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Johnny agreed to exchange holiday gifts with Chelsea. Jack distracted Stark while Kyle, Summer, and Harrison spent Christmas Eve with Diane at the Abbott cabin. Danny surprised Daniel with a holiday visit. Mariah and Tessa were overjoyed when a prospective birth mother expressed interest in meeting them.
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Danny surprised Daniel with a holiday visit. Jack paid off Jeremy Stark. Ashley almost caught Tucker and Audra having sex. Mariah and Tessa received a sonogram photo from a prospective birth mother.
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Adam walks a tightrope between Victor and Chelsea

Adam walks a tightrope between Victor and Chelsea

Monday, December 19, 2022

Mariah and Tessa helped Sharon deck the halls of Crimson Lights with lights, greenery, and beloved keepsakes. Mariah found a musical light-up television the size of a toaster, which had been carefully packed away in a box. Sharon proclaimed that "it is not Christmas until the music box is prominently displayed." Mariah, however, decried that the trinket was an eyesore. Sharon fondly recalled that Nick had given her the television-shaped snow globe the first Christmas they had spent together, though he had meant it as a joke.

Mariah and Tessa were conflicted about a tin star tree topper Mariah considered too plain. Mariah suggested phoning Faith in Switzerland for her input. Sharon nixed the plan, recalling the time difference. Mariah questioned Sharon about her decision to allow Faith to spend her first Christmas while away at school with a roommate's family. Sharon explained that she could not deny Faith an opportunity to enjoy a European vacation.

Chelsea was wrapping gifts in her apartment when Chloe stopped by with a kringle that Esther had made. Chelsea smiled and said she was aware of Chloe's ploy to check up on her. Chloe admitted that she had also needed a respite from her overly excited kids. Chelsea agreed to take a break to enjoy Esther's delicious pastry. While sipping tea, Chloe shared details of the hectic atmosphere at her house, as her kids had been freely indulging in Christmas treats. Chelsea heartily laughed and said, "I needed this."

Chelsea admitted to Chloe that she was growing weary of everyone talking about her mental state. Chloe offered to listen to whatever Chelsea felt like discussing. Chelsea explained that part of her therapy included making amends and that she had so far engaged with Billy, Adam, Victoria, and Sharon. Chelsea acknowledged that it had not been easy, though she felt released from her burdens each time she apologized for past hurtful actions. Chloe said she felt like she was the one who needed to make amends for blowing up the cabin while Adam had been inside and for running away to Paris with Connor. Chelsea explained that she was not referencing actions that had taken place long before.

Chelsea recalled how she had blamed Chloe for everything that had gone wrong at Newman Media and at Fenmore's. Chelsea admitted she had disregarded Chloe's advice about obsessing over Adam being with Sally and about Rey, recalling how Chloe had been willing to jeopardize their friendship in hopes that Chelsea might embrace the truth. Tears welled in Chloe's eyes as she remembered how worried she had been. Chelsea recalled that Chloe had recognized that she was spinning out of control and pushing her friend away for being honest. Chloe wiped away a tear as she listened.

Chelsea tearfully apologized and expressed her appreciation for Chloe having remained a faithful friend. Chloe replied, "Apology accepted. And I just want you to know that I just want us to let go of the past and focus on the present and the future and about you getting better, so you can reach your full potential." Chelsea warmly embraced Chloe. Chloe said she could tell that Chelsea was feeling better. Chelsea admitted she had faked her feelings at first but had begun to feel stronger after facing such a wake-up call, which had inspired her to determine her new purpose. Chelsea said she needed a complete personal and professional makeover and would call on Chloe for assistance to get it right.

Sally, wearing a stunning red cocktail dress, arrived at the Glam Club to join Nick. Noah cracked a rare smile after Sally called out one of Nick's cheesy attempts at humor. After Noah served his father and his father's date a drink, he went about welcoming other guests. Nick congratulated Sally for eliciting a smile from Noah. Sally acknowledged that Nick's kids were not exactly thrilled about the idea of her dating their dad. Nick asked Sally about her "aura of happiness." Sally expressed relief that for the first time in a while, she was not chasing, running from, or creating drama.

Sally told Nick that taking things slowly with their romantic relationship had allowed her to savor moments spent together. Nick asked Sally how she felt about spending Christmas Day together. Sally was evasive about committing, due to complicated feelings concerning holiday celebrations. Sally invited Nick to her suite for a nightcap. At her hotel suite, Sally told Nick he need not feel obligated to include her in his family's Christmas plans, noting that doing so did not conform to their agreement to take things slowly. Nick admitted that his sister and parents had trust issues where Sally was concerned, based on a dossier Victor had compiled about her past in Los Angeles. Sally asked Nick if reading her file had scared him off. Nick replied, "Didn't bother to read it."

Sally admitted that Nick deserved to know who she was and what she was capable of, explaining that she was not proud of having allowed her ambitions and desires to get the better of her. Sally admitted she had faked a terminal illness to get what she had wanted and could not pretend it might not matter to Nick after what Ashland had done to Victoria. Nick replied, "I don't want to hear any more about it." Nick told Sally that he was more interested in hearing about her childhood memories, like whether her first pet had been a dog or a cat and if she had engaged in school plays and sports. Nick explained that he, as well as everyone in town, had a past.

Charmed by Nick's willingness to accept her, Sally described to him her first pet, an adorable beagle. Sally recalled that she had starred as Genna the Gypsy at her high school, during which time she had also excelled at acrobatics and had become a fan of Prince and his music. Nick told Sally that those were the details he found interesting. Sally told Nick she was excited to see where their relationship might lead. Nick and Sally sat together on the sofa and seemed relieved after acknowledging that each had difficult past histories.

After Nick and Sally made love, she said, "Well, so much for taking it slow." Nick replied, "Yeah. Did we even make it 24 hours?" Sally told Nick she did not want to interfere with his family's plans for Christmas. Sally assured Nick that she would be fine on her own for one day. Nick told Sally he would be more than happy to change his plans for her. Nick said he would spend some time with family, and then join her to do something special. Smiling, Sally replied, "That sounds perfect."

Noah joined Sharon, Mariah, and Tessa at Crimson Lights. Mariah asked Noah to inspect their decorations in hopes of earning his professional seal of approval. Noah replied, "You got it. Looks great to me." Mariah told Noah they would enjoy a Glam Club holiday cocktail to lift Sharon's spirits as she faced a Christmas with Faith away. Noah apologized for not being able to fulfill the request.

Tessa piped up with cheerful news, announcing that she and Mariah planned to meet with a pregnant woman after New Year's Day to discuss the possibility of adoption. Sharon excitedly replied, "That's amazing! That's great!" Mariah walked away, displeased with Tessa's decision to share their news.

