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Amanda ripped Devon apart during the arbitration hearing. Jill called off the IPO, but Devon and Lily remained at odds. Mamie returned to town. At the Genoa City Bicentennial Gala, Nikki and Victor unveiled the Neil Winters Jazz Lounge in honor of their late friend. Leanna Love crashed the gala.
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Amanda ripped Devon apart during arbitration. Diane found Phyllis and Stark together. The Genoa City Bicentennial Gala began with a dedication and a partycrasher.
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Jeremy threatens to crash the Bicentennial Gala

Jeremy threatens to crash the Bicentennial Gala

Monday, March 20, 2023

Traci greeted Jack in the living room at the Abbott home and acknowledged that he and Diane had not been away as long as expected on their romantic getaway. Jack told Traci that the trip had nonetheless been relaxing, and he said he had exciting news he was sharing only with close family. Jack smiled broadly as he announced that he and Diane were engaged to be married. Traci embraced her brother and told him she was happy he had found love again. Jack expressed doubts that everyone would be as enthusiastic as she was.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis was waiting to meet up with Jeremy in his suite when he unexpectedly entered the lobby from the workout room and called out to her. Phyllis reminded Jeremy she was trying to convince others that she had washed her hands of him to throw them off track regarding their plans for Diane. Diane entered and told Phyllis that every word out of her mouth about cutting ties with Jeremy had been a lie. Phyllis replied that she had been shocked to see Jeremy because she believed he had gone to Europe. Jeremy claimed that he had had to turn back from the airport to get his lucky socks because he did not dare conduct business without them. Jeremy asked Diane if she and Jack had cut short their trip because they had become sick of each other. Diane acknowledged that she and Jack had left town to avoid Jeremy, and she insisted that he no longer had power over her. Phyllis looked at Jeremy and replied, "Did you buy that? I didn't."

Diane blasted Phyllis for using her own daughter as a pawn to lure Diane and Jack back to town, which had put them in danger. Phyllis poked fun at Diane, claiming she seemed to have bought into own her fairy tale of saintly reform. Diane declared that she had indeed reformed. Phyllis replied, "Okay, now you're just a hypocrite." Jeremy proclaimed that Diane had been more fun when she had been "Taylor Jensen," back when they had been together in Los Angeles. Diane reminded Jeremy and Phyllis that she had apologized for her past, was a changed woman, and had even been made stronger after all the repeated attacks. Diane boasted that she and Jack had fallen in love and were back together again. Jeremy noted that Diane often fell in love with others' bank accounts. Diane bragged that Phyllis was about to hear news proving that her hatefulness had not won.

In Jeremy's suite, Phyllis asked Jeremy what news Diane had not divulged. Jeremy told Phyllis not to let it distract her because whatever plans Diane and Jack had would soon be a moot point if everything came off as planned. Phyllis promised Jeremy she would not become distracted by anything Jack and Diane had planned. Jeremy observed that together, he and Phyllis could light the world on fire. Jeremy pulled Phyllis close, but she placed her hands on his upper chest and said, "Stay focused." Phyllis said she had been waiting a really long, long time to get back at Diane. Phyllis told Jeremy she could not become distracted by a handsome, strong-shouldered ex-con. Jeremy said, "I'm flattered." Phyllis replied, "Don't be."

Diane slammed the door when she entered the Abbott home. Jack asked Diane what had riled her. Diane explained that she had run into Phyllis and Jeremy at the Grand Phoenix, noting that they were as thick as thieves. Diane, frustrated, said Phyllis had lied about Jeremy's trip and had faked her dramatic claims that she was not involved with his plans. Jack added that Phyllis had also involved Summer and Kyle to spread her lies. Jack said he wondered what Phyllis and Jeremy were planning, adding that Phyllis had already alienated everyone in her life.

Diane blamed Phyllis' jealousy, reminding Jack that both she and Phyllis had been fighting for his affections for years. Jack expressed disappointment that Phyllis had not been dissuaded by the fear of losing touch with her kids. Diane said Phyllis only cared about herself and her vendetta. Jack agreed that Phyllis had always given in to her worst impulses. Diane cried that only God knew what Phyllis and Jeremy had in store for her. Jack assured Diane that they could handle the situation together and would soon become husband and wife.

Daniel greeted Lily at Crimson Lights and asked her if she was ready for her arbitration hearing. A nervous Lily admitted she had not slept well. Daniel recalled how important it had been to Lily to build a company her family could run together. Lily sighed and acknowledged that mixing business with family seemed to be a faulty formula. Daniel recalled times things had gone wrong after he had encountered unexpected failures. Lily said she wished she and Devon could reach an amicable solution, though she had made attempts, including offering him rights to the company name.

Daniel advised Lily to do whatever it took to win, noting that she had not started the battle and had done everything possible to prevent the disagreement from going off the rails. Lily said she cared just as much about Neil's legacy, though Devon was determined to cling to the past while throwing away everything they had been working to build. Daniel blamed Devon for thwarting Lily's efforts to make her dream come true, and he advised Lily to focus on her own legacy and desires during the arbitration. Daniel insisted that Devon had no right to tear anything down, adding that any judge would agree. Lily breathed a sigh of relief, thanked Daniel, and said she really needed his supportive words.

At his penthouse, Devon straightened his tie and told Abby he felt assured Christine would successfully help him keep control of Hamilton-Winters. Abby mentioned that Devon would be seeing Amanda for the first time since they had broken up. Devon cried that Lily had hired Amanda to twist the knife even more. Abby offered to accompany Devon. Devon advised Abby to stay home with Dominic, so that whatever happened, he knew they both would be waiting for him. Abby assured Devon that she and Dominic would be ready and waiting to remind him about all the good things in his life.

Devon asked Abby if she planned to talk to her father after he had seen her wearing only Devon's shirt. Abby said she would at some point, though Devon was her main focus at the moment. Abby advised Devon to let Christine guide him during the hearing. Devon promised not to let personal feelings get in his way. Abby warned Devon that Amanda could attempt to antagonize him. Devon said that no matter what happened, he was secure in knowing that Abby and Dominic would "catch me." As Abby kissed Devon goodbye, he said that after he returned, they would celebrate at the gala.

After Devon left, Abby recalled talking to Devon long before about love. Devon had said that love, if real, meant that someone would always be ready to "catch you." Abby then remembered her relationships with Carmine, Chavez, and Tyler. Abby had acknowledged to Devon that she had not had the type of love she had desired from any of them.

Devon and Lily ran into each other in a hallway before the arbitration began. Lily greeted Devon and said, "It's our last chance." Devon replied, "It's our last chance for what?" Lily told Devon that after arbitration began, there would be no going back. Lily said she and Devon should strive to find common ground. Before Devon could respond, Amanda arrived and told Lily not to say another word. Amanda stood beside Lily and glared at Devon.

Nikki and Traci met at Society to discuss the Genoa City Bicentennial Gala. Nikki asked Traci to double-check the RSVP list because national and local media would descend on the city. Traci confirmed that both local and national VIPs would attend. Nikki assured Traci that Michael and Lauren had finalized details with the caterer. Traci declared that it would be the biggest event held in Genoa City in a really long time. Nikki agreed that bringing together current and former members of their community would be an unforgettable celebration.

Nikki confirmed that there would be a special presentation. Excited, Traci declared that the entire evening would be spectacular because a masked ball spoke to the novelist in her. Traci mentioned the need for a joyous occasion in light of recent events. Nikki seemed taken aback and replied, "Like what?" Traci explained that she was speaking in general terms and looked forward to bringing people together to celebrate 200 years of Genoa City history. Nikki replied, "Traci, you're not a very good liar." Nikki mentioned Jeremy Stark and made it clear that Phyllis had lured the menace back to town.

