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Claire drugged Nikki at Aunt Jordan's lake house and later intravenously injected her with vodka. Victoria threatened to leave Newman if Adam was given a position of power. Kyle backed out of Tucker and Audra's plan to take over Jabot, playing right into Tucker's hands.
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Claire drugged and imprisoned Nikki at Aunt Jordan's lake house. Victoria threatened to leave Newman. Kyle backed out of Tucker and Audra's plan.
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Claire sets a trap for Nikki

Claire sets a trap for Nikki

Monday, November 13, 2023

At Crimson Lights, Sharon was relieved after speaking to Elena on the phone. Nick entered and overheard Sharon tell Elena that she planned to visit Chance in the hospital the next day. Sharon greeted Nick and informed him that Chance had been shot while working on a police case. Nick was thankful to learn that Chance's gunshot wound had not caused serious injuries. Sharon recalled Chance having hoped that serving as chief of police would have prevented him from being in the line of fire. Sharon cried that getting the call about the shooting had frightened her.

Sharon said she was surprised that Nick had not heard about Chance, given that Summer had shown up at the hospital. Nick nodded and acknowledged that Summer had become close friends with Chance. Sharon did not hide her jealousy. Nick mentioned that he had been dealing with family problems related to his father's having pretended to struggle with memory issues.

Sharon replied, "So, he was looking for a traitor? And who walked into the trap, or do I already know?" Nick told Sharon he had mistakenly believed it would be Adam, but it had actually been Nate. Sharon was surprised that a doctor would have used an illness as an excuse to betray Victor. Nick reminded Sharon that Nate no longer practiced medicine and had since become a ruthless businessman. Nick told Sharon he had never trusted Nate, especially after the man had staged a coup against his family's company.

Sharon asked Nick what Nate had hoped to gain. Nick replied that Nate's plan had been to put Victoria back in charge, so he could become second in command. Sharon was taken aback to learn that Nate had planned to have Victor committed to a treatment facility in another city and perhaps keep him there indefinitely, based on a fake diagnosis. Sharon defended Nate and said perhaps he had believed that the prescribed treatment was the best plan, given Victor's symptoms. Nick disagreed and insisted that Victor could have been diagnosed and treated locally.

Sharon sighed and asked Nick what would happen next. Nick expressed concern that Victoria might not be in the right state of mind and that he did not trust Adam because Adam would likely take advantage and use the situation to his advantage. Sharon replied, "You're considering a return to Newman Enterprises, aren't you? You always look out for your family." Nick replied that he felt it was his job to protect his family.

Nick told Sharon he had not yet made a decision about returning to Newman Enterprises because he wanted to talk things over. Sharon assured Nick that the relaunch of the company once known as Kirsten was moving forward, so she could handle it on her own. Nick said he was certain that with Sharon's guidance, her company would be a success. Nick said he felt that his father needed his help running Newman Enterprises. Sharon replied, "Do what you have to do."

Victoria entered Nikki's office at Newman Media to confront her about having kept the secret about Victor faking his dementia-like condition. Victoria, angry, cried that her dad had exploited their concern and fears for him just so he could set a trap. Nikki replied that Victor had not consulted with her before putting on his charade. Victoria was hurt because Nikki had allowed Victor to trick them. Victoria was most angry about her mother's distrust of Nate. Nikki cried, "He practically had your father already put away." Victoria was angry because her mother had gone along with Victor, even though Victoria had expressed concern about the possibility of losing her father. Nikki explained that Victor had insisted she keep quiet because they'd both known Victoria would tell Nate.

Victoria scoffed, "Oh, so it was all about Nate?" Nikki replied, "You understand that you can never trust Nate, right?" Nikki reminded Victoria that Nate, having betrayed his own family, had his own agenda regarding Newman Enterprises. Victoria, frustrated, cried, "Everyone we know has an agenda, Mom." Claire interrupted before Victoria could answer her mother's question about the status of her romantic involvement with Nate. Claire apologized and said she had received a phone call regarding an emergency. Before Victoria left, Nikki cautioned her not to do anything rash. Victoria replied, "I don't know what I'm going to do."

Claire told Nikki that a family member needed her help. Claire explained that her aunt had fallen at her lake house, had broken her arm, and had no one who could look after her full-time. Claire asked for a few days off to help take care of her aunt. Claire noted that Aunt Jordan was Nikki's biggest fan. Nikki, surprised, replied, "What?"

Claire explained that her aunt could not stop talking about how amazing Nikki was. Claire noted that her aunt also admired Nikki's business accomplishments and her devotion to philanthropy. Claire told Nikki that Aunt Jordan had planned a trip to Genoa City, so she could thank Nikki for hiring her niece, though the accident had nixed her aunt's plans.

Nikki suggested that she could meet Jordan another time, adding that she was going out of town to visit her sister, Casey, in Napa, California, where her sister had a conference meeting to attend. Claire was surprised that Nikki had not entered the trip on her calendar. Nikki, noting that Oregon was on the way to her own destination, offered to give Claire a ride on the Newman jet. Claire asked Nikki if Nikki could take time while the jet was stopped at Blue Lake to meet Aunt Jordan. Nikki was hesitant, but she agreed to Claire's request for a brief meeting before traveling on to be with Casey. Claire said her Aunt Jordan had been correct to state that working for Nikki was the best thing that had ever happened to Claire. After Claire left, Nikki appeared troubled.

Adam sat down with his father at Newman Enterprises. Adam acknowledged that his father had believed Adam had planned to betray him. Victor replied, "I'm very happy that you did not betray me." Victor praised Adam for having stepped up to protect him. Adam admitted that he had been hurt deeply by Victor's decision to dismiss him from Nick and Sharon's joint venture. Adam also admitted that he had plotted to tear the company apart. Victor said he had suspected that Adam had had ulterior motives.

