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Tucker returned from his honeymoon without Ashley after she abandoned their plans to form a competing entity. Tucker bedded Audra and plotted to take over Jabot. Nick left Newman to help Sharon rebuild Kirsten. Victor demoted Victoria to co-CEO while retaking his position at the company's helm.
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Tucker returned from his honeymoon without Ashley. Tucker and Audra had sex. Victor demoted Victoria.
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Nick's decision shocks his family

Nick's decision shocks his family

Monday, September 11, 2023

Victor visited Adam at his apartment to check on him. Adam assumed that after having had a change of heart, his father had come to apologize for exiling him from Newman Media. Victor assured Adam that he cared for Adam as his father. Adam admitted it seemed odd for his father to show compassion after having snatched away the business purchased for him to run. Victor replied, "Son, are you serious? You take no responsibility for the havoc you caused at McCall-Kirsten?"

Adam admitted that his father had given him the world and that he had almost burned it to the ground, just as he had in the past. Reflecting, Adam said he should have demonstrated humility by declining his father's proposal and acknowledging he did not deserve the gift. Adam admitted that his feelings of entitlement had gone against everything his mother had taught him growing up.

Adam cast blame on influences from the Newmans for having corrupted him. Victor replied, "That sounds as if you're blaming me as much as yourself." Adam confessed that he defaulted to blaming his own character defects on his dad. Adam shared that he had long felt like an outcast and a black sheep who would never receive his father's love and respect. Victor replied that he had always done what was best for his son. Adam confessed that by letting his father down, he had derailed every opportunity by testing fate and taking shots to prove he was right and that everyone else was wrong.

Adam cried that his missteps had set them all back where they had started. Victor replied, "You're my son. I love you. Where do we go from here?" Adam mumbled that it was anyone's guess. Adam informed his father that he had made amends to Nick and Sharon. Adam suggested his father might treat him like he was someone new in the family and the family business by letting him start at the bottom and giving him a chance to work his way up. Victor chuckled and recalled having once assigned a restroom for Adam to use as his office.

Adam pleaded with his father to let him rise and fall on his own merits in order to change Nick and Victoria's opinions of him. Adam promised his father he would strive to give Victor the united family he had long wanted. Victor replied, "There's only one problem." Victor reminded Adam that each time he resolved to do his best, his darker side emerged to undo his accomplishments. Adam assured his father it would not happen again because he had nothing left to lose. Adam begged for another chance to undo some of the damage he had done. Victor told Adam he was impressed by what appeared to be sincere intentions. Victor said he would consider Adam's request.

At Society, Sharon asked Nick to help her run Kirsten Incorporated. Sally closely tuned in to Nick's reaction. Nick replied, "I mean, it's tempting." Sharon seemed hopeful, knowing that Adam would no longer be involved after Victor had completely relinquished control. Sharon acknowledged that Victor's reshuffling at Newman Enterprises had landed Nick the position of co-CEO. Nick boasted about his ascension, adding that assuming the position was a logical next step in light of Nikki transferring to Newman Media. Sharon surmised that Nick had reservations about returning to the family company. Sharon advised Nick to listen to his instincts and follow them wherever they led.

Sharon recalled how Victoria had taken advantage of a rough time in Nick's life, exploiting the circumstances as an excuse to give Nick's job to Nate. Nick said he believed that returning to work with his sister might help minimize the tension between them and allow him the access he needed to keep an eye on Nate. Sharon replied, "You really don't trust him, do you?" Nick acknowledged that Victoria had a blind eye regarding Nate. Nick said he feared, too, that Adam was poised to strike after having been banished.

Nick told Sharon he might have a shot at holding things together if he accepted the position at Newman. Sharon suggested Nick step back and let his family deal with the repercussions of their actions. Sally defended Nick, explaining that he had a sense of loyalty to his family. Sharon reminded Sally that Nick's family had not always shown Nick their loyalty. Nick requested more time to think things through. Sally, siding with Nick, added, "As you should."

Sharon left, so Nick and Sally could talk things over together. Sally told Nick she was aware of his history with Sharon and had no problem with them working together, adding that she would support his decision. Nick said he was torn between stepping back into his family's company with all it entailed and grasping a chance to do something good at Kirsten Incorporated. Sally mentioned Adam and expressed concern about where he might end up, adding that losing Ava and his company position had likely left him feeling devastated. Nick said he hoped Adam might learn humility. Sally, taken aback, replied, "Wow. That's cold."

Nick backtracked, expressing compassion for the loss of Ava. Nick suggested that Adam's actions had brought about karma for him and those associated with him. Sally asked Nick if he was implying that Adam had deserved his losses. Nick cried that no one ever deserved to lose a child. Nick, recalling how deeply Adam had hurt him, said Adam had likely suffered a similar kind of pain.

Sally asked Nick if she had deserved her loss and suffering as result of the things she had done to hurt people. Nick sincerely apologized and asked Sally if they could talk about something else. Sally paused and said, "I am excited about my new interior design firm." Nick assured Sally she would be successful. Nick reminded Sally to submit her business plan to his financial team, so they could set up her corporate account. Sally, smiling, replied, "Sounds amazing."

In Victoria's office at Newman Enterprises, Nate welcomed Victoria back home and asked her how she was doing. Victoria replied that she was a little tired, blaming an unpleasant meeting with Nick and a confrontation with her father for having rearranged the business behind her back. Nate seemed relieved knowing that other factors had disrupted Victoria's normal routine. Nate admitted he feared Victoria might have been attempting to avoid him. Victoria reminded Nate that she thought they had gotten back to a good place before she had traveled to Los Angeles.

Victoria stepped around her desk, wrapped her arms around Nate, and passionately kissed him on the lips. Nate praised Victoria's handling of the sudden corporate reassignments. Victoria said she approved of Adam's removal, adding that Newman Media would soar to success under Nikki. Nate expressed concern that Nick might attempt to fire him. Victoria was lovingly stroking Nate's face when Nikki entered through the open door and said, "Am I interrupting something?"

Victoria walked back to her desk as Nikki explained that she had moved her office to Newman Media and had advised staff about the confusing changes. Nikki quipped that employees needed a map to determine which person to report to. Nikki recalled that first Adam and Sally had been in charge, then it had just been Sally, then Audra and Nate, then Audra and Kyle before Nikki had taken on the head position. Nikki noted that things would not be settled until Nick assumed his position at Newman Enterprises.

Victor entered and greeted Victoria, Nikki, and Nate. Victor asked about Nick. Victoria replied that Nick had not called or answered her text messages. Nikki suggested that Nate step down from his position because he and Nick did not get along. Victor sighed and replied, "Let's see what Nicholas has to say, all right?" Victor reminded Victoria that they had a meeting to attend. Victoria, visibly angered, replied, "I suppose that means we're done here."

After Victor and Victoria stepped out, Nikki turned to Nate and said, "So, I'm curious. What would you have done had Victor agreed with me about you stepping down?" Nate said he would have stepped down for Nick's sake had Victoria and Victor asked him to because he never wanted to be where he was not wanted or appreciated ever again. Nikki replied, "Always so smooth. Always knowing the answer to every question. That's really a talent."

Nate claimed it was easy when it was the truth. Nikki replied, "But then, tomorrow, it'll be another truth for another occasion." Nate acknowledged that Nikki did not trust him or believe anything he said. Nate asked what he had to do to convince Nikki that he was sincere. Nikki replied, "You could step down of your own volition. Be proactive. Don't wait for Victor to request it. Then, I might believe you're sincere." Nate said he had no reason to step down until they knew what Nick was going to do.

