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Sally scheduled a paternity test but decided not to tell Adam about her pregnancy until after she received the results. Daniel fired Phyllis. Victoria insisted that Nate be in on Newman's plan to take over McCall Unlimited. Jack blasted Kyle for colluding with Victor. Adam announced he was leaving Jabot.
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Sally scheduled a paternity test. Daniel fired Phyllis. Jack blasted Kyle for colluding with Victor. Adam announced he was leaving Jabot.
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Sally vows to reveal her pregnancy to Adam

Sally vows to reveal her pregnancy to Adam

Monday, February 6, 2023

After Nick and Sally made love in her suite at the Grand Phoenix, Sally was apprehensive about how Nick might react after she admitted that the baby she was carrying might be Adam's. Nick, recalling the day Sally and Adam had made love, replied, "I was just wondering who was going to bring it up first." Nick told Sally that the possibility had occurred to him awhile before, though he had not mentioned it because he had not wanted to freak her out. Sally replied, "I've been freaked out since the beginning." Nick told Sally she was running the show, adding that he was cool with following her lead. Sally admitted she could no longer look at herself in the mirror, knowing she should be honest with Nick.

Nick asked Sally if Adam might suspect something, especially after he had asked her if something was wrong. Sally doubted Adam could jump to such a conclusion, given that they had had sex only one time in December. Nick lovingly stroked Sally's bare shoulder and replied, "I believe you." Sally said she knew it would never work out with Adam and hoped fate would not be so cruel as to make Adam the father after the relationship was finally and completely over. Nick acknowledged that he had been down that road before, adding that fate could sometimes have an interesting sense of humor. Nick acknowledged that the situation would not be easy for anyone, so they should strap on their seatbelts and see where the ride took them.

Nick assured Sally that admitting the truth to Adam would not change anything about their relationship or how he felt about her. Sally said she could not help but worry that Nick's attitude might change as their life played out. Nick pleaded with Sally to not worry and to instead focus on the baby and getting some rest. Sally said she might get some sleep after confessing her secret. Nick replied, "Well, let that be a lesson. Always come clean." Nick advised Sally to tell Adam, so she could unburden herself and focus on having a healthy pregnancy. Sally agreed and said she would undergo a paternity test. After Nick left, Sally phoned a diagnostic center and made an appointment to undergo a paternity test.

Adam entered Crimson Lights and noticed Tucker standing with his back toward the door as he perused the menu. Tucker greeted Adam and acknowledged that they had not seen each other for some time. Setting down the menu, Tucker said he could not make up his mind. Tucker walked toward Adam and quipped, "What brings you here? Brownies? Sharon?" Adam replied, "Coffee. Contemplation." Tucker offered to buy Adam coffee and a brownie.

Adam pinched off a bite of brownie, put it in his mouth, and quipped, "Ah, well. Look at us. Genoa City's villains get their just dessert." Tucker said he assumed Adam had not enjoyed a peaceful night in ages. Adam agreed and asked if he might receive some type of absolution for confessing his sins. Tucker suggested that he and Adam had ended up together because they were alike. Blaming his misuse of subterfuge, Tucker explained that he had continually misjudged and underestimated people in his life. Adam recalled that Tucker had hoped to reconnect with Devon, meet Dom, and perhaps rekindle his relationship with Ashley. Tucker blamed himself for his plan having gone awry because he had acted like an "arrogant son of a bitch."

Adam admitted to Tucker that he had lost someone very special to a member of his own family. Tucker advised Adam not to think in absolutes, reminding him that no one could step in the same river twice because it was ever-changing, just like him and his love interest were. Tucker assured Adam that hope sprang eternal. As Tucker was leaving, Nick entered. Tucker greeted Nick and asked him if it was past his bedtime. Nick scoffed and said he'd had no idea Adam and Tucker were friends. Tucker replied, "Anything can happen."

After Tucker left, Adam told Nick he had advised Jack that Victor and Kyle had teamed up against him to oust him from Jabot. Adam thanked Nick for having been generous in giving him the heads-up. Nick said he hoped Jack had Adam's back. Adam, changing the subject, asked Nick what was going on with Sally other than concern about starting her business. Nick replied that it was nothing Adam should worry about. Nick told Adam it was difficult for Sally to be around them both at the same time, noting that the awkwardness might not change for a long time. After Nick left, Adam seemed lost in thought.

On a video call, Jill and Lily discussed the lawsuit Devon had filed. Lily asked Jill if it was worth all the trouble to hold on to Devon's half of the company. Jill reminded Lily that if they let Devon buy back his half, it would devalue Chancellor-Winters. Jill noted that Devon's egocentricity had turned the debacle into the "Devon Show." Showing sympathy for her brother, Lily said part of her could understand why Devon wanted to pull out of the merger. Jill replied, "And is that the same part of you that can't stand the thought of losing your father's company?"

Lily admitted to Jill that what hurt the most was failing her family for not keeping the company together. Jill recalled navigating touchy situations while working for John and Jack, running the Jabot men's line. Jill recalled that she had made both good and bad decisions, though she had remained focused on the task at hand. Jill assured Lily that she would lead the company to even greater heights once it was taken public. Jill told Lily that with Devon out of the picture, she would be able to lead unencumbered.

Lily was hesitant, noting that a furious Devon was in protective mode. Jill recalled that the two companies were intertwined both legally and functionally. Jill added that the deal had been in place for months, so Devon could not suddenly change his mind, especially after they had offered him a lucrative buyout. Lily replied, "Yeah, and he refused."

Jill, frustrated with Devon, said there was only one way it could end. Jill said Devon had been around long enough to know that the business world did not remain static and that an IPO was the logical and reasonable response, given the company's profits and success. Jill scoffed that Devon wanted to take his ball and go home. Jill offered to fight the lawsuit alone if Lily wished to recuse herself. Lily vowed to fight along with Jill if they could continue doing business in the interim by going forward with Daniel's Omega Sphere project, which she was certain would make a name for them in the gaming industry. Lily begged Jill to approve the plan immediately.

Daniel joined Devon at the Society bar. Daniel poured out his heart about his gaming platform being stalled in limbo. Devon said Lily had evidently shared the latest about Chancellor-Winters and thought he was to blame. Daniel admitted he blamed Devon. Devon explained that the issues were complicated and involved a number of factors. Devon noted that any company would readily support Omega Sphere. Daniel said he had hoped to work with Devon and Lily. Devon claimed Daniel really wanted to develop his project with Lily because one usually gravitated to people they knew, so there was no reason he could not move forward with Chancellor after the dust settled.

Daniel told Devon that Lily was going through hell because of Devon's decision to "bust up" the merger. Devon said his intention was not to hurt Lily. Daniel told Devon he seemed to have no problem breaking Lily's heart. Devon explained that he and Lily had differing views on how to run a business and that he had had reservations about going public for a long time, for good reasons, which Lily was ignoring in order to side with Jill. Devon explained that his goal was to reclaim the company he had created with Neil. Daniel warned that Devon assuming he and Lily would get past their differences as they always had was akin to taking Lily for granted, which was a surefire way to lose her.

Lily entered the restaurant and stopped in her tracks when she spotted Devon and Daniel. Daniel reminded Devon that Lily was the kind of person he should want by his side and not across from him in the courtroom. Devon noticed Lily, and she walked toward him and Daniel, admitting that she had been eavesdropping. Lily thanked Daniel for his support. Devon told Daniel he agreed with everything Daniel had said about Lily.

Devon invited Lily to join him at Hamilton-Winters, so they could run their father's company together. Lily scoffed and asked Devon if he was forcing her to pass a loyalty test. Lily asked Devon why she should give up Chancellor-Winters to make him feel better. Devon reminded Lily that she had said she had wanted to work with him, so her answer had revealed to him where she stood. Devon left abruptly.