Tessa apologized to Mariah, explaining that she had gotten carried away. Mariah explained that she did not want to get everyone's hopes up just to have them dashed again. Sharon comforted Mariah, acknowledging that her daughter was experiencing a roller coaster of emotions and advising her to hang on through the ups and down. Mariah cried that her maternal instincts had kicked in and that she was eagerly anticipating having a baby to welcome into her heart. Tessa said she felt the same way and acknowledged that disappointments were part of the journey.

Sharon was grateful to be included and assured Mariah and Tessa that they would achieve their goal. Tessa said she hoped Sharon had been cheered up by the news. Sharon replied that she had, and she expressed joy at the news of soon welcoming a new family member. Later, during a private moment, Mariah and Tessa admired a baby Jesus figurine from a Nativity vignette and shared a smile.

At the Newman ranch, Adam arrived to pick up Connor, who was in the kitchen, baking cookies with Nikki. Victor reminded Adam that he had made it clear he wanted nothing more to do with family. Adam told Victor he would like to bring Connor to the ranch on Christmas Day to enjoy family festivities. Victor replied that Adam and his son were always welcome, especially on holidays. Adam requested to bring Chelsea along, as well. Victor replied, "Whose idea was that? Connor's or hers?" Adam explained that it was his idea to include Chelsea because Connor deserved to be surrounded by the people he loved most without having to bounce between locations.

Victor was hesitant to grant Adam's request, recalling how Chelsea had stirred controversy after revealing to Johnny that she was his biological mother. Adam insisted that Chelsea had not intended to wreck Victoria's life or Johnny's life. Victor said he feared Chelsea might be seeking an opportunity to get closer to Johnny, which would upset Victoria. Victor turned down Adam's request. Adam sighed.

Adam insisted that Chelsea had no ulterior motives, and he explained that his aim was to alleviate her qualms about being in Victor's home after everything he had done to her. Victor was clueless about what he might have done. Adam replied, "I'm talking about you forcing her to fake a mental breakdown over poisoning Rey to get her institutionalized." Victor recalled that his actions had benefited Chelsea by helping her avoid being criminally prosecuted for nearly killing a man and attempting to blame Adam.

Adam told Victor that he had not come to fight and only wished to make a plea for his family to be included at the Christmas gathering. Adam explained that Connor and Johnny had grown closer after learning they were biological brothers. Victor said Adam and Connor were welcome to join the family at the ranch for Christmas and that Chelsea could tag along. Adam, straining to remain politely agreeable to his controlling father, replied, "I appreciate that." Victor said, "Good. You should."

After Adam left, Nikki asked Victor why Adam's visit had troubled him. Victor explained that he instead was curious about why Adam wanted to reconnect with his family, though his son had seemed unsure how to and had asked to bring Connor and Chelsea over for Christmas. Nikki shared that Victoria had told her about Chelsea having been in a bad place, which likely was related to Johnny's initial reaction to learning that Chelsea was his biological mother.

Victor told Nikki he had been informed that Johnny and Connor were getting along well. Nikki agreed and said Connor had mentioned Johnny while helping her trim the tree. Nikki told Victor she knew it would make him happy to have Adam rejoin the family. Victor recalled that Adam was the one who had turned his back and joined Jabot instead of Newman. Nikki said that Adam had taken the first step toward reconciliation by asking to join them for Christmas. Victor agreed. Victor later expressed his love for Nikki while the couple danced amid flickering candles and festive décor adorning their living room.

Chelsea and Chloe entered the coffeehouse from the patio and admired the decorations. Chelsea said the place looked festive. Sharon welcomed them to join in and enjoy holiday cheer. During a private moment, Chloe told Chelsea she'd had no idea Chelsea and Sharon had become friends. Chelsea replied, "It's nice, right? Sharon's really been there for me."

Chelsea stepped out to take a call from Adam informing her that Connor wished to spend the night at the ranch, so he could decorate the barn and bring cheer to the horses. Chelsea agreed, teasing that she would not want to deny the horses their holiday cheer. Adam replied, "You don't mind being alone?" Chelsea insisted she would be fine. After Chelsea hung up, Sharon noticed that she seemed a bit uneasy. Sharon got Chelsea alone and attempted to engage, but Chelsea insisted on taking a walk alone to enjoy the crisp air. Chelsea attempted to calm Sharon and Chloe's concerns by promising to call if she needed anything.

Chelsea stood alone on a balcony above a bustling street, where carolers were singing "Joy to the World." Adam approached as Chelsea peered down, her head leaning over the safety rail. Adam asked Chelsea if he could join her. Chelsea assured Adam that she really was fine. Adam explained that he had also felt lonely without Connor and knew Chelsea would understand. Chelsea explained that the holidays could be tricky by being joyous and also hard. Adam told Chelsea that they would spend Christmas at the ranch together. Chelsea admitted that being with Adam's family would be a testament to her newfound strength, though she would not want to dampen Connor's holiday spirit or the pride he felt about his barn decorations.

Adam told Chelsea he had said nothing to Victor or Nikki about her recent hospitalization because the choice was hers to make. Chelsea said she would rather not add to the drama of the family event. Adam promised to be Chelsea's wingman and would leave whenever she wanted. Chelsea thanked Adam for his support and help with Connor, noting that it had been especially difficult for him because of Billy's involvement. Adam told Chelsea that all that mattered to him was her recovery, so he had no problem with Billy helping facilitate her healing.

Adam expressed admiration for Chelsea having remained strong and brave while facing her issues with honesty and integrity. Chelsea asked Adam how he was doing after his recent breakup with Sally. Adam admitted he had suffered through moments of self-pity and loneliness, though he remained focused on his wonderful son, who had a caring mother. Adam told Chelsea they should both focus on their family. Chelsea linked arms with Adam and snuggled close as they both enjoyed the carolers. Adam warmly smiled at Chelsea.

Jack and Ashley's conflict over Diane escalates

Jack and Ashley's conflict over Diane escalates

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley appeared to be deep in thought as she stared at her tablet. Jack arrived home and asked if something was troubling her, since he was familiar with the look on her face. Ashley huffed that she'd thought he'd washed his hands of her after their last conversation. Jack confirmed that he was furious with her for being part of the "unholy trinity" that had driven Diane out of town, and he surmised she was feeling regret. "No. Not even a little bit," Ashley flatly replied.

Jack accused Ashley of being wholly unrepentant. She spat that it had been irresponsible of him to let Diane back into their lives, since Diane was playing him. Jack insisted that Diane was in real danger and legitimately afraid because a convicted felon was looking for her. Ashley doubted it was a coincidence that Kyle had left town on business the same day Diane had fled. Ashley was certain there was no way Diane would have left without saying goodbye, and she theorized that Diane had never really left because Jack had ridden to her rescue yet again.

