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Victor appointed Adam as Nate's assistant. Adam agreed to provide Jack with the incriminating emails against Tucker in exchange for a future favor. Tucker forced Phyllis to make it look like Billy was embezzling from Jabot. Devon and Lily realized that Mamie was Chancellor-Winters' secret investor.
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Tucker forced Phyllis to make it look like Billy was embezzling. Devon and Lily realized Mamie was the secret investor. Victor appointed Adam as Nate's assistant.
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Billy tells Jack that Adam has information about Tucker

Billy tells Jack that Adam has information about Tucker

Monday, September 25, 2023

Adam approached Sally in the dining room at the Athletic Club to apologize for his impromptu kiss. Sally said she thought they had agreed to pretend it had never happened. Adam admitted he could not stop thinking about the kiss. Sally told Adam they should focus on their renewed friendship and not read too much into the kiss. Adam told Sally that if he intended to live differently than before without playing games, it was imperative for him to be honest about his feelings.

Sally suggested that Adam was overthinking things. Adam was quick to correct Sally, telling her that he loved kissing her because it reminded him about how good they were together. Sally cautioned Adam not to make assumptions about her feelings. Sally explained that despite what Adam had sensed about their kiss, it had nothing to do with the state of their relationship. Adam assured Sally he would continue to maintain modest expectations. Sally noted that she was with Nick and did not have time to deal with Adam's "mess." Sally was momentarily speechless after Adam declared, "You're not saying that you don't want this mess. You're just saying that it doesn't fit into your life."

Sally claimed she'd never implied what Adam thought she had implied. Adam replied, "That we would be a mess?" Sally acknowledged that it was Adam's wishful thinking, and she asked him what he truly wanted. Adam admitted that he hoped Sally might someday say, "I may love Nick, but I'm still in love with you." Sally asked Adam if he expected her to leave Nick and choose to be with him. Adam replied, "Everything that I felt when I kissed you again is that the decision is already made." Sally asked Adam if he thought she had a secret longing. Adam, recalling how strongly they had been attracted to each other, asked Sally if she believed he had imagined it.

Adam told Sally that the loss they had experienced had changed the way they envisioned the world and their lives. Sally sighed, not certain how to respond. Adam apologized, acknowledging that he had said more than he had meant to say. Sally told Adam that sharing his truth had been way too much for her. Before Adam left, he told Sally he was glad they could talk again. Later, Sally entered her room and saw a bouquet of flowers. The attached card, from Nick, stated that he was "almost home." After Sally read the card, she relived the memory of Adam kissing her.

Behind closed doors inside a suite at the Athletic Club, Tucker was eager to finalize a secret deal with a reluctant Phyllis. Tucker informed Phyllis that he had transferred one million dollars into her account and would deposit the remaining one million after Phyllis carried out her part of the deal. Phyllis reminded Tucker that their agreement was two million plus an additional $200,000, so he still owed her $100,000 as half of the total amount. Tucker tapped on his phone screen and said, "There, a hundred thousand deposit. Gee, whatever happened to honor among?" Phyllis interjected, "Thieves. It's thieves. Are you planning to steal from Billy?" Tucker replied that he had no plans to steal from Billy.

Tucker paced as he waited for Phyllis to hack into Billy's bank accounts. Phyllis suggested setting up her laptop in a public space to carry out her mission, so authorities could not trace her actions to the building where she and Tucker lived. Tucker nixed the plan. Phyllis noted that Tucker did not trust her, adding that she needed the additional million because Stark had stolen money from her insurance company. Tucker warned Phyllis not to leave a digital trail Billy could trace to him.

Phyllis assured Tucker that Billy would never know that anyone had accessed his account. Tucker replied, "You're not only hacking into Billy's accounts." Phyllis was livid, but Tucker told her it was too late to go back on their deal unless she wanted to forfeit the money she so desperately needed. Phyllis, hopelessly beholden, cried, "You're a bastard. This is so dirty."

Tucker told Phyllis her mission was to hack into Jabot's checking account and make a sizable transfer to Billy's account. Phyllis cried, "You're going to make it look like Billy is stealing from his family company?" Tucker replied, "And then the fun begins."

Phyllis told Tucker that her goal to become a better person was being undermined because it was imperative to pay back the stolen funds. Phyllis reminded Tucker that Jack and Diane, not Billy, were the ones who had had issues with him. Tucker explained that Billy was useful in helping him achieve his final objective. Phyllis, defiant, said, "No. I'm not doing it." Tucker pointed out that Billy had embezzled from Jabot in the past and had eventually been welcomed back into the fold. Phyllis reminded Tucker that Billy had worked hard to change. Tucker disagreed, adding that it was just a matter of time before Billy backslid again.

Tucker reminded Phyllis that she was "so close" to paying off her massive debt. Phyllis gave in and began carrying out Tucker's instructions, though her compliance did not deter Tucker from reminding her about the hurtful rift between her and Jack. After Phyllis claimed she could not breach a firewall, Tucker accused her of stalling. Tucker began yelling at Phyllis. Phyllis clicked a few more keys and allowed Tucker to examine Billy's financial records.

Billy and Jack met together at the Abbott estate. Billy noted that Jack had already made clear his feelings regarding a conversation with Devon. Jack recalled that Billy had walked out in the middle of the conversation due to a disagreement. Billy claimed that Jack mistrusted him. Jack told Billy he believed the disagreement was related to the offer Tucker and Ashley had made when they'd attempted to acquire control of Jabot. Billy replied that he had been truthful about being enticed by the offer. Jack suggested that Billy felt let down after the scheme had fallen through when Ashley had decided not to betray her family.

Billy was taken aback when Jack hinted that he might fire Billy. Jack cried that Billy had ignored their agreement by having gone straight to Devon. Billy insisted he had not said anything to Devon that Abby had not already told him. Billy also noted that it would soon be evident to everyone that Tucker was back in town and not away on his honeymoon after Ashley had kicked him to the curb. Jack replied that they could not be sure about what had happened between Ashley and Tucker.

Billy, annoyed, said, "Now you're taking Tucker's word over our sister's, Jack? The only thing I did was give Devon a friendly warning to be careful of Tucker's spin." Jack angrily recalled that he had not wanted to involve Devon. Billy explained that keeping Tucker at bay was best for everyone, adding that it was key always to protect their family company.

Billy crossly noted that as co-CEO, he was being prevented from doing his job. Billy warned Jack not to throw his only ally overboard, adding that he had the ammunition to stop Tucker in his tracks. Jack demanded to know what information Billy knew about Tucker. Billy explained that although he would use the information to protect Jabot, he believed it was in his best interest to leverage it to keep his job.

Jack assured Billy that he was not being fired, though he wished to end their endless cycle of doubting each other. Billy cried that he always felt like the other shoe was about to drop. Billy promised to be more considerate and less reactive. Billy said he doubted Jack would ever consider him as a true partner until his brother stopped expecting him to always fail. Jack, yelling, "Always hoping you will get out of your own damn way!"

Jack praised Billy's brilliant creativity and recalled having given him numerous opportunities. Billy replied that Jack made it sound like he was doing Billy a favor. Jack corrected himself and noted that he and Billy had together managed a serious potential threat, though Tucker appeared poised to attack the company again on his own. Billy informed Jack that Adam had the damaging information about Tucker.

Billy recalled having seen Adam and Tucker arguing. Billy noted that later, Adam had told Billy that Adam had damaging information about Tucker he was willing to share for a price. Billy, fearing that Adam might play games with him, insisted Jack should negotiate with Adam. Jack agreed, adding that Adam thought of him as a father figure. Jack admitted that part of him felt compelled to minimize the damage Victor had inflicted on Adam.