After Traci left, Jeremy entered Society and approached Nikki. Nikki told Jeremy she did not want him in Genoa City. Jeremy said that Nikki was the most intriguing among the three, including Phyllis and Ashley, who had all united solely to drive Diane out of town. Nikki joked that Phyllis would be thrilled to hear Jeremy's declaration. Jeremy recalled that Nikki had come from the other side of the tracks and knew how to fight and scrape to get what she wanted, which were qualities they shared. Nikki, frustrated, told Jeremy not to make assumptions about her.

Nikki warned Jeremy that his presence was barely tolerated after he had broken into her Chicago apartment to steal her necklace. Jeremy told Nikki she was smart enough to know he had been framed. Nikki warned Jeremy not to press his luck and to leave town before Victor ruined his already pathetic life. Jeremy reminded Nikki that she had turned her back on him after having enlisted his help to get Diane and was likely certain that Diane would eventually get what was coming to her. Nikki told Jeremy he was overestimating her interest in Diane.

Jeremy told Nikki that during the years he had spent in prison, he had come to realize that there was much more to life than wallowing in fury and regret. Jeremy mentioned the gala. Nikki quickly noted that it was invitation-only and that he was not invited. Jeremy said he intended to make a donation to the historical society sponsoring the event. Nikki, livid, informed Jeremy that it would take much more than a donation to gain admittance and that he would not be included, no matter how much he contributed. Jeremy said he would still do his part to make the gala a night to remember.

Phyllis rang the doorbell at the Abbott home. Traci answered the door and let Phyllis inside after Phyllis said she was supposed to meet up with Summer, who was running late. Traci told Phyllis she was on her way out and that Jack and Diane were upstairs with Harrison. As Traci was walking out the door, she teasingly made Phyllis promise not to steal anything. Phyllis watched to make sure Traci had left.

Phyllis quickly made her way inside the living room and spotted Diane's handbag. After rummaging inside, Phyllis found Diane's engagement ring inside the gift box. Phyllis' mouth was agape as she realized what Diane had alluded to during their previous encounter. Diane descended the stairs and said, "What the hell are you doing?" Phyllis secreted the ring box behind her back as she turned to face Diane. Phyllis explained that Traci had let her in to wait for Summer.

Diane accused Phyllis of using her daughter for whatever it was she was doing. Phyllis quickly placed her hand inside Diane's black purse before reaching for her own black purse to pull out her cellphone. Phyllis glanced at her phone and claimed that Summer had sent a text message stating that the meeting had been called off. Phyllis rushed toward the door and left. Diane looked puzzled as she stood in the open doorway.

Amanda revels in attacking Devon during arbitration

Amanda revels in attacking Devon during arbitration

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Nate tracked down Victoria in her office at Newman Enterprises, and she cooed that it looked like he'd read her mind. She wanted to go over budgetary issues for the next quarter, but he hoped to discuss something else first. Victoria sauntered over and hovered close to him as she asked if something was bothering him. Audra appeared in the doorway and stared at them suspiciously for a moment before ducking away.

Nate insisted that he and Victoria address what had happened the other night. She pointed out that they'd been clear with one another, but he wondered if things were really fine. He stressed that he didn't want their work dynamic to change, and he hoped his decision hadn't altered the trust and comfort they had with one another. She told him not to give it any more thought because it bore little to no weight on her end.

Victoria offered to admit that she'd overstepped and apologize if it would make Nate feel better. He swore that it wasn't necessary, adding that she wouldn't mean it, anyway. "Excuse me?" she incredulously asked. He doubted that she truly believed she'd overstepped. She giggled and confirmed that she didn't.

Victoria recognized that she and Nate were in two different situations, and she had a certain freedom he didn't have. She figured that she was a single woman who'd seen something interesting and acted on it, but she respected the choice he'd made. Victoria called Nate smart, sophisticated, and successful, and she was sure they could find a way to control themselves. She flirtatiously added that they didn't have to act on the attraction they had for one another -- no matter how powerful it was.

Victoria and Nate reviewed financial reports, and she was determined to find a way to increase revenues. He offered to go over the budget line by line, but he admitted that he was having a problem focusing because Lily and Devon's arbitration hearing had started that day. Nate knew how Victoria wanted it to go because of her play for McCall Unlimited, but he was worried about his cousins and wished there was something more he could do for them.

Victoria compared Nate's desire to make things right in his family to her uniting her clan by having her parents and Nick return to work for Newman. Victoria believed there was something powerful about having a family working together toward the same goal. Nick regretted that his family's attempt to do that hadn't worked out, and he accepted a heavy share of blame for it. Victoria was impressed that he'd taken responsibility and was trying to make amends, and she hoped he could heal the rift in his family.

Victoria recalled that she'd been romantically involved with some unscrupulous people, so she found Nate's moral compass to be a nice change of pace. Nate clarified that he and Victoria weren't together, and she replied that his core values were also very admirable in business. She encouraged him not to feel guilty about how things had unraveled between Devon and Lily. Nate muttered that Victoria was the only one who felt that way.

At Newman Media, Elena greeted Audra and asked if Nate was around. Audra thought he was in a meeting, and Elena huffily assumed that it was with Victoria. Audra inquired whether everything was okay, and Elena replied that she honestly didn't know. Audra suggested that they have a chat somewhere else over a cup of coffee.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Elena insisted that she wasn't jealous or insecure, but she had been struggling with the amount of time Nate had been spending at work. Audra acknowledged that the demands were intense at Newman Media, but she felt that Elena had legitimate questions about what was going on between Nate and Victoria. Audra swore she didn't want to cross any lines or cause any issues between Nate and Elena, but she voiced concern that Nate and Victoria's relationship seemed a little deep.

Audra admitted that she might be biased because she felt out of the loop at times, but she sensed more than a normal employee-employer dynamic between Victoria and Nate. Audra noted that the two were together constantly, and they seemed to discuss more than just business. Elena asked if Audra thought Nate and Victoria were having an affair. Audra replied that she wasn't sure anything physical had happened, but she suspected it was heading in that direction. Elena wailed that she didn't know what to do with the information, since it didn't make sense to her.

Elena recalled that she and Nate had struggled, but they'd also fought hard to get through it, and she didn't see why he'd jeopardize what they had. Audra reasoned that some men were just like that, and Elena shared that she and Nate had both been in relationships when they'd first gotten together. Elena realized that she had a choice whether to wait and catch Nate and Victoria in the act, trust Nate when he said nothing was going on, or fight for him. Audra guessed that Elena wasn't the type to sit back and do nothing. Elena confirmed that she was willing to fight for her relationship, but it was difficult because Nate loved his job, and Victoria was a part of that.

Audra chirped that she had an idea that would change the status quo in a way that would help Elena. Audra explained that she always did research when she started a new job, and she'd done a deep dive into Victoria's life. Audra indicated that Victoria hadn't had a lack of romantic partners, and she wondered if Elena had followed the drama with Ashland Locke. Elena shared that Ashland and Nate had once been close, but Nate had found out that Ashland had been manipulating him. Elena called Ashland a piece of work, and Audra commented that it seemed like Victoria had married a few of them.

Audra noted that one of Victoria's former partners had disappeared after he and Victoria had broken up, and he'd returned a changed man who'd been violent and dangerous. Elena guessed Audra meant J.T. Hellstrom. Elena recalled that he'd almost killed Victoria, Nikki, and Sharon, and Audra referred to the brain tumor that had caused him to spiral. Audra suggested that J.T. might be an interesting case study, but Elena didn't see what it had to do with Nate and Victoria. Audra divulged that she'd discovered that J.T. had been released from prison but had avoided Genoa City since he'd been out.

Audra thought an interview with J.T. would be the perfect way for Elena to kickstart the reboot of her podcast with Newman Media. Audra envisioned J.T. having the opportunity to explain what he'd been through and publicly make amends, but Elena hesitated to exploit someone for ratings. Audra insisted that it would be healing for everyone and that it would give Elena the chance to work directly with Nate. Audra further noted that looking into J.T.'s story might have an impact on Victoria, since perhaps a love like theirs had never really died.

