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Devon demanded that Jill and Lily allow him to buy back Hamilton-Winters. Devon cut Tucker out of his life. Ashley learned about Tucker's duplicity and decided to return to Paris. Lily ended her relationship with Billy. Jack volunteered to steal a piece of Nikki's jewelry to help Diane.
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Devon fired Audra, disowned Tucker, and told Jill he wanted out of Chancellor-Winters. Billy and Lily ended their relationship. Victor asked for Kyle's help to oust Adam from Jabot.
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Tucker asks Phyllis if she is ready to burn it all down

Tucker asks Phyllis if she is ready to burn it all down

Monday, January 9, 2023

Devon received a phone call from his investigator. Devon asked if the investigator had been able to determine a past connection between Audra and Tucker. Devon listened as the investigator reported that he had discovered the name of a particular LLC. Devon nodded and requested that a report be sent to him immediately. Devon appeared troubled by the startling revelations.

At Tucker's suite, Audra arrived, noting that Tucker had ignored her text messages. Audra complained that Tucker would have been furious had she ignored his messages. Tucker, reminding Audra that he was in charge, dismissively remarked that she had no other priorities. Audra, taking partial credit, while also giving a nod to Jill and Lily for no longer allowing Devon to slow the process, announced that Chancellor-Winters' IPO was imminent. Audra stressed that it was time to strategize if Tucker planned to make a move. Tucker thanked Audra and said he would be in touch after thinking it over.

Audra, confused and frustrated, asked Tucker if he had gotten cold feet. Tucker, evasive, again said he would get in touch when he knew how to proceed. Tucker stood by the door, signaling to Audra that he wanted her to leave. Audra, aware that Tucker was eager to get rid of her, asked him if he was expecting someone. Tucker claimed he needed privacy. Before Audra left, she told Tucker she hoped he might be in a better mood when they next communicated. After Audra left Tucker's suite, she received a text message from Devon that read, "Come to the office ASAP."

Devon entered Lily's office and thanked her for meeting with him in person. Lily sighed and explained that she had not wanted to go home. Devon asked Lily what was going on with Billy. Lily cried that Billy seemed not to be present even when he was home, which made her feel lonely. Lily would not elaborate about Billy and asked Devon why he had wanted to meet in person. Before Devon could respond, Audra entered.

Lily said to Devon, "Is this about the IPO, because I told you it's happening." Devon said it was about the IPO and how risky it was, considering new information that had come to light. Audra, appearing apprehensive, assured Lily and Devon she had done her due diligence to ensure that everything was in order, so there was no longer any threat from Nate. Devon replied, "Well, guess what? I'm not worried about Nate anymore. I'm worried about a completely different threat. We have a new traitor at the company."

Lily asked Devon who he believed was a traitor. Devon said he had been informed that Audra and Tucker had been in contact in the past and also recently, his first clue being that they both had the same messaging tone set for each other. Audra defended herself, explaining that many used the same tone for text messages. Devon disagreed, insisting that it was a distinctive tone.

Other evidence Devon cited was that an LLC had paid off Audra's mounting college debt related to her MBA. Audra explained that a company she had worked for had paid off her college loans as a bonus, extra money she felt she had earned. Devon reminded Audra that the company that had paid off her loans was named Only Eyes for You, which just happened to be the title of the first song Tucker had produced. Audra replied, "I had no idea."

Devon told Lily that Tucker had paid off Audra's loans before they had both shown up in town at the same time. Lily asked Audra if she had been working with Tucker all along. Audra acknowledged that she had gotten to know Tucker when she'd lived in London, though their association had not been related to the work she had done for Chancellor-Winters. Devon replied, "Can you prove that at all?" Audra, dodging the question, boasted that she had prepared Chancellor-Winters for the IPO and that Jill was ready to move forward, so it made no sense to allow concern about her association with Tucker to disrupt the momentum. Audra warned that if the process was paused, news would leak and make the company appear unstable. Audra assured Devon and Lily that neither she nor Tucker posed a threat. Lily replied, "Why would we believe anything that you say?"

Lily, angry, fired Audra and asked Devon to arrange for security guards to escort Audra out of the building. After Lily rushed out, Audra told Devon she would leave if he felt the same way. Devon asked Audra if she had planned to win him over by betraying Tucker's trust. Audra acknowledged that it would be stupid of her to play both sides. Audra told Devon that she already knew a lot about the company and was someone he would rather have on his side.

Audra assured Devon that she could be an asset because she knew about Tucker's businesses and his goals, especially his father's goals regarding Devon. Devon replied, "What kind of goals does my father have for me?" Audra told Devon he was not wrong about Tucker having an interest Chancellor-Winters, adding that she already knew a lot about the company and would remain on Devon's side. Devon warned Audra that she would end up in a long court battle if she revealed information about the company.

Devon informed Audra that her services were no longer needed, and he asked her to leave the building quietly, so he would not have to summon security. Audra replied, "It's your loss. You know, but I will say this. You're not a very good judge of character, are you? You keep letting foxes into the henhouse -- you know -- your cousin, your father, and now me. You've been played a lot. Makes me wonder how you've made it as far as you have."

Audra entered Society and saw Nate sitting at the bar. Audra took a seat at the bar and announced to Nate that she had come to celebrate. They each ordered drinks. Audra told Nate she had moved on from Chancellor-Winters because she was not needed for the company's next phase. Nate asked Audra if she was leaving Genoa City. Audra replied that she had planned to leave, explaining that she required a challenge to keep herself engaged.

Nate told Audra he might have an opportunity suitable for her. Audra replied, "Really? I'm intrigued. So, what kind of opportunity are you proposing?" Nate told Audra he was looking for a COO for Newman Media, and he encouraged her to throw her hat in the ring. Nate assured Audra that she would be a great candidate, adding that if it worked out, they might have more opportunities to enjoy celebratory drinks together. Audra replied, "Consider my hat tossed."

Phyllis met with Daniel at Crimson Lights to coordinate setup of his new video game platform, Omega Sphere. Daniel told Phyllis he was eager to hire committed team members and coders who might be inspired by their mission. Phyllis, distracted, replied, "Totally." Noticing his mom's preoccupation, Daniel suggested Phyllis not hire anyone giving her the same vibes she was giving him. Phyllis replied, "What vibes?" Daniel complained about Phyllis' lack of focus and reminded her that he was counting on her to set the tone. Phyllis assured Daniel that, like him, she wanted passion, loyalty, and commitment, adding that it was too bad his sister did not "get it," as well.

Daniel asked his mother to explain what she meant about Summer. Phyllis cried that Summer had not shown loyalty by failing to fight to keep her on at Marchetti. Daniel apologized for how Summer had treated Phyllis and said it was time for her to move on, noting that he was her boss. Phyllis joked that perhaps she should not work with her kids. Daniel asked his mother to refrain from mentioning that he was her second choice. Phyllis apologized and assured Daniel that she was proud to be part of the team at Omega Sphere, and she promised not to let him down like Summer had let her down.

Fighting back tears, Phyllis told Daniel she had been hurt when Summer had chosen Diane over her. Confiding to Phyllis, Daniel shared with her what Summer had told him, explaining that Summer blamed Diane for all the trouble brought their way. Phyllis seemed relieved to hear that Summer did not trust Diane and thought it was unfair that everyone seemed to be protecting Diane while Phyllis was being vilified. Phyllis seemed especially heartened when Daniel noted that Summer was aware of Diane's manipulations. Phyllis asked Daniel why Summer was not sticking up for her. Daniel explained that Summer was stuck between her husband and her mother and felt like she had to maintain civility with Diane for Harrison's sake.

Daniel urged his mother to change her attitude and lend Summer her support. Phyllis assured Daniel that she supported Summer. Daniel made it clear that though Phyllis could not disclose to Summer what he had told her, she should apologize and tell Summer she had been wrong to judge her so harshly. Lily entered and caught Daniel's attention. Phyllis noticed her son's reaction and said, "Interesting. Who's distracted now?" Daniel coyly replied, "I don't know what you mean." Phyllis thanked Daniel and told him she would find Summer and talk to her. Daniel replied, "Hey, I'm serious. No ratting me out."

