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Jack and Diane renewed their wedding vows. Tucker bugged his wedding gift to Jack and Diane, but Phyllis tipped Jack off about the device. Audra resumed her relationship with Kyle. Nick broke things off with Sally. Victor sensed that someone was trying to stab him in the back.
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Jack and Diane renewed their vows. Audra resumed her relationship with Kyle. Nick broke things off with Sally. Victor sensed someone was betraying him.
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Unwelcome guests crash Jack and Diane's celebration

Unwelcome guests crash Jack and Diane's celebration

Monday, October 9, 2023

Audra entered Tucker's suite at the Athletic Club to reply in person to his text message. Audra said, "You want me to reignite the fire with Kyle? And then what? You can't just send me a text like that without some explanation." Tucker reminded Audra that she had seemed to enjoy her sexual encounters with Kyle.

Audra replied, "What's in it for you? You expect me to manipulate him into doing something that benefits you?" Tucker claimed that he and Audra had a common goal, explaining that he was merely encouraging her to reconnect with Kyle. Audra reminded Tucker that Kyle had never been part of their plan. Tucker replied, "All shall be revealed in good time, my dear."

Tucker promised Audra that after they assumed control of Jabot, she would be running the company while he stood on the sidelines as an advisor. Tucker claimed that Kyle meant more to Audra than she was letting on. Audra replied that Tucker's actions felt more like a desperate act than simply implementing Plan B, adding that he was unlikely to succeed. Tucker claimed he had suffered a minor setback after Adam had revealed damaging evidence to the Abbotts. Audra replied, "The Abbotts now have information about a singer on your payroll whose crimes were covered up until his tour was finished. That's information that could bury you."

Tucker reminded Audra that his problem was also her problem. Audra advised Tucker to cut his losses, admit that Adam had gotten the better of him, and agree to cut a deal with the Abbotts. Tucker claimed that Audra needed the Jabot plan to work because she was hanging by a thread at Newman and had few allies left. Tucker insisted Audra crash the Abbotts' garden party as a first step to rekindle her romance with Kyle. Audra sighed.

As guests gathered on the grounds of the Abbott estate to celebrate Jack and Diane, Nate approached Mamie and asked about her memories of the family she loved and had tended to for most of her adult life. Mamie replied that while she had numerous memories to cherish, she alluded to instances that were painful to recall, though she did not speak about them. Mamie's facial expression exuded joy when she told Nate that they had gathered together to celebrate. Traci graciously greeted Mamie and agreed when she observed that "Jackie" appeared happy. Traci smiled broadly and said she believed Jack had found what he had been searching for.

Jack called out to the guests and announced that Kyle would preside over a renewal of his parents' wedding vows. Guests applauded. Diane beamed with joy when Jack kissed her cheek. Nikki sarcastically said aloud to herself, "Oh, how fun." During the ceremony, Jack became emotional when he told Diane he felt blessed because they had found their way back to each other. Jack promised that he would strive to be worthy of Diane's love. Diane credited Jack with changing her life and showing her his love by standing beside her as a true partner. Kyle noted that their family home, a place that held many fond memories of love, was the perfect setting for Jack and Diane to renew their commitment to each other. Summer appeared both touched and emotionally wounded by Kyle's sentiments.

After Kyle pronounced Jack and Diane man and wife, Billy gulped down an entire glass of Champagne instead of joyfully applauding the bride and groom's obligatory kiss. As Billy refilled his champagne glass, Traci and Mamie were the first to gush over Jack and Diane's milestone celebration. Mamie told Diane that Jack was almost as handsome as his father. Diane cooed that her husband was the most handsome man in the world. Jack told Mamie he felt as though he was on top of the world.

Mamie wished Jack and Diane much happiness. Abby amiably acknowledged that Diane made Jack happy, and she apologized on behalf of Ashley for having missed the celebration after Ashley and Tucker had fought and separated. Diane rolled her eyes after Abby stated that her mom was capable of sustaining a civil relationship with Diane. Jack replied, "I hope so, too."

Summer and Kyle visited to discuss Harrison. Summer and Kyle both said they were relieved that Harrison's brief illness was not serious, though they regretted that the youngster they loved had sadly missed the festivities. Changing the subject, Summer praised Kyle, noting that he seemed to be getting the hang of officiating at weddings. Summer acknowledged that Jack and Diane seemed truly happy and in love. Kyle agreed. Summer noticed Chance in the distance and excused herself. As Summer walked away, Kyle said, "You look great!"

Summer approached Chance and asked him about his new position as chief of police. Chance informed Summer that a publicity meeting with the mayor would be his first assignment, though he would rather focus his attention on doing his job. Summer reminded Chance that Paul had chosen Chance to step up and take his place. Chance expressed doubts that he was suited to sit behind a desk instead of venturing out in the field, doing what he had been trained to do. Summer replied, "I kind of like the idea of you doing less of the actual chasing of the bad guys. I really wouldn't want anything to happen to my new friend." Chance smiled, acknowledging Summer's words of concern for him.

Abby chatted with Sharon. Sharon happily announced that things were falling into place with her new business. Abby asked Sharon about Chance. Sharon, blushing, muttered that she and Chance were having a lot of fun together. Sharon quickly excused herself when she noticed Summer flirting with Chance. Sharon rushed toward Chance and stood close to him when she greeted Summer. Sharon, sounding as if she had imbibed a bit too much Champagne, giddily bellowed, "This is so much fun!"

Across the way, Nikki provided insight to her new assistant, Claire Grace. Claire noted that Traci was a fantastic writer. Nikki added that Traci was an even better human being. Nikki informed Claire that Mamie Johnson had been an integral part of the Abbott family and had recently acquired a stake in Chancellor-Winters, though a number of people disapproved. Nikki, pointing out Nate Hastings, told Claire that he was the son of Mamie's niece Olivia and was COO of Newman Enterprises.

As Nikki and Claire observed Devon and Abby offering their sentiments to Jack and Diane, Nikki explained that Devon was the Winters half of Chancellor-Winters. Nikki spotted Chance and remarked that he was a decorated soldier and former government agent. Nikki noted that Chance had no interest in the family business. Claire asked Nikki if Summer was Chance's girlfriend. Nikki explained that her granddaughter Summer was the soon-to-be ex-wife of Kyle Abbott. Nikki admitted that she hoped the couple might reconcile. Claire replied, "Why, Mrs. Newman, you sound like a romantic."

Nikki approached Diane as Diane stood alone. Nikki said, "Well, that was a lovely little ceremony. Victor sends his regards." Nikki said she had been trying to get used to the fact that Diane and Jack were together and had finally accepted it. Diane acknowledged that Jack's relationship with Nikki was important to him. Nikki replied, "If you do anything to hurt Jack, I will make your life a living hell, and there are many others who will help me."

Diane assured Nikki that what she feared would not happen. Nikki replied that she hoped so for Jack's sake -- and Diane's, as well. After Nikki stepped away, Jack and Kyle joined Diane. Diane said she had noticed her son talking to Summer. Kyle explained that they had merely shared their mutual concerns about Harrison, adding that Diane should not read too much into it.

Nate sat with Mamie and acknowledged that she had served as a surrogate mother to Jack and his sisters during their growing years. Nate asked Mamie how it felt to be reunited with the Abbotts and her real family together in the same place. Mamie cried that she had been blessed with a rich and fulfilling life while holding much love for all in her heart. Nate quizzed Mamie about her mysterious business investment. Mamie signaled Devon to join them before she responded to Nate's inquiry.

Mamie admitted to Nate and Devon that she had enjoyed watching Jill's reaction to the news, knowing how suspicious Jill had always been of her. Mamie said she hoped Devon and Lily did not share Jill's feelings. Devon replied that he and Lily had been surprised to learn that Mamie had secretly acquired Victor's stake in the company. Nate reminded Devon that he had wanted Chancellor-Winters to be a family business, so there should be no problem, unless he desired to be in control. Devon said he was grateful the family, especially Dom, would have a chance to spend time with Aunt Mamie. Mamie declared that family was the most important part of it to her. Mamie told Nate and Devon she was determined to help them and Lily reunite and get past their animosity. Mamie cried, "Life is short, and this has gone on long enough."