Billy suggested that Adam was using Jack to slap Victor in the face. Jack disagreed and recalled that he was Connor's godfather, though he admitted his relationship with Adam was complicated. Jack told Billy he wanted them to work together to build the company, protect it from outside attacks, and carry it forward for the next generation. Billy, referring to the information Adam knew about Tucker, replied, "This is our best shot." Jack said he hoped that the information on Tucker was as valuable as Adam claimed. Billy extended his hand, Jack extended his, and the two men shook hands as a show of solidarity.

Phyllis paused on the stairs as Billy stood in the entryway at the Athletic Club. Billy told Phyllis he had stopped to grab a bite to eat before his next meeting. Billy asked Phyllis about her venture with Nick and Sharon. Phyllis, stuttering nervously, replied, "Uh. Oh, that -- that seems to be up in the air." Billy told Phyllis he was confident she would land on her feet. After Tucker appeared, Billy quickly walked away. Phyllis glared at Tucker. Tucker smiled and left the Athletic Club.

Adam was seated at the bar in the jazz lounge when Jack phoned. Adam admitted he'd known Jack would phone him after Billy passed on the information about Tucker because much was at stake. Jack asked Adam if they could meet. Adam said they could meet and see if they could come up with a mutually beneficial agreement. After Adam hung up, he took a swig of his drink and appeared ready to fiercely negotiate.

A familiar face returns to Genoa City

A familiar face returns to Genoa City

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

At Crimson Lights, Victoria clucked that Nikki hadn't fooled her by casually suggesting they meet up for coffee, since Victoria knew her mother wanted to check her mood before they saw Victor. Nikki reasoned that she didn't need an excuse to have coffee with her daughter, and she hoped going to the office that day would be a more pleasant experience than it had been the day before. Victoria insisted that she'd put her anger aside and accepted that her dad was returning to run the company, although she wasn't dancing in the streets about it. Nikki asked if Victoria was willing to work alongside him, and Victoria figured there was nothing else she could do.

Nikki inquired whether Victoria had heard from Nick. Victoria shared that she'd called him a few times, but he hadn't responded. A suspicious Nikki predicted that Victoria's motives were as obvious to Nick as they were to Nikki. Nikki assumed that Nick was avoiding Victoria because he expected her to try to talk him into returning to Newman as an ally. Victoria stressed that she'd been stripped of her position, but Nikki contended that Victoria still had a powerful and important role to play.

Nikki wondered if Nick even knew that Victor had taken over as CEO again, since the announcement hadn't yet been released to the press. Victoria doubted anything would convince Nick to return to Newman, but she thought they needed to remain aligned as a family. Victoria expected that Nick would share her concerns about Victor returning to such a high-pressure position. Nikki reiterated that it had been Victor's choice to return to Newman. Victoria cautioned that Victor was being reckless by taking on too much.

Nikki admitted that she was also concerned about Victor's health, which was why she'd tried to get him to go on a trip with her, but he'd opted to return to work immediately. Victoria asked if it worried Nikki that Victor was barreling forward without taking Nikki's concerns to heart. Nikki maintained that it was up to Victor to know his own limitations, and she had to trust him if he said he could handle it. Victoria argued that Victor was in a different place than he had been when he'd run Newman before. She asked what it would take to get Nikki on her side.

Nikki groaned that it wasn't easy for her to be caught between Victoria and Victor, and she was conflicted about how to approach Victor about it. Victoria urged Nikki to talk to him and help him see reason. Nikki disagreed with Victoria's assessment that Victor was acting irrationally, but she worried that he'd put too much pressure on himself. Nikki thought Nick returning to the company would be best for all of them, but she refused to help Victoria go after Victor.

Victoria insisted that it wasn't her intention, but she needed Victor to trust that his legacy belonged in her hands. Victoria encouraged Nikki not to think of it as taking opposite sides but just doing what was best for Victor and the company. Nikki recognized that when Victoria felt cornered, she would do anything she could to get what she wanted. Victoria cheekily wondered where she'd learned that from. Nikki advised Victoria not to try to undermine her father, since it would end badly for their family and especially for Victoria.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor was on the phone, dictating a press release to be issued about his return as CEO of the company. Nate listened from the doorway as Victor declared that Newman would be stronger than ever, continuing to prosper and innovate. After Victor hung up, he greeted Nate, who claimed that he was there to see how Victor was settling in. Victor chuckled and proclaimed that he was ready to go. Nate observed that Victor looked right at home, where he belonged. Nate prepared to head out, but Victor told him to stick around for a moment.

Victor informed Nate that Adam had expressed a desire to start at the bottom at Newman and work his way up the corporate ladder, earning his stripes the hard way. A skeptical Nate inquired whether Victor thought Adam's request had been sincere. Victor asked for Nate's opinion, and Nate expressed serious doubts about Adam's behavior after Adam had been unwilling to be a team player with Nick and Sharon. Nate added that Adam seemed destined to revert to form, and he questioned why they should believe Adam would play by the rules that time around.

Nate apologized if he was out of line, but Victor assured Nate that he wasn't alone in feeling that way. Victor admitted that he'd like nothing more than to be able to believe Adam was capable of changing, but Nate pointed out that Adam had recently resorted to blackmail and undermined his partners. Victor noted that Adam had let him down, but so had his other children -- especially Nick, who had decided to abandon Newman once again to work alongside Sharon. Nate mentioned that he was aware Victor had decided to give Kirsten back to Sharon, and Victor asserted that the company hadn't been worth keeping.

Nate imagined it was difficult for Victor to have both his sons disappoint him. Victor had faith that Nick would eventually return to the fold, and he hoped Adam found the opportunity to vent his anger and frustration and stop feeling like a Newman outsider. Nate empathized, since he'd felt like an outsider in his own family when he'd worked at Chancellor-Winters. Victor requested that Nate help and support Adam until Adam figured out his path.

Nate doubted that Adam would be receptive to the idea of Nate looking out for him. Nate cited the numerous flareups he and Adam had had in the past, but Victor was willing to believe Adam was honestly trying to turn things around. Nate understood that Victor wanted to give his son the benefit of the doubt, but he didn't share the same frame of mind, and he was sure Adam knew it. Victor conceded that there was a chance Adam was playing them for fools. Nate realized Victor's request was twofold -- Victor wanted him to be Adam's friend if Adam was being sincere but to keep close watch to see if he wasn't.

Victor said he appreciated Nate's help and discretion. Nikki and Victoria entered the office, and Victor prepared to leave for a meeting. Victoria offered to join her father, but he instructed her to hold down the fort there. He mentioned that he'd had the team prepare a press release about the changes at Newman, including Nikki's new position at Newman Media and Adam's return at the bottom rung of the ladder. Victor promised to show it to Victoria when he got back, and she appreciated him keeping her in the loop. Victor crowed that he'd known they'd be able to work together once she calmed down.

Victoria guessed it was pointless to tell Victor that giving Adam a position was a huge mistake, but Victor reminded her that she'd also started at the bottom. Victoria argued that she'd worked her way up from the mailroom because she'd wanted to contribute something meaningful, but that wasn't Adam's true intention. Victor firmly stated that it was the way things would be, and he warned that no one's position in the company was secure. Victor left, and Nikki headed to her own office. Victoria pressed to know what Nate and Victor had been talking about. Nate divulged that Victor wanted him to become Adam's new best friend.

