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Tucker told Victoria that he was ready to sell McCall Unlimited. Heather ended her relationship with Daniel. Daniel tried to reconnect with Lucy. Jeremy Stark proposed that Phyllis work with him to take Diane down. Adam offered to return to Newman -- if Victor gave him Victoria's job.
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Jeremy Stark returned to Genoa City. Summer and Kyle remained at odds. Adam resigned from Jabot. Daniel learned Heather had a new love -- and how much he'd hurt Lucy.
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Summer separates from Kyle to work through her anger

Summer separates from Kyle to work through her anger

Monday, February 13, 2023

At the Newman ranch, Victoria and Victor discussed strategies to take over Tucker McCall's company. Victoria informed her father that they had financing in place to buy the company's debt, and she suggested they move quickly before competitors got the same idea. Victor agreed, noting that rumors had been floating regarding Tucker's dire financial straits. Victoria said she was worried that Devon might step in and bail out his father. Victor was not as concerned, given that Devon had been locked in battle with Jill and Lily over his own business matters.

Victor suggested he and Victoria petition Tucker to join them and not fight against the inevitable. Victoria agreed, adding that Tucker should be forced to sell a controlling stake at a cut rate. Victor replied, "Besides, it would piss him off to the core." Victor laid out a plan to directly confront Tucker, trick him into revealing his intentions, and then pouncing on him before he could see what was coming. Victoria and Victor clinked their brandy snifters together as if they could envision with certainty the moment they would seal the deal.

Changing the subject, Victor asked Victoria what was going on with Chelsea and Johnny. Victoria explained that though she was protective of her child, Johnny truly seemed to be at ease with Chelsea and liked the idea of having Connor as his brother. Victor reminded Victoria that family and maintaining family connections were important. Victoria replied, "Oh. We're not talking about my family right now, are we? We're talking actually about your family. More specifically, you'd like to discuss Adam."

Victoria reminded her father that there was no place for Adam at the company. Victoria was adamant that Adam would be insulted unless he was appointed CEO. Victor informed Victoria that he wanted Tucker McCall's company so Adam could run it. Victoria warned that Victor would regret the move. Victor replied that he did not agree and assured his daughter that Adam's appointed position would in no way affect her role at Newman Enterprises. Victoria expressed concern about dealing with two wild cards instead of one. Victor assured Victoria he would deal with both Tucker and Adam himself.

Tucker and Audra stepped out in public together to dine at Society. Both acknowledged that in the past, they had maintained a low-profile relationship in public. Audra noted that having dinner as friends would be different than most of their private interactions. Tucker admitted he was suspicious about why Audra desired to reconnect as friends. Hypothesizing, Tucker asked Audra why Newman Media might be interested in the rumor regarding his enormous debt and curious about his debtors, though he supposed that Victor, Victoria, and Newman Enterprises would care. Tucker asked Audra if her aim was to gather information for the Newmans. Audra sighed and remarked that Tucker had gotten to the meaty part of their discussion before she could even take a sip of her wine. Audra held up her glass to engage in a toast and said, "Salud!"

Tucker, claiming wine might help them maintain honesty, insisted that Audra should not attempt to fool him. Audra downplayed the notion that Tucker would be hurt if she tried to "put one over on him." Audra admitted that the Newmans intended to buy Tucker's debt and use it as leverage. Tucker said it made sense that Victor and Victoria would set their sights on him because they were unable to acquire Chancellor-Winters and still not satisfied even after scooping up Daniel's Omega Sphere. Audra agreed that with the Newmans, there seemed to be no dissension among the ranks. Audra advised Tucker to be ready for the Newmans to make their move.

Tucker, curious, asked Audra if she had shared inside information with him because she was unhappy with her job, because she missed him, or because she anticipated watching the fallout from the chaos. Audra replied, "I'll let you think whatever you like." Audra asked Tucker what he planned to do. Tucker, playing it safe, suggested that Audra might have revealed what she knew just to find out what he intended to do next. Audra replied, "I scratched your back. Don't you want to scratch mine?" Tucker observed that their dinner was beginning to sound a bit more than platonic, and he invited Audra to continue talking in his hotel room.

Audra reminded Tucker that they had vowed to remain friends without benefits. Tucker glanced around the room, kissed Audra's hand, and whispered, "I thought that was just lip service." Audra told Tucker he was right, but she turned him down and offered a possible rain check. Tucker laughed and said he still felt Audra was playing him. Audra replied, "Does that bother you?" Tucker admitted it turned him on because they had never before been on opposite sides and would be "banging into each other" once in a while. Audra replied, "Well, then, this was a successful evening." Tucker kissed Audra on the cheek and said, "My pleasure. Till we meet again."

At the office, a miffed Summer agreed to talk to Kyle after she had earlier left abruptly. Kyle was eager to work out their differences. Summer blasted Kyle for lying to her about colluding with Victor. Kyle apologized to Summer and admitted he should have been honest with her. Summer angrily replied, "You think?" Kyle stopped himself before comparing Summer to her mother, but Summer picked up on it. Summer was not pleased that instead of acknowledging what he had done, Kyle was equating her emotional state of exasperation to her mother's.

Kyle said he stood behind his deal with Victor and pointed out that the information he had passed on had not compromised Jabot. Summer disagreed, explaining that Kyle had no idea how crafty and unpredictable Victor was. Summer acknowledged that Adam choosing to leave on his own had been the only thing that had saved Kyle from the consequences of his actions. Kyle insisted that Jabot was better off without Adam, and he reminded Summer that she had never liked working with him. Summer cried that Kyle had completely missed the point about having violated her trust. Summer, exasperated, asked, "What does that say about us? About our marriage?"

Kyle acknowledged to Summer that he had broken their trust. Kyle asked Summer how he could make amends. Summer, noting that Kyle really did "not get it," cried that he had proven he was capable of keeping secrets and telling lies like just like his mother. Kyle protested when Summer compared him to his mother. Summer reminded Kyle that he had compared her to Phyllis. Kyle reminded Summer that he had acted deceitfully only once to help Jabot oust Adam. Kyle insisted it would not happen again because it was not who he was. Growing irate, Summer cried that Kyle had lied and actively chosen to be deceitful because he knew that what he'd been doing was wrong.

Kyle, speaking calmly, explained to Summer that passing on information to Victor had been both a business move and a means to an end. Summer asked Kyle if he was aware of how many despicable things Victor had done using the same justification. Summer pleaded with Kyle to not emulate Victor or Diane and to just be the person she loved. Kyle assured Summer they would get past what had happened. Summer replied, "You still lied to me. I need to sit with this anger for a while. I need to work through this alone." After Summer left, Kyle appeared disheartened.

Ashley returned from Paris and encountered Diane when she entered the Abbott home. Ashley told Diane she hoped Diane was only there to visit Harrison. Diane boasted that she planned to meet Jack before going out to dinner. Diane was about to reveal her reasons for spending extended periods of time at the house when Jack entered and interrupted her. After Jack greeted his sister, Ashley asked Diane to finish what she'd been about to say. Diane, grinning, locked arms with Jack and boldly announced that they were together again in every way.

Ashley winced at Diane's announcement and told Jack he had abandoned his core principles to sleep with a scam artist. Jack said he was sorry Ashley could not be happy for him and Diane. Diane offered to step out, but Jack insisted she stay and hear what Ashley had to say. Ashley warned Jack that Diane had not changed. Diane told Ashley she had hoped they could meet in the middle, but Ashley replied that she had no idea what the middle could possibly be.