After Devon left, Lily confessed to Daniel that every time she had tried to make things better with Devon, they only got worse. Lily cried that no one could change Devon's mind. When Lily announced that she had spoken with Jill about the future of Omega Sphere, Daniel appeared concerned that he might be saddened and disappointed. Daniel's mood changed abruptly when Lily announced that Jill had agreed to move forward with the project. Lily asked Daniel how soon he could be ready. Daniel seemed overwhelmed. Daniel embraced Lily and said, "This is incredible!" Lily replied, "Oh, I'm so happy."

Mariah and Tessa, restless and unable to sleep, strolled through the moonlit park, holding hands and sharing a kiss beneath a tree strung with white lights. Mariah mentioned that their baby's birth was days away. Both women agreed that with them as parents, their daughter would become the coolest girl in the world. Mariah told Tessa that their daughter might also take walks on sleepless night and look at the stars. Tessa gazed into Mariah's eyes and said, "She's going to change our lives forever -- for the better."

Tessa and Mariah revisited the list of items they would need to care for their newborn. Tessa reminded Mariah that they had not yet chosen a name. Mariah assured Tessa that there would be no judgment and no outrage -- only an honest conversation about their baby. Mariah suggested the baby be named Hyacinth. Tessa recorded the prospective name on her phone's note app. Mariah laughed when Tessa said, "Anoushka?" Tessa followed up and suggested either Adele or Everly because the names stood out and were unforgettable. Trying out how one suggested name might sound, Mariah said, "Emerson, have you finished your French homework?" Tessa gushed that she could not wait to see their baby's sweet face and little fingernails. Mariah suggested they choose a name after meeting their daughter.

After relaxing on a park bench for a while, Mariah and Tessa bantered about which one of them would become the disciplinarian. Tessa vowed that they would discipline their child together and share the goal of being good moms. Delphine called Mariah's phone to report that she was in labor. Mariah promised Delphine that she and Tessa would join her a fast as they could to help her and take care of her. After Mariah hung up, she and Tessa jumped for joy and shared a kiss.

Sally schedules a paternity test

Sally schedules a paternity test

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

At the Abbott mansion, Jack invited Diane to leave a few of her things there so she didn't have to race to the hotel every morning after she'd spent the night. Diane was concerned about how Kyle would react, but Jack reasoned that they could be discreet. Jack indicated that he had an errand to run, and he suggested that she go pick up her things so he could help her take them upstairs before he went to Jabot. Diane nervously questioned whether they were tempting fate to be that happy. "This time, fate is on our side," Jack declared, and they kissed.

Victor was surprised when Jack stopped by the Newman ranch. Victor contemplated whether he should hide the silver and jewelry, since Jack had recently resorted to becoming a thief. Victor pointed out that he could turn Jack in to the authorities. Jack announced that he'd been made aware of Victor's scheme to undermine Adam's work at Jabot and enlist Kyle's help in the effort. Jack growled that Victor might have lost his own son, but Jack would "be damned" if he let Victor use Jack's son in his underhanded plot.

Victor contended that he had no intention of undermining his son, since Adam was doing a good job of it all by himself. Victor added that both he and Jack knew Adam didn't belong at Jabot and that Adam was doing a terrible job. Victor taunted that it didn't speak well for Jack as a mentor and boss to allow someone to perform at a subpar level. Jack noted that Victor seemed to be privy to some inside information.

Victor suggested that Jack focus on salvaging his trainwreck of a relationship with Diane instead of making unfounded accusations. Victor looked forward to watching it go up in flames. Jack thought Victor had better things to do with his time than to worry about Jack's personal life. Victor recommended that Jack start worrying about Kyle. Michael arrived and mused that he detected something in the air. Jack warned Victor to stay out of Jabot's affairs, and he urged Victor to make peace with the fact that he'd lost Adam as both an employee and a son.

After Jack left, Michael shared that he'd done more digging into Tucker's loans, and while buying out the debt would give Newman leverage, it wouldn't be enough for outright control. Michael expected that it would take more convincing, since Tucker wasn't easily intimidated. "You know, I love a challenge, and I'm looking forward to dealing with that S.O.B.," Victor crowed.

Diane packed a suitcase in her hotel room. She gazed fondly at her framed photo of her and Jack with a young Kyle. Moments later, Diane stepped off the Grand Phoenix elevator with her suitcase. Tucker wondered if she'd packed an escape bag, and he found it ironic that she was about to leave town right after Phyllis had. He bet Phyllis would hop the first flight back if she knew Diane was gone for good.

Diane asserted that she wasn't going anywhere, and she bragged that her life was more on track than it had ever been, whereas Tucker's wasn't. Diane recounted that Ashley had fled Genoa City for Paris just to get away from him, but Tucker anticipated that Ashley would be back soon. Tucker claimed that he was happy to hear Diane's life was back on track, and he remarked that her happiness was hers to lose. He walked away, and she looked uneasy.

In his hotel suite, Tucker left a voicemail for Ashley, and he assumed that she'd let the call go straight to voicemail when she'd seen it was from him. He requested that she give him the opportunity to clear the air between them, since he wanted to explain every aspect of the situation to make her understand the reason for the subterfuge. He offered to make a brief trip to Paris to have lunch and chat.

Diane returned to the Abbott mansion, and Jack joined her soon after. She indicated that she'd picked up everything she needed, and he inquired about the possessions she'd left behind in L.A. Diane stated that her years in L.A. hardly felt real to her, and she no longer had a connection to that time, so her things belonged where they were. She contemplated whether it was wrong to be that happy, knowing no one else would be happy for them. Jack believed that the people who cared about them would accept their relationship, and everyone else wouldn't matter. They embraced.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria flashed back to kissing Nate during their meeting the day before. Meanwhile, Nate was at home, thinking about the same thing. Elena entered the penthouse and asked if everything was okay. Nate responded by kissing her passionately and leading her upstairs.

Nick entered Victoria's office and apologized for startling his sister. Victoria claimed that she'd just been thinking about the brainstorming session she'd had with Nate the night before, including their plans for pursuing Daniel's gaming platform and taking over Tucker's company by assuming Tucker's loans to control his debt. She anticipated that Tucker would cave under the pressure, and Nick noted that she sounded sure of herself. Victoria suspected that things might get ugly, but she figured that nothing worth taking was ever easy.

Victoria observed that Nick had been distracted for days. He told her it was nothing to worry about, but she sensed that something was weighing on him. Victoria surmised from how he was shutting her out that it had something to do with Sally, and she didn't understand why he'd be involved with someone who'd alienated him from the rest of his family. Victoria referred to what she'd gone through with Ashland, and she empathized with how damaging and painful a situation like that could be. She lectured that the fact Nick wouldn't talk about it was a sign that it shouldn't have happened in the first place. Nick proclaimed that Sally was off-limits for Victoria and Victor.

Meanwhile, Nate and Elena returned downstairs after making love. She urged him to take a personal day and stay home with her. He cooed that he'd love nothing more, but she'd already made him late, and he had a lot going on that day at the office. Elena teased that it could have been fun doing all his favorite things, and Nate told her to stop tempting him. He promised that they'd have a romantic weekend with no work, phones, or late-night shifts, and he headed out.

Later, Tessa stopped by and asked if Elena needed to get to work. Elena reported that she'd just finished a night shift, and she swore that she always had time for a friend. Elena inquired whether everything was okay with Mariah and the baby. Tessa explained that she and Mariah had been about to hop on the next flight because Delphine had called to tell them she was going into labor, but on their way to the airport, they'd learned that the expectant mother had only been experiencing Braxton-Hicks contractions.

