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Diane confessed to Jack that she'd used Jeremy's money to rebuild her life. Jack and Diane plotted to make Jeremy believe she'd fled town. After making love, Sally told Adam that it was time for them to move on. Nick saw Adam leaving Sally's room. Tucker and Audra had sex.
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Jeremy demanded Diane return his money. Jack and Diane plotted to make Jeremy believe she'd fled town. After making love, Sally told Adam that it was time for them to move on.
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Jeremy strikes fear into the Abbotts and riles Kyle

Jeremy strikes fear into the Abbotts and riles Kyle

Monday, December 5, 2022

In a hallway at the Jabot office building, a frustrated Kyle petitioned Summer to inform Phyllis, Nikki, and Ashley to back off their crusade against Diane. Summer's mind, however, was on work, not personal issues. Kyle persisted and warned that Phyllis and the others were putting their entire family in danger. Summer replied that she was fed up with all hysterics and chaos that seemed to always surround Diane.

Summer insisted that she and Kyle listen to both sides before pointing fingers. Kyle, reluctant to listen objectively to Phyllis, shook his head in disgust. As if on cue, Phyllis breezed in and invited her daughter and son-in-law to join her for dinner. Phyllis mentioned that nothing was more important than spending time with family. Kyle reacted by giving Summer a knowing look.

Diane was shocked to find Jeremy Stark standing before her when she answered the door at the Abbott mansion. Jeremy greeted Diane, and said, "Long time no see." Jeremy informed Diane that he had been released from prison days before and had missed her. Without an invitation, Jeremy marched inside the house and mentioned that it would have been nice had she visited him in prison. Jeremy showed off his spiffy clothes and smart grooming and said, "Look at me now. You look great, as well." Diane folded her arms across her chest and slowly backed away when Jeremy announced that he had much business to discuss. Jack arrived and said, "Hello. Who is this?"

Diane introduced Jack to Jeremy, describing him as an old friend. Jeremy mentioned that he and Diane had been close when they had both lived in Los Angeles, recalling that she had called herself Taylor. Jeremy described his line of work as being "a little of this and a little of that." Diane was noticeably uncomfortable and was eager for Jeremy to leave, though he invited Diane to join him for coffee or a nice meal before he moved on. Jack asked Jeremy how he'd known where to find Diane. Jeremy replied, "Lucky guess." Diane looked terrified when Jeremy explained that after learning Diane was a grandmother, he'd known she would be drawn to see her beloved family.

After Jeremy left, a shocked Diane clutched her stomach and breathlessly cried, "I can't believe he just came here." Jack embraced Diane to comfort and calm her. Jack and Diane sat together on the sofa after he served her a drink. Diane cried, "How dare Jeremy come here and have the nerve to mention family and to talk about my grandson." Jack assured Diane that no harm would come to any member of the family as long as he was around. Diane, raising her voice in distress, blamed Ashley, Phyllis, and Nikki for having revealed her and Harrison's whereabouts. Diane cried, "Those bitches have gone too far."

Summer, Kyle, and Phyllis waited for a table at Society. Summer broke away briefly and approached Nick, who was drinking alone at the bar. Nick explained that he and Victor had gotten into an argument about something that was none of his dad's business. Summer persuaded Nick to join her, Phyllis, and Kyle, and he agreed. Nick took a seat and said, "What are we talking about?" Phyllis replied, "Marchetti."

Nick asked Phyllis and Summer if they were often at each other's throats over creative differences. Phyllis snapped back that it was an unfair characterization of her and her daughter. Nick explained that both were strong-willed, fiery women. Phyllis mentioned that everything was sunshine and roses. Nick replied, "Is that the mood for everyone, including Diane?" Phyllis forced herself to convincingly claim that Diane and everything at Marchetti had been going great. Shaking her head, Phyllis asked Nick how he had been getting along with everyone at Newman. Nick replied that he had taken Phyllis' comment as his cue to leave, explaining that he had already endured a less-than-awesome day.

After Nick left, Summer expressed concern for her dad. Phyllis seemed unconcerned and said Nick was all right. As Nick was leaving, he ran into Jack and Diane. Jack paused to speak, but Diane rushed into the restaurant, having seen Phyllis seated with Kyle and Summer. Jack told Nick he would see Nick later as he quickly followed Diane. Nick shrugged and continued on.

Inside the restaurant, Diane approached Phyllis and angrily said, "I know what you're trying to do, and it still won't work. You will never, ever drive me away from my family, do you understand?" Jack grasped Diane by her arms from behind and explained that they would get their own table. Summer glared at her mother and asked, "What the hell was that all about?" Phyllis feigned innocence.

Kyle followed Jack and Diane to their table and asked what was going on. Diane replied, "Jeremy Stark is in Genoa City, and the only reason he knew how to find me here is that Phyllis told him where I was." Diane cried that Jeremy had stopped by the Abbott house, and she expressed concern for what he might be planning. Kyle asked where Stark was. Diane pleaded with Kyle to stay away because he had no idea what Stark was capable of. Jack agreed and said they should not confront Stark until they all decided how to respond.

Jack told Diane he would take her home to keep her away from Phyllis. Jack glared at Phyllis as he walked past her table. Kyle returned to his table and confronted Phyllis. Kyle said, "For Summer's sake, I have tried to give you the benefit of the doubt. I have tried to restrain myself from making judgments, to not take sides, but your childish and reckless behavior has gone too far." As Kyle delivered his tirade, Phyllis chuckled, even when confronted about how she was endangering his family. Kyle rushed off, mumbling about having to fix the problems Phyllis had created.

Summer ran after Kyle as Phyllis looked on and casually sipped her wine. Summer caught up with Kyle in the alley and asked him what he was talking about. Kyle replied, "Jeremy Stark, the man my mom worked for in L.A., the convicted felon, flew to Genoa City and went straight to our home, looking for her. Where our little boy sleeps." Summer gasped, "Oh, my God!" Kyle blamed Phyllis for having sent Stark to their home. After Kyle left, Phyllis met Summer in the alley. Summer cried that her mother had made a fool out of her. Summer asked her mom how she could put their family, especially Harrison, in the line of fire by telling Jeremy Stark he could find Diane at the Abbott house.

At the Abbott mansion, Diane apologized to Jack for having lost her composure, which in turn had forced him to double down on his support of her. Diane, trembling, cried that she was a basket of nerves. As Diane wiped her tears, Jack observed that she was already bouncing back just like she always did. Diane smiled, her eyes sparkling as Jack praised her resilience. Jack embraced Diane after she thanked him for being supportive and protective.

In Sally's room at the Grand Phoenix, she and Adam made love, kissing passionately and stroking each other tenderly. Afterward, Adam told Sally it did not have to be the end. Sally replied, "It doesn't have to be, but it is." Adam reminded Sally that they both still had strong, powerful feelings for each other. Sally acknowledged it was why they had given in and made love, and she said it was also why it would not happen again. Tearfully, Sally told Adam that they had lost something they could not get back, and she thanked him for showing kindness and having faith in her when no one else did.