Diane suggested to Ashley that they maintain open dialogue and strive to build a respectful relationship. Ashley brazenly told Diane that she did not like her and was not interested in forming a relationship. Jack informed Ashley that her feelings were not his problem. Ashley replied that Jack was making it a problem for them all by parading around with Diane under their noses. Jack yelled that Ashley, blinded by her hatred and pessimism, was the only one being openly hostile while refusing to acknowledge redemption and change.

Ashley told Jack she loved him and wanted what was best for him. Ashley reminded Jack that though Diane insisted she had changed, seemingly endless troubles had resurfaced. Diane, Ashley noted, always conveniently claimed she had forgotten to reveal her misdeeds every time. Jack, certain that Diane's "surprises" were behind them, proclaimed that he and Diane were ready to move forward together.

Ashley warned Jack that Diane was using him as a pawn. Jack cried that Ashley, despite all the blessings she had been given, was denying him even a little happiness. Ashley insisted that delusion was not happiness. Ashley, admitting to her brother that she was embarrassed for him, asked Jack how he would feel if she repeatedly fell for Tucker's B.S. Jack, exasperated, yelled, "Enough! The conversation is over." Diane stood in the shadows and appeared to bask in every word Jack uttered in her defense.

Ashley sighed and said that once again, nothing had been resolved. Jack told Ashley she had nothing to add but negativity, and she should leave and not return until she was ready to engage in meaningful conversation. Ashley informed Jack that he could not kick her out of the family home. Jack angrily asked Ashley how much it would cost him to buy her out of the house, adding that living together would be untenable. Ashley smiled and told Jack it would happen when "hell freezes over."

After Ashley left, Jack apologized to Diane. Diane suggested she might have instigated the argument by gloating about them being together. Diane told Jack she was worried that their relationship might be driving a wedge between him and Ashley. Jack explained that he and Ashley had overcome far worse. Diane said she did not wish to become a disruption to Jack's family life. Jack kissed Diane and assured her that his family was solid.

Diane asked Jack about Kyle and the messages he had received from Victor. Jack replied, "It was not what I had wanted to hear." Jack told Diane that in the end, Adam had left Jabot, admitting it was time for him to move on. Jack said he was disappointed that Kyle had revealed company secrets to Victor Newman. Diane suggested Kyle had just been trying to protect his dad and his company. Jack, recalling his rift with Ashley, said he wished everyone could be in a good place all at the same time.

Jack confided to Diane that Kyle feared she might leave town if their romance soured. Diane replied, "And I tried to tell him that it is not the case." Jack assured Diane that Kyle's worries would ease as he watched his parents grew closer, adding that they would prove it by getting it right "this time." Jack praised Diane for changing herself in the most remarkable, wonderful ways. Jack professed his love for Diane, admitting that his pulse quickened when she entered a room.

Jack told Diane that Kyle and Harrison were lucky to have her in their lives. Diane replied that in addition to bringing her joy and safety, Jack stood as proof that she had done something good and right in her life. Jack kissed Diane and told her to stay put because he would be right back. Jack returned from downstairs and presented Diane with a set of house keys. Jack told Diane he wanted his home to be her home, too.

Tucker returned to his hotel room and phoned an investigator. Tucker explained that someone had made inquiries about his debt, so he needed to know more before his lenders made a move. Tucker pleaded with the investigator to get back to him right away. Tucker hung up when he heard a knock at the door. Tucker opened the door and saw Ashley. Tucker seemed surprised. Ashley gave Tucker a demure look as she waited to be invited inside.

From his office at Newman Media, Nate was on the phone, letting Elena know he would be running late. Audra entered. Nate had just hung up the phone when Audra said she thought he might still be there. Nate asked Audra about her meeting with Tucker. Audra replied that she and Tucker had had a fruitful conversation. Audra explained that Tucker was aware that certain parties had an acute interest in his financial status. Nate said he assumed Audra had feigned ignorance by downplaying the situation. Audra replied, "I told him the truth. I told him the Newmans intended to buy his debt." Taken aback, Nate replied, "Why the hell would you reveal that?"

Audra explained that revealing the truth had sent Tucker a clear message that the Newmans had the upper hand. Audra said that though Tucker had tried not to show it, he was rattled. Audra defended her actions by explaining that the best way to get Tucker to trust her was to be up-front. Nate, irate, told Audra that her method was not what they had discussed. Audra, assuring Nate she was loyal to him and to the Newmans, explained that she had taken advantage of a chance to gain Tucker's confidence. Audra suggested she could keep tabs on Tucker if she had something more to offer to keep him in the loop. Audra assured Nate that the Newmans would end up in a position to pick up the pieces after they won.

Daniel has a surprise visitor

Daniel has a surprise visitor

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Sally entered Crimson Lights from the patio and spied Sharon and Nick looking at photos on Sharon's phone. Sharon and Nick fawned over Moses' clever idea of a Valentine's Day scavenger hunt for Faith. Sharon recalled that the teens had turned to her and Nick for ideas about what to get for one another the year before. Sharon remarked that Nick had had tricks up his sleeve back in the day, and she supposed Moses had learned from the best. Sally ducked back out on the patio.

Victoria sent Nick a text message, inviting him to meet for a drink at Society to talk about their dad. Nick replied that he was on his way, and he jokingly suggested that Sharon tell Moses to lighten up because he was making the rest of them look bad. Nick exited, and Sally reappeared inside the coffeehouse. Sharon volunteered to run out and catch Nick, but Sally said she'd rather Sharon didn't. Sally explained that she and Nick had been together earlier, and she was trying to keep their relationship from becoming all-consuming.

Sally added that she'd been feeling restless, and she'd thought some crisp night air and hot tea might calm her nerves. Sharon wondered what had Sally's nerves on edge, and Sally indicated that everything seemed up in the air. Sally shared that she and Chloe had a chance of getting Chancellor-Winters as their first client, thanks to Nick, who'd eased Jill's concerns about Sally's past. Sally reported that things were good between her and Nick. Sharon was glad because she thought Nick deserved uncomplicated, stress-free happiness.

Sally admired how close Nick and Sharon had remained over the years, and Sharon reasoned that sharing children had been a big part of it. Sally sensed it went deeper than that, since it was clear how close the exes were. Sally added that she'd learned enough about Sharon and Nick's history to know some of what they'd been through, and she questioned why it hadn't lasted. Sally quickly apologized and acknowledged that it was none of her business.

Sharon swore that she didn't mind talking about it, since she and Nick had made peace with their history and were fairly open about it. Sharon gushed that Nick had been her first true love when they'd met as teenagers, and they'd faced a lot of challenges from the start. Sharon recalled that they'd struggled more than any young couple should have had to endure, but it had forced them to grow up a lot together, and they'd needed to learn the skills of forgiveness, patience, and understanding. Sharon believed it was why their bond was still close that day.

Sally realized she hadn't known how deep Sharon and Nick's connection was, and she thought it was no wonder Sharon was protective of him. Sally assumed Sharon thought Sally wasn't good enough for him. Sharon confirmed that she was protective of Nick, but she saw a spark in Sally. Sharon admitted that she'd thought Sally and Adam had been a perfect match, but she believed Sally had learned from her mistakes, and she gave Sally credit for trying to do better. Sharon noted that Nick tended to bring out other people's strengths, but he could also be impulsive when romance was involved.