Adam, explaining to Victor that he had begun to have second thoughts after considering how he and Victor had hurt each other in the past, had changed his mind after noticing his father's disturbing behavior. Adam said his only goal had become to protect his father and help him recover. Becoming emotional, Adam cried, "I wasn't ready to lose you." Adam proclaimed that despite everything, Victor's plan had been a masterful move, given that he, Victoria, and Nate all had reasons to exploit Victor's supposed illness for personal gain.

Victor asked Adam to clarify his statement. Adam replied that Victoria would have ruthlessly pursued a way to regain her position as CEO. Nate, Adam added, had envisioned himself becoming a king to Victoria's role as the queen. Victor replied, "You think like your father."

Adam proclaimed that based on his past experience, he deserved Nate's vacated position. Victor explained that if Victoria remained in her position, it would cause friction between her and Adam. Victor ordered Adam to work out his differences with Victoria. Adam said he considered his father's request an easy task, and he asked about Nick. Victor replied that he needed to know where Nick stood. Adam replied, "So, I'm always going to be third in line to the throne? Nicholas and Victoria will always outrank me, no matter how many times I prove myself to you." Adam immediately left before Victor could reply.

Adam encountered Nick near the elevators at Newman Enterprises. The brothers mentioned Nate's firing. Adam noted that though Nick did not trust him, Victor did. Nick explained that although his brother had not used their father's fake illness against him, he could have, as was his usual course of action. Nick admitted he would keep his guard up regarding Adam. Adam complained that Nick and Victoria's missteps were usually attributed to forces beyond their control, though Adam's failures were cited as the result of his dark, wicked soul.

As Nick turned to walk to his father's office, Adam said their father had left for the day. Adam asked Nick if he intended to stick with Sharon and her Kirsten company or comply with Victor's request to return to Newman Enterprises. Nick said he would prefer to keep Adam guessing. After Nick left, Adam entered Victor's office and gazed at his father's portrait. Adam sat down in Victor's chair and made himself comfortable.

Victoria sat alone at the jazz lounge bar. In a flashback, Victoria recalled having promised Nate that she would find a way to make things up to him. Nate had expressed concern about staying together because the Newmans did not trust him. Nate recalled that his Aunt Mamie had said that to the Newmans, he would always be an outsider. Nate had also told Victoria that what had happened had been a wake-up call that had inspired him to reconnect with his own family above all else.

After the bartender set down Victoria's glass of cabernet, she took out her phone and sent a text message to Nate, informing him that she wanted to work though their problems. Nick arrived and said, "You don't look very happy with that phone." Nick asked Victoria who had not responded to her text message. Victoria replied, "Nate isn't answering." Victoria explained that Nate had been hurt because she had taken Adam's side.

Nick admitted he did not like or trust Nate, though he knew Victoria did. Victoria asked Nick if he had spoken to their father. Nick replied that Victor had left his office for the day, though Nick had run into Adam. Victoria wondered aloud what Victor planned to do with Adam. Nick replied, "Who knows?" Victoria asked Nick if he planned to return to the family company.

Victor entered Nikki's office and asked her if she was ready to return home. Nikki remarked about Victor's casual demeanor, which, she noted, did not align with his decision to set his whole family on fire. Victor insisted that he had prevented a little flicker from exploding into a flame. Nikki told Victor that Victoria was furious. Victor, referring to his ruse, noted that Nate had been revealed to be a manipulator. Victor said Victoria would need time to think things over. Nikki warned Victor that he might lose Victoria. Victor replied that Victoria would never leave the company because it was in her blood.

Victor changed the subject and asked Nikki if she had work to take home. Nikki praised Claire for staying on top of things, though she noted that Claire's aunt in Oregon had broken her arm and needed her niece's help for a few days. Victor was impressed to hear that Claire's aunt was Nikki's fan. Nikki explained that Claire would travel on the Newman jet to Oregon before Nikki traveled on to Napa to see Casey.

Victor recalled that Nikki's trip was a surprise visit with Casey. Nikki said she had agreed to stop briefly to meet Claire's aunt. Nikki sighed and said perhaps she should not leave town during the family upheaval, especially since Casey did not know about the visit. Victor insisted that Nikki visit with Casey and have good time.

Claire puts her plan for Nikki into motion

Claire puts her plan for Nikki into motion

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley wished Jack and Diane a good morning, but she noticed their solemn expressions and wondered what was wrong. Diane told Jack that Ashley deserved to know. He handed Ashley an article that had been written by a reporter friend of his, detailing Tucker's cover-up of the actions of the PR department while Tucker had still been running McCall. Jack revealed that he was prepared to give the go-ahead to publish it, but Ashley considered it too big a move. Jack agreed with Billy's assessment that they had to lower the boom on Tucker before Tucker acted against them.

Ashley testily asked if Jack had intended to tell her about the article before he shared it with the world. Jack referred to when she'd announced to the press that she was starting a new company with Tucker, but Ashley shot back that it had been in response to Jack giving Diane a major role at Jabot without consulting their family. Diane advised them not to turn on one another, and she urged Jack to listen to what Ashley had to say. Ashley cautioned that releasing the article would only make Tucker angrier than he already was, and Tucker had nothing to lose.

Ashley doubted a public smackdown would do any damage, but Jack argued that it would let Tucker know they weren't afraid of him. Ashley pointed out that Jack was afraid, and Tucker knew it. Ashley anticipated that if Jack had the story published, it would show he was squirming and willing to do anything to put Tucker in his place. Ashley implored Jack to give her time to make inroads with her ex, and Diane commented that a little more time wouldn't hurt. Jack reluctantly agreed, but he warned that Ashley was playing with fire, and he didn't want to see her get burned. Ashley told him not to underestimate her, and she sauntered out.

