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Devon hired Christine as his attorney to help him recover Hamilton-Winters. Ashley purchased Tucker's debt. Sally told Adam that she was pregnant with his baby but that there was no chance of a reconciliation between them. Billy admitted to Jack that he had growing feelings for Chelsea.
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Sally learned that Adam was the father of her baby. Ashley purchased Tucker's debts. Nate's plan to broker peace backfired. Jack offered Billy the co-CEO job at Jabot.
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Tucker's plan backfires in a way he never anticipated

Tucker's plan backfires in a way he never anticipated

Monday, February 20, 2023

Sally and Chloe, eager to hear from Jill, were hopeful after Jill had assured them she would consider their business proposal. Chloe seemed certain that she and Sally were one step closer to working with Chancellor-Winters. Chloe invited Sally to celebrate, but Sally admitted she was in no mood to celebrate while waiting on pins and needles to learn who the baby's father was and how the news would be received by both the father and his family.

Chloe assured Sally that the law of averages indicated the baby would be Nick's, though no matter what, she would be an incredible mom and dearly love her precious baby. Chloe promised, too, that their interior design venture would be wildly successful. Sally acknowledged that Chloe had been a really good friend, adding that it had been a long time since she had had a friend like Chloe. Chloe assured Sally that she could always count on her. The friends shared a warm hug.

At the Grand Phoenix, Daniel spent time alone with his daughter, Lucy. She gave Daniel a bracelet made of blue beads strung on an elastic cord. Daniel held the bracelet. He said it meant a lot to him and told his daughter he had always loved her, even when he'd been incapable of being the father she deserved. Daniel tearfully credited Lucy with being the light that had led him out of darkness, telling her it was because she shined so bright. Lucy replied, "Do you really mean that?" Daniel said he did, and he promised his daughter he would never again let her down, vowing to win back her trust and be a more committed and involved father who would make her proud. Daniel slipped the bracelet on his wrist and assured Lucy he would be available to communicate with her, no matter the time of day. Lucy embraced Daniel after he promised to keep her close to his heart every day.

Heather entered the hotel room where Daniel and Lucy were and instructed Lucy to get her backpack and phone from another room. After Lucy stepped out, Daniel thanked Heather for allowing him to spend time with Lucy alone. After Lucy left, Heather noticed the bracelet on Daniel's wrist and asked him if Lucy had explained its significance. Daniel replied, "She did. She did. I'm just glad she felt like she could open up to me." Daniel said he had assured Lucy that he was fully committed to being a better father and a much bigger part of her life.

Heather was relieved to hear that Daniel and Lucy had made progress, but she reminded Daniel to proceed with caution because Lucy had been confused and hurting for a long time and should not be pushed beyond her boundaries. Before Daniel could respond, Lucy returned. Heather stepped out in the hallway with a smiling Lucy and said they should get going because Lucy's grandfather was waiting to see them. Daniel said, "Have fun with Paul and Christine." Heather promised Daniel they would see him again before leaving town. Lucy said, "Bye for now, Dad."

After Daniel closed the door, Lily phoned and asked to meet to discuss Omega Sphere. After Lily later arrived at Daniel's hotel room, he told her that Lucy and Heather were in town, having shown up out of the blue. Daniel cried that Heather had announced that their relationship was over because she had fallen for someone else. Daniel told Lily that while spending private time with his daughter, he had learned that his actions had hurt her. Daniel said he had felt as if a fist had been squeezing his heart tighter with every word of Lucy's confession. Lily replied, "That must have been really hard."

Daniel said that during their heart-to-heart talk, he had told Lucy about how she had inspired his game. Daniel showed Lily the bracelet Lucy had given him and acknowledged that the walls between him and his daughter were still a mile high, which would complicate getting back to where they had been before. Daniel admitted that he had no chance of reconciling with Heather.

Daniel told Lily he had created Omega Sphere as a way to reunite his family and was saddened to know the situation seemed hopeless. Lily told Daniel that the project was important for him, too, as it had given him a positive focus and a new meaning to his life. Lily assured Daniel that his path to forgiveness with Lucy was still open. Daniel cried that he had lost the opportunity to see Lucy daily and no longer had the energy to focus on the project. Lily assured Daniel that his project would be a huge success, something he would create to help a generation navigate a path through crises. Lily added that Daniel would also show Lucy how to turn a dream into a reality, all the while strongly encouraging him not to give up. Daniel asked for time to think things over, and he thanked Lily for listening.

Christine arrived at Devon's penthouse to discuss his plans to sue Chancellor-Winters and recover Hamilton-Winters. Abby went upstairs to give Devon and Christine privacy. Christine admitted she was hesitant about Devon taking Lily and Chancellor-Winters to court due to the emotional risks involved. Devon explained that even after giving Lily and Jill every opportunity to change their minds about selling Hamilton-Winters to him, they had backed him into a corner by refusing. After Christine agreed to move forward, Abby rejoined them and said, "Wow. This is really happening."

Before she walked out the door, Christine assured Devon she would keep in touch. Abby admitted to Devon she was concerned about the toll the legal proceedings would take on his relationship with Lily. Abby reminded Devon that with Neil gone, he might also lose Lily. Devon said Dom was a big part of his family, too, so he was aware of what he was fighting for.

After Christine left, she ran into Nate in the hallway as he stepped out of the elevator. Nate asked Christine if her visit with Devon had been social or professional. Christine replied, "It's always nice to see you. I hope you're enjoying your new position at Newman Media." Nate said he gathered by her response that her visit had been professional. Christine avoided further comment by entering the elevator and pushing the button to close the doors. Nate paused in the hallway and thought about the ramifications of what might happen if Devon pursued legal action.

Adam met with Victor at Crimson Lights. Adam demanded he replace Victoria as CEO of Newman Enterprises. Victor declared Adam's brazen request to be an ultimatum. Adam recalled the extreme efforts Victor had gone to, including using Kyle to dig up dirt on him while he'd been working for Jack, and said it was time to prove how far Victor was willing to go to get Adam back in the family. Victor replied that Adam's request was out of the question.

Adam rose from his chair and said it appeared they were done talking. Victor ordered Adam to sit back down and stop playing games. Adam informed his father that he would never be satisfied with being Victoria's lackey. Victor promised Adam he would soon run a company that was as vast and powerful as Newman Enterprises. Adam gave Victor 24 hours to consider his proposal and said that after that time, his offers would no longer matter.

Victoria convened a timely meeting with Nick and Nate and informed them that Nikki and Victor were not available. Victoria excitedly announced that Tucker had approached her and offered to sell his company to Newman outright. Nate and Nick, taken aback, asked why. Victoria said Tucker had claimed he was ready to get out of the game. Nick was suspicious about Tucker's motives.

Nate, explaining that he had enlisted Audra to determine what Tucker did and did not know, said that after she'd realized he was in financial trouble, Audra had revealed to Tucker that Newman planned to buy his debt. Nick replied, "She took it upon herself to make that call?" Nate reminded Nick that Audra knew Tucker well and was certain she had made the right move. Victoria recalled that even Victor had suggested doing the same thing to gauge Tucker's reaction. Nate said Audra's revelation had rattled Tucker, though he had tried to hide it.

Nate told Victoria and Nick that Tucker had made the offer because he was aware Newman could force him to sell for less. Nick asked Victoria how they should proceed. Victoria advised alerting Victor first then sticking to their original plan by buying out Tucker's debt and gaining the upper hand in all his negotiations. Nick replied that if they bought Tucker's debt, they would be throwing his offer back in his face, which could force him to take a "scorched-earth policy" by inflicting damage on his way out the door. Victoria vowed to stick with her plan, insisting Victor would take her side.

