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Malcolm joined the Winters clan to honor Neil's memory. Devon decided to change his last name to Winters. Daniel told Jack, Michael, and Kyle that Phyllis was alive. Elena moved out on Nate. Adam agreed to run McCall Unlimited and offered Sally a job. Connor lashed out.
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Devon decided to change his last name to Winters. Daniel told Jack, Michael, and Kyle that Phyllis was alive. Elena moved out on Nate.
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The Winters family lovingly honors Neil's memory

The Winters family lovingly honors Neil's memory

Monday, May 8, 2023

Kyle and Diane had a joyous reunion after she was released on bail and returned to the Abbott mansion. Jack beamed as he stood nearby, watching the mother and son share an embrace. Diane thanked Jack and Kyle for not giving up, even though she had believed her predicament had been hopeless. Diane gave credit to Michael for mounting her defense, though she expressed concern that some, including Summer, still believed she had murdered Phyllis.

Jack and Kyle assured Diane that they would help Summer cope, so they could all live under the same roof. Diane was shocked when she learned that Tucker McCall had also joined the household. Kyle acknowledged that Tucker had at least not caused too much aggravation after moving into a guest room at Ashley's invitation. Jack said he would do everything possible to prevent conflicts.

When Summer entered, she was taken aback and inquired about Diane's presence. Kyle explained to Summer that Michael had arranged for Diane's release on bail. Jack declared that Diane was innocent. Diane assured Summer that she was not the person who had taken Summer's mother from her. Summer, defiant, cried, "You are responsible, Diane. Since the minute you lured Jack to L.A. You set up this whole chain of events that put us where we are now, and after everything you've done, after all the lies you told, it's not fair. It's not fair that you get to be here with the people that you love, and my family has been ripped apart."

Summer partially regained her composure and told Kyle and Jack she was happy for them, though she could not celebrate along with them. Diane assured Summer she would do her best to stay out of the way, explaining that she might be constrained because she was under house arrest and being monitored by an ankle bracelet. Summer sighed and replied, "So, you're going to be here where I live 24/7? I can't avoid you?" Summer left abruptly after receiving a text message from Daniel asking her to meet up. Kyle, concerned, looked forlorn and helpless. Diane appeared miffed by Summer's rebuff.

Jack embraced Diane as a show of support and comfort. Kyle cried that he had tried to reconnect with Summer, though every time he did, she would take off abruptly and push him away. Kyle left to find Summer. Jack told Diane that everything would turn around after authorities determined what had happened to Phyllis, though Summer's loss would still be hard for her to bear. Jack promised Diane that in time, they would all begin to heal. Diane stroked Jack's face and put her head on his shoulder. Jack kissed Diane and wrapped his arms around her.

At the Jazz Lounge, Harmony and Devon reunited and warmly embraced. Harmony declared that her beloved son was just as handsome as ever. Harmony explained that while she'd been in Chicago for a conference, Tucker had reached out and related details about the event being held to honor Neil's memory. Devon, touched, replied, "Tucker did that?" Tucker, standing nearby, smiled proudly.

Ashley stood behind Tucker and seemed wary of his motive. Tucker stepped forward to shake Devon's hand, declaring that he was glad everything had worked out. Harmony excused Ana's absence, explaining that the gifted musician was away on tour. Harmony excitedly acknowledged that she was eager to spend time with her grandbaby, Dominic.

Devon praised his mother's accomplishments, including having earned a college degree and remaining clean and sober for nearly two decades. Harmony said she was grateful her chosen career allowed her to give back to her community by helping people in need, recalling that she, too, had once been in need of assistance. Harmony praised Devon for creating a stable home with Abby and reconnecting with Lily, adding that Tucker even seemed to desire a reconciliation. Devon agreed and gave Tucker credit for arranging Harmony's surprise appearance.

Tucker approached Victor. Tucker asked Victor about his expanded empire. Victor noted that he had great plans for his recent business acquisition. Victor gave credit to Tucker for arranging Harmony's visit. Tucker replied, "Well, anything for your son, right?" Victor agreed. Tucker gazed at Devon and smiled.

Nikki heaped compliments on Abby for setting up the celebratory evening. Abby recalled the work Nikki had done to arrange the Bicentennial Gala. Both women skirted the issue of Phyllis' shocking collapse during the bicentennial celebration. Nate interrupted, assuming that Nikki and Abby were the welcoming committee. Nikki said she had not known Victoria and Nate had returned from the West Coast. Abby asked about Elena. Nate hesitated before stating that Elena could not come. Nate glanced across the room and asked about Harmony. Nikki replied, "Tucker's surprise for Devon."

Victor drew all the guests' full attention and acknowledged that they had gathered to celebrate his friend Neil Winters. Victor recalled that he had trusted his friend implicitly as a business associate. Victor praised Neil as a father, recalling that every parent's desire was to nurture their offspring and set in place a solid foundation. Victor became emotional when he noted that Devon and Lily's renewed commitment was a testament to Neil's strength as a loving father who had cherished his family. Victor proposed a toast to Neil and his memory. Guests raised their glasses, uttering Neil's name in unison. Lily, with Daniel at her side, blew a kiss toward her father's portrait hanging prominently on a wall.

Later, Lily and Devon personally thanked Victor for the kind words expressed for Neil. Victor assured Lily and Devon that he had meant every word. Abby joined Devon as Lily stepped away. Victor told Abby how proud he was to welcome Devon as part of his family, adding that Devon had made Abby very happy. Abby, her arm around Devon, replied that everything felt right, punctuating her feelings by tenderly kissing Devon on the lips.

Nikki and Sharon gathered with Daniel. Nikki acknowledged that the jazz lounge had been the last place Daniel had seen his mother. Sharon told Daniel it might take a while for life to feel normal again. Nikki assured Daniel that he had her and Victor's full support. Sharon told Daniel she would be available to talk over coffee any time. After Daniel thanked Nikki and Sharon, he quickly excused himself and stepped away. Sharon and Nikki appeared concerned about Daniel.

Devon approached Nate. Nate cried, "Four years. Hard to believe." Devon agreed and told Nate he was happy Nate had shown up. Nate thanked Devon for the invitation. Devon asked about Elena. Nate explained that he had driven straight from the airport and assumed Elena had already gone to bed after a long day. Nate stepped away to greet Lily.

Mariah joined her mother and asked about Ashley's icy response to Harmony. Sharon explained that during the time Ashley and Tucker had been married, Tucker had had a brief affair with Harmony. Mariah replied, "Got it. So, Harmony is not Ashley's favorite person. Well, that certainly makes things interesting." Sharon nodded in agreement.

Harmony privately discussed with Tucker how well Devon had turned out, despite having had little help from either of them. Tucker admitted he still was not good at doing the right things for the right reasons, though Ashley had been helping him do better. Harmony admitted she regretted the mistake she and Tucker had made that had hurt Ashley. Harmony advised Tucker not to screw things up again.

Ashley approached and graciously greeted Harmony, praising her for spending time with Devon. Harmony acknowledged that though much had changed, some things had remained the same, noting the renewed connection between Ashley and Tucker. Harmony urged Tucker and Ashley to cherish their reconciliation, which, she said, was something to be admired. Tucker smiled and nodded in agreement when Ashley replied, "That's a lovely thing to say."

Nate congratulated Lily for pulling everything together and creating a venue to keep Neil's memory alive. Lily thanked Nate for attending on short notice. Nate admitted he had been eager to depart from L.A. after a brief trip. Across the room, Sharon and Mariah chatted with Nikki and Victor about Aria. Nikki extolled the joys of grandchildren. Victor assured Mariah that she and her family should take full advantage of the ranch property.

Daniel, sitting alone, recalled Summer having told him that Phyllis was alive and had admitted to killing Jeremy Stark. Lily approached Daniel and asked him if he was okay. Daniel claimed he was okay. Lily told Daniel he should not have agreed to attend due the memories of what had happened at the jazz lounge. Daniel explained that his conscience had been bothering him, though he could not disclose why and had no idea what to do.