Traci delivered a speech, tearfully noting that she had felt the presence of the Abbott matriarch and patriarch during the beautiful occasion celebrating Jack and Diane. Traci proposed a toast and wished Jack and Diane much happiness as they filled the Abbott home with their incredible love for each other. Abby addressed Jack and Diane, acknowledging that their love was evident by the way they looked at each other. Mamie declared that Jack and Diane's love was real and strong. Jack mouthed "I love you" to Mamie as she raised her glass.

Nikki acknowledged that there was a reason Jack and Diane had found their way back to each other, noting that neither one was attempting to escape a messy entanglement or felt committed to a kind of love that defied logic and persevered in the face of great odds. Nikki added that Jack and Diane had reconnected despite interference from well-meaning individuals. Nikki lifted her glass filled with water and said, "Jack, Diane, my sincerest congratulations." Diane managed to smile as she acknowledged Nikki's toast. A member of the security team whispered in Jack's ear, and Jack excused himself from the party. Billy, seated next to Diane, followed as Jack and the security guard exited the garden area.

While Jack and Billy were inside their home, dealing with Tucker, Audra made her entrance into the garden, pausing while recalling Kyle's reaction after she had fired him. Kyle had acknowledged that Audra had been following Nikki's orders, though he'd admitted he had been surprised at how quickly she had seemed to turn off her feelings for him. Audra had replied that though they had had fun and enjoyed great sex, it had been time to move on with their lives. Kyle had been taken aback when Audra had told him he was not the love of her life and that she was not the love of his life, noting that Summer was. Kyle had insisted that he and Summer would not reconcile. Audra had been adamant that Kyle still loved Summer.

Nikki introduced Traci to Claire Grace, noting that Claire was a fan. Traci congratulated Claire on her new job. Claire gushed that Echoes of the Past was one of her favorites of Traci's books. Traci was flattered and told Claire she was glad Traci had come. Across the way, Nate told Devon and Abby that Mamie had been right to remind them that life was short. Devon replied that it hurt more when one was betrayed by a member of their own family. Devon added that though he had forgiven Nate, he had not forgotten.

Nate looked to Abby for her reaction. Abby told Nate she could not impose her feelings on Devon and influence his reaction. Nate replied that Aunt Mamie had only wanted to reunite the family, adding that she did not have the power to offer him a job. Nate declared that he was content to stay at Newman Enterprises. Devon replied, "Yeah. I know." Mamie watched Nate and Devon's interactions from her seat at a nearby table.

Nikki and Claire spotted Audra. Nikki told Audra she thought Audra might have better judgment than to show up. Audra claimed that Kyle had invited her. Audra said that Kyle was having a hard time letting her go. Nikki folded her arms defiantly and replied, "Well, you wouldn't have come if you weren't having a hard time letting go, as well." Audra cried, "I like being with Kyle, and if you can't accept that, then we have a problem." Claire listened and raised her eyebrows in surprise when Audra spoke so forthrightly to Nikki.

Jack, Billy, and the security guard entered the Abbott home through the front door. The security guard said, "He insists he was invited, but he's not on the guest list." After the security guard left, Jack told Tucker he had a lot of gall. Jack ordered Tucker to leave. Billy approached Tucker in a threatening manner and asked Jack if he could have the honors. Tucker claimed he had come in peace and had brought a gift for the happy couple. While Tucker was rambling about making peace to set his soul at ease, Devon and Abby entered. Tucker said, "Hello, son." Devon replied, "What are you doing here?"

Tucker claimed he wanted to apologize and make peace. Mamie quietly entered as Tucker was acknowledging that he had been hurt and angered after his marriage to Ashley had faltered. Tucker asked what he could do to prove he was sincere. Billy asked Tucker to admit he had tried to frame Billy for embezzling money from his family company. Tucker denied involvement. Jack yelled, "Get the hell out of my house!" Tucker noticed Mamie standing in the shadows, appearing distraught.

Audra rekindles her relationship with Kyle

Audra rekindles her relationship with Kyle

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

In his hotel room, Daniel searched online for a new place to live. He answered a knock at the door and found Heather there. He invited her in, and she indicated that she'd gotten back from Portugal that afternoon. Daniel asked if Lucy was with her, but Heather reported that the girl was with Paul and Christine. Heather explained that she'd returned for a few days to wrap up the pro bono cases she'd handled over the summer.

Daniel said it was great to see Heather, but he noticed that she seemed flustered. He wondered if everything was all right, and she stammered that she didn't know. He assured her that she could talk to him, and she wailed that she didn't know where to start. She shared that she'd been feeling off balance since she'd left Genoa City, like there was something she'd left unresolved, but she didn't know what or why. Daniel surmised it wasn't just about wrapping up a case, and Heather figured her work had been a good reason to return to town and try to figure it all out.

Heather recalled that it had started when Phyllis had asked her about returning to the States to live, and it had gotten her thinking that maybe her feeling of restlessness wasn't just a passing thing. Heather continued that ever since she'd left Genoa City, she'd longed to get back, and the feeling had been so strong that she hadn't been able to ignore it anymore. Daniel supported her living closer so he could spend more time with Lucy. Heather announced that she'd decided to wrap up her law practice in Europe and move back home.

Daniel was elated for both Heather and him, and he inquired whether she was going back to Savannah. She revealed that she was moving back to Genoa City, and she asked what he thought about it. Daniel exclaimed that he was thrilled, and he questioned whether she'd really thought he wouldn't be. Heather admitted that she hadn't been sure how he'd react, and she'd nervously practiced what to say like it was an argument for court. Daniel pointed out that Heather knew he wanted to spend more time with Lucy, but he'd never thought Heather would ever want to be near him again after everything he'd put them through.

Daniel considered it a miracle that he and Lucy had become close again, but hearing Heather say she wanted to come back was beyond his wildest dreams. Heather reiterated that he was finally becoming the man she'd always known he could be, and she'd completely forgiven him. Heather figured she'd needed to let go of her anger and resentment for her sake as well as Daniel's, and she'd seen how he'd changed. Daniel was glad Heather hadn't given up on him, and she said she was, too. Daniel excitedly envisioned Heather and Lucy moving back, seeing them every single day, and being a family again. Heather said it was all she needed to hear.

Heather relayed that her dad had taught her that life was too short not to go after the things that were important to her. She recalled that she'd moved to Portugal to escape a bad situation, and she worried that she was doing it again by leaving a successful practice to start over in a new place. Daniel had no doubt that she would be just as successful there, and he offered to talk to Devon and Lily to see if they had an opening at Chancellor-Winters. Heather refused to accept any favors, but Daniel asserted that she'd be doing them a favor. He inquired about the timeline of her move, and she indicated that it would happen immediately.

Daniel walked Heather to the Athletic Club foyer. She informed him that she wanted to get Lucy situated in school so the teen wouldn't miss too much of the year. Daniel volunteered to take care of it while Heather was packing, and he told her to reach out if there was anything she wanted or needed him to do. He marveled that it was really happening, and she murmured that life could surprise them and take them to places they'd never thought they'd go. "Or come back to," Daniel replied.

Heather thanked Daniel for making it easier than she'd thought it would be, and Daniel assured her that he couldn't be happier. She invited him to grab a bite to eat, but he declined because he was already late for a dinner appointment. They made plans to meet up for a drink the next day, and they hugged.

Kyle picked up coffee at Crimson Lights as Audra hovered in the entryway. She smirked as she flashed back to balking at Tucker's request that she reconnect with Kyle to benefit Tucker. Tucker had told her to keep her eye on the prize, since she'd end up running Jabot, and Kyle was just a means to an end -- unless Kyle meant more to her than she'd let on. Audra approached Kyle and remarked that they'd seen one another twice in one night, so the universe might be trying to tell them something. Kyle questioned whether she'd followed him there.