Jack asserted that Diane was so afraid of Jeremy Stark that she'd left town to avoid putting Kyle and the rest of the family in danger. Ashley chided Jack for letting Diane wrap him around her little finger. Jack demanded that Ashley take responsibility for going too far and admit she'd been wrong. Ashley argued that Diane would never walk away from the cocoon she'd created with Jack, Kyle, and Harrison. She sympathized that Kyle just wanted a mother, but she found Jack's adoration for Diane disgusting. Ashley guessed that Jack and Kyle had created Diane's disappearing act to reward her duplicitous behavior in secret.

Jack argued that Ashley, Nikki, and Phyllis had set everything in motion. Jack ranted that he'd warned Ashley who would be affected, but she'd done it, anyway, and her nephew and grandnephew would be spending Christmas without Diane as a result. Ashley pointed out that Kyle and Harrison would be with people who loved them and had been there for them. Jack snapped that they were talking about Kyle's mother. Ashley yelled that just because Diane had given birth, that didn't make her a good mother, and Ashley found it pathetic that the only reason Christmas was special that year was because Diane actually wanted to spend it with her son.

Ashley continued that if Diane "gave a damn" about Kyle, Diane would have been there for every Christmas and birthday and would have moved heaven and earth to tuck her son in at night, but Diane had chosen not to return for years. Ashley defended that she'd done what she could to protect Jack and Kyle from Diane, but Jack's judgment had been completely off since Diane had returned to town. Jack admonished Ashley for her lack of compassion, and he found it appalling that she'd allowed her hatred to make her small and spiteful. Jack bellowed that he'd heard enough, and he stormed out.

At Jabot, Summer stopped Kyle in the hall and insisted that they discuss something right away. Summer led Kyle into Jack's office and appealed to him to listen to her with an open mind. She said she recognized that it was important for him to spend Christmas with Diane. Kyle admitted that the little boy in him wanted to relive waking up on Christmas morning with his mother there. Summer shared that her Christmas dream was to spend the holiday with Kyle and Harrison, and she thought their son deserved to be with both parents.

Summer referred the many changes that Harrison had been through in the past year, including moving countries and changing languages. Kyle recognized that Harrison had also lost Ashland, and he agreed to celebrate Christmas at home by waking up early and opening presents with Harrison before spending the rest of the day at the cabin with his mom. Summer suggested that she and Harrison go with him. Kyle and Summer pondered how they could keep Harrison from telling everyone that he'd seen his grandmother.

Kyle didn't like the idea of asking his son to keep a secret, but Summer was determined to find a way to frame it. Kyle thought they had to make sure Stark was distracted because they couldn't risk Stark following them. Summer pointed out that Stark could just as easily follow Kyle if Kyle went alone, and all Stark would have to do was wait until Kyle left to go after Diane once she was alone. Kyle realized that as much as he wanted to spend Christmas with his mother, it was a liability they couldn't afford.

Jack found Kyle and Summer in his office and asked why they looked like Christmas had been canceled. Summer wailed that her version of it had been, and she and Kyle explained that they couldn't find a way to make their plans work because any trip to the cabin would put Diane at risk. Jack asserted that after all the work Kyle had put in to reunite his family, Kyle deserved to spend time with his mother, wife, and son. Jack told them to leave Stark to him.

At Crimson Lights, Tucker greeted Sharon and voiced surprised that he hadn't seen her since he'd moved back to town. She quipped that she'd been lucky, and he guessed his coffee would have a little spice that day. Sharon mentioned that she'd heard he'd been circling Genoa City businesses like a vulture, and Tucker noted that her ventures had become more modest since they'd run Newman Enterprises together. She recalled that had been back when he'd manipulated her into being his puppet.

Tucker insisted that Sharon had a great mind for business, and he considered it a shame to waste it on finding the best deal for sugar packets. She defended that running a place that served the community was satisfying work. Tucker conceded that the coffeehouse had been the perfect place for him and Ashley to warm up. Sharon scoffed at the thought that he'd sucked Ashley back in again. Tucker admitted that he was hoping to win Ashley over by convincing her that he was a changed man.

Sharon questioned whether Tucker had changed, and he cited the near-death experience that had made him reevaluate his priorities. He claimed that he was concentrating on the people who meant the most to him -- Ashley, Devon, and Dominic. Sharon doubted that was plausible, and she informed him that she'd earned a degree in psychology that had given her very good insight into people. Tucker dared her to analyze him, but Sharon didn't think he was as complicated as he thought he was. She suspected that he believed everyone would buy what he was selling, but she warned that lasting change took work.

Tucker proclaimed that he intended to make Ashley's dreams come true. Sharon thought it sounded more like he was hoping Ashley would help him make his dreams come true. Tucker declared that reuniting with Ashley was his dream, and he wanted to make her happier than she'd been in her entire life. Sharon skeptically asked if he thought he was charming enough to do it. Tucker complained that Sharon had to see the worst in him.

Tucker swore that he wanted to connect with Ashley on a higher level, and Sharon inquired whether he wanted to marry Ashley again. He remarked that there were other ways to forge a lasting bond. Sharon doubted that Ashley had given him any reason to believe it was what she wanted, and Tucker pledged to work hard to prove he was worthy of Ashley's trust. Sharon supposed time would tell. Tucker vowed to prove Sharon and everyone else wrong, and he headed out.

Billy tracked Victoria down at Newman to give her a heads-up that Chelsea had bought a Christmas gift for Johnny. Billy pleaded with Victoria to hear him out before they made a decision, but she barked that it was out of the question. Victoria supported Chelsea's efforts to heal, but she thought requesting to spend Christmas with their son was going too far. Billy clarified that Chelsea wanted to give them the gift and let them decide when to give it to Johnny. Victoria maintained that it wasn't a good idea.

Victoria pointed out that Chelsea's downward spiral had started when Johnny hadn't accepted something from her in the way she'd wanted. Billy argued that Chelsea's issues hadn't been caused by one thing, and he thought Victoria was blowing things out of proportion. Billy reminded Victoria that Johnny had shown interest in spending time with Chelsea. Victoria lectured that they were Johnny's parents, and it was their job to set boundaries. Billy suggested that Chelsea be the one to give Johnny the gift.

Victoria objected to a recovering Chelsea spending time alone with Johnny. Billy proposed that they invite Connor to join them. Victoria scowled at the idea of Chelsea, Johnny, and Connor playing pretend happy family, but Billy countered that there would be nothing pretend because they were family biologically. Victoria contended that she was Johnny's mother legally and emotionally, so she got to make the decisions. She insisted that they set limits before things got out of hand.

Billy reasoned that a kid couldn't have too many people who loved him, but Victoria wanted Johnny to be a kid without worrying about adult problems. Billy vouched for Chelsea's readiness, but Victoria was more worried about whether her son was ready, given that Johnny had blamed himself for Chelsea's issues. Victoria considered it unacceptable for Johnny to do anything for Chelsea's sake. Billy proposed that they ask Johnny whether he wanted to spend more time with Chelsea.