Elena assured Tessa that the condition was very common, and she compared it to a dress rehearsal for the real thing. Tessa was thankful because she wanted to be there when the baby was born, although it had freaked her out to think that something could go wrong during the birth. Tessa acknowledged that she had residual anxiety because of the way Mariah had given birth to Dominic. Tessa hoped to find out from a professional whether there was anything she could do to ensure the baby would be okay.

Elena applauded Tessa for wanting to protect the baby, since it was a natural maternal instinct. Elena continued that the bad news was that there was nothing Tessa and Mariah could do other than be there for Delphine when it was time, but the good news was that the probability of Delphine having complications during a full-term delivery after a healthy pregnancy was very low. Tessa reminded herself that Delphine would give birth in a hospital under perfectly normal circumstances. Elena reiterated that there was no reason to think anything would go wrong.

Elena inquired whether Tessa and Mariah were preparing to go to Portland. Tessa replied that they'd be leaving soon, and Mariah was tying up loose ends at work so she could work remotely while they were waiting for the baby to be born. Elena sensed that Tessa was still holding something back. Tessa pointed out that Mariah had been pregnant before, and Delphine had had nine months to prepare for childbirth; however, Tessa felt completely unprepared for motherhood.

Elena conceded that she had no firsthand experience with pregnancy, either, but she'd worked with many first-time mothers, and all of them had felt overwhelmed and unprepared at one point or another. Tessa admitted that it was terrifying to think about all the responsibility. Elena agreed that there was nothing trivial about taking care of another life, but she was confident Tessa had everything it took to be a great mother. Tessa fretted that she had no idea what to do.

Elena figured that Tessa would have to develop some skills, but other things would be pure instinct. Elena cited how Tessa had loved and supported Mariah when Mariah had struggled with giving Dominic to Abby. Elena added that Tessa showing up there proved she was ready, since Tessa was already hoping to find any way possible to shield her daughter from harm. Elena gushed that the baby was going to be beyond lucky to have not only one but two strong, loving women as her mothers. Tessa smiled through her tears.

Tessa thanked Elena for the kind words and for having faith in her. Tessa wished Elena could join her and Mariah in Portland to provide advice and pep talks. Elena welcomed Tessa to call her anytime, day or night. Tessa asked what was new with Elena, who seemed to be happy. Elena blushed and asked if it was that obvious. Elena regretted that things had been tense between her and Nate during his career transition, but she was thrilled they were making it work. Elena marveled about how happy they both were.

Nate ran into Victoria in the Newman Media corridor, and he stammered that he'd been about to go see her. She invited him to walk with her back to her office, and he hoped to use the time to clear the air. She referred to their brainstorming session the night before, and she enthused that she'd been invigorated by what they'd accomplished. Nate agreed that it had been a productive meeting, and Victoria suggested that they have more meetings like it.

As Victoria and Nate made their way to her office, he imagined having more meetings together could lead a clear and lucrative path to their future. She stressed that it would be on purely a professional level. They entered her office and found Victor and Michael there. Victor asked if he and Michael could speak with Victoria alone.

Nate excused himself to leave, but Victoria asked what Victor wanted to discuss. Michael said it was about the debt purchase Victor and Victoria had talked about earlier. Nate started to head out, but Victoria insisted that he stay. Victoria proclaimed that she believed the acquisition of McCall Unlimited would be a valuable asset to their plan, and she thought Nate's input would benefit all of them.

In her hotel suite, Sally thanked someone over the phone for squeezing her in for an appointment. She hung up and prepared to call Nick to see if he was available, and she told herself it would be fine. She braced herself to call Adam after that.

Chloe arrived at Sally's hotel room, and Sally revealed that she'd told Nick everything. Chloe assumed that Sally had informed him that Adam could be the baby's father. Sally reported that Nick had been as sweet and understanding as he'd always been, and he'd claimed it wouldn't change anything between them. Sally worried that Nick was hedging because the baby might be his, but he'd walk away if Adam turned out to be the dad.

Chloe implored Sally to trust in Nick, and she believed he would treat Sally the same way whether the baby was his or not. Sally shared that the possibility that the baby was Adam's had already occurred to Nick, but she fretted that Nick had left almost immediately after they'd discussed it, claiming he'd needed to get home to Christian. Chloe defended that Nick was an amazing father, but Sally contemplated what would happen if Nick wasn't her baby's father. Sally bemoaned that it would change everything if Adam was the father -- especially between her and Nick. Chloe was sure that Nick wouldn't walk away because it wasn't who he was. Sally complained that the tension was driving her crazy, and she confided that she'd scheduled a paternity test at the DNA lab that afternoon to draw blood from her and take swabs from the potential fathers -- Nick and Adam.

Chloe warned that telling Adam about the pregnancy would be a mistake. Sally defended that Adam was a wonderful father to Connor and had made the "ex thing" work with Chelsea, and she felt she had to get the truth out in the open and deal with it. Chloe encouraged Sally to slow down and think it through, since there was a good chance Adam wasn't the father. Chloe advised Sally to do the test with Nick first, and if he was the father, Adam never needed to know he had even been a possibility. Sally questioned whether it was fair to let Adam be the last to know if he was the father. Chloe cautioned that Adam had only stopped stalking Sally recently, and if he knew there was even a chance he could be the dad, he'd use it as an open invitation to storm into Sally's life. There was a knock at the door, and Chloe let Nick in. Chloe told Sally to let her know if she needed anything, and she left. Nick said Sally was lucky to have a good friend in Chloe. He and Sally hugged.

Sally asked how Nick was doing, since she wasn't sure where things stood. He admitted that he'd be lying if he said he hadn't been thinking about the situation, but he maintained that it didn't change anything. Nick pledged to be with her just like he'd promised, but Sally didn't understand why. Nick recognized that it had been hard for her to tell him the truth about Adam possibly being her baby's father, but it had only made Nick appreciate and respect her more. Sally blurted out that she couldn't deal with the uncertainty any longer, so she'd scheduled a DNA test for that day.

Nick voiced surprise that Sally had scheduled the test that soon, and he inquired whether she'd talked to Adam yet. Sally confirmed that after speaking with Chloe, she'd decided to only tell Adam if she had to. Sally explained that she didn't want to invite chaos back into her life if she could avoid it, and she wanted to proceed by only testing Nick's DNA. Nick stressed that he'd support any decision she made. She implored him to be completely honest with her about how he would feel if she told Adam he could be the baby's father even before they had the test done. After a moment of silence, Nick said he'd be okay with it, but it wasn't his decision to make. He continued that when and if she decided to tell Adam, Nick would have her back. Sally thanked him for being understanding, and she asked him if he had time to go to the testing center with her to see if he was a match. She looked forward to knowing for sure, so they could put the whole issue to rest sooner rather than later. He replied that he'd make time for it.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe tried to walk away when she spotted Adam, but he stopped her from leaving. He acknowledged that she hated him, but he swore that he was genuinely concerned about Sally. Chloe accused him of trying to worm his way back into Sally's life, but Adam was certain something was wrong beyond the lame excuses Sally and Chloe had given him. Adam theorized that things weren't working out between Sally and Nick. Chloe demanded to know why Adam was meddling in Sally's life when Sally had made it perfectly clear she wanted nothing to do with him. Chloe questioned what more Nick and Sally needed to do to convince Adam that what they shared was real, adding that they were bonded together. Adam asked how, and Chloe covered by inquiring whether Adam had a job to get to or if his gig at Jabot was just a pity handout to keep him out of trouble.

Adam dropped by the Abbott mansion, hoping to speak with Jack. Diane stepped out, and Jack asked Adam if everything was all right. Adam proposed that they discuss his future at the company before things potentially got ugly with Victor and Kyle. Jack relayed that Kyle had assured him that he had no part in Victor's scheme.

