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Chelsea made amends to the people she'd hurt. Billy agreed to go to couples counseling. Phyllis admitted that she'd told Jeremy where to find Diane. Summer fired Phyllis. Lily and Devon hired Daniel to start a gaming platform for Chancellor-Winters. Daniel invited Phyllis to work with him.
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Chelsea made amends to the people she'd hurt. Devon ordered Nate to stay out of his life. Summer fired Phyllis, and Daniel invited Phyllis to work with him.
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Chelsea pours out her heart to the people she hurt

Chelsea pours out her heart to the people she hurt

Monday, December 12, 2022

Adam was in a sour mood when he stopped by Crimson Lights for coffee. Sharon subtly attempted to point out to Adam that his attitude would not improve his day. Adam thanked Sharon for the advice she had given him about how to talk to Chelsea, explaining that it had really helped them band together for Connor's sake. Adam admitted he and Chelsea had rather quickly taken a step back after he had pushed too hard, even though he had not mentioned Billy. Sharon advised Adam to take things slow and steady and not attempt shortcuts. Adam confessed that he had been concerned about dropping Connor off with Chelsea because he was never sure about her state of mind.

At the apartment above Crimson Lights, Chelsea cooked a stack of fluffy pancakes for Connor's breakfast. Connor emerged from his bedroom, dressed for school. Chelsea cheerily greeted her son with a hug, announced that she had made pancakes, and assured him that it would be a good day. In between bites of pancakes, Connor told his mom that the bully he had encountered in class had been nicer to him, though he believed it was because the guidance counselor had intervened. Chelsea remarked that Connor should take the win as another good sign.

Chelsea assured Connor that she was feeling good after sleeping well. Connor, recalling that his mom had been feeling the opposite of happy for a while, replied, "I like seeing you happy." Chelsea assured Connor that it was okay to talk about the "bad stuff" because they should not pretend it did not happen. Chelsea cheerily greeted Adam when he arrived and offered him pancakes. Connor proudly announced that his mom was feeling better. Adam replied, "I'm glad to hear that."

While Adam was upstairs at Chelsea's, Sharon spoke with Faith on the phone. They discussed Faith's classes, and Sharon assured her daughter she would figure out which subjects interested her. Sharon had just concluded her phone call when Adam returned with Chelsea and Connor. Sharon asked Connor if he was off to school. Connor said he was. Chelsea told her son that he would find an extra treat from Crimson Lights in his backpack. Adam noted that in addition to being a good landlord, Sharon was a good family friend. Chelsea gave her son a hug before he left with his dad.

Sharon inquired about Chelsea's therapy. Chelsea replied that though her conversation with her therapist had been leading to a new course, she felt ready to face the challenge. Sharon assured Chelsea that she could conquer it. Chelsea, explaining to Sharon that she desired to make amends, admitted that she had harbored long-ignored self-hatred. Chelsea acknowledged that she hated many things she had done, including having been taught by her mother at a very young age to con people.

Unable to shake off the shame, Chelsea acknowledged to Sharon that the festering pain had seeped out in other ways until coming to a head in a very dangerous, life-threatening situation. Chelsea cried that she had faced the good, the bad, and the ugly. Chelsea offered Sharon a heartfelt apology. Sharon replied, "Thank you." Chelsea admitted she had blamed Sharon for all the troubles she had had with Adam. Chelsea explained that she understood that Adam had only been helping Sharon through her health crisis the same way he was helping her with her mental health breakdown. Chelsea admitted she had regarded Sharon as a threat and had reacted accordingly, the way she had been taught to react.

Chelsea apologized again for not having realized that Sharon had a good heart, acknowledging that Sharon's help had been lifesaving. Sharon replied, "Apology accepted. I know how much courage it takes to open yourself up and bare your soul and admit your mistakes, so I hope it helps lift your shame away." Chelsea thanked Sharon for her forgiveness and said she wished she could also apologize to Rey. Sharon explained that she still "talked" to Rey every day. Sharon said she believed Rey could hear Chelsea loud and clear, though he did not need her apology. Sharon said she knew firsthand that Rey had forgiven Chelsea long before. When Adam returned after dropping Connor off at school, Chelsea asked him if he could accompany her to her apartment. Adam replied, "Yes. Absolutely."

Adam and Chelsea entered her apartment. Adam, noticing that Chelsea was no longer smiling as before, asked her what had happened while he had been away dropping Connor off at school. Chelsea explained that she had been "feeling her feelings" instead of running from them, suppressing them, or drowning in them. Chelsea told Adam she had been taking accountability for her actions and making amends, first to Sharon. Adam assured Chelsea that she need not apologize to him, acknowledging that he had put her through hell. Chelsea agreed they had been through a lot, though she needed to apologize.

Chelsea recalled the love she had for Adam. Chelsea owned up to her lies and deception, even involving Connor when she had lied that Adam was not his father. Chelsea admitted she often blamed Adam instead of facing her issues, even having faked the severity of her stroke to hide her pain and mental illness. Chelsea said she realized Adam had been trying to help, and she apologized from the bottom of her heart. Adam accepted Chelsea's apology and expressed admiration for her willingness to clear up the past. Chelsea explained that therapy had helped her see her motivations clearly and acknowledge that she had relied on others to fix what was wrong. Chelsea told Adam she would offer an apology to Victoria and also to Johnny, if allowed. Chelsea admitted that apologizing to Billy would be the most difficult.

Billy ran into Lily at Crimson Lights. Billy approached, recalled that Lily had left early, and said, "Good morning, beautiful." Lily apologized, explaining that she had arranged an early meeting. After Billy asked about the meeting, Lily became quite defensive and explained that her meeting had gotten canceled, offering to prove it. Billy told Lily it felt like they were two ships passing in the night. Lily asked about Billy's late night. Billy said he had stopped by Noah's club for a nightcap and had had a difficult encounter with Adam.

Lily asked Billy if Adam resented Billy's ongoing involvement with Chelsea. Billy shrugged and replied, "Well, you clearly do. I never thought you and Adam would be on the same side of anything." Billy asked Lily why she had encouraged Chelsea to keep her distance from him. Lily sighed and replied, "Billy, that is not how the conversation went. We talked very openly and honestly, and it was actually a good conversation."

Lily asked Billy if Chelsea had insinuated that she had "drawn a line in the sand for her man." Billy said Chelsea had not said so exactly. Lily recalled that Chelsea had told her their conversation had meant a lot to her, so there was no reason she should be blamed for anything. Billy said Chelsea had not blamed Lily. Lily replied, "So then you are?"

Billy recalled that after Lily had spoken to Chelsea, Chelsea had pushed him away and stopped responding to his text messages. Lily explained that she had told Chelsea to rely on the support of other people, which had not been a warning to stay away from Billy. Billy asked Lily why it troubled her for him to help Chelsea. Lily said it was Billy who clearly seemed to be troubled. Billy asked Lily if she regarded his closeness to Chelsea as a threat. Lily warned Billy that he was getting "a new high akin to gambling" out of his interactions with Chelsea and her recovery, which she feared was far riskier than gambling. Billy replied, "You think I'm looking for some kind of fix?"

Billy insisted that Lily discuss their issues with him and not Chelsea. Lily assured Billy she never would out of concern for Chelsea. Lily told Billy she wanted him to find peace, though achieving it had taken hers in exchange, and she could no longer handle it. Billy's phone indicated he had received a message. Lily sighed and said, "Billy again to the rescue."

Billy read the message, which explained that Chelsea wanted to know if he was free because she needed to see him. Lily insisted that Billy attend to Chelsea like he always did. Later, Daniel arrived and offered to buy coffee for Lily. Lily, still reeling from her unpleasantness with Billy, asked for a rain check. Daniel said he could see that Lily was clearly upset, and he offered to listen.

