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Faith discovered her pet cat lying dead on the front steps. Nick injured his hand when slugging a wall, but Cameron staged things to make it look like Nick had assaulted him. Chance arrested Nick for battery. Kyle walked out on Summer. Ashley and Tucker decided to get married.
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Faith discovered her pet cat dead. Chance arrested Nick for battery. Kyle walked out on Summer. Ashley and Tucker decided to get married.
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Cameron steps up his plan of attack against the Newmans

Cameron steps up his plan of attack against the Newmans

Monday, June 5, 2023

Nick, who Sharon had summoned after Faith's chilling encounter with Cameron Kirsten, carefully inspected the house and property while Faith was upstairs resting. Nick warned that Cameron would take advantage of any opportunity if they let down their guard. Nick's obsession with securing every window and door unnerved Sharon, and she pleaded with him to calm down and not alarm Faith. Sharon was adamant about maintaining a rational approach while not allowing herself or Nick to make the same mistakes they had previously. After Sharon checked on Faith upstairs, she informed Nick that their daughter was on high alert while also snuggling her cat, Borgnine, to make herself feel safer. Nick noted that they had no idea why Cameron had come to town or what he planned to do.

Sharon insisted that she and Nick should let Victor and Nikki know what was going on. Nick did not agree, explaining that Victor's involvement might escalate the situation. Nick assured Sharon he had already alerted ranch security. Sharon reminded Nick that Victor had resources they did not and would do whatever was necessary to protect his family. Nick explained that in exchange for his help, Victor would likely force Nick to work with Adam at McCall, which he declared would never happen.

Nervously rubbing his palms together, Nick admitted he hated relying solely on police to locate Cameron. Sharon reminded Nick how lucky they had been to survive their past encounter with Cameron inside an airplane. Looking back, Sharon said she should have sought Victor's help at the start, before she had been framed for murdering Frank. Sharon cried that "this time," they knew what Cameron was capable of doing and should seek Victor's help at once.

Nikki acknowledged the lateness of the hour when she and Victor arrived at Sharon's. Nick and Sharon explained that Cameron Kirsten had returned to Genoa City. Sharon recalled having mysteriously received a Champagne bottle splattered with apparent blood; a postcard mailed from Denver, Colorado; and a cigar box containing a pack of matches from the Southside Motel. Sharon said the cigar box had arrived at the ranch despite the presence of security stationed on the property. Sharon noted that both she and Faith had had encounters with Cameron.

Nick informed his parents that Chance had investigated Cameron, who had moved to Los Angeles after his release from prison and had been living with a girlfriend who eerily resembled Sharon. Cameron, Nick said, had ended up serving additional prison time for beating his girlfriend, though since his release, Cameron had resumed playing sick mind games. Victor assured Sharon he would do everything to keep her and Faith safe. Nikki begged Sharon and Faith to sleep at the ranch house, but Sharon said Faith was stubbornly refusing to leave her home. Nikki sighed heavily and sat stiffly on the sofa, fraught with worry.

After Victor issued strict orders to a member of his security team, Nick announced that the head of Victor's security had assigned a crew to track Cameron's whereabouts. Victor said his team would do a better job than the police could. Nikki returned downstairs after visiting Faith and confirmed that Sharon had been right about her granddaughter's reluctance to allow anyone to scare her out of her own home. Victor assured his family that someone would watch over them at all times.

At Society, Ashley and Tucker had drinks at the bar. Tucker noted that Ashley still seemed agitated, even after they had had "mind-blowing sex." Ashley blamed her anxiety on Diane Jenkins. Frustrated, Tucker slapped his palms on the edge of the bar and cried, "Oh, Diane Jenkins, Diane Jenkins!" Tucker suggested he and Ashley board a plane and fly off on a vacation to escape the stress caused by Diane Jenkins. Ashley explained that she could not walk away from her fight with Diane, knowing that Diane planned to marry Jack and destroy her family.

Ashley told Tucker she needed his help. Tucker reminded Ashley that he was a changed man who endeavored to avoid aggressive actions. Ashley insisted she felt a responsibility to save her family and the Abbott legacy, explaining that Diane's goal was gaining access to respectability, money, and power.

Ashley told Tucker she had already alerted Jabot's board of directors. Tucker replied, "So, your idea is to weaponize the board against Jack in order to save Jack?" Ashley said she was certain it was the only way. Tucker advised Ashley that it would take artistry to convince the board that Jack was unfit, especially with Billy, Traci, and Kyle on his side. Ashley reminded Tucker that no one could utilize finesse better than he could.

Tucker warned Ashley that her plan could backfire, strengthen both Jack and Diane's positions, and push Ashley out. Ashley insisted her plan would cause Diane to lose everything she had hoped to gain, including her interest in Jack. Tucker agreed to help only after he and Ashley married. Tucker added, "Not only will marrying you be a dream come true for me, it will give me the legal maneuverability to take over Jabot -- totally throw Jack and Diane off their game."

Downstairs in the jazz lounge, Jack held Diane close as the couple danced to a slow waltz. Smiling broadly, her eyes twinkling, Diane told Jack she did not want the day to end. Jack promised to hold Diane in his arms as long she liked. After taking seats at a table, Diane declared that they had won because of Jack's love, compassion, patience, and acceptance, even though many had warned him to run the other way. Diane vowed to be worthy of Jack's trust. Jack told Diane he had never loved her more. Asserting that she had acquired from Jack's example a generosity of spirit, Diane claimed she felt compassion for others, even Phyllis.

Jack asked Diane when they could marry. Diane said she wanted to hold a small, elegant ceremony and have Harrison serve as ring bearer. Assuming Kyle would serve as best man, Diane said she envisioned Jack walking beside her down the aisle. Diane, hoping to show that Phyllis had no power over their family, told Jack she hoped Summer might serve as her matron of honor. Jack was hesitant, but he encouraged Diane to follow her heart. Diane suggested they go home and make love. Jack was eager to do so.

Upstairs at the Athletic Club, Kyle found Phyllis when he followed Summer upstairs to the guest suites. Phyllis, standing behind Daniel, told Kyle that she could explain. Kyle, angry, insisted Phyllis should immediately turn herself in at the police station. Summer attempted to redirect Kyle's intense emotional reaction and said she was still amazed to behold her mother in the flesh. After Kyle demanded to know how long Phyllis had been in town, Summer asked Daniel to step out in the hallway and keep watch.

After Daniel left the room, Kyle lashed out, complaining that Phyllis' actions had broken Summer's heart and threatened his mother with the possibility of spending life in prison. Phyllis facetiously replied, "Aw, your mom's so innocent, isn't she? She's never committed a crime. She's never hurt anybody or put anybody though pain." In a more serious tone, Phyllis sincerely apologized and told Kyle she had returned to make amends. Kyle yelled, "Turn yourself in!" Phyllis agreed that she deserved punishment, though she refused to involve the police until she could clear her name. Kyle cried that all Phyllis cared about was "saving your own ass."

Phyllis admitted to Kyle that she had done wrong, but she insisted she was ready to make amends, adding, "Just like your mom did." Phyllis acknowledged that she resented Diane because she had everything, including a family and son who loved her. Phyllis recalled that her kids had wanted nothing to do with her, so she had been all alone when Jeremy Stark had worn her down and convinced her to become part of his plan to hurt Diane. Phyllis recalled how Jeremy had also taken advantage of Diane when she had been weak and vulnerable. Phyllis admitted that she had been forced to save herself by hurting Jeremy. Kyle replied, "By killing him." Phyllis insisted she had acted in self-defense and needed time to clear her name.

Breaking down emotionally, Phyllis cried, "Kyle, please. For my family, my life. I mean, it's in your hands right now." Phyllis put her arm around Summer and explained that she had returned because she could not stay away from her babies, like Diane had returned to reunite with Kyle. Summer cried, "Kyle, I can't lose my mom again. I know that you understand how that feels."

Kyle denounced Phyllis for having caused Summer pain, for aiding and abetting the acts of a criminal, committing collusion, and obstructing justice. Kyle asked both Phyllis and Summer if they had considered what could happen to Harrison. Summer cried that if they did not help Phyllis, she would be at the mercy of Christine, which was unlikely to be a just process. Phyllis swore she would make things right if Kyle would give her time. Summer begged Kyle to give her mother time. Kyle sighed and replied, "No cops, for now."