Elena admitted that the idea of shifting Victoria's attention away from Nate was tempting and that she'd love to work with Nate to produce the podcast. Audra called it a win-win for almost everyone. Elena loved the idea of raising awareness of the effects brain tumors could have on people's thought processes, but she balked at the idea of toying with someone's emotions by making them relive traumas simply to stop Victoria from stealing Elena's boyfriend. Elena thanked Audra for the insight and for giving her a lot to think about.

At the arbitration hearing site, Devon voiced surprise that Amanda had agreed to represent Lily, since he'd thought Amanda never wanted to see him again. Amanda reasoned that she'd been instrumental in solidifying the merger, and no one knew the ins and outs of it better. Devon argued that he and Lily did, but Amanda countered that he was more about the big picture, whereas Amanda had been the one in the trenches. Amanda viewed it as a natural extension of what she'd been doing for Jill and Lily.

Devon snapped that the case was about right and wrong, and Amanda agreed. Devon pointed out that Amanda knew how much time he'd put into Hamilton-Winters, but she considered it a joke that he was there to tout his loyalty. Devon questioned whether it was revenge for Amanda. She haughtily stated that she was there to win an arbitration, and having a front-row seat to watch him lose was just a perk.

Christine appeared and remarked that it was nice to see everyone exchanging pleasantries. Christine ushered Devon into the conference room, and she warned that he couldn't let Amanda get under his skin if he wanted a shot at walking away with his company. Christine observed that he seemed rattled, and Devon claimed that he'd been letting the women think they'd gotten to him.

Lily and Amanda filed into the room, followed by the arbitrator, who asked if both sides were ready to proceed. Christine replied that they were, but Devon protested that Jill wasn't there. Amanda coolly stated that Lily was there on behalf of Chancellor-Winters and that Jill would join them as soon as she was able to step away from her professional obligations. "Then let's begin," the arbitrator declared.

Christine explained that Hamilton-Winters had been founded on one core principle -- family. She continued that Neil and Devon had created it in a culmination of familial love and devotion, and the company they'd built had grown into a shining symbol of Neil's legacy. Christine condemned Jill and Lily for preying upon Devon's commitment to family when they'd convinced him to merge Hamilton-Winters with Chancellor Industries. Christine accused Jill and Lily of coercing Devon into merging the companies by claiming that they'd create a family-run entity that would have made Neil proud, only to insist that they open Chancellor-Winters to an IPO shortly after the merger.

Christine chided Jill and Lily for wanting to take a family-run company and let in outside influences, taking the power out of their hands and putting it into the hands of others. Christine added that Devon had tried to amicably stop the IPO and dissolve the merger after Jill and Lily had made it clear they had no intention of making the dream they'd sold Devon a reality. Christine argued that Devon wasn't asking for a windfall and that he only wanted to walk away with the company he and his father had created.

Amanda declared that there was no doubt the work that Devon had put into building Hamilton-Winters with his late father was admirable, and the success of the company had been a large part of why her clients had proposed the merger. Amanda contended that the reasons behind Devon's decision to merge his company were irrelevant, and he'd entered into a contractual agreement with no promise that the new company would remain private during his tenure. Amanda spat that Devon was requesting that the court assist him with breaching the contract because he didn't want to hold up his end of the bargain. She blasted him for preferring to throw it all away without considering the irreparable damage he'd cause to the existing company.

Amanda stated that the foundation of the contract between Chancellor Industries and Hamilton-Winters had been based on fairness for all parties involved. She explained that Jill had been given the largest stake in the merged company, so other terms had been put in that were more favorable to Devon, and it was a compromise the parties had agreed upon. Amanda recounted that she'd personally reviewed the documents for Devon during various stages of the merger, and she'd found the terms to be fair to him, with nothing purposely one-sided.

Amanda proclaimed that nothing had changed in the process except Devon's desires, and when he'd wanted to move in a new direction, he'd regretted signing the deal and pointed fingers at her clients. Amanda leaned in and looked Devon in the eye. "You're not allowed to change the rules in the middle of the game. It's not the way business works -- or life -- and no amount of emotionally charged accusation is going to change the reality. There's only one person guilty of breaking the Chancellor-Winters agreement, and that person is you," Amanda snarled. Christine quietly advised Devon to keep it together as Lily squirmed. Devon requested a recess.

Over coffee at Crimson Lights, Amanda told Lily the case was going as well as they could have expected. Lily admitted that she was feeling torn because the way they were going about it was causing Devon a lot of pain. Amanda asked if Lily wanted to win. Lily confirmed she did, but she also didn't want to hurt Devon. Lily felt like Amanda was attacking him professionally and personally. Amanda argued that it was her job to use all the ammunition in her arsenal, including using her presence to put him off balance. Amanda sympathized that Lily felt conflicted, but she believed Devon had brought it on himself.

Amanda ranted that Devon was trying to destroy everything Lily had accomplished, and she cited the many nights Lily had spent alone at the office when Devon had never demonstrated the same level of commitment. Lily reflected on Daniel saying something similar. Amanda blasted Devon for trying to rip part of the company away for purely selfish reasons, and Lily compared it to the way he'd ripped apart his relationship with Amanda.

Amanda admitted that she'd been using her breakup with Devon to their advantage by making him flustered, but she reasoned that he should have thought about the consequences of his actions before he'd cheated on her. Lily objected to making the situation about him cheating, but Amanda insisted that it was about keeping the company intact. Amanda vowed to do everything she could to make it happen, and she pointed out that Lily had agreed to her methods, so it was too late to back down.

At Society, Christine lectured Devon about how it was his lawyer's job to call a recess. Devon groused that it had been difficult for him to see Amanda enjoying the opportunity to go after him while Lily had allowed Amanda to take shots below the belt. Christine ordered him to maintain his composure because he was otherwise letting Lily and Amanda's strategy work. Devon conceded that it was harder than he'd thought to sit back and not say anything when the attacks were personal, knowing Amanda didn't care about anything except seeing everything he'd built burn to the ground.

Christine encouraged Devon to vent his feelings to her instead of doing it during arbitration. She warned that he couldn't explode during the proceedings, or he'd be giving Lily and Amanda what they wanted by making it look like the lawsuit was the selfish move they were claiming it was. Devon inquired whether Christine had gotten a read on the arbitrator.

Jill entered the Newman ranch in response to Victor's urgent summons. She informed him that she was late for the arbitration and had to go soon. He feigned ignorance that it was that day, and he voiced surprise that she'd been willing to go to war with Devon over Hamilton-Winters. Jill contended that if there had been a more amicable option, she would have taken it, but things sometimes turned ugly when dealing with family. Jill reasoned that Devon had accepted the merger with the knowledge that she'd retain majority interest in Chancellor-Winters, and she liked the company the way it was.

Victor contemplated how Katherine would have felt if she'd known Jill had drawn a hard line with Devon. Jill conceded that there were times she missed Katherine like crazy, but she didn't miss Katherine harping at her about how to run the company. Jill revealed that she and Lily had tried to reach an agreement with Devon by offering him a generous settlement and letting him retain the Hamilton-Winters name, but he'd shot it down. Jill asserted that Devon was playing with a weak hand and had no legal standing. Victor agreed, but he warned that Jill's personal relationship with Devon would suffer. Victor proclaimed that he was willing to offer an alternative to the lawsuit.

Victor believed Devon was worried about letting strangers interfere in the company's decision-making processes, and he understood why Devon wanted his company back. Victor said he had the feeling Jill hadn't thought the IPO through. Jill defended that the idea hadn't been unvetted or impulsive, and she didn't appreciate Victor's insinuations. Victor clarified that he hadn't meant to imply there had been any wrongdoing, but he knew her well enough to know she wanted to keep control above all else.

Victor said he'd thought about taking Newman public, but he'd decided he'd never let strangers interfere with his decisions -- unless he needed the money. He acknowledged that a public offering would provide an influx of capital, but he argued that there were more creative ways of raising funds that would allow Jill and Devon to maintain control of the company. Victor implied that a private investor might stay out of the decision-making process and agree to do so in writing. Jill assumed he had someone in mind, and he smiled.