Audra refused to deny that she'd followed Kyle, and she confirmed that she wanted to talk to him. Kyle recalled that the last time they'd talked, she'd fired him and made it clear she wanted nothing to do with him or with them. Audra purred that the truth was that she missed them, and Kyle asked what she was angling for. She swore that she simply regretted that things had cooled between them, and she'd gone to the party to tell him that, but he'd been preoccupied. Kyle argued that she could have tapped him on the shoulder, but Audra bemoaned that she'd lost her nerve with Nikki and Diane glaring at her.

Kyle scoffed at the idea of Audra being the self-conscious type. He questioned what happened next, and she left it up to him. He reminded her that he hadn't been the one to put the brakes on things, and he wasn't feeling generous after she'd pushed him to forget her number because she'd feared being fired. Audra conceded that everything he was saying was true, but she'd realized she'd made a mistake. She added that she would do anything she could to try to make it up to him.

Kyle and Audra retreated to her suite, unable to keep their hands off one another. They fell onto the bed, kissing passionately. After they had sex, she breathlessly crowed that she'd "missed that." She suggested that they continue to see one another, and he asked what had changed. Audra told him she'd decided he was worth the risk, but Kyle warned that Nikki was bound to find out eventually. "Let her," Audra flippantly responded.

Audra insisted that she was no longer concerned with what Nikki thought or did. Kyle noted the abrupt switch, and he suspected that Audra had a backup plan "Maybe I do," she replied. Kyle observed that Audra didn't seem scared of Nikki's wrath anymore, and he pressed to know what Audra was cooking up. Audra wondered if just missing him hadn't been enough. Kyle was flattered, but he pointed out that he knew her, and he wondered what else she was doing.

Audra vaguely referred to a few possibilities, but she didn't want to jinx things by saying anything until she knew it would happen for sure. Audra preferred to talk about Kyle, and she was sure he had irons in the fire after leaving Newman Media. He admitted that he had a few possibilities of his own, and she figured it was only fair if he didn't want to share them. Kyle confided that there had been rumblings at Jabot that his dad wasn't happy with Billy's performance, so there might be an opening there soon. Audra was skeptical that Jack would give the position to Kyle.

Kyle argued that his father had offered him a top spot at the company before. Audra complained that Jack always found a way to push Kyle aside when it suited him. She anticipated that even if Billy got pushed out the door, logical wisdom would make Diane the next in line. Kyle disagreed, since both he and his dad knew that his mother wasn't ready for a high-level position like that. Audra pondered what would happen if Jack didn't get rid of Billy. "Then I'll just have to help things along," Kyle said.

Over a drink at the Athletic Club bar, Tucker flashed back to Audra asking if he'd still go after Jabot if Ashley gave him a sign she wanted to reunite. Tucker had sworn that Ashley had shown him who she really was in Paris, but Audra had suspected that he was still in love with Ashley and that he might call off the attack. Tucker had been adamant that nothing would stop him from dismantling the Abbotts and taking everything they held dear. Devon entered the club, and Tucker offered to buy him a drink. Devon demanded that Tucker tell him how sincere he'd been about making peace with Jack.

Tucker swore that his best wishes for Jack and Diane had been sincere, and Devon asked what had changed. "Me," Tucker replied. Tucker claimed that Ashley had broken his heart, so he'd been determined to make her family suffer the way he'd suffered, but he'd realized he couldn't hold the Abbotts accountable for what she'd done. Devon thought it sounded reasonable, but Tucker guessed that Devon didn't quite believe him. Devon admitted that he wanted to trust his father, but Tucker didn't always make it easy.

Devon cited the conflicting stories he'd heard about Tucker and the concerns people had about what Tucker was going to do. Devon argued that Tucker had returned to town to make the Abbotts pay for the bad things they'd done to him, and Tucker's sudden shift in attitude was surprising. Tucker couldn't think of any other way to prove it than with the actions he took going forward. Tucker acknowledged that he'd disappointed Devon in the past, but he swore that he had no ulterior motive. Tucker added that he felt like his demons had been silenced, and he didn't want any more chaos in his life.

Devon asked what Tucker's connection to Mamie was. Tucker pointed out that he hardly knew her, and he wondered why Devon thought Tucker had a connection with her. Devon questioned why Tucker had looked at her the way he had, since it had clearly been an indication of something more. Tucker claimed to have no idea what Devon was referring to. Devon pointed out that Mamie had recently made a secret investment in Chancellor-Winters and hadn't told him or Lily about it.

Devon didn't buy Mamie's reasoning behind the investment, and Tucker asked what it had to do with him. Attempting to connect the dots, Devon recalled that Tucker had returned to town to go after Jabot, and Tucker had planted Audra in Devon's company. Devon continued that after Tucker had lost his venture with Ashley and claimed he wasn't interested in Jabot anymore, Mamie had suddenly shown up after buying a stake in Chancellor-Winters. Tucker chalked it up as a random, unconnected event. Devon stressed that he knew what he'd seen, and he ordered Tucker to tell him what the connection with Mamie was.

Tucker defended that he only knew Mamie as someone to say hello to, and he didn't understand how Devon had gotten the idea Tucker was using her to get his hooks into Chancellor-Winters just because he'd given her a glance of recognition. Tucker was afraid Devon was buying into the town's collective suspicion of Tucker, and he suggested that maybe Mamie had an ulterior motive that had nothing to do with him. Devon reluctantly chose to believe Tucker, who sensed that Devon was still concerned that something was going on with his investor. Tucker asked what it was and offered to help.

Devon explained that it was just a feeling he had, but he realized the time and prepared to go home. Tucker asked if they were good or if Devon still suspected Tucker was involved in some kind of conspiracy. Devon stated that he was happy if Tucker had meant what he'd said earlier. Tucker sensed that Devon still had doubts, and he hoped that eventually they could get to a point where suspicion wasn't Devon's first instinct. Devon replied that it was up to Tucker, and he headed out.

On the grounds of the Abbott estate, Diane thanked Jack for a perfect afternoon. She clarified that it had almost been perfect, but he urged her to pretend the interruption from Tucker had never happened. Jack declared that nothing could spoil that moment, standing there alone with his beautiful wife and telling her how much he loved her. Jack realized that he and Diane had never danced at their reception, but he thought they should. She pointed out that the band had gone home. "Who needs a band?" he replied, and he used his phone to turn on some music.

Jack pulled Diane into his arms, and they swayed. He proclaimed that they'd proven everyone wrong by standing up before God, their family, and the citizens of Genoa City and declaring their love for all to see. Jack believed no one could doubt them then, and he recounted that even Nikki had been supportive. He gushed that he was proud of them for showing the world what love and commitment could do, and everyone had no choice but to embrace it or turn and walk away. Jack contemplated what more they could want, and Diane cooed that she could think of something -- that the night would last forever.

Diane took Kyle agreeing to officiate at their ceremony as a sign that he was fully on board with their marriage, and she also considered it a positive thing that he hadn't taken a date to the wedding. Jack noted that Audra had shown up, but Diane pointed out that Kyle had barely acknowledged Audra. Diane added that Kyle and Summer had seemed to be getting along, so maybe there was hope for their little family. Jack cautioned that nothing good would happen by pushing Kyle, and he thought Audra's appearance meant she was interested in rekindling things. Diane clucked that it took two people to make it happen, and Kyle hadn't shown any interest.

In the Abbott living room, Traci enthused that Jack and Diane had seemed very happy. Fixated on Tucker's gift on the table, Billy flatly commented that it had been a lovely ceremony. Traci inquired whether he thought the box would tell him what was inside if he stared at it long enough. Billy wondered if she was curious about what it was, but she proclaimed that she didn't care one bit. Traci reminded him that Jack had told them to ignore it and throw it out, and she wondered what Billy was waiting for.

Billy clucked that they could be squandering a real opportunity, since the gift might offer insight into what Tucker was thinking. Billy reasoned that Tucker loved to believe he was cleverer than anyone else, and he suspected that the gift was a "riddle from the Riddler." Traci recognized that it might be something hateful and despicable -- or it might just be a blender. She scolded Billy for obsessing about it, and she prompted him to take it to the trash.

