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Tucker offered Phyllis $2.2 million to hack into Billy's financial records. Lily learned that Victor had sold his interest in Chancellor-Winters to another party. Victoria claimed that Victor was unfit to be Newman's CEO. Nikki forced Audra to fire Kyle. Adam kissed Sally.
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Tucker offered Phyllis $2.2M to hack into Billy's finances. Lily learned Victor sold his interest in Chancellor-Winters. Nikki forced Audra to fire Kyle. Adam kissed Sally.
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Victoria claims that Victor is unfit to be CEO

Victoria claims that Victor is unfit to be CEO

Monday, September 18, 2023

At Society, Nate questioned Victoria as she tensely waited to join her mother for dinner. Victoria claimed she was concerned about her father and believed that Nikki should be, also. Nate replied, "Are you genuinely concerned about your father, or are you angry that he's coming back to Newman and taking over your position as CEO, and you're looking for a way to get back at him?" Victoria replied that she loved her dad and was concerned about him.

Nate encouraged Victoria to keep in mind that her father loved her, too. Victoria expressed concern that Victor seemed to be erratically changing the direction of Newman Enterprises. Nate advised Victoria to refrain from retaliating. Nikki arrived and glared at Nate when she asked if he was planning to join them. Nate replied that he had to take a call at the office.

After Nate left, Victoria told her mom she was "worried as hell" about Victor. Nikki said she understood why Victoria was upset about the changes her father had made. Victoria cried that her father had demoted her when he'd shoved her out of the position she had more than earned. Victoria said she was worried about her father and was surprised that Nikki was not, also. Nikki explained that she would be more worried if Victor were neglecting the company. Victoria claimed that Victor had lately made one contradictory, impulsive decision after another. Victoria claimed that Victor's rash, wrong-headed decisions made it appear that he was acting irrationally.

Nikki was taken aback when Victoria suggested that her father was incapable of running his empire. Victoria reminded her mother about Victor's sudden about-face decisions. Victoria recalled how Victor had suddenly changed the rules after appointing Nick, Sharon, and Adam to run a business together; had allowed Adam's blackmail scheme to play out without repercussions until his eventual firing; and had suddenly changed his mind after declining to approve a merger. Nikki suggested that Victoria was taking some of Victor's recent decisions out of context, adding that he was allowed to change his mind.

Victoria cried that her father's vindictive decision-making was more about him flexing his "corporate muscle" to prove that he could command control and put people in their places. Nikki asked Victoria how far she planned on taking her concerns. Victoria insisted she had no master plan to hold on to her CEO position, though she remained concerned about her father. Victoria blamed her father's unstable behavior on Adam, citing her brother's betrayals, arrogance, petulance, and relentless sense of self-entitlement. Victoria cried that if the stress of running the company negatively impacted her father, his efforts would become worthless.

Victoria warned Nikki that if they stood by and did nothing, they could never forgive themselves. Nikki said there was not "a chance in hell" she would allow anything to happen. Nikki vowed to look out for Victor's health. Nikki assured Victoria that her father would still rely on her to help run the company, explaining that Victor had missed getting up every morning, traveling to his office, and being productive. Nikki assured Victoria that if she caught a hint of anything that might adversely affect Victor, she would react against the offender like "the wrath of God." Nikki promised Victoria that they would not lose Victor.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor oversaw the rehanging of his portrait over the fireplace in his former office. A handyman removed the painting of Victoria, replacing it with her father's. Victor sat atop his desk and stared at the image of his face captured during his younger years when his hair was darker and his face unmarked by the passage of time. Victor poured himself a drink. Nate entered through the open door and observed Victor as he seemed lost in thought. Victor invited Nate to step in and join him.

Nate told Victor he had visited Victoria briefly before she had joined Nikki for dinner. Victor mentioned that Victoria had been surprised when he'd retaken the reins of his company. Nate, briefly turning his head toward the portrait, replied, "Yep. I did not see it coming, and neither did she." Victor assured Nate that his actions had nothing to do with the way Victoria had run the company, adding praise for his daughter having done a great job as CEO.

Victor looked into Nate's eyes and declared, "I just felt like taking over again." Nate assured Victor that he had every right to run the company he had built however he saw fit. Victor lifted his fist and pumped it in the fashion of a boxer demonstrating his strength and fitness.

Victor asked if Nate could help smooth things over with Victoria, explaining that he relied on her expertise and knowledge about recent business deals. Nate told Victor that after Victoria processed the changes and settled in at her new position, she would eventually regard Victor's changes as positive moves and realize she was not being punished. Victor asked Nate to help Victoria ease into her transition. Nate agreed to do all he could. Nate seemed eager to leave, but Victor invited him to stay.

Nate sat across from Victor and said he might not be able to persuade Victoria if she had already made up her mind. Victor recalled that Victoria had begun working in the mailroom, explaining that he did not want it to appear that he was giving his daughter preferential treatment. Victor seemed proud when he told Nate that Victoria had never accepted a promotion she had not felt she'd deserved. Nate replied, "She's definitely her father's daughter."

Nate remarked that Victoria had hit her stride while serving as CEO. Victor asked Nate if he believed Victoria deserved to resume her role. Nate said he would rather not get involved other than to encourage Victoria to get past her anger. Victor asked Nate if he believed Victoria might retaliate. Nate explained that he and Victoria had not said much after she had expressed disappointment about having been demoted.

Victor asked if Nate would have told him had Victoria said something more. Nate replied, "You're my boss; so is Victoria. I'm not comfortable being put in the middle of all this." Victor said he understood and only expected Nate to "smooth the waters." Nate replied that he was as determined as Victor was to ensure that the company grew stronger and more unified than ever.

Later, at home, Victor greeted Nikki. Victor warmly embraced Nikki and said he felt as though she had something to say to him. Nikki paused and replied that she would let him keep wondering for a while. Victor asked Nikki about her dinner with Victoria. Nikki told Victor that Victoria was upset about having been demoted and felt insulted. Victor asked Nikki if she had assured Victoria that she should not feel insulted. Nikki replied that Victoria needed time and space to process and prepare herself for her new position. Victor cried that nothing bothered him more than a rift between him and Victoria.

Nikki suggested that Victor delay his return to the office for at least a couple of weeks or perhaps a month. Nikki explained that Victor's eventual return to the office and her new position at Newman Media would be sources of stress in their lives. Nikki told Victor that taking a trip away to recharge their batteries might help them transition to new schedules that might eventually tear them apart. Nikki pleaded with Victor to take a step back, insisting that getting away would help their mental and physical health, plus give Victoria peace of mind.

Victoria entered the CEO's office at Newman Enterprises. Victoria picked up a glass Victor had left on the desk and sniffed it. After determining that the glass had contained alcohol, Victoria suddenly set down the glass and sent a text message to Nate, asking him to meet her in the office. Victoria noticed that her portrait had been replaced with Victor's.

As she stood staring at her father's image, Victoria recalled in a flashback that her father had promised she would still retain the power to make day-to-day decisions. Victor had declared that he would retake the reins of the company that he had built, as he had noticed that things had become disjointed. Victoria remembered how her father's harsh words had hurt her when he'd said, "I will take over. Is that clear?" Victoria had cried that her father's actions had not felt like he'd been creating unity. Victor had replied that he did not "give a damn" about what Victoria thought. After reliving the tense encounter, Victoria whispered aloud to herself, "I don't deserve this, Daddy."

Nate entered. Victoria, still staring at her father's portrait, said, "Well, Victor Newman's not one to waste time. I'll give him that." Nate agreed and said he had been with Victor earlier in the evening. Victoria picked up the glass and cried, "Yeah, I can see that." Nate clarified that Victor had invited him to stay and talk. Victoria angrily replied that Nate had not declined to accept. Nate explained that he was keeping the peace until the dust settled. Victoria replied, "Good luck with that."