Victor repeated that Devon was playing with a weak hand, and he predicted Jill would win. Victor anticipated that if Devon stayed on the same path, Devon would destroy the company Neil and Devon had built, and for Neil's sake, Victor refused to let that happen. Victor added that Devon had become more intimately involved in Abby and Dominic's lives, and he wanted to be sure Neil's legacy eventually passed on to Victor's grandson. Victor offered Jill the money she thought Chancellor deserved.

Mamie Johnson returns to Genoa City

Mamie Johnson returns to Genoa City

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

by Nel

At the arbitration hearing, the arbitrator asked if there was more evidence that either side wanted to present. Amanda directed the arbitrator's attention to the legal document that had been signed by Devon, agreeing to the merger. Jill arrived. The arbitrator invited Jill to sit down, but Jill said it wasn't necessary because she was going to settle the whole mess. The arbitrator said if there had been a chance to avoid litigation, Jill should have done it before arbitration had commenced.

Jill told Devon and Lily it was urgent they talked because it could change the future for all of them. She suggested they discuss things somewhere more casual. Christine and Amanda wanted to speak to their respective clients, but Jill claimed their services weren't required. Christine objected, but Jill assured her everything would be off the record. Jill asked Devon and Lily to give it one more try without the attorneys. Devon agreed.

After everyone left, Devon accused Amanda of enjoying tearing him down in front of everyone. Amanda said if he believed that, he could add that to the long list of things he would never understand. He said he hadn't misunderstood when she'd said that watching him fail was one of the perks of her job. Amanda stated that every time she'd had to point out his flaws and shortcomings, and put his lack of loyalty on display, it had been a painful reminder of the pain he'd caused her. She said she'd failed at choosing a good man, one that would respect her, love her, and not humiliate her in such a hurtful way with Abby, of all people.

Amanda reminded Devon how broken he'd been when Elena had cheated on him with Nate. She reminded him that she'd helped him pick up the pieces. She said she took no pleasure in any of it because she hated remembering how deeply he'd hurt her. She said she'd believed he was a good man, but she knew the truth. Amanda left.

Phyllis arrived in Stark's suite, and she informed him that she'd found an engagement ring in Diane's purse. She shouted that she'd been right that Diane had returned to Genoa City to con Jack and everyone else in town, and Diane had a big diamond ring to prove it. Phyllis growled there was no way she was going to allow that to happen.

Almost in tears, Phyllis told Stark she would never see or have a relationship with Summer and screeched that she wouldn't allow that to happen. Phyllis stated that evil had to be eradicated. Stark said it was a good thing their plan would stop Diane in her tracks. Phyllis claimed Diane was going to make the gala all about her engagement. She said that while Diane wore that disgusting engagement ring, she would celebrate her return from the dead and boast about becoming the newest member of the Abbott family.

Stark told Phyllis that Diane was being unjustly rewarded for all the crimes she'd committed and the lies she'd told. Phyllis said she didn't understand why she was the only one who saw Diane for who she was. Stark reminded Phyllis they were a team. He said if Diane was planning to make a big announcement at the gala, then he and Phyllis needed to make their move, as well. Phyllis agreed and said things had to go as planned because it couldn't blow up in her face. Stark said that was the beauty of a masquerade ball; he could work his magic, and no one would know he'd been there.

Stark told Phyllis not to worry because it was what he did, and he would keep an eye on her. Stark said he was aware things had to happen with clockwork precision, and he promised they would. Phyllis reminded him it was life or death for her. Stark said they were both taking a huge risk. He said there was no way he would go back to prison.

Phyllis received a text message from Summer that unnerved her. She told Stark if they went through with their plan, her entire life would change. She said she would be keeping the biggest secret she'd ever kept in her life. Stark asked if she was incapable of telling a few lies. Phyllis said not like that one. Stark told her it was her last chance to call it off. Without responding, Phyllis left.

When Jack arrived home, he told Diane he was amazed how many people had returned to town to attend the bicentennial shindig. Jack suggested they announce their engagement at the gala because he felt it would be the perfect time and place. Diane asked if Jack was sure he wanted to make their news public. Jack confirmed he did because all their friends and family would be in attendance, celebrating the past and moving on to the future. He suggested they be the future. Diane agreed.

Diane informed Jack that Phyllis had stopped by earlier, claiming she'd been meeting Summer, but then she'd received a text from Summer saying they were meeting elsewhere. Diane said she felt a little unnerved because it had been so soon after she'd seen Phyllis with Jeremy. Diane said she was certain Phyllis and Jeremy were up to something. She said Phyllis' behavior had been off.

Jack assured Diane he wouldn't allow Phyllis or Stark to rob them of their happiness. He said they had nothing to fear because security was in place. Diane said she couldn't wait to tell the world she was going to be Mrs. Jack Abbott. Diane wanted to be sure Kyle was on board before making an announcement. Jack asked how Kyle couldn't approve, since his parents were finally getting married.

The doorbell rang. When Jack opened the door, he was shocked and thrilled to see Mamie. When Mamie entered, she wasn't happy to see Diane. Mamie said she was in town to attend the gala. Jack invited Mamie to stay at the Abbott house, and she accepted. Diane left.

Jack thanked Mamie for the note she'd sent after Dina had died. Mamie said Dina had been a decent woman, just not a good mother. Mamie hoped Jack had forgiven Dina. Jack acknowledged they'd found peace before Dina had died. Mamie blurted out that Jack was in love, and she asked if the object of his affection was Diane. Jack admitted it was, and he wanted Mamie to meet the woman Diane had become. He also admitted it had caused a few problems at home. Mamie immediately zeroed in on Ashley. Mamie said all that mattered was that Jack was in love and happy.

When Mamie was alone, she had a flashback. Mamie asked if Jack was living in the Abbott home by himself. Jack responded that Ashley was living there with her husband Cole, and Diane also lived there. Mamie asked if Jack had married Diane. Jack admitted they were thinking about it. Mamie said, "Congratulations, I guess." Jack said he'd hoped to get Ashley and Diane to sign a peace treaty, but that didn't appear likely. Mamie said it sounded like fun.

At Society, Kyle said Diane ought to be looking forward to the gala, knowing Stark was overseas. Diane said Stark had never left town. Kyle said he'd checked, and Stark had chartered a jet. Diane said it had been a carefully planned scheme by Stark and Phyllis to get Diane and Jack home. Kyle stated that Phyllis knew how dangerous Stark was. Diane replied that she'd bumped into Phyllis with Stark earlier that day.

Kyle pulled out his phone and sent a text message to Summer, informing her that Phyllis had teamed up with a monster. Diane looked pleased. Kyle said no matter where Stark was, he was a danger to everyone, and they had to figure out a way to get rid of him. Diane assured him that security was still in place at home and at work.

Diane asked Kyle if he'd given any more thought to her and Jack getting married. Kyle suggested the three of them should discuss it so there wouldn't be any misunderstanding.

Billy arrived at the Abbott home. He was shocked to see Mamie and hugged her warmly. Jack entered and told Mamie her room was ready. After Mamie went to her room, Billy asked if Jack had known Mamie would be there. Jack admitted he'd had no idea, but both men were overjoyed that she was there.

Jack asked if Billy's visit had something to do with Jack's job offer. Billy admitted it did. He told Jack it felt like the right time, and he was ready. Jack noted there had been a change in Billy, and it had something to do with Billy hanging around Chelsea. Jack also noted that Billy was more mature, centered, and thoughtful.

Billy said he'd shared a few things with Jack about Chelsea's anxiety and depression. He said he'd been with Chelsea the whole time, and when he'd seen the life and death of it up close, he'd realized that if it didn't destroy a person, it made them stronger. Jack said everything Billy had been through had brought him back to Jabot. Jack welcomed Billy home, and Jack hugged him.

Billy told Jack he'd had some thoughts about new directions they could take at Jabot. Jack suggested that Billy write them down because there were too many things going on that evening. Billy noted that Jack looked like he had something up his sleeve. Smiling from ear to ear, Jack claimed he didn't know what Billy was talking about. When Diane and Kyle arrived, Billy left.