Chelsea welcomed Billy when he arrived. Chelsea told Billy that her therapist had set her on a mission to make amends. Chelsea admitted it had been difficult and also healing. Chelsea was thankful, she explained, for having made important progress. Chelsea recalled having met Billy before anyone else in town and before she had arrived in Genoa City. Chelsea stammered and cried that she did not know how to find the words to apologize to Billy. Billy listened sympathetically as Chelsea poured out her heart.

In the Jabot office building, Summer led Daniel on a tour of Marchetti's wing. Daniel was impressed with Summer's swanky office. Daniel bragged about how proud he was of his sister. Lowering his voice, Daniel inquired about the tight security, including a guard stationed outside Summer's office door. Summer avoided the subject by claiming that the company had encountered a couple of instances of corporate espionage. After Summer asked Daniel about his work at Chancellor-Winters, he said his project was being kept under wraps. Daniel did reveal that he was stoked about creating a new and exciting platform.

Mentioning Summer's family life, Daniel praised his sister's seamless transition into motherhood. Summer bragged that Harrison was the sweetest guy alive. Summer acknowledged that Lucy wasn't such a little girl anymore. Daniel joked that he was bracing himself, recalling that both he and Summer had once been wild teenagers. Summer proclaimed that she and Daniel were troublemakers no more. Lauren arrived, welcomed Daniel, and asked about his dad. Daniel said he had spoken to his dad recently and suggested he also return to Genoa City when the time was right. Lauren seemed pleased.

After Daniel left, Lauren told Summer she hoped Daniel might be a distraction for Phyllis. Lauren told Summer she was concerned that Phyllis' battle with Diane had escalated. Jack arrived. Summer mentioned to Jack that she had assured Lauren there was no need to worry about Phyllis' tensions with Diane any longer because Diane had left Marchetti. Lauren was surprised and said she had heard that Diane had been doing a good job. Jack explained that Diane had been called out of town on a personal emergency. Lauren said she hoped everything would be okay. Jack nodded and said it would be fine. Summer explained that though she wished no ill will toward Diane, she hoped things would be more peaceful.

At the Abbott home, Nikki and Phyllis met with Ashley. Phyllis expressed concern about them conversing where Kyle, Summer, Jack, or Diane could walk in at any minute. Phyllis informed Nikki that Diane had slept over because she was afraid of Jeremy Stark. Ashley replied, "I assure you that there's nobody here but Harrison and the nanny." Nikki admitted that perhaps they had taken it too far with Diane. Phyllis disagreed. Ashley informed Nikki and Phyllis that they had accomplished their goal, explaining that Diane was officially gone. Phyllis asked for details.

Ashley told Phyllis that her plan had worked because Diane had left to get away from Stark. Phyllis replied, "She just left, after all this time?" Ashley recalled that she had walked in while Jack and Diane had been engaged in an extremely intense embrace and later learned that afterward, Diane had packed her bags and left to somewhere unknown. Nikki gasped and said, "Wow. I mean, this is fantastic news. This awful chapter is finally over."

Nikki, relieved, said she was certain their families would be safe and that no harm had been done to anyone in the process. Ashley replied, "I don't know if that's true." Nikki asked Ashley if someone had been hurt during their quest to get rid of Diane. Phyllis said, "Not just someone. You're talking about Jack, right?" Ashley said, "Yes, I am. He is extremely angry with me, and I think I've potentially alienated him." Nikki was certain Jack would agree in the long run that they had done the right thing and might even thank them.

Jack and Summer stepped into his office at Jabot to talk after they spoke briefly with Lauren. Summer said she had heard from Kyle. Jack replied that he had also been made aware that the plan to drive Jeremy Stark out of town before he did any more damage had been set in motion and that Kyle had taken Diane to the Abbott cabin without drawing suspicion. Summer sighed, acknowledging the importance of convincing others that Diane had fled in fear of her life. Jack agreed that no one, especially Jeremy Stark, could know where Diane was. Jack included Harrison and Daniel among the people who should not be informed. Summer agreed to remain mum, explaining that she had not revealed to Daniel why extra security was in place. Jack told Summer that mum would also be the word when dealing with Ashley, Nikki, and Phyllis.

Phyllis knocked on Jack's office door. Summer let her mother inside. Jack barked, "Phyllis, what do you want?" Phyllis asked about Diane. Jack told Phyllis she had succeeded and made Diane leave town. Phyllis claimed that Diane's decision had nothing to do with her. Jack blamed Phyllis for contacting Stark and tipping him off. Jack told Phyllis she had won.

After Jack left, Phyllis asked Summer if she shared Jack's anger, claiming that Diane had made the choice to leave to avoid her "ex-con former lover." Summer accused Phyllis of leading Stark to Diane's doorstep. Summer acknowledged that though they had both tired of Diane's nonstop parade of untruths, the situation had changed after Phyllis had put the family in real danger. Phyllis cried that no one had considered the issue from her side. Summer cried that her mom's side was indefensible.

After Summer left Jack's office, Phyllis had a shocking encounter with Jeremy Stark. Phyllis said, "Mr. Stark, you got up here again, um, past security. Wow." Jeremy replied, "Yeah. Wow. What can I say? I can be very persuasive." Jeremy told Phyllis he was looking for Diane. Phyllis replied that Diane was not there, explaining that she and Diane were not friends.

Jeremy said he knew Diane had left her hotel suite and had not shown up for work. Phyllis replied, "That's news to me. I don't know where she is." Jeremy told Phyllis he knew she had called him to alert him about Diane. Stepping closer to Phyllis, Jeremy told her they should find a place to speak privately.

Before departing the Abbott home, Nikki visited with Harrison briefly upstairs. Ashley admitted she felt bad about Harrison's repeated inquiries about Dee Dee. Nikki said the boy would be better off without Diane's destructive influence. Jack entered, slamming the door behind him. Jack said he guessed Nikki and Ashley had been celebrating Diane's departure.

Nikki exchanged glances with Ashley and told Jack that Ashley had filled her in about Diane's exit, which she felt was not a great loss. Jack told Nikki she should ask Kyle and Harrison about their losses. Ashley insisted that Diane had left of her own free will. Jack angrily replied that Diane had left to protect herself and them from a hardened criminal. Jack accused Nikki and Ashley of breaking Kyle and Harrison's hearts.

Devon demands that Nate stay out of his life

Devon demands that Nate stay out of his life

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

At Society, Lily insisted to Daniel that she was fine, but he sensed that she was upset. Lily imagined there was a law against talking about current relationship issues with an ex. Daniel reasoned that if he were a bartender or cab driver, she'd tell him the whole story. Lily argued that she'd never have to see a third party like that again, and Daniel promised to forget every word of the conversation afterward. He reasoned that while they were exes, their friendship was bigger than that. Lily confided that she felt like she was losing Billy -- or maybe they were losing one another.

Lily figured that all couples clashed sometimes, and she and Billy were very different people. Daniel commented that opposites attracted, but Lily felt like something had changed. Daniel recalled that Billy had always had destructive habits. Lily confirmed that her instincts were telling her exactly that, but she didn't know if it was a fair assessment because Billy had been helping a woman who'd genuinely been going through a difficult time. Daniel inquired whether Lily thought something was going on between Billy and the woman, but Lily was sure it was nothing romantic.

Lily explained that Billy had been helping the woman at the exclusion of everything else, making her the center of his universe. Lily revealed that Billy had been there for his female friend at a crucial moment, and it seemed like they'd developed a weird dependency on one another. Lily bemoaned that she sounded heartless, but Daniel opined that she sounded like a woman whose boyfriend had been showing up for someone else, leaving her simmering on the back burner. Lily swore that she wasn't insensitive to what Billy's friend was going through, and she teased Daniel for forcing her to overshare.

Daniel guessed that Billy had gotten his act together, or Lily wouldn't have become that involved with him. Lily marveled that Billy could be the most exciting man in the room, since he was thoughtful, charming, and everything she could want in a partner. "Until he isn't," Daniel flatly stated. Daniel noted that Billy had also made impulsive choices that had led to disastrous outcomes. Daniel queried whether Billy was falling into old patterns, even though he was trying to be a stand-up guy. Lily groaned that it felt like a symptom.