Sharon stopped by the Chancellor estate to check on Mariah and Aria. Mariah told Sharon that Tessa's photoshoot was going well, though she had called home repeatedly to check on her family. Mariah admitted to Sharon that it had been a mistake to accept Devon and Abby's invitation to stay in their home while Tessa was away. Mariah told her mother she believed Aria seemed uncomfortable in unfamiliar surroundings. Her anxiety level rising, Mariah cried that she might have really screwed up.

Sharon comforted Mariah, reminding her that babies were adaptable as long as they were in the care of loved ones. Sharon said she was more worried about Mariah, knowing her daughter was facing the unknowns of her child's serious medical issues. Mariah admitted she had researched worst-case scenarios. Having heeded her mother's advice to take things one step at a time, Mariah told Sharon she had calmed her fears. Sharon assured Mariah that she and the family would together bravely face all challenges.

Mariah admitted that worrying constantly about what-if situations had worn her down. Mariah cried that the possibility of failed surgeries and permanent deafness were causes for concern. Mariah suggested Sharon distract her by sharing an update about her business. Sharon announced that Victor had allowed her to keep Kirsten with no strings attached, so Mariah no longer had to worry about her job. Mariah gave her mom a congratulatory hug. Mariah was relieved to hear that her mother was no longer obligated to work with Adam. Sharon proudly noted that she would do it all on her own unless Nick decided to work alongside her.

Nick mulled over his decision while taking a walk in the park. In a flashback to the first time Victor had welcomed him into the company fold, Nick recalled having given his father reasons to worry about whether or not he would become a good candidate. Victor, having assured Nick that all difficulties were behind them, had celebrated the moment a new Newman had entered the fray. Nick had clarified that he and Victor would be working together. Victor had replied, "Side by side. This is one of the proudest moments of my life." Nick had promised to give his father everything he had and never let him down. Nick also recalled the joy he and Sharon had shared the day they'd purchased the coffeehouse. Nick had told Sharon that going into business together was scary and at the same time exciting.

Adam approached and told Nick he appeared to have a lot on his mind. Nick replied, "Yeah, and it's all thanks to you, Adam." Adam offered a heartfelt congratulations to Nick for taking over for his mom at Newman Enterprises. Nick replied, "Okay, so this is the new humble, Zen Adam I've been hearing so much about?" Adam said he should have anticipated that Nick would not believe the change. Nick teased Adam about retracing Tucker's trek to a mountaintop to find his inner peace. Adam explained that his mountaintop experience had been a visit with Victor.

Nick sarcastically asked Adam if he had promised Victor that he would change and improve himself. Adam said he had, adding that he had requested an opportunity to start at the bottom and work his way up without any special favors or handouts. Nick replied, "Well, that was clever. I'm sure Dad ate it up because he is your biggest fan, Adam. I mean, if anyone has eternal hope for your redemption, it is our father."

Adam admitted he wasn't so sure Victor would comply. Nick replied, "So, Dad wasn't buying the new and improved Adam?" Adam admitted that their dad had seemed skeptical, though not as much as Nick seemed to be. Nick recalled that every time he and Adam seemed to build a good relationship, Adam always did something to blow it all up. Nick told Adam he yearned for a brother who could be supportive like a normal person. Adam assured Nick that things had changed after their dad had set the stage for them to find out who they were and what they really wanted.

Sally entered her suite at the Athletic Club and picked up her sketchbook. Suddenly inspired, Sally began drawing on paper the images she envisioned in her mind. Sally heard a knock on her door. Setting down her pencil, Sally peered through the peephole and saw Adam. Sally unclasped her barrette and fluffed her curly hair before opening the door. Adam spotted Sally's sketches and suggested she use an electronic tablet instead of paper. Sally said she preferred the old-school method to get her creative juices flowing.

Adam noted that with Nick's backing, Sally was set to build a new empire. Sally replied that she was taking big steps one step at a time. Adam replied, "Maybe I could learn a lesson." Sally told Adam that she could not help but be concerned about him. Adam replied, "What is that old saying? Plan your work and work your plan? Well, I have a plan, Sally, and I'm real close to making it happen. Just one step at a time."

Victor and Victoria returned to the office after their meeting. Nikki and Nate concluded their tense encounter just as Nick entered. Nick, standing tall and appearing confident, said, "Glad you're all here. I have some news regarding my future and yours. I've decided to help Sharon rebuild Kirsten. I'm not coming back to Newman." Victor appeared disappointed. Victoria glanced at Nate. Nikki's jaw dropped.

Tucker returns home from his honeymoon -- without Ashley

Tucker returns home from his honeymoon -- without Ashley

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Summer met Phyllis at Society, and they hugged. Phyllis complimented her daughter's outfit and gushed that Summer looked terrific. Phyllis worried that she was trying too hard, but she recognized that things had been bad between them when they'd last seen one another. She said she didn't want there to be tension. Summer confirmed that she didn't want that, either. Phyllis inquired about Summer's trip, and Summer raved about the inspiring fabrics and textures that she'd checked out in Milan.

Summer exclaimed that she'd felt like a kid in a candy store, and she could see Marchetti's new collection taking shape in her mind. Summer declared that the trip had made her remember how much she loved what she did, and she'd realized it was time to move on. Phyllis was glad to hear that Summer was finally getting past everything Phyllis had done. Summer clarified that she was talking about Kyle, since being in the city where they'd gotten married and lived had helped her release all the anger and sadness she'd been carrying around. Summer explained that she'd been excited about work, despite being in the place that held all those memories, and she believed that showed she was making progress.

Phyllis countered that it was the opposite of progress, since Kyle had always been the one Summer had wanted. Phyllis questioned whether Summer really wanted to let him go, but Summer insisted that her marriage was over. Summer reminded her mother that she was in that situation because of Phyllis' obsession with Diane. Phyllis took responsibility for her mistakes, but she didn't want them to be the reason Summer's marriage was over. Summer firmly stated that she and Kyle were getting a divorce, and it wasn't her job to make Phyllis feel better about it. Phyllis swore that it was about Summer's happiness. "The hell it is," Summer replied.

Summer warned Phyllis against trying to push her and Kyle back together to ease Phyllis' guilt. Phyllis contended that she just wanted her children to be happy, and Summer urged Phyllis to let her kids make their own choices. Phyllis vowed to be a positive influence and force of love. Summer suggested that Phyllis start small by not causing any more damage. Phyllis noted that Daniel seemed to be happy with Lily, but she wondered how long it would last with Heather back in town.

Summer reiterated that Phyllis had to allow Summer and Daniel to make their own decisions. Phyllis argued that she knew Kyle was Summer's true love, and she wanted Summer to have love in her life. Phyllis suspected that Kyle was acting out because his emotions were all over the place, and Summer's were, too. Summer declared that she felt stronger than she had in a long time, and she was clear on who she was and what she wanted. She added that she was moving on, and she was free.

Summer advised Phyllis not to undo the progress they'd made by telling her what she wanted and how she felt. Summer turned the topic to whether Phyllis was still joining Adam's company, but Phyllis bemoaned that the whole thing seemed to be unraveling. Phyllis figured that she didn't have to make any immediate decisions, and she looked forward to just living her life. Summer implored Phyllis to focus on keeping her own life on track. Summer said she had to get back to the office, and she offered to give her mother a ride. Phyllis declined because she was meeting her attorney at the restaurant. "Mom, really?" Summer knowingly asked.