Billy stood up and grabbed the package but suddenly paused. "The hell with it," Billy muttered, asserting his need to satisfy his curiosity. Over Traci's protests, he opened the attached card, promising to get rid of the gift afterward. "May this symbol of harmony, balance, and patience bring those elements to your new life as husband and wife," Billy read aloud. He slowly opened the box and pulled out a bonsai tree. Billy examined it carefully, and Traci hoped he was satisfied that it wasn't an evil doll or exploding clock.

Jack and Diane entered the room, and Billy admitted that he'd opened Tucker's gift. Jack groused that Billy had once again completely ignored what Jack had asked him to do, but Billy chalked it up to simple curiosity. Jack taunted that the great payoff had been a plant, but Diane was relieved Billy had opened the gift because it had taken Tucker's power away. Diane imagined that if they'd thrown it away, they would have always wondered if it had been a warning or an olive branch.

Jack snarled that he didn't "give a damn," and Diane teased him for thinking he was more evolved than the rest of them. Jack contended that his point was that he didn't want Tucker intruding in any way on one of the happiest days of their lives. Diane opted to think that the gift was Tucker's way of expressing that he was done being at war with the Abbotts and that he wanted peace. Jack wished he could share her optimism, but he thought nothing Tucker had ever done could be taken at face value. Jack was convinced Tucker wasn't done with them.

Diane argued that the Abbotts had leverage against Tucker, so maybe he was giving up the war. Jack doubted it. Diane recognized that they were accustomed to being on guard with everything Tucker did, but she thought they needed a new perspective. She cited Jack's resolve not to worry about the world and all its problems when they'd just renewed their vows, and she declared it time for a fresh start. Diane lectured that they shouldn't waste their time or lives waiting for Tucker to drop another shoe. Meanwhile, Tucker sat in his hotel suite, listening to the conversation via a bug he'd planted in the bonsai tree.

Phyllis tells Jack that Tucker bought a listening device

Phyllis tells Jack that Tucker bought a listening device

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

by Nel

At Lily's, Daniel told Lily it was Phyllis' first day at Omega Sphere, and he wasn't sure he could trust her. Lily said she really hoped things would work out with Phyllis and that she would behave. Daniel said he was cautiously optimistic.

Daniel asked if Lily had figured out why Mamie had made the investment in Chancellor-Winters. Lily said she hadn't, but she hoped it was simply to be closer to family. Lily said she knew Jill would have a lot of opinions on the subject. Lily kissed Daniel, and she left.

Daniel received a text message from Heather: "Thanks again for yesterday. Lucy and I are so excited to come home."

At the Abbotts', Jack was chagrined because he hadn't heard from Phyllis. He told Diane that Phyllis appeared to be their best bet at finding out what Tucker was up to. Jack claimed Tucker was a risk taker, and he would do everything in his power to get what he wanted. Jack remarked that they had to remain vigilant and proactive. He said he hoped Phyllis would decide to do the right thing and help them out.

Moments later, Jack told Diane that Phyllis had responded: "Found something. Can we meet?" He said he had to meet her at the coffeehouse. Diane admitted she wasn't comfortable about Jack seeing Phyllis. She asked why Jack would trust Phyllis' intentions. She said Phyllis was tenacious and wanted Jack's forgiveness and his attention, and Phyllis liked to pull people over to her side, no matter the cost. Jack assured Diane it was one meeting, and he had his eyes wide open. He said if Phyllis was sincere about making amends, it was a step in that direction. Jack left.

In his suite at the Athletic Club, Tucker had been listening to Jack and Diane's conversation. Muttering, he wondered if Phyllis would ever learn. Tucker later heard Jack say Phyllis had something and that Jack would meet her at Crimson Lights.

On the patio of the coffeehouse, Danny joined Phyllis, and he asked what she was up to. Phyllis replied that she'd been doing some research. She also mentioned it was her first day to work for Daniel. Danny said Daniel had faith in her, otherwise he wouldn't have offered her the position. Phyllis said she just wanted to prove herself to her kids.

Phyllis said she wanted to thank Danny for their conversation the previous day because it had helped to change her perspective. She also thanked him for believing in her after everything she'd done to him and despite their history, but Danny said they'd gotten past their history. Danny reminded her that the straight and narrow path was a delicate one, and Phyllis could do anything she wanted when she was determined.

Danny told Phyllis he'd heard Heather had returned to town. Phyllis said she was excited to see Lucy, but Danny said Lucy had remained in Portugal with Paul and Christine. Phyllis said she was concerned Christine would say negative things about her to Lucy, but Danny assured her Christine wouldn't. Phyllis asked if Christine still held a special place in his heart. Danny said that of course she did, as did Phyllis. He said they were all part of the past, the good and the bad.

Phyllis asked if Danny wanted to be with Christine if she didn't work things out with Paul. Danny replied that he wanted to be happy, and whatever happened, he wanted them to move forward, free from the past. Phyllis saw Tucker when he arrived. She was uncomfortable.

Phyllis told Danny she had to leave because she didn't want to be late on her first day at Omega Sphere. Danny wished her luck. Phyllis walked to the counter and ordered a coffee to go. Tucker commented that she'd been a busy woman. She asked what that meant. Tucker said she'd put her skills to work on a new venture, perhaps helping Jack turn the tables on him. Phyllis asked why he would say that. Tucker claimed he had eyes and ears all over town. Jack arrived, and he looked at Phyllis and Tucker with suspicion. Phyllis picked up her coffee, wished Jack a great day, and left.

Tucker asked if Jack and Diane had opened his present. Jack said a bonsai tree would have been a thoughtful gift if it had been sincere. Jack said he was having a hard time trusting that Tucker was wishing them harmony, balance, and patience. He asked if Tucker believed they were that gullible. Tucker said, "So much for second chances." Jack stated that they didn't buy Tucker's truce. Tucker said he didn't understand why because they had no reason to doubt him.

Jack told Tucker to stop being coy because he knew what Tucker had asked Phyllis to do. Tucker asked why he would involve himself with Phyllis. Jack replied that Tucker would use her for her technical savvy. He said Tucker had had Phyllis hack into one of Jabot's accounts and transfer the funds to Billy's personal account, so it would look like Billy had been responsible for the breach. Jack said it hadn't worked, and the money had been returned to Jabot. Tucker claimed it had nothing to do with him. Jack warned Tucker not to plan anything against Jabot.

Jack received a text message from Phyllis: "Society. Now." Jack left.

At the park, Devon and Abby talked about the wedding reception. Abby said she wanted Ashley home, but it was best that Ashley hadn't attended. She said Ashley had smoothed things over with Jack, but seeing Diane that happy wouldn't have sat well with Ashley. Abby stated that Ashley was working remotely for Jabot, and Ashley had admitted it had been best that she'd stayed away.

Abby told Devon that Ashley had softened toward Diane since Diane had saved her life, but Ashley was nervous about returning home because she didn't want to stir Tucker up again. Devon said he wasn't sure how Ashley and Tucker would react when they came face to face. He stated that Tucker had claimed he was over Ashley. Abby stated Ashley and Tucker had hurt each other a lot, and those wounds weren't even close to healing.

Abby told Devon she'd apprised Ashley about the bonsai tree, which was purported to bring peace and harmony. Abby said Tucker had admitted he'd overreacted when he'd returned from Paris, and any revenge was over with. Abby said Ashley wasn't buying that, and she wasn't really sure what to make of Tucker anymore.

Abby told Devon she'd informed Ashley about Devon's suspicion that Tucker was behind Mamie's return to town and behind Mamie's investment in Chancellor-Winters. Devon said it was a convenient coincidence, but Tucker claimed there was nothing to it. Abby remarked that Ashley wasn't surprised because anything was possible with Tucker, and she wasn't there to keep him in line.

Abby asked Devon if they should give Tucker the benefit of the doubt. Devon said that at the Abbott house, he'd definitely sensed a vibe between Tucker and Mamie, as if they'd been in contact before. Abby said it seemed unlikely that Mamie would get involved with someone like Tucker, who would hurt Jack, Ashley, or Traci. She said Mamie loved them, and she considered them her family. Devon claimed Mamie had been too secretive about her investment. Devon admitted he wanted to give Tucker a chance, but it was becoming more difficult to do that.

