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Victor's children became increasingly concerned about his apparent memory lapses and erratic behavior. Sally admitted that she couldn't let go of Adam. Kyle considered Audra's proposition that he help her and Tucker take over Jabot. Phyllis revealed that she knew Tucker and Mamie were silent partners.
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Victor's children became increasingly concerned about his erratic behavior. Sally admitted that she couldn't let go of Adam. Phyllis revealed that she knew Tucker and Mamie were silent partners.
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Sally declares to Adam that she wants him, too

Sally declares to Adam that she wants him, too

Monday, October 16, 2023

At Society, Heather had a drink with Daniel and discussed her plans to relocate from Portugal to Genoa City. Daniel asked Heather what she planned to do with her home in Lisbon. Heather replied that her father would live there, though she was unsure about the status of Paul and Christine's relationship. Daniel told Heather he hoped to find a home to rent or buy in Genoa City, so Lucy could have a room of her own to house her books and stuffed animals. Heather suggested Daniel might also search for a place that might interest her as he sought his own new home.

Lily arrived and, having overheard the conversation, asked Heather if she was moving back to Genoa City. Heather told Lily that she was surprised Daniel had not told her. Daniel told Lily he felt it was not his place to say anything until Heather had made up her mind. Heather explained that Lucy hated to be far away from her dad, plus they both had missed Genoa City. Lily offered to look into a job for Heather in the legal department at Chancellor-Winters.

Before Heather left, Daniel reminded her to pick up the brownies Lucy had requested. Daniel assured Heather that he supported her decision to move because he enjoy having more time with his daughter. Heather added, "We can all be a family again." Lily studied Daniel's face as he replied, "We always will be." Heather noted that living together in the same town would be a bonus.

After Heather walked away, Lily asked, "So you're okay with this?" Daniel replied that he supported Heather and Lucy's decision to move back to Genoa City permanently. Lily appeared contemplative about the move and asked Daniel if Heather's decision was the reason he had seemed "off" earlier in the day. Daniel admitted he had not wanted to get his hopes up about Lucy moving back. Lily asked Daniel if he had thought she might have a problem accepting Heather's decision.

Daniel explained that he had not wanted to ruin a romantic evening by talking about his ex. Lily admitted she was concerned that co-parenting Lucy while living in the same town might rekindle old issues for Daniel and Heather. Daniel asked Lily to clarify. Lily suggested that Daniel might fall into old patterns and begin to feel guilt or regret. Daniel assured Lily that he would not spiral into depression again, though he appreciated that Lily had expressed her concerns.

Daniel credited Lily with helping him confront and resolve issues he had not dealt with on his own while living in Savannah. Daniel assured Lily he liked the path he was on and loved his new job, adding that his demons had been exorcised. Lily smiled and said, "Speaking of demons." Lily laughed and explained that she'd started to make a joke about Daniel's mom. Daniel replied, "Very funny."

Daniel said his mom did not report directly to him, though he counted not having heard anyone screaming as a good sign. Daniel invited Lily to join him, Summer, and Phyllis for dinner. Lily declined. Daniel noted that no matter how much Phyllis longed for him and Heather to reconcile, it would not happen. Daniel held Lily's hand and assured her that Heather was his past and that Lily was his future. Lily reminded Daniel that she was his past, too.

Later at the penthouse, Daniel and Lily discussed Mamie after discovering that she had sent an elaborate food basket. Lily noted that Mamie's behavior had been odd, comparing her methods to a cloak and dagger approach. Lily admitted she did not know Mamie well, though she recalled that her mother had adored Mamie. Lily added that Olivia and Nate also knew Mamie more than she did. Lily said she would let Jill deal with Mamie.

At Newman Media, Nikki introduced Claire Grace, her assistant, to Victoria. Claire rattled off Victoria's success stories, even mentioning the Newman heiress' brainchild, Brash and Sassy. Victoria winced when Claire said assuredly that Victor was no doubt proud of his daughter's accomplishments. After Claire stepped out, Victoria recalled having had a couple of rough conversations with Nick. Nikki asked Victoria if she had attempted to talk Nick into returning to Newman.

Victoria reported that Nick had turned her down, and she blamed Adam. Nikki added that Sally had something to do with Nick's decision, as well. Victoria admitted she was concerned about Victor and the stress of returning to the company. Victoria told her mom that Adam had mentioned Victor having called him "Nicholas" by mistake. Nikki insisted that Adam had told her about Victor in an attempt to unnerve her. Victoria observed that it was unlike Victor to call someone by the wrong name.

Claire bumped into Nate outside the elevator and dropped her tablet. Claire introduced herself to Nate, explaining that she worked for Nikki and had previously met him at the Abbott party. Nate nodded and repeated his name while extending his hand to shake Claire's. Nate asked Claire how she was settling in at Newman Media. Claire excitedly claimed she had landed her dream job. Nate said he was happy to hear that Claire was settling in. After Nate walked away, Claire paused and appeared to reflect on her encounter with Nate.

Nate entered Nikki's office while she and Victoria were discussing Victor. Victoria mentioned what Nate had witnessed when Victor had referred to Adam as Nicholas. Nate brushed it off and said Victor had been a little confused. Nikki claimed Adam had been grasping at straws for his own reasons, adding that none of them should overreact. Victoria replied that perhaps they were not reacting enough. Later, Victoria asked Nate privately if he thought she had overreacted about Victor's slip-up. Nate suggested they have dinner and put the issue aside for a while.

Nick observed his father, wearing boxing gloves, repeatedly land blows at a heavy punching bag. Victor then stabilized the bag from behind as Nick, angrily grimacing, took his turn, grunting as he forcefully lit into the bag. Victor exclaimed, "Are you pissed off with someone or what?" Nick claimed he was blowing off steam.

Nick said Adam had claimed that Victor had seemed confused, explaining that their father had referred to Adam as Nicholas. Victor calmly replied, "Nonsense." Victor brushed off the concerns and insisted that Adam had misheard. Nick did not press the issue and suggested that the mistake had likely been a slip-up. Victor was adamant that Adam had misheard, adding that he had no idea why his son had claimed such nonsense.

After showering and changing into business attire, Nick and Victor had drinks at the Athletic Club bar. Victor asked Nick if he remembered their first boxing lesson. Nick recalled that his father had stressed that fighting was not always the best way to solve a conflict, though Nick admitted he sometimes preferred fighting. Victor replied, "Like father, like son." Victor mentioned how much he loved being back in his office.

Nick asked Victor to promise he would not overdo. Victor said he regretted not having Nick working alongside him because it was best for the company. Nick replied that he was not certain it would be best for him. Victor said, "Well, but look at how happy your sister is at Newman Media." Nick hesitated before noting that his mom was one working at Newman Media. Victor, acting befuddled, mumbled, "Oh." Victor clarified that he knew which family member held which position at his company, noting that Victoria was his right hand while Nikki ran Newman Media.

Victor said Victoria seemed happy with her position, as did Adam with his job as Nate's assistant. Victor mentioned that Nick had pounded the heavy bag with ferocity, and he asked his son if he had envisioned someone's face appearing on the bag. Nick admitted he had made the difficult decision not to push Adam through a wall, so he had rewarded himself by punching the heavy bag. Victor asked Nick if he did not believe Adam's claims about having changed. Nick replied, "Not even a little bit."

Nick cried that Adam destroyed everything he touched, blaming his brother for the end of Nick's relationship with Sally. Victor told Nick he was too good for Sally. Nick disagreed and said the issue was about Adam, not Sally. Nick insisted that Adam did not deserve Sally after breaking her heart. Nick complained that Adam's method of operation was to insist that the women he loved were the only thing standing between him and his dark side.