Adam, deeply emotional, cried that he did not regret one moment he and Sally had been together. Sally replied that she felt the same way. Sally told Adam he was a wonderful, supportive, and loving man, a spectacular father, and a dedicated son and brother. Recalling how Adam had become misguided in his attempts to protect her, she assured him he could be an amazing partner, as well. Adam wiped a tear from Sally's face and replied, "It's too bad I can't be your partner." Sally recalled that they had loved each other with all they had, which no one could deny, though it was time for them to move on and learn from their mistakes. Sally told Adam they had to let each other go, so they could each find true happiness.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon approached Chance, who was lost in thought, and asked if he wanted coffee. Sharon offered to listen if Chance needed to talk, acknowledging that after having lost his partner, Rey, she might have gleaned some of his listening skills. Chance initially told Sharon he was not ready to talk, but after she walked away, he cried, "It's over with Abby. I'm getting a divorce." Sharon asked Chance if he and Abby had tried other options besides divorce. Chance told Sharon that things were too far gone, admitting that the deterioration of their relationship had begun so long before that it might have been better had they never entered into a relationship at all.

Sharon gently told Chance that all relationships could teach something, even the ability to acknowledge the end of a chapter. Chance lamented that he had thought his story had been written, and he pondered what to do. Sharon advised Chance to take things day by day and lean into whatever gave him purpose. Sharon asked Chance if he still planned on being part of Dominic's life. Taken aback, Chance replied, "Absolutely. I love that kid, Sharon. That's never going to change." Sharon asked Chance if he and Abby had discussed co-parenting. Chance replied that he had not yet and acknowledged that he still loved Abby, though their relationship had not been a good fit.

Sharon suggested to Chance that having Devon as a buffer and third parent might make things easier because he and Abby could both communicate with Devon until they were ready to communicate with each other directly. Chance replied, "That's an idea -- maybe." Chance had not noticed Victor glaring from behind. Victor asked Chance if he had spoken to Abby. Chance said he had and that Victor would not be pleased with the outcome.

After Chance rushed out, Sharon told Victor she could not help but notice how dismissive he had been with Chance. Victor said he saw no reason to be cordial because Chance had brought pain to Abby. Sharon confided that there might be more to the story and that he might have been too hard on Chance. Sharon advised Victor to wait and learn more. Victor replied, "What do you know?"

At Devon's penthouse, Tucker sat on the floor with Dominic and played with a toy keyboard. Devon joined his father and son and noted that being with Dominic helped him forget all the worries in the world. Tucker asked Devon how work was going after the loss of Billy and Nate. Devon, setting boundaries, reminded his father that they had agreed not to discuss Chancellor-Winters. Tucker explained that they shared only a few topics in common, one being business, and he swore he would never use his grandson as a pawn. Devon, responding to Tucker's earlier query, said that his company was interviewing candidates to fill both COO positions. Tucker replied, "Having a family company is still the dream, right?"

Tucker admitted he still held out hope that he and Devon might someday create a business together like Devon had with Neil. Tucker took Dominic from Devon's arms, so Devon could answer the door. It was Abby, and she became livid when she spotted Tucker holding Dominic. While Abby comforted her crying child, Tucker apologized for not having contacted her before stopping by.

Tucker suggested he and Abby make peace because he had chosen to settle in Genoa City. Tucker asked Abby how he could prove to her that he was not a threat. Abby said she did not know. Tucker said he had grown to love Dominic, especially after having missed out on spending time with Devon growing up. Tucker said it felt like a blessing to be with Devon and Dom and that he did not intend to squander his opportunity.

Tucker told Abby he would ask for her blessing before spending time with Dom in the future. Devon thanked Tucker for stopping by, and then Tucker left. Devon apologized to Abby and said he had thought she would be fine with Tucker spending time with Dom. Abby explained that seeing her son and Tucker had reminded her of a "messy" time in her life she would rather forget, though Tucker had a right to have a relationship with his grandson.

Devon assured Abby he would monitor all interactions between Dominic and Tucker. Abby paused and told Devon that Chance was ready to move forward and get a divorce. Devon asked about counseling or a trial separation. Abby said Chance was not in favor of either, though she had tried to be pragmatic and brave, knowing she should not expect him to stay with her because she had broken their vows.

Sally and Adam talked at length after pulling back on their raw emotions. Adam told Sally he'd really thought they could have made it work. Sally replied that she had, too, though it was perhaps all they had been ready for and meant to have. Adam cried that his feelings were still real. Sally replied, "So are mine, but love changes, and that's all right. We're going to be okay."

After Adam dressed, he told Sally that she deserved the world, and he apologized for not being able to give it to her. Adam advised Sally not to settle for anything less. They shared one long, last kiss before Sally pulled back. As Adam was leaving, he ran into Nick in the hallway. Adam briefly acknowledged Nick before walking away. Nick paused before opening the door to Sally's room. Sally, still tearful, turned around and saw Nick. Nick glanced at the bed and noticed rumpled blankets and pillows askew. Nick drew a deep breath and said, "I guess this is a bad time."

Tucker entered Society and took a seat at the bar, ordering a scotch. Checking a message notification from an unknown sender on his phone, Tucker read, "Jeremy Stark is in Genoa City." Tucker slipped his phone back in his pocket. Across town in a suite at the Grand Phoenix, Jeremy read online stories Talia had published. Jeremy said aloud to himself, "You have done your research, Talia." Answering a knock at the door, Jeremy faced a livid Kyle, who yelled, "I'm only going to say this once. Leave Diane Jenkins alone!"

Diane confesses yet another misdeed to Jack

Diane confesses yet another misdeed to Jack

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Adam entered the Glam Club. He flashed back to being in bed with Sally after they'd made love, and she'd sadly told him that they had to let one another go to find their true happiness. Chance called to Adam and stopped a server to order a round of drinks for the two of them. Chance observed that it looked like Adam was having a rough night.

Adam remarked that it had been a while since he and Chance had been on drinking buddy terms. Chance reasoned that nothing was wrong with sharing a nightcap or two. Adam acknowledged that he owed Chance an apology for being rough on him with the Locke investigation. Chance declared the case closed, and he asked what Adam's deal was. Adam confided that he needed to face the fact that he'd lost Sally for good.

Chance said he was sorry to hear about Adam and Sally, but he got it. Adam doubted that Chance understood when Chance had the perfect marriage. Adam was stunned when Chance revealed that he and Abby were getting a divorce. Chance cited trying to balance work and family, having philosophical differences, and spending too much time apart. Adam sensed that Chance wasn't telling him the whole story, since jumping to divorce had to be more than work-life balance.

Chance confirmed that something bad had gone down, and he realized that he had to confide in someone because it was driving him crazy. Adam said he was listening, and Chance shared that Abby had slept with someone else. Chance swore he wasn't trying to make Abby look bad or blame all their problems on her, and he ordered Adam to keep his mouth shut. Adam inquired whether it had been an ongoing affair. Chance relayed that Abby had said it had happened only once, and he believed her.

Adam suggested that the couple might still work things out, but Chance firmly stated that the sex had simply forced them to accept that things were over, and he saw no point in dragging things out any longer. Adam muttered that he knew exactly what Chance meant. Chance inquired whether cheating had caused Adam and Sally's breakup. Adam said that hadn't exactly been the case, and they'd tried one last time to reconnect, but too much had happened. Chance figured that Adam and Sally could still find their way back to one another. Adam grumbled that if a white knight like Chance couldn't make it work, it left little hope for Adam.

In Sally's hotel room, Nick glanced at the rumpled sheets and flatly stated that it was no mystery what had happened between Sally and Adam. Sally said she was sorry that he'd had to see it, and Nick replied that he was, too. He supposed he had an answer to the questions she'd been evading about how she felt about Adam's proposal. Nick started to leave, but Sally begged him to wait. She swore that he deserved to know what had happened, and she asserted that he needed to have all the information before he decided to walk away.