Nick entered Society and joined Sally and Chloe. Nick mentioned the follow-up meeting with Jill. Sally thanked Nick for helping them get another shot after Victor had sabotaged the initial meeting. Before Chloe left, she reminded Sally to focus on everything in a positive way, enlisting Nick's help. Nick promised Chloe he would encourage Sally.

Nick, sensing Sally's apprehension, reminded her that they might not receive the results of the paternity test until the next day. Nick assured Sally that no matter what, they would make it work. Adam entered and noticed Nick and Sally sitting together on the lounge sofa. After Adam approached Nick and Sally, Nick told him they were about to leave. Adam said he was certain they would cross paths again soon. As Nick and Sally walked out, Adam said, "Take care, Sally."

Sally and Nick retreated to Crimson Lights to avoid an awkward situation with Adam at Society. Nick said he regretted not getting Sally an order of her favorite empanadas. Sally pointed to the pastry display and said she had plenty of favorites at the coffeehouse, as well. Nick asked Sally what sounded good to her and the hungry boy or girl she was carrying. Sally reached for her phone after she heard a tone indicating a message had been received. Sally exclaimed, "Oh, my God! The paternity test results are in."

Lily ran into Christine at Society. Christine said she had planned to reach out as a friend and as an attorney. Lily replied that she felt like she would not like what Christine had to say. Christine announced that she would be representing Devon in his lawsuit against Chancellor-Winters. Lily said she hoped Devon might change his mind.

Christine, recalling that Devon had said the same thing about Lily, asked her if she and Jill might change their stance and compromise with Devon to prevent further escalation. Lily reported that Devon had declined an offer from her and Jill and had shut down civil discussion by engaging an attorney. Lily said there seemed to be no turning back. After Christine left, Lily phoned Amanda and pleaded with her to represent Chancellor-Winters in responding to Devon's lawsuit.

After Victor arrived at the office, Victoria told him that Audra's instincts had led her to tell Tucker about Newman's plans to acquire his debt. Victoria reported that Tucker, in turn, had offered Newman the opportunity to buy his company. Victor mentioned that he had anticipated that Tucker would respond erratically, though he felt there was more to the story than Tucker only hoping to avoid conflict. Victoria asked her father if they should stick to their plan and buy Tucker's debt. Victor replied, "You bet, but we've got to make the move now."

Victoria received a phone call. After Victoria spoke to the caller and hung up, she told her father that someone, perhaps Devon, had beaten them to the punch. Victor insisted that someone besides Devon was involved, though he could not imagine who it might be.

Tucker arrived at the Abbott home. Ashley welcomed him inside. Without mincing words, Tucker recalled that he had promised to show Ashley he had changed, adding that he hoped to begin a new life with her. Ashley replied that she remembered what Tucker had said, though she appeared taken aback by Tucker's announcement that he had taken a big step already. Tucker, grinning, boasted that he had wiped the slate clean by selling McCall Unlimited, explaining that there was nothing he would not do to prove himself to her. Ashley replied, "I didn't see that one coming. You're actually selling your company?"

Tucker told Ashley that he had reached out to Victoria and had asked her to make an offer. Ashley matched Tucker's show of enthusiasm and said he seemed ready to embrace the future without McCall Unlimited. Ashley noted that due to Tucker's financial situation, he did not actually have much of a choice because his back was against the wall. Tucker's grin vanished, and he told Ashley she was making a presumptive leap. Ashley said she was aware that Tucker had made a presumptive move to sell his company before Newman had assumed his debt, thus saving him from an embarrassing situation. Ashley reminded Tucker that he had not gained his reputation based on altruism and self-sacrifice. Tucker cried that he was doing everything in his power to change his reputation because life without her, Devon, and Dom in it was essentially empty.

Becoming frustrated, Tucker reminded Ashley he had promised her he would divest from the company legacy he had built from the ground up, repeating that he would do it all for her. Sighing, Tucker asked Ashley why his efforts did not seem to count. Ashley replied, "Maybe I just like to see you squirm. God knows you have put me through it." Tucker received a message notification on his phone and said, "What the hell?" Tucker made a phone call and told the person he wanted answers soon. Ashley asked Tucker what was happening. Tucker replied, "Someone has already assumed my debt, and no, it was not Newman Enterprises."

Tucker made a motion as if he had been jolted by an unseen force and admitted he hated being caught off guard. Ashley said, "I know. You hate not being in control." Tucker, wondering aloud, rhetorically asked who else could have been investigating his finances and also have the means to move so quickly. Tucker expressed concern about who the unknown buyer might be. Frustrated, Tucker acknowledged that Ashley seemed to be enjoying watching him agonize. Ashley replied, "For the record, I bought your debt. I own you. I'm not going to make it easy for you." Tucker was taken aback and stood speechless as Ashley gloated.

Sally envisions two different paternity test outcomes

Sally envisions two different paternity test outcomes

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Sharon entered the Crimson Lights patio from outside while on the phone with Faith. Sharon revealed that Delphine was about to give birth at any moment and that Mariah and Tessa had resolved not to worry about the birth mother possibly having a change of heart. Sharon hoped Faith could make a trip home once the baby was there, and she marveled that Mariah and Tessa were about to discover how much a baby could change their lives.

Inside the coffeehouse, Nick handed Sally a hot beverage and asked if she was okay. She stared at her phone and murmured that she hadn't opened the paternity test results yet. She explained that she hadn't thought the results would be in until the next day, and she wasn't ready. Nick insisted that it would be a good thing to view them, since Sally would have all the answers she needed.

Sally agreed that it was good to have certainty in an uncertain process, but she was still nervous. Nick assured her that everything would be okay and that he would be there for her, no matter what. She said she knew she could always count on him, but she hesitated to look at the results in public because she didn't trust her reaction. She suggested that they go back to her place to do it. Nick stood up to grab some food before they headed out, but Sally requested that they simply sit for just a little while longer.

Nick took Sally's hands in his and said he understood her instinct to want to keep things the same, but he stressed that knowing the baby's paternity would relieve her anxiety. Sally said she wanted more time to mentally prepare for either outcome. Sharon approached and excitedly announced that she'd just received a text message from Mariah and Tessa, who'd reported that Delphine was going into labor. Sharon gushed that the women were about to become moms at any minute.

While Sally squirmed, Nick enthused that he was thrilled for the couple, and he asked that Sharon keep him updated. Sharon squealed that Mariah and Tessa had wanted to be parents for a long time, and she stepped away to call Faith back to share the news. Nick surmised that the baby talk had unnerved Sally, who considered it a reminder of what was ahead. Sally worried that she wouldn't have the same circle of support that Mariah and Tessa had.

Nick argued that Sally had him and Chloe. Sally countered that it was hard to make a circle of support with only two people, and she doubted his family would be lining up to throw her a baby shower. He inquired about her family, and she disclosed that she'd held off on telling her sister and Grams because she wasn't ready for all their questions. Nick considered it more reason to find out the answers.

Nick and Sally returned to her suite, and he urged her to try to relax, take her time, and open the results when she was ready. He offered her some food, but she declined. He turned on some soothing music while she stared at her phone. Nick implored Sally to sit down, close her eyes, and take a deep breath. She obliged, and he loosened his tie. She declared that she was ready. "Let's do this!" he proclaimed.

