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Stark demanded that Diane prove her loyalty. Sally confirmed she was pregnant. Billy and Lily were deeply affected by their first couples therapy session. Abby and Devon decided they wanted to be together. Over Devon's objections, Jill and Lily decided to move forward with Chancellor-Winters' IPO.
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Stark demanded that Diane prove her loyalty. Sally confirmed she was pregnant. Abby and Devon decided they wanted to be together. Jill and Lily decided to move forward with the IPO.
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Jeremy Stark informs Diane that he will test her loyalty

Jeremy Stark informs Diane that he will test her loyalty

Monday, January 2, 2023

Jack and Adam met for coffee at Crimson Lights. Adam thanked Jack for having faith in him and for giving him an opportunity to work at Jabot. Jack assured Adam it had been an easy decision. Adam recalled that the Newmans had opposed Jack's decision. Their conversation was interrupted when Jack saw Jeremy Stark enter. Adam noticed Jack scowling as Stark walked past them toward the patio.

Adam asked Jack about Jeremy Stark. Jack explained that Stark was someone Diane had known previously and had hoped to forget. Adam noted that Jack seemed protective of Diane. Jack replied, "Well, she's Kyle's mother. She's Harrison's grandmother. That seems reason enough to want to look after her well-being."

Jack defended Diane to Adam, explaining that she had rebuilt her life, a feat he both admired and protected. Adam asked Jack how Diane had managed to earn his complete forgiveness. Jack explained that Diane had forthrightly acknowledged her sins, admitted her regrets, and served her penance. Adam applauded Jack's capacity to forgive, though he expressed concern that Jack could be hurt. Adam pointed out that Jack had not forgiven Sally or Phyllis.

Jack explained that his experience with Sally, only a friendship, had merely been a moment. Phyllis, Jack angrily recalled, had been a long road strung with broken promises and heartbreak after too many second chances. Jack vowed never to make himself vulnerable to disappointment by Phyllis again. Adam replied, "And yet, you find Diane trustworthy?" Jack insisted he had seen changes in Diane, and he intended to back her up.

Kyle and Summer questioned Diane at the Abbott mansion about her plans for Jeremy Stark. Diane explained that she had told Stark that she wanted to rekindle their relationship, so he would think they were back together and no longer have a reason to antagonize the Abbotts. Summer seemed hesitant to believe that Diane's plan would succeed. Eager to convince her family, Diane replied that it was all a game to Stark because he believed he was in the "power position," even though she was the one calling the shots. Kyle expressed concern for his mother's safety.

After Stark summoned Diane to meet with him, she told Kyle and Summer that she could not risk letting her guard down even for a moment. Kyle was worried, but Diane assured her son she could handle Stark and that Jack would be watching out, as well. Summer said she and Kyle would be waiting for news after the meeting. As Diane was leaving the Abbotts' home, she encountered Phyllis. Phyllis glared at Diane and said, "You're back. Did you ever leave?" Diane said she didn't have time to talk and left.

Phyllis entered and asked Kyle and Summer what was going on. Phyllis recalled that Diane had left town because she was supposedly afraid of Jeremy Stark. Phyllis noted that she and everyone else in town had been told a lie and pointed out that Diane's disappearances and reappearances had become a pattern. Summer told her mother she was not willing to discuss Diane and hated all the negativity it had caused between her and Phyllis.

Growing tearful, Phyllis cried that after much contemplation, she had come to terms with the reason Summer had fired her from her job at Marchetti. Summer seemed relieved and said her mother would be happier working with Daniel. Phyllis, looking Kyle in the eye, replied, "To be clear, though, it wasn't just me, okay? It wasn't just me. All the hostility and animosity, your mom was with me all the way, okay?" Kyle acknowledged that his mother had left out pieces of information. Phyllis sarcastically replied, "Pieces of information. Okay, that's a sweet way to say it."

With profound emotion, Phyllis told Summer that her safety and well-being were all Phyllis had cared about. Phyllis admitted she had tired of being the lone voice against Diane and had felt good about separating from Marchetti until the moment she'd walked in and felt like she had been punched in the gut after seeing Diane, noting that neither Kyle nor Summer had denied hiding Diane. Phyllis recalled having angered Kyle and Summer after luring Stark to town, though she insisted that the criminal would have come on his own to face Diane for ratting him out. Phyllis pointed out that had Diane truly wanted to protect her family, she would have stayed away, but she was still playing the victim.

Summer insisted that Phyllis did not know the whole story. Phyllis looked her daughter in the eye and said, "I know this is killing you, Summer. I know this is killing you." Phyllis cried that they had missed spending Christmas together, and she'd been denied time to watch Harrison open his gifts from her. Phyllis asked Summer if she had been with Diane on Christmas Day. Summer did not reply. Phyllis noted that Summer had also not spent time with her brother Daniel. Summer remained evasive, unwilling to reveal what had been going on with Diane.

Jack joined Jeremy Stark on the patio at Crimson Lights. After mentioning Jack's promise to deliver a second installment payment, Stark explained that he was no longer interested in Jack's offer. Jack recalled that he and Stark had made a deal. Stark replied, "A notarized, signed contract? I don't remember that." Angry, Jack demanded to know what had changed. Diane entered and replied, "I changed, Jack. I came back for him." Diane rested her hand on Stark's shoulder.

Jack demanded to know when Diane had returned. Diane replied, "Yesterday." Jack asked, "And you reached out to him, not me? Not your son?" Diane claimed she had made a mistake by leaving Jack to clean up just as she had done years earlier. Diane mentioned the payments to Stark and told Jack he should not have to pay for the way she had behaved. Diane told Jack that reconnecting with him and Kyle, and meeting Harrison, had meant a lot to her. Diane insisted they all move on without her, so they would not be hurt again.

Diane told Jack that she and Jeremy had left a lot unresolved. Jack replied, "You mean when he was arrested and imprisoned?" Diane pointed out that Stark knew she had had nothing to do with it. Stark said he and Diane felt it was time for them to reconnect. Speaking forcefully, Diane implored Jack to stay out of her life. Jack feigned a look of total shock. Jack told Diane she would be a fool to take off with Stark. Stark put his arm around Diane's waist and declared that she was no longer Jack's concern. Jack warned Stark that there would be hell to pay if any harm came to any member of his family.

After Jack left, Diane told Stark she had not been prepared for the confrontation with Jack. Stark replied, "It was all very convincing. You were so passionate, determined to be with me." Diane replied that she was determined to be with him. Stark replied, "It was one hell of a performance. I'm going to need more solid proof that you're on my side." Stark stroked Diane's cheek and said, "I'm just going to put you to the test." Diane seemed uneasy, but she smiled.

Phyllis, unwilling to leave the Abbott home before issuing a warning to Kyle and Summer, noted that they were allowing Diane to call all the shots. Phyllis grabbed her purse and headed toward the door. Summer cried, "Mom, wait. Let's just try to figure this out. I love you so much." Phyllis told Summer she loved her, which was why the drama with Diane was killing her. Phyllis continued toward the front door and stopped in her tracks when Jack and Diane entered. Phyllis said, "Look at this. The icing on the cake." Phyllis turned to Summer and said, "You're going to regret this. I guarantee it."

After Phyllis left, Summer broke down in tears. Jack asked Summer if she was all right. Summer refused to answer Jack's questions about what had happened with Phyllis. Kyle asked Jack and Diane to reveal what had happened with Stark. Diane claimed that Stark had bought her story and wanted her to take a "loyalty test." Diane explained that they could use phase two of their plan to turn the tables on Stark.

