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Phyllis' toxicology tests showed she had been poisoned. A disguised Phyllis attended her own memorial service. Chance arrested Diane for Phyllis' murder. Stark threatened to kill Phyllis for real if she abandoned their plan. Nick interrupted Victoria and Nate's tryst. Christine revealed that her marriage to Paul was over.
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A disguised Phyllis attended her memorial service. Chance arrested Diane for murder. Nick interrupted Victoria and Nate's tryst. Christine revealed her marriage was over.
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Summer and Daniel vow to investigate Phyllis' death

Summer and Daniel vow to investigate Phyllis' death

Monday, April 10, 2023

At Crimson Lights, Billy approached Sharon and asked how she was holding up. Sharon replied that she was processing her emotions like everyone else had been. Both Sharon and Billy agreed that Phyllis' loss had left a void. Billy noted that Genoa City suddenly seemed less colorful. Sharon replied, "How do we fill that absence?" Sharon noted that Rey had been gone almost a year, adding that she still listened to a voice message Rey had left because it made it seem as if he was still with her, though only for a moment. Sharon smiled and said she had been lucky to find love with a man with a beautiful soul.

Sharon, pivoting to an upbeat topic, told Billy her world had been brightened by the arrival of Aria, Mariah and Tessa's newborn. Billy agreed that babies were akin to dopamine. Before departing, Billy told Sharon that when he was having a bad day, he might ask her to share a baby picture to lift his mood.

At the Abbott home, Ashley overheard Jack leave a condolence message for Nick. After Jack hung up, Ashley said, "Wow, how sweet. You're actually taking a break from fawning all over Diane to show compassion for somebody else." Jack defended himself and insisted his heart went out to anyone who cared about Phyllis. Ashley refused to back down and insisted that Jack seemed to have forgotten the people he cared about ever since he'd become involved with Diane. Jack cried that even his own sister could not set aside her vitriol for the woman he loved. Ashley claimed that Phyllis' collapse just after Jack announced his engagement to Diane might not have been a coincidence, given all the stress, anxiety, and misery Diane had brought to everyone for months.

Ashley told Jack she was worried he might suffer the same consequences as Phyllis. Jack blamed Phyllis for causing her own suffering by becoming fixated on Diane. Ashley, breaking down, cried that she was showing her love by expressing concern for Jack, adding that she would keep fighting for him because he was too blind to fight for himself. Billy entered and overheard part of Ashley's parting sentiments to Jack. As Jack wiped tears from his eyes, he complained to Billy that Ashley had a one-track mind that was focused on her loathing for Diane above everything else, including her own family.

Billy mentioned to Jack that he had spoken to Sharon about the pain of grief. Billy acknowledged that he would miss Phyllis, whom he described as chaotic but electric, fiery, and brilliant. Jack agreed. Billy admitted that many -- not just Ashley -- were looking for explanations and someone to blame for Phyllis' death. Jack replied, "What does that mean?" Billy explained that some had made comments about Diane possibly having been involved. Billy confirmed that he did not believe that Diane had caused Phyllis' death, though he felt there were implications.

Jack berated Billy for falling for Jeremy Stark's accusations, pointing out that Jeremy's marriage to Phyllis amounted to insanity. Billy said he just wanted Jack to know about the rumors. Jack insisted he did not care about trivial gossip. Billy asked Jack if everything that had happened had changed the way he felt about Diane. Jack, defiant, replied, "Not at all. If anything, it has strengthened my resolve to make Diane my wife. Is that a clear enough answer for you? I'm going to marry Diane Jenkins and protect her from whatever Jeremy Stark has planned."

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Tucker approached Diane and asked if the club was where the town pariahs gathered, noting that what had taken place the night before had the whole town talking. Diane rebuffed Tucker's attempts to rile her, even after he claimed that she seemed to have no conflicted feelings about Phyllis' death, unlike most everyone else. Diane insisted she was not glad Phyllis had died and was saddened for the people who loved her. Diane suggested that Tucker should convince Ashley to show Jack mercy while he was grieving. Tucker suggested Diane had a tinge of jealousy over Jack mourning his once great love. Diane told Tucker he was awful. Tucker told Diane he doubted her day would get any better. Diane scoffed.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Summer engaged in a contentious exchange with a florist over the phone, insisting that her mother would not have made conventional choices. After Summer hung up, Kyle offered to take some of the planning tasks off her hands. Summer snapped at Kyle, insisting she needed to do everything herself. Kyle suggested that Summer at least confer with Daniel. Summer cried that planning the memorial service would be her apology for the pain she had caused her mother during her final days.

Kyle assured Summer that a lifetime of love could not be undone by a rocky few months. Kyle told Summer she was taking on too much of a burden and should not feel that she was at fault for the way her mother's life had ended. Summer replied, "She was not a burden. She was a gift, and she was loved. And this service is going to show anybody who doubts that just what a force was taken from us all."

Kyle asked Summer if anyone doubted that Phyllis was loved. Summer named Jeremy and Diane and angrily added, "I'm not going to forget what [Diane] said to my mom the night that she died. That she would be doing the world a favor if she killed [Phyllis.]" Kyle defended his mother by downplaying her words. Summer cried, "Oh, my God. I can't believe that you still have these blinders on when it comes to your mom. How can you not see it?"

Summer accused Diane of committing a malicious act. Kyle advised Summer to talk about her feelings with a therapist, perhaps Sharon, so she could be objective about falsely believing that Phyllis' death had been planned. Summer insisted that her mom's death was not just a series of coincidences, and she did not need anyone to try to convince her otherwise.

Summer abruptly left alone, walking past Sharon without responding when Sharon spoke. Sharon approached Kyle after Summer rushed out. Kyle admitted he did not know what to do and had suggested Summer speak to a professional. Sharon recalled her behavior after losing Rey, admitting that she had been tough to deal with at times. Kyle cried that he seemed to do and say the wrong things.

Kyle mentioned Summer's personal attacks on Diane. Sharon told Kyle that the passage of time would help Summer deal with heightened emotions and that eventually, the pain would become bearable. Kyle recalled that it had not been an easy road for him after he'd thought his mother had died. Sharon advised Kyle to support Summer even when her pain would not allow her to accept it.

Diane showed up after Sharon left Kyle to ponder his feelings alone. Kyle embraced his mother. Diane apologized for being the source of painful memories related to Phyllis. Kyle explained how Summer had shut him out, believing it was because he had gotten his mother back and had grown closer to her. Diane suggested she might be to blame because Summer believed she was rejoicing in Phyllis' death.

Kyle held out hope that Summer would eventually see the truth. Diane expressed regret for being a source of conflict between Kyle and Summer. Kyle assured Diane that he and Jack had complete faith in her. Diane replied that she could feel it and was grateful.

Summer found Daniel sitting alone at the Athletic Club's bar. Daniel asked Summer why he had not talked to her before she announced their mother's memorial service. Summer explained that she had been unable to talk and had instead just made it happen. Daniel insisted he should be included because Phyllis was his mother, too. Summer apologized to Daniel, recalling that she had trudged ahead on her own out of guilt. Summer explained that she wanted their mother's service to be perfect as a way to make amends. Daniel admitted that neither of them had treated their mom well in the weeks leading up to her death.

Summer cried that it was too late to make up for what had happened. Daniel showed Summer a sketch of Phyllis he had drawn in memory of their mother. Summer told Daniel it would be the perfect addition to the programs for the service. Daniel vowed to perfect the drawing as a gift to their mother. Summer assured Daniel his portrait would add the finishing touch for a memorial Phyllis deserved.

Daniel vowed to brutally take down Jeremy Stark. Summer, relieved, replied, "Okay, so I'm not the only one who thinks that something's off?" Daniel insisted that the whole thing seemed suspicious, especially their mom's marriage to Jeremy Stark. Summer agreed that someone was behind what had happened and that it was not just a coincidence. Daniel said he suspected Jeremy had married Phyllis for her money, so his first step would be to investigate the marriage license. Summer told Daniel that Diane was the connection between Phyllis and Jeremy, and she insisted that their mother had not married Jeremy out of love. Summer recalled that Diane had threatened to kill their mother, declaring she would be doing the world a favor as she clutched Phyllis' throat during a scuffle.

