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Ashley demanded that Tucker sell McCall Unlimited to Devon. Nate was torn when Victoria ordered him to sabotage any chance of Devon buying McCall from Tucker. Jack suggested he and Diane get married. A drunken Phyllis spiraled out of control and later awakened to find Stark in her hotel room.
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Tucker suggested Devon buy McCall Unlimited. Victoria told Nate to sabotage any Devon and Tucker deal. Jack asked Diane to marry him. Daniel considered Chelsea for a job at Omega Sphere.
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Chelsea explores new avenues with Daniel

Chelsea explores new avenues with Daniel

Monday, February 27, 2023

Audra visited Tucker at his Grand Phoenix suite to share the latest news. After Audra confided to Tucker that Victoria had said someone had bought his debt, Tucker played coy and replied, "Beat her to the punch, huh?" Tucker let Audra know that Victoria had already informed him. Audra asked Tucker if he was curious about the person who had bought his debt. Tucker calmly said, "Not really." Audra suggested that either an angel or an enemy wished to control him. Tucker, keeping quiet about what he already knew, clarified that the buyer would gain control of his life, not his company.

Audra, pressing for information, asked Tucker if recent developments had thwarted his plans to sell McCall Unlimited to Newman Enterprises. Tucker replied, "Oh, Audra, such a disappointment. This performance. You've lost your elegance when it comes to subterfuge." Audra feigned ignorance and claimed she was only passing on information. Tucker replied that he was aware that Audra's goal was to squeeze information out of him, adding that she was no longer on his side. Audra rebuffed Tucker's intimate advances, admitting that she had been acting on another's behalf. Audra assured Tucker that she could continue acting as his secret weapon.

Audra admitted to Tucker that though she could share information with both interested parties, she was ultimately looking out for her own interests. After Tucker hinted that he was involved with someone romantically, Audra replied, "Tucker McCall is actually in love." Audra again harped that someone was pulling Tucker's purse strings, suggesting that his identity would be at risk if he lost everything. Tucker replied, "My legend will live on." Before Audra left, Tucker told her that though he had taught her everything she knew, he had not revealed everything he knew. In a threatening manner, Audra replied, "Keep thinking that if it makes you feel any better."

Ashley and Abby visited at Society. Abby told her mother that Devon was about to launch a legal battle against Lily and Jill, hoping to undo the merger of Chancellor-Winters and reclaim Hamilton-Winters. Abby explained that Devon did not support Lily and Jill's plans to take Chancellor-Winters public and that they feared losing Devon's part of the company would devalue the merged corporation. Abby told Ashley that Devon was pressing on despite fears he might lose.

Ashley inquired about the status of Abby's personal relationship with Devon. Abby admitted that she and Chance had never gotten back on track after he'd returned from his mission to Spain, and they were already heading toward the end. Abby said that despite a close bond as Dom's parents, she and Devon were still taking things slowly. Abby expressed concern for Devon and Lily's relationship. Ashley recalled her own difficulties with Jack, acknowledging it was hurtful when siblings were at odds.

Abby asked Ashley about Tucker. Ashley cried that her relationship with Tucker was as complicated as he was, though he had assured her he was a changed man. Ashley confided that her feelings had become increasingly complicated after discovering that Tucker had wanted to get his hands on Jabot and Chancellor-Winters. Abby said she believed Tucker had most wanted to connect with Devon and Dominic, as well as Ashley. Ashley admitted she could no longer take Tucker at his word.

Abby reminded Ashley that she believed Tucker had been sincere about connecting with family. Ashley explained that Tucker seemed unable to do the right things the right way for the right reasons, a drawback she considered a character flaw. Abby admitted that Tucker was also a habitual liar. Ashley did not reveal her entire plan regarding Tucker, but she acknowledged that if it worked out, things would be better for all involved.

In Victoria's office at Newman Enterprises, Victoria and Nate discussed the status of McCall Unlimited. Victoria acknowledged that though someone unknown to them had bought Tucker's debt, he remained in control of his company. Nate suggested abandoning the plan to leverage Tucker's holdings, hoping he might sell low, and instead focus on convincing him that taking a big risk would yield a big reward. Nate asked Victoria what she was willing to do to get what she wanted. Victoria revealed that Victor planned to buy McCall Unlimited and appoint Adam as the company's CEO in hopes of luring back his wayward son.

Victoria announced to Nate that she had her own plans for McCall Unlimited, involving dismantling the company and utilizing pieces that would best suit Newman Enterprises' pursuits. Nate was intrigued when Victoria told him that McCall's entertainment division would become part of Newman Media. Both Nate and Victoria agreed that their risk was worth the rewards of pursuing purchase of Tucker Unlimited, hoping that Tucker might be as motivated as he had been previously. Nate told Victoria he was counting on their source to obtain inside information.

Victoria instructed Nate to make Tucker a lucrative offer and show that funding was in place. Nate explained that Tucker might pay off his debt and retake his company's assets. Victoria, admitting it was unsettling not knowing who had acquired Tucker's debt, suggested that the debt holder might have an ulterior motive and be unwilling to work with Tucker. Victoria approached Nate and bragged that information was power and that power was control, which to her was every bit as important as money.

Victoria moved close to Nate and kissed him on the lips. Kissing passionately, Victoria loosened Nate's tie, not knowing that Audra was about to knock on the door. Victoria pulled away from Nate, and he quickly neatened his tie seconds before Audra entered and said, "Did I interrupt something?" Nate wiped his lips and told Audra that he and Victoria had been talking about her, wondering if she had useful information to share about Tucker.

At the park, Daniel and Lily eased into a comfortable relationship as they supported each other during troubled times. Lily admitted it had been awhile since she had felt comfortable with anyone. Daniel replied, "In what way?" Lily replied, "Connected." Daniel moved in close to Lily, but she pulled away before they kissed. Lily asked Daniel if they had almost kissed. Daniel navigated past the awkward encounter by acknowledging that they had both been miserable and yearning for relief. Daniel and Lily agreed that intimacy should be avoided and joked that they should act like strangers interacting at a support-group meeting.

Daniel pretended to introduce himself to Lily and blamed his vulnerable feelings on Heather having become involved with another man, his mother refusing to stop inserting herself into his life, and the sadness of missing his daughter. Lily took a deep breath, pretended to introduce herself to Daniel, and cried that her life was in shambles after breaking up with her boyfriend and facing a lawsuit filed by her brother. Daniel raised his eyebrows and remarked, "Wow!" Daniel told Lily he was sorry about Billy and Devon having caused her pain. Lily told Daniel that Heather was crazy to leave him before giving him a chance to prove how much he had changed. Daniel quipped that he and Lily were a pair of brokenhearted fools. Lily laughed and joked that sometimes "love sucks."

Speaking to Christine on the phone from the patio at Crimson Lights, Devon informed his attorney that his legal action had little chance of being settled outside a courtroom because Lily and Jill were ready for war. Devon told Christine he felt that Lily should value family over business, and he thanked Christine for taking on his case. After Daniel hung up and entered the main dining room, he spotted Lily and Daniel standing at the counter. Devon turned around and left abruptly without letting Lily see him.

Lily and Daniel enjoyed warm drinks on the patio at Crimson Lights. Daniel admitted that his recent heartbreaks had impacted his desire to carry on with Omega Sphere. Lily reminded Daniel that his idea had sprung from hours of enjoying playing video games with Lucy. Daniel recalled that he and Lucy had indeed shared special times. Lily encouraged Daniel to envision an interactive world to help others create special memories. Chelsea arrived and requested time to share her ideas about Daniel's gaming project. Chelsea said she had been inspired by Daniel's vision and wanted to help change people's lives for the better and give hope to those struggling emotionally.