Lily advised Daniel to guide his way forward by weighing which decisions he could live with and which ones he could not. Daniel told Lily she always seemed to know the right thing to say. Before Daniel left, he told Lily to enjoy her visit to New York to see Charlie. Lily expressed confidence that Daniel would do the right thing.

Some guests began to depart. Tucker and Ashley bid farewell after Devon again thanked his father for arranging a visit with Harmony. After most guests had left, Abby, Devon, Lily, Harmony, and Nate remained to reminisce about Neil. Lily and Devon recalled how much Neil had loved his family.

Malcolm, having made a surprise entrance, added, "For my brother, family was everything." Devon and Lily welcomed Malcolm with hugs. Malcom stood before Neil's portrait and declared that he would always show up to honor the great Neil Winters. Devon called Malcolm's attention to his mother, Harmony. Harmony reminded everyone that she had once been known as Yolanda. Malcolm told Harmony it was nice to see her again, and he declared that Devon was a blessing to his parents.

Malcolm gazed about the room and noted that the jazz lounge suited Neil. Harmony declared that Neil still managed to inspire, even though he was gone. Nate recalled that Neil had been supportive of his decision to become a doctor and wondered aloud what Neil might think of him having left medicine. Malcolm assured Nate that Neil would be supportive of him following his heart. Harmony agreed that Neil's mission had always been to lift people up, no matter their circumstances, believing always in goodness and hope. Becoming emotional, Harmony gave credit to Neil for having wonderfully raised Devon like a father after she had failed her son. Momentarily distracted, Devon replied that he had something to do for himself and for Neil.

Devon declared that everything he had, he owed to Neil, adding that he had never imagined being able to properly honor Neil. Devon said he wished to legally change his name to Devon Winters. Harmony said, "That's exactly how it should be." Malcolm cried, "You're a Winters now." Lily voiced her overwhelming approval and declared that Devon's decision was a beautiful way for her brother to honor their dad. Devon embraced his mother and told her he loved her.

Malcolm told his family his stay in town would be brief because he had to attend to business. Harmony told Devon she had a room at the Club and would extend her stay. Nate said he would book a room, as well, so he would not disturb Elena. Before Harmony left, she looked toward Devon and said, "Goodnight, Mr. Winters." Malcolm wrapped his arms around Devon and Lily, pointed at Neil's portrait, and said, "You did that man proud, tonight and always. Your star keeps shining, my brother. It keeps shining."

In the darkness, Daniel waited at the park for Summer to join him. After Summer arrived, she told her brother she wished he had chosen a different place to meet because it felt risky to talk in public. Daniel told Summer he did not care whether or not she approved, and he demanded she listen to what he had to say. Daniel told Summer he had attended a tribute to Neil at the jazz lounge, adding that the venue was "the same place where our mother died, where we had her memorial, and where everyone had a good cry over it." Summer struggled to contain her emotions.

Daniel recalled that during the event honoring Neil's memory, everyone present had offered condolences and asked how he and Summer were doing. Daniel told Summer he hated himself for concealing a lie, especially from Lily. Daniel cried that he could not stop thinking about Diane being tried and convicted for something that she had not done. Summer panicked after Daniel insisted they inform everyone that Phyllis was alive. Daniel was adamant that he and Summer find their mom and bring her back home.

Elena makes a bold move

Elena makes a bold move

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Over coffee at Crimson Lights, Nate flashed back to having sex with Victoria, and Elena later confronting him over his betrayal. Sharon offered him a refill, and she gushed that the celebration of Neil's life had been beautiful. Nate seemed nonplussed, and Sharon asked what was wrong.

Sharon recalled that she'd seen Nate speaking with Devon and Lily at the party. Nate confirmed that it was the first time in months that he felt like he had a shot at reconciling with his family, even though the tension was still there and might always exist. Nate refused to apologize for being ambitious, although he admitted he hadn't realized how much he'd have to give up. Nate confided that he hadn't managed his priorities as well as he should have, and his personal life was suffering because of the mistakes he'd made. Sharon asked if everything was okay with Elena.

Nate complimented Sharon's skills as a therapist, but she remarked that it hadn't taken a professional to put things together. She said she was sorry he and Elena had hit a rough patch, but he recognized that it was more than that -- and it was all on him. Nate noted that he'd changed a lot since he and Elena had met. Sharon imagined losing his ability to perform surgery had something to do with it, and he recounted that he'd struggled to redefine himself and find work he could be passionate about. He added that he'd found that passion in business, but it had created issues in his relationship.

Sharon guessed that Nate and Elena had bonded over their shared career in medicine, but they'd lost that common ground. Sharon inquired whether Nate liked the man he saw in the mirror. "Not tonight," he replied, adding that he generally liked who he was. He added that he felt an excitement he hadn't felt in a long time, and he looked forward to every day and every challenge. He recalled a time when he'd shared that excitement with Elena, and she'd encouraged him, but that no longer happened. He swore he'd never resent Elena because he loved her too much, and he felt terrible that he'd hurt her very deeply.

Sharon advised that partners in a long-term relationship inevitably hurt one another, but it didn't mean things weren't fixable. Nate recalled that people had people warned him that power could be intoxicating, and they'd been right. He reveled in the feeling of being in control, making decisions that resulted in millions in profit, and leading teams that looked up to him. He admitted that it had given him a new confidence that had made him reckless enough to make big mistakes. Sharon urged Nate to talk to Elena the way he was talking to Sharon, since perhaps he could apologize and repair the damage.

Nate doubted an apology and explanation would fix things, since it hadn't been the first time he'd messed up. He expected that whatever forgiveness Elena had found in the past wouldn't happen again. Sharon sensed that Nate had known the potential consequences of his actions and had chosen to take the risk. Nate thought he was at the point of no return, with no one to blame but himself.

At Nate and Elena's penthouse, Elena sadly stared at a framed photo of her and Nate in happier times. She reflected on Nate pledging to get back to what they had as long as they were both willing to try. Elena acknowledged that she had to let go of her suspicions about his motives. She said she wanted to believe he was back on the right path, and he vowed to prove he was still the same man she'd fallen in love with. He urged her to stop worrying because he loved her, and he was working hard for them and their future together. Elena wiped away tears.

Kyle entered Society and checked his phone. He left a voicemail for Summer, begging her to get in touch because he was worried after the way she'd run off. Mariah cheerfully greeted Kyle and invited him to grab a drink while she was waiting for her takeout. She rambled about how Neil's commemoration party had reminded her of how important family was, and she crowed that she was an excellent wife who'd decided to pick up Tessa's favorite dish. Mariah quickly added she also considered herself an excellent friend, and she willed herself to stop talking so Kyle could tell her what was going on with him.

Kyle revealed that his mom was out on bail, and Mariah wondered why he didn't seem happier. Kyle lamented that Summer hadn't been able to get out of the house fast enough when she'd seen Diane, and he'd been looking everywhere for his wife. Mariah muttered that she was "Team Summer" on that one. Kyle insisted his mom was innocent, but Summer only saw the son of her mother's killer when she looked at him. Mariah recognized that a grieving Summer needed a place to put all the blame, and there was no one better than the person all the evidence implicated. Kyle didn't know how much longer he could stand having his wife think he was defending a murderer.

Mariah couldn't imagine how hard the situation was for Kyle and Summer, but she knew how much they loved one another. Kyle worried that love wasn't enough, but Mariah assured him that he and Summer would find their way with patience and faith. He cried that he felt like he was losing Summer more each day, and he resolved to find proof his mother was innocent. Mariah wished she could do something to help, and Kyle said she had by listening and being a good friend. She hoped he found the proof he needed to clear his mom, and he echoed the sentiment.

Later, Elena ordered a whiskey at the bar. Mariah approached and noted that she'd missed Elena at the party. A surprised Mariah realized Elena hadn't known about Neil's celebration, and Elena inquired whether Nate had been there. Mariah informed her that the whole Winters family had shown up, yet no punches had been thrown. Mariah was confused about why Nate hadn't told Elena about it, and Elena revealed that she and Nate weren't on speaking terms because of his lies.