Nate disclosed Victor's suspicions that Victoria would attempt to stop him from returning to Newman. Victoria suggested that Nate had betrayed her to her father by disclosing her intentions. Victoria accused Nate of attempting to impress the big boss by warning him about her serious concerns. Nate told Victoria he believed she was handling things the wrong way. Victoria told Nate she had counted on him to come around to her point of view.

Adam, sitting alone at the bar in the jazz lounge, relived in a flashback his meeting with Victor. Adam remembered his father expressing concern about his son's darker side emerging whenever he attempted to turn his life around. Adam had assured his father he would not falter if given another chance because he had nothing left to lose. Adam had cried that he was humbling himself as he'd pleaded for his father to let him start at the bottom, learn from his mistakes, and erase some of the damage he had inflicted. Victor had replied that if Adam's intentions were sincere, he would be impressed and might consider granting Adam's request.

Adam shook his head and began laughing after having recalled his father's words. Sally approached Adam and said, "Care to share the joke?" Adam explained that he was chuckling about a string of arguments he and Victor had had in the past.

Sally admitted to Adam that she was aware of what Victor had done to him and knew the decision had broken his heart yet again. Adam told Sally he was actually glad it had happened because it had been the wake-up call he'd needed. Sally felt Adam's face and jokingly remarked, "No, no, you don't have a fever, and your complexion looks pretty good." Adam replied that he was ready to grow up and become an adult. Adam invited Sally to join him for a drink to usher in the era of the new Adam Newman.

Sally sat down beside Adam and said they should welcome a whole new era for them both. Adam asked Sally if Nick was still out of town. Sally replied that Nick was traveling to various cities, attending to business for Kirsten Incorporated. Adam claimed that Nick approached business management as if it were a high-stakes whim.

Sally told Adam he sounded bitter and cynical like the old version of himself. Adam thanked Sally for calling him out. Sally replied, "This isn't your first drink, is it?" Sally recalled that alcohol brought on Adam's morose mood. Sally suggested that food might help temper the effects of alcohol, and she agreed to dine with Adam.

Downstairs in the dining room, Adam insisted that he and Sally have one glass of Champagne to celebrate their mutual new beginnings. Sally replied, "So, you really mean this? You think that you can play out this whole new direction of yours and not get frustrated or give up?" Adam told Sally she had no idea how determined he was. Sally said she did not want Adam to set himself up for another failure because it might crush his ego. Adam insisted he was ready and willing to accept the challenge. Sally assured Adam she would pull for him to succeed.

Adam wished Sally the best, declaring that she would be successful at starting her interior design firm. Adam proclaimed that he had everything plotted out to ensure he would not fail. Sally told Adam that this his reference about having "plotted" was worrisome because it sounded as if he had something else in mind other than working his way up from the bottom of the corporate ladder. Sally asked Adam if she should be worried about him. Adam rhetorically replied, "Why does everybody always suspect that I have a hidden agenda?" Adam told Sally she would have to trust that he was being sincere, adding that he refused to let the possibility of failure enter his mind. Sally seemed convinced that Adam was sincere and toasted to new beginnings.

Sally told Adam she was as excited about interior decorating as she had been about fashion design. Adam told Sally he was glad to see her happy and hear her laugh again. Sally acknowledged she had come a long way after losing Ava. Adam declared that he felt he had been reborn. Sally agreed that being reborn was a perfect way to describe their new outlook.

Adam tipped the bottle to pour and realized he and Sally had drunk an entire bottle of Champagne. Sally noted that it was past her bedtime. Adam asked Sally if he could walk her to her door. Sally replied, "Okay, sure, if you insist." Adam extended the crook of his arm, and Sally linked her arm in his as they walked toward the stairs. Adam thanked Sally for inviting him to dinner, so he could relax and enjoy his friend's company. Sally admitted she had missed spending time with Adam as a friend.

After Sally and Adam paused outside her door, Adam kissed her on the lips. Adam immediately apologized and acknowledged that he had made a mistake, blaming the Champagne. Adam asked Sally to pretend that it had never happened. Sally said she would. After Sally entered her room, she seemed rattled by the kiss and her strong attraction to Adam.

Tucker attempts to strike a deal with Phyllis

Tucker attempts to strike a deal with Phyllis

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

At the cottage, Mariah informed Sharon that the crazy colors on the weather report seemed to spell impending doom, and she was glad Sharon's trip had been postponed. Sharon admitted that she was a little disappointed, and Mariah jokingly surmised it was because Sharon had to spend the night with her instead. Sharon clarified that she was dismayed that she wouldn't get to meet with the division heads to share her excitement about the future of the company. Sharon planned to set up video calls in the morning, and she looked forward to spending the evening catching up with Mariah.

Mariah indicated that Aria had an appointment with the audiologist the next day to do more tests, but she didn't know if Tessa would be able to make it because of the weather. Mariah hoped the doctor would be able to confirm a diagnosis and decide whether to fit Aria with hearing aids. Mariah whined that Tessa should be there for Aria to feel double the love and protection. Sharon was sure the tot already felt it, and she encouraged Mariah to have faith because things might turn out exactly the way Mariah wanted them to.

Mariah turned the topic to the company. She gushed that it was amazing that Sharon and Nick were working together, and she felt much more comfortable without Adam in the picture. Sharon reported that Nick's trip had been a huge success, and the divisions were really excited about having new leadership. Sharon outlined her plans to streamline the company by focusing on using the tech Kirsten had created to help other organizations, like schools and nonprofits. Mariah eagerly hoped to start working soon, and Sharon expected to finalize their plans to secure office space once Nick returned.

Mariah inquired about Chance, and Sharon smiled as she recalled that he'd driven her to the airport before she'd realized her flight had been delayed. Mariah noted that Chance was caring, attentive, and built. "How perfect is this guy?" Mariah questioned. Sharon confided that she might have some competition, since she'd sensed someone else had a growing attraction to him -- Summer. Sharon recounted that Chance had helped Summer through the ordeal with Phyllis, and she didn't find it surprising that Summer felt a connection to him.

Mariah voiced surprise at how reasonable Sharon was being, and she inquired about how serious things had become between Sharon and Chance. Sharon said they enjoyed one another's company, and it had been fun and exciting; however, she didn't know what would happen in the long term. Mariah asked if Sharon thought Chance felt a connection with Summer. Sharon knew Chance cared about Summer, and his instinct was to look out for her because it was the kind of man he was. Sharon said she wasn't concerned beyond that.

Sharon stressed that she liked Chance, but she wasn't sure how serious things would become between them. Mariah grumbled that she'd hate to see Summer ruin it for Sharon. Sharon recognized that Mariah didn't like Summer, but she thought they both had more important things to worry about. Mariah was grateful she no longer had to pretend to like Summer, since Kyle and Summer's marriage was over. There was a knock at the door, and Sharon found Tessa there. Tessa dashed into Mariah's waiting arms.

Mariah cried that she hadn't realized how much she'd missed Tessa. Tessa declared that she'd made it despite the scary weather forecast, since she'd been determined to get there to avoid missing Aria's appointment. Tessa mentioned that the babysitter had told her Mariah was there to check on her mom, and she asked how Sharon was doing. Sharon urged them to go home and be together with their little one.

At the tack house, Mariah and Tessa made love. While cuddling in bed afterward, Mariah reiterated how much she'd missed Tessa. Mariah inquired about the Marchetti photo shoot, and Tessa admitted it had been brutal because she'd been a hot mess. Mariah shared that she had been, too. Tessa recalled that all she'd been able to think about had been getting home to Mariah and Aria.