Adam revealed that he'd spoken to people at Jabot, and he'd learned that Kyle had looked into projects that Adam had been directly overseeing. Adam admitted that the ventures hadn't been as successful as they'd hoped, but that wasn't public knowledge. Jack recalled that Victor had seemed to know a lot about Adam's diminished performance. Adam swore that he was working on turning things around, but he also thought it was clear Kyle was lying to Jack.

Chance seems open to a totally new career path

Chance seems open to a totally new career path

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

by Nel

At Newman, Victor told Victoria that Nate's contributions were always valuable. Michael said since it involved Newman corporate business, Michael didn't feel Nate should be involved. Victoria stated that Nate knew about their plan to buy Tucker's debts, and Nate had a key element that would help them tremendously. Victor said Victoria was referring to Audra Charles, Nate's COO.

Nate explained to Michael that Audra had been Tucker's mole at Chancellor-Winters. He said while consulting on the IPO, Audra had fed Tucker information to help him gain a controlling interest in the company once it went public. With disdain, Michael griped that Audra was at a Newman subsidiary. Nate countered that Audra no longer worked for Tucker, but she had his ear whenever she needed it. Nate claimed Audra knew how Tucker's mind worked -- and how to play him. He said Audra could be a valuable asset in any plan to take over McCall Unlimited.

Victor agreed and asked Nate if they knew where Audra's loyalties lay. Nate said Audra had been very vocal about her frustration with Tucker regarding their dealings with Chancellor-Winters. Michael questioned whether Audra could be trusted, and he stated that Audra had been a double agent at Chancellor-Winters. Michael asked what assurance they had that she wasn't working with Tucker to play Newman.

Nate told Michael that Audra had proven her loyalty. He said there was a new venture he was interested in, and Audra had discovered that Tucker was going after it, as well. He said Audra was determined to get ahead of Tucker with any information she could dig up. Michael said Nate had worked with Audra for months, and he'd never had a clue what she'd been up to. Nate admitted Audra had fooled everyone, including Jill, who'd hired her. Nate added that it had all been prior to her becoming disillusioned with Tucker. Nate reiterated that he believed Audra was eager to prove her worth. He said she was loyal and grateful to have a job at Newman Media.

Michael told Victor they had everything to move against Tucker to assume his debt, but he wasn't convinced they needed anyone else involved. Nate asked if Tucker was that desperate that he'd made himself so vulnerable that he could lose control of his entire company. Michael said buying Tucker's debt would give them leverage but not absolute control. He said they would have to convince Tucker to sell to them.

Nate asked if Tucker was possibly setting a trap for Newman. Nate stated that, like Victor, Tucker always thought several moves ahead, but he wasn't sure what Tucker's end game was. Victor said he didn't see a downside to acquiring Tucker's debt. He asked how Tucker would react if he knew Newman would acquire his debt. He said Audra was the only person who could find out.

Nate thanked Victor for allowing him to sit in on the meeting, but he had a meeting to get to. Outside Victoria's office, she thanked Nate for staying and for not being afraid to share his thoughts. Nate claimed it was refreshing not to be shut down immediately. He said he would lay the groundwork with Audra, and he would report to Victoria. He said he believed Audra was loyal, but he would proceed with caution. Nate left.

Inside the office, Michael commented to Victor that Victoria seemed to be putting a lot of trust in Nate.

Later, Michael told Victor and Victoria that he was on the fence about bringing Audra in. Victor claimed Nate had what it took to navigate the situation. Victoria assured him that Nate would proceed with caution. Michael was ready to put their plan in motion. Victoria said once they had Tucker's debt, they would tighten the screws. She said she didn't know which she was looking forward to more, owning Tucker's company or the look on his face when he realized he'd been bested. Victor claimed it was a fitting slap across Tucker's face after all the damage he'd done to the people Victor cared about.

At the Grand Phoenix, Tucker asked Audra if Newman Media was still going after Daniel's gaming platform. Audra told him she and Tucker were no longer in cahoots, and she asked why she would feed him any information that would help him but work against Newman Media. He said he asked out of curiosity. He swore he would never sabotage Audra. Tucker informed her that Daniel had been very impressed with his pitch. Tucker said he wanted to know Newman Media's intentions because it would help him decide whether to be more aggressive or to move on.

Audra told Tucker she might consider sharing some information with him if he shared something with her first. She asked how much debt he was in. Tucker said he wondered where that rumor had originated, since it was clearly an attempt to undermine him. He said Nick and Victoria had asked him directly about it. He said he'd assumed Victor had told them, and Nikki had it in for him. He said it could have been Jack after Jack had discovered that he'd wanted to acquire Jabot.

Audra told Tucker it could have been Ashley's parting shot -- or Devon's. Audra said she'd found it remarkable how many enemies Tucker had made in the short time he'd been in town. Audra suggested that perhaps it hadn't been just a rumor, and McCall Unlimited was really floundering. Tucker reminded her that her checks had always cleared. He said if he had financial issues, it wouldn't make sense for him to talk about buying a controlling interest in Chancellor-Winters or make a move on Omega Sphere.

Audra said Tucker could use other people's money or the banks to buy an acquisition. Audra said Tucker hadn't told her anything, and she refused to share anything about Newman Media. Audra said she no longer worked for Tucker, and they had competing interests. Tucker received a text message from Ashley: "Don't come to Paris." Tucker appeared upset. Audra left.

At Crimson Lights, Chance asked Daniel how things were with Heather. Daniel explained that he'd screwed things up with Heather and Lucy. He told Chance he'd returned to Genoa City to work on an exciting new venture with Chance's family's company. He said he'd pitched Lily and Jill on a video game platform. Chance understood what a big deal video games were.

Daniel told Chance that if he could pull off the gaming platform, he could prove to Lucy and Heather he'd grown and matured. He hoped it would reunite them. Daniel claimed the gaming platform would allow him to be his best self and perhaps help others change, as well. He said the design would have a positive message, and players would be inspired to take action in their own lives. Chance said that recently, he hadn't been feeling the same passion in law enforcement, and maybe Daniel's game might inspire him.

Daniel told Chance his game required a lot of development and coding. Chance said he'd learned about coding when he'd been in the military. He said what he liked about coding was that one couldn't make an error, or the program wouldn't work. He said there were no shades of grey or ambiguity because one little bug would cause the whole system to crash. Chance said that sounded very refreshing.

Daniel commented that Chance had a very interesting way of looking at coding. He said at times, he wished he was more logical and analytical, then maybe he wouldn't have had to hire Phyllis as his tech leader. Chance stated that Phyllis was a very intelligent woman. Daniel agreed and acknowledged that Phyllis knew a lot about gaming and computers. He said she'd needed a job, and he'd hired her. He admitted he loved his mom, even if he was really angry with her at the moment.

Chance asked what Daniel would do if things didn't work out at Chancellor-Winters. Daniel said there were other backers in town who'd expressed interest. He said he really hoped it would work out with Chancellor-Winters because he trusted Lily to do right by him and his project. He said with everyone else, it felt like they were just using him to further their own agendas. Chance said he had to get back to the station, but he'd enjoyed their talk. Chance left.

Nick and Sally returned to Sally's suite, after submitting to the paternity test. Sally said she was surprised how a cheek swab could determine their entire future. She admitted she was overwhelmed. Nick reminded her the real impact in their lives had already happened, and he'd already promised he was there for the duration. Sally said she hated not knowing who the father was.

Sally told Nick she'd suddenly realized that the baby could be Summer's brother or sister, and Summer would hate that. She said she had to deal with the possibility that Adam might be the father and think about informing him. Nick said she could choose a time that was best for her to handle everything. He admitted that he personally wished Adam would never have to know. Sally replied that it had been the reason she'd wanted to start with Nick's DNA because it would simplify things if it turned out the way they hoped.