Lily remarked that it felt good to talk about it, since it had been driving her crazy. Daniel firmly stated that whatever was going on wasn't because of her. She conceded that her head knew that, but her heart wasn't so sure. He thought she was being too nice, and he suggested that she and Billy set more defined boundaries. Lily fretted that she shouldn't be talking about it, since she was still figuring things out. Daniel optimistically theorized that Billy was more noble than anyone had ever given him credit for, and Billy needed to be that involved to help a person make it through a difficult time.

Lily worried that there was an underlying addictive component to what Billy was doing. She recognized that he was doing a good thing by helping someone through a hard time; however, it seemed like he wanted and needed his friend to have him be the one she turned to, and it had become his sole focus in life. Lily begged Daniel to tell her she was misreading the situation, but he trusted her gut instinct. Daniel chalked it up to Billy being Billy, and he warned Lily not to try to change her beau because people had to want to change.

Lily called Daniel a good friend, and she was happy she could still share things with him. She said she felt better, and she thanked him. Lily supposed that it might just be a rough patch that she and Billy would work through. Daniel mused that he just wanted her to be happy, and he hoped Billy could help her find that happiness.

At Chelsea's apartment, Billy swore that there was nothing Chelsea needed to make amends for. Chelsea countered that while she appreciated him trying to let her off the hook, they both knew that wasn't true. She insisted that she had to do it for his sake as well as for her own. Chelsea recognized that she couldn't force him to hear it, but she hadn't given him a choice when they'd practically been strangers, and she was incredibly ashamed of it. Billy acknowledged that she was talking about what had happened in Myanmar. She specified that it had been the night Johnny had been conceived.

Billy swore that what had happened in Myanmar was ancient history, and he and Chelsea had been different people then. Chelsea was adamant that she needed to own what she'd done by showing him the respect she hadn't shown him that night. She admitted that what she'd done had been wrong, and there was no excusing it. Chelsea recognized that Billy had only been another mark to her when they'd had sex. She regretted that he'd been thrown into an awful prison and didn't remember any of it because she'd drugged him. Chelsea had once considered it a crazy night that had gone too far, but she'd since realized that it hadn't been consensual when he'd been high out of his mind.

Billy figured that he'd had a wild streak his entire life, and he'd enjoyed every minute of his walk on the wild side. Chelsea told him to stop making excuses for her, and he wondered why it was so important for her to address. Chelsea expected that Johnny would eventually ask questions about how she'd met his dad, and it broke her heart for both Johnny and Billy. Chelsea insisted that it mattered that it hadn't been real consent. Billy acknowledged that his son had been created that night with someone he'd barely known, but Johnny existed because of it. Billy added that he wouldn't change a thing because he loved his son, but his voice faltered when he thought about something like that happening to Johnny. "I know. I know, Billy, and I am so sorry," Chelsea cried.

Billy said he appreciated the apology. Chelsea called it a release to force herself to look at the destructive things she'd done instead of pushing them down and letting them control her. Billy swore that he'd moved on, and he considered the most important thing to be that Johnny was happy, healthy, and thriving. Billy urged Chelsea to move on, too.

Billy was confident that Chelsea would no longer do the same thing if she found herself in the same situation because she wasn't the same person, and he commended her for bravely accepting responsibility for her actions. Chelsea refused to ask for forgiveness because what she'd done had been unforgivable. She assured him that she was raising Connor to be a better person than she'd ever been. Chelsea expressed gratitude that Billy was showing her some semblance of kindness, since it was more than she deserved.

Abby stopped by Devon's empty penthouse with Dominic in tow. She promised her son that they'd go back to the park the next day, and she cooed that he'd been turning into a baby snowman. She removed the tot's outerwear and suggested they get cozy and warm at Daddy Devon's place. Abby mentioned that Devon had said he'd be back soon, and he'd told them to make themselves at home. She thought they'd needed a change of scenery, since things had been sad at home since Chance had left. Abby promised everything would be okay.

Abby picked up a framed picture of the Winters family and showed it to Dominic, pointing to his daddy, Aunt Lily, and Grandpa Neil. Abby recalled that Grandpa Neil had been very good friends with Grandpa Victor, just like she was friends with the boy's dad. She flashed back to having sex with Devon. Abby stressed that her friendship with Dominic's father went way back and was very important to her. She whimpered that she didn't know what was going to happen next.

Abby plopped down on the stairs with Dominic and regretted that things were weird. She remembered that things had been strange before she'd been born, too, since her parents hadn't been together, and she'd had a wonderful second dad. She recalled that she'd had a lot of love around her, just like Dominic had. She swore that things didn't have to be bad just because they'd been different since Chance had moved out, and she pledged that everything would get better.

Connor stepped into Crimson Lights, and Sharon asked how school had been that day. "Incredibly school-like," he replied, and she offered to make him some hot chocolate after he told her about one thing he'd learned that day. He shared some facts about lichens, and Johnny joined the conversation. Sharon asked the barista to fetch some hot chocolate, and she invited the boys to have a seat. Johnny and Connor passed by Chance as they headed to a table.

Chance ordered black coffee, and he observed that the boys looked like they were having a good time. Sharon inquired about how things were with Chance and Abby, and he said he'd barely seen Abby since he'd moved out. Sharon reiterated her willingness to be a sounding board, but Chance didn't want to get in the way of the boys' hot cocoa. Sharon dropped off the mugs to Johnny and Connor, and Connor exclaimed that the drink looked even better than the last time. Johnny admired the special treatment Connor seemed to get there, and he suggested that they hang out more often.

Johnny showed Connor a link to a video game they could play together online. Connor said he had to run it by his mom first, since she always checked to make sure what he was doing was age appropriate. Johnny mentioned that his mom was the same way, and he asked if Chelsea was strict. Connor explained that she wouldn't let him start gaming until his homework and chores were done. Connor admitted that it could be rough sometimes, but he could handle when she was bossy because at least they were together after spending a lot of time apart.

Sharon returned to Chance's table. Chance applauded how Connor and Johnny had made the transition from being cousins to brothers look easy. Chance shared that he was doing everything he could to keep things amicable with Abby, but he had a lot of things going on inside. Sharon counseled that the key was to find a healthy way to get those feelings out, and Chance assumed she meant talking to her. Sharon pointed out that he could go hit a punching bag at the gym, but he thought boxing would remind him of Victor, so he opted to stick with Sharon.

Chance shared that he'd read that early childhood trauma could impact kids for the rest of their lives, and he worried about Dominic going through such big changes at a young age. Sharon assured him that he, Abby, and Devon were all putting Dominic first and doing everything they could, and she swore that it would get easier in time. Chance recalled that he'd spent his entire childhood believing his dad was dead, and he'd felt the loss despite having a great mom and stepdad.

Chance believed he'd failed because he'd wanted things to be less complicated for his own son. Sharon protested that Chance hadn't failed, since Dominic would always be in his life, and the boy had many people who loved him. Sharon gazed over at Johnny and Connor and noted that they'd been through divorces, stepparents, and finding out they were brothers, yet they were doing great. She envisioned a bright future for Dominic, too.

Sharon commented that children were resilient, and Chance pledged to remember that to help him worry less about Dominic. Sharon told him that adults could be resilient, too, and she referred to the many things he'd overcome. Chance figured that the breakup of his marriage should be easy to get over compared to what had happened in Spain, but he lamented that it wasn't. Sharon sympathized that nothing was bigger than family, and she advised him not to discount what he was going through.

Chance recognized that wallowing wasn't the answer, and he pondered how to add Johnny and Connor's vibe to his life. Sharon proposed that he ask the boys for advice, but Chance hesitated to unload his problems on the kids. Sharon encouraged him to ask about what was putting smiles on their faces to show the adults how to do it.