Nate explained that Victor wanted him to offer Adam support in his new role while keeping a close watch on him. Victoria groused about Victor giving Adam another chance. Nate thought the request meant Victor had concerns about Adam. Victoria didn't see how anyone could believe Adam would turn things around. Nate suspected that Victor was building a contingency plan by having Nate find out the truth. Victoria remarked that it wasn't a bad plan.

At Lily's penthouse, Lily and Devon initiated a video call with Jill. Lily reported that they still didn't know who their mystery investor was, since Victor had said nothing other than to indicate the person wanted to remain anonymous. Jill fretted that something about it didn't feel right, but Devon pointed out that there had been no leaks or media speculation. Jill considered it annoying at best, and she had no idea what the worst could be. Lily relayed that Victor had said he wasn't disappointed with Chancellor-Winters' performance and that it had simply been the right offer at the right time. Jill complained that it wasn't good that they had no clue what the investor's intentions were.

Lily pondered what Victor's motive was in going along with the secrecy. Jill theorized that it was probably to "piss [her] off." Devon contemplated what the investor expected, since the last thing they needed was pressure to take the company public again. Jill refused to allow that to happen, although she had no doubt Victor was thoroughly enjoying watching her squirm. Lily mentioned that she and Devon had discussed the possibility that the mystery investor was Tucker. Jill decided it was time she spoke to Victor herself.

At Society, Victor set up his tablet at a table. He answered a video call from Jill, who reprimanded him for selling his interest in Chancellor-Winters without any warning. Victor lectured that she could have avoided the stress if she'd called him instead of sending Lily to interrogate him. Jill demanded that he reveal who the new investor was, accusing him of being loyal to the investor and not to her. Victor swore that she would find out who it was soon enough.

In her hotel suite, Sally flashed back to Adam kissing her outside her room after their impromptu dinner. There was a knock at the door, and she smiled when she found Nick there. He wordlessly entered and closed the door. After the couple had sex, Sally remarked that it had been quite the homecoming. She pressed to hear all about his trip, but he preferred to hear about the next great interior design company first. Sally recalled that she'd been immersed in color palettes and accent furniture, and she reported that his finance team had set up her account.

Sally squealed that she was excited and very grateful to Nick for making it happen. He credited her with having the vision, and he was sorry it had taken that long for her to let him help her. She admitted that it had taken her a while to get there, but she saw all the possibilities for the business and couldn't wait to make it a reality. Nick promised to do everything he could to give her as much excitement as possible, and Sally mused that it was great to have something positive to focus on. Nick wondered what else had happened while he'd been gone, and he asked if Adam had bothered her.

Sally shared that she'd seen Adam while Nick had been away, and they'd acknowledged they were both starting over. Sally recounted that Adam had claimed he was ready to move forward with no regrets or thoughts of seeking revenge, but Nick thought that sounded too evolved for Adam. Sally defended that Adam had sounded sincere about wanting to hit the reset button and start over. Nick figured that Adam's plans didn't concern either him or Sally, and he compared Adam to a tornado that sucked up everything in his path and left nothing but destruction.

Nick declared that he was done with it, but Sally hesitated to believe his cavalier attitude. Sally suspected that Nick was worried about how Adam's actions would affect Victoria and Victor. Nick resolved to move on from it, but Sally pointed out that it wasn't who he was because he cared too much about his family and the company. She inquired whether he regretted not staying at Newman and if everything he was doing was only to prove a point to his dad.

Nick stood by his decision, noting that he loved his family, but some space had felt necessary. Nick revealed that his father had called to let him know that Victor would be taking over as CEO of the company. Sally imagined that had been a huge blow to Victoria. Nick indicated that Victoria had tried to contact him several times, and he assumed it was about the changeup. Nick anticipated that his sister would want him to stay on as her ally once the whip started cracking with their dad. "It never ends, does it?" Sally asked. "With my dad? Never," Nick replied.

Sally supported Nick's desire to step away. Nick sensed that Adam was the wild card in all of it, since Adam always had a self-serving angle with everything in life. Sally wanted to believe Adam was sincere, but he'd fooled her before. Nick hesitated to believe Adam really could change when Adam had every reason to hate them all. Sally defended that Adam was tired of the conflict and ready for something new. Nick warned that Adam thrived on instigating chaos, since conflict was in his DNA.

As Nick searched for his phone, Sally found it and saw the flurry of messages from Victoria. Nick was reluctant to deal with it, but Sally pleaded with him to call his sister. Nick obliged, and Victoria asked him to meet with her about something important.

Jack entered the Athletic Club and wished Adam a good morning. Adam congratulated Jack on his wedding, and Jack bemoaned that he and Diane hadn't had too many well-wishers. Adam wished them all the best, and Jack replied that he wanted the best for Adam, as well. Adam guessed that Jack had heard Adam had been fired from Newman, adding that he'd survive. Jack had no doubt, and he thanked Adam for meeting with him. Adam surmised that Billy had tapped Jack as chief negotiator.

Jack confirmed that he wanted to talk about the dirt Adam had on Tucker. Adam questioned how interested Jack was to hear it, and Jack stated that he was willing to pay -- within reason. Jack anticipated that Adam would be more reasonable with him than with Billy, and he requested that they not play a game of who had the better offer and simply jump to the endpoint. Jack ordered Adam to name his price. Adam shared that he'd been thinking about what he'd want in return, but neither Jack nor Billy had anything that would benefit Adam.

Adam admitted that in the past, he would have tried to weasel a job out of it, and Jack wondered if Adam had second thoughts about leaving Jabot. Adam maintained that he hadn't been suited for the company, especially since most of the Abbotts hated him. Jack suggested that he provide funding for Adam to start something on his own, but Adam stated that he didn't need the money. Jack proposed that Adam give him the information about Tucker with no strings attached, since Jack intended to use it against Tucker, and Adam would have the unbridled joy of watching Tucker McCall fail.

Jack suggested that Adam doing him that particular favor would be a step in Adam's quest to turn his life around. Adam grumbled that it wasn't in his nature to be that benevolent, even when he was trying to change. Jack implored Adam to tell him more about the new path he was on. Adam explained that he was tired of letting anger and resentment be the driving forces in his life, so he was letting those feelings go and getting out of his own way. Adam referred to the many opportunities Victor had given him, and he regretted that he'd ruined every single one.

Adam swore that he was reinventing himself by trying to become the guy everyone who'd ever cared about him wanted him to be. Jack inquired about Adam's first step, and Adam reported that he would be starting from the ground floor at Newman and working his way up to prove himself, hoping that he'd find himself somewhere along the way. An impressed Jack was certain it meant a lot to Victor, and he said he was rooting for Adam every step of the way. Jack received a text message from Traci, who urgently summoned him home.

Jack told Adam he needed to head home, and Adam hoped everything was okay. Jack suggested they wrap up their conversation, and Adam asked if Tucker was really that much of a threat. Jack recalled that Tucker had tried to manipulate Ashley and had almost succeeded, and all signs were that Tucker was going after Jabot. Jack refused to let anyone harm his family or the company. Adam called Jack one of the good ones, and he didn't want to see someone take advantage of Jack. Adam offered to give Jack the information to use as needed with one caveat -- Adam could turn to Jack if he needed a hand down the line.

Adam clarified that he might never need to call in the favor, but he wanted to know he could count on Jack if needed. Jack compared it to making a deal with the devil, but he was willing to risk it. Adam told Jack to check his inbox later, since Jack would soon have what he needed. The men shook hands, and Jack departed.

Jack returned home, and Traci chirped that she was glad he was back. She assured him that everyone was fine, but she hadn't wanted to spoil the surprise. "Hello, Jackie," a familiar voice greeted. Jack was thrilled to see Mamie.