Sally told Nick that Adam would realize she was pregnant. She said Adam would do the math, and he wouldn't ignore the possibility that he might be the father. She asked if she should tell Adam. Nick suggested she shouldn't rush to tell Adam anything yet. He said when the results were in and Nick was the father, it would make the conversation much simpler.

Nick said Sally needed to focus on work. She said she'd would if she had work to focus on. Nick suggested he contact Jill and convince her to let Sally and Chloe give her their pitch. Sally said it was a sweet offer, but she wouldn't feel right about him getting involved because it wasn't his responsibility to get her a job. Nick said he felt partially responsible because it had been Victor who'd thrown a wrench into the whole thing.

Sally asked Nick if Victor had trashed her to Jill. Nick admitted it had been to sabotage Sally's meeting. Nick said he wanted to repair the damage Victor had done, and to convince Jill to re-evaluate her decision. Sally asked why Victor would torpedo her new business opportunity, since it had nothing to do with Newman Media.

Sally guessed Victor felt she wasn't good for either of his sons and that Victor hoped if she couldn't make a living in Genoa City, she would slink out of town in search of new opportunities. Nick agreed, and he admitted he'd lost his temper with Victor many times. Nick explained it was Victor's misguided attempt at expressing his love. Nick told her not to take it personally. Sally balked and said she took it very personally. She said the baby was going to be Victor's next grandchild, and he'd better understand what she was willing to fight for. She said she didn't care who Victor was -- he wouldn't rob her of her dream. Sally asked Nick to call Jill.

On a video chat with Jill, Nick said he'd called because Sally had gotten a raw deal from Victor. Nick asked Jill to ignore whatever Victor had said to her. He said he hoped she would change her decision about doing business with Sally. He said Victor had put a bug in Jill's ear about some bad business dealings during Sally's time in Los Angeles. Nick said he'd worked very closely with Sally when she'd been running Newman Media.

Jill interrupted. She told Nick that Victor had sent her a dossier three inches thick about Sally. Jill said she'd had no idea the chaos Sally had created in the past, especially for Summer. She was surprised that Nick defended Sally. He informed Jill that he was in a relationship with Sally, and Victor didn't support it. He said Victor hadn't given Jill that dossier so she could protect Chancellor-Winters but to punish Sally. He said it had been vindictive and out of line. He said it wasn't who Sally was anymore.

Nick told Jill that Sally had worked very hard to make a name and a life for herself that she could be proud of. Jill said she was angry because Victor had played her for his own petty reasons. Jill said she respected Nick's opinion. She asked if Nick was simply helping out a girlfriend or if he was willing to stand behind Sally's business acumen as someone Jill could invest in. Nick said he wholeheartedly stood behind Sally. He admitted he'd tried to invest in Sally's business venture, but she wasn't having it.

Nick said he could provide Jill with a long list of Newman employees who would attest to Sally's ability and her quality as a leader. He said Sally was incredibly talented and very passionate about her designs. He said Sally would work tirelessly until Jill was satisfied. He stated that Jill would be lucky to have her. He asked Jill to hear Sally and Chloe out and to make a decision for herself.

When Chloe arrived, Sally said Jill wanted their presentation immediately.

Nick called Jill. After Chloe and Sally had made their pitch, Jill admitted she was impressed and would give their proposal very serious consideration. Jill said the company was in flux, and it might be awhile before she made a decision, but she liked what she'd heard. Jill applauded Sally for turning around what was clearly a train wreck of a life. They thanked Jill and signed off.

Nick told Sally and Chloe that they'd knocked it out of the park. Chloe thanked Nick for making it all happen.

After Chloe left, Sally thanked Nick for supporting her and for being levelheaded when she'd been a mess. Nick said Sally had dazzled him earlier. He said she'd gone from spinning out to impressing the hell out of Jill, which was no small feat, and she'd done it on the spur of the moment. He said it had been awesome to watch, and he was proud of her. They kissed and began to disrobe.

At Newman Media, Nate told Audra he'd been in a meeting with Victor, Victoria, and Michael, and her name had been mentioned. Nate asked if Audra had any allegiance to Tucker. She responded she had none. She said Tucker had tried to probe her to see how far they'd gotten with Omega Sphere. She said Tucker thought she would always be loyal to him even when he'd shut her out and disrespected her. She said she'd asked him about his debt. She said he'd been evasive at first, but then he'd acted like the chatter about his leverage was a plot to undermine him. She said he didn't seem terribly concerned, and she'd given him nothing about their intentions regarding Daniel's project.

Nate asked Audra how Tucker had reacted. Audra said he hadn't, nor was he a man on top of the world. Nate asked how she'd left things. Audra said she'd made it clear she wanted nothing to do with Tucker. Nate said he wanted her to rethink that because her connection might be the advantage they needed. Audra said she thought Nate had wanted her to sever all ties as a matter of trust. Nate admitted he'd had to be sure she was aligned with Newman and not Tucker. He said he hoped she hadn't burned all her bridges with Tucker yet.

Nate told Audra that Newman intended to acquire Tucker's substantial debt, and there was interest in her ability to gauge Tucker's awareness of what was afoot. Nate said she needed to get a reading on what his response might be. Audra said that sounded like fun. Nate was worried that Tucker wasn't confiding in her anymore. Audra said she could fix that because Tucker never stayed angry at her for long.

Diane asks Kyle to promote her to Phyllis' old job

Diane asks Kyle to promote her to Phyllis' old job

Thursday, February 9, 2023

by Nel

At home, Kyle knew the smile on Jack's face was because of Diane. Kyle said it was untenable because Diane had hurt him so many times. Jack said he understood it would take time for Kyle to accept it, but he was happier than he'd been in a long time. He said Diane was a different person than she'd been when Kyle had been a kid. Kyle said he was giving Diane the benefit of the doubt, and he hoped it would work out for his parents. He asked Jack to be careful.

Kyle said he was late for a meeting and rushed out. Jack realized Kyle had forgotten his phone. He picked it up, hoping to catch Kyle, but he failed. Jack saw a text message on Kyle's phone from Victor: "Thanks for your help with the Adam matter."

At Chelsea's, Adam told Connor that Chelsea appeared to be in a really good mood. Connor said she'd been laughing at her own jokes since she'd returned from having dinner with Billy. Adam's smile disappeared. After Connor left the room, Adam asked if Chelsea's date with Billy had gone well.

Chelsea asked Adam why everyone believed she and Billy had been on a date. She said it had been "two friends sharing a meal and having a G-rated conversation." She said it was nice to have a friend. Adam told Chelsea to have coffee with Chloe or Sharon or make new friends, but he advised her against spending time with Billy.

Adam told Chelsea that Billy couldn't commit to a job or a woman for more than a couple of months. He said Billy was still trying to figure out who he wanted to be if and when he grew up. Adam warned Chelsea that she was being "finessed" and that Billy's "normal guy act" would not last. Chelsea insisted she and Billy weren't involved. Adam said she was going out with Billy all the time, and he asked if she had any idea what that looked like. Chelsea said she hoped it looked like she was having fun, and she refused to feel ashamed about it.

Adam told Chelsea it was inevitable that her "so-called savior" was going to let her down. He said he was worried that Chelsea was relying too much on someone who was "feckless and unreliable." Chelsea demanded that he stop because she'd heard enough. She said it was none of Adam's business if she decided to spend time with Billy. She said she didn't need his permission or approval about who she could be friends with.