Victoria and Billy took Johnny to Crimson Lights to get some hot cocoa. Billy told Johnny they had a question for him, and Johnny swore that he didn't expect to receive everything on his Christmas wish list. Billy explained that they wanted to talk about one particular gift, and Victoria divulged that Chelsea had a present for Johnny. Victoria wondered if Johnny wanted it.

Johnny protested that Chelsea didn't have to give him a gift, but he was touched that she had been thinking about him, even with everything she'd been going through. Billy invited Johnny to choose whether to accept the present himself or have Billy and Victoria accept it for him. Victoria added that if Johnny didn't want the gift or to spend time with Chelsea, it was okay. Billy offered the option of checking in with Connor to see if the boys could hang out together. Johnny thought that sounded like fun.

Victoria reiterated that Johnny didn't have to do anything if he felt pressured. Billy agreed that it was a rare occasion where Johnny didn't have to be polite, and he urged his son to be completely honest and only do what he was comfortable with. Victoria pointed out that there was plenty of time to get to know Chelsea, and Johnny said he didn't have to see Chelsea if it would upset Victoria. Victoria praised him for being sweet and mature, but she claimed that she was fine with him hanging out with Connor and Chelsea. Johnny excitedly asked when it would happen.

Victoria glowered as Billy sent a text message to find out if Chelsea and Connor were upstairs. Johnny worried that they didn't have Connor's present with them, and he insisted on getting something for Chelsea. Billy reported that Chelsea and Connor weren't available, and Johnny hoped he could see them later that day. Billy suggested that they pick up Connor's gift and find something for Chelsea. Johnny inquired about Chelsea's likes and hobbies as Victoria squirmed.

Elena returned home from work and was surprised to find Nate at the penthouse. He hugged her and informed her that he'd tried calling when he'd gotten back from L.A. She groaned that it had been nonstop at the hospital, and she inquired about his trip. Nate gushed that he'd met many great people and received star treatment everywhere he and Victoria had gone. He continued that it had been amazing to walk into meetings and have the faith and trust of the movers and shakers.

Nate marveled that he was finally where he was supposed to be. Elena stifled a yawn, and she recounted that she'd been up all night, between recording her podcasts and covering for another doctor. She swore that she wanted to hear more, but she asked if it could wait. Nate remembered how exhausting hospital shifts could be, and they exchanged words of love before she headed upstairs.

Later, Nate encountered Audra at Society, dining alone. She recalled fond memories of their dinners when she'd first arrived in town, and she remarked that a lot had changed since then. Nate bragged that he'd just returned from an inspiring business trip to L.A., where he'd met people who wanted to support his vision. He considered it an affirmation that he'd made the right choice by joining Newman Media. Audra congratulated him, and they clinked their glasses.

Nate imagined what things would have been like if he'd gotten the same respect at Chancellor-Winters, and Audra called it the company's loss. He noted that she was the only one there not holding a grudge, and she reasoned that she was a contract employee, so his actions hadn't impacted her. Audra recognized that things could get cutthroat in the corporate world and that top executives often shook things up. She assured him that she didn't find what he'd done shocking or infuriating because it hadn't been personal, and everything had gone wrong because he'd mixed business and family. Nate lamented that he'd had to learn that the hard way.

Nate teased Audra for placing the most detailed order for salad he'd ever heard. Audra figured that she hated being disappointed, and it could be a bad thing when she was. He realized he hadn't seen that side of her, and he asked what she wanted out of life. "More of everything," she replied. Nate pushed to know what her goals were outside of earning a paycheck, but she received a text message from Tucker, summoning her to his suite as soon as possible. Audra ignored the message and told Nate that she wasn't entirely sure.

Nate inquired whether Audra intended to stay in Genoa City after Chancellor-Winters decided what to do about the IPO. Audra revealed that she'd originally planned to leave when the position ended, but the town was growing on her. Nate hoped she stayed, and he encouraged her to reach out to him if she found herself in need of a new job, since he believed in surrounding himself with smart, savvy people.

At Newman Media, Nate entered his office and found Elena with her feet propped up on his desk. She chirped that she wanted to give him a proper welcome home, since a shower and a triple shot of espresso had perked her up. She offered to treat him to lunch to celebrate his successful trip to L.A. Nate revealed that he'd gone to Society to grab takeout and ended up grabbing lunch with Audra. Elena's expression darkened.

Elena cautioned that it blurred the lines for Chancellor-Winters' IPO expert to have lunch with a disgraced former executive. Nate shared that Audra knew that what he'd done hadn't been personal, but Elena still found it strange. Elena fretted that there was something about Audra that didn't sit right. Elena couldn't put her finger on it, but she didn't trust Audra.

Audra arrived at Tucker's hotel suite, and Tucker disapprovingly noted how long it had taken her to get there. He sensed she was distracted, but she flatly asked what he needed to talk about. He informed her that he'd spontaneously offered to help Ashley break away from Jabot and start her own company. Audra incredulously inquired whether he really thought Ashley would turn her back on her family. Tucker believed Ashley was tempted, and Audra sarcastically stated that she was thrilled he'd called her over there to tell her the woman he was obsessed with hadn't turned him down. Audra groused that Tucker hadn't taken a single step to make his plans a reality.

Audra testily questioned whether Tucker had an endgame or if he was just jerking everyone around for fun. She demanded to know where she fit in his plans, since he'd made promises when he'd asked her to work with him, and she felt he was stalling. Audra speculated that he'd lost his confidence and ability to get things done, but Tucker urged her to be flexible and adaptable. She refused to play the long game without knowing what the payoff would be, and she considered whether it was time for her to make her own plans.

Tucker held out Audra's coat and refused to stand between her and her destiny. She allowed him to help her with her coat, and he wrapped his arms around her and kissed the back of her neck. "You're such an insufferable son of a bitch," she moaned, and she turned to face him. "I know, I'm sorry," Tucker murmured. He kissed her and led her to the bed.

Later, Tucker and Audra got dressed after having sex. There was a knock at the door, and Ashley called out to ask if Tucker was there. Tucker gestured for Audra to hide in the bathroom, and he yelled out that he had to get decent. Ashley joked that it would take awhile. Tucker hurriedly grabbed Audra's things and shoved them into the bathroom behind her. He opened the door to Ashley, who observed that it looked like she'd caught him at a bad time.

Jack agrees to let Jeremy speak to Diane one last time

Jack agrees to let Jeremy speak to Diane one last time

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

by Nel

Tucker invited Ashley into his suite for a drink, but Ashley declined. Ashley agreed to meet him at the Glam Club after he'd had his shower.

After Ashley left, Audra told Tucker that, based on how he'd handled Ashley, it appeared he was one step closer to getting what he wanted on the business front, as well. Tucker told Audra to stick with him, and he would get her the reward she deserved.