Sally recognized that even after everything Nick and Sharon had been through, Nick had gone back to Sharon. Sharon assured Sally that she didn't need to worry about another reunion, since Sharon and Nick were in different places then. Sally asked how, and Sharon explained that she was ready for a journey of self-discovery that she'd been building toward ever since she'd successfully battled cancer. Sally mentioned that Nick had stood by Sharon through that, too. Sharon was grateful that Nick had been part of a wonderful support team of many people, but she was curious about what Sally was really trying to find out.

Sharon theorized that Sally was looking for confirmation that Nick would stand by her in sickness and in health, and she asked if Sally was facing a medical problem. Sally denied that she was sick, and she blurted out that she was pregnant. Sally admitted that she was terrified, and Sharon stated that it was a normal reaction for a first-time mom. Sally cried that it hadn't been what she'd expected or planned for, and there was a lot of uncertainty. Sally was at a loss about whether she could do it, noting that her own mother had been no mother at all. She continued that the last thing she wanted was for Nick to feel trapped.

Sharon assured Sally that Nick would always willingly do the right thing, and he loved being a father, which was a trait all Newman men shared -- even if Victor didn't show it in a conventional way. Sharon chirped that Sally and the baby would be in good hands with Nick as the father, regardless of what the future held for the couple romantically. Sally commented that the Newman men were caring and involved fathers, but not all were great partners, and that made all of it worse. Confused, Sharon reiterated that Nick would be the best partner anyone could have on that journey.

"This will be a Newman baby, right?" Sharon asked, but she suddenly realized that there might be a chance the baby was Adam's. Sally confirmed Sharon was correct, even though it wasn't likely. Sally added that Nick knew it was a possibility, and they expected to find out shortly. Sally requested that Sharon keep the information to herself until then, and she apologized for burdening Sharon with the secret. Sharon swore there was no judgment with her, but Sally was sure she'd put Sharon in an awkward position. Sharon insisted that Sally could trust her.

Nick joined Victoria at Society and noted that the restaurant had gone all out for Valentine's Day. He inquired about what had been going on with her and their dad. She voiced concern about Victor's increasing determination to draw Adam back into the family and the company. She revealed Victor's plan to give Adam control of Tucker's empire once they got their hands on it -- a detail Victor had intentionally omitted when he'd gotten her on board with the takeover. Nick pointed out that at least Victor wasn't planning to give Adam her job, and he figured it would give Adam something to focus on other than them. "And Sally, right?" Victoria asked.

Nick huffed that he'd already told Victoria that they weren't to discuss Sally, and he started to leave. Victoria promised that she wouldn't say anything more about Sally, and she declared that she was giving Nick the gift of privacy in his love life for Valentine's Day. Victoria added that she'd learned the hard way not to keep touching a hot stove, and she figured she wasn't one to talk after her last romantic entanglement. She acknowledged that he'd been the only one who'd stayed with her through that disastrous time, and she vowed to have his back, too. Nick said her support was exactly what he needed, and Victoria encouraged him to turn to her if he needed help. He revealed that Sally was pregnant.

Victoria was stunned that Nick was about to become a father again. "Or an uncle," he hesitantly replied. He confided that Sally and Adam had gotten together a couple months earlier for one last fling to see if there had been any sparks left, but she technically hadn't cheated. Nick recounted that Sally had been completely honest with him and had definitively ended things with Adam, so Nick had let it go, but then the pregnancy had happened. Nick growled that he couldn't stand the idea of the baby being Adam's. Victoria inquired whether the baby's paternity would be a dealmaker or dealbreaker. She wondered how Nick really felt about Sally.

Nick replied that he wasn't sure, but Sally was an element in his life that made him smile all day long. Victoria asked whether he'd felt that way before he'd found out about the pregnancy and the paternity issue. Nick enthused that he was fired up about what was going on between him and Sally, and Victoria accepted that he had deep feelings for Sally. Nick shared that he couldn't help but feel even more invested with a baby on the way. Victoria questioned whether that would hold true even if the baby wasn't his.

Nick asserted that his feelings for Sally hadn't changed. Victoria hoped Sally knew how lucky she'd be to have him as the father of her child, and she expressed how proud she was of the compassionate person he had become. Nick said Victoria's support meant everything to him, and she asked what was next. He anticipated that he'd have to decide how to handle the results of the paternity test either way, and he was just taking things one day at a time. Victoria commended him for looking out for her over the years, and she wanted to do the same thing for him. She wished she was able to say she was happy that he was happy, but it wouldn't be true.

Victoria questioned whether Nick truly was happy. Nick contended that even with the questions surrounding the situation, he was happier than he'd been in a long time. Victoria sincerely said she was happy for him. He advised that the only people who knew other than the two of them were Sally, Chloe, and Sally's doctor. Victoria pledged her complete discretion, adding that she wouldn't let the paternity mess or their dad's obsession with Sally create a deeper rift in their family. Nick figured that it would only happen if they let it -- so they wouldn't let it.

Nikki entered the Newman ranch and announced that the planning committee meeting for Genoa City's bicentennial celebration had gone well. She anticipated it would be the event of the season, and everyone would want an invitation. She observed that Victor looked lost in thought, and she wondered if something had happened. Victor griped that Victoria didn't understand his vision for the family or his desire for them to all get along. He continued that Victoria couldn't look beyond her own animosity toward Adam, and it upset Victor to know his children were at odds with one another all the time.

Nikki clarified that Victoria wasn't threatened by Adam, but their daughter was wary of the chaos Adam created -- and for good reason. Nikki clucked that Adam had done nothing but jump from one desperate situation to the next, and he was always creating drama. Victor swore that he was trying to put a stop to it. Nikki recognized that Victoria was protective of Newman's success and the legacy Victor had created, and she believed it was up to Adam to win Victoria over and not the other way around. Nikki doubted Adam would be willing to prove that he was willing to put the family and company above his personal grievances anytime soon.

Victor bemoaned that being a dad never got any easier, since there were always worries and frustrations. Nikki pointed out that they'd done well with their kids, despite the trials and tribulations over the years. Victor proclaimed that they'd had one another's backs, and theirs was the kind of love that people wrote sonnets and poems about. Nikki presented him with one of the first Valentine's Day cards he'd ever given to her, explaining that she'd stumbled across it while going through some papers. Victor smiled fondly at the card, and they kissed.

Victor remembered the card and wanting Nikki to know how much he'd loved her at the time he'd given it to her. Nikki declared that the card said it all, and the words still resonated just as they had back then. Victor cooed that he adored her and that he'd always known they'd defy the odds. Nikki reminded him that they'd both had eyes for others from time to time, but he asserted that he'd always known his heart had belonged to her. "And this is where we have always belonged," she replied. They held one another close as they thought about some of their most romantic moments together.

Victor murmured that he and Nikki had always found a way back to one another. "My beautiful, strong, independent, adorable wife," he gushed, and they kissed. He reached into his jacket pocket, pulled out card, and said he didn't want a day to go by without telling her how much he adored her. She opened the envelope and read the card aloud: "To my darling, you are much more than my wife. You are the light of my life. What would I do without you by my side? Even after all these years, you still manage to take my breath away. I love you. Happy Valentine's Day."

Nikki thanked Victor with a kiss, and he surprised her with an exquisite necklace. She excitedly turned around for him to place it around her neck, and he explained that it was to replace the one that had been stolen in Chicago. Nikki pointed out that they'd eventually get the other necklace back, but Victor encouraged her to wear the new one to remind her how much he loved her.