Daniel approached Lily and asked her if she was all right. Lily explained that she had encountered another surprise work crisis. To quell Daniel's concern, Lily assured him that the company remained committed to Omega Sphere. Daniel offered to listen if Lily wished to discuss her problems. Lily said she would rather not, though she did not want to go home. Lily suggested she and Daniel sit together and talk about things that did not matter. Daniel smiled and replied, "I'm in."

At the Abbott mansion, Diane told Jack she was having second thoughts about stealing from Nikki. Jack reminded Diane that she had tapped Nikki as the perfect victim, so she could prove to Jeremy Stark she was ready to do business with him again. Diane explained that she did not wish to reignite the formidable Nikki's anger after Nikki had finally backed off. Jack noted that Nikki was a prime target for Diane to choose as a victim of grand larceny. Jack assured Diane he would smooth things over with Nikki after everything was over.

Ashley entered the living room and joked that she loved to see Diane and Jack conspiring together. Ashley complained about Diane's frequent presence and added, "If you think you're going to smooth things over with me, you're dead wrong." Jack informed Ashley that Diane, his welcome guest, had come to discuss his concerns for her safety. Ashley laughed after Diane said she did not want to create problems between brother and sister. After Ashley rushed out, Jack told Diane that Ashley was being unreasonable. Diane thanked Jack for defending her.

Jack suggested he and Diane be more careful about discussing Jeremy Stark where others might overhear. Diane agreed and said she would rather talk about her desire to kiss Jack again. Jack assumed Diane had been uncomfortable about their relationship having become physical and wanted it to stop. Diane told Jack that her feelings for him were not a holdover from the past, clarifying that she felt real friendship and not drawn to him because he could take care of her. Jack replied, "So good to know, but why are you telling me this now?" Diane related her statement to her plans to manage Jeremy Stark.

Diane confided to Jack that because she cared so much for him, a problem might arise with their plan if she was forced to fake a relationship with Stark. Jack asked Diane if she might be using Stark to determine what type of relationship they had. Diane replied that it was not her intention, though she and Jack should clarify their feelings for each other. Jack assured Diane that he cared a lot about her, and he kissed her. Phyllis, standing just outside the front door, was horrified when she covertly watched Jack and Diane kissing passionately. Phyllis left without letting her presence be known.

Diane pulled away from Jack and told him that their kiss had been her cue to return to her hotel alone. Jack replied, "I wasn't suggesting otherwise." Diane cried, "That's too bad." Jack offered to give Diane a ride. Diane assured Jack that she could drive herself. Jack lovingly smoothed Diane's hair and assured her that they would handle their serious challenges together.

Tucker welcomed Ashley inside his suite and said, "Now, this is a welcome surprise." Ashley explained that she had nowhere else to go because Diane was at her house morning, noon, and night. Tucker remarked that he had a feeling he should keep his schedule open. Ashley teased that perhaps Tucker had experienced a mystical vibe involving her barging in, carrying a bottle of wine. Ashley cried that Diane had turned Jack into a sucker, even having secured a job at one of Jabot's divisions. Ashley complained that she awoke daily in "Diane hell." Tucker commiserated with Ashley, adding that having her in his presence was heavenly. Ashely replied, "You find my angst heavenly? I hope you don't mean that the way it sounds, otherwise, I'm going to have to put you on my enemy list."

Tucker observed that Ashley, just as he remembered her from the past, was calm, cool, and collected one minute, and then wild and fiery the next. Ashley agreed with Tucker that her anger and excitement had been awakened. Tucker brushed back Ashley's hair and rested his hand on her shoulder as he admired her qualities, cooing that allowing herself to be real, messy, and complicated had made her appear sexier. Ashley replied, "Really? What are you going to do about it?" Tucker kissed Ashley before they disrobed and made love in his bed.

After Tucker and Ashley made love, he exclaimed, "That was fire. That's what I remember and missed so much." Ashley noted that she would be showing her hand if she revealed her feelings. Tucker told Ashley they were stronger together than whatever had kept them apart. Ashley told Tucker she was too smart to fall for him again. Tucker quipped that being with him was a smart choice. Tucker invited Ashley to stay with him as long as she wanted, so she could avoid Diane, promising he would not pressure her.

While Tucker was in the shower, Ashley rifled through his file folders, reading each title. One read "Ashley Abbott Beauty, Incorporated." Ashley opened a file titled Jabot and exclaimed, "Bingo." Ashley flipped through the documents and said aloud to herself that Tucker had collected "comps," evaluations, and financial information he could utilize to target the company. Tucker emerged from the bathroom and said, "I doubt there's anything in there you don't already know." Ashley asked Tucker why he had Jabot's financial documents. Tucker replied, "It was exploratory -- a way to make a connection with you before I decided to move back to town."

Tucker admitted to Ashley that he had asked Diane to get the information about Jabot for him. Tucker confessed that he had changed his mind about going after Jabot because he wanted his relationship with Ashley to be untainted, explaining that her sway over him had completely altered his agenda. Ashley suddenly became aloof. Tucker asked Ashley if she had not felt the power between them after what had just happened. Tucker assured Ashley that what was happening between them was real.

Devon knocked on Tucker's door and implored his father to open it. Devon entered and apologized to Ashley for what was about to happen. Devon informed Tucker that whatever relationship they had was over. Devon explained that he knew about Tucker's collusion with Audra to scoop up controlling interest after he and Lily had taken the company public. Tucker replied, "If that were the case, why would I encourage you to trust your instincts that the IPO was a bad idea?" Devon suggested that Tucker had attempted to throw him off track.

Devon told Tucker that Audra had been fired. Because Audra no longer had access to Chancellor-Winters, Devon cried, it also meant that Tucker no longer had access to the company, to him, or to Dominic. Tucker insisted that the only interest he had ever had regarding Chancellor-Winters was to help Devon and support him. Ashley, biting her lip, appeared pained as she listened to Devon confront his father.

Devon asked Tucker why he had claimed he wanted to connect with his son and his grandson when Tucker's true intention was using their relationship, with the help of a planted agent, to take over his family's company. Ashley became tearful when Devon cried that his father had never been supportive and likely never would be. Tucker tried to explain, but Devon said he would not believe one word. Devon cried that he could not believe he or anyone else had bought Tucker's story about having discovered himself and the meaning of life, adding that the only thing Tucker cared about was his own self-interest and the next shiny thing he wanted.

Tucker insisted that Devon misunderstood the circumstances and was dangerously close to crossing the line. Devon replied, "What the hell is that supposed to mean? There's a line now that I'm getting close to crossing? You know something, Tucker? You should leave Genoa City tonight because I'm going to make it my mission to make sure there's no one else in this town who will ever defend you for the rest of your life."

After Devon abruptly left, Tucker told Ashley he was sorry she'd had to hear what Devon had said, claiming that Devon's accusations were not true. Ashley told Tucker she did not trust him. Angry, Ashley admonished Tucker, telling him that he could not have sunk lower in her book. Ashley cried that she had just happened to be in the right place at the right time when Tucker had revealed who he was. Tucker tried to talk to Ashley, but she rushed out the door. Ashley tarried in the hallway, appearing to catch her breath. Tucker, frustrated, slammed the door and tossed documents in the air before heading out.

Tucker, appearing forlorn, entered the Glam Club and gazed about the room. Tucker approached Phyllis, who appeared to be lost in thought after having seen Diane and Jack kissing. Tucker said, "You look how I feel." Phyllis shrugged and replied, "How do I look? How do you feel?" Tucker asked Phyllis if she was ready yet. Looking confused, Phyllis replied, "For what?" Tucker said, "Burn it all down?" Tucker took a swig of his drink as Phyllis looked at him as if he had lost his mind.

