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Genoa City was rocked by the news that Phyllis had perished in a fiery ambulance crash. Stark later met a very much alive Phyllis. Victoria announced that she was no longer interested in acquiring McCall Unlimited. Abby and Devon professed their love and decided to live together.
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Genoa City was rocked by news that Phyllis died in a fiery crash. Stark later met a very much alive Phyllis. Victoria dropped plans to acquire McCall. Abby and Devon decided to live together.
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Chance delivers devastating news about Phyllis

Chance delivers devastating news about Phyllis

Monday, April 3, 2023

As guests at Genoa City's Bicentennial Gala awaited word about Phyllis after she'd collapsed and been rushed away in an ambulance, Jack shared an update with Traci. Jack told his sister that there had been reports about a terrible accident involving an ambulance. Traci cried, "Oh, dear God. It can't be Phyllis." Jeremy lurked in the background, observing the reactions of Phyllis' family members, friends, and foes. Traci assured Jack and Diane that Chance was doing everything he could. As Summer, Daniel, Kyle, and Danny stood by, Chance received a phone call.

Leanna approached Sharon. Leanna said that Sharon's interactions with Detective Chancellor made it appear that the two were close. Leanna asked Sharon if she could share an inside scoop. Frustrated, Sharon replied, "Do you not see the worried look on everyone's face? People are concerned about someone they love." Sharon informed Leanna that even if she had an inside scoop, she would not share it with Leanna.

Michael steadfastly maintained hope, telling Victoria that it was not known whether Phyllis' ambulance had been involved in the reported crash. Victor approached Victoria and Michael. Victor told Michael and Victoria that Chance would get to the bottom of what was going on. Victoria insisted that something seemed off about the scenario. Victoria asked her father why the ambulance had been on Collins Road.

Michael comforted a sobbing Lauren, who said she wanted to know what had happened to her friend. Nikki acknowledged that the celebration had ended. Victoria observed that the only guests left were people awaiting word about Phyllis. Jeremy rushed toward Chance and exclaimed, "Hey, how hard is it to track down an ambulance? Why don't you know where my wife is yet?" Summer, shocked, cried, "His wife?" Daniel replied, "What the hell is he talking about?"

Summer and Daniel walked toward Jeremy and questioned why he had referred to Phyllis as his wife. Jeremy replied, "Well, we got married three days ago. Didn't Phyllis tell you?" Jeremy displayed the marriage license and recalled having already shown it to "the rest of the nonbelievers." Daniel snatched the license out of Jeremy's hands. Daniel and Summer examined the document. Jack noted that while Daniel and Summer had been at the hospital, Jeremy had "shared the charade" with those who had stayed behind. Kyle apologized for not having previously informed Summer.

Jeremy retrieved the wedding license, tucked it into his pocket, and demanded that Chance and the GCPD determine whether or not his wife had been involved in the ambulance accident. Daniel, growing increasingly irate, implored Jeremy to cease referring to Daniel's mother as "my wife." Summer cried that Jeremy seemed to be enjoying causing additional distress. Jeremy reminded Daniel and Summer that they might have been aware of their mother's marriage had they remained on speaking terms with her. Daniel exclaimed, "My mother would never marry a lowlife like you. Not of her own free will." Summer agreed. Lauren shook her head in disbelief.

Nick returned from the hospital and comforted Summer, acknowledging that her text message had updated him about the latest developments. Summer, in denial, insisted that the ambulance transporting Phyllis would arrive at the hospital any minute. Nick explained that doctors would care for Phyllis if she arrived. Summer, correcting her dad, cried, "When it does." Nick, frustrated, asked, "What the hell is going on?" Tensions increased as everyone waited.

Leanna continued approaching Phyllis' friends, asking for information. Michael, disgusted, replied, "No comment!" After Diane stepped aside to collect her thoughts, Kyle asked his mother if she was okay. Diane suggested she leave and wait at the Abbott home, so she would not cause additional pain by being a reminder of the hurtful things Phyllis and Jeremy had said to her. Kyle insisted that none of what had happened was his mother's fault, instead blaming Jeremy and his lies. Jeremy watched Diane closely as she nodded her head and agreed with Kyle that she should stay and lend support to him, Jack, and Summer.

Traci told Jack that she knew that the uncertainty involving Phyllis had been hard on him. Jack replied that he was also worried about Summer, Daniel, and Diane. Leanna mentioned Phyllis and Diane's long-running feud over Jack. Traci replied, "All right. That's enough. Stop badgering these people. Don't you have a shred of human decency?" Leanna cried that she was just doing her job. Jack suggested that Leanna find different work. Victor, sitting across the room and watching Leanna, said, "I want that woman out of here." An exhausted Victor, Nikki, and Victoria left to wait for news.

Jack gave Diane his handkerchief to wipe her eyes after she realized she had no tissues in her pocketbook. Traci offered to fetch water or tea for Diane. Diane told Traci she was fine. After Kyle stepped away to check on his mom, Diane insisted that he stay by Summer's side. Traci agreed, assuring Kyle that she would stay with Diane and Jack. Kyle whispered that Summer was terrified. Kyle cried that though Phyllis had caused them grief, he was hoping she was okay.

Having been shooed away by almost everyone, Leanna introduced herself to Jeremy. Jeremy replied, "I know who you are. What can I do for you?" Diane watched as Jeremy and Leanna conversed privately. Leanna told Jeremy she would be interested in hearing his side of the story. Jeremy agreed to let Leanna record his story. Nick interrupted and told Leanna it was time for her to leave, as the situation had become a private family matter. Leanna agreed to leave and said, "So much for Genoa City being a welcoming place." Jeremy assured Leanna that they would get in touch later. Nick escorted Leanna out.

Sharon checked on Nick. Nick said his only concern was for Summer and Daniel. Sharon readily admitted there had been a time when she had hated Phyllis. Nick listened as Sharon expressed gratitude that she and Phyllis had reconnected while Phyllis had supported Sharon's journey with breast cancer. Sharon credited Phyllis for being a friend when she had truly needed one. Nick agreed that Sharon and Phyllis had gone full circle. Sharon was hopeful that Chance would not deliver terrible news about Phyllis, adding that all they could do was hope for the best.

Lauren told Michael she blamed herself for not intervening with Phyllis' obsession over Diane. Michael assured Lauren that no one had ever been more determined than Phyllis, which meant that no one could ever take her down. Lauren declared with certainty that Phyllis would never surrender. Everyone focused attention on Chance when his phone rang. After a brief phone call, Jeremy quickly raced toward Chance. Jeremy asked Chance if Phyllis was okay, ranting that he had a right to know. Summer begged Chance to tell them something.

Chance informed everyone awaiting news of Phyllis' fate that the ambulance transporting her had crashed. Summer deepened her denial when Chance explained that the crash had set off an explosion. Summer cried, "Mom is okay. I know that she's okay." Diane lamented to Jack that the news kept getting worse. Jack seemed slightly taken aback. Diane apologized and told Jack that she knew he cared about Phyllis. Danny reminded Daniel that there was no one tougher than Phyllis, adding that he was certain she would find her way out. Daniel, devastated, rhetorically asked his dad if Phyllis or anyone could beat a crash, an explosion, and a fire.

Traci asked Danny how he was holding up, acknowledging that the whole scenario was hard to comprehend. Danny asked Traci about Summer. Traci turned and saw Summer sitting with Kyle, Daniel, Jack, and Diane surrounding her. Traci replied that Summer was remaining hopeful. Danny told Traci that if the worst happened, Summer would need a lot of support. Traci asked about Daniel. Danny said he believed Daniel might be filled with anger because he was alone, adding that Heather and Lucy had moved away to Europe. Danny also blamed the stressful tension and guilt associated with Phyllis. Traci assured Danny that his support would comfort his son.

Jeremy, wandering from group to group in the jazz club, cried loudly, "No damn respect! The police keeping us in the dark doesn't instill confidence. How do you lose an ambulance, and then have no real-time updates from the scene of a fire?" Daniel stood up and replied, "You're talking about my mother!" Jeremy reminded them all that he was referring to his wife. Daniel told Jeremy that Jeremy was not family. Jeremy, again displaying the marriage license, corrected Daniel and said, "We are family. Your mother and I got married three days ago." Daniel snatched the license and ripped it to shreds. Nick intervened, called Jeremy a liar, and threatened to throw him out if he did not keep quiet and let Chance do his job.