Nick recalled that Adam had treated Sharon the same way. Nick added that Adam was focused on Sally and doing everything he could to pull her back in. Nick told his father he was in love with Sally, though Adam refused to respect their relationship. Victor replied, "But Adam and Sally are expecting a baby. How can you compete with that?"

Nick was taken aback and quietly recalled that Adam and Sally had lost their baby months before. Victor cut off the conversation and said he had to get to the office. Before he departed, Victor said Nick would be better off if he returned to Newman Enterprises. After Victor walked away, he paused and peered around the corner, observing Nick's stunned reaction. Later, Nick told Victoria in front of Nate that she might have been right about their dad.

At the Athletic Club, Adam stopped by Sally's suite. Sally initially asked Adam to go away, but Adam persisted. Adam, recalling that Sally had been upset at Crimson Lights, correctly guessed that the kiss they had shared was the reason Nick had struggled not to "deck [him] in the face." Adam asked Sally if she feared Nick might be angry enough to pull his funding for her business. Sally replied, "He could. Yeah." Adam recalled that he was the one who had kissed Sally. Sally cried that she was not looking for a hero and was done with people who believed they knew what was best for her.

Adam told Sally she was equal to his mother in bravery and independence. Sally accused Adam of mentioning his mother as a means to distract her, adding that Adam usually mentioned his struggles during childhood as a means to let himself off the hook. Adam reminded Sally that it was important to vent one's frustrations. Sally cried that her frustration, anger, and annoyance were bubbling just below the surface, adding that Adam was the reason she felt the way she did. Adam invited Sally to vent and not hold back.

Sally boldly affirmed that she did not need Adam's approval, his support, or his endless subtle and not-so-subtle declarations of love. Sally accused Adam of ruining her life every time she found happiness, which caused her to doubt her feelings. Sally cried that she was exhausted and did not want to deal with Adam any longer. Sally recalled how she and Adam, both bold and passionate, had bonded at first because they were outsiders and disrupters.

Sally, becoming highly emotional, recalled that Adam had put off her romantic advances, claiming that she was toxic and unfit to form a relationship with anyone. Sally chastised herself for not having heeded Adam's rebuff. Sally cried that after Adam had finally let her in, the relationship had been amazing, until it hadn't been, and he'd pushed her away again. Sally reminded Adam how he had then immediately attempted to reconcile because he could not stand the fact that she could survive without him.

Sally pressed her hands together as if in prayer and cried, "And God, thank God. Lucky me, I found Nick, who is a good man. He's a man who loves me. A man who stood by me when I was having another man's child, his brother's child. A man who talks about having his own children with me." Adam sighed and took a deep breath when Sally cried that she was sick of him getting in her head. Sally noted that Adam claimed he was her friend, though he worked hard to keep her off balance, even ripping away their future after promising her they could build a life together. Sally recalled that after managing to work through the grief of losing Ava, she had almost been happy again when Adam had kissed her.

Sally questioned Adam, asking him why he had said the things he had said and why he could not let her go. Adam claimed that his apology had been sincere. Adam asked Sally why the past still deeply resonated and why they could not get over it. Sally, sobbing, replied, "Because I can't let go of you, either."

Adam was taken aback and asked Sally if what she had said was true. Sally replied, "Yes, it's true, but it doesn't matter. I shouldn't have said anything. It is not good. It is not healthy. It is not logical. There is absolutely no way I would act on something so wrong."

Adam repeated Sally's words, but she shut him down and implored him to leave. Sally cried that Adam had gotten what he'd wanted when she had admitted she wanted him, adding that if he loved her and cared for her, he should leave her alone. After Adam walked out, Sally sobbed. Adam stood outside Sally's door, reeling after hearing her confess that she still wanted him.

Kyle bristles at Audra's risky proposition

Kyle bristles at Audra's risky proposition

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Kyle and Audra had sex in her hotel suite. Lounging in bed afterward, she asked why they'd ever stopped "doing this." He reminded her that she'd fired him, and she inquired whether he'd forgiven her yet. They kissed, and she announced that she had a proposition for him. Kyle amorously hoped it was as good as the last one, and Audra warned that her proposal would be risky. She expected that his first instinct would be to say no, but she urged him to hear her out.

Audra asked if Kyle had made any progress convincing Jack to dump Billy and put Kyle back in charge at Jabot. Kyle grumbled that it wasn't likely, since his dad had offered him another position, but Jack hadn't been able to pinpoint what it would be. Kyle added that it didn't matter because it was an absolute nonstarter. Audra noted that he sounded angry, and Kyle asserted that he deserved the second-in-command position. He couldn't imagine going back to Jabot otherwise, and he complained that it felt like his father thought he didn't have what it took.

Audra insisted that Jack was wrong, and she sympathized that it stung. Kyle questioned why they were talking about where things stood between him and his family, and she asked if he preferred that she not ask anything about his personal life. Kyle pressed to know more about the risky proposition she'd been heartlessly teasing him with. Audra replied that she'd been called many things in her life, but never a tease. She pulled him into another kiss.

After having sex with Kyle again, Audra proclaimed that there would be no more sneaking around or looking over her shoulder to see if Nikki approved. Kyle mused that it sounded really nice, and Audra asked if he was ready. He called her insatiable, but she clarified that she was talking about her proposition. Audra reminded Kyle that he'd promised he wouldn't say no right away, and she wondered what he would say if she told him she could offer him the job he wanted at Jabot.

Confused, Kyle pointed out that the last time he'd checked, his family still owned the company. "For now," Audra replied. He inquired whether she intended to make a move on Jabot. Audra vaguely stated that it wouldn't just be her, but she'd be part of it. Kyle declared that he'd had enough with the games, and he demanded to know what she was asking him to do. Audra invited him to form an alliance with her and Tucker.

Audra figured that Tucker would get his hands on Jabot one way or another, since it was what he did, and no one else in the world was better at it than him. Kyle testily asked if Audra had just been playing him. Audra reasoned that she hadn't needed to seduce Kyle into getting on board, since he either would or he wouldn't. Kyle muttered that he already knew the answer, but Audra protested that he'd promised that he'd think about it. She pleaded that he owed it to himself to hear her out.

Kyle asked what Tucker had offered Audra, and she responded that she'd have the top job and that Kyle would be running the company with her. Audra explained that Tucker preferred to stay on the sidelines and wouldn't be involved in the day-to-day, so she and Kyle could run Jabot the way it should be run. Kyle balked at betraying his parents, but Audra recalled that Jack had fired him, and Diane had allowed it to happen. Kyle asserted that his mother wanted him back at Jabot, but Audra envisioned Kyle being in a subservient position, reporting to Billy. Audra insisted that it was an opportunity for Kyle and for them, and she noted that he hadn't exactly said no.

Kyle crawled out of bed and started getting dressed. He asked what made her think he wouldn't go straight to Jack and warn him. Audra responded that it was no secret Tucker was going after the Abbotts, and she could take it if Kyle compromised her. Kyle refused to participate in the plan, but Audra wondered why he hadn't slid out the door the moment she'd mentioned the idea. She suspected that he knew it made sense, and all she was asking him to do was think about himself for a change instead of settling for the crumbs his family had thrown at him.

Audra scoffed at the idea that it would be the end of the world for Jack to step back and see his son take the reins. She added that it was how a family dynasty survived, but Kyle snapped that what she was proposing would blow up his family dynasty. Audra argued that it wouldn't if they took over Jabot and made it vital and exciting again. Kyle barked that she wasn't family. Audra retorted that Jack didn't want to give Kyle the chance, but she and Tucker could. She advised that it would be the mistake of a lifetime to turn it down.

Billy arrived at the Abbott mansion in response to a summons from Jack. Jack indicated that Diane and Traci were out, and he'd wanted to fill Billy in before the women got back. Jack revealed that Tucker's bonsai tree gift had included a listening device, so he'd moved it to the study with the door closed to prevent Tucker from hearing them. Jack growled that Tucker was still going after them, and all the mea culpas had added up to garbage.

