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Devon agreed to drop the lawsuit. Nina blasted Abby for betraying Chance. Billy and Chelsea kissed. Jack and Diane announced their engagement. Phyllis collapsed during a tirade about Diane. Stark revealed that he and Phyllis had gotten married. Phyllis' ambulance never made it to the hospital.
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Devon dropped the lawsuit. Nina blasted Abby for betraying Chance. Jack and Diane announced their engagement. Phyllis collapsed. Stark revealed he and Phyllis had wed.
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Phyllis lures Diane into a trap

Phyllis lures Diane into a trap

Monday, March 27, 2023

Genoa City's Bicentennial Gala, held at the storied Athletic Club, kicked off as guests arrived and exchanged cordial greetings with friends and family. Jack and Diane sat with their glasses of Champagne, as if reveling in their very own spotlight as they awaited the perfect moment to spectacularly announce their plans to marry. Meanwhile, Kyle and Summer enjoyed a peaceful moment during a waltz downstairs at the newly created jazz lounge dedicated to the late Neil Winters. Kyle praised the speech Victor and Nikki had delivered to inaugurate the venue. Kyle said he was most touched by Victor's observation that people who had grown up in Genoa City often returned to raise their own kids there. Summer agreed, adding that Genoa City would always be home.

As music provided atmosphere in the jazz club, Jack asked Diane to dance. Jack reminded Diane that some might talk after seeing them together again. Diane wrapped her arms around Jack's neck and kissed him on the lips. Lauren, swaying to the music nearby with Michael, said she thought she would never see the day after Jack had sworn he would never let Diane back in his life. Michael replied, "Hurrah for second chances -- and even ninth or tenth chances." Lauren whispered that she hoped Jack knew what he was doing, adding that if Phyllis were to walk in and see them, all hell would break loose. Lauren rolled her eyes and looked away.

Upstairs in a suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Jeremy and Phyllis conspired as they carried out Jeremy's revenge plans against Diane. Phyllis said Jack and Diane were likely planning to publicly announce their engagement in front of full media coverage. Jeremy interrupted and said that they needed to get Diane's engagement ring. Jeremy declared that the ring was "the perfect personal item to add to the final touch of the scene they were setting." Phyllis expressed doubt that getting the ring would be possible because Jack had slipped the ring into his pocket. Jeremy pulled on his full-face mask and said, "Leave that to me."

As Victor and Nikki watched invited guests dancing, Nikki's attention seemed focused on Jack and Diane as they danced to a romantic melody. Victor expressed joy at the sight of a wonderful evening with all the Newmans celebrating together. Nikki agreed then snarled that Diane was digging her claws deeper into Jack. Victor declared that Jack had always had bad judgment when it came to Diane Jenkins. Nikki insisted that it was not too late to save Jack. Victor asked Nikki to dance to get her mind off Diane. Nikki smiled and said, "I thought you'd never ask."

Elena, having arrived late to the celebration, spotted Nate and Victoria sitting close together at the bar. Audra approached and said, "Victoria doesn't seem to be wasting any time." Elena replied, "Audra, stop." Audra continued, warning Elena to keep her eyes on Victoria. Elena made her way to the bar, greeted Nate, and kissed him. Victoria told the couple she would let them catch up as she picked up her drink and walked away, having already averted her gaze from Elena and Nate's passionate kissing.

Elena asked Nate what she had missed. Nate told Elena about the Neil Winters Jazz Lounge. Nate added that the memorial to Neil had touched Lily and Devon, and he hoped it might help the family heal. Elena applauded Nate's efforts to help Lily and Devon, recalling that Nate had recently vowed to become a better person himself. Nate became distracted while watching Victoria sitting across the room with Victor. Elena told Nate he should join Victoria and Victor if he was curious about what they were discussing. Nate apologized and said he was preoccupied because there was a deal in the works. Elena replied, "Whatever! I'm going to go mingle."

Billy and Chelsea entered together through the revolving door. Billy comforted an anxious Chelsea by reminding her he would be by her side all night. Billy told Chelsea they could leave at any time. Chelsea lifted her mask to cover her upper face as she scanned the crowd. Billy and Chelsea joined Daniel. Chelsea mentioned to Daniel that she was considering a few ideas that might enhance the mental health concept of their project. Daniel offered his support and told Chelsea to pursue as many of her ideas as she wished. Chelsea was elated and asked about timelines. Daniel said it would be up to Lily, and he suddenly noticed that Lily had evidently stepped out. Daniel informed Billy and Chelsea that the Newmans had converted the lounge into a jazz club in honor of Neil. Billy was touched by Daniel's show of sympathy to Lily.

At a corner table, Lily attempted to have a friendly conversation with a reluctant Devon. Devon said he could not imagine them ever working together again. Lily told Devon that they owed it to Neil's memory to at least talk. Outside, Devon told Lily he did not know what was left to say. Lily, noting that Jill had canceled the IPO, insisted that it had changed everything. Devon informed Lily that he was almost certain Victor had convinced Jill to drop the IPO. Lily reminded Devon that Victor cared for him very much.

Lily assured Devon that all of his concerns, including outside control, Nate, Audra, and even Billy, were no longer issues. Lily promised Devon they could streamline operations, so he would be free to run his division however he wished, just as she would run her division. Lily assured Devon they could create the united family company they had always dreamed about if he would agree to join her. Devon, hesitant, cried that Lily had gone out of her way to hurt his feelings. Lily apologized for lashing out and for hiring Amanda. Lily assured Devon they could get past everything and become stronger. Devon agreed to drop the lawsuit. Lily warmly embraced her brother.

Michael and Lauren took a break with Jill to sit and enjoy a glass of Champagne. Jill apologized to Lauren for having missed her award ceremony, adding that it was an honor to be acknowledged by the "whole industry." Lauren declared that no one had been a bigger part of Genoa City's history than her darling sister. Michael joked that one suite upstairs should be named in Jill's honor because her romances were legendary. Jill and Lauren laughed heartily. Jill said she would make no apologies for her "very interesting life" and might even add to her celebrated legend after the festivities concluded. After the trio clinked glasses, Lauren quipped that the night was young.

Leanna Love approached Jack and Diane on the dance floor and proclaimed that the lovebirds had provided the hot scoop she needed. Leanna, excitedly imagining her headline, cried, "Diane Jenkins, back from the dead and reunited with her ex, one of Genoa City's most elite bachelors." Jack insisted he and Diane would not become one of Leanna's sideshows. Leanna replied that Jack and Diane would star as the main event on her website.

Lowering her voice, Leanna told Diane she would never have a better chance to clear her name. Jack warned that Leanna would twist Diane's words to make her look bad. Leanna boasted that she distinctly remembered that Jack was a phenomenal lover. Nearby, Kyle, having noticed Leanna talking to Diane and Jack, told Summer he should stand up for his mother. Summer cried, "Please don't. Your parents can take care of themselves and each other."

After having stepped out for a stroll, Sharon and Adam returned to the main dining room. Sharon said she assumed Adam had wanted to avoid Sally and Nick. Adam admitted that every time he attempted to be gracious to Sally and Nick, he ended up putting his foot in his mouth. Sharon assured Adam that he was handling the situation just fine. Adam credited the Champagne he had been drinking and suggested he might require an even stronger alcoholic drink before having to deal with Victoria.

Victoria, Ashley, and Tucker sat together in a lounge area. When Leanna walked by, Ashley said Leanna was not someone she had missed. Victoria asked Tucker about the sale of his company, adding that she felt he had been taunting her. Tucker said he was still weighing his options, though he preferred to sell to Devon. Victoria suggested that she and Tucker would have an opportunity to negotiate after Devon turned him down.

Victoria asked Ashley about her angle regarding Tucker's dealings. Ashley said her only angle was celebrating her hometown's birthday. Victoria told Ashley and Tucker they were being equally deceptive. Tucker, brushing Victoria's comments aside, told Ashley they should refill their empty glasses.