Sally explained that Adam's sudden public proposal and subsequent speeches about how he still loved her had stirred up a lot of feelings. She continued that she'd been angry that he hadn't thought she'd deserved more than a drunken grand gesture, and she'd been furious with herself for falling for him in the first place. She cried that she'd been confused because her feelings for Nick were also very real, but she'd always been truthful about being in love with Adam.

Sally admitted that Adam's proposal had gotten to her. She revealed that he'd apologized earlier that day for the abrupt way he'd dumped her and how he'd been behaving ever since, but he'd stood by his proposal. Sally conceded that she'd wondered whether Adam had been right about them being meant to be together, and she'd realized she'd had to know for sure if there had been anything left to salvage. Sally firmly stated that she was certain there was nothing left.

Sally swore that what Nick had walked in on had been the aftermath of that realization and that Adam had known it was over, too. Sally thought it was harder for Adam to let go, but she maintained that there was no possibility of saving what they'd had. Sally added that she felt like a huge weight had been lifted, and she and Adam could finally and fully move on. She begged Nick to say something.

Nick said it hadn't been easy to see Adam leaving Sally's room when it had been obvious what had happened there, but he refused to act territorial because she hadn't owed him anything. Sally reiterated that she was really sorry he'd found out that way, but Nick told her not to be sorry on his behalf because it had needed to happen. He hoped she had some closure, and she confirmed she did. Nick imagined there would be grief, unresolved feelings, and regrets, and he thought talk of moving on was a bit premature. Sally admitted to the grief, but she expected the feelings to fade sooner rather than later because she finally felt like it was over.

Sally stressed that she knew she'd made the right decision. Nick doubted it would be that easy for Adam. Sally was certain that Adam would be fine, and she wanted to focus on Nick. Nick revealed that he felt raging jealousy under his calm exterior, and he anticipated it would take Sally more time than she thought to get past it. He pondered what that meant for them, but he hesitated to put her on the spot. Sally declared that she wanted them to date, since she had a new sense of freedom and was ready to get to know him more fully without worrying about what Adam thought when he saw them together.

Sally encouraged Nick to take as much time as he needed to decide if he wanted to see her, too. He considered it a good idea, since they both had a lot to process. Sally supposed they should say goodnight, and he headed out. She leaned against the door, and he hovered outside for a moment before walking away.

Over the phone, Chelsea asked Connor how his sleepover was going. She told him not to eat too much junk food and, before hanging up, said she loved him. There was a knock at the door, and she found Billy there. He held up a bag and brightly asked who was ready for movie night.

Billy revealed that he had classic snacks for a classic comedy that was guaranteed to make Chelsea laugh. She questioned whether she looked like she needed cheering up, and he figured that everyone could use a laugh. He invited her to choose from a variety of movies, but she replied that it didn't matter. Billy asked if she was upset that he'd shown up unannounced. Chelsea insisted that she was happy he was there, but Billy sensed something more was going on.

Chelsea confided that a kid at school had overheard Johnny and Connor talking about her, and the kid had taunted Connor by calling her crazy. Billy offered to call the school, and she scolded him for sounding like Adam. Billy jokingly told her not to insult him, and she laughed. She recounted that Adam had wanted to get the kid expelled or have Connor change schools, and Billy agreed. Chelsea indicated that she'd talked Adam down because Connor had to learn to deal with difficult people in life. She hated that her son was getting bullied because of her, quickly adding that she knew she couldn't blame herself.

Billy wondered why Chelsea hadn't mentioned the incident to him earlier, given that Johnny had been involved. Billy suspected that something else was going on, since it had seemed like Chelsea had been doing her best to avoid him. Chelsea claimed that she'd been leaning on him too much, and she needed to focus on her network of support. He asked if something had led her to thinking that way. Chelsea divulged that Lily had reminded her that Billy couldn't be there day and night because he had kids, a relationship, and a life. Chelsea stated that the last thing she wanted was to become a burden to him.

Billy urged Chelsea to stop thinking that way, since there was no way she was a burden to him, and he didn't want to be anywhere else right then. She asked about his family and Lily, and he informed her that Johnny was on a ski trip, Victoria and Katie were having a girls' night, and Lily was working late. He assured Chelsea that she was saving him from a night alone, and he invited her to just sit down, have some snacks, and watch a movie. She smiled.

As Billy and Chelsea watched a movie, he jeered at how ridiculous it was. He protested when she flipped off the television, but she scolded him for heckling the screen. He promised to be quiet if they watched the end. Chelsea realized that she had needed cheering up, and she thanked him for showing up uninvited. Billy responded that he was there because he'd needed it, too.

Daniel greeted Lily at the bar at Society. He wondered if she was meeting someone, but she informed him that she'd ordered takeout because she had a hot date with a pile of work. Daniel indicated that he was also picking up food before doing some work on his gaming platform idea. He mentioned that he'd just read a study about how people were more productive when they took short breaks. He suggested they take a breather and have dinner together.

Over dinner, Lily asked how Daniel's dad was doing, and Daniel bragged that Danny was doing what he loved by performing and touring all over the world. Lily inquired about what Lucy was like, and Daniel shared that his daughter was at the age where she was starting to give him a hard time about everything, from his clothes to his driving to his dad jokes. Lily ribbed that Lucy sounded very smart. Daniel called Lucy brilliant, and he marveled that in spite of her scathing critiques, she'd never stopped wanting to get ice cream and talk. He recalled that some of those talks had started him on the new career path that had led him to the gaming platform idea.

Daniel asked about the twins, and Lily marveled that they were seniors in college. Lily asked how Heather was doing, but Daniel turned the topic to how his gaming platform dream might become a reality. He mentioned that he'd taken classes in gaming design and gone to conferences to learn the field, so he'd be ready if Lily and Devon greenlit the idea. Lily noted that Daniel seemed very passionate. He was determined to make sure he had every aspect of the project figured out before they moved forward, and he imagined they could make millions or billions if it was done right.

Lily loved Daniel's enthusiasm and expressed confidence that he was the right person to lead the division. Daniel was adamant that they make sure the game was as good as it possibly could be, since some things should be done perfectly or not done at all. He softly added that Lucy deserved for it to be perfect. Lily realized the platform meant a lot to him. Daniel explained that it wasn't just about a game, but it was about bettering himself and setting himself up for success.

Daniel questioned whether Lily was really happy and fulfilled. Lily exclaimed that she was, and she called running Chancellor-Winters the best job she'd ever had. She recalled that she'd been nervous to take on such a huge role at first, but Jill and Billy had boosted her confidence. Lily enthused that the merger had been her idea, and she felt stronger than ever as head of the company. Daniel inquired about how she was doing personally, and she paused before stating that Billy kept things interesting. Daniel found it an interesting word choice, and he admitted that he found it hard to imagine Lily and Billy making it as a long-term couple.

Lily defended that she and Billy made a lot of sense together, and just because they were different didn't mean it didn't work. She insisted that no relationship was perfect, and there were always things to work on. Daniel recalled that people had harbored doubts about him and Lily when they'd dated, and Lily pointed out that it hadn't stopped them. Daniel mused that they'd gone through a lot together, and Lily gushed that they were stronger than ever. Daniel raised his glass and proclaimed that he'd drink to that. They clinked their glasses together.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack assured Diane everything would be all right, and they hugged. Her phone chimed, and she gasped in horror when she read a text message from Jeremy: "Big mistake, getting the Abbotts to fight your battle." Diane shuddered as she remembered Jeremy's past threats and manipulations. Jack pointed out that Jeremy had no proof she'd informed on him, but Diane expected Jeremy to seek his own justice if he thought it was true. Jack reiterated that no harm would happen to her, since he'd hire security to protect her and the entire family.