A short time later, Johnny and Connor explained the concept of their video game to Chance, and Chance compared the monsters in the game to criminals. Chance asked the boys to teach him how to play, and they happily obliged. Chance and Sharon exchanged smiles.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria told Nate to expect emails from her assistant, outlining their itinerary for their trip to L.A. She advised him to be prepared to be overwhelmed by a warm reception, since everyone was looking forward to meeting him. Nate hoped it was okay that he'd added a meeting with an up-and-coming singing sensation to discuss cutting a long-term deal. Victoria supposed there was no harm in having a meeting.

Nate mentioned that Elena was checking her schedule to see if she could join them, and Victoria voiced surprise that he intended to take Elena on his first business trip with Newman. Victoria warned that it wasn't a vacation, and they'd only be there for one day with back-to-back meetings scheduled. Nate assured her that he'd be laser focused. He received a text message from Elena, who informed him that she couldn't make the trip because she had to fill in for doctors who were out sick. Devon appeared in the doorway and sternly requested to speak to Nate alone.

Nate said he'd be happy to speak with Devon, but he and Victoria were in the middle of a meeting. Victoria figured that they'd covered all the pertinent details, and she stepped out. Nate asked Devon what the emergency was. Devon recalled that Nate had sat in on numerous Chancellor-Winters meetings to gather information to use against his family, and he spat that Nate had lost the right to involve himself in Devon's professional life and personal life. Devon growled that whatever had happened between Amanda and him was none of Nate's business.

Nate snapped that Devon and Amanda had been the last thing on his mind, and he wasn't sure why Devon had barged in. Devon testily pointed out that Nate had asked Lily about the couple, and when her answer hadn't been good enough, Nate had called Imani. Nate defended that he'd contacted Imani to find out whether Naya's condition had changed. Devon accused Nate of steering the conversation to Devon and Amanda. Nate claimed that the topic had arisen naturally after Amanda's abrupt relocation.

Nate wondered what had happened to cause Amanda to walk away from both her job and a committed relationship with Devon. Devon barked that it was natural to let things go when one was told something was none of their business. Nate remarked that it was quite a touchy subject, and he questioned what Devon had done to mess things up with Amanda. Nate reported that Amanda had told Imani that something had gone down between Amanda and Devon that had made Amanda decide not to stick around Genoa City, but Amanda hadn't revealed what it had been.

Nate contemplated why Amanda had chosen to walk away from a relationship with Devon when Naya's condition hadn't changed, and he speculated that Devon and Amanda had had a big falling-out. Devon demanded to know why Nate was obsessed with a family he wasn't part of anymore. Nate recounted that Amanda had stopped by his place the last time she'd been in town, and she'd been determined to find a way to make things work between Nate and Devon. Nate realized that after his conversation with Amanda about family and forgiveness, he'd last seen her with Chance right before they'd entered Devon's place. Nate noted that Devon and Amanda had abruptly broken up afterward, and he found the timing curious.

Devon questioned why Nate was acting like he cared when he'd been ready to sell his family out. Nate cited the obstacles Devon and Amanda had faced to be together, and he observed that they'd looked like the perfect couple. Nate recalled Amanda saying beautiful things about her love for Devon the last time they'd spoken. Nate believed there was more to the story, given how evasive Devon was being. Nate suspected that Devon had been acting holier-than-thou when Devon had his own mistakes to answer for.

Nate ranted that he was tired of Devon dumping on him and calling him a horrible human being, even after Nate had repeatedly apologized. Devon blasted Nate for thinking he could undo the damage he'd caused. Nate argued that Devon had rebuffed his attempts to reach out, yet Devon had shown up at Nate's place of business to get in his face for asking why Devon's relationship had crashed and burned. Nate added that he'd admitted what he'd planned to do, and he accused Devon of not having the guts to admit what he'd done to Amanda.

Devon contended that he didn't owe Nate any respect or explanation. Nate reasoned that since Devon had made it clear that they weren't family or colleagues, there was no reason for Devon to show up there again. Devon warned Nate not to give him a reason, and he demanded that Nate stay out of his life. Devon stormed out.

Jack wants Summer and Kyle to decide whether to fire Phyllis

Jack wants Summer and Kyle to decide whether to fire Phyllis

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

by Nel

At Society, Traci commented that Lily looked like she was a million miles away. Lily admitted she'd been thinking about Billy. Traci said she'd noticed things seemed a bit off between Lily and Billy at Thanksgiving. Traci said things had to have been difficult for Lily after Billy had stepped down as COO. Lily admitted it had thrown her, but she'd understood Billy's reasons. Lily acknowledged the timing had been difficult. She said that after Nate had left, there had been a lot of turnover, and the things she'd thought she could count on had fallen apart.

Traci asked if things between Lily and Billy were more than a little bumpy. Lily admitted they were. Lily claimed Billy's focus had shifted, and they weren't in sync. Traci asked if Billy was gambling again. Lily assured her he wasn't, but he needed to find a new purpose because the corporate world wasn't what he wanted.

Traci told Lily that Billy had done that a few times in the past. Traci said he seemed to throw himself completely into whatever new thing he'd seen for himself. Lily agreed; she said it had taken over Billy's life, and in turn, it had taken over hers. Lily claimed her focus was solely on Billy and what he would do next rather than on her job. Lily apologized for dumping everything on Traci. Lily said she and Billy had been talking past each other rather than to each other.

Traci suggested that Lily and Billy needed an objective third party to help them navigate their troubles. Lily asked if Traci meant a couple's counselor. Lily felt it was the right direction, but she wasn't sure Billy would go for it. Traci asked Lily not to give up on Billy because Billy needed her. Traci said couples went through rough patches, and she hoped that was all it was between them because she could see how much they loved each other. Lily said it felt like she was the only one trying to hold things together. Traci suggested that Lily tell Billy she couldn't do it alone, and Billy had to help.

At the Glam Club, when Billy saw Daniel, he commented that he'd heard Daniel's project was exciting and would keep Daniel in town for a while. Billy claimed Lily would eventually provide him with the details of Daniel's project. Daniel admitted that he wanted to create something massive and aspirational. He said it was a shame Billy had left Chancellor-Winters, because he would have been excited about Daniel's vision. Billy told Daniel to count his blessings because had he stayed, he probably would have screwed it up. Billy admitted it had been time for him to move on.

Daniel asked what was next for Billy. Billy said he was still trying to figure it out. Daniel said it was good to have choices. Billy agreed, but he was curious why Daniel had questioned him about his choices, since Daniel hadn't been interested in Billy's career in the past. Daniel offered that his point of view had adjusted. Daniel said Billy had a very impressive résumé, and when the right opportunity presented itself, Billy would have a very supportive partner. Daniel said he wished Billy would return the favor and support Lily. Billy said he'd been nothing but supportive of Lily.

Daniel pointed out that Billy had chosen to walk away just when the situation at Chancellor-Winters had appeared a little dicey. He said Lily had been struggling, and it looked like Billy had abandoned her. Billy was about to leave when Daniel said it was a platform that helped people find their purpose. Billy walked away.

At Jabot, Tucker told Ashley he'd seen Diane the previous evening, and Diane had informed him that she was leaving town. Ashley said Jack had raked her over the coals for what he'd believed had been Ashley's fault. Tucker laughed. Ashley asked if he was there to be condescending. Tucker claimed they'd made great progress the previous day, and he wanted to keep that momentum going. He asked Ashley to accompany him on a drive around the lake. Ashley agreed.

Harrison arrived home from school with Summer, and he showed Jack a picture he'd drawn for Dee Dee. Harrison asked when Dee Dee would return. Jack explained that Dee Dee had to take a trip, and she would return much later. Jack said Dee Dee wanted Harrison to know she would be thinking about him every day. Summer added that Dee Dee loved Harrison very much. Jack said when Dee Dee returned, she and Harrison would have extra fun. Harrison asked if Dee Dee would be home for Christmas. Jack didn't have an answer.