Lily joined Devon and Abby in the park. After Lily had gushed over Dominic, she said Jill was going to Detroit to look into LBB and Mamie, because Jill was convinced there was more to Mamie's investment than Mamie was claiming. Lily asked if Devon thought Mamie might have a connection to Tucker. Devon said when Mamie had walked into the room, she'd looked at Tucker like they'd been in contact previously. Devon said he'd asked Tucker about it, but Tucker had claimed there was nothing to it. Devon said he didn't believe it.

Devon told Lily there was a lot of drama in Tucker's life. He cited what had happened between Tucker and Ashley in Paris, Jack and Billy believing Tucker was going after Jabot, and Tucker's possible connection to Mamie. Abby noted that they didn't have all the facts. Devon pointed out that since Tucker had returned to town, he'd wanted to be a father to Devon and grandfather to Dominic. Lily pointed out that there was the possibility that Tucker was doing something underhanded.

Devon told Lily that Tucker had been a magnet for trouble since his return, and it was time to make a clean break from Tucker. Abby asked if Devon really wanted to give up on Tucker. Devon said he didn't, but he couldn't ignore what was right in front of him. Devon admitted he'd never had any expectations about his relationship with Tucker, given their history.

Lily said Tucker was part of Devon and Dominic's life again. Devon said Tucker was a regular at Dominic's music classes. Abby added that Tucker had made friends with all the other parents in the class. Devon said it appeared Tucker really liked that role, and he was trying to turn his life around. Lily asked what had changed. Devon responded that what had happened between Tucker and Ashley had undone all the progress Tucker had made. He said Tucker loved Ashley, and when that had fallen apart, so had Tucker.

Devon told Lily that as much as he didn't want to see Tucker go backwards in his life, the signs were everywhere. He said perhaps it was time for him to change the way he responded to Tucker. Abby said she and Lily would support Devon, no matter what he decided. Devon said he couldn't shake the feeling that Tucker was up to something. He said he wouldn't let their family or company be affected by whatever it was.

At Society, Phyllis asked if Jack had been followed. Jack said he'd taken Tucker on a wild goose chase, and he'd lost him. Phyllis said she'd hacked into Tucker's computer, and she'd discovered that Tucker had recently purchased a listening device with accompanying phone app. Phyllis said that at the coffeehouse, Tucker had claimed he had eyes and ears all over Genoa City. Jack said it was all starting to make sense. Jack thanked Phyllis and admitted he appreciated her help. Phyllis asked if Jack's honest thank you had hurt, and she wondered if they were square. Jack said no, but they were on their way. Phyllis asked what was left.

Jack said it would help if Phyllis admitted she'd helped Tucker hack into Jabot, but Phyllis denied it. Danny arrived in time to hear Jack telling Phyllis that he still knew when she was lying. Phyllis reminded Jack that he's said if she did him a favor, it would help in her redeeming herself. She asked if he was reneging on their agreement. Jack claimed it had been one step, and they weren't on solid ground yet. Phyllis stated that they would get there, and Jack knew better than to underestimate her. Jack thanked Phyllis again. Danny hid behind a wall as Jack left.

Danny approached Phyllis, and he asked what she was up to. He said she was supposed to be heading to the office. Phyllis claimed she'd decided to make a stop. Danny said whenever he'd seen Phyllis and Jack together, there had seemed to be a lot of tension. Phyllis said Jack couldn't forgive her for what she'd done, and it was uncomfortable. Danny asked if that was all. Phyllis confirmed it was. Phyllis asked why Danny was asking and why he cared.

Danny said he'd seen the exchange between Phyllis, Jack, and Tucker at the coffeehouse, and it had seemed a little suspicious. Danny said there was a lot of animosity between Jack and Tucker. He said he hoped Phyllis wasn't caught in the middle of it. Phyllis assured him she wasn't. Daniel joined them.

Kyle arrived home, and he asked Diane if she'd seen Harrison. Diane said she had, and Harrison had asked where Kyle was. Kyle lied and said he'd slept through his alarm. Diane asked where he'd spent the night. Kyle lied again and said he'd gone out with a friend after the reception, and he'd crashed at their place. Diane claimed it wasn't like him to neglect his son. Kyle said he would make it up to Harrison. Kyle accused Diane of blowing it out of proportion, but Diane disagreed.

Diane said she understood Kyle was struggling, his marriage had ended, his career was in flux, and he was off-balance. Diane claimed he hadn't been himself recently, but Kyle replied that he was okay and was moving on.

Diane said she'd had a glimpse of the old Kyle at the vow renewal -- confident and centered -- and he and Summer had seemed to have found a balance. Diane stated that when Audra had shown up, his demeanor had changed, and he'd become a different person. She said she hoped the friend hadn't been Audra. Kyle told Diane not to be concerned about that. He said he wasn't struggling to find a path because he was very clear what he wanted -- his old job as co-CEO at Jabot. He said he would replace Billy eventually, and he was convinced that would happen.

Diane asked if Kyle really meant that he wanted to return to Jabot. Kyle said it was the right move, but he had to figure out how to make it happen. At that moment, Jack returned and picked up the bonsai tree, and he found the listening device. Jack indicated for Kyle and Diane to keep quiet while he took the bonsai tree and placed it outside their front door.

Jack told Kyle and Diane that Phyllis had hacked into Tucker's computer, and she'd discovered that he'd recently purchased a listening device and the app to go with it. He said Tucker's little gift of harmony had a hidden surprise. Jack assured Diane that Phyllis had given him the information with no strings attached. He said he'd tried to get Phyllis to admit she'd helped Tucker frame Billy, but Phyllis had claimed she'd had nothing to do with that. Kyle asked why Jack didn't just destroy the device. Jack claimed they could use it to their advantage.

Tucker walked into the Athletic Club. When he joined Audra at her table, she asked what was wrong. Tucker said Phyllis was a double agent for Jack, but he couldn't figure out if Phyllis was onto anything yet. Tucker couldn't see Jack teaming up with Phyllis, since Jack didn't trust her. Audra said Jack and Phyllis' relationship had been very public, and they'd had a volatile history, which could blur the lines between allies and enemies. Audra claimed Phyllis was seeking forgiveness, and she was possibly working overtime to get it.

Tucker told Audra that Jack knew Phyllis had helped him break into the Jabot account, and he couldn't figure out why Jack would give Phyllis the benefit of the doubt. Tucker asked if Audra had achieved her goal with Kyle. Audra admitted it had been easy and that Kyle was after Billy's job. Tucker said he wasn't surprised. Audra realized Tucker wanted Billy out of Jabot, and Kyle was the way to do it.

Victor tells Nikki he intentionally called Adam ''Nicholas''

Victor tells Nikki he intentionally called Adam ''Nicholas''

Thursday, October 12, 2023

by Nel

At Newman Enterprises, Nikki introduced Claire to Victor. Victor welcomed her. Claire said she was lucky to be given the opportunity to work at Newman.

In Sally's suite, Nick stared out the window while Sally prattled on about her business venture and said it was time to bring in some clients. Sally realized Nick wasn't paying attention. Nick apologized. He admitted he'd been thinking about her kiss with Adam. Sally commented that since she'd told Nick about the kiss, Nick hadn't been the same.

Nick told Sally he'd tried to forget it because Sally had said that she and Adam were just friends, even if Adam didn't believe that, but Nick said he believed Sally. Nick reminded Sally that she'd admitted her feelings had been all over the place. He also reminded Sally that she'd gone from "I'm not ready to be in love" to "I'm falling in love with you" in no time flat. Sally asked him not to question that she wanted to be with him, as she wouldn't lie about how she felt. Nick claimed the timing wasn't a coincidence. Sally said being open about her feelings had been what was important.

Sally admitted her emotions had been a little tangled because Adam had gotten to her. Nick said that was exactly what Adam had wanted. Sally said she didn't care about Adam's reasons because she cared about her and Nick.

