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Sally turned down Adam's job offer. Nick professed his love to Sally. Christine refused to believe Daniel's claim that Phyllis was alive. Diane exploded when Kyle informed her that Phyllis had framed her. Sharon received a mysterious gift of an expensive bottle of Champagne, while someone lurked nearby.
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Nick professed his love to Sally. Christine refused to believe Phyllis was alive.Sharon received a mysterious gift while someone lurked nearby.
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Kyle is determined to use Daniel's revelation to help Diane

Kyle is determined to use Daniel's revelation to help Diane

Monday, May 15, 2023

Adam joined Sally for coffee at Crimson Lights. Adam was eager to discuss employment opportunities for Sally at the newly acquired McCall Unlimited. An exuberant Adam revealed that he was already considering wonderful ideas he was certain Sally would love. Sally burst Adam's bubble when she interrupted and firmly declared, "The answer is no." Adam was taken aback when Sally insisted that they could "never, ever work together again." Adam said he assumed Nick had influenced Sally to make such a reckless decision, adding that his goal was to enable her to design the job of her dreams that would also give them another chance to work together. Sally made it clear that she was capable of making her own decisions.

Sally recalled that she and Adam had once been lightning in a bottle, though she wanted different things going forward. Sally insisted that no Newmans, namely Adam and Nick, would ever sign her paychecks again. Sally expressed certainty that she and Chloe would soon turn on a dime and prevail. Sally asked Adam to respect her decision. Adam gazed lovingly into Sally's eyes and insisted there was nothing he did not respect about her. Sally pointed out that Adam's statement sounded like a romantic pronouncement, and she requested he set boundaries. Sally informed Adam that his role in her life would be limited to co-parenting their child. Sally reminded Adam that she was no longer his because she belonged to Nick.

Sally assured Adam he would find someone who would appreciate what an incredible man he was. Adam replied, "And you really think there's someone like that out there for me?" Sally told Adam his little girl would inspire him to be the best man he could be. Adam looked into Sally's eyes and said, "She already has." Sally pleaded with Adam to find a way to let her go.

Adam asked Sally why she felt he had not already let her go. Sally explained that she still felt Adam's devotion to her in his actions and words. Sally insisted that Adam would have to enjoy the baby from a respectful distance. Sally assured Adam she would keep him updated about their growing baby's health and work together to determine a level of contact that would work best for him, her, the baby, and Nick. Adam slumped his in chair as Sally abruptly ended the conversation and told him goodbye.

At the Athletic Club, Nick approached Elena at the bar and asked her if she was planning to dine at the restaurant. Elena replied that she was actually staying in a suite, adding that Nick had been right about Nate. Nick sighed, explaining that he could not share all of what he knew regarding Nate. Nick declared that Nate was a complete jackass and that Elena deserved better. Elena smiled when Nick suggested that indulging in ice cream might offer a bit of comfort. Elena accepted Nick's offer to indulge in bowls of mint and chocolate chip ice cream.

After discovering that the restaurant's ice cream selections were limited, Elena joked that a large hotel was likely overflowing with cheaters and those suffering from heartbreak seeking comfort. Opting for premium alcoholic drinks instead, Elena noted that an honorable friend would be covering her shift. Nick offered to pick up the bar tab. Elena declined, explaining that Nick was not responsible for Nate's lack of a moral compass. Elena smiled and suggested Nick might instead cover her room charges to make amends for Victoria's actions. Nick politely declined, and Elena promised not to trash his sister in front of him -- at least for a while.

Drawing on his own past experiences, Nick advised Elena not to react or contact Nate in anger before giving herself time to breathe. Elena mentioned the podcast at Newman Media. Nick told Elena she was free to decide on her own, even offering a remote-work arrangement that would prevent her from interacting with Nate. Elena mentioned the complicated relationships Nick was dealing with regarding Sally carrying Adam's child. Nick admitted his parents were not supportive of his decision to remain with Sally, though he was the happiest he had been in a long time. Elena smiled and encouraged Nick to embrace the beautiful and rare love he had found.

In Victoria's office at Newman Enterprises, Victoria greeted Nate and quickly realized by his appearance that his relationship with Elena was no longer on a firm footing. Victoria poured drinks. Nate asked Victoria if the liquor was the good stuff. Victoria said it was good enough and cautioned that she and Nate should refrain from getting carried away again. Nate announced that Elena had moved out, but not before she had destroyed a photo of them taken together. Victoria asked Nate if he hoped to reconcile. Nate explained that that his relationship with Elena had already been broken.

Nate recalled that while his and Elena's lifestyles as doctors had easily meshed, the nature of their partnership had changed. Nate pointed to his injured hand and noted that after he'd lost his ability to perform surgery, his passion for medicine had changed, as had his relationship with Elena. Nate admitted that embarking on his business career had made him feel unstoppable as others recognized that he had exceeded expectations. Nate expressed disappointment that Elena had expected him to remain the version of himself that no longer existed.

Nate assured Victoria he had never intended to hurt Elena. Nate added that he would not have allowed himself to act on his strong connection to Victoria had he not been seeking something more. Victoria said she, too, had enjoyed spending time with Nate in California, adding that she yearned to get to know him better. Victoria vowed to step back and not rush while Nate mourned the loss of his relationship. Nate asked Victoria if she thought doing so would diminish his yearning for her. Victoria smiled, suggesting that the anticipation might be fun. Victoria acknowledged that she and Nate wanted the same thing.

Nate opened the office door. Nate told Victoria he should get back to work and promised to see her again later. Audra stepped out of the elevator and encountered Nate just after he left Victoria's office. Before Audra spoke to Nate, Victoria called out to Nate from inside her office. Victoria, unable to see Audra, said, "Uh, Nate, do me a favor and don't forget to check in later about that streaming deal." Nate replied that he would. Nate glared at Audra as he walked away.

When Sally entered her suite at the Athletic Club, she was surprised to find a fine dinner, flowers, and lit candles all set up for a romantic evening. Nick appeared. Sally asked, "What is all this?" Nick replied, "There is something I haven't said to you yet, and it requires some embellishments." Nick told Sally he had fallen completely in love with her. Sally gasped, and replied, "Oh?" Nick, misreading Sally's response, suggested he had caught her off guard.

Sally asked Nick why he had suddenly decided to declare his feelings. Nick revealed that a conversation he had engaged in had reminded him that things could get complicated. Nick told Sally he was crazy about her and thought about her every minute of the day. Sally reminded Nick that his family wanted to lock him away until he came to his senses. Nick insisted that nothing could keep him away. Sally replied, "Promise?" Nick told Sally she was stuck with him. The couple began kissing and delayed their dinner so they could make love.

Michael, Jack, and Kyle were astounded when Daniel admitted that Phyllis was still alive. Kyle, ready to spread the news, noted that the startling revelation proved that Diane was innocent. Michael replied, "No one can know. End of story." Kyle, undaunted, proclaimed that his mother's get-out-of-jail card was alive, so he saw no need to keep the fact under wraps, especially from Summer. Daniel appeared apprehensive when he heard Kyle mention Summer, aware that Kyle had no idea that his wife already knew her mother was alive.

Michael explained that if Diane found out about Phyllis' attempt to frame her for murder, she would gnaw off her ankle monitor and hunt Phyllis down. Kyle cried, "Summer needs to know that Daniel saw Phyllis." Michael was adamant about keeping quiet, noting that some secrets had to be kept out of kindness in order to avoid giving false hope and preventing the unleashing of massive bloodshed, adding that concerns about Phyllis involved the latter. Daniel agreed, explaining that total silence was necessary until arrangements were in place to return his mom safely. Kyle sighed in frustration.

Jack was shaking his head and biting his lower lip when Diane entered and said she had heard voices. Diane seemed intrigued about what was going on and asked if there was news about her case she should know. Jack claimed that he, Kyle, Michael, and Daniel had been brainstorming. Diane was curious as to why Daniel would be involved in planning her defense strategy.