Diane told Jack she'd met with Kyle to ask him how he felt about their engagement. Kyle said he'd given a lot of thought to Jack and Diane's history, together and apart. He'd thought about what their decision meant to everyone in their lives and how it would affect their futures. He said the road to true love had never run smoothly for them; they'd had their fair share of obstacles, but they loved each other. Kyle said the circumstances of Jack and Diane's love story were beyond extraordinary, so they had his blessing.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea suggested to Daniel that they use the game format for people to navigate all interpersonal conflicts. She said small challenges became bigger and more complex as the player developed more skills. She suggested they come up with a magical world where they helped people navigate certain pitfalls and helped them come out the other side. She suggested they start changing the world, one player at a time. Daniel said he was in.

Daniel told Chelsea it was an honor working with her. He said they'd both been on rocky roads and that life had thrown them some curveballs. He said those were the ones that helped them learn, grow, and get stronger, and perhaps they would help a few people along the way. After Daniel left, Billy arrived and commented on Chelsea's smile. Chelsea responded that Billy looked like he'd won the lottery.

Billy told Chelsea he was returning to Jabot. Chelsea claimed it was where he belonged. Billy asked how he and Chelsea had gone from barely employable to movers and shakers again. She said they'd each found their niche. She said she felt like she'd been waiting for it her whole life. She said she believed things would be great for both of them.

Later, while on the patio, Abby sent a text message to Devon: "Hope arbitration is going well. Let me know." She turned to leave and came face to face with Amanda.

At Society, Lily told Jill they'd been through hell in the past three months, and she asked how Jill could suddenly make everything go away. Jill said she'd been delighted that the arbitrator hadn't make her decision yet. Lily claimed things had been going well for them in arbitration. Jill insisted that Lily and Devon needed to hear her out.

When Devon arrived, Jill told Lily and Devon she'd reached a decision that would be mutually beneficial. Devon said he would be the judge of that, and Lily said she felt she and Jill needed to discuss things first. Jill announced she wasn't going to go through with the IPO, and the company would remain a private entity. Lily and Devon were stunned. Jill said the IPO had been the sticking point for Devon, and she hoped he would change his mind about staying. She said she also hoped that Lily and Devon could find a way to be family again.

Devon asked how Jill expected them to work together after everything Lily had said to him. Lily pointed out that Devon had had a few choice words for her, too. He asked about everything Lily had done. Lily asked if she'd had the audacity of holding Devon to his contract. Devon said he was referring to her stabbing him in the back by hiring Amanda and not honoring how he grieved for Neil. Lily sarcastically said not everything she did revolved around his feelings. Lily claimed Devon was selfish.

Dismayed, Jill told Lily and Devon it was breaking her heart that they would let things fall apart that way. She said they were family. Jill said she wished she had a time machine so she could return to a time before she'd made the IPO an issue. She asked what was going to happen if they couldn't forgive each other and learn to work together. Devon claimed he didn't see a way he could do that.

In the lobby of the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis told Summer she hated that they couldn't talk the way they had in the past. Summer said in their last conversation, Phyllis had informed her and Kyle that Stark had gone to Europe to track down Jack and Diane, but Stark had never left town. Summer asked if Phyllis had bold-faced lied to her when their relationship had been on the verge of destruction.

Phyllis said she hoped Summer would never know what it was like to have a child turn their back on a parent. Summer accused Phyllis of joining forces with a dangerous man. Phyllis asked if Summer had heard that from Diane. Summer asked Phyllis to admit she was working with Stark. She claimed she didn't know who Phyllis was anymore. Phyllis spat that she was Summer's mother, and she would do anything in the world to keep Summer protected and safe.

Summer accused Phyllis of using her to deliver a lie to Jack and Diane so that Phyllis and Stark could get revenge on Kyle's mom. Phyllis said she was protecting Summer, but Summer accused Phyllis of putting her in harm's way. Phyllis said everything she did for Summer was because she loved Summer, and she wanted to keep Summer safe and protected. Summer stated that wasn't love; it was traumatizing, and Phyllis was hurting everyone Summer loved. She begged Phyllis to stop, or Phyllis needed to be gone before someone was really hurt. Summer stormed out. Phyllis returned to Stark's room and told him she was in. She said they were going to make it a party one no one would forget.

Genoa City's bicentennial celebration begins on the red carpet

Genoa City's bicentennial celebration begins on the red carpet

Thursday, March 23, 2023

by Nel

Nikki and Victor were the first to arrive on the red carpet in front of the Athletic Club. Victor told the paparazzi he was looking forward to meeting with everyone in town and that it would be one of the most memorable evenings in Genoa City's history. Inside, Nikki told Victor she hoped all petty differences would be set aside. Victor assured her they would be for approximately ten minutes, and then "all hell will break loose."

Victor and Nikki were at the bar when Michael arrived. He commented that it was going to be a marvelous night. Nikki told Victor his only focus was to celebrate Genoa City with all their friends. Nikki happily shouted for the party to begin.

Tucker arrived at the Abbott home and invited Ashley to attend the gala with him. Jack stood at the top of the stairs, scowling. Jack asked if Ashley was bringing Tucker to the gala. Ashley retorted it was none of his business. Jack reminded her the Abbotts had always been a respected and admired family in the community. He claimed it was outrageous for Ashley to bring Tucker to such an important night for them. Jack said it was a slap in the face for the Abbotts that had come before. Ashley said she doubted their ancestors had an issue with her going to the gala with a miscreant.

Jack asked when Ashley would realize she didn't have to give Tucker another moment of her attention. Ashley turned to Tucker and informed him it was a date. Jack said Mamie would be at the gala. He told Ashley to make sure Tucker wasn't with her when she saw Mamie. At the top of the stairs, Kyle and Summer watched Ashley and Tucker leave. Kyle asked Jack what they'd missed.

When Diane entered, she and Jack told Kyle and Summer that they wanted to announce their engagement at the gala. Kyle and Summer didn't look happy. Kyle asked why they wanted to make the announcement at such a huge event. Jack said they would be able to tell everyone in one fell swoop.

Summer suggested that Jack and Diane wait until the next day. Diane acknowledged there would be some negative reactions, but they weren't worried about it. Jack asked if Summer was concerned about how Phyllis would react. Summer asked why Jack wasn't concerned. She said Phyllis wasn't going to take the news well. Summer appeared to have second thoughts and said the way Phyllis had conspired with Stark and lied to her about it, Summer shouldn't care about Phyllis' hurt feelings. Summer stated that Jack and Diane had every right to shout from the rooftop about their engagement. Kyle agreed. Summer and Kyle left to see to Harrison.

Jack slipped the engagement ring onto Diane's finger. Diane said she would cherish him for the rest of her life. Jack said he couldn't wait to make their announcement, and once everyone knew, they would finally have the happiness they deserved. They kissed.

On the patio of Crimson Lights, Abby greeted Amanda. Amanda commented that Abby looked surprised. She said she was in town for the arbitration. Abby said she hadn't seen Amanda since... Amanda interrupted and said since she'd walked in on Abby and Devon half-naked in her living room. Abby apologized for the pain she'd caused Amanda. Abby said it didn't matter if the betrayal had been unintentional; they'd never meant for it to happen. Amanda said she didn't care. She said she'd replayed that day over and over in her mind.

Amanda said she'd been hurt and angry, but she hadn't allowed it to dictate her life. She said she had too much to focus on -- her job, her family, and back home, her mom needed her love and support. Abby asked why Amanda had returned, knowing she would be going head to head with Devon. She asked if Amanda was trying to punish Devon. Amanda denied it. Abby said Devon was struggling to keep his connection to Neil and his company. Abby asked Amanda not to punish Devon for a mistake Abby and Devon had made.