Mariah and Tessa shared their fears about the appointment the next day. Mariah contemplated what would happen if the hearing aids didn't work at all. Tessa referred to Sharon and Devon's advice to take things one step at a time, since she and Mariah were unstoppable together. Mariah requested that they never be apart again, and Tessa replied that Mariah was stuck with her forever. They kissed.

Summer entered Society and approached Daniel at the bar. She observed that it looked like they were both having restless nights, and he offered to buy her a drink. She ordered a martini and asked about Lucy. Daniel shared that Lucy was heading back to Lisbon the next day because Heather had to get back for work. He added that he'd see them for breakfast the next day, but he had no idea when he'd see his daughter next after that.

Summer didn't think she'd be able to handle it if Kyle left the country with Harrison. Daniel guessed nothing had changed with her situation. Summer confirmed that they were proceeding with a divorce, but at least Phyllis was no longer trying to force them back together. Daniel revealed that Phyllis had also backed off trying to reunite him and Heather, but he was more worried about Summer. Summer groaned that divorce was awful, but she assured him that she was surprisingly okay and ready for her next adventure. Daniel wondered if she was talking about a romantic one.

Summer explained that she was hardly dying to jump from one relationship to another when she was just getting over the grief from her breakup, but she knew her marriage was over. Summer expected it would be awhile before she was ready to dive into another love story, and the hint of attraction she'd been feeling scared her. Daniel pressed to know if she had feelings for someone he knew. Summer recalled that sometimes it felt like only friendship or relief that she had someone to talk to who wouldn't judge her, but at other times, it was more.

Summer confided that everything seemed better when she was talking to Chance. Daniel was stunned that she was interested in the cop who'd gone after their mother. Summer defended that Chance had just been doing his job, and he'd been really nice about it, especially given all the secrecy that had gone on. She continued that Chance had been fair and compassionate with her when she'd bent the law, but Daniel pointed out that Chance was with Sharon. Summer bemoaned that it was what she hated about it the most. Daniel wondered if she meant she hated having feelings for Chance or that Chance couldn't reciprocate.

Summer swore that the last thing she wanted was to be the other woman, and she didn't even know how serious Sharon and Chance were. She recalled how awful it had been when Kyle had slept with someone the second they'd separated, and she didn't want anyone else to get hurt -- including herself. Daniel sensed that her feelings for Chance were more complicated than she was willing to admit. Summer realized that the answer to Daniel's question was both -- she hated feeling that way, and she hated that Chance wasn't available.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack told Billy that it had been a relief to hear from Ashley, but he'd been infuriated when she'd described Tucker's behavior. Billy reiterated that Tucker was a genuine threat, and he inquired whether Ashley believed her marriage was over for good. Jack doubted the couple could bounce back after Tucker had revealed his true colors, and he vowed to figure out what Tucker was planning and minimize the threat. Billy contemplated whether Tucker intended to go after Jabot or target their entire family out of revenge. Jack muttered that it was anyone's guess with someone like Tucker.

Jack conceded that part of him had hoped Ashley and Tucker would ride off into the sunset to restore a sense of calm. Billy noted that the upside was that Ashley was free of Tucker's grip and returning to Jabot. Jack indicated that she'd be working remotely while staying abroad to clear her head after she'd almost separated herself from her family. Billy said he wouldn't blame Jack if he was still angry at her for the hurtful things she'd said and done. Jack attributed most of her behavior to Tucker's hold on her, and he cited the amazing conversation he and Ashley had had before she'd left for Paris.

Billy imagined it had helped that Diane had saved Ashley from choking to death. Jack believed the incident had shaken Ashley to the core and made her see life in a different way. Billy applauded Jack's efforts to keep their family close and not play favorites, but he recognized that Jack and Ashley had something special. Billy admired Jack's ability to forgive and forget, since Billy tended to hold on to things until the very end -- and part of him enjoyed it.

Billy thought Tucker didn't deserve any grace after what he'd done to Ashley, and he suggested that they go on the offense rather than stay on the defense. Billy proposed that they hit Tucker first and hard to drive him out of town for good, and he pondered why Tucker was sticking around. Jack warned that Tucker no longer had a weakness without Ashley in his life, but Billy countered that Jack was missing someone. Billy anticipated that if they could turn Devon against Tucker, they'd be halfway there.

Jack hesitated to pit anyone against their own family, noting that it was what Tucker had tried to do with Ashley. Billy swore that he just wanted to open Devon's eyes to Tucker's recent behavior. Jack was sure Abby had relayed Ashley's side of the story to Devon, but Billy imagined that Tucker had whitewashed everything by painting a picture of Ashley betraying him when all he'd tried to do was love her. Billy asserted that they'd be doing Devon a favor by making sure he knew the truth. Jack agreed to think about it, and he invited Billy to go to the jazz lounge for drinks.

At the jazz lounge, Tucker wished Phyllis a good evening. She noted that he was alone, and she recalled that he'd told Heather that he needed a good attorney. Phyllis surmised that it didn't spell good tidings for him and Ashley, and he wondered if she was going to offer comforting words. Phyllis remembered his proverbial hands around her neck when he'd withheld Carson and threatened her future. Tucker pointed out that she was drinking martinis, and everything had worked out. Phyllis flatly asked what Tucker had done to make Ashley dump him.

Tucker refused to discuss Ashley when there were two million other things he'd rather talk about. Tucker referenced the $2 million insurance claim that had been paid upon Phyllis' death, and he surmised Stark had hidden the money somewhere. Tucker assumed that the insurance company expected it to be paid back, leaving Phyllis in a pickle. Phyllis wondered why he was worried about her when he should be picking up the pieces of his marriage. He guessed she was trying to figure out where Stark had funneled the money, and she confirmed that she was working on it. Tucker suggested they strike a deal.

Phyllis snapped that a deal with Tucker was never a good idea for anyone other than Tucker. Tucker stated that his end of the bargain would be to pay off her debt in full with no strings attached. She lectured that two people had to contribute to make a deal, and she wasn't interested. Tucker swore that he wouldn't ask her to cause any physical harm or pretend to die again, since he only had an innocuous request for her exceptional IT skills.

Phyllis claimed that she had an IT job with a noncompete clause, working with Sharon, Nick, and Adam. Tucker mentioned that he'd heard the venture had fallen apart, and he suspected that her cushy new job was no longer an option. Tucker doubted that she'd heard from Adam since he'd been fired, and he asked if she thought Nick and Sharon would be excited about having Phyllis on board. Phyllis remained silent, and Tucker wondered if she was sure she wasn't interested in what he had to say.

Phyllis cautioned that she saw what Tucker was trying to do, and it wouldn't work. Tucker contended that he was simply outlining the facts of her life, and he was an angel on her shoulder. She resolved to raise the money on her own, but he taunted that it would take her ten years to do it. Phyllis argued that she was no stranger to hustling, but Tucker reasoned that she shouldn't have to hustle when he was offering her $2 million to wipe the slate clean. He agreed to tack on an extra ten percent for her trouble, but she declined. He dared her to admit that she was curious about what he wanted her to do for all that cash.

Jack entered the club and spotted Phyllis and Tucker together. Phyllis declared that she was done there, and she stood up to leave. Tucker told her she knew where to find him when she changed her mind. As Phyllis passed by Jack on her way out, she swore it wasn't what it looked like. Jack huffed that he didn't care, since he expected very little of her those days. She asked if he was still furious with her, and he replied that he didn't give her much thought. She sauntered out.

Tucker ordered another drink at the bar. Jack approached him and announced that he'd found out the truth from Ashley. Tucker clarified that Jack had only heard her version of it. Jack expressed relief that Tucker's hold over Ashley had finally been broken, but Tucker insisted that his love for her was real. Jack taunted that it was also real that Tucker had blown it, and he questioned why Tucker had returned to Genoa City after his marriage had imploded. Jack demanded to know what Tucker was up to.