Sally prepared to log into her account. Nick inquired whether she remembered her password, and she indicated that it was "future." He thought it sounded appropriate, but her mind began to race with visions of the possible outcomes. Sally imagined a scenario in which the results showed there was zero percent possibility Nick was the father. Nick flatly stated that it meant Adam was the father, and he half-heartedly repeated that things were going to be fine. Sally realized that she couldn't stall any longer, and she had to tell Adam right away.

At Society, Adam received an incoming call from Sally as Victor approached him at the bar. Victor barked that he and Adam needed to talk, but Adam insisted on taking the call. Sally told Adam that she needed to see him, and Adam informed her that he was at Society. She heard Victor in the background, and she thought it sounded like a bad time.

Adam said he'd be the one at the end of the bar, but Sally requested that he meet her in her hotel room instead. He told her he was on his way. After Adam hung up, Victor snarled that desperation didn't become Adam. Victor chided Adam for leaving everything at the drop of a hat because a woman had called, and he ordered Adam to show some self-respect. "Right now, Sally comes first," Adam asserted, and he hurried out.

Sally gazed at her reflection in the mirror as Nick sat silently on the bed. Sally cautioned that Adam would be there any minute, but Nick preferred to stay. Sally was concerned that Nick's presence would agitate Adam, but Nick reasoned that Adam would be freaked out, no matter what. Nick explained that he wanted to be there for her and not for territorial purposes. There was a knock at the door, and Nick opened it. "What is this?" an irritated Adam asked.

Sally informed Adam that she had news she needed to share with him. Adam sourly acknowledged that Nick and Sally were a couple, and he griped that he didn't need to know if they were engaged. Nick urged Adam to hear Sally out, and Adam snapped at Nick not to tell him what to do. Sally blurted out that she was pregnant. Adam guessed it had been Nick's idea to show what a big man he was to have knocked up Adam's ex. Sally clarified that Nick wasn't the father -- Adam was.

"It's our baby?" a stunned Adam asked, and he gently inquired whether Sally was okay. She assured him that she and the baby were fine and that she was doing all the right things. Nick commented that Dr. Chandler had been looking out for Sally and the baby, and he revealed that he'd been at some of the appointments for support. Sally groaned that the last thing she'd wanted was to be caught between two brothers, and Adam requested to speak with Sally alone. Sally said she needed some air, and she invited Adam to join her.

In Chancellor Park, Adam wondered how Sally was really feeling. She admitted she was a little scared, and he observed that she had a glow about her. Sally recalled that she'd been pretty sick in the beginning, but she was better. Adam was sorry she'd gone through that, and he claimed he was glad Nick had been there to help. Sally was skeptical, and Adam rephrased that he was glad someone had been there. Adam added that she had him to lean on from then on.

Adam asked how long Sally had known he was the baby's father. She replied that she'd suspected since New Year's Eve, but she hadn't been sure until she'd gotten a paternity test to compare the baby's DNA to a sample from Nick. Adam questioned whether she would have told him there had been a possibility he was the father if he'd turned out not to be the dad. Sally refused to get into hypotheticals, and Adam inquired whether she knew if the baby was a boy or a girl. She stated that she only knew the paternity thus far.

Adam hoped that if the baby was a girl, she'd have Sally's beauty, intelligence, and passion. Sally wondered what he hoped their daughter would inherit from him. He cited his sardonic wit and good, strong chin. He envisioned building their child a huge treehouse decked out with levers and pulleys. Sally recounted that she'd always wanted a treehouse as a kid, but her family had always been on the road. Adam vowed to make sure Sally and the baby had the perfect home with plenty of room.

Adam expected that Connor would love to have a sister, and Sally pondered what would happen if the baby was a boy. Adam pictured Connor bossing around a little brother and reveled in the idea of spending time with his boys. Sally mused that she liked seeing Adam like that, since it was how he'd been when they'd first gotten together. Adam contended that he was always like that, but sometimes one just had to look a little harder to see it. He promised to always be there for her, and he begged her to marry him because it would mean everything to their child.

Sally raced back to Society with Adam in pursuit. He caught up with her and apologized if his proposal had seemed abrupt, noting that she'd had weeks to live with the news, whereas he'd just found out about the baby for the first time. He added that his mind was racing, but his heart was steady; he knew what was right and what he wanted. Adam continued that he didn't really believe in destiny or fate; however, their paths kept crossing, and their lives would be permanently intertwined through their child.

Adam proclaimed that he'd never loved anyone the way he loved Sally. He recognized that he'd blown it by hurting her, and he'd wished over and over that he could take it back. Adam cried that their last night together had been heartbreaking. He said they'd both felt the pain, but a new life had resulted from it. He believed it felt like destiny for them to be a family like neither one of them had experienced while growing up. Adam appealed to Sally to see that the night they'd thought of as the end had really been just the beginning. Sally whimpered that it was a mistake, and she couldn't be there.

Sally found herself back at Crimson Lights, where she discovered Nick and Sharon talking. Sharon noted that Sally seemed flustered, and she stepped away to fetch some water. Sally threw herself into Nick's arms. Adam entered and demanded to know what was going on. Nick contended that the paternity news hadn't changed anything, and he and Sally were still together. Adam bellowed that it changed everything, but Nick proclaimed that he didn't care if the baby wasn't his.

Nick pointed out that he loved Christian as much as his other kids. Adam hissed that he'd been at a different point in his life when he'd allowed Nick to raise Christian, but he'd "be damned" if Nick thought Adam would step aside. Nick warned Adam not to use the baby to try to get Sally back. Adam insisted that he just wanted to be a father to his child, and no one would stop him.

Adam predicted that Victor would take the baby from Sally and give it to "the golden boy," just like what had happened with Christian. Adam ranted that Nick had taken his son and the woman Adam loved, but he refused to let Nick take Adam and Sally's baby. Nick slugged Adam. Sally's thoughts suddenly rewound, and she sat in her hotel suite, waiting to open the paternity test results.

Next, Sally contemplated a future where the test results indicated that there was a 99.9 percent possibility Nick was the father. "Let's go!" Nick cheered, and Sally thanked God. They embraced, and he suggested that they go to a celebratory lunch. She said she was starving because she'd been too stressed to eat, and they grabbed their coats. Nick marveled that they were going to be parents, and they kissed.

At Society, Adam reiterated that Victor would have to give him Victoria's job if Adam were to go back to Newman. Nick and Sally entered the restaurant, and she winced when she spotted Victor and Adam. Nick preferred to rip the bandage off and tell them the news, but Sally wanted to revel in it themselves a little longer. Nick anticipated that they'd only keep worrying about breaking the news, and Sally reluctantly agreed to get it over with.

Nick and Sally approached the bar, and she announced that they had had some news -- they were going to have a baby. Adam spat that Nick had taken everything from him, and Nick had made sure his hold over Sally would last a lifetime. Nick questioned whether Adam felt any happiness for Sally. Adam recalled the tension he'd seen on Sally's face, and he guessed that she felt no joy or excitement about a life with Nick. Sally defended that the tension had only been over telling Adam the news, since she'd expected him to use it to hurt her in some way.

Adam swore that he was trying to spare Sally more pain, since Nick would never love her the way Adam did. Adam asked if Nick had ever said those three little words to her, but Nick declared that it was enough. Adam congratulated Victor on becoming a grandfather again, and he told Sally that he'd always known she'd make a wonderful mother. After Adam sauntered out, Victor told Nick he was making a mistake.