Moving their intimate gathering to the main dining room, Chelsea confided to Daniel and Lily that she had gone through a dark time, fearing she might never see the light again. Lily listened without showing much emotion, having been caught up in Chelsea's traumatic events. Daniel told Chelsea he was sorry to hear what she had endured. Chelsea continued sharing her story, telling Daniel that after hurting someone and later being forgiven, the person had passed away. Chelsea cried that the experience had left the world feeling like a cold and dark place.

Chelsea recalled how she had rallied somewhat after becoming involved with Billy's podcast, an endeavor that had given her life purpose. Lily looked down at the table as Chelsea recalled how the podcast project had ended abruptly. Chelsea told Daniel about having given Johnny up for adoption and later revealing the truth to him, though he had initially rejected her, even growing resentful. The scenario, Chelsea cried, had led to Connor feeling that his mother had abandoned him in favor of Johnny.

Refusing help and support, Chelsea admitted that her pain had driven her to thoughts of ending her life by jumping off a ledge. Lily said nothing when Chelsea spoke about someone who had rescued her. Daniel surmised that Chelsea yearned to channel her experience into something positive. Lily, addressing Chelsea, asked, "Are you ready to take something like this on?" Chelsea replied that her therapist supported her. Chelsea explained her idea to Daniel in detail. Daniel was interested and told Chelsea her ideas were worth pursuing and had potential to expand the scope of his gaming platform. Chelsea smiled.

Abby took a break with Devon at Society. She poured them each a glass of wine. Devon recalled an unfortunate encounter with Nate and Lily, adding that Nate had attempted to act as a mediator. Devon cried that Lily seemed determined to make their battle a personal matter. Abby told Devon she was sorry. Devon shrugged and said Jill and Lily could end the fray just by selling him back Hamilton-Winters or changing their minds about the risky IPO deal. Devon sounded defeated as he recalled how Nate had attempted to betray the company by colluding with Newman Enterprises and Tucker having planted a spy to help carry out his plans to launch a takeover. Abby told Devon that it seemed wrong to equate Tucker's motives to Victoria's.

Abby told Devon that Tucker's plan was not entirely driven by greed, adding that she had had a change of heart about Tucker after talking with Ashley, a woman not easily fooled. Devon said Tucker definitely should not have kept secret his plans to purchase Jabot and Chancellor-Winters, hoping that his family could run the companies together. Acknowledging that both he and Abby had vented their frustrations, Devon said, "That's what happens when you're with someone." Abby's eyes lit up, and she assured Devon she would support him and Dominic until things settled, and they could figure out the rest. Devon kissed Abby's hand.

Ashley stopped by Tucker's suite to visit. Tucker said Victoria had been pursuing a deal to buy McCall Unlimited. Tucker asked Ashley to share her master plan, so he could determine how to proceed. Ashley asked Tucker if he was going crazy by not being in control. Tucker replied, "Little bit, which I know you love." Tucker poured glasses of wine. Ashley asked Tucker if he was ready to divest himself from McCall Unlimited. Tucker said he was, as the company represented the past he was ready to move away from as he started anew. Ashley recalled Tucker's claim that he had returned to Genoa City to reunite with Devon. Tucker replied, "Yeah. I meant it." Ashley said, "Prove it. Don't sell to Newman. Sell to your son."

Abby convinces Devon to hear Tucker out

Abby convinces Devon to hear Tucker out

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

In his hotel suite, Tucker contemplated Ashley's idea of selling McCall Unlimited to Devon instead of to Newman. Ashley referenced what Devon was facing with Jill and Lily, noting that Devon stood to lose the company he'd built with one father. Tucker realized that Devon could take over the company his other father had built, and Ashley urged Tucker to consider what that would mean to Devon. Tucker saw the logic in her plan, but he doubted Devon would care about acquiring Tucker's company. Ashley recommended that Tucker think of it as a peace offering and a great way to break the ice. Tucker wondered if she was truly interested in helping him mend fences with Devon or if she was just toying with him.

Tucker offered Ashley a nightcap, adding that he needed something to take the edge off. She imagined he was feeling overwhelmed by her proposal, and he asked if she could blame him, since it was a big idea. She argued that he liked big ideas, but he countered that while he liked the healing aspect of it, he'd still been blindsided by the fact she owned most of him. Ashley implored him to think of her as a patron supporting him on the path to self-improvement.

Tucker sensed that Ashley was holding a metaphorical dagger behind her back, waiting for the right moment to plunge it into his chest. Ashley asserted that she owned his debt, so he had to listen to her, and she wasn't suggesting he sell his company to Devon -- she was demanding it. Ashley advised Tucker to get serious about it, and she anticipated that he'd thank her someday because it was the right thing to do. Tucker pondered what would happen if he didn't go along with her plan. Ashley envisioned that he'd wake up every day for the rest of his life, alone and filled with regret.

Tucker felt that he owed Ashley his deepest thanks, since her heart was in the right place, and she was looking out for him and Devon. Tucker mused that buying his debt and forcing his hand might have been the nicest thing anyone had ever done for him. He added that she seemed to consider his well-being a priority, and that hadn't been something he'd had in his life very often. Tucker continued that he was trying to be a good father, and he was grateful that Ashley was trying to help him become one.

Ashley declared that it was nice that Tucker had had that epiphany, but it wasn't enough. She insisted that he take it from there, or the entire thing would be completely meaningless. Tucker groaned that Devon had made it clear that he didn't want to hear from Tucker, so the whole maneuver might have been for naught. Ashley asserted that failure wasn't an option.

At Society, Abby asked Devon if he was feeling better after dinner. He confirmed that he was, but he thought it was about more than a good meal and wine. She assumed he meant ordering dessert, but he clarified that he was talking about her. Devon recounted that his day had started stressful, and he'd only become more stressed; however, being with her had made him feel like he could breathe again. Abby replied that she felt the same way, since being around him made her feel a lot calmer.

Devon suggested that he and Abby get dessert to go so they could catch up with Dominic before their son went to bed. Devon mused that he could just watch the tot sleep, since there was something about seeing Dominic in his crib that reminded Devon what was important. Abby gushed that there would be no better way to end the night.

At Devon's penthouse, Devon and Abby descended the stairs after checking on Dominic. Devon worried that their son was squished in his crib, but Abby thought Dominic seemed too young for a big boy bed. Devon considered asking Lily for advice, but he quickly clammed up. Abby was sure Victoria would have the perfect date in mind to do it.

Devon answered a call, and Tucker said he was glad he'd caught Devon. Devon grumbled that he hadn't looked at his phone before he'd picked up, and he was busy. Tucker requested that they meet sometime soon, but Devon snapped that there was nothing Tucker could say that Devon wanted to hear. Tucker suspected Devon would be interested once he heard what Tucker had to share, but Devon hung up.

Abby suspected that Devon was at least curious about what Tucker had to say. Devon expected it to be more garbage, but Abby theorized that Tucker sincerely wanted to patch things up. Devon surmised that Abby's conversation with her mom had changed her mind about Tucker. Abby contended that she still had issues with Tucker. However, he was Devon's father, and Devon was estranged from everyone else in his family. Abby pointed out that Ashley was hopeful that Tucker had changed, and Devon wondered if Abby thought he should give his father another chance. Abby advised Devon to start small and just listen to Tucker.

Devon bemoaned that he'd been down that road, and Tucker had done nothing but lie. Devon didn't want to put himself through it again, even though part of him would love it if his father was someone he could trust and go to for advice. Devon admitted that he needed help sometimes, and Abby stressed that he needed a father. Devon picked up a framed photo of Neil and firmly stated, "This is my real father." Devon thought Neil would have known what to do, and Abby agreed. Devon added that just talking with Abby and being close to her always made him feel better, and she murmured that there was no place she'd rather be. They kissed and proceeded to make love.