After Summer and Kyle left, Daniel returned and said, "Not what you had planned, huh?" Phyllis replied, "No. Not at all." Phyllis expressed concern for Daniel, noting that he usually regarded her as a vindictive psychopath. Daniel recalled the night Phyllis had collapsed and Stark had claimed they were married. Daniel told his mom he had attacked Stark and afterward hated himself for all the things he had said to Phyllis, and he also had hated the world because he'd believed she was no longer in it.

Daniel confronted his mother about watching him as he grieved. Phyllis apologized and acknowledged she was fortunate that he would even talk to her. Daniel told his mom he loved her and was glad she was back, though he could not believe what she had done to her own children. Phyllis admitted she did not understand why she had made unfortunate decisions, though she tearfully acknowledged that she had hurt the two people she loved the most in the world. Phyllis promised to atone for her wrongdoing, though she noted that she could not do it if she was in prison. Phyllis vowed never to run away again or separate herself from her family. Daniel warmly hugged his mother when she asked him if he believed her.

When Kyle and Summer returned home, he confronted her and asked her when she had first seen Phyllis. Summer was brushing off Kyle's question when Jack and Diane returned home. Diane, smiling and jovial, acknowledged it was certainly hard for Summer to see her happy when Phyllis was away somewhere. Diane assured Summer that Phyllis would return eventually and get the support she needed. Drawing Jack close, Diane assured Summer that she should lean on Kyle for love and trust that could move mountains.

Ashley's raucous laughter interrupted Diane. Tucker walked in the house behind Ashley, carrying a Champagne bottle. As Tucker popped the cork, he announced that Ashley had agreed to marry him again as soon as humanly possible. Ashley, giddy, took a swig of Champagne directly from the bottle.

In a suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Cameron slipped a dark blue cap on his head, grabbed a backpack and his keys, and left in a hurry. After a while, Cameron returned. Cameron retrieved a black trash bag. He tossed in the hat, boots, and shirt he had been wearing. After showering, Cameron opened the backpack. Cameron removed a security uniform bearing the Newman emblem, a radio fitted with an earpiece, and an official identification badge.

After Nikki and Victor left, Sharon and Nick felt safe knowing that the ranch security team was on high alert. Sharon said she was tired and wanted to go to bed. Nick, anxious, replied that knowing Cameron was around made his skin crawl. Sharon assured Nick they could handle Cameron, though he was dangerous, diabolical, and not afraid of returning to prison. Sharon insisted that with the protections of private security and police, Cameron did not stand a chance.

Nick received an alert when a text message was sent to his phone. Nick glanced at his phone and said, "It's from my dad. One of his security team was found tied up, drugged, and stuffed in a closet at Newman Tower, and his uniform was missing." Sharon grabbed Nick's hand and appeared shaken to the core by the frightening news.

Sharon suspects Cameron is behind an unexpected death

Sharon suspects Cameron is behind an unexpected death

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

At Society, Adam groused to Victor that check-ins weren't necessary and that he'd be much more productive if he was actually working. Victor asserted that he'd be the judge of that. Jack and Billy approached, and Billy quipped that he felt like he was witnessing a nature documentary with two Newmans out in the wild. Jack cheerfully asked how Victor and Adam were doing, and Adam observed that Jack was in a good mood under the circumstances. Jack declared that everything was "coming up roses" for him, personally and professionally.

Victor assumed that Jack was delirious from being around his own perfume too much. Victor chided Jack for replacing Adam with "Billy Boy," and he frowned upon Jack's engagement to Diane. Jack crowed that there was nothing Victor could say that could possibly spoil his mood that morning. Victor warned that just because Diane hadn't been declared a murderer didn't mean that she wouldn't send Jack's life into ruins.

Jack exclaimed that he was far too happy between Diane's freedom and Jabot's financial forecast to let Victor get to him. Billy bragged about the profit margins on the men's line that Adam had dropped the ball on. Adam scoffed at the idea that the Abbotts were starting a revolution by offering grooming products for men. Victor requested that Jack keep Diane's hands away from Nikki's jewelry. Jack and Billy stepped away.

Victor prepared to share his ideas about McCall Unlimited, but Adam announced that he was in the process of making major moves and shaking things up. Adam asserted that McCall desperately needed to be streamlined, so he intended to cut the fat and sell it off. He continued that the music department was the least profitable sector, and it was weighing the company down. Victor argued that music had been the foundation of what Tucker had built, but Adam planned to focus on the media and streaming divisions going forward. Victor noted that it would put McCall in direct competition with Newman Media. "Exactly," Adam replied.

Victor lectured that he'd given McCall to Adam to draw him back into their family, not to use as a weapon against his sister. Adam swore that it was simply good business, but Victor clucked that Adam was cutting off his nose to spite his face. Adam reasoned that he had no stake in Newman Enterprises, and running McCall was his top priority. Victor opined that Adam's priority should be family above all else.

Adam questioned whether Victor intended to have the same conversation with Victoria when she went after Adam. Victor considered going after Newman Media a declaration of war, and he refused to stand for it. Adam claimed that he wasn't out to obliterate Newman Media but to take it over, since it had been his to begin with. Adam reminded Victor of what they'd created before Victoria had snatched the company away from him, and he firmly stated that it was about family.

Across the restaurant, Billy sensed that something was going on, based on the way Jack had been grandstanding with Victor. Jack divulged that Ashley and Tucker were planning on getting married as soon as possible. Billy suspected that Tucker had been the one driving the "coup stuff." Jack admitted that he'd thought Ashley's engagement announcement had been a jab at Diane, but he was starting to think a wedding was imminent. Billy pointed out that Ashley was too smart to forget about Tucker's past transgressions, and he theorized that she had something calculated up her sleeve. He guaranteed it had something to do with Jabot.

Jack shared that he'd confronted Ashley about her coup, and she'd claimed that Tucker hadn't been part of her efforts to reach out to the board members. Billy remained sure that Tucker had put the seed in Ashley's head. Jack hoped Ashley requested a prenup to avoid making herself and her shares in the company vulnerable. Billy noted that Tucker was a free agent with money to burn after selling McCall, which put him in striking distance of a board seat. Billy expected Ashley to make a compelling argument for expanding the board by adding another family member, and Tucker would be family if she married him. Billy vowed to do whatever it took to protect Jabot and keep Tucker from hurting Ashley.

Audra spotted Nate enter the Athletic Club, and she invited him to join her for an impromptu strategy session. Victoria appeared behind Nate, and she claimed that she'd left some files in the Newman executive suite. Audra voiced surprise that the company kept a suite there, and Nate figured that he and Victoria could discuss the files up there and loop Audra in later if necessary. After Victoria and Nate headed upstairs, Tucker approached Audra and taunted that she didn't rank high enough for an intimate one-on-one meeting.

Audra defended that she'd had private meetings with Nate in her own suite, but Tucker doubted they had been of the same caliber Victoria was getting. Audra swore that she preferred to keep things strictly business, but Tucker didn't remember any of their own meetings being strictly business. Audra contended that her focus was on assuming the top spot at Newman Media. Tucker sensed that Nate was getting under her skin and that it was killing her that Nate was getting close to Victoria.

Audra claimed that Nate and Victoria's relationship didn't bother her, since the closer they got, the better it was for her game plan. Tucker admired her resolve -- if it was the truth. He recognized that she had a big heart behind all her manipulations and schemes. She figured that interfering in the couple's budding romance would ruin everything she'd been working for, so her only choice was to keep her distance. Tucker pointed out that he'd walked away from McCall to find himself engaged to the woman of his dreams with a golden opportunity staring him in the face.

Audra questioned how Tucker had managed to achieve all of that at once. Tucker chalked it up to keeping his mind open to every possibility and being willing to risk everything because everything they saw was an illusion. She asked if they were words of wisdom or a bunch of nonsense. "Only when you're able to discern the difference between the two, grasshopper, will you be halfway to enlightenment," Tucker spouted. Audra determined that it was random nonsense. Tucker headed out as Victor watched from the bar.

