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Nick warned Victor not to make him choose between Sally and the Newmans. Kyle colluded with Victor to oust Adam from Jabot. Sally admitted to Nick that Adam might be her baby's father. Phyllis left for Portugal to try to convince Heather to take Daniel back. Victoria kissed Nate.
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Sally admitted to Nick that Adam might be her baby's father. Kyle colluded with Victor to oust Adam from Jabot. Victoria kissed Nate.
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Phyllis refuses her friends' advice and heads to Portugal

Phyllis refuses her friends' advice and heads to Portugal

Monday, January 30, 2023

Talking with Victor at Newman Enterprises, Nikki told him she would not try to talk him out of whatever he was planning to persuade Adam to rejoin the family. Nikki reminded Victor that Nick and Victoria had made peace with each other and that the company was thriving. Nikki warned that adding Adam to the mix would disrupt the equilibrium, sending everything out the window. Nikki recalled that Nick had returned because he'd chosen to support the family and not because his father was pulling strings behind the scenes.

Victor seemed unfazed by Nikki's observations and sage advice, though he expressed appreciation for her thoughts on the matter. Nikki warned Victor that he risked alienating Adam if Adam were to discover that his father had set up his downfall. Victor assured Nikki that he had the situation well in hand. Nikki sighed heavily. Victor explained that he had designed a project Adam could run on his own. Nikki cautioned that Victor's plans would make enemies of Jack and Tucker and inevitably set Victor up for a letdown when Adam rejected him again. Victor assured Nikki that everything would work out as he had planned.

Victor mentioned the break-in and burglary at their Chicago home and asked Nikki if Jack and Diane had carried out the crime in order to set up Jeremy Stark. Nikki admitted it had been upsetting to discover what Jack and Diane had done, explaining that she had considered telling Chance that Jack was the real culprit. Nikki told Victor she had changed her mind, knowing that Jack and Diane had not implicated themselves, that the necklace would be returned, and that the plan had worked as designed to take Jeremy Stark off the streets. Victor replied, "That bastard belongs back in prison."

Nikki said she wished Phyllis had never reached out to Jeremy because luring him to town had put them all in danger. Nikki sighed and said, "But given the circumstances, I'm willing to look the other way." Victor noted that Jack had taken a big risk. Nikki agreed and said it made her sick to realize that Jack had done it all for Diane. Victor told Nikki that Jack and Diane deserved each other.

Kyle, claiming he was compiling reports ahead of a Jabot board meeting, asked an assistant to deliver recent status reports from all accounts managed by Adam Newman. Kyle later pored over the reports and said aloud to himself that he noticed a pattern in Adam's work. Summer entered, and Kyle asked about her lunch meeting with the head of accounting. Summer, appearing troubled, noted that Kyle had seemed engrossed in the documents he was holding. Daniel interrupted and asked Summer if she was free to talk. Kyle said he had to deliver the documents to his dad. Kyle hid behind the door to his dad's office until Daniel and Summer left the building.

Nick and Victoria visited over lunch at Society. Victoria urged Nick to finish what he had been about to say before Tucker had interrupted. Nick replied, "You mean before you invited him over here to toy with him and mess up his mind?" Victoria admitted she had enjoyed turning the tables on Tucker and watching him squirm. Victoria refused to drop the subject and insisted Nick tell her what was on his mind, promising to keep it confidential. Nick said he was tired of Victor repeatedly tearing down Sally and pressuring him to end his relationship with her. Victoria reminded Nick that their dad would always try to control their lives.

Victoria told Nick he was too good for Sally. Nick, frustrated, replied, "I don't need this from you, either." Victoria insisted there was something Nick was not telling her. Nick asked Victoria to simply lend her support, accept that Sally was part of his life, and let him decide their future. Nick briefly spoke to Sally on the phone and became angry when he learned that Jill had unexpectedly canceled the planned meeting with Sally and Chloe after they'd arrived in Los Angeles. Nick later told Victoria that Jill had suddenly become doubtful that Sally and Chloe's concept would be a good fit for Chancellor-Winters. Nick vowed to get to the bottom of what was going on.

Relaxing and reminiscing at Society, Lauren told Michael her head was still in the clouds after the previous evening, when Fen had attended her award ceremony. Both Michael and Lauren spoke fondly of Fen's boyfriend, Trey. Lauren expressed joy that their son was happy, healthy, and excited for his future. Phyllis joined Michael and Lauren. Phyllis changed the tone of the conversation when she immediately shared her woes involving her kids.

Recalling that Summer had fired her from Marchetti, Phyllis cried that all she had ever wanted was for her kids to succeed. Phyllis explained that due to being in corporate limbo, Chancellor-Winters might not be the right company for Daniel's project. Phyllis admitted that she had sought interest from other companies by pitching Daniel's gaming platform. Lauren replied, "What? Without consulting Daniel?" Michael noted that Phyllis was meddling. Lauren asked Phyllis if she realized she had overstepped.

Phyllis claimed that she had the authority to do what she had done, though she acknowledged that Daniel had disagreed. Phyllis cried, "I can't win. I mean, do I try too hard? I don't get it." Michael blamed Phyllis' intractable hostility toward Diane, which, he recalled, had led to her firing from Marchetti and was creating friction between her and Daniel. Phyllis disagreed that Diane was involved where Daniel was concerned and insisted she didn't want to be lectured about Diane. Lauren lifted her coffee cup to lips and firmly replied, "Too bad."

Lauren warned Phyllis that her hatred for Diane would eat her alive, having already affected her relationships with both of her kids. Phyllis disagreed, explaining that Daniel's project was in jeopardy due to Lily's vague promises. Lauren reminded Phyllis that a signed contract was not a vague promise. Michael recalled a conversation Daniel had had with his mom about her allowing Diane to distract her from her work. Phyllis blamed Chancellor-Winters' hesitation to greenlight the project for her inability to work on it, explaining that she had found support and interest elsewhere. Lauren pointed out that it would not work out if Daniel didn't approve. Phyllis, undaunted, said Daniel had the right to choose, though he had refused to listen to her.

Phyllis implicated family conflicts for Daniel's moodiness and reluctance. Insisting that Michael and Lauren keep the information confidential, Phyllis explained that after Daniel's art career in Georgia had stalled, he'd felt as if he had let Heather down. After a while, Daniel had taken out his frustrations on his family. Becoming emotional, Phyllis cried that Heather had taken Lucy and moved to Portugal. Michael said he was surprised to hear that Heather had gone to such an extreme. Phyllis said that Daniel felt he had pushed Heather away. Sobbing, Phyllis explained that the project was Daniel's way of pulling himself out of despair.

Suddenly pausing as if she'd had an epiphany, Phyllis exclaimed, "I can solve this. I know how to solve this problem. Oh, my gosh, Heather is the key." Lauren leaned back and cried, "I don't like where this is going." Michael agreed. Phyllis said she would appeal to Heather to reconcile with Daniel.

Lauren reminded Phyllis that what had angered Daniel already was her failure to respect his boundaries by deciding that she knew best. Michael interjected that Phyllis would be meddling in Daniel's personal life, which would backfire spectacularly. Lauren suggested that Phyllis should walk away if, after calling Heather only once, Heather did not respond. Headstrong as ever, Phyllis announced she would travel to Portugal and talk to Heather and Lucy face to face.

Daniel and Summer went to the park to talk privately. Daniel complained that though their mother had never been easy to deal with, she had lately become increasingly difficult. Daniel noticed that Summer was distracted, and he asked her if she and Kyle had argued. Summer said she feared Kyle was hiding something. Summer explained that Victor was dragging Kyle into a scheme to mess with Adam's life, supposedly for his own good.

Summer said Victor believed that if Adam failed at Jabot, he would run back to his family's open arms. Daniel reminded Summer that their mother also lived in her own alternative reality. Summer cried that Victor's plan would not work, though Kyle hated having Adam at Jabot. Summer said Kyle had told her he wanted no part in helping Victor because he was not eager to get caught up in Newman family drama.