Elena explained that she'd wanted to believe Nate was still the man she'd loved, but one day, he was trying to take her on a romantic getaway, and the next, he was trying to manipulate her to keep her quiet. Elena declared that she was done being quiet, and she complained that Nate only cared about power and success. Elena continued that they'd worked hard to get through things after he'd screwed over Devon and Lily at Chancellor-Winters, and she'd believed him when he'd said he wanted to change back into the compassionate man she'd fallen in love with. Mariah suggested that it was just a phase. Elena figured that Nate had made a decision, and she had to make hers.

Elena returned home and flashed back to excoriating Nate for his betrayal after she'd caught him in L.A. during a close moment with Victoria. She picked up the framed photo of them and smashed it on the floor. Elena sobbed as she packed a suitcase. She picked up the broken photo frame and set it on the dresser, sadly looking around one last time before heading out.

In Chancellor Park, Summer warned Daniel that telling everyone Phyllis was alive would result in their mom spending her life in prison or on the run. Summer argued that they couldn't risk it until they had a plan to guarantee Phyllis' safety. Daniel wondered why Summer had told him the truth if she hadn't wanted him to have a say in what they did next. Summer explained that the secret had been too big for her, and she'd needed to tell him for her own sanity. She added that she hadn't been able to take seeing him grieve, but she refused to let him blow everything up.

Daniel told Summer that she couldn't stop him from telling everyone the truth, but he preferred that they agree it was the right decision. She insisted that it wasn't, and she contemplated what would happen if the police didn't see Phyllis' actions as self-defense. Daniel griped that sitting on a lie never solved anything, and he couldn't live with the secret, knowing how many people were hurting. Summer scoffed at the idea that he'd jeopardize their mom's future because of his conscience, and she ordered him to get over himself because it wasn't about him. Summer continued that their mom needed them, and they were the only chance Phyllis had of getting back home.

Summer pointed out that Daniel had blown up his own family, and she wondered what made him think he was making the smart, sensible choice. Daniel defended that he'd blown up his own family because he'd been "so damn busy" worrying about his own pain that he'd forgotten to put Heather and Lucy first. He added that he'd learned from it, and he asked what it was like when Kyle tried to comfort Summer, thinking she was grieving. Daniel demanded to know what it was like knowing how upset Kyle was about the mother he'd just started to rebuild a relationship with, yet choosing to lie to Kyle instead of taking his pain away.

Summer wailed that Daniel wasn't being fair, since she loved Kyle and wouldn't hurt him. Daniel grumbled that Kyle's mom was rotting in a jail cell for something she hadn't done. Summer shared that Diane was out on bail, but Daniel pointed out that Diane was still being charged with murder. Summer cried that their mom was alive, and they had a second chance. She begged Daniel to help find a way to get Phyllis home that wouldn't put her behind bars.

Summer swore that she hated lying to the people she loved as much as Daniel did, but she reasoned that it was the only thing standing between Phyllis and a prison sentence. Daniel questioned whether she was okay with risking losing her marriage. Summer insisted that it had to be that way to protect everyone, including Phyllis. Daniel maintained that Kyle deserved to know that Phyllis was alive and that Diane was innocent.

Daniel returned to his hotel room and poured himself a drink. He answered a call from an unknown number, but the party on the line didn't speak. "Mom, is that you?" he asked. Daniel surmised it was Phyllis because the caller hadn't hung up. He pleaded with her not to be mad at Summer for telling him the truth, adding that he was glad his sister had done so because it meant Phyllis was alive.

Daniel imagined seeing and talking to his mother again, and he mentioned that Summer had told him why Phyllis had left. Daniel scolded that it had been cruel to put Summer in that position, and he knew Phyllis loved them too much to keep hurting them. Daniel implored Phyllis to return home so they could figure everything out and be a family again. He hung up, chugged his drink, and headed out.

Kyle found Summer alone in the park, and she anxiously asked if he'd talked to Daniel. Kyle assumed Daniel had sent the text message that had led to her flying out of the house, and he mentioned that he'd been looking all over for her. Summer explained that she hadn't meant to worry him, but she'd needed to get out of the house. Kyle admitted that he was scared by the way she kept running away. She hugged him and said she loved him.

Kyle stressed that there was nothing Summer couldn't tell him, and all he wanted to do was hold her and tell her everything would be okay because they were in it together. He begged her to talk to him, and she stammered that seeing Diane at home had been the last thing she'd expected. Summer acknowledged how happy Kyle was that his mother was free. She swore she was happy for him, but she was clearly upset. Kyle promised they would find a way through it, but Summer questioned whether that was possible.

Kyle assured Summer that they didn't have to stay at the Abbott house if it was too hard for her to be there. He proposed that they go on a trip with Harrison, but she protested that it wouldn't be fair to Kyle because it was important for him to be there for his mom. Kyle insisted that Summer was his priority, but she contended that their priority should be explaining to Harrison that "Didi" was back.

Kyle said he wasn't looking forward to the other conversation they needed to have with Harrison to tell him that Phyllis was gone. Summer vehemently objected that it was too soon to do it, but Kyle pointed out that Harrison had handled the news of Ashland's death well. Kyle thought his son was ready, but Summer blurted out that she wasn't ready. Kyle agreed to do whatever she wanted on one condition -- she returned home with him.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack and Diane cuddled on the sofa, and she wished they could stay like that forever. She regretted that she'd driven Summer from the house, and Jack figured that a shocked Summer just needed time to process Diane's release. Diane bemoaned that she'd offer to move out, but her options were limited. Jack promised they would find a way through it. Ashley and Tucker returned home, and she grimaced when she saw Diane. "Oh, my God, what are you doing here?" Ashley spat.

Ashley speculated that Jack had staged a jailbreak, given that Diane had already compelled him to commit grand larceny. Jack cautioned that Harrison was in the house, and Ashley angrily inquired whether Jack would rather expose his grandson to a murderer than the tone of Ashley's voice. Diane recognized that Tucker had joined the household, and Jack complained that he found the situation claustrophobic. Ashley retorted that Jack had invited whomever he'd wanted to live there, but at least her guest hadn't killed anyone.

Diane congratulated Tucker on redeeming himself in Ashley's eyes, and she remarked that it was wonderful to know Ashley had the same big heart Jack did. Ashley asked how Jack had managed to get his "homicidal, flight-risk fiancée" out of jail. Jack explained that Michael had been able to get another judge who'd leaned toward fairness. Ashley guessed bribery had been involved, since she couldn't imagine any judge letting Diane go. Ashley anticipated that Diane would get bored and leave again, leaving not just Kyle with a broken heart, but also Jack with a huge fortune spent on her bail payment and defense.

Diane resolved to figure out a way for all of them to live under the same roof. Ashley suggested that Jack and Diane find a roof of their own and leave the rest of them to live in peace. Diane propped her foot up on the table and proclaimed that her ankle monitor was a condition of her bail agreement, so she was forbidden to leave the grounds. Ashley admonished Jack and Diane for being incredibly selfish by forcing Summer to live with the woman who'd been charged with murdering Summer's mother.

Jack asserted that the Abbott mansion was Diane's home, and he wouldn't allow Ashley to attack Diane. Ashley argued that Diane wasn't the victim -- Summer was. Jack snarled that Ashley's hate campaign against Diane had nothing to do with Summer. Jack and Ashley's argument escalated, and she threatened to call the D.A. when Diane inevitably violated the terms of her bail. Kyle and Summer returned home as Jack blasted Ashley for hitting rock bottom. "That's enough!" Kyle bellowed. Kyle lectured that if any of them cared about Summer, they would leave her out of their feud.