Diane hoped Jack wasn't angry with her for letting his sister in on his plans. Jack admitted that Diane had been right to tell Ashley, but he hated that Ashley was being so stubborn. Diane thought they should listen to Ashley's concerns about Tucker's reaction if they released the information, since Ashley knew Tucker better than anyone. Diane suggested that they give Ashley leeway to see what she could get out of Tucker, and Jack scowled. Diane wondered what else was bothering him. Jack shared that he was worried that Ashley wasn't as in control of her feelings for Tucker as she claimed, and he was afraid she would fall for him all over again.

Ashley and Abby hugged at Crimson Lights. Abby was excited that Ashley would be staying through the holidays, and she inquired whether Ashley had experienced any uncomfortable encounters with Tucker. Ashley admitted that she'd reached out to him to find out what he was planning. Abby advised her mom to stay away from Tucker and all his chaos, and she theorized that perhaps he'd shifted his focus from the Abbotts and Jabot. Abby divulged that Lily and Devon thought Tucker had been behind Mamie's return to town and investment in Chancellor-Winters, but they didn't know what Tucker and Mamie's plan was.

Abby contemplated whether Tucker had forgotten about seeking revenge on the Abbotts, instead wanting to focus on his own family. Ashley grumbled that nothing was ever that simple with Tucker. Ashley conceded that Tucker had a valid interest in Chancellor-Winters because he was Katherine's son, and he'd never understood why Jill had control of the company. Abby figured that Katherine had had her reasons for leaving Victor in charge, but Ashley huffed that Jill had gotten her "grubby little hands" on it. Abby hadn't realized her mother disliked Jill that much.

Ashley admitted that while she tried to get along with Jill for Billy's sake, she'd never appreciated Jill's relationship with John. Abby clucked that Jill didn't deserve to have her company taken from her just because Ashley didn't like her, but Ashley argued that it never should have been Jill's company. Ashley thought Tucker should be focusing on Chancellor-Winters instead of Jabot, but Abby protested that whatever move Tucker made might affect Devon. Ashley was certain that Tucker would never do anything to hurt Devon.

Abby fretted that Devon was already upset and that he didn't trust anyone's motives. Ashley wondered if Mamie had an agenda of her own. Abby suspected Tucker still wanted revenge on Ashley and the Abbotts, and she urged her mother to stay as far away from him as possible. Ashley promised that she'd never allow herself to lose control with Tucker again.

At the Athletic Club, Nate approached Adam at the bar. "Morning, boss," Adam cheerfully greeted before sarcastically apologizing for the slip of the tongue. Adam asked how unemployment was treating Nate, who took comfort in the fact he no longer worked with Adam. Adam proclaimed that it felt like a giant weight had been lifted off his shoulders to no longer be responsible for Nate's emails and schedule. Nate begrudgingly gave Adam credit for taking a risk, making a play, and surviving.

Nate maintained that he'd had Victor's best interests at heart, whereas Adam had been plotting to use Victor's illness to further his own agenda. Nate called Adam the "same self-serving bastard" he'd always been. Adam quipped that Nate was the guy out in the cold, and it was chilly. Nate figured that Adam knew the feeling just as much as he did. Adam taunted that Nate had played the game and lost, but Adam knew his father better than Nate did. Nate retorted that Adam hadn't known Victor well enough to see through the ruse, and Victor had fooled everyone -- particularly Adam.

Adam pointed out that Victor had uncovered Nate's bad intentions. Nate reiterated that he'd wanted Victor to receive the best care possible, but he guessed that Victor had offered Adam a promotion for his alleged goodwill. Adam confirmed that the details were in the works, since he'd proven himself by protecting Victor from an enemy. Nate suspected that Victor hadn't yet rewarded Adam because Victor didn't trust Adam any more than he trusted Nate. Nate added that Adam was no longer his assistant, so technically, Adam was out of a job as much as Nate was. Mamie joined them and asked if she was interrupting anything. Adam declared they were done, and he headed out.

Mamie inquired about the tension between the men, noting that Adam seemed full of himself for someone who was supposed to be Nate's assistant. Nate confided that things had exploded at Newman after he'd tried to do the smart thing for Victor, the family, and the company. Nate explained that he'd been the victim of a ruse, and it had reminded him about how Victor operated. Mamie assumed Victor had fired him. Nate reflected on how she'd told him he wasn't a Newman and that it would eventually catch up to him.

Mamie refused to say she'd told Nate so, and she swore that she took no pleasure in being right. Nate acknowledged that she'd been right about a lot of things, since the Newmans would always protect their own at the expense of others, and he didn't want to be part of it anymore. She chirped that the bright side was that he was a free agent, so he could return to Chancellor-Winters where he belonged. Nate cautioned that his return wasn't guaranteed, although he'd had a promising encounter with Devon the day before.

Mamie proposed that she, Nate, Devon, and Lily sit down as a family to discuss the possibility of Nate's return to the company. Nate anticipated that Devon and Lily would wonder why he'd left Newman. Mamie pointed out that Nate could attest that he'd done the right thing but been bamboozled by Victor. She doubted anyone would be surprised by that. Nate wasn't sure his cousins would accept his explanation. Mamie told him not to sell himself short, since she had a good feeling about it.