The morning after Chloe had rushed out to the store to purchase a pregnancy test for Sally, she returned to Sally's suite, explaining that family issues and missed calls had delayed her. Sally held the box containing the pregnancy test, sighed, and cried that she hoped the test might help put an end to her anxiety. Chloe replied, "Fingers crossed." After Sally entered the bathroom, Nick arrived. Nick told Chloe he had not expected to see her and assumed they had both stopped by to check on Sally's recovery from a stomach bug. While Chloe distracted Nick, Sally completed the first step necessary to determine whether or not she might be pregnant. Speaking loudly, Chloe said, "Yes, she'll be out in a minute, Nick!"

Sally emerged from the bathroom and told Nick that the soup and ginger ale he had sent had done the trick. Nick invited Sally to go out to get a bite. Sally explained that she had fallen behind on her work while she had been ill. Chloe agreed and jokingly insisted that Nick stop monopolizing her business partner's time. Before Nick left, he promised Sally he would call her later.

Sally paced, and Chloe flipped through a fashion magazine as they waited for the test to register results. Sally asked what she should do if the test was positive. Chloe said the most important question was whether Adam or Nick was the father. Sally retrieved the test from the bathroom, read the results, and said, "It says I'm pregnant." Sally suddenly became quiet and still. Chloe grew concerned.

Chloe offered to talk when Sally was ready to deal with news of her pregnancy. As if a switch had been flipped, Sally insisted she was all right, claiming that there was nothing to deal with because her cycle was unpredictable and that the unreliable test might have registered a false positive. Chloe replied, "It seems like you're in denial." Sally claimed she was fine and had overreacted. Sally thanked Chloe and said she needed time alone to refocus on work. After Chloe left, Sally discarded the bag from the drugstore and the test unit, tossing them into a wastebasket.

Nick entered Victoria's office at Newman Enterprises and asked Victor where Victoria was. Victor replied that Victoria and Nikki were in a meeting. Victor mentioned the conversation he and Nick had had about Sally Spectra and Adam. Nick apologized for having lost his temper. Victor apologized for having disclosed the dossier he had compiled on Sally, explaining that he had intended only to protect his son.

Nick insisted he could manage on his own. Victor replied, "So, being a father ain't easy sometimes, is it? I am just having conflicts with your brother, and I don't want to have another one with you." Nick asked his father to not interfere with Nick's personal relationships and to let Nick make his own mistakes, accept his choices, and move on. Victor explained that as Nick's father, he should not be expected to stop caring.

While Adam pored over contracts at Jabot, Victor entered. Victor requested that Adam allow Connor to visit him and Nikki at the ranch. Adam agreed that Connor's grandparents were an important part of his life, so he and Chelsea would work out a schedule. Victor, noting that Adam seemed protective of Chelsea, asked if he was trying to rekindle their relationship since he was no longer with Sally. Adam told Victor that though it was none of his business, he and Chelsea were not getting back together. Adam claimed Victor was disappointed that Sally had taken up with "golden boy" Nick. Victor admitted he wished both Nick and Adam had been involved with someone other than Sally.

At Society, Mariah and Tessa treated Sharon to breakfast. Mariah mentioned that she was surprised Sharon had chosen Society on a day so close to New Year's Eve because it might hold bad memories. Sharon acknowledged that she and Rey had wed at Society on New Year's Eve. Sharon gazed at the spot where she and Rey had exchanged vows and assured Mariah and Tessa that she did not have bad memories of her wedding. Pointing to a nearby table, Sharon fondly remembered that she and Rey had chosen the restaurant to celebrate their first anniversary. Mariah embraced her mother as Tessa looked on, smiling.

Reminiscing, Sharon laughed when she recalled Rey's reaction to the tamales she had made using his mother's family recipe. Sharon remembered that her culinary attempt had been a total disaster, though Rey had promised he and Sharon would together determine what had gone wrong. Mariah replied, "He loved you for trying." Mariah, Tessa, and Sharon clinked their coffee cups together in a toast to Rey's memory.

Mariah nervously checked a notification on her phone and explained to Sharon that a woman named Delphine had recently made contact about adoption. Sharon remembered that Delphine had sent a photo of a sonogram on Christmas Day. Mariah and Tessa explained that they had not heard a word since but were remaining hopeful because the sonogram photo had seemed like a good sign. Sharon offered to help in any way she could. Nick approached, and Sharon invited him to join them.

Sharon asked Nick how 2023 had been so far. Nick reported that Sally was feeling better and that he had engaged in a non-combative conversation with his dad. Nick declared that his year was off to a great start, and he offered encouragement to Mariah and Tessa with their plans to adopt. Mariah nervously checked her phone when she received a text message. The message was from Delphine requesting that they meet the next day. Mariah turned to Tessa and said, "This could be our baby."

Danny and Christine reminisce about the past

Danny and Christine reminisce about the past

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

On the Crimson Lights patio, Daniel told Danny that spending the holidays together had been just what he'd needed. Danny recognized that Daniel had been going through a tough time with Heather and Lucy, but he applauded his son for owning his mistakes and pulling himself together. Danny urged Daniel to focus on his daughter, since Danny knew from personal experience that one's desire to do right by one's child was a powerful motivator. Daniel mused that there was nothing he wouldn't do for Lucy.

Danny said he was proud of Daniel. Daniel gushed that no one inspired him the way Danny did, and he was excited that they'd be working together. Danny promised to start recording right away and welcomed any notes Daniel had. Daniel looked forward to collaborating and remarked that communication was key. Danny warned Daniel not to bottle up his feelings again, and Daniel gave his word he wouldn't. Danny hesitated to say goodbye and simply stated that they'd see one another soon. The men hugged and exchanged words of love. Daniel headed out.

Inside the coffeehouse, Mariah and Tessa excitedly looked forward to their flight out that night and meeting Delphine the next day to show they were the ideal parents to adopt her baby. Sharon recognized that it had taken longer than expected, but she was thrilled the prospective mother had gotten in touch. Mariah mused that meeting the young woman could change their lives.

Danny checked his phone and contemplated calling "Cricket." Christine suddenly entered the patio and called his name. She mentioned that she'd known he was in town, but she hadn't known if they'd cross paths. He told her that he'd been about to call her, since he hadn't been sure if she'd still been away, but he'd wanted to at least say hello. Christine informed him that she and Paul had gotten back the night before. Christine asked how long Danny would be staying, and he replied that he would be leaving that day.

Mariah waved to Christine, who filled Danny in about how she was helping Mariah and Tessa navigate the adoption process. Christine added that the couple would be amazing parents, and Danny remarked that any kid would be lucky to have Sharon as a grandmother. Danny commented that while he entertained people for a couple of hours, Christine transformed their lives. Christine implied that she had nowhere to be after her meeting with Mariah and Tessa. Danny swore he'd be there when Christine was done.

Christine told Mariah and Tessa that she'd spoken with Delphine's representative and learned that Delphine hadn't responded to any other couples as enthusiastically as she had to their profile and letter. Mariah groaned that her stomach was doing flip-flops at the thought of meeting Delphine the next day. Tessa added that they'd agreed it would be a very casual meet-and-greet, but they knew it would be more than that. Mariah noted how much was at stake, and she was determined to make a flawless first impression.

Tessa expected Delphine to have a million questions. Mariah fretted that even if they nailed the answers, they'd be back to square one if they didn't form an emotional connection. Christine advised them not to get ahead of themselves, and Sharon reminded the couple that they'd discussed how adoption was a process, not an event. Christine encouraged Mariah and Tessa to be themselves, answer any questions honestly, and be prepared with questions of their own. Christine continued that they should speak from the heart and help Delphine understand how strong their relationship was and what an amazing home they'd provide. Danny listened from the patio and smiled.