Lily ran into Daniel in Chancellor Park after dark. She jokingly asked if he was preemptively stalking her, but he thought it was a case of great minds. She wished him a happy Valentine's Day and offered him a piece of candy. "Here's to flowers and candy. All the lucky lovers out there in the world," he sourly mused.

Lily doubted her earlier pep talk had magically fixed everything for Daniel, but he conceded that it had helped. He shared that he'd been trying to look at the situation without any anger toward his mother for getting involved. Lily agreed that being angry wouldn't solve anything. Daniel resolved to stop thinking with his wounded heart and start putting together the pieces of the puzzle to get back on track with Heather and Lily, but he admitted that it was hard to let go of the hurt.

Lily advised Daniel to take a step back because he was getting too lost in his emotions. She suggested that he think about the times in his life when things had seemed helpless, but he'd found a way out. He flashed back to wanting to get far away from Genoa City after the car accident that had killed Cassie. Lily offered to go with Daniel, and he called her a real friend. Lily said she cared about what happened to him, and she took his hands in hers.

Lily wished there was something real she could do to help Daniel. He replied that her hand touching his hand was real, and he'd remember that moment if he had to go to prison or run away. Lily assured him everything would be fine, but he groaned that his life was over. She insisted it wasn't true, and she caressed his face and promised she would help him. They kissed. In the present, Daniel marveled that Lily had gotten him through some of his darkest times.

Daniel mused that there had been a lot of magic during the hard times he and Lily had gone through. She countered that not everything had been hard for them, and she reflected on them dressing up in fruit costumes to advertise smoothies and later playing in the ocean waves together. Daniel remarked that they'd had a lot of good times together. Lily added that while their past hadn't been all fun and games, they'd always had strong, unrelenting love and support for one another. Daniel thought back to Lily prompting him to open up about his troubles, even though she'd been battling cancer at the time.

Lily marveled that she and Daniel were still friends who were working together, and some of their best memories had gotten them through tough times. Daniel recognized that they'd had a major impact on one another, and she acknowledged that he was a big part of who she was that day. She continued that their friendship had been an anchor for her, but he refused to take all the credit. She called him a great friend and dad, and she believed he had many years of love and happiness to look forward to with his family. He wished he could be sure of that.

Lily pledged to do whatever she could to help Daniel get his family back, since she wanted him to be happy. He said it meant a lot to him, and he suggested that they get back indoors where it was warm. He thanked her for being there for him, and they hugged. Daniel started to walk off, but Lily seemed deep in thought. He called to her, and she said she was right behind him.

Daniel returned to the Grand Phoenix and scowled as he passed by a room service cart with the remnants of a romantic dinner for two in the corridor. He opened the door to his suite and was floored when he discovered Heather waiting for him inside.

Jeremy Stark returns and shocks Phyllis

Jeremy Stark returns and shocks Phyllis

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

by Nel

At Society, Phyllis told Summer they were going to toast to Summer talking sense into Daniel before he did something he would deeply regret. Summer assumed it was about Daniel firing her. Phyllis claimed Daniel was in a bad way, and there was no reasoning with him. Summer said he was a grown man and capable of making his own decisions. Phyllis disagreed and said that was why she was helping him.

Summer asked if Phyllis had gone to Portugal to ambush Heather and Lucy after Summer had warned her not to. Phyllis claimed it had been maternal instinct and an act of love. Phyllis claimed Daniel was angry at Heather, and he'd taken out his anger on her because he knew she would always love him. Summer accused Phyllis of going behind Daniel's back.

Phyllis told Summer she wasn't the villain, and she was hurt. Summer reached for the Champagne, but Phyllis grabbed it. She said the Champagne was for someone who wanted to help her, not someone who said, "I told you so." Summer said Phyllis had been wrong to get involved without discussing anything with Daniel. Phyllis disagreed and maintained she'd been helping him.

Summer told Phyllis that Daniel had his own plan for patching things up with Heather, and Phyllis' trip might have wrecked that. Phyllis was adamant that she'd pushed things in the right direction. Summer indicated it should have been Daniel's choice when to reach out to Heather. Phyllis disagreed and claimed Daniel couldn't make the choice because he was stressed out, and stressed-out people did weird things.

Summer noted that Phyllis was stressed out. Phyllis agreed and stated it was because she had two kids, two firings, and zero attempts to see her point of view. Summer said it wasn't about Phyllis' point of view but about Phyllis' knee-jerk reaction of flying to Portugal because of what Daniel had done to her. Phyllis asked what had happened to her and Summer's closeness. She said Summer had always tried to see her point of view. She asked why her kids hated her. Summer said they loved her, but if something was broken in their lives, they needed to fix it, not Phyllis. Phyllis claimed Summer sounded like Daniel.

Summer said if she'd shared Phyllis' plans with Daniel, the whole mess could have been avoided. Phyllis said she'd gone to see Heather to enlighten her about the man Daniel had become and to tell her about his gaming platform that would change the world. Phyllis wanted an apology from Summer and Daniel when Heather realized Daniel was the man she'd fallen in love with. Frustrated, Summer said they wanted Phyllis to stop trying to control other people's lives when Phyllis couldn't control her own.

Phyllis told Summer to prepare herself for when she had to go through something similar. Phyllis stated she would walk through fire, move mountains, and lay down her life for Summer and Daniel. She said she was tired of being viewed as the villain. Phyllis took the bottle of Champagne and left.

Daniel walked into his suite, and he was surprised to see Heather. Daniel asked about Lucy. Heather informed him Lucy was safe. She said they needed to talk. Daniel apologized about Phyllis' visit. He said he hadn't asked Phyllis to do that or to ambush Heather. Heather admitted it had been a surprise. She said Phyllis hadn't been able to stop talking about how proud she was of him and how the gaming platform had turned his life around.

Heather told Daniel she could see how much Phyllis loved and believed in him. She said she'd been very happy to hear how the new venture had invigorated him and how well he'd been doing. Daniel admitted it had been a healing journey. She admitted she could see that he seemed happier and focused, and he looked really good.

Daniel told Heather that the journeys one took alone were the toughest. He said he'd learned a lot about himself. He said he'd thought about the people who loved him and who he should have protected and cherished. He said what he'd done to Heather and Lucy had been inexcusable. He said he had to get back on track, and he had to do it for himself for it to matter.

Daniel rushed over to Heather when she appeared to be in distress. He said he'd fixed his glitch, and if he could do that, anything was possible. Heather said she was sorry that it hurt him, but she didn't see things getting back to the way they'd been previously. She said that no matter what an amazing career Daniel was building, the wounds were very deep, and they'd left lasting scars.

Daniel admitted he'd hurt Heather and Lucy. He asked if they didn't deserve another chance. Heather stated that even if she could forgive him, she had no idea how to forget. She said she was happy for Daniel, and she only wanted the best for him. She hoped he felt the same for her. Heather said she'd moved on because she'd needed to. She said she'd met someone, and they'd fallen in love. She said once Daniel launched his project, he would realize it was for the best, and he would move on.

Diane arrived at Jack's with her luggage. She proposed a toast to her and Jack, to their future, and to returning home. Kyle arrived. He told Diane that he and Summer had had a huge fight, and he didn't know how he would ever get her to forgive him. Caustically, Jack said he was sure Kyle's friend Victor would have some good advice for him.

Kyle told Jack he'd had things under control, and he'd kept Jabot safe. Jack accused Kyle of trusting the fox to watch the henhouse. Jack asked what Victor's next step was in his big plan and what Kyle was supposed to stay tuned for. Kyle stated that Adam had left Jabot of his own accord. Kyle doubted Victor would want anything else. He reiterated that Victor's only goal had been to get Adam fired. Kyle said if Victor made any further requests, Kyle would turn him down. Jack snidely remarked that Kyle would -- unless Victor offered Kyle a textile mill or something.