Meanwhile, Tucker lamented that it would be a challenge just to have a conversation with Devon, much less make a deal. Ashley reasoned that Tucker loved a challenge, and the risk had an ultimate reward -- a relationship with his child. Ashley ordered Tucker to get busy, or she'd be angry that she'd wasted her time on him. Tucker wondered if her plan was solely about his redemption or if it was about him and Ashley, too. Ashley told him that if he made it happen, it would go a long way in making her believe he actually wanted to change to be a better man.

Later, Devon descended his penthouse stairs and grabbed two beers out of the fridge. He stared at his phone for a moment before sending a text message to Tucker, offering to give his father 30 minutes over coffee the next morning. Tucker read the message and informed Ashley that Devon had changed his mind. Tucker thanked Ashley, who said she was thrilled for him. Ashley ordered Tucker not to screw it up, since it could be his last chance with Devon. Tucker remarked that there was way too much on the line for him to fail.

In Sally's hotel suite, Nick and Sally cuddled in bed after making love. She asked why he was smiling, and he replied that it was what happened to his face when she walked into a room. She marveled that things were easy when it was just the two of them -- nothing and no one else. Sally wished she could save the moment to relive it whenever she wanted. Nick didn't think there was a way to save the moment, but he saw no reason to let it end. He kissed her, but there was a knock at the door.

Sally hoped whoever it was would go away, but the knocking continued. Adam called out that he and Sally needed to talk about something important. Sally put on a robe and yelled for Adam to hold on. Nick volunteered to get rid of his brother, but Sally reasoned that Adam wouldn't leave until she talked to him. She opened the door partway and asked what Adam wanted.

Adam objected to speaking with Sally through a crack in the door, and he guessed Nick was in the room. "Hey, Nick! 'Sup?" Adam drawled. Sally realized Adam had been drinking, and she protested that she didn't want to talk when he was like that. Adam recognized that he'd gotten sloppy and proposed the last time he'd overindulged, and he promised he wouldn't make the same mistake again. Adam conceded that he'd had a few drinks, which had given him the courage to say the things that needed to be said.

Adam suggested that he and Sally meet on neutral ground in the lobby. "Is that okay, bro?" Adam loudly asked. A shirtless Nick whipped open the door and declared that Sally could do whatever she wanted, including listening to a drunken rant, but Nick would shut the door in Adam's face if it were up to him. Adam maintained that he had something very real to discuss. Sally agreed to get dressed and meet him in five minutes.

After Adam left, Sally apologized for the interruption, certain that Nick was disappointed. He recalled that the moment had been perfect, and he figured that they'd let Adam continue knocking in the hallway the next time it happened. Sally explained that she felt like she owed Adam the conversation, since she and Nick had had time to live with the reality of her being pregnant, and they couldn't expect Adam not to have a reaction. She added that she was trying to be decent for the baby's sake. Nick said he understood.

Sally found Adam in the lobby with a drink and asked if imbibing more was a good idea. He informed her that it was soda and water because he wanted to have a clear head. She was sure his head had been spinning since she'd given him the news, and he admitted that he was still in shock. Adam divulged that he'd needed someone to talk to, so he'd spoken to Chelsea. Sally recognized that the baby would affect Chelsea and Connor, too, since they'd all be part of the same big, extended family. Sally assumed Chelsea hadn't been thrilled about it, but Adam defended that Chelsea could be thoughtful and understanding.

Sally stated that she wasn't worried about Chelsea and Connor, but she was concerned about whether Adam could adapt. Adam shared that it was why he'd wanted to talk to Sally, and he swore that she didn't have to worry about him. He enthused about bringing a new life into the world with her, and he reiterated that she'd be an incredible mother. Adam insisted that he'd heard Sally, and he knew that the baby changed nothing between them. He admitted that he hadn't wanted to believe it, but Chelsea had set him on the right path by telling him to get a grip on the reality of the situation.

Adam accepted that he'd only push Sally away if he tried to use the situation to get close to her, and he pledged not to lose the chance to be the best possible father he could be to the baby. Sally questioned why Adam had felt the need to run over and bang on her door over a matter that didn't seem that urgent. She queried whether he'd just wanted to interrupt her evening with Nick. Adam joked that it had been a bonus.

Adam explained that he'd assumed Sally had been worried about how he'd react, and he'd wanted to address it quickly so she could rest easy. He observed that she seemed relieved, and she replied that she was. Adam added that he'd wanted to say those things out loud to hold himself accountable, since they had a long road ahead of them, and it was good to set ground rules early. Sally praised that it was the most mature she'd ever seen him act. "Like an actual grownup?" he incredulously asked, and she ribbed that she wouldn't get that carried away. Nick stepped off the elevator and saw Adam and Sally laughing together.

Sally approached Nick, who shared that Christian's nanny had called to report that the boy was shaken up after having a nightmare. Sally assured Nick that Adam was being reasonable and civil. Nick and Sally kissed goodnight, and he headed out. Sally rejoined Adam and told him that she had to get some rest. Adam deadpanned that she shouldn't answer her door if a drunk lunatic knocked, and she called it good advice.

Sally said she was glad she and Adam had talked, and she hoped he'd be as committed to his vow in the morning as he was that night. Adam swore that nothing would change in the cold light of day. He conceded that it was hard at times not to think about what might have been, but it was his problem, not hers. Adam proclaimed that he wanted Sally to have the happiness she deserved, "now more than ever."

Sally returned to her suite, and her computer chimed with an incoming video call. Nick appeared on her screen, and she asked if everything was okay with Christian. Nick reported that his son was already back to sleep, and Sally indicated that she and Adam had parted on good terms. Nick invited her to spend the night at his place, but she declined because she was exhausted. She wondered why he'd chosen to video chat instead of calling, and he cooed that he'd wanted to see her smile one more time. She beamed as they wished one another a good night.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki apologized to Victor for being late, and he asked if everything was all right. She rambled about back-to-back meetings, and she inquired whether he'd read a memo Victoria had sent about a real estate deal. Preoccupied with something on his phone, Victor remarked that it seemed to make sense. Nikki voiced surprise that he had no issue with the escrow terms, and he groaned that he couldn't concentrate on a "damn thing." Nikki assumed it had to do with Adam.

Victor explained that Adam had left Jabot, and he'd been hoping Adam would return to Newman. Victor revealed that Adam had agreed to come back on one condition -- he be appointed CEO. Nikki considered the demand outrageous, and Victor believed Adam was testing him. Victor recounted that he'd told Adam to be patient and wait for Victor to make a counteroffer. Nikki surmised that Victor wanted to acquire McCall Unlimited to hand over to Adam, and she clucked that it was a very expensive consolation prize.

Victor shared that Adam had been intrigued, but the plan had hit a snag because someone else had bought Tucker's debt before Newman had had a chance to do so. Victor indicated that Michael was looking into who had purchased it, and he expected to have a prime suspect soon. Victor relayed that Victoria thought it might be Devon, but he doubted Devon wanted anything to do with Tucker's business. Nikki rattled off a list of other business contacts, but Victor realized there was one possibility they hadn't thought of.

Victor contemplated whether someone had bought Tucker's debt to protect him, but he couldn't think of anyone who would do that. Nikki replied that she could think of someone -- Ashley. Victor pointed out that Ashley hated the guy. Nikki revealed that Ashley had claimed she'd spent time with Tucker to find out what Diane had been up to, but the duo had become closer than they'd needed to.