Upstairs in the dining room at the Athletic Club, Chance questioned one of the paramedics who had attended to Phyllis in the ambulance. The paramedic, bruised and cut, said he had given a statement to the police officer at the scene of the accident. Chance said he wanted to hear what had happened directly. The paramedic recalled that Diane Jenkins had taken a ring from Phyllis' hand before she had been transferred to the ambulance. The paramedic recalled that Diane had seemed to believe the ring was hers and had shown it to Jack Abbott.

The paramedic informed Chance that Phyllis had briefly regained consciousness in the ambulance and had whispered "poison, poison" while he had been drawing blood for a toxicology test. The paramedic reported that the driver, Young, had become distracted, perhaps by a deer, and had run off the road. Chance learned that Phyllis had been securely strapped to the gurney. The paramedic reported that after the crash, he had raced toward the cab and had observed that the unconscious driver's seatbelt had still been fastened when flames had begun to engulf the vehicle, trapping both the driver and Phyllis inside.

All eyes focused on Chance as he descended the stairs and entered the jazz club. Chance, looking directly at Summer, said, "It's been confirmed. Phyllis didn't make it." Kyle caught Summer as she broke down and collapsed in his arms. Nick rushed toward Summer to offer comfort as she sobbed pitifully. Chance expressed condolences to Daniel. Sharon and Lauren appeared shocked by the devastating news. Danny embraced Daniel. Jack wrapped his arms around Diane and Traci. Jeremy stoically observed each person's reaction to Chance's devastating news.

At Society, Audra and Tucker talked about J.T. Hellstrom while they had drinks at the bar. Tucker recalled that J.T., who had at one time been an employee, had pleaded guilty to the attempted murder of Victor Newman. Audra explained that she was interested in exploring how a brain tumor had altered J.T.'s personality, and she hoped to feature him on one of Elena's medical podcasts. Tucker noted that any interactions with J.T. would have a profound effect on Victoria because he had also attacked her. Tucker also expressed concern about how Victor and Nikki might react to J.T.'s interview, adding that Audra might jeopardize her career at Newman Media. Audra claimed she had already considered every angle.

Tucker told Audra he had been watching her, Victoria, and Elena vie for Nate's attention, which had led him to believe she was not solely interested in the medical aspects of J.T.'s life. Audra defended her plan, explaining that both she and Nate eagerly sought content that would draw ratings. Tucker warned Audra that she would be playing with fire. Audra informed Tucker that J.T. had been released early due to the mitigating circumstances of his brain tumor. Audra asked Tucker to put her in contact with J.T.

Tucker agreed to help only if Audra vowed to be indebted to him. Audra declined, but Tucker reminded her that he had once been associated with J.T. and might have an advantage she did not. Tucker suggested that he and Audra might strike a deal negotiated in good faith. Audra told Tucker she would think about it and get back to him in a timely fashion.

Victor, Nikki, and Victoria stopped at Society to wind down from what Victor described as a shocking ending to their evening. Victoria cried that creepy Jeremy Stark had been hovering about like a vulture. Nikki recalled that it had been Phyllis' idea to lure Jeremy to Genoa City, though she and Victoria both expressed concern for Phyllis in light of the evolving circumstances. Victor said he was worried most about Summer. Victoria assured Nikki that even though she had played a part in the plot to oust Diane from town, she was not responsible for what had happened to Phyllis.

Victor told Victoria and Nikki he was wary of Audra and Tucker, both seemingly engaged in deep conversation at the bar. Victoria recalled that Audra and Tucker were old friends. Nikki declared that she was not reassured. Victor questioned Audra's loyalty, even though he recalled that Nate had vouched for her. Nikki condemned Audra for having broken Noah's heart. Victoria said both she and Nate trusted Audra's business instincts. Victor said he wanted to know more about Audra and her skill set.

Victor received a call from a member of his security team. Afterward, Victor informed Nikki and Victoria that the ambulance transporting Phyllis had crashed and caught on fire. Nikki left to phone Nick and Summer. After Nikki walked away, Audra approached Victor and Victoria, explaining that she had stopped by the bar for a nightcap alone when Tucker had joined her. Victor invited Audra to join him and Victoria.

Victor asked Audra to disclose the topic she and Tucker had been discussing. Audra whispered, "I'm just keeping our enemies close." Victor replied that he did not consider Tucker McCall to be a worthy adversary because he was seeking a buyer for his overly leveraged company. Audra suggested that Tucker might accept Newman's offer only if Devon turned him down. Victoria said she would not be surprised if Devon accepted Tucker's offer.

Victor informed Victoria that Devon was dropping his lawsuit in hopes that he and Lily might work things out. Victoria seemed certain that Devon would not want to manage two conglomerates, which might leave open an opportunity for a Newman acquisition. Victor declared that he was confident. Audra replied, "Of course, you are. You're Victor Newman."

As Audra was leaving, Tucker caught her attention and made the motions of an "air kiss." Audra turned abruptly and walked away. Victoria, miffed, told her father that he should have informed her first about Devon's decision to drop the lawsuit. Nikki, not yet having heard the latest update about Phyllis' apparent demise, returned and informed Victoria and Victor that Nick was becoming increasingly worried about Summer. Nikki begged to go home, so she and Victor left. Victoria approached Tucker at the bar and asked if she could buy him a drink.

Abby and Devon profess their love

Abby and Devon profess their love

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

At Society's bar, Victoria encouraged Tucker to imagine having the freedom to do whatever he wanted for the rest of his life if he sold McCall Unlimited to Newman. "Isn't freedom just a state of mind?" Tucker questioned. Victoria was sure there was something he wanted to do, but a lack of time or money had prevented him from doing it. She suggested that he take up racecars again or woo Ashley with rare pieces of estate jewelry. Tucker admired Victoria's relentless drive, but she informed him that she was also impatient. She demanded to know what she could offer him that he couldn't turn down.

Tucker supposed that he had a price, and Victoria was one of the few people in the world who could pay it. He wondered why McCall was so attractive to her. He figured the company was viable to him for emotional reasons, but it was also a failing entity weighed down by debt. He didn't see why it would be appealing -- unless the whole endeavor had nothing to do with his company and everything to do with Victoria.

Victoria reasoned that while McCall was in debt, it wasn't void of value. She pointed out that it had some successful divisions, but Tucker figured she had better options if she was seeking profits. Tucker mentioned that Victor wanted the company to hand off to his prodigal son, which didn't seem like a win for her after she'd put time and energy into the deal. Victoria shared that she had her own ideas about how to fold McCall into Newman, and Adam's services wouldn't be needed. Tucker said he'd put his money on Victoria in a battle between her and Adam, but he asked how she planned on defeating her father.

Victoria crowed that she had a lifetime of practice dealing with her dad, and she had the power to shape Newman any way she saw fit. Tucker imagined that not allowing Adam to run McCall would create conflict for her, but she reasoned that sometimes the risk was worth the reward. Tucker replied that sometimes it wasn't, and she didn't strike him as a good loser. Victoria realized that maybe it didn't make any sense to acquire McCall.

Tucker was taken aback by Victoria's sudden change of heart about buying his company. She credited him with making valid points, and she didn't want to be wrong about her ability to push Adam out of McCall. Tucker wondered if she was using reverse psychology. Victoria said he'd been persuasive, and she was starting to see how he'd been able to win Ashley over. Victoria announced that Newman's courtship of McCall was officially over.

At Devon's penthouse, Abby looked around the living room and wondered if she could call the place home. Abby admitted she'd been surprised when Devon had asked her to move in. He recognized that it was a big step and that a lot of people would have opinions about it. She worried that Chance was still really hurt by what had happened between her and Devon, and she anticipated that moving in together and raising Dominic as a family would be hard for her ex.