Abby said Amanda knew how much Devon had loved Neil, and how much Hamilton-Winters meant to him. Abby asked if deep down, Amanda knew how wrong the suit was. She suggested that maybe there was a way for Amanda to resolve it in a way that could work out for everyone. Amanda stated it never worked out for everyone. She said Lily had asked her to win the case, and that was what she was obligated to do. She said she didn't waste her time on cases she couldn't win.

Amanda said Abby's little plea had been touching, but she suggested Abby let the grown-ups figure things out. Amanda said she never wanted to speak to Abby about anything again.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria had a flashback. Nick told Victoria he wasn't worried about Adam making inroads with Sally, but he was worried Adam would cause Sally and the baby stress they didn't need. She told him to do his best to protect Sally.

Nick said Adam had confirmed that once Newman Enterprises acquired McCall Unlimited, he would be placed in charge. Victoria stated that would never happen. Nick said Victor wanted to bring Adam closer to the family, and he wouldn't quit until he got what he wanted. Victoria claimed Victor would have to find another way to get what he wanted.

Nick told Victoria that by allowing Adam to run McCall, it kept him out of their business. Victoria claimed then Adam would win. She said her plan was to fold McCall into Newman, and she wouldn't allow Victor or Adam to derail that. Nick told her Newman didn't need McCall, since they'd made a lot of great acquisitions, and the company was doing great.

Victoria told Nick she wasn't going to pass on such a phenomenal opportunity so that Victor could use McCall to lure Adam back into the family and make Adam more beholden to Victor. She said she and Nick knew it would end in disaster for both of them.

Victoria snapped out of her reverie when Adam arrived and commented that it should be quite the party. Victoria said they'd been very busy at Newman, and everyone could use the party to blow off some steam. She assumed Adam had been busy with whatever he'd been doing. Adam said he was waiting on something very interesting.

Victoria told Adam she hoped he didn't have his heart set on McCall Unlimited. Adam asked if she thought Devon would buy it. Victoria said no because it would soon be a Newman property. Victoria stated that when Newman acquired McCall, Adam definitely wouldn't be in charge. Adam chortled and claimed he was about to say the same thing to her.

Adam said he didn't know what Victoria had heard, but she wasn't going to control Tucker's company. Victoria explained that Newman Enterprises was going to acquire McCall Unlimited. She said she was in charge of Newman, and she asked how she wouldn't be in charge of McCall. She claimed there seemed to be a flaw in Adam's argument. Adam countered that the flaw was in her premise that she actually controlled Newman.

Victoria told Adam she was aware of Victor's offer to Adam to be in control of McCall, but Adam had to realize it had only been a gesture. Victoria said there was "no way in hell" she would stand by and watch Victor give away a billion-dollar company to his poor baby boy. Adam asked if it had ever occurred to her that he was qualified to run that company. Victoria admitted it hadn't. Adam said he was qualified, and she was deluded if she thought Victor wasn't going to see his plan through. Victoria countered that Adam was deluded if he thought Victor was going to help Adam "this time."

Adam claimed Victoria's problem was that she overestimated her own abilities so badly that she was oblivious to other people's strengths. He said it was probably the reason Victor was going to put him in charge of McCall -- because she didn't know what she was doing. Nate walked in and told Adam he was out of line. Victoria told Nate that Adam was harmless. Nate said Adam needed to be called out for it.

Adam found the situation interesting and commented that Nate either felt very strongly about the McCall acquisition, or he felt very strongly about defending his boss. Adam said it was good Nate and Victoria were on the same page, and perhaps they could discuss it at the gala. Adam asked Nate if Elena was going to the gala or if Nate was going with Victoria, like a work thing. Nate confirmed Elena was going. As Victoria and Nate were leaving, Adam shouted for Victoria to save him a dance.

Sharon entered and asked Adam if she dared ask what that had been about. Adam claimed she wouldn't be as entertained as he had been. Adam asked if Sharon had a date for the gala. She said she didn't. Adam asked if they could go together. He said it would be nice to go with someone he enjoyed being with. Sharon smiled and said he wanted someone to complain to when he saw Sally and Nick together. Adam admitted it stung a bit, but he'd accepted that they were together. Sharon agreed to be Adam's arm candy.

Devon exited the elevator on the penthouse floor and saw Nate, who was on his way to the gala. Nate asked Devon how the arbitration was going. Devon asked why Nate cared. Devon said it was only his guilt talking. Nate admitted he still had some guilt, but he hated seeing Devon and Lily at each other's throats. Nate said he thought Devon and Lily would have figured things out, but it wasn't too late. He insisted they could still turn things around.

Devon asked if Nate was an expert mediator, because it appeared that was all Nate had been trying to do over the past few weeks. Nate asked Devon to hear him out. Devon agreed.

Nate told Devon that the highlight of his brief and tumultuous time at Chancellor-Winters had been watching Devon and Lily work together. He said their bond had been strong and filled with love. He apologized for his role in their conflict and for betraying them. He asked Devon to think how Neil would have perceived the rift between Devon and Lily. Nate asked if Neil would want to help Devon rebuild his relationship with Lily. Nate said Neil wasn't there, but Nate would love to know if there was anything he could do to help. Devon said there was absolutely nothing Nate could do. He thanked Nate and entered his suite.

Alone at home, Devon stared at a photo of Neil and one of himself, Lily, and Neil. Abby arrived and asked how the arbitration had gone. He said it hadn't gone well. He admitted he hadn't kept his cool, and he'd allowed Amanda to get to him. Abby said it wasn't over, and there was still a chance that things could turn around.

Devon told Abby that Jill had interrupted the arbitration, and she'd taken him and Lily aside and announced that she was prepared to kill the IPO and keep the company private. Abby said it could change everything. Devon said that if Jill had proposed that weeks earlier, they might have been able to work something out. Devon said keeping the company private wasn't going to do any good because he didn't know how he could ever trust them to keep their word.

Abby pointed out that it would give Devon a chance to work things out with Lily. Devon said Lily had hired Amanda, and she'd been the one who'd gone after him the most. Abby told Devon she'd run into Amanda earlier. She said Amanda had been calm during their conversation. Abby mentioned that they should get ready for the gala, but Devon wanted to stay home. Abby encouraged him to go, if only to get his mind off things. Abby said she wasn't supposed to say anything, but there was something very special happening later at the gala, and he would want to be there.

At Society, Jill told Lily she thought killing the IPO would have made a difference. She said she'd thought Devon would have dropped the lawsuit immediately, and the healing would begin. Lily complained that Devon hadn't even considered it. Jill said she hadn't given up hope. She said perhaps Devon would come around after giving it some thought. Lily chastised Jill for not informing her about killing the IPO or why she wanted Devon to stay with the company. Lily asked Jill what she wasn't telling them.

Lily said she didn't understand. She said Jill had been so determined to take the company public that she'd ignored Devon's protests, and suddenly, she wanted to keep the company private. Jill said Lily had to leave room to maneuver and not lock herself into a position. She said a strong leader had to be able to change her mind. Lily reminded Jill that it should have happened before arbitration had commenced, but they were winning the case. She asked if Jill still wanted to reverse course.

Jill told Lily she hated how contentious things were between Lily and Devon, and the arbitration had brought that to light. She said she had to get ready for the gala. As Jill was about to leave, Lily asked what had changed Jill's mind on that particular day. Jill said there were a lot of old friends in town, and one of them had reminded her what Katherine would have wanted and how she would have felt about Devon's role in the company. She said she'd received sage advice and an alternative. Jill left.

In her suite, Sally was happy when Nick arrived. She told him she was very nervous because she'd never been to a masked ball. Nick suggested she think of it as trick-or-treating for adults; instead of getting candies, they got Champagne and finger foods. Sally said she really wanted to go, but she was in her second trimester, and her baby bump was noticeable. She said she didn't want her appearance to be a topic of conversation. She said she didn't want people talking about them or Adam and the paternity issues. Nick assured her that wouldn't happen, and he found the baby bump "sexy as hell." They kissed and made their way to the bed.