After Summer ended her call with Kyle, she told Jack that Diane had settled in; she wasn't happy she was there, but she knew it was for the best. Jack warned that only he, Kyle, and Summer knew where Diane was, and they couldn't risk Stark discovering Diane's location. Jack said when Kyle returned, they needed to strategize how to neutralize Stark and get him to leave town. He insisted that until then, Diane didn't have a life to return to, and it wouldn't be easy to get Stark to leave.

Jack told Summer that when he'd offered to pay Stark to leave Diane alone, Stark had turned him down. Jack said he'd recognized that it hadn't been about the cash, but rather a score to settle with Diane. Jack hoped Stark would realize Diane had left town to get away from him. Jack vowed he would find Stark's Achilles heel.

Jack told Summer that Diane had brought some of it on herself, but he wouldn't rest until he knew Diane was safe. Summer noted that he and Diane had grown close, and it was sweet how protective Jack was of Diane. Summer asked how Jack was able to forgive Diane so easily, but he couldn't do the same with Phyllis. Summer admitted Phyllis had crossed the line when she'd lured Stark to town and put them all in jeopardy. Summer asked Jack how many times Diane had told him there weren't any more secrets, yet there was always another one.

Jack said since Diane's return, Diane had gone to great lengths to show she wasn't the same person who'd faked her death and turned their lives upside down, and he hadn't forgotten the things she'd tried to cover up. Jack understood that Diane had been afraid Tucker would undo all the progress she'd made with Kyle. He said if they'd known about her involvement with Stark, they would have judged her and cut her loose. He said Diane had been playing defense since her arrival in town. Jack said Diane was trying to prove her worth as a mother and a grandmother, and she truly had tried to reinvent herself.

Jack told Summer that Phyllis had been on the warpath since the day they'd discovered Diane was alive. Jack admitted there was a deep connection between him and Phyllis that went back to a time before Summer had been born. He said it had been a giant part of his life, and he'd never believed it would disappear; however, he couldn't sit back anymore and say that was who Phyllis was every time something happened. He said Phyllis had created a danger for all of them. Summer said she and Jack wouldn't agree about Diane, but she understood why Jack was willing to give Diane the benefit of the doubt.

Summer said it all came down to Kyle, who wanted his mother, and Jack had to support that. Jack said it was the same way Summer had to support Phyllis, even though Summer was very angry with her. Summer admitted she'd held out hope that Jack and Phyllis would work things out and settle down together. Summer commented that Phyllis couldn't get out of her own way, and it was costing her everything that would make her happy.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis joined Jeremy on the patio and said she was surprised he was still in town because he didn't seem like a patient person. Jeremy said Phyllis wasn't, either, and he admitted he'd researched her. He said it was great to put a face to the anonymous caller who'd helped him track Diane to Genoa City. Phyllis denied making the call. Jeremy said Diane had made it very clear that Phyllis had it in for her. Phyllis admitted there was a mutual animosity between them; however, Diane claiming Phyllis had made the call didn't make it true.

Phyllis asked why Jeremy was there and what his plans were. Jeremy claimed he'd arrived in Genoa City to catch up with an old friend. Phyllis was sure Jeremy had other friends and asked what the urgency was to catch up with Diane. Jeremy informed her that Diane had something that belonged to him, and he wanted Diane to return it. He said he'd booked the first flight to Genoa City after the anonymous call. Jeremy said he'd had to see her face to face because he could always tell when someone was lying to him.

Jeremy asked Phyllis where she'd gotten the information that Diane had turned him in to the FBI. Phyllis maintained that she hadn't made the call to him. Jeremy said if Diane had turned him in to the Feds, he had every reason to be angry with her. Jeremy said Phyllis had many attributes that could be of service to him, since she wasn't bound by conventional morality, and he was very motivated to see Diane.

Phyllis understood that Jeremy wanted Phyllis to help him find Diane. Phyllis said she felt that when Jeremy found Diane, he intended to make her pay for what she'd done to him. Jeremy said he didn't think Phyllis would have a problem with that. Stark said the woman who'd called him had to have realized how he would react after serving a heavy prison sentence. He claimed that he and Phyllis wanted the same thing.

Phyllis admitted that she'd called Jeremy because she'd known he could scare Diane out of town. Phyllis said it had been speculation and not proof that Diane had gone to the Feds. Phyllis insisted that she needed Diane out of town, and she'd known that if Jeremy were there, Diane would flee because she would be scared. Phyllis apologized for lying, but he was free to return to Los Angeles. She admitted that everything had happened because of her.

Stark asked where Phyllis had said Diane had gone. Phyllis said she had no idea where Diane was. Stark claimed she could find out. Phyllis said she couldn't because no one had told her anything. Phyllis said Diane was definitely scared because she'd left without Kyle or Harrison. Stark left.

Tucker took Ashley to a secluded outdoor area by the lake. There was a picnic basket on a table and a huge heater nearby. He told Ashley he'd brought sandwiches and hot cider. Tucker said he wanted to prove that Ashley could trust him. He claimed his car crash had changed him, and he'd missed out on love. Ashley asked if Tucker wanted her to believe he'd had no love during all those years. Tucker said he regretted the time he'd missed with Devon. He said he wanted to get to know Devon and Dominic. Tucker said he would love to work with Devon the way Devon had worked with Neil.

Ashley asked if Tucker wanted to get his teeth into Chancellor-Winters so he could work beside Devon. Ashley realized that Tucker wouldn't be satisfied until he had a personal and professional life with Devon. Ashley reminded him that Diane had said Tucker had wanted her to get the financial information before Tucker went after Jabot. Tucker thought she'd dismissed the whole idea. Ashley questioned why she would dismiss something like that. She said it felt like Tucker was making a play for Devon's company, and she asked if Tucker was going after Chancellor-Winters and Jabot.

Tucker griped that Ashley and Devon believed his intentions were hostile. Ashley reminded him that his career had been built on hostility. Tucker said any working relationship he entered into with Devon had to be mutually agreed upon, and the same thing went for Ashley. He admitted he wanted to work side by side with Ashley, and he asked her to imagine what they could accomplish together. Ashley said Tucker would never be welcomed at Jabot. Tucker asked what Ashley would say if he asked her to quit her family business and allow him to help her build her own empire.

At Jabot, Phyllis told Summer and Jack she needed to talk to both of them. Jack told Phyllis if it was business to talk to Summer, and he wasn't interested in anything else. Phyllis said she'd met with Stark, which had been his request. She said Stark was certain she knew where Diane was, and he'd known she'd been the one who'd called him. She said she kept denying it, but she had made the call. She said she'd wanted to try a new approach, and she'd admitted she'd called Stark. She said she'd told Stark that Diane had gone to the Feds about him. She'd also added that when Jeremy had arrived, Diane had been scared and had left town. She said she'd told Stark he could return to California.

Summer told Phyllis she was happy Phyllis had come clean, but the fact remained that Phyllis had started everything. Jack agreed and said they wouldn't be in that situation if Phyllis hadn't set everything in motion. Phyllis responded that she'd tried to do the right thing. Jack asked if Stark was going to leave town. Phyllis said she had the feeling he would be staying because Diane had something of his, and he wanted it back. Jack claimed it sounded like Phyllis had made things worse. Phyllis said it hadn't been her intention.

Raising his voice, Jack said it was classic Phyllis -- going on a tirade and hoping everyone would give her a pass when she finally acknowledged the damage she'd done. He said he'd warned Phyllis to stay away from Stark, but she couldn't do that. Jack declared that he was done with her. He said he'd had a flicker of hope when Phyllis had sworn that she hadn't called Stark, but she'd lied; she would never change. Jack said he'd warned Phyllis about the consequences if she'd reached out to Stark. Jack said Phyllis reported directly to Summer and Kyle, and he hoped they would make the right decision about her. He said if it was left up to him, he would fire Phyllis on the spot.