Danny flashed back to meeting Christine for the first time, when he'd invited her to get better acquainted over a soda. His thoughts shifted to spending a romantic evening with her, telling her that he couldn't remember the first moment he'd realized he was in love with her because he'd always been in love with her. They'd agreed that they couldn't imagine their lives without one another. The happy memories faded as Danny remembered Christine blasting him for his drunken night with Phyllis. Danny sadly reflected on Christine telling him years later that she loved Paul and that Paul had changed her life. Danny had wished her the best and said all he'd ever wanted was for her to be happy.

Meanwhile, Mariah accepted that the trip might not turn out like she and Tessa hoped, but she thought each step they took on their journey would eventually lead to their baby. Christine wished them the best and told them to let her know how things went. Mariah and Tessa left to prepare for their flight. Sharon thanked Christine for supporting the couple through the process, and Christine chirped that creating new families was one of her favorite parts of the job. Christine returned to the patio and thanked Danny for waiting. He replied that it had been worth it to have some time with her.

Danny and Christine updated one another about their careers, and she asked if he still enjoyed touring. He admitted it had its downsides, but he liked traveling the world and meeting people. He shared that Gina had flown out on occasion to perform a couple of songs with him, and he'd spent Thanksgiving with her and Christmas with Daniel. Danny marveled that it had turned out to be a wonderful holiday season for him, and he assumed Christine knew Daniel was back in town.

Christine confirmed that she hadn't seen Daniel, but she and Paul had found out what had happened from Heather. She hoped Daniel, Heather, and Lucy would be okay. Danny recounted that he and Phyllis had been rallying around Daniel. Christine mentioned that she'd seen the photos Phyllis had posted online, and she quoted Phyllis' post about how Genoa City's very own rock star had returned to spend time with the people he loved the most. Christine said she was glad the three of them had been together for Daniel's sake, but she hadn't realized Danny and Phyllis had stayed in such close touch over the years.

Danny denied that he and Phyllis were close, and he defined their relationship as teammates, co-parents, and grandparents. He figured that Phyllis always put a spin on things to make them appear shinier and brighter, and Christine muttered that Phyllis had always had a talent for deceit and fabrication. Danny contemplated what his life would be like if Phyllis had never been a part of his story, but he recognized that then he wouldn't have Daniel and Lucy, who had given him immense joy. Christine said she understood that he'd needed to find a way to coexist with Phyllis, but she'd never forgive or forget what Phyllis had done. Christine tearfully recalled that Phyllis had almost cost Christine her life.

Danny grabbed Christine's hand and apologized for the pain Phyllis had caused. Christine pointed out that he'd been a victim, too, and she was glad they'd been able to move on and find happiness -- even if they hadn't found it together. He murmured that he'd last seen her at her wedding, noting that she and Paul were going on ten years. Danny said he was happy things were going well for Christine, and she inquired whether there was someone special in his life. He hesitated before stating that he'd been seeing someone casually, but he didn't know where things were going, given his schedule. Danny pointedly added that his life was full, but there was always room for a dear friend.

Christine and Danny decided that they needed to stay in better touch. She suggested that she and Paul attend one of Danny's concerts the next time Danny was in town. Danny informed her that he had a tour date in Chicago later that year and that he'd already promised tickets to Traci, Lauren, and Michael. He proposed that they make it a party, and she replied that it sounded like a plan.

Danny checked his watch and wished he had more time, but he had to leave to catch his flight. Christine asked if it was his way of asking her to take him to the airport, and he noted that she'd said she was free. He added that he thought they had much more to talk about. "So do I," she responded, and they headed out together.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria was clearly distracted as Nate provided an update. Nate wondered if they should wait until Nick was available to go over the social media budget. Victoria huffed that Nick had known they were meeting but had chosen not to be there, so she wasn't inclined to accommodate his personal schedule. Nate acknowledged that Nick hadn't been thrilled when Victoria had fired Sally and hired Nate, but Victoria replied that it hadn't been Nick's decision to make. Nate worried that his presence was causing conflict, and he asked if there was anything he could do to help.

Victoria gushed that Nate was a huge asset to the company, and nothing beyond that mattered. She said she was glad her brother was back at the company, but she was disappointed in Nick for letting his personal feelings overcome his objectivity. Nate recalled that he and Devon had made the same mistake, and he was determined not to repeat it there. Victoria was confident that while she and Nick weren't always on the same page, they would always get through their disagreements and have one another's backs. Nate sensed that something else was bothering her, and he invited her to talk about it. He suggested that they clock out and grab some coffee in the break room to avoid mixing their personal and business lives. She smiled and said she'd like that.

Over coffee, Victoria explained that she loved being a mom, but there were certain challenges. She recalled that she'd been through some turbulent times with Reed, but they'd ended up in a good place. She continued that Johnny was at a stage where it was natural for him to want to pull away, but due to other complicated factors, the situation was tougher than she'd ever anticipated it would be.

Nate assured Victoria that Johnny would always love, admire, and respect her, even if he didn't always show it. Victoria fretted that they couldn't know that for sure, but Nate firmly stated that she was understanding and forgiving and never missed a trick. He joked that Johnny might not be thrilled about the last part, but he was confident that Johnny would always trust her to be his compass. Nate suggested that she give Johnny some space so the boy would feel she trusted him, which might help to keep him from drifting too far away. A grateful Victoria told Nate his advice had helped.

Chelsea was surprised when Billy stopped by her apartment. He announced that he was there to find out how Connor's school project had turned out. She reported that Connor wasn't home, and she doubted it was the real reason Billy was there. Billy asserted that he was deeply invested in the success of Connor's contraption, but Chelsea knew something was wrong. She observed that he'd shown up alone on New Year's Eve when he should have been with Lily, and there had been a sadness in his eyes that was still there.

Chelsea ordered Billy to stop pretending that everything okay when it clearly wasn't. Billy contended that he wasn't there to burden her with his problems, but she cited everything he'd done for her and told him it couldn't be a one-sided friendship. Chelsea recalled that he'd kept insisting that she was tough and strong, and she implored him to let her support him the way he'd supported her. Billy confided that Lily thought their relationship might be over.

Chelsea insisted that Billy fix things with Lily, and she apologized for taking up so much of his time. Billy swore that his rift with Lily wasn't over him spending too much time with Chelsea. He revealed that the problems in his relationship stemmed from the fact that he was self-centered and restless, constantly in need of the next best thing to give him a rush and make him feel alive. Billy accepted that he wasn't an ideal long-term partner, but Chelsea refused to let him tear himself down. She pointed out that there was much more to him, including the reasons Lily loved him and he loved her. Chelsea questioned whether he was really willing to just give up.

Billy clarified that he wanted to work on his relationship with Lily, but he doubted it was enough. Chelsea cited his history of always painting himself as a screwup who was destined to fail. She sympathized that he was feeling defeated and scared, but she proclaimed that he was also strong, loyal, and relentless when he wanted something. She implored him to go make it right.

Billy shared that Lily had calmly and rationally laid out the reasons they should take time apart, and he believed that was the start of her trying to let him down easy. Chelsea argued that he didn't know that, and she urged him to calmly and rationally lay out the reasons he and Lily needed to stay together. Chelsea praised him for helping her get her second chance, and she declared that it was time for him to go get his.

After Billy left, Chelsea read a text message from Connor, who asked if they could have pizza with Johnny that week. Chelsea started to type a message to Billy, but she deleted it and sent a message to Victoria instead, asking if she could take the boys out for pizza one night that week. Victoria's initial response was to indicate that Johnny had too much homework, but she reconsidered and changed her reply to say that they'd find a night that worked for all of them.