Billy gave Tucker points for ingenuity for putting a plant in a plant. Jack noted that Tucker had taken a page out of Ashley's playbook, recalling that she'd once planted a bug in a truce gift when they'd been at war years earlier. Billy wondered who had tipped Jack off about Tucker's gift, and Jack shared that Phyllis had told him enough to put him on the right track. Billy recalled the many times Phyllis had burned them before, and he wondered what it would take for Jack to realize she couldn't be trusted. Jack argued that she'd given them usable information that had proven to be true.

Billy suspected that Phyllis was working both sides against the middle, and the highest bidder would always win. Jack mentioned that she hadn't asked for a dime. Jack explained that Phyllis really wanted to redeem herself and be respected. Billy recounted that Phyllis had helped Tucker frame Billy for embezzlement, and he contemplated whether Tucker was still holding something over her. Jack asked if Billy's theory was that Phyllis was still working for Tucker, and her gesture to help the Abbotts was just a redirection to regain their trust. Billy reasoned that it made as much sense as Phyllis developing a conscience.

Jack conceded that they couldn't completely trust Phyllis, but he thought they had to give her credit for telling them about the bug Tucker had planted. He added that he didn't care about her motivations as long as it benefited them, and he was grateful that she'd helped them. Billy wondered what hold Tucker had over Phyllis, and he imagined it was exhausting for her to always need to be on guard. Billy anticipated that the lies would eventually catch up with her because they always did.

Jack wanted to believe Phyllis wouldn't allow Tucker to force her to work against them, but Billy cautioned that he'd seen nothing to indicate that she'd changed her ways. Jack contended that Phyllis cared deeply about what her children thought, and she was trying to win them back. Jack knew Phyllis regretted that she'd played a large role in ruining Summer's marriage, and he doubted Phyllis would hurt her daughter by helping Tucker make a play for Jabot, since it might impact Summer's livelihood.

Billy thought the listening device was proof that Tucker wasn't backing down, even after they'd threatened to go public with the information about Tucker's involvement in the cover-up. Jack assumed that Tucker didn't know they were onto him, and he proposed that they use the bug to give Tucker bogus information. Billy predicted that Tucker would see through a phony story in a heartbeat.

Billy preferred to stop playing games because Tucker enjoyed them too much, and he didn't want to give Tucker the satisfaction. Billy proposed that they drop the hammer by releasing all the dirt they had on Tucker to the public to show that they weren't backing down. An agitated Kyle returned home, and Jack asked if everything was okay. Kyle unconvincingly replied that he was fine, but Jack pressed to find out what was wrong.

Phyllis met Daniel and Summer at Society, and she marveled that they were having dinner like a normal family. Daniel suggested they celebrate Phyllis' first day at her new job. She hoped he was paying, since she wasn't making the money she was accustomed to earning. Daniel reminded her that it was all about her getting clean, and Phyllis vowed not to let him down. Summer inquired about how her mother's day had gone, and Phyllis mentioned that she was in the IT department -- not running it.

Phyllis called her immediate supervisor a zygote, but Daniel pointed out that the employee had a master's degree in computer science. Phyllis stated that she had a lot to learn from the lovely young lady, and she swore that she was just having fun with Daniel. He mentioned that he'd heard she'd been on her best behavior, but he thought the trick would be to see if she could continue showing team spirit longer than a day. Phyllis promised she would, and Daniel insisted that both he and Summer were rooting for her.

Summer appreciated that Phyllis was willing to work her way back, and Summer recognized it wouldn't be easy. Phyllis repeated that she wouldn't let them down again, adding that she felt like she was on a roll after finding the money Stark had hidden, allowing her to pay back the insurance company. Phyllis continued that she was also working with her genius son, and it felt like all the bad karma was slipping away. She declared that it would be smooth sailing from then on. Tucker entered the restaurant and stared at them.

Tucker wished Phyllis and her children a good evening, and he observed that Phyllis looked particularly radiant. He commented that seeing her there amongst family warmed the heart, and he told them to enjoy their meal. Phyllis glowered as Tucker stepped to the bar, and Summer noticed that Tucker was glaring at Phyllis. Phyllis chalked it up to Tucker liking to make people uncomfortable, and she instructed her kids to ignore him. Daniel stood up to have a chat with Tucker. Over Phyllis' protests, Daniel joined Tucker at the bar, and Tucker offered to buy him a drink.

Daniel demanded to know why Tucker had been glaring at Phyllis from the moment he'd arrived. Tucker swore that he hadn't been glaring, but he'd been jealous to see Phyllis, Daniel, and Summer pulling together, since it had made him think about how his own situation wasn't even remotely like that. Daniel confirmed that his family had been working on things, and Tucker claimed that their progress had made him wonder if he should be more forgiving of Ashley. Daniel pointed out that Tucker could always jump on the next flight to Paris to give it a try.

Tucker insisted on picking up the family's dinner tab, noting that it was the least he could do after they'd given him such hope. Daniel agreed to think about it, and he headed back to his table. Daniel reported to Phyllis and Summer that Tucker wanted to pay their tab because he admired how they'd stuck together. Phyllis griped that Tucker was just playing mind games, but she was happy to let him pick up the tab. Phyllis added that it was the least Tucker could do. Summer suspiciously asked what her mother meant.

Summer demanded to know what Tucker owed Phyllis, who defended that not everything she did had something to do with collusion or conspiracy. Phyllis insisted that she was nothing like Tucker, even though he thought she was. Daniel reasoned that perhaps Tucker was just being generous by offering to buy them dinner. Phyllis summoned the waiter to request the check, grousing that Tucker's presence had clouded their nice gathering. The waiter indicated that Tucker had already taken care of it.

Phyllis insisted that they get out of there, but Summer lectured that it was only polite to thank Tucker. Phyllis succumbed to her children's prodding and reluctantly approached Tucker. "I would like to thank you for dinner," she said through a forced smile and gritted teeth, adding, "Bottom feeder." "Right back at you, my love," Tucker cooed, and he revealed that he knew she'd been feeding Jack information about him. Tucker wondered what Phyllis thought she had on him, and she bragged that she had plenty.

Tucker warned Phyllis against playing both sides. She confirmed that if she were to play sides, she wouldn't be on his, and she declared their business concluded. Tucker said he'd normally agree because she was more trouble than she was worth, but he was upset that she'd sold him out to the Abbotts. He expected her to make it up to him, and she hissed, "When hell freezes over." Phyllis stressed that she didn't owe him anything, and she thought he was being a little paranoid. He set his phone on the bar and played a recording of Jack saying Phyllis had something on Tucker.

Daniel pondered what could possibly be keeping Phyllis engaged in conversation with Tucker. He wondered about the connection between the two, and Summer suggested they find out what it was. Tucker ordered Phyllis to meet him in his hotel room in 15 minutes. Daniel and Summer approached the bar, and Tucker said it had been his pleasure to buy them dinner. Tucker claimed that they'd renewed his hope that he and Ashley could resolve their differences, and he left.

Daniel observed that it had taken Phyllis a long time to say "thank you." Phyllis claimed Tucker had gone on and on. Summer demanded that her mother stop with the lies and just tell the truth if she wanted them to believe her ever again, or both Summer and Daniel would walk out the door. Phyllis admitted that she'd agreed to help Jack find out information about Tucker. She revealed that she'd hacked into Tucker's computer and found out that he'd recently purchased listening devices and related software, and she'd told Jack that she suspected Tucker would use it against the Abbotts.