Curled up in Nick's arms, Sally said they had to get ready for the gala. She said Nick had calmed her nerves, and with him at her side, nothing would bring her down.

In his suite, Stark asked if Phyllis was ready. Phyllis admitted she was, and it was time to make things right. She donned a mask that covered her face. She and Stark left. Stark carried a backpack.

On the red carpet, all the ladies wore beautiful sequined gowns, and the gents wore variations of tuxedos. Ashley and Tucker arrived on the red carpet. A member of the paparazzi asked if Ashley and Tucker were a couple again. Ashley said she was there to celebrate 200 years of Genoa City. Tucker stepped forward and said he was the chauffeur, but he definitely had the hots for Ashley.

Abby and Devon were next to arrive. Devon told the reporters he was happy to be there representing two people who'd been very loved in Genoa City, his grandmother Katherine Chancellor, and his father, Neil Winters.

Abby said that as a member of the Newman and Abbott families, she was very happy and excited to be there to celebrate their community. Devon and Abby's faces fell when Jill, Lily, and Daniel arrived. One reporter asked for a group photo. Devon agreed. Jill encouraged everyone to smile. After Abby and Devon left. Jill told Lily and Daniel to keep smiling because it was going to be "one of those nights."

Nick arrived with Sally. Jill told them both to smile and give the vultures what they wanted. Jill left. Nick told the reporters that he and Sally were honored to be there because they loved Genoa City and that it was their home. Adam and Sharon arrived, and Nick and Sally smiled at them.

Inside the Athletic Club, Abby said she couldn't believe they'd run into Lily in front of the paparazzi. Devon said it was done, and it was going to be an amazing night, especially when he found out what the surprise was.

Lily and Daniel entered. Daniel said he couldn't believe Devon hadn't returned after Jill had offered to keep the company private. He said it was almost like Devon didn't want a solution. Lily said she wouldn't let Devon ruin their evening. When Lily saw Devon, she glared at him.

Elsewhere, Victor approached Ashley and Tucker and said he understood Ashley had bought Tucker's debt. He asked if she'd done that to piss Tucker off. He said it was hard to fathom that she'd attended the gala as Tucker's date.

Stark and Phyllis begin executing their plan

Stark and Phyllis begin executing their plan

Friday, March 24, 2023

by Nel

On the red carpet, after the paparazzi snapped a group photo of Nick, Sally, Sharon, and Adam, Sharon suggested they go inside for some Champagne. Jack and Diane arrived on the red carpet immediately behind them.

Jack and Diane grimaced when heard the familiar voice of Leanna Love. Leanna said she'd been stunned and fascinated that Diane was alive. She also commented on Diane accompanying Jack on such a momentous occasion. Leanna asked if Jack and Diane were a thing. Jack asked why Leanna was there. Leanna said she couldn't stay away because she had so many fond memories of Genoa City.

Leanna asked who was better to cover the celebration of two centuries than "G.C.'s own celebrity journalista." Diane commented that the top-tiered guests would be less than thrilled to see Leanna. Leanna claimed everyone would be tickled to see her. She said she was there was to gather the many juicy stories she would write about. She claimed that with a lot of power players on hand, she might even get another book out of it.

After Leanna left, Diane told Jack she didn't want "that blabbermouth" leaking their news before their official announcement. Diane took off her engagement ring and asked Jack to hold on to it. In the meantime, Phyllis had been standing in the background, wearing a full facemask, and had watched the exchange between Jack and Diane.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea told Billy she was running late because she couldn't decide what to wear. She appeared anxious when she said she just had to pick one and get on with it.

Billy noted that it wasn't about the dress. Chelsea admitted she was experiencing a bit of anxiety about facing everyone, and she wasn't sure she could be his date. Over coffee, Billy explained that he didn't find big social events relaxing, and he understood Chelsea's trepidation.

Billy said if Chelsea wanted them to stay home and watch a movie, he was all in. Chelsea replied that a movie and popcorn sounded like heaven. Chelsea stopped Billy from notifying Jack that they wouldn't be attending the gala because she felt that maybe it was a mistake giving in to her anxieties. She said Dr. Malone would probably tell her to venture out of her comfort zone. Billy said he didn't understand why she would intentionally make herself uncomfortable.

Chelsea told Billy the focus would be on the event, not her. She said if she was going to be working with Daniel, she had to get out in the world again. She stated that her therapist would tell her to put on a dress, face her fears, and stay strong. Billy pointed out that the therapist might also say she didn't have to push herself if she wasn't ready.

Chelsea asked Billy if it was a fair test if she talked about herself while she was on shaky ground and setting herself up to fail. Billy said there was no right or wrong answer, and it was what she felt was best for her. He told her that he would go home and change while she picked out a movie. Billy was about to loosen his bowtie when Chelsea stopped him and said it would be a shame if no one saw how good he looked in his tuxedo. Chelsea declared that she was ready.

At the bar at the Athletic Club, Nikki told Michael she was very excited. Michael said that everyone would love the surprise Nikki had for them. Nikki said she was concerned that Lauren wasn't there yet. Michael said Lauren was on her way. Nikki hoped she'd get there before the presentation.

Nick stood with Sally and Victoria. Sally commented that they could hide a truck behind the ice sculpture. Victoria commented on Sally's attempt at her camouflage technique. She said Sally was drawing attention to her baby bump, and she suggested that Sally stop being self-conscious. Nick agreed that Sally didn't need to hide it, and he suggested it didn't matter if anyone figured it out. Nikki joined them and complimented everyone on how great they looked.

Sally said that the turnout was great. Nikki replied that that was what they were going for. Nick noted how great the decorations were. Nikki cryptically replied that if they thought those were great, they had to wait for what was in store later. Sally said it sounded like Nikki had a surprise up her sleeve.

At the bar, Adam asked if Sharon was okay with joining the family. Sharon said she was, unless he planned on causing trouble.

Adam and Sharon joined Nikki and the others. Adam said it was a great party. Sharon congratulated Nikki on another amazing gala. Nikki and Victoria left to say hello to the lieutenant governor. Adam asked if Nick and Sally were okay because things had seemed a little awkward on the red carpet. Nick assured him everything was great. Adam said he might use their group photo on his Christmas cards.

Victor approached Ashley and said that considering Ashley and Tucker's history, he wondered why Ashley would lower herself to even be seen in public with Tucker, let alone as his date. Ashley retorted that she was capable of deciding who she wanted to hang out with. Victor told Tucker that Ashley had a plan for him, and he was being used. Victor claimed not to know what Ashley's plan was but said that he was "very curious to find out." As Ashley turned to look at Tucker, Victor immediately asked when Tucker was going to sell McCall Unlimited to him. Tucker said he was making a deal with Devon. Victor wished him luck. When Victor heard loud laughter from Jill's table, he excused himself to say hello to Jill.

Traci and Mamie arrived. Traci said she loved that Mamie was there, because Mamie meant so much to them. Mamie admitted she'd been very happy to hear from Traci. She also commented that she recognized a lot of faces. She said the Athletic Club hadn't changed at all, and it was wonderful to be there.

Devon saw Victor with Jill. He told Abby that Victor seemed very interested in what Jill had to say. Abby asked if he thought Victor knew about Jill's change of heart.

After Victor left Jill, Mamie approached her. Jill commented that Mamie's dress was lovely. Mamie said Jill had paid for it. Jill asked if Mamie was still traveling the world on Jill's dollar. Mamie said she'd invested her money wisely, and Jill's one million dollars had turned into ten million over time. Jill was happy for her, and she commented that Mamie had always been very shrewd. Mamie said Jill was... Jill interrupted and said she'd gone by Jill Abbott for decades, and she claimed Mamie had always known that.

Jill said that she and Mamie had said and done some things over the years that they probably regretted. She suggested they let bygones be bygones. Jill was stunned when Mamie said she didn't think so, and Mamie walked away.

When Lauren arrived, Nikki asked for everyone to make their way into the lounge, where there was a very special surprise.