Victor wondered how Nick knew the baby was Nick's. Nick shared that there were paternity test results to prove it, and Victor haughtily replied that it should tell Nick everything he needed to know. Victor recounted that Sally had arrived in town with nothing, and she'd won the big prize -- the eldest Newman boy. Nick barked that she was the mother of Victor's next grandchild, and if Victor cared about family, he would respect her. Nick demanded that his father get on board, or Victor would never know the child.

Sharon voiced surprise when Nick and Sally returned to Crimson Lights. Sally revealed that they were there to celebrate with something sweet, and Nick announced that Sally was pregnant. Sharon exclaimed that Mariah and Tessa's baby would have a playmate, and Nick noted that Sally had a circle of support. Sally realized that she'd waited long enough to call her family, and she stepped out to the patio. Sharon asked how Nick really felt about the situation.

On the patio, Sally told her sister, Coco, that they'd have a good excuse to stay in better contact because Sally was pregnant. Sally corrected Coco's assumption that the baby was Adam's, and she divulged that the father was Adam's brother. Sally admitted it was awkward; however, she was really happy, and everything was perfect. She anxiously glanced over at Nick and Sharon talking.

Nick insisted that he loved being a dad and that he was looking forward to having another child. Sharon thought they'd both gotten past the newborn phase, other than dealing with grandchildren. Nick conceded that Sally's pregnancy hadn't been planned, but he thought Christian would love having a younger sibling. Sharon queried how Summer felt about it. Nick expected Summer to have an issue with it, but he also anticipated she'd get over it.

Sharon imagined there were a few other people who wouldn't deal with the news well. Nick confided that Victor thought Sally was trying to trap Nick, and Adam was certain that Nick would never love Sally as much as Adam did. Sally hovered near the patio doorway and eavesdropped as Sharon questioned whether Nick actually loved Sally. Nick replied that he loved being with Sally and that they were having a blast, but it wasn't love. He added that he didn't think it mattered, but Sharon insisted it did.

Nick assured Sharon that he was going into it with his eyes wide open, and he and Sally would get through it together, whether they were a couple or not. Nick doubted the relationship had what it took to last, but he figured that Sally was smart and pragmatic, so she wasn't expecting a fairy tale. Nick turned and saw Sally watching them. "Right, Sally?" he asked, adding that they knew where they stood with one another, and it was okay because the only thing that mattered was the baby. Sally turned away in tears. Sally's thoughts again rewound in her head as she continued to balk at opening the results.

Nick asked if Sally was okay, and she referenced how people talked about their lives flashing before their eyes. She imagined that once she opened the results, their lives would change, and perhaps Adam's would, too. Sally considered that the news would affect their families and many other people. She realized that she hadn't even thought about how it would impact the baby, who had to be loved and accepted, no matter what. Nick affirmed that the child would be.

Sally said she wanted to be happy about her baby the way Mariah and Tessa were about theirs, but all she felt was worry. Nick chalked it up to being a first-time parent, but he was confident that she'd eventually work through her concerns and be happy. She asked if he'd prefer a boy or a girl, and he responded that either would be amazing. Sally wondered if Nick would treat a boy differently from a girl, like teaching a boy to play sports. Nick recalled that he'd coached all his kids' sports teams.

Sally inquired whether Nick would build the child things, like a treehouse. Nick admitted that he wasn't great at building things, but he had contractor buddies who could give them a great price. Nick figured that they didn't yet know if the kid would want a treehouse, since each child had a personality that was all their own.

Sally enjoyed imagining which traits the baby would inherit from each of its parents. Nick said it was just guesswork, and the only thing they knew for sure was that the baby would be loved and accepted, no matter what the test results said. Sally plopped down on the couch and braced herself to look at the file.

Sally tells Adam she is pregnant with his baby

Sally tells Adam she is pregnant with his baby

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

by Nel

At Newman Media, Nate told Audra that Tucker had offered to sell his company outright to Victoria. Audra suggested that Tucker might be in deeper debt than they'd realized. Nate indicated that Victoria wanted to go ahead with the purchase to retain the upper hand, and just then, Victoria arrived. Victoria informed him it wasn't an option anymore. She said someone had bought up Tucker's debts. Victoria asked if Audra knew who was behind the purchase.

Victoria pointed out that it wasn't the first time Audra had played one company against another. She asked if Audra was working for someone else while working at Newman. Audra denied it and claimed it was the first she'd heard of anyone assuming Tucker's debt. Nate said that Audra telling Tucker they wanted to assume his debt had paid off because Tucker had offered to sell his company to Newman.

Victoria suggested that Audra prove her loyalty by finding out who'd bought Tucker's debt and why. Audra agreed. Victoria replied that it would be helpful to know who and what they were up against. Audra called Tucker and left him a voicemail message to call her. Audra suggested that Newman offer Tucker help with whomever his overlord was. Nate asked how the situation would impact Victoria's plan to take over McCall. She said she wasn't sure and indicated it was something she and Nate had to figure out together. Victoria left.

Audra asked Nate what was going on between him and Victoria. She said she'd picked up some vibes. Nate denied there was anything going on between him and Victoria. He said they were longtime friends and had a close working relationship, and that was all.

Audra informed Nate that an office romance would be risky and foolish, not only for Nate but for the work environment in general. She reminded him that his predecessor had been ousted for being involved in an office romance. Nate stated that he wasn't interested in any kind of office romance. He reminded her that he was in a relationship with the woman he loved, and whatever vibe Audra had picked up on had been a figment of her imagination. He asked that they pretend they'd never had that conversation. Audra agreed and left.

At Society, Tucker asked Ashley to confirm she'd actually told him that she'd acquired his debts and that she owned him. Ashley admitted that when she'd bought his debt, she'd bought him, and she was in control. Tucker commented that she was enjoying the win over him, but he needed answers.

Ashley told Tucker it hadn't been an easy thing to pull off, but it had been worth it. He said he wasn't interested in how she'd acquired his debt; he wanted to know her game plan. Ashley demanded that he stop giving her orders, or she would call in the loan they both knew he couldn't pay. Tucker griped that Ashley had done that after he'd offered to sell his company to Newman for her. Ashley stated that she thought he'd done it for himself, since he'd claimed he was a changed man who wanted to walk away from the trappings of that life.

Tucker asked if Ashley had done it to have power over him. Ashley assured him she had much bigger plans in mind. Tucker said he was dying to hear her plans. Ashley told him to call off his deal with Newman. Tucker asked if she was making him a better offer. Ashley said someone was. Tucker surmised she was bringing in another player, and he was impressed. He suggested that rather than banishing him from her life, she'd decided to bring them closer.

Victoria called Tucker. Ashley told him to take the call because she wasn't about to unveil any further information. Tucker answered Victoria's call. Victoria told him she was ready to negotiate.

At home, Chelsea told Adam that Connor was having a homework crisis. Connor asked Adam to help him with the family tree because the Newman branches were very complicated. He said he needed to write a positive description for every member of the family. Connor asked what was so great about the Newmans. Connor asked about Victor. Adam said Victor was very committed to his family, Nikki was tough but fair, Victoria was strong-willed, and Abby was gutsy and loyal to her friends. Chelsea offered that Nick was a good man with good intentions. Adam added that Nick was a good father.