Jack offers to do Diane's dirty work

Jack offers to do Diane's dirty work

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis was glad to run into Tucker. She asked if he'd meant what he'd said about wanting to "burn it all down." Tucker confirmed that he'd been deadly serious, but he considered the question was off the table because she'd blown him off. Phyllis apologized for cutting him off, and she invited him to continue the conversation. He wondered if she was having second thoughts.

Phyllis believed that Tucker needed a reality check, and she warned that people were onto him. "You're never going to be one of us," she added. Tucker countered that Phyllis had lived there for decades and still appeared to be an outsider. Phyllis shot back that she had family in Genoa City, and Tucker pointed out that he did, too. He cited it as the reason he'd returned to town, but she doubted he was there to fight for his family.

Phyllis asserted that when it involved family, she fixed what was broken. Tucker observed that everyone seemed to be angry at her for taking her vendetta against Diane too far. Phyllis conceded that she'd run into a difficult patch, but she pledged to fix things like she always had. She accused him of unraveling when he'd run into his first headwind, and she stated that it was his choice to fix things with his family, get into his private jet and leave, or stay and burn it all down.

At the Abbott mansion, Summer thanked Kyle for getting on board with her plan to take Harrison to Paris. Summer hoped they'd be gone long enough for Stark to be out of their lives with no drama or danger. Kyle regretted that Summer had thought he'd been putting his mother first, and he assured her that she and Harrison were his world. Summer pledged to get through it like they'd gotten through everything else, and they kissed. Phyllis arrived and requested a minute alone with Summer.

Kyle reluctantly stepped out to start packing for Harrison. Phyllis inquired where Harrison was going, and Summer replied that she was going to Paris for work and making a vacation out of it. Phyllis guessed Summer was trying to get away from Diane. Summer confirmed that she wouldn't mind putting some distance between them and the danger Diane was facing, but Kyle felt the need to stay there. Phyllis suggested that she go to Paris with them, and a stunned Summer stammered that they'd barely been speaking. Phyllis insisted that she wanted to fix what was going on between them. Summer wondered what had changed.

Phyllis said she hated that Summer was caught between Kyle and Diane, and she acknowledged that it was very difficult for Summer. Summer angrily surmised that her mother had talked to Daniel. Summer ranted that she'd specifically told Daniel not to say anything about their conversation, and Phyllis claimed not to know what Summer meant. Summer was skeptical that someone as stubborn as Phyllis had reached out to her -- unless something had changed. Summer intended to call Daniel herself, but Phyllis begged her not to call.

Phyllis confessed that Daniel had told her a couple of things that Summer had shared with him, and it had forced her to see that she'd been putting Summer in a horrible position by making her choose between her mother and her husband. Phyllis recognized that she never should have let her animosity toward Diane get the best of her, and she apologized. Phyllis swore that Summer meant the world to her, and she'd never wanted to put her daughter in a bad position. Phyllis pleaded with Summer to either stay to fix things between them or to go to Paris together. Summer agreed to discuss it with Kyle, but she still intended to leave town if the situation with Stark didn't change.

Abby stopped by Devon's penthouse after dropping Dominic off at a playdate. Abby suggested that they grab some coffee, but Devon seemed distracted. She wondered what was wrong and asked what she could do to help. Devon updated Abby about how he'd discovered that Tucker's link to Audra had gone back years. Devon continued that after he'd fired Audra, he'd gone to confront Tucker in his hotel suite, and Ashley had been there. Devon recounted that he'd gone off on his father, and he lamented that the truth had been in front of his face the whole time.

Devon recalled that he'd asked Tucker if he'd had any interest in Chancellor-Winters, but Tucker had sworn that he was there to reconnect with Devon and meet Dominic. Devon regretted that he'd bought it and allowed Tucker to get close to Dominic, and he recognized that Abby had been right about Tucker. Abby pointed out that she'd also signed off on the idea of Dominic getting to know his grandfather. Devon cried that the grandfather Dominic deserved wasn't there anymore, since Neil had been someone the boy could have trusted and admired, whereas Tucker was a sack of lies who'd pretended to care about his family to get what he wanted in business.

Devon wailed that it felt like his family was disappearing. Abby reminded him that he had a son who thought Devon had hung the moon, so Devon had family that was never going to disappear. Devon shared that Audra hadn't left the company without getting in one last dig about how Devon had been mistaken about her, Tucker, and Nate. Devon added that he'd been up all night, thinking about how he'd misjudged a lot of things, and it was why everything had gotten as bad as it had.

Abby told Devon not to blame himself, since Audra had been the one in the wrong, and he'd been suspicious of Tucker from the beginning. Abby recounted that Devon had considered Nate to be unreliable, but Devon referred to how long it had taken him to figure it out. Devon hated that he'd gone against his instincts and let himself be swayed by other people and their agendas, and he vowed that it would stop right then. He grabbed his phone and left a message for Jill, demanding that they meet that day.

Later, over video chat, Jill grumbled about needing to have another call with Devon. He assumed she'd heard about Audra's firing, and Jill took sole responsibility for hiring her. Jill griped that they had to put the IPO on hold again to ensure Audra hadn't done anything to sabotage them. Jill suggested that they get Lily on the call, but Devon informed her that he hadn't contacted her to discuss the IPO. He preferred to discuss their partnership in general, since he'd realized merging Chancellor and Hamilton-Winters had been a mistake. Devon announced that he wanted to buy back Hamilton-Winters.

Jill considered Devon's reaction extreme, but he argued that it was a logical solution to the issues they'd been having. Devon accepted that there had been truth in the things Nate had said about how protective Devon was over what he and Neil had created and Devon not wanting anyone on the outside to influence Neil's legacy. Devon reiterated that he wanted Hamilton-Winters back, and he had the money to get it. Jill warned that it would be a huge mistake, and she asked what Lily had to say about it. Devon said he'd wanted to show Jill respect by telling her first, but if she or Lily prevented him from buying back his company, he'd have no problem going public with his lack of support for the IPO.

Jill admonished Devon for threatening to make Chancellor look weak. Devon swore that he didn't want things to go that far, but he also didn't want to go to work feeling the way he did. Devon pointed out that nothing had gone according to plan since the launch party, and he didn't see things getting better. He added that he didn't want to hold Jill and Lily back from taking Chancellor public, and he'd prefer to end things peacefully and quickly. Jill urged Devon to take some time and revisit the topic later, but he firmly stated that his decision was final.

At Newman Media, Nate described a potential hire to Victoria as a bold, outside-the-box thinker with an aggressive approach to growth and innovation. Victoria thought the candidate sounded almost too good to be true. Nate explained that the executive was new to Genoa City but had worked internationally for large corporations and conglomerates similar to Newman. Nate handed Victoria a résumé. Victoria was stunned that Nate wanted to hire Audra Charles.

Victoria wondered what had happened with Audra's work on Chancellor-Winters' IPO. Nate explained that the IPO was on course, but Audra's work was done, and she was ready for a new challenge. Victoria admitted that she found the idea intriguing, and she wanted to meet with Audra to get a better sense of her. Nate indicated that Audra would be there shortly.

Nate invited Audra into his office, and she was surprised to see Victoria there. Victoria assured Audra that she was just sitting in on Nate's meeting. Victoria wondered why Audra hadn't stayed at Chancellor-Winters to see the IPO through to the end. Audra declined to discuss the private business of her consulting clients, but she crowed that she always saw things through and would never leave an assignment prematurely. Victoria mentioned that Nate had spoken highly of Audra, who looked forward to picking their brains about Newman Media's place in the market. Audra indicated that she'd been reading up on the company most of the night.

Audra declared her intent to focus on Newman Media's growth with a clearly defined mission, and she inquired whether there was already a long-term strategy in place. Nate believed Audra had similar thoughts to his and Victoria's, and he envisioned devising a plan together. Victoria praised Audra's fresh perspective and incredible thoughts on international media. Nate remarked that Audra had given them a lot to think about, and he thanked her for meeting with them. Audra declared that she knew what she wanted, and she was ready to give it a shot if they'd have her.