Daniel loudly cleared his throat as Diane stood before him and told him that her heart broke for him each day, knowing how hurtful it was to lose a parent so tragically. Diane pleaded her innocence, though acknowledging that evidence indicated otherwise. Daniel interrupted and said, "You're not going to prison, Diane." Diane asked Daniel why he sounded strangely certain. Jack signaled to Michael to speak up before Daniel offered clarification.

Michael claimed that Daniel was alluding to Diane having enlisted a highly skilled attorney. Diane was not convinced by Michael's weak explanation. Jack stepped forward and suggested that Daniel was expressing confidence that a judge would side with Diane's declaration of innocence. Michael prompted Daniel to agree. Daniel agreed, explaining that he had been confronted with undeniable truths. Daniel recalled how Jeremy Stark had used both Diane and Phyllis to build his bank account and exact revenge. Diane became emotional and cried that she had almost given up hope.

Diane, gazing at Daniel as if he was her savior, pressed her palms against her chest and praised him for believing in her despite all the manufactured evidence. Recalling that Summer thought differently, Diane acknowledged that Daniel had mustered courage to step forward, even though his world had been turned upside down. Diane assured Daniel she would remain silent about his generous endorsement of her innocence, adding that his mother would have been proud of him. Daniel, overcome, cried, "I can't do this." Daniel stepped away to regain his composure.

Kyle asked Jack if there was something they could do to help Diane's situation become bearable. Jack pointed at Michael and assured Kyle that evidence would be found. Jack cautioned that Diane's hopes should not be raised prematurely. Before stepping out, Diane said she would keep hoping for additional proof. Kyle struggled to keep quiet.

After Diane went upstairs, Kyle, whispering, leaned close to Jack and said, "We need Phyllis." Daniel insisted they should first arrange for Phyllis' safe return, ensuring she would not face serving time in prison. Michael insisted Diane not be told anything until Phyllis was located and brought back to town. Kyle glared at a defiant Daniel and asked about the bodies authorities believed had been Phyllis' and the EMT's. Michael said he was investigating the matter.

Michael again pleaded for silence about Phyllis. Michael expressed concern that Phyllis could possibly be charged with Stark's murder upon her return. Kyle was certain Summer could find Phyllis herself if she knew her mother was alive. Daniel reminded Kyle that safety was the main reason they should hold off on telling Summer. Jack interrupted and thanked Daniel for informing them about Phyllis being alive.

After Daniel left, Kyle insisted that Summer needed to know the truth. Jack replied, "Well, she will know eventually. Why are you being so insistent?" Kyle cried that he knew how much it hurt to have people tell him that his mother was dead while longing to hold her again and make more memories. Kyle expressed anger that his mother was being blamed for Phyllis' supposed death.

Kyle was adamant about telling Summer the truth because keeping evidence secret did not help Diane. Jack cautioned Kyle about offering up false promises before all the pieces were in place. Jack asked Kyle to wait and give him time to meet with Christine. Kyle reluctantly agreed to hold off on telling Summer. Jack left to set up a meeting with Christine.

After Jack left, Diane told Kyle she was praying for a miracle that everything would go away. Diane cried that she had been planning her wedding one minute and then planning her criminal defense the next. Diane told Kyle she wished they could plan a family vacation at a hidden resort. Kyle, unable to restrain his emotions, replied, "You can't make this go away, Mom, but I can. There's something you need to know."

Jack waited anxiously at Society for Christine to show up. Jack nervously checked his watch. Jack picked up his phone when he heard a notification alarm. Jack read a message from Christine explaining that she was running late. Jack said aloud to himself, "All right, Christine. The sooner the better." A memory notification popped up on Jack's phone. The memory was titled "Remember this day at Mariah and Tessa's wedding." Jack beheld a photo of himself standing close beside Phyllis.

Victor quietly approached and said, "Hello, Jack." Jack jumped with fright. Victor laughed and said, "You look as if you just saw a ghost." Jack swallowed hard and quickly slipped his phone into his breast pocket as Victor loomed over him.

Diane explodes upon learning Phyllis is alive

Diane explodes upon learning Phyllis is alive

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

At the jazz club bar, Billy spotted Summer staring at her phone, and he commented that she couldn't will it to ring. He asked how she was doing, and she coldly replied that she was trying to enjoy some peace and quiet. She added that she didn't need him to offer his condolences or tell her how great a gal her mom had been, since they both knew how he'd felt about Phyllis after their relationship had ended, and it was too late to be warm and fuzzy.

Billy admitted that he hadn't handled his breakup with Phyllis well, but he'd respected Phyllis despite the issues they'd had. He recalled that Phyllis had been one of a kind with pure energy, and while she hadn't always used her power for good, she'd "loved the hell" out of Summer and Daniel. Billy continued that Phyllis had lived life out loud and had expected everyone else to do the same, which hadn't been easy on the people who'd cared for her.

Billy acknowledged how much Summer had loved her mother, even though the women had had their ups and downs. Summer conceded that her mom had been impulsive and reckless. She continued that Phyllis had ended up hurting both herself and the people she loved because she'd decided it had been her against the world, even when it hadn't been. Summer wailed that it hadn't needed to be like that, since she'd always been on her mother's side. Summer didn't know why Phyllis hadn't been able to see that.

Billy believed that Phyllis would have wanted Summer and Daniel to find happiness again, but Summer groaned that she didn't think that was possible. Billy gently scolded that it wasn't a Phyllis-like attitude, since Phyllis had been a fighter who would have gone to the wall to protect the people she'd loved. He saw the good parts of Phyllis in Summer, noting that Summer was smart and strong and that she went after what she wanted, no matter what anyone else thought. He added that the people Summer loved were lucky because she'd do everything in her power to protect them. He predicted that things would get easier over time, and he promised that the good parts of Phyllis would stay alive in Summer.

Billy regretted yammering on when all Summer had wanted was peace and quiet, and he started to step away. Summer stopped him and apologized for being rude earlier. He wondered why she was sitting there alone when she had a house full of people who loved her and wanted to help her. He surmised that she thought she could handle it on her own, but he warned that she couldn't. He urged her not to push away the people who loved her, especially Kyle. Summer doubted anyone would understand what was going through her head right then.

Later, Summer chugged the rest of her drink and stepped to a private area to make a call. She left a voicemail for Daniel to ask what he thought they should do next. She inquired whether Phyllis had called him again, and she insisted that they find their mother and help her get home, no matter what it took. Summer mentioned that she had some ideas about how to do it, and she urged Daniel to call her right away.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea observed that Daniel looked like he could use a friend or a good cup of coffee. He questioned what to do when he wanted to help someone, but protecting them only made matters worse. Chelsea related to wanting to help but not knowing how. She explained that Connor had been handed a curveball, and he kept shutting her down when she tried to get through to him. Chelsea requested Daniel's advice, but he didn't think he was the right person to ask.

Chelsea swore that the only thing harder than being a parent was being a kid, and she announced that she'd been working on a new idea. Chelsea pulled out her tablet computer and displayed an Omega Sphere world for kids that she'd developed. She revealed that she'd created a space where children could feel comfortable and safe to feel their feelings in a parent-free zone with no judgments or timeouts. Daniel thought he could have used something like that as a kid, and he suggested they dive into work. Chelsea suspected he might not be in the right mindset, but Daniel insisted that he needed a distraction to keep him sane.

Daniel informed Chelsea that they were almost ready to test the prototype. Chelsea marveled that the games could qualify to be FDA-approved as therapy, and she looked forward to fine-tuning everything she'd been working on. He told her to keep at it, and she thanked him for taking the time with her that day. Daniel replied that she had no idea how much he'd needed it. Chelsea sympathized that he'd been going through something agonizing, but she thought he had a lot to be proud of. He wasn't sure everyone else would see it the same way.