Chelsea said Adam was welcome to visit anytime he wanted, even if it was just to hang out. Adam surprised her when he said he had a lot of time on his hands since he'd quit Jabot. He said Victor had offered him a job, something vague but promising, in the near future. Adam said he'd told Victor he would return to Newman only if he could have Victoria's job. Chelsea commented that anytime he'd worked at Newman, he'd wound up miserable. He said maybe misery was his destiny. Chelsea said no one was destined to misery.

Chelsea said that there was a lot of good in Adam. She said he was an amazing dad to an incredible kid. Adam said no matter what went on in his life, Connor had always been a light for him, and he would do whatever was best for Connor. Adam received a call from Sally asking if they could meet because she needed to talk to him. Billy arrived as Adam was about to leave. Billy told Connor he'd brought the game Connor had wanted. Adam left.

Billy asked Connor to explain the goal of the game. Connor complied. Chelsea told them she'd read that Daniel Romalotti was creating a video game division at Chancellor-Winters. She said it sounded quite fascinating and she showed Billy the press release. She told Connor that Omega Sphere was a platform that created video games that actually helped people in their lives. Connor thought it would be awesome if Chelsea worked for a that video game company, then she could help people who'd been depressed the way Chelsea had been. Chelsea agreed to talk to Daniel about it and see if there was a way for her to get involved.

After Billy had played the video game with Connor, he joined Chelsea and told her he had no idea what was going on in that game, but Connor was really enjoying it. He said it was a joy to see Connor light up. Chelsea said she wondered how Omega Sphere could help other people. Billy asked if she was serious about working with Daniel. Chelsea said she didn't know what she would do there, but hopefully it would be something substantial. She asked if Billy knew any more about the platform. Billy said he didn't, but he appreciated what Daniel wanted to build. He said Connor had been right; Chelsea was an inspiration. He suggested she talk to her therapist before she made any big decision.

In Sally's suite, Nick assured Sally he would be there for her, no matter what the test revealed. Sally opened the email, and they both just stared at the document. Sally asked what they should do next. Sally suggested perhaps the test was wrong. Nick said it was a reputable company, and Adam was the father. Sally was in tears because the situation had become very real. Nick suggested that Adam might be even keeled and reasonable about the news. Sally asked when Adam had ever been even keeled about anything in his life. Nick said Adam could surprise everyone because he'd done that before. Sally said she really wanted the baby to be Nick's. Nick said he did, too.

Nick told Sally she was having a baby, and it should be celebrated and cherished. Sally said it changed everything. Nick said sometimes change was good. He said Sally had all the facts, and she had an important decision to make. Sally called Adam and asked to see him. Nick asked if she wanted him to stay when she broke the news to Adam. Sally thanked Nick and said she didn't want it to look like she needed a buffer. She said she and Adam had a lifelong connection, and they would have to get used to dealing with each other on those terms. Nick said their first conversation might be a rough one. Sally claimed she would be fine.

Nick asked if Sally really wanted to tell Adam at that moment. Sally said she couldn't risk Adam finding out any other way because it would make things so much worse. She thanked Nick for everything. They kissed, and he told her to call him if she needed him. Nick left.

When Adam arrived, Sally told him she was pregnant, and he was the father. She said she had to inform him that she intended to have the baby. She indicated that Adam deserved to know that he was the baby's dad. Adam wanted to know how long Sally had known she was pregnant. Sally admitted she'd known for a while, but she'd only found out earlier that day that it was Adam's.

Adam asked how she knew for sure he was the father. Sally explained that she'd had a paternity test done with Nick's DNA, and it had ruled Nick out. She said Adam had been the only other possibility. Adam was speechless. Sally stated that emotionally, the pregnancy changed nothing. Adam protested and claimed it changed everything. He asked if Sally believed she would deliver the news and that he wouldn't be part of the baby's life, because that wouldn't happen.

Sally told Adam she wouldn't deny the child's connection to him, but it wasn't an opening for them to get back together. He grumbled that because she was still with Nick, she didn't want to give the baby a loving home with two parents. She said it had everything to do with her and Adam, not Nick. She reminded Adam they'd agreed their relationship had run its course. Adam asked if that had been the night the baby had been conceived. Sally said it was and the same day their relationship had ended because there was no future for them. She said the baby didn't change that crucial fact.

At Newman, Nick told Victoria the DNA test had revealed that Adam was the baby's father, and Sally was informing Adam. Victoria hugged him and asked how he was holding up. Nick replied that he'd had no idea how he'd feel until the moment had arrived. He said it felt like he'd lost something he'd never had. He admitted that he and Sally would get through it because they had something good. He also admitted he'd wanted to be with Sally when she told Adam, but he'd wait until Sally called him.

Nick asked Victoria if she had anything pressing that could be a distraction for him. She admitted she did, and she told him about Tucker. Nick asked who could have pulled off buying Tucker's debt. Victoria said Audra was going to talk to Tucker. Nick said that even if Audra discovered who'd bought Tucker's debt, they couldn't force Tucker to sell his company to them. Victoria said she wasn't ready to admit defeat yet. She said they had to figure out who was behind the purchase and why. She said she wondered if someone was trying to protect Tucker or trying to make a move against Newman Enterprises.

Nick agreed with Victoria that they needed a solid lead into who had bought Tucker's debt in case it was an attack against Newman. Nick received a call from Sally. Sally told him it was done. Nick told her he was on his way. After Nick left, Victoria called Tucker and said it was time to negotiate.

When Tucker arrived, Tucker told Victoria that he wouldn't be able to negotiate the purchase of his company due to unforeseen circumstances. Victoria admitted she knew about an outsider buying his debts, but it shouldn't affect his decision to sell McCall Unlimited to Newman. Tucker insisted she was wrong because everything in his life was in flux.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea told Billy she should start playing Connor's video games to familiarize herself with that world, the stages, and the rewards. Billy agreed. They bumped into Adam. Chelsea asked what was wrong. Adam said nothing should be wrong at the moment, but everything was.

Nick returned to Sally's suite and hugged Sally, who was in tears.

Jack offers Billy the co-CEO position at Jabot

Jack offers Billy the co-CEO position at Jabot

Thursday, February 23, 2023

by Nel

At the Abbotts', Kyle surprised Summer with lunch and a rose as a peace offering. Summer reminded him she'd asked for time. Kyle replied he was asking for time to themselves without interruptions. Summer claimed it hadn't been some silly fight that could be resolved with a few "I'm sorries." Kyle promised he would be charming and contrite.

Kyle told Summer he would keep apologizing until she heard him. He admitted he'd overstepped with Victor, and he'd lied to her about it, and that was unacceptable. He said he'd realized he'd made a big mistake after he'd seen the effect his lie had had on those he loved. Summer agreed to stay for lunch. Kyle received a text message from Victor. Kyle told Summer that Victor wanted him to call, but he hadn't mentioned why.

Summer said Kyle had done Victor's dirty work, and Victor believed Kyle was one of his minions. Kyle reiterated that it had been a one-time thing. Summer reminded Kyle that he'd conspired with Victor to get Adam out of Kyle's family's company. Kyle said there was nothing wrong with him and Victor having the same goal. Summer stated that Kyle had deceived her and Jack to help Victor in one of his schemes. Kyle asked if it had occurred to her that maybe he'd used Victor. Summer said no and commented that Victor had gotten what he'd wanted. She asked what Kyle had gotten.

Kyle received a text from Victor and asked Kyle to call him because he had something that might interest Kyle. Summer said Victor had another job for Kyle, and she asked if Kyle could say no to Victor.