At Jabot, Kyle informed Jack that he and Summer were packed and ready to leave at a moment's notice. Jack said he would keep Stark occupied long enough for them to get away. Jack added that he didn't like an ex-con showing up in town, threatening Diane. Jack said he would see Kyle and Summer on Christmas morning, and hopefully Stark would be gone by then.

At the Glam Club, Allie told Noah she was impressed with Noah because he'd had a vision, and he'd made the club a huge success. Noah admitted he'd had a lot of help: a great team, friends and family who'd supported him, and Allie, who'd been his rock. Noah said he wanted to return the favor and that if there was something on Allie's mind, she should not hold back. He reminded Allie that the last time they'd spoken, Allie had asked if she should be worried about Audra.

Allie admitted she didn't like Audra kissing him. Noah said it had been completely one-sided, and he hoped their earlier conversation hadn't left her thinking otherwise. Allie was concerned because he and Audra had an intense history, and she couldn't help being concerned that Audra would try to reconcile with Noah. Noah assured Allie that wouldn't happen.

Ashley arrived and informed Noah and Allie that she would be meeting Tucker because they had a few things to discuss.

A short time later, Noah asked Allie if there was any need to discuss Audra. Allie admitted she would be okay not talking about Audra at all. She noted that it would be a big week for Noah. Noah pointed out that it would be for Allie, as well -- her first Christmas with the Abbotts.

Allie and Noah planned how they would work around the Christmas day festivities. Noah said at the end of the day, they would wind up at the Newmans'. Noah described what to expect at the Newman Christmas. Allie was amazed how the Abbotts and the Newmans went all out for Christmas. Allie said it was going to be a "glutenous, exhausting, and epic" Christmas, and she couldn't wait because it was going to be the best Christmas ever.

Noah told Allie he hoped his Christmas gift was right on the mark. Allie said it felt like Noah was trying to prove that he only had eyes for her. Noah admitted Allie was right. Allie assured him he didn't need to prove anything because she knew he wanted to be with her, and they sealed it with a kiss.

Tucker arrived and saw Noah and Allie kissing. He told Ashley he took credit for Noah and Allie being together because he'd located Allie in Los Angeles. Ashley admitted Allie was a welcome addition to her family, although Allie's introduction could have been handled better. Tucker agreed and said he regretted using Allie as a pawn to get back to Ashley.

Ashley told Tucker that she and Jack had had a fight that had become very ugly. Ashley admitted that she and Jack had recently butted heads a lot over Diane, but this time, it had been different. She admitted she couldn't believe the things Jack had said. She said Jack was furious with her for Diane being so frightened that she'd had to leave town, and Jack couldn't get past his belief about the part she'd played in bringing Stark to town. Tucker noted that Diane had gotten her claws into Jack.

Ashley told Tucker that Jack was the president of Diane's fan club, and even after Ashley had reminded Jack of all the lies Diane had told, Jack hadn't cared. She said Jack had ignored the evidence, and he blamed Ashley for Diane's departure. Tucker suggested that if Jack had turned his back on Ashley, then she needed to do something about it. Ashley said the tension between her and Jack was off the charts because of Diane's lies. Tucker indicated that Jack had made his loyalty very clear. He asked why Ashley felt obligated to be loyal to Jack and suggested that perhaps she needed to distance herself from him.

At home Kyle told Summer that Harrison was excited about their mystery trip adventure tracking Santa. Summer confirmed they would be home in time for Christmas dinner. Kyle said it would be nice to give Diane her gift in person, but he wished it didn't have to be under those circumstances. Summer asked if Kyle was worried about Jack. Kyle admitted he was because Jack had a dangerous job to do -- trying to negotiate with a convicted felon. Summer said she'd always felt that Jack knew what he was doing, and like her grandfather, Jack would get it done.

Summer understood that Kyle needed a distraction, and she gave him his gift. She said that under their circumstances, Kyle was allowed to open a gift early; it was an ornament kit. Summer said Kyle could make it with Harrison, the way Jack had done with Dina when he'd been a kid.

Kyle gave Summer a gift; a gold letter "h" for Harrison. She said she would put it on her bracelet. She became a little melancholy and told Kyle she'd received a similar letter from Phyllis when she'd been a kid. She said she couldn't believe that she and Phyllis were at such odds and that she'd fired Phyllis right before Christmas. She claimed Phyllis would never get over that, and Summer didn't know how to make things right between them.

Kyle promised Summer he would make Christmas a day she would never forget. He suggested she embrace the holiday. Summer admitted she'd missed her family when they'd been in Milan and was sad they wouldn't be spending time with them on Christmas. Summer indicated she wanted a stress-free holiday.

Jack arrived at Stark's suite. Stark asked if Jack had heard from Diane. Jack admitted he hadn't, and he placed a briefcase on a table. Stark asked what was in the briefcase. Jack opened it; it was filled with money. Jack said Stark had previously claimed that Diane owed him a quarter million dollars. Jack said there was half a million dollars in the briefcase, double what Stark had lost and more than any interest he would have accrued. Stark claimed that after six years in prison, he would have more than doubled it. Jack said it was a one-time offer; Stark could take it or leave it, but if Stark took it, he had to pack his bags, leave, and not look back.

Jack reminded Stark that he'd said he would consider taking the cash. Jack also mentioned that Stark wouldn't get a better offer. Stark said the compensation wasn't as valuable as Jack believed. Stark said he'd done the math, and it amounted to $7,000 a month for the six years he'd been locked up and unable to run his business. He claimed his time was worth much more than that. Jack suggested Stark name his price.

Stark asked if Jack and Diane were involved. Jack denied it and said he'd been the prime suspect in Diane's alleged murder. Stark stated that had been in the past, yet Jack was fighting for Diane with such passion and generosity. Jack said it had nothing to do with Diane. He said he was tired of Diane's lies and manipulations, but he and Diane shared a son and a grandson; that was who he was fighting for.

Stark told Jack he wanted to settle things once and for all, and he was ready to negotiate -- only with Diane. Stark said Diane had taken his money, and she needed to make it right. Jack told Stark that Diane was gone. Stark asked if Diane had really vanished without a trace; he was certain Jack knew where Diane was, and Jack was going to take him to her.

Stark said if Jack wasn't going to take him to see Diane, then Jack needed to take his briefcase and leave. Jack responded that the whole point of the money was so that Diane wouldn't have to see Stark again. Stark said it wasn't just about the money; there were a few more questions he needed to ask her, and he felt he was entitled to answers after the years he'd been in prison. He wanted to meet with Diane one last time, they would have a conversation, and he would move on -- with the money.

Jack acquiesced and said Diane had brought that whole mess to his doorstep, and it was only right that she put an end to it. Jack believed he might know where to find her and confirmed that once he took Stark to Diane, Stark would have his little chat and take his money, and none of them would ever see him again. Stark agreed.