At Crimson Lights, Daniel wished Heather a good morning. He mentioned that he'd already put in some hours at the office and just had breakfast with Lucy. Heather acknowledged that he'd been working hard, and she stressed that she understood what it had taken for him to get to a good place. Daniel wished Phyllis hadn't grilled Heather about moving back to the States, but Heather assured him it had been fine. Daniel disagreed.

Heather figured that Phyllis hadn't asked any questions that Heather hadn't asked herself. Daniel thought Heather had been happy in Lisbon. Heather explained that she'd told herself she had been, and it had been good for Lucy to be in a new place. Daniel recognized that it had been far away from the father who'd made a mess of things back home. Heather assured him that over time, it had been less about getting away.

Daniel mentioned that Heather had been dating Christopher. Heather shared that she'd started to envision a life for herself in Portugal, but it had changed when Christopher had started making demands about things she wasn't sure she ever wanted, like having children and cutting back on her workload. Daniel asked how Lucy had taken the breakup. Heather recalled that Lucy had liked Christopher, but she sensed that Lucy had considered the relationship temporary, especially after seeing the turnaround Daniel had made.

Daniel confirmed that everything he'd done had been for the single goal of repairing the damage he'd caused and being part of Lucy's life again. Heather imagined that it had kept Lucy's hope alive that the three of them could be a family again. Daniel swore that the three of them would always be a family, even if two of them weren't together. Heather thought it might help Lucy to hear that from him, but she warned that their perceptive daughter would probably realize her parents had had that conversation. Daniel thought it wasn't a bad thing for Lucy to know that he and Heather were in sync.

Heather reluctantly revealed that she wasn't sure she wanted to go back to Lisbon, and she was considering looking for a practice to work for in Savannah or Genoa City. Daniel was stunned that Genoa City was an option. Heather pondered what was best for Lucy, and she pointed out that the teen could still be admitted to Walnut Grove that session. Heather assumed that Daniel wanted to spend more time with Lucy, but Daniel encouraged Heather to think about what was best for herself, too. Heather realized it was time for her to leave to meet Phyllis, and Daniel bristled. He cautioned that his mother seemed to want nothing more than getting them back together.

Summer entered the coffeehouse, and she was glad to see Heather before Heather headed back to Portugal. Heather squirmed as she muttered that her plans were up in the air. Heather left, and Summer informed Daniel that she already knew Heather was on her way to have lunch with their mom. Summer divulged that she'd just been with Phyllis, and it was why she'd tracked Daniel down to talk. Summer grumbled that Phyllis was on a mission to repair the damage she'd done by saving Summer's marriage, and she was pretty sure Phyllis wanted to get Daniel and Heather back together, too.

Daniel mentioned that he'd just finished telling Heather the same thing, since it was typical of Phyllis to blow up a situation and then rush in to try to fix it without asking anyone what they needed. Summer was adamant that her relationship with Kyle couldn't be fixed, but she wondered about Daniel and Heather's. Daniel insisted that he and Lily were very happy and that things were good.

Summer applauded Daniel for working hard to repair his relationship with Lucy, and she pushed to know if any part of him wanted to do that with Heather, too. Daniel swore that all he wanted was to be friends and co-parents. Summer groaned that they both had a big problem because Phyllis had it in her head that the way to reconnect with them was to fix their lives. Daniel and Summer vowed to stop their mother before Phyllis made things worse.

In Chancellor Park, Billy sat on a bench, glowering as he flashed back to Jack dismissing his concerns about setting stipulations for what Diane could and couldn't do at Jabot. Billy stood up, took a deep breath, and briskly walked away as if on a mission.

Jack ushered Diane into the Jabot conference room and handed her an envelope. She found an invitation to a party at the Abbott mansion to celebrate that they'd tied the knot. Her face lit up with a smile, and he said it was the reaction he'd hoped for. She marveled that nothing would make her happier than celebrating being married to the love of her life. Jack pointed out that they had to set a date, and Diane anticipated it would be soon. They kissed.

Jack proclaimed that he was as happy and optimistic as he'd ever been in his life because he was married to Diane, and he wanted his friends and family to know about it. They kissed again, and he suggested that they plan the celebration for early October. Jack asked Diane to trust him to handle all the arrangements as a surprise for her. She plied him with kisses and begged for a hint of what he had in mind. He vaguely replied that it would be a dazzling reflection of who they were and what they had.

Billy interrupted, and Jack mentioned that he and Diane had been discussing their wedding reception. Billy announced that he was glad he'd run into them, since there was something he needed to say -- he was sorry. Billy said he regretted the way he'd taken things to extremes by not being supportive of Diane working at Jabot, and Jack asked if there was a reason Billy was sharing then. Billy reiterated that his motive had been to protect the company, and he'd wanted to make sure they were being smart by allowing Diane's role to evolve naturally.

Billy admitted that he'd started to buy into the narrative Tucker and Ashley had been pushing about Diane causing irreparable damage to Jabot and the idea of running things on his own if Tucker and Ashley got control. Billy bemoaned that he hadn't been able to sleep the night before because all he'd been able to think about was falling back into his old mindset after he'd promised Jack it wouldn't happen. Diane wished she hadn't suggested that Billy pretend to go to the other side, but Jack pointed out that he'd been the one who'd asked Billy to do it. Billy recalled that he'd been able to mitigate the threat until his worst impulses had kicked in.

Diane applauded Billy for stopping them, but Billy wasn't proud of letting things go as far as they had. Jack said he was proud of Billy for admitting it, and he imagined that Billy would have let things go a lot further in the past. Diane was relieved that Billy no longer saw her as a threat to the family company or his position in it, since she wanted what was best for Jack and Jabot. Jack suggested they celebrate at the Athletic Club over lunch, and they headed out.

In the Athletic Club lobby, Audra voiced surprise to see Tucker, since she'd thought he and Ashley were in Paris. She remarked that it had to be the shortest honeymoon on record, and she asked where Ashley was. Tucker barked that he didn't want to talk about it, but Audra sat down and asserted that she might be the only real friend he had, so she was the one person he could talk to honestly and expect an honest response from. Tucker confided that he hadn't realized how strong Jack's hold on Ashley was.

Audra recalled that Ashley and Jack had been preparing to go to war, and she questioned what had changed. Tucker testily asked why she cared, and she told him she was concerned because he looked "like hell." She conceded that there was an element of self-interest, since the Abbotts were major players in town, and it represented a huge shift. Tucker snapped that it happened to be his life, and Audra swore she wasn't asking for a gossip angle. Tucker confided that he and Ashley had had an argument, but Audra sensed that something was off because he was being suspiciously vague. He admitted that it had been a little more than an argument.

Audra pushed to know how bad things had gotten, but Tucker ordered her to let it go. Audra theorized that Ashley had made up with Jack and planned to take her assets back to Jabot. Audra pondered where that left Tucker's plans to start his own company with Ashley, but he growled that he didn't owe her any explanations. Audra retorted that it was her mistake for thinking they might be friends and caring enough to worry. Tucker swore he hadn't meant to take it out on her, but he had a lot going on in his head. He spotted Jack, Diane, and Billy walk into the club.

In the foyer, Diane wondered what Tucker was doing back, and Jack worried about where Ashley was. The Abbotts approached Tucker, and Jack observed that Tucker was already back from Paris when his honeymoon had just started. Tucker sarcastically admired Jack's astuteness, and Jack demanded to know where Ashley was and what had happened. Tucker barked at Jack to ask her himself, and he stalked off. Billy turned to Audra for answers, but she responded that it wasn't her place to say what was going on, since Tucker clearly wasn't interested in telling them about it. After Audra walked off, Jack left a voicemail for Ashley.