Abby lamented that she still felt guilty about how she and Devon had gotten together, but Devon contended that they'd both done as much as they could to apologize to the people they'd hurt. He reasoned that it was time they stopped beating themselves up about it, and she wished it was that easy. Abby realized that Chance had been right in that her feelings for Devon had always been more complicated than friendship. Devon argued that he didn't think it was complicated at all, since he knew exactly how he felt about her. "I love you," he proclaimed.

Abby said she hadn't been expecting the "L-word." Devon thought she'd already known he loved her after everything they'd been to one another. He pointed out that he had a son because of her, and it had made his world bigger than he'd ever imagined for himself. Devon continued that he also loved her because she always wanted what was best for him, and she'd helped him every step of the way when he'd gone to war with Lily. He added that she'd reminded him to put family first, and she'd surprised him with the incredible tribute to Neil that had allowed him to put everything into perspective. Devon swore that he'd meant it when he'd said he'd move heaven and earth for their son, and he intended to prove it to Abby every day.

Abby considered that moving in might affect the entire visitation arrangement, and she voiced concern that things were happening quickly. Devon questioned whether finding true happiness ever happened too fast. She admitted that she cared about how people would see things, and he swore that he didn't want her to do anything that made her feel uncomfortable. Devon cited losing Neil and Hilary, and he stated that life wasn't promised to them. He didn't want them to hold themselves back from being happy because of what people thought of their choices.

Devon recalled Abby's advice to make decisions based on how he saw the future and not how he felt about the past. He contended that they'd done everything they could to make up for what they'd done in the past, and he was ready to enjoy the future -- a future with her and Dominic. He repeated his invitation for her to move in with him. Abby requested time to think.

Devon imagined Abby was uncomfortable living in Chance's family home, but she countered that it was Dominic's base camp. Abby figured that she'd already disrupted her son's life a lot, and she didn't want the boy to have to adjust to another change. Abby assured Devon that she wasn't saying no, but she wanted to do things the right way for everyone involved. Devon cooed that it was another reason he loved her. She said there was something he needed to know. "I love you, too," she professed, adding that the one thing she was certain about was that anywhere she was with him felt like home. They kissed.

At the Athletic Club, Summer sobbed that there had to be a mistake, since her mother wasn't dead. Chance reported that the EMT had given him a full account of how the ambulance driver had lost control when swerving to avoid a deer, leading to an explosion and a fire. Chance continued that he'd confirmed with the officers on the scene that the EMT had been thrown from the vehicle and was the only survivor. Daniel numbly stated that Phyllis was really gone. Danny pulled his son into his arms.

A shocked Sharon stumbled away, and Chance asked if she was okay. She stammered that it was a lot, and he sympathized that it was a reminder of the night Rey had died. Sharon assured Chance she could handle it and that she was just worried about Phyllis' family.

Diane remarked that despite all the differences she and Phyllis had had over the years, she'd been praying Phyllis would survive. Diane lamented that Phyllis' children had lost their mother. Stark snapped at her to stop pretending that she gave "a damn" Phyllis was dead. Stark spat that it was exactly what Diane had wanted to happen.

Jack barked that everyone in the room was devastated, with the probable exception of Stark. Jack ordered Stark to show compassion for the people who'd cared about Phyllis by leaving. Stark reiterated that he was Phyllis' husband, so he had more right to be there than Jack or Diane. Stark refused to leave until he found out more about what had happened to his wife.

Kyle gently proposed that he and Summer go kiss Harrison goodnight. Nick supported the idea, and he told Summer he was just a phone call away. Nick and Summer hugged and exchanged words of love. Kyle informed Jack that he was going to take Summer home, and Jack and Diane offered to do whatever they could to help. Summer silently turned away, and Diane asked if Kyle would be all right. Summer glowered as Kyle and Diane embraced.

Stark griped that Chance hadn't provided any new information. Chance indicated that he had nothing more at the moment, but he had verified with the teams on the scene that there had been only one survivor. Stark scoffed at the idea of believing the person who'd wrongfully arrested him on trumped-up charges. Stark bellowed that he was "suspicious as hell" about the investigation, since "those types" protected their own.

Chance stressed that the authorities were doing everything they could. Stark suggested that the police concentrate on what had happened before the accident, since his wife had been assaulted and her life threatened before she'd passed out in a room full of witnesses. Stark demanded that the police find him some answers, and he stepped out to get some air. Daniel approached Chance and warned that he felt in his gut that something wasn't right.

Chance questioned the EMT about where the technician had stored Phyllis' blood sample. The EMT confirmed that he'd followed standard medical protocol by placing it in a cold metal container that should have survived the fire. The EMT imagined the fire crew had taken it to the hospital, along with anything else that had been salvaged from the site.

Sharon sat down with Nick, who voiced surprise that she had hung around. She confided that she'd been pondering whether she might be responsible for what had happened to Phyllis. Sharon recalled that Lauren had theorized Phyllis' collapse had been a side effect from the coma Phyllis had lapsed into years earlier. Nick asserted that there was no reason to believe Phyllis had developed complications from the prior accident, but Sharon countered that something had caused Phyllis to pass out. "Or someone," Nick muttered, shooting a glance at Diane.

Nick noted that Phyllis and Diane's feud had resumed upon Diane's return to Genoa City, and he had a feeling there was a connection between that and the events that had unfolded that night. Sharon had a hard time believing Phyllis had married a terrible person like Stark. Nick agreed that it didn't make sense, and he suspected Stark had been involved if it turned out that Phyllis' death hadn't been an accident.

Diane recommended that Jack go home to be with Kyle and Summer, but he didn't want to go anywhere until he knew the whole story about what had happened to Phyllis. Diane acknowledged that Jack had once loved Phyllis very much, and they'd shared a lot of history that nothing could erase. Jack was more concerned about Diane, since Stark had made a strong argument about Diane threatening Phyllis in front of witnesses, and Phyllis had been clutching Diane's engagement ring in her hand when Phyllis had collapsed. Diane swore that she hadn't meant the threats, and she was sure Stark had pickpocketed the ring and handed it over to Phyllis.

Jack bemoaned that it was Stark's word against Diane's, and the only person who knew the truth was Phyllis. Jack suspected that Stark's endgame was punishing Diane, and he vowed to stay there and find out every move Stark made. Jack encouraged Diane to go be with Kyle and Summer, but Diane doubted Summer wanted to see her. Diane wailed that it was horribly sad that Phyllis had spent her last conscious moments attacking them, and Summer had witnessed it. Diane imagined that the memory of that night would haunt Summer for the rest of her life.

Danny inquired whether Jack had any idea of what Chance was working on. Jack regretted that he was as much in the dark as Danny was. Jack recounted that there had been times he'd loved Phyllis completely and other times he'd wanted her to be 100 miles away, but she'd been a major factor in his life for decades. Danny admitted that he'd once considered Phyllis the biggest mistake he'd ever made, but they had had an amazing conversation over the holidays and had made amends. Danny mused that he'd thought maybe they could even be friends.

Nick joined Jack and Danny, and he thought it wouldn't be lost on Phyllis that the three of them were talking about her. Stark chided them for crying crocodile tears for a woman they'd all disrespected and discarded. Stark declared that he and Phyllis had planned a future that was never going to happen, and he refused to go anywhere until he got justice. Jack implored Stark to let the police do their work, but Stark growled that the police had looked the other way when Jack and Diane had framed him for theft. Jack barked that it wasn't about Stark and his grievances, and he ordered Stark to shut up or get out. Stark vowed not to let Jack and Diane get away with what they'd done.

Chance told a female officer that a container of Phyllis' blood existed, and he planned to get a court order to test it. He warned that no one else inside or outside the department could know until they had concrete evidence, since a viable sample was their only real shot at finding out why Phyllis had collapsed. Chance anticipated that they might be investigating more than just an accident.

Sharon consoled Daniel, who remarked that it didn't seem real. He reiterated that none of it made any sense, since Phyllis had warned him that Stark was a dangerous criminal. Daniel couldn't believe his mother had married the man, and he grappled with how she'd been in a one-in-a-million freak accident. Daniel suddenly realized that the situation was similar to Cassie's accident, and he apologized for not thinking about it until then.