Victoria asks Nick to back her against Victor

Victoria asks Nick to back her against Victor

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

by Nel

At home, Jack and Traci were overjoyed about Mamie's return. Mamie said she was overjoyed to be back, but she also had a matter of some importance to take care of. Mamie wanted to hear about Jack's wedding. Mamie said she'd heard that Ashley and Tucker McCall had also gotten married. Traci said it appeared Ashley's marriage might be over. Jack added that Tucker had broken Ashley's heart again, but "this time," he wasn't going to get away with it. Mamie told Jack that Ashley was an adult, and she didn't need Jack's interference.

Mamie told Jack and Traci she needed to leave, but she hoped to spend more time with them, since she would be in town a few weeks. Jack asked Mamie to stay with them, but Mamie said she'd booked a suite at the Athletic Club for privacy. She admitted she had some unfinished business in town.

After Mamie left, Jack asked Traci if Mamie had reminded her of the times in the past when Mamie and Jill had faced off. Jack wondered if Jill was the unfinished business Mamie had spoken about. Traci said Mamie and Jill had called a truce, Mamie had taken Jill's million dollars and invested it wisely, and Mamie was content with her life. Jack said Devon and Lily worked for Jill, and he questioned whether Mamie would do anything to cause trouble for her family. He said he hated the thought of Mamie trying to settle a score with Jill because he and Traci knew that Jill would play dirty.

At the Chancellor mansion, Lily told Devon that Jill had spoken to Victor, and he'd said the investor wanted to remain anonymous as part of the deal. Devon didn't like that someone had a piece of their company and wouldn't reveal their identity. Lily said the new investor would reveal themselves soon.

Devon asked Lily if it was someone who wanted to cause harm to the company or someone they disliked. Lily and Devon wondered it could be someone from their or Jill's past, and if they had an agenda that was different from theirs. Lily remarked that Victor was so concerned about the turmoil within his own company that he hadn't thought about what the new investor would do to their company.

Devon told Lily the new investor might be a big shot who wanted to get their hands on a sure thing, but Lily didn't think that was the case. Devon asked what would happen if the IPO came up again and the investor wanted to go public. Lily said Jill wouldn't allow that to happen.

Lily told Devon she'd had Bob follow the money trail, and Bob had discovered the money had come from LBB Financials' corporate account in Detroit. Devon asked what the initials stood for. Lily said the first thing that came to mind were her grandmother's initials, Lillie Belle Barber, and her grandparents had lived in Detroit. Lily said that Lillie Belle and Walter had been gone a long time. Devon asked if Lily thought the company's initials and her grandmother's name were a coincidence.

At Society, Victoria recalled a conversation with Victor. Victor asked Victoria if she was blaming him for the company's dysfunction. Victoria replied that Victor had decided to shuffle the deckchairs, and he had everyone scrambling to figure out where they fit into Victor's grand scheme. Victor stated that a company their size wasn't run by consensus, but by one person -- him "from now on."

Victoria told Victor that that wasn't her opinion. Victor shouted that her opinion was irrelevant, because Newman Enterprises was bigger than her or her "damned feelings." Victor suggested that she either accepted it, or she could leave. Victoria claimed Victor wanted to throw her out of his kingdom because she'd disagreed with him. She claimed that if she left, everything would fall apart.

Nick's arrival brought Victoria back to reality. She told Nick she was worried about Victor's decision-making because Victor's recent behavior had been erratic. Nick reminded her that it was Victor's company, and he could do whatever he wanted, including reinstating himself as CEO.

Victoria told Nick that Victor had been indecisive and confused recently. She asked Nick how often Victor had ever changed his mind on something. Nick argued it didn't mean anything was wrong. Victoria claimed Victor was returning to the highly stressful world of Newman Enterprises, and she was worried about his health.

Victoria reminded Nick that Victor had had health issues in the past, and there had been a reason he'd stepped back from the company. She asked why it was a good idea for Victor to dive back in as CEO. Nick admitted Victor had acted a bit odd with the Newman Media, McCall, and Kirsten stuff, but Nick wondered if that had been because of Adam's actions. Victoria claimed that what happened next concerned her.

Nick told Victoria the family company wasn't his concern, controlling Victor wasn't in his skill set, and he wasn't returning to Newman and getting into a war. Nick said he understood how Victoria felt being demoted, but other than hiring Nate, she'd done an excellent job running the company. He said he had no idea why Victor had taken over the big chair. Victoria claimed it was personal.

Victoria told Nick she only wanted Nick to understand her concerns about Victor, because he wasn't as tough as he had once been, and they couldn't just go along with his risky ideas. She said she needed Nick's help to stop Victor from jeopardizing his health. Nick said he hoped Victoria hadn't told Victor he'd gotten weak, because if she had, he understood why she'd been demoted. Victoria claimed Victor's behavior wasn't normal.

Victoria reminded Nick he'd agreed that Victor hadn't been acting like himself because he was usually so decisive, strong, and steadfast in his decisions. She was sure Adam was partly to blame, but there was more to it. Nick asked if she was using Victor's health to get her job back. Victoria asked if Nick believed she would use Victor's health as a power play. She asked if Nick had forgotten about Victor's past medical issues. She admitted Victor could pound on a punching bag, but her concern was about his mind, as well.

Nick told Victoria it appeared coincidental that Victor had suffered a mental decline, after she'd lost her position as CEO. Victoria asked if Nick believed she would put her personal ambition above their father's well-being. Nick replied all that concern about Victor was out of left field. Victoria said her demotion had been the latest in a long list of questionable moves. She claimed she was worried that Victor being at the office every day would be too taxing on him. She added that Nikki had agreed with her. Nick suggested that Nikki should talk to Victor about his return to work.

Nick told Victoria that whether her concern for Victor was genuine or not, Victor would see it as a ploy to get her job back. He asked if Victoria could imagine Victor's reaction if she ever suggested that he was incapable of running the company he'd built. Nick told Victoria to accept that she wasn't in the top spot and to keep the father/daughter peace if she hoped to get the CEO position back one day.

In Victor's office, Adam told Victor he'd seen the press release about the executive changes at Newman. Adam said he'd been mentioned, but his role in the company had been vague. Adam asked when he should start working in his new role. Victor asked his assistant to have Nate come to his office. When Nate arrived, Victor shocked both men when he announced that Adam would be Nate's assistant.

Adam asked if Victor was joking. Nate argued that he already had an assistant, Greg, who was excellent, and it was clear Adam wouldn't follow orders. Victor said they were both professionals, and they would work it out. Nate asked Victor what he should tell Greg. Victor said he had another job for Greg. Victor told Adam that he would realize it was an ideal position for him.

Adam told Victor that starting at the bottom and earning his way to a higher position hadn't included working with Nate. Victor said Adam couldn't choose his own starting point. Adam said he had thought he and Victor would be working together as father and son. Victor asked if Adam hadn't mentioned he wanted to learn the ropes. Adam countered that he didn't want to learn from someone who'd been in business less time than Adam had been in business school. Victor said it was Adam's chance to prove he could change. Adam asked if it was another test. Victor stated that every day was a test, and Victor left.

Nate told Adam it was as much a surprise to him as it was to Adam, as he also wasn't excited about working with Adam. Nate told Adam to go ahead and tell Victor "No thanks," which was okay with Nate. Adam said he couldn't because that was what Victor expected him to do.

Nate received a call from Devon asking Nate to meet with him at the Athletic Club. Nate told Adam they would talk about Adam's new duties when Nate returned. Nate left. Adam stared at Victor's portrait and said, "Are you going to push me until I break?"