Lily ran into Nick at Society, and he wished her a happy New Year. She inquired about his holiday, and he crowed that it had been great. He asked about hers, and she responded that it had been fine. He informed her that he'd just wrapped up a lunch meeting, and he wondered if she had a minute to talk. She sat down and asked what was on his mind.

Nick hoped to finally talk about Nate joining Newman Media, since Nick knew what it was like to work at a family company with the people who pushed his buttons the most. He empathized that some might say it was just business, but he knew it was difficult not to take things personally sometimes. Nick apologized to Lily on behalf of Newman Enterprises if their company had played any part in her family's conflict. Lily appreciated Nick's words, and she admitted that the way things had gone down had been very shocking. Nick shared that he'd been shocked, as well.

Lily conceded that she and Devon had no proof that Newman had tried to take over Chancellor-Winters or that Nate had fed information to Victoria, but after Nate had been rewarded with the top spot at Newman Media, she thought they all knew what had happened. Nick sighed but declined to confirm any of it. Lily pointed out that he wasn't denying it, either, although she could tell he'd had no part of it. She bemoaned that it had been a painful issue during a complicated time, and a lot of people she'd thought she'd been able to rely on had let her down. Nick inquired whether they were talking about Nate or Billy.

Nick noted that Lily hadn't mentioned Billy when Nick had asked about the holidays. Nick pointed out that he'd had a front-row seat to Billy and Victoria's relationship, so he had a good sense of how challenging it was to get involved with someone like Billy. Nick offered to give Lily his perspective or just sit there and listen if she needed a friendly ear. Lily thanked Nick for the offer but politely declined.

Nick applauded what Lily had done with Chancellor-Winters by leading with integrity and dignity, noting that it wasn't always easy to do in the business world. He added that he was proud of her, and she said it meant a lot. Nick predicted that there was nothing she couldn't conquer, and he wished her all the best in the New Year. After Nick headed out, Lily received a text message from Billy, asking if they could meet.

Lily joined Billy at the Glam Club. He recognized that he was supposed to give her breathing room, and he thanked her for joining him. She asked what the meeting was about. He acknowledged that they were struggling, but he felt their relationship was worth saving. He proclaimed that he would fight for her, for them, and for everything they had. Billy regretted that his and Lily's problems were more about his shortcomings than about them as a couple, and he asked her for one more chance.

Lily cried that when she'd told Billy how she felt, he hadn't put any effort into trying to make things better. She shared that it had really hurt that her feelings hadn't seemed to matter to him. Billy admitted he'd messed up, and he volunteered to make an appointment to go to couples therapy. He resolved to do whatever he needed to do to fight for their relationship because he wanted her with all his heart. Lily conceded that they owed it to themselves to keep trying, and they clasped hands.

Summer pours her heart out to Daniel

Summer pours her heart out to Daniel

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

by Nel

At the Glam Club, Phyllis told Ashley that Diane had returned, and she'd corrupted Summer. She said Diane had led everyone to believe Phyllis had chased Diane out of town, but Jack had had Diane taken to the Abbott cabin. Ashley admitted Jack had lied and had claimed Diane had fled town in fear. Ashley said Jack was protecting Diane, and he continued to blame her, Phyllis, and Nikki for Diane's exodus.

Ashley told Phyllis she hadn't been entirely convinced that Diane would have walked away from her meal ticket. She had asked Jack if he'd stashed Diane away someplace. Ashley said that after a display of indignance, Jack had expected her to apologize for her part in Diane's exit from town. Phyllis realized that Diane had turned the situation to her advantage; Diane had manipulated everyone into believing that anyone who'd pointed out the truth about Diane was the enemy.

Phyllis told Ashley that Diane was a sociopath with a plan that was working. Summer arrived and asked to speak with Phyllis, but Phyllis claimed it wasn't a good time; she was devastated. Summer apologized and explained that she didn't know what was going on between Diane and Jeremy. Summer said she'd been trying to keep her family safe. Phyllis reminded Summer that she was family. Summer said she hadn't meant to exclude Phyllis, but she'd been worried about Harrison and Kyle.

Summer apologized if she'd made Phyllis feel she wasn't valued. Phyllis said she was Summer's mother, and she didn't care what Diane had been feeding Summer. Phyllis admitted she'd made mistakes and screwed up, but she would have moved mountains and walked through fire for Summer. Phyllis accused Summer of believing Diane over her. Phyllis said she didn't know how to forgive that. When Daniel arrived and offered to buy drinks, Phyllis stated she had to be anywhere but there, and she left.

Summer explained to Daniel that she and Phyllis had been arguing about Diane. She explained that Diane had wanted it to appear like she'd left town because she'd feared a criminal from her past, but in actual fact, she'd been at the Abbott cabin while Jack and Kyle had tried to figure out how to deal with the situation. Summer said she hadn't told Phyllis what had gone on, and Phyllis had concluded that Summer had chosen Diane over her. Daniel admitted that was what it looked like from the outside, and he could only imagine how Phyllis felt.

Summer told Daniel she was stuck between Kyle's mom and her own mom. She claimed she had her child to protect. She had no idea what she should do. She said Phyllis had made an anonymous call to Stark and had told him where to find Diane. Stark had rolled into town and had made threats. Daniel said Phyllis had been right about Diane. He asked why Summer had ignored that fact and blamed Phyllis for everything. Summer said she'd blamed Diane, not Phyllis.

Summer told Daniel that Stark was a criminal, and eventually, he would have found Diane himself because they'd had unfinished business. Daniel said it sounded like everyone had been too hard on Phyllis. Summer asked how she should tell Kyle that his mother had brought nothing but chaos and nonstop misery to their doorstep. Summer accepted that Harrison loved Diane and that Diane was great with him; however, that didn't alter the fact that Harrison was in danger, and Summer's marriage had become extremely complicated.

Summer told Daniel that, for the sake of her marriage, she'd gone along with everything Kyle had wanted. She said there was a huge daily production about protecting and defending Diane. Summer had pretended she believed Diane was the victim. She said Diane was the woman who'd burned her life to the ground before she'd faked her death and stayed away for years while living a life of crime.

Summer told Daniel that Jack and Kyle were operating under the impression that Phyllis was the problem and that she'd created the whole mess. She said Diane had convinced Kyle to lie to her about a piece of Diane's past. She said Kyle had eventually told her the truth, but she'd warned Diane not to come between her and Kyle. She said Diane had said all the right things, the way she always did. Summer added that every conversation with Diane was always carefully curated, and Kyle believed every word Diane said.

Daniel asked Summer how Kyle could forgive Diane for abandoning him as a child. Summer said Kyle believed Diane had changed and wasn't capable of being the person she'd been when she'd left him. Summer said she couldn't go to Phyllis and unload everything on her. She said she literally had no one to talk to, so she was happy Daniel had returned. She said she could finally be honest with someone. Daniel said he would always listen but added that Summer shouldn't have kept everything bottled up.

Summer told Daniel she'd dealt with the situation any way she could, and she and Kyle had managed to stay strong. Daniel noted that she'd lied to Kyle. Summer admitted she'd lied only by omission. She claimed she'd been protecting Kyle and their marriage. Summer realized Daniel was right, and things would become more difficult because Diane had decided to stay and draw Kyle deeper into her mess. Summer didn't know how much longer Kyle could ignore the havoc Diane was causing before he realized his mother had come between them.

At the Abbotts', Diane told Jack she needed to make sure Stark didn't have any doubts about her wanting to be with him again. Jack agreed that Stark had to believe she was all in. Diane said Stark had to believe she wanted him romantically. She asked if Jack was worried because she wouldn't be able to pull it off her plan -- or because she would.