Kyle called Victor and said they'd had a similar goal that Adam had to leave Jabot. He said he'd deceived his wife and father to help Victor, and that was inexcusable. Kyle said Victor felt the ends justified the means, but he wanted no part of whatever job Victor had for him. Kyle's demeanor changed. He ended the call by telling Victor he would look after the paperwork. Kyle told Summer that Victor was transferring the textile mills over to Marchetti.

Summer said she was proud Kyle had stood up to Victor, but it hadn't made things right between them. Kyle said he was done with Victor, Adam was out of Jabot, and they'd gained valuable assets. He asked if they could put it all behind them. Summer told Kyle never to lie to her again. He said never. They kissed.

In Sally's suite, Sally told Nick that Adam had been stunned by the news, and he'd tried to convince her they needed to be a family. Sally said she'd told him that wasn't going to happen, but she wanted Adam to be part of the baby's life. Nick and Sally agreed it would take some time for Adam to adjust to the news. She said it had been difficult for her and Nick to reconcile with the situation, but at least they had each other. Nick said Adam was a loner with no support system.

Sally told Nick they needed to see the other side of their situation. Nick replied that their relationship and the baby were two different things, and one didn't affect the other. Sally said they'd said that before they'd been certain the baby wasn't Nick's. She said she hated being so self-absorbed that she'd been neglecting him.

Sally reminded Nick that he might have believed the baby's paternity wouldn't make a difference, but maybe his feelings had changed since he had to deal with the truth. She asked how Nick really felt about it. Nick admitted when the paternity results had revealed he wasn't the father, he'd been disappointed. He said he'd tried not to feel anything, but he wanted to be with Sally. He said she was the one in the most difficult position, and she would be under pressure and stress, no matter who the father had turned out to be. He said it hadn't been the time to be thinking of himself.

Sally told Nick he was an amazing man, and she'd been overwhelmed with everything Nick had done for her, but she wasn't alone in the situation. Sally said she needed to know how he really felt about Adam being the father. Nick admitted he was devastated.

Nick told Sally that when he'd started thinking about their baby, he'd been excited about the beautiful baby they were going to raise and nurture together. He said he'd really wanted that, but that dream had been shattered. He said he would never trust Adam, and Adam would use the situation to reinsert himself into Sally's life, before and after the baby. He asked what chance they had to build their relationship. Nick said Adam would be relentless, and he would keep applying pressure.

Nick told Sally he needed to protect them; otherwise, they would have no way to be prepared for everything Adam would throw at them. Sally promised she wouldn't let Adam get under her skin again, and she said she kept her promises. She said they could let Adam do his worst because he wouldn't get between them. She said he would be part of the baby's life, but he wouldn't have any influence over her and Nick's. Nick said they were on the same page. Nick said he would follow her cues on whatever she thought was best. They kissed.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea told Adam there was more good than wrong in the world. Chelsea guessed it had something to do with Sally. Adam said he didn't want Chelsea to take on his burdens. Chelsea reminded him that he'd helped her through the darkest time in her life, and she was doing well partially because of Adam. Adam agreed he needed someone to talk to, and he asked if she was free to walk with him. Chelsea responded that she had time. She told Billy that Adam was going through something, and she needed to go for a walk with him. Billy agreed. Chelsea and Adam left.

Billy arrived at Jabot and announced to Jack that he'd brought hot chocolate for Jack and his co-CEO. Billy said he'd forgotten Adam was gone, and it had been a mistake hiring him. Jack said unless Billy was there offering to be Adam's replacement, Billy's lighthearted sarcasm wasn't welcome. Billy claimed Jack would never hire him as co-CEO. Jack stated if Billy sincerely wanted it, he would hire him. Billy said to leave the jokes to him, but Jack claimed it wasn't a joke.

Billy reminded Jack that things hadn't gone well the last time he'd run Jabot. Jack said Billy wouldn't be running it solo because there was enough work for both of them. Jack said he would be happy to be the catalyst in giving Billy a hand up in his journey of self-discovery. Billy said he didn't need a handout. Jack said it wasn't a handout because Billy was an Abbott, and the business belonged to both of them.

Jack commented that when Billy was determined and not sabotaging himself, he was a creative and an insightful executive whose opinion mattered. Jack claimed Billy would be an asset at Jabot. He would be willing and grateful to give Billy another try. He said it could be Billy's chance to find out how and where he wanted to be for the long haul. Billy admitted he crashed and burned when he received any responsibility. Jack claimed past performance wasn't indicative of future results. Billy said hiring him would lead to disaster.

Jack said it was Billy's insecurity talking. He believed in Billy's ability, his passion, and his willingness to work hard on projects he believed in. Jack said he believed the best of Billy was yet to be revealed.

In the park, Adam told Chelsea that Sally was pregnant, and he was the father. Stunned, Chelsea asked if Sally was still seeing Nick. Adam said the pregnancy wouldn't be enough for Nick to walk away, especially given the opportunity for Nick to stick it to him. Adam said he was bitter because Nick was "so damned entitled," and he just kept taking. Adam said he was the baby's biological father, but Nick got the woman, the family, and the cushy job at Newman.

Adam told Chelsea that was the most special and intimate time imaginable to spend with his newest child and the woman he loved. He said Nick was already raising Christian, something Adam had stupidly agreed to. Chelsea advised Adam to accept the choice he'd made in letting Nick raise Christian. She said it had been the right thing to do at the time. She said Nick had given Christian care, love, and stability. She said that she and Adam were lucky because Johnny and Christian were being raised by people who truly cared for and loved them. She said they'd done what had been right for those children.

Chelsea reminded Adam it didn't matter what the future held for Nick and Sally, and it shouldn't affect his thoughts about the new baby. She told him to be excited because he got to be a dad again. Chelsea pointed out that Sally hadn't lied or hidden the truth from him, because Sally wanted Adam to be a part of the child's life. Adam said he didn't believe that would be enough.

Chelsea told Adam that being a part of the baby's life might have to be enough. Adam claimed he couldn't accept that because that baby had been conceived in love. He said the last time he and Sally had been together, he'd hoped it would be their chance to reconnect, but that hope had been yanked away. Chelsea said Adam couldn't live in a state of false hope. She said the pregnancy wouldn't change anything between him and Sally.

Chelsea noted that Adam was a super dad to Connor and that Connor would finally be a big brother. She said it might not be the kind of family Adam had wanted with Sally, but she and Connor hadn't been what he'd imagined, either. She said either way, it was still beautiful and full of love. She said the situation with Sally would be an extension of that, and it would still be beautiful. She told him to accept it for what it was. She said Dr. Malone had mentioned that they all had to learn to live in the gray area and recognize that life wasn't always black or white. He and Chelsea hugged, and she left.

Alone, Adam remembered the last time he and Sally had made love. After they'd made love, Adam said it didn't have to be the end. Sally said it didn't have to be, but it was. Adam said he didn't regret a moment they'd been together. Sally replied that she didn't either. Sally said Adam could be a wonderful, supportive, and loving man. She said he was a great father. She said they'd loved each other with all they'd had, and no one could question that. She said it was time for them to move on.

At Society, Billy asked Jack what was bothering him. Jack admitted he'd been thinking about Jeremy Stark, who'd returned to town with more vague threats and innuendos. Billy said he thought Stark was locked up in a Chicago jail. Jack admitted Stark had access to better lawyers than Jack had given Stark credit for. Billy asked what Stark wanted "this time."