Daniel asked Summer if the police knew about Diane's death threat. Summer replied that the police were aware, and she berated herself for not having believed Phyllis when she had said she was afraid of Diane. Summer claimed that their mother had likely married Jeremy because she'd thought he would protect her, though he had instead double-crossed her. Summer recalled that Jeremy had long been loyal to Diane. Daniel pointed out that Jeremy had not shown loyalty to Diane because he had blamed her for Phyllis' death. Summer replied, "If Stark thought that he was going to win Diane back, the engagement announcement would have made him angry. He got rid of mom for her, and then she betrayed him. And now he wants revenge."

Summer told Daniel she realized their mother had been right about Diane having taken over her entire life. Summer said she was convinced that Diane's relationship with Jack was more about getting back at Phyllis than it was about loving Jack. Daniel declared that they should seek answers instead of blaming themselves. Summer assured Daniel that the truth would come out. Daniel tightened his jaw and nodded as if he was ready to take on anyone in their way.

Ashley met with Tucker in his suite at the Athletic Club and asked him why he had moved there from the Grand Phoenix. Tucker explained that the Grand Phoenix was being renovated. Ashley seemed perturbed by Tucker's lackadaisical demeanor. Tucker noted that at least one of them should remain levelheaded and emotionally detached instead of indignant, as she seemed to be. Ashley cried that Jack seemed to be blind about Diane as he remained unwaveringly loyal to her, recalling that Jeremy Stark had referred to Diane as a murderer.

Ashley reminded Tucker that the situation had also affected him, as there was no need for them to announce an engagement because everyone was rightfully concentrating on Phyllis' death. Tucker replied that he had had high hopes for their fake engagement. Ashley recalled that she had hoped it might have awakened Jack to the stupidity and absurdity of forgiving someone who had caused him nothing but pain. Tucker muttered that perhaps he should feel insulted, adding that he was doing his best to become a human being with feelings. Tucker told Ashley she was adept at penetrating his armor.

Tucker assured Ashley that a marriage between them would eventually be based on love. Ashley laughed and remarked that Tucker seemed confident about how things would have evolved had they pretended to be engaged. Ashley, insisting that she relied on scientific methodology, requested Tucker list facts to support his claim. Tucker told Ashley he had lots of ideas about how to impress her, namely putting Jack and Diane's wedding announcement to shame.

After Tucker mentioned presenting Ashley with an impressive ring, Ashley reminded him that money could not buy love. Tucker insisted that money could accentuate love, so theirs would be saturated with diamonds. Ashley reminded Tucker that they were not in love. Tucker replied, "Yeah, one of us isn't. That's true."

Tucker stroked Ashley's hair and assured her that with each step of their faux relationship, he would do everything to make her fall in love with him. Tucker, feeling convinced his plan would succeed, added, "You'll see. We're meant to be. And the marriage -- the fake marriage -- would become a real one. It would be for keeps." Tucker, stroking and kissing Ashley's hand, told her he was certain she would eventually end the nonsense about keeping him at a distance, explaining that she had been playing a game with herself, not him. Ashley pulled away when Tucker tried to kiss her mouth, explaining that she was "not there yet" because he had not proven himself.

Chance gets the results of Phyllis' toxicology test

Chance gets the results of Phyllis' toxicology test

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Phyllis sat in a room in an undisclosed location. She stared at a headline on her phone about the details of her memorial service pending announcement.

Tucker stopped by Devon's penthouse, and they addressed Phyllis' untimely death. Tucker considered it a reminder to live life to the fullest, cherish the people around them, and not take the time they had left for granted. Devon agreed with every word, and he inquired whether it was why Tucker was there. Tucker reasoned that if they intended to build a better relationship, they had to start somewhere. Devon offered Tucker a drink and pulled some apple juice out of the fridge, noting that it was Dominic's favorite. Tucker dryly asked if it was a good vintage.

Tucker remarked that family was all about give and take, and he had something of relative value that he wanted to pass on to Devon. Devon revealed that he and Lily had had a conversation at the gala after the dedication to Neil had made him realize how important family was. Devon stated that Lily was family for him, and they'd talked things through, so he wouldn't be buying McCall Unlimited. Tucker asked if Devon had anything stronger than apple juice.

Devon reasoned that he would be going back to work at Chancellor-Winters, so there was no need for him to purchase McCall. Tucker said he was happy Devon and Lily had mended fences, but he doubted there would be any lasting peace with the company going public. Devon divulged that Jill had decided to keep the company private, but Tucker argued that it didn't preclude Devon from acquiring McCall to have something on the side. Devon maintained that he wasn't looking for an easy way out, and he planned to stay at his family's company.

Tucker contemplated what to do with McCall, and Devon mentioned that Jill would buy it if Tucker wasn't included in the deal. Tucker stressed that he wanted McCall to be a family company. Tucker recognized that Devon didn't have much loyalty to him, but he wanted to be part of Devon and Dominic's lives. Tucker thought Devon needed McCall as much as the company needed Devon, and he pointed out that he and Devon were both lone wolves who worked best when they were the ones calling the shots.

Tucker referred to how Devon's instincts had been spot-on when Devon had decided to pull out of the merger. Devon flatly replied that his instincts were telling him that he had to get to his next meeting. Devon stood by his decision not to buy McCall, and he encouraged Tucker to keep showing that he had changed if he wanted a relationship with Devon and Dominic. "I have changed!" Tucker bellowed. Devon repeated that there was somewhere he needed to be.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria told someone over the phone that she was no longer saving her pennies for McCall Unlimited, so she was open to hearing ideas about other passion projects. Nick entered the office, and Victoria voiced surprise that he wasn't spending the day with Summer. Nick indicated that it had been his plan, but Summer had brushed him off every time he'd reached out to talk or help with the memorial. Victoria encouraged him not to hover but to also keep an eye on Summer in case she was taking on too much.

Victoria added that she wouldn't fire Nick for taking bereavement leave, but he figured he couldn't fall behind with her grand plans and corporate shopping sprees. She announced her plan to put purchases on hold for a while, and he wondered if she was waiting for a big fish. Victoria grumbled that there had to be more lucrative fish in the sea than McCall. Nick confirmed that he was pleased the deal wasn't moving forward, but he wondered what had changed.

Victoria groaned that taking over McCall would be more trouble than it was worth. Nick sarcastically stated that it was a shame no one had mentioned the potential hazards earlier in the process. Victoria conceded that he'd been right all along, and she should have listened. Nick asked how their dad had taken the news, and Victoria reported that Victor had made his disapproval clear. She recalled that she'd told Victor to use his own money if he wanted to give Adam a shiny new toy to break, since she intended to keep Newman far away from "that disaster."

Victoria groused that Victor was bending over backwards for someone who despised her and Nick. Nick defended that Victor was just like any father trying to help his kid navigate rough terrain. Victoria argued that Adam was a grown man, but Nick countered that there was nothing he wouldn't do for Summer or Victoria. Victoria teased that it was one of Nick's insufferable qualities that he'd never given up on her, even when she'd tried to push him out of her life. He guessed that being stubborn ran in the family. Victoria counseled that Summer had never needed Nick more, and she implored him to let the rest of the world wait and go find his daughter.

Lauren met Christine at Society. Christine asked how Lauren was doing, and Lauren replied that she was all cried out for the time being. Christine lamented that many people were in a lot of pain, and Lauren wailed that she couldn't believe Phyllis was gone. Christine stepped away to take a call, and Chance informed her that he'd received the toxicology screen back from Phyllis' blood sample. He revealed that there had been fatal levels of alkaloids in Phyllis' system, possibly from strychnine. Chance declared that they were looking at a homicide investigation.

Christine ordered Chance to make her a case, and she'd take it from there. Christine returned to the table, and Lauren displayed a photo on her phone that Michael had taken of Lauren and Phyllis after a girls' spa day. Lauren bemoaned that she would never understand why the universe had chosen to take Phyllis. Lauren cried that Phyllis' life shouldn't have ended that way, since Phyllis had had much more life to live with her kids and grandkids. Lauren admired that Phyllis had always reinvented herself with new career paths, and she said she'd always held out hope Phyllis would find her true love.