At Society, Chloe thanked Sally for meeting her and pressed to hear all about how interior design was treating her friend. Sally reported that Daniel had been on board with her vision, and she credited Chloe with helping her sell it. Chloe figured that she'd simply seen the beautiful picture Sally was painting, and she'd been able to translate it further. Sally shared that having Chloe by her side and bouncing ideas off one another had made her realize an important element was missing from her business -- Chloe.

Sally said she didn't want to do it without Chloe's perspective and invaluable taste, and Chloe thanked Sally for noticing how amazing she was. Sally recognized that Chloe was working elsewhere, but she wondered if Chloe would be willing to return to work with her. Chloe recounted that she'd just had a conversation with Summer and Chelsea about how things hadn't been working out, and she sensed that things wouldn't get any better. Sally asked if Summer's loss would be Sally's gain. "Yes! A hundred times yes!" Chloe cried, and they cheered and hugged as Adam walked in. Sally spied him smiling at her from the bar. Chloe followed Sally's gaze and inquired whether everything was okay.

Chloe demanded to know what the look between Sally and Adam had been about. Chloe observed that Sally had become flustered, but not in a bad way, and she thought she'd even seen Adam smile. Sally insisted that it had only been a glance, but Chloe thought the look had been loaded with emotion and history. Chloe begged Sally to tell her things weren't starting up between the two again, and Sally swore they weren't.

Chloe warned that it would be a very bad idea, especially since Sally had just separated from Nick. Sally chalked it up to simply spacing out for a second, and she turned the topic to when Chloe would return to work for her at Sally Spectra Designs. Chloe planned to finalize her departure from Marchetti once they were finished there, and she exclaimed that things were finally looking up. "I couldn't agree more," Sally replied, shooting another look in Adam's direction.

In Victor's office at Newman, Nikki poured some coffee, and Victor asked if she was still planning to take her trip. She intended to go as long as he promised to take care of things with Victoria. Victor swore he would, and he thought it would be good for Nikki to get away. Nikki looked forward to getting a break from the family infighting, and Victor imagined it would be wonderful for her to see Casey. Victor added that Claire's aunt would also be happy to see Nikki.

Nikki lauded Claire for being a terrific assistant, and she was sure the young woman would get a kick out of the Newman jet. Victor pledged to handle things with his children, and Nikki replied that she didn't mind missing it. Victor acknowledged that it was a problem of his making, so it was his responsibility to deal with it -- even if he had to force them to cooperate.

Later, Victor thanked Victoria and Nick for being there. Victoria asked if the meeting was about more tricks and deception to try to test their loyalty. Victor said he wanted to clarify where things stood with the company after what had happened with Nate, and he announced that he had no intention of vacating the CEO chair. He planned to remain head of Newman, and he hoped both of them would work alongside him.

Nick recognized that Victor's ruse had proven to be effective in revealing Nate's true intentions, and he thought it would be best if they put it behind them and moved forward peacefully as a family. Victoria warned that it wouldn't be that easy for her, and Victor assumed it was because of her feelings for Nate. Victoria protested that Victor wasn't being fair about Nate, whose motives had been sincere. Both Victor and Nick disagreed. Victoria complained that Nick had always had a problem with Nate, and Nick pointed out that Nate had proven that he was an opportunist at heart.

Victor added that Nate had made a power grab for Victoria and for himself at Victor's expense. Victoria insisted that Nate cared about Victor's well-being and that he'd been looking out for Victor and the stability of the company. Victor questioned why Victoria had gone along with Adam's plan if that had been the case. Victoria explained that she hadn't wanted to see her father sent away, but Victor accused her of having feelings for Nate. Victoria groused that Victor was questioning her judgment again, and he seemed to have lost all faith in her.

Victor asserted that he'd taken the necessary steps to get rid of Nate, and Victoria didn't need Nate because he wasn't good for her. Victoria griped that Victor was once again determined to control her personal life as well as her professional one. Victor criticized her choices of men, including Billy, J.T., Ashland, and Nate. Victoria opted not to discuss her personal relationships if they were a problem. Victor stated that Victoria belonged with the company and the family, and it was time she focused on what was important. Victor asked if Nick was with them, and Nick declared that he was all in. Victor turned to Victoria.

Victoria said she was still furious with Victor for the games he'd played, but she couldn't turn her back on Newman. She refused to step aside when the company was strong in large part due to her input and leadership. Nick agreed, and Victor did, too. Victoria vehemently stated that she wouldn't let her efforts go to waste, but Victor would have to work hard to earn her trust back. Victor replied that it went both ways, but he knew she was savvy enough to know where she belonged. Victoria announced that there was one caveat to her decision -- if Adam was given a power role in the company again, they could count her out.

Nick sided with Victoria about not giving Adam a leadership role. Victor told them to listen carefully, since Adam would remain at Newman in an important position. Victoria muttered that Adam didn't deserve it. Victor barked that he was tired of the animosity among the siblings, and he vowed to do everything in his power to solve it.

In the hallway, Claire told someone over the phone that she would be flying out later that day. She confirmed that she understood how important it was, and she vowed to do whatever was necessary.

Later, Nikki entered her office and asked if Claire was ready. Nikki inquired how Claire's aunt was getting along with a broken arm, and Claire bemoaned that it had been difficult. Nikki looked forward to meeting the woman who'd raised such an amazing person, and Claire anticipated that her aunt would be grateful. Nikki reminded Claire to arrange her own flight back, since Nikki would be going to see her sister after dropping Claire off.

Nikki prepared to change out of her work clothes to travel in comfort. Claire thanked Nikki, gushing that her aunt would be thrilled. Nikki instructed Claire to finish up what she was working on, and they'd soon depart. Claire stepped out with a smile and glanced around the corridor before sending a text message. "Get everything prepared," Claire wrote.