After Ashley and Tucker walked away, Victor approached Victoria and asked her about her interactions with Tucker and Ashley. At the bar, Jill approached Tucker and Ashley. Jill, addressing Tucker, said, "How dare you come after my company? How dare you plant a mole the way you did?" Tucker sheepishly apologized. Jill angrily said that Tucker was only sorry that he had been busted. Tucker declared that both he and Jill were players who enjoyed the game. Jill informed Tucker that she had taken steps to prevent whatever he had had in mind, adding that all he had accomplished had been to make Chancellor-Winters stronger.

Jeremy entered the dining room alone, ensuring that his mask completely covered his face. Jeremy scanned the room briefly and paused near the landing of the staircase to pull up his socks while keeping his back to the celebrants. Summer received a phone call from Harrison's nanny, Linda, informing her that Harrison's stuffed fox, Zippy, had been misplaced. Summer told the nanny she needed to step outside, so Summer could hear her better. On their way out, Summer and Kyle brushed by Jeremy, his face concealed by his mask. Jeremy momentarily touched Kyle, which separated him briefly from Summer before Kyle continued following Summer outside.

After milling around in the dining room, Jeremy went downstairs to the jazz club. Jeremy watched Jack and Diane. Nearby, Lauren told Michael that it seemed as if Jack and Diane were oblivious to anyone else in the room. Michael said they should challenge Jack and Diane to a dance-off. Jack turned to face Lauren when she suggested the dance-off Michael had mentioned. Jeremy passed between Jack and Diane, shoving Jack away from Diane as he paused briefly before walking on by.

Diane, shocked, asked Jack if the stranger might be Jeremy. Jack replied, "I was just thinking the same thing." Jack insisted on confronting the man to confirm his identity. Suddenly displaying a sense of renewed urgency, Diane suggested she and Jack instead announce their engagement. Jack insisted he first confer with the security staff after the encounter with the stranger. Diane wanted to accompany Jack, but he insisted she stay put, promising he would find her afterward.

Michael and Lauren returned to the dining room and greeted Christine, noting that she had arrived alone. Christine explained that Paul was in Portugal, visiting Heather and Lucy. Lauren said she could not wait to see pictures. Christine praised Michael and Lauren for arranging the amazing food and beverages. Michael asked Christine about the arbitration. Christine declined to respond, but she announced that she might return to her old job as the district attorney because she needed a change.

Esther entered, looking lovely in a gold, floor-length gown. Esther stopped in her tracks and winced when Leanna approached and said, "Esther Valentine? Oh, my gosh! How long has it been? I almost didn't recognize you without your feather duster." Esther said she thought that only the elite in Genoa City had been invited. Leanna snappishly replied that Esther had made the cut.

Esther proudly noted that she was a key employee at Chancellor-Winters. Leanna asked Esther if she had any insights about major conflicts at the company. Esther refused to disclose anything and scanned the room in search of her bosses, so she could greet them. Leanna said she had not seen Devon or Lily in a while, and she rushed off to investigate, hoping she might unearth a story.

Victoria approached her dad. Victoria told Victor she believed Tucker had lost his edge after having passed on the offer from Newman Enterprises and was likely waiting for Devon to come to his rescue. Victor accused Tucker of having played them. Adam butted in, noting that Victoria and Victor were discussing business in a very public place.

Adam asked Victoria if the plan to buy McCall Unlimited had hit a snag. Victor replied, "Son, we're all working toward a common goal, all right?" Victoria disagreed. Adam asked Victoria if she had a different vision about how to proceed if the company was acquired. Victoria haughtily replied that it did not matter because Adam would never become CEO. Adam shook his head in disgust. Victor sighed and berated his children for fighting.

Daniel asked Kyle and Summer if they had seen Phyllis. Summer shook her head. Daniel mentioned the odd conversation he had had with their mother. Daniel recalled that Phyllis had gushed about how proud she was of him. Summer said their mom had also approached her, bragging about how proud she was of the woman her daughter had become. Daniel replied, "Strange, right?" Daniel said perhaps he had been too tough on their mom. Kyle strongly disagreed and told Summer and Daniel they had been right to set boundaries. Summer cried that she hoped they had not made things worse.

Sharon and Christine joyfully chatted about Mariah and Tessa's newborn. Sharon proudly displayed photos of the infant on her phone. Nikki joined in and crooned that spoiling a grandchild was one of life's greatest blessings. Nearby, Jill made amends with Billy. Jill mentioned Johnny and assured her son he was an outstanding father. Billy mentioned that he and Chelsea had become good pals, so she had accompanied him to the party. Jill replied with a characteristic zinger, "Well, I'm glad you have friends in your life."

After Jack went to talk to the security guards about the stranger, Diane was startled to find Phyllis standing directly behind her. Phyllis told Diane that Kyle, nauseated and glassy-eyed, had developed a fever and was upstairs in a suite, needing her attention. Diane accused Phyllis of lying. Pulling out her phone, Diane composed a text message to Kyle, which read, "Everything all right?" Jeremy, in possession of Kyle's phone, read Diane's text message.

As Diane awaited a reply, she accused Phyllis of saying "anything" to convince her to leave the party. Phyllis suggested Diane go by herself to suite 567 if she was wary of being accompanied. Diane quickly walked away, looking concerned. Leanna noticed Diane bounding up the stairs toward the suites. Phyllis followed Diane soon after she ascended the stairs. Leanna lingered at the foot of the staircase.

Nina blasts Abby for betraying Chance

Nina blasts Abby for betraying Chance

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

At the Genoa City Bicentennial Gala, Jill was pleasantly surprised to hear that Lily and Devon were once again on speaking terms. Lily quipped that when two people thought they were right, they both stopped listening. Devon explained that he'd paid attention to what Lily had been asking, and he'd done what their dad would have wanted him to do. Lily added that both she and Devon had realized they'd been heading down a path that had been damaging their relationship. Devon declared that family was too important for that, so he'd decided to drop the lawsuit. Jill suggested they grab a special bottle of bubbly from the cellar.

Devon opted to hold off on the celebration, since he and Lily still had a lot to figure out. Lily recognized that he was politely saying it would take him a while to trust her again. Devon swore that the most important thing was having Lily in his life, and he refused to do anything that would jeopardize their relationship moving forward. Jill incredulously asked if he was walking away from Chancellor-Winters. Lily urged Jill to give Devon time to think about things, and Jill said she just wanted to get back to the fun stuff, like taking over the world. Jill thanked Devon for agreeing to end the chapter so they could all start a new one, and they raised their glasses.

Nate noticed that Lily and Devon were smiling and relaxed around one another. Nate wondered what had done the trick, but Elena considered it reason to celebrate if Lily and Devon had made amends. Nate mused that anything was possible. Elena imagined his mind was working overtime, trying to figure out how Lily and Devon were in the same room without fighting. Nate replied that he didn't care about the method, just the results.

Elena implored Nate to let go of his guilt, and he pledged to concentrate on more pressing concerns -- like her. He took her hand, admired her "unbelievable dress," and claimed that all he could think about was getting her back home. Elena purred that he was reading her mind, but Nate invited her to have a dance first.

Lily and Devon gazed up at Neil's portrait in the jazz lounge. The siblings envisioned what Neil would have said and done if he were there. Devon imagined Neil would have asked Lily to dance and told them how proud he was of both of them. "Family wins over everything," Lily mused. "Always," Devon replied.

Adam reported to Sharon that things had gone better than expected with Victor and Victoria. Adam referred to how fun it could be when he and his dad got along, since their father-and-son reunion was killing a jealous Victoria. Adam called watching his sister trying not to work herself into a frenzy the gift that kept giving. Sharon reminded him that they were there to celebrate Genoa City's bicentennial and their fond memories, and she toasted to them being the best of friends.

Adam encouraged Sharon to kick up her heels in the lounge, noting that she loved to dance. He added that there were many potential dance partners out there, and he speculated that Sharon was waiting for Genoa City's number-one detective. Sharon wondered if Adam was trying to set her up, and he volunteered to be her wingman if she needed one. Sharon conceded that Chance was attractive, but he'd also been Rey's partner, and she insisted they were just friends.