Lauren recalled that she'd envisioned sitting with Phyllis poolside in their caftans, drinking martinis and talking about the extraordinary life they'd lived. Christine empathized that it was heartbreaking to lose someone and miss out on the future they'd expected to share together. Lauren suspected that they weren't talking about Phyllis anymore, and she gently asked if Christine was ready to talk about what had happened with Paul. Christine whimpered that she and Paul had had something really special for a long time, but that time had reached an end.

Christine confided that things had been off between her and Paul for months. She cited his frustration with work and the intense buildup to his decision to retire. Christine recounted that they'd gone on a ski trip over Christmas to see if they could fix things, and they'd realized not long after that they couldn't. Lauren declared that she and Michael loved both Christine and Paul, and they'd be there for the couple. Lauren added that if Christine wanted to complain about Paul, no one would understand more than Lauren. Christine tearfully thanked her.

Across the restaurant, Nikki asked what Victor was going to order, and he wondered what went best with an ungrateful daughter. Victor huffed that Victoria had seemed to enjoy going up against him, but Nikki countered that their daughter had merely made a sound business decision. Victor complained that Victoria had refused to buy McCall simply because she didn't want Adam to be at the helm of it. Nikki recognized that Victor was upset, but she commended him for allowing Victoria to run Newman without his assistance.

Victor recognized that by complimenting his hands-off attitude, Nikki was gently suggesting that he not interfere in what Victoria did. Nikki quipped that marriage was a series of gentle suggestions, and he muttered that he had a suggestion of his own for her. She joked that she didn't need it, since he always told her she was already perfect. Victor assured her that he wouldn't interfere with Victoria's decisions, but he was determined to give Adam his full attention.

Later, after Nikki left, Devon greeted Victor, who requested an update about his grandson and the status of Devon's involvement with Chancellor-Winters. Devon indicated that Dominic was doing fantastic, and he shared that he'd opted to drop the lawsuit and give his partnership with Lily another try. Victor remarked that there was nothing like family working together -- especially when it was successful. Devon pointed out that only a handful of people in town had enough money to invest in Chancellor-Winters and convince Jill to forget about the IPO. Victor crowed that there was only one person, and Devon was looking at him. Devon wondered if Victor had invested for the reason Devon thought he had.

Victor recounted that he'd witnessed many fights between his kids, and he'd decided he wanted to promote peace whenever he could. Devon supposed that Victor had also wanted to get a foothold in Chancellor-Winters, but Victor swore that he was mainly concerned with Newman. Devon imagined that they could become rivals down the line, and Victor asserted that he'd have an advantage because he'd invested in both companies. Devon said he appreciated Victor looking out for him and Lily and honoring Neil, but he contemplated whether Victor had invested in Chancellor-Winters to keep Devon from buying McCall.

Victor toasted to Devon returning to Chancellor-Winters. Victor hoped he and Devon didn't get into a bidding war over McCall, but Devon told Victor not to worry about it. Devon stated that he didn't trust Tucker, so Victor could take his shot. Victor admitted that he'd been hoping for that outcome, and he raised his glass.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Summer requested Chance's help to expose her mom's murderer. Summer was convinced that Phyllis' death hadn't been an accident, and she refused to give up until she knew the whole truth. Summer speculated that Stark had married Phyllis for her money and had killed her to get it, and she theorized that Diane had somehow been involved. Chance urged Summer to stay out of it because she might compromise the police's investigation.

Summer invited Chance to attend Phyllis' memorial service to see who showed up and study the guests' demeanor. Summer implored Chance to closely watch Diane, noting that they'd all ignored Phyllis' warnings about Diane. Summer imagined that her mother had felt very alone, and she knew how that felt. Summer begged Chance to watch Diane, find the evidence, and make Diane pay. Chance reluctantly stated that there was something Summer should know.

Chance agreed to share some information if Summer promised to leave the detective work to him. She impatiently prompted him just to say it, and he revealed that a toxicology test had discovered a lethal amount of poison in Phyllis' blood. Summer was appalled that someone had done that and then watched as Phyllis had become unable to speak or stand. Chance confirmed that the symptoms lined up with severe poisoning. Summer was even more convinced Diane had done it, recalling that Diane had had the perfect opportunity to poison Phyllis while they'd been fighting in the hotel suite.

Summer demanded to know if the accident or the poison had caused her mom's death. Chance informed her that the level of toxins had likely killed Phyllis, but he was still at the beginning of the investigation. He was adamant that Summer keep the information between them because it could hinder the ability to get a conviction if the truth got out before he was able to make a case. Chance asked if she'd keep quiet, and Summer countered by asking if he'd be at the memorial.

Chance hesitated to make Phyllis' celebration of life part of the investigation, but Summer proclaimed that her mom would have loved the drama and excitement. Summer reasoned that Chance already knew the players in the story, and everyone would be comfortable around him. Chance told her to let him know when and where to be. Summer explained that she was saving the details to prevent Phyllis' enemies or the media from causing trouble, but she would let him know when the time was right. Chance promised to see what he could do.

At the Athletic Club, Chance entered Phyllis' suite and was surprised to find Stark there. Stark explained that he was in his late wife's room, collecting her belongings. Chance announced that he was there to look for potential evidence, and Stark sourly estimated that the police would have an arrest by the end of the year. Stark reiterated that Diane had been responsible for Phyllis' death, and he demanded that Chance share everything he'd uncovered so far. Chance scoffed at the idea that he'd share every facet of his investigation with an ex-con. Stark contended that he was Phyllis' husband, and that counted for something. Chance decided to start by asking Stark some questions.

Chance told Stark that the county registrar had confirmed Stark's marriage to Phyllis, and he was aware Phyllis had signed a new will and had it notarized. Chance noted that Stark stood to inherit a large portion of her estate, which was a big chunk of change. Stark griped that he hadn't had time to grieve, much less worry about paperwork and finances. Chance speculated that Stark had married Phyllis because he'd needed the money, and Stark had convinced a lonely Phyllis that they were a lot alike and wanted the same things. Chance imagined that Stark had been in a hurry to get his hands on his inheritance, and framing Diane at the same time had made the plan even better.

Stark swore that he'd never cause Phyllis harm, and Chance rolled his eyes at the couple's deep, abiding love. Stark lamented that he'd never know what could have been if he and Phyllis had had more time, since they'd been two lonely souls, rejected by polite society, who'd found comfort with one another. Stark asserted that Phyllis had believed he could do what no other man could have done for her -- protect her from Diane. Stark continued that Phyllis had been afraid of what might happen if she and Diane had ever been alone together, but Phyllis had also trusted that Diane had been even more afraid of Stark and would keep her distance.

Stark proclaimed that Phyllis had tried to sound the alarm that Diane was dangerous; however, no one had believed her, and everyone had excused and ignored the hatred that had flowed from Diane to Phyllis. Chance remarked that it had been a two-way street. Stark reiterated that Phyllis had been trying to warn her family and friends about Diane, and the only way for Diane to silence Phyllis had been to destroy her. Chance questioned why no one had contacted the police. Stark was sure a disinterested officer would have written off any complaint as a petty disagreement, and he ordered Chance to stop blaming the victim and find the evidence to prosecute the guilty. Stark stalked out.

Chance surveyed Phyllis' room and spotted something under a chair. He bagged the object as Stark returned to the room. Stark complained that Chance should be searching Diane's room to get justice for Phyllis. Stark imagined what his wife had gone through, knowing the person she'd feared had gotten to her. He wondered whether Phyllis had still been conscious in the ambulance or if she'd already been dead when it had caught fire.

Stark snarled that he wanted someone to pay, and he expected Chance to search Stark's room next instead of going after the actual killer. Stark commanded Chance to get to the truth and make the charges stick that time. After Stark left, Chance inspected the bottle that he'd bagged. Chance made a call and requested a check on a serial number for a commercial-grade bottle of strychnine.