Victor didn't buy it, since Ashley had hopped the first plane to Paris after she'd found out what Tucker had done. Nikki argued that Ashley had returned just as quickly, and she speculated that Ashley's old feelings had resurfaced. Victor considered Ashley too smart to fall for Tucker's "B.S.," but Nikki lectured that when one loved somebody, one was more apt to overlook that person's misdeeds. Nikki considered it poetic justice if Ashley had taken Tucker's company from him.

Victor answered a call and learned Adam was there. Moments later, Adam appeared, and Nikki headed upstairs to allow the men to speak privately. Victor offered Adam a drink, but Adam curtly stated that he wouldn't be there long. Adam pushed to know what Victor had up his sleeve, since Adam had been thinking about what he wanted from his future after Victor's mysterious offer earlier. Adam said that if Victor truly had a huge opportunity and wasn't just stringing him along, he'd like to hear the plan.

Victor replied that he needed more time before disclosing any details, since everything wasn't in place yet. Victor assured Adam that things would work out, but Adam retorted that it wasn't his thing to be optimistic. Adam demanded to know what would be comparable to running Newman, and he lectured that Victor's unwillingness to share wasn't building the trust Victor claimed he wanted to have. Victor announced that he was about to acquire McCall Unlimited, and it would be a vast and powerful company that would stand on its own and not be folded into Newman. Victor added that he wanted Adam to run it.

Adam inquired about Victor's plan to steal Tucker's company away from him. Victor maintained that he wasn't ready to talk about it, and Adam supposed Victor intended to make Adam the fall guy so Tucker would go after Adam and leave Victor alone. Victor told Adam not to be paranoid, but Adam questioned what the holdup was. Victor shared that he'd run into a roadblock, but once he found out who was causing it, he'd make his next move.

Tucker suggests that Devon buy McCall Unlimited

Tucker suggests that Devon buy McCall Unlimited

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

by Nel

At Society, Jack told Kyle that he and Diane were going out of town. Diane said they were trying to avoid any future psychological torture from Stark. Jack said Stark was out of jail and back in town because the Chicago police couldn't make the charges against him stick. Diane said they'd recently run into Stark at Society, and Stark had had a package delivered to the house the previous day. Diane assured Kyle it had been harmless, but it was obvious Stark had sent it to mess with her and rattle them.

Kyle told Jack that Stark had sent a potentially dangerous package to their home where the whole family lived. Jack said the police couldn't do anything about it, since Stark was considered innocent at that moment. Jack said Chance was aware that Stark was in town with an agenda. He also told Kyle that Chance had lost patience with Jack and Diane because Chance believed Stark's claim that Stark had been set up by them.

Jack told Kyle the police wouldn't get involved unless there was an actual threat. He said the package had contained a memento of Stark and Diane's time in Los Angeles, and the police couldn't arrest him for that. He said there was no evidence that Stark had put the package there. Jack assured Kyle that security had been beefed up, and they were on full alert. Diane said they wanted to go away and not get caught up in Stark's insidious mind games. Jack confirmed they were leaving town so that Stark couldn't find other ways to get at them.

Diane told Kyle that she and Jack would use that time to celebrate their reunion. Jack said time would give them perspective and other ways of handling the situation. He said that with luck, Stark would get bored and move on.

After Jack and Diane left, Kyle asked Stark how he had the nerve to show his face in Genoa City. Stark asked why Kyle didn't believe that he'd wanted to return to that charming little town. He said it had great food and beautiful people, just like Kyle's beautiful wife, Summer, and his adorable kid. Kyle warned Stark to stay away from his family and to stop sending Diane tokens of his obsession. Stark said that sounded like a threat. Kyle said it was a promise. Stark claimed he'd decided to forgive and forget everything, and he wanted to tell Jack and Diane himself. Kyle said they'd left town with no return date. Kyle told Stark to leave town and not look back.

Stark asked Kyle if Jack and Diane had taken a last-minute flight out of town because it sounded like Diane wanted to relive some of their old adventures. Kyle stated that Diane wanted nothing to do with him. Stark asked if Jack and Diane thought he would lose interest. Kyle asked what business Stark had that would keep him in town indefinitely. Stark said he had no place to be after spending years in federal prison. He said Genoa City could be the perfect spot to call home.

Kyle told Stark that would be a big mistake. Stark said vacations didn't last forever, and sooner or later, one wound up back where one started. He walked away.

Phyllis arrived at the Abbotts' and told Summer that she wanted to have coffee with Summer and just talk. Summer said she had to get to the office, but Phyllis claimed their meeting was more important because Summer only had one mother. Phyllis apologized for things she'd said the previous day. She claimed she'd been upset and hurt; she hadn't meant to say she would walk out of Summer's life forever. She asked if Summer was interested in fixing things and returning to their previous relationship. Summer informed Phyllis she'd spoken to Daniel, and he'd told her how Phyllis had butted into his life. Phyllis asked if it would always be Summer and Daniel commiserating against her.

Summer told Phyllis she wasn't speaking for Daniel, but she couldn't brush aside the fact that Phyllis had contacted Stark. Summer was adamant that Phyllis could have put them all in serious danger. She said Phyllis had interfered in Daniel's life, both professionally and personally, and she could have ruined his chances with Chancellor-Winters. She said Phyllis could have caused irreparable damage in his relationship with Heather. Phyllis stated that all she'd heard was "could have," but it hadn't happened. She wondered why Summer and Daniel refused to see that.

Summer told Phyllis it didn't matter how many times Phyllis promised to make things right or that she would change because it never happened. Phyllis claimed that was unfair because, as a mother, all she wanted to do was to protect her children. Phyllis asked why it was wrong that she wanted to protect Summer from Diane and that she'd wanted to help Daniel fix his relationship with Heather and Lucy.

Summer told Phyllis she couldn't pretend things were okay because they weren't. She said Phyllis always had an excuse, and she asked Phyllis to admit she'd screwed up. Phyllis claimed she'd owned up to a lot of things she'd done. She said she was there to apologize. Phillis admitted she'd lured Stark to town. Summer reminded Phyllis that she'd claimed it had been to help them, and that wasn't an apology.

Phyllis told Summer that Stark had asked her to find Diane for him, but she'd saved Diane's life because she had refused to help him. Phyllis claimed Summer was making allowances for Diane but hadn't made any for her mother. Summer stated that as her mom, Phyllis was supposed to do right by her. Phyllis claimed she was taking a hit for all of Daniel's anger toward Heather. She also claimed she always did the wrong thing and always took the blame. Summer stated it was because it was generally Phyllis' fault for making all the bad choices on her own.

Phyllis asked if Summer had gotten into Nikki's face after Nikki had flown to Los Angeles to find dirt on Diane. Phyllis expressed that she stood up for what she believed, she wouldn't back down, and she would never change. She claimed she'd had enough. Summer said they'd both had enough, and Phyllis had a blind spot when it involved her own issues.

Summer believed that Phyllis thought she had done the right things for the right reasons and had been trying to help, but her actions hadn't been helpful. She said it broke her heart that Phyllis couldn't see that. Summer stated that during her entire life, she'd watched Phyllis try to evolve. She exclaimed that she'd been the kid with the parent who was trying to grow up, and she'd been there for Phyllis' failed relationships with Nick and Jack. Inevitably, Phyllis reverted to her old ways, and things would blow up again. Summer cried that she wanted to accept Phyllis the way she was, but Phyllis kept letting her down. Summer said she needed to protect herself from any more hurt and disappointment. She opened the door, indicating it was time for Phyllis to leave.

At Newman, Victor told Ashley that Tucker had proposed that Newman buy his company. Victoria stated that Tucker had a serious debt load, and he'd been looking to unload McCall; however, someone had bought Tucker's debt. Victor asked if Ashley knew who had the financial means or desire to make such a deal. Victoria admitted that Nikki had believed it might be Ashley.