At the Athletic Club, Devon asked Nate when he'd last spoken to his mom, Olivia. Devon explained there was a new investor at Chancellor-Winters, and they didn't know who it was, but it appeared they might be connected to Nate's family. Nate asked why Devon thought it might be Olivia. Devon told Nate that the name of the investment firm was LBB, the same initials as Lillie Belle Barber. Nate said Mamie had a small investment firm called LBB, and it was based in Detroit. Nate added that Mamie had also bought his grandparents' house.

Devon thanked Nate for meeting with him. When Devon got up to leave, Nate asked if Devon would only reach out when he needed something. Nate asked Devon if they couldn't get beyond the past, but Devon replied that they would not at that moment. Devon left.

Mamie entered the Athletic Club, and she encountered Nate as he was about to leave. They were overjoyed to see each other. Nate asked why she was in town. Mamie stated that she'd decided she needed to spend more time with the people she loved most. Nate told her Devon had just gotten through asking him about Mamie, her business, and Mamie's sister, Lillie Belle. Mamie was surprised Lily had clued in to that much faster than she'd expected. Nate asked what Mamie was up to.

When Devon returned home, he told Lily that Mamie had an investment firm called LBB, named after Lily's grandmother, and it was one of the few entities Mamie owned. Lily was surprised, but she guessed Mamie was the secret investor. Devon said it seemed likely. Lily said Mamie would want to remain anonymous, given her history with Jill. Devon said he didn't understand why Mamie would keep that a secret from them, since they were family. Lily asked what Mamie could be up to.

Lily asked Devon if he could imagine how upset Jill would be when she found out that Mamie had a stake in Chancellor-Winters. Devon claimed Jill would completely lose her mind. Lily said there had to be a way to defuse the situation, but they had to make sure of their facts before they said anything.

When Adam arrived at Society, he noted that Victoria was angry, and Nick was nonplussed. Adam assumed Victoria had told Nick the family company news. Adam said he wouldn't be surprised if Victoria had had a hand in his new job as Nate's gopher. Victoria stated that whatever fate Victor had chosen for Adam was more that he deserved -- and decidedly unfair to her. Victoria left.

Nick told Adam that Adam had walked into that situation because he'd told Victor he wanted to start at the bottom and work his way up to prove himself. Nick said Victor had given Adam that opportunity. Adam questioned working under Nate's thumb. Nick admitted he didn't know who he trusted less, Nate or Adam. Nick stated that Adam had just received the news, and he was already crying about it. Nick said it showed that Adam didn't want to start at the bottom or do things the right way and that he was just biding his time until he could make his next move. Adam said Nick had gotten out of Newman at the right time -- again.

Nick told Adam to do whatever he wanted; however, if he hurt Victor or Victoria, all bets were off between them, and Adam would have to deal with Nick.

In Mamie's suite, Mamie told Nate that Olivia had kept her up to date on Nate's business career, and she knew he was a big deal at Newman Enterprises. Nate asked for the reason she was in town. Mamie said he was the one person she could trust with the truth. She told him she'd invested in Chancellor-Winters. Nate noted that she was the mystery benefactor, but he asked why she was keeping that a secret, since Lily and Devon were family. Nate said Jill's head would explode when she learned about Mamie being the new investor. He asked Mamie if it was payback.

Mamie told Nate that she and Jill had quite the history and recalled some of it. Mamie asked why Jill thought she would joke about attending Jack's wedding. Jill said Mamie was probably serving at the reception, but Mamie stated she would be sitting with the family and then attending the reception as a guest. Jill asked if Mamie had given Jack a sob story about changing his diapers. Mamie said she wouldn't be that presumptuous because that was Jill's style. Mamie said Mr. Abbott had invited her to attend as part of the family, and she hadn't held a gun to his head.

Jill claimed Mr. Abbott had invited Mamie only because she'd been a fixture around the house "for a hundred years." Jill reminded Mamie that she was only the housekeeper, and not to overestimate her position. Mamie told Jill to enjoy her time with Billy because Jill's time might be running out.

In the same memory; after Jill had given Mamie a check for one million dollars, Mamie asked why Jill had given her the check. Jill told Mamie she wouldn't have to work another day and to think about what that money could buy. Mamie asked if Jill was buying her off. Jill asked if Mamie wanted to live under the same roof with the man Mamie loved, knowing she could never have him. Jill said John would never be Mamie's. Mamie asked how long Jill would last with John before Jill craved the next Jack Saunders. Jill stated they were talking about Mamie's chance for a new life, and Mamie had it in her hand. Jill said Mamie had hit the jackpot, and all she had to do was leave.

In reality, Mamie laughed. She told Nate she was looking forward to seeing Jill's head explode. Mamie said she wasn't ready to reveal her plans because she had some details to work out. Mamie said that aside from swearing him to secrecy, she asked Nate to get Lily and Devon off track about her being the Chancellor-Winters mystery investor. Nate apologized and said she might be too late on that request because Devon had already put the pieces together. Perturbed, Mamie told Nate things weren't going the way she'd planned.

Tucker lets Phyllis know that he is the one in control

Tucker lets Phyllis know that he is the one in control

Thursday, September 28, 2023

by Nel

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis called Tucker and asked for her final payment, since she'd done what he'd wanted. Billy arrived, and he asked if she was okay, because the call had sounded intense. Phyllis told Billy she was looking for a job; she'd had a lot of doors shut in her face, and that had been one of them. Billy commented that once the Nick, Sharon, and Adam thing had blown up, it had left Phyllis high and dry. Phyllis said she always landed on her feet.

Billy understood the timing was the worst because Phyllis had to pay her legal fees and the insurance payout for faking her death. He asked how she would pay that back. Phyllis stated that Billy didn't give a damn about her or her finances. She said Billy and everyone else saw her as the walking dead. She told Billy to drop his sympathy and ask what he really wanted to know.

Billy claimed Phyllis was scared, and her usual sources had all dried up. He said Phyllis made bad choices when her back was against the wall or when she was involved with Tucker. Phyllis asked why Billy believed she was involved with Tucker again. Billy said he'd seen her with Tucker more than once, and he got the vibe that she and Tucker were cooking something up that was a little south of legal. Billy said Tucker was using Phyllis for something very specific, and if Phyllis was as financially unstable as Billy believed, Phyllis could be convinced to give Tucker a hand. Billy received a text message from Jack: "Come to Jabot immediately." Billy left.

At the Athletic Club, Tucker answered a call from Phyllis and reassured her that she would get paid. He asked her to meet him in his suite. Audra arrived. She asked if he'd put into play his attack on Jabot and the Abbotts yet or if he'd sprung his secret weapon. Tucker said all the elements were in play.

At Jabot, Jack told Diane that Mamie was in town because she wanted to settle some old debts. Jack's assistant entered and showed him an odd financial transaction. Jack told Diane there had been a large money transfer from the R & D fund to an old lab subdivision, but that division had been dormant for years. He said Billy had signed off on the transfer.

At Society, Chance told Summer she was looking at the new chief of police. Summer congratulated and hugged him. Summer offered to buy him lunch and said they could celebrate together.

Later, Chance thanked Summer for celebrating with him. He said he was glad he could share the news with her. He stated that he was responsible for a lot of police officers who would be looking to him for guidance. Chance admitted it felt a little overwhelming. He said Sharon had convinced him that he could continue doing what he loved and be the guy at the front of the room. Summer said he felt a little nervous because it was a big change for him. She said he wouldn't have been given the job if he hadn't been the right person for it.