Adam agreed to back off, but he thought Sharon deserved to be happy. Sharon contended that she had a full life and was happy. She figured that she'd had enough drama and chaos to last a lifetime, so the peace and quiet suited her just fine. She added that she'd soon have Aria to make things interesting and loud. He looked forward to having someone interesting and loud of his own in a few months. Sharon advised Adam to be grateful for what he had and not fixate on what he didn't.

Meanwhile, Sally raved about the club's gorgeous view. Nick cooed that it was nothing compared to what he was looking at then, and she praised him for always knowing the right thing to say. Nick supposed it made up for him being a subpar date, since he hadn't even asked her to dance yet. Sally deadpanned that she'd thought it had had to do with his abilities, and she teased that she'd heard things. He led her to the dance floor, and Nikki glowered as she eyed them.

Victor asked Esther if she was enjoying the evening, and she gushed about the excitement of honoring Neil. Nikki said she was glad Esther was there, and Esther imagined Katherine would have loved every minute of the event, from the planning to greeting every guest at the door. Nikki envisioned Katherine in an incredible gown, making her way through the crowd. Esther murmured that it felt like Katherine was there then, and Victor toasted to their late friend.

Nina entered the club and asked Christine if it was where the party was. The friends hugged, and Nina revealed that she'd wanted to surprise everyone. Nina exclaimed that wild horses couldn't have kept her away, since she was part of the town, and they couldn't celebrate without her. Nina was excited to see everyone, though she was disappointed she hadn't been able to give Dominic a hug because it was past his bedtime. Nina explained that Chance didn't have Dominic until the next day, so she had to wait to see her grandson because of the "stupid" visitation agreement.

Christine believed Chance had been handling the situation well, and she asked where he was. Nina indicated that her son was on a big stakeout, but she hoped he'd be there later. Nina remarked that policework never ended, and Christine grumbled that she knew about that. Nina inquired about Paul, and Christine indicated that he was in Portugal with Heather and Lucy. Nina questioned the timing, given all the excitement in town. "You know Paul. Family first," Christine replied.

Later, Traci and Nina enjoyed catching up. Nina's expression soured when she spied Abby giggling with Daniel, but she claimed random work thoughts were causing her distraction. Traci asked if Nina was writing anything interesting. Nina coldly claimed that her next work was about an overprotective mother obsessed with her son, who'd skipped a party on the most exciting night of the year because he'd been afraid to run into the woman who'd shredded his heart.

Nina theorized that Chance wasn't on a stakeout but that he had missed the party to avoid Abby. Traci pointed out that the estranged couple had been getting along, but Nina suspected Chance was just making it look that way because he was a good person. Nina griped that Abby had hurt Chance when he hadn't deserved it, and she declared that she had some things to say to Abby. Traci advised Nina against it, but Nina stormed over to Abby and Daniel and requested to speak with Abby alone.

Nina demanded that Abby explain what Chance had done to make Abby treat him that way. Nina recounted that Abby had been the one who'd refused to believe the stories of Chance's death and had gone overseas to help him return to his family -- only to break his heart. Abby swore it had never been her intention, but Nina hated to think what "hell" Abby would have unleashed if she'd meant to hurt Chance. Abby defended that she'd loved Chance with all her heart. "Except the part that slept with Devon," Nina retorted, noting that cheating with Dominic's biological father had caused Chance the most possible pain. Nina angrily hoped Abby could get past it, since Nina never would.

Jack anxiously surveyed the room. Billy and Chelsea approached, and Billy joked that he was ready to RSVP for the next bicentennial gala. Chelsea sensed that her date was in "full Billy Abbott mode" because he was pleased about his new job at Jabot. Chelsea imagined it would start an exciting new era for the Abbott family and company, and Jack distractedly replied that he hoped so. Billy asked if his brother was okay, and Jack abruptly excused himself, noting that he had something he had to handle.

Billy asked Chelsea how she was doing, and she replied that it beat staying home and watching old movies any day. Leanna greeted Billy and remarked that it had been too long, but he muttered that it hadn't been long enough. Leanna pressed to carve out some time to hear all of Chelsea's stories. Chelsea squirmed.

Leanna recalled Chelsea's complicated romantic history with Adam, Nick, and Billy, including being left at the altar. Leanna questioned whether it ran in the Abbott family to revisit past love affairs, and Billy testily asked if she had anything better to do. Leanna pushed to know more about what Chelsea had been up to after saying goodbye to podcasting and fashion. Chloe interrupted and told Leanna they'd answer her questions when "hell froze over," and she led Chelsea away. Billy ordered Leanna to find someone else to annoy.

Chloe observed that Chelsea had seemed lost in the headlights. Billy asked if Chelsea was all right, and Chloe admonished him for not protecting their girl. Billy acknowledged that he should have cut off the conversation sooner. Chloe figured that he'd been taught to be polite, whereas she didn't have that issue. Chloe stepped away to keep Esther from embarrassing herself.

Billy apologized to a shaken Chelsea, who started to cry and ran out. He followed her and implored her to focus on the moment. He promised he wasn't going anywhere, and he assured her that it was okay that her flight-or-fight instinct had kicked in when she'd felt overwhelmed. He offered to get her out of there, but she hesitated to ruin his night. Billy swore that the only thing that would ruin it would be if he returned to the party without her.

Chloe intervened as Esther babbled to Jill about Bella and Miles. Esther argued that she was part of the town's history, so she had a right to brag about her grandchildren. Nina and Christine passed by, and Jill surmised that Nina had laid into Abby. Nina groused that Abby's behavior had been completely unacceptable, and Christine cited the irony in the statement.

Jill recalled the story of Nina seducing Phillip and giving birth to his child when he'd been dating Christine. Nina protested that the situations were totally different, but she eventually conceded that Jill was right. Nina defended that she'd displayed extraordinary growth since then, although there had been a few bumps along the way. Jill toasted to the bumps that had led them all there.

Jill stopped by to say farewell to Victor. She announced that the money he'd invested had already paid off, since Devon was dropping the lawsuit, and the merger would stay in place, whether Devon stayed or walked away. Jill added that it was still in question whether Devon would buy McCall Unlimited or turn Tucker down. Across the room, Adam's gaze shifted from Victor and Jill's conversation to Nick gently touching Sally's belly. Adam flashed back to the rooftop dinner where he'd told Sally he missed not only their romance but also their friendship. He chugged his drink.

Devon tracked down Abby and apologized for not telling her he'd stepped out. He revealed that he and Lily had had a long talk and had forgiven one another. He continued that he'd decided to stop fighting the merger, so the lawsuit no longer existed. Abby sympathized that it hadn't been easy for him. Devon noted that he and Lily had been through rough times before, and he was sure they would get through that time, too. Devon and Abby embraced.

Summer contemplated whether she'd been too hard on Phyllis by setting too many rules and boundaries. Summer worried that her mother had been at a breaking point when Phyllis had rambled on about how proud she was of her children. Kyle thought they needed more Champagne, but Daniel opted to find Phyllis to figure out what was going on.

Daniel was stunned when Lily informed him that Jill had canceled the IPO and Devon had dropped the lawsuit. Lily accepted that she and Devon had to do more work on their relationship, but she was happy. Daniel commented that she'd had a good day, and she replied that it would be better if he danced with her. Daniel downed his drink and jokingly warned her to be careful what she asked for.

Kyle spied a preoccupied Jack and inquired whether everything was okay. Jack recounted that a guy wearing a mask had bumped into him, and he and Diane had believed the man was Stark. Jack mentioned that security was on the lookout, and Kyle urged Jack to let them do their job while Jack did his by making the night unforgettable. Jack referred to the big announcement he was about to make, and he wished he knew where his bride-to-be was.

Kyle stopped Traci and asked if she'd seen his mom, and Traci offered to tell Diane he was looking for her if Traci saw her. After Traci walked away, Leanna sidled up to Kyle and divulged that she'd seen Diane on her way upstairs after Diane and Phyllis had engaged in a little chat. Leanna wondered how it had been for Kyle to have his dead mother back in his life. Kyle snapped that he didn't know Leanna, but he guessed she never stopped looking for trouble. Leanna crowed that it was what she did best.