Summer fires Phyllis

Summer fires Phyllis

Thursday, December 15, 2022

by Nel

At Society, Phyllis asked if Summer was going to fire her. Phyllis claimed she deserved some credit because when Stark had asked her to help him find Diane, she'd shot Stark down. Summer said it counted for very little. Phyllis claimed everything had been Diane's fault. Summer reminded Phyllis that Diane wouldn't have been on Stark's radar if it hadn't been for Phyllis. Phyllis countered that Stark wouldn't have been there if it hadn't been for Diane, and Diane was paying the price.

Summer said that everyone had a past, including Phyllis. Summer said that going by Phyllis' logic no one deserved a second chance. Summer asked where that would have left either one of them. Phyllis accused Summer of taking Jack's lead when he'd mentioned her past and had used it against her. Summer informed Phyllis that she'd defended Phyllis to Jack often, despite how difficult Phyllis had made it. Phyllis spat that Summer hadn't trusted Diane since her arrival in town.

Summer told Phyllis it had nothing to do with her feelings about Diane, but Phyllis countered that it had everything to do with that. Phyllis said Diane had broken Kyle's heart when she'd left him when he'd been a little boy. Adam sent over a drink for Phyllis and suggested keeping their voices down if it was a private conversation . Phyllis shouted, "Why should I be punished when the inevitable was going to happen?" Summer demanded that Phyllis stop. Summer asked if Phyllis was aware there might be more at play than Phyllis realized.

Summer asked if Phyllis had stopped to think about how many people she would hurt, how it might affect Harrison having his grandmother run out of town, or how it might be for Harrison to lose another important person in his life. Phyllis claimed Diane wasn't that important to Harrison. Summer replied that Harrison adored Diane and had already asked how many sleeps before Dee Dee returned. Summer asked if Phyllis had stopped to think how hard it would be on Kyle. She said Kyle was away on business, and once again, he'd lost the opportunity to say goodbye to his mother, thanks to Phyllis.

Phyllis informed Summer that it was thanks to Diane, since she'd decided to leave town. Phyllis snarked that Diane should have stuck around a little longer. Summer asked if Phyllis had considered what the stress of what she'd done would do to Summer's marriage. Phyllis claimed Kyle wouldn't blame Summer for any of it. Summer said if her husband was hurting, it would certainly change things between them. Summer said that as long as Stark was in town, they could all be targeted. Phyllis insisted Stark's focus was on Diane, so no one would be targeted. Phyllis said Diane had disappeared, and they were stuck with Stark.

Summer asked if Phyllis was blaming Diane. Phyllis admitted she was. Phyllis claimed it was over, and she'd told Stark to go back to L.A. Summer accused Phyllis of not accepting any accountability for the repercussions of her thoughtless actions or the lives that were at stake. Appearing bored, Phyllis said she guessed she hadn't known how high the stakes had been. Summer was shocked that Phyllis didn't appear to care.

Summer told Phyllis that she and Kyle had discussed the situation, and they had both agreed to terminate Phyllis' employment at Marchetti, effective immediately. Phyllis couldn't believe Summer had fired her. Phyllis grumbled that Diane wasn't in town, but she still pulled the strings. Summer said Phyllis had known the consequences if things had gotten out of control between Phyllis and Diane, yet Phyllis had chosen to contact Stark.

Summer said Phyllis was so busy blaming Diane that she hadn't stopped to think how she should be held accountable for her actions. Summer said she hoped it was a learning experience for Phyllis. Summer left.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea told Sharon that Connor had gone to the park. Sharon asked why Chelsea hadn't gone with him, since it was a beautiful day, and it would have done Chelsea good to get out. Sharon asked why Chelsea looked so uncomfortable. Chelsea claimed she was fine, but then she admitted that everything appeared new and intimidating.

Chelsea told Sharon she felt safe in the coffeehouse because it was so close to her apartment. Sharon said it was time for Chelsea to step outside her comfort zone. Chelsea felt guilty because rather than running her own errands, she kept asking Billy or Adam to pick things up for her. She also felt guilty about not spending the day in the park with Connor. Sharon told Chelsea to take that step. Chelsea said walking out the door would be taking on the entire world, and she wasn't sure she was ready to take that step.

Sharon said it would be a great idea for Chelsea to begin venturing out and seeing everything in a more positive light. Chelsea admitted that Dr. Malone had suggested that she needed to re-engage with the world slowly. Chelsea said she'd been trying to be careful and deliberate instead of impulsive and reckless. She admitted the amends she'd made had been brutal but helpful because she'd been able to reflect on the choices she'd made, and hopefully, she could make better choices going forward. Sharon said she was proud of Chelsea's progress.

Chelsea told Sharon that saying things out loud, facing the people she'd hurt, and her own shame had stopped her from letting shame control her. When Victoria arrived, Chelsea announced that she had to finish making amends to all the people she'd done wrong, and she asked to speak to Victoria in her apartment.

Noah and Allie arrived at the coffeehouse. Allie told Sharon about the amazing breakthrough she'd had in her research, and she couldn't wait to share it with Ashley. Allie received a call from Mariah and left to take the call.

Noah told Sharon that Allie was amazing. Sharon informed Noah that Audra had been in earlier, looking for him. Allie overheard. Noah told Sharon he wasn't surprised that Audra had asked Sharon about him. Allie commented how impressed she was with Audra's level of confidence and entitlement. Allie said she didn't understand how Audra thought there could be anything between her and Noah, since Noah had told her repeatedly it was over. Allie asked if there had been something he'd said or done that could have led Audra on, or something he hadn't told Allie.

Noah told Allie that Audra had been at the club. He'd assumed she wanted to talk more about the miscarriage, but Audra had made it abundantly clear that she wanted him. He said Audra still believed there was an undeniable spark between them, and before he'd known what was happening, Audra had kissed him. Noah said he'd put a stop to it without any hesitation, but she'd read something into the situation other than what there had actually been. Allie asked if Noah had kissed her back, but he claimed he wasn't sure; it had happened so fast, and it had been confusing. Allie asked if she needed to be worried.

In Victoria's office at Newman, Nikki suggested that Nick take the lead at the meetings. She thought it would be good for Nick to demonstrate some leadership, and she would take care of the proposals. Nikki said she loved seeing her children shine -- with the exception of Nick's personal life.

Nick told Nikki his personal life wasn't up for discussion. Nikki informed Nick that Victor was very concerned about Nick's involvement with Sally, and Victor feared the tension between Nick and Adam would escalate. Nick said that if they didn't have a conflict over Sally then it would be over something else because that was the nature of his and Adam's relationship. Nikki noted that Nick hadn't read the dossier on Sally, or he would have known that Sally had faked a terminal illness. She asked if Nick really wanted to bring another Ashland Locke into the family.

Nick told Nikki he didn't see the comparison because Sally and Ashland were nothing alike. Nikki said when Sally had been in Los Angeles, she'd fake a terminal illness so she could manipulate people the same way Ashland had. Nick said they'd all done things they weren't proud of. He said Sally wasn't the same person she'd been in L.A. because she'd worked very hard to make changes in her life, and unlike Ashland, Sally had learned from her mistakes. He said Sally was determined to do things the right way.

Nikki reminded Nick that Sally had tried to ruin Summer's life. Nick said Summer and Kyle had found each other, and their time in Milan had turned out to be the best thing that had happened to Summer. Nick admitted he didn't condone what Sally had done to Summer; however, he could see both sides, and he'd made peace with it. Nick said whomever he chose to spend his time with was no one's business but his own. Nikki asked if he had no concern about how it would affect his relationship with Summer. Nick said he didn't because Summer loved him, and she only wanted to see Nick happy. He said it would be the only thing that would matter to Summer. Sally interrupted their meeting when she arrived.

After Nikki left, Sally asked Nick to look at her business plan. After Nick had looked over her proposal, he suggested she bump up her budget to cover incidentals, otherwise, he approved her business plan and admired her attention to detail. Sally said Nick was very sexy when he talked business. Nick admitted he liked spending time with Sally. Sally said it felt wonderful being with him. Nick suggested they enjoy the journey. Sally agreed, and she left.