Nikki stopped by the Abbott mansion to see how Summer was doing. Nikki insisted that even the strongest people needed someone to lean on at a time like that, and she hugged her granddaughter. Summer announced that she had most of the memorial service covered, and she was determined for it to be perfect because it was the last thing she'd be able to do for Phyllis. Nick arrived and revealed that Victoria had made him track Summer down. Summer asked if the whole family was secretly plotting against her.

Nikki swore that Summer didn't need to put on a brave face. Nikki encouraged Summer to cry if she needed to, but Summer stated that she was furious, not sad. Nikki called it a senseless accident, and Summer wished she could make them understand. Nick and Nikki assured Summer that they'd get through it.

Nick told Summer to get used to having a helicopter dad again, since it was what her mother would have wanted. Summer sensed that Phyllis was watching over her, and Nick assured Summer that the kind of love Phyllis had felt for Summer and Daniel would never disappear. Summer said she was glad Nikki and Nick were there, since it had inspired her to nail down the most important part of the memorial service -- the location. Nick wondered why the location was so important.

Later, Phyllis read the announcement that her memorial service was going to be held at the jazz lounge. "What are you up to, Summer?" Phyllis mused.

A disguised Phyllis attends her own memorial

A disguised Phyllis attends her own memorial

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

by Nel

At home, Diane told Jack that the location Summer had chosen for Phyllis' memorial made her uncomfortable. Jack admitted that he'd been surprised Summer had chosen the jazz lounge at the Athletic Club, where Phyllis had collapsed and where they'd receive the dreadful news that she'd passed away. Kyle entered and claimed it was a terrible mistake. He agreed that the location bothered him, but he hadn't been able to talk Summer out of it. He noted that it was like Summer was on a mission to prove something by meeting where they'd last seen Phyllis.

Diane told Jack and Kyle that she should remain at home because she was a reminder to Summer of all the events that had led to Phyllis' collapse. Diane said she didn't want to cause Summer any more pain. Kyle said Summer had insisted that she wanted everyone there, and they all needed to be there for Summer.

At the jazz lounge, Summer stopped at Phyllis' photo, and she promised she would make things right.

In Daniel's suite, Lily asked Daniel if he was coping or shutting everything out. He said the day was important -- even if he was faking holding it together for Summer and Phyllis. He was proud of how Summer had put the memorial together.

Lily told Daniel they would suspend work on Omega-Sphere because he was overwhelmed by his mother's death, and she didn't want him to worry about work while he was mourning. Daniel replied that work was what he needed. He said he needed structure and something positive to focus on, and because Phyllis had loved the whole concept. He said the trauma was exactly the sort of thing he and Chelsea needed for the game to help people, and he didn't want to delay it. Lily reluctantly agreed.

In Sally's suite, Sally told Nick she knew he was worried about Summer. Nick said Summer had to be exhausted after grieving for her mother and going nonstop on the details of the memorial. He said Summer had wanted to create a perfect celebration of life for Phyllis without any help. He said it was like a gift to Phyllis, or a make-up for the fact that Summer and Phyllis had been clashing recently. Nick admitted he didn't like the location. He said he and Sally hadn't been there when Phyllis had collapsed; however, others had been, and it had to have been terrifying. He said Summer wanted everyone back in the same room. He was worried the memorial wouldn't turn out the way Summer hoped.

At Crimson Lights, Stark received a call informing him Phyllis had been a no-show for her flight. Angry, he said Phyllis should have been on a flight the previous evening.

Nick and Sally entered the coffeehouse. Sally went to grab a table but bumped into Summer. Sally offered her condolences, and she offered to help Summer. She said she wanted to be useful in some way. Summer sullenly replied that she hadn't expected Sally to be at the memorial, where she clearly didn't belong. Summer asked if Phyllis would have wanted Sally there, especially since Sally had glommed onto Nick. She said she hated that Nick was still with Sally while Sally was pregnant with Adam's baby. She said Sally should be with Adam, since they both deserved each other. She told Sally to stay far away.

Nick told Sally the barista had a question for her. Sally left. Nick asked Summer what she was doing. Summer claimed she'd shared how she felt. Nick said if she needed to take things out on anyone, he was right there. He asked if he could help. Summer replied that the venue was ready, and she would get her coffee at the club. Summer left. Nick apologized to Sally, but Sally said despite the fact that she'd wanted to be with Nick at the memorial, Summer was the priority. She said she agreed with Summer; Phyllis wouldn't want her there. They kissed, and Nick left.

Adam arrived, and when he saw Sally, he asked why she wasn't with Nick. Sally said Summer had made it very clear she didn't want Sally at the memorial. She said Summer knew about the baby and that Adam was the father, and it had made Summer resent her even more. Sally invited Adam to join her. She told him she didn't want to talk about her and Nick, her and Adam, or anything too serious.

Adam offered to provide Sally with his trade secrets about parenting. Sally said she would welcome it, because realizing what she didn't know had "scared the crap out of" her. Adam said that applied to every new parent. He said even if she'd read every book there was, when the child arrived, none of it would apply because every child was different. He said whatever plans she'd had were thrown out the window. Sally asked if she had to roll with the punches, and Adam said yes; it was on-the-job training.

Sally asked if Adam had given any thought to her advice on how to deal with Victor and Victoria. When Adam didn't respond, Sally said she only wanted to help. Adam asked if she had a couple hundred million dollars lying around that she wanted to invest if he decided to make a play for McCall Unlimited on his own. He admitted that had been the company Newman had wanted to acquire, but Victoria had backed out.

Sally told Adam she couldn't offer him money, but she could offer a distraction on something that was really important. She said she had a doctor's appointment scheduled, one that checked for abnormalities and the baby's gender. She asked if he wanted to be there. Adam smiled broadly and said he would love to be there. Sally cautioned him that Nick would also be there. Adam asked if Nick knew he would be there. Sally said it was an important milestone, and Nick would understand.

After refilling their cups, Sally stopped, put Adam's hand on her stomach, and wondered if that was the baby moving. Adam confirmed it was, and he was very excited.

In room 158, Phyllis removed spiked heels, scissors, a navy dress, and a black wig from a backpack.

Later, Stark returned to Room 158 and called out to Phyllis. When she didn't reply, he left.

At the memorial, Kyle and Summer greeted Lily and Daniel when they arrived. Kyle asked if he could help Summer with anything, but Summer said she had it under control. She said it felt right being in that room again, even if no one else understood. Chance arrived. Kyle asked why he was there. Summer said Chance was there in case Stark or other unwanted presence showed up, because Chance would be able to handle them discreetly.

Chance told Summer he realized she was going for maximum impact to unnerve Diane, if there was any validity to Summer's theory. Summer was grateful he was there. Summer said that once Diane witnessed what Phyllis' loss meant to all the people who'd loved her, there was no way she would be able to hide her guilt.

Nikki and Victor arrived. Victor commented that Summer seemed to be holding up well. Nick said Summer was being too strong, and it would really be bad when she broke. Nick said Summer had arranged the memorial on her own, trying to make up for the fact that she and Phyllis had been estranged recently. Nikki said they had to be there for Summer when the grief set in.

Elsewhere, Lauren told Daniel that Phyllis had always boasted about his talent. Daniel thanked her. Daniel was stunned to see Lucy had arrived with Danny. Danny said he couldn't let Daniel go through the memorial alone. Lucy said Grandpa Danny had faxed Heather, and he'd taken care of everything.

Stark arrived. He and Diane glared at each other.

Kyle told Jack and Diane that Stark had a lot of nerve showing up. Summer said she didn't care that Stark had married Phyllis; she didn't want him there. Jack said he would handle it. Summer found Chance and asked him not to let the situation blow up.

Jack asked Stark why he was there and to name his price to back off his vicious plan of framing Diane. Stark stated Diane was guilty of killing Phyllis, and Diane would go to prison. Kyle stepped in and demanded that Stark leave. Chance separated them. Stark claimed he had every right to be at his wife's memorial. Chance said that was still up for debate.