Jack told Diane it didn't matter how he felt; he'd pretended to be outraged that she'd returned to town because she hadn't been able to stay away from Stark any longer. He said there hadn't been other viable options of getting Stark out of their lives. Diane promised her plan would work because she knew how to handle Stark; her job was to make Stark think he was in control.

Jack objected when Diane said she needed to return to her suite at the hotel to make her act appear convincing. Jack wanted her to stay at the Abbott home and not under the same roof with Stark. Diane reminded Jack that she would be putting everyone at risk if she stayed. She asked if Jack was going to uproot an entire household and keep them away until it was safe for them to return. She said that would undermine the stage they'd set earlier.

Jack suggested that Diane tell Stark she'd moved into the Abbott home to make sure Jack gave Stark the second half of the fortune he'd promised. Diane chastised Jack for making that deal, and she asked why he'd offered Stark so much money. Jack said he'd believed he would be buying Diane's freedom. He said Diane had to tell Stark she was willing to use Jack's resources and manipulate everyone. He said it would feed into that criminal, jet-setting lifestyle and prove she would do anything for Stark, including putting the family she loved at risk. Kyle walked in and listened.

Diane refused. Kyle joined Jack and Diane. Diane said she had to make her plan look real because everything hinged on her selling it to Stark. She said she would tell Stark she'd hidden in an apartment she'd found when she'd been on the run, and she'd decided to move back into her suite at the Grand Phoenix. Kyle protested because there was no security there. Diane claimed Stark wouldn't believe that she wanted to be with him if she stayed at the Abbotts'.

Diane assured Jack she felt confident she could pull it off, and she reminded him that if she'd been able to make everyone believe she'd been dead all those years, there was nothing she couldn't do. She said Stark needed to feel confident she could run a scam with him while keeping it a secret from the people she was closest to. Kyle said it was a bad idea. Jack agreed. Diane stated that she could pull it off, knowing Jack and Kyle trusted her. Diane said she would make it work because it was the only way she would become part of the family.

After Diane left, Kyle told Jack he was concerned because Phyllis had discovered that Diane was in town. He hoped Summer would track Phyllis down and apologize for keeping her in the dark. Kyle said he would do anything to get Stark out of Diane's life, but it had put Summer in the middle of things, trying to keep her relationship with her mother while supporting him in his relationship with Diane.

Jack told Kyle he was sorry that Summer and Phyllis were at odds, but he had no sympathy for Phyllis. He said Phyllis had played dirty, and it had backfired because she was impulsive and went to extremes without considering the consequences.

Abby arrived at Devon's with Dominic. Abby and Devon agreed that Dominic needed to know his whole family, which included Tucker. Abby wanted to stay for Tucker's visit with Dominic. When Tucker arrived, he admitted he knew how fortunate he was to be spending time with Dominic and that Abby and Devon were on board with it. Tucker thanked Abby for allowing him to spend time with his grandson. When Devon took Dominic to bed, Abby told Tucker she wanted to get reacquainted.

Tucker understood that Abby didn't trust him and agreed she shouldn't. Abby said it wasn't about trusting him. She knew Tucker would do whatever it took to get what he wanted, and God help whoever stood in his way. Tucker admitted that it was a painfully accurate description of how he'd lived his life; however, that had been in the past, and he wasn't that man anymore.

Tucker explained to Abby that he'd experienced an event that had made him re-evaluate everything, and it had given his life a deeper meaning. Abby asked if he was referring to his time at the ashram. Abby believed he'd been there, but she wondered if it had been a corporate maneuver or a new way to sway public opinion. Tucker claimed it had been very real and enlightening. Tucker assured Abby he would never do anything to hurt Dominic. Abby was sure Tucker had said the same thing to Ashley.

Tucker assured Abby he would never harm Ashley or anyone. Abby wanted to believe he was a changed man with a new outlook on life; however, he'd returned to town right after Diane, and Diane and Tucker had had a relationship of sorts in Los Angeles. She pointed out that Tucker hadn't bothered to tell anyone that Diane was alive. She said it felt more like a familiar pattern than a brand-new way of living. She reminded Tucker that she'd been the one who'd caught him with Diane when Tucker had cheated on Ashley the first time, then he'd cheated with Harmony, Devon's mom.

Abby told Tucker that whenever she saw him with Ashley, alarm bells went off. Tucker admitted Abby was right; trust had to be earned. He asked Abby to give him neutrality until he could earn that trust, given the situation they were in. He said that Abby and Devon would be in each other's lives forever because they had Dominic together, and they were forever bound by that connection.

Devon returned and apologized that Tucker hadn't had much time with Dominic. Tucker understood, and he left. Abby told Devon that Tucker had pointed out that she and Devon would always be connected because of Dominic. She said it wouldn't be the worst thing for Tucker to spend time with Dominic occasionally. Abby said when she and Devon were together, things felt uncomplicated and easy; it felt right. Devon confessed that he felt the same way. They kissed. Devon asked Abby to stay the night, and Abby agreed. They made love.

In her suite at the Grand Phoenix, Diane was unpacking when someone banged on her door and shouted that it was Jeremy. When she opened the door, it was Tucker. Tucker stated that Diane had run out of town in a panic, but she'd returned because she had a suite at the Abbott house. Diane told him to go to hell.

Tucker asked Diane when Jeremy Stark was going to leave town. Tucker said he had big plans, and he didn't want Stark messing them up. He said he wanted Stark gone and told Diane to make it happen. Diane claimed she was trying, but her life was in danger. Tucker complimented Diane on doing a spectacular job on Stark in such a short time. He said he should pat himself on the back for aiding her in her quest.

Diane asked how Tucker thought he'd helped her. Diane claimed that after she'd told Jack about her past with Stark, Tucker had lost his hold over her. He couldn't force her to be his spy or provide Jabot's financials. Diane accused Tucker of telling Ashley about Stark being released from prison, knowing Ashley was part of "the coven" trying to run her out of town.

Diane also accused Tucker of setting everything in motion and putting all the people she loved in danger. She said he'd been willing to sacrifice everyone just to win over Ashley, and she'd been forced to deal with Jeremy Stark to eliminate the threat Tucker had brought to town. Tucker said he'd known Jack would find a way to turn things around. Diane claimed she'd lost Jack, but Tucker said she had Jack wrapped around her finger. Tucker left.

At Crimson Lights, Tucker arrived in time to hear Phyllis on the phone; "Amanda, why don't you answer? I really miss you. You are the only one who gets me. I have abandonment issues; you know that about me. My daughter turned her back on me, you moved, so I need to talk to you. Call me back or just move back here. I'll talk to you later. I love you." Phyllis ended her call. Phyllis was startled when Tucker said it sounded like Phyllis could use someone to talk to. Phyllis said if she needed a friend, she would go to one of hers. Tucker said they didn't need to be friends to have a mutually beneficial relationship.

When Diane returned to the Abbotts', she told Jack and Kyle that she'd unpacked and hoped everyone would believe she'd returned to be with Stark. She assured Jack and Kyle she was fine. Kyle said he hated the plan, but he had Diane's back. Kyle said he couldn't ask for a better mom, and he left to check on Harrison.

Jack commented that he could see the situation was wearing on Diane. Diane said she needed to keep her game face on. Jack said Diane needed to rely on him because what she was doing wasn't easy. Diane thanked Jack for everything and gave him a peck on the cheek as Ashley walked in. Arms folded, Ashley asked what was going on.

Devon delves into the connection between Tucker and Audra

Devon delves into the connection between Tucker and Audra

Thursday, January 5, 2023

by Nel

At Crimson Lights, Sally was on the phone and made an appointment with a doctor. Adam asked her if everything was okay. Sally asked if he'd been listening to her call. Adam said he hadn't heard anything, but it appeared as if she'd been hiding from someone. Sally said she'd wanted privacy and told Adam to mind his own business. Adam noted that she looked tense and tired.