Tucker contended that he had a life and world outside Ashley, and he was there for his son and grandson. Jack hoped for Tucker's sake that it was Tucker's only motive, since they'd have a problem if Tucker was seeking revenge. Jack had no doubt that Tucker had driven Ashley away by showing her who he really was, and he spat that he didn't need to hear Tucker's side of the story. Jack ordered Tucker to go away and reinvent himself somewhere else. Tucker noted that all the action was there. Jack warned him to think again if Tucker was planning anything vindictive against the Abbott family, since Jack would do whatever it took to protect them.

In the foyer, Billy noticed that Phyllis seemed frazzled, and she mentioned that she'd just seen Tucker downstairs before running into Jack, who wasn't a fan of hers. Billy assured her that he had no beef with her, and he was genuinely happy she'd been exonerated. She thanked him, noting that not everyone felt that way. Billy figured there would always be haters, but he urged her not to let them get in her way or drag her down.

Phyllis inquired about whether Tucker and Ashley's marriage had blown up. Billy said he thought it had, although he didn't know the details. Phyllis questioned why Tucker hadn't just left town. Billy wished Tucker would go, and he shared that he and Jack had agreed that Tucker's lingering presence couldn't be good. Billy recommended that Phyllis avoid Tucker at all costs.

Billy descended the stairs to the jazz club and ran into an exiting Tucker, who remarked that Billy might be right about being the only level-headed Abbott left. After Tucker departed, Billy joined Jack at the bar. Jack agreed to go on the offense by getting Devon on their side and running Tucker out of town for good.

Sharon was taken aback when Phyllis stopped by the cottage, unannounced. Phyllis asked what was going on with SNA and the status of her job. Sharon suggested they talk later, but Phyllis felt that she deserved an answer. Phyllis recognized that Adam had preemptively hired her without telling Sharon and Nick, but they had ultimately seemed okay with it. Sharon said she couldn't speak for Nick, but she'd accepted it.

Phyllis pointed out that Adam had since been ousted, and Sharon and Nick had separated themselves from Newman to run the company together. "Our history lingers, doesn't it?" Phyllis nervously asked. Sharon acknowledged that they'd made progress, but she knew what Phyllis was saying. Sharon vaguely stated that there was a lot in flux. Phyllis flatly asked if she was out of a job.

A short time later, Phyllis returned to the Athletic Club just as Tucker was heading upstairs. She stopped him and admitted she was curious about what he expected for his investment. Tucker revealed that he wanted Phyllis to hack into a certain business to gather information for him. She assumed it wasn't his business, so the hack would be illegal. He assured her that it would be minimal risk for her and that it was a maneuver she could pull off in her sleep. Tucker crowed that he'd give her $2 million for a couple of keystrokes. Phyllis insisted on knowing the name of the company she'd be infiltrating. Tucker only agreed to tell her once he knew she was on board, and he asked if she was in.

Billy approaches Devon against Jack's wishes

Billy approaches Devon against Jack's wishes

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

by Nel

At Jabot, Jack told Billy that after Tucker had blown up Ashley's phone, Ashley hadn't heard from him. Billy suggested that they make a move immediately. Jack agreed. Jack indicated he didn't want to turn Devon against Tucker, but Billy assured him they wouldn't lie or manipulate Devon, only tell him that Tucker was still the deceitful con artist he'd been when he'd left Genoa City years earlier. Jack claimed it would drive a wedge between Devon and Tucker. Billy claimed if Tucker lost Devon, then Tucker would leave town, and he would be out of their lives for good.

Jack told Billy it was their fight with Tucker, not Devon's. Billy claimed Tucker was toxic and dangerous. He said Devon and Ashley had given Tucker a chance, but it hadn't worked out well for Ashley. Billy claimed it would only be a matter of time before Tucker screwed up with Devon. Billy claimed the longer Tucker remained in town, the more damage he could do to their family and the company, and the more likely it would be to create fallout for Devon, Abby, and Dominic. Jack said they couldn't turn a wrong into a right.

Jack told Billy they had to find another way of driving Tucker out of town. He told Billy to drop the idea of talking to Devon. Jack told Billy their conversation was done. After Jack left, Billy sent Devon a text message: "Free to meet? Need to discuss something important."

At her penthouse, Lily told Devon that Victor had sold off his stake in Chancellor-Winters to a third party, and she didn't know who the third-party investor was or why Victor had sold his interest. Lily asked if Victor had lost faith in them, and she wondered why Victor hadn't spoken to Jill before selling his stake in the company. Devon told Lily that without a name, he didn't know where to start searching. Lily suggested Victor. She said Victor had demoted Victoria and reinstated himself as CEO.

Devon received a text message from Billy. Devon told Lily that Jack and Billy believed Tucker would do something to retaliate, and Billy probably wanted to find out what Tucker was up to.

Lily asked how Devon felt about Tucker returning alone and what Tucker had said about Ashley. Devon said Tucker was who he was, and he was probably not the victim in that situation. Devon said he'd kept Tucker at arm's length, but then he'd started to believe Tucker had changed. Devon said he wanted to know the truth about what had happened between Tucker and Ashley.

At the Athletic Club bar, Phyllis was taken aback by Diane's friendly greeting when Phyllis arrived. Diane asked why Phyllis was there. Phyllis balked, but Diane said she was simply making polite conversation. Phyllis said she and Diane only tolerated one another, and she advised Diane not to pretend it was anything else. Diane assured Phyllis she was only trying to establish some civility between them for Kyle and Summer's sake.

Diane asked if Phyllis had been trying to reunite Kyle and Summer, since it had been Phyllis' fault that they were divorcing. Phyllis claimed she and Diane were both to blame, but Diane disagreed because she hadn't put Summer in a position of having to lie to Kyle. Phyllis said that Kyle hadn't wasted any time jumping into bed with Audra. Phyllis stated she wouldn't spar with Diane.

Diane asked if Phyllis wanted to see their kids reunite. Phyllis said she'd promised Summer she wouldn't interfere, and Phyllis refused to break that promise. Diane confessed she was worried about Kyle because he'd thrown himself into work and a ridiculous affair. Diane claimed Phyllis needed to put in some effort. Diane suggested that if they put on a peaceful front, perhaps Kyle and Summer would do the same. Phyllis refused to break her promise, and she told Diane to immediately give up meddling in their kids' affairs.

Tucker arrived and asked Phyllis if she was ready. Diane said Phyllis and Tucker were perfect for each other. Diane left.

Phyllis told Tucker she had to pay back the money from the insurance company, or they would sue her. She said she was interested in Tucker's offer; however, it was a big deal, and she was aware that he was going after Jabot. He said she was close. Tucker said he wanted Phyllis to give him access to Billy's personal finances.

Phyllis asked why Tucker wanted Billy's financials and if it was part of a bigger plan. He asked what she would do if it was, and he asked if Phyllis didn't want plausible deniability. Phyllis said she'd just been through a nightmare. Tucker said he knew, and the nightmare would have been much worse if it hadn't been for him. Phyllis asked why he couldn't understand why she needed to know what was going on so she could agree or refuse to be part of his plan. She said she wanted to stay out of prison.

Tucker said he didn't know where, other than from him, Phyllis would get the money that she needed to pay back the insurance company before they took legal action. Phyllis reminded him that he'd approached her, but Tucker claimed she wasn't the only tech genius in the world. He was about to leave, but Phyllis asked him to stay.

Phyllis told Tucker she wanted half the money immediately, the other half once she got into Billy's financials, and then she wanted out. Tucker agreed, and he asked her to meet him in his suite in an hour when he would transfer the money to her, then they would get to work. Tucker left.