At Crimson Lights, Audra said she'd recognized Sharon immediately. She said when Noah had lived in London, he'd had wonderful photos of his family. Audra said Noah had told her all about the coffeehouse. She commented that everything was delicious. Sharon said there was no need to butter her up because she knew Noah wasn't seeing Audra anymore. Audra claimed she'd meant every word she'd said. Audra stated that she'd found Genoa City very charming.

Sharon acknowledged that Audra was working at Chancellor-Winters. She asked if it was an important position or just a consultant's job. Audra asked if that was Sharon's clever way of wanting to know how long she would be in town or if Sharon had asked on Noah's behalf. Sharon responded that Noah would never put her up to asking questions for him.

Audra told Sharon she didn't have any solid plans, and her work at Chancellor-Winters hadn't been completed. She acknowledged that Sharon was worried about how her presence affected Noah. Sharon admitted that when Noah had returned home from London, all the joy and energy had been drained from him. Audra admitted the breakup had been hard on both of them. Sharon pointed out that Allie had gotten Noah out of that funk; she'd been very supportive about his career. Sharon said there was a sweetness between them, and Sharon didn't want that to change.

Audra assured Sharon that Noah wanted nothing to do with her. She admitted there had been a moment when she'd believed they could rekindle what they'd had, but Noah had shot that down very quickly. Audra said she wasn't about to ask Noah for another chance. She wished Noah and Allie the best of luck, and she reassured Sharon she wouldn't create any problems for them. Audra said she still had a few things she wanted to accomplish at work. She said she liked Genoa City, and with so many opportunities in town, no one knew what lay ahead for her.

Chance arrived sporting a huge smile. He told Sharon he'd done it; he'd cracked a cold case that had plagued the police department for years. Chance explained that every year, there had been a rash of thefts of big-ticket items at the mall. He said he'd put it together after he'd begun questioning who had access to the mall during the holidays: Santa's helpers. Audra sat at a table, listening.

Chance told Sharon he'd cross-referenced employment and criminal records of Santa's helpers. He said the guy had been ripping off Genoa City, working as an elf, and the guy had used a phony ID when he'd been hired. Chance said he'd put out an APB for the guy's elf name, Merry MacJingles. Chance said they'd caught him in the mall parking lot.

Sharon congratulated Chance, and she asked if Nina would be joining him for Christmas. Chance said she wouldn't be, and he was okay with that because he didn't feel like discussing "the whole divorce thing." Sharon asked how he would feel not being around family at Christmas. Chance said he was fine with it. He said he'd wrapped Dominic's presents and put them under the tree, but he wasn't sure how much time he would have to spend with Dominic.

Chance asked if Sharon was going to take him to task about not being around family, but Sharon said sometimes work was what people needed. Chance said work had been his salvation. Sharon thanked Chance for protecting their town from dangerous elves. She gave him a special coffee, on the house.

Sharon invited Chance to join her Christmas morning at the coffeehouse as a volunteer. Chance agreed to help. Sharon left to take a call from Faith. Chance took a sip of the coffee and shook his head no. Audra asked if it was a little sweet. Chance said it was a whole gingerbread house jammed into a cup. Audra confessed she'd overheard his story about arresting an elf. She thanked him for his service.

On the patio, while talking to Faith, Sharon kept her eye on Chance and Audra. After she ended her call, Sharon asked if Chance or Audra wanted a refill. Chance followed when Sharon went to the counter. Sharon assured him that eventually, he and Abby would find a way to co-parent together and that Chance might be together with his son next Christmas. Chance appreciated that he could always count on Sharon's support and good advice. He asked if there were days when Sharon wanted to tell people to suck it up and deal with their own problems.

Sharon told Chance the reason she was always upbeat was because she was grateful for each day. She understood there was a lot of pain and loss in the world, but she felt they could take that pain, grow from it, and learn to love deeper.

Danny surprises Daniel when he arrives for a visit

Danny surprises Daniel when he arrives for a visit

Thursday, December 22, 2022

by Nel

At the park, Nick told Sally that his kids were absolutely everything to him. Sally mentioned that it was Faith's first Christmas away from home, and she wondered how Nick was handling that. Nick confessed that he missed her like crazy. He said that if a parent did their job, sent their kids into the world, and helped them be independent, then they had succeeded. However, he said that sadly, a parent missed them, not having them around much.

Nick told Sally he was happy Faith was spending her holidays in the Swiss Alps with her roommate, and he hated that she wasn't with him. He said they had to let their kids go, and if they were lucky, they would return; Noah was proof of that. Nick admitted that each of his kids was an incredible gift, and being a parent was the best thing he would ever do. Sally said she'd never seen a parent who actually loved being a parent. Nick asked her to explain.

Sally told Nick that the night before Christmas, the carnies had been drinking and carrying on as usual. Sally clarified that her parents had been carnival workers at county fairs. She explained that they'd been nomadic, traveling from one small town to the next. Sally said she'd never gone to school; she'd been left to educate herself. She said she'd learned a lot about engineering while watching the tents being erected and torn apart.

Nick asked if Sally had had any friends. Sally said just some old guy who'd been really cool, but no kids her own age. She said they had sat behind the concession booth and watched the little girls with their doting parents, eating cotton candy, and they'd wondered what those girls' lives had been like. She said during the holidays, they'd shoveled up after the horses and the elephants, and they'd slept in tents. Their idea of a Christmas miracle had been not finding a clown passed out in their bunk. She said her parents had always gotten into trouble; one day it had caught up with them, and they'd taken off.

Nick commented that Sally's parents had abandoned her. Sally said she'd made peace with it, and that was where her unique perspective of parenthood had come from. Nick said every kid deserved a parent who saw that bringing a child into the world had been a miracle. Sally said she'd lived with Grams, who'd basically raised her. Sally described Grams as an extremely generous and caring woman and a little rough around the edges. She said Grams was strong and fearless, and she'd given Sally her unconditional support, even when Sally had been doing something nuts. Sally said she'd idolized her Great-Aunt Sally, who'd been a famous designer. Sally said she'd had two very strong women who'd been her teachers and her inspiration.

Sally told Nick that money had been tight at times, but it had taught her to be creative and turned her into a scrapper. She said growing up in a house that had been 100% female had been special because it had never crossed her mind that there was anything a woman couldn't do. She said she was happy the way things had turned out. Nick said he was, too.

Sally wanted to discuss gift-giving with Nick because she wasn't sure what was appropriate gift-wise. She said if they were following their relationship guidelines, there had to be limitations. Nick agreed they would follow the spirit of the agreement. Sally wanted to make sure Nick didn't do something that was over the top. Nick said he felt really good about his gift choice for Sally. Sally admitted she was happy with her gift for Nick. They kissed. Suddenly, Sally held her stomach and said she didn't feel well. She told Nick no more coffee because it didn't agree with her.