Adam suggested that Sally might feel better if she talked about what was keeping her up at night. Sally asked if Adam really meant who was keeping her up at night. Adam denied it. Sally didn't believe him. Sally relented and admitted that the idea of launching her own business and starting from scratch had made her anxious. Adam said he couldn't wait to see what she came up with because he knew that whatever she put her mind to would be a success.

Sally claimed it wasn't like Adam to be so nice and she asked what he was after. Adam apologized for interrupting her morning and said he was about to leave, but Sally stopped him and apologized. She indicated that she didn't want to lose the civility between them because she was in a mood. Adam claimed he was a good listener, and Sally could tell him whatever was on her mind. She said she'd love to, but she wasn't sure about anything. Adam said he'd seen her in difficult situations, and she'd always figured things out.

Sally asked why Adam was being so nice to her. Adam said Sally would always be very special to him because they'd had a connection. He reminded her that they'd always been able to discuss anything, and if she needed someone to talk to, all she had to do was call him. Sally thanked him, and she left.

At Devon's, Abby told Devon she felt a bit guilty after they'd spent the night together. She said the divorce was "so fresh," and their relationship was very new; however, she knew she was in the right place and happier than she'd been in a long time.

Abby told Devon she had to go home and change before her meeting with Noah at his club. She said it no longer felt like home; it was the Chancellor mansion, and she wasn't a Chancellor anymore. Devon agreed there were a lot of changes happening, but as long as they focused on Dominic and made sure the transition went smoothly for him, they would be all right. Devon advised Abby to take her time deciding what was best for her and Dominic.

At Chancellor-Winters, Lily was excited when she told Audra that Jill was ready to move forward with the IPO. Audra said it was going to be a huge success. Lily and Audra discussed the timing for the IPO, and Audra said she would run the numbers and inform Lily of the best time to make the announcement. Devon arrived. Lily informed him of Jill's decision to move forward with the IPO. Devon asked if it was going to happen without his input. Lily reminded him that he'd always known about the plan. Devon corrected her and said he'd known about her plan; it had never been his. Audra's phone pinged a tune indicating she'd received a text message. She stepped out.

Lily told Devon that she and Jill had decided the IPO was best for the company. Devon argued the decision had been made without him. Lily said she'd heard Devon's argument about keeping the company private, and she didn't agree. She didn't understand why he wanted to limit the company's growth.

Devon reminded Lily that he'd never supported the IPO decision because they would be giving up too much autonomy. He said the whole reason for merging their companies had been to run the corporation as a family. He agreed that if they went public, they would make more money, but they wouldn't be making decisions that mattered for their company; that wasn't worth it to him. Lily claimed if they sold stock, they could double or triple their valuation. Devon said making money wasn't always the most important thing.

Devon reminded Lily that what Nate had almost put them through had been exactly what could happen to any company that went public. Devon asked what had happened to taking their time making a decision. Lily said sooner was better, and she and Jill wanted to move forward with it. She said Jill's vote was equal to both of theirs, and she'd agreed with Jill; that gave them the majority vote.

Lily indicated that if Devon could provide a legitimate reason why they shouldn't go through with the IPO, they would listen. Devon said he would never support that move. Lily said she hoped for Devon's support, since she no longer had Nate or Billy. She claimed she would walk the path alone if she had to. Devon said he would find a legitimate reason to stop the IPO. Devon left.

At Jabot, Kyle suggested that Diane take a leave of absence until Stark had been dealt with. Diane refused to let Stark ruin every aspect of her amazing new life. Summer arrived and told Kyle they needed to talk. Kyle told Summer he'd taken Diane out for breakfast where Stark wouldn't see them together.

When Kyle asked what Summer wanted to talk about, Summer lied and said Mariah had wanted her to remind Kyle about the personal time she was taking. Kyle recalled that Mariah and Tessa were meeting with the potential birth mother. Diane said they had to be very excited and added that she was sure they would make amazing mothers. Summer coolly commented that Diane barely knew them.

Diane told Summer she worked with Mariah and Tessa, and she'd seen how special their bond had been at the photoshoot. Summer excused herself and went into Jack's office. Diane received a call from Jeremy. She told Jeremy she would make the arrangements and text him with the time and place. Diane told Kyle that Jeremy wanted to meet her that evening. Kyle asked if she was going to be at Stark's beck and call like a servant. Diane reminded Kyle it was all part of her plan, and she was working Stark. Kyle was about to call Jack, but Diane stopped him. She said she didn't want Jack following her.

Kyle told Diane he didn't like her going on a date with a criminal, and he and Jack needed to be close by, just in case. Kyle said that he and Jack should be taking care of things, not Diane. Summer stood in the doorway of Jack's office, listening. Diane claimed she had everything under control, and she left.

Summer joined Kyle. Kyle assumed that earlier, Summer had really wanted to talk to him about Diane. Summer explained things had become very tense with Stark. She said he was a constant threat, and she admitted she was scared. She said there was a textile show in Paris she wanted to attend, and she wanted to take Harrison with her.

At home, Ashley asked if Jack intended to continue ignoring her. Jack claimed he didn't understand Ashley's continued vendetta against Diane. Ashley said she didn't understand Jack's complete denial of Diane's history. Jack said they'd all had a past, but Diane hadn't done anything to Ashley since her return. Ashley indicated it was only because Diane hadn't had the opportunity, but if Diane discovered she had leverage over Ashley, Diane wouldn't hesitate to use it. Jack claimed that was absurd.

Ashley said she understood that Jack wanted Kyle to reconnect with his mother, but Jack had let Diane back into his life. Jack said it was none of Ashley's business, and whether she liked it or not, Diane was part of their family. Ashley shouted that she didn't like it. She said she couldn't erase the image of Kyle crying himself to sleep because he thought his mother was dead. Jack stated that Diane had changed and that Kyle had forgiven her. Ashley said she couldn't forgive Diane. She said that after the pain Diane had cause their family, "that viper" deserved permanent exile from their home.

Jack said it was ironic that Ashley accused a viper of entering their home. Jack reminded Ashley that he'd seen her kissing Tucker outside their door. Ashley said Jack had no idea what was going on. Jack countered that she had no idea what was going on with Diane, since she'd made no effort to understand Diane. He said Ashley and her allies had been small, petty, and mean, and their hatred for Diane had no foundation. Ashley disagreed. Jack maintained that Diane had changed.

Ashley told Jack that Diane was subtle and charming; she would act like she was one's best friend but then turn and kick the legs out from under them. She said Diane was sneaky and manipulative; she hadn't changed. Ashley accused Jack of buying into Diane's helpless routine, but Jack had always known that Diane had never been nor would she ever be helpless.

Ashley said Jack bought Diane's "poor me" act. Jack shouted it wasn't an act. He said Diane was genuinely afraid of what Stark would do to her. He said he'd sat with Stark, and he declared that Stark was a dangerous man. Jack said he chose to protect Diane and his family. Ashley reminded Jack that in the past, Diane had chosen to double-cross a dangerous criminal, and it had put their family in danger. She said Diane was using the situation to vet herself in their family, into their home, and into Jack's bed; perhaps that was Diane's goal.

Jack told Ashley that if she was so indignant about who he entertained in his home, perhaps Ashley should live elsewhere. Ashley asked if she was being purged from the family home. Ashley said it was her house, too. She shouted that she wouldn't be forced out of her home because of Jack's "sick fixation" on Diane. She said Jack might be CEO of Jabot, but it belonged to her, too. She stated she'd never had a vote about Diane working there. Yelling, Ashley said Diane would never be welcomed in their home or their company.