Victoria admired Audra's moxie, but she reminded Audra that they were interviewing her and not the other way around. Audra found no use in hiding who she was, and she thought Victoria and Nate might as well decide right then if they thought she was a fit. Victoria commended Audra for taking a risk, and she left the decision up to Nate. After Victoria left, Nate noted that things could have gone the other way. Audra figured she'd had to go big or go home. "Are we doing this or what?" she asked. Nate extended his hand and declared, "We're doing this." They shook hands.

At Society, Diane hesitated before approaching Stark's table. She remarked that he was at it early, and he figured that being incarcerated had given him a new appreciation for life. She noticed that he was wearing a tie she'd given him years earlier, and she complimented his taste. Diane informed Stark that she was carefully planning how to surprise him with her act of good faith. She contended that while it had been lovely playing mother and grandmother, she was a woman with wants and needs. He invited her to sit down and catch him up on the details of her plan.

Stark asked what Diane had decided to procure as her act of loyalty, and she responded that he'd know soon enough. He suspected it was a stall tactic, and he thought she needed a deadline to prove she was up to the task and able to work under pressure. She lectured that if their partnership was going to work, it wouldn't be like the last time, and it had to be a game of equals. She questioned why he was opposed to her wanting to prolong the fun, since the thrill was in the anticipation of the score. Stark refused to budge, and he gave her until the next day to complete the task.

At Jabot, Ashley updated Jack about Valentine's Day shipments. Jack noted that she'd gotten home late the night before, and she muttered that she hadn't been aware she'd had a curfew. He pointed out that she'd seemed upset. Ashley revealed that she'd found out that Chancellor-Winters' IPO advisor had been feeding Tucker information to take over the company, and she'd witnessed Devon cut Tucker out of his life. She added that she'd also found evidence that Tucker had been plotting to take over Jabot, so all his claims about wanting her and Devon back in his life had been a lie -- just like they'd thought.

Ashley explained that she'd discovered financial information about Jabot in Tucker's possession. Jack swore that Diane had never passed along the intel, and Ashley snapped that both Tucker and Diane were pathological liars. Jack sincerely questioned whether Ashley was okay, and he assumed that part of her wished she'd been wrong about Tucker's motives. He theorized that while she'd been trying to win Tucker's trust, Tucker had succeeded in winning back hers. Ashley retorted that Jack was the one being fooled by a manipulative ex. Jack accused Ashley of letting her hostility toward Diane color her whole life. Ashley spat that he was color blind, and she stalked out.

Later, Jack found Tucker in the corridor and asked "what the hell" he was doing there. Jack barked that Ashley wanted nothing to do with Tucker, and he revealed that she'd told him Tucker had returned to town to target Jabot and conspire with Chancellor-Winters' IPO consultant. Tucker called his interest in going after Jabot and Chancellor-Winters old news, and he questioned whether Jack was judging a fellow business mogul for having ambitions. Jack growled that he was judging Tucker for plotting a hostile takeover.

Tucker swore that after spending time with Ashley, his only interest had become helping her get the control she deserved. Jack contended that Ashley had total autonomy, but Tucker countered that she only had the piece of the pie Jack had sliced for her. Tucker proclaimed that Ashley needed and deserved freedom, so he'd offered her a path toward running her own company. Tucker smugly asked if Ashley had told Jack that.

Jack thought Tucker was deluded to think Ashley would work alongside him after what she'd just learned. Tucker was certain that Ashley had to get away from Jabot and Jack, since she deserved much more than being relegated to Jack's shadow. Jack bellowed that Tucker had no right to an opinion about what was best for Ashley after all the pain Tucker had put her through, and he wanted Tucker gone. Jack added that if Ashley wanted to talk to Tucker, she'd let him know, but Tucker wasn't welcome there.

Later, Diane knocked on Jack's door and asked if he had a minute. She closed the door behind her and shared that she'd just seen Stark at Society and convinced him she was sincere about getting physical proof of her loyalty. She worried that the clock was ticking on the next phase of their agenda to draw Stark into an illegal activity to get him arrested. Jack warned that they had to proceed cautiously and make sure they thought out their plan, and he hesitated to rush into something that could backfire. Diane insisted that they didn't have time, since Stark had given her the next day as a deadline.

Diane was adamant that she had to impress Stark with something of great value that would be hard to get. She was sure security was tight at the Newman ranch, and she contemplated asking Michael for help. Jack objected because it would be too risky. Diane doubted Nikki would be willing to help her, and Jack agreed that Nikki shouldn't be involved. He had another idea.

Jack divulged that Victor and Nikki had a pied-a-terre in Chicago, and he knew the alarm code as well as the location of a secret compartment where Nikki kept some prized jewelry. Diane expected that she could talk her way out of it if building security stopped her. Jack warned that the security team had worked there a long time and knew everyone who went in and out. Jack volunteered to be the one to go, but Diane refused to allow him to implicate himself. Jack reasoned that he had a better chance of getting in because the staff knew him. He resolved to gain access and grab a dazzling piece of Nikki's jewelry so Stark would have proof that Diane was willing to go to great lengths to get back in with him.

Ashley arrived at Society to talk to Abby, who shared that Devon had told her what had happened with Tucker. Ashley bemoaned that she felt stupid for thinking that she couldn't be manipulated just because she'd been trying to manipulate Tucker. Ashley relayed that Tucker had offered to finance her own cosmetics company, and Abby wondered if her mother was thinking about leaving Jabot. Ashley conceded that it would be nice to get away from the situation with Jack and Diane. Ashley tearfully explained that while her brain kept telling her she shouldn't trust Tucker, her heart couldn't help but give him the benefit of the doubt.

Abby blamed their "stupid hearts" for making life more complicated. Ashley admitted that she'd been with Tucker in his suite, and she'd happened to find Jabot's financial data stashed in his desk. Ashley continued that Tucker had only had more lies and excuses when she'd confronted him, and she thought she could use a little distance from Diane, Tucker, and even Jack. Ashley pledged to always be there for Abby, but she considered it best if she left Genoa City for a while.

Lily and Devon clash over the direction of Chancellor-Winters

Lily and Devon clash over the direction of Chancellor-Winters

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

by Nel

At home, Chelsea asked if Victor was there because she'd told Johnny she was his biological mother. Victor assured her that was fine with him, and it was heartwarming that Johnny and Connor were closer as brothers. Victor commented that he'd noticed how Adam and Victoria had paid very close attention to Chelsea at the Christmas party.

Victor reminded Chelsea that he'd protected her from being charged with the attempted murder of Rey Rosales, and he was there to help her again, if she needed it. Chelsea said she appreciated Victor's offer to help, but it wasn't necessary. Victor promised her that his only concern was Connor's welfare. He said Connor was a growing boy, and he didn't want Connor burdened with adult problems.

Victor noted that something was troubling Chelsea, and he wanted to help her, since she was part of his family. Chelsea assured Victor that Connor was thriving, and she was fine. Victor told Chelsea that he and Nikki were ready to step in to take care of Connor if Chelsea needed to get away.

Adam arrived and asked Chelsea "what the hell" Victor was doing there. Victor stated that he was having a conversation with the mother of his grandson and asked if that was an issue for Adam. Adam stated emphatically that it was. He said if Victor had something to discuss regarding Connor, Victor needed to go to him. Adam stated that Chelsea's life was none of Victor's business and that Chelsea was off-limits.

Adam told Victor that if there was anything for Victor to worry about, he would let Victor know. Victor told Chelsea she could turn to him anytime, and Victor left. Chelsea told Adam that Victor had helped her see things more clearly.