Chelsea said it was all about Adam's hatred for Billy, and he needed to get over it. She acknowledged that Adam wanted her to get better, and he'd been supportive in every way except acknowledging that she was capable of making her own decisions. She said Adam needed to accept the fact that Billy would always be part of their lives. She said Adam was making it about his feelings, and that wasn't being helpful.

Adam told Chelsea he knew what Billy was capable of. Chelsea said she did, too. Adam acquiesced and said he didn't want any friction between them. He claimed he would try harder for her. He said if Billy hurt her, he wouldn't let it go. Chelsea said it was her life, and Adam had to accept whatever happened.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria told Billy that Katie and Johnny had grown very fond of Lily, and the breakup had been a difficult transition for them. Billy admitted it had been for him, as well. Victoria noted that Lily had been good for him. Billy reminded her that she hadn't been thrilled when he'd begun dating Lily.

Victoria admitted she'd been jealous that Lily had gotten the mature, responsible, and evolved version of Billy. She said Billy hadn't been able to be that guy for her. Billy admitted she had deserved better. He noted that in order for Victoria not to have a repeat performance of the Billy Abbott show, she'd gone in the opposite direction. Victoria named the seemingly perfect Ashland Locke. She admitted she'd been fixated on finding someone accomplished and serious, and she couldn't believe the length of time it had taken her to believe that Ashland had been betraying her.

Billy said he wouldn't forget how Victoria had helped the kids through the Ashland ordeal. He promised to help the kids with the Lily transition. Victoria asked what it meant for him and Chelsea. Billy insisted that Chelsea had nothing to do with the breakup. Victoria commented that he'd been spending a lot of time with Chelsea. Billy added, "And with the boys."

Victoria stated that Billy and Chelsea had gone through a very dark and confusing time together. She suggested he might have formed a deep connection with Chelsea based on the emotional situation they'd been through. She said Chelsea had needed his help, and he'd felt he was her hero.

Victoria said Billy had saved Chelsea's life, and he'd made her feel she was worth saving and worth his friendship. Victoria asked if it was perhaps more than friendship. She suggested he take his time and be mindful of how his actions would affect Katie and his family. Victoria said Katie was a little jealous that he'd been spending so much time with Chelsea and Connor.

In Jack's office, Diane told Kyle that with Jeremy Stark out of the mix, she felt it was time for her to move up. Kyle told her to keep up the good work, and they would see what happened. Diane claimed she wanted to put her talent and knowledge to the best possible use and help him and Summer build on what they'd achieved. Diane said she could make a real contribution at Marchetti Home. She claimed it would be the perfect place for her because, as a real estate agent in Los Angeles, she'd constantly staged homes.

Kyle asked if Diane was angling for Phyllis' old job. Diane said the position at Marchetti Home fit right in with her skillset. Kyle asked if Diane realized what a combustible situation that would become. He said Phyllis would go ballistic when she discovered Diane had her old job. Diane claimed that wouldn't be rational, since Phyllis didn't work there anymore.

Kyle asked if Diane believed she would be most helpful taking over Marchetti Home after Phyllis had been fired. Diane stated she was very qualified for the job, and in addition to her experience as a real estate agent, she'd been an extremely successful architect. She said she understood form and function as part of design, and she could bring a lot to the table. She added that her goal was to realize Kyle's dream in the most effective way possible.

Kyle asked why Diane hadn't approached him two weeks earlier. Diane claimed Jeremy Stark was no longer a threat to her life, and she and Jack had become closer. She said she loved seeing how closely the Abbotts worked together, and she wanted to be part of the family. Kyle asked if the job was less about ambition and more about belonging.

Diane apologized to Kyle about wanting to be a top-level executive to feel like part of the family. She said Jabot was an integral part of the Abbotts, and it was the same way for the Newmans. She added that Phyllis was working with her son, Daniel. Diane said she wanted to contribute. Kyle said there were other ways to be part of a family without running an entire division of the company.

Diane said she'd had a feeling Kyle wouldn't understand because he'd been surrounded by a loving family his entire life. Kyle lamented there had been a time he hadn't had a mother. He said he wanted Diane to feel that she belonged with the Abbotts, but he couldn't give her the job she wanted, even if she was qualified. He said he would speak with Summer.

When Jack arrived not looking happy and gave Kyle his phone, Kyle left. Diane said she and Kyle had talked about family. She asked why Jack seemed agitated. Jack said he was about to have a very uncomfortable conversation with Kyle about Victor's plan to undermine Adam, and Kyle had been more involved than he'd let on. He said he'd seen a text message Kyle had received from Victor thanking Kyle for his help with the Adam matter. Jack griped that Kyle had been lying to him. Diane asked why Kyle would lie. Jack said it was because there was no love lost between Kyle and Adam.

Jack told Diane that Victor wanted Adam out of Jabot, and Kyle had not forgiven him for hiring Adam. He said nothing good would come of Kyle and Victor's collusion. He said it wasn't the first time Kyle had been part of Victor's plan. He told Diane that for a period of time, Kyle and Victor had been very close. Jack exclaimed that he hadn't expected such a betrayal.

In the reception area, Kyle called Summer and said he knew what her reaction would be, but they couldn't dismiss Diane on the basis of it upsetting Phyllis. He said he'd told Diane they would consider it, but not yet.

After Kyle ended his call, he returned to Jack's office. Diane left. Jack accused Kyle of lying to him. He told Kyle he'd read the text message from Victor, and he wanted to know everything. Kyle claimed Jack had misunderstood the message. Jack repeated the message and asked Kyle what he'd misunderstood. Kyle suggested that Victor had sent it to the wrong person. Incredulous, Jack asked if Kyle wanted him to believe Victor had sent someone else a message about Adam. Jack accused Kyle of colluding with Victor behind his back in an attempt to sabotage Adam at Jabot. He wanted to know why. Kyle yelled that Adam didn't belong there.

Outside Jack's office, Adam had been eavesdropping.

At Newman, Victor told Victoria he'd spoken with someone who was on the board at the bank that held Tucker's debt. That board member had indicated he would be willing to offer the debt to Newman for less than face value. Victoria said she appreciated Victor's assistance, but they were already in the process of buying Tucker's debts. She said it would be cleaner and faster to pay the going rate. She admitted she wanted to move quickly, before Tucker knew what had hit him.

Victor said he admired that Victoria was focused and decisive and that she went after what she wanted. He wished Adam would use all his abilities and instincts instead of working at "that B.S. job at Jabot." Victor asked her to imagine what they could accomplish if Adam applied his business acumen and intelligence to their company. Victoria said Nick had mentioned that Victor had something planned to lure Adam back to Newman.

Victoria told Victor that bringing Adam back would be a mistake. She said Adam had a huge chip on his shoulder, every meeting would become contentious, and he would put a drag on anything they hoped to accomplish. Victor claimed that Adam knew he belonged at Newman. Victoria asked Victor how many jobs Adam had turned down at Newman.

Victor told Victoria he believed Adam would return, and he needed to be shown the respect he craved and deserved. Victoria claimed that was wishful thinking on Victor's part. She warned Victor that Adam would hurt him. Victor claimed he could take care of himself.

Victoria reminded Victor that Adam blamed Victor for everything that had gone wrong in his life, all because of A.J. Montalvo's death when he'd been a boy. She said Victor had tried to protect Adam, but Adam had used that as an all-purpose excuse for the mess he'd made of his life. She said Adam had convinced Victor he deserved all the hurtful things Adam had done to him. She said it had included increasing the dosage on Victor's medication and putting Victor's life at risk, and Victor had the audacity to love him.

Victoria said Victor didn't owe Adam anything. She claimed if Victor kept sticking his neck out, Adam would cut it off. She asked Victor not to put himself in a situation where he would be blamed for Adam's failure, leading to Adam taking it out on Victor. She insisted he had to find a way to let Adam go.