Sharon shared that the wisdom she'd gained from Cassie's tragedy had been that life wasn't always logical, and sometimes very bad things happened for no good reason. Daniel thought again about his last conversation with Phyllis, when she'd told him how much she loved him and how proud she was of him. Sharon hoped that in time, it would give him some peace. Daniel regretted that he'd frozen Phyllis out and that he'd never get the chance to apologize. He remembered Phyllis initiating the conversation out of nowhere, like she'd had a premonition that something bad was about to happen.

Stark demanded to know how Diane had killed his wife, but Diane denied having done anything. Daniel asked whether Stark had brainwashed or blackmailed Phyllis into marrying him, and Daniel spat that Stark was the reason she was dead. Stark sympathized that Daniel was devastated about losing his mom and was looking for someone to blame. Stark explained that Phyllis had gotten close to him very quickly because everyone else -- including Daniel -- had turned their backs on her. Stark told Daniel to look in the mirror if he wanted to pin Phyllis' death on someone. Daniel lunged at Stark, but Danny intervened.

Daniel ranted that he knew Stark had done something to Phyllis. Stark calmly stated that they all grieved differently, and he was just as eager to punish the true culprit. Chance informed the group that he'd interviewed the EMT and been in contact with the hospital and fire department, but there was nothing new to report. Chance added that it had been a long night, and he urged everyone to go home and get some rest. Stark demanded that Chance gave them all the facts. Chance offered to escort Stark to the police station if Stark pushed the issue. Stark hissed that it wasn't over.

As everyone began heading for the exit, Chance expressed his condolences to Daniel. Jack hovered close to Stark and snarled, "Daniel's not the only one you're going to have to worry about." Once alone, the female officer asked if Chance really thought one of the people who'd just left had harmed Phyllis. Chance replied that they'd know more when they got the results of the blood test, but it was possible that someone had tried to kill Phyllis.

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley called out for Jack when she heard the front door open. Kyle and Summer appeared, and Ashley noticed the couple's distraught appearance and wondered what had happened. "My mom is dead," Summer whimpered. Ashley fetched Summer a hot drink and said she was sorry. Ashley assured Summer that everyone in the family would do whatever they could to offer support, and she commented that Phyllis had had more life in her than anyone Ashley knew.

Summer said Ashley didn't have to pretend that Phyllis had been her favorite person. Ashley recounted that she and Phyllis had found common ground over the past few months, and she admired that Phyllis had gone after what she'd wanted without caring what other people thought -- except for her kids. Summer cried that she hadn't always been the best daughter. Kyle remembered Phyllis being dead set against him and Summer being involved, but Phyllis' concerns had always been out of love. Ashley insisted that none of the bad stuff mattered, and the only thing that would last was the love Phyllis had had for Summer.

Summer thanked Ashley for saying nice things about Phyllis, and she tearfully went upstairs to check on Harrison. Ashley applauded Summer for being brave when the young woman was obviously crushed. Kyle expected it to get a lot worse before it got better.

Summer accuses Diane of taking over Phyllis' life

Summer accuses Diane of taking over Phyllis' life

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

by Nel

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea asked Billy if he was upset or felt weird about their kiss. Billy said no because it had been the highlight of his evening, and he was looking forward to the next one. Chelsea was stunned when Billy informed her about Phyllis' death and said he wasn't sure how to feel about it. Chelsea said that at one time, Phyllis had meant everything to him. He said that had been in the past, and things hadn't ended well between them.

Billy told Chelsea he'd made a lot of mistakes, but he hadn't regretted breaking up with Phyllis. He said their relationship had run its course, but they'd eventually reached a decent place. He wondered how that had happened. Chelsea said time, forgiveness, and a lot of forgetting. Billy said Phyllis had the ability to drive anyone to dabble in their worst habits. Chelsea agreed that Phyllis had been a handful. Billy admitted they'd brought out the worst in each other, but it felt wrong that Phyllis was gone.

Billy told Chelsea that Genoa City would be a lot quieter without Phyllis. Chelsea agreed. She said Phyllis had left a mark on the city. Billy apologized for being a lousy date. He said it wasn't how he'd pictured the evening ending. Chelsea said he shouldn't be alone and invited him to sleep on her sofa. Billy agreed.

Danny and Daniel entered a suite at the Athletic Club. Danny warned Daniel not to make threats in front of everyone, but Daniel claimed they weren't threats but manifestations of Stark's death. Angry, Daniel claimed he could beat the answers out of his new stepdad. He stated that someone was responsible, and they had to pay. Danny said destroying their lives and his own wouldn't bring Daniel's mother back.

Danny told Daniel that Phyllis was gone, and they had to accept it. Daniel shouted that he couldn't because Phyllis had never given up on them. He said if something had happened to anyone Phyllis loved, she would have stormed the police station and the hospitals, kicked people's butts, questioned and taken names to know everything they knew, and hired a private detective. Daniel stated Phyllis was dead because of him.

Danny assured Daniel he wasn't responsible for Phyllis' death. Daniel said Danny hadn't seen how he'd treated Phyllis during the past few months. He 'd known she hadn't meant any harm, but he'd blamed her for everything. He said he could have spent time with her and told her how much she'd meant to him, but instead, he'd turned his back on her.

Daniel told Danny that after he'd lost Heather and Lucy, Phyllis had wanted to make sure everything was all right with him, but he'd told her to "stay the hell out" of his life. Danny said Phyllis wouldn't want Daniel to blame himself. Daniel recalled that earlier that evening, Danny had told him to get past things with Phyllis, and his response had been, "Not tonight." He said it would never happen. Danny told him to hold on to the good memories.

Daniel told Danny he would remember that he'd been the one who'd called her out in front of the whole town, and he'd broken her heart. He said he would remember how she'd looked at him and how hurt she'd been. He said that would play over and over in his head for the rest of his life.

Daniel told Danny that Phyllis had felt betrayed by her kids because they'd stabbed her in the back. He said Phyllis had spent her whole life making sure they were happy; it wasn't supposed to end that way. Daniel objected when Danny suggested that Daniel rest. Danny told him to go to the gym or take a shower, or do anything he needed to do to get out of the downward spiral because punishing himself wouldn't bring Phyllis back. He promised they would pick things up in the morning. Daniel agreed. Daniel apologized for acting like he was the only one suffering. Daniel asked what they would do without Phyllis.

After Daniel went to have a shower, Danny called Lily. She offered her condolences and asked how Daniel was doing. She said she'd hesitated to call Daniel because she'd thought he would be with Summer. Danny informed her that Daniel was in a really dark place and not with Summer.

At Society, Elena told Nate she felt like they'd let Phyllis down, but she knew they'd done everything they could. She also wondered if they'd known the ambulance driver Phyllis had died with. Nate suggested Elena make sure Memorial took up a collection for the driver's family. Elena asked why, out of the blue, a seemingly healthy woman had collapsed. She said they owed it to Phyllis to find some answers. Nate said he hadn't envisioned the evening would end the way it had. Elena said she hadn't, either, but at that moment, they needed to find some answers about Phyllis.

Elena told Nate she wished she had answers for Phyllis' children. She said Phyllis' death had given her perspective, and she wanted to make sure the people in her life knew how much they meant to her. She admitted it had been nice working with Nate again because they made a great team. Nate said they would always be a team, and being a doctor would always be in his blood; however, that was part of his past. He said he knew it was hard for Elena to accept that his life was moving in a different direction, but she needed to respect that.

Elena told Nate she supported the direction his life had taken, but she didn't want it to change him. She said there were people who could bring out the best and the less attractive side of themselves. She admitted she supported his career decision, but not the people in his daily work life. He asked if it was about Victoria again. Nate claimed he needed Victoria's guidance, and he was happy to have her trust and respect. He said it was sweet of Elena to worry, but they would be fine.

Nate told Elena he was tired. She told him to go home, and she would walk home later because she was still wound up. They kissed, and Nate left. Alone, Elena opened on her phone and searched for J.T. Hellstrom.

At home, Jack asked Diane how Phyllis could be gone. Diane said she couldn't shake the feeling that their announcement had had something to do with it. When Ashley entered, Diane claimed it wasn't the right time for a fight. Ashley stated that there had been enough conflict for one night. She said she'd heard the news from Kyle and Summer. Ashley said she was heartbroken because Phyllis had had her convinced that Phyllis was indestructible.