Jack, Kyle, and Summer compared notes, and Kyle reported that Leanna had seen Diane heading upstairs after talking to Phyllis. Summer panicked that both Phyllis and Diane had seemingly disappeared. Later, Summer shared that she'd spoken with the front desk and learned there was a room registered under her mom's name. Jack thought they should get up there right away.

Diane pushed open the door to a hotel suite and called out for Kyle. Finding the suite empty, Diane huffed that it was "classic Phyllis." Diane turned around and saw Phyllis closing the door. Diane snapped that she wasn't playing whatever game Phyllis was up to, and she ordered Phyllis to get out of her way. "Not yet," Phyllis ominously stated. "We're done here. Phyllis, it's over," Diane firmly replied. Phyllis confirmed that Diane was right for the first time in her life, adding, "It is so over."

Diane admonished Phyllis for tricking her into thinking Kyle was sick. Diane spat that it was no wonder Phyllis was alone that night, and Phyllis barked that Diane just didn't know when to shut up. Diane excused herself because her family needed her, but Phyllis bellowed that Diane wasn't going anywhere until Phyllis said so. Phyllis roughly pushed Diane onto the sofa.

Diane considered taking off her diamonds and heels so she and Phyllis could have a good, old-fashioned catfight. Phyllis hissed that Diane wasn't worth the trouble. Diane haughtily stated that it wasn't worth her time when she had an incredibly handsome man downstairs who adored her and who was a minute away from making an announcement that would change their lives forever. Phyllis blocked Diane from leaving. Phyllis snarled that she wasn't interested in the announcement unless Jack was going to tell everyone what a "manipulative bitch" Diane was.

Diane taunted that she wasn't going anywhere, in spite of the energy Phyllis had spent trying to get Diane out of her life. Phyllis agreed that Diane wasn't going anywhere -- until Diane listened to what Phyllis had to tell her. Phyllis growled that the only thing worthwhile about Diane was her son, and Diane was otherwise a disgusting criminal. Diane accused Phyllis of throwing stones from a glass house.

"Why are you not dead?" Phyllis screeched. Phyllis added that Diane had been erased from everyone's memories, yet Diane had needed to resurface to take back everything that had been Phyllis'. Diane responded that she hadn't been thinking about Phyllis at all. Phyllis raged that she was the only one who saw through Diane's act, and she imagined Diane was terrified Phyllis was going to expose Diane's latest con.

Phyllis cried that Diane had tried to take away everything Phyllis loved and leave Phyllis with nothing. "You poor, delusional woman," Diane clucked, but Phyllis barked that she pitied the people Diane had lied to and would eventually betray. Phyllis anticipated that Diane's mask would fall, and those people would soon wish Diane was six feet under. Diane yelled that there was "only one evil bitch in the room," and she was looking right at her.

Diane berated Phyllis for trying to blame Diane for Phyllis' self-destructive behavior. Diane complained that she and Jack were sick of Phyllis' attempts to paint herself as the hero or a victim when she was clearly the villain. Diane figured that Phyllis' only way to elevate herself was to drag everyone else down, and she imagined Phyllis' family was embarrassed. Diane wondered where Phyllis' friends were, and she guessed they'd used up all the patience and goodwill they'd had for Phyllis.

Diane declared that Phyllis had driven everyone away, and Phyllis herself was the reason Phyllis' life was such a dismal failure. Diane tried to head for the door, but Phyllis grabbed Diane's arm and roared that Diane wasn't going anywhere. Diane smacked Phyllis across the face, and Phyllis lunged at Diane. Diane managed to pin Phyllis down. "I should do the world a favor and strangle you to death," Diane threatened as Jack, Kyle, and Summer burst in.

Jack steals Nikki's thunder at the gala

Jack steals Nikki's thunder at the gala

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

by Nel

In Phyllis' suite at the Athletic Club, Jack, Kyle, and Summer found Diane choking Phyllis and separated them. Phyllis claimed Diane was trying to kill her. She warned Diane to stay away from her. Phyllis and Summer left. In the hallway, while Phyllis tried to catch her breath, Summer asked what had happened. Phyllis stated that Diane had tried to kill her. Summer responded that she was trying to understand what had led up to that.

Summer said Phyllis had been acting weird that evening; one minute, Phyllis was telling Summer how proud she was of Summer, and the next, Phyllis was in a secret hotel room, fighting with Diane. She asked why Phyllis and Diane had been in the room in the first place. Phyllis stated she'd worked very hard to convince people who Diane really was, but no one believed her. Phyllis claimed she'd lost everything -- her children, her job -- and she was tired. Summer again asked why Phyllis had been in the room with Diane.

Phyllis explained to Summer that she'd wanted to work things out with Diane. She said she'd walked upstairs and had pulled Diane into a suite so they could talk. Phyllis saw the look on Summer's face and commented that Summer was looking at her with suspicion, and it broke Phyllis' heart. She said she'd wanted to work things out with Diane because she'd seen how crazy things had gotten, and all she'd wanted had been to clean the slate with Diane. Summer asked what had gone wrong. Phyllis claimed she didn't know, but it was all Diane.

Phyllis told Summer that Diane believed she had power because she was living at the Abbott mansion, she was close to Summer, and she couldn't stand that Phyllis knew who she was. Summer told Phyllis to stop because she couldn't listen to the same story over and over. Summer said she didn't want to believe Phyllis. Phyllis claimed Summer would never believe her. Phyllis told Summer to stay away from her, and she walked away.

Inside the suite, Jack asked "what the hell" they'd walked in on. Diane claimed Phyllis had tricked her into coming to the suite by telling her Kyle was ill and had been asking for her. She said when she'd arrived, Phyllis had attacked her in a fit of rage. Kyle asked what would make Phyllis go off that way. Diane claimed Phyllis was psychotic. Jack stated that they shouldn't announce their engagement that evening, but Diane refused to let Phyllis take that away from her. She claimed she was fine. She said she would fix herself up, and then they could announce their love to the world.

Over a cup of tea at Crimson Lights, Chelsea told Billy he picked the right girl to go to the gala with because she knew how to live it up. Billy claimed it had been a perfect night. He said the only thing that would make the night better would be if he was in his slippers, because he was ready to ditch the tux. Chelsea encouraged Billy to return to the gala because his friends and family were there. Billy claimed he was exactly where he wanted to be.

Chelsea told Billy she was still trying to figure out her good and bad impulses and how she reacted to things. Billy said he'd known she'd been struggling, but he hadn't known what had been going on in her head. She said she'd felt her cheeks burning in that room, and her shoulders had become tense. She said she'd heard their voices and seen their faces, but she hadn't known who to look at or listen to; it had all become ungrounding.

Billy said they knew it was a thing for Chelsea, and they would be prepared for it the next time. He said she didn't have to do anything she didn't want to, but if there was something she wanted to do, and the fear and anxiety rose, then they would figure it out together. Chelsea and Billy agreed neither of them was the same person they'd been when they'd first met. He was happy they'd had a chance to get to know each other again as the people they were. Chelsea said it was time she headed upstairs. Billy commented that she looked beautiful. They kissed.

In the jazz lounge, while dancing, Daniel told Lily he was happy things had taken a turn for the better between her and Devon. Lily thanked him for being so supportive. She said she felt hopeful because not everything was falling apart.

Audra tried to get the bartender's attention, but he ignored her. She saw a phone on the bar and picked it up.

Elsewhere, Abby asked if Devon was having second thoughts about dropping the lawsuit. Devon said he wasn't, because it had been the right thing to do. He stated that he was overwhelmed by the whole evening, but he wanted to go home. Abby said she would go with him because she wanted to hear about the truce between him and Lily. Amanda stood on the stairs, staring at them.