Diane warned that Jeremy wouldn't be deterred, and Jack pushed to know what she thought Jeremy wanted. She replied that she knew exactly what Jeremy wanted -- payback. Diane confessed that she'd had some of Jeremy's money ready for transport when he'd been arrested, and she'd kept it. Jack guessed that she hadn't told the Feds about the cash, and she cried that she hadn't wanted to invite more scrutiny and risk being charged herself. She acknowledged that it had been cowardly, but she hadn't been ready for anyone in Genoa City to know she was alive.

Jack reasoned that Diane simply had to give the money back to Jeremy to get rid of him, but Diane wailed that she couldn't do that because she'd spent the cash. She claimed that Jeremy had owed it to her after everything she'd done for him, and she hadn't been able to return it while he'd been on trial or in prison. Jack asked what she'd bought with the funds. Diane explained that she'd used the cash to rebuild her life by getting her own place, paying for therapy, and taking courses to get her real estate license. She expressed relief that she'd finally been out from under Jeremy's thumb and able to start her life again with no fear or threats.

Diane added that the money had allowed her to do the hard work to put herself back together, and she resolved to never have to depend on anyone or compromise herself ever again. Diane recalled that the money had bought her peace of mind until Tucker had started poking around, and Jack sympathized that she'd found herself under someone else's thumb again. Diane recognized that Tucker had helped her get back to Genoa City and reunite with Jack and Kyle, but she felt like she was trying to escape her past mistakes all over again with Jeremy out of prison and in town. Jack maintained that there was one simple answer to getting Jeremy out of her life, and he offered to help her repay the money. Diane vehemently objected.

Diane appreciated Jack's generosity, but she refused to take any money from him because the point of her self-transformation had been to no longer rely on wealthy men, and she intended to stay independent. Jack implored her to consider a loan. Diane suspected that it wouldn't make any difference because Nikki, Phyllis, and Ashley had convinced Jeremy that Diane had ratted him out, and he wanted to punish Diane for it. Jack wondered why Diane hadn't entered Witness Protection when she'd had the chance. She pointed out that if she'd done that, she never would have been able to find her way back to her son, and getting back to Kyle had been her only purpose in life.

Diane vowed to find a way to protect herself from a dangerous criminal. Jack admired her for putting herself at great personal risk to get back there to them, and he swore that he and Kyle wouldn't let Jeremy do anything to hurt her. Diane tearfully thanked him and expressed her gratitude for his support. Diane and Jack gazed at one another for an extended moment, and she hugged him.

Jack held Diane as she thanked him for his protection and generous offer of support. She prepared to leave, but he thought it would be safer if she stayed in one of the guest rooms that night. Diane wasn't sure how much safer she'd be if Ashley found her there. Jack pledged to handle Ashley and anyone else, since it was his home, and he wanted Diane there.

Phyllis receives an ultimatum and warning from Jack

Phyllis receives an ultimatum and warning from Jack

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

by Nel

At the Abbotts', Diane accepted Jack's offer to spend the night in the Abbott home. In tears, Diane said every time she'd overcome an obstacle, there'd been another bolder thrown in her face. Jack said he admired that she'd overcome some great challenges with grace and elegance. Diane said she thought she'd gotten past those dark days. She said it had been a long time since anyone had looked out for her. Jack embraced her.

Jack received a text message and said he had to leave. He promised he wouldn't be gone long. Diane was extremely uneasy. Jack assured her they had a sophisticated security system, and it was turned on. Diane said she couldn't believe what Phyllis, Nikki, and Ashley had done. Jack told her not to worry about them. After Jack left, Diane poured herself a drink. She was startled by a noise, and she looked out the doors to see if anyone was there.

In Tucker's suite, Tucker informed Audra that Jeremy Stark was in town. Audra said he was fresh out of prison, and it wasn't a coincidence that he'd found his way to Genoa City. Audra asked if Tucker needed to wear a bulletproof vest in case Stark came looking for him. Tucker said he'd never spoken to Stark, but they'd had some mutual connections. He said they'd dealt with some of the same people, who had been handy when he'd needed information. He said that was how he'd discovered what Jeremy had done to Diane.

Audra surmised that Tucker had used that information as leverage over Diane for his triumphant return to Genoa City. Tucker admitted he had, and Stark had no reason to go after him; however, he wanted to use Stark to his advantage. He said he'd provided Ashley with information about the connection between Stark and Diane in the hope that Ashley, Nikki, or Phyllis would lure him to town.

Audra arrived at the Glam Club and said she'd wanted to give Noah time and space to process everything she'd told him about the miscarriage. Noah said Audra probably wouldn't have been reluctant to share such monumental news with him if he hadn't ended their relationship and left without telling her. Noah asked if there was anything he could do to help her heal and move on. Audra said she wanted him.

Noah said Audra had gone through a traumatic situation. He said he was sorry things had ended the way they had, but they wouldn't discuss it again because he had a girlfriend. Audra claimed she'd never gotten over Noah. She said they'd been happy before things had gone wrong, but they could have that again. She said they'd been on fire, but Noah responded that they'd gotten burned. Audra claimed it was their chance to try again and have the kind of love that would last forever.

Noah asked why Audra would want to go back to their chaotic relationship. She claimed they weren't finished with each other, and she kissed him. Noah pushed her away and said that wouldn't happen again. Audra asked if Noah could honestly say that what they'd had was over. She said when they'd kissed, it had felt like no time had passed. Noah said it had been a mistake; he'd been caught up in the moment, and that was all it had been.

Audra said she and Noah had a lot of chemistry, but Noah reminded her that aside from the chemistry, there had been many problems in their relationship. Audra claimed things would be different because their time apart had given them a new perspective. Noah said nothing had changed since their breakup. Noah said his life was good; he was finally happy and in a good place. He told Audra there was no future for them, and he needed her to accept that. Angry, she said his message had been received. Audra left.

When Billy arrived at the Glam Club, Adam asked if Lily had wised up and dumped Billy because of the Billy and Chelsea show. Billy admitted he'd been spending more time with Chelsea because he was her friend, and he was concerned because Connor had been bullied at school. Adam said he, Chelsea, and Connor had discussed it as a family, and they'd handled it. Billy admitted Chelsea had told him that.

Adam told Billy he knew what Chelsea needed because she was his ex-wife and the mother of his son. Billy reminded Adam that Chelsea was also his son's biological mother, and unfortunately for Billy, they were connected. Billy said he wished Chelsea could trust Adam, but Adam always had boundaries and limitations. Adam said he was aware of the mistakes he'd made with Chelsea. He admitted he should have done more when she'd been struggling in the previous months, but he was there for her. He said he appreciated Billy's help in the throes of Chelsea's crisis, but it was time for Billy to take a big step back.

Billy told Adam he wasn't going to do that, and he would be around for Chelsea for as long as she needed him. Billy remarked that Chelsea would resent Adam if he tried to dictate who could be a part of her support network. Billy said it was Chelsea's choice because it was her recovery, and if Chelsea chose to confide in him over Adam, then Adam needed to deal with it. Adam said he wouldn't be shut out.