Jack told Billy that Stark had taunted that it might be revenge, money, or a chance just to congratulate Diane for besting him. Jack said he didn't believe Stark, but he and Diane hadn't figured out what the truth was. Jack said it irked him that his mind was on Stark when he should be enjoying how wonderful it was to be back with Diane. He said Diane had moved in with him. Billy congratulated Jack and said he deserved to be happy. Jack admitted his blossoming romance wasn't captivating everyone.

Jack told Billy that Summer and Kyle were still on the fence, but there was hope they would come around. Jack said, "Ashley, on the other hand..." Billy said Ashley was stubborn and incredibly overprotective, but it came from a good place. Jack asked what was going on with Billy.

Billy told Jack he had feelings for someone, and he wasn't sure it was the right path to go down because it was a complicated situation. He said he'd been spending a lot of time with Chelsea, and it had deepened their connection. Jack said people changed and grew, and if luck was on their side and they happened to be in the same place at the same time with their goals and dreams in sync, it could be a very magical experience.

Billy told Jack he didn't believe that was the reason he and Chelsea were both hesitant to move forward. He said Chelsea had gone through a very dark phase recently, and she'd been inches away from taking her own life. He said he'd stopped her from going through with it. He admitted Chelsea was doing much better, but it had been rough. Jack was stunned.

Billy told Jack that Chelsea had been working hard to overcome that ordeal, and they'd been spending a lot of time together and with Connor. He said he'd tried to be as strong and supportive as he could for her. Jack was certain that had been a giant step in Billy's healing process. Billy admitted it had been beneficial to him and Chelsea, but he was treading lightly because he knew what Chelsea had been going through. Billy said he cared about Chelsea for many reasons, and he wanted to make sure she was okay.

Jack told Billy that was the opposite of crash and burn. He said it allowed him to see Billy in a whole new light. Jack said he was impressed with how invested Billy was in Chelsea's life, and he didn't want to do anything to slow Chelsea's recovery. Jack told Billy to follow his heart.

Jack wanted Billy to give some thought to being Jack's right-hand man, and Billy could use a job. Jack wanted them to test the waters and see if Billy wanted to return and ascertain if it would work for both of them. Billy promised to give it serious consideration. Billy received a text from Chelsea indicating she wanted to meet him. Billy left.

At the coffeehouse, Chelsea apologized for skipping out on Billy, but Adam had a lot on his chest. She said she she didn't think Billy would be interested in Adam's problems. Billy agreed unless Adam had said something to upset her. She said he hadn't, and she'd given Adam some advice. She said it had been a good talk. She said it felt good to support the people who'd supported her.

Billy told Chelsea he'd had a long chat with Jack, and he felt good about it. He said Jack had given him some good advice, and he felt it would go a long way. Chelsea asked about the advice. Billy said that care and caution could prevent a crash and burn, and for once, he intended to listen. He took Chelsea's hand.

Nate's plan to reconnect the family backfires

Nate's plan to reconnect the family backfires

Friday, February 24, 2023

by Nel

At the Abbotts', Diane looked worried as she picked up an envelope that had been left on the doorstep. When Jack arrived, she jumped and told him someone had dropped off an envelope for her. He noted there was no postage or return address. He asked if Diane believed it was from Stark, and he called Stark's actions "juvenile." Diane said, "Clowns are juvenile, too, but it doesn't mean I want to watch a horror movie about one." She said Stark was twisted and dangerous, and he loved inflicting misery.

Diane told Jack that Jeremy was probably out for revenge. She said she hated feeling threatened by Stark again. Jack reminded her she was safe. He said security was always on standby, and he could alert them to be more vigilant. Jack said, "I am not going to allow that man to insinuate himself into our psyches again, okay?"

At Crimson Lights, Stark assured Chance he wasn't there to cause trouble for Chance or the Genoa City Police Department, nor did he harbor any hard feelings for his false arrest. He said Chance had been duped by planted evidence as much as Stark had been. He said Jack was Diane's new protector and Chance's wife's uncle. Stark said family shouldn't play so dirty, but since Abby was Chance's ex-wife, Jack was no longer Chance's family.

Chance said his personal life was none of Stark's concern. Stark commented that he'd researched Chance, and he was a "hell of a detective." He said Chance's background was very impressive. Stark noted Chance's history in law enforcement, and his service for his country indicated he'd given his life to upholding law and order. Stark said Chance had to have been livid when Jack Abbott, one of Genoa City's upstanding citizens, had used him. Chance warned Stark that, given how Stark's last visit had turned out, it would be a very bad idea to cause trouble. Stark denied he intended to do anything, and he left.

At the Grand Phoenix, Daniel joined Heather and Lucy before they returned to Portugal. Heather complimented Daniel on building something wonderful in Genoa City and something to be proud of. Daniel said he wished nothing but happiness for Heather and Lucy. Heather said she wanted that for Daniel, as well. She left to call for a car to the airport.

Lucy said she couldn't believe Daniel was wearing her bracelet. Daniel admitted the bracelet made him feel closer to her. He said their talk had meant a lot to him, and he was glad that Lucy had felt she could be honest about how his actions in Savannah had hurt her. Lucy said she felt better after telling him.

Daniel told Lucy he wanted more talks and video chats with her. He said when she was ready, they could plan another visit anywhere she wanted. She agreed. He said he wanted Lucy to always feel she could talk to him, even if it meant calling him out on something. He said he was determined to win back her trust and to earn a place in her life. Lucy asked if he could show her the game while he was working on it. She suggested that perhaps she could be part of the team that tested it out. He agreed.

Lucy jumped into Daniel's arms for a long hug. Heather returned and said the car would be there shortly. Lucy said she would call Daniel for a video chat when she got home.

A short time later, Phyllis arrived and told Daniel she'd seen Lucy and Heather on their way to the airport. She said she knew how brutal it felt to be distanced from a child. She said at least Heather and Lucy had seen how he'd turned his life around. Phyllis claimed the bond between parent and child was strong, and they would come around. Daniel asked if Phyllis was talking about him and Lucy or, as usual, about herself.

Phyllis told Daniel it wasn't about her. She insisted she only wanted him to know that, as a parent, she understood. Daniel accused Phyllis of recently screwing up as a parent. He apologized for seeing her empathy as a not-so-subtle message asking for his forgiveness for meddling in his life. He asked if he was supposed to overlook the fact that she'd flown thousands of miles to butt into his business after he'd specifically told her not to.

Jeremy walked in, stood back, and listened to Phyllis and Daniel.

Phyllis said she understood Daniel was taking his anger out on her because he'd lost Heather and Lucy, but she could take the brunt of that anger because that was what mothers did. Daniel asked if she was suddenly Saint Phyllis. He said she rarely thought about anyone or anything else but herself. He accused her of not being able to admit that she'd been wrong. He admitted he was hurt and in pain, and part of that was because of Phyllis. He said she couldn't see that, and he walked away.

Stark approached Phyllis and said it was rough being attacked from all sides. Phyllis said she wasn't interested in his pity. Stark suggested they keep their focus on Diane. Phyllis said she had no interest in aligning with him in whatever scheme he wanted to execute. She admitted it bothered her that Diane had conned so many people. Phyllis said they believed Diane was an angel, while she kept getting into trouble for trying to take Diane down.

Phyllis claimed she didn't need someone like Stark to help her because she knew how to get what she wanted. Stark offered to provide her with a guaranteed plan to bring Diane down. He said it would give Phyllis an escape from the blame and hate she'd been getting. Phyllis stated she didn't need an escape from anything. She said her relationships with the people that mattered to her were just fine. She told Stark to keep his schemes to himself because she wasn't interested. Stark told her to keep telling herself that. He walked away.