Ashley asked why Victor would care if she had bought Tucker's debt. Victoria explained that after someone had purchased Tucker's debt, Tucker had pulled out of his deal with Newman. She said Ashley and Tucker had a long history, and perhaps Ashley wanted information from Tucker about Diane. She said it might also have sparked some of those old feelings. Victor called it ludicrous to believe that Tucker had changed. Ashley agreed and said it was preposterous that she would buy up Tucker's huge debt.

Ashley suggested that Victor should consider Devon, who had the most motivation and capital to want to get back at Tucker. She indicated that when Tucker had returned to town, he hadn't only been after Jabot, but also Chancellor-Winters. She said Devon had been furious when he'd discovered that. Victoria claimed it didn't seem like Devon's style, and she'd heard that Devon had cut all ties with Tucker. She said whoever bought Tucker's debt enjoyed the game enough to keep playing it, which made Ashley their most likely suspect.

Ashley asked Victor and Victoria to presume she'd bought Tucker's debt; she wanted to know what they intended to do about it. Victoria indicated that they were still very interested, and they would make a lucrative deal to buy the company and all the debts. She said they would make it worthwhile for Tucker and Ashley. Victor claimed it was time to make a deal. Ashley said whatever Tucker wanted to do with his company, it was his business, and to leave her out of it. Ashley left.

Victor told Victoria he was certain Ashley had purchased Tucker's debt. Victoria agreed and said Ashley had tried to figure out what they were thinking. Victoria said she'd actually learned what Ashley had been thinking. She said Nikki had been right; it hadn't been about Ashley having power over Tucker, but rather, it was Ashley falling for Tucker again. Victoria said Ashley wanted to help him in some way. She said she'd seen a protectiveness in Ashley's eyes and the desire to take care of Tucker. Victoria asked if it could be that Ashley wanted Tucker to change.

At Crimson Lights, Devon informed Tucker he had 30 minutes to say his peace, and he warned Tucker not to lie. Tucker said he had a proposition that could change Devon's life. Tucker confessed he'd made big mistakes with the two people he expressly wanted to reconnect with, Devon and Ashley. He said everything had imploded, and he had only himself to blame. He confessed it was a relief to drop the pretense of success and admit he'd failed, but he wanted to fix what he'd broken. Devon said he'd heard it all before.

Tucker told Devon he'd decided to divest himself of everything that represented his old way of life by selling McCall Unlimited and starting new. He indicated that he wanted Devon to take over his company. Tucker admitted it was failing in some areas, but for someone with vision and creativity, there was still value and infrastructure to make it quite lucrative, provided it was managed well.

Tucker told Devon he'd built the company from the ground up because of his passion for music and the entertainment industry. He said he wanted Devon at the helm. Devon said it sounded like Tucker wanted him to buy out Tucker's debt, but Tucker said someone had already done that. He said he'd received some lucrative offers, but he would give Devon "the friends and family price." He said he knew Devon would run the company with integrity, intelligence, and heart.

Devon claimed that buying Tucker's company would bond them for life. Tucker reminded Devon that they already were bonded for life. He said there were no expectations other than a safety net for Devon. Tucker admitted he knew Devon was in a precarious business situation with Lily and Jill. He confessed that he'd looked into the available analytics, and legally, the merger was rock solid. He said the odds were a long shot for Devon to regain Hamilton-Winters.

Tucker asked if Devon would want to have a powerhouse like McCall in his back pocket in case things went sideways. Devon said he hadn't been thinking that way, and it sounded like Tucker was betting Devon would lose. Tucker denied it and said he was offering Devon a strategy to ensure that Devon came out on top. He suggested that if Devon recouped his company and had McCall, Devon would be at the helm of a company that would leapfrog Chancellor-Winters and Newman. Devon asked why Tucker cared. Tucker said Devon was his son, and seeing Devon succeed was what he cared about the most.

Devon told Tucker their 30 minutes was up. Tucker thanked Devon for seeing him and hoped Devon would think about his offer. Tucker left.

Jack and Diane arrived at the Abbott cabin. Diane was surprised to see Jack had Champagne on ice waiting for them. Jack told Diane the place was stocked with enough food for them to vacation for as long as they wanted. Jack asked Diane to promise there wouldn't be any mention of Stark. He said they were there to put the world behind them. She promised not to think of anyone but Jack. They toasted to themselves, and Jack took Diane into the bedroom.

In the afterglow, Diane suggested to Jack that they call home and check on Harrison. Jack said he'd already spoken to the security guy. Diane claimed they couldn't completely forget about the Stark threat because it would always be just beneath the surface. Jack insisted they had to work harder to keep Stark out. Diane said they couldn't hide from him forever. She said after Stark had gotten into someone's head, the more they tried to shut him out, the louder he'd become. Jack said it was another reason they had to get him out of their lives for good.

Diane told Jack she'd opt for murder if she thought she could get away with it. She said that was how much she hated Stark. Jack vowed they would find a solution.

Devon returned home and told Abby that Tucker had offered him his entire empire for a good price. He said Tucker wanted to divest himself so he could start fresh, and Tucker believed that Devon could lead McCall in the right direction. Devon explained that McCall Unlimited would be like having an insurance policy because he would still have a company if the lawsuit went against him. Devon said he wondered if Tucker really wanted to change and start fresh or if he was trying to manipulate Devon again.

Abby told Devon it was a great backup plan if the lawsuit failed. She said McCall had name recognition and an amazing music division that Devon could work wonders with. She asked if Devon had considered that he was the right person to lead McCall. Abby said Tucker's offer was worth considering, and she didn't believe it was manipulation.

Tucker arrived at the Abbotts', and Ashley asked if he'd pitched his heart out to Devon. Tucker said he felt he'd done a pretty good job. He said Devon hadn't accepted it, but he hadn't rejected it. Tucker said he'd suggested that Devon talk to Abby. He said he also felt there was something deeper going on between Devon and Abby than friendship. Tucker asked what Ashley had planned for him if he failed to convince Devon. Ashley said she had a couple of ideas. Tucker claimed he was starting to enjoy the little game Ashley was playing and the power she had over him.

At Society, Phyllis sat down at the bar and ordered a drink. Stark watched as she guzzled the vodka down and then ordered another. Phyllis wasn't happy when she saw Stark raise a glass to her.

Victoria tells Nate to sabotage Devon's purchase of McCall

Victoria tells Nate to sabotage Devon's purchase of McCall

Thursday, March 2, 2023

by Nel

At Newman Media, Nate and Audra were having a content development meeting, and Nate said he wanted to "blow up the algorithm." Victoria entered and asked to steal Nate away, but Audra decided she would leave. Victoria sat at Nate's desk with him, practically on his lap. Seemingly distracted by her closeness as they looked over the financial projections, Nate got up to close the door. She asked him if everything was okay. He said no, and it might be a good time to talk about what was going on between them. Victoria questioned, "Must we discussed the elephant in the room?"

Nate admitted he felt a certain attraction for Victoria when he knew he shouldn't. Victoria asked if Nate felt that way because of whatever was going on between him and Elena, and she said, "Maybe whatever it is will clarify what's going on between the two of us." Nate said he and Elena were in a good place for the first time in a while. "And yet..." Victoria said. Nate said there might have been some "mixed messages," with Victoria agreeing that there were some "wires crossed." She insisted they were not coming from her. Nate apologized. "Because whatever happens or doesn't happen is entirely up to you," Victoria said.

Victoria told Nate she was unencumbered and free to get involved with whomever she chose, but unfortunately, the same didn't apply to Nate. She suggested he figure out what he wanted because it was up to him what happened between them. Nate admitted he felt an intense connection to her. He said the job was exciting and more so knowing he would see Victoria during the day. Victoria said it was for her, as well.