Billy and Johnny arrived at Chelsea's. Johnny gave Chelsea a gift for Connor and one for her. They wished each other a merry Christmas. Adam arrived, and when he saw Billy, he commented that Billy had been a busy elf and the picture of Christmas spirit. Billy said that Chelsea had given Johnny a Christmas present, and Johnny had wanted to reciprocate. He said it had been a big step. Adam admitted he'd felt a good Christmas vibe when he'd arrived. Billy asked if Adam had only stopped by, but Chelsea informed Billy that Adam was taking her and Connor to dinner, something they'd planned earlier.

Adam told Billy he was genuinely happy that Johnny and Connor were building a friendship, and he didn't want to interrupt if they were in the middle of opening gifts. The boys entered, and Connor asked if Johnny could join them for dinner. Adam agreed. Chelsea invited Billy to join them, but Billy declined. Johnny asked Billy if he could go. Billy agreed and said he would explain to Victoria.

At the Abbotts', Summer and Kyle greeted Daniel warmly. Kyle said he'd heard Daniel was working on a big project for Chancellor-Winters. Daniel said he was going to be heading up a new gaming division at Chancellor-Winters, and he would be happy to fill them in. Kyle said they were on their way out, but they wanted to hear about it when they returned. Daniel asked where they were going.

Summer told Daniel they were going on a surprise adventure with Harrison, but they would return in time to spend Christmas Day with the family. When Kyle left to double-check that they had everything for their trip, Summer said she knew how difficult it was for Daniel to be away from Lucy and Heather over the holidays. She commented that Daniel had been very vague about the tension between him and Heather. She asked if Daniel wanted to tell her what had happened. Daniel said it wasn't the time for that conversation. He was confident that things with Lucy and Heather would work out.

Daniel told Summer that overseeing his project would change the trajectory of his life. Summer was elated for him and added that she planned to spend some quality time with him and Phyllis on Christmas Day.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria asked Billy where Johnny was. She grouched that Billy had left Johnny with Chelsea. Billy claimed Victoria would have been very proud of their son. He said Johnny had given his gift to Chelsea, and it had meant the world to her. Billy said he could tell that Johnny had felt really good doing it. He said Connor and Adam had been there, and they'd planned on going to dinner together. He said Johnny had really wanted to join them, and Billy had allowed it because they'd been getting along so well. Victoria asked what Billy had been thinking, leaving Johnny with Chelsea and Adam.

Billy told Victoria that Johnny had wanted to join them for dinner. Billy reminded Victoria that they would follow Johnny's lead when it involved Chelsea. Victoria said that going to dinner with Chelsea and Adam was a lot. She complained that it was Christmas, a time for family, and Billy had sent Johnny off with Adam. Billy said he understood how difficult it was for Victoria, but he reminded her that Adam, Chelsea, and Connor were Johnny's family, too.

Victoria said Billy was Johnny's biological father; his relationship with Johnny hadn't changed, but hers had. Billy didn't believe that was true because Johnny had known his entire life that Victoria hadn't given birth to him, but even after discovering the truth about Chelsea, Victoria was still his mom. Victoria countered that so was Chelsea, biologically. She was worried that if Johnny and Chelsea became closer, the lines would get blurred. Billy explained that Johnny saw it as Chelsea being another part of his extended family.

Victoria told Billy the tension between her family and Adam had escalated, and she saw it as an emotionally rooted situation. Billy agreed, but he reminded her that Connor and Chelsea were part of Johnny's world. Billy said they were just going for dinner, and the boys were getting along really well. He said that after the boys had discovered they were biologically half-brothers; they were closer than ever.

Billy pointed out that Victoria had spent time with Chelsea, and she had to agree that, emotionally, Chelsea was stronger. He said compared to the previous few months, Chelsea had made some amazing strides. He said he didn't believe anything negative would happen because Johnny was spending time with Chelsea and Connor. He said it had been what Johnny had wanted, and they needed to support him. Victoria claimed to understand what Billy had said, but she needed to see that for herself.

On the coffeehouse patio, Daniel recalled the conversation he'd just had with Summer about Lucy and Heather. He recalled Summer commenting how disappointing it was for him to be away from them during the holidays and how vague he'd been about the source of tension between him and Heather. Daniel appeared to be deep in thought.

At Society, Chelsea told Johnny that everything there was delicious except the cilantro. Johnny asked if it tasted like soap to Chelsea. Chelsea admitted it did, and so did Connor.

Summer, Kyle, and Harrison arrived to an empty cabin. Moments later, when Diane walked in, she was happily greeted by Harrison. Diane chirped that it had been the best surprise when she'd seen their car. When Kyle and Harrison finished putting the lights on the tree, they lit it. Summer and Harrison went into the kitchen to get the ornaments. Alone with Kyle, Diane asked if everything was okay at home. Kyle said it would all work out. When Summer and Harrison returned, Diane said it was a very special Christmas.

Once they decorated the tree, Kyle and Diane reminisced about the Christmases with her, Kyle, and Jack. Diane admitted she'd had a complicated relationship with the Abbotts and the Newmans. She said she'd been working on it, and she wouldn't stop until things were better. She said she'd spent so many Christmases alone in Los Angeles that she'd never imagined such a moment with Summer, Kyle, and Harrison would ever be possible. Kyle told Harrison that putting the star on the tree was a tradition and a special honor; Kyle lifted Harrison, who placed the star in its rightful place.

Diane said it wasn't a traditional Christmas, but it was the most wonderful one, something she'd dreamed about for a very long time.

Jeremy and Jack entered Stark's suite. Jack explained that he'd honestly believed that that was where Diane would have gone to hide. Jack told Stark that Diane had faked her death, and she'd disappeared for years. He said he'd only discovered she was alive when he'd seen her in L.A. Jack remarked that Diane had developed some disappearing skills. Stark admitted that Diane was clever, but he questioned whether she was clever enough to fool both of them.

Stark told Jack he would hate to learn that Jack had led him on a wild goose chase. Jack said it wasn't his fault that Diane had been good at covering her tracks. He said Stark's presence had driven her to run, and he wanted the drama to end. Jack said Diane had returned to town and claimed she'd changed her life, that she'd lived a modest life in L.A., and that she was transforming herself. He said none of it had been true; it had been one lie after another. Stark said they'd all been subjected to Diane's lies.

Jack said Diane had convinced the world that she'd been dead for years. He wished Stark luck finding her. Jack said he would cover Diane's debts. Stark declined Jack's offer.

Jack offered Stark one million dollars if Stark forgot Diane and moved on. Jack said half the money was already there, and he would get the rest the day after Christmas. Jack said it was much more than Stark would ever get from Diane, provided he could track her down. Jack said Stark had just been released from prison, and he could do whatever he wanted; he didn't need to waste time on Diane. Jack asked if they had a deal. Stark said he would keep the cash and stick around until Jack got the rest. Jack left.

Billy and Victoria arrived at Society. Billy assured Victoria there was nothing to be upset about. Victoria noted that everything at Chelsea's table was happy and relaxed. When Chelsea saw Billy and Victoria, she extended an invitation to join them. Billy and Victoria accepted. Billy commented that it had started snowing, and it had begun to feel like Christmas.