Stark entered one of the hotel suites. He pulled out a phone from his backpack and sent a text message: "Tonight, this all ends -- for good."

Downstairs, Phyllis read Stark's text message. She approached Daniel and asked if Daniel could put their tension on hold. She said she was very proud of him, everything he'd accomplished, and all his successes. She told Lily that Daniel was a good man, and he would achieve anything he went for. Phyllis walked away in tears. Daniel apologized to Lily. He said Phyllis had been acting very erratic recently. He wanted to say he was worried about her, but he believed that was what Phyllis wanted.

Traci and Mamie joined Jack's group. Jack told Kyle that Mamie had raised him, Ashley, and Traci. Mamie said Kyle was "so handsome and so tall." She said Kyle and Summer were a lovely couple. She stated that Kyle was the spitting image of Jack, and she hoped he had Jack's values. Jack assured her that Kyle was on the right track. Diane invited Mamie to join them in the lounge area.

Summer stayed behind with Traci to get Champagne for everyone. Phyllis appeared a bit desperate when she approached Summer. She commented that she was sure that Summer and Traci wanted to listen to Victor and Nikki drone on and on. Phyllis said she wanted Summer to know she was very proud of the woman and mother Summer had become. She said no matter what happened, she wanted Summer to know Phyllis was proud of her. Phyllis hugged Summer and left. Summer asked Traci if Phyllis was acting weirder than usual. Traci admitted that Phyllis had said some beautiful things, but she seemed desperate and strange.

In the lounge area, Nikki stated it was the 200th anniversary celebration of the city they called home. Victor said he'd arrived in Genoa City many years before, built a somewhat successful business, and raised a wonderful family. Nikki said they'd had their differences over the years, but they'd all shared a lot of love and laughter. She said the event was a celebration of how their city had grown and continued to thrive -- a city with a small-town feel, where business titans could create empires, where a coffee shop could feel like a second home, and where people could gather to commiserate, mourn, celebrate, and even fall in love.

Victor declared that he knew it was a great town because many of them had chosen to return and to show their kids what a wonderful town it was. Nikki said the success of their city was due to their values. She said they welcomed the changes that kept it young and vibrant, and they celebrated and honored their heritage while remembering those they'd lost, people like her dear friend Katherine Chancellor. Victor added his dear friend Neil Winters, gone too soon. Devon and Lily looked at each other.

Nikki said they'd paid tribute to Katherine in one of their favorite places, Chancellor Park. Nikki said she thought they would honor another citizen who'd been instrumental in making it the dynamic city it was and, more importantly, the city they loved to call home. Victor called on Abby to make the presentation.

Nate arrived. Victoria turned and smiled at him. Audra also turned to see Nate.

Phyllis left.

Abby said Neil Winters had been a huge part of the fabric of Genoa City. She said he'd made a lasting impact with his work, his family, the Abbott-Winters Foundation, and Hamilton-Winters. Abby said they were able to celebrate in that beautiful room that had been created in his memory to welcome both visitors and citizens alike to enjoy the music he loved so much. She said it was her honor and privilege to officially unveil the newly redecorated Athletic Club lounge as the Neil Winters Jazz Lounge. Abby uncovered a portrait of Neil. Devon was beside himself.

Abby said Neil had had a club, "Indigo," that he'd sold in order to spend more time with his family. She said Neil had missed the club very much. It had been a place he could show his friends hospitality, he could spend evenings with them, and they could enjoy the Americana music that had meant so much to Neil. She asked everyone to enjoy the ongoing gift to their community. After hugging Abby, Devon thanked Nikki and Victor for such a wonderful gift.

Nikki said Neil had been a very dear friend, and it seemed like the right time and place to launch a permanent tribute to him. Devon agreed and thanked them again. Lily remained standing next to Daniel until a photographer asked Lily to join Victor, Nikki, and Devon for a group photo. Lily thanked Nikki and Victor for honoring her father. She said it meant a great deal to her.

Victor told Lily and Devon that Neil hadn't only been a business partner, but also a close friend, one of the few friends he'd ever had. Victor said Neil would have moved heaven and earth to make sure Lily and Devon bridged their differences and got rid of the conflict that existed between them.

Later, Jill told Devon that even in the photograph, Neil was the sexiest man in the room. She commented on how she loved every inch of the lounge. She said it was a great homage to Neil. Devon agreed. He asked Jill if Victor had anything to do with her changing her mind about the IPO. Rather than answering, Jill asked if Devon knew that Victor was one of Devon's biggest supporters.

Stark was surprised when Phyllis arrived in his suite. He said he'd warned Phyllis to be discreet. She said she'd been the picture of discretion. Stark told her everything was all set. He asked if Phyllis was having second thoughts. Phyllis said she wasn't. She said after seeing "that woman" with Summer, laughing and carrying on, it had cemented everything for her. He said it was time to get Diane up there to set the final stage.

Downstairs, Mamie told Lily she had Dru's spirit. She said Dru had been a strong and beautiful woman, and Lily was like Dru. Nate greeted Mamie with a hug. Mamie asked how her favorite doctor was. Nate said he needed to update her. Mamie said the three of them had to meet soon because she wouldn't be in town very long. Mamie left. Lily told Nate she would make the arrangements for them to meet.

Nate told Lily that Neil would have loved that room. Lily agreed and said she wished he could have seen it. Lily asked about Elena. Nate informed her Elena would join him shortly. He told Lily he hoped the event would repair some of the damage between her and Devon. Lily said it wasn't any of Nate's business, and she told him to stay out of it. Lily walked away.

Audra asked Nate how many rejections he needed before he accepted that reuniting Lily and Devon was a lost cause. Nate told her to never say never. Victoria approached and took Nate by the arm. She told Audra she needed to steal Audra's boss, and they walked away.

Leanna had someone's attention, and she told them to imagine creating a venue to honor a true city legend. She said Neil had been one classy guy.

At the bar Ashley told Tucker she'd had enough of Leanna. As Ashley was about to face Leanna, Mamie stepped it. With a squeal of delight, Ashley hugged her. She said she'd missed Mamie, and she'd heard Mamie was staying at the Abbott home. Ashley noticed Leanna trying to listen to her conversation. Ashley told Leanna it was a private conversation. Leanna noted what Mamie had to know about every Abbott. Ashley stopped Leanna and asked if Leanna was trying to create a scene.

Victor stepped in and remarked that Leanna hadn't been invited to the gala. Jill joined Victor. Ashley and Mamie went to the end of the bar, where Tucker was resting his head on his hands on the bar and appearing very bored. He muttered, "This is a lot of fun." Leanna admitted she hadn't been invited, but she also claimed she never needed an invitation. Jill said Leanna was trashing up the place, as usual. Leanna made a snide comment about it being "a forgiving town." She claimed she was outnumbered, and she walked away.

Jill told Victor that Devon suspected that he'd been the one who'd caused her change of heart. Victor said he felt that Devon and Lily had been very moved by his gesture for Neil. Jill guessed it was all part of Victor's plan.

Alone, Devon raised his glass to Neil's photo. Lily joined Devon. She lamented that they had been "so close" before, and she asked if they could fix things.

At the bar, Nate handed Victoria a glass of Champagne. She asked what they should drink to. Nate suggested Nikki, Victor, and Abby for doing such a great job in dedicating the new jazz lounge. Nate asked if Victoria had known about the dedication. She admitted she hadn't. Nate said he could tell it meant a lot to Devon and Lily that the Newmans would do something like that to honor their father. He hoped it might ease their tension. He said he wanted nothing more than for his family to find peace.

Elena arrived in time to see Victoria cover Nate's hand with hers. Audra stood behind Elena and said Victoria didn't waste any time.

Diane and Jack found a quiet spot. Diane said that after the unveiling, she didn't think it was the right time to share their news. Jack agreed and said it was a hard act to follow. He said they would know the right moment, and he promised it would be perfect. He said theirs was the perfect love story. He said after all those years and everything they'd been through, together and apart, they were about to become Mr. and Mrs. Jack Abbott. They kissed.

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