Diane said she was glad Summer was home, but Kyle barked that it wasn't a home but a battleground. Ashley apologized for letting her anger get the best of her, and she swore it wouldn't happen again. Jack recognized that he'd been out of line, and he believed they could all do a lot better. Kyle demanded that it stop, since Summer needed a safe space, and that wasn't it. Diane offered to give Summer all the space she needed, but Summer whimpered that she couldn't take it anymore. Kyle announced that he, Summer, and Harrison would be moving into the pool house, since it was the only way to get relief.

Later, once alone, Kyle asked Summer if she was okay with moving into the pool house. She doubted it would solve anything, but she thanked him for trying to protect her. Kyle pledged his love and reiterated that there was nothing he wouldn't do for her. He suggested they make an adventure out of it by telling Harrison they were going camping, and she liked the idea. Kyle liked that she would no longer have to go to the park to get peace and quiet to heal. Daniel hovered outside the front door.

Kyle promised to help Summer through it if he'd let her. An agitated Summer turned the topic to telling Harrison about "Didi." Kyle wrapped his arms around Summer, but she pulled away and headed upstairs. As Kyle stood alone in the living room, an unseen Daniel took off.

Nick and Adam warn Victor to leave Sally alone

Nick and Adam warn Victor to leave Sally alone

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

by Nel

At Newman, Nikki asked Victoria why she hadn't attended Neil's tribute with Nate. Victoria replied that Devon hadn't invited her, probably because she'd gone after Chancellor-Winters. Nikki asked if something had happened, because Victoria's mood reflected more than jet lag. Victoria admitted things had started off as business with Nate, but their relationship had turned very personal. Nikki said she thought Nate and Elena were together. Victoria admitted they had been until Elena had surprised Victoria and Nate at their hotel in Los Angeles; she'd sensed something had been going on, and Nate had confessed.

At Crimson Lights, Elena told Audra that Victoria and Nate had been casually intimate in a public restaurant. She said their body language had given away everything that was going on between them. She said Nate had had the decency to admit what had gone on between them.

Elena told Audra she'd told Nate to go straight to hell, and they were over. Elena admitted she'd been beyond furious when she'd left L.A., but she had since become just numb. Audra asked if Elena might forgive Nate. Elena emphatically replied no because there was no going back. She said she'd packed a bag, and she'd walked away.

Elena told Audra she couldn't figure out why she'd put so much energy into that relationship, and then it had occurred to her it had been because of what they'd done to Devon. She said she'd hurt Devon for nothing because her and Nate's relationship hadn't been real and lasting. She said she'd bent over backwards making excuses for Nate, and she'd held on to the hope Nate would revert to the man she'd fallen in love with. She said she was done trying to save Nate from himself.

Elena told Audra it was all on Nate. She said she'd been disappointed in him from the day he'd started working at Chancellor-Winters, but she was really just disgusted. She said Victoria and Nate deserved each other. Elena said she had some big decisions to make, but first, she had to get to work. Audra asked which job. Elena replied she had to take a shift at the hospital that she'd traded so she could go to L.A. She said she didn't know what would happen with her podcasts at Newman yet.

Audra couldn't see Elena working at a company run by Nate and Victoria, but she said Elena shouldn't turn her back on something she enjoyed. Audra suggested that Elena follow up with J.T. and convince him to do the podcast interview in person. She said it would be a real slap in the face for Victoria and the perfect move for some sweet revenge. Elena warned Audra to watch her back.

Nate was about to enter the patio when he saw Elena and Audra. He took a step back and eavesdropped.

Elena told Audra that Nate had no loyalties, and he seemed to think he could do no wrong. She told Audra not to fall for Nate's charming demeanor, and Elena left.

At Society, Chelsea and Adam discussed Connor's moody and sullen behavior since they'd told him about the baby. Chelsea said she was confused because Connor was okay having a big brother but not a younger sister. Adam stated that Connor and Johnny had bonded, and it was possible the baby was one change too many. Billy arrived and stood to one side while on a call. Chelsea assured Adam that once Connor met his baby sister, he would adjust. Adam said he really wanted to believe that. When Adam left, Billy ended his call and joined Chelsea.

Billy asked if Connor was still giving Chelsea the silent treatment. She admitted that Connor went from sullen and moody to quiet and withdrawn. She said she'd tried everything, but nothing had worked. Billy reminded her that part of the problem was his age. She said she wanted to fix it for Connor, but she didn't know how. Billy reminded her that she'd shown Connor it was okay to ask for help when he needed it. He said Connor was a bright kid who trusted Chelsea.

In Sally's suite, Nick told Sally he was going home to change and get Christian off to school. Sally invited him to stay and have breakfast in bed with her, but he said he had some pressing matters he needed to handle. Sally said she knew he was going to see Victor. She asked Nick not to go into battle with Victor over her. She said Victor had made it very clear that he wanted her gone.

Nick said it wasn't Victor's decision to make. Sally didn't want Nick starting a Newman family war. Nick said no war, but he had to get to the office to catch up on work. Sally said she and Chloe were going to go over some design ideas before following up with Jill. Nick reminded her to eat and take her vitamins, and he left.

At the coffeehouse, Sally told Chloe she'd found candidates for an ergonomic expert, and she wanted to meet with them before presenting them to Jill. Chloe said she'd connected with a marketing and social media web guru who would get their name on the map.

Sally received a call from Jill. After the call ended, she told Chloe that even though Jill was still intrigued by their pitch, she wanted to wait because Chancellor-Winters had decided not to take on any large commercial projects for the foreseeable future. She said it wasn't a no, only a "not right now." Chloe asked what they were going to do, wait or look elsewhere. Sally said they were back to square one. Adam arrived and asked what was going on.

After Chloe left, Adam sat down, and Sally told him she wouldn't have any income because the design job she and Chloe had been hoping for had been postponed indefinitely. She said she still had some savings to rely on.

Adam told Sally he didn't like the sound of that because the minute she dipped into her savings, they would be gone. Adam offered Sally a job working for him. Sally asked how she could work for him when he didn't have a job. Adam said he was talking about McCall. He said it was the most appealing offer on the table for him, and if it came with the added benefit of providing Sally with gainful employment, there should be nothing stopping her from taking him up on his offer.

Sally reminded Adam that he hadn't accepted the McCall offer, but she asked if he would if it meant handing her a job. Adam admitted it wouldn't be all for Sally because he'd been leaning in that direction for quite some time and itching for a new challenge. Sally asked if he was getting ahead of himself, because as soon as he told Victor he was in, Victor would change his mind. Adam said, "Not this time." He said he knew how companies like McCall worked, and Sally could be his COO again -- or in-house design for any and all projects. He said she could name her own position and bring Chloe along.

Sally told Adam to slow down because Victor would lose it if Adam brought her in, and there was no way Victor would want her near his new company or his sons. She said Victor had offered to set her up anywhere in the world as long as she left the baby with him. She said he'd assured her that the baby would be well taken care of under his watchful eye.

Adam told Sally he should have gone with her to see Victor, but Sally said she'd handled it on her own. Sally asked him not to fan the flames by confronting Victor. She said she'd just talked Nick out of doing the same thing. She said she wouldn't have had to talk Nick down if Adam hadn't told Nick about Victor's summons. Adam said he and Nick had found common ground, as protecting Sally and the baby was their priority. Sally assured him she didn't need protection because she'd always fought her own battles.

Sally told Adam she understood she was fighting for two, but she still didn't need his help going up against Victor. Adam said he would try not to step in where he wasn't welcome, but he still wanted to work with her at McCall. He said he could guarantee good pay, an exceptional maternity leave, and a boss who fully respected her and her brilliant ideas. Sally asked him to stop trying to fix her problems, but Adam assured her he wasn't. He said McCall was a wreck, and it would take a lot of help to get it back on track. He said the only way to do that was to assemble the strongest team possible. He said Sally was what he was looking for, and his offer stood. He left.

At Society, Nick confronted Victor, stating Victor couldn't stop interfering in Sally's life, but this time, Victor had gone too far. He accused Victor of not only trying to banish Sally from Genoa City but also wanting to take her baby away from her. Victor asked if that was how Sally had described their meeting, that he was going to kidnap her as yet unborn child. He said it was a gross misinterpretation of what he'd intended. Nick claimed they both knew that wasn't the case.