Daniel guessed that Tucker had found out. Phyllis shared that Tucker had wanted her to help him in turn, but she'd said no. She proclaimed that Tucker had met his match, and he knew it. Summer and Daniel exchanged a look of disapproval, but Phyllis insisted she'd done the right thing by helping the Abbotts defend themselves. Summer scolded that Phyllis had made herself a target of Tucker's again. Daniel pointed out that even though Phyllis had helped the Abbotts, she'd worked a scam to do it.

Phyllis swore she'd had no other options, but Daniel doubted that she'd considered anything else -- like doing nothing. Daniel advised Phyllis to focus on herself, her job, and her family instead of taking a shortcut to turn Jack's opinion around. Phyllis ranted that she couldn't have that conversation with them anymore, since she'd done the right thing, but it wasn't enough for them. Phyllis announced that she was over it. "I truly, truly give up," she declared, and she turned away.

Daniel apologized, and Summer recognized that Phyllis actually had been trying. Daniel acknowledged that it hadn't been fair to have the kneejerk reaction of questioning Phyllis' motives and methods. Summer accepted that Phyllis had been right to help Jack, but she hated that it had put Phyllis back on Tucker's radar. Phyllis conceded that she had a long way to go before they trusted her again, but she wanted them to give her the benefit of the doubt. Her phone chimed, and she claimed she had some unfinished work at the office. Phyllis suggested that they finish the celebration the following night, and she departed.

Summer wished she and Daniel could just have a normal night with their mom. Summer groaned that she kept wanting to believe Phyllis, but Phyllis kept pulling the rug out from under her again. Daniel realized Summer thought there was more to the story. Summer flatly stated that there was always more to the story with their mom -- and it usually didn't have a happy ending.

Phyllis dropped by Tucker's hotel room. Tucker was pleased that she was right on time, and he was happy she'd seen the wisdom of falling into line. She slyly asked if that was why he thought she was there, and she announced that she was once again holding the cards. Tucker confidently sat down, waiting to be amused. Phyllis informed him that while doing a deep dive into his spy purchases for Jack, she'd stumbled across an interesting connection -- to Mamie Johnson.

Tucker questioned whether that was supposed to mean something to him. Phyllis suspected it would mean something to Lily, Devon, and Jill that Tucker and Mamie were silent partners. Phyllis victoriously crowed that she was once again in the driver's seat, since she was sure it was a secret he didn't want to let out. "So, how should we proceed?" she asked.

Phyllis tells Tucker she knows he has partnered with Mamie

Phyllis tells Tucker she knows he has partnered with Mamie

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

by Nel

In the jazz lounge, Mamie asked Nate what was going on at Newman, as she'd heard there had been a shake-up. Nate said he hoped Mamie wasn't going to ask him to return to Chancellor-Winters, because Lily and Devon didn't want him near their company. He said he was very happy where he was.

Nate told Mamie he didn't want to be where he wasn't valued or where he would wait for a new accusation to be leveled against him. Nate asked why it was so important to Mamie that he work with Lily and Devon. Mamie replied that since she had a role to play in the company, she wanted to make sure she smoothed over any conflicts and brought the family together.

Nate reminded Mamie that she'd purchased a minor stake in the company, which didn't wield significant power. She told Nate not to second-guess what she could accomplish. Nate said things hadn't ended well for him at Chancellor-Winters, and he took full responsibility for his actions against Lily and Devon.

Mamie remarked that Nate had ended up at Newman Enterprises and in a relationship with Victoria. Nate claimed Victoria was one of the most impressive people he'd ever met -- insightful, quick, and always a step ahead. He said they shared a synchronicity that he'd never had at Chancellor-Winters, and he'd felt stifled trying to work with Lily and Devon. He said he'd had to make a move to achieve his true potential. Mamie asked if perhaps Nate had expected too much too soon.

Nate told Mamie he'd gone through a period of transition personally and professionally, and he felt he was finally where he belonged. He said he was valued and respected at Newman, and he was happy there. Mamie said he would always be an outsider there. Nate claimed Victor knew the value he brought to the company. Mamie said that if Nate married Victoria, he would never have true power. Nate asked if she was suggesting he would have power at Chancellor-Winters.

Nate said Mamie was talking like Jill wasn't part of the dynamic, but Jill was the dynamic. Mamie said that things changed. Nate admitted he'd had big ideas at Chancellor-Winters, and he'd wanted to take the company as far as possible, but it hadn't aligned with Devon's plans. He said Devon wanted to play it safe, the company also belonged to Jill, and Lily had been caught between them.

Mamie told Nate that Jill was the co-owner of an entity that was being run successfully by the Winters family. Nate said Lily and Devon worked closely with Jill, and Jill was very much the deciding vote. Mamie said if she could get Devon and Lily to bring Nate back into the fold, the three of them could be the new power generation. Mamie asked if Nate would be in if she succeeded.

Nate asked Mamie if she was going for a coup to get Jill out. He said the company was valuable to Jill, and she would fight to keep it. Mamie said she knew Jill better than anybody, and Jill enjoyed spending money and traveling. Nate said Jill had already been doing that and running the company successfully. Nate noted that Mamie wasn't talking hypotheticals, but rather, looking at options. He asked Mamie what she wasn't telling him. Mamie asked if Nate was accusing her of something. He admitted he was because something wasn't adding up.

Mamie asked if Nate would consider her offer. Nate said he was happy where he was, but he would think about it. He said he wasn't convinced Mamie could change Lily and Devon's minds because, while he'd made some progress with them, they'd gotten as close as they would ever be. Mamie said she would prove him wrong.

In Tucker's suite, Phyllis told Tucker she'd found his secret connection to Mamie. Tucker said it was nothing, but Phyllis countered that Jill, Lily, and Devon wouldn't think it was nothing, because they would question Tucker's connection to Mamie. Phyllis asked if he'd connected with Mamie to take over his son's company. Tucker asked why he would make a move against his son's company.

Phyllis told Tucker she'd done a deep dive into his recent online activities, and he'd transferred money into Mamie's company called LBB in Detroit, named after her sister, Lilly Belle Barber. Mamie had recently announced that she'd made a sizeable investment in Chancellor-Winters, and Tucker was the benefactor. She said Tucker was using Mamie to go after his son's company, and his money had gone through Mamie right into Chancellor-Winters.

Tucker told Phyllis that he'd always made investments into financial groups all over the world. Phyllis said she found Tucker's timing and the people involved interesting. She suggested she talk to Devon and see what he had to say. She was sure Devon would find it odd that Tucker would want to play an underhanded role in Devon's company. Tucker asked what Phyllis wanted.

Phyllis said she wanted Tucker to leave her alone. She said he'd harassed her in front of her children. Tucker said she should have expected that, since she was playing both sides between him and Jack. Phyllis said Tucker had pissed her off. There was a knock at the door. Phyllis opened the door to Audra. Phyllis asked what Audra was doing there. Audra responded, "Interrupting, obviously."

Phyllis asked what business Audra had with Tucker so late at night. Audra said it was none of Phyllis' business. Audra tried to enter, but Phyllis stopped her. Phyllis said she'd seen different versions of Audra come and go in Genoa City. She said Audra was a predator who used people, and it was no shock that she and Tucker were close. Audra entered and said she sensed some hostility. Phyllis stated that Audra had ruined Summer's marriage.

Audra told Phyllis that when Kyle had chased after her, he'd been done with Summer after she'd lied repeatedly to protect Phyllis. Tucker thanked Phyllis for stopping by, and he opened the door. Phyllis asked Tucker if they had an understanding. Tucker said for the time being. Phyllis left.

Audra told Tucker she wasn't thrilled that he had an ongoing connection with Phyllis. She said Phyllis loved to cause trouble, and if Phyllis did anything to Tucker, Phyllis also did it to Audra by association. She said Phyllis could be a threat to their future plans. Tucker asked if he and Audra were a team again. Audra said she was very interested in pursuing Jabot, and she wanted to help. She said there was no upside for her working at Newman Media, since she was no longer in charge.