Devon told Abby that the dedication of the jazz club to Neil had changed everything for him. He said Abby had no idea how much that meant to him. Amanda went back upstairs. Abby told Devon it had been a tough secret to keep, but it had brought him and Lily together. Devon said that meant everything, and so did Abby. They kissed.

Elsewhere, Nick told Sally that she'd been clutching her mask like it was some kind of shield. Adam stood in the background and watched them. Sally said she felt like everyone was staring at her baby bump.

Sharon brought Adam a glass of Champagne. Adam said it was a great party, but he wouldn't take his eyes off Nick and Sally. Sharon said he had to get used to looking at her instead of Sally. Sharon reminded him that he was holding a glass of Champagne, and he was with a very pretty date -- her. Adam said he was grateful that she'd agreed to be his date. He said he was lucky to have Sharon in his life, even after he'd made some decisions that had made him a difficult man to know. He said what Sharon was hearing were the crashing of waves of regret for being a jackass for most of his life. He said he'd put himself in a position where the people he cared about couldn't stand him, except Sharon, who still put up with him. He asked why.

Sharon told Adam that she put up with him because it was easier knowing there weren't any lingering feelings and no expectations or disappointments. She said they just enjoyed their friendship. She said having a child with someone was very complicated, like learning to rely on each other in a lot of different ways. She said she recalled that Adam had run into some difficulties in co-parenting with Chelsea, but he and Chelsea had overcome those difficulties because of their mutual love for Connor. Sharon noted that it had extended to respecting and caring for each other. Adam said it didn't mean the same would happen between him and Sally.

Sharon told Adam that once the baby was born, his connection with Sally would become stronger because they would have their child's best interest at heart. Adam wasn't sure anything would change for Sally.

Downstairs, Kyle said Phyllis had always been the one to start trouble, but he noted that Diane had been out for blood. Troubled, Jack said they'd seen a version of Diane he'd believed had been long gone. Kyle asked if Jack was having second thoughts about the engagement. Jack replied that he didn't know what to think. He said he loved Diane; however, he felt things were moving too quickly, and the stress was too much for her.

Kyle told Jack that if Phyllis had used his son as some sort of ploy to get him alone, he would have flipped, too. Kyle said Diane had rushed to that suite because she'd been worried about him, and Phyllis had ambushed her. Diane joined Jack and Kyle. She said she'd pulled herself together and was ready to enjoy the rest of the evening. She saw Jack hesitate. She said she knew that had been an ugly scene upstairs, and she apologized.

Kyle told Diane he and Jack weren't clear what had led to the fight. Diane said she'd sent Kyle a text message to see if he was okay before she'd gone upstairs, but when he hadn't responded, she'd believed what Phyllis had said had been true. Kyle reached for his phone, but he realized he'd lost it again.

Audra approached Ashley and Tucker and said she didn't know whose phone she had. Ashley stood up, introduced herself, and told Tucker it was fun meeting his co-conspirator. Audra said she knew quite a lot about Ashley, but Ashley said Audra didn't know he half of it. Tucker claimed he didn't know who the phone belonged to. Ashley said it was Kyle's, and she would give it to him. Instead, Audra kept the phone and said she'd wanted to meet Kyle. She said she would give him the phone.

Audra approached Kyle and told him she'd found a phone on the bar, and she'd been informed it was his. Smiling, Kyle thanked her. She introduced herself. Summer arrived and asked what was going on. Kyle said Audra had found his phone. Summer said Audra was the woman who'd destroyed Noah emotionally. Audra said it had been a complicated situation. In a dismissive tone, Summer thanked Audra for the phone, and Audra left. Kyle checked his phone and confirmed he'd received Diane's text message. He and Jack apologized. Jack claimed Diane had walked into Phyllis' lion's den, believing she was protecting Kyle. He admitted he'd allowed his fear to make him doubt her intentions.

Michael, Lauren, and Traci greeted Danny and Gina warmly. Leanna approached and interrupted, but Gina asked what was going on between Daniel and Lily. She said she could see the sparks from where she was standing.

Daniel assured Lily she would never lose everything, least of all him. Lily said it was comforting to know he always had her back. Daniel said she always had his. He said Lily was one of the most vibrant and strongest people he'd ever known, and he didn't want to live a life that she wasn't part of. Daniel was pleasantly surprised when Danny asked to speak to him alone. Danny said he was worried about what was going on between Daniel and Lily. Daniel said he loved Danny, but he hadn't asked for his father's advice.

Danny reminded Daniel that Daniel had told him that he'd been going through a rough patch and that ending things with Heather had been hard. Danny said he'd known that Daniel and Lily had been close for a long time, and sometimes it was easy to find comfort in a reliable place. He said the fallout wasn't worth the aftermath. Daniel said it was different. Danny suggested that Daniel put all his energy into himself, like his dreams and goals. He said if things were meant to go deeper with Lily, he would have a foundation based on friendship.

Daniel said he appreciated Danny's input where Lily was concerned and knew it came from the right place, but when it came to his personal life, he made his own decisions. Danny said he would butt out. Daniel thanked Danny and said it would be a shame if he had to avoid both his parents. Danny admitted Phyllis could be overbearing at times. Gina joined them and commented that it was an understatement. She said Daniel realized the best way to stay away from Phyllis was total avoidance.

Danny told Daniel that life was too short for grudges, especially against people they loved and who loved them. He said he was sure Phyllis was feeling very lost at that moment because she was at odds with Daniel and Summer. He said he hoped Daniel could get past it because, at some point, Daniel would have to accept Phyllis for the way she was. Daniel said he would talk to her soon and figure it out. Gina said she wanted to talk about Daniel and Lucy.

Jack told Diane he wanted to announce their engagement. He asked everyone to join him in the lounge for some fun news Jack wanted to share with them. On his way there, Jack told Diane he couldn't find the ring. Traci and Gina joined Jack and Diane. Jack was delighted to see Gina. Gina said he was as handsome as ever. Traci asked if the moment had arrived. Diane stated that Jack was officially off the market. Gina said Jack was going to finish what he'd started at Gina's so many years before.

Diane told Gina that they'd had "so many amazing moments" at Gina's, and it was fitting for Gina to share their moment. Jack said he was about to make the announcement, but...Traci interrupted and said, "No buts." She said she was proud of Jack for accepting growth and change and for finding love again. She said Diane had come a long way in a world that mostly favored darkness, but she and Jack had found a ray of sunshine in each other. Jack said they didn't need a ring to make their big announcement. He said if the ring didn't show up, he would get her another one.

Devon asked if Abby was sure she didn't want to stay for Jack's big announcement. Abby said she was sure because she was family, and word traveled very fast. At that moment, Amanda appeared and said it certainly did.

Phyllis returned to her suite. Stark complimented her on her little scuffle with Diane. He said he'd heard it had been a masterful performance. Phyllis asked if he'd held up his end of the bargain. Stark showed Diane's engagement ring to Phyllis. Stark said the hardest and most important part was next, and he asked if Phyllis was ready. She said she was, and there was no turning back.

Jack asked everyone to thank Traci, Nikki, Lauren, and Michael for putting together a spectacular event. He asked who'd said the town couldn't work together, especially when it was to create such a wonderful moment, a celebration of a place they all called home. He said Genoa City was the place his parents had chosen to live their lives and where he'd lived his entire life and raised his son Kyle. He said he couldn't be happier that his son and his beautiful wife had chosen to raise their son, Harrison, there, as well. He said it was his dearest hope that his grandson would learn to cherish family and community as generations of Abbotts had before him.

Jack said it hadn't always been simple or easy. He said everyone definitely had their ups and downs, both as collaborators and competitors, and as friends and foes. He said the people of Genoa City had more in common than they didn't. He said they all shared a humanity, the same loves and losses, and the same heartache and hope, and they chose to live in that town together. He said he would be forever grateful for that.

Jack said the people in their town knew they could grow, change, and transform despite their mistakes, flaws, or foibles. He said they all knew they had an opportunity to live their very best lives. Jack said every day he saw the best in the woman standing next to him. He admitted he knew some didn't see what he did, and perhaps not everyone was meant to.