After his meeting, Jack recalled a recent conversation he'd had with Tucker. Jack told Tucker the only "backstabbing son of a bitch" in the room was Tucker. Jack asked if Tucker was trying to create tension between him and Billy. Jack said in the past, any efforts to destabilize Jabot had failed because the Abbotts were strong, and Jabot was solid. Tucker said he and Ashley had let go of their hostility, and Jack should do the same because Tucker and Ashley weren't a threat. Tucker claimed it was Jack's call if he wanted to trust Billy.

In the same memory, Billy accused Jack of not trusting him completely and of believing that Billy would go to Ashley and Tucker's side. He said Jack believed Billy would go against everything he'd promised to the company, the family, and their father's legacy -- and the promises he'd made to Jack.

Jack snapped back to the present when Diane arrived. She told him she'd tried to find some common ground with Phyllis by suggesting they be civil to each other and work together to reconcile Summer and Kyle. Diane said Phyllis had refused because she'd promised Summer she wouldn't get involved. Diane assumed Phyllis didn't want Kyle and Summer to reconcile because Phyllis felt Summer was better off without Kyle because of Diane. Jack said he agreed with Phyllis because they had no business getting involved in Summer and Kyle's breakup. He said Summer and Kyle had to handle that themselves.

Diane disagreed. She told Jack that Kyle and Summer belonged together. Jack said all they could do was support Summer and Kyle, but Summer and Kyle had to work things out themselves. Jack reminded Diane that a number of people had been involved in his and Diane's relationship from the beginning, and he asked how much help that had been.

Diane claimed that was different because those people didn't want them to be together, and they'd wanted Diane gone. Jack said they'd stayed together because they'd known it in their hearts. Diane said just like Kyle and Summer. Jack claimed if Summer and Kyle saw things that way, then they would work it out without help. Diane said she wanted Kyle to quit his job and his insanity with Audra, and to return home and to Jabot.

Jack reminded Diane that it had been Kyle's decision to leave Jabot. Diane claimed she couldn't sit back and watch Kyle spiral without trying to help him find his way back to himself, Jabot, and Summer. Jack said they couldn't make that happen -- they had to trust Kyle to work things out on his own.

When Summer walked into Crimson Lights and saw Kyle, she had a memory flash. Kyle told Summer there was no coming back from what Summer had done. He said there was no second chance for their marriage, and they needed to end the torture and move forward. Summer said she would contact a lawyer, and she hoped they could keep things friendly for Harrison's sake.

In real time, Summer approached Kyle. Kyle asked if she'd received the letter regarding the meeting about Harrison's custody agreement. Summer admitted she had, and she wanted to make the divorce as painless and easy as possible. Summer and Kyle agreed they didn't want to stand in the way of Harrison's happiness.

Kyle told Summer that things had been messy, but putting Harrison first simplified everything. Summer agreed. She said being Harrison's mom had been the best thing that had ever happened to her. Kyle confirmed she was -- and always would be -- Harrison's mom. Kyle confessed he'd moved on from his anger because Harrison deserved an incredible life, and Harrison couldn't have that if he had a brooding and pissed-off father.

Summer asked how Kyle was handling all the changes at Newman and how Nikki taking over Newman Media had affected him. Kyle said he was safe for the moment, but Nikki had found out about him and Audra. He said Nikki had forced him to end the affair, or Audra would lose her job. Summer said that had been all Nikki could do other than fire Audra's "opportunistic ass." Summer said she was glad that things between Audra and Kyle were over because Kyle knew no good would come of it. She said if Kyle didn't believe her, then he should ask Noah.

Summer told Kyle she was sorry things were over between him and Audra. Summer said Kyle wouldn't have gotten involved with Audra if Summer hadn't hurt him so badly. Kyle said he had no idea who felt responsible for him getting involved with Audra, but that was all on him.

Summer said she didn't forgive Kyle for sleeping with Audra, and she said that it had been a "foolish and crappy" move. Summer confessed that she hadn't been Audra's biggest fan after what she'd done to Noah. Summer suggested that Kyle use it as a wake-up call. She said things would be awkward in the office since they'd broken up. Kyle claimed they were both professionals, and he hoped it wouldn't be a problem. Summer suggested that Kyle take it as a sign and return to the family company, where he belonged. Summer left Kyle thoughtful.

Devon met Billy at Society. Devon guessed Billy wanted to talk about Tucker. Billy told Devon that Tucker was out of control again and up to his old antics. Billy asked if Devon knew what had happened between Ashley and Tucker. Devon admitted he knew they'd both had different versions. Billy said he believed Ashley's version.

Billy told Devon that once Jack and Ashley had made peace, Ashley had decided she didn't want to cut ties with Jabot or her family. Devon said he'd known Ashley and Tucker were going to start their own company in direct competition with Jabot, but Ashley had decided it would be bad business. Billy said according to Ashley, Tucker had gone ballistic; she'd said she'd never seen Tucker that angry or that aggressive, and he'd really scared her.

Devon told Billy that Abby had also told him about that. Billy said Tucker had done that to the woman he claimed to love, and he asked if Devon thought there was more at stake. Billy said he and Jack believed it had been Tucker's plan to exploit Ashley for her money and expertise in order to build himself a new empire, but since that avenue had been cut off, Tucker was coming after Jabot on his own.

Devon told Billy that sounded a little extreme because he believed Tucker and Ashley had had a fight that had gone too far, and they had pushed each other's buttons. Devon asked why Billy was sharing his thoughts with Devon. Billy said it wasn't his intention to interfere in Devon's relationship with Tucker. Devon asked what Billy was trying to accomplish.

Jack and Diane arrived at Society. Jack immediately spotted Billy with Devon. Jack swore. He told Diane that Billy had gone behind his back once again.

Lily arrived at Newman, and when she saw Victor at his desk, she had a flashback to a conversation with Devon at the masquerade ball. Lily told Devon everything had changed because Jill had canceled the IPO. Devon asked if Lily knew that Victor had convinced Jill to do that. Lily said it didn't surprise her because Victor had always cared about Devon since he'd been a teenager. Lily suggested they streamline operations -- and they could each run their own divisions the way they wanted and finally be the united family they'd dreamed of.

Lily snapped out of her reverie and walked into Victor's office. Victor surmised Lily wanted to know why he'd sold his stake in Chancellor-Winters. Lily admitted she did. Lily asked if he'd lost faith in her, Jill, and Devon and how they ran the company. Victor assured her it had nothing to do with that because they'd done a wonderful job. Lily asked why Victor had backed out. He said he had his reasons.

Victor told Lily that he'd bought a stake in Chancellor-Winters when he'd discovered there'd been a widening gap between Lily and Devon, and he'd stepped in to rectify the situation. Lily thanked him. Victor said there were other reasons that had to do with problems at his company that he needed to rectify.

Lily asked Victor who the mystery investor was. Victor said the investor wanted his identity kept secret. Lily asked why he couldn't share it with her, Jill, or Devon, since it was their company. Victor said in due time, but Lily couldn't accept that. She said the company was doing really well, and she claimed that person could come in and destroy everything they'd done. Victor assured her that wouldn't happen. He said Lily would have to be patient until the contractual fine points had been worked out, then the investor would introduce himself.

Nikki forces Audra to fire Kyle

Nikki forces Audra to fire Kyle

Thursday, September 21, 2023

by Nel

In the Newman office, Victor told Lily she had to be patient, and all would be revealed. Victor reminded Lily he'd once been an anonymous investor. Lily countered that Jill had known who he was. Lily asked if the new investor had approached Victor, or if Victor had approached them. Victor admitted they'd approached him, and he couldn't reveal any more information.

Victoria arrived. Victor told her Lily was just leaving. After Lily left, Victoria asked the reason for Lily's visit. Victor told Victoria that he'd owned an interest in Chancellor-Winters, and he'd just sold it.