Victoria claimed some things were out of Victor's reach, like making someone want something they didn't. She said Adam had made it clear he didn't want to be part of the family, and Victor should take Adam at his word. Victor insisted that no matter what Adam said or claimed, he belonged with their family. Victoria said she wasn't saying Adam didn't want to be a Newman, but he wanted to be the only Newman. She said that made him dangerous and unpredictable. Victor admitted he'd tried to block Adam out, but he couldn't and didn't want to.

Victor told Victoria that whatever he had planned for Adam, it wouldn't impact the company negatively or Victoria adversely. She stated that Victor had always been Adam's target. Victor told her not to worry about him because he could take care of himself. Victoria claimed that Adam always had a negative impact on everyone. Victor said Adam was his son, and he couldn't let Adam go.

On the patio at the coffeehouse, Adam said Connor had been going through some heavy stuff lately, like finding out about Johnny, everything Chelsea had been going through, and Billy hanging out at the apartment all the time. Connor said Billy was okay, and Chelsea seemed happier. Connor said she laughed and smiled more, and that was good. Adam reminded Connor that he was always there to listen if Connor needed to talk.

Billy walked in. Adam asked Connor to wait for him in the car. Billy said Adam had an opinion about him and Chelsea going out for dinner together. Adam said he did. Adam said he had all kinds of opinions about who Billy was, what he did, and why he did what he did. He said Chelsea had mentioned she wanted to get Johnny and Connor together again, and since they'd had such a wonderful time ice-skating, Adam said he would step up and do his part. He said he would find something the boys would enjoy, and they would make a day of it. Billy said Johnny would really enjoy that.

Chelsea walked in and then backed out when she heard Adam say he would let Connor know that Billy was on board about him taking Connor and Johnny ice-skating or finding something more interesting to do. Adam said he would be in touch to set up a date and time. Billy said he was looking forward to it. Adam left.

When Chelsea walked in, Billy told her he'd braced himself for Adam to tear into him because they'd gone out for dinner together, but nothing had happened. He said Adam had been surprisingly restrained. He asked if Chelsea had said something. Chelsea said she'd told Adam to back off. Billy gave Adam credit for keeping his opinions to himself and keeping his promise to Chelsea. Chelsea said Adam wasn't thrilled that they were spending time together. Billy said Victoria wasn't, either. He asked Chelsea how she felt about it.

Chelsea told Billy she was dealing with important issues like getting back into the swing of things, taking care of herself, and staying healthy. She didn't want to waste her energy worrying what people at Society thought they were doing there together. She wondered who cared if people thought they were on a date. She said if the worst thing people would say was that she'd gone on a date, then she was doing something right. She said she wasn't going to get bent out of shape because of what people thought about her. She said she was grateful they were friends.

Adam informs Jack that he is leaving Jabot

Adam informs Jack that he is leaving Jabot

Friday, February 10, 2023

by Nel

At Jabot, Adam stood outside Jack's office, eavesdropping. He heard Kyle say that Adam didn't belong at Jabot. Jack accused Kyle of lying to him for months. Kyle claimed it was complicated. Jack said Victor's text message, "Thank you for your help with the Adam matter," didn't sound complicated. Jack said Adam had informed him that Kyle had been colluding with Victor. Kyle finally confessed he'd been working with Victor to get Adam out of Jabot.

Jack demanded to know what Kyle had done for Victor. Kyle said he'd taken great pains not to hurt the company. He said he'd given Victor general information about Adam's shoddy work record but nothing confidential. Jack accused Kyle of lying to him, but Kyle insisted he hadn't outright lied. Kyle admitted Victor had approached him, and he'd agreed with Victor regarding Adam's place in Jabot.

Jack accused Kyle of trying to sabotage his co-CEO behind Jack's back. Kyle admitted he hadn't handled things in the best way, but his motives had been honorable. Jack said Kyle didn't get to do Victor's bidding then hide behind the pretense that it had been noble. Kyle said Victor wanted Adam back at Newman Enterprises and with his family.

Outside Jack's office, Summer asked Adam what he was doing. Adam admitted he'd been eavesdropping. Summer ordered him to step away from the door, or she would tell Jack. Adam countered that he wanted to tell Jack himself because the conversation involved him. Summer claimed Adam would make things worse, but Adam promised he wouldn't. He said Summer should go in with him because he was going to put an end to the conversation. Summer asked what Adam was talking about. He told Summer he'd been right that Kyle had been working with Victor to get him out of Jabot. He assumed Jack had just found out.

In his office, Jack said he'd thought Kyle would have given some thought about how his actions would affect Jack and Jabot when another co-CEO jumped ship. Shouting, Kyle vehemently denied jumping ship. Jack conceded that Kyle had decided to step away. He asked what Victor's next plan was because Victor wouldn't stop at just obtaining information about Adam's job performance. He said Victor would want more than that, since he'd written "Stay tuned." Jack said there was a phase two to Victor's plan. Summer and Adam entered.

Jack told Adam it wasn't a good time because he and Kyle were in the middle of something. Adam stated he was there to help. Kyle told Summer they would talk about it later, and he would explain everything. Summer said she wasn't leaving because she knew what was going on. Angry, Kyle turned on Adam and demanded to know what he'd said to Summer. Adam said he'd told her the truth.

Jack told Adam that he and Kyle needed to finish their conversation. Adam apologized for barging in and said he would leave once he'd said his peace. Adam said the conversation had been about him, and he assumed Jack had confronted Kyle about his collusion with Victor. He said Jack should thank Kyle and Victor. Kyle said he didn't need Adam butting in and sucking up. Summer told Kyle to listen to Adam. Kyle insisted he would discuss it with her when they were alone.

Summer told Kyle she wasn't sure what there was to talk about. She said she hoped the textile mills were worth it. Incredulous, Jack asked if Kyle had sold him out for some textile mills. Jack stated it proved his point about Victor's motives. Jack said if Victor had been willing to pay that high a price, then he wanted much more from Kyle in exchange. Jack said the other shoe was about to drop, and he wanted to know about Victor's next plan.

Kyle assured Jack that if Victor had any other plans, Victor hadn't shared them with him. He said Victor had been happy to get information about Adam's lackluster performance. Jack said Kyle had walked into the situation blind because he'd only been thinking about what he'd wanted. Kyle disagreed. Jack said he knew Victor a lot better than Kyle did, and Victor couldn't be trusted.

Yelling, Kyle told Jack he would always protect Jabot, no matter what. Jack countered that Kyle hadn't known what he'd been doing. Adam said he wouldn't take issue with what Kyle had done because Kyle had been looking out for Jabot. Adam said if he'd been at the helm of Newman and some interloper hadn't been living up to their potential at the top of his family's company, he would have done everything in his power to get rid of them. Adam admitted his work had gone to hell. He said he'd been coasting for some time after his personal failures. He said he'd lost his drive and focus, and he hadn't brought anything of real value to the table.

Jack said he wanted to help Adam overcome his setbacks so they could return to business as usual, but Adam said things wouldn't change. He thanked Jack for everything, and he appreciated the risk Jack had taken in hiring him. Adam said he was leaving Jabot.

At Newman Media, Victoria asked if Nate had an update about Tucker. She asked how Nate's conversation with Audra had gone. Nate said if things panned out, he hoped to have an answer later that day. He admitted he was testing Audra, and he was waiting to see if she passed.

Nate told Victoria that Audra and Tucker had had a falling-out, and he'd asked Audra to reel Tucker back in so she could pass on any useful information to them. Victoria asked if Audra would do it. Nate claimed Audra seemed confident she could. He said if Audra pulled it off, they would know they could trust her to tackle more challenging tests.