Stark shouted that he had a right to be there for his wife, but Chance told him to shut his mouth because no one wanted a replay of the previous evening. He said the memorial was a private affair hosted by Phyllis' children, and Stark wasn't welcome. Stark told Chance to look at the real perpetrator and stop bullying him. Chance suggested he could escort Stark out, or he could arrest him. Stark and Chance left.

Jack noted that Diane was as white as a sheet. Diane claimed Stark had no right spreading his lies. Kyle wanted Stark far away from Genoa City. Jack said they needed to support Summer, and they would deal with Stark later. Danny stepped away to ask Lily to keep her eye on Daniel. She agreed.

Summer announced that they were ready to begin. Disguised as one of the servers, and wearing a black wig, and glasses, Phyllis stood on the stairs with the servers.

Summer thanked everyone for attending to honor Phyllis' memory. She said she'd kept the guest list small and intimate because she'd wanted the people who'd known Phyllis the best, who'd loved and cared about her the most, and who were grieving her sudden and shocking death. She acknowledged the choice of venue had been a surprise to many, but she'd felt it was important to restore peace to the elegant club that had been so lovingly dedicated to the memory of Neil Winters. She said Neil had been a great man with a beautiful soul and someone who'd done "so much" for their community.

Summer said she wanted the venue to be remembered as the place where they'd honored Phyllis and celebrated her life, a place they could all return to over and over again. She said she was grateful to everyone who'd offered to help but had respected her need to do it on her own because she needed to make amends to her mom. She said they all knew how Phyllis' infuriating comments could lead to arguments and hurt feelings. She said unfortunately, she and Daniel had been going through a time like that prior to Phyllis' death.

Summer stated that Phyllis had crossed a line she shouldn't have, which had left them feeling upset, but they'd both known why she'd done it. She said it had been because Phyllis had loved them, and she'd wanted the absolute best for them. She said she'd just begun to accept that the same day Phyllis had died, but she hadn't had a chance to tell Phyllis.

Summer turned to the portrait of Phyllis. Sobbing, she said she was so sorry she'd fought with Phyllis, and sorry she'd doubted her, and she said she would do anything to have Phyllis back to tell Phyllis she loved and believed her.

With Champagne in hand, Summer suggested they all toast to Phyllis, who'd loved deeply and who'd been deeply loved in return, someone who would be missed terribly. Summer said she wanted it to be a celebration of life, and if anyone was moved to speak, she hoped they would say a few words, starting with Daniel. Lucy encouraged him to speak from the heart, but he couldn't and sat down.

Nick said he and Phyllis had been extremely competitive with each other in everything. He said what had started out as a cool friendship had deepened into something "so much more," a love story that had lasted a very long time. He said it had produced the amazing and beautiful woman standing next to him, Summer. He said all relationships had good and bad times. He believed when a loved one had been taken from them, the difficult memories faded, and what were left were the very best parts of that person.

Nick said if he had to describe Phyllis in ten words or less, he couldn't, and those who'd really known her couldn't, either, because she'd been that unique and complex, and she'd been one of the most brilliant women he'd ever known -- and the most fun-loving. He said she'd been fearless, adventurous, and "so damn funny"; when Phyllis loved someone, they felt like the most important person in the world -- but they should look out when they made her mad. He said there wasn't anything she wouldn't do for someone she'd cherished, especially her kids, whom she loved so much. He said she'd been one of a kind.

Jack said that his history with Phyllis had been a long story of extremes, love and heartache, happiness and despair, marriage and divorce. He said they'd tried more than once to make it work, but it seemed they'd been destined to hurt each other. He said Nick was right; she'd been one of a kind, a force of nature, strong, stubborn, willful, exasperating, fiercely loyal, and absolutely certain she was right. "God help you if you ever got in her way," he said, and he admitted he knew that because he'd managed to get in her way for decades.

Jack said he had a lot of memories of Phyllis, but one stood out. It had been in the middle of an ice storm; Phyllis had been very pregnant with Nick's child. He said he and Phyllis had been in an elevator on their way out of the building when the power had gone out. They'd been pounding and screaming for help when Phyllis' water had broken. He said the next two hours had been the most powerful in his life. He said with very little help from him, she'd struggled and fought rounds of contractions, and just when it had seemed she'd had no fight left, through sheer strength, courage, and fiery determination, she'd single-handedly willed that beautiful girl into the world.

Choked up, Jack told Summer that her mother had loved her and Daniel more than anything in the world. He said Summer's miraculous arrival in that elevator had changed Phyllis' life forever, and her death had forever changed his. He turned to the photo, raised his glass, and said, "Here's looking at you, Red."

Lauren said Phyllis had been the kind of friend one could call at 3:00 a.m. for bail money, and she would show up instantly with cash, strong coffee, and no questions asked. Lauren said Phyllis had been one of the few people who knew what it had been like to have been kidnapped and terrorized at the hands of Sheila Carter, something Lauren wouldn't wish on her worst enemy. Lauren was in tears.

Lauren said Phyllis had been Sheila's victim, as well, and that had bonded them like nothing else could. Michael said Phyllis' life had been a roller coaster. The highs had been rocketing, and the lows could be devastating. He said it was too bad she'd been taken from them too soon and on the downswing.

Nikki said God knew that she and Phyllis had had their differences, but they had one very important thing in common: their love for Summer. She said at one time, she and Phyllis had been in business together, and recently, they'd collaborated on a special project that had been near and dear to both their hearts. Nikki said she'd appreciated how Phyllis' mind had worked -- Phyllis could formulate very creative solutions to prickly problems and never give up, no matter what.

Nikki said if someone had told her ten years earlier that she would be at a memorial service for Phyllis and singing her praises, she would have said they'd lost their mind, but Phyllis' passion and dedication to those she'd loved had won her over. She said she believed that Phyllis' unique spirit could be felt in the room, and it would live on. Summer hugged Nikki and asked if anyone else wanted to say anything. Lucy said she did.

Lucy said Phyllis had insisted Lucy call her "Phyllis." She said Phyllis had always been fun, but they'd also had serious talks. She said Phyllis had taught her to always fight for what she believed in and work for what she wanted. She said Phyllis had flown to Portugal to help her and Daniel because they hadn't been getting along. She said she was really happy Phyllis had done that. Lucy sat down next to Daniel and said that Phyllis had taught her to never be too proud to say sorry because love was much more important.

During the speeches, Diane appeared extremely uncomfortable, especially during Jack's speech.

Chance received a text message from "Maggie GCPD" that read, "We know who bought the strychnine." Chance responded, "I need a name."

Stark returned to room 158 and growled, "Phyllis, where the hell are you? You aren't going to screw this up for me."

Diane is arrested for killing Phyllis

Diane is arrested for killing Phyllis

Thursday, April 13, 2023

by Nel

At the Jazz Lounge, Summer said Lucy's words had been beautiful. She said she was happy Lucy had had a chance to spend time with Phyllis recently because she knew Lucy had loved Phyllis. She added that no one had known it would be the last time they would be together. Summer cried that Phyllis would never see Lucy become an amazing adult or see Harrison grow up.

In a melancholy frame of mind, Summer told everyone she'd wanted it to be a celebration of Phyllis' life, but that was difficult because they had no idea what had happened that night. Summer said someone knew the truth, and she was desperate for the truth; it was what her mom deserved. She said any answers could help her family say goodbye. Kyle quietly suggested it was time to focus on the celebration, but Summer refused. Summer acknowledged there had been a lot of beautiful tributes to Phyllis, but not everyone had had a chance to speak -- like Diane. She asked if there was anything Diane wanted to share about Phyllis.

Chance received a text message from "Maggie GCPD" that read, "We know who bought the strychnine." Chance replied, "I need a name." Maggie wrote back, "Diane Jenkins." Chance wrote back, "Get me a search warrant ASAP."

Summer said Diane and Phyllis had history. Diane said it was a time for the people who'd known Phyllis the best. Summer suggested that Diane say something from her heart. Jack interrupted. He said it wasn't appropriate for Diane to speak on that occasion. Diane suggested that Victor might like to add something. Victor said he would share his thoughts with his granddaughter in private. Diane said it was a wonderful idea, and she would follow Victor's lead.