Victoria glanced at Victor's portrait and recalled the time she and Victor had hung her portrait over the fireplace. Victor gushed that the portrait was "so damned good," and he loved the poise, grace, and presence of it. He said it was a fitting symbol of her new position. She was running the company, and she would bring it into a bright and prosperous future.

In reality, Victoria commented that Victor had replaced her portrait with his own. Victor stated that her office had walls. Victoria insisted it hadn't merely been a business decision on his part, but rather a personal and punishing element for Victor to replace her as the head of the company. Victoria asked what she'd done to deserve that.

Victor assured Victoria that the changes he'd made hadn't been a reflection of her work because she'd done a wonderful job, and going forward, he wanted to lean on her. Victoria claimed that sounded like a press release about someone he'd demoted. Victor said it wasn't about her; it was about the company that had become disjointed, fractured, and broken, and she'd been a contributor to it. Victoria cried that was unfair. She accused him of taking charge because he couldn't stand not being in control, and she said she'd been set up to fail.

Victor told Victoria that when he'd handed the company to her and her brothers, he'd hoped she would create a united front and a powerhouse, but she hadn't. He said he'd needed to step in, clean things up, and run the company again; otherwise, she and her brothers would be at each other's throats, and Nick would leave the company again.

Victoria shouted at Victor that Nick had already left the company, and it had been Victor's fault, not hers or Adam's. Victoria claimed Victor had decided to shuffle the deck chairs, and he'd left everyone wondering where they fit into his grand scheme. Victor said that he'd explained what he'd expected from all three of his children. Victoria said that when Victor made a plan, he expected everyone to fall in line. Victor stated that the company wasn't run by consensus but by one person, and he was it.

At Society, Diane tried to stop Jack from confronting Billy. Angry, Jack said Billy never thought anything through -- he just reacted. Jack said Billy could be alerting Devon that they were going after Tucker after he'd expressly told Billy it was a bad idea. Jack said he didn't doubt that Billy was protective of Jabot and the family and that Billy believed he was doing the right thing, but they had to figure out what Tucker was up to.

Jack joined Billy and Devon, and he asked Devon for a private moment with Billy. Devon said they'd covered everything. Before Devon left, Billy asked him to stay vigilant because he felt Tucker was up to something. After Devon left, Jack asked why Billy had gone behind his back. Billy said he'd never agreed not to alert Devon about Tucker. Jack said he thought Billy had understood why Jack hadn't wanted to use Devon to get at Tucker. He said they had no business creating conflict between Devon and his father.

Billy assured Jack that he hadn't lied to Devon. He said he'd told Devon the truth, and if that created distance between them, then maybe that would put pressure on Tucker, which had been the plan from the start. Billy said he'd told Devon what Ashley had told Jack. Jack asked what Devon's response had been. Billy said Devon had been rattled, and Billy had reminded him what his father was capable of.

Jack told Billy that just because the seed had been planted, it didn't mean anything would grow. Jack said Devon might tell Tucker that the Abbott brothers were after him. Billy said Tucker was already aware they were on high alert, and if he heard it from Devon, it might rattle Tucker's cage -- and he might show Devon his hand. Jack reiterated it was their fight, not Devon's.

Billy assured Jack they were only reminding Devon of Tucker's true nature, nothing more. Billy accused Jack of not trusting him. Jack said Billy couldn't take criticism because he took things personally. Billy claimed Jack's comments were always personal and seldom complimentary. Diane rushed over and stopped their argument. Billy told her to tell that to Jack. Billy left.

Diane assured Jack there hadn't been any damage done. She said Devon probably thought Billy had been venting. Jack claimed he didn't know if he could trust Billy after that incident, because Billy never listened, and it always ended in chaos. Jack said he was thinking about firing Billy.

Kyle entered the Athletic Club and greeted Audra. He said he'd missed her, and it seemed she'd been avoiding him outside of work. Nikki arrived and saw Kyle and Audra close together as Kyle asked if Audra had changed her mind about their after-hours meetings.

Nikki recalled a conversation she'd had with Kyle. Nikki told Kyle she knew about his affair with Audra, and she was sure he'd been deflecting some of the pain from his breakup and avoiding the pain Summer had been going through. Nikki said she'd told Audra that if she wanted to continue working at Newman Media, she would have to end the affair immediately. Kyle confirmed they were over.

Audra told Kyle she'd been swamped with work. Kyle said he missed their time together. Audra said they would figure something out. Nikki approached and commented that Kyle and Audra seemed awfully close. She asked if they had been discussing business or something more intimate. Audra claimed they had been talking business. Nikki asked what business they'd been discussing. Audra said Kyle had been bringing her up to speed about some of the sites Newman Media wanted to acquire, and they'd been going through the pitch to make sure they were on the same page.

Nikki asked Kyle for a private moment with Audra. Kyle left. Nikki told Audra it was problematic for Audra and Kyle to have any interaction at all, because the attraction was still there. Audra admitted it was, but she understood Nikki's position and respected Nikki too much to break any rules. Nikki wasn't sure Kyle could show the same restraint. She said the breakup of his marriage to Summer had brought things to a head, and it was probably why he'd been drawn to Audra. Nikki said it was best to terminate Kyle from Newman Media.

Shocked, Audra asked if Nikki wanted her to fire Kyle. Nikki claimed it was the best move for everyone involved. Audra said Nikki was overreacting, and she assured Nikki that Kyle wouldn't be a problem. Nikki said she knew that Audra and Kyle were carrying on in secret, even after she'd told Audra to end the relationship. Nikki said she'd planned to fire Audra and Kyle, but she'd decided to remove temptation and would give Audra one last chance. She told Audra to fire Kyle. Nikki left.

Devon arrived at Lily's. Lily told him things had gone nowhere with Victor because he'd made a deal not to reveal the investor's identity. She said it made her feel they wouldn't like the new investor or doing business with them. Devon asked if she had any guesses. Lily said the investor had approached Victor, and that person clearly wanted to own a piece of Chancellor-Winters. Lily said she thought it was Tucker.

Lily told Devon it was just a hunch, knowing who Tucker was and how he operated. She said whenever Tucker was angry, he wanted to burn bridges, and at that moment, Tucker was very angry. Devon asked how such a small investment would be a danger to the company. Lily said it could be Tucker's way of getting his foot in the door, and if he was back to his original plan of targeting Jabot, perhaps he was back to all his other plans. Devon said he didn't believe Tucker would go behind Devon's back a second time.

Lily acknowledged that Devon was trying to rebuild his relationship with Tucker. Devon said Tucker seemed genuinely concerned that his situation with Ashley would ruin the progress he and Devon had made. Devon said didn't think it was Tucker. Lily said she wasn't ready to give Tucker the benefit of the doubt. Devon said neither was Billy. Devon said that Jack and Billy thought the same thing -- that Tucker was more dangerous than ever.

Devon told Lily that Jack was upset about the situation between Tucker and Ashley, and Billy didn't know if anything was going on. He said Billy had told him to keep his eyes open because he believed Tucker was up to something. Devon said it felt like Billy had been trying to recruit him in case something happened. Devon said Jack had joined them, and it had felt like Jack and Billy were upset about something; however, nothing had been mentioned about Chancellor-Winters or Victor.

Devon told Lily they had no proof Tucker was the new investor who'd bought Victor's interest. Devon was certain that Tucker wouldn't attempt a sneak attack because it would ruin Tucker's relationship with him-- and Dominic. Lily said they had to figure things out because she didn't like mysteries -- or the fact the investor wanted to remain anonymous. She said there was a reason for that, and she didn't think it would benefit them. Devon said Lily was jumping to a lot of unwarranted conclusions.