Nate thanked Victoria for inviting him to the meeting, even though Michael hadn't wanted him there. Victoria explained that Michael was extremely cautious, and that was what made him excellent at what he did. She said it had given her the perfect moment to telegraph to Michael and Victor that Nate was very much a part of the inner Newman team. Nate commented that they made a good team.

As Phyllis entered the Grand Phoenix, she ran into Tucker. She told him not to look at her. Tucker said he only wanted to welcome her home. He commented that the jet lag had Phyllis in a foul mood. Phyllis claimed it was Tucker who had her in a foul mood because he'd told Daniel she'd gone to Portugal. Tucker asked why he wouldn't do that when he was trying to get on Daniel's good side. Phyllis told Tucker to "go to hell," and she entered the elevator.

From the lounge area, Audra commented that Tucker was still making friends everywhere he went. She said it appeared that Phyllis had wanted to rip his throat out. Audra suggested that one of them should move out of the hotel so they wouldn't have those awkward encounters. Tucker said Genoa City was built for that kind of awkward encounter. He said he could go to Crimson Lights and risk running into his least favorite person every time, or he could drive two towns over to get a decent cup of coffee. Tucker asked if they could take a step back and fix whatever had broken between them.

Tucker admitted he hadn't been the perfect gentleman with Audra earlier. He explained that he'd received some disappointing news. He also admitted that there had been friction between him and Audra. She said she hadn't forgotten how Tucker had helped her in the past. She bragged that she'd landed solidly on her feet. She wasn't sure the same could be said for Tucker because he'd gotten one rejection after another. She asked if they could be friends without benefits. Tucker said it might be a challenge, but he was willing to give it a shot.

Tucker asked Audra how she saw the friendship working. She said the usual way, lunches and dinners. He assumed her reunion with Noah had gone the same way his had with Ashley. Audra said they both needed a friendly shoulder to lean on, and a platonic dinner might be just what the doctor ordered. He agreed.

At Society, Lily told Daniel she was happy Jill had agreed to go ahead with Omega Sphere. Daniel said he was very excited to get started. Lily stated she wanted to get things going, and she asked if Phyllis was ready. Daniel said he planned on firing Phyllis because she'd crossed the line. Daniel said when Phyllis returned from Portugal, she would have a lot of unpleasantness waiting for her.

Lily asked if Daniel was sure he wanted to fire Phyllis. He said Phyllis had gone behind his back, trying to find buyers for Omega Sphere, and she'd pulled an end-run with his family. Lily said she supported whatever Daniel decided. She asked if Daniel could find a replacement for Phyllis on such short notice. Daniel said he would.

In her suite, Phyllis called Daniel and told him she was home. She apologized because Daniel had heard about her trip from Tucker. Daniel said what mattered was that she'd gone at all. Daniel asked why she hadn't called him back after he'd left her an important message. Phyllis claimed she wanted to give him a chance to cool off. Daniel said Phyllis hadn't responded because she hadn't wanted him getting in her way of her doing what she'd wanted to do. Phyllis asked to meet with him. Dripping with sarcasm, Daniel said he would love to meet with her.

At the ranch, Victor told Michael that he'd agreed with one of the board members at the bank to buy Tucker's loan at less than face value, but Victoria felt they should buy the loans outright. Victor said he'd agreed with Victoria's assessment.

Michael told Victor that taking ownership of Tucker's debt would be the easiest part of their plan for Tucker's company. He said Tucker wasn't known for backing down in the face of tough times, and he was sure Tucker had a back-up plan. Michael said Tucker wouldn't give up control of his company without "one hell of a fight." Victor asked if Michael had ever known him to walk away from a fight.

In Phyllis' suite, Daniel demanded to know why Phyllis thought it was okay to fly to Portugal without talking to him first. She said she didn't want him to overthink anything. Daniel claimed Phyllis hadn't wanted to tell him because she'd known he would say no. He said it had also been the reason she hadn't called him back when he'd left her a message not to go. Phyllis claimed she'd been on a mission to help her son. She asked if it was so odd for her to reach out to Heather and visit with Lucy. Daniel asked what had happened.

Phyllis told Daniel that Heather had been surprised to see her because she hadn't given Heather a heads-up about her visit. She said Heather had already known about Omega Sphere because she'd seen an advance copy of the press release. Phyllis said it had been important to her to tell Heather that Daniel had been inspired and doing something new and to tell about all the changes he'd made. She said Heather had been happy about the changes. He said that was Heather being polite. Phyllis countered that Heather needed to process everything.

Daniel asked Phyllis about Lucy. Phyllis said Lucy had seemed uncomfortable. Daniel stated it had been one big failure, but Phyllis said she hadn't seen it that way. She said it had been the first volley in a step toward fixing things. Daniel said he didn't believe her and that she'd been trying to spare his feelings. Phyllis admitted it hadn't been a success.

Daniel said he didn't know why Phyllis had needed to force the issue because it had been too soon. Phyllis said she'd only wanted to help. Daniel said she never helped. Indignant, Phyllis said flying to Portugal to help him had been an act of love. She admitted she hadn't helped, but he was still at status quo. Daniel asked why Phyllis couldn't admit she was wrong. Phyllis claimed she hadn't been wrong "in this case." Phyllis wanted to table the conversation, but Daniel refused.

Daniel told Phyllis to stay out of his business. He said he wanted to stay in Genoa City for a while and build something meaningful with Lily, and he couldn't have Phyllis running around screwing things up. He said what Phyllis had done hadn't been about love. He said it had been selfish and self-involved. Phyllis asked him to calm down. She said she would tell Daniel everything she'd done for Omega Sphere the next day. Daniel said he wanted Phyllis to stay out of his actual business. Phyllis asked if he was firing her. Daniel said he'd already regretted hiring her prior to her latest stunt. He said it was her official termination notice. Daniel left.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Daniel told Lily his conversation with Phyllis hadn't gone well, but the upside was that he'd officially fired her from the project. He said he was concerned about the damage Phyllis had done to his personal life. Daniel claimed Phyllis would never admit she was wrong. He said she wouldn't stop until she got what she wanted. He said Phyllis had a blatant disregard for other people or the havoc she might wreak. Lily asked if Phyllis' visit had done any good.

Daniel told Lily that Phyllis had gone to Portugal without knowing what he'd put Heather and Lucy through. He said it hadn't been Phyllis' call to make. Lily suggested that Heather might have known Phyllis was acting without his approval. He said that would have been worse because it would have looked like he still hadn't gotten his act together and like his mother ran his life. Daniel believed Phyllis had ruined his chances of reconciling with his family.

Lily said she refused to let Daniel give up on Heather and Lucy because he was a fighter and because everything that he'd done had been to get Heather and Lucy back. She said Phyllis might have thrown the trajectory a bit, but she knew Daniel would get things back on track. She said he was devoted and determined, and he loved his family. Lily said when it was the right time, he would show his family how great things could be again.

At Newman Media, Victoria told Nate that McCall Unlimited was so big that they would need to move money between divisions. She said they might sell off some of their real estate projects and walk away from some deals. Nate asked her to walk him through that in more detail. He said he was intrigued how Victoria's mind worked and the way money was moved around. He found it intoxicating. Victoria claimed they were alike in that way. Nate said that every day that he worked at Newman Media proved he was exactly where he should be. Audra arrived.

After Victoria left, Nate asked if Audra had been able to mend fences with Tucker. Audra said she'd arranged an accidental run-in with him earlier. Nate asked if she'd been able to get any new information from him. Audra said she couldn't push too hard too fast. She announced that she and Tucker would meet for dinner later. She told Nate she would see whether Tucker suspected the Newmans were up to something.

At the ranch, Victoria told Victor all their financing was lined up, and they were ready to make their first move against Tucker.

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