Relentless, Summer pushed Diane to speak and commented that Diane hadn't had a problem sharing her thoughts after the last time she'd seen Phyllis. She suggested that Diane see it as a chance to help her family grieve. Summer admitted she'd wanted to keep the memorial private and intimate because it would give everyone a chance to lean on each other and see the truth, the way Phyllis would have wanted. Diane reluctantly relented.

Diane said everyone knew that she and Phyllis hadn't been friends. Jack muttered that she didn't have to do it, but Diane continued. She said what she did know was that Phyllis had loved her children. She said Summer and Daniel had meant everything to Phyllis. Daniel stood up and said that was his cue to speak.

Daniel said he didn't know if he could sum up his mother with mere words. He said that a friend of his had once described Phyllis as fierce. He said that had been an understatement. He said all kids thought their mothers were the most beautiful people in the world; that was Phyllis to him and how he would always see her.

Daniel turned to the photo of Phyllis and said his mom crackled, she dazzled, and she was unpredictable, but at the center of all that, there was an intense, laser-focused love. He said it had been that intensity that had touched everything she'd done, for better or worse. He admitted that, at times, it had been difficult to watch her waste that brilliance and the sheer power she'd had on the wrong things. He said Phyllis had been amazing, and she shouldn't be gone yet.

Daniel said that even in the horrible sense of death, he felt like Phyllis was trying to teach him how to love better and to fight harder for the family and the truth. He said he felt she was trying to teach him how to protect the ones he loved and cared about the most with everything he had. He wished he'd learned those lesson while she'd been alive. He said he was sorry he hadn't understood, sorry they'd fought, and sorry that he'd spent so much time away from her. He was also sorry he wouldn't have more time with her. He said he loved her and always would. Summer and Daniel hugged.

Danny said when he looked at his son, he saw Phyllis' heart. He said he knew Phyllis' capacity for love and generosity of spirit. He said it would live on in Daniel, Summer, and Lucy. He said he wanted to honor Phyllis with a song: "There'll Never Be Another You."

Daniel said that on behalf of Summer and himself, he wanted to thank everyone for attending. He said it meant the world to him and Summer to be able to share their mom with everyone and to hear their love for her. He suggested they keep the celebration going a bit longer.

Agitated, Diane asked Jack why Summer hadn't taken no for an answer and had pushed her to say something about Phyllis. She said it had been awkward. Jack agreed, but he added that Summer's grief had hit her very hard.

Chance watched Diane.

Michael told Danny there hadn't been a dry eye in the house. He said Phyllis would have been very moved by his song. Michael reminded Danny that despite everything, Danny had been a huge part of Phyllis' life.

Lily told Daniel his speech had been beautiful, and it had been from his heart. She said his mom would always be with him -- her spirit, her love, and the memories he had. Lily said as much as it hurt to lose her parents, she felt them every day.

Danny and Lucy approached, and Danny invited Daniel and Lily for a bite to eat. Before they left, Daniel told Summer the whole celebration had been wonderful, and "Mom would have loved it." Summer was happy he'd spoken. They hugged, and Daniel said he loved her.

Abby arrived at Devon's with huge suitcases and a bag over each shoulder. Devon presented her with flowers and Champagne to welcome her to her new home. They kissed.

After a sip of Champagne, Abby told Devon it was exactly what she'd needed. She said she didn't want to leave, but there was "still so much to do." Devon told her to let the movers handle everything. Devon presented her with her own set of keys. He said it would really become real when Dominic came home. Abby said she liked the coming home part.

Abby said she loved Devon for wanting her and Dominic with him. Abby admitted she was nervous, excited, and happy. She said she was looking forward to their future. Devon said that after the past few months of being angry and hurt and making bad choices, he was getting back to the life he wanted. He said that meant spending time with people who made him happy. He stated it meant staying at Chancellor-Winters with Lily and making a life and home with Abby and Dominic. He claimed he'd never been more excited about his future. They kissed and began to disrobe.

At Newman, Victoria smiled when she recalled her kiss with Nate. Audra asked where Victoria's head had been. Victoria snapped out of her memory and said her mind had been on a new venture and how to maximize capital investments to accelerate growth. Audra said it sounded very exciting and asked if she could help. Victoria declined her offer. Audra gave Victoria the figures for the Lansing project. Victoria glanced at them and said the work was excellent.

Audra told Victoria she'd gone ahead and done an analysis on the cash flow to get a better idea of the company's operating performance. Victoria said that was what she had planned to ask for next. She said Audra continued to impress. Audra said she wanted to make sure Nate received everything he needed to do his job to the best of his ability.

Victoria told Audra it had been a long time since they'd had a CEO at Newman Media with Nate's talent. Audra said she wouldn't be surprised if Nate shot straight up the ladder at Newman. Victoria asked if Audra wanted to take Nate's place if he was promoted or poached. Audra admitted she was always looking for the next challenge. She said for the moment, it was all just hypothetical. She said she had a lot to offer and a great deal to learn. She said she wanted to continue proving herself to Newman Media and to Victoria. Audra left.

When Nate arrived, Victoria informed him she'd gone over the notes on the Lansing project that Audra had compiled, together with an analysis of the operating performance. Nate commented that Audra was impressive.

Victoria told Nate she was happy he hadn't decided to return to medicine after the events of the previous evening, but she felt Audra hadn't felt the same. Victoria said Audra had her eye on Nate's job. Nate said he would be disappointed if Audra wasn't angling for his desk. He said that was what made Audra "so damn good" at her job: her ambition and confidence. Victoria asked if he didn't mind looking over his shoulder. He said the last thing he wanted to do was to discourage her enthusiasm. He said there was nothing wrong with the second in command knowing what was going on.

Victoria said she hoped Nate didn't have any plans to move on. Nate stated he wasn't going anywhere by choice because he loved his job. He said Victoria was stuck with him.

Sitting close together, Victoria and Nate went over the information on the Lansing project. They both commented that the numbers were promising. Nate said Victoria's decision to drop McCall had been spot-on. He said the new purchase would expand their market share and make "one hell of a power statement." Victoria said she would make an offer in the morning.

Victoria said work hours were over, and it was time to try a new bourbon she'd bought for her and Nate. He complimented Victoria on her choice of bourbon. He said it didn't get much better than that. Victoria offered him a refill. Nate said it was hard to resist something he wanted, and "this time," resistance was futile. They kissed, swept everything off the desk, and began to make love. Outside Victoria's office, Audra heard the noise and smiled.

At the Abbott home, the nanny answered the door to two police officers who handed her a search warrant.

Phyllis' voice could be heard while the police officer read a letter: You think you've won, Diane, don't you? You haven't. I will do anything to protect my family. Anything. And I will expose you for the lying, cheating psychopath you really are. Your marriage will never happen, not as long as I'm alive. When the officer finished reading the letter, she placed the letter in an evidence bag.

At Society, Danny commented that he thought it would be good if they all decompressed and spent time with loved ones. Danny asked if Lucy knew that prior to Daniel becoming a gifted artist and game developer, he'd been a banana, and Lily had been a strawberry. Intrigued, Lucy asked to hear that story. Danny said the two free spirits had spirited themselves to the West Coast. Lucy asked if Lily and Daniel had run away. Daniel denied it, but Lily admitted they had. Lily said they'd needed a job. Daniel said the only way they'd been able to make any money had been pretending to be fruit.

Danny told Daniel he still had the video Phyllis had sent him of Daniel's graduation. He said he'd shown it to a lot of people while on tour because he and Phyllis were so proud of him, not just for the huge milestone, but for the man Daniel was becoming. Lily took Daniel's hand.

Lucy yawned. Danny said it looked like Lucy needed some rest. Daniel asked Lucy when she'd slept last. She claimed Daniel had had bigger things to worry about. Daniel wanted to get her back to the hotel, but Danny said he wanted to spend time with his granddaughter. Lucy and Danny hugged Daniel and Lily, and they left.