Kyle entered, and he told Jack, Diane, and Ashley that Summer was sitting by Harrison's bed, watching him sleep and barely speaking. Kyle asked how Daniel was doing. Jack said Daniel had gone off on Stark. Ashley said it had made everyone wonder how anyone could marry someone who was universally despised. She said it was like pouring salt on a wound of the people who really cared.

Diane stated that for Ashley to equate her and Jack's relationship to whatever moral or criminal... Ashley interrupted and said it wasn't the time to be speaking ill of the dead, especially with Phyllis' grieving daughter upstairs. She told Diane they needed to put their differences aside. Ashley left.

Diane told Kyle she was happy Ashley had backed off because Ashley was only making things worse. Summer entered. Diane said she couldn't imagine what a difficult time it was for Summer. She claimed Jeremy was involved, and they would uncover his connection to the situation. She said she was "so sorry" that Phyllis had paid the price.

Extremely emotional, Summer accused Diane of being the cause of the whole situation. Diane denied having anything to do with Jeremy's plan. She said it had been a horrible way for Summer to find out that Phyllis had married Stark. Summer spat that it was about Diane, not Jeremy. Jack asked how Summer imagined Diane ... Summer interjected and cried that she didn't need an imagination; they'd all been there. She quoted Diane: "I would be doing the world a favor if I strangled you to death." Diane claimed she'd spoken those words in the heat of the moment. Summer said Diane had been furious with Phyllis, and Phyllis was dead.

Diane said she knew Summer was hurting, but she meant it from the bottom of her heart ... Summer laughed and sarcastically said Diane's "infamous and boundless heart." Jack said what had happened had been an accident. Summer asked if there was a word for an accident such as a random, unfortunate event that benefitted certain people.

Kyle tried to get Summer to go upstairs, but she refused because nothing would change by morning. She yelled that Diane had no right to talk about Phyllis because they all knew Diane hated Phyllis. Summer said Diane had resented Phyllis because Phyllis had known exactly who Diane was, and as long as Phyllis had remained alive, Diane would never have a real place in Genoa City. Summer said Phyllis had been real, and she'd been more honest and true than Diane could ever hope to be. She said Diane knew she could never be Phyllis, so Diane had needed to destroy her.

Summer said Phyllis had been right, and Summer asked why no one could see it. She said Diane was the monster Phyllis had been warning everyone about. She said Diane had done everything Phyllis had claimed Diane had done. She said when Diane had arrived, she'd taken over Phyllis' life. Summer accused Diane of clutching her pearls and stating she'd find the real culprit.

Kyle told Diane that Summer didn't mean any of it. Summer spun around to face Kyle and cried that she'd meant "every damn word." She told Kyle she was being honest for the first time in a very long time. She suggested that Diane try telling the truth. She said Phyllis was dead, something Diane had wanted all along.

Diane told Summer it was true that the fight between her and Phyllis had become physical, but she'd never wanted actual harm to come to Phyllis. She said her words had been regrettable. Summer asked if it had just been dumb luck that her mother had wound up dead right after Diane had wished her dead. When Jack tried to explain, Summer told him she wanted to hear it from Diane, not Jack. Summer asked how Diane had felt when she'd heard Phyllis was dead.

Kyle suggested that he and Summer go upstairs, but Summer said her mom had called his mom a threat, and her mom was gone. Summer broke down sobbing, and said she needed to know what had happened. Kyle convinced Summer to let him take her upstairs.

After Kyle and Summer left, Diane began to cry. Jack claimed Summer needed someone to blame because her life had been turned upside down. He said Summer wouldn't remember any of it by the next day. Diane said perhaps Summer had been too upset to be thinking clearly, and she asked if Jack believed she was responsible for what had happened to Phyllis. Jack said she'd heard him tell Summer earlier that it had been an accident. Diane claimed he'd told Summer what she'd needed to hear, but Diane needed to hear what was in Jack's head and his heart.

Diane said she'd seen the disappointment in Jack's eyes in the suite. She said Jack had been fully prepared to blame her for the entire altercation because he'd believed she'd been partially to blame and had played a part in it. She said perhaps he thought Diane had wanted Phyllis out of commission when they'd made their announcement. She swore she had nothing to do with what had happened to Phyllis. She asked Jack to be completely honest with her.

Jack told Diane that in the previous six months, he might have imagined that Diane could bring harm to Phyllis. He said that at that moment, he had a mountain of questions about what had happened to Phyllis, and Diane didn't factor into any of them. He said he was sorry he'd made her question his love for her.

Diane asked if the questions Jack had about Phyllis' death revolved around Jeremy. Jack stated that he couldn't shake the feeling that Stark had had a hand in what had happened. He said if it had been a setup, it had been the ultimate payback. Jack asked what they should expect from Stark. She said more mind games and manipulation. Jack said Stark wouldn't get away with whatever he had planned. Diane asked him to confirm he believed her. He said he had unshakable faith in her, and nothing would change that. They kissed.

Daniel came out of the shower, and he was surprised to see Lily waiting for him. Lily said she hoped it was okay that she was there, and she hugged him. Daniel was glad she was there. Lily admitted she was familiar with the territory Daniel was in. He asked what losing Neil had been like for Lily.

Lily told Daniel it had felt like the end of the world because Neil had been there for every story in her life, but then he'd been gone. She said the worst part had been the suddenness of it. She said she'd been angry and questioned how someone who'd surrounded her with love had just been gone. She admitted she still occasionally picked up the phone to call him.

Daniel asked how Lily had felt when her mom had died. Lily said they'd never found Dru's body, and that was a whole other trauma she didn't let herself think about. Daniel understood and said he believed his mom was out there somewhere, needing help. Lily asked how someone who'd been larger than life could just be gone.

Lily said Daniel had to let go. Daniel wiped his tears and said that would be a problem. Lily said grief was love with nowhere to go. She said she knew that was how Daniel felt because he'd had so much to say and experience with Phyllis. He said it felt like it would hurt forever. Lily confirmed it would hurt forever, but it would get better. She told him to take it day by day or hour by hour. Daniel said that sounded too difficult. She reminded him that he had people who loved him and wanted to support him.

Lily told Daniel she probably thought of her parents a few dozen times daily. Daniel asked if it hurt. She said in the beginning, it had been unbearable, but as time had gone on, the pain had lessened, the memories had become softer, and she'd stopped thinking about all the things she'd done wrong and begun to think of how she'd made them proud. She said one held on tighter to the people one loved who were still in the world. She told him to focus on the life they'd given him and to pass it on to someone else. Daniel said that seemed very far off. Lily told him there was no rush, and he should grieve the way he needed to.

Lily said that Daniel was probably so exhausted that he wasn't processing their conversation. She suggested that he get into bed. Daniel agreed and said he would call Lily in the morning. Lily said he didn't have to because she was staying. Lily sat in a chair and saw that Daniel was restless in his sleep. She lay down beside him and put an arm around him.

In some hotel or motel, in room 158, Phyllis walked out of the bathroom and told someone it had taken them long enough.

Stark tells Phyllis it is time to go their separate ways

Stark tells Phyllis it is time to go their separate ways

Thursday, April 6, 2023

by Nel

In a suite at the Athletic Club, Sally asked if Nick had heard from Summer. He said he'd tried to call her several times, but she needed space. He said Noah and Allie were cutting their trip short, Faith was prepping for finals, and he hadn't had the heart to tell Christian yet because Christian had adored Phyllis and Nick hadn't wanted to ruin his school outing.

Sally said she admired Nick, and he could count on her when he needed someone to lean on. Nick commented that Phyllis had been a big part of his life, and he would miss her terribly.

Nick told Sally it didn't seem real because Phyllis had been the embodiment of life. He said the fire and passion had always been there, and she'd lived life to the fullest. He said the electricity around her had been what had drawn him to her. He said he and Sharon had just lost Cassie, and he'd been at the lowest point in his life when he and Phyllis had gotten together. Hesitantly, he told Sally he'd betrayed Sharon. He said he'd felt terrible, and he wouldn't make excuses for his behavior.