At the Glam Club, Daniel read a text message from Heather; "I'm very excited about this new direction. Lucy will love it, too; 'DANIEL ROMALOTTI TO HEAD CHANCELLOR-WINTERS GAMING DIVISION.' Happy for you. But Lucy needs more time." Abby arrived looking for Noah, but when she saw Daniel, they greeted each other warmly.

Abby complimented Daniel on working at Chancellor-Winters. She said with his creative abilities, he would do a terrific job. She asked if Heather and Lucy were living in the hotel. Daniel said they weren't with him. Abby asked when they would arrive. Daniel said he couldn't answer that.

Abby told Daniel that she and Chance had tried to make their marriage work, but they had split. Uncomfortable, Daniel apologized and said he had to leave to meet with Lily. He suggested they get together soon and catch up. He said he would love to meet Dominic. Daniel left.

Waiting impatiently for Noah, Abby sent him a text message; "I'm at your club. Where are you?" Abby looked at her wedding rings; she removed them and put them into her purse.

Audra arrived at Tucker's suite and angrily asked what he wanted. Tucker asked when and if the Chancellor-Winters IPO was going to happen. Audra said she'd been in a meeting when she'd received his text message to see him immediately. Audra said Jill and Lily wanted to get the ball rolling, but Devon was fighting them.

Tucker instructed Audra to convince Devon it was a good idea. Audra said after what Nate had done, Devon had become paranoid, and he was right. Tucker yelled that Devon wasn't right. Tucker yelled that what he was doing was in Devon's best interest. Tucker said all he wanted was to work side by side with his son. Audra suggested that Tucker come up with another way of making that happen. She stormed out.

Devon arrived at Society, looking for Abby; she wasn't there. Tucker caught Devon's attention. He noted that Devon appeared stressed. Devon said he was dealing with the IPO thing at work, and it had him reconsidering the Chancellor-Winters merger. Devon explained he'd lost some autonomy in the merger, and if the IPO happened, he wouldn't have any say in his own company. Tucker understood because Devon had built Hamilton-Winters with Neil.

Tucker suggested that Devon consider taking Hamilton-Winters back from Chancellor and run the business on his own again. Tucker said he didn't want to stick his nose where it didn't belong, but Devon had the resources to reacquire the company on his own. Devon said he wasn't looking for advice, nor did he want Tucker involved in his business.

Tucker told Devon it was okay to go after what Devon wanted, and he shouldn't be constricted by what others wanted. Tucker indicated he might be the guy to help Devon do that. Devon said he wanted to figure things out on his own, but he would think about Tucker's suggestion. Tucker's phone pinged. Devon realized the tone was the same as Audra's.

Outside Society, Devon called someone and asked them to find the connection between Tucker McCall and Audra Charles.

At the coffeehouse, after a bit of prompting from Lily, Daniel confessed that he hadn't respected Heather as a strong woman who was capable of making her own decisions, and some of that had trickled down to Lucy. He admitted he'd been jealous and insecure, and he'd been going through a rough patch career-wise. He said he was ashamed that he'd pushed Heather and Lucy away. He said he'd been trying to get back on solid ground, and Lily and Devon had made that possible. He said it felt good to be working on something worthwhile and to show Heather and Lucy he wasn't a lost cause.

Daniel told Lily it was going to take a long time to fix his family. Lily indicated that he could work from anywhere, and she suggested he return to Savannah or join Heather and Lucy in Portugal because keeping his family together had to be his top priority. Daniel said he didn't want to split his focus because he would do a half-assed job on both fronts. He said he wanted to do it one step at a time, or he might not get any of his life back on track. Lily received a text message from Billy: "Just parked at the doc's office -- are you on the way?" Lily said she had to go.

In her suite, Sally became nauseated and asked herself what she was going to do. She held a paper entitled "First Trimester: What Comes Next?"

Diane plans a crime to prove her loyalty to Stark

Diane plans a crime to prove her loyalty to Stark

Friday, January 6, 2023

by Nel

At Society, Lily and Billy discussed how brutal their first therapy session had been. Billy said he'd thought it would be more conversational, but the therapist had been hard. He suggested they try another therapist. Lily asked if Billy disagreed with anything the therapist had said. Billy admitted that the therapist had been on point. Lily asked if Billy would rather have someone sugarcoat things and lie to them. Billy stated that the only way to go was brutal honesty.

Lily commented that they'd already been aware of the issues she and Billy had discussed during the session; they'd been going in opposite directions for some time. Lily said that judging by the questions they'd been asked, they had almost no common ground and were destined to end up the way they had.

Billy told Lily it had only been their first session. He suggested they enjoy their evening together. Lily said she needed some air and time alone. Billy took her hands and said they were going to be all right; they would continue therapy and do whatever it took. Lily said their situation had gone on for months, and they couldn't keep doing that. She kissed him on the cheek and went to get her coat. She received a text message from Daniel: "How'd your appointment go? You good?" She began to cry and left.

Sally was working in her suite when Nick arrived and asked if she'd been ghosting him. Sally assured him that ghosting him was the last thing on her mind. Sally gathered up some papers, including the paper titled "First Trimester: What Comes Next?" and threw them into the trash can. Nick asked what those papers were. Sally explained they were drafts of a pitch she and Chloe had been working on for Jill and Chancellor-Winters. Nick offered to look at them because he knew Jill very well and might be helpful in giving her some insight on how to win Jill over. Sally said the drafts weren't worth looking at.

Nick said he hoped Sally was feeling better. She told him she was fine, and if she seemed a little off, it was because she'd been struggling with the proposal. Nick said whenever he hit a roadblock, he would take a break and clear his head. He said that might work for Sally and suggested they get some dinner. Sally turned him down claiming she needed to figure out her pitch. Nick offered to get takeout. Sally agreed.

After Nick left, Sally took the sheet titled "First Trimester: What Comes Next?" out of the trash, ripped it up and threw it back into the trash can.

When Nick returned with bags of takeout, Sally said she marveled at how amazing he was. She said Nick was reassuring and thoughtful, the perfect man. They kissed and began to disrobe. Later, when Nick went to have shower, Sally began to unpack the food. The smell of the food made her nauseous.

At home, Kyle asked if Summer really wanted to take Harrison out of the country. Summer confirmed it would only be a short trip to the textile show in Paris, not an extended stay. Kyle noted that it was more than business if she intended to take Harrison. Summer replied that with everything going on, she wanted to take their son away from any potential danger.

Kyle said he understood that Summer didn't like that Diane's chaos with Stark had taken over their lives; however, given the circumstances, he hoped Summer understood that everything they'd been doing had been necessary. Summer said she didn't understand because it seemed like things were getting out of control daily, and Diane was digging them in deeper -- a new plot, a new plan. Summer asked what was next. She said there was no guarantee the new plan was going to get rid of Stark.

Summer told Kyle the bribes and threats hadn't been enough to send Stark packing nor had Diane's disappearance forced him to walk away. Summer asked why Kyle was so certain the new plan would be the end. He claimed Diane knew how to handle Stark. Summer asked what would happen when Stark figured out that Diane was setting him up to take the fall or when he felt trapped or provoked. Kyle shouted that Diane was risking her own safety for all of them. Summer said it wasn't just Diane's own safety she was risking.

Kyle promised he would keep Summer and Harrison away from danger, and he asked how he could make Summer feel safe. Summer said there was nothing except for leaving because it was one conflict after another, with no end in sight. Kyle assured her that Harrison had no idea about what was going on. Summer said Harrison was smart, and he could tell there had been a change in their attitude and that they were on guard constantly.