Daniel told Summer he had lost it with their mother after she had begun making her own decisions about his company, claiming she was protecting his interests. Daniel admitted he'd told Phyllis he had been wondering if it had been a good idea to hire her. Summer recalled that she been forced to fire Phyllis over her feud with Diane after it had become a huge distraction. Summer admitted she had become increasingly worried about their mother since Diane had returned. Daniel said he hoped Phyllis might rein in her unacceptable behavior, though he would not hold his breath.

Kyle entered Victoria's office, where Victor was sitting alone. Kyle told Victor he had found a reason to oust Adam after studying the accounts Adam oversaw at Jabot, studying every decision Adam had made, and speaking to everyone who headed various divisions. Victor replied, "Let's hear it." Kyle shared notes he had made, explaining that based on results and feedback, Adam's efforts were mediocre, as if he was merely treading water compared to expectations of expertise at his level. Victor thanked Kyle and suggested they investigate ways to take advantage of the information.

After Kyle left, Nick entered the office to confront Victor. Nick said, "Dad, I know you don't like Sally and know that you like that I'm with her even less, but does that give you the right to intervene?" Victor asked Nick to explain. Nick recalled that Sally had set up a meeting with Chancellor-Winters to explore a new idea and had traveled to Los Angeles with Chloe to talk to Jill, and Jill had canceled on them. Victor, distracted while perusing information displayed on his tablet, dismissed Nick's concerns. Nick asked, "Did you speak to Jill and convince her to rip this away from Sally? Yes or no?"

At Newman Media, Nate asked Audra how she knew that Tucker McCall was interested in Daniel's gaming platform. Audra admitted that Tucker had sent her a text message earlier, asking her to meet with him. Nate shook his head and replied, "Personal business you said you had to handle, and when you got back, you were in a great mood." Nate asked Audra if she was working for him, Tucker, or both of them.

Audra assured Nate that she worked only for him because he had the drive and instincts of a winner. Audra excitedly anticipated sharing the successes of Newman Media under Nate's leadership, explaining that she had met with Tucker in an effort to keep Nate informed. Nate replied, "And?" Audra revealed that Tucker's initial master plan had been to acquire control of Jabot and place Ashley at the helm, and then take control of Chancellor-Winters and place Devon in charge. That way, Audra said, Tucker would have been able to work with the two people he most loved.

Audra noted that after Tucker's plans had gone down in flames, he'd become doubly motivated. Nate said he assumed Tucker expected her to share information about Newman Media. Audra told Nate that Tucker had expressed interest in Daniel's Omega Sphere project. Nate acknowledged that Daniel had created the hottest new business venture.

Nate told Audra that he was fortunate to have her as his secret weapon, knowing she was familiar with Tucker. Audra agreed that she would help Nate keep a step ahead of the competition. Audra applauded Nate for being hungry for competition and loving the game. Nate recalled that Devon had held him back at Chancellor-Winters, but being the boss was intoxicating. Audra replied, "It looks good on you."

After Audra left, Victoria stopped by to listen to Nate pitch the video game Chancellor-Winters had been developing as a means to launch a gaming platform. Nate informed Victoria that Chancellor-Winters had lately encountered additional internal problems and instability. Nate told Victoria that he saw potential for a great opportunity called Omega Sphere. Victoria reminded Nate that he would provoke his family if he attempted to steal the project. Nate replied, "It's business, not personal -- if I may quote from the master." Victoria proudly smiled and replied, "Point taken."

Nate explained that he had met with Phyllis, Daniel's technical director, who had sought alternative corporate backing. Nate admitted that after Lily had found out, she had made it clear that she and Daniel had signed a written contract. Nate told Victoria that if the deal fell through, he wanted to grab it and run with it. Victoria told Nate she trusted his instincts and only needed rough details sent in a memo, and she pledged her full support. Nate noted that there was one wrinkle, which involved Tucker, who was also interested. Victoria told Nate she had plans to take care of Tucker herself very soon.

Elena stopped by Crimson Lights and joined Tessa and Mariah. Mariah excitedly showed Elena an ultrasound photo of the baby they would soon adopt. Elena said it was sweet of Delphine to send the photo. Mariah said she sensed something was bothering Elena. Elena sighed and said it was about Nate and his new job, specifically the new woman he had hired as COO. Elena admitted she did not trust the woman. Mariah replied, "You're talking about Audra Charles."

Mariah explained that Audra and Noah had been a couple when they had lived in London. Their breakup, Mariah recalled, had negatively impacted Noah. Mariah suggested that Elena heed her misgivings if she had bad vibes about Audra. Tessa asked Elena if she thought Audra was romantically attracted to Nate. Elena said she did not, though she felt Audra had an undesirable influence on Nate. Elena recalled that it appeared Audra was stoking Nate's ambitions, exerting the same influence she had initially begun when they'd worked together at Chancellor-Winters.

Elena noted that Nate's ambitious nature had eventually transformed into a lust for power. Once aware of what was happening, Nate had vowed to get back to his core values and equally focus on ethical behaviors and success. Mariah suggested Elena feared Audra would lure Nate back to the dark side.

Mariah urged Elena to discuss her concerns with Nate. Elena was hesitant to do so, recalling the rough patch their relationship had endured after things had become contentious with Devon and Lily. Elena said Audra seemed to believe that business was all about winning, which had also been Nate's mindset at Chancellor-Winters. Elena expressed concern that Nate's drive for power had never really left him and would only intensify.

Nick warns Victor against making him choose sides

Nick warns Victor against making him choose sides

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Phyllis stepped off the Grand Phoenix elevator, wheeling a suitcase. Tucker spotted her and guessed that Diane had finally driven Phyllis out of town. "You're an ass," Phyllis spat, adding that she was trying to catch a flight. He inquired whether the trip was business or personal. She haughtily informed him that it would be a little of both, and unlike him, she would be successful.

Phyllis instructed the front desk clerk to leave her mail and packages behind the counter until she returned from Portugal. Tucker noted that it was where Heather and Lucy were living, and he inquired whether Daniel would be making the trip with Phyllis. Phyllis snapped that what she and her son did was none of Tucker's business. Tucker assumed Daniel was sticking around town to work on his gaming platform, and he praised Daniel's bold vision and business savvy. Phyllis ordered Tucker to leave her son alone.

Tucker crowed that Daniel had the hottest project in town, so it would be business malpractice if Tucker didn't try to get a piece of it. Phyllis taunted that Tucker seemed desperate, and she questioned what a billionaire like him was doing in a sleepy town, trying to poach a gaming platform. Phyllis theorized that Tucker was trying to snatch it out from under his own son's company, and she imagined that Tucker was hungry for a win because he hadn't had one in a while. Tucker snickered, wished her a nice trip, and stalked off. Phyllis cursed.

Summer entered the Abbott mansion, and Diane inquired whether Summer had a minute. Summer curtly stated that she was just there to check on Harrison before heading back to the office. Diane sensed that Summer was less than thrilled that Diane and Jack had become romantically involved again. Summer admitted that she didn't want Jack to get hurt or Kyle to get caught in the middle of the fallout when things went wrong -- and Summer was pretty certain they would.

Diane accepted that her romance with Jack might not last, but she swore she had deep affection for him. Diane vowed to do whatever she could to make things work, and the only thing she saw getting in the way was Phyllis. Diane cited Phyllis' deep resentment and anger, but Summer thought Diane was just as steeped in the old hatred as Phyllis was. Summer believed that Diane stood to hurt Kyle and Harrison, and she accused Diane of mentioning Phyllis because Diane was looking for a scapegoat for when things went wrong.

Diane huffed that she'd survived Phyllis and would continue to do so, and she hoped her rival put her energy elsewhere. Summer explained that her mom only went on attack when someone Phyllis loved was threatened. Diane wondered if that was a warning to behave herself. Summer asserted that she had a lot of the same mama bear qualities Phyllis had, and Kyle and Harrison meant everything to her. "If someone hurt them..." Summer began to say, and Diane took that as a warning. Summer said she was glad they'd had a chance to talk, and she walked out.