Nick told Sally he'd been drowning, and Phyllis had been a lifeline. He said Phyllis had been unpredictable, exciting, stubborn, and infuriating, especially when she'd gotten some idea in her head. He said there was no stopping her, even if it was something she shouldn't pursue.

Sally asked Nick what had happened between him and Phyllis. Nick said that in the long run they hadn't been meant to be together, but they'd stayed close, mostly because of Summer. He said that underneath that fierce, maddening exterior, Phyllis had had a very big heart. He said they'd had an unbreakable bond, even though their romantic relationship had ended. He said Phyllis had loved her kids with every fiber of her being, and they had loved her just as much. He said it "scared the hell out of" him wondering how Summer would get through her mother's death.

Sally told Nick that Summer would find her way because of Nick. She said Summer knew Nick would help her. Nick said he wanted that, but Summer had already shut him out. Sally said Summer was reeling and probably didn't know what or how to feel because she was in uncharted emotional territory. She said Summer needed Nick to guide her the same way he'd done for Sally and her pregnancy. He said if he was too forceful, he might push her away. Sally said Summer would come to him when she was ready.

Sally told Nick that Summer adored him, and Summer needed to know he would always be there for her. Nick said he would do anything to take her pain away and make her feel safe and secure. He said he would promise her that everything would be okay, but he couldn't make that promise anymore because her mother was gone, and nothing would be the same.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Christine told Chance it was impossible to get a viable autopsy on the victim's remains. She said the medical examiner had stated there had been too much damage done by the fire. Chance asked if the lab was running a tox screen from the sample of the blood that had been drawn before the crash.

Christine told Chance a court order had been issued, and the sample was being tested. She said there had been a substance in Phyllis' system before she'd passed out. He said the EMT's statement about Phyllis being poisoned had been validated. Christine said they had a new mystery to unravel. She asked who had been behind the poisoning -- Diane, Stark, or someone they hadn't considered.

Chance asked Christine why Stark would poison his wife. Christine suggested perhaps for her money. She said everyone had been caught off guard by their quickie wedding. When Michael arrived, Chance left. Christine acknowledged how difficult it was for him and Lauren to lose Phyllis, because Christine knew how close they'd been. Michael said there weren't words to describe how they felt.

Michael told Christine that Lauren had been shaken to her core, and she could literally feel her heart breaking. He said Phyllis had been one of the best friends Lauren had ever had, and it was unreal to think Phyllis was gone. He said the town wouldn't be the same without Phyllis running around and raising hell.

Christine told Michael there had been a number of times she had wished Phyllis would have left town for good. Michael stated that no one should wish that on anyone. Christine promised she would get to the bottom of what had happened and make sure justice was served.

Michael told Christine that he'd turned his phone off during the gala, and he'd remembered to turn it back on in the middle of the night. He said he'd missed a call from Phyllis that she'd made during the gala. Michael warned Christine it would be hard to listen to. He played the voicemail.

"Michael, this is Phyllis. You need to know that Diane is out of control. I'm actually terrified. She tricked Jack into proposing to her, and she is going to get rid of anything or anyone that stands in her way. I know you probably think I'm being overly dramatic, but please listen to me. This is serious. That woman just attacked me, and she threatened to kill me. God help me, Michael, I can't believe I'm saying this. I'm actually afraid of that crazy bitch."

Christine told Michael that she'd endured years of fighting with Phyllis and decades of mutual animosity and hatred, and she admitted she'd loathed Phyllis. She stated that Phyllis had died under mysterious circumstances. She giggled and said the one person who was in charge of trying to figure out what had happened and who was supposed to bring justice for Phyllis was Phyllis' worst enemy, her. Michael laughed and said it was almost as though Phyllis had planned it.

Christine said Michael and Phyllis had been close, but he also considered Diane a friend. She acknowledged that he had to be very conflicted. Michael said he'd tried to be a buffer between those two warring factions. Christine asked Michael's thoughts about the voicemail. He said he didn't have enough facts to reach a firm conclusion.

Michael told Christine that he'd initially dismissed Stark's claim that Phyllis had been afraid of Diane because the man had his own agenda, but for Phyllis to leave a message like that... Christine interrupted and commented that it was shocking to think Phyllis would leave a message like that. Michael remembered that before Phyllis had passed out, she'd told everyone she'd had to speak out to protect herself. Christine said Phyllis had been afraid of Diane, but Christine wanted to know why.

In the coffeehouse, Sharon told Chance that after Cassie had died, she hadn't believed anything could hurt her more deeply -- until she'd learned about Nick and Phyllis' affair. She said that had been the beginning of Nick and Phyllis' relationship and the beginning of her very ugly rivalry with Phyllis. Sharon admitted there had been jealousy, catfights, and psychological warfare. Sharon admitted she couldn't blame everything on Phyllis because she'd given as good as she'd gotten, and perhaps she'd gone a little further than that.

Sharon told Chance that whether one loved or hated Phyllis, she'd had a talent for sparking very strong emotions, and she'd been a presence that couldn't be ignored. She said ultimately, she and Phyllis had found a way to get along. She said they'd both been part of the same extended family, and it had been important for them to be civil.

Sharon told Chance that when she'd been undergoing cancer treatment, the last thing she'd expected had been Phyllis showing her genuine kindness. Chance said it sounded like Phyllis had been two different women. Sharon agreed. She said one was viciously scheming, and the other was capable of love and compassion -- and they were both gone.

In room 158, Stark told Phyllis there was no turning back because their plan was coming together like clockwork. He said Phyllis was going to get everything she'd ever wanted. They both panicked when someone knocked on their door. Stark opened the door and asked EMT Carson if anyone had followed him. Carson said no. Phyllis asked why Stark had told Carson where to find them. Jeremy said they had unfinished business, and he paid Carson. Phyllis asked Carson if the police had bought his story and if Chance had taken note that she'd whispered "poison" in the ambulance.

Carson told Phyllis he'd kept to the script. He said he'd made sure Phyllis' blood had been found by the rescue team. Carson wanted the whole thing over with. Stark told him to take the money and forget he'd ever met them. He told Carson to stick to the story and to keep it simple if the cops questioned him again, or they would have a problem. Carson left. Phyllis noted that Carson seemed too skittish, and she wondered if Carson could be trusted.

Phyllis asked Stark if the two bodies from the morgue found at the crash site had been her and the driver. Stark said it had been poetic because it had been the same blueprint Diane had used all those years before, only this time, Diane would be a murder suspect, and she would spend the rest of her life behind bars. Phyllis commented that she, Phyllis, would be wiped out of existence. Stark said he hoped she didn't have regrets.

Phyllis told Stark it wasn't exactly regret, but rather, concern about her kids. Stark reminded her she'd known how hard it would be on them. Phyllis said that during her speech at the gala, her kids had appeared agitated, but when she'd stumbled, they'd been alarmed. She said when she'd fallen to the floor, they'd been really frightened. She said she hadn't expected that.

Phyllis asked Stark how her kids had reacted when they'd heard she hadn't made it to the hospital. Stark said they'd been upset. She asked how they'd reacted when they'd heard... Stark interrupted and asked why it mattered. Phyllis said she wasn't used to walking away from her kids like Diane had. Stark reminded her how furious, disillusioned, and betrayed she'd been. He said that had been the main reason Phyllis had agreed to go along with the plan.

Stark reminded Phyllis that her kids had made her the enemy by pushing her away and choosing Diane. He said they weren't kids anymore. He said they would grieve, heal, and ultimately move on. He said that was what Phyllis had to do and to get rid of any doubts because they had to live with what they'd done.

Stark told Phyllis it was time for them to go their separate ways, and he would fondly remember their brief marriage. Phyllis said he should, considering he'd benefitted from it. He said he loved that Phyllis had changed her will, with half her estate to go to her children, and the other half going to her new, loving husband. He said Phyllis wasn't walking away empty-handed.

Stark said Phyllis had a passport with a new identity, a new phone, and a hefty amount of cash. He asked if she'd decided where she would reinvent herself. She said she hadn't thought about the future because she'd been focused on their plan. He said she was shrewd enough to build a new future for herself.