Audra told Tucker that Nikki still didn't trust her, and Nikki had hired a new assistant, who was perfect, smart, charming, and confident and who appeared to know her place. Audra said Claire was a climber. Tucker remarked that so was Audra. Audra claimed she would rather be where she had control. Tucker asked if Audra had been able to extract any information from Kyle. Audra told Tucker she was very close to convincing Kyle to betray his family. She said she'd made Kyle an offer: the top spot at Jabot, working alongside her.

At the Abbotts', Kyle asked what Jack and Billy had been talking about. Jack replied they'd been discussing how to handle Tucker's latest stunt. Jack said Tucker had planted a listening device in his wedding gift to Jack and Diane. Jack said he'd considered using the bonsai tree as a tool against Tucker, but he and Billy had another tool they'd considered using.

Jack told Kyle that he and Billy had come across some information about Tucker's recent past that was damaging and career shattering. Jack said they'd tried to use it to get Tucker to back off, but Tucker's response had been to plant the listening device in his gift. Billy said if they exposed Tucker publicly, they took his power away. Kyle said they would also risk making Tucker more vengeful and possibly ignite a war.

Jack agreed with Kyle that it was a risk, but Billy reiterated that Tucker was ruthless, hurt, and angry, and he had time, money, and the inclination to cause damage to their family and their company. Billy said Tucker was a threat. Jack stated that Tucker thought if he kept them busy putting out fires, they wouldn't see what Tucker was really up to. Jack said if they stuck together as a family, they would get through it.

Kyle said he noticed that Tucker had brought Jack and Billy closer together, and they were working as a team. Billy admitted they'd found common ground, protecting the family and their family's legacy. Kyle said he was glad they'd worked things out. Jack declared that it was time for them to pull together as a family. Billy said they needed to move on Tucker immediately. Jack wanted to know they were prepared for the consequences. Jack suggested they discuss it in the morning. Billy agreed, and he left.

Jack asked if he could count on Kyle's support and discretion. Kyle claimed he would do whatever Jack needed. Jack said he hoped once they had the Tucker situation under control, he and Kyle could discuss Kyle's return to Jabot. Kyle stated there was only one spot that interested him, and it was very clear that wasn't an option. Jack wanted to find a solution, but Kyle adamantly stated it wouldn't happen. When Traci and Diane arrived, Kyle left. Diane asked what had happened.

Jack told Diane that Kyle believed that Jack was slighting Kyle. Diane left. Traci asked if Jack and Kyle had been arguing about something. Jack said Kyle was still upset with him for asking Kyle to step down at Marchetti. Traci said that had to have been hard for Kyle to hear. She was sure all Kyle wanted was Jack's support. Jack claimed Kyle had his support, but he felt Kyle had lost his footing and was making bad decisions.

At Crimson Lights, Kyle recalled the conversation he'd had with Audra earlier that day. Kyle asked Audra why he would ever consider joining forces with Tucker. Audra told him that one way or another, Tucker would get his hands on Jabot because that was what Tucker did. Kyle asked what Tucker had offered her. She replied that he'd offered her the top spot, with Kyle running it with her. She said Tucker wouldn't be involved in the day-to-day, and they could run Jabot the way it should be run. Kyle claimed all he had to do was betray his parents.

Kyle's thoughts were interrupted when Diane arrived and said Jack was worried about him. Kyle snarked that Jack would get over it. Diane acknowledged that Kyle was confused and frustrated about his place at Jabot. Kyle said he knew what he wanted, but he also knew Jack wouldn't replace Billy with him. He said he'd seen Jack and Billy earlier, and they were a team and on the same page. He said Jack and Billy needed that connection, and they weren't about to let it go.

Diane told Kyle that Jack loved him and valued Kyle's opinion. Kyle said he knew that, and he understood it was important for Jack to see Billy succeed. Kyle said Jack and Billy had had a rocky past, and Jack believed they could make things work and that it would be selfish of him to take that away from them. Diane asked what that meant for Kyle's future. Kyle said he'd recently received an interesting offer, but he wasn't sure if it was the right move to make. Diane asked if it would be better than an executive position at Jabot. Kyle said it would. Diane said she knew Kyle had to follow the path that was best for him, as long as that path didn't lead him back to Audra.

Kyle asked Diane to stop harping about his relationship with Audra. Diane claimed Audra wasn't a good influence on Kyle. Kyle said he was an adult, and Diane needed to find a way to trust him. Diane said she trusted him, but she didn't understand why he would associate himself with someone like Audra. Kyle said he enjoyed being with Audra. Diane claimed it was only because Audra had distracted him from the pain and anger he'd felt toward Summer. Kyle said maybe it was because Audra never told him how to feel. He said Audra was a highly successful woman who knew what she wanted and how to get it. Diane claimed that wasn't the whole story with Audra. He said he could learn a thing or two from Audra. Kyle walked away.

At the Abbotts', Traci told Jack that Kyle was lashing out. Jack said he wanted what was best for Kyle, but he couldn't give Kyle what he wanted, his old job as co-CEO at Jabot. Jack said he didn't want to undercut Billy when Billy was finally making strides at Jabot. Jack said it was difficult for Kyle to accept a lesser role in a family company when he'd been in a position of power. Traci said she didn't think it was so much the role for Kyle but more how he was viewed by his father, personally and professionally. She asked what Jack thought Kyle really deserved.

Jack told Traci that Kyle had shot to the top too quickly. He said Kyle hadn't spent the time climbing and building his business skills. He said he and Kyle had drifted apart a bit. Jack said he'd reflected on Kyle's past performance, and he'd seen an arrogance, a sense of entitlement, and a series of bad choices Kyle had made, like teaming up with Victor. Unbeknownst to Jack and Traci, Kyle had entered quietly, and he'd heard Traci ask Jack where Kyle's place was at Jabot, bearing all that in mind. Jack said it was time for Kyle to work his way up at Jabot and pay his dues. Kyle quietly walked outside, and he sent Audra a text message: "Let's talk."

In his suite, Tucker told Audra he thought she'd overplayed her hand with Kyle. He said it was one thing to reconnect with Kyle for information but another for him to betray his family. Audra said Kyle was upset because he felt Jack had pushed him aside. Tucker claimed a little angst wouldn't change Kyle. Audra claimed Kyle was very ambitious, and he was primed for a reset.

Audra showed Tucker the text message she'd received from Kyle. Tucker told her to proceed with caution because it felt like a trap. Audra claimed she was in total control. Tucker said it was a bad idea for her to fall for Kyle. Audra asked if they were talking about her and not Tucker's feelings for Ashley. She said Ashley could return at any time, throw a wrench into everything, and put Tucker off his game. He said that wouldn't happen.

At the entrance of the Athletic Club, Mamie thanked Nate for having a drink with her. Nate said she'd given him a lot to think about. Nate left. Tucker descended the stairs, and he asked how things were in Mamie's world. She said she couldn't complain.

Victor accuses Victoria of wanting to regain the CEO chair

Victor accuses Victoria of wanting to regain the CEO chair

Thursday, October 19, 2023

by Nel

Daniel arrived at Lily's and said he had something to show her. They left.

Daniel took Lily to an empty apartment on the floor below hers. He asked Lily what she thought because he was considering moving into it. Lily asked him to please take it. Daniel told her he'd already signed the paperwork the previous evening. Daniel said he would need a ton of help decorating, and he wanted the place to be cool and comfy. Lily remarked that Sally was launching her new design company, and Daniel could be one of her first clients. Daniel agreed.

After a tour of Daniel's new home, Lily told him they had to get to work. Daniel suggested they pick up where they'd left off later and have a little housewarming party and a picnic on the floor with Champagne and takeout. Lily eagerly agreed, but first they had to get going. Mischievously, Daniel suggested that maybe something unavoidable had come up, and they couldn't help being late for work. Lily smiled.