Over lunch, Jack contemplated whether Tucker's return was a ploy to get the Abbotts to lower their guard. Diane observed that Tucker had clearly seemed upset, and she wondered what could have happened to cause him to return to Genoa City while Ashley had stayed in Paris. Jack fumed at the possibility Tucker had betrayed or hurt Ashley. Diane warned that speculating would get them nowhere. Billy opted to focus on what Tucker might do next.

Jack said he'd detected bitterness in Tucker's voice, and he worried about how unpredictable and dangerous Tucker could be when pushed too hard. Billy hoped they could find out what had happened from Ashley. Diane advised Jack not to drive himself crazy by imagining the worst. Diane prepared to leave, but Jack requested that Billy stay. After Diane left, Jack addressed what Billy had said earlier.

Jack recalled that Billy's apology had been everything he'd wanted to hear, but Billy had gone from being adamantly against Diane one minute to being supportive the next. Jack asked if things were okay between him and Billy. Billy thought they were, but he wasn't sure if Jack had accepted his apology. Jack hated not being able to trust his family members. Billy commended Jack for taking on the responsibility of protecting John's legacy, but he assured Jack that he no longer had to do it alone.

Jack conceded that Billy had voiced legitimate concerns, and he agreed that he couldn't blindly give Diane power over their family company. Jack contended that she just wanted to be part of things, and Billy looked forward to helping her. Jack was sure Diane would be grateful that Billy was willing to share his knowledge with her, and the men shook hands. Billy headed out, and his expression darkened as he approached the exit. Meanwhile, Jack looked skeptical as he watched Billy leave.

Abby greeted Diane in the park and thanked her for helping Ashley when she'd been choking. Diane reasoned that she'd only done what anyone would have done in the situation, but Abby acknowledged that her mother had put a target on Diane's back and tried to undermine Diane's relationship with Jack. Diane expressed relief that things seemed better between Jack and Ashley. Abby considered it a good sign that Ashley and Tucker were on their honeymoon. Diane looked uncomfortable.

Abby surmised from Diane's reaction that she didn't share Abby's optimism. Diane revealed that she'd just seen Tucker at the Athletic Club, but he'd returned home from Paris alone. Diane added that she wasn't sure what had happened, but Tucker hadn't looked happy. She repeated that there was no point in speculating until they talked to Ashley. After Diane walked away, Abby worriedly left a message for Ashley to ask what was going on.

In his hotel suite, Tucker flashed back to happily exchanging Champagne toasts with Ashley on their wedding night. His thoughts shifted to their honeymoon in Paris. In a Parisian café, Tucker observed that Ashley didn't look like a woman on her honeymoon, and he asked what was wrong. She shared that she'd been thinking about a huge fight she and Jack had had years earlier when she'd taken her patents and left Jabot.

Ashley recalled that Jack had flown to Paris to smooth things over, and they'd met in a similar place to talk like brother and sister. She recounted that they'd both realized that the blood they shared was stronger than the argument that had driven them apart, and being in Paris had reminded her of that moment. Tucker hoped it was a final purge that she'd needed to get out of her system so she could enjoy the beautiful city on their honeymoon. The look on Ashley's face told him otherwise.

Later, Tucker entered Society, and Phyllis taunted that she'd thought he was on his honeymoon. "Good for you," he spat on his way to the bar to pick up a takeout order. Heather joined Phyllis, and Tucker and Heather exchanged pleasantries. Tucker inquired whether Heather was staying in Genoa City, and she informed him that she was considering her options. He told her that he needed a good attorney in case she decided to stay.

Victoria is furious after Victor demotes her

Victoria is furious after Victor demotes her

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

by Nel

In the Newman office, Victor asked Victoria's opinion about Nick's decision not to return to Newman Enterprises. She said Nick distrusted Nate, but Nate was more trustworthy than Adam. Victor claimed Adam had learned his lesson, and he believed Adam. Victor said once Nick calmed down, he would return to Newman. Victoria said she wasn't willing to take that chance, and she lobbied to promote Nate to co-CEO immediately.

In the jazz lounge, Nate informed Audra that Nick wasn't returning to Newman Enterprises, and Nikki was CEO of Newman Media. Nate claimed they both had to work hard if they were going to change Nikki's opinion about them. Audra guessed Nate would be offered the co-CEO position. Nate said it was the logical move, but it hadn't been offered yet.

Audra reminded Nate that he had two strikes against him that could prevent him from being promoted to co-CEO. She said Victor wasn't sure he trusted Nate, and Nikki hated him. Nate claimed Nikki wouldn't trust anyone with Victoria after Ashland Locke, but he'd made great strides in convincing Nikki of his sincerity and his value to the company. He said Victor had asked him about the Kirsten-McCall merger, and after they'd spoken about it, Victor had followed his advice.

Audra said Victoria wouldn't defy her parents if they were against promoting Nate, but Nate claimed Audra was underestimating Victoria's power over her parents. She asked if Victoria had stopped Victor from giving McCall to Adam. Nate claimed Victor's issues with Adam were separate and bulletproof. Audra said she'd been shot down enough times to know things never worked out the way one wanted. She advised him to have a backup plan because he wasn't invincible.

At Crimson Lights, Esther told Adam he'd been kicked to the curb because his partnership with Nick and Sharon had imploded, and Sharon was moving forward on her own. Esther said Adam had had a lot of second chances, and he'd wasted them. Nikki entered and heard Esther tell Adam no one believed he would ever change. Nikki agreed, and she asked to speak to Adam privately.

Adam said he assumed Nikki had spoken to Victor. Nikki said she'd heard of Adam's mea culpa performance about hitting the reset button and beginning again. She said Victor desperately wanted to believe Adam was sincere, but she saw it as a hollow attempt to change. She said they both knew it would either fail miserably, or he was trying to tear the family apart again. She said Adam couldn't accept that Victor cared about him, and he kept screwing Victor over to prove he didn't need Victor. She warned Adam not to hurt Victor, or she would destroy Adam's life and his connection to the people he cared about.

Adam admitted he'd earned Nikki's negative opinion. He said he knew there was nothing he could say to make her believe everything he'd said to Victor had been true, but if Nikki gave him a chance, he would prove her wrong. Nikki stated that unless Adam walked away from Victor, the family, or ever returning to Newman, she would make sure all hell would rain down on him. She told him he had 24 hours to drop whatever scheme he'd planned against Victor, or he would regret it for the rest of his miserable life. Nikki left.

Esther commented that Adam had received an earful from Nikki. Adam admitted he had, and he'd deserved every bit of it. He said it made him more determined to stay on his new path. Esther said they might throw him a parade if that new path led out of town. She walked away. Adam sent Victor a text message: "Can we meet?" Adam left.

In the park, Sharon told Chance that Nick would be working with her at Kirsten, not at Newman. She said she would be flying to the West Coast later to meet with the division heads, and she invited Chance go with her. Chance said he was waiting to hear about his possible promotion to chief of police, but he would clear his calendar.

When Summer saw Sharon and Chance, she appeared a little envious, but she joined them. Chance welcomed Summer back after her trip to Milan. She said the trip had been great, and she felt like a new woman. Chance said he'd been worried about her. Summer commented that Chance had been there for her as a friend when she'd really needed one, during the roughest time of her life.