Later, Phyllis arrived at the mansion and announced that she was going to Portugal to convince Heather to take Daniel back. Summer protested that it was a bad idea, but Phyllis chirped that her relationship with Heather was very good. A skeptical Summer asked if Daniel was okay with it, and Phyllis admitted that he didn't know. Phyllis begged Summer to keep the trip quiet, and she pledged to fix things for her son.

Phyllis was confident that she could persuade Heather to take Daniel back. Summer cautioned that Daniel wouldn't be happy about it, but Phyllis imagined that he'd be plenty happy when Heather decided to give their relationship another try. Phyllis instructed Summer to tell anyone who asked that Phyllis had gone to Florida for a couple of days. Phyllis stressed that Summer couldn't let Daniel sell any part of the project to Tucker, and she ordered Summer to separate the men if she saw them together.

Summer whined that Phyllis was much better at that sort of thing, and she suggested that Phyllis stay there to keep Daniel and Tucker apart. Phyllis was determined to make the trip for Daniel's sake, and she reasoned that she and Summer butted heads because they were very much alike. Mother and daughter pledged their love and hugged. Summer looked perplexed as Phyllis headed out.

At Jabot, Kyle knocked on Jack's door and pressed to know what was going on between Jack and Diane. Kyle recognized that things were going well, but he worried that the relationship might be what finally blew up their family. Kyle recognized that Jack had forgiven Diane for faking her own death, and Jack concluded that Kyle was worried she would revert to old patterns. Kyle swore that he loved his mother and loved seeing her with Harrison, but he also acknowledged that she didn't play by the rules.

Jack took full responsibility for the plan to take down Stark, and he pleaded with Kyle not to hold it against Diane. Jack swore that he really cared about Diane, and Kyle questioned how his father knew it would be a good fit that time around. Jack explained that he and Diane were wiser, and they were both more accepting of the other's faults. Kyle wondered if Jack was in denial, but Jack insisted that his eyes were wide open. Kyle warned that if his parents hurt one another and Diane ran away again, he wouldn't be able to bounce back from it.

Jack regretted that Kyle saw any change in his parents' relationship as leading to chaos and loss. Kyle predicted that it would end badly for all of them. Jack recalled that he'd had the same feeling when he'd let Dina back into his life, but he wished that he'd spent more time with her instead of anticipating the worst. Jack stressed that he and Diane were happy, and he wanted it to lead to more. Kyle conceded that he wanted them to be happy, and part of him was thrilled his parents were back together. Jack swore that no matter what happened, they would be okay as a family, since he and Diane would always be there for Kyle.

Later, Jack was pleased when Diane stopped by his office. She shared that she'd just had an unsettling conversation with Summer, who clearly felt Jack and Diane's relationship was bound to fail and take their family down with it. Jack disclosed that he'd had a similar talk with Kyle, and he explained that Kyle feared Diane would leave town if anything went wrong.

Diane contemplated whether she and Jack should slow things down. Jack contended that they weren't rushing anything, since they'd known one another for decades, and they'd been battle-tested over the past few months. Diane insisted that they agree to be there for Kyle, no matter what happened. Jack swore that he wanted to be there for her, and she cooed that it was the only place she wanted to be. They kissed.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Lily was on the phone, assuring someone that they'd figure out a plan. Daniel overheard and noted that the call had sounded important. Lily remarked that Jill didn't chitchat, and Daniel surmised that there had been no resolution about Devon taking back Hamilton-Winters. Lily groaned that neither Jill nor Devon would budge, and Daniel sympathized that Lily was caught in the middle. Lily steeled herself to make Chancellor-Winters functional and profitable on her own, and Daniel anticipated it would be incredibly difficult. Lily supposed he wanted to ask if there was a future for his project.

Daniel admitted that he was concerned about the future of Omega Sphere, but he was also worried about what the turmoil at the company was doing to Lily. She insisted she was fine, although she felt very overwhelmed. She explained that she wanted to do right by Daniel, Jill, and the company, but Devon had thrown everything into chaos by threatening to proceed with a lawsuit. Lily lamented that she no longer had Billy, Nate, or Audra, and she felt like she was entering a hurricane by herself. Lily thought she had to be realistic about what could happen, since being in denial would be a recipe for disaster.

Daniel assured Lily that no one was tougher than her, and he thought the potential lawsuit would only be a bump in the road compared to fighting cancer. Lily thanked him for the moral support, and he pointed out that he could also contribute to the bottom line once his platform successfully launched. She jokingly inquired whether it would be ready that afternoon. Daniel recognized that she needed to make money right away to help with the fight against Devon, and he urged her to focus on her profitable divisions and not a video game platform that was in early development. Lily incredulously asked if he was backing out of their deal.

Daniel clarified that he was letting Lily off the hook, and he encouraged her to get rid of his project if it felt like a burden to her. Lily adamantly stated that she wanted Omega Sphere, and she thought Chancellor-Winters was the perfect home for the project. She reminded Daniel of his promise to give her a week to get Jill on board, and he replied that he trusted Lily more than just about anyone else. She said she'd needed to hear that more than she'd even known. Later, Lily considered calling Devon but set down her phone instead.

Later, Daniel ran into Tucker in the Grand Phoenix lobby. Tucker offered to buy Daniel a drink while Tucker explained in more detail why McCall Unlimited was where Daniel wanted to be.

At Newman Enterprises, Nick demanded to know whether Victor had asked Jill to call off her meeting with Sally, and Victor replied that he'd given Jill an honest assessment of Sally's qualifications. Nick angrily realized that Victor had killed Sally's meeting, and he ranted that the meeting had meant nothing to Victor but everything to Sally and Chloe. Nick bellowed that it hadn't been enough to fire Sally for no good reason, and he accused Victor of sabotaging other opportunities for her. Victor called Jill a clever businesswoman who wouldn't get involved with someone who wasn't worth the effort, and he barked that whatever happened to Sally was her own doing.

Nick asked why Victor was trying to destroy Sally. Victor swore that he didn't "give a damn" about her, since she had ruined Nick's brother and would ruin Nick, too. Victor groused that Adam was doing nothing worthwhile at Jabot because Sally had dragged Adam down. Nick defended that Sally was the one with a work ethic and ambition, whereas Adam had been handed everything yet had blown it all up because of his attitude. Nick growled that for Victor to assume Nick would end up like Adam was beyond insulting.

Victor reiterated that Adam shouldn't be sleepwalking through a job at Jabot and fading because of Sally, and he expected the same thing to happen to Nick. Nick wondered if Victor had been spying on Adam, since Nick was aware Victor was hoping Adam would fail and crawl back to Newman. Victor confirmed that he wanted Adam with their family and company, but Nick refused to let Victor's obsession with Adam spill over on Sally. Nick added that Sally didn't deserve Victor's interference -- especially right then.

Victor asked what Nick meant, and Nick covered by vaguely stating that Sally had had a rough go of it since she'd been let go from Newman. Nick implied that he would leave Newman if Victor continued to harass Sally, and he warned his father not to make him choose between her and the company. Victor demanded to know what Nick wasn't telling him. Victoria entered and surmised from the tension in the room that the men had been talking about Nick and Sally.

After Nick left, Victor griped that Sally should "get the hell out of town," but she needed to latch onto one of the Newman brothers because she needed the money. Victoria guessed Victor was hoping to force Sally to leave by eliminating her opportunities, but Nick had caught on. Victor found it preposterous that Nick had insinuated that he'd choose Sally over their family and company, and he believed there was something going on that he and Victoria didn't know about. Victoria pointed out that everything was running smoothly at Newman, and she advised Victor not to risk driving Nick away again.

Victoria urged Victor to focus on work. Victoria revealed that she'd had people dig deeper into Tucker's finances, and his lender was growing impatient because Tucker had been late on payments or hadn't made them at all. Victoria proposed that they buy Tucker's debt and own him. Victor loved that she thought just like her father.

At Society, Chloe and Sally commiserated over the fact that they'd flown all the way to Los Angeles, only to be rejected. Chloe complained about the mess she'd found when she'd returned home, bemoaning that men were simple creatures who could focus on the house or the kids but not both. Chloe imagined Sally would learn that soon enough, but Sally thought Nick would be different. Sally said she was sorry that the trip had been useless, and she struggled to understand why Jill had slammed the door in their faces without even hearing their pitch. Sally wondered if Jill had found out something unpleasant about Sally's history.