Billy asked what Adam planned to do -- perhaps break into Chelsea's doctor's office and steal her files, or bug her apartment again the way he had when he'd returned from the dead to spy on her. Adam said that Billy and Chelsea had been together around that time. Billy suggested that Adam look inside himself and see what he was capable of. He said Adam lacked the ability to connect with anyone on a human level, and it had forced Adam to resort to fraud and deception. Billy asked who in their right mind would trust Adam. Adam refused to be insulted by Billy or anyone else, and he left.

Noah approached Billy and asked how he was doing. Billy said he had wanted a quiet drink but had wound up with an overabundance of Adam. Billy said it felt like Adam was reverting to his "dark prince" ways, and they needed to keep an eye on him. Billy left.

At Crimson Lights, Daniel and Lily had been playfully teasing each other when Billy arrived. Daniel invited Billy to join them. With a smile, Lily sarcastically said she was sure Billy was tired from his most recent mission of mercy. Sharon arrived and was overjoyed to see Daniel. She and Daniel stepped away to give Billy and Lily some privacy. Billy asked Lily what had happened to her grabbing takeout and burning the midnight oil. Lily said she'd bumped into Daniel, and they'd decided to have dinner together.

Lily remarked that Billy had planned to be at home. Billy explained that he'd brought food for Chelsea and watched a movie with her. Billy suggested that he and Lily grab dessert and go home together, but Lily said she intended to return to work after she finished her evening with Daniel. Billy said he would wait up for her because he wanted to discuss the conversation she'd had with Chelsea. He said Chelsea had gotten the impression that Lily felt Chelsea was too dependent on him. He said he understood that was how Lily felt, but he couldn't imagine Lily saying those words to someone who was in such an emotional and vulnerable state.

Lily told Billy she'd handled things with Chelsea very carefully, and she was sorry Chelsea had misinterpreted what she'd said. Billy wanted to discuss it later, but Lily told Billy not to wait up for her because she didn't know how late she would be. After Billy left, Daniel asked Lily if their impromptu dinner had caused a problem between her and Billy. Lily assured him everything was fine.

Daniel asked Lily if the late-night cupcake runs were a normal thing. Lily said they weren't, but she liked late nights because they were more productive, since it was quiet, and she was more focused. Daniel admitted he was a night owl. He told Lily he had huge dreams and a grand vision for his future.

Lily and Daniel were about to leave when Adam arrived and said he hadn't realized Daniel was back in town. Adam said it was interesting to see Daniel and Lily together, since Billy was alone at the Glam Club. He said he didn't blame Lily for needing a breather from a guy who was such a train wreck yet so self-righteous. He said it had to make Lily crazy seeing Billy and Chelsea joined at the hip, and Lily had to be relieved she didn't have to put up with Billy's antics and addictions. Lily said whatever game Adam was playing, she didn't want to participate. Lily and Daniel left.

At Jabot, Jack asked if Phyllis was working late after stirring up so much trouble, she'd fallen behind in her work. Phyllis told Jack that Diane had screamed at the top of her lungs while hurling accusations at her at Society. Jack claimed Diane had been within her rights. Phyllis stated that Jack was backing Diane once again. Jack said that Diane's life was in danger, and he asked Phyllis how Diane was supposed to react.

Jack asked if Phyllis had contacted Jeremy Stark. Phyllis handed Jack her phone and told him to see whether she'd called, emailed, or sent Stark any text messages, but Jack said he knew how well Phyllis would have covered her tracks. Jack asked again if Phyllis had told Stark where to find Diane. Phyllis asked if Jack had turned his office into an interrogation room. Jack claimed he hadn't; he simply wanted her to be truthful.

Phyllis told Jack she loved how Diane had gotten Jack, Kyle, and Summer in a lather and made them very suspicious of her. Phyllis said she would assume the role of the evil one because she was 100% correct about Diane. Jack raised his voice and said Stark had arrived at his front door, but Phyllis had already known that. Unfazed, Phyllis asked Jack to stop accusing her. Jack asked if Phyllis had told Stark where to find Diane.

Phyllis told Jack that Stark was a criminal, and he would be able to find out where Diane was. She said Stark had a score to settle with Diane. Phyllis asked what Stark had wanted. Jack said Stark had talked about Diane being a grandmother, and he'd brought Harrison into the conversation. Phyllis shouted that Jeremy was there because of Diane, but once again, Phyllis was the villain, while Diane got away scot-free. Phyllis yelled at Jack to do the math.

Phyllis told Jack that if Diane hadn't ruined all their lives so many years before, Diane wouldn't have gone to Los Angeles, and she wouldn't have met Stark. Phyllis said that if Diane had left when Phyllis had suggested, Stark wouldn't have been in Genoa City. Jack yelled that he was done listening to Phyllis.

Jack shouted that the only reason Phyllis was employed under the Jabot umbrella was because he'd allowed it. He said he regretted giving Summer and Kyle the okay to hire her. He said Phyllis had proven she was only there to undermine Diane. Phyllis denied it and stated that Jack knew she'd wanted to work with Summer because she'd missed Summer when Summer had been in Milan. Jack said Phyllis should have backed off when Summer had asked her to. He accused Phyllis of being incapable of giving Diane a moment of kindness, thoughtfulness, or understanding.

Phyllis claimed that hadn't been her fault. Jack stated that it hadn't been Phyllis' fault when she'd tormented Christine years before, it hadn't been Phyllis' fault when she'd made Sharon's life a living hell, and it wasn't her fault that she was bringing her special brand of vengeance and hatred on Diane. Phyllis asked if Jack was serious about her bringing vengeance and hatred on Diane. Jack said he was deadly serious. He said he'd watched Phyllis abuse her position at Marchetti for her own twisted purposes, and he'd stayed silent out of respect for Summer and Kyle; he yelled "no more" and claimed that Phyllis had gone too far.

Jack warned Phyllis that Marchetti was a subsidiary of Jabot; he screamed, "I am Jabot," and if he discovered that Phyllis had reached out to Stark and if their children and grandchild were hurt in any way, he would throw Phyllis and her "stupid smirk" out of his building so fast her head would spin. Jack stormed out of his office.

Audra returned to Tucker's suite. Tucker said he'd thought his evening had ended. Audra began to undress, and they kissed.

Jack returned home and found Diane asleep on the couch. Diane was startled when Jack touched her leg. She said she'd been on edge and had decided to wait up for him. Jack reminded her that she was safe, and he put his arm around her.

Jeremy demands that Diane give him his money

Jeremy demands that Diane give him his money

Thursday, December 8, 2022

by Nel

Outside Society, Nick told Sally he was still working through some things regarding their relationship. He invited Sally to join him for breakfast.

Inside, Lauren and Michael greeted Sally and Nick when they arrived. Lauren watched Nick and Sally, and she commented that the way Sally and Nick looked at each other seemed very intimate. She said if there was a possible relationship between Nick and Sally, it could affect Michael's job, if Victor decided to meddle.

Elsewhere, Sally told Nick she could feel Lauren boring a hole in her back. Nick said he'd learned not to care what people thought because the Newmans were always in the spotlight, and people were always judging them. He asked if the scrutiny bothered Sally. Sally said people were always talking about her, too, but Nick probably knew that, since Victor's people had dug up information on her.

Sally told Nick she'd been involved in some shady stuff in the past that she wasn't proud of, but she'd learned and grown from it. Sally said she was willing to talk about all of it with Nick because he was worth it. She said she didn't want there to be any surprises down the road.