Summer told Chance they'd gotten off to a rough start. Chance admitted that arresting her mother for murder had made things a little awkward. Sharon said Summer had been in a terrible position, but she'd come out the other side. Summer said thanks to something Chance had said, she'd gotten on a roller coaster and screamed her lungs out. She said it amazed her how cathartic it had been. Sharon noticed there seemed to be a connection between Chance and Summer.

Sharon told Summer that Victor had given Kirsten Incorporated back to her. Summer said Nick had mentioned that he and Sharon were happy they wouldn't have to work with Adam -- or Victor's interference. Summer asked if Phyllis still had a job with them. Sharon claimed she and Nick would have to discuss that. Chance informed the ladies he had to go to a meeting to discuss the chief of police position. He asked Sharon for a rain check for the trip out west.

Sharon stated she had to get to the airport, and Chance said he would drive her. He gave Summer a quick hug, then he and Sharon left arm in arm. Summer watched them jealously. She thought back on a conversation she'd had with Chance at the coffeehouse. She thanked him for not running in the other direction when faced with her stormy mood. He said he'd been there, and if he could help ease the moment, he was happy to do it. She asked if that was friend to friend and or friend to cop. He admitted it was friend to friend. At the jazz lounge, before Chance left, he told Summer he was rooting for her.

In the Newman office, Victor told Victoria that Nate wasn't ready for a promotion of that magnitude. Victoria disagreed and insisted she'd seen the value Nate had added to the company. Victor said Nate already had a position of great power. Victoria claimed Nate was more than qualified for the co-CEO position. Victor said he'd made a decision about who would be the co-CEO, and it wouldn't be Nate.

Victoria said she would walk out if Victor was planning to make Adam her co-CEO. Victor said Adam would be starting at the bottom, and he would work his way up, the way Victoria had. She claimed it was one of Adam's ploys, and she wasn't buying it. She asked who it would be if Victor wasn't giving the co-CEO position to Adam. Victor said he was giving it to her.

Victor told Victoria that he was taking back the reins, she would be his co-CEO, and Nate would answer to her. She asked why he was demoting her, because her work had been exemplary, and she was trustworthy to fault. She asked why he was doing that. Victoria said she wondered how she hadn't seen that coming.

Victoria claimed Victor constantly did that. She said dedication to the company meant nothing, and it was no wonder Nick kept walking away. Victor said she would still make the day-to-day decisions, but he would retake the reins of the company because he'd noticed things seemed disjointed. He asked Victoria if that was clear. Victoria retorted that Victor either pushed or drove everyone away. Victoria almost knocked Nikki over as she stormed out of the office.

Nikki asked what had happened. Victor said Victoria hadn't taken being demoted well. Nikki asked why he hadn't told her he'd decided to return to running Newman. Victor said he hadn't wanted her to talk him out of it or tell Victoria before he'd had a chance to do it. Nikki said not only would Victoria feel she'd been undermined, but Nikki was concerned about what the stress of him running Newman would do to his health. He claimed the stress of not running Newman had made him unhappy.

Adam arrived. He told Victor and Nikki he wanted to clear up a misunderstanding on Nikki's part. He told Victor that Nikki didn't believe he was trying to change; instead of seeing him resetting a button, she saw it as another power play, and she'd told him to back off. He said even though Nikki had every reason to doubt him, he wasn't intimidated by her, and he wouldn't back down. He said he was there to show them what he could do and that he could fall in line. He wanted to prove how wrong Nikki was about him. Adam said he was there to serve Victor. Adam asked Victor to say the word and consider it done.

Abby marched into Tucker's suite, and she demanded to know what Tucker had done to Ashley and why Ashley wasn't returning her calls. Tucker assured Abby that Ashley was fine; she was still in Paris and was thinking some things through. He said he'd done nothing to upset or hurt Ashley. He showed Abby the door, but Abby closed it. Tucker informed Abby that Ashley was reconsidering starting a new venture with him. Abby didn't believe him, and she claimed he'd done something to push Ashley away. Tucker said he'd done everything right, but Ashley was incapable of seeing that he'd changed.

When Tucker left his suite, Abby followed him and said he didn't get to blow her off by saying he'd had nothing to do with whatever had happened to Ashley. She demanded information and said she wouldn't leave until she got it. She said given his history with Ashley, he couldn't blame her for assuming he was behind whatever that blow-up was.

Tucker told Abby he'd assumed Ashley could extricate herself from the Abbott clan, and start a life with him, but there he was, back in town, alone, humiliated, and heartbroken. He told Abby to stay away from him and to tell the rest of the Abbotts to do the same. Tucker left.

Tucker entered the jazz lounge. When he saw Audra and Nate, he said they were so inseparable that it was getting a little creepy. Audra said it was called friendship, and Tucker should try it. He said friendships required trust, and trust was a dangerous thing, because it would disappoint and betray a person. He strongly suggested that Audra and Nate not trust each other.

Nate asked Tucker what had happened to him because the previous week, he'd been on top of the world. Nate asked if Tucker had blown things up. Tucker denied it. Audra suggested he meditate because he never made good decisions when he was upset. Nate received a text message from Victoria: "Where are you? We need to talk. I'm in the club dining room." Nate left.

Audra asked why she felt like Tucker was going to get back at the Abbotts by going after Jabot on his own. He asked what difference it made to her, since she couldn't care less about Jabot. Audra said she considered him a friend, and he needed one right then. He kissed her on the cheek and left.

Upstairs, Nate noticed that Victoria was upset. She told him Victor was taking charge of the company, and she would be his co-CEO. Nate asked if it was a done deal, because Nikki wouldn't approve. She said that Victor had claimed that without his guiding hand, the company had become weak and disjointed. She said she couldn't decide what to do because she was so angry. Nate suggested she calm down before making a decision.

Moments later, they were in Nate's suite, disrobing. After the loving, she told Nate he was a miracle worker because she felt better. She said she would fight Victor, and she would prove he wasn't fit to run Newman again. She said she would "be damned" if she would allow him to take the CEO chair away from her.

At the Chancellor estate, Mariah told Devon she wondered if she'd made a mistake by temporarily moving in with him and Abby because Aria was picking up on her anxiety. She said she loved Aria so much that she shouldn't have taken her away from everything familiar. Devon said Mariah was feeling overwhelmed; she was tired and imagining the worst possible things. He reminded Mariah that no matter where Aria was, Mariah was Aria's home because she was safe and loved there.

Abby arrived. She told Mariah that she'd had the same concerns when she and Chance had split. She'd been concerned about Dominic going back and forth between the estate and the penthouse. Abby said they really wanted Mariah and Aria to stay and be around people who loved and supported her. When Aria began to cry, Mariah went upstairs to care for her.

Devon asked what was going on, because Abby had arrived like her hair was on fire. She said she knew Tucker had done something to Ashley, but all he would say was it was Ashley's fault. Abby said she didn't know what had happened, but it had been Tucker's fault. She said Tucker wanted her and the Abbotts to stay away from him.

Back in his suite, Tucker began a text message to Ashley but changed his mind. Audra arrived in his room, and they just stared at each other until Tucker kissed her.

Billy offers to find out what Tucker has planned

Billy offers to find out what Tucker has planned

Thursday, September 14, 2023

by Nel

At the Abbotts,' Abby asked if Jack had heard from Ashley. Jack said he'd tried calling her, but he'd only gotten her voicemail. Abby said Ashley hadn't responded to her voicemails or text messages. She said Ashley seemed to be avoiding contact with anyone. Abby wanted to know why Ashley and Tucker were on two separate continents, and she admitted her mind had gone to some dark places. She said Tucker had said Ashley had gone on some day trip. Jack admitted that Ashley isolated herself when things went wrong.