Sally stated that Chloe shouldn't be punished for the things Sally had done. Chloe conceded that her own past had occasionally reared its ugly head, and she suggested that they find funding elsewhere. Chloe wanted to reconsider Nick's offer to lend them money, but Sally protested that the situation with him was uncomfortable enough without adding a money issue to the mix. Sally confided that she was already worried that he felt an obligation to make things more serious than he wanted.

Sally pointed out that Nick could decide to bail on her and the baby altogether, but Chloe was confident he would never do that. Sally admitted that she wasn't feeling very secure, and Chloe guessed it was because of "the Adam possibility." Adam overheard as he entered the restaurant and asked what Chloe had meant. Sally claimed that Chloe had been speculating that he'd try to lure Sally off to another rooftop to win her back. Adam found it odd that the women had been discussing a possible reunion when Sally had made it clear that she and Adam were done. He inquired whether something had changed.

Sally received a text message, and Chloe asked if it was from Nick. Sally indicated that Nick had just been dealing with his dad, and he wanted to meet. Sally flatly informed Adam that nothing had changed because they'd agreed there was no future for them. Adam remembered the context and where that conversation had taken place. Sally covered her discomfort and asserted that no matter where it had happened, they'd agreed they didn't belong together. Adam pointed out that Sally and Chloe had still been talking about him, and Chloe said she loved brainstorming doomsday scenarios. Adam headed to the bar.

Sally pondered what Adam was going to think when she started showing. Chloe suggested that Sally hide her pregnancy under baggy clothes to give herself time to devise a plan. Sally preferred her outfits to be flowing rather than baggy, but her main objective was to keep Adam from finding out for as long as possible. Chloe noted that he was the most suspicious person she'd ever met, and he was bound to be keenly aware of every detail. Nick arrived, and Adam looked on as Nick greeted Sally with a kiss and a hug.

After Chloe left, Sally told Nick that she'd hoped her return from L.A. would be cause for celebration. Nick proposed that they order sparkling cider and go crazy, since he expected she'd get good news very soon. Sally sensed that the sudden cancellation of her meeting with Jill had been personal, and she theorized that someone from L.A. had told Jill an awful story about Sally. Nick reasoned that Jill wouldn't be the only person who liked Sally's idea, and he urged Sally to consider taking her pitch to Newman. Sally scoffed at the idea of Victor and Victoria putting her on the payroll again.

Sally pledged to get her company started on her own and not fold at a setback. Nick counseled that the most important thing was for her not to get stressed, adding that she knew what he was talking about. Adam eyed them from the bar. Sally's phone rang, and she requested that Nick order for her while she stepped aside to take the call. Nick glanced back at Adam and saw him watching them.

Nick approached Adam and divulged that Victor thought he could lure Adam back to both the Newman family and company. Adam shared that he'd heard rumblings to that effect. Nick revealed that Victor had a plan in the works to try to sabotage Adam's position at Jabot and then be there to welcome Adam with open arms. Adam wondered why Nick cared to tell him any of it.

Nick figured that Adam was better off with Jack as a mentor instead of Victor. Adam guessed that Nick really didn't want to see him back at Newman, and Nick confirmed he didn't. "You really do have it all, don't you?" Adam muttered. Meanwhile, Sally thanked her doctor and hung up. She turned and saw Nick and Adam looking back at her.

Kyle tells Diane he is afraid she will abandon him again

Kyle tells Diane he is afraid she will abandon him again

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

by Nel

At Society, Lily and Abby discussed Devon's reluctance to join the IPO. Lily explained that she and Jill wanted Devon to keep the Hamilton-Winters name, and Chancellor-Winters would move on with the IPO. Abby said Devon didn't feel the same way. Lily asked if Abby thought Devon was making the right decision.

Abby told Lily that Hamilton-Winters meant a great deal to Devon. She said Devon would be heartbroken to lose his company to an IPO he'd never supported. Lily claimed a lawsuit would be ugly. Abby remarked that Chancellor Industries had been huge before it had merged with Hamilton-Winters, and she suggested that Lily and Jill return to that. Abby asked why Lily wanted to fight Devon for something that meant everything to him but meant only dollars and cents to Lily. Abby claimed that spoke more about Lily's priorities than anything else.

Lily said she resented Abby's comment because family had always been her priority. Abby said she'd never suggested that Lily didn't value her family. Lily said she wanted to find a way to convince Devon to stay at Chancellor-Winters. Abby told Lily to drop the IPO. Lily insisted that Jill wouldn't go for that. She indicated that the merger had been for family to work together. Lily lamented that she'd lost Nate, and she felt she was losing Devon.

Lily told Abby she also wanted to protect Neil's legacy. She claimed Devon hadn't considered how a lawsuit would damage Hamilton-Winters. Lily admitted she'd tried to point that out to Devon, but he was set on getting his company back. Lily begged Abby to try to convince Devon he might regret walking away.

Sally joined Nick and Adam at the bar. Nick noticed she seemed upset and asked what was wrong, but Sally wanted to know what Nick and Adam had been talking about. Adam said Nick had warned him of a potential landmine set by Victor. Adam said he'd been about to thank Nick, despite Nick's self-serving motives. Nick said he hoped Adam could use the information. Nick told Sally they were trying to keep Victor from causing trouble.

Sally told Nick she had to leave. Adam stated that Sally wasn't acting like herself, and he wanted to know what was wrong. Sally claimed she'd hit a few snags in getting her company going. Nick and Sally walked away. While at the coat check, Nick asked what had upset Sally. She said she'd spoken to her OB, but she didn't want to talk about it.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria asked Devon about the status of the IPO. Devon asked why he would want to discuss that with Victoria after she'd tried to take his company. Victoria claimed initially she might have had some interest in it, but she'd moved on. Devon said he hoped Victoria didn't regret hiring Nate and Audra, the two people who'd betrayed Chancellor-Winters. Victoria said she understood how tricky a family business could be, and she was sorry about the rift between him and Nate.

Victoria asked Devon how things were going with Tucker. Devon asked why Victoria would inquire about Tucker. She said it had to have hurt to discover Tucker's true motives for returning to Genoa City. She said Tucker had wanted to take over Chancellor-Winters and Jabot, rather than connect with Devon and Dominic. Devon admitted he hadn't trusted Tucker from the day he'd arrived. He asked if Victoria had learned Tucker's true motives from Audra. Victoria said she'd spoken to Tucker.

Devon found it interesting that in one conversation, Victoria had been curious about his relationship with Tucker, the IPO, and Chancellor-Winters. Devon pointed out that Victoria never did anything casually. Victoria said she'd asked as a friend. She said she hoped they could find a way to separate the business from the personal. Devon left.

At the Grand Phoenix, Daniel told Tucker he was willing to talk, but anything about Omega Sphere would be purely hypothetical. Tucker said he admired Daniel's loyalty to a company that appeared to be in flux. Tucker asked if Daniel had ever been involved in any endeavor that big. Daniel admitted he'd done nothing on that scale. He admitted the gaming platform was uncharted waters for him, and he had to align himself with someone he trusted completely.

Tucker understood that, given his history, Daniel was wary of him. Tucker wished he could convince Daniel that they shared a similar vision. Daniel admitted they shared some common ground, and Tucker's earlier pitch had struck a chord with him. Daniel said he'd spoken to Phyllis about it. Tucker said he didn't imagine Phyllis would be in favor of them being in business together. Daniel replied that the final decision would be his if things fell apart at Chancellor-Winters, and Phyllis would have to deal with his decision.

Daniel told Tucker he wouldn't turn his back on Lily without cause. He asked Tucker to back off until things settled down. Tucker claimed his company was the most viable place for Daniel's dream to come to life. Daniel commented that Heather had always told him to trust the universe. He admitted he missed her a lot, but he had faith that one day, they would reunite.