Sally told Nick she was in control of her emotions most of the time, but she said Nick knew that Adam was relentless and that he knew which buttons to push. Nick agreed. He said because Adam could push any of those buttons, he wondered if there was any part of Sally that wasn't still in love with Adam. Sally denied she still loved Adam because Adam was in the past. Sally said she wanted to talk about their future, their relationship, and the company Nick was helping her build. She said his belief in her meant everything.

Sally told Nick she and Adam were friends. She admitted that they'd gone through a horrible ordeal together and that she felt affection for him, but only as a friend. Nick claimed losing Ava had bonded her and Adam. Sally admitted it had, but Nick should understand that because he'd gone through that pain himself. She said sharing that with one person didn't discount how one felt about another, and she wouldn't lie about falling in love with Nick.

Nick asked if it was possible that Sally just thought she was in love with him or that she wished she was because she knew it was safe. Sally said that wasn't fair because her feelings for Nick were very real, and she resented Nick dismissing them. Nick denied he was trying to dismiss them, but he didn't want Sally to feel she was trapped. Nick said if she was confused, he understood, or if she needed time, she should take it. Nick hated that Adam was manipulating them, and it proved that Adam talking about wanting to be a better person was clearly affecting Sally. Sally stated it seemed Nick was the one it affected, because it hadn't affected her in any way that mattered.

Nick told Sally he didn't want to go through that again. Nick said he couldn't be in a relationship where both sides weren't totally committed. Nick said he was all in. Sally claimed she was, too, but Nick claimed every instinct told him she wasn't. Nick admitted he'd been fighting the feeling that Adam was the one Sally really wanted. He said there was a pull between Sally and Adam that was always present.

Nick told Sally things had been great between them until Sally had lost Ava. Nick said he had been fighting to save his daughter's life and hadn't been able to be there for Sally when she'd needed him most, but Adam had been. Nick commented that once Sally had finished blaming Adam for Ava, it was like they had been two broken pieces that had been glued back together, and nothing was going to tear them apart, not even Nick's love for her. Sally said she chose Nick. Nick asked for how long and wondered if she was delaying the inevitable.

Sally said she was saying the words, but Nick wasn't hearing her because he was only listening to the version he'd made up. Nick said the kiss had tapped into some emotional truth for Sally, but she claimed he was wrong. He said he wasn't wrong, but Sally refused to see it. He said that until she did, he couldn't be with her. Nick left Sally in tears.

Sally sat alone crying. She recalled Nick telling her he wasn't wrong, that she just refused to see it, and that until she did, he couldn't be with her. Sally called Nick.

When Adam arrived at Society, he told Nate he had dropped Nate's shirts off at the cleaners, picked up Nate's suit at Fenmore's, and prepared the presentation binders for the team meeting later. He added that he would have the research Nate wanted on Nate's desk by the end of the day.

Nate said he was impressed with Adam's accomplishments. Victoria found Adam's accomplishments a little suspicious, a clear sign Adam was up to something. Adam claimed that if he slacked off, Victoria saw him as an ingrate who thought the work was beneath him, but if he worked hard, he was plotting. Victoria agreed.

Adam asked Victoria what he had to do to convince her that his reformation was real. Nate stated that he and Victoria were giving Adam the benefit of the doubt. Adam said he hoped that was true, but a little faith and trust would make things a lot easier for him. Victoria asked why it should be easier. Adam claimed everyone would benefit if it worked out. After Adam left, Victoria asked if Nate was falling for Adam's con.

Nate told Victoria that tolerating Adam wasn't the same as trusting him. He admitted he was as skeptical about Adam's turnaround as Victoria was. Victoria noted that Nate had been praising Adam. Nate said provoking Adam wouldn't help them, and they needed to sit back and wait for Adam to make a move that benefitted Adam and damaged the company. He said they had to lull Adam into a false sense of security.

Nate told Victoria that Adam wouldn't be able to refrain from showing his hand. Victor would then see Adam's B.S. about humbling himself and starting over. Victoria said she couldn't start complimenting Adam because he would see right through that. Nate confirmed that they were on the same page about building Adam's confidence, and they would knock him down when he showed his hand. Nate said they had to make Adam believe they bought his act and make him believe that truly thought he was cool with being the world's best assistant.

Victoria told Nate that being nice to Adam didn't address the bigger issue -- Victor. Nate said he thought she'd accepted the changes at Newman. She said she would go along with Victor "for now" because it was the only feasible choice, but they needed to keep an eye on Adam and wait for him to screw up. She said she it had been difficult to hear Victor say he would whip them all into shape. She understood that would apply for Adam and maybe even Nick, but she'd been leading that company really well, so for Victor to include her in his clean-up plan was insulting.

Annoyed, Victoria asked if Nate could agree with her on anything. She asked if everything she did was wrong. She said they'd agreed on a strategy, to sit back and see how things unfolded with Victor at the helm and to watch Adam very closely. Victoria claimed that wasn't working for her because she couldn't sit by and do nothing.

Victoria told Nate the situation had made her feel more isolated than she already was. She said she'd had an entire company, but Victor had screwed her out of the CEO chair, Nick refused to return to Newman to support her, and Adam was worming his way back into people's lives, which she didn't believe was genuine. She accused Nate of thinking her action was inappropriate, and she said she felt no one was on her side. Nate reminded her that he supported her completely.

Nate told Victoria they needed keep the peace with Victor because it was the best way of moving forward. He said he didn't want Victor hurting her any more or Adam undermining everything she'd done in the company. Nate assured Victoria he was there for her and would be whatever she needed him to be. He said a difference of opinion didn't make it less true. Nate said he had to return to the office for a conference call. Victoria said she would stay.

After Nate left, Victoria recalled a conversation she'd had with Nikki days earlier. Victoria told Nikki that Victor had set up Sharon, Nick, and Adam with their own business, but then he'd changed the rules before they'd had a chance to get it off the ground. Victor had let Adam's blackmail go unpunished then later fired Adam, and he'd gone ahead with the merger plan that he'd told Adam had been a no-go a week earlier. She said he'd offered Sally a great job at Newman Enterprises, but he'd ripped the rug out from under her.

Nikki told Victoria it was Victor's company, and he could do whatever he wanted. Victoria agreed, but she claimed there was no sound business sense in the changes he'd made. She said it was like Victor was flexing his corporate muscles just to show that he could.

In the same memory, Victoria recalled a conversation with Nick. Victoria told Nick that Victor's behavior wasn't normal because he was usually strong and decisive, not constantly changing his mind, and Nick had agreed. She said she was sure Adam was partly to blame, but there was more to it. Nick asked if she was really concerned about Victor's decision making or if it was an excuse to get her job back. Victoria asked if Nick had forgotten about Victor's past medical issues. She said it was about Victor's mind.

Nick told Victoria that Victor would see her concerns as sour grapes and as her trying to get her job back. Nick said Victor would be furious if she ever suggested that he wasn't capable of running the company he'd built. Nick told Victoria to let Nikki deal with it and accept she wasn't in the top spot. Nick told her to keep the father-daughter peace if she hoped to get her job back.

In real time, Victoria got up to leave when Nick arrived. She asked if Nick had spent any time with Victor. He admitted he hadn't. Victoria said she'd hoped he would notice that Victor was off his game. Nick claimed she was imagining things. He said Victor had returned to Newman, and he'd taken Victoria's job. Victoria said Nick was wrong, and she felt like she was isolated in an office full of people.

Victoria told Nick that Nate had agreed with Nick that she shouldn't be concerned about Victor. Victoria said Nikki was at Newman Media, and she missed working with Nikki. She said one brother had left her in the lurch, and the other brother was just... she had no words. Victoria said Nick was right that she was hurt, but she wasn't imagining Victor wasn't the leader he had been. Victoria begged Nick to return to Newman.

Victoria told Nick she needed him because she didn't trust Adam, and she really was scared for Victor. She asked Nick to return. Nick said she could always count on him, but it would have to be outside Newman Tower. Victoria asked Nick to spend time with Victor to see what she'd been taking about, because she was genuinely worried about Victor. Nick agreed to do what he could. Victoria left.