After Daniel left, Billy delivered a pastry to Chelsea's table, but he offered to take it elsewhere if she wanted to keep working. She declared that she was celebrating because the prototype was almost ready, and she enthused about the new aspect for kids that she was working on. Billy wondered if she was talking about Omega Sphere or if the idea had more to do with Connor. Chelsea worried that her son had become withdrawn, and she blamed herself. She speculated that after her episode, Connor felt like he couldn't lean on her or was angry at her for almost leaving him.

Billy thought Chelsea was being too hard on herself, and he assured her that she was being an attentive parent and doing all the right things. Chelsea voiced concern that neither she nor Adam was a shining example of healthy behavior. Billy empathized because when he looked at Johnny and Katie, he wondered whether his addictive personality was in their genes or if it was something that could be stopped. Chelsea figured that it wasn't something they could solve that night, and she suggested they pat themselves on the back for making it another day without screwing up royally.

Billy told Chelsea about trying to help Summer through her grief, and Chelsea applauded him for being a good man. He caressed her cheek, and she squealed that he'd just given her the shivers. He confirmed that he'd felt the same thing when he'd walked in and seen her excitement and energy when she'd been working with Daniel. Billy commended her for putting her heart into everything she did.

Billy appreciated that he and Chelsea were taking things one step at a time to make sure they did it right. He added that it gave him happiness and hope for the future, and her smile made him think anything was possible. Chelsea squirmed, and Billy encouraged her to talk to him. Chelsea explained that she tried to maintain constant vigilance every day by checking in on herself and asking herself how she was feeling.

Chelsea confirmed that she'd been okay, but every time she enjoyed herself or was actually happy, she questioned whether she deserved it. She tearfully continued that she was also hit with the thought that she almost hadn't been there to experience the good times, and she felt a rush of fear like the one she'd had on the roof. Billy urged her to look at him. "You are here," he firmly stated, and she said it was because of him. He took her hand and suggested that they go for a walk. She smiled and replied that she'd like that.

At Society, Jack said he didn't want to keep Victor from an important business meeting, and Victor surmised that Jack was also waiting for someone. Victor noted that it couldn't be about Adam, who was back in the Newman fold, running McCall Unlimited. Victor crowed that it was his gain and Jack's loss, and Jack replied that he couldn't be happier. Victor sensed that something was bothering Jack, but Jack grumbled that Victor wouldn't believe it if Jack told him. "Try me," Victor dared.

Jack demanded that Victor let it go. Victor contemplated whether Jack was waiting for his fiancée, but he mentioned that Diane was wearing an ankle bracelet. Jack retorted that it wouldn't be for long, and Victor inquired whether they were issuing get-out-of-jail-free cards to murderers. Jack insisted that Diane hadn't killed Phyllis, but Victor contended that they both knew Diane was a bad woman. Jack started to refer to someone who truly belonged behind bars, but he stopped himself.

Christine arrived and asked if there was a problem. Victor told them to have a nice dinner and stepped away. Christine lectured that she really shouldn't be there, and she was only meeting Jack as a courtesy. Jack encouraged her to keep an open mind and listen, since there was no need for a trial. She got up to leave, assuming he was going to appeal to her to drop the case. He insisted there was something she needed to know -- Phyllis was alive.

After Jack shared how Phyllis and Stark had faked Phyllis' death, Christine considered the story fiction. Jack questioned why Daniel would invent something to help Diane's case. Christine countered by asking why Phyllis hadn't returned home. Jack figured that Phyllis was afraid of prosecution for faking her death, pointing out that the D.A. wasn't a fan of Phyllis'. Christine inquired whether Daniel had evidence Phyllis was alive.

Jack indicated that Daniel was willing to sign an affidavit. Christine scoffed at taking the word of a grieving son. Jack reluctantly divulged that Phyllis was also afraid of facing a murder charge, since she'd killed Stark. Christine was skeptical, but Jack noted that she had no other leads. He asserted that it was enough to get the police involved, but she argued that his crazy story was light on facts. Jack stated that Phyllis had killed Stark with a pair of scissors.

Jack proposed that he and Christine discuss the best ways to flush Phyllis out of hiding. Christine refused to be goaded, since there was no evidence Phyllis was alive or that she'd killed Stark. Jack pointed out that one call from Christine could make it happen, but Christine balked at spending resources on tracking down a woman who'd been legally declared dead. Jack cited Christine's own history with Phyllis, and he asked what made Christine think anything he'd told her was improbable. Christine contended that as capable as Phyllis was of doing real harm, Phyllis would never abandon her kids. Christine declared the conversation over until Jack provided her with concrete proof.

Chance met Christine at the jazz lounge, and she told him she had crazy news. Meanwhile, Daniel listened to the voicemail Summer had left earlier as he entered the lounge. He spotted Chance and Christine talking, and he quickly ducked out. After Christine filled Chance in, he called it a "hell of a story." Christine considered it wishful thinking or part of Michael's defense strategy.

Chance pointed out that there was one real fact -- Stark had been killed with scissors. Christine chalked it up to a leak in the department, and she warned Chance that Jack would likely approach him about the case. Chance remarked that desperate people did desperate things.

At the Abbott mansion, Diane guessed that Kyle's news was about her case, and she implored him to just tell her how bad it was. Kyle disclosed that it was potentially good, since there was a possibility the murder charges would go away. Diane excitedly inquired whether the police had found evidence that she was innocent. "Not exactly," he replied, and she ordered him not to do anything illegal to protect her. Kyle barked that the only person who had done anything illegal was Phyllis.

A confused Diane stammered that Phyllis was dead, and she couldn't see how anything Phyllis had done would affect the charges against Diane. Diane theorized that the police had found proof that Stark had killed Phyllis. Kyle revealed that no one had killed Phyllis, who had faked the entire thing to frame Diane. Kyle recounted Daniel's story about how Phyllis and Stark had staged her death, with Phyllis later regretting her decision and reaching out to Daniel. Diane ranted that she'd always known Phyllis was psychotic and vindictive, but Phyllis' latest plot was pure evil.

Diane growled that Phyllis had nearly destroyed Diane's life and the lives of the people who loved Phyllis. Diane spat that she had half a mind to track Phyllis down and drag her back by her hair. Kyle explained that it was why Michael hadn't wanted to tell Diane, and Diane accused Michael of protecting his best friend. Kyle reasoned that Michael had been afraid Diane would get upset and break house arrest. "I should hunt that bitch down and bring her back here!" Diane bellowed.

Diane became agitated at the thought of doing nothing, and she questioned why Phyllis was still in hiding if she was so remorseful. Kyle indicated that Phyllis would likely face legal consequences. Diane groused that she was the one facing life in prison for murder, thanks to Phyllis. Diane asked when the charges against her would be dropped, but Kyle informed her that it would be a process because they didn't have proof Phyllis was alive. Kyle revealed that Jack was with Christine to have her get the police on the case.

Diane couldn't believe Jack had lied about what had really been going on. Kyle defended that Jack hadn't wanted her to get her hopes up, and he swore it would only be a matter of time until she was free. Diane thanked him for telling her, and they hugged. She envisioned taking Harrison to the park and holding her head high, and she knew she'd get through it because freedom was on the other side. Diane asked if Summer knew, and Kyle relayed that Daniel had begged him not to tell her because it would crush Summer to know what Phyllis had put them all through.

Kyle added that Summer would also be devastated that Phyllis had reached out to Daniel and not her. Diane admonished Phyllis for putting revenge ahead of the well-being of her children, but she quickly recognized that she had no right to judge after what she'd put Kyle through. Kyle assured her they were long past that. Diane was adamant that Summer be told her mother was alive. "Even if it breaks her heart?" Kyle asked. Diane figured that the sooner it happened, the sooner Summer and Kyle's relationship could heal. Diane cautioned that a marriage might not be able to survive the toll of a secret like that.