In the Newman office, Nick told Nikki that he'd spoken with Victoria, and she was hellbent on proving Victor wasn't fit to run Newman. Nick said he knew Victoria was more angry about being demoted than her concern about Victor's health. He claimed it was Victoria's countermeasure.

Nick told Nikki that because Victoria was on a tear, it didn't mean there wasn't cause for concern. Nikki admitted she was worried -- but not about Victor's mental capacity, because he was as sharp as ever. Nikki was worried Victoria would stir up so much conflict that Victor would take on more responsibility trying to protect what he'd built.

Nikki told Nick that Victor was tired and occasionally disappointed, and all he wanted to do was go to bed, knowing that what he'd built would outlast him and keep growing -- it was his legacy, and Victoria kept losing sight of that. Nikki said if Nick returned, but Nick interrupted and said the last thing he wanted was to get between Nate and Adam while they tried to mark their territories.

Nikki told Nick that Adam's comeuppance had been well deserved, but Nick was right -- that situation was a ticking time bomb. Nick asked what, aside from returning to Newman, he could do to help. Nikki suggested Nick speak to Victor to get his own sense of how Victor was doing. She said they all had to keep an eye on Victor.

Victor stood in the doorway and asked what they needed to keep an eye on. Nikki left. Nick told Victor that Victoria was worried about Victor's health and his mental capacity. Victor asked if Nick believed Victor had lost his grip. Nick said he didn't, but he was questioning Victor's judgment recently, especially making Adam serve as Nate's assistant. Victor said Adam wanted to work his way up in the company, and he'd accommodated Adam. Nick asked if Victor didn't see that could be a disaster.

Victor asked if Nick knew of a better way to find out if Adam was sincere. Nick stated that Adam wasn't sincere. Nick said "this kinder and gentler Adam" who was ready to roll up his sleeves and get to work was a con, but Nick claimed his opinion would be ignored. Victor asked why Nick cared. Nick said he cared about Victor and the family. Nick said there were only two possible scenarios; either Nate was using Adam to get what he wanted, or Adam was using Nate to get what he wanted -- or a third scenario that Nate and Adam might team up against Victor, and Victor would never see it coming.

Victor said perhaps it was time for Nick to return to Newman Enterprises and provide support. Victor said if Nick did that, then Nick and Victoria could handle any of the scenarios Nick had described. Nick refused to return. Victor said he'd made it clear he wanted the whole family working at Newman Enterprises. Nick said it appeared Victor had created all that chaos just to lure him back. He said Victor had done that before. Victor told Nick to do what he needed to, and their meeting was over. Nick left.

Nikki entered the Athletic Club and saw Audra and Tucker together. After Tucker greeted Nikki, he told Audra they would talk after he had more information for her. Tucker left. Nikki told Audra it wasn't in her best interest to have a relationship with that man.

Audra told Nikki she didn't have to worry about Tucker because they had worked together, and they were casual friends, nothing more. Audra claimed Tucker was a brilliant, but often misunderstood, man. Nikki claimed there was nothing to misunderstand about Tucker because he was a menace, and he created chaos for his own enjoyment.

Nikki told Audra she'd begun to question Audra's judgment because of Audra's misguided affair with Kyle and her friendship with Tucker. Audra said she'd ended her relationship with Kyle on Nikki's orders. She asked if Nikki was ordering her to end her friendship with Tucker. She suggested she should present Nikki with a list of all the people she knew so they could be properly vetted. Nikki claimed that was a bit extreme. Audra asked why it felt like Nikki wanted to control every aspect of her life, professionally and personally.

Nikki assured Audra that as long as it didn't have an impact on Newman Media, Audra's private life was her own. Audra said she could hold her own with whatever Tucker threw her way because Tucker had been her mentor. Nikki asked if Tucker was still mentoring her. Nikki noted that Tucker had mentioned an issue he'd wanted to talk to Audra about, and he would get back to her when he had more information to share. Nikki asked what kind of mentoring Tucker was doing.

Audra told Nikki that Tucker was getting her feedback on an idea he was developing. Nikki said she hoped it wasn't media related. Audra said Tucker wanted to get back into the music business, but all the venues had been toured, and she didn't see an upside.

Nikki told Audra she liked Audra. She said Audra was smart, talented, and cool under pressure, and she could have quite the career. Audra said she enjoyed working with Nikki, but she didn't like to feel crowded or controlled. Nikki said she wanted to become Audra's new mentor. She said Audra's goals were ahead of her, but she wouldn't achieve them if she kept looking back.

Billy arrived at Jabot, and Jack asked why Billy had transferred funds without running it by him first. Billy told Jack he'd never authorized the transfer of those funds because they didn't use that lab anymore. Jack claimed someone had moved that money. Billy asked if Jack was calling him a liar. Jack said someone wanted it to look like Billy was embezzling money. Jack said they had to figure out who that was before they hit again.

Jack received another alert that the money had been moved to another account. Billy asked which account, but Jack said there was only an account number. Billy stated that was Phyllis' doing. He said he'd seen Phyllis and Tucker together earlier, and he'd been able to tell something had been going on. Diane asked how Phyllis knew how to do that. Billy told Diane that Phyllis was a genius at hacking computers, and she needed the cash. Jack agreed. Billy stated that Phyllis and Tucker were working together to go after them, and he said that had only been their first shot.

In his suite, Tucker recalled the conversation he'd had with Phyllis the previous day. Phyllis said she'd given Tucker access to Billy's account, and whatever Tucker wanted to do with it was on him because she wanted nothing to do with it. Tucker said the money he'd deposited into Phyllis' account said otherwise. Protesting, Phyllis said she'd given Tucker what he'd asked for, but Tucker claimed he hadn't told her everything he'd wanted. Phyllis said he couldn't change the terms of their agreement. Tucker claimed he could change the deal -- unless Phyllis wanted to refund the million dollars. Phyllis called him a bastard.

Phyllis told Tucker he had a very dirty plan. Tucker countered that Phyllis should have seen the bigger picture, unless she was scheming her own dirty little plan, like taking his money and hanging him out to dry. Tucker told Phyllis to hack into Jabot's corporate checking account and make a sizable transfer from it. Phyllis guessed it would go into Billy's account and make it to look like Billy was embezzling from his family's company. Tucker said the fun would then begin.

Tucker's memory faded when there was a knock on his door. He opened the door, and Phyllis said she wanted her money because she'd done what he'd asked. Tucker claimed she hadn't because Phyllis had hacked into Jabot's R & D account, and she'd transferred money to a dormant account, authorized by Billy. Tucker said Phyllis was supposed to have transfered the money into Billy's personal account. Phyllis claimed she had to have misunderstood Tucker.

Tucker growled that Phyllis had made things more complicated. Phyllis told him she could trigger the money to go anywhere. She said she'd set up secondary triggers in case he'd decided to stiff her, and the money would be transferred into Tucker's account, in Tucker's name, from her computer. Tucker claimed she was bluffing. Phyllis told him to try her. She said she was the best at what she did, and she held all the cards until she got her money. She said she wanted her $1.1 million dollars, plus an additional 20% for aggravating her.

Tucker offered to make Phyllis part of something that would make her little stunt seem like child's play. Phyllis said she'd done Tucker's bidding because she needed to land on her feet, but they were done. Tucker asked what she would do next. Phyllis said she would become a model citizen for her kids. Tucker said that was hilarious. Phyllis said Tucker was a psychopath who believed that anyone who wanted to do good things was a sucker.

Phyllis told Tucker she was disgusted at having been part of his plan, but she'd done it because she had to pay off a debt. She declared that they were over. Tucker claimed that Phyllis was a fool if she thought she could change her true nature. Tucker transferred the rest of the money to Phyllis' account, less the 20% for aggravating him. In turn, Phyllis transferred the money into Billy's personal account.