Tucker told Daniel that Phyllis had informed him she was on her way to Portugal to help smooth things over with Heather and Lucy. Tucker noted Daniel's surprise. Daniel admitted he hadn't known. Daniel said he wasn't a fan of surprises, especially when they were concocted by his mother.

After Tucker left, Daniel called Phyllis, and in a voicemail message, he warned her not to get on that plane.

At Jabot, Diane told Jack she needed to speak with Kyle about her relationship with Jack. She said she didn't want Kyle's fears about them to fester. Diane left to meet with Kyle.

Later, Adam met with Jack and informed him that Victor had been scheming to pull the rug out from under Adam at Jabot. Jack admitted that was no surprise. Adam reported that Victor wanted to force him to return to Newman and the family. Adam stated that if Victor believed Adam had failed at Jabot, Adam would be motivated to return home. Jack said they would handle Victor. Adam said he suspected Kyle was involved in Victor's plan to take him down. Jack said Kyle had had reservations about hiring Adam, but he couldn't imagine Kyle purposely sabotaging Adam. Adam said he'd seen Kyle and Victor together.

At the Abbott home, Diane told Kyle that Summer had reservations about her and Jack being romantically involved. She said she'd tried to address Summer's reservations, but she didn't know how effective she'd been. Diane said Jack had informed her that he and Kyle had spoken. Kyle appeared miffed. He said he'd believed it had been a private father and son conversation. Kyle asked if that was how things were going to be -- he would say something to either one of them, and then one would automatically share it with other. Diane vehemently denied it. She said she wanted to hear from Kyle how he felt, not from Summer or Jack.

Kyle told Diane he was conflicted and still processing the idea of her and Jack reuniting. He said he was worried things wouldn't work out. Diane swore she had no intention of messing things up with Jack. She said she loved Jack's big heart, and she vowed she wouldn't break it again. Kyle said he wanted to believe that, but Diane had hurt Jack in the past, and Diane had cut them off from Jack by moving away. Diane claimed things had been complicated back then. Kyle retorted that Jack's heart wasn't complicated.

Kyle told Diane if Jack's heart was broken, so was the entire Abbott family's, because they relied and leaned on him. Diane said she understood, and she accepted that responsibility. She claimed she was also taking a leap of faith with the romance. She said it felt right in ways it never had previously. She said she and Jack had a lot at stake, and they had both gone into the relationship conscientiously and cautiously. Diane said she realized Kyle wasn't just protecting Jack's heart.

Kyle told Diane he felt like he was taking a big risk opening his heart to her again. He said he'd believed she'd been gone forever, but she'd suddenly appeared. He said he'd had to process the fact that she'd purposely abandoned him. He claimed she'd allowed him to believe she'd died, but when he'd discovered she was alive, all those memories had flooded back. He said he'd had to reconcile the nurturing mother he remembered from his childhood and the existence of a woman who could do that to her son.

Kyle said Diane had sworn she'd worked to turn her life around and that she'd returned to ask for his forgiveness, and she'd also wanted a chance to be in Kyle and Harrison's lives. Diane said she didn't know if she would ever be able to heal the wounds she'd created. She insisted that Kyle and Harrison were the reason she'd returned and stayed. Kyle commented that they continued to be surprised with secrets from Diane's past. He said Jeremy Stark had brought danger to his family, and Diane had enlisted Jack in her risky plot.

Kyle told Diane that Jack had become a jewel thief because he'd stolen from Summer's grandmother. He said he'd had reservations about where Diane's relationship with Jack could lead. Diane said with Jeremy Stark out of their lives, there was no more danger, and there were no more secrets from her past. She vowed not to hurt Jack or break his heart. Kyle said a part of him sincerely hoped it would work.

Diane promised Kyle that no matter what happened between her and Jack, she would never abandon Kyle again. Kyle wanted to believe her, but he was afraid another shoe would drop. Diane promised there weren't any more secrets or surprises from her past.

In Sally's suite, Nick asked Sally what her doctor had said. She said her test results had been fine, but they wanted her to return because her blood pressure was high. She said Dr. Chandler wasn't worried, and she would treat it when necessary. Sally admitted it had thrown her because she'd realized the massive responsibility and the ways her life was going to change. She said she had no idea how to navigate everything.

Nick suggested that Sally relax because worrying wasn't going to do the blood pressure any good. Nick said pregnancies could be overwhelming. Sally admitted she was overwhelmed. Nick assured her she wasn't alone. Sally didn't want the pregnancy to put pressure on them because they were supposed to take things slow. Nick claimed they only had to look as far ahead as her next doctor's appointment.

At the penthouse, Abby noticed Devon seemed upset. He responded that he'd run into Victoria at the coffeehouse, and he felt she was up to something with Tucker. Abby asked why Victoria would be involved with Tucker in any capacity. Devon claimed Victoria had been very curious about his relationship status with Tucker.

Abby told Devon she'd spoken to Lily, who'd said some things that had surprised her. Abby said she'd believed Lily had been fighting over Hamilton-Winters because she'd wanted to hang on to the Winters half of Chancellor-Winters. Devon asked why Lily wouldn't sell his company back to him.

Abby told Devon that Lily wanted nothing more than to work alongside her brother. Devon said it had been the reason for merging the companies. Abby suggested it had been Lily's way of getting him to stay on. Devon asked if Lily wanted to unify the family by refusing to sell Hamilton-Winters back to him and not taking his concerns into consideration. Abby said Lily wanted to hang on to her dream of them working together. She said Lily wanted to hang on to him, not Hamilton-Winters.

After Devon left, Tucker arrived. Tucker said he had a gift for Dominic. Abby tersely told him Dominic was asleep, and his gift wasn't going to score points with her or win any favor with Devon. Tucker commented on Abby's disdain for him. Abby remarked there was no need to fake civility, since they knew the real reason he was in town. Tucker claimed she didn't know the whole story. He asked if he could enter and explain. Abby agreed.

Abby said she couldn't wait to hear Tucker twist reality to fit his agenda. Tucker said he profoundly regretted how he'd bungled his attempt to reconnect with Devon. He claimed he'd returned expressly to bond with Devon professionally and personally. He admitted he'd handled it badly, and he'd made a major miscalculation. Abby commented how interesting it was that he'd left Ashley out of his mea culpa. Tucker admitted he'd wronged Ashley, too, but while Ashley was on a different continent, there wasn't much he could do.

Tucker told Abby he had no intention of throwing in the towel where Devon was concerned. Tucker claimed he genuinely wanted to make things right with Devon, and he wouldn't give up. Abby told him to give up immediately because the last thing Devon needed was more trouble from Tucker. She said Tucker brought pain and turmoil into everyone's lives. Abby opened the door, and she told Tucker to leave. Tucker said he would return another time because it wasn't the end. Abby said it was if she had anything to say about it. She warned Tucker not to cross her or Devon. She slammed the door in Tucker's face.

At Chancellor-Winters, Esther asked Lily if Devon was working from home and if everything was okay with him. Lily assured her Devon was fine. Esther left Lily's office.

Devon arrived at Chancellor-Winters, and Esther hugged him. She told Devon she absolutely adored him and that she loved working for him and Lily. She said she'd prayed that he and Lily could work things out. Devon promised they would be fine. After a hug and peck on Esther's cheek, Devon entered Lily's office.

Devon said Abby had mentioned the conversation she'd had with Lily. He said Abby had informed him that Lily's rationale for keeping Hamilton-Winters wasn't just to strengthen the IPO, but she'd wanted to keep him on board so they could work as a family. Lily admitted that was true, and she hoped the reason he was there was because he believed that. Devon said he was there because what she'd said hadn't made sense to him. He didn't understand why Lily would use Abby to influence him one way or another.

Lily told Devon that she and Abby had run into each other. She admitted she'd hoped Abby would be able to get across to Devon what Lily hadn't been able to. She said she was afraid how ugly the lawsuit could become. Lily didn't want what they'd created together to fall apart. Devon said the only reason things were falling apart was because of what Jill and Lily were doing to him. He said Lily was siding with Jill to move forward with the IPO despite the fact he was against it, and they wouldn't give his company back to him.