Later, Summer returned home, and Kyle remarked that it was getting late. Summer huffed that she hadn't realized she had a curfew, and she reported that the nanny had taken Harrison to a sleepover. She noticed that Kyle was looking at her oddly, and he announced that he had good news. Summer implored him to just tell her what it was, since she was tired and wanted to go to bed. Kyle struggled with where to begin and willed himself to just say it. He proclaimed that Phyllis was alive.

Summer was stunned to hear that Daniel had claimed Phyllis had contacted him. Summer grappled with why Daniel had gone to Kyle and not her, and Kyle explained that Daniel hadn't wanted Summer to be hurt that Phyllis had turned to him and not Summer. Kyle anticipated that Summer would be able to see Phyllis soon, and Summer incredulously asked if Kyle had believed Daniel. Kyle couldn't imagine Daniel would lie about something like that, and he pointed out that there was no way Daniel would have otherwise known that Stark had been killed with a pair of scissors.

Summer demanded to know who else knew, and Kyle informed her that Jack and Michael were aware. Summer panicked that they'd go to the police and that her mom would be arrested. Kyle recalled that Daniel had stressed that Phyllis had been a victim, so Jack had gone to Christine with the information. Summer protested that Christine hated her mom, but Kyle swore they'd do everything they could to protect Phyllis. Kyle reluctantly added that he'd thought his mom had a right to know, and Summer seethed.

Kyle begged Summer not to shut him out, and he asked what she was thinking. She claimed she was scared to hope her mom was really out there, but he assured her that she didn't have to be afraid because Daniel had no reason to lie about Phyllis being alive. "Yeah, why would he tell you?" Summer muttered.

Meanwhile, Jack found a fuming Diane outside on the terrace. He asked if something had happened, and she flatly informed him that Kyle had told her about Phyllis. "It should have been you, Jack," she scolded. Jack apologized for not telling Diane himself. He defended that he hadn't wanted to give her hope without having evidence to prove she was innocent.

Diane recognized that Jack's intentions had been in the right place, and they embraced. He promised they were close to ending the nightmare, and they would soon get married as they planned, since he wouldn't give up until that happened. "Phyllis put you in this mess. Come hell or high water, by God, she's going to get you out of it," Jack pledged.

Michael tells Lauren he has located Phyllis

Michael tells Lauren he has located Phyllis

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

by Nel

At Crimson Lights, Lauren asked Michael how Phyllis could possibly be alive, and she wanted to know what Daniel knew that only Phyllis or the police would have known. Michael said Daniel had known Stark had been murdered with a pair of scissors, which wasn't public knowledge.

Michael told Lauren the only people who knew about Phyllis were Jack, Kyle, and Lauren. He said he wanted to keep the information from Diane and Summer while he searched for more evidence. Lauren claimed that if Phyllis had gone to those lengths, she hadn't done them willingly.

Lauren told Michael she was thrilled that Phyllis was possibly alive, but she didn't know how and why Phyllis had done that to them. Michael said they'd seen how Phyllis had been spinning out. He said she'd been mad at the world and fighting with everyone, and where Diane was concerned, Phyllis had been unhinged. He suggested that perhaps Phyllis had gone all out to subject Diane to the same thing Phyllis had experienced with Diane. Michael claimed the plan had been brilliant but horrible. Lauren asked how Phyllis could come back from that.

Michael told Lauren they had to find Phyllis and bring her home. He said given what she'd done, he guessed Phyllis found it easier to stay dead, considering what she would have to face if she turned herself in. Lauren said Phyllis had blown her cover if Daniel had seen her. Michael asked what they would do if there was no evidence that Phyllis was still alive. Lauren said Daniel would be seen as unstable and as the man who'd seen his dead mother.

Michael told Lauren it was possible that Phyllis was laying low and trying to think her way out of her situation. Lauren stated that if Phyllis ever resurfaced, people would want her head on a platter. Michael said they would get past it, and eventually, so would Lauren. Lauren admitted she would because she wanted Phyllis home, safe and sound. Michael said he was mulling over some options. Lauren claimed his plan better be genius because it would be very difficult to find someone as cagey as Phyllis.

Michael ended his call with his PI. He told Lauren that he'd gotten the big break they'd been waiting for. He said Stark had initiated a process to collect on Phyllis' life insurance, but he hadn't finished the paperwork because he'd died prior to cashing out. He said the PI had obtained the contact information Stark had sent to the insurance company, which was a local post office box. Michael said he'd been able to get the registration of the box that was near a low-rent motel on the outskirts of Genoa City. Lauren called it the perfect place for a dead woman to disappear to. Michael said Jack would love to hear where Phyllis might be hiding.

In the Abbott backyard, Summer told Kyle her head had been exploding after the information he'd given her about Phyllis, and she'd needed time to think. Kyle said if they were going to get through the situation together, she couldn't keep shutting him out. Summer said it had never been her intention to do that because she loved him so much. Kyle claimed he felt powerless to help Summer or Diane, and he hated to watch them suffer.

Kyle told Summer that Diane had been set up, and she hadn't done anything to Phyllis. Summer asked if they actually knew that. She said Phyllis was supposedly alive, yet there hadn't been a miraculous reunion. She said she hadn't seen, spoken to, or touched Phyllis, but if it was true, things would get better. Summer left.

In the Abbott living room, Diane suggested that Ashley rethink her nasty attitude, since they were about to become family. Ashley claimed Diane didn't know the meaning of the word, and they would never be family. Diane told Ashley that Jack had been ready to marry her in jail, and their marriage was definitely going to happen. Ashley claimed Diane would be returning to jail, and Ashley told her not to think about family time together. Diane said it would happen because she had innocence, Michael, Kyle, and Jack on her side.

Ashley told Diane she didn't care who was on Diane's side because the jury would see through her. Diane denied there would be a trial, but Ashley disagreed. Tucker arrived. Ashley suggested they go somewhere. Tucker smugly said it was too bad Diane couldn't join them because her ankle accessory wouldn't allow her.

Tucker asked Ashley what was wrong with Diane being in such a happy mood. Ashley had no idea but claimed Diane was practically dancing on poor Phyllis' grave. Diane retorted that there was "no poor Phyllis," and they had no idea ... she didn't finish her sentence but claimed she would watch them both eat some "delicious humble pie." Diane left the room.

At Society, Victoria told Nikki she couldn't believe how Victor had handed Adam an entire kingdom that would end in disaster. Nikki said it was important to Victor, and she asked Victoria to let him have it without all the bitter comments. Victoria claimed that McCall would have dovetailed nicely into all their divisions. She admitted she'd given up on it too easily, and she'd let it fall into Adam's clutches. Nikki wanted to talk about Nate, and she asked if Victoria had thought about Elena. Without responding to the question, Victoria said she had to get to the office, and she left.

In the park, Nate accused Audra of sending Elena to Los Angeles, knowing she would get her heart broken. Audra stated it had been Elena's idea to go and confront him. Nate claimed Audra had made sure Elena had known he wasn't alone. Audra asked how she would have known that. She said Elena had been hellbent on finding him.

Nate told Audra to stop trying to justify her actions because she'd known that information would upset Elena. Audra countered that Elena had already been suspicious that he'd fallen out of love with her. Audra asked if the breakup was best for everyone. Nate claimed Elena shouldn't have been treated that way. Audra suggested that Nate let Elena go because he and Elena weren't a match. She said even without the breakup, she doubted Elena would get behind his new vision for the future. Audra claimed she knew that Newman Media wasn't enough for Nate. She said he wanted to run the kingdom with Victoria on "his and her thrones."

Audra said Nate had done an impressive job, making the transition from medicine to business. She asked who would have thought he would get that far so quickly, plus he was in with Victoria, personally and professionally. Nate claimed the connection between him and Victoria had taken them both by surprise, but it was strong and real. He admitted he'd told Victoria she was the most amazing woman he'd ever met.

Audra told Nate she'd noticed the connection between them, and she admitted she'd been a bit disappointed at first because she'd felt an attraction to him. Nate asked if that had been the reason she'd pushed Elena to go to L.A. He asked if Audra thought if she blew up his relationship with Victoria, it would clear a path for her.