Chelsea told Adam that Victor could tell something had been going on with her and that he was concerned about her. Chelsea wondered if she should tell Victor the truth. Adam didn't think she needed to say anything because Victor was needlessly concerned about Connor. Chelsea recounted her entire conversation with Victor, her history, and how Victor had helped her avoid the legal repercussions when she'd poisoned Rey. Adam asked if Victor still held that over her head. Chelsea said he hadn't, but he'd made her feel different about it.

Chelsea told Adam that when she'd tried to poison Rey, her therapist had been working for Victor, but her current therapist had made her realize that if she'd gotten the help she'd needed back then, perhaps she wouldn't have tried to play the system. Adam said that back then, she'd had to deal with an aneurism and paralysis. Chelsea said her body had healed, but her head hadn't. She said she'd begun to see where all the darkness had emanated from, how dark it had gotten, and how it had led her to the rooftop that night.

Chelsea told Adam that that night, she'd been in too much pain, and she'd believed everyone would be better off if she wasn't there. She hadn't thought about all the pain she would have caused everyone, especially Connor. In tears, she said Connor had been the best thing that had happened to her. Adam tried to reassure her that what had happened that night had been one terrible moment in time, but she'd been working on getting better and looking out for Connor. He said she'd always made sure Connor had been taken care of. Adam suggested they get some fresh air, but Chelsea declined and said she wanted to be alone. Adam left.

Billy arrived at Chancellor-Winters. He told Lily he didn't want to give up on them. He asked if Lily really wanted to walk away. He said he'd realized he had to put more effort into working on their relationship. Lily claimed they would still end up in the same place. She said that, for months, she'd been feeling the things they'd discussed in the therapy session . Billy said they loved each other, and those feelings didn't just vanish.

Lily said she'd loved Billy every day, yet they'd still drifted apart. She stated that Billy was dissatisfied with his life and their relationship. Billy denied it. Lily asked if Billy was happy living in a place where they were barely roommates. Billy insisted they would get past it. Lily said that after their therapy session, she'd realized relationships shouldn't hurt that much.

Billy apologized for causing Lily so much pain. Lily said she wasn't blaming him. She said she had a nightmare brewing with the IPO, and she couldn't talk to Billy about it because it was classified. She said she had a meeting with Devon and a call with Jill. Billy asked if that was how things ended for them. Lily reminded him that he'd walked away from them. She said she understood his need to find where he belonged, but the path he'd chosen didn't lead toward her.

Lily told Billy she wanted him to be happy, but she couldn't sit back and wait for that to happen. She said what they'd had had been beautiful, but not every relationship was meant to last forever. Lily said she would always be grateful to him for being a loving partner. She acknowledged he'd helped her find pieces of herself after Cane, prison, and losing Neil. Lily said she'd loved working with him building ChancComm, working with him at Chancellor, then merging Chancellor-Winters; she said it had all been very special.

Lily told Billy she'd loved the romantic dinners and being tangled up in each other at night; they'd been perfect -- until they hadn't been. Billy said he felt like his heart was being pushed through a meat grinder. Lily said she hoped Billy would find what he was looking for. Billy said he wished he was as strong as Lily. Lily assured him he was. They embraced. At that moment, Lily received a call from Jill. Billy wished Lily luck, and he left. Lily was shocked at Jill's news.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon poured Chance a cup of Moroccan spiced coffee. She said she'd been researching different cuisines. Chance said he'd done the same thing. He asked Sharon how far off the beaten track she would be willing to go. To his delight, Sharon said she was willing to try everything.

Abby arrived and asked to speak with Chance. On the patio, Abby told Chance she wanted to move out of the Chancellor house. Chance asked if she was moving in with Devon. Abby said moving out of the Chancellor house didn't mean she was moving in with Devon; she hadn't considered that. She said the Chancellor house was Chance's family home, not hers. Chance reminded her that Dominic had spent most of his life there. He asked if Abby wanted to turn Dominic's life upside down, again.

Abby admitted it would be difficult, but she agreed to stay as long as Chance didn't feel awkward with the situation. Chance turned to leave. Abby said she knew she'd hurt him and done something terrible, but she hated to think that Chance believed she would move in with Devon and begin another relationship that quickly. She asked if that was the kind of person Chance believed her to be.

Chance said he didn't know "who the hell" Abby was. He said he'd thought he'd known her through and through, but all he had to go on were the facts. Chance stated she'd had sex with Devon, and she'd spent Christmas with Devon; he was also aware she had full access to Devon's penthouse. He said if having sex with Devon had been a mistake and Abby was actually sorry about what had happened, she wouldn't have spent every waking moment with the guy who'd ruined their marriage. Without a word, Abby stormed out.

Chance apologized to Sharon for his outburst, but Sharon said Chance had been bottling up a lot of emotions recently, which wasn't healthy. She said Chance had been entitled to get things off his chest. She said not talking about what he'd been feeling or what he'd been going through could potentially slow down his healing process. Chance admitted he was angry and confused. He said Sharon had witnessed the tip of the iceberg. He said he had an enormous sense of failure, and he couldn't shake it.

Sharon told Chance that the end of his marriage hadn't been his fault; he hadn't been the one who'd cheated. Chance said he kept asking himself if he'd been wrong to take the Spain assignment, leaving Abby alone to handle the surrogacy and pregnancy. Sharon reminded him that he'd been doing his duty.

Chance told Sharon he'd made too many mistakes after he'd returned from Spain. He said he couldn't always be the protector; maybe he should have tried to be a man, then Abby wouldn't have turned to someone else. He admitted he'd put his job, above everything else too many times, but without that job, he wondered who he was.

At home, Devon called Lily and said he wanted to meet because he had something important to discuss.

Later, Lily stormed into Devon's and demanded to know if he was dissolving their partnership and taking back control of Hamilton-Winters. She asked why he hadn't spoken to her first. Devon said he was going to discuss it with her that day. Lily said he wanted to discuss it right after he'd given Jill an ultimatum. She asked if Devon was threating to go public with his objection to the IPO if he didn't get his way.

Devon assured Lily he didn't want to fight with her. He said he wasn't asking for anything; Lily would have her company, and he would have his. Devon reminded her that she'd been very successful running the company prior to his involvement. He said he could go back to running his company the way he wanted to.

Lily claimed they could give Devon more autonomy without splitting up the company. Devon said that would be impossible if she took the company public. He reminded her that he'd joined the company so they could work as a cohesive family unit and create a legacy. Lily said they still could. Devon disagreed. He admitted he'd made too many mistakes recently because he hadn't listened to his own instincts, and he refused to keep doing that.

Lily told Devon that Jill believed he was taking that action because of what had happened between him and Abby. Devon said Jill could think whatever she wanted, but that wasn't the case, nor was it an emotional decision. He said he'd never felt completely comfortable with the merger, and he was asking Lily to allow him to step back from their partnership. Lily asked if that was his way of not getting burned while burning her.

Devon told Lily he was trying to do what was best for both of them. Lily claimed they'd been working as a team to honor their father, but because Devon couldn't convince her and Jill to cancel the IPO, Devon decided to sabotage it. She asked how Devon was any different from Nate.

Devon said he understood Lily's anger, but he wondered how she could compare him to what Nate had tried to do. Devon said he hadn't been secretly plotting to take the company from her and hand it over to someone who wasn't in the family. He said all he'd ever tried to do was protect and preserve Hamilton-Winters and Neil's legacy. Lily asked if Devon was trying to protect Hamilton-Winters from her. Devon responded not from her, but from the shareholders, or a takeover, or anyone who hadn't known or respected Neil. Devon said he couldn't do that unless he had complete autonomy.

Devon said he was trying to protect Chancellor, as well. He didn't think Lily should take Chancellor public. Lily said Devon was hurting her and damaging her company, all because he wanted control. Lily accused him of sounding exactly like Victor and nothing like Neil. Lily stormed out.

A short time later, Abby arrived. Devon said he was very happy to see her. Abby asked if he really was happy to see her because she always ran to him whenever something bothered her. Devon said he would never not be happy to see her face, and he always wanted her to come to him for any reason. They embraced.