In a hotel suite, Nate asked where Victoria had put the files, and she suggested that they look under the sheets on the bed. He imagined that was a more comfortable place than the hard desk in her office. Victoria cooed that work could wait, since Newman Media was doing great those days, and they deserved to take time off to celebrate their hard work. Between passionate kisses, Nate reported that ratings were up and that their audiences had doubled. Victoria purred to tell her more as she removed his shirt. "Speaking of outperforming," she amorously stated, and she threw him back on the bed.

After Victoria and Nate had sex, he joked that she'd really liked the second quarter numbers. She admitted that she was turned on by mixing business and pleasure, and he was glad she was satisfied. She loved the distraction, but she acknowledged that they still had work to do. Nate pitched an idea for his technical team to update the website for Newman's real estate division with virtual tours of properties that were under construction. Victoria praised him for taking initiative, and she promised to run the idea past Nikki and Nick. Nate sourly looked away, and Victoria asked if he was worried about her brother. Nate hoped Nick didn't think Nate was overstepping again. Victoria assured Nate that she would handle Nick.

Meanwhile, Audra sidled up to Victor at the bar and complained that Tucker was always intruding where he wasn't invited, even though their collaboration had long been over. Victor inquired how she liked working with Nate, and she gushed that Nate was amazing. She rambled on about how much she was learning from Nate's instinctive business savvy and how he always seemed to know the right moves to make. Victor remarked that it was a sign of a good leader. Audra noticed Victoria and Nate slip out of the club.

Kyle sipped coffee in the Abbott living room. Summer descended the stairs and greeted him, but he didn't respond. She inquired whether he'd gotten any sleep. "How could I?" he snapped. She asked if anyone else was there. He reported that Harrison was out with the nanny and that everyone else had left for the day. Kyle wondered if Summer would finally tell him the truth.

Summer insisted that Kyle knew everything that was important, but he doubted that he knew the whole truth. Summer exclaimed that her mom was alive, and his mom was off the hook. Kyle pointed out that she'd never answered his question about how long she'd known Phyllis was alive. Summer recalled that Kyle had been the one to tell her that Daniel had seen Phyllis, but Kyle pushed to know when she'd first seen Phyllis. Summer fibbed that it had been the day before, but she hadn't called Kyle to tell him right away because she'd been overwhelmed.

Kyle recounted that he'd arrived at Phyllis' hotel room mere minutes after Summer had gotten there, and Summer hadn't seemed overwhelmed. He reflected on all the little things that hadn't made sense at the time they'd happened. Kyle cited the arguments between Summer and Daniel and the time he'd found Summer at the Athletic Club shortly after she'd said she'd been going to work. Kyle guessed that all the times Summer had run off without an explanation, she'd been going to see Phyllis. Kyle wondered when Summer had planned to tell him what she'd been hiding.

Kyle requested to see Summer's phone, hoping what he found would prove him wrong. She begrudgingly handed it over. He discovered replies to text messages from a number that wasn't in her contacts, requesting to meet, and he concluded that Phyllis had sent them. "Bring bro for fam peace," Kyle read aloud, noting that the message made it sound like Phyllis hadn't seen Daniel. Kyle realized that Daniel hadn't been the first person Phyllis had reached out to -- it had been Summer. Summer tearfully admitted that Phyllis had known Summer would protect her by looking Kyle in the eye and lying to his face.

Kyle bellowed that Summer had lied about something that had directly affected all their lives for months. She expressed relief that it was finally over, since she'd hated having to lie to him. He retorted that she hadn't had to lie, but she wailed that she'd been stuck between a rock and a hard place. Summer swore that she'd been furious with Phyllis for what she'd done and the position she'd put Summer in. Summer continued that she'd also been happy her mother was alive, and she'd been desperate to keep her mom out of jail.

Kyle questioned why Daniel had pretended that he'd been the one who'd seen Phyllis, and Summer reasoned that her brother had been saving her from having to deal with the questions. Kyle became incensed when he realized that Summer had seen Phyllis while Diane had still been in jail, yet Summer had chosen to sit back and do nothing rather than clear Diane's name. Summer swore that she wouldn't have let Diane rot in jail, and she rationalized that Diane had been out on bail by the time Summer had had a chance to process that her mom was alive. Kyle testily clarified that his mother had been under house arrest, awaiting trial for murder and already tried and convicted in people's minds.

Summer argued that the charges had been dropped, but Kyle bellowed that it didn't absolve her after the pain and drama Diane had gone through. Kyle was disgusted that Summer had actually been upset with Daniel for doing the right thing. Kyle wondered whether she would have waited to step forward until after Diane had been convicted and sent to prison. Summer whimpered that she never would have let things get that far, but she'd just needed time to figure out a way to protect her mom. Kyle spat that she'd sacrificed his mom to protect hers.

Summer explained that she'd been trying to figure out a way to keep both their moms out of prison, and she'd kept quiet to buy time to get Phyllis home safely. Kyle blasted her for thinking only about herself and her mom, completely disregarding how her actions had affected their family. Summer whined that she'd been trying to do what was right for everyone, but Kyle demanded that she own up to watching him and Diane suffer unnecessarily. Kyle recalled that he'd been worried about Summer and how the situation would affect their marriage and Harrison, and he'd thought she'd been pushing him away because of something he'd done. Kyle raged that she'd kept him at a distance to hide her "damn lies."

Summer begged Kyle to forgive her, but he didn't see how that could happen. He considered it diabolical that she'd let him believe she'd been grieving inconsolably when it had all been a lie. Summer defended that it had been torture lying to him, but he growled that he couldn't take anymore. She pleaded with him not to tell anyone where her mom was, and he was appalled that she expected him to cover for Phyllis after everything that had happened. Kyle yelled that he didn't know what was real with Summer anymore, and he stormed out.

At the cottage, Sharon teased that a group of brilliant college kids should have been able to think of a better name for a cat than Borgnine. Faith wondered where Borgnine was, since he hadn't been upstairs. Sharon's phone chimed with a message, and she reported that it was just an alert about a sale at Fenmore's. Faith speculated that perhaps Cameron had left town, but Sharon insisted that they stay on high alert.

Faith prepared to go out for a bit, but Sharon cautioned her against it. Faith explained that she was just going to visit the baby at the tack house, so she wouldn't leave the ranch property. Sharon urged her to be careful. Faith opened the front door and screamed. Sharon rushed over, and Faith cried that Borgnine wasn't breathing. They stared at the cat's lifeless body on the welcome mat. Sharon ordered Faith to get in the house, and she instructed Faith to call Nick while Sharon called Chance.

Later, Chance indicated that an officer was taking the cat for an examination and that others were searching the property. Nick burst in and asked if everyone was okay. Sharon revealed that they'd found Borgnine lying dead on the front doorstep. Chance queried whether there had been any sign of illness, but Faith shared that she'd taken Borgnine to the vet before she'd left for break. Sharon had no doubt in her mind that it had been Cameron's doing. Nick worried that Cameron could still be on the grounds, and Nick pledged to find him. Chance urged Nick to let the professionals handle it. Nick argued that he knew where to look, and he hurried out.

A short time later, Nick returned and reported that there had been no sign of Cameron anywhere. Chance pointed out that they didn't even know how the cat had died yet. Faith went upstairs to call her friends and tell them the bad news. Sharon recognized that Chance had doubts as a detective and didn't want to jump to conclusions, but she was more than certain that Cameron had been behind Borgnine's death. She considered the incident and Cameron's other deliveries to her to be messages from a madman, and Chance asked what they meant. "They're warnings of what's to come," Sharon ominously replied.

Sharon theorized that Cameron wanted her to know that she wasn't safe in her own home, even with armed security guards. Chance questioned why Cameron hadn't shown up on the security footage. Nick revealed that Cameron had likely been disguised as a Newman guard, since a member of Victor's security team had been found at Newman Tower, drugged and tied up with his uniform missing. Chance was irritated that it was the first he had heard of the incident.

Sharon insisted that it was more proof that Cameron had been behind the cat's death. Chance huffed that he couldn't investigate something that hadn't been reported. Sharon understood Chance's need to look at things from all angles, but she pleaded that he didn't know Cameron like she and Nick did. Sharon was adamant that Cameron was seeking revenge, and a poor animal had been his latest victim in his sick and dangerous games. Chance received a text message, and he learned that the cat had been poisoned.