Victor asked if he had to remind Nick they were the Newmans or remind him of how many people had tried to take advantage of them -- and still did. Nick said Victor was trying to pay off the mother of his granddaughter, but thankfully, Sally had told him she wasn't for sale. Victor claimed that by turning him down, she was angling for something more substantial. Nick stated it wasn't a negotiation, but Victor claimed everything was negotiable.

Nick told Victor it wasn't negotiable because he knew Victor would never try to take a baby away from its mother. Victor said he "damn well would" from the wrong mother. Nick claimed he wouldn't because it went against everything Victor stood for. Nick said Sally had passed Victor's test by turning him down. He told Victor to leave Sally and her baby alone, and he left.

At their table, Billy suggested that he and Chelsea plan another get-together for Johnny and Connor. He said their boys always cheered each other up, and it could be a fantastic reminder that having a sibling wasn't all that bad. Chelsea loved the idea. Chloe arrived. Chelsea saw the look on Chloe's face and asked what was wrong. Chloe replied that she'd had a disappointing setback because Jill wasn't moving forward with their project.

Billy asked if Chloe wanted him to put in a good word with his mother. Chloe thanked him and turned him down. Chelsea suggested a girls' night out. Chloe was all in. Chelsea left for an appointment. Chloe commented that Billy had stepped up. She said it was obvious how strong the bond between him and Chelsea had become. Billy admitted he really cared about Chelsea. Chloe said Billy had changed a lot after Delia had died, and he'd change even more being with Chelsea. She said Chelsea really needed someone she could count on, and Billy just might be that person.

Back at Newman, Victoria told Nikki things with Nate had been going on for a while, and the mutual attraction had been building for some time. She admitted they'd acted on it before their trip to L.A. She said it was her life, and she knew what she felt. She said that she and Nate had tried to keep things professional, but they couldn't deny the connection they had, and she couldn't control what people thought.

Nikki asked about the undeniable connection Victoria and Nate shared, and she asked if Victoria had considered how that might impact the company. Victoria said she and Nate were on top of their game, so she didn't see how the business would suffer. She assured Nikki she wouldn't let anything interfere with Newman continuing to flourish.

Nikki pointed out that Victoria was getting into a personal relationship with a man who was fully ensconced in their business. Victoria said Nate was a brilliant and charming man. Nikki claimed it sounded like Victoria's relationship had gotten off on a bad footing. Victoria said Nikki was concerned that she would get hurt, but she assured Nikki that she was fine. Nick arrived.

Nick told Nikki and Victoria that Victor had tried to pay off Sally. He said Victor had ignored all his warnings to steer clear of Sally. Nikki reminded him that Victor played by his own rules and didn't "give a damn" how it affected others. Nikki left.

Victoria informed Nick that Nikki and Elena knew about her and Nate. She said she wasn't sure what had happened between Nate and Elena, but she'd gotten the impression that things were over between them. Nick claimed Victoria had said that like it was no big deal because she'd gotten what she wanted, and nothing else mattered. Nick asked how Victoria wasn't affected breaking up a happy couple like Nate and Elena.

Victoria asked what made Nick so sure that Nate and Elena had been happy. She admitted she took no pleasure in Elena's pain. Nick asked why she'd done it after he'd warned her the trip would be a mistake. He said she had to have known how risky it would be, but she'd gotten exactly what she'd wanted. She said she'd backed off about him and Sally and asked that he do the same for her and Nate. She said it was her life and her decision, and she told Nick to back off. Nick said there was a difference in their relationships. He said, thanks to Victoria, Sally was no longer part of Newman, whereas Nate, again, thanks to Victoria, was a very big part of Newman.

Nick reminded Victoria that as COO, it made it his business, and he trusted Nate even less than he had previously. He said Nate wasn't loyal to Elena or his own family. He asked what made her think Nate would be loyal to her or Newman.

In the park, Adam told Victor they had some unfinished business to discuss. Adam said he wanted the CEO position at McCall, but he would only accept it if Victor agreed to back off. Adam said he would consult with Victor as needed, but only when it concerned the company. He said his daughter and Sally were off-limits, and that meant no more offering Sally bribes or browbeating her -- and no attempts to take her baby away from her.

Victor laughed and said Sally was back at her games, trying to turn both his sons against their father. Adam said Victor didn't know Sally. Adam said she'd passed Victor's test. He warned Victor to leave Sally alone. Victor admitted that Nick had said the same thing. Adam said he'd stated his terms and asked if Victor agreed. Victor said Adam was his son, and he accepted Adam's terms. They shook hands to seal the deal.

Victor said since they'd decided that Adam would be the new CEO of McCall, he wanted to know how Adam was going to proceed. Adam claimed it wasn't any of Victor's business because he had everything well in hand, including the announcement of his new position, which he'd written the previous evening. Adam said he'd already made another major decision.

Adam told Victor he'd offered Sally a position of her choosing. Victor asked if Adam should do that, but Adam reminded him that they'd agreed he wouldn't be dictated to. It was not negotiable, and he wouldn't allow Victor to override him on it. He expected Victor to stand back and let Adam staff the company as he saw fit. He said Sally would work at McCall, or Victor could find himself another CEO.

Daniel tells Jack there's something he needs to hear

Daniel tells Jack there's something he needs to hear

Thursday, May 11, 2023

by Nel

When Summer arrived at Crimson Lights and saw Daniel, she turned to leave, but Sharon offered to get her a coffee and give her a hug. Sharon said it was good to see Summer out and about. Summer replied that she'd been trying to keep things as normal as possible for Harrison. Sharon said Summer didn't have to do it alone because there was a community of people there for her. Daniel approached and asked to speak with Summer alone.

Daniel asked how Summer could accept Sharon's sympathy and kindness. Summer asked why he was being so self-righteous. She said Daniel seemed to think there was one clear answer: save Diane. He asked how sending Diane to prison was a solution. Summer said that wasn't her goal. She said Daniel hadn't been there when she'd spoken to Phyllis and heard what Phyllis had gone through.

Summer told Daniel that Phyllis had been terrified, and she hadn't reached out to Daniel because she'd known he wouldn't look out for her. Summer said she'd thought Phyllis had been wrong, but she obviously shouldn't have told him. Daniel warned Summer not to accuse him of not caring for Phyllis. He said he'd received a call, but the person at the other end hadn't spoken. He said it had felt like Phyllis had been trying to connect with him.

Chance stopped at the patio doors when he saw Summer and Daniel in a heated discussion.

Summer told Daniel she needed to learn about the evidence in Stark's murder. Daniel told Summer the longer they waited, the worse it would be for Phyllis. He asked if Phyllis was living halfway around the world, and reveling in the fact that Diane had been convicted of a crime she hadn't committed. Summer said Phyllis wouldn't be able to get back to them if Daniel blew everything open, which included blowing up her marriage. She stormed out.

Chance approached Daniel. Daniel asked when Diane's trial would begin, since she was out on bail. He asked if she would be convicted because there was a lot of evidence against her. Chance said he didn't think Diane had acted alone. Daniel asked if there were any leads that would exonerate her. Chance said even if they found an accomplice, the case against Diane was strong, and there would be justice for Phyllis' murder.

Later, Daniel sent Jack a text message: "Can we meet? There is something you need to hear."

At the counter, Chance told Sharon that Daniel had pressed him for details about the case against Diane. He said new evidence wouldn't help because Phyllis was gone, the guilty party was Summer's mother-in-law, and Daniel seemed to be adding to Summer's stress.

At Society, Ashley asked Tucker how Diane could be out on bail and living with them. She didn't understand how Jack could see Diane as a saint after everything she'd done to him and Kyle, and it didn't matter that she'd been charged with murder. Tucker said Diane was a master manipulator.