Audra told Nate she wouldn't deny she'd wanted to see where things would have gone between them, but she wouldn't compete with Elena and Victoria. Audra confessed her ultimate goal was for Nate to see her as an ally and get everything his heart desired. She said she would help whenever she could. Nate said he knew exactly what Audra wanted. Audra indicated that as Nate worked his way to the top, there would be an empty spot at Newman Media, and she wanted to fill it.

Later in the park, Tucker asked Ashley to dinner because he might not otherwise get to see her because he planned to go see "Dom and his music group." He said he'd worked at his company seven days a week, sat on a mountaintop, and raced cars, and it was "now or never" to get to know his grandson, Devon, and Ashley, and to prove to Ashley he was the man of her dreams. Ashley suggested that at the end of the day, perhaps Tucker would want to slide his things into her room. Tucker pondered the idea and said he would think about it.

At the jazz lounge, Summer asked Chance if he'd heard the rumor that Phyllis was alive. Chance admitted that Daniel had claimed he'd seen Phyllis alive. Chance said that given the information that had been relayed by Jack, who had a vested interest, and someone Chance didn't trust, his initial reaction had been that it was a ploy to get Diane off the hook. He said it had pissed him off on Summer's behalf because it had been cruel to give her false hope.

Chance told Summer he didn't believe Diane had meant to kill Phyllis; however, something had gone sideways, and a mistake had been made. He also believed there was more to the story, and it involved Stark somehow. He said Phyllis faking her death to frame Diane was a stretch and a theory cooked up by Michael and Jack that would backfire on them. He admitted Christine wasn't having any of it, either.

Summer told Chance she wasn't accepting it as fact. She said they'd all seen Phyllis unconscious on the floor and heard about the ambulance crash and fire, and it had been very real. Summer said she wondered if any of it was true. Summer asked if there was any way Phyllis could return and not spend time in prison. Chance replied that it would depend on the evidence she presented. Summer asked if there was anything Chance could do to protect Phyllis. She said if Phyllis was alive, she could be afraid to return and was probably agonizing about what would happen to her if she did.

In the upstairs lounge at the Athletic Club, Summer confronted Daniel and said she understood why he hadn't returned her calls. She said he'd been too busy stabbing Phyllis in the back. Daniel said he should have known Kyle couldn't keep his mouth shut, and he stated that he hadn't stabbed anyone in the back. He said he'd taken the necessary steps to end the situation and to protect all of them. He said he'd found a way to get Phyllis out of the mess without anyone knowing she'd lied, and he'd kept Summer out of it.

Summer reminded Daniel that she'd asked him to wait until they had a plan that wouldn't ruin Phyllis' life, but instead, Daniel had gone to Jack, the last person who should know any of it. Daniel claimed he didn't take orders from her. He said secrecy wasn't the way to handle things. He said they needed to find Phyllis, sort things out, and get her legal help, or she was screwed.

Summer accused Daniel of betraying Phyllis, but he firmly claimed he hadn't. Summer stated that Daniel had decided he'd known best and had gone to Jack. She said Phyllis had predicted that was what Daniel would do. She said he hadn't handled anything, just made things more complicated. She said Chance, Christine, Michael, Diane, and Kyle knew. She asked why Phyllis would consider returning when the whole town had turned their backs on her. Summer claimed Daniel had also put Summer in a position of having to act stunned. Daniel said he'd protected her.

Daniel told Summer he'd covered up the fact that she'd had knowledge that could save Diane, and she'd hidden it. Summer barked that what he'd done had been wrong and completely unfair. Kyle arrived and asked "what the hell" was going on. Summer admitted that finding out about Phyllis had done a number on her. Kyle said he hoped she wasn't blaming Daniel for it because, if anything had been unfair, it had been Phyllis' decision not to reach out to both of them. Daniel said he was sure Phyllis had had her reasons. Kyle suggested that Phyllis hadn't reached out to Summer because of who she was married to.

Kyle noticed the look that passed between Summer and Daniel, and he asked about it. Summer said she was just upset about Phyllis. She said there was a lot of guilt. She got up to go to work. Kyle followed her. At the door, he asked why she hadn't mentioned she was meeting Daniel because he'd assumed she would have wanted him to be with her. Summer said because it was between her and Daniel. Kyle said that once again, she'd shut him out, and she continued doing things on her own, like they weren't together. Summer said she had an errand to run, and she left.

Victoria walked into her office and found Nate waiting for her. Nate said Victoria had asked him where he would like things to go between them. He kissed her. He said he'd been doing a lot of thinking about them. He admitted he'd broken Elena's heart, and he wished he hadn't because she was a wonderful woman who hadn't deserved that. He said that what he and Victoria had couldn't be denied, and trying to ignore it was impossible. They kissed again and had begun to disrobe when Nick knocked on the door.

Nick entered and asked if it was a bad time. Nate thanked Victoria for the figures, and he left. Nick told her that Nate was playing her and taking advantage of her interest in him. He said Nate used people, and he had no scruples. He said Nate had hurt Lily, Elena, and his entire family. He said he could smell Nate's ambition from a mile away. Victoria brushed off Nick's comments, and she claimed she liked that Nate was ambitious. Nick said he didn't, and it concerned him.

Victoria claimed that to Nick, ambition was a dirty word, but for her and Nate, it was nothing to be embarrassed about. She claimed they were lucky to have people like that work for them. Nick asked if she was accusing him of not pulling his weight because he wasn't power hungry. She said his work was fine, and it wasn't always about him.

Nick reminded Victoria that he was working behind the scenes to make sure the company moved in the right direction, but he didn't need his name in the press every other day, nor did he use the corporate jet to fly off to have a tryst with the employees. Victoria claimed it had been a legitimate business trip, but Nick asked what sort of business it had been that Elena had caught Victoria and Nate doing. She asked if Nick was finished because she was tired of his self-righteous garbage, and it didn't involve him.

Nick told Victoria he'd seen a heartbroken Elena the previous evening and that she'd packed up and moved out. He said what Victoria was doing was wrong. She said she felt bad enough without Nick's help. She admitted it might not have been smart to get involved with someone who wasn't single, but she admitted that when she was around Nate, she felt respected and admired, things she hadn't felt after she'd discovered Ashland had been using her.

Nick said Victoria had been married to a pathological liar, and Nate seemed like a better choice, but Nate was capable of deception, just like Billy and J.T. He said there was a pattern. He said he loved her, and he needed her to see what he saw. She said she wouldn't discuss it with him or anyone, since it wasn't anyone's business. She claimed her eyes were wide open, and even if Nate had an agenda, she wouldn't do anything she didn't want to. She said she loved Nick and didn't want to be at odds with him.

At the elevator, Audra and Nate smiled at each other, Nate kept walking, and Audra smiled and entered the elevator.

A mysterious person watches Sharon through a window

A mysterious person watches Sharon through a window

Thursday, May 18, 2023

by Nel

Mariah and Tessa arrived at Crimson Lights with Aria. Mariah and Tessa were about to go on their first official date since becoming moms, while Sharon babysat Aria. Sharon noted the moms seemed a little nervous about their date night. They denied it and gave Sharon a plethora of last-minute instructions about Aria. Sharon suggested they relax. Mariah apologized for being overbearing, and Tessa said it was their first night away from Aria since her birth.

Mariah and Tessa claimed Aria was learning things too quickly. Sharon reminded them that kids kept learning all the time. Mariah asked how they would keep up. Sharon told them to hold on for dear life, and one day, their child would go to the University of Michigan and rarely call them anymore. Tessa suggested they should stay home because they might miss something. Sharon insisted that the date night was going to happen, and as new moms, it was important they took time for themselves to stay sane. She told them to have a wonderful time. Mariah and Tessa left reluctantly.

Later, a courier dropped off a mysterious gift for Sharon. It was a bottle of Champagne with a card that read, "Memories are what life is made of." Sharon wondered who would have sent her such an expensive bottle of Champagne.