Phyllis was about to leave, but Tucker claimed they weren't finished. Phyllis stated they were finished. Tucker claimed Summer would need a job because when he took over Jabot, he would streamline it, and he didn't see a place for Marchetti. Phyllis threatened to tell Jack everything Tucker had done, but Tucker claimed she wouldn't because if he went down, so did Phyllis. He said considering Phyllis' history with the law, her downfall might be more permanent.

Phyllis commented that Tucker had had it all worked out. Tucker admitted Phyllis was good at the game, but he was better. He told her to watch her step and not to make threats she couldn't back up. Phyllis left.

Tucker received a call from Leanna Love. Leanna wanted to know what was going on between him and Ashley. Tucker said they were working things out, but he'd heard an interesting rumor about Billy.

Nick arrived at Society, and after he greeted Summer and Chance, Chance said he had to leave because he had a press conference to attend. Chance told Nick he was the new chief of police. Chance thanked Summer for being on his team, and he left. Nick said he hadn't known Summer and Chance were close. Summer said they were friends.

Summer told Nick that Chance had been there for her when she'd been going through everything with Phyllis. Nick said mentioning Phyllis reminded him of what she'd done to Summer. Summer said they were starting to heal. Summer asked if Nick would ever forgive Phyllis. Nick admitted he'd avoided Phyllis since she'd been released from jail because he was afraid of what he might say to her.

Summer told Nick that Phyllis needed a job. Summer wondered if, when Nick stopped being angry, there could still be a place for Phyllis with Nick and Sharon. Summer claimed Phyllis needed a job, not just for income, but also to have something to focus on. Summer suggested he call it a smart business decision. She said there had to be something Phyllis could do at his and Sharon's company. Nick said he would talk to Sharon, but he wouldn't make any promises.

Summer asked how things were between Nick and Sharon, referring to the launch of their new company. Nick said they'd settled into a nice working relationship. Summer hoped things worked out for them.

In the jazz lounge, Phyllis confirmed with the insurance company that she owed them nothing. After she ended the call, Danny said she looked like she'd lost her best friend.

Danny and Jack weigh in on Phyllis' actions

Danny and Jack weigh in on Phyllis' actions

Friday, September 29, 2023

by Nel

At Jabot, Jack told Diane and Billy the financial team were trying to attach a name to the account the money had been transferred to. Jack said he'd frozen all their accounts and contacted their vendors. After Diane left for a meeting, Billy told Jack to stop the search. He said his name would be attached to that account, the same way it had happened previously when someone had wanted Jack to think he'd embezzled money from their family's company. Billy indicated it was Tucker, with an assist from Phyllis.

Billy told Jack that Phyllis desperately needed money. Jack commented that he didn't understand why they were only targeting Billy. Billy said he was sure Tucker was betting that Jack would believe that history would repeat itself, and Billy would make the same dumb move again. Billy claimed it wouldn't stop with him because Tucker blamed the whole family for his life blowing up. Billy asked about Jack's meeting with Adam. Jack said Adam had sent him the mother lode.

Jack told Billy that Tucker and Audra had been involved in a cover-up at McCall. He said it had involved a singer and some underaged girls. Jack said Tucker and Audra had covered up the cover-up to save the integrity of the company. Jack gloated that they had something they could hit Tucker with.

Billy told Jack he wanted tell Tucker they had the upper hand. Jack agreed, and he asked Billy to return the money. Billy asked if Jack believed that he would actually embezzle money from the family company. He asked if Jack believed that Tucker and Phyllis were behind it or if, for a second, Jack had wondered if it had been him.

Jack told Billy he'd never believed Billy would do that, and he wouldn't put anything past Tucker or Phyllis. Jack said Phyllis had had other options; if she had been truthful or shown she could be trusted, there would have been a number of people who would have helped her, including himself. Billy said some people liked staying on the dark side, and Tucker exploited that by making someone believe that his way was the only way out. Jack said Tucker had to be stopped immediately.

At Crimson Lights, Tucker saw Audra walk in, and he recalled a recent conversation with her. Tucker told Audra he wasn't interested in running Jabot other than as an advisor. He admitted the takeover was nothing more than yanking it away from Jack. He said he wanted to punish the Abbotts because they'd shattered any chance he'd had with Ashley. Audra asked if Tucker realized the Abbotts knew he was coming after them. Tucker said that the Abbotts had essentially told him they knew, but he wasn't worried because he had a secret weapon: Billy Abbott.

In the present, on the patio, Tucker asked what Audra and Nikki had talked about. Audra said Nikki had warned her to stay away from him. He asked if Nikki had threatened to fire her. Audra said Nikki hadn't come out and said it. Tucker claimed it had been implied. Audra said she'd made it clear she didn't appreciate Nikki telling her how to live her life. Audra said Nikki had offered to be her mentor.

Tucker advised Audra to keep her distance from Nikki's mentorship. He claimed Audra wouldn't have to worry about Nikki if Audra was still interested in changing trains and joining him on the Jabot express. She said only Tucker could believe he could take Jabot away from the Abbotts and make it sound easy. Tucker claimed it was a certainty.

Tucker told Audra that he'd arranged to raise suspicion that Billy had been embezzling from Jabot. Audra said Jack and Billy would know immediately that Tucker was behind that. Tucker said that was exactly what he wanted them to think. He said he was setting up the idea that Billy was involved in some financial malfeasance. It was just a diversion for what he was actually planning. He said the idea was for the Abbotts to think he was planning his attack in one area while he was actually making moves elsewhere -- something they wouldn't see coming.

Audra asked Tucker why it was so important to him. He said the Abbotts had convinced Ashley to pull the plug on their future. He said he'd sold everything he'd had just to be with Ashley. He said the Abbotts had cost him McCall, and he felt it was fitting to take what was near and dear to them. Audra said it was purely vindictive. Tucker said he'd lost something valuable and precious to him, and it was the Abbotts' turn.

Audra told Tucker that all that retribution was coming from a place of pain and denial. She asked what he would do if Ashley returned and asked him to forgive her because she'd been wrong and done a terrible thing to him, their plans were back on, and she loved him. Audra had no doubt he would fly off with Ashley without another thought.

Tucker told Audra she was wrong because even if Ashley gave him a sign, he would still go after Jabot because he could no longer trust or believe Ashley. He said one couldn't undo that kind of betrayal. He said Ashley had shown him who she really was, and he believed everything had been a ploy to pull him back in. He said when his defenses were down, Ashley had put a knife in his heart. Audra said she thought Tucker was wrong because she knew what true and deep love looked like, and Ashley had that for Tucker. Audra said Ashley loved him, but she'd found it hard to break away from her family.

Audra said she believed Tucker still loved Ashley enough to give her another chance and call off his attack on the Abbotts. Tucker said nothing would stop him from dismantling the Abbotts and taking everything that they held dear.

In the jazz lounge, Danny told Phyllis he had some business in town, and he wanted to check up on Daniel. Danny said it was strange seeing Phyllis in the flesh, because the last time he'd been in that room, he'd watched her die. Phyllis claimed Jeremy Stark had coerced her to do his bidding by threatening her and her family.

Phyllis told Danny the judge had shown her mercy and hadn't sent her to prison. She added that she was also known as the town pariah. Danny said it sounded like she believed she'd been the victim. Phyllis claimed Danny was angry. Danny said he was beyond angry, but he'd understood there had been extenuating circumstances. He added that what she'd done had been horrible. He said what had made it worse was that she'd done it to the people who'd believed in and cared about her. He told Phyllis to stop whining and be accountable for a change.