Ashley told Tucker that Jack believed she was being unreasonable because she had qualms about sharing a home with someone who'd been accused of murder. She claimed Diane had driven a wedge between her and Jack. Tucker couldn't understand how any judge would allow a flight risk like Diane out on bail. He said he would make sure that Diane's stay was as unpleasant as possible.

Adam arrived and informed Ashley and Tucker that he was in charge of salvaging Tucker's failed company. Tucker said he'd heard Victor wanted it as a bailout for Adam's failures at Jabot and Newman. Adam chuckled and claimed it was hard to know which to tackle first, the mismanaged books or the terrible McCall name. He asked how Tucker had allowed things get so bad. Ashley said Tucker had been distracted while becoming a better person.

Adam told Ashley self-improvement could be a burden. Ashley asked how Adam would know that. Adam claimed he understood the value of a work/life balance, and it would be put to the test, making McCall better. Ashley countered that Adam should be grateful he was allowed to run anything bigger than a lemonade stand. Adam claimed he would turn the company into something bigger than Tucker could have imagined. Tucker said he'd let go of any attachment to it and hoped it flourished. Adam asked if Tucker had reached enlightenment before or after Victor had paid an inflated price for Tucker's broken company. Adam left.

In the park, Sally was on a call with Adam, who told her McCall was officially his, and Victor had given him complete autonomy, including all staffing decisions. Sally said she had to talk to Chloe before she accepted his offer.

Nick arrived and said it sounded like Jill was ready to lock Sally into a contract. Sally asked him to hear her out and not rush to judgment. Sally said Jill didn't want to lock them into a contract at that time. Nick asked if Sally was ready to take him up on his proposal because he would love to partner with her. She said there was another business opportunity, and it would mean working at McCall for Adam. Sally said she was considering it because she had to make a living.

Nick pointed out that his offer to help set up Sally's business had been met with a resounding no, but she was willing to work with Adam at the company Victor had bought for Adam. He said Adam had seen an opportunity to insinuate himself into Sally's life, and he would do anything to stay close to her.

Sally asked if Nick believed that Adam couldn't possibly want her for her skill set or her track record. She said she'd done a pretty great job as COO and CEO of Newman Media. Nick stated that was the reason he wanted to invest in her, the reason he'd fought so hard for her to remain at Newman, and why he'd gotten that second meeting with Jill. He said he believed in her talent, which was the reason he advocated for her daily. Sally retorted, "Unless it involves working with Adam."

Nick told Sally that Adam, like Victor, always had an agenda. Nick reminded her that Victor would have a hand in everything. Sally said Adam had complete autonomy. Nick informed her that Victor had bought that company so he could get Adam under control, and Adam and Victor were trying to get control over Sally and her baby.

Sally told Nick the baby was the only reason she was considering Adam's offer. Nick assured her the baby would be very well taken care of as a Newman. Sally shouted that the baby was a Spectra, and Sally would make sure she was provided for because that was Sally's sole purpose. She said she needed to ensure she had a career that was important to her and part of her identity. She said she wanted to be a strong role model for her daughter.

Nick said Sally already was, and she didn't need a job from Adam to prove it. Sally claimed she and Adam had worked well together, and she claimed she was capable of separating the professional from the personal. Nick stated Adam wasn't. She said she'd had one failure after another, and this could be her chance to get back into the game. Nick said that was exactly what Adam wanted her to think. He said if she went to work for Adam, it would be one of the biggest mistakes of her life.

Sally told Nick she hadn't asked for his opinion, and she'd asked him not to rush to judgment. Nick said he wasn't judging but speaking from years of experience. She told him not to insult her by assuming she couldn't read the situation without his insight. She said she'd become an expert on how the Newman mind worked; it was all about ego and power. Nick told her not to include him with Adam and Victor. He said if Sally worked for Adam, he would chip away at every boundary she'd set until there was nothing. Sally said she wasn't naïve to Adam's motivations. She said they would discuss it later. Sally left.

In the park, Nick claimed Adam hadn't wasted any time accepting Victor's offer to run McCall. Adam replied that Nick had been all for it. Nick asked if McCall had anything to do with business or if Adam was doing it to get Sally back in his life. Nick said he knew about Adam's offer to Sally to work for him. Adam asked if Nick was that insecure and if what Nick and Sally had was that fragile.

Adam admitted he'd offered Sally a job. He said he thought he and Nick were on the same page about doing what was best for Sally and the baby. Adam asked if Sally had run to Nick to discuss the offer. Nick said yes because they were in a relationship, and she'd wanted his opinion.

Adam said Nick and Sally weren't married or engaged, and he asked what Nick could offer Sally. Nick said he didn't need a ring to provide stability and commitment. Adam claimed Nick's track record was really lousy, yet he was acting like he was in it for the long haul. Adam stated that he would always be there for Sally because he loved her. He asked if Nick could say the same. Adam walked away.

At Jabot, Ashley asked if Jack was going to try to kick her out of the company, too. Jack said he wanted them to talk to each other because he cared a great deal about Ashley, and he missed her. He acknowledged that Diane wasn't Ashley's favorite person, but he wondered if she was really that bitter and angry. Ashley admitted she was. Jack claimed Ashley was using him and Diane as punching bags to avoid the realities in her own life. He said her attacks were about self-preservation.

Jack claimed Ashley had real feelings for Tucker, who'd reawakened the flame they'd once shared. He said he knew it made Ashley feel vulnerable, and it terrified her. He said every time she'd told him to stay away from Diane and not get involved again, Ashley had used herself as an example. He said she believed she was better than Jack because she'd known not to get involved with Tucker, yet Tucker had been invited into their home.

Ashley said Jack had done the same thing with Diane. Jack shouted that he and Diane were getting married. He said Ashley was keeping Tucker in the guestroom so she could control him yet keep him at a distance. Jack claimed he knew what she was feeling because he'd felt it when he'd been falling back in love with Diane. He said the change he'd seen in Diane was real. He said he understood how Ashley felt. Ashley asked why, if he understood that, it was okay for him, but not for her. Jack claimed Tucker hadn't changed; he was the same manipulative operator he'd always been.

Ashley asked Jack if Diane was the brand-new woman who'd been charged with murder. She said Diane had turned Jack into someone she didn't recognize, but he claimed he was making better choices than she was. She told Jack to take his "psych 101 crap" and shove it. Jack claimed he had the advantage because he had the ability to open his heart, to let someone in, and to trust; she didn't. Ashley stormed out of his office.

In the Abbotts' backyard, Tucker asked if Diane missed the jail yard. He offered to lift some weights or have a knife fight. He stated that Diane was back to her old self, tenacious with nerves of steel.

Tucker said he didn't think Diane had it in her to kill Phyllis, but there was plenty of proof to convict her. He said her past would be exposed in the courtroom. He confirmed she'd faked her death, Deacon Sharpe had helped her frame everyone in town, and everyone she'd ever crossed would hate her all over again and make the evidence against her even worse.

Tucker told Diane the trial would force Jack and Kyle to relive everything she'd done to them, which would also include Summer and Harrison as collateral damage. He asked if she accepted the responsibility for destroying Summer and Kyle's marriage. He said Jack would be crushed when Diane had to face life in prison. He claimed she needed a way out of there, and he could do that. Tucker said he could give Diane money, ID -- everything Stark had done to set her up with a new life, no strings attached. He said she knew how to disappear, since she'd done it before.

Diane said Ashley would like that; then she might invite Tucker into her bed. Tucker said he knew how much she cared about Jack and Kyle, and she'd worked hard to rebuild a relationship with them. He said she knew what it would do to Jack to watch her get convicted. Diane left.

When Jack returned home, Diane confessed it had been difficult to relax because everything reminded her of what she wouldn't have when she went to prison. She said Tucker had offered to help her run so that Jack and Kyle wouldn't have to watch her get convicted for murder, and it had upset her knowing she could be convicted. She said that was the reality, and she asked how she could do that to the people she loved.