Jack said that he knew from the life he'd lived, happiness could be elusive, but when a person found it, they needed grab it and not let go. He said that was what he and Diane had chosen -- happiness, love, and to share their good news with everyone because their town loved nothing better than gossip. He said he was in love with Diane, he'd asked her to marry him, and she had said yes.

Nikki was stunned. Victor told Nikki how amazing it was that Jack made one mistake after another. He promised that Jack and Diane would blow up in spectacular fashion. Nikki grumbled that she'd spent months planning the event, only for Jack to steal the show.

Ashley was gobsmacked, and she told Tucker she was going to be sick. At that moment, Phyllis asked everyone to applaud Jack and Diane on their engagement. Reluctantly, everyone complied.

An angry Phyllis collapses at the Bicentennial Gala

An angry Phyllis collapses at the Bicentennial Gala

Thursday, March 30, 2023

As Phyllis continued to "slow clap" for Jack and Diane's engagement announcement, the rest of the partygoers stood silently and looked on in shock. After a moment or two, Michael attempted to make the situation less awkward by clapping wildly and shouting, "Congratulations." Nick turned to Sally and suggested that they leave the gala in search of the cheeseburger that they had discussed earlier in the evening.

Adam told Sharon that he needed to check on Sally and chased after her.

Daniel and Summer walked over to their mother and asked Phyllis to stop what she was doing. Phyllis refused to back down. Phyllis became enraged and yelled that she would not leave until she was "good and ready." Phyllis looked around the room for support, but she did not find it. Phyllis sobbed as she said that she had lost everything because of Diane. Phyllis told Jack that no one was happy for him, and, in fact, everyone was laughing at him.

Phyllis turned her attention to Diane and needled her about hitting the jackpot by marrying into the Abbott family. Danny tried to pull Phyllis away. Tears welled in Phyllis' eyes as she swore to Danny that she was a changed woman. Phyllis appeared ready to faint, promoting concern from Summer. Diane claimed that Phyllis was "obviously drunk" and urged her to go home and sleep it off.

A masked Jeremy Stark quietly slipped into the room.

Phyllis told everyone that she had tried to apologize to Diane, only to have Diane attack her. Daniel tried to cut his mother off, but Phyllis said that she needed to propose a toast before leaving. Jack told Phyllis that he had had enough of her hatred. Phyllis promised that her toast would be about love. Phyllis said that she didn't understand how Jack could have forgiven Diane, a woman that had abandoned her own son. "She gets a free pass," Phyllis marveled.

As Phyllis continued her rant, her eyes suddenly fluttered, and she began swaying back and forth. Within seconds, she collapsed into Daniel and Danny's arms. Daniel placed a call to 9-1-1 while Summer asked if there were any doctors in attendance.

On the Red Carpet, Amanda vented her anger over seeing Devon and Abby on a date. "What is it that you said to me when I found you practically naked on top of Devon? That it was spontaneous?" Amanda asked angrily. Amanda warned Abby that Devon was a cheater, and she turned to walk away. Devon called out to Amanda and asked if it would be possible to have a peaceful conversation with her.

Abby urged Amanda to listen to Devon, and after an initial refusal, Amanda agreed to give Devon three minutes. Devon asked Amanda to join him at the bar for a glass of chardonnay. Amanda snapped that ordering her favorite drink would not earn Devon any points.

Alone, Abby thought back to when she had initially apologized to Amanda for sleeping with Devon.

Back inside, Nate and Elena headed into the bar area, and Nate stopped in his tracks when he saw Devon and Amanda seated together at the bar.

Devon told Amanda that he had dropped his lawsuit. Amanda shook her head and took a sip of her wine. Devon shared that he had not made any decision about returning to Chancellor-Winters. For the moment, he was just happy to have his sister back in his life. "I just feel like this whole last year has been a journey of me making regrettable decisions and hurting people that I care about," Devon said. Devon insisted he was trying to learn from his mistakes and move forward as a better person.

Amanda was unmoved and assured Devon that she would heal. Lily approached the bar and said that it was a pleasant surprise to see Devon and Amanda together. Amanda told Devon that she agreed with his statement that the only way to move forward was to "get past the anger and the hurt." Devon commented that with the lawsuit over, Amanda could head home to be with her family. Amanda shared that she felt like she also had family in Genoa City.

Victoria raced into the bar and told Nate that he was needed because Phyllis had collapsed. Nate, Elena, Amanda, and Devon hurried back in the ballroom. The mood of the partygoers turned to concern. Lauren wondered if Phyllis could be dealing with some sort of aftereffects from the coma she'd been in years earlier. Nikki suggested that they all pray for Phyllis' recovery.

Elena asked for the details of what had led up to Phyllis' collapse. Neither she nor Nate smelled alcohol on Phyllis. Elena quietly told Nate that she could barely feel Phyllis' pulse. The EMTs arrived a short time later and prepped Phyllis for transport to the hospital. Daniel offered to drive Summer to the hospital. Kyle told Summer that he'd join her there after he checked in on Harrison and the nanny. Traci promised that she would be there for Summer.

Daniel felt terrible for the way that he had spoken to Phyllis earlier in the evening. Lily assured Daniel that Phyllis was "way too fierce" for anything bad to happen to her. Danny echoed the sentiment. He spotted Christine out of the corner of his eye and flashed her a smile. Christine smiled meekly before rising from her chair and exiting.

On the other side of the room, Leanna leaned over to ask if Victoria had any idea "what led to this circus." When Leanna called Phyllis' collapse "spectacular," Victoria turned toward Leanna and growled, "Leanna? Go to hell."

Back at the Abbott mansion, Ashley was furious about Jack's announcement at the gala. Tucker poured himself a drink as he listened to Ashley share her anger that Diane had somehow managed to fool Jack. Tucker remarked that Jack and Diane had seemed happy, but Ashley quickly replied that the couple's happiness was based on lies.

"Who are we to doubt her?" Tucker asked. Tucker told Ashley that he wanted to believe in forgiveness because forgiveness would allow him to have another chance at a relationship with her. "A second chance? I don't even like you sometimes," Ashley retorted. Ashley claimed that Jack and Diane's reunion was a totally different situation than what was going on between her and Tucker. Ashley said that Jack was blinded by love and did not see the real Diane. Ashley, however, remarked that she saw Tucker as who he really was.

"I'll be damned if Diane Jenkins ever becomes a member of the Abbott family," Ashley snarled. Tucker came up with an idea to possibly derail Jack and Diane's engagement. "Do something. Shake him up," Tucker suggested. Ashley asked Tucker what he had in mind. "Marry me," Tucker replied.

At Crimson Lights, Sally and Nick hurriedly tore into the bag of fast food that they had ordered from Burger Beat. Things ground to a halt when Nick learned that Sally liked to put hot sauce on her French fries. Adam arrived a few moments later, and Sally scolded him for "lurking" in the shadows. Adam confessed that he'd seen Sally put her hand on her belly moments before leaving the party and worried that something might have been wrong with the baby.

Sally noted that Adam would have had to have seen her and Nick go through the drive-through at the restaurant, and she suggested that he should have realized then that everything was okay. Adam told Nick and Sally to pretend he had never been there. As Adam started to walk away, Sally told Adam that he could join her and Nick. Nick cocked his head to the side and flashed Sally a look. Sally admitted that she wasn't sure if asking Adam to join them was the best idea, but she felt it might help ease the tension between everyone.

Nick agreed that setting up some boundaries might be a good idea. Nick then received a text from Summer about Phyllis and said that he had to go. Before leaving, Nick made sure that Sally was okay, and he asked Adam to make sure that Sally got home safely.

After Nick left, Adam asked Sally if she had had a good time at the gala. Adam offered to take Sally home, but Sally said that she would not be going anywhere until she had a chance to enjoy every last bite of her cheeseburger. Adam smiled and sat down across the table from her.