In Oregon, Claire led Nikki into her aunt's lake house. Nikki found it charming, and she wondered where Aunt Jordan was. Claire guessed her aunt was sitting in a chair by the water, but she found a note next to a tea set. Claire reported that a neighbor had given her aunt a ride to the doctor, and Aunt Jordan had invited them to enjoy some tea while they waited. Nikki remarked that some tea would hit the spot after traveling, and Claire poured two cups. Claire handed Nikki a cup, and they made small talk about the beautiful scenery and the lake activities Claire had enjoyed while growing up.

Nikki noted that Claire had sounded adventurous back in those days, and she wondered if Claire had ever gotten into trouble. Claire teased that she'd never tell if she had. Nikki chuckled as she sipped her tea. Claire rambled about the block parties they'd had in the neighborhood, sharing a story about how she'd made an experimental dish that had been so spicy that it had burned the mouths of all her neighbors. Claire recalled that her aunt had made her hang up her apron and throw out all her spices.

Nikki remarked that the tea seemed different, and she asked what kind it was. Claire replied that she didn't know, and Nikki observed that Claire hadn't touched her own cup. Claire said she wasn't really a tea drinker, and it was more her aunt's thing. Nikki started to feel woozy, and she imagined the flight had made her lightheaded. Claire remarked that it had been such a short trip. Nikki complained that she suddenly didn't feel well, and Claire offered to get her a bottle of water.

Nikki moved to set her teacup on the table, but she dropped it on the floor. Nikki said she was sorry, but Claire told her not to be. Claire stood up and stared down at Nikki, who asked if something was wrong. "Not at all," Claire calmly replied. Nikki repeated that she didn't feel well, and her vision blurred. "Soon, everything will be as it should," Claire predicted. Nikki asked what Claire meant, but she crumpled to the floor when she tried to stand. Nikki demanded to know what was happening as Claire loomed over her.

Claire locks Nikki in a bedroom after drugging her

Claire locks Nikki in a bedroom after drugging her

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

by Nel

Adam and Nick arrived in Victor's office. Nick told Victor that Victoria wouldn't be attending because she'd made her position very clear. Adam asked what was going on. Victor replied that he had news about Adam's future. Victor said Victoria had threatened to walk away from the company if Victor put Adam in a position of power. He said if Victoria took that position, her job at Newman would end.

Victor said when Adam had believed Victor's mental capacities had been in decline, Adam had come up with a plan to support him and the company. Adam admitted that had been his only intention. Victor stated he ran the show, and if Victoria disagreed with his decisions, she could leave. Victor said he wanted his family to work together; Adam was part of their family as much as Nick and Victoria were, and that wouldn't change. Adam asked Nick for his take on everything.

Nick told Victor he wasn't happy about any of it because Victor had faked a mental decline to trick his children into betraying him. He claimed that said a lot about Victor's transparency and trust in his children. Victor replied he'd made his reasons clear. Nick said he didn't have to like or agree with it. Nick said he didn't like that Victoria felt the need to step away from the company because Adam had weaseled his way into a position of power he didn't deserve. Nick said he would try to convince Victoria to stay at Newman, and he would do what Victor wanted. Nick said if it was up to him, Adam wouldn't be in that office -- or building -- at all.

Victor said Nick might disagree with his methods, which Victor respected, but he'd done it for one purpose only, to bring their family together so they could all work as a team. Adam asked if he could assume that Nick would replace Victoria if she walked, and he would replace Nate as COO; however, if she stayed on as Victor's right hand, Nick would replace Nate, and Adam would become Nick's assistant and pay penance for all his sins.

Victor told Adam he would find something for Adam that suited his proclivities. Adam said whatever it was, he accepted it. Nick stated that Victor had discounted his kids who had stood by him and who had been loyal to him, yet he rewarded the one that had shown that all he cared about was gaining more power. Victor said he was sick of all the bickering. He said he would assign Adam a position of power, Nick would take over as COO, and Nick and Adam would convince Victoria to return to the fold. Victor shouted that he called all the shots; if anyone didn't like it, they could walk, and he would replace them.

At the Athletic Club, Nate was sitting at the bar when Victoria approached him. She griped that he hadn't responded to her text messages or voicemails. Nate replied that they'd agreed to spend time apart. She grumbled that she hadn't realized it had meant total avoidance. She said she believed Nate no longer wanted anything to do with her. Nate tried to speak, but Victoria interrupted and told Nate to just tell her it was over.

Nate told Victoria he thought he'd made it clear he needed time to figure things out, not just about them, but also what had gone down with Victor. Victoria said she understood he was trying to figure out a lot of things. She said she wasn't trying to push, but as friends, they could have a drink together.

Victoria told Nate she was in the same limbo he was. Nate asked if she'd quit her job. Victoria replied she hadn't yet. Nate told her not to do that on his account. Victoria admitted Victor had overreacted; however, his concerns hadn't been unwarranted. Nate claimed Victor had turned on him because Victor had believed Nate had turned on him. He said Victor had chosen not to accept his explanation and had fired him. He added that Victoria had validated Victor's opinion by backing Adam. He said that had fed into Victor's belief that Nate was trying to undermine him.

Nate swore to Victoria that he'd set things in motion at the clinic purely as protective measures to ensure Victor had a secure place and the time necessary for treatment. Victoria said it had been a very presumptuous move, and Victor had seen it as a coup. Nate claimed he was tired of defending himself.

Nate asked what Victoria planned to do. She replied she didn't know where she fit in. She claimed her life was a confused mess. She complained she had no one to talk to because Nikki was out of town, Nick would give her advice she wouldn't follow, and she wouldn't talk to Victor about anything. She said she missed talking with Nate. Nate admitted he missed her, but he wasn't sure he could be the person Victoria needed because she hadn't been there for him. She said she hadn't meant to hurt him. She asked if they could have a drink and talk.