Kyle asked Jack to cut him a break, but Jack reminded Kyle he'd lied to Jack, gone against Jack's wishes, and put the company in jeopardy. Jack also reminded Kyle that Jack had had the Adam thing under control and had understood what was going on, but Kyle had believed he'd known better. He accused Kyle to turning to Victor instead of his own father. Kyle insisted he'd had everything under control. Kyle apologized and claimed he should have thought things through. He admitted he'd made a mistake, and he should have known Victor wasn't a trustworthy partner. Jack asked why Kyle couldn't trust his father. Kyle admitted he trusted Jack. Jack said he wondered if he could trust Kyle. Jack stormed out.

Kyle asked Diane if she could see that some good had come of it because Adam was gone, and Jabot was better off without him. Diane said she wouldn't take sides because she could see both points of view. She said Jack hated that Kyle had done Victor's bidding because of the rocky history they'd shared. Kyle admitted he hadn't considered how it would appear because he'd wanted Adam fired. Kyle asked if Jack would ever forgive him. Diane said he would. She said she was living proof that Jack was a forgiving kind of guy.

Kyle noticed the luggage and asked Diane if someone was leaving town. Diane admitted the bags were hers and that Jack had asked her to move in. Kyle claimed it was all happening very fast. He said they'd barely announced they'd reunited. Diane reminded Kyle that she and Jack had lived together when they'd previously been engaged. Kyle snidely replied that they all knew how that had turned out. Diane insisted they were different people. She asked how Kyle felt about it.

Kyle said that Diane and Jack had made their decision, and it was too late for him to cast his vote. Diane said she cared about his opinion. Kyle replied that she didn't need his blessing, since she'd been down that road before. Diane said she wanted to know if he was okay with it. Before Kyle could answer, Summer arrived and asked what else could go wrong. Kyle informed Summer that Diane was moving in.

Diane told Summer that Jack had invited her, and she "couldn't say no." Without responding, Summer left to check on Harrison. Diane said that hadn't gone well. She asked what she could do to help. Kye told Diane to figure it out on her own because he had to go and make things right with his wife.

In Tucker's suite, Tucker noticed Ashley had been in a mood when she'd arrived. Ashley explained it was because of Jack and Diane. Ashley said she wanted Tucker to tell her what he'd wanted to explain and why it had to be done in person.

Ashley told Tucker she'd been upset the last time she'd seen him, but she'd had time to realize his explanation had been incomplete. Ashley insisted on knowing his action regarding Jabot. Tucker said he would never make a move against Jabot or Ashley. Ashley stated he would have if he'd been given a chance. He denied it and apologized for lying to her about any of it. He said he'd been trying to turn over a new leaf, and he hadn't wanted to be completely transparent with her.

Tucker told Ashley that financially, he was in deeper water than he'd wanted to admit to anyone, including himself. He said his debt had grown exponentially, and while he'd found peace at the ashram, he'd lost all business traction while there. He said he'd allowed decisions to be made by people who hadn't had the company's best interest at heart. He said the car wreck had taken him even further away from work. He said he'd had to leverage divisions to save others, but in the end, it had all gone under.

Tucker told Ashley he'd taken out massive loans, and he'd sold off divisions and assets to make up for his losses. He admitted he hadn't been able to turn the company around fast enough to keep up with the growing debt. Ashley realized that was where Jabot and Chancellor-Winters had come into play. Tucker agreed they were houses he could acquire without laying out too much capital. Ashley claimed all Tucker had to do was to manipulate the two people he claimed to love. Tucker vehemently denied it. He said he'd only wanted to start something with Ashley and Devon, not chew up their companies to keep McCall Unlimited afloat.

Ashley accused Tucker of being willing to bring down Jabot and Chancellor-Winters with McCall Unlimited. She said that she and Devon would go along for the ride. She claimed Tucker's honesty rang hollow. He denied it. Ashley asked why he'd offered to fund a company for her, because he'd never had the money to back that up.

Tucker told Ashley that if she'd asked him to build her a company, he would have made it happen. Ashley claimed Tucker had hoped she would love the idea so much that she would have invested her own money. Tucker denied it. He said he would have sold his company to make her dreams come true. He asked how he could convince her. Ashley shouted that he couldn't because the dream had been his, not hers.

Tucker shouted that Ashley couldn't deny their connection and passion because that didn't just disappear. Ashley kissed him. She ended the kiss and said there was nothing there, no irresistible pull or passion. She said she wondered what she'd seen in him to begin with. Tucker accused her of not being honest with herself. He stated that when she'd gone to Paris, her feelings for him had reawakened. She claimed it had been a momentary lapse in her sanity from which she'd recovered completely.

Ashley asked if Tucker was going to stay in Genoa City. He said he didn't know and admitted he was running out of options. Tucker said Victor was aware of his financial situation, and Victor was planning to buy his debt to use as leverage to take over his company. Tucker said perhaps it was time for that to happen.

Tucker told Ashley he'd returned to town with a dream of working with her and Devon. He said when he'd seen that dream was unattainable, he'd realized the only part of that plan that had mattered to him were the people involved. Ashley said she couldn't believe he would walk away from his company without a fight. She asked if he was just going to let it go. Tucker admitted letting go was the definition of freedom, and if he was going to be truly free, he had to stop clinging to things. He said if he hadn't spent that time at the ashram, he would still be pursuing the almighty dollar and revenge. Ashley asked what was next.

Tucker said he would let it all go if it he could spend the rest of his days with her. Ashley said that after everything he'd done, she had no idea how he could hold on to a shred of hope. Tucker yelled that he loved her in perpetuity, and karma couldn't could change that.

Phyllis was having a drink at the Grand Phoenix bar when Jack arrived. Neither Jack nor Phyllis was happy to see the other. Phyllis informed Jack that, before he said anything about Summer, she'd emancipated herself from Summer and all her issues -- and Daniel, as well. Jack said he found it difficult to believe she was counting herself out of her children's lives. Phyllis said she could only try so hard for so long until they began to let her down in the cruelest way.

Phyllis said she'd wanted to say that first so she could stop Jack before he said she'd deserve it. Jack said she wouldn't hear that from him because he knew exactly how Phyllis felt. Jack said he, too, had been deeply disappointed in someone he'd trusted, someone who meant the world to him and had no business lying to him after everything he'd done for them.

Phyllis told Jack she was really happy he'd finally seen the light about Diane. She said Diane had to have done something horrific for things to finally sink in. Annoyed, Jack said he hadn't been talking about Diane. He said Kyle had let him down, and that he and Diane were fine. Jack griped that he regretted opening up to Phyllis. He said she truly was her own worst enemy. Jack left.

Phyllis was sitting at the bar, deep in thought, when Jeremy Stark arrived. Phyllis was shocked when he said she looked like she could use a friend.

Jack returned home and hugged Diane. He apologized for leaving so abruptly. Diane said she'd complicated things. She said Kyle had seen her luggage, and she hadn't been able to lie. She said he hadn't exactly been thrilled. She said when Summer had arrived, Kyle had shared the news with her. Diane said she took that to be a positive sign. Jack promised Kyle would eventually accept things. Diane said she wanted Kyle to embrace it, not just accept it. Jack said it would happen, and the worst was behind them. He declared that there was nothing in their way. They kissed.