Victoria asked who she was to Nate. He said she was irresistible and intoxicating, and she made him feel powerful; however, he couldn't hurt Elena. He said they couldn't kiss again. Victoria agreed and said they wouldn't say anything to anyone.

Victoria said maybe whatever Nate had done that had caused him to leave medicine and be hired by Newman was where he'd belonged all along. She said maybe Nate needed more than Elena could give him. Nate asked what Victoria saw for them. She said she hoped they would enjoy a long and fruitful partnership. Nate smiled.

At home, Tucker admitted he wasn't resentful that Ashley had bested him because it wasn't a good idea to get involved in a situation so inherently manipulative. Tucker said he would keep Ashley abreast of the situation with Devon.

Ashley told Tucker she'd spoken with Victor and Victoria. She said they'd guessed she'd purchased Tucker's debt, but she'd denied it. She said Victor hadn't believed her denial, and he'd claimed she'd purchased Tucker's debt to punish him. She said Victoria felt her motives were more benign. She said Victoria had expressed that Newman was very anxious to buy McCall Unlimited, and they were willing to pay far more than it was worth.

Ashley told Tucker that selling to the Newmans would put him back in control financially, and he could start over without a care in the world. Tucker agreed that he could travel, and he could have endless excitement, fast cars, and fast women. Ashley said all he had to do was call Victor and accept his offer. He admitted he knew she wanted to see if he would abandon his plan to sell to Devon and go for the big bucks instead. Tucker said he would choose whatever door led to Ashley.

Ashley said Tucker was walking away from a fortune, but Tucker replied that being with her was worth more. Tucker reiterated that he only wanted a fresh start with the two people that mattered the most to him, Ashley and Devon.

Ashley asked Tucker what would happen if she and Devon turned their backs on him. He said he would continue with his mission for self-improvement. He said no matter who purchased McCall, they would be providing him with the means for a fresh start. He said a major loss had finally forced his hand. He asked if Ashley was going to turn her back on him if he couldn't convince Devon to buy his company.

At Society, Devon told Lily that Christine had informed him that Amanda Sinclair had filed a response to his lawsuit against Chancellor-Winters. He accused Lily of hiring his ex who hated him. Lily said Amanda was familiar with Devon's inability to commit. She said Devon knew about Amanda's winning record, and Amanda was willing to take on the lawsuit. Devon asked if Lily had resorted to using his personal life against him.

Lily reminded Devon that Amanda had handled their merger, and she knew the intricacies and loopholes better than anyone. Devon responded that Lily was acting like it wasn't a personal attack on him. Lily claimed it had been a business decision. She said that just because Devon had cheated on Amanda, it didn't mean they wouldn't use her when she was the best person for the job.

Devon asked if Lily was proud of herself for what she was doing. Lily shot back that he was suing them to regain control of his company, and she was trying to stop Devon from tearing down everything she'd built and achieved at Chancellor-Winters.

Devon claimed that for Lily, it wasn't about devaluing both companies but about Devon devaluing her accomplishments. Lily asked why both things couldn't be true. Devon asked why he was the only bad guy if they were both trying to protect their business. Lily reminded him that he'd signed a contract, and he'd agreed to the merger. She claimed she was doing what needed to be done. She admitted they would both lose time, money, and dignity, and Devon would walk away with nothing.

Devon repeated that he'd never wanted to fight with Lily; he'd only wanted the company he'd created with Neil. Lily told him to stop acting like he was the only one who could carry on Neil's legacy. Devon asked why he was the only one trying to protect the company Neil had left behind. Lily stated that saving Hamilton-Winters wouldn't bring Neil back, but if it did, she would be fighting for it with Devon. Lily said Devon was wrong, and if it took a judge to prove that, "then so be it."

Lily told Devon that Neil was more than a name and definitely more than a company. She told Devon to start a new company or take the money they'd offered him because she didn't care. She guaranteed that if he went down the lawsuit path, he would regret it. Devon said he was almost glad Neil wasn't there to see who Lily had become. He said that was what she'd said to him during their last argument, and it hadn't felt good then, either.

Lily told Devon she wished Neil was there to see what she'd become because he would be incredibly proud of her because she was forging her own path. Lily said the lawsuit would define everything. It would change their company, the way the business world perceived them, and their relationship, but in the end, she would win. Devon said Lily was being ridiculous. Abby saw Devon and Lily arguing and stopped to listen from a distance.

Lily accused Devon of not honoring the contract he'd signed or the money he'd been offered. Devon accused Lily of being willing to sacrifice their relationship for a business deal that had gone bad. Lily claimed it was because Devon wouldn't loosen his grip on Neil's company. Devon asked what was wrong with him trying to preserve Neil's memory. He said after everything Neil had taught them and done for them, he didn't know how she could turn her back on Neil. Lily warned Devon not to go there. She said Devon still had his biological father, Tucker. Devon reminded her she still had hers, as well, Malcolm.

Lily insisted that Tucker wanted a relationship with Devon, Devon had a young son, her children had their own lives, and Chancellor-Winters was all she had left. Devon stated he'd never wanted her to feel alone in their situation. He reminded Lily she'd chosen to side with Jill and the IPO. He asked what he was supposed to do. Lily claimed he needed to honor the contract he'd signed. Devon told Lily to say what she would about Tucker, but Tucker would never fill Neil's shoes. Lily spat that Devon wouldn't, either.

Lily said Devon always said how important family was, yet he was willing to throw her away for a company. She said he was a hypocrite. Devon claimed the reason Lily felt alone was because no one would want to be around her because of the way she acted. Abby rushed to the table and told them if they couldn't keep it down, she would ask them to leave. Abby said Louise had informed her Dominic was out of diapers, and they needed to leave.

Outside, Daniel watched Abby and Devon leave. He saw Lily inside and joined her.

Lily told Daniel she was mortified to have had such a public argument. She said every time she and Devon were around each other, they tried to hurt each other, and she didn't know if she could take much more. She said the merger had torn them apart rather than bringing them together as a family. She said Nate was gone, and Devon wanted nothing to do with her.

Lily told Daniel all she had left was Chancellor-Winters. Daniel disagreed and said Lily had a lot of people in her life who loved her. She disagreed. She said her parents were gone, her relationship with Billy was over, her kids were living their own lives, and she didn't know whether she, Devon, and Nate could ever fix things. She claimed all that was left was her career. Daniel asked about her friends and him. Lily admitted he'd been the better part of the past few months, and she wished he could make the lawsuit disappear, because things would get very ugly. Daniel asked if she was sure the lawsuit was worth the agony.

At Crimson Lights, Elena asked Audra how she was settling in at Newman Media. Audra said it was great except for the coffee. She suggested grabbing a coffee for Nate before she left because he worked so hard thinking about game-changing ideas. She said everyone wanted his approval or to get his ideas or pick his brain about new projects. Audra gushed that she would learn "so much" working under him. She claimed it was refreshing to work with someone who knew what he wanted. She added that Nate was nurturing but exacting, and quite the taskmaster while still making it fun. She claimed he was a good partner, and as close as she and Nate were, it didn't compare with his connection with Victoria.

Elena told Audra that Nate and Victoria had been longtime friends, and Nate had always admired Victoria's business acumen. She said Victoria had hired Nate after he'd left Chancellor-Winters, and he was very grateful. Audra stated there was definitely a lot of gratitude going on. Elena said Audra seemed to be appreciative, since Nate had hired her after she'd been fired. Audra said she was hardly a neophyte in the business world, but it was astonishing how in sync Nate and Victoria were, like they were destined to be business partners.