Unbeknownst to Sharon, someone watched her through a window.

At Society, Christine asked if Chance had anything new she could use in court. Chance said he was reviewing all the evidence. She suggested they go over their investigation in case they'd missed anything. She said if they were going to win their case, she needed a rock-solid prosecution. She claimed the last thing she'd expected was Michael's claim that Phyllis was alive. Chance agreed and said they couldn't charge Diane with murder if there hadn't been one.

Christine told Chance their evidence was highly incriminating but mostly circumstantial. She said they'd reviewed the evidence, and it included the call from Phyllis to Michael, which clearly indicated a cry for help. Chance found it interesting that Phyllis had voiced her fear of Diane to Michael, who'd become Diane's defense attorney.

Christine told Chance she didn't understand how Michael could believe in Diane's innocence so passionately. Chance suggested that maybe all their evidence went squarely to motive with no direct proof of murder. Christine asked about the strychnine that had been purchased in Diane's name. Chance said there was no receipt indicating she'd received it by delivery or that she'd picked it up, and there were no prints on the vial.

Christine told Chance it was obvious Diane had used gloves so she wouldn't leave any fingerprints. Chance asked why Diane would have worn gloves and why she'd kept the vial after she'd used the poison. Christine said those discrepancies could give the jury reasonable doubt. Chance agreed there were enough holes in the case to give Michael leverage with the jury. He said perhaps there had been a setup. He asked if he should look into that. Christine asked if he believed Phyllis was alive.

Chance admitted it was a stretch, and they should keep looking into Stark. He said if Diane and Stark had been working together, maybe Stark had crossed Diane. He said there was more to the story than met the eye. Christine said she was open to the fact that Diane had had a co-conspirator because she couldn't have done it alone. She said no one on the outside knew that the murder weapon had been a pair of scissors; they had to plug that hole immediately. Chance stepped away to take a call.

When Chance returned, he told Christine he'd been on a stakeout the night of the gala, and by the time he'd gotten to the gala, Phyllis had already been poisoned, collapsed, and taken away by the EMTs. He said the guys he'd been watching at the stakeout hadn't been anywhere near that location because the Chicago Police Department had already picked them up. He said the call for the stakeout had been made from a phone line at the Athletic Club the day of the gala. He said it had been one of his cases, and he'd had to follow up on it. Christine surmised that someone had wanted Chance away from the gala that night.

Christine told Chance the call could have come from Diane because she wouldn't have wanted Chance anywhere near a party where she'd planned a murder. Chance said it had been a male caller, probably Stark. He said Stark and Diane could have been in it together. Stark would have been in charge of putting up the smoke screen so their plan could go off without a hitch. Christine said it was plausible, but that false tip could have been a coincidence. He asked if Christine believed that Diane had committed the crime alone. He admitted he wasn't sure because there were too many holes. Christine said the evidence against Diane was very damning.

Chance told Christine the more he learned, the more he believed Phyllis and Stark had been in on the scheme together. He said they could have conspired against Diane to frame her for murder. He said it had been the exact same thing Diane had done years earlier when she'd faked her death. Christine asked Chance not to get sucked into Michael and Jack's Hail Mary to protect Diane. She asked him to look at the evidence. Chance claimed it was all circumstantial.

Christine told Chance she believed Diane was guilty, but not Phyllis being alive. She said Phyllis could be ruthless and vindictive. Christine said when Diane had faked her death years earlier, Diane had been desperate, jobless, and broke, and she'd had nowhere to turn. She said Phyllis had been pissed off at a few people, not on the same level of panic and fury as Diane had been. Chance asked if Christine didn't believe that Phyllis would take things that far.

Christine told Chance that Phyllis would do anything to punish her enemies, and she'd been a firsthand eyewitness to that, but Phyllis wouldn't do that at the expense of hurting or losing her children.

At home, Tucker showed Ashley photos of Dominic playing on his bongos. Tucker said the next time he went to the toddlers' music class, he would bring a playlist: "Tucker McCall's Greatest Hits." Tucker said he'd loved the play group, and he was thinking about becoming a regular. Ashley asked what had come over him. Tucker replied, "You, wonderful you."

Tucker told Ashley that seeing Dominic's musical gifts had uplifted him, and so had Ashley's invitation. Diane entered and said she couldn't wait to go for walks around the neighborhood. Ashley suggested Diane try removing her monitor and see how fast she could be thrown back into jail. Diane claimed that wouldn't happen. She asked what Ashley and Tucker would do without her and Jack showing them what true love and happiness looked like.

Tucker suggested they leave. Ashley agreed and said they needed to get away from Diane's insanity. Diane asked Ashley to help her plan a wedding, and she said she needed a wedding dress for the day she became Mrs. Jack Abbott -- "Diane Abbott." Diane asked if Ashley would love to stand next to her as her matron of honor. Ashley lunged at Diane, but Tucker grabbed Ashley and ushered her out the door. Smiling, Diane looked very pleased with herself.

Diane found the agenda for Phyllis' memorial on the floor. In anger, Diane picked it up, tore it to pieces, and threw the pieces onto the end table. She went, opened the front door, and yelled; "Hey, Phyllis, I know you're out there somewhere, and believe me, you will be found."

At the penthouse, Abby told Devon the toddlers' music playgroup had worn Dominic out. She said Tucker had stayed for the entire class, and he'd appeared riveted. She said he'd taken pictures and videos. Devon said he was surprised Tucker had wanted to hang out at that class. Abby admitted she'd been skeptical at first, but perhaps Tucker really wanted to be a very real part of Dominic and Devon's lives. Devon stated Tucker had been putting forth the effort, and he seemed more sincere than he'd ever been. Devon suggested that maybe Ashley had a positive effect on Tucker.

Abby asked if Devon believed Tucker had changed. Devon claimed anything was possible. She said she wanted it to be true, but she couldn't trust it. She said she felt it was part of a con to win Ashley back -- and screw her over even worse this time. Abby said she wasn't trying to minimize Tucker's affection for Devon or Dominic, but she advised caution. Devon agreed and admitted he'd had his guard up since Tucker's return. Devon noted that Tucker's priorities had changed since he'd sold his company and that Tucker and Ashley had gotten closer.

Abby agreed. She told Devon that Ashley wouldn't have moved him into the Abbot house unless there was something going on between them. Devon asked how Abby felt about the relationship between her mom and his dad. Abby rolled her eyes.

Abby told Devon she loved the penthouse but that Dominic needed a backyard to play in. Devon asked if she was suggesting they buy a house like the Chancellor mansion. Abby said she was only planting a seed because their growing boy needed a lot of room. The doorbell rang. A courier handed Devon an envelope. Devon showed Abby a legal document that indicated his official name was Devon Hamilton Winters. Abby said she loved the deep love Devon had for Neil and that he always found a way to honor Neil. She said by keeping the name Hamilton, it kept Harmony alive in his heart. Abby suggested they go to the jazz lounge to celebrate his new name. Devon agreed.

Jack and Kyle entered Phyllis and Stark's motel room. Kyle said Michael had hit the jackpot when he'd connected Stark's P.O. box to that motel. Jack and Kyle put on gloves and began their search. Jack said the manager had confirmed that he'd rented the unit to Spencer Jenkins. Jack brought out plastic baggies, and he told Kyle they couldn't overlook anything, no matter how small or seemingly inconsequential.

Jack told Kyle they needed to find anything with Phyllis' DNA to prove that Phyllis was alive and that Diane was innocent. Jack exited the bathroom and showed Kyle a plastic bag containing long red hairs. Jack claimed it was a DNA sample, and all they had to do was compare that DNA to a close relative to see if it matched Phyllis. He asked if Kyle could find something of Summer's, like a hairbrush or a water bottle -- something they could pull DNA from.