Kyle asked Summer if a sudden trip to France would seem odd to Harrison. Summer said she would make it a fun new adventure, and she would bring the nanny along; that would make things seem normal. She promised she would stay on top of business and possibly get more work done if she wasn't constantly distracted by all the craziness. Kyle admitted he was also scared. Summer suggested that she, Kyle, and Harrison go to Paris together. Kyle said he couldn't leave Diane and that his fear wasn't about any potential danger to Summer or Harrison.

Kyle lamented that the Stark situation had started to come between him and Summer, which wasn't something he could bear. Summer said the last thing she wanted was for anything to come between them. Kyle admitted that things at home and the office were very stressful. He admitted that Summer had been pulled in different directions, and the strongest pull had been from Phyllis. Summer shouted for Kyle not to make it about Phyllis. She said it was about Diane's never-ending chaos.

Kyle told Summer he didn't want to be insensitive, but Phyllis had invited chaos to town. Summer didn't understand how Phyllis had become solely responsible for Diane's criminal ex-boyfriend. Summer said that Stark would have tracked Diane down eventually on his own. Kyle asked if she was defending Phyllis' actions. Summer said they needed to stop going over the same ground because nothing ever changed. Kyle agreed. He hated the situation they were in. Summer and Kyle agreed they wanted to protect each other, and they kissed.

At Crimson Lights, Jack received a text message from Diane: "Don't worry, I've got this." Sharon walked into the patio area and greeted Jack a couple of times. Jack apologized that he hadn't heard her and explained he was worried about a friend. Sharon said she could tell it was about someone very close to him. After Sharon left, Jack became impatient waiting to hear from Diane, and he sent Diane a text message: "Are you done with Stark? I need to hear you're okay."

Sharon was checking her phone when Chance arrived at the coffeehouse. She explained that Mariah and Tessa were meeting with the mother of the child they hoped to adopt, and she was anxious to hear from them. Sharon acknowledged that Chance had been going through a rough time, and she wanted to know how he was doing. Chance admitted that life was rather weird, and he had to establish new habits.

Sharon told Chance she'd felt the same way after Rey had died and Faith had moved out. She said suddenly, she was having dinner alone every night. Chance said those little things hit home a little harder. Chance said he would suddenly look up and notice how late it was and realize he hadn't eaten. He said dinner had become about food, whereas before, it had been about family time, discussing their day, going over Dominic's latest achievements, and getting Dominic fed before bedtime. Sharon told Chance she had an idea.

Chance complimented Sharon on her great idea when they returned to the coffeehouse with takeout dinner. Sharon confessed she'd never tried Ethiopian food. Chance was excited for Sharon to try it, and he admitted it was more than just food because he had lovely company to share it with.

Later, Sharon told Chance she'd enjoyed her first foray into Ethiopian food. Sharon suggested they start their own supper club. Chance admitted he could handle solo dinners. Sharon believed he would adjust, but she enjoyed chatting with him and suggested they might venture into another new cuisine. She asked how he felt about Turkish. Chance agreed to get together for takeout dinner the following week.

Diane met Jeremy at the Glam Club. He commented that the club reminded him of the club in Ibiza. Diane said she remembered that on that trip, she'd had more than the usual amount of cash in her luggage. Stark said that if he accepted Diane's proposition of reuniting and using their particular skill set, they couldn't return to their old method of doing business together or their favorite party spots. He claimed the Feds would be on them the minute they set foot on a private plane that was heading out of the country.

Diane claimed that she and Jeremy were clever enough to create the perfect plan. Jeremy suggested they could travel separately, and Diane could make the transactions alone, since she didn't have parole officers tracking her. Diane suggested that perhaps they didn't need to leave the country at all because there were plenty of opportunities in Genoa City.

Diane told Stark that if they remained in Genoa City, they had to decide on new targets, and she had a few ideas. Stark said he had some ideas, as well. He said the Glam Club would be the perfect money laundering venue, and there wouldn't be any suspicions about them leaving the country. He smiled and said he saw himself having a piece of the Glam Club.

Diane told Stark he needed to look elsewhere for a base because that club was owned by Noah Newman, Victor Newman's grandson. She said the space had been leased from the owners of the Grand Phoenix, Chancellor-Winters, and that company was owned by two more powerful families in Genoa City. She said Stark didn't want to cross any of them.

Stark accused Diane of making excuses. Diane countered that she was his former, and hopefully soon-to-be-again, accomplice, and he needed to listen to her because she knew that town -- and the people in it -- better than most. Stark agreed to let Diane take the lead. She said it sounded like he was coming up with a new way to do his business. She said she hoped he would accept her offer. She said she wanted to officially be on the same side as Stark.

Stark said Diane had to pass his loyalty test. Diane said she was willing to launder money for him and asked why she would turn on him. Stark said Diane wouldn't play him for a sucker, and he didn't trust her yet. He said she'd disappeared on him once, and she might do it again. Diane said she'd run on impulse, but after some thought, she'd returned, knowing he could be waiting for her. Stark asked if she was staying at Jack's. Diane said she was back at their hotel.

Jeremy suggested that he and Diane share a suite because it would be more cost effective. Diane said there was no need because Jeremy would make a lot of money with their new partnership. Jeremy commented that Diane hadn't been so confident during their previous alliance. Diane replied that she'd lived in constant fear of her true identity being exposed. Diane said Jack had told Kyle about the fight Jack had had with her in front of Stark.

Stark claimed Diane should have known Jack would make Kyle aware of her latest betrayal. Diane said she'd put her relationship with her family on the line for Stark, and they were furious with her for reconnecting with him. Stark said he had to look out for himself, given that he had the criminal record and had recently been released from prison. He claimed he would be the one risking the most if he got back into the game. He said any partnership with Diane would require an act of loyalty on her part. Diane claimed she was up for the challenge.

Diane asked what Stark had in mind. He said something that would prove she would go to the limit for him, something that could land her in prison. He said he knew Diane could get away with anything because she'd gotten away with her own murder -- that conniving survivor was still deep in her soul. He said he wanted to see how committed she was, and then they could resume their activities. Diane asked what she had to do. Stark told her to surprise him.

After Diane left Jeremy, she met Jack at the coffeehouse. She told Jack that things had gone well, but Jeremy didn't completely trust her. She said Stark's greed and arrogance were overshadowing his doubts, and he was falling into her trap. Diane indicated that they needed to find a crime for her to commit as a loyalty test for Stark so he would know she was ready to risk jail time for him.

Diane told Jack she could pull it off without risking harm to anyone. She claimed she only had to get past that hurdle, and then Jeremy would be putty in her hands. She said then they could orchestrate a crime for Stark to commit that would send him back to prison. Diane said they were "so close" to having "that bastard" out of their lives. Jack asked what crime she was considering.

Diane told Jack the way to impress Jeremy was for her to steal something of considerable value. Jack suggested he open the safe at the house, and she could take something from there. Diane claimed that would be too obvious, and Jeremy would see right through it. Diane said her victim had to be someone who would never, under any circumstances, help her out. Jack looked startled and said it would be a big mistake to steal from Phyllis because she was too much of a wild card. Diane agreed.

Diane suggested Ashley, but after weighing the pros and cons, Diane and Jack decided that Ashley could be as dangerous as Phyllis. Diane decided a little larceny needed to go Nikki's way.

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Tamara Braun wraps up run on Days of our Lives
CONFIRMED: Marcus Coloma out as GH's Nikolas
Y&R TWO SCOOPS: Truth or Consequences
SHAKEUP: The Young and the Restless executive producer out
Y&R alum Shemar Moore is going to be a dad for the first time
Eric Braeden recuperating following knee replacement surgery
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