Daniel told Lily he was pretty sure that Danny and Lucy were trying to set them up. They both giggled. Outside Society, Daniel thanked Lily for being at the memorial and for trying to help him through everything. Lily said the two of them helping each other would never change. She kissed him on the cheek and told him to let her know if he needed anything. Lily left.

At the jazz lounge, Diane complained to Jack that every time she turned around, Chance was watching her. Jack said everyone was on edge. She asked why Chance was there. Jack said Chance was there to make sure Stark didn't cause any trouble, and he was grateful Chance had succeeded.

Kyle asked Summer how she was holding up. Summer said she couldn't believe Phyllis was really gone. Kyle said Phyllis would have loved the memorial because of all the wonderful memories, all the people who'd loved her, and Danny's song. Sarcastically, he said Phyllis would have loved Summer putting his mother on the spot. He asked why she'd done that. Summer said it had come to her in a moment of channeling Phyllis and how she'd loved mixing things up. Summer saw the police officers arrive and approach Chance.

Together with the officers, Chance approached Diane. Chance asked to speak to Diane outside, but Jack refused to let Diane go anywhere. Jack suggested they meet at the Abbott home. Kyle said that whatever the authorities wanted could wait, but Summer wanted to hear what Chance had to say. Diane stated that she wanted to go home.

Chance told Jack he'd been trying to be discreet, but if Jack wanted it that way, that was fine. Chance said Diane was under arrest for the murder of Phyllis Summers. Jack and Kyle were stunned, but Summer hid how elated she was. Phyllis smiled smugly while Diane was being handcuffed and read her Miranda rights. Diane denied that she'd killed Phyllis. She said it was a mistake. Jack asked how Diane could be blamed for an ambulance accident that had killed Phyllis. He said people could verify that Diane had been at the gala all night.

Chance told Jack there was new evidence. He said a lethal amount of toxin had been found in Phyllis' blood prior to the crash. Jack claimed that couldn't be. Lauren said it explained why Phyllis had stumbled and fallen. Diane claimed it was ridiculous that they believed she'd poisoned Phyllis. She claimed it had to have been Jeremy Stark. Jack asked why Stark hadn't been arrested. He said no one believed Stark was married to Phyllis. Chance said he'd followed the evidence. Jack wanted to know what proof Chance had. Impatient, Chance said he wouldn't answer any more questions.

As Diane was being led out, Diane stopped and begged Michael to represent her and to keep her from being locked up. Lauren asked if Michael was seriously considering defending Diane. Diane maintained she'd been framed, and she hadn't killed Phyllis. Michael told Diane to have Jack call an attorney. He warned her not to say a word until one was present. Jack said he would get someone who would get the charges laughed out of court. Jack and Kyle left to be with Diane.

Summer stood in front of Phyllis' photo. Nick asked if she was okay. Summer said she guessed she'd gotten the truth she'd been hoping for. She said Diane had killed her mom. Summer said Phyllis had told her Diane was dangerous, and she should have believed Phyllis.

Phyllis breathed a sigh of relief.

Stark threatens to kill Phyllis himself

Stark threatens to kill Phyllis himself

Friday, April 14, 2023

by Nel

At the Abbott home, Summer told Nick she wasn't sure when she would hear from Kyle, since Diane was probably his top priority. Kyle entered and said that wasn't true. Summer replied that she was glad he was there. Kyle stated that he needed to be with her and Harrison, and he thought she might need him, too.

Summer inquired about Diane. Kyle said Diane had been shellshocked and traumatized while she'd been processed, and they hadn't been permitted to talk to her. Kyle remarked that the police had to know Diane hadn't killed Phyllis. Nick said Jack would do everything he could to help Diane, and the police would find out what had happened. Kyle said Jack was meeting with Christine, hoping he could convince her to have Diane released. Nick said he was a phone call away, he hugged Summer, and he left.

Summer informed Kyle she was exhausted, but it had all been worth it. Kyle said she'd done a great job, and everyone had had a chance to say goodbye to Phyllis. Summer said she'd had a chance to say all the things she should have said while Phyllis had been alive. Kyle said Phyllis would have loved it. Summer said she might rest easier knowing she'd honored her mom the way she'd deserved.

Summer thanked Kyle for being the loving and supportive partner that she'd needed throughout the ordeal. She said she couldn't imagine what he was feeling. She said he had to have been blindsided by Diane's arrest. Kyle said he hated that Diane had been locked up for something she hadn't done, because she wasn't a murderer. Summer asked if he still believed that. He said he did, and he asked if Summer believed it, too.

Summer said she knew how difficult it was for Kyle to accept the reality of the situation. Kyle said he wouldn't stop believing Diane was innocent, and the cops had gotten "this one wrong." Kyle claimed Stark was the only one to blame for Phyllis' death.

Summer told Kyle she didn't doubt that Stark had had a hand in it, and it wouldn't be long before he was arrested; however, Summer felt he hadn't acted alone. She said Diane had been arrested because there was a strong case against her. Kyle claimed that whatever dubious evidence the police had, it had been courtesy of Stark framing Diane. Summer said Kyle couldn't see Diane for who she really was.

Summer told Kyle that Phyllis was dead because of Diane. Kyle said he knew Diane wouldn't poison someone to get them out of the way. Summer spat that Phyllis hadn't been just someone. She reminded him that Phyllis and Diane had hated each other for decades, and their competition over Jack had lasted that long, as well. Kyle recalled that Diane had burned down the pool house. Summer reminded him that Diane had tried to frame Phyllis for trying to kill her. Kyle claimed Diane wasn't that person anymore, and she'd tried hard to prove that since her return.

Summer told Kyle that Diane had snapped after she'd been pushed past her limit. She said if Phyllis was still alive, she would have continued pushing and undermining Diane, including her relationship with Jack. She said Diane had known that, and she'd eliminated the problem. Kyle maintained that Diane wouldn't try to poison Phyllis. Summer said everything had erupted at the gala, and Diane had said she'd wanted to strangle Phyllis to death. Kyle claimed Diane hadn't meant it literally.

Summer told Kyle that Diane could have easily poisoned Phyllis right after the fight. Summer said the last words Phyllis had uttered were that she'd had to protect herself from Diane because she'd known Diane would do anything to make her suffer. Summer suggested that Kyle open his eyes. Kyle swore his mother hadn't killed Phyllis. He said he didn't know how strong the evidence against Diane was or what they were facing. He asked Summer to let things play out, and she would see that his mother would be cleared because she was incapable of killing Phyllis. He asked Summer to keep an open mind.

Summer agreed for Harrison's sake. She said she and Kyle had to come up with a cover story to explain Diane's absence. Kyle said the arraignment was in the morning, and he hoped Diane would be released on bail. Summer said they had no idea how long it would be before Diane returned, if ever.

At Newman, Nate and Victoria were preparing to make love on her desk.

Audra was standing outside Victoria's office when Nick arrived. After she offered her condolences, she said she was surprised to see him there. Nick admitted he needed the distraction, and he needed to get some work done. Audra said Victoria was in her office. He said he needed to talk to her but had to go to his office first.

Nate and Victoria scrambled to straighten their clothes when Nick knocked on the door. Victoria remarked that she hadn't realized the door had been locked. She said she and Nate were having a drink, and Nick looked like he could use one after the day he'd had. Nate offered Nick his condolences and said that Phyllis would be missed by the whole town. Nate left.

Nick asked what Victoria had been thinking, allowing what had happened between her and Nate in her office. He said he'd seen the smudged lipstick on Nate's neck, the missed button on Victoria's blouse, and her disheveled hair. She asked why Nick was freaking out when he should be concerned about his family. Nick stated that she was his family, and she was making a terrible mistake.

Nick reminded Victoria that Nate was in a relationship with Elena. She said Nick hadn't had a saintly past, free of guilt. Nick said Nate was an executive at Newman and could have ulterior motives or be looking for personal gain. She said that wasn't who Nate was. She said if there was something going on, she would know. Nick asked if it would be the same way she'd seen everything going down with Ashland.