Chance reasoned that there were a thousand things on the ranch that could have made the cat sick. Sharon maintained that it had Cameron's name all over it, and Chance gave his word that he would see the investigation through. Chance prepared to go to Newman Tower to find out about the stolen uniform. He told Sharon to stay home, keep the doors locked, and call if she needed anything.

After Chance left, Nick reassured Sharon that she and Faith were safe there. Sharon suddenly realized that Borgnine hadn't gotten into something outside -- she and Faith had kept him inside the whole time. She was horrified to realize that Cameron had been inside the house. Nick vowed to find Cameron and put an end to it for good. Sharon locked the door behind him and fearfully glanced around the room, clearly feeling anything but safe.

Nick demands that Cameron leave town

Nick demands that Cameron leave town

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

by Nel

At Newman, Nate told Victoria that Victor had invited him for drinks sometime soon. He asked for Victoria's opinion, but Audra entered. She said she'd just left Victor at the Athletic Club. She said they'd discussed Nate.

Audra told Victoria she'd spoken to Victor after Nate and Victoria had left for the Newman suite to go over some figures. She claimed Victor had seemed very interested in Nate and Victoria's working relationship. She stated she'd gone out of her way to sing Nate's praises. She stated that Victor had become really interested after he'd seen Victoria and Nate leave together. Audra chirped that she'd told Victor how inspiring they both were as leaders, and she was sure that was why Victor wanted to meet with Nate.

Audra told Nate that after the glowing report Victor had received from her, she was sure he wanted to congratulate Nate on earning the employees' respect, and he would probably give Nate a bonus. Victoria snidely remarked that that was exactly the kind of effusive praise and gesture Victor was known for. Nate thanked Audra for putting in a good word.

After Audra left, Nate said that had been Audra's not-so-subtle way of telling them Victor had seen them come down the stairs together. Nate asked if Victor wanted a drink with the CEO of Newman Media, or the new guy in Victoria's life. Victoria claimed it meant Victor was taking him seriously, and that was a good sign.

Victoria suggested that she and Nate needed to figure out what Victor wanted. Nate claimed he'd spent a lot of time with Victor over the years, and he wasn't worried about the meeting. They kissed, and Victoria remarked that she had a meeting to go to. Nate asked if he should go with her, but she replied that it was personal, not business.

After Victoria left, Nate sat in the CEO chair and smiled. When Audra returned, Nate asked what she wanted. Audra replied that she admired how he operated. Nate suggested she not talk to her bosses the way she had. Audra said she and Nate had an agreement, and she didn't think she needed to pretend she didn't know what was going on.

Nate warned Audra not to be so blatant with Victoria. Audra claimed that if Victoria respected her for speaking her mind, she would be in a position to take over when Victoria promoted him. He said he'd used the information Audra had shared about the tech team's video production capabilities to impress Victoria with an idea he had for the Newman real estate division. He said it appeared their plan was working.

Audra told Nate that Victor was onto him. Nate stated he wasn't concerned because Victor was a man who wanted results. Nate did admit that Nick could be an issue because Nick considered Nate a threat, and Nick wouldn't back off easily.

In the dining room at the Athletic Club, Daniel told Lily that things between Phyllis and Summer were about to erupt, and he was worried about the fallout. He admitted he hadn't been completely honest with Lily because he didn't want to implicate her. Lily said she would postpone her meeting because she wanted to help Daniel, but he stated that he had somewhere to be. He suggested they meet later, and he would tell her everything. Lily agreed and left for her meeting.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea told Billy the numbers had been released for her rollout game when Omega Sphere had been testing the waters for their products. She said she had the lowest numbers for her game. Billy assured her it took time to find an audience, and he encouraged her not to worry about it.

Billy invited Chelsea to have dinner with him. Chelsea declined and said he was doing it for all the wrong reasons; he was trying to distract her from worrying and to be her hero again. She informed him that she and Dr. Malone had discussed how she and Billy had initially bonded when he'd saved her life. Dr. Malone suggested that because of that, perhaps Billy felt he had to keep saving her. Chelsea said she never wanted him to feel that way. She assured him she felt great, but when she wasn't feeling great, she didn't want Billy to think it was because of something he'd done or hadn't done.

Chelsea told Billy it wasn't his job to fix her. She said whenever he felt the need to rescue her, they had to talk about it and figure out how to handle it. Billy asked if she felt that he had a need to play hero. He claimed it had to have been bothering her if she'd talked about it with her therapist. Chelsea said she thought Billy was wonderful and that she adored him, but it bothered her that his first instinct was to distract her when something was bothering her.

Chelsea told Billy he couldn't stop her from having an unhappy thought. He said he cared about Chelsea, so he wanted to see her happy. She said he needed to trust that she could handle her unhappy thoughts, but when she couldn't, she would talk to him about it. Billy said he wanted to keep talking, but he had to meet with Victoria. He asked to continue their discussion later. He kissed her, and as he was leaving, Daniel arrived.

Daniel complained to Chelsea that it had been "a hell of a day." Chelsea asked if it was because her game was a flop. Daniel assured her his bad mood had nothing to do with her game. He said he wasn't worried because it would find its audience. He admitted he was dealing with some personal stuff. He grumbled that the numbers from the soft launch weren't through the roof, but they were getting good word of mouth on social media.

Daniel told Chelsea people were more willing to talk about their emotional struggles online, and it seemed they were seeking guidance outside traditional avenues. He claimed that they were poised to be that. He said he'd been monitoring a discussion thread earlier, and people were pointing to Chelsea's game as a positive tool for dealing with anxiety. He showed her some of the comments on his phone. Daniel said they were actually helping people, and that was worth a lot more than numbers.

Daniel told Chelsea her game was about finding real solutions to human problems. He said it meant seeing things from a different perspective. He explained that change was hard because one had to trust, one had to commit, it could be scary, and it took time. He said Chelsea had taken her pain and struggles, and she'd turned it into something positive. He told her to be proud of what she'd accomplished. Chelsea thanked him for taking a chance on her when so many wouldn't have.

At Society, Nikki told Victor that "that piece of human garbage" had poisoned Faith's cat and left it on the porch for Faith to find. Victor assured her that Cameron would be taken care of. Nikki griped that Nick wasn't answering his phone, and she was worried he would take matters into his own hands as he'd done it in the past.

Nikki told Victor that Nick would do anything to protect Sharon and Faith. Nikki claimed that if Nick found Cameron, he would lead with his fists on Cameron's head. Victor insisted he would be there to back Nick up.

Nick entered the Athletic Club, and he ran up the stairs. He pounded on the door and yelled for Cameron to open it. Cameron opened the door, and Nick walked in. Nick called Cameron a coward for terrorizing a mother and daughter and killing an innocent animal. Cameron denied killing the animal. He claimed he was in town for only one reason, Sharon. Nick told him to stay away from her. Cameron claimed it wasn't Nick's call because Nick wasn't married to her anymore, and she was fair game.

Nick told Cameron that Sharon despised him. Cameron said he would change that, and he felt Sharon had already warmed up to him. Nick pushed Cameron against the wall. He said he'd told the police who Cameron was and what he was capable of. He claimed if Cameron so much as smiled at Sharon or Faith, the cops would haul his "ass back to prison" before he could say parole violation. Cameron scoffed and claimed Nick had no grounds, but Nick countered that Cameron's track record was grounds enough.

Cameron told Nick he'd done his time, and he'd received the parole board's stamp of approval to prove it. Nick said Sharon wasn't the same woman she'd been back when Cameron had been able to manipulate her. Cameron stated Sharon was as beautiful as the day he'd met her. He vowed that Nick wasn't going to get between them "this time." Nick was about to punch him but stopped.

Cameron stated that if Nick was going to hit him, he had a right to defend himself. He tried to goad Nick into hitting him. Nick punched the wall instead and said next time, it would be for real. Cameron laughed. Nick told Cameron to leave town in the morning. Cameron shouted that Nick would have to drag him out in a bag because he had no intention of leaving. He claimed he had things to do and women to seduce. He said he hadn't broken any laws.

Nick stated that Cameron had been harassing Sharon since his arrival. Cameron claimed he'd seen her once in the coffeehouse, and Nick had been there for most of it. He commented that it was really sweet how protective Nick was of his ex-wife, but it was sad that she no longer wanted or loved Nick. Nick told Cameron to stay away from Sharon and Faith and told him to be gone by the morning. Cameron asked, "Or what?" Nick replied that Cameron didn't want to find out.