Daniel entered his suite at the Grand Phoenix. Moments later, Daniel answered a knock on his door. He was elated to see his dad, Danny, and they embraced.

Crimson Lights is the scene of a Christmas birth

Crimson Lights is the scene of a Christmas birth

Friday, December 23, 2022

by Nel

Noah arranged a family gathering at the Glam Club. He wanted to make it a tradition, but Nick suggested they just enjoy the evening. They talked about Faith and how she'd grown then the subject changed to stories about Noah as a little boy. Nick admitted there was nothing like seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child.

Sharon asked if Mariah and Tessa would be at the coffeehouse to help her distribute gifts and food to the less fortunate. They promised to be there. Nick invited Mariah and Tessa to the Newmans' Christmas; Mariah smiled sweetly and said they were busy. Sharon offered to drive Mariah and Tessa home, but Tessa said they weren't going home. Tessa said that for their first Christmas as a married couple, she'd reserved a suite in the hotel and a spa treatment.

In their suite and wearing Mariah's favorite robes, Mariah thanked Tessa for such a wonderful gift. Mariah gave Tessa a Christmas ornament. Smiling, Mariah claimed they were officially a couple that opened one gift on Christmas Eve. Tessa loved her ornament and said they should make it a tradition -- a new ornament each year. She said perhaps for the next year, they would have one that read "Baby's First Christmas." They talked about adopting a child, and they both agreed they wanted lots of presents for that child every Christmas.

The next day, Mariah and Tessa woke up and wished each other a merry Christmas. Mariah told Tessa they needed to get to the coffeehouse to help Sharon, and they were running late. Tessa commented that it was snowing. Mariah declared that it was time to become Christmas elves.

Mariah and Tessa arrived at Crimson Lights. Sharon said they had a ton of food and gifts to deliver, and she was worried about the weather conditions because it was supposed to snow all day. Noah said the truck was loaded, and he was ready to make the deliveries.

After Noah left, a bewildered woman arrived and asked to use the phone to call a tow truck. She said she'd hit a patch of ice and had hit a tree. She introduced herself as Sonya. Sharon was very concerned about her, and they were all stunned when they saw she was very pregnant.

After calling for a tow truck, Tessa said it would be awhile before they could get there. Tessa asked where Sonya had been going. Sonya replied that she'd been just driving around because she and her parents had had an argument.

Sonya recognized Tessa and said she loved Tessa's music. Sonya decided to share some personal information, and she told them that the baby's father wasn't in the picture; she was supposed to finish college in the spring and go to grad school, but she didn't know how that was going to happen. She said her parents thought she could handle it with their support, even though they didn't get along.

Sonya said she didn't know if she could be the mom her child deserved, especially with all the people who couldn't wait to become parents. Tessa agreed that it was a big decision, but she was sure Sonya would make the right decision for herself and her baby. Sonya went to the bathroom.

Mariah said Sonya showing up almost seemed like a miracle. Sonya returned and announced that her water had broken. Mariah called 9-1-1 and was told it would be awhile before an ambulance could get to them. Mariah told Sonya that the EMTs didn't know when they would arrive because the roads were really bad. Sharon suggested that Sonya walk around. Mariah was teary-eyed and told Tessa she remembered when she'd been pregnant with Dominic and how terrified she'd been, believing she would have to give birth alone.

Tessa and Mariah agreed they needed to assure Sonya and help deliver her baby. Mariah told Sonya about being a surrogate. Sonya asked if it had been hard to give up the baby. With a catch in her breath, Mariah said it hadn't been her baby. Sonya suddenly had her first contraction. Everyone realized Sonya might deliver in the coffeehouse if the EMTs didn't arrive soon. Sharon asked Tessa to get some blankets from the back room because they had to make Sonya as comfortable as possible. Mariah held Sonya's hand and reassured her that everything would be fine. Sharon called Elena for help.

Sonya was in hard labor when Elena arrived. She announced that they were going to deliver a Christmas baby at Crimson Lights. Elena guided Sonya through the labor, and with one last push, Sonya delivered a baby girl. When the EMTs arrived, they told Sonya she'd been in very good hands with the ladies in the coffeehouse.

Sonya said she believed she'd been destined to be there. The accident had brought them together for a reason. Mariah admitted that had been what she and Tessa had been thinking, and they were very happy to have met her. Sonya said she was very grateful for everything they'd shared with her. She commented on what a strong and beautiful relationship Tessa and Mariah had, and she said they would make incredible mothers. Sonya hoped she would be a good mother, too.

Sonya said Mariah had been right; it had been her story, and she would write it. Sonya admitted she'd been very scared earlier, but she'd found strength she hadn't known she'd possessed. She said holding her daughter, she felt she could do anything. They said goodbye, and the EMTs took Sonya to the hospital.

Back in their suite, Mariah told Tessa she'd woken from the most intense dream. Tessa admitted she had as well. They realized they'd had the same dream. Mariah said the dream had been so realistic that it had felt like it had actually happened until the second she'd opened her eyes. Tessa said she'd never woken from a dream so emotionally drained.

Mariah described the dream; she said she'd met that young woman and then allowed herself to believe that somehow it meant their baby was coming soon, only to have that imaginary young mother choose to keep her child. Mariah asked if that had been an omen. Tessa asked what it could be an omen of. Mariah claimed they wouldn't get what they wanted. Tessa replied that she knew why Mariah felt that way, because Tessa had been disheartened, as well, but she didn't think they could ascribe that kind of meaning to an emotional dream. She said it had been a manifestation of their hopes and fears about the birth mother they'd wanted, who'd chosen to allow her cousin to adopt her baby.

Tessa told Mariah that their subconscious was telling them not to get their hopes up too high. Mariah asked if Tessa didn't believe it had been a sign. Tessa suggested that if Mariah wanted to think of it that way, then Mariah needed to think about all the positive aspects of the dream. Tessa said they'd met a birth mother whom they'd connected with, and they'd felt the joy of bringing a new life into the world. Tessa felt it had affirmed that they would be kick-ass moms.

Mariah told Tessa she agreed with Sharon that every experience they had brought them that much closer to finding their own child. Tessa believed that was true and that they had to keep the faith.

Mariah and Tessa arrived at the coffeehouse and wished Noah and Sharon a merry Christmas. Sharon asked if everything was okay. Mariah assured her that they were fine. Sharon noted that they didn't seem like their usual effervescent selves. At that moment, Mariah and Tessa simultaneously received a text message from the woman they were supposed to meet after the New Year's holiday about adopting her child. Mariah said it was their potential birth mother. Slightly choked up, Mariah said she'd sent them a sonogram with a message; "We can't wait to meet you." Mariah and Tessa were overwhelmed, and they hugged.

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