In Claire's aunt's home, Nikki was unconscious and in a bed. Claire unlocked Nikki's phone by pulling back Nikki's eyelid. She then sent a text message to Victor, Victoria, and Nick from Nikki: "Greetings my darlings. Just letting you know that Claire and her great aunt Jordan have invited me to stay for dinner, so I'll be spending the night here and will be off to visit my sister in the morning. Love you all."

After Claire left the room, Nikki regained consciousness. She called out to Claire but received no response. Nikki got off the bed, albeit unsteadily. She called to Claire and asked what was happening to her, but she again received no response. She tried the door, but it was locked. Nikki called to Claire again, asking what was going on. Nikki said she wanted to know where she was. She looked for her purse and her phone but couldn't find them. She tried to open the window, but it was locked. She banged on the window frame, yelling for help, while Claire sat in the living room, listening to Nikki's cries for help. Claire saw Victoria had responded to Nikki's text message. "Glad you're taking some time to relax. Love you and miss you already."

Nikki continued to bang on the door and ask why Claire had done that to her. Nikki sat on the edge of the bed, and she recalled when she'd arrived at Claire's aunt's home. Claire opened the door for Nikki. Nikki told Claire tea would hit the spot. Nikki commented that the tea was very different and inquired what kind it was. Claire couldn't say. Nikki noted that Claire hadn't touched her tea. Suddenly, Nikki claimed she didn't feel well. Claire said everything would be as it should. Nikki asked what Claire meant, but Claire didn't respond. Nikki tried to stand but fell to her knees. She asked she what was happening.

In the present, Nikki realized she'd been drugged, and she wondered why. A voice in her head said it didn't matter why; getting out of there was what mattered. Nikki returned to the window, and her internal voice said breaking the window wouldn't help because the drop was too high. She went into the bathroom and saw no way out, and she swore. The voice insider her told her to stay calm.

Nikki picked up a bottle of water but stopped when the voice in her head told her to wait. The voice said Claire had drugged her tea, and she couldn't take a chance because the water might be drugged, too. She opened a drawer, hoping to find something to pick the lock. She found a wooden skewer. She inserted it into the keyhole, but it broke. The voice inside her told her to keep it together. She was going to be all right, Victor knew where she was, and when he didn't hear from her... suddenly, she realized Claire had taken her phone.

On the intercom, Claire asked if Nikki was awake. Nikki asked why Claire was doing this to her, and what she wanted. Claire told Nikki there was water in the nightstand, and canned food and a can opener in the armoire. Nikki said Claire wasn't going to get away with what she'd done. She said her sister was expecting her, but Claire said Nikki had made it very clear it was to be a surprise visit. Claire said she had to return to Genoa City to make further arrangements. Claire told Nikki not to panic because Nikki would be with the rest of Nikki's family very soon. Claire said she was leaving. Nikki warned Claire to stay away from her family.

At Newman Media, Kyle told Audra he was having second thoughts about going after Jabot. He claimed he couldn't betray his family because he wanted a position of power. Audra claimed it was the only way for him to attain that position. Kyle claimed he would find another way to get there, without betraying his family. Audra claimed he would never get there because Billy would always stand in his way. She asked what had changed.

Kyle told Audra he'd made the decision to help her out of frustration and anger, but at the end of the day, he had to be able to live with himself. She said she understood his misgivings, but his family had never returned that loyalty. Audra promised his doubts would vanish when he took control of Jabot, but Kyle disagreed. Audra claimed she knew more about these things than he did. He said she wasn't listening to him.

Kyle told Audra he deserved that job, but he wanted Jack to give it to him the right way. He didn't want to get it by ripping the company away from Jack. Audra called Kyle a fraud, since he wouldn't go after what he wanted because he was afraid daddy might disapprove. She said Tucker had warned her, but she'd had more faith in Kyle than Kyle had deserved.

Kyle thanked Audra for showing him who she really was. He said he realized it hadn't been about building something together; she was using him to get what she wanted. Audra stated that was the world she lived in. Kyle claimed everything was transactional, and she agreed. Audra claimed Kyle wanted the power and prestige, but he wouldn't fight for it. Kyle retorted that he had people he cared about. He asked Audra who she had. He asked if she believed Tucker would sacrifice anything for her or even "give a damn" about her. Audra claimed Tucker was a man who wasn't afraid to go after what he wanted.

Kyle told Audra that when he'd walked into her office, he'd been conflicted. He said he'd needed to talk to someone who was on his side and understood his position, but the minute he'd shown doubt, Audra had turned on him. She claimed she had no time for cowards, and she opened the door for him to leave. He said he was seeing things very clearly. Kyle left.

Alone in his office, Victor received Nikki's text message; Victor called Nikki and got her voicemail. He said she'd only been gone a day, but he missed her. He said he wanted her to have a good time, relax, and enjoy her time with her assistant and her aunt while he took care of things at home. He said he was lonely without her.

In the jazz lounge, Victoria told Nate that Adam was the man of the hour because of the way he'd handled the situation when he'd believed Victor's mind had been deteriorating. Nate said she'd backed Adam. Victoria noted that was still a sore point with Nate. Nate claimed it had convinced Victor not to trust him, and he'd been fired. Victoria said Victor had made that decision when he'd thought Nate had already committed him.

Victoria told Nate if she could go back, she would have realized Adam had been saying everything Victor had wanted to hear, and she'd blindly followed along. She admitted she regretted siding with Adam. Nate asked if Adam would get his job. Victoria said she didn't know, but Victor wanted Adam back in the fold and in a position of power. She said she'd threatened to walk if Victor did that. Nate said that would be a foolish move. He told her to tell Victor she'd been wrong.