Diane told Jack she was angry at herself for wanting to run and not being strong enough to do it. She said she hated that there was nothing she could do not to cause Jack more heartache. She said she shouldn't have returned. Jack claimed she was the victim and not the cause of his or Kyle's pain. He said Michael was trying to find proof that Stark had framed Diane for Phyllis' murder, and they would find some answers. Diane said that whoever had killed Jeremy might have some answers.

Diane assured Jack she would stay to fight the charges. She said Tucker had made her see clearly that she had to find a way to make things less agonizing for Summer because Kyle loved her so much. She said she'd allowed Stark to do a lot of damage to her family, and Summer and Kyle's relationship could not be part of that.

In Sally's suite, excited, Chloe asked if Jill had reconsidered. Sally said no, but she'd been offered a job with Adam. Chloe vehemently said no. She said they weren't going to dump their plans so that Adam could suck Sally into that black hole again.

Sally told Chloe that Adam had told her to craft the job she wanted and the people she wanted, which included Chloe. Chloe asked why Nick hadn't been able to talk Sally out of it. Sally said because it wasn't his decision to make. Chloe remarked that Nick obviously thought it was a bad idea, and she agreed. Sally asked if Chloe hated Adam that much that she would ignore an opportunity like that. Chloe replied with a resounding yes. Sally said they'd worked with Adam before. Chloe said it had been excruciating. Sally assured Chloe she hadn't agreed to anything.

Chloe asked Sally to revisit Nick's offer to invest. She asked how Sally could chose Adam over Nick. Chloe reminded her what it had been like in the early days of working for Adam at Newman Fashion. Sally said things had been complicated with Chelsea, and that had been before she'd proven herself as COO and CEO of Newman Media.

Chloe reminded Sally it had been prior to her getting involved in a love affair that had gone horribly wrong. She said Sally would be in a life commitment of co-parenting with Adam, and she asked if Sally wanted the extra complications of working with Adam. Sally admitted she wanted something cleaner, but she had to face the reality, and she had to provide for her daughter.

Sally claimed she was doing her due diligence of talking to Chloe about a prospect for both of them. Chloe adamantly stated she wouldn't work for Adam again. Chloe said when Adam realized he couldn't get between Sally and Nick, she didn't want to find them out the door again. Chloe agreed Sally knew what was best for her, but Chloe also knew what was best for her, and it wasn't working for Adam. Before Chloe left, she told Sally to think whether she wanted freedom or to be tied to Adam in every way possible.

Alone, Sally made a list of the pros and cons of working for Adam and the pros and cons about Nick and Adam.

Daniel tells Jack, Kyle, and Michael that Phyllis is alive

Daniel tells Jack, Kyle, and Michael that Phyllis is alive

Friday, May 12, 2023

by Nel

At home, Jack received a text message from Daniel: "Can we meet? There is something you need to hear." Jack replied, "Sure thing. Drop by. Home all day." Tucker entered the room.

Angry, Jack asked Tucker to explain why he'd tried to convince Diane to leave town, putting her freedom in jeopardy, right after a judge had granted her bail. Tucker claimed he'd helped her face facts because the evidence was piling up against her, and she had her checkered past to contend with. He said he'd given her the choices to either re-traumatize Jack and Kyle in a very public trial, which would likely end in her conviction, or she could leave.

Tucker reminded Jack that he and Diane had their own history, and he cared about her. Tucker said Diane had to convince not only a judge, but half the people in town -- as well as Summer -- that she was blameless in Phyllis' murder. He said Diane's return to town hadn't only earned Diane sneers and whispers, but a murder charge.

Jack claimed Tucker had forgotten that Diane was innocent. Tucker said it didn't matter because the people in town never let go of anything. He said the stain on Diane was going to trickle down to Harrison. Jack asked what Tucker meant. Tucker asked if Walnut Grove would sell Diane's brownies at their bake sale or if Jack's companies would survive with Diane's presence in Jack's life. He told Jack that even if Diane was found innocent, she would always be labeled Genoa City's murderer. He suggested that Jack do everything he could, legally or otherwise, to get Diane out of town. Tucker left.

At Crimson Lights, Daniel told Michael that they were going to the Abbott house with proof that Diane hadn't killed Phyllis.

At Society, Billy asked Johnny if he and Connor were still gaming together. Johnny said not much lately. Johnny said it seemed like Connor was trying to avoid him whenever Johnny tried to talk to him. Johnny said maybe there was something going on he hadn't been told about. Billy said Adam was going to have another baby. Johnny asked if it was with Sally. Billy admitted it was, and it was a little awkward because Nick was dating Sally.

Chelsea and Connor arrived in time to hear Johnny say that Connor was probably getting the better deal with his sister, and he would offer Connor a trade. Connor asked what they were trading. Billy said he'd told Johnny that Connor was getting a baby sister. Johnny welcomed Connor to the big brothers' club. Connor responded with a "whoop-de-do." Johnny said she wouldn't be living under Connor's roof, and she would be too little to talk.

Connor announced that he wanted to go home because he wasn't hungry. Chelsea asked if Connor wanted a pizza, but Connor said he wanted nothing. Connor asked if that was when they all pretended. Billy invited Connor to get some fresh air with him.

Johnny apologized to Chelsea for not being very helpful as a big brother. Chelsea said he was Katie's big brother. He admitted she wasn't the worst as far as siblings went, and he asked Chelsea not to tell her that. She said that Katie was crazy about Johnny. She said Katie was lucky to have Johnny, and so was Connor. Johnny told Chelsea he would be right back.

Outside, Billy told Connor he understood it was a lot to find out he was going to have a sibling, but it didn't mean his parents would love him any less. Connor said he knew that. Billy asked what Connor's problem was. Connor claimed his life was picture perfect. Billy asked Connor to be specific and tell him what he was upset about. Connor asked if it mattered. Johnny joined Connor and Billy.

Billy told Connor they were trying to help Connor. Connor said they just didn't get it. Billy asked Connor to tell him what he was missing. Johnny said that Billy never had someone bring home a human being, have it handed to him, told it was his forever, and to get over it. Billy agreed but said that Johnny loved his sister. Johnny said he always had company, even if he didn't always want it.

Billy told Connor he didn't have to love the idea at the moment, and Johnny said there was nothing Connor could do about it. Shouting, Connor asked if they had to keep doing that. He said he was fine, and he wanted to go back inside. Billy suggested they give it another minute. Connor said Johnny had hated Chelsea when he'd discovered she was his biological mother. Johnny admitted he had, but he had grown to love hanging out with Connor and Chelsea.

Johnny asked why Connor was angry with him. Connor said no one had asked Johnny to join them. Billy said they were family, Johnny loved Connor, and he would have to get used to that. He said families had a way of inserting themselves in situations, and sometimes it was a good thing. Billy said they would table that conversation to a more peaceful time. Sarcastically, Johnny said "as if" that would happen.

Billy understood that Connor had a lot going on, and it felt like it was out of control. He said it was fine if Connor needed time and space to process everything, but he had to trust his mother and tell her what was going on. He said Connor had to at least give her a hint. Connor said if it would get everyone to back off, "fine." Connor left.

At Devon's penthouse, Harmony gushed over Dominic. Devon said Harmony would have to visit more often because Dominic was in love with her. Harmony remembered how her mother had loved Devon up. Devon stated he'd been lucky to have so many incredible people in his life. Harmony said he'd made every one of them incredibly proud. She said he had Tucker on his side, and it was good that Tucker was making an effort. Devon agreed. Harmony remarked that not everyone was cut out to be a parent or take to it as naturally as Neil had. She said Devon had been lucky he'd had Neil.

Devon told Harmony that having Neil as his role model had changed his world. He told Harmony he knew he'd put her on the spot when he'd asked her opinion about changing his last name. Devon assured Harmony his name change didn't change what she meant to him or where he'd come from. Harmony admitted she'd gone by a few names herself, which hadn't changed what was on the inside, but no matter what his name was, he would always be her son.