At the Athletic Club, Phyllis joined Danny at his table and told him she was in an extraordinary mood. She told Danny she'd shaken the last bit of nasty connection off her shoes. She said she finally felt optimistic about her future, and she hadn't felt that way in a very long time. Danny asked about the nasty connection Phyllis was so happy to be rid of. Phyllis said she was moving on, optimistic about her future, end of story.

Danny told Phyllis he was having a hard time buying it, but Phyllis said she was done with the past and the negativity. She asked Danny to tell her he was happy for her. Danny said he was, and her upbeat attitude was infectious. The waiter brought Danny's breakfast, but Phyllis ordered one for herself and asked the waiter to box both meals. Danny asked what she was up to.

At Newman Media, Nick met with Victoria and Nikki. He said he'd witnessed firsthand that Victor was fading, and it was happening faster than he'd imagined. Nick explained that he and Victor had been working out and reconnecting. He said Victor had mentioned that Victoria had taken over Newman Media. He said he'd tried to correct Victor, but Victor had tried to play it off as a slip of the tongue. Nick said he'd been ready to believe Victor, but he'd recalled Victoria saying that Victor had been behaving erratically. Nikki claimed everyone had moments like that.

Nick agreed but said Victor had then mentioned that Adam and Sally were expecting a baby. Nick said he'd explained as gently as he could that the baby had died. Nick said Victor had seemed confused, and he'd changed the subject. Nick said that as he'd been leaving, Victor had said he wanted Nick back at Newman where he belonged. Nick said he believed it had been a cry for help, and it had shaken him.

Nick told Victoria she'd been right, and he'd given a lot of thought to how to handle the situation. He said he wasn't going to leave Victoria and Nikki to face it alone, especially not knowing what they were dealing with. Nikki said it could very well be natural memory loss which wasn't unusual in a person Victor's age, but Victoria suggested it might be the beginning of something even worse. Nick stated they had to get Victor the help he needed. Victoria said they would get through it together. Nikki agreed.

At Society, Adam assured Victor he was working on Nate's emails and having breakfast. Victor told Adam to stop insulting his intelligence. Victor asked if Adam believed Victor didn't know what Adam was up to. Adam said he was trying to make amends and to prove himself to Victor. Adam said he was happily working his way up from the bottom. Adam asked if Victor had forgotten their discussion. Victor asked if Adam had forgotten about playing the victim and complaining that life had treated him unfairly. Victor shouted that it didn't give Adam the right to treat other people badly.

Adam told Victor he was trying to fix that. Victor asked how and wondered if it ws by betraying those who'd tried to help him. He asked if Adam was aware of how often Victor had stood by Adam to explain Adam's actions to Adam's siblings and to Nikki. Victor said no more -- he was done with it, and he fired Adam. Victor claimed Adam was out, and he would stay out. Victor said he didn't want anything more to do with Adam.

Adam asked if Nate had said something to Victor, but Victor shouted that Nate had nothing to do with it. Victor stated that he was Adam's boss. Victor walked away, sat down at another table, and slammed his hand on it in anger. Adam was stunned and confused.

Nate arrived. He greeted Victor and said he was meeting with Adam. He told Victor that Adam was doing a good job. Victor was delighted to hear that. When Nate joined Adam and noted Adam's expression, he asked if Adam had had a run-in with Victor. Adam said they would discuss it later.

Sometime later, as Nate and Adam were leaving, they stopped at Victor's table. Victor acknowledged them by name and in a pleasant manner. He hoped they'd had a productive meeting. Nate acknowledge they had. Victor said he would see both of them at the office. Adam stared at Victor for a moment then followed Nate out. Victor watched them leave and smiled.

Phyllis took Danny to the park. Phyllis admitted she'd recently been reckless, moody, and troubled. Danny claimed that was a very mild version of who she'd been. Phyllis claimed things had changed. She told Danny she was gainfully employed, and that was going really well. Danny asked if she was still concerned about being under Daniel's microscope. Phyllis said she wasn't because she'd earned Daniel's mistrust, but things were working out. She said she'd learned she couldn't change the past, the future hadn't happened, and she had to live in the present; that was what she was doing.

Danny told Phyllis he was confused by her new attitude. Phyllis said it was thanks to him and their recent conversation. She said Danny had taught her that one was how one felt, and if she felt great, she would be great.

Danny and Phyllis were chatting about Danny's tour, when Daniel approached Phyllis and teasingly asked if Phyllis had a job at Omega Sphere that she would hate to be late for. Phyllis promised she wouldn't be late. Danny pointed to Daniel and Lily and claimed they had taken the morning off. Daniel said they had a valid excuse. He said he'd been showing Lily around his new apartment, a floor below hers. Daniel said there was spare bedroom for whenever Danny stayed in town. Danny asked if that included extended stays. He said he was thinking about staying in Genoa City a little longer than he'd expected.

Danny asked how soon he could move into his son's apartment and out of the Athletic Club. Daniel said it shouldn't take long. Phyllis said she wanted to throw a housewarming party, but when Daniel hesitated, she suggested they meet for drinks instead. Everyone agreed.

At Newman, Nate told Adam that Victor had seemed in good spirits when Nate had arrived at Society. Adam said he'd noticed that, and he was even more worried because that had been a complete 180 from the rage Victor had been in earlier. Adam said Victor had been in a full-blown rampage, and the next minute, it had been like it had never happened. Adam also mentioned the memory lapses. He said Victor had forgotten how supportive he'd been about Adam turning his life around, and that Adam was working for Nate at Newman. Adam said Victor had fired him, but then Victor had said he would see them at the office.

Nate agreed with Adam that it didn't sound like Victor. Nate said Victoria had been concerned that the mental pressure of stepping back into running Newman again had caused Victor's erratic behavior. Adam wondered if it was more than that. Nate said he wasn't convinced it was as extreme as Adam and Victoria believed, but he thought they needed to keep an eye on Victor and shift into protective mode for the sake of Victor's health and well-being. Adam added that they would also need that protective mode for Newman Enterprises.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria told Nick she was glad she wasn't the only one who felt something needed to be done about Victor. Nick said he was on board about getting to the bottom of it, but he stipulated that he would not push Victor out of the company or help Victoria get the CEO job back. Victoria said that was the last thing on her mind. She said if Victor was in trouble, they couldn't sit back and let Nikki take care of Victor by herself. Nick said it was unimaginable to think about the invisible Victor Newman slipping away. He said it put things into perspective.

Victoria asked what else was going on with Nick. Nick said he and Sally were done, and he wasn't ready to talk about it. He said they needed to focus on Victor, and they had to have a serious talk with him. Nick said they needed to be up-front with Victor about their concerns, otherwise Victor would feel blindsided and would push back even harder than he usually did. Victoria wasn't sure how Victor would feel being confronted about it. Nick asked when it would be a good time to tell the great Victor Newman. since he was starting to lose it.

Nikki arrived at Society and joined Victor. Victor noted that she looked upset. Nikki said she'd had a meeting about him with their children earlier. She said Nick had been shaken up about the time he and Victor had spent together the previous day. She said there had been some confusion about Victoria taking over Newman Media instead of her and that Victor had completely forgotten that Sally and Adam had lost their baby. Victor asked "why the hell" Nick would say that. Nikki asked if Victor was saying that that hadn't happened. Victor said Nick was confused. Nikki stated that Nick and Victoria believed Victor was confused.

Victor assured her he wasn't confused, and he asked if Nick had said anything about returning to Newman. Nikki said Nick hadn't; however, Nick and Victoria were worried, and so was she. Victor assured her there was nothing to worry about. Nikki asked if his actions were part of the plan that he'd had in the works to find out who might betray him, because if it was, it was too cruel. Victor said he only wanted to find out who the traitor was amongst his children. Nikki claimed Adam was the traitor.