Audra told Elena it was a shame Nate hadn't had that at Chancellor-Winters while working with family. She said when one had the right person by their side, everything fell into place, regardless of their relationship to other family members. She said Nate was the real deal for Victoria. Elena asked what Audra meant. Audra said it was obvious Victoria had much bigger plans for him. Elena asked what the bigger plans for Nate were. Audra stated she wasn't privy to that information, since she'd been kicked out of Nate's office whenever Victoria wanted a private word with Nate. Elena asked if Audra shouldn't have been included as COO. Audra said Victoria saw something in Nate to give him so much one-on-one attention.

Elena told Audra she was proud of Nate's career. Tucker was about to enter and stopped in the doorway when he saw Audra with Elena. Audra said it seemed natural for Nate to pivot from medicine to business because he was a born leader. She offered that if Nate ever ran for office, he would have thousands of supporters.

When Elena left, Tucker joined Audra and caustically commented that he wished he could harness Audra's superpowers for the good of all mankind. Audra demanded to know who Tucker was selling his company to. Tucker said he might be persuaded to give her a hint if she told him she would rate the feud between Devon and Lily. Audra guessed Tucker wanted to be the dad Devon desperately needed. He said he hadn't given up hope that he might be in Devon's good graces soon. Audra surmised that Tucker would offer Devon the keys to McCall. Tucker asked for an answer to his question.

Audra told Tucker that Devon and Lily's relationship might not survive the war. Audra asked if Tucker was offering his company to Devon. Tucker said he'd already done it.

Tucker called Ashley and informed her Devon hadn't signed yet. Ashley told him to proceed with honesty and without manipulation. Tucker claimed it was good business practice to gather information on the person he was about to make a deal with. He said he wanted to make sure Devon would believe that buying McCall would be the solution to his problems. Ashley told Tucker to call her when he had it done.

Victoria told Nate there couldn't be any miscommunications, and they had to be completely transparent with each other. Nate said that in the spirit of full disclosure, he admired Victoria, but he was in love with Elena. Victoria claimed she respected that.

Audra walked in and informed Victoria and Nate that Tucker wanted to sell his company to Devon. Victoria said Ashley had bought up Tucker's debt. Nate asked if it was a power move by Jabot. Victoria said Ashley wanted to strong-arm Tucker into turning things around with Devon and for Tucker to redeem himself. Nate noted that they were losing out on acquiring McCall. Victoria claimed it made things more difficult, but not impossible.

Victoria told Nate they had to convince Devon that buying McCall would be disastrous, and it would be a financial black hole from which Devon would never extricate himself. She said Nate was the best person to relay that news to Devon. Stunned, Nate asked if Victoria wanted him to sabotage Devon's purchase of McCall. Victoria assumed Nate would accept the mission.

Nate reminded Victoria he wasn't on good terms with either of his cousins. Victoria was certain Nate could stop Devon from reconciling with Tucker. Reluctant, Nate said it didn't feel right, and he reminded Victoria his willingness to help her with Chancellor-Winters and the IPO had been what had started the family tension. Victoria stated that he hadn't caused the feud between Devon and Lily nor was he the reason that they couldn't decide whether or not to proceed with the IPO. Nate said he hated that Devon and Lily were fighting, but the offer from Tucker could help them end their feud.

Victoria asked Nate if it was his contention that the only way to bring peace to the Winters family would be for Devon to give up his claim to Neil's company in favor of running Tucker's. Nate admitted he would like to see that happen. Annoyed, Victoria raised her voice and said that professionally, it wasn't in their best interest. Victoria left.

At home, Devon told Abby that Lily had hired Amanda to represent them in court. He said it was really about Lily wanting to win, and Amanda was the perfect weapon to aim at Hamilton-Winters and him. He speculated that they would fill the courtroom with everyone he'd wronged, together with a hologram of Neil. Devon said he was dreading the lawsuit.

Abby asked whether Devon was worried about losing the lawsuit or being face to face with Amanda. He said he didn't have a choice about facing Amanda. Abby said she was lucky because she and Chance continued to communicate because of Dominic, but Devon hadn't crossed paths with Amanda since the breakup. Devon said it would hurt that it would be in a courtroom when he saw Amanda again.

Abby said the stress wasn't something Devon needed. He claimed Lily was banking on it because she wanted it to be a painful process financially, professionally, and personally. Abby asked if Devon was sure the lawsuit was worth the destruction it would cause. Abby suggested that Devon consider Tucker's offer.

A drunken Phyllis spirals out of control

A drunken Phyllis spirals out of control

Friday, March 3, 2023

by Nel

At the cabin, Jack and Diane watched a movie that left Diane in tears. Jack said he was happy and grateful to have gotten a new beginning with her. While canoodling on the couch, Jack suggested they move into the cabin. Diane said as great as it sounded, they had too much waiting for them at home. She said Jack wouldn't want to leave his family or Jabot, and she didn't want to be apart from Kyle ever again. Jack promised to make their reality as special as he could.

Diane told Jack she wished there was an easy way to deal with Stark and his threats. She said stealing something else from Victor and Nikki's "pied de terre" was out of the question. Jack said he still stood by the choice they'd made because it had worked, if only temporarily. They were startled when they heard a loud bang outside. Panicked, Diane rushed to grab a poker and asked Jack if it was Stark. Jack said Stark couldn't possibly have known they were there. He opened the door and told Diane a tree branch had fallen against the cabin.

Diane told Jack she was angry with herself for allowing Stark to get to her again. She said she refused to be Stark's victim and vowed that one way or another, she would get Stark out of their lives. She said she was frustrated because their last plan hadn't worked, and she didn't want Jack or anyone else taking that kind of risk again. She said Jack's days of committing larceny were over. She remarked that it would take something extreme to get rid of Stark. She said she had no idea what that was, but she would be the one taking the risk. She said she'd brought him into their lives, and she would drive him out.

Jack told Diane that perhaps going on the offensive with Stark wasn't the right solution. Diane suggested that they hadn't framed Stark for a big enough crime. Jack disagreed and claimed that an opposite approach was the right way to go. He proposed they pretended that Stark didn't exist. Diane asked how they would do that when Stark sent packages to the house. Jack said they wouldn't open them, and when they saw Stark in town, they would walk the other way. He suggested they not talk about him, and they would take away Stark's power by not giving him power in the first place.

Jack promised Diane they would be safe while the security team and the police worried about Stark. In the meantime, he said they would live their lives to the fullest and enjoy every moment. He said Stark couldn't intimidate them if they didn't allow him to.

Jack told Diane that their life was falling into place, and he admitted they couldn't leave Genoa City, since they had far too much to lose. He said they'd waited a long time to find each other again, so they should not waste their time on Jeremy Stark. Jack confessed that having Diane back in his life again had given him energy, optimism, happiness, and a purpose he'd thought he'd lost forever. He said he wouldn't allow Stark or anyone else to take that from them because he loved her too much.

Diane admitted it was almost overpowering the way she loved Jack. Jack asked her to marry him.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis was inebriated. She left Summer a voicemail message to call her back. She stated she was Summer's mother, and she'd given birth to her in an elevator. Phyllis also left a voicemail for Daniel, threatening to hunt him down and ambush him if he didn't call her back.

Michael and Lauren arrived and saw that Phyllis was in an inebriated state. Lauren asked Phyllis if she was okay. Phyllis replied that she wasn't because her life was spinning out, and she couldn't stop it. Lauren suggested they get some coffee and food, but Phyllis refused because it wouldn't fix her problem. Michael left to get food.

Phyllis told Lauren that children could break their hearts. Lauren agreed. Phyllis said her kids had claimed she was interfering in their lives, and she was the cause of their problems. Michael returned and agreed that Phyllis was. Phyllis claimed she was trying to help her children. Lauren said Phyllis had the best intentions. Phyllis said her children claimed all their problems were because of her and the cause of their issues. She said she was tired of it.