Harmony told Devon that her grandson was lucky to be growing up in a world without limits. Devon said he enjoyed seeing Harmony playing with Dominic. He recalled Harmony playing with him as a kid. He said they were good memories, and very special to him. He said he wouldn't forget the good times. Harmony apologized and acknowledged that there had been a lot of not-so-good times. Devon said she was there, and Dominic would grow up having the best of her. He said that no matter what he was going through, remembering the fun times with her always made him smile.

Harmony told Devon she had a fond memory of playing with Devon. She described Devon seeing two toy cars in the park. She said he'd kept his eyes on those cars for three days because he hadn't wanted their owner to return and not find them. She said Devon had taken the cars home, put them on a shelf, and taken really good care of them.

Harmony told Devon that was when she'd known who he was -- a man who was willing to wait for his blessings, who was generous, who thought about other people, and who wanted to give people a chance. She said she knew that was why Dominic would receive all the blessings meant for him. She said it would be a never-ending supply of people who would love, support, and guide him.

Tucker arrived. Devon greeted him warmly and said he appreciated Tucker getting in touch with Harmony to let her know about Neil's party. Tucker was happy to see them together. Harmony said miracles still happened, and Tucker was still alive and kicking, even after "all the hell" he'd raised.

Harmony asked when Devon would get back to the basics. She said he couldn't tell her he didn't miss being in the studio. She told Tucker he needed to get Devon back to what mattered. Tucker declined. He said he and Devon had agreed he wouldn't offer any unsolicited opinions. Harmony said Devon needed to return to his calling. Devon asked how he was supposed to go back to running a sound board when he was running a business.

Devon told Harmony he was trying to focus on the new family dynamic he had with Abby and being the best father to Dominic. Devon left to check on Dominic.

Harmony told Tucker that music was in Devon's DNA, and he needed to put it out there. Tucker said he wouldn't debate anything because he was still on shaky ground with Devon. Tucker and Harmony heard Devon sing to Dominic over the baby monitor.

When Kyle returned home, Jack informed him Diane was resting upstairs. Kyle remarked that sleeping in her own bed instead of a cot in a jail cell must make Diane "feel like royalty." Jack said Diane had left the den of thieves only to return home to their resident bottom feeder, Tucker. Jack asked how things were going with Summer. Kyle said Summer had packed up Harrison and taken off to parts unknown. He said it was fine because the less she knew about him trying to dig up information about Stark, the better.

Daniel and Michael arrived. Daniel inquired about Summer. Kyle said she was out. Daniel announced that Phyllis was alive. He said he'd seen his mother in real life -- living, breathing, and speaking.

Daniel told everyone he'd received a phone call the previous evening, but he didn't know from whom. They'd asked to meet them in the park at the lookout. He said when he'd arrived, Phyllis had been there. He said her death had been a lie. Kyle asked why Phyllis hadn't called Summer. Daniel didn't know. He said maybe Phyllis had thought Summer was too loyal to Kyle and Jack, and she couldn't trust Summer to be unbiased. Michael asked if Phyllis had told him what had happened the night of the gala.

Daniel told Michael that Phyllis had said that Stark had concocted the whole scheme to try to take down Diane. He said Stark had coerced Phyllis into helping him. He said Stark had lied, manipulated, and threatened her until she'd eventually caved in and had done whatever Stark had demanded. He said Phyllis' collapse had all been staged. He said after she'd "died," she'd decided she'd wanted to return and tell everyone the truth, but Stark had attacked her. He said Stark had set up the revenge, the money, and the disappearance. He said Stark had refused to let Phyllis ruin his plans.

Daniel said everyone thought Phyllis was dead, so no one would be looking for her or missing her, and she'd done what she'd had to do. Michael guessed that Phyllis had killed Stark. Daniel added that she'd killed a convicted criminal in self-defense. Daniel said it had come down to Stark's life or Phyllis'. He said Phyllis had made the right choice. Kyle said it was insane, but Michael claimed it was the only thing that made any sense. Jack stated it was irrefutable proof that Diane was innocent.

Jack told Michael he wanted Diane's name cleared and the charges dropped immediately. Michael told Jack to slow down. He asked Daniel where he could find Phyllis, but Daniel didn't know. Michael asked if Daniel had any proof that anything he'd said was real and if Daniel had taken a photo. Daniel said he hadn't been thinking straight, and he hadn't known if anyone would show up or if it was a prank.

Michael asked how Phyllis had gotten to the park. Daniel didn't know. Jack said they could get a video capture from CCTV. Kyle said if Phyllis was alive, he needed to tell Summer. Daniel stopped him and said Phyllis had approached him, and that kind of news could break Summer's heart. He didn't want Summer tearing herself up, wondering why Phyllis had gone to him and not her. He said it could leave her with hurt feelings.

Jack reminded Daniel that people's lives were at stake. He was incredulous and stated that Phyllis had put everyone "through hell" just to get Diane behind bars for a crime she hadn't committed, yet Daniel didn't want them to tell Summer. Jack asked when the lies and deception would stop.

Jack expounded on how Phyllis had gone on about how despicable Diane had been to leave her son and her friends behind to mourn her death, yet Phyllis had done the same thing. Daniel reminded him that Phyllis had been forced to do what she'd done. Daniel claimed Phyllis hadn't been herself because everyone she loved had deserted her. Jack asked why Phyllis hadn't asked for help. Daniel asked if Jack would have helped her if she'd asked him. Jack didn't respond. Daniel said Phyllis regretted what she'd done, and she'd been punished enough -- by Stark, them, and herself. He said Phyllis had made some short-sighted choices and had trusted the wrong man. He said they couldn't let Phyllis down.

Jack said he knew Daniel had been put through a lot, but he cautioned Daniel not to lay the blame at Jack's feet. He said he'd had nothing to do with the choices Phyllis had made. Daniel reminded Jack that it had started when Jack had refused to listen to her about Diane. Michael asked if Phyllis had tried to contact Daniel since he'd seen her. Jack interrupted and told Daniel to get Phyllis to return, and the police would straighten things out.

Daniel asked if Jack wanted Phyllis locked up after she'd been traumatized by Stark. Jack scoffed that it had been good enough for Diane. Daniel said Jack's forgiveness was, as well. Daniel hoped Jack would remember that Phyllis' return was the only thing that stood between a life of freedom or a pardon for Diane. Michael interjected and asked again if Daniel had heard from Phyllis since he'd seen her in the park. Daniel said no.

Kyle told Michael they had to contact Christine and use Daniel's statement to get the state to drop the murder charges. Daniel added that they needed to clear Phyllis of any wrongdoing. Michael said that as much as he wanted everything to go away, it wouldn't play out the way Daniel wanted.

Kyle claimed everything would work out; Phyllis was alive, and the state would drop the charges against Diane. Daniel said he was all they needed to prove Diane wasn't a killer. Michael stated that he needed evidence, not the words of a grieving son who had seen his mother days after her purported death. He said there was a mountain of evidence to refute Daniel's words, and if he went before a judge and talked about apparitions from the grave, he could be charged with aiding and abetting or obstruction of justice. He said Daniel's knowledge of how Stark had been killed could make Daniel appear like a suspect.

Kyle said Phyllis was the only one who could clear Diane's name. Daniel claimed Phyllis had done everything to protect the people she loved. He said she could have died at any point during that plan, and in the end, Stark had tried to kill her. He insisted that if she hadn't defended herself, she would have been the one floating facedown in the lake. Daniel asked if there was something Michael could do to help Phyllis.

Michael told Daniel there was nothing he wouldn't do for Phyllis, but the cold truth was he was representing Diane; it would be a conflict of interest for him to try to fix things for Phyllis. He wasn't sure he could spin her story so she didn't come off looking not so great. He said everything was a long shot without evidence. Jack wanted to call Christine to test the waters, and he wanted to tell Diane. Michael asked him to hold off because they didn't know where Phyllis was, how to find her, or even if she would return once they found her. He said there were too many variables, and they couldn't tell anyone about it. He said they had to be very careful and take it one step at a time.

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