Lily told Devon she wanted them to work together. Devon claimed she wanted that as long as he went along with the IPO. He said partnerships didn't work that way. He said Lily claimed she cared about Neil's legacy, but she wouldn't let him protect Hamilton-Winters properly. He said it proved Lily cared more about profits and Jill's agenda than family or him. He said it hurt that she didn't see that. Devon left.

Adam admits to Chelsea he isn't happy at Jabot

Adam admits to Chelsea he isn't happy at Jabot

Thursday, February 2, 2023

by Nel

At Crimson Lights, Adam told Chelsea that Victor was up to his treachery again, and he had to watch his back at Jabot. Chelsea guessed Victor wanted to punish Adam for turning his back on the family and working for the enemy. Adam said that according to Nick, Victor was doing it to save him. Adam said Victor's plan was to get him fired from Jabot and dangle some irresistible position at Newman, followed by a hardy welcome home.

Chelsea asked if Victor had succeeded in putting Adam's job in jeopardy. Adam said he hadn't. He confessed he wasn't happy at Jabot because he didn't fit in. He said he couldn't connect with their products. He admitted that while Victor's actions were wildly inappropriate, his instincts were on point.

Adam told Chelsea he'd left Newman because he'd been fed up with being strung along, disrespected, and told he was valued but never being part of the inner circle. Chelsea reminded him that Jack had given him the status and respect Adam deserved, along with trust and responsibility. She asked why that wasn't enough for him. Adam admitted he knew how selfish and ungrateful he sounded. Chelsea assured him she wasn't judging him; she only wanted to know what was going on with him. Adam said so did he.

Adam told Chelsea he'd been slacking big time at Jabot, and he didn't know what was wrong with him. Chelsea said working at Jabot had freed Adam of all the Newman drama. She also noted that Jabot didn't pose the challenge Newman did.

Chelsea asked if Adam would accept an offer from Victor if he was offered one where Adam could thrive, show off his talents, and get the respect he deserved. Adam said he couldn't imagine being tempted to return to Newman after he'd been treated like crap. Chelsea suggested that maybe Adam belonged in the Newman family as a part of Victor's empire. She claimed Adam wanted that, too. Adam said Victor might want that, but the rest of the family wouldn't care what he wanted. Chelsea said that might be true, but Victor was the only one who mattered.

Billy arrived with Johnny and Connor and joined Chelsea and Adam. It was apparent Adam didn't enjoy sharing a table with Billy. Once the boys had their hot chocolate, they told Adam and Chelsea about their skating adventure. Adam wasn't enjoying the camaraderie between the boys, Billy, and Chelsea.

Johnny told Chelsea that Connor had outskated him plus a ton of older guys, and he'd crushed it at hockey. Adam said he wanted to see Connor in action next time, but they had to leave. Connor thanked Billy for taking them skating. Billy asked Chelsea if she wanted to grab a bite to eat later. Chelsea said she was looking forward to it. That definitely didn't sit well with Adam.

At Society, Victor commented to Summer that it was shocking how Diane had insinuated herself into everyone's lives after everything she'd done previously. He said he wasn't referring specifically to Jack and Kyle but more to what Diane had done in their town. Victor said that Jack had cleaned up Diane's messes. He acknowledged how difficult it was for Summer, given Phyllis' loathing of Diane.

Summer told Victor that all the plots and schemes going on in both families were more frustrating. Summer asked Victor to stop including Kyle in his plan to punish Adam. She said Kyle had told her that Victor wanted Kyle's help to push Kyle out of Jabot in exchange for some textile mills. She said Kyle didn't want to be involved with Victor's scheme. Victor asked if Summer believed Adam was where he belonged. Summer said only Jack and Adam could respond to that question. Victor wanted to hear Summer's thoughts.

Summer told Victor it was problematic because not everyone was Adam's fan, and she couldn't see it ending well for anyone. Victor said Nick believed Adam deserved more of a chance. Summer said that was because Adam had given Faith a kidney, but that hadn't been enough to keep up the goodwill. She said Nick had realized Adam's flashes of humanity never lasted, and whenever Adam did anything heroic, it was always calculated or transactional -- Adam always wanted something in return.

Victor admitted there was a lot of truth in what Summer had said. Summer indicated that it was about Victor trying to convince Kyle to facilitate Adam's return to Newman. She said it could cause great conflict between Adam and Jack, and it was the last thing Kyle needed. Victor said he appreciated Summer's thoughts.

At the Grand Phoenix, as Nikki exited the elevator, Diane greeted her cheerfully. Nikki told Diane not to waste her breath with friendly chitchat because they weren't, nor would they ever be, friends. Nikki stated that she knew Diane and Jack had been behind the break-in into her Chicago apartment. Nikki said Diane had stolen her necklace and had framed Stark for it. Diane claimed that was a bizarre accusation. Diane asked if Nikki had any evidence to back it up.

Nikki reminded Diane there had been remarkable advances in security technology, and tiny cameras could be hidden anywhere. Diane said she'd seen Nikki's reaction when she'd realized that Jack might have broken into her apartment and "borrowed" Nikki's necklace. Diane commented that Nikki hadn't said anything to Chance because Nikki had no proof.

Diane had surmised that as much as Nikki hated her, Nikki wouldn't put Jack in that position just to get back at Diane. Diane said Nikki was happy that Jeremy was gone because Nikki's family had lived in danger just like the Abbotts, thanks to Phyllis and her recklessness.

Nikki noted that Diane seemed very confident that she'd gotten away with another crime and that everything was working out just as Diane had planned. Diane claimed she was feeling optimistic about the future. Nikki said she wasn't going to inject herself in the middle of a police investigation, but it was great that Jeremy had been arrested. Nikki claimed that, once again, Diane had used deception to get what she wanted, and Jack had done her dirty work.

Diane told Nikki that if Jack had taken the necklace, he'd done it because he wouldn't allow Diane to take that risk. Nikki asked if Diane had moved in with Jack yet. Nikki saw the look on Diane's face and guessed that hadn't happened yet, but Jack would jump into it with enthusiasm and hope.

Diane told Nikki she and Jack were back together. Nikki said Jack was a smart man until it came to Diane. Diane countered that Jack didn't allow others' opinions to keep him from being happy. Nikki snidely commented that Stark's visit to Genoa City had worked out well for Diane. She said it had given Diane the opportunity to display her damsel in distress act, and a man as chivalrous as Jack would find that very appealing. Nikki claimed Diane should be grateful to Phyllis.

Diane told Nikki that what she and Jack had was exciting and tense, and it added comfort and security. She said there was also their history and the family they shared. Diane called it real and said it was going to last a very long time. She said there was nothing Nikki, Ashley, or Phyllis could do to stop it. Diane gloated that it was the natural course of things. She told Nikki to get used to it and to leave them alone.

At Jabot, Jack said he hoped Kyle could dispel a disturbing rumor. He said he'd heard Victor was plotting against Adam in an attempt to undermine Adam's work at Jabot and that Kyle was helping Victor. Kyle admitted that Victor had approached him, but he hadn't committed to anything specific. Jack assumed Kyle had considered it. Kyle stated that Jack was Adam's only friend, but when Jack had hired Adam as co-CEO of the family business, Kyle claimed he'd had an opinion.

Kyle told Jack he had no idea what Adam's motives were, but Adam hadn't done much since he'd been at Jabot. He said Adam was coasting. He said most days, Adam called in from Society while he sorted out the mess that he called a life. Kyle asked how Jack would rate Adam's performance. Jack admitted Kyle was right, but it was something for him and Adam to address, not Victor or Kyle.

Kyle told Jack that Adam had done a great job sabotaging himself. Kyle claimed Jack had gone out on a limb for Adam, knowing no one in the family would support Adam being co-CEO. Kyle said Jack had risked alienating everyone because he'd believed so strongly in Adam. Kyle stated that Adam had wanted to redeem himself and turn his life around, the way he always did. Kyle said no one cared if Victor had a plan to undermine Adam. Kyle said Adam didn't deserve the position of authority Jack had given him. He said Adam shouldn't be at Jabot. Kyle said Adam didn't want to be there, so Jack should just cut him loose.