In Chelsea's apartment, Chelsea told Victoria she owed Victoria an overdue apology. Chelsea said it had started in Myanmar; what she'd done to Billy had been horribly wrong. She said she'd already apologized to Billy for it. She said when she'd arrived in town, she'd tried to destroy Victoria's marriage, which had been shameful and unacceptable. Chelsea also pointed out the way she'd disrupted Victoria's life with Johnny. She said she'd been very insistent about telling him she was his biological mother, and she knew it had caused Victoria a lot of stress.

Chelsea admitted it had been very selfish, and she wanted Victoria to know she was truly sorry for any pain she'd caused. Victoria quietly said it had to have been difficult for Chelsea to apologize, especially since she and Chelsea hadn't had a close relationship over the past number of years. Victoria said she sincerely wanted the best for Chelsea in her recovery, but she admitted she had some concerns.

Chelsea asked if Victoria thought her apology meant she still wanted to push for a deeper relationship with Johnny. Victoria admitted she wanted to know Chelsea's intentions regarding Johnny. Chelsea assured Victoria her focus was on getting better, and she wasn't going after Johnny or doing anything that would make either one of them uncomfortable.

Chelsea told Victoria that when she'd reached out to Johnny, it had been to fill a void within herself, and that hadn't been fair to Johnny or Victoria. She said Victoria had done an amazing job raising Johnny. Chelsea thanked Victoria for all she'd done for Johnny. Victoria said she loved Johnny more than words could say, and she would do anything for him. She was happy to hear Chelsea wanted what was best for him because that was all she wanted, as well.

Sally arrived at Society and joined Adam at the bar. Adam said he was surprised Sally had joined him. Sally said she wasn't afraid of running into him because they'd agreed on a good and natural resolution to their relationship. Adam was happy Sally felt that way. Sally claimed they were both doing their best to move on. She told Adam she was in the process of developing a business plan for an interior design company.

Sally told Adam that she and Chloe were hoping to partner with Chancellor-Winters to design for their hotels, offices, and entertainment venues. She said once she got her foot in the door, she had no doubt her company would be a success. Adam wished her good fortune and success in her new venture, and he hoped Nick would bring her the happiness she deserved. Sally said she and Nick had decided to officially begin seeing each other, but they would take things slowly. Adam told her not to go slow on his account because, in spite of everything he'd said, he wished them both well.

When Lauren and Michael arrived, Phyllis said Lauren's advice to let Diane be and move on had been wrong because Diane's level of evil had affected all of them. Phyllis said Victor had hired Michael to keep tabs on people, and she wanted to know why he hadn't noticed the huge skeleton in Diane's L.A. closet. Phyllis claimed that because of Michael's negligence, Diane had become the damsel in distress, and Jack was her white knight. Phyllis said Jack was thinking of going head to head with Jeremy Stark, one of the most dangerous men she'd ever met. Lauren asked who Jeremy Stark was. Michael explained he was an ex-con Diane had gotten mixed up with in L.A., and he was in Genoa City for seemingly nefarious purposes.

Phyllis told Michael that somehow, she was responsible for all the problems Stark had created. Michael reminded her that he'd previously warned her to let it go because the possible losses weren't worth trying to destroy Diane -- and they might potentially "bite [her] in the ass," which seemed to be the case. Phyllis griped that all she got from Michael was "I told you so."

Phyllis asked Lauren and Michael to look at Adam. She asked if they knew he was co-CEO of Jabot. She said she'd never seen Adam there. She'd only seen him skulking around town and hanging out at bars, yet Jack hadn't fired him. Phyllis claimed she'd been trying to save the Abbott family and her daughter, and she'd been fired for it.

Sally interrupted when she'd greeted Lauren and Michael. Sally suggested that Phyllis needed to step up her game because very soon, Sally would be Phyllis' biggest competitor. Sally told Phyllis that she and Chloe were launching an interior design business, and they would probably be going head to head with Marchetti Home. Sally wished everyone a good day, and she left. Lauren and Michael went to get a drink, and Phyllis stood alone and claimed that everyone had "lost their damn minds."

Daniel tells Phyllis he wants her to work with him

Daniel tells Phyllis he wants her to work with him

Friday, December 16, 2022

by Nel

At home, Jack asked how Kyle's meeting had gone. Kyle assured Jack that with only a few compromises, it had gone well. Traci understood Christmas would be difficult for Kyle, since Diane had left town because of Jeremy. She said her heart had broken when she'd watched Kyle and Summer explain to Harrison that Dee Dee had gone. Traci indicated that their traditions were more important than ever, and they needed to bring the joy of the season because it was something they all needed. When Summer and Traci left to get some eggnog, Kyle told Jack they would need more than hope for a Christmas miracle to overcome the threat to Diane.

Jack picked up an ornament and said Luan had given it to him, and he wanted to give it to Allie. Traci thought that was a wonderful idea to connect Allie to a grandmother she'd never known. Jack said he was determined to make it a magical Christmas for the newest members of their family, despite what was going on.

When Traci left to find her ornament, Jack asked how things had gone with Diane. Kyle said she'd settled in, and she had plenty of food, firewood, and things to keep her occupied. Jack and Kyle felt bad that Diane had to hide from the world once again. Kyle said Diane had spent many holidays alone, and she was missing her first Christmas with Harrison.

Summer apologized to Jack and Kyle because Phyllis had created chaos by luring Stark to town by implying that Diane had turned him in to the Feds without any proof of whether it had been true. Summer suggested they involve the police, but Jack said Stark had been careful not to break the law, and it would be a mistake to involve the police because it would bring the focus on Diane. He said that he and Kyle had a plan.

Traci returned and said she wanted to have drinks with a friend. As soon as Traci left, Jack told Kyle they had to leave.

At Crimson Lights, Ashley asked Tucker to tell her what he was after. Tucker said he'd wanted to spend some time alone with her and help her build her own business, separate from Jabot. He said he'd been disappointed when Ashley had closed up shop in Paris and merged with Jabot.

Ashley questioned why Tucker was there. She realized he didn't want Jabot, but he wanted to convince her to leave Jabot or protect her before he pounced on her family's business. Tucker insisted his only interest was Ashley and her happiness. He said he wanted her to imagine a bright future on her own.

Ashley told Tucker that Jabot was in her blood and part of her family; it was the reason she'd returned from Paris. Tucker claimed she was the only Abbott with the drive to be a maverick like her father had been. He said she had a lot of talent and expertise, and she should be on her own. Ashley asked why she needed Tucker for that. He admitted that she didn't. Ashley thanked him for a lovely and surprising day, and she left.

At home, Chelsea cued the movie It's a Wonderful Life for her and Billy, but he was concerned about the subject matter for Chelsea. Chelsea assured him she was fine with it. As the movie ended, Chelsea and Billy sang "Auld Lang Syne."

Chelsea told Billy the world had been grey, but little by little, she was beginning to see color again. She admitted that some parts of the movie had been difficult to watch, but ultimately, it was a story about someone who learned to value their life.

Chelsea told Billy her Christmas would be very meaningful because of everything she'd been through. She said she had a gift for Johnny that she would give to Billy the next time she saw him. She suggested that perhaps Johnny and Connor might spend some time together over the holidays. Billy said he'd speak to Victoria and see if they could make it work.

Chelsea informed Billy she'd apologized to Victoria earlier, and it seemed to have gone well. Chelsea answered a knock on her door; she was surprised to see Adam. He said he'd brought over some gifts for her and Connor. When he saw Billy, he claimed he hadn't meant to interrupt. Billy thanked Chelsea for a lovely evening. He told her to let him know if she needed anything, and he left.

Adam told Chelsea he wanted to discuss the holidays. He assumed Chelsea wanted to avoid the big Newman family gathering. Chelsea surprised Adam and said she did want to go. She said Sharon had convinced her it was time to face the world.