Lily acknowledged the situation was difficult for Devon, and he was worried about Abby. Lily admitted Tucker might not be the investor, but she warned Devon not to underestimate what Tucker was capable of. Devon said if Tucker was their guy, he'd have no say in what happened in their company because he was only buying an investment. Lily said she didn't like surprises, and neither did Jill. She said they had to get to the bottom of the mystery, but her money was still on Tucker.

On the patio of Crimson Lights, Kyle recalled a series of sexual encounters with Audra. When Kyle arrived in Audra's suite, she immediately removed her robe, and she said they would make a great team. On another night, Kyle wanted to celebrate his new job and their collaboration with sex. On another occasion, Audra told him he was a genius, and that led to another romp. On yet another occasion, he told Audra he would always have her back, and one kiss led to another.

In the same memory, Kyle told Audra he was sure they could pull off their secret affair, but he asked why they should risk it, since she had too much to lose. Audra warned Kyle they were playing with fire each time they were together, but that sounded very exciting. On another occasion, Audra said she wanted to spend some quality time with Kyle, but she had calls to make before the meeting, and they had to find a new place to meet.

Later, Kyle and Audra met in the park. Audra told him Nikki knew they were still seeing each other, and as long as they kept working together, the attraction and desire wouldn't go away. Audra told Kyle that Nikki had ordered her to fire him. Audra said she was sorry, but it was over, and she walked away.

Victoria asked why Victor wanted to keep her and Nick around. Victor refused to argue about it and said that was how it was. Victoria said not in her opinion. Victor shouted that her opinion was irrelevant because Newman Enterprises was bigger than her and her "damn feelings." He told Victoria she could either accept that, or she could leave. Nikki walked in, and she heard Victoria tell Victor that because she'd disagreed with him, he wanted to throw her out of his kingdom. Victor claimed it was her choice, but Victoria said if she left, everything would fall apart. Victor wanted to know what she meant by that.

Nikki entered, and she demanded to know what was going on. Victor told Nikki that Victoria was insinuating he was incapable of running his company. Victoria claimed she'd questioned some of Victor's decisions. Victor stated he wouldn't tolerate insubordination, and he had nothing more to say. Nikki reminded them the changes wouldn't go into effect for another few weeks and that she and Victor were planning a trip before she took over Newman Media and before Victor took over the reins at Newman Enterprises. She said there would be plenty of time to sort things out to everyone's satisfaction, but Victor stated that all changes had to be finalized immediately.

After Victor left, Nikki told Victoria it didn't help that Victoria kept pushing his buttons. Victoria said she'd questioned how he'd arbitrarily upended the lives of the people he supposedly cared for. Nikki told Victoria to never question Victor's love for Victoria. Victoria claimed Victor only loved them when they did whatever he wanted. She asked if Nikki had heard Victor invite her to leave the company, but Nikki claimed Victor hadn't meant that.

Victoria told Nikki that Victor kept changing the rules, and it would only get worse. She asked what it would take for Nikki to agree they were headed in the wrong direction, not just for the family, but also the company. Victoria asked how long Nikki would ignore what was happening to Victor.

Kyle returned to the Athletic Club. At the bar, Kyle ordered a drink, and Victor joined him. Kyle told Victor that Nikki had forced Audra to fire him because Nikki hadn't liked the look in his eye. Victor said he hated to say it, but Kyle didn't belong at Newman. He said Kyle was an Abbott, and he belonged with his family and in his family's business.

In the jazz lounge, Billy was agitated, and he ordered a double single malt. Billy recalled a couple of conversations with Jack. Jack boasted he had a long track record in business, and he wanted to help Billy. Billy sarcastically asked "where the hell" he would be without the wise words of Mr. Jack Abbott. Jack claimed it was an endless effort to find a safe place to land about unresolved issues. Billy asked if his unresolved issues were with Jack or John. Billy claimed maybe they were Jack's unresolved issues because Jack was afraid Billy would outshine him.

In the same memory and a more recent conversation, Jack told Billy he trusted and counted on Billy, but Billy maintained that Jack believed Billy would fall right back to where he'd come from. Billy stated that Jack didn't trust him, and he never had.

In reality, Billy sent Tucker a text message: "I want to meet."

At the end of this episode, The Young and the Restless paid tribute to Billy Miller (ex-Billy Abbott), who died on September 15. For more on the life of Miller and tributes from the daytime community, please continue reading here.

Jack tells Phyllis that she is dead to him

Jack tells Phyllis that she is dead to him

Friday, September 22, 2023

by Nel

At home, Kyle told Diane he'd been fired. Diane guessed that his fling with Audra had cost him his job. Diane asked what his plans were. Kyle said he might live the life of leisure for a while. Diane claimed Kyle was the kind of guy who needed direction, purpose, and a career. Kyle said he would have that again when the right opportunity came along. Diane asked if it had occurred to him that the right opportunity might be at Jabot. Kyle said Jack knew he would only return to Jabot if it was to replace Billy as co-CEO. Diane told Kyle not to pack for the tropics yet. Kyle realized there might be a chance that Billy would leave Jabot.

At the jazz lounge, Tucker told Audra he'd been thinking about her on a karmic level. Tucker referred to the comment she had made that she would jump ship and work with him at Jabot once he took it away from Jack and Billy. Audra said she only recalled saying that she wanted to keep her options open and nothing about jumping ship. Tucker asked how confident she was about her future at Newman Media. Tucker remarked that Nikki saw Audra as a manipulative opportunist.

Audra told Tucker that Nikki might decide she didn't fit into that company, but until then, she had no reason to walk away. On the other hand, if his plan for Jabot worked out, she asked what position she would hold. Tucker replied that he hadn't come up with any specific jobs yet, but Audra could be sure it would be something high-powered and prestigious. Audra assumed she would be working under him, but Tucker said he wasn't interested in running Jabot other than maybe in an advisory capacity.

Tucker told Audra the takeover was nothing other than yanking Jabot away from Jack. He said he wanted to punish the Abbotts and hit them where it hurt because they'd shattered any chance he'd had with Ashley. Audra asked if Tucker didn't think the Abbotts' suspected that he was going after them. Tucker said they absolutely did and had essentially told him so, but he had a secret weapon: Billy Abbott.

In the park, Jack was walking and texting when Phyllis greeted him. Jack claimed he had no interest in talking to her. He said they were miles past any hope of reconciliation, and he felt no need to be polite or civil. Jack added that he had no interest in soothing her guilt or bolstering her pretense of setting things right. He stated there had been only one thing between them -- his son had married her daughter, but Phyllis had managed to obliterate that, which left nothing between them.

Phyllis told Jack she knew she more than screwed up, and she was trying very hard to change. Jack claimed that changed nothing for him. He stated that he'd said goodbye to her at her memorial service, and as far as he was concerned, she was still dead. After Jack left, Daniel joined Phyllis and commented that that had been harsh, but Phyllis had had it coming. Daniel said it wasn't easy to go back to the way things had been. He asked if Phyllis was ready for that. Phyllis admitted she didn't know. She said she was tough and could handle things, but it had hurt her feelings.

Daniel suggested that Phyllis needed something positive and productive to focus on. Phyllis asked what she had to do because she was tired of defending herself to people who didn't believe she could change. Daniel said some people had heard that from Phyllis for decades, and faking her own death had destroyed her credibility.

Daniel told Phyllis to prove to everyone that she meant business. Phyllis claimed that was difficult when she kept losing one job after another. She remarked that the insurance company was hounding her for the money Jeremy Stark had stolen when she'd "died," and she had no idea where Stark had hidden it. She said she'd been trying to find it, but she'd had no luck. She said whenever she went for a walk, people stared at her like she was the town pariah. She said she was waiting for the next verbal gut punch.

Phyllis told Daniel that perhaps Stark had been right; she should have left town and started anew where no one knew her. Daniel asked if she was going to leave him and Summer again. Phyllis claimed they would be better off. Daniel stated that he and Summer wouldn't be, and neither would Phyllis. Daniel said Phyllis wasn't going anywhere. He asked how she could leave when she had a brand-new job that she was about to start. Daniel asked her to work with him at Omega Sphere.

