been the right approach.

Shouting, Phyllis asked Nikki and Ashley if they realized the lengths that they'd gone to in order to get Diane out of town. She yelled that they'd uncovered lie after lie, and nothing had worked. Phyllis claimed that Diane had entrenched herself into the Abbott family, and she'd manipulated every member of the family except Ashley. Phyllis said Diane played with Kyle's emotions, knowing he was afraid of losing his mom, and Diane used Harrison to support her reformed act. Phyllis shouted that she didn't recognize who Jack was anymore. She said Diane had called their bluff about Jeremy and had claimed she had supporters. Phyllis said Diane believed there was nothing they could do to get her to pack her bags. Ashley stated they would get Diane out of town, but she wasn't sure that what Phyllis had done had been the right way to do it.

Calmer, Phyllis said Diane had been controlling the narrative and maintaining that she was the victim. Nikki said contacting a convicted felon and encouraging him to go after Diane was wrong. Yelling, Phyllis said they needed to "blast that bitch off her perch." Nikki said it had only been conjecture on their part that Diane had turned Jeremy in to the Feds. Phyllis said they would find out soon enough because her guess was that Stark was on his way to Genoa City to confront Diane.

Phyllis told Ashley and Nikki they needed to make a pact to do everything necessary to get rid of Diane. Nikki said they'd threatened to point a dangerous criminal in Diane's direction, hoping she would disappear, but Diane hadn't folded. Ashley said they didn't know for a fact that Stark had gone to prison because of Diane. She said Stark wouldn't be happy when he discovered it had been a hoax. Nikki said they needed to be prepared in case Stark came after them. She said she would ask Victor to increase security for all their families. Phyllis claimed they were overreacting, but Ashley disagreed. Ashley asked if Phyllis wanted to risk Stark becoming violent with anyone -- including Diane.

Diane arrived and said she and Ashley needed to talk, but when she saw Nikki and Phyllis, she remarked that "the coven" had assembled. Diane claimed they only cared about their petty desire to screw things up for her. Phyllis smiled and said there was nothing petty about their desire to see her pay for what she'd done to them. Diane said the three of them acted "so superior" after they'd hurt so many people. Diane said they'd done their best to turn everyone against her, but it hadn't worked because the bonds she'd forged with the people who mattered to her had only gotten stronger, and she had the three of them to thank.

Phyllis thanked Diane for proving that Diane hadn't changed. When Ashley asked why Diane was there, Nikki sarcastically commented that DeeDee was using Harrison as an excuse to show up and throw herself at Jack. Diane countered that Jack had asked her to meet him there because he'd invited her to dinner. Phyllis told Diane to enjoy herself. Phyllis, Ashley, and Nikki left.

At Society, Sally told Adam he was the cause of her unrest and irritability. She asked if he recognized how embarrassed she'd been after his ridiculous proclamation of love. She said after all the rotten things he'd done -- as if he hadn't tortured her enough -- his proposal had been the capper.

Sally said Adam had gotten her to fall for him, then he'd pushed her away, lied to her about all of it, and then proposed marriage. Adam said he'd explained why he'd pretended to have fallen out of love with her, and he'd apologized for that. He said he wouldn't apologize for anything else. Sally said Adam felt no remorse for messing with someone's head. Adam denied it and said he'd had to propose because he couldn't just walk away. Sally said everything he'd said kept racing around in her head, and she couldn't concentrate. She said she couldn't shake the way he made her feel.

Sally told Adam she was trying to resurrect her career, and she didn't want to think about him, the proposal, or how any of it made her feel. She said seeing Adam made her think about it, and it upended her day. She said she needed to be free of everything. Adam said he hadn't meant to complicate things. He said he hoped the proposal would simplify her decision, which it had. He understood Sally had a lot to sort through, something they'd previously done together to get to the heart of what was going on, but they needed to have that conversation in private. Sally said she wanted to resolve things one way or another, and they left.