Diane asked Jack why Tucker would return without Ashley. Abby said Tucker had seemed to indicate that Ashley had hurt him, not the other way around. Diane wondered if Tucker had told the truth. She said maybe Ashley had realized she'd made a horrible mistake marrying him. Abby said Tucker had appeared very hurt. Jack claimed Tucker might retaliate against them if he was hurt.

Billy and Traci arrived. Jack told them that Ashley and Tucker had split up. He said Tucker was back in town, but Ashley was still in France and purposely out of touch. Traci asked what Tucker had done. Billy recalled that Tucker had been on guard when they'd seen him earlier at the Athletic Club.

Jack informed Traci that details were scarce, but he said everyone needed to be on alert. Traci asked if they all weren't jumping to the worst conclusion, but Jack said it was better to be safe than sorry when it came to Tucker. Traci asked if Jack believed that Tucker was a threat. Jack said Tucker had a history of lashing out when he felt wronged. Diane said that before she'd returned to town, Tucker had pressured her to find out Jabot's financial stability. She said he'd had his eye on the company, and maybe he was still after it, with or without Ashley.

Traci said she didn't understand why Tucker would still be interested in the company if Ashley had left him. She recalled that Tucker and Ashley had planned to take control of the company and run it together. Jack claimed that whatever move Tucker made would be a direct blow against him. He said whatever fallout there had been between Ashley and Tucker, it had been because of her loyalty to the family and Ashley's connection to him.

Billy told Jack he was the best bet for finding out what Tucker was up to. He suggested they allow Tucker to believe the relationship between him and Jack had gotten worse. He said Tucker had claimed Billy was better suited to run Jabot than Jack. He said when Ashley and Tucker had abandoned their plan to use him to go after Jabot, Tucker had thrown Billy under the bus, or so Tucker had thought. Billy asked what would exasperate their conflict more than him trying to oust Jack from the company. He said that was the ammunition they needed.

Billy said they had to make Tucker believe that the relationship between him and Jack was in shambles. Jack said he saw the logic, but he wasn't sure it was a good idea. Billy claimed he could handle Tucker. Traci didn't think more deception was needed. Jack was certain if Tucker was on a mission, without Ashley to hold him back, Tucker would pull out all the stops. Billy insisted he could sidestep Tucker. Abby said everyone who'd dealt with Tucker had wound up getting burned, especially Ashley.

Jack said he didn't like Billy getting more involved. He said they didn't know if Tucker was planning anything, but Tucker would do anything he could to stop any defensive move they made. Billy assured Jack he could handle Tucker. Traci suggested they wait to hear from Ashley to get some insight into the situation. Abby said she would keep trying to reach Ashley, and she left. Traci told Jack and Billy not to let Tucker come between them because he wasn't worth it. Traci left.

Billy said Diane knew Tucker and how fast he moved when he was on a mission. He asked if they should sit on things. Diane asked Jack what the harm was in letting Billy see what he could get out of Tucker. Jack agreed to have Billy suss Tucker out, but he advised Billy to be careful. Billy left.

In bed in Tucker's suite, Tucker told Audra he appreciated the revival, but Audra claimed it was only a one-time thing. Tucker asked if Audra had an ulterior motive or hidden agenda. Audra assured him she'd only been worried about him. Tucker said he knew Audra wanted to know what had happened between him and Ashley.

Audra said she wanted to hear Tucker's plans only because his world was off kilter. She said she would just assume that whatever happened had been extreme, and he was probably feeling vindictive and wanted to go after Jabot. Tucker asked what it meant to her if he did. Audra said she wanted to know his mindset and if he was he was playing a new game. He asked what Audra's angle was because it wasn't protecting her new boyfriend's family's company. He guessed there was something in it for her.

Audra told Tucker she'd thought Ashley had been Tucker's one true love and that Ashley's love would make him a better man, but he seemed to have reverted to form. She said she was curious, but Tucker claimed Audra was covering her bases. He asked what was going on at Newman. He asked if she would be willing to work with him again if he did have plans. Audra claimed she would need to trust him a lot more than she did, because things had changed.

Tucker reminded Audra that he'd always been straightforward with her. He admitted he regretted hurting her. Audra said she might entertain the possibility, but she wanted to know his agenda. Tucker said he and Ashley had different priorities and irreconcilable differences. Audra said that sounded like divorce, but Tucker didn't want to discuss it. He said he should have done what he'd originally planned when he'd returned to town. He said he was going to take Jabot from the Abbotts, in its entirety.

Audra called it a bold move. Tucker asked how that would affect her relationship with Kyle, but Audra disclosed that she'd received a demand from Nikki to sever ties with Kyle. Audra said if she and Tucker resumed their connection, she would want something in return.

Audra told Tucker that while he'd been away, things had grown precarious at Newman. She said Victor had made one power move after another; he'd broken up the Nick, Sharon, and Adam venture; Adam was out completely; Victor had allowed Sharon to take back her company, free and clear; and Nick was going with Sharon to rebuild Kirsten Incorporated. She said Nikki had taken over Newman Media as CEO, and she'd made it clear that Audra was there on a trial basis. Tucker said Audra needed a back-up plan. She said she needed a place where she didn't have to continually prove herself.

Audra said that if Tucker managed to get Jabot, she was all his. Tucker said he was intrigued about working side by side with Audra again. He said it would be fun to work together again, and her relationship with Kyle could prove useful. He said he was glad they were back in action.

At Society, Phyllis thanked Heather for stepping in and taking over her case. Heather thanked Phyllis for not trying to nudge her and Daniel together again. Phyllis claimed she'd learned her lesson about interfering with Daniel's love life. She said she wanted Heather and Daniel to be happy and to be solid emotionally, for Lucy's sake. Heather assured her they were. Phyllis said she wouldn't be responsible for breaking Daniel and Lily up. Heather asked how serious Daniel and Lily's relationship was.

Phyllis told Heather she had mixed feelings about it, but Daniel seemed happy with Lily; however, they had a horrible track record. Heather reminded Phyllis that things hadn't ended well between her and Daniel. Phyllis said that had been completely Daniel's fault, but Heather said they should have handled things differently.

Phyllis told Heather that Daniel had screwed up, but he'd been working at being in a better place emotionally and becoming more stable. Heather said it was good to see him smile and not be in that dark place anymore. Phyllis said that when one had had something special, it was difficult to put it into the past, and she was curious if Heather wanted to reconcile with Daniel.

Rather than reply, Heather thanked Phyllis for the lunch invitation and for caring about her and Daniel, but Daniel would choose his own path, which might or might not be something Phyllis liked. Phyllis said she didn't want Heather or Daniel to give up on true happiness, and she wanted to help Heather. Heather pointed out that Phyllis might think she was fixing things, but she might be making them worse. She said she didn't think Phyllis would want that after everything that had happened.

Phyllis told Heather she'd made mistakes with her children in the past, and she just wanted them to be happy. She said she would never jeopardize their well-being. Heather urged Phyllis to stay out of Daniel's private life -- and hers. Heather left.

In the park, Daniel asked if Lucy was aware that Heather was thinking about not returning to Portugal. He asked how Lucy felt about it. Lucy admitted Heather had told her. Lucy stated that Portugal had been fine at first, school had been fine, and Heather had met Chris. She said they'd been great "until they weren't." She said Chris had turned out to be quite the jerk.