Victoria told Nate that staying at Newman would mean that Adam won -- again. Nate said Adam would win if she left because she would give Adam all the power by relinquishing her own. Adam would become Victor's shining light, and she would be the disgruntled daughter who'd walked out the door because she couldn't get what she'd wanted. He asked where Victoria would go. Victoria claimed there were a lot of companies who would be happy to know she was available.

Nate told Victoria that Adam would still report to her, and he wondered how long she thought Victor would last as CEO, suggesting a year, maybe two. Nate said Victor would then retire because the stress would have caught up to him. He asked who Victor would give the CEO chair to, noting it would not be Nick, who always had one foot out the door, but he would give it to Adam, which might be the long con Adam had been playing. He said Victoria would have handed Adam the keys to the kingdom.

Victoria admitted Nate's advice was sound, but the thought of working with Adam made her stomach churn. She said she knew Adam would try to undermine her and Nick at every turn, and Victor would blame them for not getting along with Adam. She wasn't sure she could do that again. Nate said he wanted her to be happy and successful in everything she did.

Victoria asked Nate what his plans were. He claimed he had something big in the works, but he had a few details to iron out and a few obstacles of overcome. He said that in the end, it would be worth it. Victoria said it sounded exciting. She asked what it was. Nate said he didn't want to jinx it until it happened. He said he was going home, and he advised Victoria to do the same. Victoria looked up and saw Nick and Adam.

Nick remarked that Victoria and Nate had made peace. He said it was nice of Victoria to give Nate the benefit of the doubt after what he'd tried to pull with Victor. Nate said Nick had no idea what Nate's true intentions had been, but Nick said he knew exactly what Nate had hoped to achieve. Adam said so did Victor. Nate told Victoria he hoped she would consider his suggestion, and he left.

Adam asked Victoria what suggestion Nate had referred to. Victoria said it was none of Adam's business. Victoria asked why they were both there. Adam said they were looking for her. Nick said they were there to talk about their family.

Kyle returned home, and he received a text message from Audra: "Kyle, I'm sorry. I handled that poorly. I don't want this to come between us. Please call me." Kyle ignored it and poured himself a drink.

Nikki escapes her room, but Claire drugs her again

Nikki escapes her room, but Claire drugs her again

Thursday, November 16, 2023

by Nel

Still locked in the bedroom at Claire's aunt's house, Nikki heard the voice in her head wondering what arrangements Claire was making in Genoa City. Nikki yelled, asking what Claire wanted from her. The voice told her to calm down because she'd dealt with worse, and all that mattered was getting out of there. The voice told her to figure it out. She yelled that there would be hell to pay.

Nikki searched the armoire, and she found a can opener. She inserted it into the keyhole, and she succeeded in unlocking the door. She hesitated, grabbed a bar of soap from the bathroom, and rubbed it on the door hinges, in case they squeaked. She took off her shoes, slowly opened the door, walked out, and closed the door behind her. Nikki quietly descended the stairs. Downstairs, she tried to leave, but the doors were locked. She found her purse, but her phone was missing. She picked up the land line phone, but it was dead. Claire approached Nikki from behind and injected a drug into Nikki's neck.

Claire got Nikki into a chair. Nikki asked what Claire wanted. Claire said she wouldn't dream of spoiling the surprise. Claire said the family Nikki cherished so much was as dysfunctional as any family she'd ever seen. Claire said they all thought they were so superior and above it all. She said they hurt people over perceived threats and discarded people who they thought were of no use to them like trash. Claire said they were the worst kind of people, vicious and sanctimonious, and they disgusted her. Nikki asked what Claire was talking about.

Claire told Nikki she'd been very patient, but time was up. Claire said Nikki would have her answers very soon, but Nikki wouldn't like them. Claire said Nikki deserved all the pain those answers would cause. Nikki whispered for Claire to stay away from her family, and she passed out. Claire said Nikki didn't call the shots anymore. Claire sent a text message to someone: "She got out. It's handled. But I need your help."

Nikki was back in bed, unconscious and hooked up to an I.V. drip. Later, in a semi-consciousness state, she saw the needle in her hand. She asked who was there. Victor walked in smiling. He sat on the edge of the bed and told Nikki to stay quiet because he didn't want her to alert anyone that he was there. He said he was going to get her out of there. She said she didn't know why Claire was "doing this" to her or what Claire wanted.

Victor told Nikki that everything would be all right, but for the moment, she had to hold still because he was going to pull the needle out of her hand. Nikki looked at her hand, but the needle was still there, and Victor was gone. She saw a doll perched on her bed with a streak of blood coming out of one eye. Nikki picked up the doll. She looked at it, threw it on the floor, and lost consciousness again.

In the jazz lounge, Victoria commented that Adam and Nick had just been with Victor, and Victor wanted them to convince her to stay on at Newman. She said Victor was desperate to believe that Adam was suddenly the good and faithful son; otherwise, Adam was a reminder that not everything Victor touched was golden. Adam claimed Victoria hated that he'd done the right thing for the right reason, that Victor might actually trust him, and that she would have to take him seriously. He said that terrified her.

Victoria told Adam that what terrified her was that Adam might rob the family and the company. Nick told them to stop because they needed to figure out how to fix everything that was blowing up around them. Nick asked Victoria what it would take to convince her to stay at Newman. Victoria noted that it was quite the moment, seeing Nick and Adam working in tandem at Victor's command, but Victor was going to be disappointed. She said she would return if Adam walked away or if Victor fired him; otherwise, she declined.