Angry, Victoria told Nick that had been a completely different situation, and she warned Nick never to mention Ashland's name again. Nick claimed it could be more of the same with Nate. She reminded Nick that he'd had a relationship with the CEO of Newman Media, and she'd remained respectful of his relationship with Sally. She asked him to show her the same courtesy. She claimed she had work to finish. Nick picked items off the floor, held them above his head, and dropped them on her desk. He suggested she start by brushing her hair, and he left.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon greeted Mariah warmly. Mariah said she couldn't wait for Sharon to hold her daughter. Sharon asked where Tessa and the baby were. Mariah sent Tessa a text message. Tessa entered with the baby.

While everyone was ogling the baby, Sally stopped in the doorway of the patio and smiled. Sally watched as Sharon held the baby. Excitedly, Sharon said the baby had smiled at her. Adam entered the patio and stood behind Sally. Sally said that little girl had made their world a million times more wonderful. Adam said there was something about the presence of a baby that made the world suddenly brand new. He said it was magical, and it wouldn't be long before Sally experienced it. Sally suggested they meet the new baby.

Sharon told Sally and Adam the baby's name was Aria. Adam teased that Aria was going to get the best lullabies. Sally asked how Mariah and Tessa felt being parents. Tessa said it was like a wonderful miracle had happened. Mariah added that it was like their greatest dream had come true.

Elena arrived and commented that the mothers were glowing. Tessa said she couldn't have done it without Elena's help and advice prior to the baby's arrival. Tessa gushed that there was nothing they wouldn't do for Aria. Elena said it was because they were meant to be together.

Mariah told Sharon she couldn't believe the news about Phyllis. Sharon said all the people she'd cared about were in pain. Mariah claimed it felt weird to be happy, but Sharon said everyone would want them to relish the happy moments they'd been given.

On the patio, Sally told Adam that Aria was the most precious little girl, and she wanted to eat her up. Adam noted that it sounded like she wanted to have a daughter. Sally said a boy or girl would make her happy. He thanked her for inviting him to her next appointment.

At Society, Jack told Christine he was doing everything he could to help Diane. He said arresting Diane had been a gross miscarriage of justice. He claimed Diane wasn't guilty of attempting to harm Phyllis. Christine said that, as the district attorney, she couldn't discuss an open investigation. Jack suggested that Christine focus the investigation on Stark.

Christine assured Jack they would follow every lead, but everything pointed to Diane. Jack claimed Stark had the biggest motive. Christine asked for the evidence pointing to that. He asked about the evidence against Diane and stated they couldn't just jump to the conclusion she was the murderer. He said Christine knew Diane, and he asked if she believed Diane was capable of killing someone.

Christine told Jack there were irrefutable facts against Diane. Jack didn't see how that was possible. He said he knew Diane was innocent, regardless of what Chance or anyone claimed to have on her. Christine said the judge wouldn't have signed an arrest warrant without compelling evidence. Jack stated that that evidence wouldn't hold up.

Jack admitted that Diane and Phyllis had been in constant conflict up to the night they'd fought, but Diane hadn't murdered Phyllis. Jack admitted he was scared. He claimed Diane didn't belong behind bars. He asked Christine not to rush to judgment. Christine assured him nothing had been rushed. She said Diane's arrest had been made on strong investigative work. Jack maintained that the focus should be on Stark.

Christine told Jack there was nothing she could do other than follow protocol. Jack claimed there was a murderer running loose while Diane sat in a jail cell on trumped-up charges. Jack asked if it had occurred to Christine that Stark had set Diane up with whatever so-called evidence the police had. Christine said there was real evidence that had incriminated Diane and led to her arrest.

Christine promised Jack the case wasn't over. She said unless something turned up to exonerate Diane and point to someone else, that was all she could offer him. Jack said from the moment Diane had returned to town, she'd wanted nothing more than to reestablish her relationship with Kyle and get to know her grandson. He said Diane had a future with them, she had a new career, and he saw no reason why she would jeopardize everything to get back at an old foe.

Christine told Jack the evidence showed that was exactly what Diane had done. Jack insisted the evidence was wrong, and Stark had set Diane up. Christine said Diane's arraignment was in the morning, and Jack needed to be prepared for what could happen. She said given Diane's history of disappearing, there was a good chance bail would be denied. She said there was nothing she could do about that. Christine said if Stark had been responsible for Phyllis' death, he'd done an excellent job of implicating Diane and covering his tracks. Jack claimed Stark wasn't that good -- whatever Stark had done wrong would come to light, and he would be proven guilty.

At Society, Nick said he'd known Nate would be there, pondering what he would say to Elena. Nate claimed he didn't know what Nick was talking about. Nick said he didn't know if it was just a fling or... Nate growled that it wasn't like that. Nick said he didn't care -- he only wanted to make sure there wasn't an agenda. Nate stated there was nothing going on; he had everything he could have hoped for, heading Newman Media. Nick said Nate had had a tremendous position at Chancellor-Winters, but he had wanted more and had turned his back on his family. Nate claimed it hadn't been that simple. Nick said as far as he was concerned, Nate's credibility was shot.

Nate said that if Nick found him just to put him on notice, then message received. He reminded Nick that he worked for Newman Media, and his personal time was his own business. Nick said it was, until it became Nick's. Elena arrived and commented she hadn't seen Nick in a while. Nate told her that Nick shared her belief that he was being consumed by power, and he was tired of hearing it. Nick said the truth often hurt, and it got old when one didn't want to admit it. Nick said goodnight, and he left.

When Jack returned home, he told Kyle he hadn't made any progress with Christine. He said they had to wait for the arraignment and hope for the best. Jack inquired about Summer. Kyle said Summer believed Diane was to blame for Phyllis' death. He said he felt caught between his wife and his mother. He said they both needed his support, but they were on opposite sides of the problem. He asked how he could help without feeling disloyal.

Kyle told Jack he knew for certain Diane was innocent, and he had to convince Summer of that. He said he didn't know if his marriage would survive. Jack promised they would clear Diane's name. Kyle said Summer didn't think Diane would be freed anytime soon. Jack admitted Christine had said something similar. Jack promised that together, they would prove Diane's innocence, and they wouldn't give up until they exposed the truth.

In room 158, Phyllis buried her head in her hands and asked what she'd done. Stark arrived and asked why Phyllis hadn't left town the way they'd planned. He claimed it was dangerous for her to be within 50 miles of Genoa City, and he asked why she was still there.

Phyllis told Stark she'd changed her mind. Annoyed, he said she'd taken an insane risk going to the memorial. Phyllis said she'd needed to know how her children felt about her, but Stark shouted that the only thing she'd had to do was "get the hell out of town." Stark said her kids were adults and had their own lives. He said they would mourn and go back to business as usual. Phyllis claimed they wouldn't.

Phyllis asked if Stark had heard the pain and regret in their voices. She said she could relieve them of that pain. Jeremy asked if she was going to let them know she was alive. He asked what she thought would happen when everyone realized that she'd faked everything. Phyllis insisted they would forgive her because Diane had done it, and she'd been forgiven, even after she'd left her kid to think she'd been dead for many years.

Stark reminded Phyllis they'd executed their plan so they could see Diane rot in prison, and Phyllis could live anywhere in the world without a care. She asked how she could live without a care when the people she loved so much were in pain. Stark reminded her that they were in it together. He said Phyllis had made a commitment, and he wasn't about to let her blow everything up over some stupid sentiment. She spat that her kids weren't stupid sentiments.

Stark told Phyllis he wouldn't let her reveal their involvement. He told her to ditch her second thoughts before something happened to her. Phyllis asked if he thought she was afraid of him. She hissed that he had no idea who he was dealing with. Phyllis said she wasn't an amateur or easily manipulated. She stated that she'd spent very little time behind bars. She said if he was as smart as he claimed to be, he would get out of her way.

When Phyllis tried to leave, Stark grabbed her. He growled that he wasn't going back to prison, and Phyllis wasn't going to blow it for him. He said she was going to do what she'd agreed to. Phyllis said she didn't take orders from anyone. He asked if she thought that it was a game. Phyllis yelled that it was her life, but Stark said she had no life; she was dead to the world, and she'd better keep it that way -- or he would kill her himself.

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