Nick was at the bar and having a drink when Sally called. He ignored the call.

At Newman Media, Claire told Nikki they'd discussed Victor in business school. She said she'd written a paper about Victor, and she'd actually shaken his hand. Audra entered and informed Nikki the podcast network they wanted to acquire was holding out for an outrageous figure.

Nikki asked what Claire's instincts were on the situation. Claire suggested they give them a way out, let the fee stand, but recoup it in some other aspect of the deal, something worthwhile. She said that way, Nikki would be happy, and the podcast network would feel like they'd won. Nikki was very impressed. Audra said it was a great approach, but she wasn't sure what they had that Newman Media would want for the price they were asking. Nikki suggested they could tie it to the advertising platform for a bigger percentage to Newman Media. Audra stated that would work. Audra caustically thanked Claire for her insight. Audra left. Outside the door Audra was fuming.

In the office, Nikki told Claire that she was tough but fair, and Claire would always know what Nikki wanted. Nikki said sometimes things got intense, and she might bark orders but not to take that personally. Claire stated she didn't take criticism personally because most things weren't personal. She said they were more about what the other person was going through than something one had done.

Claire told Nikki she'd grown up in a very strict home with her great aunt, who'd taught her to follow the rules, do what she was told, and behave appropriately. Nikki asked if Claire had any siblings. Claire shook her head no. Nikki asked if Claire had anyone aside from her great aunt. Claire sat silent. Nikki apologized. She sensed that Claire preferred not to talk about the past. Claire stated she'd rather focus on the future.

Audra returned and told Nikki the tactic had worked, and their negotiation with the broadcast network was moving forward. Nikki complimented Audra and Claire, but Claire said Audra had made it work. Nikki said she had a meeting to get to, and she left.

Claire said she hoped Audra didn't think Claire had crossed the line. Audra said they were all a team, and a good idea could come from anywhere. Audra told Claire to keep up the good work, and it would be an exciting time for everyone.

After Claire left, Audra did a search on Claire Grace.

Adam walked into Victor's office, and Victor asked if Adam was comfortable in his new job. Adam replied "Not by a long shot," since he wasn't used to being someone's assistant. Adam said Victor had given him the bottom of the ladder because he'd asked for it, so he was working hard, trying to anticipate Nate's every move. Victor admitted he didn't think Adam would pull it off. Adam said there was still time for him to fail and start lashing out again.

Victor said he hoped Adam wouldn't indulge in his slash and burn habits again. Victor said he would be disappointed if he'd wasted his time. Nate arrived and said he wanted Adam to sit in on a conference call. Victor told "Nicholas" to do a good job. Adam asked if that had been meant as a joke. Victor asked what Adam was talking about. Victor bade Adam and Nate a good day.

Outside Victor's office, Adam commented that that had been weird. Nate asked if that had ever happened before. Adam said Victor had never called him anything but Adam, my boy, or son, never Nicholas. Nate claimed Victor had been distracted and had gotten things mixed up, but Adam stated that Victor had been mixed up. Nate claimed it had been a slip of the tongue. Nikki arrived and asked what had been a slip of the tongue. Adam said Victor had confused him with Nick.

Nikki walked into Victor's office, and she said Adam had said Victor had called him by the wrong name. Victor admitted he'd called Adam "Nicholas," and he admitted it had been intentional. Nikki asked why he would do that.

Victor claims that someone is trying to stab him in the back

Victor claims that someone is trying to stab him in the back

Friday, October 13, 2023

by Nel

At Crimson Lights, Chloe asked why Sally looked like she'd just lost her best friend. Sally replied that she'd lost her best friend, but she wasn't sure which one. Sally confessed that Adam had kissed her. She explained that she and Adam had had dinner and drinks together, and when Adam had walked her to her door, he'd kissed her. She claimed she hadn't been able to think straight since. Sally said she'd felt guilty, and she'd told Nick. Sally said Nick hadn't taken the news well, and things had fallen apart.

Sally told Chloe it had taken a long time for her to admit to Nick that she was in love with him, but he'd had a hard time believing it. Chloe told Sally to stop being so hard on herself. She said Nick loved Sally, and she was sure he would come around. Sally wasn't so sure. Chloe asked why.

Sally told Chloe that Nick believed she had unresolved feelings for Adam. She said Nick wanted to end their relationship until she figured things out. She said Nick didn't trust her, and she didn't know if she could trust herself. Chloe told Sally to go to Nick and convince him she was sincere. Sally asked what would happen if she couldn't love Nick the way he needed her to.

Chloe reminded Sally that Sally had admitted to Chloe that Sally loved Nick, and Adam was in her rear-view mirror. She said Sally had to prove that to Nick. Chloe told Sally to listen to her heart because it would tell her that Nick loved her, and Adam was her past.

At the bar in Society, Adam told Nick he was worried about Victor because Victor had called him "Nicholas" at the office. Adam said when he'd asked Victor about it, Victor had had no idea that he'd said it. Nick claimed he didn't see the severity. Adam stated that Victor had thought Adam was Nick, and Adam believed Victor might be in trouble mentally.

Adam said he'd thought Nick would want to hear about that. Angry, Nick told Adam he didn't want to hear another word from Adam about anything. He said Adam had managed to screw up every aspect of Nick's life, and Nick was done. Nick told Adam to stay away from him. Adam claimed that was high vitriol, even for Nick. Adam said it was obvious he'd done something wrong, but Nick wouldn't tell him what he'd done. Nick told Adam to shut up and to stay clear of him because he wanted nothing to do with Adam. Nick left, and so did Adam.

In the Newman office, Nikki asked Victor why he had intentionally called Adam by Nicholas' name. Victor claimed it had been a joke because his kids thought they could outmaneuver him. He said Victoria acted as if nothing had happened, but Victor knew she was seething that he'd stepped back in. He asked Nikki what she thought Victoria would do with all her anger.

Victor told Nikki that Adam had walked around smiling after he'd picked up Nate's dry cleaning. Victor said he didn't know who he could trust. He said he had two children, Adam and Victoria, who obviously couldn't stand each other. He said he'd stepped back into the company he owned, and that had pissed everyone off. He said Nick didn't "give a damn" about any of it, and Nate was in the middle of it. Victor said he felt he could trust Nate because Nate was loyal. Nikki said she wasn't sure if it was a good idea to trust Nate.

Nikki told Victor that if Nate could stab his own family in the back, she had no idea what would make Victor think Nate wouldn't do it to him. Victor said he knew one of them would try to defame him from the inside. Nikki claimed Victor sounded a little paranoid, but Victor claimed he had reasons for what he said. Nikki suggested that Victor fire Nate and Adam, then Nick might change his mind and return to the company. Nikki asked if she was on Victor's watch list, as well.

Victor told Nikki she was his lover and confidante, and he trusted her implicitly. Nikki noted that he didn't trust Victoria. She acknowledged that Victor had always been able to detect someone's motives, but she believed this time, he was off the mark. Victor said his mind had always told him to watch his back, and it had been right for all those years.

Nikki asked why Victor didn't fire Adam and Nate if he believed one of them would betray him. Victor assured Nikki that he would watch all of them very carefully. Nikki asked if that also included Victoria. He said he hoped that Victoria wouldn't be the one to plunge the knife into his back. Nikki asked what would happen when Victoria realized Victor didn't trust her. He said Victoria would understand, but Nikki disagreed. She said Victoria would be "mad as hell."

Nikki said she didn't understand what was happening to Victor. Victor said he believed someone wanted to stab him in the back, and he trusted his suspicions, since they had always been justified. He said Victoria, Nate, and Adam were all interested in taking over the Newman empire, but as long as he was alive, no one would take over. Nikki said she hated when Victor shut her out. Victor asked Nikki to be patient, and he would eventually tell her everything.