Diane said she refused to allow Jack to engage in any nefarious plots and bring more danger to the family. Chance arrived. He informed Jack and Diane that he'd run into Stark. He assumed they'd heard Stark had been released from prison. Chance said he felt that Stark was going to cause trouble. Jack admitted they'd crossed paths, and he thanked Chance for the warning.

Chance told Jack his warning went both ways. He said as much as he believed Stark was trouble, he would be watching Jack and Diane, as well. Jack showed Chance the unopened envelope Diane had retrieved from their doorstep earlier. Jack said Stark was attempting to play mind games. Chance noted it hadn't been opened.

Raising his voice, Chance asked why Jack hadn't notified the police. Diane said she didn't think it was anything harmful because direct violence wasn't what Stark had in mind. Diane explained it was probably slow psychological torture because he wanted to keep them guessing about his next move. Chance yelled at Diane to stop when she grabbed the envelope and ripped it open. Diane said it was one of Stark's favorite books about a jewel thief. Chance said if they believed Stark was dangerous, they needed to bring anything like that to the police.

Frustrated, Chance stated it wasn't Jack and Diane's job to figure out Stark's next move. He said if Stark sent them another message, they had to let the police handle it. Chance warned them against any more games or anything preemptive. He said if Stark made any definitive threats or did anything dangerous, the police would provide extra protection and deal with Stark. Diane griped that the last thing she wanted was to let Stark know she was working with the police. Chance bellowed that he didn't care, and he wanted to be alerted if Stark crossed the line. Jack agreed.

After Chance left, Diane said once Stark made his move, it would be too late for Chance or anyone else to intervene. Jack said he hated that Stark had Diane unsettled again. Diane said she was concerned about Chance's suspicions about them. She told Jack they couldn't handle Stark on their own after they'd been warned. Jack suggested a secret romantic getaway to figure out how to deal with Stark. Diane complained that Stark had already gotten into her head. Jack said he wouldn't let Stark rain on their happiness, and he would handle everything.

At the penthouse, Nate told Elena he'd asked Lily to meet him at Society later. Surprised, Elena asked why. Nate said it was about Devon. She asked why Nate didn't just walk across the hall and talk directly to Devon. Nate said he'd sensed a major showdown between Lily and Devon.

Nate told Elena he felt guilty because his actions might have set that whole battle in motion. He said he'd been the first to point out that Devon hadn't wanted to share leadership of his company with anyone, and Lily had obviously seen the same signs. He said if there was conflict between Devon and Lily over leadership of Chancellor-Winters, he couldn't help feeling he'd been responsible for lighting the fuse.

Nate told Elena he'd seen Christine leaving Devon's earlier. He said it hadn't appeared to have been a social call. He said he wanted to talk to Lily to see if he could help defuse the situation. Elena called it a terrible idea, but Nate reminded her that she'd pushed him to try to smooth things over with Devon.

Nate said Elena and Abby's attempt to get him and Devon together at Christmas had given them a chance to remember the love and the deep family history they shared. He said for a moment, it had felt like they'd begun to repair things. He said they lived across the hall from each other but rarely spoke. Elena commented that whatever Devon and Lily were going through was their business. Nate said they were family, and he couldn't watch them be ripped apart. Elena hoped he would reconsider. He said it was something he had to do.

Abby stopped by Devon's and asked if he wanted to get a bite to eat. Devon said his priority was to get his documents to Christine as soon as possible. Abby pointed out that he hadn't been eating or sleeping well, and she'd hoped to distract him.

Devon told Abby he was worried about the lawsuit and the potential damage it would cause his company and his relationship with Lily. He knew going to court would be a big risk. Abby said she wished Lily could see what it was doing to him. Devon claimed it wouldn't matter because Lily was only concerned about the money rather than losing a valuable commodity.

Devon told Abby that once he regained control of his company, he would worry about fixing his relationship with Lily. Abby insisted there had to be another way to resolve things. Devon said he understood that family was as important to Abby as it was to him. He assured her it was the reason he was fighting so hard to protect the company that belonged to his family. He said Lily was simply running a company she wasn't connected to. Abby said she saw how much pain it caused him. He said he appreciated Abby being honest, and he trusted her more than anyone else. Abby left.

In the hallway Abby ran into Elena. Elena asked if Abby had a minute to discuss Devon and Nate. Abby agreed. Elena said she was concerned that Nate was about to make things much worse. She said Nate had heard a rumor from a former Chancellor-Winters' colleague that there was a lot of tension between Devon and Lily. She said Nate had decided to put himself in the middle of that. She asked Abby to shed some light on what was going on so she would know what Nate was walking into. Abby indicated that she was worried about Devon, and she didn't want to betray his confidence.

Elena told Abby she thought they needed to do what they could to prevent that family from imploding. Abby told Elena that Devon was suing Chancellor-Winters to regain control of Hamilton-Winters. Surprised, Elena said it was a drastic move. Abby was worried things would get ugly. Elena said she would hate to see Lily and Devon lose the rock-solid relationship they'd always had. Elena said Nate was convinced he could mediate things by talking to Lily. Abby told Elena that she and Lily had tried to get Devon to accept a compromise; however, he'd refused, and Lily had dug her heels in. Abby was afraid Nate would make things worse.

At Society, Nate said Lily was family, and he wanted to know how things were between her and Devon. He said he'd seen Christine leaving Devon's, he'd heard rumors there was tension within the company, and he wanted to help. Lily said she wasn't going to speculate about Christine and Devon because it was none of Nate's business. Nate said he felt guilty about the accusations he'd leveled at Devon about not being able to let go of his partnership with Neil.

Lily asked if Nate believed he would be forgiven if he could magically fix things. Lily told Nate he'd betrayed his family, and he was no longer her family. Lily stated that whatever was going on between her and Devon was none of Nate's business, and she told him to stay out of it.

Devon arrived and approached them. He asked what was going on. Incensed, Lily asked if Nate had lured them together to try to mediate after he'd betrayed them. Nate said he hadn't invited Devon. Devon denied he was there to talk to Nate, and he had no idea what the meeting was about. He said he had nothing to say to Nate after what Nate had done to them.

Lily told Devon she found it ironic that Devon saw himself as superior to Nate because Nate had betrayed them, when Devon was doing the same thing by trying to take back Hamilton-Winters. She said it was selfish and not what Neil would have wanted. Devon said she'd never done business with Neil the way he had. Lily stated that Neil would have wanted them to solve it between themselves rather than fight it out in court. Nate said things were getting out of hand. Lily told Nate to stay out of it because it was none of his business. Lily left.

Devon told Nate he'd was there because he'd wanted a drink, but he didn't like the atmosphere. Nate asked if it was true that Devon was trying to break up Chancellor-Winters. Devon said it was none of Nate's business. Nate claimed someone needed to talk some sense into him and Lily. Devon asked if Nate believed that would be him. Nate said Devon had something amazing at Chancellor-Winters, and Neil wouldn't have wanted Devon to destroy that. Devon said Nate didn't get to talk to him about Neil because Nate had barely known Neil. He told Nate to keep his comments to himself about Neil. Devon left.

At the park Daniel was surprised to see Lily. Lily said she didn't feel like talking. Daniel said neither did he. He claimed that spot gave him a sense of peace after the day he'd had. After a moment, Lily said she could use someone to talk to. Daniel said he would listen. Lily asked why family was so difficult.

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