At Society, Victor told Nikki he'd been to see Chelsea, and something was afoot. Nikki said she hoped he hadn't pushed too hard to find out what the big mystery was. He asked if Victoria had said anything to Nikki about it because he questioned whether Chelsea could be suffering from an illness. He said that would explain why Adam and Victoria had kept a close eye on Chelsea during the Christmas party. Nikki said that after all of Ashland's lies about having cancer, Victoria would have told her about Chelsea immediately if that had been the case. Victor said they needed to find out what it was. Nikki agreed and said they knew what Chelsea was capable of when things didn't go her way.

Victor told Nikki that just when Chelsea had been ready to open up, Adam had arrived, and Adam had accused him of various nefarious things. At that moment, Adam arrived and approached Victor. He warned Victor to stop trying to control his family and to back off. He said they would never live under Victor's thumb.

Victor warned Adam to watch his tone. He reminded Adam that Adam always crawled back to him whenever Adam needed him. Victor promised Adam that that time would come again soon. Adam claimed Victor was insufferable. Adam turned to Nikki and said that with Victor's enormous ego, he was shocked there was enough room at the table for Nikki -- or oxygen for her to breathe. Adam left.

Nikki told Victor that whenever Adam was in turmoil, he got everyone into a frenzy. She suggested that Victor find a way to let it roll off his back, but Victor stated he was going to give Adam a wake-up call; Adam needed to hit rock bottom before he realized where he belonged.

Billy was sitting on the floor outside Chelsea's apartment when Chelsea opened the door and saw him.

Billy opens up to Chelsea about the night of her rooftop crisis

Billy opens up to Chelsea about the night of her rooftop crisis

Thursday, January 12, 2023

by Nel

Chelsea opened her door and found Billy sitting on the floor. She invited him in and asked what was wrong. He told her that he and Lily were over. Chelsea asked if he wanted to talk about it, but Billy didn't. Chelsea said she was sorry if she'd had anything to do with the breakup. Billy said it was 100% on him. Chelsea suggested a movie and a snack, but Billy claimed he wasn't up for it. Chelsea insisted.

During the movie, Chelsea and Billy wound up laughing, but before the movie ended, Billy had fallen asleep. While asleep, Billy called out Chelsea's name. He suddenly sat up, yelling, "No!" Chelsea said he'd had a nightmare, and he'd called out her name. She asked if he wanted to talk about it. Billy claimed he wasn't sure what that had been.

Chelsea told Billy he had to talk about it because she was certain his nightmare had something to do with the night on the rooftop. Chelsea admitted that night had been the worst experience of her life, but they'd never discussed what that night had been like for Billy. Billy claimed it didn't matter how he'd felt; he didn't want to burden her with his emotional baggage. She said his feelings mattered to her.

Chelsea told Billy she'd been afraid to broach the subject with him. She asked Billy to talk to her about it because not knowing how that night had affected him was the only burden she'd been carrying. She said they were the only people who knew what had happened that night.

Billy told Chelsea that when he'd arrived on the rooftop and seen her standing on the ledge, he'd frozen. He said Chelsea had been staring off into oblivion, and everything turned into instinct for him; he had to say the right things and anticipate her moves. Billy admitted he'd felt fear and a lot of guilt because he'd shown her that spot, a place where she could release her negative thoughts. He said he'd never believed she would return, but she had. He said if he hadn't made the right moves, it would have happened again.

Chelsea asked Billy to explain "again." Billy said he hadn't been able to save Delia, and, in a way, it had been like a do-over. He said he'd been given the opportunity to do the right thing or screw it up and live with a horrific loss that would stay with him for the rest of his life. They were in tears when Chelsea sobbed that it would have been the last thing she would have wanted. Billy said he knew that, and thankfully, he'd been able to get her off the ledge and persuade her not to give up. He admitted that the "what ifs" remained. He said he dreamed about it almost every night, but he never got there in time; he never said the right things, and it all played out in slow motion. He sobbed that his heart was wrapped in a fist.

Chelsea admitted she'd known the incident had affected Billy, but she hadn't realized it had been so strong. Chelsea said her actions had put Billy in a horrible position. She acknowledged that he'd been there because he'd cared, and she hated that he'd had to witness it. Billy said it didn't matter, because whether he'd lost her or not, the pain would have been the same.

Billy said he and Chelsea had known each other for a long time, and they'd been through a lot together. He said the world was a better place with Chelsea in it. He admitted she was the bright spot in his day, and he wouldn't have changed that for anything. Chelsea said the world was a lot better with Billy in it, too.

Lily was in the park when Daniel arrived and startled her. Daniel realized that Lily was troubled. He asked if she wanted some company or if she wanted to be left alone. Lily said she was talked out, and it felt like her world had been turned upside down. She said she'd told Billy their relationship was over, she'd spoken to Devon about his decision in dissolving their Chancellor-Winters partnership, and she had no idea how that would affect her and Devon's relationship going forward.

Lily told Daniel that silence was preferable because she was afraid that if they kept talking, Daniel would tell her he didn't want to be her friend anymore. She said everything had fallen apart all at once. Daniel assured her she wasn't going to lose his friendship. He said that what had happened to Lily sucked, and she deserved better. Lily said she didn't know what she deserved because she was dealing with the consequences of her own actions.

Lily told Daniel she'd chosen to be with Billy, she'd chosen to partner with Devon, and she'd failed in both her personal and professional life. Daniel said none of it had been her fault. He pointed out that Lily had chosen to see the best in Billy, and she'd been willing to believe he was capable of the level of growth and maturity that he'd been trying to achieve. Lily responded that she'd been wrong.

Daniel stated that Lily was an incredible businesswoman, and it had been a brilliant move to merge her company with Devon's. He said it hadn't been her fault people couldn't see the bigger picture. Lily said it was frustrating because she couldn't fix the situation. She said whenever there was a problem, she had to find the solution to fix it; she wanted to have control. She admitted there wasn't a solution because, in reality, she didn't have control over anything.

Daniel told Lily he understood how it felt to be powerless. He said control was an illusion, and the only things Lily could control were herself and her response to everything that happened around her. Lily admitted that knowing she'd been through worse situations hadn't made her feel any better. Daniel said it was inevitable that things would get better. Lily asked if that was what had happened when Heather had left.

Daniel told Lily he'd crashed and burned, and he'd wallowed in self-pity and misery. He said he'd tanked his career and his relationship. He said he'd been punishing Heather and Lucy for all the things he'd believed had gone wrong in his life or weren't going the way they were supposed to. He said none of it had had anything to do with Heather or Lucy. He said instead of focusing on his family, he'd chosen to lean into the misery, and he'd dragged Heather and Lucy down with him. He said ultimately, it had driven them away.

Lily told Daniel she could only imagine the wake-up call when Heather and Lucy had left. Daniel said he'd found himself in his own self-destruct binge that he'd been on for a while. He said his mission was to try to make things better in his life, and perhaps one day, it would be in Lucy's life, too. Daniel said Lily was a good person, she was strong, kind, and fair. He said Billy had failed her, and Devon had failed everyone by choosing to dissolve the Chancellor-Winters partnership. Lily asked Daniel to explain how Devon had failed everyone.

Daniel said Devon was supposed to be committed to family, and he was supposed to build something together with Lily. Daniel said by choosing to walk away from the partnership, Devon hadn't only let Lily down -- he'd also failed himself. He told Lily to imagine how much better Devon could have been by Lily's side; with their combined business acumen, they could have ruled the world. He said Devon had failed himself more than he'd failed Lily. Lily claimed she was the biggest loser because everything at Chancellor-Winters was in flux.

Lily thanked Daniel and said she felt better. She admitted she'd been through worse, but she'd always come out stronger on the other side. She also thanked him for being such a good friend and helping her process another one of life's struggles.