Summer arrived and saw Nick and Sally together. Angry, Summer approached, and she asked Nick what had happened to Sally not wanting anything to do with him. Nick said things had changed, and he hoped Summer would be okay with it -- or even happy for them -- if something was happening between them.

Summer asked Sally for a moment alone with Nick. After Sally left, Summer said she couldn't get on board with him and Sally. Summer said she shouldn't have to remind Nick what Sally had done to her, despite the fact it had all miraculously worked out. She said it didn't change the fact that Sally had blackmailed her into leaving town and moving to Italy. Nick told Summer that Sally had participated in Tara Locke's plan and that Tara had been the blackmailer.

Summer reminded Nick that Sally had wanted her out of the city so that Sally could take over Summer's job. Nick admitted he didn't like what Sally had done, but they'd all done things they weren't proud of. Nick said Summer had pressured Kyle into marrying her in exchange for saving Lola's life. Summer said she cringed whenever she recalled that. Nick said Sally didn't want to revisit her mistakes, either.

Summer told Nick she wasn't that person anymore. Nick said neither was Sally. He pointed out that Phyllis had done some despicable things, and Summer had always given Phyllis the benefit of the doubt. He asked why Summer couldn't do the same for Sally and if Sally didn't deserve the same shot at redemption that Summer and Phyllis had had. Summer claimed it was different with Sally.

Summer asked Nick if Sally had really regretted her actions or if she was just mad she'd been caught. Summer asked if Sally was pretending to be remorseful as part of a new scam. Nick said he believed Sally regretted how she'd acted toward Summer. Summer said Sally had jumped from one rich Newman to another rather quickly. Nick assured Summer that Sally wasn't after his money. He said he'd offered Sally quite a lot of money, and she'd turned him down.

Nick told Summer he'd wanted to invest in Sally's new business venture, and he'd put a large offer on the table; Sally had rejected it and said she wouldn't take a loan from him because she wanted to do it on her own. Nick said that whatever was going on between him and Sally, it was his decision to make. He said he hoped that someday Summer would change her mind.

Lauren waylaid Sally and said she'd been sorry to hear about what had happened to Sally at Newman Media. Sally said she was very proud of what she'd accomplished there. Lauren said Chelsea was no longer designing for Fenmore's or Marchetti. Sally admitted she'd heard that. She asked if Lauren could forgive her for her past mistakes and consider trusting her again. Lauren said even though she was an amazing designer, Sally was her own worst enemy. Sally agreed that was a fair assessment of her past actions, but she'd left all that behind -- no more self-sabotaging or sabotaging anyone else.

Sally told Lauren she didn't think she would return to the world of fashion because she wanted to forge a new career path. Lauren and Michael wished her luck. Sally was happy they'd cleared the air, and she left to join Nick.

Michael received a text message from Victor. He told Lauren the message implied lives were at risk. He kissed Lauren and left.

Sally asked if Nick and Summer had had a good talk. Nick said he felt they'd straightened a few things out. Summer said she would give some thought to what Nick had said, and she left. Sally asked what Nick had told Summer. He said he'd been very direct with Summer, and he'd told her it was his decision who he dated.

At the Abbotts' Diane told Jack she had to get to work because she didn't want anyone getting the wrong impression. Ashley entered and asked, "Wrong impression about what?" Jack informed Ashley that he'd invited Diane to spend the night because she'd been rattled by the news that Jeremy Stark was in town, and he'd paid them a visit the previous evening. Jack said he couldn't imagine what would have happened if Harrison had opened the door to Stark.

Jack told Ashley he'd asked Phyllis how Jeremy had known where to find Diane and he'd gotten nowhere. He asked Ashley the same question. Diane left. Ashley asked Jack if Diane had used Stark's arrival as an excuse to jump into Jack's bed.

Jack told Ashley it was none of her business, and he asked again if she'd known anything about Stark showing up at their front door. Ashley vowed she hadn't known Stark was in town. Kyle entered and confirmed that Jeremy Stark was still in town. Kyle admitted he'd confronted Stark at his suite at the Grand Phoenix. Jack said that wasn't a coincidence because that was where Diane lived. Jack made arrangements to have Diane escorted to and from the office.

Kyle told Jack that he'd told Stark to leave Diane alone. He said Stark had said he had no ill will toward Diane, he'd only wanted to reconnect with an old flame, and he had just been released from prison. Ashley commented that Stark hadn't threatened anyone, and there wasn't any evidence that anyone was in danger.

Kyle told Ashley that Stark had lied; he was smooth and unflappable, but Stark's presence was a threat. Jack agreed and said that he'd gotten the same menacing feeling from Stark. He said Diane's fears were legitimate. Jack said Stark had sent Diane a text message saying it was a big mistake to have the Abbotts fight her battles. Kyle said he was furious with whomever had put Diane in that situation. Jack asked Kyle if Stark had given him any idea how he'd known where to find Diane. Kyle said he hadn't. Jack and Kyle agreed they needed extra security. Jack left.

Kyle told Ashley he didn't have proof that she, Nikki, and Phyllis had led a dangerous criminal to their town and put his family in danger. He said their situation was a direct result of Ashley's actions. Ashley apologized and said she hadn't been personally involved with Stark arriving in town. Kyle shouted that she, Nikki, and Phyllis had burdened Diane by bringing that monster to town.

Kyle asked Ashley if she didn't care how it would affect Harrison. Ashley said she would lay down her life to protect Harrison. Kyle vowed that if anyone was harmed by Stark, he would find out who'd been behind bringing him to town, but if he didn't, he would hold all three of them responsible. Kyle left.

Alone, Ashley remembered an encounter:

Phyllis said she, Nikki, and Ashley had made a pact to do everything necessary to get rid of Diane. Phyllis claimed she'd been forced to call Stark. Ashley asked Phyllis what would happen if it backfired. Phyllis claimed it wouldn't. Ashley pointed out that they had no idea whether Stark had gone to prison because of Diane. She asked how Stark would feel when he discovered the whole thing had been a hoax when he discovered he'd been used.

Nikki said they needed to be prepared in case Stark set his sights on them. Phyllis claimed they were both overreacting, but Ashley said they weren't and asked if Phyllis wanted to risk Stark getting violent with anyone including Diane, because Ashley didn't.

At Crimson Lights, Nikki was startled when she saw Jeremy Stark. Victoria asked if Nikki knew him. Nikki said he was Jeremy Stark. Nikki said she knew of him, and he was trouble. Victoria asked if he was the money launderer Diane had worked with. Nikki said yes and added that Jeremy had just been released from prison. Victoria asked if he was in Genoa City, searching for Diane, and she asked what Nikki had done. Nikki said it was complicated. Victoria asked if Nikki had been responsible for bringing a criminal to town. Nikki said she didn't want to discuss it there. She and Victoria left.

At Jabot, Phyllis knocked on Jack's office door. Diane arrived and told Phyllis that Jack hadn't arrived yet. Phyllis said she would wait. Phyllis claimed that Jack had been in a vile mood, probably because Diane had riled him up with her damsel in distress act. Diane claimed it hadn't been an act; she really was in danger. Diane informed Phyllis she'd spent the night at the Abbott house. Phyllis asked if Diane had taken her victim act right into Jack's bed. Phyllis smiled and said Diane hadn't had sex with Jack, or she would have been shouting it from the rooftop.