Daniel told Phyllis the job wasn't top level, but it was something worthwhile and stimulating. Phyllis was overjoyed but claimed that Daniel didn't owe her any favors. Daniel stated that he wasn't doing her any favors, nor would she get any preferential treatment because she was his mother. He said she had to be reliable and work long and hard hours, and he didn't want to hear any excuses or whining. He wanted Phyllis to prove to everyone she could walk the walk. Daniel said that once Phyllis started drawing a salary, she could work out a payment plan with the insurance company.

Phyllis suddenly recalled an earlier conversation with Tucker, when she had told Tucker she would raise the money legitimately, and Tucker had said that would take her ten years. Phyllis thanked Daniel for that opportunity, but she would have to think about it. Daniel said perhaps she needed to think about when she would stop getting in her own way. Daniel left.

Alone, Phyllis recalled the same conversation with Tucker. Tucker said he saw Phyllis' plight, and he was offering her his assistance. Tucker told Phyllis he would tack on ten percent for her trouble, which came to $2.2 million dollars. Phyllis said she knew how much that was, and the answer was no.

Returning to reality, Phyllis muttered to herself that she had to go with Tucker's plan, but after that, she swore to God, never again. She sent Tucker a text message: "I'm ready. On my way."

Jack arrived at the Abbott home. Jack asked if it was casual dress day at Newman Media. Kyle told Jack that Nikki had fired him. Kyle wanted to leave it at that because he needed to clear out his office. Jack asked if Kyle was ready to return to the family business where he belonged. Kyle said it depended on whether Jack would reinstate him as co-CEO and stop ignoring Billy's talent for screwing up. Jack said he was sorry things hadn't worked out for Kyle at Newman Media, but Jack was selfishly thrilled at the idea that Kyle might return to Jabot.

Kyle asked Jack if there was a possibility he could replace Billy, but Jack said not immediately because things hadn't reached that point yet. Kyle said then they shouldn't be having that conversation. Kyle left. Jack told Diane that Kyle had lost his sense of patience. Diane said she blamed herself for that because Jack had mentioned that he'd been considering letting Billy go. She asked what there was to think about. She said if Billy left, Kyle would return, and they'd get to work with their son again.

At Society, Billy said he'd heard Adam had lost his job again, and he sympathized. Adam asked what Billy wanted. Billy said he knew Adam had damaging information on Tucker and that Adam would be willing to share that information for the right price. Billy asked how much that information would cost.

Adam asked Billy why Tucker had returned to town without Ashley. Billy said things between them had disintegrated, personally and professionally. Adam said if that was true, Tucker was a really pissed-off megalomaniac, and he was probably back for revenge. Adam asked what Billy had to offer in return for the information. Billy said he didn't know what it was worth until he knew how damaging the information was.

Adam told Billy he'd been having second thoughts about getting into any kind of questionable activity with Billy. Billy asked if that was because of Adam's professional ethics. Adam claimed he'd turned a major personal corner, and he was going modest for a change. He said he would start at the bottom at Newman and work his way up because he was determined to prove to Victor and the family that he was willing to work the soil before harvesting the fruit. Billy laughed, and he asked if Victor had bought that. Billy said from one chronic screw-up to another, that would never happen.

Billy stated that no matter how hard Adam tried to change, he would always be Adam Newman. Billy told Adam to quit the posturing and tell Billy what his price was, so they could move on. Adam said he would have to think about the price. Billy reminded Adam that Adam had brought the offer to him weeks earlier, and Adam had suggested that Billy let Adam know if Billy wanted to work something out. Billy said he was trying to work something out, but Adam was being coy.

Adam told Billy things had changed, and he was in a different place. Billy said that if the information on Tucker existed, it wasn't worth the headache Adam had given him. As Billy was leaving, Tucker arrived, and he stopped Billy. Tucker said he thought he and Billy had a meeting. Billy said that had to have been someone else, and Billy left.

Tucker greeted Adam. Adam got up to leave, but Tucker invited him to stay. Tucker asked if there had been some tension between Adam and Billy. Adam claimed it was a permanent condition, and they would never co-exist peacefully. Tucker said it seemed more specific. Adam asked why Tucker wanted to know.

Adam said Tucker had returned from his honeymoon, but Ashley hadn't. Adam said Billy had mentioned that Tucker's marriage had disintegrated. Adam remarked that Tucker was pissed off and planning to go after the Abbotts. Adam commented that it had been the shortest honeymoon in the history of honeymoons. Adam said he knew Tucker had a lot riding on his marriage with Ashley, personally and professionally, and Adam asked where Tucker went from there. Tucker asked why he would share his personal life with the man who had blackmailed him. Adam claimed that technically, he'd blackmailed Audra.

Adam said he had no animosity toward Tucker; he just didn't trust him. Tucker stated he had no animosity toward Adam; he just couldn't care less about him, his family, or Newman Enterprises. Tucker received Phyllis' text message, and Tucker left.

When Billy walked into the Athletic Club, Audra greeted him. Billy asked what Tucker was up to. Audra said she didn't know, but Billy didn't believe her. Audra asked why Tucker would take her into his confidence. Billy stated that Audra and Tucker had worked very closely together for a long time, and they had remained friends. Billy said he had no doubt that Tucker continued to confide in her, since his relationship with Ashley had blown up. Billy claimed Tucker had an agenda, and he needed to know what that was. Audra said Billy was probably right, but it had nothing to do with her.

Billy told Audra that if he was correct, and the conflict with Tucker boiled over, she needed to do everything she could to protect herself. Audra claimed she wouldn't be where she was if she hadn't stayed on the right side of things. Audra thanked him for caring, and she left.

Later, Kyle arrived at the Athletic Club. When he saw Audra, he recalled their conversation in the park earlier. Audra told Kyle that Nikki knew they still met secretly, and Nikki didn't trust them, specifically Kyle. Audra said when Nikki had seen them together, she'd surmised they were still meeting secretly. Audra stated that Nikki had told her to fire Kyle. She told Kyle it was over personally and professionally.

Snapping back, Kyle approached Audra. Audra asked how he was doing. Kyle replied caustically that he was really good. Kyle assured Audra that he didn't blame her for firing him because Nikki had left her no choice. Audra said she didn't appreciate the cutting edge in his voice. Kyle said he was surprised at how quickly Audra had been able to turn off her feelings. He said she'd gone from her hotel suite to distant acquaintances in the blink of an eye. Audra said Kyle spoke as if they'd had a storybook romance. Kyle said he thought it had meant something, but Audra said they had been two consenting adults who'd been attracted to one another. She said they'd had fun, the sex had been great, but they were moving on with their lives.

Audra told Kyle not to look so wounded because his pride might have taken a hit, but his heart was just fine. Audra said she wasn't the love of his life, and he wasn't hers; that would be Summer. Annoyed, Kyle said it was over between him and Summer, and there was no hope of them finding their way back to each other. Audra said she doubted that, and she said she felt sorry for him. Audra said their relationship had been about him trying to forget how much Summer meant to him. Audra told Kyle to dig deep and take a long and honest look; he would discover he missed Summer, and he still loved her much more than he was willing to admit.

Elsewhere, Billy was standing at the door of the Athletic Club when Phyllis walked in and greeted him. Tucker arrived and walked past Billy and Phyllis on his way to his suite. Phyllis went to the bar and waited for Billy to leave before going to meet with Tucker in his suite. Billy watched from outside the club as Phyllis made her way upstairs.

In Tucker's suite, Tucker asked if Phyllis was ready to get into Billy's financials. Phyllis said she was as soon as Tucker transferred money into her account.

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