Victor told Nikki that either he would find out what he'd always thought about Adam or confirm that Adam was always out for himself and would say anything to get what he wanted. Nikki asked how he was going to do that. Victor told her to leave it up to him.

Adam was in the reception area at Newman when Nikki and Victor exited the elevator. Victor greeted Adam and walked into his office. Adam told Nikki he was concerned about Victor. He asked if Nikki had noticed if there was anything off about Victor. Nikki asked what made Adam think she would discuss Victor with him. Adam said because they both cared about Victor.

Nikki told Adam to stop because he didn't care about Victor. She said Adam only cared about what Victor could do for him. Nikki warned Adam that if he tried to undermine or hurt Victor in any way, she would destroy Adam. She claimed she knew that was exactly what Adam was trying to do. Adam said she was "so wrong," but Nikki told him to walk away before things turned really ugly.

Victor walked into his office, where Nick and Victoria had been waiting for him. Nick told Victor that Victoria had been concerned about him since his return to Newman, and Nick said he was as concerned as Victoria. Victor asked what Nick was talking about. He said that the previous day, they'd worked out together, and Nick hadn't been able to keep up with him. Victor claimed he was in perfect physical health.

Victoria told Victor that it wasn't his physical health they were worried about. Nick said the stress of working at Newman every day might be affecting Victor's mind, like forgetting things and becoming confused. Victoria said that if they were in a situation that Victor was concerned about, Victor would move heaven and earth to do something about it.

Victor pointed a finger at Victoria, and he claimed it was her doing. Victoria said she didn't know what he was talking about. Victor claimed Victoria had somehow convinced Nick that he was mentally unstable and that he couldn't run his own company anymore. He claimed it wasn't her concern for him because she only wanted to reclaim her CEO position. Nick and Victoria denied it. Victoria said if it came to a choice of protecting him or the company, she would choose him every time. Victor told them he would no longer tolerate the backstabbing. He said he was utterly disappointed in them for trying to stab him in the back.

In the reception area, Adam told Nikki that her hostility didn't concern him because his only concern was Victor. Nikki spat that Victor wasn't falling for Adam's latest ploy any more than she was. Adam asked what that meant. Nikki declared that she was watching Adam's every move, and she wouldn't let Adam break Victor's heart again. Nikki left.

Adam was about to enter Victor's office when he heard Victor yell, "Get the hell out of my office." Victoria and Nick brushed past Adam without a word.

Devon suspects a connection between Tucker and Mamie

Devon suspects a connection between Tucker and Mamie

Friday, October 20, 2023

by Nel

At Newman, Victor asked Nate for an update on Adam's performance. Nate admitted that Adam's work was exemplary. Nate noted that Victor looked disappointed. Nate asked if Victor thought Adam was falling in line a little too easily. Victor said that many times in the past, Adam had said he would turn over a new leaf, but he never had. He asked why "this time" would be any different. Nate said Adam had struggled with being Nate's assistant because he'd felt it was beneath him, but he'd thrown himself into his role completely. Victor wondered to what end.

Nate told Victor that Adam was only concerned about one thing: Victor's state of mind, as was Victoria. Victor asked if Nate was concerned. Nate said he knew Victor would seek medical help if he needed it. He said Adam had recently noticed Victor's odd behavior, forgetfulness, and sudden changes in temperament. He said Adam believed they all needed to keep their eye on Victor and the company. Victor thanked Nate, and Nate left.

In the reception area, Nikki noted Nate's expression, and she asked if everything was okay. Nate said Victor had just been clear-headed, lucid, and himself, with no hint of any of the odd behavior Victoria and Adam had alluded to. Nikki snapped that perhaps Victor's children were mistaken. Nikki entered Victor's office.

Nikki told Victor that Nate was suspicious that Victor was acting normally. Nikki said she realized Victor had done that on purpose, vacillating between lucidity and confusion. Angry, she called it some kind of plot Victor had concocted. She begged him to tell her the truth, because she needed reassurance that he wasn't losing his mind. Victor assured her he wasn't, but he'd discovered certain patterns in his children, and it was upsetting.

At the Chancellor estate, Devon and Lily were on a video chat with Jill. Jill said she had no news about LBB or why Mamie had invested in Chancellor-Winters. Lily suggested perhaps there was nothing to find, but Jill claimed they needed to be on alert. She asked Lily and Devon to keep her in the loop while she was at a meeting in São Paulo.

Devon asked Jill how big a threat Mamie could be to the company. Jill told them not to underestimate Mamie. Devon said he didn't understand why they should feel threatened by Mamie's small stake, as their company was doing better than ever. Devon said he didn't think Mamie wanted to undermine the company; she only wanted to support him and Lily.

Devon said since Jill hadn't found anything suspicious about Mamie or her company, perhaps Mamie was telling them the truth. Jill suggested that maybe Mamie was extremely good at covering her tracks. Devon said that Mamie wouldn't have any power at Chancellor-Winters. Jill claimed she would bet her life that she was Mamie's target. Lily asked why Mamie would come after Jill after so many decades. Jill said if she knew the answer to that, she would know exactly what they were dealing with.

After the video chat ended, Devon received a text message from Tucker inviting Devon to have lunch with him. Devon told Lily he didn't know what to believe about Tucker. Lily said that after Tucker had lost Ashley, he wouldn't want to lose his relationship with Devon, too. Devon said he'd questioned Tucker about his connection to Mamie, but Tucker had assured him there wasn't one. He said Tucker had also called a truce with the Abbotts, but he'd shown up at the reception, uninvited.

Devon told Lily he wasn't convinced there wasn't something going on between Tucker and Mamie. Lily asked why he hadn't said anything to Jill. Devon said he wanted to get more information before he caused Jill any more stress. Lily reminded him that recently, he'd wanted to distance himself from Tucker. Devon said he couldn't keep ignoring the warning signs, and Tucker might be messing with Abby's family and theirs. Devon sent Tucker a message declining lunch. Devon immediately received a call from Tucker.

Tucker said he understood Devon's reluctance, given the tension between them, but Tucker hoped his failed marriage wouldn't come between them. Tucker claimed it would mean a lot to him if Devon would meet him. Devon relented, and he said they needed to have a real conversation.

Back at Newman, Nikki told Victor it was cruel to let his children think he might be ill. Victor asked if it was any less cruel that one of his children might betray him. Nikki claimed Victoria would never betray him. Victor claimed Victoria might think she was doing it for his own good. He said it needed to play itself out. Nikki claimed she needed to think about everything. As Nikki walked out, Victor received a video call from Jill.

Victor told Jill he'd seen that Mamie had publicly announced her investment in Chancellor-Winters. Jill claimed she wanted to know who'd reached out to whom. She said she wanted to know every word Mamie had uttered during the process. Victor said he couldn't believe Jill felt threatened. Jill shouted that someone had infiltrated her company without her knowledge or permission, and Victor thought she shouldn't take it seriously.

Victor told Jill that Devon and Lily's relative wanted to invest in their company. Jill asked if Victor had forgotten her troubled history with Mamie. Victor said he thought it was charming that Mamie wanted to work with Devon and Lily. Victor assured Jill that Mamie hadn't indicated anything that hadn't been aboveboard. Jill asked if Victor would tell her if Mamie had.

Nikki returned a short time later, and she told Victor she couldn't condone what he was doing because it was a cruel deception. She said if Victoria, Nick, or Adam discovered it was all a ruse, all hell could break loose. Victor claimed the ends justified the means. He said once one of them betrayed him, the others would understand his motivation. Nikki asked what would happen if he couldn't keep up the charade long enough.