Diane admitted she'd slept in the guest room, and she had Phyllis to thank for it. Diane said Jack had been concerned about Jeremy Stark and the threat he posed. Jack believed it had been Phyllis' doing. Phyllis said she was sure Diane had definitely convinced Jack of that.

Diane told Phyllis that Jack had wanted to keep her safe. Gloating, Diane said Jack had been strong and protective. She said Phyllis had believed she'd been hurting Diane, but Phyllis had been strengthening the bond between Diane and Jack. Phyllis reminded Diane it wasn't an unbreakable bond. They were interrupted when Jeremy arrived and said he'd been hoping to find Diane there.

Diane asked how Stark had gotten into the building. Stark claimed he had his ways. Stark saw Phyllis and asked if she was Diane's friend. In unison, Diane and Phyllis said no. Diane said she'd assumed that he and Phyllis had been in contact, possibly through some anonymous mysterious phone call. Phyllis asked what Diane was talking about. Diane claimed Phyllis had told Stark where to find her. Stark said Phyllis' voice sounded familiar.

Phyllis said she had one of those voices that reminded people of someone. Phyllis said she had to leave because she had work to do, but Diane asked Phyllis to wait because she needed to talk to Phyllis about something. Phyllis refused, and she left.

Jeremy told Diane their conversation had been cut short, and they needed to finish it. Jeremy said he'd heard Diane had been instrumental in helping the authorities put him in prison. Diane denied it and accused Phyllis of providing him with that information because Phyllis had a grudge against her. She said Jeremy had been played. He didn't believe Diane. Jeremy said something concerned him deeply. He said everything had been taken from him when he'd been sent to prison.

Diane told Jeremy she didn't know what that had to do with her. Jeremy said he'd had one last shipment of cash that hadn't made it to the island, and the Feds didn't have it. He said it was all the money he had to start over. He said Diane had been in possession of it at the time, and he assumed she'd kept it for him; he wanted it back. He said once she returned the money, she would never see him again. Diane said she didn't have it.

Diane told Jeremy she'd used the money to rebuild her life after he'd gone to prison because he'd left her high and dry. She said she'd lived in constant fear the police would arrest her for the crimes Jeremy had forced her to commit. She claimed it had been her right to use that money to survive. Jeremy claimed it was his money, and Diane owed him. Jack arrived and stopped in his tracks when he saw Jeremy.

At Newman, Victoria asked Nikki if Jeremy had been looking for her. Nikki said Jeremy didn't know her or her name. Victoria asked if Nikki had helped bring him to town. Nikki admitted that she, Ashley, and Phyllis had had a plan for using Stark's release from prison as a way of scaring Diane out of town, but it hadn't been their intention to bring Stark to town.

Nikki told Victoria that Phyllis had gone rogue and contacted Stark directly. Phyllis had told Stark that Diane had been involved in his arrest and where he could find her. She said Phyllis had set things in motion, and they needed to take precautions.

Victor arrived and told Nikki and Victoria that he'd been informed that Jeremy Stark was in town. Nikki said they'd seen him at the coffeehouse. Victor said he'd alerted security that Stark wasn't to set foot in the building or the ranch. He said Stark was dangerous, and the threat was real. Victor said he was certain it had been Phyllis' doing. He said Nikki and Ashley had to separate themselves from Phyllis.

Nikki told Victor they'd all been working together, and she wouldn't feel right abandoning Phyllis. Victor said he'd assigned security to Nikki, Ashley, Summer, and Harrison. Victoria asked about the Abbotts. Victor said he didn't care about the Abbotts. He said the Abbotts had probably rallied around Diane as if she was the victim. Victor told Nikki she had to end her involvement in the situation immediately.

Victor said no harm would come to any member of his family because they would all be protected. Nikki asked if Victor blamed her for the mess. Victor said he didn't. He said Phyllis had been the one who'd brought that criminal to town. Victor left.

Outside Victoria's office, Victor told Michael a dangerous man had recently been released from prison and was in town. Victor said he needed to know everything about him.

Diane packs up and leaves town

Diane packs up and leaves town

Friday, December 9, 2022

by Nel

In his office, Jack asked Stark what was going on. Stark said it was just two old friends catching up. Jack responded that he was aware of Stark's friendship with Diane. Jack said Stark wasn't welcome at Jabot, and Jack would call security to fortify his point.

Stark laughed and said he was impressed that Diane's partner had such gravitas. Stark admitted that things had been friendlier when he'd dropped by the house, and Jack had said that any friend of Diane's was always welcome. Jack informed Stark that he'd since read the article about Stark's release from prison and the details of the crimes Stark had committed. Jack said he didn't want Stark hanging around.

Stark claimed Jack and Kyle had grossly misinterpreted his intensions. Stark asked if they thought he wanted to hurt Diane. Diane interjected that Stark was under the false impression that she'd helped the authorities convict and put him away. Jack asked Diane why Stark would think that. Diane said Jeremy had received an anonymous tip, and she assured Jeremy the tip had no merit.

Jeremy said no one could blame Diane for going to the authorities. Stark admitted that he'd used Diane shamelessly for his personal gain, and it had put Diane in self-preservation mode. Stark told Diane he'd never mentioned her name to the FBI, which he'd done so he could protect her. He said the only reason she'd been able to reunite with her family had been because of his goodwill and not because she'd struck a deal for immunity.

Stark said that there was a financial situation that he and Diane needed to discuss. Jack asked how much it would cost for Stark to leave Diane alone. Diane said Jack wasn't there to pay her debts or fight her battles. She reiterated that she didn't owe Stark anything. Jack told Stark to leave and never set foot in the building or Jack's home again. Stark left.

Diane told Jack that the more that Stark smiled, the more she was convinced that she was in serious danger. Jack agreed. He said if Stark had wanted money, he would have taken Jack's offer, but Stark was there to settle a score. Jack questioned whether they should involve the police, but Diane said that Jeremy hadn't threatened her.

Jack wanted to know if there should have been something in Diane's immunity deal about Stark not contacting her. Diane said that would have proven that she'd lied and that she had informed the authorities. Diane suggested they maintain that she'd had nothing to do with Stark's arrest. Jack suggested Witness Protection because Stark was coming after her. Diane refused. She said she hadn't fought that hard to reunite with Kyle, Harrison, and Jack to leave it all behind and start over with a new identity. Jack understood, and after meeting Stark, Jack admitted he was worried about her safety. Diane said she had an idea.

At Society, Ashley informed Tucker that Kyle was upset with her because Jeremy Stark was in town. Ashley said Jack and Kyle believed Diane was in danger, and they blamed her for it. Tucker said she was in over her head, and he suggested that Ashley distance herself from Nikki and Phyllis. Ashley commented that Tucker had done a complete turnaround since he'd provided her with the information connecting Diane to Stark.

Tucker said it hadn't been fair to Diane that Ashley, Nikki, and Phyllis had been conspiring to humiliate and destroy Diane's life. He wondered if Ashley's hatred of Diane was partially his fault. He said that back in the day, he'd cheated on Ashley with Diane, and as Ashley's fiancÚ, he'd betrayed her in the worst way. He admitted that his fling with Diane had been his fault.

Tucker said Jeremy Stark was trouble, and he suggested that Ashley let Nikki and Phyllis handle the Stark situation. Ashley said she'd only wanted Diane to leave town; she'd never wanted things to escalate the way they had. Tucker asked if that meant tearing Diane away from the only family she had.