Back at the Bicentennial Gala, as Jack and Diane tried to figure out what had happened, Diane gasped when she noticed that her engagement ring was in Phyllis' hand. Jack thought for a moment and realized that the man who had bumped into him earlier and picked his pocket had been Stark. Diane said that it didn't make any sense for Stark to give Phyllis the ring. Almost on cue, Jeremy entered the ballroom. Jeremy told Nikki that she was looking beautiful. As Jeremy was talking, Diane grabbed the ring from Phyllis' hand and slid it on her own finger. One of the medics noticed Diane's actions.

Jeremy looked around the room for a moment before noticing that Phyllis was on a stretcher. Jeremy asked what had happened to Phyllis and demanded that Phyllis be taken to the hospital immediately. Jeremy kneeled down beside the stretcher, took Phyllis' hand, and promised his "love" that he would be with her every step of the way. A medic told Jeremy that he would not be permitted to ride in the ambulance.

The assembled partygoers tried to figure out why Jeremy was acting so strangely toward Phyllis. Jeremy kissed Phyllis on the forehead and told her that he would see her soon. The medics then took Phyllis to a waiting ambulance.

Kyle and Jack took turns blasting Jeremy's presence. Jeremy was unfazed and demanded to know what had happened to Phyllis. Kyle ordered Jeremy to stay away from the hospital. Jeremy refused, and announced, "I will be right by my wife's side."

Whispers and murmurs made their way through the crowd before Jack announced that there was no possible way that Phyllis and Jeremy were married. Jeremy claimed that he and Phyllis had gotten married three days earlier. Amanda expressed doubt that Phyllis would have wed and said nothing about it to anyone. Traci asked why Phyllis wouldn't tell her friends or family the news. "What family? What friends?" Jeremy asked with a laugh, declaring, "You all made it very clear that you didn't want to have anything to do with her." Jeremy said that he understood Phyllis and had married her in order to protect her from Diane. Jeremy then turned to Diane and asked that she tell everyone what she had done to Phyllis.

Phyllis' ambulance doesn't arrive at the hospital

Phyllis' ambulance doesn't arrive at the hospital

Friday, March 31, 2023

by Nel

In the jazz lounge, Stark produced a marriage license to prove his marriage to Phyllis. Michael checked the document and confirmed that Stark and Phyllis were indeed married. Jack asked why Phyllis would marry a known criminal. Stark said because of Jack, Diane, and many of the "fine, upstanding citizens" of Genoa City who'd pushed Phyllis to a new low.

Stark said Jack and Diane had pushed him and Phyllis together. Jack accused Stark of taking advantage of Phyllis' condition. Stark said he blamed everyone, especially Diane, for Phyllis' condition. He said Phyllis had been scared, seeking comfort and protection, and he'd been more than willing to provide it. Jack asked why Phyllis needed protection. Stark pointed at Diane and said she'd wanted to cause harm to his wife. He said earlier that evening, Diane had threatened Phyllis with violence, and Phyllis was on her way to the hospital.

Chance entered. He claimed those were some heavy accusations. He asked if Stark could prove them. Chance explained he'd been on a stakeout that had turned out to be a dud -- almost like someone hadn't wanted him at the gala. Stark said he was glad Chance was there after what had happened. Chance stated he would need statements from everyone.

Chance asked if Stark could prove that Diane had wanted to harm Phyllis. Stark said the tension from the past few months and the verbal attacks and threats from Diane had all reached a head in Phyllis' suite. He said Kyle, Jack, and Summer had witnessed everything, and they'd heard Diane telling Phyllis she should do the world a favor and strangle her to death. Stark told Chance to confirm it with Jack and Kyle.

Chance asked Jack and Kyle if Diane had threatened Phyllis earlier. Jack, Kyle, and Diane didn't respond. Chance asked Diane to fill him in on what had led to Phyllis' collapse, or they could make it official at the police station. Kyle asked if Phyllis' collapse had turned suspicion to Diane. Kyle said a known criminal had made random accusations, and Chance was questioning Diane like she was to blame.

Chance told Kyle that under the circumstances, the questions were necessary. Chance asked if Phyllis had been intoxicated before she'd collapsed. Nate confirmed there hadn't been any indication of intoxication. Elena added that Phyllis' breathing had been shallow, and her heart rate had been weak. Stark claimed Phyllis had been the picture of health until she'd collapsed.

Chance asked if Phyllis had reason to be fearful of Diane. He asked if Diane had had a physical altercation with Phyllis earlier that evening and if Diane had threatened Phyllis' life. He said Diane needed to tell him what had happened, then he would judge the veracity of Stark's claim.

Diane told Chance that Phyllis had lured her to Phyllis' suite under false pretenses. She said Phyllis had claimed Kyle was sick and asking for her. She said she'd sent Kyle a text message, but he hadn't responded. Kyle explained he hadn't responded because he'd left his phone at the bar. Diane claimed Phyllis had followed her to the suite and had trapped her there.

Diane admitted there had been a physical altercation, but Phyllis had provoked it. She claimed Phyllis had pushed her down, and then she'd unleashed her horrendous accusations. Diane said Phyllis had claimed that Diane had ruined Phyllis' life. Diane claimed things had been building for months, and she hadn't been able to take it anymore and had retaliated. Chance asked in what way. Diane said that any negative responses from her had been said in the heat of the moment, and her threat to Phyllis hadn't been a serious one.

Chance asked Diane if Phyllis had hit her head during the scuffle. Diane replied that she hadn't. Jack asked if the questions were necessary, since they weren't the criminals. Jack claimed the focus should be on Phyllis and how she was doing.

Nearby, Elena told Nate they should call the hospital for an update.

Jack suggested that Chance question Stark because Jack wanted to know how Phyllis would marry a man like Stark. Stark asked Jack why his relationship with Phyllis was so difficult to understand. He said he and Phyllis were kindred spirits, and a woman like Phyllis deserved respect and support. Stark said Jack had known that once upon a time, but he had forgotten. Jack asked why Stark wasn't at the hospital with his wife. Stark said there was no other place he'd rather be, but he'd been under the impression he was being questioned by the police. Chance said it wasn't an official investigation, and Stark was free to go. Chance advised Stark not to leave town.

Summer and Daniel returned and announced that they didn't know where Phyllis was because the ambulance hadn't arrived at the hospital, and the dispatcher hadn't been able to contact the driver. Daniel said the ambulance had left by the time they'd gotten to his car, so they'd driven straight to the hospital. Summer said the dispatcher had no idea what had happened to their vehicle. Jack asked Stark "what the hell" was going on.

Elsewhere, Nikki complained to Lauren and Michael that all their work to make the event perfect had been upstaged by Jack's misguided announcement and then Phyllis' bizarre rant. Nikki admitted she'd believed Phyllis had been drunk. Michael agreed. Danny asked how an ambulance could just disappear. Michael said the police would track down the ambulance and see what was going on. He said he wanted to know why Phyllis had collapsed.

Nearby, Leana told Sharon that could be the story she'd been looking for. Sharon retorted that not every crisis needed to become gossip fodder, but Leana claimed it could become a huge story. Sharon said she only hoped Phyllis was okay.

Stark kept checking his phone, but when he saw Leanna watching him, he put his phone away.

Chance joined Sharon and said the ambulance hadn't been seen. Sharon asked if he suspected foul play. He commented that Jack and Diane had a history of taking things into their own hands, especially when it came to Stark. He called the animosity between them dangerous. Sharon spotted Phyllis' mask on the floor and offered to grab it, but Chance stopped her and said it was evidence. He picked up the mask with a napkin as Jack and Diane watched.

Jack told Diane he was worried that Stark had done something to harm Phyllis. He said he was still furious with Phyllis for bringing Stark to town. He said the anguish Phyllis had put Diane through had been unforgivable, but he'd never wanted any harm to come to Phyllis. Diane told Jack the fight he'd walked in on wasn't who she was. She explained that she'd been caught up in the heat of the moment, and she'd been pushed out of control by Phyllis; however, she didn't want anything bad to happen to Phyllis, either. She asked if Jack believed her. Jack said he did.

In the upstairs lounge, Amanda told Lily it didn't make sense that Phyllis had just collapsed. Lily said Daniel would provide her with updates. Amanda said Phyllis was like family, and she couldn't believe Phyllis would marry Stark without Amanda knowing anything about it.