After Nick left, Cameron called Jimmy, and he said he had a job for Jimmy that required a face-to-face. He asked Jimmy to bring his right hook because he would need it.

Billy met Victoria in the Athletic Club dining room. Victoria told him the kids were both very excited about summer camp. Billy said he was trying to adjust to the fact that the kids wanted to be away from their parents for the whole summer. Victoria said Johnny and Katie wanted to go to boarding school. He said Victoria knew his experience in boarding school hadn't been warm and fuzzy, and he'd hated it. Billy stated that that day, he'd realized no one needed him anymore.

Victoria reminded Billy it was about Johnny and Katie, not him. Billy said he wouldn't say no to boarding school. He asked if her enthusiasm was coming from her budding relationship with Nate. Victoria hoped Billy wasn't implying that she wanted to ship the kids off to give her more time to date. Billy said it hadn't stopped her before, but she was right; it wasn't any of his business. He apologized because he knew she would never put "some guy" above their kids. She asked where that had come from.

Billy told Victoria that earlier, he'd been chastised for doing something he'd thought had been the right thing to do, and he was taking it out on Victoria. She hoped her seeing Nate wouldn't be a problem for Billy. She said she wasn't sending the kids away, only letting them go because she wanted to give them the best, even though she wouldn't see them every day.

Billy agreed with Victoria that it would be difficult, but it was the right thing to do for the kids. Victoria asked why Billy felt like no one needed him anymore. She said the kids needed both of them, only in different ways. Billy admitted he'd been an ass. She said holding on to the kids because it made her and Billy feel good wouldn't do the kids any good. She said the kids needed space, but she and Billy would be their safety net if the kids ever needed them.

Later, Billy was walking through the park. Lily greeted him and said she hadn't seen him since their very awkward double date. Billy admitted it had been weird. He inquired how she and Daniel were doing. She said it was "slow and steady." She asked about Chelsea. Billy replied that things were a little wobbly. He admitted he'd always waited for people to solve his problems, but recently, he'd been swinging in the opposite direction. Lily asked if Billy was solving problems he hadn't been asked to. Lily told him he had to find the balance between saving the world and falling apart.

After Billy left, Daniel greeted Lily with a hug and asked if she knew how much he appreciated her. He told Lily he'd met with Chelsea and discussed the early response to her game. Lily said she'd meant to call Chelsea and tell her to look at the good the game was doing. Daniel said he'd told Chelsea that, but she would probably appreciate hearing it from Lily.

Lily asked what was going on between Phyllis and Summer. He said he wanted to tell her, but it would compromise her; if she didn't want to have anything to do with it, he would keep it to himself. Lily said it was okay to tell her. Daniel told Lily that Phyllis was hiding out in a suite at the Athletic Club, and the cops could be at her door any second.

Nick arrived at Society. He told Victor that Cameron was living at the Athletic Club, and he needed to be watched day and night. Victor asked how Nick knew that. Nick admitted he'd confronted Cameron there. Nikki stated that was exactly what she'd been worried about. Victor asked if Nick had touched Cameron, and Nick said he hadn't. Nikki noticed Nick's knuckles. Nick said the wall hadn't been so lucky. Nikki stepped away to take a call.

Nick asked Victor about the security guard who'd had his uniform stolen. Victor said he'd fired the guard. Victor told Nick that he'd invited Nate to have a drink with him. Nick claimed that the family was dealing with a stalker, but Victor had time to socialize with an opportunist. Victor pointed out that Sally was a millstone around Nick's neck, especially since she was pregnant with Adam's child. Nick said Victor had no idea what he was talking about.

Nick told Victor that Cameron was a threat to the family at that time, but Victor was taking shots at the mother of Victor's next grandchild. Victor claimed Cameron would be dealt with, but Sally would be part of their lives. Nick claimed Victor didn't understand his relationship with Sally.

Nick told Victor he'd had his fill with Victor's judgment. Nick asked what Victor's real issue was with Sally because his attitude went far beyond "the protective father thing." Nick left. Nikki returned and asked what had happened. Victor claimed Nick had spread himself too thin.

Billy arrived at the coffeehouse in time to hear Chelsea on the phone, saying it wasn't what she'd wanted to hear but thanking the person for letting her know. Billy asked what had happened. She said Connor's teacher had told her Connor wasn't raising his hand in class, he was keeping to himself during free time, and she believed he was shutting down. Billy said that he wouldn't try to distract her; instead, he asked if she needed advice, reassurance, or someone to vent to. She kissed him and said he'd given her enough reassurance by making it clear he trusted her to handle it on her own.

Chelsea told Billy she would talk to Connor later and try to get through to him, and maybe some ice cream would help. Billy said that was a good idea. She thanked Billy for helping, and she asked what she could do for him. Billy asked why Chelsea thought he needed something. She said she could see the concern in his eyes. He claimed he'd been knocked off his game.

Billy told Chelsea his kids would be at summer camp all summer, and his kids wanted to go to boarding school in the fall. He said he was sad and confused because the kids didn't need him in the same way anymore. She said she would love to fix it for him, but instead, she asked if he wanted advice, reassurance, or just to vent. Billy said definitely the last two -- with a scoop of chocolate chip mint ice cream.

Victoria returned to the office, and she was glad Nate was still there. He asked why she was on edge. She said she'd met with Billy, and one of his jabs had gotten under her skin. Nate suspected it had been about him. She said what she and Nate had was confusing people because they didn't understand it.

Nate told Victoria that to some, they might appear as colleagues with benefits. Victoria claimed she considered him much more than that. Nate suggested they make it official and go on a real date. She agreed.

Kyle takes Chance to Phyllis' hotel room

Kyle takes Chance to Phyllis' hotel room

Thursday, June 8, 2023

by Nel

In Sally's suite at the Athletic Club, Sally told Nick that the doctor had assured her she wasn't in the danger zone yet. She asked what Nick knew about preeclampsia. Nick said he knew a lot because he'd been down that road previously. Sally said as long as she kept her blood pressure down and got approved for the prenatal yoga classes, then she would be okay. She assured him she would keep it that way.

Nick asked what Sally needed from him. Sally said Nick being there made her feel better because he was magic. Nick wished that worked in every other part of his life. Sally asked him to tell her everything.

Nick told Sally that a number of years before, he and Sharon had put away a very bad man, but he had returned and was dangerous. Nick said he'd given the guy a strongly worded suggestion for him to leave town immediately. Sally asked if Nick's suggestion had anything to do with his knuckles. Nick claimed no one had gotten hurt.

Nick warned Sally that if she ever saw Cameron to run and call the police. Sally asked what the guy looked like. Nick brought up a photo on his phone. Aghast, Sally said she'd met him in the park. Nick asked if Cameron had said or done anything that had made Sally feel threatened. Sally claimed he couldn't have been nicer.

Sally told Nick the guy had been two feet away from her. Sally explained that after she'd become dizzy, that guy had approached her, and he had asked if she was okay. She said he'd stayed with her until help had arrived. Nick warned Sally that Cameron was very dangerous. Sally stated that Cameron couldn't possibly know they were together. Nick said Cameron was thorough, and he was making his way into Sharon's inner circle. He said Cameron had shown himself to Sharon and Faith.

Sally told Nick there was no way Cameron could have staged being her knight in shining armor; he'd just been in the right place at the right time. She said it had been a coincidence because no one could have predicted she would get dizzy. She swore the guy had no idea who she was. Nick said they needed to make sure it stayed that way.

Nick told Sally he had to go and check on Sharon and Faith. He asked if Sally would be okay. Sally assured him she would be, and she demonstrated her app for voice assistance on her phone. Nick asked Sally to treat Cameron like poison if she saw him again. Sally agreed and stated the same went for Nick. Nick said the right people were on alert --Victor's security team and the police department. He said Cameron's time was up.

At home, Faith admitted to Sharon that she was freaked out. She said Borgnine hadn't deserved to die. Faith also admitted she was worried about Sharon. Sharon assured her they would sort things out.