Phyllis saw the look Lauren and Michael exchanged, and she asked if they also thought she was to blame. Lauren said they were there for her. Phyllis claimed they weren't, and their words were meaningless to her. She said she didn't want Lauren and Michael's advice. She said the only person she could rely on was herself and her drink.

When the food arrived, Lauren tried to encourage Phyllis to eat something. Phyllis refused. Michael told Phyllis they were family, and he asked what they could do to help. Phyllis firmly stated that they weren't family. Lauren reminded Phyllis that they'd warned her about interfering in Daniel's life behind his back. Phyllis barked that they were supposed to be her friends. She asked if they knew what that meant.

With a hitch in her breath, Phyllis asked how Michael could be Diane's friend as well as hers. Yelling, she accused him of welcoming "that bitch" to town with open arms after she'd faked her death. She asked how Michael could do that to her. Weeping, she accused him of allowing "that virus" back into town to latch on to Summer "like a host organism." Michael yelled back that Diane wasn't the root of all Phyllis' problems. Phyllis swore Diane was. She said she wished Diane had died; she wanted "that bitch" dead.

In her drunken state, Phyllis wondered where Diane's tombstone was. She told Lauren and Michael that they should find it and put it to good use. Michael warned Phyllis it was a very bad idea to make death threats in the middle of a hotel lobby. Phyllis claimed the hotel wasn't hers, and she gave Michael the raspberries. She claimed it was the First Amendment. It was in the Constitution, and she could do what she wanted. Michael barked that she could except when she was yelling murder or fire. She said they were either with her or against her. Phyllis declared she was done with them and done with their tough love.

Phyllis got up to leave, but Lauren asked her to hold on a minute. Phyllis retorted that she was suffocating and yelled for them to let her go. Lauren asked Michael to go after her.

When Michael returned, Lauren said Phyllis was spiraling out of control, and it had scared her. Michael agreed. He commented that Phyllis couldn't get out of her own way, and she wasn't thinking clearly. Lauren asked how many times Phyllis could go down that dark path and actually return. Michael stated that Phyllis was a survivor.

Sharon was surprised when Mariah arrived at the coffeehouse. Mariah told Sharon motherhood was amazing. Adam arrived in time to hear Mariah gushing about being a parent and seeing the world differently. Mariah showed Sharon photos of the new baby. When Sharon saw Adam, she apologized that she hadn't seen him arrive. She admitted she'd been "too busy gushing over" Mariah's baby girl. Adam congratulated Mariah.

Mariah showed Adam the photos of her daughter. She said all she saw was pure innocence and endless possibilities. Adam said the baby was lucky to have Mariah and Tessa as mothers. Mariah said they were very proud to be her parents, and she couldn't believe the three of them were a family. Mariah stepped away to take a call from Tessa. Adam said he needed to get going.

Sharon noticed Adam's odd behavior and asked what was wrong. Adam claimed he was a guy without a care in the world. Sharon said she wasn't buying it. He blurted out that Sally was pregnant, and he was the father. Adam guessed by Sharon's reaction she'd already known. He asked why Sharon hadn't told him he was going to be a father.

Sharon told Adam she'd known Sally was pregnant, but she'd promised not to tell anyone. She said it hadn't been her place to inform Adam he was the father, and until that moment, she hadn't known who the father was. Adam asked when Nick had told Sharon. Sharon replied that Sally had told her, not Nick. Stunned, Adam said he hadn't thought she and Sally were close. Sharon admitted they weren't, but Sally had needed a bit of guidance. Adam claimed they would all need more guidance by the time the baby arrived.

Adam told Sharon that part of him had been hoping that he and Sally would find their way back to each other, but it wouldn't happen, even though the baby was his. He said Nick had stepped up. Sharon said she understood how difficult it was for Adam to see Sally with Nick. She reminded Adam it couldn't be easy for Sally, either, and that she'd told him the truth. Sharon said Adam would be a great dad to that child, just like he was to Connor. Adam said with Nick in the mix, things would be tricky.

After Adam left, Mariah said she'd seen the intense conversation between Sharon and Adam. Sharon deflected by asking what Tessa had had to say. Mariah replied that Tessa was singing their sugarplum to sleep. She said they would forever be grateful that Delphine had chosen them as moms. Sharon admitted she would be, too. Sharon asked if they had a name for the baby. Mariah admitted they hadn't found the perfect name yet.

Sharon asked Mariah to share the names that were in the running. Mariah said she was concerned about Sharon's sensitivity. Sharon asked if it was because she hadn't named or raised Mariah. Sharon smiled and said they'd found each other, and Mariah had turned out to be a remarkable woman with a beautiful name that fit her beautiful soul. Mariah said they were trying to find the perfect name that matched their little girl's essence. Sharon said when Mariah heard it, she would know it.

In her suite, Sally called Nick and told him something was off, and she was concerned for the baby. Nick told her to call the doctor, and he was on his way. Sally called the doctor and expressed her concerns. When Nick arrived, Sally told him the doctor had said that some women were prone to headaches early in their pregnancy for a number of reasons, like fatigue, stress, or caffeine withdrawal, or it could be related to her blood pressure. She said the doctor wasn't concerned about anything, and Sally was less worried.

Sally told Nick she was to call the doctor back if she experienced any other symptoms, but she needed to reduce stress, eat well, and rest. She shared that the doctor had suggested that Sally try to find an odor or food that had triggered her headache. Sally said she felt silly calling him about a standard issue headache. Nick told her never to feel silly about calling him about her or the baby's health. He also said she absolutely should have called him because he always wanted to be the person she called. He promised he would drop everything when she needed him.

Nick suggested they try to figure out the underlying source of her headache. Sally said she'd had two eggs and toast for breakfast, chicken salad for lunch, and cashews from the minibar for dinner. Frustrated, he asked if she was taking her prenatal vitamins. She admitted she'd been a little lax about it. Nick said he had to keep his eye on her, and that meant spending more time with her. Sally apologized for worrying him, but he remarked that she'd reacted to a potential crisis with the baby. He claimed she was going to be an amazing mother.

Adam arrived, and Nick guessed that Adam showing up unannounced would become a regular thing. Sally opened the door and asked why Adam was there. He said he'd wanted to check in. Sally told Adam he didn't need to feel he had to check in because there was nothing that she needed from him before the baby's arrival. Nick informed Adam he would take care of Sally's needs until the baby arrived.

Adam told Nick and Sally he wasn't fighting that they were together and that Nick would be around. He said he wanted to attend some of Sally's doctor's appointments and ultrasounds. Sally said she would think about it. Adam left.

Sally told Nick it had to be tough for Adam. Nick said they were all in it together, and it was what it was. He said he'd had time to accept he wasn't the baby's father, and he could sympathize with Adam. Sally said the calmer things were, the better it would be for all of them. Nick promised to keep things that way, but with Adam involved, they never knew what to expect. He said they had to be careful.

Sally told Nick that she and Adam had had their fair share of drama, but with the baby involved, she didn't believe Adam would pull anything. She asked what Nick thought she should be careful about. Nick said Sally had a soft spot for Adam, and he respected what Sally and Adam had had together.

Nick told Sally that Adam's request for wanting to be involved in some of the doctor's appointments was completely justified. He said Sally believed she was doing the right thing by involving Adam in the pregnancy, but at the same time, she could be inviting trouble. He said it didn't matter what Adam's motives were, but the more involved he was, the harder it would be for Adam to let go.

Adam returned to the coffeehouse, and he told Sharon he was trying to be the good guy. He said he was trying to handle the situation with Sally and the baby with class, poise, and grace, but he wasn't sure he could keep it up.

In her suite, Phyllis was asleep on the couch. When she opened her eyes, Stark said she was lucky to be alive.

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