Lucy told Daniel it all depended on what Heather wanted, but Lucy was more than okay if they returned to Genoa City. Daniel said he would love to have Lucy as close to him as possible. Lucy asked about Heather. He said he hoped Heather would find happiness wherever she could find it, and if it happened to be Genoa City, that was even better. Lucy claimed Genoa City had always felt like home.

Daniel told Lucy that if she and Heather did move back to Genoa City, it didn't mean that he and Heather would get back together. Daniel said sometimes things didn't work out, and they couldn't go back to what had been. Lucy guessed that things between him and Lily were pretty serious, and they were really happy together. Daniel admitted he was very happy; he believed Lily was, as well, and they had history.

Daniel told Lucy it felt new and special "this time around" with Lily. Lucy asked if there was a chance for him and Heather if he wasn't with Lily. He said maybe, but there had been too much damage done. He said he was happy that he and Heather could have a civil conversation about anything, and he was more than thrilled that Lucy had forgiven him. Lucy said Heather had also forgiven him, but Daniel said it didn't change the past or what he'd done. He said a person could be forgiven, but people would have a problem trusting them after they'd let the people down. Lucy said she trusted him.

Daniel told Lucy that Heather had seen the worst side of him, and she would wonder if that would ever happen again. He said Heather had shielded Lucy from him. Lucy claimed that Heather knew he was much stronger than he had been. Daniel warned her not to pressure Heather into believing something that wasn't true. Lucy said one couldn't make someone love them, nor could one make someone fall out of love.

Heather joined Lucy and Daniel in the park. Heather said she had to return to Lisbon because of an upcoming trial, and she had to talk to her associates about her plans to move back to the United States. Lucy said she would be on board if that was something Heather wanted. Daniel said he was sorry they were leaving so soon. Heather said it might be for the best. Daniel asked if Phyllis had done something. Heather said she and Phyllis had had a very pleasant lunch. Daniel asked if Phyllis had stepped out of line or made Heather do anything. Heather stated that Phyllis loved him very much. She and Lucy left.

Later, in Daniel's suite, Lily said she'd received his text message, and it had sounded urgent. Daniel kissed her, closed the door, and took her to bed. Later, Daniel told Lily he had the feeling that Phyllis was trying to push him and Heather back together. He said he'd questioned Heather, but she'd said it had been nothing. He said after Heather had had lunch with Phyllis, Heather and Lucy were leaving for Lisbon soon because of Heather's work. He said it felt like too much of a coincidence. He also had the feeling Heather wasn't telling him everything.

Lily told Daniel she knew Phyllis liked to meddle, but there might be another scenario. Lily said she had a sense that Heather still had feelings for Daniel. She said Heather was always awkward around her, especially after Heather had seen Daniel. Daniel didn't think Heather would have those feelings after what he'd put her and Lucy through.

Lily told Daniel that wounds could heal, and Heather might see him as the man she'd always wanted him to be. He didn't think it was possible. Daniel said even if that was true, it didn't matter because he was with Lily. Lily said she would understand if he felt conflicted, because he and Heather hadn't broken up because they'd fallen out of love; he'd been in a dark place, but he wasn't there anymore. She said Heather might want him back in her life. Daniel asked if she was worried. Lily kissed him.

A distressed Ashley reaches out to Jack

A distressed Ashley reaches out to Jack

Friday, September 15, 2023

by Nel

At the Athletic Club, Kyle told Audra he was surprised to see her and Tucker together. Audra explained that they were old friends, and they'd been catching up. Kyle asked why Tucker was in town and where Ashley was. Tucker said Ashley was taking care of some things in Paris, and he was taking care of some local business. Tucker left.

When Kyle attempted to question Audra about Tucker, Audra said she had a meeting to go to. Kyle said he was in that meeting, too, and he knew a good way to fill time before the meeting. Audra claimed she had some calls to make before the meeting. She suggested they find another place to meet, other than her suite, since they weren't supposed to be together. As Audra left, Billy entered.

Billy and Kyle went to the jazz lounge, and Billy said he didn't trust Audra or Tucker. He said they appeared to have a relationship of sorts. Billy claimed something was going on, and he and Jack found it strange that Tucker was in town while Ashley was still in Paris. He said Tucker seemed agitated and off-kilter, and they should be on alert. Kyle asked how he fit into Billy's concern.

Billy said Kyle and Audra had a business and a personal relationship. Billy hoped Kyle could see what Audra knew about Tucker's state of mind. Kyle refused and confessed that he and Audra weren't intimate anymore, and he doubted she would confide in him. Billy explained that whenever Tucker had been rejected by Ashley, Tucker always wanted revenge. Billy said that made Tucker dangerous because he would be plotting against the family or Jabot. Kyle griped that for Billy, it was about the company, not Ashley's welfare, but Billy stated that protecting the company was looking out for Ashley.

Billy reminded Kyle that when Tucker had first returned to town, he'd wanted Diane to get the Jabot financial records for him, and Tucker might be back on that track again. He said Tucker would come after the entire family, including Diane, because he blamed the Abbotts for his situation with Ashley. Kyle claimed Billy had nothing concrete. Billy asked why Tucker and Audra were hanging out together. Kyle said they were rekindling their friendship, and it bugged him.

At home, Jack told Diane he hadn't heard from Billy, and he was anxious to know what Tucker was up to and why Tucker was in town without Ashley. Diane said they were right back where they'd started. Taken aback, Jack asked what she meant. She said it was like traveling back to the day Tucker had dropped in on Summer and Kyle's vow renewal. Jack suggested perhaps Tucker wasn't a threat, and Tucker and Ashley were simply having some marital discord. He said the worst-case scenario was that Tucker was planning a move. He was grateful to have the love and support of his family. Diane said she would do anything to protect Jabot.

Later, Jack received a call from Ashley. She told him she was fine, and she was still in Paris. Jack asked why Tucker was back in town without her. Ashley cried that everything had changed. She said that after the talk she and Jack had had, she'd needed time to think. When she'd arrived in Paris, she'd realized she couldn't walk away from Jabot or her family -- nor did she want to.

Ashley told Jack that from the moment Tucker had first arrived in town, he'd said how much he loved her, wanted her to be happy, and wanted to marry and be with her. She said when she'd told him she wasn't interested in their business plans, Tucker had gotten angrier than she'd ever seen him. She said he'd accused her of playing with his emotions, and he'd said that after making plans with him, she'd pulled the rug out from under him.

In tears, Ashley told Jack that the charming, easy-going, loving Tucker that she'd fallen in love with again was just a façade, because he hadn't changed at all. She said she couldn't live with that.

Later, Diane asked Jack if he was okay. Jack told her he'd heard from Ashley, and she was in Paris and having second thoughts about leaving Jabot and the family. He said he hated how Tucker had reacted when Ashley had tried to explain her change of heart. He said Tucker had accused Ashley of being a traitor for not going through with the company they had planned to build. Jack said Tucker had "scared the hell out of her" with the level of his anger.

Jack told Diane that Tucker had been trouble since the day he'd landed his helicopter on their lawn. Diane said at least Jack and Ashley were in a better place because she knew Jack was miserable when he and Ashley didn't get along. Jack admitted his relationship with Ashley had always been complex, and at times, they'd forgotten they were brother and sister. He said it would usually take some event for them to get that wake-up call.

Jack told Diane a number of years in the past, Ashley had moved to Paris, and she'd taken her patents with her. He said he'd thought they would never come back from that, and it had taken Neil's death to reunite them. Diane said then she'd arrived in town, but Jack claimed nothing that had happened had been her fault -- it had been Tucker. He said Diane saving Ashley's life had made the latest reconciliation possible, and he was absolutely certain he wanted Diane in his life.