In the park, Nick had just sat on a bench when Adam approached him. Angry, Nick asked what Adam was doing. Adam said Nick couldn't throw a grenade like that and just walk off. Adam asked if it was about him kissing Sally. Adam said he'd admitted it had been wrong and impulsive. Nick berated Adam claiming it had been impulsive because Adam couldn't control himself, and everyone was just collateral damage. Nick said he had no idea what Sally had seen in Adam.

Nick turned to go, but Adam grabbed Nick's arm. Nick growled for Adam to take his hands off Nick. Adam said he wasn't trying to start anything, he was just... but Nick interrupted and asked if Adam was just being impulsive. Adam said it wouldn't happen again, and he would keep his distance. Nick spat that Adam was a disgrace to the Newman family, and he left. Adam turned, and he saw Victoria. Victoria commented that Adam and Nick going at each other was a familiar sight. Victoria said it appeared Nick wasn't buying the new Adam thing any more than she was. Adam replied that his fight with Nick was over a personal issue.

Victoria apologized to Adam for jumping to conclusions, something she did whenever Adam was around. She said she'd told Victor she would give Adam a chance, hence the apology. She said Nate had convinced her to consider Adam's accomplishments before she wrote Adam off. Adam acknowledged that had been difficult for Victoria, considering how she felt about him.

Adam asked if Victoria had noticed that Victor might have some memory issues. He said Victor had called him "Nicholas," then he'd gotten pissed off when Adam had pointed it out. Adam said he thought Victor had done it intentionally, but then he'd realized Victor hadn't known he'd done that. Victoria said maybe Victor had made a mistake, and he'd felt embarrassed. Adam asked when Victor had ever been embarrassed. He said Victor owned every thought and move he made. Victoria said Adam wasn't wrong. Adam left.

At the Athletic Club, Nick recalled a moment with Sally. Nick told Sally that every time they were together, he wanted to spend more time with her. Sally asked what exactly they were, just friends, or if it was going somewhere. Nick said he sure hoped so, and he kissed Sally.

In another memory, Sally told Nick that Adam had asked to walk her to her suite after dinner, and she'd agreed. She admitted Adam had kissed her, but he'd instantly regretted it and apologized. Nick claimed Adam had taken advantage of Nick being out of town. He said Adam would try to seduce Sally, get her to dump Nick, and get her to get back with Adam. Sally said that wasn't how it had happened, but Nick claimed it was exactly what had happened because that was the way Adam operated and who he was.

In yet another memory, Nick told Adam to leave Sally alone for Sally's benefit, Nick's, and definitely Adam's. Nick said his patience had a limit. Adam sincerely apologized, and he admitted he'd crossed the line.

In another recollection, Nick said Victor didn't know who Sally was because he'd never spent any time with her, nor did he know she was capable and smart or what a creative and hard-working woman Sally actually was. Victor replied that he knew that Nick and Adam were involved in a triangular relationship with that woman. Victor claimed Sally was nothing but a symptom of the rivalry between Nick and Adam, and when she was gone, a poisonous relationship between Nick and Adam would remain. Victor warned Nick that if he chose Sally over family, he would live to regret it.

Nick received a call from Victoria, who asked if they could meet. Nick said he was tired of everyone trying to convince him to return to Newman. She said it wasn't about that.

A short time later, Victoria arrived at the Athletic Club. Victoria told Nick she had confirmation that something was off with Victor. She said "Dad" had called Adam by Nick's name, claimed he hadn't, then become angry at Adam for pointing it out. Nick said Adam had told him about that. Nick said he didn't think it was a reason for Victor to start therapy.

Nick asked why Victoria couldn't let it go. He said their father had demoted her and taken her place. He said that wasn't a sign of diminished capacity. Victoria claimed it was more than that. Nick said Victor had been demoting and firing all his life, and he was doing it again. Nick said that Victoria could either step up and deal with it, or she could walk away. Victoria claimed she was sick of the accusations about her demotion. She stated maybe their dad wasn't up to the challenge he'd taken on, and perhaps he'd stepped back earlier because he'd sensed he was slowing down.

Victoria told Nick there hadn't been any justification for their dad's return. Nick said she knew exactly why Victor had returned; he was watching his company fracture, and he wouldn't sit back and say good luck with that. Victoria claimed the company wasn't fractured but stronger than it had ever been, and for Victor to think that was a sign he wasn't thinking clearly. Nick said Victor taking control of his own company wasn't a symptom of him losing his mind.

Victoria told Nick that Victor wasn't infallible. She said he was aging, and he'd had multiple medical issues in the past. She claimed Victor was in a crisis, even if Nick refused to see it. Nick claimed there was nothing to see. Victoria asked what would happen if Nick was wrong and their dad got worse. She asked if Nick could live with that.

At the coffeehouse, Sally told Chloe she was sick of pretending she didn't have feelings for Adam, and Nick and Adam were forcing her to face the truth. Chloe said it was all about Adam getting what he wanted, no matter who he had to manipulate or hurt in the process. Chloe said Sally knew what to think, but she didn't want to think it.

Chloe told Sally she'd been married to Billy Abbott, so she knew how difficult it was to get a bad boy out of her system, even after he'd put her through so much pain and trouble, like Adam had done to Sally. She said Sally might still have feelings for Adam, but she didn't have to act on them. Chloe told Sally to do everything possible to fumigate Adam from her system. Sally claimed she'd tried that. Chloe said she refused to believe that Sally and Nick couldn't figure things out, because there were far too many reasons the relationship needed to be fixed.

Chloe said Sally and Nick had just launched a business together, and she asked what Sally was going to do with that. Sally didn't know. Chloe said Sally had ended her relationship with Adam because he'd brought her nothing but pain, but Nick was the way to happiness. She said Sally needed to go to Nick and tell him she was ready to let go of the past. Adam walked in.

Adam told Sally that Nick was really riled up, and Nick had almost punched him earlier. Chloe asked Adam for a few minutes with Sally so they could wrap up their conversation. Adam walked away. Chloe pointed out that Nick was obviously angry because he cared, but Sally claimed Nick was angry at her. Chloe told Sally to go and do what she needed to, but Sally said she wasn't ready to do that yet. Sally said she needed to focus on her company -- if she still had one.

Sally got up to leave, but Adam asked if they could go somewhere and talk. Sally told Adam those days were over. Sally left.

Chloe asked Adam why he always had to ruin everything. She said she was sick of watching him destroy people's lives. Adam suggested she should try shooting him again -- with better aim this time. Chloe said she was too busy, and she left.

Behind the counter, Sharon asked what Adam had done "now." She said she hoped it wasn't about Sally. Adam asked why it was so insane that he wanted a future with Sally. Sharon replied that Sally was with Nick and loved Nick. She said Adam had to let it go. Adam claimed something had broken down between Nick and Sally.

Adam told Sharon that Nick had almost decked him earlier because Nick was mad at him. Adam guessed it had something to do with Sally. Sharon said if that was the case, it wasn't an opening for Adam to push himself between them. She told Adam it was time to walk away. Adam claimed that Nick and Sally's relationship was over and that he and Sally belonged together; it was inevitable. Sharon stated that Adam really didn't care who he hurt.

At Newman Media, Nikki was deep in thought when Claire startled her. Nikki saw the tea on her desk, and she thanked Claire. Claire asked if everything was okay. Nikki said she was dealing with some family issues. Nikki said that companies as large as Newman Enterprises came with inherent difficulties, even if it was family owned. She said there were bound to be disagreements from time to time. Claire said there had to be conflicts, especially with the various dynamic personalities Nikki's children had been blessed with.

Claire told Nikki she was impressed by all of Victoria's accomplishments. Nikki called Victoria an amazing woman and said she and Victor were very proud of Victoria. Nikki claimed everything would work out -- it always did.

In the park, Sally left Nick a voicemail asking him to call her back and give her a chance to talk to him, but it wasn't what he thought. She cried that it couldn't be the end of them.

In the gym at the ranch, Nick was pounding on the punching bag when Victor entered, and he asked Nick to talk to him.

Victoria entered Victor's empty office. She sat behind the desk and looked at all the photos, especially the one of her and Victor. She walked to the photo, picked it up, smashed it on the floor, and left.

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