Lily said she believed Daniel would be a success with anything he set his mind to. She said she couldn't guarantee what the future held at Chancellor-Winters, but she could guarantee she would do everything in her power to bring his dream to fruition. She also hoped that Heather and Lucy understood that Daniel was trying to show them how much he loved them and that he wanted to fix things. She said he was doing something special, and she hoped Heather and Lucy would see that. Lily said she had faith in him and his endeavor. She assured him she was 100% behind him and his project.

At the Glam Club, Noah asked Nick how serious things were between him and Sally. Nick admitted he didn't know. He asked Noah how serious the Allie thing was. Noah said Allie was amazing; they loved spending time together, they supported each other, and he appreciated Allie more each day. Nick admitted that was how he felt about Sally. Noah said it was that kind of love he could really be grateful for, especially after all the Audra stuff.

Noah told Nick that Allie offered support, stability, and consistency, and that was really nice. Nick was happy for Noah and said he remembered feeling that kind of love. Nick admitted that he and Sally weren't in that place yet. Noah asked if it was a not yet or not ever with Sally. Nick understood Noah wasn't a Sally fan, but he said he and Sally enjoyed each other's company, they were happy, and they didn't want to rush into anything until they were ready. He said they'd agreed not to make things more complicated than they needed to be. Noah commented that things could change in the blink of an eye. Nick assured Noah that he knew more about complicated relationships than Noah, and his situation with Sally wasn't one of them.

In Sally's hotel suite, Sally and Chloe were working on their business presentation when Chloe announced they'd worked long enough. Chloe claimed the clock was ticking, and Sally had to make some decisions. Sally said she'd made a lot of decisions about their presentation to Jill. Chloe insisted that Sally had to start making decisions about the pregnancy. Sally said it wasn't the time to discuss that; she would make decisions after their presentation to Jill the following day.

Sally said their presentation was the biggest thing they had to get done, and the pregnancy wouldn't change that. Chloe disagreed and said the pregnancy could change everything. She gave Sally a bottle of prenatal vitamins. Sally told Chloe to put them away because she didn't need them. She insisted she wanted to focus on their presentation.

Chloe told Sally that things were going to get serious very quickly, and Sally needed to start making plans, which had to start with Sally taking supplements. Chloe suggested Sally make an appointment with an OB/GYN to confirm her pregnancy. Sally said she'd already done that, and the pregnancy had been confirmed. Sally claimed she couldn't deal with the pregnancy because of everything happening at that moment.

Chloe understood it was a scary time for Sally, but she didn't have to do it alone. Chloe said she would support Sally all the way, and Sally also had the baby's father for support. Sally said that she and Nick had been very clear about taking things slow, and they weren't in a serious relationship yet. Chloe commented that for two people who weren't in a serious relationship, they sure spent a lot of time together. Sally said regardless of what anyone thought, she and Nick had been very clear with each other.

Sally told Chloe that being pregnant wasn't in the plan, and the last thing she wanted was for Nick to feel she was trying to trap him into anything by springing the pregnancy on him. Chloe assured Sally that Nick wouldn't see it that way because he loved being a father. Chloe suggested that Sally and Nick needed to figure things out as a team, but Sally refused. She said she wasn't ready, and she needed more time. Chloe said Sally didn't have time, and if she waited too long, the pregnancy would tell the world for her.

Sally told Chloe to table the whole baby conversation because nothing could be figured out at that moment. Sally claimed they'd gone as far as they could with their presentation, and she suggested they call it a night. She said Nick would arrive soon, and they were going for dinner and drinks. Chloe asked how Sally was going to explain that she was suddenly on the wagon. Sally said she would remind him she'd had an upset stomach. Chloe stated that Sally was still in denial.

Sally told Chloe that was enough. She said she would figure something out. Nick arrived and asked if he'd interrupted anything. Sally said she was starving and ready for dinner. Before Chloe left, she put the bottle of prenatal vitamins in a prominent place where she hoped Nick would see them.

At Society, Sally told Nick she'd been so busy that she hadn't eaten all day. Nick was happy she felt better and told her to get whatever she wanted. Nick suggested some drinks to toast her inevitable success. Sally smiled nervously.

Ashley tells Tucker she never wants to see his face again

Ashley tells Tucker she never wants to see his face again

Friday, January 13, 2023

by Nel

At Society Nick asked Sally what she wanted to drink. Sally said she would pass because she wanted to be clearheaded for her presentation. She said she was happy Nick had reached out to her because there was no one she would rather spend the evening with than Nick. Adam arrived. Nick suggested they leave, but Sally said she refused to let Adam get to her, and there was no reason for them to leave, as long as everyone behaved.

Sally asked Nick for tips on how to impress Jill. Nick said Sally had already made an impression on Jill, or Jill wouldn't have agreed to meet with her. Nick told her not to try to BS Jill, who would see right through it. He advised her not to fake expertise but to be prepared to back up anything she promised. He said if Sally didn't know or got stumped on something, she should admit it and advise that she knew where to get the answer.

Nick said Jill was one of the most straightforward people Sally would ever meet. He told her to be confident and real. Nick told Sally he felt her meeting with Jill would go very well because Jill probably saw a part of herself in Sally. He said Jill was very smart, driven, and ambitious, and she'd worked very hard to prove to anyone who'd doubted that she knew what it took to be a success.

Nick admitted he was a huge Sally fan. He said she was beautiful, smart, kind, and unbelievably sexy. Sally suggested they leave because she suddenly had an urge to be alone with Nick.

At Crimson Lights, Kyle asked if Diane had heard from Jack. Diane admitted she hadn't. Diane said if traffic was okay, Jack should be arriving at Nikki's pied-à-terre at any moment; he would steal one of Nikki's showy necklaces and get out of there with no one the wiser.

Kyle said he hoped things would go smoothly because Jack was taking a huge risk by stealing from the Newmans. Diane assured Kyle that if Jack didn't believe he could pull it off, he would never have suggested it. She said Jack would bring back a necklace Nikki would never miss, and Diane would present Stark with her very illegal token of affection and loyalty. She said once that was done, they could move to the next phase of their plan. Kyle questioned whether Stark would buy it. Diane assured him that she still had what it took to reel in the big fish.

Kyle told Diane he hated every part of the plan, and it worried him that Diane seemed to be excited and getting a kick out of the game. Diane claimed she wasn't excited about any of it. She admitted that in the very distant past, she would have relished it because she had once thrived on the thrill of the game, but not anymore. She assured Kyle it was about shutting Stark down for good. Diane said she had to leave because she was meeting Stark for drinks.

A short time later, Tucker arrived at the coffeehouse. Kyle said he hoped Tucker had stopped in to get a coffee before hitting the road, since that was Tucker's best option. Gloating, Kyle commented how Tucker had bombed personally and professionally with Ashley and Devon. Kyle said Tucker had been crazy to think he could get his hands on Kyle's family's company and reunite with Ashley. Tucker claimed he hadn't given up on Ashley yet. Smiling, Kyle informed Tucker that later that evening, Ashley was leaving for Paris.

In Audra's hotel suite, Audra told someone on the phone that she was looking forward to joining Newman Media. She ended the call when Tucker arrived. He asked if Audra thought she could avoid him after what she'd done. He accused Audra of being messy and careless. He claimed she'd blown it for him and Devon. He said Audra had failed him, and he wouldn't forget it. Audra said that sounded like a threat. He said it was a promise he intended to keep.

Audra pointed out that Tucker had blown things up with Devon, not her. Tucker shouted that she'd had one job, and Audra replied that she'd done her job to the letter. She said Devon hadn't been suspicious of her until he'd realized that she and Tucker shared the same stupid phone alert. Tucker asked what she was talking about. Audra explained that the phone had been the reason Devon had asked if she and Tucker had been colluding against him. She wondered why Devon had zeroed in on something that would have been easily dismissed as a coincidence.