At the Athletic Club, Mariah told Tessa that they'd said they wouldn't be those parents who checked up on their kids every two seconds. Tessa said they'd made that promise before they'd met Aria, the most special baby in the world. Mariah asked if that happened to everyone once they had a child. Abby and Devon arrived and greeted the new moms. Abby guessed it was their first time out since the baby's birth. Tessa asked if it was too soon; and Mariah fretted that Aria felt abandoned.

Abby told the moms it was only natural to feel a little nervous, but it wasn't too soon. Devon said they should enjoy their night out. He invited to them join him and Abby in the jazz lounge. They said maybe later, but Abby said she understood how difficult it was to concentrate on each other when there was a baby at home. Devon said the first hurdle was leaving the house, and before they knew it, they would be double-dating.

As soon as Devon and Abby left, Tessa and Mariah picked up their phones and gushed over photos of Aria. After a while, they both said something was off. Mariah said she'd been debating whether to get a drink and chose to order a club soda. Tessa agreed. She said they couldn't be all boozed up if Aria needed them. Mariah said they were making everything about Aria again. She asked what had happened to them. Tessa said Aria had happened, and everything was about her.

In the jazz lounge, Abby and Devon stared at Neil's photo. After Abby walked away, Devon told Neil he felt closer to Neil than ever. He promised to honor Neil's name in any way he could and to always make Neil proud. He said he loved Neil. As Devon joined Abby at the bar, Ashley and Tucker arrived.

Abby commented that Tucker had made quite an impression at Dominic's music club. Tucker said he'd had a ball. He said he'd been very proud of his grandson. Ashley confirmed that Tucker had bragged that Dominic was a musical genius. Tucker said Abby had also made a good impression because some of the mothers had commented about how supportive Abby was. Ashley noticed the Champagne and asked if they were celebrating. Devon told them he was officially Devon Hamilton Winters. Ashley said it was a wonderful way to honor a wonderful man. Devon said it meant a lot to him.

Tucker said he was very happy for Devon, and taking Neil's name was a fitting tribute to Neil. He was sure Neil was looking down and prouder than ever. The Champagne arrived, and they toasted to Devon Hamilton Winters.

At home, Kyle asked Jack when they would hear back from the lab. Jack said he'd paid a hefty bonus to have it expedited, and they should know very soon. Kyle said the strand of Summer's hair and the strand of red hair they'd found would show the connection, and they would have their proof that Phyllis had been in that room and was probably alive.

Jack asked Kyle how Summer was handling the news about Phyllis. Kyle said Summer was withdrawn and was distant, and he couldn't get through to her. He said he wanted to help her, but there was a lot he didn't understand. He said he'd caught Summer and Daniel in a heated argument. Kyle said he didn't know if Summer was processing the news that Phyllis was alive or if she was so deep in denial that she was afraid to have hope. Jack said if the DNA turned out the way he suspected, it would turn Summer around.

Kyle told Jack that he was trying to keep an open mind, but the longer Summer suffered, the more he was pissed off at Phyllis. He asked how Phyllis could do that to Summer, especially after berating Diane for doing it to him. Jack said Phyllis had been determined that they not allow Diane back into their lives, but it didn't justify what she'd done. Diane entered and asked if they'd found anything. Jack said they would hear something soon.

Diane grimaced and told Jack and Kyle that a strand of red hair was a long shot. She questioned whether the DNA would even match and, if it did, whether it would be enough for Christine to drop the case. Jack said it was a start. They knew Stark had checked into that motel after Phyllis had supposedly died, and they had the motel records to prove it. Jack asked why Stark had needed another room, since he'd had one at the Grand Phoenix. Kyle said if the hair was a match, there was no plausible way that hair could have gotten in there after she'd supposedly died.

Jack received a call from the lab. He immediately called Chance and said that he had the DNA evidence to prove Phyllis was alive.

Chance presses to find out what Summer knows about Phyllis

Chance presses to find out what Summer knows about Phyllis

Friday, May 19, 2023

by Nel

At Crimson Lights, someone watched Sharon through the window.

Sally entered the coffeehouse through the patio doors, and she heard Adam tell Sharon he didn't know how to be a girl dad after seeing Aria. Sharon said boy or girl, it made no difference because he knew the basics, and he would figure out the rest as the child grew. Sally also heard him say that having a girl made him think about his mom. He said he hoped his daughter would inherit some of Hope's intelligence and strength, Sally's incredible soul, and nothing from him other than his chin and his impeccable sense of timing.

Adam told Sharon that raising Connor had been easy, and he simply taught Connor not to be like him or Victor. Sharon claimed he would be just as good a dad to his daughter as he'd been to his son. Sally entered, and she agreed with Sharon. Adam stepped aside to take care of some business.

Sally told Sharon she'd made things awkward between herself and Adam. Sharon said they would figure out the co-parenting puzzle. Sally asked Sharon if the baby sensed the conflict around her. Sharon said the baby took her cues from her mother, and Sally didn't have to be happy all the time because sadness and confusion were a normal part of pregnancy. Sharon asked Sally to look after Aria for a minute while Sharon checked something in the back room.

After Sharon left, Adam told Sally he hated that she felt uncomfortable around him. Sally claimed she didn't. He said Sharon was right; Sally needed to experience and enjoy the time with the life growing inside her. He said he knew she cared about Nick, and she deserved to have that affection and support; however, the baby had bonded them as parents, and they were in it together.

Sally said Adam was right -- they both needed to be there for their baby, and it wasn't fair for her to deny him the joy of becoming a father again. Adam said he didn't want to be a source of anxiety. Sally apologized for telling him to keep his distance. Adam admitted that what she'd said to him had hit home. He said he hadn't let go of loving her, and he never would. He said being around her was difficult, but that wasn't fair to her because she didn't need the extra stress that the baby could pick up on. Sally asked how they should proceed because the baby would be there before they knew it. She asked if he could honor the baby and respect Sally's boundaries.

Adam told Sally he needed to deal with his feelings and let go of the fantasy that there was a romantic future for them. He said he would do the emotional work because nothing was more important than caring for their baby. Sally thanked him -- if he really meant it. Adam said he did.

When Sharon returned, Sally left. Sharon asked if everything was okay. Adam said they were getting there. He saw the Champagne and asked if Sharon was celebrating something. She said it was a gift, and she thought he'd sent it. Adam said he wished he had because he owed her for their friendship. Sharon said the Champagne looked familiar, but she couldn't place it.

The mysterious stranger continued watching Sharon through the window.

At Society, Nick informed Victor that Victoria and Nate were involved. Nick was surprised that Victor didn't seem overly concerned. Nick said he was concerned because Nate had gone from being the chief of surgery to running Newman Media in a very short space of time. He said Nate had tried and failed to take over his family's company, and then he was at Newman and had a thing with Victoria. He claimed it wasn't safe for Victoria or Newman Enterprises.

Nick told Victor that Nate had tried to sabotage Chancellor-Winters, and if Nate could turn on Devon and Lily so easily, he wondered what made Victor think Nate wouldn't turn on them. He said Victoria had never had the best judgment when it came to men.

Victor told Nick that Nate wasn't Ashland Locke, Billy Boy Abbott, or J.T., and Victoria had her eyes wide open. He found it ironic that Nick would question Victoria's relationships when Nick lashed out at anyone who looked askance at his relationship with Sally. Victor claimed that both dalliances would end soon. Nick said Victor was wrong because he and Sally were solid, and he wasn't going to walk away from her.

Nick told Victor that as far as Victoria was concerned, if it turned out that Nate didn't have an agenda and if they were able to build a healthy relationship on love and mutual respect, then so be it, but Nick knew that wouldn't happen.

At Newman, Nate and Victoria discussed their potential Los Angeles acquisition. Nate commented that if that deal went through, it would be a game changer. Victoria said they'd killed their pitch, and she had no doubt that the deal would happen. Nate wanted to make sure they didn't lose sight of any of the details. Victoria said she wouldn't be CEO if she lost sight of the endgame, and it was the reason she usually got what she wanted. Nate received a text message from Elena. He told Victoria that Elena had let him know which storage facility to send her things to.