There was a knock at the door, and Sharon nearly jumped out of her skin. Someone tried the doorknob. Sharon and Faith each picked up a croquet mallet. When they reached the door, they breathed a sigh of relief when they heard Mariah shout that she'd forgotten her key. She apologized and then chastised Sharon for not calling the police if she was that scared. Faith told Mariah to call out immediately in the future so they wouldn't panic.

Sharon told Faith it was time she left. Faith refused to abandon Sharon because they needed to stick together. Sharon said she wouldn't be able to forgive herself if anything happened to Faith. She said Cameron knew who Faith was and where to find her. Sharon said he also knew what Faith meant to her. Mariah confirmed that Faith was Sharon's Achilles heel.

Sharon told Faith that Cameron knew Sharon would do anything for Faith, and he would use that against Sharon. Mariah said Sharon would be a lot stronger knowing Faith was safe. Faith refused because Sharon would be alone. Faith asked who would protect Sharon if Faith left. Sharon assured Faith she would be fine because she had Nick, Victor, and Nikki, and the security team was top tier. Faith pointed out that Cameron had gotten past all of them.

Sharon said it wasn't Faith's job to protect her, and Sharon wanted Faith someplace safe so Sharon wouldn't have to worry about her. Faith claimed it was unfair, but she would leave. Faith demanded that when she sent Sharon a text message, she wanted an immediate response, or she would be on the next plane home. She said as soon as "that psycho" was behind bars, she would return home.

At Crimson Lights, Summer asked Chance if he'd heard anything. Chance said she would be the third or fourth person to know when he had anything. She asked what it would take to call off the APB. Chance said she needed to bring Phyllis in. He said Phyllis had killed a man, but Summer claimed it hadn't been by choice; it was kill or be killed. He said they needed to hear the full story from Phyllis.

Summer told Chance that Phyllis had been smart enough to save herself. She said Stark could have killed her, and no one would have looked for her because everyone had believed she'd already been dead. Summer said that a woman who could save herself that way shouldn't come home to a prison cell. She stated it had been self-defense.

Summer told Chance that Stark had coerced Phyllis into doing everything she'd done. Summer said Chance knew Phyllis wasn't a criminal, and she'd done what she'd had to in order to survive. Chance said it would help to hear it all from Phyllis. Summer asked him to interview Nate and Elena, who'd examined Phyllis after she'd collapsed. She said they'd both agreed that in their medical opinion, Phyllis had been in distress. Summer claimed Stark had given Phyllis something that had affected her physically and mentally. She asked how else Stark would have gotten Phyllis to go along with his scheme.

Chance told Summer there was no evidence to back up Phyllis' side of the story; all they had was hearsay. He reminder Summer that she would be treated as an accessory for any actions she took. Summer stated that the only thing that scared her was losing her mom forever because she'd already been through that once. Chance said in the eyes of the law... Summer interrupted and said, "in the eyes of Christine," because she had a vendetta against Phyllis.

Chance assured Summer the case had nothing to do with any personal grievances. He asked if Summer believed Christine couldn't be fair. Summer claimed it was an opportunity for Christine to publicly humiliate Phyllis. Summer asked, as a friend, if there was anything he could do.

In her suite at the Athletic Club, Phyllis sent Summer a text message; "You have to call me back Super Girl, even if it's bad news. Please call me back." Under her breath, Phyllis said her future was in Kyle's hands.

Summer arrived a short time later, and she told Phyllis she had bad news. She said everything was about to hit the fan. Phyllis surmised that Summer had told Kyle the whole truth. Summer said that at home, Kyle had begun putting the pieces together, and she had to tell him the truth. She said it had been horrible, as were the insults he'd hurled at her. Phyllis said she was heartbroken over it. Summer said Kyle had been right about all of it; she'd chosen Phyllis over everyone. Phyllis claimed she would fix it because it was all her fault. Summer agreed it was Phyllis' fault.

Summer told Phyllis they needed to go because Phyllis wasn't safe there. She said they needed to leave because Kyle was furious. Phyllis asked if Kyle had gone to the police. Summer said she hadn't spoken to Kyle since the fight, and there was no reason that he wouldn't go to the police. Phyllis said the only reason would be that he loved Summer.

Summer asked Phyllis how to ger her out of there. Phyllis asked what her chances of getting caught were. Summer asked if Phyllis was ready to run. Phyllis asked what would happen if she wasn't. Summer told Phyllis to grab her stuff because Phyllis wasn't turning herself in. Phyllis said she would call Chance and tell him where she was. Phyllis said Chance would receive a commendation, and Jack and Diane would see Summer as the perfect daughter-in-law who'd sacrificed everything. Phyllis claimed it was the only way out. Summer refused.

Summer told Phyllis they hadn't struggled that long to keep her out of prison to give up. Phyllis said she wanted to give Summer her life back, the life Summer loved so much. She said she would do anything for Summer.

At home, Kyle asked if Jack and Diane were planning their wedding. Jack said it hadn't been that long since Kyle had planned his vow renewal ceremony. Diane told Kyle they wanted Harrison to be their ring bearer. Kyle replied that Harrison would love that, but he'd been Kyle and Summer's ring bearer. He suggested they do the opposite of what he and Summer had done because the vow renewal had turned out to have been bad luck. Jack asked why Kyle would say that.

Kyle told Jack he didn't want to talk about anything or what was happening in his life because nothing felt right. Diane stated that Kyle and Summer were a team. Diane asked if Summer was still sleeping in the pool house. She claimed it was all because of Phyllis, who was out there. Kyle said he was going to work to solve a few problems there.

After Kyle left, Diane asked Jack if there was something more going on with Kyle than he was telling them. Jack said Kyle was a grown man and entitled to keep the details of his marriage to himself. Jack said they needed to stay out of it. She said it was all Phyllis' fault. Jack suggested they needed to be there for Kyle when he needed them. He said they had other problems brewing.

Diane told Jack she couldn't believe a woman as brilliant and competent as Ashley was rushing to marry that con man. Diane asked if it was all part of a scheme to take over Jabot. Jack stated that all signs seemed to point that way. Jack said he and Billy were working on figuring things out. Diane claimed Tucker was using Ashley's unfounded fears about her place in the company to provoke her. She suggested it had been part of Tucker's plan all along when he'd wanted Diane to gather information about Jabot.

Jack said he and Billy didn't know who was behind it or how to stop them. Jack claimed the family had been through enough, and if there was any way to cut off Ashley's coup before it happened, he wanted to know about it. Diane said Ashley's biggest fear was that Diane would have a more powerful role at Jabot. Diane suggested they "scare the hell out of Ashley" by promoting Diane. She said it would show Ashley it was a level playing field, and they were ready for battle. She said Ashley had to be made aware they wanted peace, but they were prepared for war.

In the park, Mariah heard footsteps and shouted that she knew how to use her pepper spray. Kyle asked what the warning had been for. Mariah said she'd been listing her special skills. Kyle said he had her beat in special skills because he knew how to marry the woman of his dreams and turn her into the invisible woman with a heart of stone.

Mariah said grieving was tough. Kyle said Summer had stopped grieving a long time before. He stated that what he did next would change the course of his and Summer's lives. He explained everything that had been going on. He asked what Mariah thought he should do. Mariah said as his best friend, telling him the truth would put their friendship at risk, and she didn't want that.

Mariah said Kyle loved Summer, he saw the good in her, and he accepted her. She admitted she'd never trusted Summer. Kyle said Mariah should have seen them in Italy. He said they'd been "so happy." Mariah stated that they'd returned to Summer's natural habitat, surrounded by people who encouraged and normalized Summer's bad behavior. She said Summer had chosen Phyllis over Kyle.

Mariah said Summer had known Phyllis was alive, yet she'd allowed Kyle's mother to get blamed for Phyllis' murder, and that was reprehensible. Mariah said she loved Kyle enough to risk losing him by telling him what was in her heart, which was more than she could say about Summer. Kyle said he'd known Summer for "so long," and he'd thought he'd known what she was capable of. Mariah stated that Summer was her mother's daughter.

Kyle said Mariah didn't know Summer, but Mariah retorted that she knew Kyle -- and they wouldn't be having that conversation if Summer hadn't broken his heart past healing. She said Summer had changed him, and he needed an intervention. Mariah said if Kyle was okay with the lying and manipulation and always being second best, then she would have to figure out a way not to be friends with him. Kyle protested. Mariah claimed she couldn't be around all that recklessness. Kyle asked if Mariah believed that he wanted full-time chaos for Harrison. Mariah claimed Kyle was choosing it. He said Summer was Harrison's mother.