Audra said that as soon as Tucker had shown up in town in that ludicrous helicopter, Devon had wondered if his narcissistic father had an agenda to take over his company. She said Tucker could have reconnected with Devon without all the secrets and lies, but whenever Tucker had needed to choose between honesty and manipulation, he'd always chosen the latter. She said Tucker was usually the smartest guy in the room, but on that occasion, Devon had been smarter.

Audra listened to Tucker bemoan that Devon wouldn't return his calls and that he'd been cut off from his grandson. Tucker claimed he hadn't tried to rob Devon of anything; he'd only wanted to build something with him. He said he'd tried to do the same with Ashley. Audra asked if things had gone south with Ashley, as well. Tucker claimed it hadn't been his day. Audra stated that she was through with Tucker, as he was with her. Nate arrived, and when he saw Tucker, he asked if there was a problem. Tucker announced that he was just leaving.

After Tucker left, Nate commented that he'd had no idea that Audra knew Tucker. He asked what he'd walked in on. Nate said that since they would be working together, he needed to know about her association with Devon's father. Audra explained that Tucker had been there to berate her; their plan had failed, and Tucker blamed her. She admitted she was supposed to have helped Tucker take over Chancellor-Winters when it went public.

Nate asked when Audra and Tucker had forged their alliance. Audra admitted she and Tucker went back a number of years. She said she'd worked at one of Tucker's companies in London, and Tucker had paid off her business school loans. She said she'd been beholden to him ever since. She admitted they'd shared a business and personal connection. She said she'd arrived in Genoa City as his Trojan Horse at Chancellor-Winters; Nate noted that was the reason she was no longer with the company. Nate said she'd lied to him when she'd claimed her assignment had ended.

Audra told Nate that it had been a lie by omission. Nate claimed it had still been a lie. Audra said she'd hoped she would have the chance to show Nate what she could bring to the table as his COO before he'd learned the whole story. Nate realized that Audra had figured she had a little time, given the distance between him and his cousins. Audra said she'd desperately wanted to land on her feet and prove her worth. Nate claimed it would have been at his expense. He said he'd hired her without knowing all the facts. Audra expressed how thrilled she was to finally be done with Tucker.

Audra told Nate she believed her business acumen spoke for itself and that she and Nate could achieve great things together, but she would understand if he wanted to rescind his offer of employment.

Nate said when he'd betrayed his cousins, he'd noticed that Audra had barely reacted. Nate realized she had to have been relieved that the spotlight had been on him. He said it hadn't occurred to his cousins that there had been a double agent in their midst. Audra denied being nonchalant. She said that his confession had been quite a jolt because Tucker hadn't realized he'd had competition. Nate said if he'd stayed the course with his plan for Newman to take over Chancellor-Winters, it would have ruined Tucker's plan.

Audra said it would have forced Tucker to rethink his strategy, and it would have put him at a serious disadvantage. She stated, "You play to win, or you have already lost." Nate agreed. He told Audra his offer for the position of COO stood.

Diane arrived at the Glam Club and met with Jeremy. He asked how their project was going, and he wanted some details. Phyllis entered and stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Diane and Stark together. Phyllis stood in the background and videotaped them.

Diane reminded Stark that they'd agreed she would surprise him. Stark reminded her how impatient he was when he wanted something. Diane coyly said she remembered everything about him. Stark reminded her that she had to deliver the goods the following day. Diane assured him she had time, and everything was under control. Stark also reminded her that he detested being left in suspense. He wanted more information.

Diane agreed to indulge Stark. She told him she was headed to Chicago later, and the following day she would present him with a one-of-a-kind, very expensive, and exquisite piece of jewelry. Stark asked who she was stealing from. Diane revealed it was Nikki Newman. She explained that Nikki, Ashley, and Phyllis had delved into her past in Los Angeles; they'd lured Stark to Genoa City under the false claim that she'd helped put him in prison. She said they'd used her and Stark as puppets, believing they could pull the strings. She said a little payback would be nice. Phyllis left.

Stark said if Diane could actually deliver, he would be very impressed. Diane assured him she would, but Stark said a heist like that would be very difficult to pull off on her own. Diane said it would be difficult but not impossible. He asked how she planned to pull it off. Diane expressed how disappointed she was in him, because he knew better than to underestimate her. She reminded him she'd lived in Genoa City for a long time, and she'd interacted with all the key players. She said she'd also been Mrs. Victor Newman a couple of times, and no one was more of an insider than she was. Stark said he could almost trust her. Diane stated he would be 100% sold the following day.

Kyle arrived at Society and joined Adam at the bar. Adam scowled and said he wanted to enjoy his drink in peace. Kyle said he knew Adam's surly mood was because Sally had chosen the superior brother. Adam growled that he recalled Kyle hadn't been a big fan of Sally's, but Kyle was happy Sally was involved with Nick instead of Adam. Adam said he doubted Summer shared Kyle's enthusiasm. Kyle said, as usual, Adam had twisted his words because he'd only made an observation.

Victor arrived and greeted Kyle warmly, and he acknowledged Adam. Adam asked why Victor and Kyle were meeting. Victor said he wanted to know how Kyle, Summer, and family were doing; that was what family did -- something Adam seemed to have forgotten. Adam told Victor to forget he'd asked, and he wished them a wonderful evening.

At their table, Victor asked Kyle how Adam was doing at Jabot. Kyle said Adam seemed to be doing all right. Victor assumed Kyle wasn't happy that Adam was Jack's co-CEO. Kyle said their paths rarely crossed. Victor said that neither he nor Kyle liked that Adam was working at Kyle's family's company. Victor suggested they remedy that.

At home, Ashley answered the door to Tucker. She told him she was leaving for Paris. He said he hated how they'd ended things, and he asked her to hear him out. Tucker admitted he'd screwed up, and he couldn't have made more mistakes if he'd tried. He said he'd wanted to create something very special for Ashley. Ashley said she hadn't heard an apology, which would have been better than hearing his empty words. Tucker said he was sorry he'd hurt her. He said he'd been trying to show her how desperately he wanted her happiness.

Tucker said it had never been his plan to rip Jabot away from Ashley or her family. He said he'd tried to provide her the means to become the star she was, and that wouldn't happen at Jabot. He claimed she'd always been in Jack and John's shadows. Ashley pointed out that Tucker had decided what was best for her without asking her about her own life. Ashley stated that Tucker didn't know her at all. Tucker shouted there was more going on between them than Ashley cared to admit.

Tucker said the connection between him and Ashley couldn't be faked, and his feelings for her were real and profound. He said if Ashley felt half of what he felt, they owed themselves a chance to find their way back. Ashley admitted she'd begun to feel things for him again, but her instincts had told her not to trust him. She added that her instincts had been dead right.

Ashley said there wasn't "a chance in hell" they would reconcile because Tucker had always been a crappy partner, and he hadn't changed. She said he'd had every opportunity to be honest and straight with her, but he'd chosen not to be. She said she'd watched Devon rub Tucker's nose in his lies. She said she couldn't wait to get on that plane and never have to look at him again.

Tucker asked how long Ashley would be gone. She said it was none of his business, and she asked him to leave. Tucker complied.

At the coffeehouse, Phyllis told Nikki that Diane had returned. Phyllis said Diane had been making out with Jack, and Jack had gone along with it. Nikki said that was no surprise because Jack had been protecting Diane through everything, and Diane had taken advantage of it. Nikki said Jack would soon realize what had happened, and he would regret it. Phyllis said Diane was completely playing Jack.

Phyllis told Nikki she'd just seen Diane with Stark. She said Diane hadn't appeared terrified of him. Phyllis showed Nikki the video. Phyllis said it was disgusting how Diane kept stringing Jack along while she sat colluding with Stark. Phyllis asked how they were going to get rid of Diane while Ashley was out of town.

Nick and Sally returned to her suite, and Sally began to undress him. While they were embracing, Sally spotted the prenatal vitamins. Sally asked Nick to warm up the shower. Once Nick was in the bathroom, Sally hid the vitamins in her bag.

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