Jack told Kyle that Adam's role at Jabot wasn't up for debate because Adam only answered to Jack. Jack said he stood by his decision to hire Adam, and he would address Adam's performance. Jack said he was happy Kyle wasn't involved in Victor's manipulations, and he would speak to Victor very soon.

Jack asked Kyle about his conversation with Diane. He asked if Kyle had found it reassuring. Kyle said he was trying to stay open-minded for Jack's sake because he wanted Jack to be happy. Kyle asked Jack to be careful and to protect himself. Jack was curious what had prompted that warning.

Kyle admitted it had been a good talk, and he'd gotten a lot off his chest. Kyle said he didn't want to see Jack hurt again, and he'd relayed that to Diane. Kyle stated that Diane had a history of making promises she couldn't keep. He said they wound up getting a surprise like Stark. Kyle said Jack had taken a huge risk in that situation, and Kyle said he and Diane appreciated it. Jack assured Kyle that he and Diane were happy. Jack said Kyle's parents had worked through the trauma of the past, and together, they were looking to a bright new future.

Alone in Jack's office, Kyle recalled Diane telling him she couldn't guarantee what the future held for her and Jack, but she'd promised Kyle that whatever happened, she would never abandon him again.

Kyle snapped out of his reverie when Summer arrived. Kyle told Summer his parents were moving too fast, but he wanted things to work out for them. Kyle said a lot of people were going to hate that Jack had reunited with Diane.

Kyle told Summer that someone had informed Jack that Victor wanted to get Adam out of Jabot with his help. He said Jack had been relieved when Kyle had said he hadn't participated. Summer said Victor might have convinced himself that what he was doing was in Adam's best interest, but it had the potential to cause conflict between Kyle and Jack. Summer said she'd told Victor to stop pressuring Kyle into going along with his plan, since Kyle was staying out of it. Adam arrived and said he was looking for Jack. Kyle said Jack wasn't there.

Adam asked if Summer was aware of what Kyle had been up to. Adam said he'd assumed Kyle had been working with Victor to get him exiled from Jabot. He claimed he wouldn't have believed Kyle would do something so underhanded, knowing it would royally piss Jack off, or that Summer would go along with it. Summer said whatever Adam thought was going on, she and Kyle had no part in it. Adam asked if it meant that much to Kyle to have him gone. Kyle asked Adam to admit he didn't want to be there. Adam left.

At home, Jack recalled a memory. Diane told Jack she would never do anything to drive him away again. She said that after everything she'd been through during all those years, she knew what it was like to lose him and Kyle. She said she would never put herself through that again. They kissed.

Chance's arrival brought Jack out of his reverie. Chance told Jack he was there on official police business on behalf of the Chicago Police Department. Chance pulled out a briefcase from of his bag and said he believed it belonged to Jack. Chance said they'd found it after doing a more thorough search of Stark's suite. Chance said there was half a million dollars in there. He said Stark had claimed that Jack had loaned it to him. He added there was no evidence linking the money to the crime, and it had been released from police custody. He said Jack could consider his loan paid in full, assuming that was it. Chance opened the briefcase. Jack admitted it was his.

Chance said the day of Stark's arrest, he recalled that Jack and Diane had shown up to discuss the money Diane owed Stark -- after Jack had given Stark a great deal of money. Chance asked why it had remained an issue. Jack said Stark had claimed Diane would never be in the clear until she paid Stark back herself. Chance asked why Stark had taken Jack's money. Jack said he had no idea how a criminal's mind worked. Jack said Stark had meant what he'd said, since he hadn't spent any of it. Chance was surprised Stark hadn't held on to the money, since his trial would be very expensive.

Jack told Chance it looked bad when a convicted money launderer had that kind of cash on hand. Chance asked why Jack hadn't mentioned it to him at the hotel. Jack claimed it hadn't seemed relevant, and he'd had no idea the money had been in the suite. Chance said it certainly worked out well for Jack. He said Stark was locked up, and Jack hadn't lost a dime. Dripping with sarcasm, Chance said it had been very convenient. Chance left.

Diane arrived, and Jack told her she'd missed Chance. Jack said Chance had delivered the half million dollars he'd given Stark. He said Stark had claimed Jack had loaned Stark the money, and since Jack hadn't reported it stolen, the Chicago Police Department had released it to him. Diane claimed she'd felt guilty when Jack had handed all that money to Jeremy just to get Stark to leave her alone. Jack said it had been a small price to pay for her safety. He said by working together, they'd turned the tables on Stark.

Diane told Jack about running into Nikki at the hotel. She said Nikki was certain they'd orchestrated Jeremy's arrest by stealing her necklace. Jack asked if Nikki had any proof. Diane said Nikki had tried to make her think she had, but she'd called Nikki's bluff. She said if Nikki had proof, she wouldn't use it because she knew it would hurt Jack.

Diane told Jack that Nikki had tried to push all her buttons. Diane said she'd told Nikki her life was fabulous and that she and Jack were in a good place. She said she'd advised Nikki to get used to seeing them together again. Jack said Diane had told the truth, and they had nothing to hide. Diane asked if he was sure he was ready for people to see them together again. Jack said he was very happy, and nothing was going to take that away from him.

At Society, Nikki groused to Victor that it was bad enough that Diane was going to get away with another caper, but Diane had also bragged about how close she and Jack had become. Victor claimed they deserved each other.

Billy arrived at Chelsea's to take her out for dinner. Billy said he felt honored she felt comfortable enough to go to dinner with him. She took Billy's hand, and they left.

Sally tells Nick that Adam could be the baby's father

Sally tells Nick that Adam could be the baby's father

Friday, February 3, 2023

by Nel

Billy and Chelsea arrived at Society. The server showed them to their table and commented that their table was the most romantic table at Society. Chelsea asked Billy if they were on a date. After a little light banter, Chelsea stated it was too soon for them to be on a date, since Billy's breakup with Lily had been so recent. Chelsea admitted it was too soon for her, as well, because of everything she'd been through in the past few months. Billy assured her it was nothing more than two friends checking in with each other over a meal.

Billy noticed that Chelsea seemed distracted. Chelsea said their server believed they were on a date, and she was concerned the server knew who they were. She said the server could tell Abby she'd seen them on a date, and then his family would get involved. Billy agreed that he didn't want his family asking questions.

Billy called the server over. He told her that he and Chelsea were not on a date. She smiled and walked away. Chelsea commented that she didn't know whether the server had been charmed or annoyed by Billy. Billy said it could be either because he was "a lot." Chelsea said she was more concerned if Billy's family saw it as a date. Billy informed her that Jack and Diane had reunited. Chelsea noted that he didn't seem troubled by that. Billy said he believed in second chances.

Chelsea thanked Billy for dinner and said it had been exactly what she'd needed.

Nick arrived at Sally's suite, and through the door, he announced that he had all kinds of healthy snacks. Sally opened the door, and he could see she'd been crying. She told Nick she was completely overwhelmed, and everything was about the baby. At Nick's prompting, Sally said the whole blood pressure thing had her thinking about all the things that could go wrong bringing a child into the world, and that didn't take into account raising the child. She said it was her first genuine moment of fear. She said she was a mess and asked how she was going to be as a mom.

Nick assured Sally that what she was feeling was normal. Sally claimed she shouldn't be overwhelmed about becoming a parent. Nick assured her that everyone went through it, even him. Nick admitted he'd been worried sick with every one of his kids. Sally claimed Nick was a natural. Nick admitted he'd been a mess before Noah had been born, just like Sally. He said she would get through it.

Nick told Sally that part of the problem was the build-up. He said nine months seemed like forever, but it went by very fast. He told her everything changed when the baby arrived. Nick raved that when she saw the baby and got to hold it, everything would make sense. He stated that when the baby was handed to her, she wouldn't be able to imagine loving anything that much, and the fear disappeared because everything became clear.