Mariah told Kyle they were supposed to protect their kids. If Phyllis and Summer could do what they'd done to him, Diane, and everyone else in town, they were dangerous. Kyle asked what he was supposed to do.

Nick left Sally, and downstairs, he spotted Adam at the bar. He said he'd heard Adam had had a few eventful hours. Adam admitted his little girl was keeping him on his toes. He told Nick he'd bought a blood pressure monitor. He said Sally might not need it, but it was better to be safe. Nick agreed. He asked Adam to look after Sally for him.

Adam asked Nick "why the hell" Cameron was in town. He couldn't understand why they'd let Cameron out to continue tormenting Sharon. Nick said they would deal with it until Cameron was out of town and no longer a threat. Adam said he would look after Sally and the baby. Nick asked Adam to keep him posted if there were any problems.

Adam accused Nick of bringing that chaos to Sally's door, the last thing she needed. Nick said Cameron was attacking Sharon's life, and Cameron didn't know who Sally was or how she was connected to him. Adam said if Nick was asking him to look after Sally, it meant Nick was worried, not just about the pregnancy but also about that freak. Nick said there was no harm in being extra careful. Adam said two women in Nick's life needed his attention and care, and it was telling which one he'd chosen to focus on. Nick said they were done, and he left.

At the coffeehouse, Kyle told Chance he'd seen Phyllis, and he asked Chance to follow him.

Adam arrived at Sally's, and he told Sally he'd bought a blood pressure cuff. He said he hoped she would never need it. Sally asked if he should be somewhere. Adam claimed he was exactly where he needed to be. Sally asked if someone had suggested that he be the watchful eye. He said if he and Nick were working together, it was for a special cause.

At Sharon's, Sharon told Nick she was sending Faith away. Nick said that was smart, and he acknowledged that she would miss Faith terribly. Nick told her he'd tracked Cameron to the Athletic Club. Sharon saw Nick's hand and asked what had happened. Nick said he'd let Cameron know they were watching him and what would happen if he tried anything.

Sharon asked if Nick thought he'd gotten rid of Cameron. Nick said he hoped so, and he was glad Faith had left, in case Cameron tried to press his luck.

Chance and Kyle arrived at Phyllis' door. Chance pounded on the door. He used a key card to enter the suite. He called out, but there was no answer. Chance said it was a dead end. Kyle said Summer had tipped Phyllis off, and she'd helped Phyllis take off in a hurry. He told Chance to find Summer, and he would find Phyllis.

Chance arrests Nick while Cameron laughs

Chance arrests Nick while Cameron laughs

Friday, June 9, 2023

by Nel

At Crimson Lights, Nick told Nikki he was sick of Victor's fixation with Sally, rather than on Cameron, who'd been making threats. He said Sharon was making sure Faith returned to her college to keep her safe. Nikki asked if Cameron was still in town. Nick said he assumed Cameron was still in town, since he hadn't heard otherwise.

Nikki wanted Nick's assurance he would let Victor's security team and the police handle Cameron. Nikki reminded Nick how dangerous things had gotten with Cameron in the past and insisted that Cameron needed to be handled by professionals. She expressed fear that Cameron would do major damage to Nick.

In his suite, Cameron looked at his reflection in the mirror to see the damage to his face. He recalled an earlier conversation he'd had with Nick. Cameron said it was sweet how protective Nick was of his ex-wife but a little sad because she no longer loved or wanted him. Nick told Cameron to stay away from Sharon and Faith. He told Cameron to be gone by morning. Cameron asked, "Or what?" Nick said Cameron didn't want to find out.

Cameron smiled at his reflection, and he called the police to report an assault.

At home, Abby told Devon that Tucker hadn't missed any of Dominic's music classes, and she wondered if Tucker really wanted to be part of everything or if it was just an angle to something. Devon agreed that Tucker wasn't trustworthy. Abby said that was especially true where Ashley was concerned. Devon suggested that he put his plan into action. Abby agreed.

Sitting at the Athletic Club bar, Ashley told Tucker they had to tell Abby and Devon about their engagement before Abby and Devon heard it from someone else. Ashley said they wouldn't be happy about it. She and Tucker simultaneously received a text message from Devon inviting them for dinner at Society.

Ashley told Tucker she found Devon's timing interesting. Tucker suggested Abby and Devon might have heard about the engagement, and they could try to stop the wedding. Tucker asked if Ashley would put the wedding on hold indefinitely if Abby and Devon objected. Ashley said they didn't know if Abby and Devon knew about their engagement. She replied to Devon's text message: "We would be delighted."

Tucker told Ashley it was possible Abby and Devon wouldn't believe them. Ashley agreed, because they'd already told Abby and Devon about their fake engagement. She suggested they be honest and tell them that being married strengthened them in case Diane became a problem at Jabot. Tucker asked if they were putting Abby in the middle. Ashley claimed Abby would wind up there, anyway, if Diane got kicked out of Jabot because she'd become an issue with the board.

Chance returned to Phyllis' suite and told Kyle that hotel security would pull the surveillance footage for him. Kyle said Chance wouldn't find anything because Phyllis knew how to avoid cameras. Chance said Kyle had come close to incriminating Summer, and he asked if Kyle had something to say. Kyle said he hated it, and the truth had to come out. Kyle said Summer had known where Phyllis was for weeks, and he assumed Summer had helped Phyllis escape.

At home, Jack pondered the preemptive promotion Diane had suggested. Diane claimed that promoting her to a key position would send a powerful message to Ashley and Tucker. Jack said it might start World War III. Diane claimed that would be Ashley's fault for trying to oust Jack because Diane was in the picture.

Diane told Jack the chief talent officer would retire at the end of the month. She said it was a key position, and it hadn't been filled yet. Jack agreed it was the perfect job for her, and he would make it happen.

Kyle rushed in and said he needed to talk to Summer. Jack and Diane said they hadn't seen her. Kyle told them Phyllis had been hiding out in a suite at the Athletic Club. Jack said he would call the police. Kyle said that he and Chance had been to Phyllis' suite, and she was gone. He admitted that Summer had led him to Phyllis. Kyle said Summer had known for quite some time where Phyllis was. Jack griped that Summer had been lying to them the whole time. Kyle said Summer had begged him not to tell anyone, but he wasn't giving Phyllis a free pass. He said it had to end.

Kyle said Summer had been betraying them for weeks. He said she'd not only known Phyllis was alive, but she'd known where Phyllis had been long before any of them had found out. He said he'd believed Summer had shut him out because she'd been in so much pain. He said Summer had lied, and she couldn't have hurt him more if she'd stabbed him in the heart. He asked how he was supposed to get past that. Kyle said he'd had to tell Jack and Diane that Summer was caught up in Phyllis' mess. Jack said Kyle had done the right thing, and Summer had to know there were consequences.

Diane asked how Jack and Kyle could blame Summer for protecting her mother. Diane said she understood what Summer had done. She said Phyllis had put her children in a terrible position, forcing them to lie to the people they loved. Kyle retorted that no one had forced Summer to lie to him, but Diane said Phyllis had because she'd known Summer would do anything to protect her mother.

Diane said Summer hadn't had a choice. She asked Kyle to put himself in Summer's shoes, and she asked who he would choose, Phyllis or his mother. She asked who he would protect. Diane said Summer had to have been scared to death, and they shouldn't judge her harshly.

Jack told Diane that Summer could have saved them a world of torment if she'd told them about Phyllis. Diane growled that Phyllis could have prevented it months before. She said whatever torment they'd felt, Summer had suffered twice as much. She said Summer was as much a victim as they'd been, and Phyllis was solely to blame for the entire situation. Diane said her heart bled for Kyle because he'd been badly hurt, but so had Summer -- by her mother, and Summer deserved their compassion and forgiveness. Kyle uttered that Diane was amazing. Diane claimed Phyllis was a destructive narcissist, and Diane didn't want to see him toss his marriage aside because of Phyllis.

Kyle told Diane he didn't know if he could turn the other cheek because there had been too many lies, and he'd blamed himself for not being what Summer had needed. He griped that Summer had chosen Phyllis over Diane, and she'd chosen a lie over their marriage.