Ashley told Tucker she didn't have any sympathy for Diane because Diane had devastated a young Kyle to save her own skin. Tucker understood why Ashley felt that way, but there was a big difference between not having any sympathy for Diane and running her out of town. Ashley said she had a lot of reasons for wanting Diane out of town, such as faking her death, which they'd all been arrested for. Ashley said she didn't want Diane sticking her fangs into Jack again, and Diane had had sex with her fiancÚ at that time.

Tucker asked if it was time for Ashley to let go of their painful past and stop letting it dictate their future. Tucker proclaimed his love for her, and he recalled Ashley saying love wasn't enough. He said looking back, he understood. He asked if it was enough if two people had evolved and had a deeper connection to each other. He remembered how good they had been together and declared that they could be "so much better" if Ashley would give them one more chance.

Ashley said she hadn't seen any evidence that Tucker had actually changed. She informed him that she wasn't prepared to give their romantic relationship another shot. Tucker said he wouldn't count himself out because he and Ashley were meant to be. Ashley left.

Nate arrived at Society, and when he saw Lily, he thanked her for allowing Elena to do a few more podcasts and then return to Newman Media. Lily said she hated to lose the talent, but she didn't want to force Elena to stay if she would rather work with Nate at Newman Media.

Lily told Nate that she and Devon were hurt and confused, and they couldn't understand how Nate could have betrayed them. Nate apologized, but he hoped that down the road, they would come together as a family. Lily said he'd broken their trust, and trust was everything with family. Nate responded that Devon had played a part in it, and he believed Lily knew that.

Lily said she wanted to get past it, but she warned Nate not to rush Devon because it would be much harder for him to forgive. Nate said he'd received a message from Imani that she and Amanda were staying in Virginia because something upsetting had happened, and Amanda had resigned. He asked what was going on with Devon. Lily indicated that it was a family issue and none of Nate's concern. When Devon arrived, Nate immediately asked if something had happened between him and Amanda because he'd heard Amanda was staying in Virginia. Devon said it was none of Nate's business. Devon and Lily went to their table.

Lily told Devon that Jill wanted to move forward with the IPO, and she felt they'd waited long enough. She shared that Jill had said that with Nate gone and unable to share any information with Victoria, there was no threat. Lily questioned whether Devon still thought Tucker posed a threat if they went public. Devon said the threat was still there because they had no idea what Tucker's intentions were. Lily said she didn't want to put Jill off, and she didn't want them to lose the potential growth of their company for "what ifs." Devon said they needed to wait if they wanted to find out what was going on in Tucker's head.

Devon asked Lily what she and Nate had been talking about. Lily said Nate wanted to earn their forgiveness, and she wanted to see things from both sides to see if they could move past it. Lily asked Devon if Nate had betrayed them any worse than Devon had betrayed Amanda. Devon said it was completely different. Lily said Devon had done something hurtful that he regretted, and he'd wanted Amanda's forgiveness. Lily asked how that was any different from Nate wanting their forgiveness.

Devon told Lily that what Nate had done had been calculated and planned. He pointed out how much time Nate had to have spent with Victoria, strategizing against them. Devon said what he and Abby had done had just happened; they hadn't planned to hurt anyone. He said Nate didn't regret anything.

At home, Abby stood to one side in tears as she listened to Chance tell Dominic he was leaving, but he would return soon. Chance assured Dominic that he would always have a mommy and daddy, and there were "so many" people who loved him.

After Chance had put Dominic down for a nap, Abby said Chance could come by to see Dominic anytime he wanted. She said she'd told Louise to give Chance priority when Abby wasn't home. Chance said he would make visitation a priority. As Chance was leaving, Abby cried out that she was sorry.

Chance told Abby he was sorry that things had reached that point. He said it had been an accumulation of many things; they'd gotten married too fast and tried to have a child before they'd really known each other. He said Abby had been caught off guard when he'd left on assignment after their wedding -- an assignment that had really messed him up because of what he'd gone through, what he'd brought home, and what he'd struggled with once he'd been home. He said they were two different people needing different things to make them happy, things they couldn't give each other. Chance said Abby and Devon had been the breaking point, but they'd been doomed from the beginning.

Abby asked Chance not to say that because it diminished all the love they'd had and still had for each other under all the pain. Chance said he'd disconnected from those feelings. He said too much had happened, and he'd accepted that things were over. He said that he hoped Abby would, too. Chance left.

At home, Jack confirmed that Diane's plan made sense; Kyle would take Diane to the Abbott cabin, leaving Stark to believe that Diane had disappeared, and hopefully, Stark would move on. Diane said if she stayed in town, it would put the family at risk. Diane claimed she wanted Jeremy to think she'd disappeared. She said if Nikki, Phyllis, and Ashley believed that, as well, they would believe they'd succeeded in getting rid of her.

Diane told Jack she'd been with Phyllis when Jeremy had shown up at Jabot. She said Phyllis had seemed a little nervous around Jeremy, and perhaps she'd finally realized that she'd played with fire. She said Jeremy had thought he'd recognized Phyllis' voice as the person who'd called him to tell him where to find Diane.

Diane told Jack her fears had been well-founded, and they needed to put her plan into motion. Jack assured her that he and Kyle would make sure nothing happened to her. Ashley arrived in time to see Diane in Jack's arms. Jack walked Diane to the door. In a loud voice, Diane thanked Jack for everything he'd done and said she couldn't put his family in jeopardy.

After Diane left, Jack angrily informed Ashley that Diane was leaving town. He said Stark had made it very clear that he was out to get Diane, thanks to Ashley and her friends. He said Diane might never return. Ashley claimed Diane leaving town was the best solution for everyone. Jack corrected Ashley and said Diane hadn't left town; she'd been forced to leave because Ashley, Nikki, and Phyllis had forced her hand.

Jack stated that Ashley's initial attempts to shame Diane had been small, petty, and juvenile, like a clique of high school mean girls, but luring a felon to town to harass Diane could get Diane killed. Ashley said she'd had absolutely nothing to do with Stark being in town. Jack shouted that all three of them were guilty. He said Stark seemed to think Phyllis had been the one who'd tipped him off. He spat that they'd gone too far.

At Society, Devon asked Abby if she was okay. She said Chance had packed his things earlier and left. In tears, she said it was really over. Devon hugged her.

At Crimson Lights, Chance told Sharon his marriage was over, and after saying goodbye to Abby, he'd moved out. He said it had been tough packing his things and realizing his life no longer revolved around his family. Chance said he'd tried to make something true that wasn't. He said it was another reason the divorce had to happen.

Sharon asked if Chance wanted to sit down and talk, but Chance declined because it felt too fresh. Chance said he would like to take Sharon up on her offer after things had settled down and he'd had time to process things.

Outside her suite, Diane ran into Tucker and asked if he was happy because things had come to a head because of him. She said that since Jeremy Stark's arrival, he'd been breathing down her neck, and she had to leave town because it was too dangerous. Tucker said he couldn't take all the credit, since he hadn't been the one smuggling cash out of the country with an international criminal. Tucker offered to give Diane money to help her get on her feet. Offended, Diane slapped Tucker across the face.

Diane warned Tucker that he, too, would crash and burn. She said he was deluded if he believed he could win Ashley back or ever outsmart Jack. Diane said she had half a mind to call Devon and tell him not to trust Tucker under any circumstances, but it wouldn't make a difference because whatever his plans were, they would be an epic failure.

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