Phyllis told Danny she was taking accountability and that she'd asked forgiveness from everyone. She asked Danny to forgive her. She said she was trying to make amends. Danny asked why she cared if he forgave her. He said they shared a son, and years earlier, they'd shared a life together. Phyllis claimed she cared what Danny thought about her. She asked if she was worthy of a second chance.

When Daniel arrived, Phyllis told Daniel that she and Danny had run into each other. Danny said they'd talked about Phyllis becoming a changed person who wanted to make amends for her behavior. Danny said Phyllis had a lot to prove.

Daniel asked if Phyllis had given his job offer any thought. Phyllis said she was still thinking about it. Danny said that was reminiscent of the time Daniel had offered her a job at Omega Sphere. Phyllis said Daniel had offered her a huge position worthy of her skills and talent. She said she didn't know what she would be doing, and she would be under a microscope. Daniel said that didn't make the job any less legitimate or the paycheck less real.

Danny said Phyllis claimed she wanted a second chance, and that could be her opportunity to show everyone she'd changed. Daniel said he understood Phyllis was used to high-profile jobs, but he didn't trust her with anything that might compromise his business. Phyllis asked if he thought she would intentionally sabotage his business. Daniel said not intentionally or maliciously, but Phyllis couldn't help taking a shortcut when she saw one.

Danny told Phyllis that Daniel was taking what she'd said at face value because he'd been burned too many times, and he couldn't afford any of Phyllis' shortcuts. Phyllis said she was still dealing with the aftermath of what Jeremy Stark had put her through. Phyllis said she'd found the account where Jeremy had hidden her money, and she'd been able to pay back the insurance company. Daniel said that seemed awfully fast.

Phyllis told Daniel that Michael had put investigators on it, and they'd been able to track down one of Jeremy's offshore accounts, so she was free and clear. Danny said there were no more excuses, and it was time for Phyllis to do what she said she would do. Phyllis claimed she was on the right path because she realized how much she had to lose if she screwed up again.

Phyllis told Daniel that if Sharon and Nick didn't offer her a job, she would take whatever job Daniel had to offer. Phyllis acknowledged that Danny didn't believe anything she said. Phyllis looked up, and she saw Jack glaring at her. Jack asked for a word alone with Phyllis. Daniel and Danny left.

Jack told Phyllis he knew Tucker had convinced her to hack into Jabot's financial system. Phyllis claimed she didn't know what Jack was talking about. Jack said she'd been involved in moving money around to make Billy look bad, and he wanted to know why she had decided to go after them. Jack asked if Tucker had offered her money to pay her legal bills or insurance expenses. He said he knew she'd done it, and "so much for turning your life around."

Jack asked Phyllis how long it had taken for Phyllis to throw away all the good intentions she'd spoken about then hitch her wagon to Tucker's. Phyllis stated she didn't have to "listen to this," but Jack insisted she was going to listen -- and give him some answers. Phyllis said she didn't have to listen to Jack because he had no idea what it was like walking around town, seeing the condescending looks. She said she was tired of being Genoa City's punching bag. She told Jack and everyone else to "go straight to hell."

Phyllis asked if Jack thought she liked what she'd put Summer through or the hell she was going through all because of what she and Diane had done. Phyllis stated that Diane had played a part in it. Diane stood to one side, listening. Jack said it didn't explain what she was cooking up with Tucker. Phyllis said she wasn't doing anything. She stated she wasn't trying to sabotage Jack or Billy, and she despised Tucker. Jack said if Phyllis wouldn't tell him the truth, he wanted her to help him find out what Tucker's bottom line was. He asked Phyllis to hack into Tucker's system, then maybe Jack would believe Phyllis' desire to make amends.

Upstairs in the dining room, Daniel told Danny things were going great with work, his relationship with Lily was in a good place, and he was having fun. Daniel said his only conflict was with Phyllis, and he really wanted to believe her. Danny said he did, too, but it was a leap of blind faith with Phyllis.

Danny told Daniel he would be staying in town for a while because he had a couple of months off from his tour, and he was hoping to see Christine. Daniel said Christine was in Lisbon with Paul, trying to work things out. Danny was disappointed.

Billy was having a drink at the Athletic Club. He remembered several recent conversations. Jack asked Billy not to get sucked in if Ashley and Tucker offered him a position of power because he knew how tempting that could be. Billy said it would be easy to be pissed off at Jack if Jack didn't trust him.

Billy continued to remember interactions. Tucker told Billy he could see right through Billy. He said Billy had been intrigued about running Jabot on his own, and he couldn't get it out of his head. He said Billy was scared he'd missed his chance. Tucker claimed that with Jack so punch-drunk in love, Billy thought he was better suited to run Jabot, with total control and autonomy. Billy stated he would do whatever it took to make things balanced again. Tucker said Billy would have to figure out how to dethrone Diane on his own.

In another of his memories, Billy told Diane they both knew she wouldn't settle for the position she was in. He said she would want more input and more power, and Jack would give her whatever she wanted. Billy claimed he was the only one who would protect his family's company.

Still in his memories, Billy said Jack still didn't trust him because Jack didn't think he could handle himself without Jack's guidance. Jack claimed he couldn't criticize Billy because everything Jack said was so personal. Billy said it was always personal, and seldom complimentary.

In the same memory, Billy said Jack would never see him as a true partner. Jack claimed he'd given Billy every opportunity. Billy claimed it was always Jack giving him the opportunity, Jack in control -- Jack saying yes, no, continue -- and it was always with one finger on the kill switch. He said Jack always expected him to fail.

Diane interrupted Billy's memories when she asked if Billy and Jack had come up with a plan to deal with Tucker. Billy said he was sure Jack would fill her in. Diane said Billy still didn't trust her. Billy replied that he'd given Diane every benefit of the doubt, and he asked what else she wanted him to do. Diane said Billy had been tempted by Tucker's offer to take over Jabot if the coup had been successful.

Billy told Diane the plan had been to make Tucker believe Billy was sick and tired of being an afterthought in his family and that he wanted to flip sides. Billy said he'd admitted to Diane and Jack that the impulse to run Jabot had been there for a split second. Diane asked how long. Billy said he'd stopped it as soon as he'd realized what was happening. He asked why Diane had asked. Diane said because Billy and Ashley had had their concerns that she would get too much power at Jabot and that Jack was so in love with her that he would give her anything she wanted. Billy said he was fine with the way things were.

Diane told Billy that wasn't a ringing endorsement. Diane asked Billy to admit he saw himself as the most rational and deserving to take over the top spot. Billy said he wasn't looking to take over Jack's job, just like he was hoping Diane wasn't looking to take over his. Billy said they needed to deal with far worse threats.

Tucker walked into his suite. Seconds later, Billy knocked on the door. Billy said he knew what Tucker was up to, and Tucker had better back off. Billy accused Tucker of trying to set him up and make it appear he was embezzling from his family's company. Billy reminded Tucker about the time Tucker and Audra had been running the McCall record label, and there had been an artist who'd had a thing for underage girls. He said Tucker thought he'd buried all those emails between him and Audra, talking about how he was going to cover it up to save his ass. Billy said he had those emails, and he would use them to crush Tucker unless Tucker backed off.

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The leading ladies who lunch:
Y&R's Camryn Grimes makes a holly, jolly return as Mrs. Claus
J. Eddie Peck returns to Y&R, and he's ready for the ride ahead
Hello, again: Hayley Erin opens up about her return to Y&R
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