Stark said Phyllis would have the life she deserved, and Diane would be behind bars. Stark called for a car to take Phyllis to the airport. Phyllis asked why he'd called for a car, since she didn't know where she wanted to go. He said it didn't matter because she needed to get as far away as possible from Genoa City. He told her to pick a place, and once she was away from Genoa City, she could pick a new home base. Phyllis reiterated that she didn't know where she wanted to go. Stark demanded that she pick a place, and she would leave that evening, since it was too dangerous for her to stay. Phyllis looked at a headline on her phone that read "Memorial services to be announced for Phyllis Summers."

At home, Jack told Kyle he felt like he couldn't wake up from a nightmare. He said he and Phyllis hadn't been on good terms, but that hadn't made the loss any less profound. Kyle commented on how quiet the house was. Jack said Traci and Ashley had left early, and he'd encouraged Diane to go to the Grand Phoenix spa to shake off stress and not upset Summer.

Kyle told Jack that Summer had hardly slept, and he didn't know what to do for her. Jack said Summer needed to know he was there for her because she had a lot to work through, and it would take patience. Kyle said Summer wasn't only grieving Phyllis' death; she was also consumed with the idea that Diane had had something to do with Phyllis' collapse.

Kyle asked what Jack thought about Stark's accusations. Jack said they were ludicrous; there was no way Diane had been involved. Kyle questioned whether Diane would have done something like that in the past. Jack claimed it didn't matter because she was a different person. Kyle stated that not everyone would see it that way, especially after the fight Phyllis and Diane had had. He said everyone knew how much they'd hated each other, and it didn't look good for Diane. Jack said he hoped the evidence led them straight to Stark.

Summer joined Kyle and Jack. She asked where Harrison was. Kyle said the nanny had taken him out because they hadn't wanted Harrison to pick up on all the grief in the house. Summer said Harrison could return home because she was done with the grieving. Jack said that saying it didn't make it so.

Summer told Jack she was done with talking about what had happened the previous day with Diane or Stark. She said she had work to do. Jack stated Marchetti could wait. Summer said it was something far more important. Summer announced that she had to plan Phyllis' memorial service. Jack and Kyle protested, but Summer said she was doing what needed to be done. She said Phyllis deserved a proper tribute, and she would be the one to arrange it.

Nikki and Victor arrived to check on Summer. Smiling, Summer thanked them for coming and said she wouldn't waste another second falling apart. Victor told her not to stay strong just because of them. Summer assured him she was fine and needed to stay focused. Victor asked what she was focused on. Kyle said Phyllis' memorial. Summer said there was no reason to wait, and it needed to be perfect, elegant, and stylish, just like Phyllis, and it needed to be something her mom would be proud of.

Nikki offered to take the memorial off Summer's hands. Summer sternly told them not to coddle her because she didn't need that or to be treated like a child. Nikki said she hadn't meant to imply that Summer couldn't handle the memorial on her own. She said they all just wanted to help. Summer understood Nikki meant well, but she claimed she couldn't hand off any part of the planning. She said she had to make sure every detail was perfect and exactly the way her mom would have wanted it.

Summer said Phyllis had left this world, feeling abandoned and alone. Summer stated she wouldn't abandon her mother. She said she wanted the world to know how loved Phyllis had been. As Summer was leaving, Kyle told her they all respected where she was coming from. He told her to handle the memorial how she wanted but to allow those who loved her to be there for her. Summer left.

Jack told Victor that Summer had been an absolute wreck the previous evening, but in the new day, she'd gone in the opposite direction. Victor asked if Jack found it strange that the ambulance had taken a circuitous route to the hospital and had crashed and burned. Jack said it had been on Collins Road.

Victor asked Jack if his engagement announcement might have... Jack stopped Victor and said Diane had had nothing to do with it. Victor said he was trying to find out what had happened. Jack suggested that Victor start with Stark because all roads led to his door. Victor agreed but wondered if Stark would answer any of his questions.

Devon and Lily agree to give their partnership a chance

Devon and Lily agree to give their partnership a chance

Friday, April 7, 2023

by Nel

At Society, Sally told Nate she believed there was something wrong with the baby because she wasn't feeling well. She explained that after she ate, she would get nauseous and get a fluttering feeling in her stomach. She asked if that was normal. Nate advised her to schedule an appointment with her obstetrician, Dr. Chandler, to be checked out. After Nate asked her a number of questions, he suggested she eat smaller meals more frequently because the baby was starting to move.

Nate told Sally that nutrition gave the baby a boost, and that contributed to her queasiness. Sally thanked Nate and told him he had an excellent bedside manner for a media executive. Sally asked him to keep their conversation to himself. He said it wasn't his news to share. He picked up his takeout, and he left.

Adam arrived at Crimson Lights and asked Sharon for his usual, but Sharon didn't appear to hear him. She apologized and claimed she was still processing and having a difficult time focusing. Sharon noted Adam's puzzled look, and she explained the previous evening and told him that Phyllis had died. Adam stated that Phyllis marrying Stark seemed off. Sharon said no one had known. He asked if Sharon had spoken to Nick about it. She said she had at the gala, but when Phyllis' death had been confirmed, Nick's focus had been on Summer.

Sharon told Adam that Nick had been there for her when Ray had died, and she hoped to reciprocate, since the situations had been similar. She said after losing Cassie and Ray, she felt especially qualified to help people through similar situations. Adam said Sharon would be a great comfort to Nick. Adam received a text message from Victor: "Society ASAP. We need to discuss McCall." Adam told Sharon he'd been summoned, but he wanted to continue their talk later. Sharon agreed. After Adam left, Sharon saw Abby and Chance talking on the patio.

On the patio, Chance was on a call, following up on Phyllis' toxicology report. Abby arrived and waited for Chance to end his call. Abby thanked Chance for his hard work. She said the family really appreciated it. Abby told Chance that Devon had asked her and Dominic to move in with him. Chance asked what she expected him to say. She said she hadn't made any decision because she'd wanted to talk to him first. She said she didn't want to make the visitations any more uncomfortable than they already were.

Chance told Abby to go for it. He said he was sure Dominic would love it, and he assumed Abby and Devon would, too. Abby said she was concerned about Chance's feelings, but Chance told her not to worry about his feelings. He said he was fine with it.

Abby said if she and Dominic moved out, Chance should move back into the Chancellor estate because it was his birthright. He said it was just a house. Abby claimed it was the Chancellor house, and a Chancellor should live there. He said Dominic was a Chancellor, and he lived there. Abby said that one day, it might be Dominic's. Chance agreed it was Dominic's birthright.

Abby told Chance she didn't feel comfortable living there without Chance, and Nina didn't want her there. Chance admitted Nina had mentioned that to him. Abby said she would move out, but she wanted Dominic's things to remain there. She also wanted to keep his room the same. She said he'd loved it there, and everything would be the same when he visited Chance. She said she didn't want to disrupt his life any more than she already had. Chance agreed. He said he wanted to do what was best for Dominic. Abby thanked Chance, and she left.

At Devon's, Lily told Devon she'd been with Daniel all night. She said Phyllis had loved her kids, and her kids had loved her. Devon said nothing prepared a person for losing a parent. He said death put things into perspective, and one couldn't wait around to right the wrongs in one's life. He told Lily he wanted to continue their conversation about Chancellor-Winters.

Devon told Lily that after seeing Neil's photo on the wall and hearing his music, everything had changed for him. Lily agreed and said it had felt like Neil had been there with them. Devon said after hearing the news about Phyllis, it had reminded him of the day they'd lost Neil. He said it had made him realize they needed to keep the people they loved close. Lily agreed. He said he wanted to give their partnership at Chancellor-Winters another shot. Lily said there had been a lot going on the previous day, and she asked if he was sure. Devon asked if Lily thought he was making an emotional decision.

Lily told Devon she wanted to make sure he wasn't, because their relationship and the company had been through a lot of turmoil. She wanted to be sure they were being logical about their decision. Devon said the only thing that mattered to him was protecting their relationship as brother and sister, and as colleagues. He said he wanted to hit the reset button. Lily said she wanted the same thing, but she was scared they would wind up in the same place again.