In Sally's suite, Adam said he hated that she felt unsettled whenever she saw him, and it was Sally's turn to talk. Sally admitted that Adam had been the easiest person to talk to. She said what Adam had said to her the previous day had gotten to her, and she could tell that she really mattered to him. Adam said it had broken his heart that Sally hadn't realized it until that moment; she'd deserved to know how much she mattered to him before he'd ruined everything. He said he felt they were close to getting back everything they'd had.

Sally told Adam she still felt the love and a connection with him. She said Adam had brought magic into her life, and he'd believed in her. She said he'd seen the best and worst in her, and he loved her, anyway. She said that was the reason the way he'd hurt her had been so awful and very hard to forgive. Adam said he couldn't undo any of it other than to tell her what an idiot he'd been.

Adam reminded Sally they were there to have an honest conversation about what they had and what they could still have despite the stupid mistakes he'd made. He said nothing had changed for him. He said he'd meant it when he'd asked her to marry him. He said he only wanted her. Sally said she only wanted Adam. They kissed.

At Society, after Nick had given Victor the fourth quarter projections they needed to go over, Victor noted that Nick seemed to be off his game. Victor asked if it had something to do with "that Spectra woman." Nick asked if Victor knew how insulting that sounded. He said Victor hadn't spent any time with Sally nor did he know that she was capable and smart or what a creative and hard-working woman she actually was. Victor said he knew that Nick and Adam were involved in a triangular relationship with that woman. Nick refused to discuss it.

Victor reminded Nick that Nick and Adam had done that dance previously. Victor asked if Nick was serious about competing with Adam over Sally. Victor said it was bad for Nick's personal and family life to be involved in a triangular relationship with Adam, fighting over a woman like Sally. He said Sally was driving a wedge between Nick and Adam to gain what she was after. He said Sally was using him to further her own ambitions. He was saddened by Adam's choice, but Nick had been doing a great job at Newman.

Nick said he didn't get Victor's knee-jerk reaction toward Sally. He said Sally was shrewd, hard-working, and ambitious, and he knew they were all values Victor greatly admired. Nick didn't understand the animosity Victor had toward her, and he said Victor made it sound like Sally was beneath him.

Victor told Nick he'd investigated Sally's life in Los Angeles during the time she'd been involved with the Spencers and the Forresters. Nick said that was outrageous. Victor informed Nick that Sally had faked a terminal illness in order to gain the sympathy of a man who'd lost interest in her, and she'd blackmailed a doctor to corroborate her story. He said Sally had made up her face every morning to look very pale and frail, and she'd used a walker to increase the effect

Nick said Sally had worked very hard to make changes in her life, and he'd seen the changes. He said he'd offered Sally seed money for her next business venture, and she'd turned him down. He said Adam didn't deserve Sally and that Adam would bring Sally down. Victor said Sally was nothing but a symptom of the rivalry between Nick and Adam; Sally would be gone one day and leave a poisoned relationship between Nick and Adam. Victor warned that if Nick chose Sally over family, he would regret it.

At Devon's, Tucker was overjoyed to meet Dominic. Tucker said after seeing Dominic, he wished he'd known Devon as a child. Tucker said Dominic was amazing, and Tucker was in awe of him. He asked Devon to tell him about Dominic. Devon said Dominic was never cranky, he was always in a good mood, he loved music, and he loved to dance. Tucker said Dominic was just like Devon. Tucker told Dominic he would always be there for him.

Tucker told Devon it was beautiful how Devon, Abby, and Chance were raising Dominic together. Tucker asked if there was more than a close friendship between Devon and Abby. Devon denied there was.

Tucker asked if Devon felt he'd spread himself a little thin between home and work. Devon assured Tucker he was managing things just fine. Tucker asked if Devon was in love. Devon claimed it was a long story.

Alone at the Abbotts', Diane answered the door when the doorbell rang. She stopped dead in her tracks when Jeremy greeted her and asked if she'd missed him.

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