Lucy's words make Daniel do some self-reflection

Lucy's words make Daniel do some self-reflection

Thursday, February 16, 2023

by Nel

At Society, Victoria invited Nate for a drink while he waited for his takeout order. Victoria said she was aware Elena had been ready to break it off with Nate after she'd discovered he'd been working with her to grab majority shares in Chancellor-Winters when it went public. She asked if Elena was having a problem with Nate embracing his killer instincts.

Nate told Victoria that Elena had chosen to be supportive, and in return, he'd made a conscientious effort not to bring work home with him. Victoria said it was wise not sharing what went on at work with their significant others. Nate thought back to the kiss she'd shared with Victoria. Victoria asked if things were back on track after everything that had gone down at Chancellor-Winters. Nate admitted everything appeared to be going well. He said Elena hadn't liked the fact that he'd been rewarded for making a move against his family. However, she'd seen how happy he was at Newman, and she'd accepted that he'd been hired for his talent and drive.

Nate told Victoria that he and Elena were like two ships passing in the night. Victoria said she understood how difficult that could be because he was so committed to his role at Newman Media. Victoria praised herself for bringing him on board. She said Victor had remarked how Nate had been able to read a situation from various angles before making a decision. She said his experience in medicine had transferred beautifully into the business world.

In Tucker's suite, Ashley told Tucker she hadn't trusted him when he'd returned to town, and she trusted him even less at that moment. She said she knew he wouldn't walk away from an empire he'd spent his life building, because it was the only thing he cared about. She claimed he was looking for an angle and hoping to manipulate her in the process. Tucker said he wouldn't defend his actions, but he would prove Ashley wrong.

Tucker asked Ashley to give him a few days and not to return to Paris if she'd been planning to. She asked why. She said he'd told her repeatedly he'd changed, but he continued to play the same old games. She said he'd confided in her how difficult things had been with McCall Unlimited and the massive debts he'd taken on, but it felt like he was working an angle to get what he wanted. Tucker promised that wasn't the case.

Ashley countered that Tucker's promises were meaningless. Tucker claimed she wouldn't still be there looking for a glimmer of hope that he was sincere about them. Ashley said there was no "us." Tucker said it was a turning point for him, and he understood why she wouldn't take him at his word. He admitted his record showed he'd been a self-centered opportunist. He said he'd been unable to make a genuine commitment to her, and he'd failed to put her in the center of his world. He asked for an opportunity to show Ashley he'd meant what he'd been saying.

Tucker told Ashley he was willing to strip away everything to be with her. She said she couldn't make any promises about anything. Ashley left.

Alone, Tucker remembered a moment from his and Ashley's past. He told Ashley he'd created a business plan for a new venture, a brand-new company, all theirs, no ties to Jabot or the Abbotts, grand in scale, and it would require his deep pockets to bankroll it. He said Ashley could invest however much she wished, and it would be a dream come true for her. Ashley asked if he thought he knew what her dreams were. She said at times, she felt she knew him, and other times, she didn't know him at all. He said she knew him better than anyone ever had.

In another memory, Tucker said it was the Ashley he'd known -- calm, cool, and collected one moment, and wild and fiery the next. She said she was glad he found her torment humorous. He said he sympathized with her untenable situation with Jack and Diane, but it seemed to awaken something in her that he loved -- her spark. Ashley said it was more like a wildfire. Tucker asked if it was from anger or excitement. She said a bit of both. He said he loved that she felt comfortable enough with him to let down her guard and allow herself to be real. She kissed him.

In Daniel's suite, Daniel asked Heather if he'd misunderstood that she was in love with someone. Heather claimed the wounds had been too deep, and they'd left lasting scars. Daniel said he hated himself for hurting her and Lucy. He asked if they didn't deserve another chance. She said even if she could forgive him, she couldn't forget. Daniel told her he loved her. Heather said she knew that, but she'd moved on.

Heather told Daniel that if he was honest with himself, he would look at it as a fresh start, and he would realize it would be best for him if he moved on, too. Daniel asked her how long she'd known the new guy. She admitted he was a lawyer she'd met at work. She said she'd wanted to tell Daniel when he was in a better frame of mind. She said when Phyllis had been in Portugal, Phyllis had assured her that that was the case. Heather said Phyllis had helped her decide it was time to make their separation permanent.

Heather told Daniel she could see he was in a better place. She admitted that he'd been in a terrifying downward spiral, and she was relieved he'd turned his life around. Daniel said the only motivation that had gotten him to that point had been the hope it would bring her and Lucy back. He said he couldn't believe he'd been replaced. He said any hope he'd had was dead and gone, and he refused to believe that.

Daniel claimed Heather couldn't be in love with a stranger she barely knew. Heather said there was no timetable for love. She said she and Daniel had had an amazing journey, and it was sad the way it had ended. She said they needed to move on with their new lives.

Daniel asked if Lucy knew the guy Heather was in love with and if he was good with her. He asked if Lucy liked the guy. Heather said Lucy was thirteen years old, and her whole life had been uprooted. Heather said it hadn't been easy for Lucy to accept there was another man in Heather's life, and Lucy missed her dad. Heather said it was devastating to Lucy that she and Daniel were at the point of no return. She said Lucy was still feeling the aftereffects of all the turmoil that had driven them away from Daniel. Daniel asked Heather to tell Lucy that he was doing a lot better. Heather said he could tell Lucy himself because she was down the hall.

A short time later, Heather returned with Lucy. Daniel wanted to hug Lucy, but she shied away. Daniel said he was happy to see her, and he wanted to tell her how sorry he was for all the pain, heartache, and confusion he'd caused her. Lucy admitted she had never understood what had gone on with him and why everything had changed. She said Daniel had become a completely different person. She said she'd hardly ever seen him, and when he had shown up, he'd taken out his anger on her and Heather. She said he'd gone from being the most amazing dad to one she didn't recognize.

Daniel told Lucy she was right, and he'd hated the person he'd turned into. He explained that things hadn't gone well in his professional career, and he'd allowed all his pain and frustration to take over. He said he'd hurt the people he'd cared about the most, and he'd pushed them away. He told Lucy he'd gotten his act together, and he'd changed. He said he'd made the changes because he couldn't stand not having Lucy in his life. Lucy admitted he seemed more like himself.

Daniel asked if she'd heard about his new video game. Lucy had and asked if he wasn't going to be involved in art anymore. Daniel said there was still art involved, like animation and design, but it was much bigger than anything he'd taken on previously. He asked if Lucy recalled the video game they had played where they had to bring light into darkness. She did. He admitted he'd been in a really dark place, and something had started him playing it again, perhaps to remember happier times. He said that was what had given him the idea to create the game, a game that was fun but also had a purpose, a higher and deeper goal.

Daniel told Lucy he'd thrown himself into it, and it had been the start of him turning everything around. He said it had given him a new goal and purpose, and if things kept going the way they were, the game would become a reality. He showed Lucy some of his preliminary sketches. He said it was called Finding Princess Louisa. Lucy said Louisa looked just like her. Daniel said Louisa was Lucy. He said Lucy was his princess.

Lucy wished Daniel luck. Heather said it was time to leave. Daniel asked how long they were staying in town. Heather said long enough to see her dad and Christine. She said Lucy had to return to school, and Heather had an upcoming litigation. He asked if he could buy them breakfast the next day. Lucy agreed. Heather and Lucy left.