When Billy arrived, Jack told him Ashley had called to say she was okay, and she wanted to come back to Jabot. Diane said when Ashley had informed Tucker of that, Tucker had gone into a rage. Jack said Tucker's level of anger was more than disconcerting. Billy admitted Tucker had had a lot of anger inside when Billy had seen him. Jack and Billy agreed that Tucker had an agenda, and Tucker was a legitimate threat. Jack said they had to stop Tucker from destroying everyone and everything they loved.

At the Chancellor estate, Devon asked Abby if there had been any word from Ashley. Abby griped that she didn't understand why Ashley couldn't send her a text message or return any of her calls. She claimed something was very wrong. Abby said she had to get to Society. Devon told her not to worry because he would get information from Tucker when Tucker arrived later. Abby left.

When Tucker arrived, Devon told Tucker that Abby was very worried about Ashley because Abby had left multiple voicemails and text messages for her and hadn't received a response. He said Abby believed something was very wrong because Ashley had never stayed silent that long without letting Abby know she was okay. Devon said he wanted to know what had happened in Paris.

Tucker remembered when he and Ashley had been having breakfast at a café in Paris. Ashley told Tucker that Jabot had always been a big part of her. She said when she'd graduated college, she'd gone straight to the lab, and she'd never really left. Tucker said Ashley was in a place that she didn't need Jabot or her siblings anymore. She told Tucker that she and Jack had reconnected. Tucker claimed she could walk away with a clear conscience.

Ashley told him that Jabot was her lifeblood, and her family had built it. She hadn't realized that the lifeblood was very important to her. She said no matter how angry or upset she was, she always went back because Jabot was part of her, and she couldn't break that tie. He asked if she was going to throw away all their plans and their future.

In real time, Tucker told Devon that everything had gone wrong. He said out of nowhere, Ashley had decided she couldn't turn her back on Jabot or her family. He said they'd made plans for their new company and for their future, but suddenly, Ashley wasn't interested. He said it had resulted in a bad fight. Devon asked if it had been so bad that they couldn't have worked through it.

Tucker told Devon things had been said, accusations had been made, and he didn't think it was possible for them to roll it back. Devon said couples fought all the time. He asked if Tucker had perhaps blown things out of proportion and hadn't taken a second to cool off and think rationally. Tucker claimed he was thinking rationally; Ashley wasn't. Devon commented that there had to be more to the story. He asked if Tucker had done something to Ashley that he wasn't saying.

Tucker told Devon he'd done everything right "this time," everything he could control, but he hadn't realized the hold the Abbotts had over Ashley. He said he had believed she could walk away and that he would finally be enough for her.

In Tucker's same memory, Ashley said she wasn't throwing anything away, and they still had an incredible future together, just not as business partners. Tucker asked why she had suddenly changed her mind. He accused her of leading him on about working side by side. Tucker asked where he'd been in her decision making. He said after one conversation with Jack, she'd trashed all their plans.

Back in reality, Devon asked why Tucker wasn't in Paris, working things out with Ashley. Tucker claimed there was nothing to work out because he couldn't compete with the Jabot lifeblood, and he was sick of trying. He said he'd offered Ashley a life free of conflicts with Jack and freedom from Diane, whom she despised.

Tucker returned to the same memory. Tucker asked if Ashley would rather share her life with Jabot than with him. Ashley asked why she couldn't do both. He claimed she was reluctant to take a leap with him and walk away because she couldn't commit to him. Ashley denied she was walking away from him, but he retorted that their life had just begun, and she was already a different woman than the one he'd married.

Tucker told Devon his issues with Ashley didn't affect his and Devon's relationship, other than putting Devon in a bind with Abby. Devon stated if it had just been a fight, that would be okay, but it would be a different story if Tucker had done something to Ashley.

Abby returned, and Tucker asked if she'd heard from Ashley. Abby said she had, and Ashley had told her that Tucker had disrespected her, hadn't taken her feelings into consideration, or cared about what she'd wanted. Tucker said Abby didn't have the complete picture, but Abby stated his marriage and the business partnership were over. She said Ashley had warned her to be worried about Tucker.

Abby told Devon that a hurt and angry Tucker could be very unpredictable. She said Tucker had broken Ashley's heart after less than a month of marriage. Tucker claimed it was the other way around, but he would never convince Abby of that. He admitted everything was over, all of it, and he was done. Tucker left.

Abby told Devon she hadn't expected that. Devon noted that Tucker seemed to be in real pain. He said Tucker and Ashley had gotten into a fight because Ashley didn't want to create a new business to compete with the family company or to let go of Jabot. Abby said that had been when Tucker had lost it, and he'd gone into such an intense rage that he'd scared Ashley. She said Ashley had realized all that talk about Tucker being a changed man had been just talk because he was the same manipulative man he'd always been, just better at hiding it.

Abby told Devon she should have trusted her instincts. She knew Tucker could never love Ashley the way he'd claimed. She said he was using Ashley for her money and business expertise to start their empire. She said Ashley had dismantled his plan when she'd realized who Tucker was, and that was when Tucker had gone into a rage. Devon said Tucker appeared very hurt by what had happened. He claimed that Ashley and Tucker just needed to cool off.

Abby told Devon that Ashley had said if she returned home, it would be like throwing a grenade into the whole situation, and it would inflame Tucker even more. Abby cried that she wanted her mom close, but Ashley needed time and space. She said Ashley was afraid Tucker was hiding some sort of revenge plan and that he would do something vindictive against the family. She said Jack and Billy also believed Tucker was up to something. Devon said he wanted to give Tucker the benefit of the doubt because he and Tucker had come a long way.

As Tucker walked into the Athletic Club, Billy waylaid him and stated that most people thought Tucker would have been on his way back to Ashley, begging to take her back, unless she was on her way home. Tucker asked when his marriage had become any of Billy's business. Billy said if his new wife had "pulled a 180" on him, it would have pissed him off, too. He stated that Ashley was unpredictable, and one never knew what move she would make next. Billy claimed Jack had always given Ashley too much leeway, and he always turned the other cheek whenever she became volatile.

Raising his voice, Tucker asked what Billy wanted. Billy said if Tucker's marriage was over, that meant Ashley would be back at Jabot when she returned. Tucker stated that Billy was always looking out for number one. He admitted Ashley was unpredictable, but Billy was very predictable.

Tucker asked if it had upset Billy when Tucker had told Jack that Billy had been willing to help Ashley and him take over Jabot and boot Jack out so Billy could take the reins. Billy said Jack had already suspected that. Billy admitted he'd been excited about taking over Jabot and pushing Diane out. He said when Ashley returned to Jabot, there would be sparks, and that wasn't good for the company. He said he still believed he was the most levelheaded person to run the company. Tucker left.

In his suite, Tucker called Ashley and demanded to know how she'd dared tell Abby that he'd caused everything to come crashing down. He claimed he'd offered her the world, and she'd been excited about the future they'd planned, but while on their honeymoon, she'd announced she was out. He shouted that she'd chosen Jack over him, and he dared her to deny that she'd led him on before she'd pulled the plug. He ended the call.

Moments later, Tucker called Ashley back, and he asked "what the hell" had happened and where they had gone so wrong.

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Y&R's Eric Braeden announces he is cancer-free
Camryn Grimes, fiancé Brock Powell expecting first child
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