Sally said Nick was an outstanding father, but she claimed it was different for her. She said Nick had had a loving mother and father around when he'd been growing up, and he'd known they loved him. Sally said she'd never had that. She said she'd learned at a young age that people let each other down. She said she'd learned to deal with it as an adult, but as a child, it had been devastating. She said the thought of doing that to her own child made her chest tighten up so much that she could hardly breathe.

Adam arrived at Sally's door. He was about to knock when he heard Nick's voice, and then Sally apologized for dumping everything on him. He heard Nick say that it wasn't the way things worked. They were in it together, and she wasn't dumping anything on him. Sally said she found it difficult to lean on anyone. Adam walked away.

Nick told Sally they only needed to get through her next doctor's appointment, and everything would be less scary. He promised he was there for all of it with her, from pregnancy, to birth, to school, to recitals, soccer, and sleepovers. Sally asked where they stood. Nick said it was too soon for them to make a decision about their future, but as far as being a parent, he was solid. Sally began to cry. Nick asked what was bothering her.

Sally told Nick she was concerned because they'd planned on taking things slow. She stated that with the pregnancy, things were moving at warp speed, and no one knew where they were going. She said every decision she made wouldn't be just for her, and she had to get it right. Sally said no baby could have a better father, and that was all that mattered. They kissed and began disrobing.

After the loving, Sally told Nick she was very content at that moment. She said he made her feel special. Nick reassured her that she had nothing to worry about because he had her. Troubled and in tears, Sally confessed that Adam could be the baby's father.

At Newman Media, Victoria told Nate they needed to celebrate. She produced a bottle of 23-year-old single malt scotch. She said she'd wanted to open it on a special occasion. She revealed that she and Nate were going to step outside the box. She said she thought it would be nice to step away from the nine-to-five corporate structure. She announced that she wanted to scoop up Omega Sphere and take down McCall Unlimited.

Nate told Victoria he loved what she was planning. He said Devon would have quashed that move at Chancellor-Winters because it was too risky. Nate suggested their first move should be to lure Daniel and his project to Newman Media. Victoria asked what they could give Daniel that Chancellor-Winters couldn't. Nate suggested the full power and magnitude of Newman Enterprises.

Nate told Victoria that he would convince Daniel that Chancellor-Winters would micromanage and second-guess him constantly. Victoria agreed. She suggested they give Daniel autonomy and make that part of his agreement. Nate said he knew how Chancellor-Winters structured their deals, and they had to make sure they would be better at it. Victoria gushed that Nate had been wasted at Chancellor-Winters.

Nate bragged to Victoria that he had a secret weapon, Audra. He said she'd left Chancellor-Winters, but she was still tight with Tucker. He said Audra had informed him about Tucker's plans for Omega Sphere. Victoria appreciated Nate revealing his source. He said he trusted Victoria, and he hoped that went both ways. Victoria said that she and Victor had discussed using Audra as a way of taking control of Tucker's company.

Victoria warned Nate they had to be very careful around Audra. She said if Audra slipped up, Tucker would be onto them. Nate claimed Audra was on their side. He said Audra had agreed to keep him informed and help him predict Tucker's moves so he could stay one step ahead. Victoria admitted she was wary of Audra. Nate said Audra was good at what she did, and part of that was playing the game. He said they had to play it better.

Nate told Victoria that most people didn't like his aggressive side, and he kept it under wraps. He said he found it exhilarating throwing around ideas with her. She told him not to let anyone dictate who he should be because they had no idea what it took to fill their shoes or make things really happen. Victoria suddenly kissed Nate. When the kiss ended, Victoria tried to cover the awkward moment by saying they'd had some good ideas about Omega Sphere and Tucker. Nate said he would set things in motion in the morning. She wished him a good night and left.

Diane approached the Abbotts' home and noticed the door was ajar. Timidly, she called out to Jack. She entered and saw a bottle of Champagne on ice, flowers, and Jack wearing a tux. Diane asked what the occasion was. Jack said he wanted to celebrate with her. She said she expected the rest of the Abbotts to arrive. Jack assured her they were completely alone and suggested she relax. Diane asked Jack how it was possible that she could be falling for him all over again. Jack toasted to them.

Diane asked how long Jack had been planning that little celebration. Jack admitted he'd wanted to do something special on New Year's Eve, but he was glad he'd waited because he was even more enamored with Diane than he had been in the previous weeks. Diane admitted that the previous year, she hadn't known whether she could return to her old life in Genoa City. She said it took her breath away that they'd found each other again. She said no one could have predicted that.

Jack told Diane he thought it had been in the cards for a long time. He said finding Diane again might be the fulfilment of a prophecy, all brought about by Dina. Diane didn't understand how Dina had predicted they would reunite after the years everyone had believed she'd been dead. He admitted it hadn't been Dina, but rather her jewelry.

Jack explained to Diane about the antique emerald necklace John had bought for Dina. He said it was called the Teardrop of Love. He said after Dina and John had split up, Dina had traveled the world, and the necklace had gotten lost. Jack said he'd been able to track it down before Dina had died. He explained that after Dina had died, they'd all received a little piece of the necklace. Jack showed Diane his emerald cufflinks. He said there had been a legend attached to the necklace. He said whoever wore the necklace or was around the gem would find love.

Jack told Diane that over time, he'd realized that if the legend were true, it might just be family love. He said after Dina had died, he'd been closer to the Abbott family. He said the Teardrop of Love had not only brought him family love, it might have also brought him a beautiful, captivating, gorgeous woman. He said perhaps the gem had just needed a little time to do its magic. Diane kissed him. Jack suggested they take their fate into their own hands and decide where things would go next for them.

Diane told Jack she wasn't crazy about planning ahead because she'd had the rug pulled out from under her too many times. She said she loved being in the present because it was difficult to imagine the future. She said she wanted to focus daily on being grateful. Jack suggested he do the grand planning for both of them. He said what they had was very special, and he didn't want to waste it. He said when she was ready, he wanted to present her with an image of what life could be for them. Diane asked to hear it.

Jack told Diane he wanted to travel and see all the grand sights of the world with her, and they could take Harrison on giant adventures during school breaks. Diane said it all sounded like fun, but it was just fantasy. Diane said all she wanted was Christmas with the whole family. She wanted to celebrate holidays with people who mattered to her, have big family dinners where everyone shared their day, enjoy the traditional Abbott breakfasts, and have picnics at the lake. She wanted all those special moments she'd missed when she'd been away. She said she also wanted that moment with Jack because she felt worthy, wanted, and safe. They sealed it with a kiss.

Diane told Jack she had concerns about their future. Jack assumed those involved people who wanted to get in the way of their happiness. Diane said there were people who would make things difficult for them. Jack asked why it mattered. He said they'd earned and deserved it. Diane said she wasn't sure she did. Jack understood the lengths she'd gone to and the sacrifices she'd made to find her way back to them.

Jack told Diane that things hadn't worked out for them previously because they hadn't been the people they'd been meant to be. They'd needed to grow, learn, and make mistakes so they could find their way back to each other. He said they were the people they needed to be to make things work. He said they were together, and he didn't want to waste a moment of it. They kissed once again.

Chelsea and Billy arrived at her apartment, and Chelsea invited him in for tea. Billy accepted. Chelsea commented that he had the same look on his face he'd had when they'd debated whether they were on a date. Billy said he was uber cautious about not making Chelsea's life more difficult. Chelsea said that thanks to him, she was on the right path, and he didn't have to worry about her. Billy confessed he leaned on Chelsea, as well, and hanging out with her had been good for him. He said it stopped him from thinking about anything else.

Chelsea told Billy she felt the same way. She admitted the previous few months had been intense, and she admitted he knew her better than anyone. Billy revealed he'd gotten a glimpse into her soul, and that had been a gift. Chelsea said she didn't know what that evening had been, but she'd had a wonderful time. She added that she didn't want to do anything to jeopardize their friendship. Billy agreed.

Chelsea told Billy they'd gone through something traumatizing and very intense together, but they'd gotten through it. She said that over the past few months, she'd seen Billy's soul, too, and she knew who he was. She said it brought her a lot of comfort. She kissed Billy on the cheek. Billy left.

At the Grand Phoenix, Adam appeared very agitated while having a drink at the bar.

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