At the bar at the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis told Jeremy she'd thought he was in jail. Jeremy said he had good lawyers, and the charges had been absurd. He said Jack and Diane had set him up. Phyllis asked why he'd returned and what he planned to do. He said he'd left some things behind when he'd been arrested, and he'd returned to collect them. Phyllis said she thought he'd returned for revenge. Stark said he had the sense Phyllis wasn't afraid of him anymore. Phyllis claimed he was all bark and no bite. Stark claimed he had plenty of both.

Stark told Phyllis he was a good judge of character, and he noted that Phyllis had reached her breaking point. Phyllis claimed he knew nothing about her. Stark said she'd taken a risk, calling him to inform him where to find Diane. He said Phyllis had been that committed to getting Diane out of town, but her efforts had been for naught. Tucker appeared and shook hands with Jeremy.

Stark said it was about time that he and Tucker finally met face to face; it made his return to town worthwhile. Tucker commented that it was interesting to see Stark and Phyllis commiserating. Phyllis stated she hadn't invited Stark to join her. Tucker claimed that whatever Stark had said to Phyllis had made a big impression. Tucker left. Phyllis told Stark the last person she wanted to be seen with was him. She moved away, but Stark followed her.

Stark told Phyllis they had a lot to talk about, since they had similar interests. He said he sensed Phyllis' resentment and commented that Diane brought out the worst in people. He suggested they discuss it. Phyllis refused because those who got involved with him regretted it.

Stark said he didn't understand why Phyllis was protesting so much. He said it was as if getting on board with his plan would be crossing some moral boundary. He said Diane was going down, period. He guaranteed he would accomplish what Phyllis and her cronies hadn't been able to pull off. He said Diane had a problem that required a professional's expertise. He suggested that Phyllis could get the satisfaction of watching Diane go down, or she could watch from the sidelines. He asked her to call him if she decided on the former. Stark left.

When Ashley returned home, Allie greeted her and asked how long Ashley would be staying in town. Ashley said she wasn't sure. Allie asked if something had happened to make her want to leave. Ashley assured Allie she was fine. They discussed Allie's job, which had turned into a full-time position. Ashley said the great things that had gone on in the lab hadn't gone unnoticed, thanks to Allie. Allie noted there was something bothering Ashley. Ashley said it was something she had to handle on her own, but everything was fine.

Ashley asked what had sparked Allie's creativity in the lab. Allie gushed that there were many things, and she didn't know where to start. She told Ashley what excited her the most was that they got to make the products. They giggled about their mishaps. Allie said she loved how the chemicals reacted and how some were stable while others weren't.

Ashley told Allie that could apply to personal relationships, as well, since a battle of wills was a fight for dominance. She said once dominance was established definitively, so was stability, and things should go more smoothly. She said there was no place for dominance in personal relationships. She thanked Allie for giving her a very interesting idea.

At Society, Nate told Victoria he wanted to discuss Audra's role in the McCall situation, but Tucker arrived at the same time as Nate's takeout. Nate left.

Tucker said Victoria's assistant had told him where to find her. Tucker said he was ready to get out of the game, and he wanted to sell all of McCall Unlimited. He said he wanted to cash out and move on.

At home, Nate told Elena it had been a trip being pulled into a high-level meeting with Victor and Victoria. He said it had been the first time since leaving medicine that he'd felt like a real player, and they had genuinely wanted to hear his ideas. He said they had no problem acknowledging when his ideas were good. He said it felt amazing to be valued for his contributions instead of being shot down constantly.

Nate told Elena that Michael Baldwin hadn't wanted him included in the meeting, but Victoria had made it known that she wanted to hear his thoughts and ideas. He said it concerned a potential acquisition and which type of approach made the most sense. He apologized and asked about Elena's day. Elena said it had been exhausting, and she needed some down time. She wanted to go someplace where she didn't have to think about Memorial for a least a week, maybe two. She recalled Nate had mentioned a vacation, and she wanted to do it. Nate said they would -- soon. She asked how soon.

Nate told Elena she had his word they would take that vacation, just not at that moment. He said he was new to the job, and it felt like the wrong time for him to even take a few days off. Elena reminded him that she hadn't been the one to mention going on a trip. She asked if he'd said that to appease her. Nate denied it and said there was a lot going on right then. Elena said it was a global corporation, and there would always be a lot going on. She asked when it would be a good time. Nate couldn't tell her. Annoyed, Elena said she was going to bed.

Jack and Diane are stunned to see Jeremy back in Genoa City

Jack and Diane are stunned to see Jeremy back in Genoa City

Friday, February 17, 2023

At the Abbott home, Jack asked Diane if she was okay with sleeping on the side of the bed that she'd been sleeping on. "Once you make that choice, there's no turning back," he mused. Diane laughed and told Jack that they were good.

Summer walked into the living room and grumbled that Diane had certainly made herself at home. Jack cautioned Summer that her "tone" was not appreciated. Summer conceded that she could often be "intentionally hostile," but she insisted that "this wasn't one of those instances." Jack wondered if Summer's anger at Kyle was leeching into Summer's interactions with others. Summer said that she was furious that Kyle had gone behind her back. Diane tried to apologize for her son, but it did little to ease Summer's fury.

"A bunch of 'I'm sorry's? That's not gonna make this all right," Summer groused. When asked if he, too, were angry, Jack admitted that he was. However, Jack said that he had come to realize that "pretty much everything is forgivable." Jack said that he was determined to put his issues with Kyle behind him and focus on what was "doable" and not on what was behind them. Summer admitted that she wanted to forgive Kyle, but she felt that she wasn't quite at that point.

At Crimson Lights, Jeremy Stark said Victor's name as he approached Victor's table. Victor looked up from his tablet and asked if he knew the man. "Perhaps from my mug shot," Jeremy replied wryly. After a moment of thought, Victor realized Jeremy was "the slimeball who was involved in stealing" Nikki's necklace.

Victor asked how it was possible that Jeremy was "walking the streets of Genoa City [as] a free man." Jeremy replied that he had not stolen the necklace and that he had been framed by Jack and Diane. Victor said that he wasn't entirely surprised that Jack and Diane would come up with a "cockamamie scheme" like that. Jeremy claimed that he and Victor had a lot in common and suggested that he and Victor use their mutual disdain for Jack and Diane to their advantage. Victor immediately shot down the idea. "The enemy of my enemy doesn't make you my friend," Victor snarled.

Jeremy grabbed his coffee and prepared to leave. Before Jeremy could get too far, Victor warned that his family members were off-limits for any revenge plot Jeremy might hatch. Jeremy said nothing and turned and walked away.

At Jabot, Kyle and Adam bumped into each other in the hallway just off the elevators. Kyle commented on Adam's "self-deprecation, yet melodramatic swan song" from before and warned him about trying for an encore. Adam smiled broadly and claimed he was just there to pick up the rest of his things. Kyle claimed that it was Jabot's policy to send belongings to former employees.

Adam thanked Kyle for "accelerating the inevitable" and helping him realize that Jabot wasn't the right place for him. Adam urged Kyle to make up with Jack. Adam also warned Kyle about ever teaming up with Victor -- "even if the cause is valid." Before leaving, Adam complimented Kyle for the lengths that he was willing to go to to protect his family.

Later, it was Summer who crossed paths with Kyle. Kyle wanted to talk to Summer, but she did not want to talk with him. Adam suddenly reappeared with a box of his belongings and asked Kyle if he wanted to check to make sure that Adam was not stealing any "special Jabot artifacts." Adam sensed the tension and decided that he did not want to get into the middle of a potential argument. Before leaving, Adam told Summer that while Kyle's intentions had not been pure, they had been well-meaning.