Victoria asked how Nate felt about Elena moving out. Nate claimed it was inevitable because they were going in different directions and had different priorities. He said he felt responsible for what had happened, and sometimes the guilt was intense. Nate said they had begun to drift apart once he'd left the hospital. He said they no longer had that in common, and that bond had been a big part of their relationship.

Nate told Victoria he felt terrible that he'd cheated on Elena and caused her so much pain. He said people were becoming aware of their breakup and would ask why it had happened, and Elena's pain would only deepen. Victoria asked if he would change his mind about them when people discovered that she'd been the "why." Nate said absolutely not, because his mind was made up, and he kissed her. Nate said he didn't want Victoria feeling responsible, but she claimed she was a little responsible. She suggested they get a drink. Nate agreed, and they left.

In the jazz lounge at the Athletic Club, Ashley, Tucker, Devon, and Abby agreed they enjoyed the vibe of the lounge. Abby asked how things were going at the Abbott house. Ashley asked that they not talk about that minefield. Tucker asked Abby to dance. Abby reluctantly agreed. She said she was surprised Tucker was out so late and dancing. She said she'd thought that after Dominic's music class, he would have been exhausted, but Tucker claimed he'd been invigorated by all that kid energy.

Tucker acknowledged that Abby wasn't too keen on him spending time with Dominic or Ashley. He said it was nice she was so protective and willing to tolerate him with the people she loved, even dancing with him. Abby claimed his flattery was transparent. He said he wished there was some way he could convince Abby and Ashley that he'd changed. Abby reminded him that she was dancing with him, and that was a big step. He said he didn't give up easily when he wanted something. He said he loved Ashley. Abby stated that she wasn't ready to hear that. He guessed that Ashley hadn't told her that he'd proposed to her.

At the bar, Devon told Ashley he'd been surprised that she and Tucker had moved in together because they'd both had their ups and downs with Tucker. Ashley said Tucker had recently been surprising her in a good way. Abby confronted Ashley and asked if it was true that Tucker had proposed to her. She demanded to know if Ashley had accepted. Ashley looked at Tucker, who said he hadn't known it was supposed to be a secret, but she would make him the happiest man in the world if she said yes.

Ashley told Abby she hadn't told Abby about it because it hadn't been real. She said Tucker had only wanted to steal Jack and Diane's thunder, and she hadn't accepted his proposal. Tucker claimed his proposal had been genuine. He said he'd hoped the fake engagement would turn into the real thing, and they would get married for the right reasons. Abby was relieved. Tucker reminded them that he and Ashley weren't strangers; they'd been there before. He said if he had it his way, he would blow her mind with such a spectacular proposal that she couldn't say no. Abby curled her lip in distaste.

After Tucker and Ashley left, Devon said he didn't know how he felt about them, but Abby said she knew exactly how she felt; it was weird.

In the main lounge of the Athletic Club, Tessa suggested she and Mariah needed some caviar. Mariah asked if they even needed an entrée or dessert. Tessa suggested they go home early and relieve Sharon. Suddenly, Mariah was adamant that it was their date night, and it was to remind them that they were adults outside of baby bottles and diapers, and they needed to take care of themselves. She said the reason they had Aria was because they were two people who'd fallen madly in love and wanted to have a family. Tessa said she needed to take care of a few things. Mariah said she would pay the bill, and they kissed.

Later in their suite, Mariah and Tessa made love. After the loving, they talked about Aria and how they had a village looking after her so they could have an amazing night together.

Nate and Victoria arrived at the Athletic Club and sat at the bar. Once they finished their drink, Nate and Victoria proceeded to a suite and made love. Nate received a text message from Audra, which he ignored, and he made love with Victoria.

Chance arrived at the Abbott home, looking for Jack. Summer said she didn't know where he was. Chance explained that he'd received a cryptic call from Jack claiming there had been a new development in his search to find Phyllis alive. Summer asked what the evidence was. Chance said it was about DNA. Summer asked if that would be definitive proof Phyllis was alive. Chance said Christine believed it was a bluff and a way to support Michael's defense strategy.

Summer said it sounded like Chance remained skeptical about Daniel seeing Phyllis. Summer said it was true, and Phyllis was definitely alive. Chance pointed out that when he'd seen Summer earlier, she hadn't been ready to accept that Phyllis was alive, but suddenly, she was fully on board. Summer said that earlier, she hadn't been able to wrap her head around it.

Summer told Chance that she'd had time to think after she'd had another conversation with Daniel. She said she knew her brother wouldn't lie about something like that. She asked if Jack had proof Phyllis was alive and was confident enough to share it with Chance. She claimed Chance wouldn't have come to see Jack if he didn't believe there was something to it. She asked Chance to admit he believed Phyllis was alive. Chance said he would be honest with Summer if she was honest with him.

Chance said he knew Summer wanted to get to the truth of what had happened to Phyllis, but he confessed that nothing added up. He admitted that he felt Summer was hiding something from him. Summer said everything Daniel had said had been the only thing that had made sense. She said Phyllis was alive, and she was afraid of what would happen to Phyllis when she returned. Summer asked what they could do to help Phyllis.

Summer told Chance that Jack and Kyle wanted to bring Phyllis back so she could absolve Diane, because they loved her, but Summer said she loved Phyllis and needed someone to help her protect Phyllis. She told Chance there had to be a way Phyllis could return and convince everyone that what Daniel had said about Phyllis had been true, that Stark had coerced her into making a move against Diane. Chance said if he could confirm all the facts, he would do what he could. Summer said she was afraid she could lose Phyllis to prison. Chance said the new evidence Jack had discovered could change everything.

Chance told Summer he'd been honest with her, and he asked Summer to return the favor. He asked what she and Daniel had been arguing about. She said they'd thought their mother had been dead and that Summer's mother-in-law had murdered her. She claimed it had been a tense situation. Then she'd discovered that Daniel had seen Phyllis and hadn't immediately told her. She said sometimes one took things out on the people one was closest to. Chance stated that perhaps she and Daniel had known about Phyllis for longer than they'd let on.

Chance told Summer he'd seen them arguing at the coffeehouse, and when he'd asked Daniel if everything had been okay, Daniel had been as evasive as Summer had just been. Summer said she hadn't wanted to get into it with well-meaning people, and Daniel had felt the same way. Chance said Daniel had asked a lot of questions about Diane, and it had felt like he'd been pulling for information. Chance said Daniel had seemed concerned that Diane would get off somehow and that Phyllis' murderer wouldn't be punished.

Chance told Summer it made more sense if Daniel had known that Phyllis was alive at the coffeehouse. He said Daniel had been concerned about Diane going to jail over a crime she hadn't committed. Summer conceded that perhaps Daniel had known then. He said all Summer's hypothetical questions seemed a lot less hypothetical if Summer had already believed Phyllis was alive. Chance asked if she and Daniel had been trying to figure out how to handle the fact that Phyllis had framed Diane and murdered Stark.

Chance said Summer wanted his help, but he needed all the facts, especially with a case that complicated. He said it would go a long way in helping him help her. He said there was a lot more to the story that he hadn't heard yet. Summer said she didn't know why he was interrogating her. She said if he didn't want to help her, then he should not. Chance claimed he wanted to help, but nothing was adding up. He said the thing that would convince him all of it was true was if someone other than Daniel confirmed the story and if that someone else had seen or spoken to Phyllis.

Chance told Summer it made no sense to him that Phyllis would reach out to Daniel and not Summer. He said he was sure Phyllis would have reached out to Summer first. Summer said it stung that Phyllis hadn't, but she and Phyllis had been fighting. Chance understood that, but he pointed out that their connection had always been very strong. He said he didn't buy the idea of Phyllis allowing Summer to believe she was dead. Chance stated that Summer had seen Phyllis, and she'd kept it from Kyle. He said Summer had been prepared to let his mother go on trial for a murder Summer had known she hadn't committed.

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