In the park, Daniel told Summer he'd half expected a S.W.A.T. team to show up at Phyllis' door after Kyle had turned Phyllis in. Summer said Kyle had found out that she'd known where Phyllis had been and that Summer hadn't said anything. She said she and Phyllis had done the only thing they could.

Daniel told Summer he couldn't believe Phyllis was a fugitive again. Summer said Phyllis had offered to turn herself in to save Summer and Kyle's marriage, but she'd refused to let Phyllis do that. Summer said Phyllis needed more time to figure things out. Daniel claimed they should be figuring things out in the open, rather than encouraging Phyllis to hide from the cops. Daniel claimed Phyllis had made things worse for everyone.

Chance arrived and demanded that Summer tell him where Phyllis was. Daniel claimed he had no idea, and Summer also denied knowing where Phyllis was. Chance said he knew Phyllis had been at the Athletic Club and that Summer had hustled Phyllis out of there. Summer asked Daniel to give her and Chance some privacy, because she didn't want to drag Daniel deeper into the situation. Daniel asked Chance to listen to Summer and to give her a fair shake.

After Daniel left, Chance said he'd been willing to give Summer the benefit of the doubt, but he'd known she'd been lying all along. He said Summer had known he would be as fair as the law would allow. Summer stated that was the catch, "as the law would allow." She said she didn't regret any of her actions because Stark had forced Phyllis to do everything that had happened, but there was no way to prove it because Stark was dead. She said Phyllis was in an impossible position. She asked how the law could help her.

Chance said he couldn't do anything unless Summer told him the truth. Chance said they had built a relationship on trust, except Summer didn't trust him, and he didn't trust her. Summer claimed that once Kyle had seen Phyllis, Phyllis had known she wasn't safe anymore. She said Phyllis could be anywhere, because as soon as Kyle had left, Phyllis had left.

Chance said Summer's refusal to cooperate had made everything "so much harder" on Phyllis and Summer. He said he could arrest Summer for false statements, obstruction, and aiding and abetting a murder suspect. Summer told him to do what he needed to, but she didn't know where Phyllis was.

Summer said if Chance wanted to know where Phyllis was, Summer wanted a guarantee that Phyllis wouldn't be arrested. He said he couldn't do that, since Summer had just admitted she knew more than she was saying, and she was taking a big risk withholding information. Chance received a call. Summer asked if that call had been about Phyllis. Chance asked if Summer expected him to tell her anything, since she'd given him nothing.

After Chance left, Daniel returned. Summer told Daniel that Chance had received a phone call, and he'd left. She guessed it had been about Phyllis, and Chance had left to look for her. Daniel said Phyllis had skipped town because she was afraid she wouldn't be treated fairly. Summer claimed they might never see Phyllis again, but Daniel claimed they wouldn't let that happen.

Daniel told Summer they needed to decide their next move, Summer said she might have lost her mother and her husband. Daniel said if they put their heads together, perhaps they could figure out a way to "help Mom." Summer said everything they'd tried had failed. Daniel said they would keep trying until they found something that worked.

Summer reminded Daniel that Phyllis was facing murder charges, and there was no way to prove it had been self-defense. Summer asked what would happen if there had been a witness, someone who'd seen what had happened between Phyllis and Stark that night, and they were willing to corroborate Phyllis' self-defense story. Daniel claimed no one had been there. Summer said the police didn't know that or a lot of the details. She said Stark couldn't refute anything. Summer wondered if, for the right price, someone might be willing to come forward and swear they'd seen everything. Daniel said that didn't sound feasible.

At Society, Ashley and Tucker told Devon and Abby that they were getting married. Devon said he didn't know if he and Abby should believe them. Tucker said it was real, and the wedding would happen very soon. Abby claimed it felt fake.

Ashley told Abby there were real feelings between her and Tucker. Abby said vindictiveness and irrational fear were real feelings, but it was all about Diane. Tucker responded that Ashley was right to have her suspicions about Diane. Ashley stated that Diane was a danger to their family and Jabot. Devon commented that Diane was on trial for murder. Ashley informed them Phyllis had faked her death, and she was in hiding. Tucker said the police had found the proof, and the charges against Diane had been dropped.

Ashley told Abby and Devon it was fantastic that Phyllis was alive, but Diane was full of herself and more of a threat than she'd been before. Ashley said she was trying to protect her family's company. Ashley said Diane had wormed her way into Jabot when no one had wanted to hire her, and Diane was going to convince Jack to promote her to a key position in senior management. She said Diane would use that position to wreak havoc at Jabot.

Ashley asked Abby and Devon to keep their discussion private. Ashley said if things became an issue with the board, she hoped she could count on Abby's support. Abby asked what was before the board. Ashley said she was hiring Tucker to be part of their senior management team, and she was floating the idea of removing Jack as CEO. Abby accused Tucker of using Ashley again and said the plan had been his idea. She claimed his proclamation of being a changed man had been a pack of lies.

Abby asked Ashley how she wasn't disgusted by that "selfish and manipulative man." Ashley told Abby that Tucker had had nothing to do with her plans for Jabot. She said he'd tried to talk her out of it many times. Tucker said he'd been pushing Ashley to walk away from Jabot. He wanted her to leave it to the Abbotts, and start something new with him, but if she wanted to protect Jabot, he was all in. Ashley said that was the truth. She said Tucker had told her that he loved her, and he wanted a real marriage.

Ashley told Abby and Devon she'd made the call because she wanted to protect her family's company, and she advised them not to blame Tucker. Tucker said he understood why Abby had jumped to the worst possible conclusion. He said he'd given her a lot of reasons to doubt him and his intentions over the years. Devon and Abby apologized for misjudging Tucker.

Abby told Tucker she was happy that he was on board with Ashley's fixation on Diane, but she wasn't happy that Tucker was trying to tempt Ashley away from Jabot, a legacy she'd earned. Ashley agreed and said she wasn't planning to leave Jabot or allowing Jack to hand over the keys to the kingdom to Diane.

Tucker and Ashley said they would leave because they'd given Devon and Abby a lot to think about. Ashley said she loved Abby, and Ashley and Tucker left.

Abby told Devon that Ashley and Tucker baffled her. Devon agreed. Abby wasn't sure who she was more worried about, Tucker using Ashley, or Ashley using Tucker.

While Nick was working at the coffeehouse, Chance stormed in and shouted that he'd warned Nick not to take matters into his own hands with Kirsten. Nick admitted he'd spoken to Kirsten. Chance informed him that Kirsten had filed charges against Nick for battery.

Nick told Chance that Cameron was a liar and an opportunist. Chance said Nick had charged into Cameron's room and assaulted him. Chance said he had to arrest Nick. Nick stated that Sharon had told Chance what kind of guy Cameron was and that he'd framed Sharon for murdering her ex-boyfriend. He said Cameron was a psychopath. Nick said he hadn't hit Cameron, but he'd told Cameron to stay away from his family and to leave town, that was all.

Nick told Chance that Cameron had terrorized Sharon, stalked Faith, and killed Faith's cat. Chance said Nick should have let him handle it, but Nick retorted that Chance hadn't. Nick said Cameron had told him that he was going to seduce Sharon. Chance said he'd given Nick the benefit of the doubt when Ashland had been killed, but he couldn't do that again. Nick said Cameron wasn't leaving town, and the assault charge was his next desperate move.

Cameron arrived and asked if Chance was going to continue chatting with Cameron's assailant or arrest him at some point. Nick said he wanted to shake the hand of the person who'd beaten Cameron up. Nick called Cameron a liar, and he stated that he hadn't touched Cameron. Cameron asked Chance to look at his face and Nick's knuckles.

Chance asked to see Nick's hand. Nick showed his hand to Chance and said he'd hit the wall in frustration. Cameron said that was true, Nick had hit the wall with his first punch, but the next three had landed on Cameron's face. Chance said Nick had admitted he'd been in Cameron's hotel room, they'd exchanged words, Nick's hand was injured, and so was Cameron's face. He said he had to take Nick in. Chance said he would make sure Sharon and Faith were safe. Chance told Nick to call Victor when he got to the station.

Cameron said someone was getting special treatment because they had a special last name. As Chance administered Miranda rights to Nick, Cameron laughed.

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