Once Adam was gone, Summer asked why she was unable to forgive him when Adam, the victim of Kyle and Victor's scheming, had. "He forgave you because he's not married to you," Summer replied.

Kyle again offered Summer an apology and said that he knew that there was no one more invested in him than Summer. Summer was pleased with what she'd heard. Kyle asked Summer if they could move on. Summer wondered if Kyle would feel regret if he had not been caught. She said that she felt as though Kyle had been distant ever since she convinced him not to be part of Jack and Diane's plan to frame Jeremy Stark. As a result, Summer believed that Kyle had been choosing to hide things from her. Kyle didn't deny the accusation.

Summer worried that sweeping their problems under the rug would allow similar problems to crop up in the future. Kyle wondered if there was anything that he could do to prove his dedication. Summer asked Kyle to be patient and to give her time. Kyle told Summer that he loved her. She, in turn, said that she loved him, too. They shared a quick kiss before Summer left.

Back at Crimson Lights, Adam paused for a moment when he entered the coffeeshop and saw Victor. Adam walked up and had a seat at Victor's table and announced that he had "officially resigned" from Jabot. Though Adam claimed that he'd left of his own accord, he admitted that Victor's interference had played a part, and he congratulated Victor on his "tepid success."

Victor claimed not to know what Adam was talking about, but Adam replied that Kyle had already spilled the beans about their scheme. Adam admitted that he had not belonged at Jabot, but he sensed that there had to be another phase to Victor's plot. Victor tried to play coy. Adam commented that Victor would never knowingly leave a loose end. Victor said that Adam's keen sense of observation exemplified why Adam belonged at Newman Enterprises rather than selling soaps and perfumes at Jabot. Adam was intrigued when Victor mentioned that there were challenges that Adam would be able to tackle at Newman.

Victor told Adam that he had always believed Adam to be "very bright [and] almost genius-like." Victor said that he wanted to work to fix whatever was broken between them. Adam said that he would be willing to accept Victor's offer on one condition. "Give me Victoria's job. You do that, and I'm all yours," Adam said with a sly grin.

At Society, Daniel tried to make small talk over breakfast with Lucy who sat silently and stared transfixed at her mobile phone. Heather explained that it was always difficult to get Lucy's attention when Lucy was on her phone. Heather nudged Lucy, who removed an earbud and asked what they wanted. When Lucy learned that her dad was asking if she wanted a biscuit, Lucy grabbed a biscuit from the basket on the table, put her earbud back into her ear, and returned her attention to her phone.

Heather told Daniel that she was trying to be sensitive to Lucy's needs, but Heather made it clear that it was not okay for Lucy to be "disrespectful and rude." Phyllis slowly walked up from behind and announced how surprised she was to see Daniel, Heather, and Lucy together. Daniel told Phyllis that it wasn't a good time for her to stop by to talk. As Phyllis turned her attention to Lucy, Lucy popped out her earbud and happily said, "Hey, Phyllis!" Heather nearly choked on her orange juice as she instructed her daughter to call Phyllis "Grandma." Phyllis interjected that Lucy was right to call her Phyllis.

Phyllis leaned toward Heather and remarked that she had not known that Heather had been planning to visit Genoa City. She suggested that Heather had only made that decision after reading the press release about Daniel's gaming platform. Daniel ordered his mom to stop. Phyllis insisted that she had simply been trying to make conversation. "Read the room," Daniel snapped. He told his mother that things had not worked out as she'd envisioned. "Thank you for forcing us all to face what was painfully obvious," he added.

Heather rose from her chair and said that she and Lucy had to be going. When Heather said that she and Lucy were going to see Christine and Paul, Phyllis became furious that Heather had reached out to Christine but not her.

Later, as Phyllis sat alone at the bar, Jack and Diane walked into Society arm in arm. Diane wasted no time in telling Phyllis that she and Jack were back together and that Jack had "insisted" that she move in with him. Phyllis rose from her bar stool and turned her attention to Jack. She noted that when she had rubbed her and Jack's relationship in Diane's face, Jack had deemed it "unforgivable." However, since Diane was doing the same thing, it appeared to be perfectly okay.

Jack argued that Diane had just shared news with Phyllis, news that Phyllis would have found out about eventually. Jack hoped that they could all focus on "the present" and move forward with "kindness and understanding." Phyllis rolled her eyes and walked away. As Phyllis exited Society, Jeremy walked past her and entered the restaurant. Phyllis froze in her tracks and turned around.

Jeremy approached Jack and Diane's table with a big grin on his face. His approach was shielded by a server who was delivering a drink. Jack leaped to his feet upon seeing Jeremy. Diane wondered if Jeremy had broken out of jail. Jeremy shared that he had a team of very good lawyers that had gotten rid of the "ludicrous" charges that had been brought against him. He asked if he could join Jack and Diane at their table, but Jack emphatically rejected the request.

Jeremy gave Jack a pat on the shoulder and praised him for being Diane's knight in shining armor. "I was that for you once," Jeremy said as he looked toward Diane. Asked what he wanted, Jeremy said matter-of-factly that he wanted money. Jeremy claimed that he wasn't out for revenge; he just wanted to find Diane to congratulate her on getting one over on him for a second time. Jeremy warned Jack not to underestimate Diane. Jeremy told the couple that he had decided to stick around Genoa City "for a long while." He smiled and bid the couple goodbye.

When Jeremy left Society, Phyllis was still lingering by the front door. He knew that Phyllis had been watching him through the window. "I see myself in you. You live for the game," Jeremy said. Phyllis called Jeremy "deranged" and slowly walked away.

Back inside, Diane fretted that they had misjudged how easy it would be to get rid of Jeremy for good. "He can't hurt us," Jack assured Diane. She disagreed. Jeremy was not the type of person, she explained, to "let bygones be bygones." Jack declared that he would be completely devoted to getting Jeremy out of their lives for good.

Upstairs, before heading to her room to get a few things, Heather took Lucy's phone away so that Lucy would be forced to talk to Daniel. Once inside Daniel's hotel room, Daniel asked Lucy if she was okay. Lucy insisted that she was fine. He complimented Lucy on her bracelet and commented that he'd thought her favorite color was pink. "I stopped liking pink when I was seven," Lucy retorted. She then revealed that sage green was her favorite color. Seeing that Lucy was wearing a blue bracelet, Daniel asked her whose favorite color was blue. "It's yours," Lucy replied somewhat uneasily.

Daniel was touched that his daughter remembered that. Lucy shared that when they had first moved to Portugal, she had really missed the dad that Daniel "used to be." Lucy explained that that was the reason she'd bought the bracelet. "I bought it so that I wouldn't forget that once upon a time, I had a dad who loved me," Lucy said as she began to cry.

Daniel, who had been seated in a chair, rose and took a seat next to his daughter on the sofa. He apologized to Lucy for not having been the kind of father that she could tell her friends about. He explained that his "new life in Genoa City" was his attempt to be the kind of man he needed to be for her. Asked why he couldn't have been that type of man sooner, Daniel had no answer.

Lucy asked Daniel if he had ever considered that his actions had been hurting her. "If I'm being honest, it was really hard for me to think of anyone but myself," he responded. Daniel said that he would regret that for the rest of his life. "I never forgot about you. Even when I wanted to," Lucy said through tears as she held the blue bracelet in her hands.

Lucy gave the bracelet to her dad. "Maybe if you have it, the next time things get tough, you won't forget that you have a daughter," she said.

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