At Society, Lily and Devon told Daniel he had the green light for project Omegasphere. Daniel was elated and said he had some people in mind for his team, but he couldn't commit anyone until he had a signed contract and a budget. Daniel said he was more determined than ever to make his dream a reality. Devon said he understood that building an entire gaming division was a huge undertaking for the company, and they wanted to take their time and do things right. Daniel assured them that given the level of competition, that was exactly what he was going to do.

Daniel told Lily and Devon that the flagship game wasn't just a way to spend time; it was a way of giving people a believable and exciting world that was immersive and meaningful, where they could have fun and at the same time tackle some of life's bigger questions -- where they could face their fears, find inspiration, and find purpose.

Daniel told Lily and Devon that he wanted to make a formal announcement in March to let the world know what was in store. Devon felt the timing was unrealistic. Daniel assured him that he would be far enough along to make an announcement in March. Devon reminded Daniel that there was no rush. Daniel assured Devon that if he felt there would be a problem, he wouldn't hesitate to share it with Devon and Lily. He didn't want to lose sight of what was at stake for all of them. He promised it would all come together.

Lily told Daniel that he had their support to hire any talent he needed. Devon asked him to keep them abreast of his progress, and Devon left. Lily said she was happy Daniel was back in town and that she and Devon could help Daniel make his dream come true.

Summer arrived at Jabot. When she saw Phyllis, she asked why Phyllis was there. Phyllis said she was emptying her office. Summer said she was disappointed that things had reached that point. Phyllis griped that Summer had said that like she'd had nothing to do with firing Phyllis. Summer stated that she hadn't had any say in Phyllis' decision to bring Diane's recently paroled ex to Genoa City.

Phyllis asked Summer if it was legal to be fired for something that had been done on one's personal time. Summer said it was, and it was in the morality clause in almost every employment contract. She said Phyllis had been warned repeatedly that if her conflict with Diane didn't end, Phyllis would be fired. Phyllis claimed that they hadn't fought in the office. Summer commented that Phyllis had been scheming with Ashley and Nikki to drive Diane out of town. Phyllis justified her actions by insisting that none of that had been done on Marchetti property, so she'd played by Summer's rules.

Summer said that since Phyllis wasn't with Marchetti any longer, she hoped that eventually, they could be a family again. Phyllis asked if Summer was serious. She stated that Summer had fired her as an act of solidarity with Diane. She asked if Summer expected her to get over it and move on. Summer acknowledged that it would take time for Phyllis to move on.

Phyllis reminded Summer that she'd sold her hotel so she could work with Summer. Summer countered that it hadn't been about working together. Phyllis claimed she'd tried to protect Summer, and hands got messy when they belonged to a mom who wanted to protect the people she loved. Phyllis said contrary to Diane's belief, it hadn't been about some petty resentment she carried toward Diane or Diane getting close to Summer and the Abbotts. Phyllis said it bothered her because Diane had been peddling some sanitized version of her life in L.A.; she'd been lying, and Phyllis would never trust Diane.

Summer told Phyllis that not everyone despised Diane. Phyllis acknowledged that Kyle wanted to believe Diane's lies because she was his mom. Phyllis claimed she'd exposed every lie Diane had told, but no one cared, and after Diane had been caught in her lies, she'd left town. Summer said she hadn't trusted Diane, either, but she'd defended Phyllis. Summer stated that she couldn't justify Phyllis lying about Diane to a convicted criminal so he could scare Diane. She said Phyllis had put everyone in danger, including Harrison, and Phyllis had pitted Summer against Kyle. Summer said Phyllis had hurt and betrayed Summer because she'd been so focused on driving Diane away. She said it was Phyllis' own fault she'd been fired.

Jack and Kyle arrived at Stark's suite. Stark said what a shame it was that Kyle's mother had left town. Kyle tried to attack Stark, but Jack stopped him. Kyle said he couldn't understand how his mother had ever allowed herself to become involved with a guy like Stark, but they didn't have to worry about it because Diane was gone.

Kyle shouted that Stark had scared Diane enough that she'd left town without saying goodbye. Jack commented that since Stark's arrival in town, Stark had been very careful and smart enough not to break the law. Jack noted that Stark was determined to settle whatever score he had with Diane, but Diane was no longer in town. Jack insisted that he and Kyle had nothing to do with Stark's dealings with Diane. He said they'd believed Diane had been dead; however, since Diane was gone, there was nothing for Stark in Genoa City.

Stark asked if Jack had stashed Diane away somewhere until Stark left. Kyle shouted that it was almost Christmas, and his son was in tears, wondering why his grandmother wasn't there. He said he had to figure out a way to explain to his son when or if they would ever see her again. Jack said the situation was affecting his family, and he would like to straighten things out immediately. Jack said he and Kyle were as close as Stark was going to get to being reimbursed. Once that had been accomplished, they could all move on with their lives. Stark said he would consider it, but he made no promises.

Alone in his suite, Stark told someone on the phone that he had something he needed to take care of on his own.

Phyllis stomped into Crimson Lights. Tucker commented that someone was having "a hell of a day." Phyllis rudely said, "Who asked you?" Tucker told her to stop fighting so hard; the more at peace she was, the more things would go her way. She thanked him.

Daniel arrived, and Phyllis was overjoyed to see him. Daniel saw through her fake smile and asked what was going on. Phyllis told Daniel she no longer worked at Marchetti and that she and Summer had mutually agreed they had different visions. Daniel asked for the real story. Phyllis brushed it off and said it was all good. Billy walked in, glared at Daniel, and left the patio.

Phyllis told Daniel she'd created the entire division at Marchetti, and Summer was going to jump in and make it succeed. Daniel said if Phyllis was free and clear, he wanted her to work with him. He said Chancellor-Winters would be launching his gaming platform, and he explained that it wasn't just a gaming platform; it revealed people's hopes and dreams. He said he had a few coders he wanted to hire, but he needed a heavy hitter who could build and manage the team of designers and tech people. He said he needed someone he could trust to see to the day-to-day stuff while he stayed focused on the big picture -- someone like Phyllis.

Daniel said Phyllis was an avid gamer, and she loved that world. He said she also knew the language inside and out, and he would love it if Phyllis joined him.

Lily arrived at the coffeehouse and asked Billy how Chelsea was doing. He said she was getting stronger every day. She asked if something had happened because he'd looked a little off when she'd arrived. Billy said Adam had shown up, oozing misery, and that wasn't good for Chelsea. Lily commented that Billy seemed to think he was the only one who knew what was good for Chelsea. Billy accused Lily of almost sounding "a little--" Lily interrupted and said "hostile." She said lately, she had no idea what was going on in Billy's head, and it wasn't just about Chelsea. She said it was too big for them to ignore.

Lily asked if Billy wanted to work on their relationship. Billy said he did. Lily suggested they needed to attend couples counseling. Billy interpreted that to mean Lily believed he'd gone off the rails again. Lily replied it wasn't about him; it was about them, and it was very important to her. She said she didn't feel confident that they could handle things on their own. Billy agreed and suggested they set something up after the holidays.

Jack and Kyle returned home. Kyle said he hadn't been able to get a read on Stark. Jack said like all good liars, Stark had been opaque. He said Kyle's performance had been very believable. Kyle wondered if Stark had bought his performance. Summer entered and asked if it was done. Jack said they had to wait to see if Stark accepted their offer.

Ashley arrived and asked how Kyle's business trip had gone. He responded that it had been productive. Summer asked what Ashley thought of the tree. Ashley was impressed. Ashley commented that everyone had gotten quiet when she had walked in. She asked what was going on. Jack said they were trying to engender some holiday spirit.

After Ashley went upstairs, Summer asked how things had gone with Stark. Jack said Stark would consider his offer. Kyle said he wanted to go to the cabin so Diane wouldn't feel so abandoned. Jack said it was too risky. Kyle said he felt he could get there without Stark having a clue. Summer asked him to reconsider, but Kye said they hadn't seen the tears in Diane's eyes when he'd said goodbye to her; he couldn't stand the thought of her being there alone on Christmas.

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