When Amanda inquired about Phyllis, Lily said she hadn't heard from Daniel. Lily commented that she'd seen Amanda chatting with Devon and asked how that had gone. Amanda said Devon had apologized for hurting her, and he'd told her that he would drop the lawsuit. Lily said she was relieved, but Amanda warned her to be careful. She told Lily not to be so quick to trust Devon because he'd been willing to take down Chancellor-Winters.

Lily acknowledged that Amanda was still hurting, but Devon was her brother. Amanda admitted she couldn't act like nothing had happened, and she couldn't ignore Devon's trustworthiness. Lily said what had happened between Devon and Amanda hadn't been the same as what had happened between Lily and Devon.

Lily told Amanda that family was very important to Devon, and it had been the whole reason behind the merger and at the core of all of the issues they'd had. Lily said they were finally back on track, and since the lawsuit was over, perhaps they could rebuild the bond they'd had and work together again. She said it was the first time she'd felt hope for them.

At the bar, Elena told Nate it was strange that Phyllis had been fine one minute, but then she'd been laid out on the floor. Nate said it could have been lack of oxygen to the brain, a sudden drop in heart rate, or a drop in blood pressure. Elena said it could have been anything, and she'd be interested to see Phyllis' CT scan and MRI results. She said she would call the hospital to get an update.

Victoria and Audra stood inside the doorway, staring at Nate and Elena. Audra told Victoria she could see the spark Nate and Elena shared and stated she would call it a night. Victoria said she would see Audra in the morning.

Amanda and Lily approached Nate and Elena. Amanda asked if there was any word on Phyllis. Elena said she'd just called Memorial and learned that Phyllis hadn't been brought in yet. After Amanda and Lily left, Victoria asked Nate if there was any word on Phyllis. Nate said no.

Victoria said it had been nice seeing Nate and Elena working together again because it had been awhile since he'd used his medical skills. Elena admitted she'd enjoyed working with Nate as a team again. She said they had a natural rhythm together. Elena said she had some ideas on how to make that teamwork a greater part of their life again. Victoria appeared uncomfortable.

In the jazz lounge, Summer told Nikki, Daniel, and Kyle that Nick had confirmed there was no sign of Phyllis. Daniel said he was worried that Phyllis wasn't receiving the care she needed. Chance returned and said there had been an accident on Collins Road, involving a car and an ambulance. He suggested they prepare for the worst. Stark stood to one side, appearing pleased with himself.

At the Abbott home, Ashley laughed at Tucker's proposal. He suggested they elope. She said Jack's announcement had rendered Tucker temporarily insane. Ashley declined his proposal. Tucker refused to take no for an answer. He said he'd been undeterred, and he'd had the brilliant idea for the romantic picnic in the park. He'd provided some of her favorite delicacies and some flavorful intel on Stark and Diane. Ashley admitted that even though it had been in the dead of winter, the incriminating information had been very romantic. He said he'd offered to set her up with her own company, which appeared to have been an aphrodisiac, based on her reaction.

Ashley said she'd discovered Tucker's true intentions regarding Jabot, and she'd left the country. He said he'd given up control of his company to her. Ashley reminded him she'd bought his debt with one goal in mind: to own him completely. Tucker suggested they make "the ties that bind" matrimonial. He suggested they consider it a game with no actual commitment, but publicly, they would announce their engagement. Ashley found his idea of stealing Jack's thunder intriguing. She admitted it would be gratifying to see the look on Diane's face.

Ashley reminded Tucker he still had to get Devon to buy McCall, because, as owner of Tucker's debt, she had a vested interest in that happening. She said she didn't want the Newmans to get their dirty little hands on it. She asked if Tucker was stymied by Devon not buying McCall and if he'd lost his killer instinct. He replied that it was his killer instinct that Ashley had wanted him to let go of. She admitted she would prefer a kinder and gentler Tucker, but only when it suited her.

Ashley said she wanted Devon to buy McCall and for Tucker had to make it happen. She said that would be the only way there would be a pretend future for them. Tucker commented that he knew Ashley felt the chemistry between them, but she was scared to admit it. Tucker claimed if there wasn't chemistry, she wouldn't be interested in him becoming a better man. Ashley said that as long as she had the upper hand, he could think whatever he wanted.

Tucker told Ashley he had to leave because he felt Ashley didn't want to see Jack and Diane when they arrived. Ashley said she planned to stay up and give them hell. At the door, Tucker was going to kiss Ashley, but she stepped back and asked what he was doing. He said they'd had a traditional date, and he was hoping for a traditional goodnight. Ashley kissed him.

When Devon returned home, Abby said she was happy Chance hadn't shown up at the gala, but Nina had had some choice words for her, which had brought back all the guilt feelings. Abby asked how things had gone with Amanda after Abby had left. Devon said everything had gone completely out of control, and it had nothing to do with Amanda.

Devon told Abby that Jack and Diane had announced their engagement, and then Phyllis had collapsed. Abby asked if Phyllis had been taken to Memorial. He said Phyllis had been lucky that Nate and Elena had been there to help her until the ambulance had arrived. Abby asked if Phyllis had collapsed before or after Jack's announcement. Devon said he hadn't seen it because he'd been talking with Amanda.

Abby asked Devon how things had gone with Amanda. He said they'd kept it civil, but Amanda had every reason to resent him. He said they'd discussed business and him and Lily figuring things out. He said Amanda didn't trust him, and she'd been skeptical about him dropping his lawsuit. Abby said she loved the idea of Devon dropping the lawsuit but questioned if he was doing it out of some sense of "guilt and obligation to Lily." She said it was a huge reversal after fighting so hard to get his company back.

Devon told Abby that something had shifted in him, and it had taken away all the guilt he'd been feeling. He said it had been because of Abby. He said she'd reminded him that the most important thing on earth was family. He said that had been the main reason for the Chancellor-Winters merger. Devon felt that his and Lily's relationship had degraded to making accusations that they did not care about their relationship as brother and sister or about Neil's legacy.

Devon admitted that he'd forgotten that when he'd been in the middle of everything. He said he'd been using his connection to Neil to break away, but it had been their shared connection to Neil that had brought them back together. He said it was Abby's amazing gesture that had made them realize that.

Devon told Abby a place like the jazz lounge embodied Neil's love for jazz, and it had been a special way to honor Neil. He said he and Lily had found common ground, and it had made him realize that maybe they could work things out. Abby noted it sounded like Devon wanted to work with Lily at Chancellor-Winters again.

Devon said he didn't know what his role would be with Chancellor-Winters. Abby asked about McCall. Devon said he didn't know if it was the right thing to start over or to go back to Chancellor-Winters. He wanted to sleep on it. Abby said his company meant a lot to him, and she thought he would want to return and lead it.

Devon told Abby that when it came to business, there were a lot of differences between him and Lily. He said she'd pushed hard to get them to work side by side, but he wasn't sure that would be the smartest thing to do. He said maybe starting from scratch was the right way to go. Abby said no matter which way he went, she would support him. He said he was grateful for Abby because she'd made him see things clearly. Abby said Devon had done the hard part by letting go of his anger and hurt and reconnecting with Lily. Devon admitted he'd let go of the hurt because Abby had given him something to replace it with. They kissed.

Cuddled up with Abby on the couch, Devon commented it made him happy to come home and have her waiting for him. Abby replied that she felt like she belonged there. He asked if Abby and Dominic would move in with him.

Tucker joined Audra at the bar at Society and ordered drinks for them. He said he knew when Audra needed a friend. Audra told Tucker she had a coveted position at Newman Media, and she was doing fine being accepted by the movers and shakers of Genoa City. Tucker claimed that was a load of bull. He said Nate only had eyes for Elena, and that left Audra out in the cold. She said she thought Tucker had been on a date with Ashley. Tucker said things were progressing nicely on that front.

Tucker offered to help Audra with her scheme. She said she needed to track down J.T. Hellstrom.

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