Nikki told Victor that Nate was already suspicious. She reminded Victor that Nate had helped him play dead, and he was well aware of what Victor was capable of. She said Nate could share his suspicions with Victoria. Victor said he'd factored that in, and very soon, one of his kids would make a move.

In Mamie's suite, Tucker told Mamie it was time for them to touch base. Tucker mentioned that he'd seen Mamie with Nate. Mamie reminded him that Nate was her great-nephew, and they'd been catching up. Tucker asked if it had anything to do with their arrangement, and Mamie asked why it mattered if it had. She said she'd been up-front with him that she wanted to bring her family together under one corporate roof.

Mamie said Tucker was Devon's father, and Mamie believed she and Tucker shared a similar goal. Tucker said he hadn't realized it included Nate. Tucker asked if Mamie was aware that Nate had betrayed Devon. Mamie said she'd understood that Devon and Nate had moved past that. Tucker said Nate had partnered with Victoria to buy the majority shares when Chancellor-Winters went public, essentially handing the company over to Newman Enterprises. Mamie said Nate regretted his actions, but Tucker claimed Nate regretted getting caught.

Tucker told Mamie that Nate was very ambitious and single-minded, only looked out for himself, and couldn't be trusted. He said Nate could destroy what they wanted to achieve. Tucker said he didn't want Mamie to forget that their target was Jill. He said Jill had no business running Chancellor Industries because that company had belonged to his mother, Katherine.

Mamie told Tucker that Jill had been Katherine's greatest rival, and she didn't think Katherine would approve of Jill running it. He reminded Mamie that their goal was for Devon and Lily to have complete autonomy of Chancellor-Winters, with Jill out of the way. He said he wanted to secure Devon's future. Mamie agreed that Lily and Devon were excelling, and they didn't need Jill. Tucker said Nate had never been part of the deal, and Mamie didn't need him.

Mamie told Tucker it was non-negotiable, and she would handle any issues between the cousins. She reminded Tucker that she had the stake in Chancellor-Winters, and no matter whose son Tucker was, she warned him not to cross her about Nate. Tucker said with Nate in the plan, it seemed they were buying trouble. Tucker claimed luring Nate away from Newman Enterprises was a long shot because Nate was in love with power, and he was infatuated with his boss. Tucker said his money was on Victoria.

Through gritted teeth, Mamie asked Tucker why everyone always underestimated her ability to get what she wanted. She told Tucker to focus on taking care of Jill. Tucker gave her a peck on the cheek, and he left.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Tucker wanted to know why Devon wanted to keep his distance. Devon said he wasn't sure how to keep his guard down around Tucker, knowing he could get played. Tucker said he wanted to fix that. Devon pointed out that Tucker had called a truce with the Abbotts, but he'd arrived at Jack and Diane's wedding reception, uninvited. Tucker said he'd only wanted to give them a wedding gift, a bonsai tree symbolizing his desire for peace and harmony with them. Devon said those people didn't like Tucker, and Tucker had known exactly what he was doing.

Devon said he couldn't shake the feeling that Tucker had something going on with Mamie. He said he knew what he'd seen and felt. Tucker asked if Devon would instantly doubt anything he said or did. He wished Devon would meet him halfway. Tucker asked what he could do.

Devon said Tucker could start by telling him about Ashley because it seemed that Tucker hadn't taken the right amount of responsibility for the breakup. Tucker claimed he'd done everything until he couldn't do any more. Devon said Ashley had told Abby that Tucker had wanted to work things out; however, Ashley hadn't responded, and that told him she didn't see a future for them.

Devon told Tucker that Ashley had told the family that he'd scared her. Devon said if Ashley wasn't responding, it could be because she was still scared or because Tucker wouldn't compromise. Tucker said he'd compromised until he couldn't. Devon asked if it had been because Ashley had wanted to return to her family and her family's company. He asked if Tucker had wanted Ashley to cut herself off from her family so he could have her all to himself. Tucker said he'd wanted to be a priority to Ashley. Devon said he could have been a priority without asking Ashley to abandon her family.

Devon said everyone believed Tucker had dumped Ashley because she wouldn't start a new company with him. Tucker said Ashley would always choose her family over him. Devon asked if maybe Ashley had been scared because of their history together. Devon said Ashley might have felt that Tucker was using her for what she could do for his career, not because he loved her. Tucker asked if Devon saw him as using people as tools. Devon said sometimes he did.

Tucker told Devon that his love for Ashley had always been real and never just about business. Devon asked why it had been so easy to walk away. Tucker claimed it hadn't been easy. He said he'd wanted to spend his honeymoon with his wife, enjoy her, and plan their future.

Devon asked why Jack and Billy believed Tucker wanted to sabotage Jabot. Tucker said he he'd been filled with rage, and he'd uttered some empty threats after he'd returned from Paris. Tucker said he had no intention of following through with any of the threats he'd made or implied.

Devon asked Tucker how he was supposed to know that Tucker wasn't still angry at Ashley or planning revenge down the road. Tucker claimed he wasn't planning anything, and the only reason he was staying in town was for Devon and Dominic. Tucker wanted to fix the rift between them, and he asked Devon if it was possible. Devon said it was possible if Tucker was telling the truth, if there wasn't a revenge plan for the Abbotts, if he wasn't connected to Mamie, and if there was no plan for Devon's company. Tucker said regardless of all that, Devon and Dominic mattered to him.

Devon said Tucker kept doing things to jeopardize their relationship, like threatening Abby's family. Devon said Ashley would return eventually, and if things weren't made right between Tucker and Ashley, there would be chaos. Devon stated that Abby would always side with Ashley, and he would always side with his son's mother, unless Tucker was willing to swallow his pride and make things right with Ashley.

Devon asked Tucker whether, if Ashley walked through the doors, Tucker would try to make amends with her. Tucker said he would. Devon wanted to know what had happened in Paris to blow things up so fast. Tucker said Ashley had changed her mind about what she truly wanted in her life. Devon claimed Tucker had overreacted. Tucker asked if Devon would give up his dreams, his career, and his business' future if Abby asked him to. Devon said without question, because there was nothing that he wouldn't do for the woman he loved. Tucker claimed he had some thinking to do.

As Devon was leaving, he bumped into Nate. Nate asked for Devon's take on Mamie's return. Devon said it was great for the family, and it was important to make Mamie feel welcome and valued. Devon said maybe that was something he and Nate could work on together.

Nate told Devon that Mamie was intent on bringing him back to Chancellor-Winters, but he'd stated he was very happy at Newman. Devon said Mamie had mentioned that at the party, but he appreciated the warning. Devon said it was up to Nate to dissuade Mamie from that notion. Devon left.

At Crimson Lights, Mamie told Lily things were falling into place. Lily said they hadn't spoken since the party. Mamie asked how Lily felt about her big announcement. Lily said she liked that Mamie wanted to be involved with her, Devon, and the company, but Mamie had unsettled Jill.

Lily said Mamie couldn't blame Jill for questioning her intentions, especially the way she'd gone about it. Mamie said she didn't care what Jill thought, but she cared what Lily and Devon thought. Mamie asked if Lily doubted her sincerity in her decision to invest. Lily said she believed Mamie had wanted to do the right thing. Mamie said she regretted the time and distance between her and her family, and she wanted to remedy that.

Lily said she understood that Mamie wanted a tangible connection with family, but she'd shaken Jill to her core. Lily said the family they'd lost would be happy Mamie was there to build something together that was stronger and better. Mamie said it was about family, and that included Nate being part of their company.

Mamie huffed about the lingering tension, but Lily claimed it was for good reason. Mamie said she knew what Nate had done, but she also knew he was deeply remorseful. Lily said it would be harder for Devon. Mamie asked what it would take to give Nate another chance.

In his suite, Tucker sent Ashley a text message: "Is there a way back from this?" Ashley replied, "No." Furious, Tucker threw his glass against the door, shattering it to bits.

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