Devon told Lily they wouldn't let it happen again, and in order to do that, they had to have open and completely honest communication with each other at all times, even if they hurt each other's feelings. Lily agreed. She confessed that previously, they'd had their own agendas, and they hadn't been honest with each other. Lily asked if Devon was afraid of losing Hamilton-Winters. Devon admitted he wanted to hang on to his company, but the main part of it was not losing his sister because they only had each other. He said he wanted to make something of Chancellor-Winters that they, Katherine, and Neil would be proud of. Lily agreed.

Devon asked Lily how Daniel was doing. Lily said he was distraught and had continually talked about all the ways Phyllis could have been saved. She said he was beating himself up because he and Phyllis had been in a bad place. She said Daniel felt he'd contributed to the stress that had made Phyllis collapse.

Devon told Lily he'd believed he'd been at peace with Neil and Hilary's deaths, but that hole in his heart had never gone away. Devon said the whole thing with Phyllis reminded him they had to embrace life, and that was what he intended to do -- and not just with business. He told Lily he'd asked Abby to move in with him. He said he and Abby felt it was right, and they both knew how they felt about each other, so there was no reason not to. Lily said perhaps because Amanda had recently moved out.

Lily asked Devon if Abby moving in with him might cause Amanda more pain. Devon said no because Amanda had already said she'd known they would live together. He said they'd had a decent conversation, and he felt they'd had some actual closure. He said that had motivated him to ask Abby to move in. Devon said he loved Abby, and she was the mother of his son. He said it felt good being together as a family under one roof.

At Newman, Victoria asked Victor about Nick. Victor said Nick needed time. Victoria told Nikki her heart went out to Summer. Nikki said Summer seemed to be teetering between being too composed and on the verge of a breakdown. She said Summer insisted on planning Phyllis' memorial. Victoria said she could help Summer, but Nikki informed her that Summer didn't want any help.

Victor asked Victoria how things had gone with Tucker. Victoria said she'd withdrawn their offer to buy his company because she was no longer interested in McCall Unlimited. She claimed it had already been too much of a headache, with more headaches destined for the future. She stated the pitfalls outweighed any upside for the company and the family. She said she didn't think it was worth it, and she had informed Tucker herself.

Unhappy, Victor said it hadn't been solely Victoria's decision to make, and she should have consulted with him. Victoria asked if she wasn't the CEO of Newman Enterprises. Victor asked if she'd forgotten who'd put her in that chair. He said he disagreed with her decision and stated the real issue was Adam. Victoria said Adam was Victor's concern, but for her, it was what was best for the company. She claimed that after she'd reevaluated the pros, cons, and potential risks, she'd changed her mind. She claimed there was no potential for growth, and she would be happy to show him the numbers.

Victor stated he was sure Victoria had worked the numbers to support her position. He questioned her motivation. She claimed her motivation was always in the family's and company's best interest. She questioned why, if Victor didn't believe that, he had trusted her to be the custodian of his legacy.

Victor asked why Victoria was so reluctant to have Adam reunite with his family and so against him having his own success. Victoria asked how handing Adam a company was having a success of his own. She suggested that Victor acquire McCall independent of Newman because Newman shouldn't have any part of it. Victor reminded her who had handed her Newman.

Later, Nate entered Victoria's office and said he'd received her text message. He asked what was going on. Victoria said she knew he'd done everything he could to help Phyllis the previous evening. She asked if he and Elena had been able to figure out what had been wrong with Phyllis. He said they hadn't, and the lack of answers had been weighing on Elena. He said Elena was trying to figure out what they'd missed, and she wondered what they could have done to save Phyllis prior to her getting into the ambulance. Nate admitted he had questions, but he could let it go. He said holding people's lives in his hands was no longer his responsibility, and his focus was at Newman.

Victoria told Nate she was no longer pursuing McCall Unlimited. Nate asked what had changed. She confessed that Victor had been right, and the whole McCall issue had been about Adam, not just for her, but for all of them.

Victoria told Nate that if they managed to acquire McCall, Victor was determined to install Adam as CEO. She asked why she would hand Adam an empire. She said if they succeeded in buying McCall, she wouldn't be able to stop Victor from giving it to Adam. She said if the acquisition was a failure, then Newman would take the hit, and that would be a no-win situation for her. Nate said it made sense, and he was happy she was backing off because it gave Devon a chance to purchase it, if he chose to. Nate said he admired Victoria's ability to pivot when it was called for. Victoria stated Nate was an asset, and she would be a fool not to recognize that.

At Society, Adam told Victor that Sharon had told him about Phyllis. He said he hadn't been close to Phyllis, and he didn't feel her loss the way others did. Adam asked what was going on with Tucker's company. Victor told him that Victoria wasn't interested in acquiring McCall. Adam reminded Victor that Newman Enterprises still belonged to him, and he suggested that Victor override Victoria's decision.

Victor told Adam he'd put Victoria in charge, and he wouldn't disrespect her decisions. Adam claimed that whenever it was a choice between him and Victoria, it was never a choice, but game over. Victor assured Adam he hadn't given up on acquiring McCall. He only wanted to rethink their approach. Adam claimed he wasn't up for that because nothing would change in the family hierarchy. Adam suggested they go their separate ways, and he would figure out his future on his own.

At Society, Victor told Nikki that Adam was still as obstinate as ever, and Adam had insisted that Victor override Victoria to acquire McCall. Nikki said it was clear Tucker wanted to sell the company to Devon. Victor said Devon was no longer interested in acquiring McCall. He said Devon wanted to rejoin Chancellor-Winters. He noted that since Phyllis' death, everyone had been rethinking their relationship with their family. He admitted he, too, wouldn't waste time being away from his family, including Adam. He said as far as he was concerned, McCall was still on the market.

Adam returned to the coffeehouse and saw Chance and Sharon talking on the patio. As he turned to leave, Sally entered and asked where he was rushing off to. Adam said nowhere. Feeling a little awkward, Sally said she was there for some chamomile tea. She invited Adam to sit with her.

Adam assumed Sally had heard about Phyllis, and he said the situation couldn't be easy for Nick, since there had been a lot of history between him and Phyllis. Sally said Nick was very torn up, especially for Summer. Adam admitted he wouldn't know how to console Connor if Chelsea died. He said the hardest thing to accept was that one couldn't protect one's kids from everything. Sally said Nick was dealing with his own grief because he'd been with Phyllis for a long time. Adam asked if Sally felt jealous about that. Sally said she didn't because Nick had fallen in love with Phyllis long before they'd gotten together, and Phyllis was the mother of his child. She said that was a bond nothing could break.

Sally commented that Adam had seemed a little rattled when she'd entered. Adam explained that Victor had planned to buy a company that Adam would head, but then Victor had pulled the rug out from under him. He said for a brief moment, he'd thought Victor might chose him over Victoria. Sally was sorry Victor had hurt Adam again. She said it was always devastating when people let them down.

Sally pointed out that if Victor had given Adam a company, Adam would always have to answer to Victor, and he would always be in competition with Victoria. She asked if that was what Adam wanted. She reminded him that he was one of the sharpest minds she'd ever met, and he didn't need Victor to succeed; he only needed himself. Adam thanked Sally for always knowing the right thing to say. He said she would be an amazing mother to their little boy. He explained it was his track record, all boys so far, but he would be thrilled either way.

On the patio, Sharon asked Chance if everything was okay between him and Abby. Chance stated he'd done his best to remain civil and pleasant. He told Sharon that Abby had asked him what he thought about her and Dominic moving in with Devon. He said he'd had no choice, and he'd given the idea a thumbs-up. Sharon said it had to have been difficult for Chance to agree about Abby moving in with Devon. Chance smiled and said it hadn't been that difficult, but he would never have a clean break from Abby because Dominic would always keep them connected.

Sharon told Chance that he could continue resenting Abby for what she'd done and who she'd done it with, but the only person affected by his resentment was Chance. She said the sooner he let the anger go, the better. Chance claimed he only had two options, pay Sharon for her excellent therapy session or take her to dinner. Sharon chose dinner.

Abby returned to Devon's, and she told him she'd spoken to Chance, who had given her and Dominic the go-ahead to move in. Devon was delighted. Abby told Devon she loved him, and she wanted to make a home with him and their son. They kissed.

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