Nick told Victoria that Victor wanted the three of them to work together. He said Victor wasn't wrong to want the three of them working together. Victoria found it funny that that came from the guy who'd left Newman. Nick admitted his place was at Newman and always had been. Victoria said she hoped they enjoyed working together and that Victor enjoyed every moment of it.

Nick told Victoria it was inevitable that Adam would do something stupid and shoot himself in the foot. Adam reminded them that he hadn't planned any of it. He said Victor had confidence in him, and he wondered why Nick and Victoria couldn't. Nick said if Adam imploded and there was no one to mitigate the fallout, Adam would bring Victor and the company down with him. Nick said it was an all-or-nothing scenario; either the three of them worked together, or they were all out. Victoria remarked that Adam would somehow survive that.

Nick told Victoria that Victor had staged his mental decline to prove a point, and it had worked because Nate had shown his true colors. Victoria said Nate's colors weren't as malicious as Nick or Victor believed. Nick said one day, Victor's decline would be real. He asked if Victoria would be okay leaving Adam in charge if something happened to Victor. Victoria said Nick would be there, but Nick claimed they were the safety net between Victor and Adam.

Adam told Victoria that he could negotiate world peace, cure cancer, eliminate global warning, and feed the poor, and Victoria would still think "that son of a bitch" was up to something. Adam said that all he cared about was making it work. He didn't want to best them; he had no interest in taking the company and destroying Connor's inheritance, even to spite his loving siblings. He said there was only one thing he cared about -- what Victor thought -- and as long as Victor had his back, he didn't care how much Nick and Victoria distrusted him. He did note that Victor would. He wished them good luck, and he left. Nick asked Victoria what it was going to be.

At Lily's penthouse, Daniel told Jill that Phyllis had found out that Tucker had made sizable investments through Mamie's financial firm, and Lily's team had verified it. Lily asked why Tucker would invest millions into an account that was being managed by the same person who'd bought Victor's share in Chancellor-Winters.

Jill asked Daniel if Devon knew. Daniel said Devon didn't because he'd wanted Jill and Lily's reactions before dragging Devon into it. He said Devon's relationship with Tucker was already complicated, and he didn't want to make matters worse until they knew more. Jill remarked that it had probably been Tucker's idea in the first place, and Mamie had been too happy to go along with him. She said those two really wanted to screw her over.

After Jill left, Lily told Daniel that no matter what happened between Jill and Tucker, she had to tell Devon what they'd discovered. Daniel suggested they wait until they found out what Tucker was up to. Lily said she had to inform Devon about it, even if it was nothing. She said Devon had already talked to Tucker about Tucker's possible connection to Mamie. She said one of the caveats of working together again was full transparency between her and Devon. She said she hated the turmoil Devon was already in over Tucker.

Daniel told Lily it was premature because they couldn't confirm whether it was true or not. She said Devon would understand if they told him they were still digging for information. She said he would appreciate that a lot more than being left in the dark.

At the Athletic Club, Audra told Tucker that Kyle had grown a conscience, and he was backing out of their arrangement. She said Kyle would, in all probability, tell Jack. Tucker claimed it was a certainty because Jack already suspected Tucker had something in the works. Audra asked if he'd known that would happen. Tucker claimed he'd had a pretty good idea that Kyle would choke. He said he would have put Kyle to the test, but he'd known the outcome because Kyle didn't have it in him.

Audra asked why Tucker hadn't kept her in the loop. Tucker claimed he hadn't wanted her overplaying her hand. Audra complained that Tucker had tested her, as well. Tucker said he was a little disappointed in her for not expecting Kyle to do exactly what he'd done. He said she should have known that carnal attraction only went so far. Audra asked where they went from there. He told her to bide her time, since it was all part of the process. He didn't think they'd seen or heard the last of Kyle.

Tucker told Audra that Kyle would confess to Jack and Diane; he would play the victim and say Audra had played on his emotions, tried to lure him into her web, and forced him to make bad choices that involved Tucker. He said Kyle would say he was ashamed, but he'd been tempted. Audra said if Tucker had known that would happen, then it was what Tucker had wanted. She asked why.

Tucker told Audra that Jack would try to use Kyle the way he'd tried to use Billy, and Jack would send Kyle right back into the belly of the beast. Audra said she saw the logic about Jack trying to use Kyle as a mole, but Tucker hadn't taken into account that Kyle had lost his nerve, which proved he was weak. She assumed they could use that to their advantage by pointing Kyle in the wrong direction. Jill approached Tucker. She said she'd been knocking on his door for five minutes, and she'd assumed he'd been trying to avoid her. Tucker asked why he would do that.

Jill asked Audra to excuse them because she needed to talk to Tucker. Audra left. Jill said she knew he was behind Mamie's decision to invest in Chancellor-Winters. She said she'd known for years that Tucker resented that she was running the company his mother had built. Tucker wanted Katherine left out of it. Jill said he didn't intimidate her nor did he worry her. Tucker claimed she wouldn't be sitting there if that were true. He said she was worried because she knew he had a plan, and it scared her because his plans rarely failed. Jill said she would have to check that with Ashley.

At home, Diane asked Kyle what was going on. Kyle said it was bad, he was ashamed of himself, and he would be doing a lot of groveling to Jack. Diane promised she wouldn't judge, only support him. Kyle said he'd almost sold out Jack, Jabot, and their entire family to Tucker. He admitted he'd felt he'd deserved to be reinstated as co-CEO of Jabot, not entitled, not voted in, but deserved. He said they both knew Jack wouldn't take Billy's position away from him. Kyle admitted he'd been pissed. He said Audra had tempted him with an offer.

Kyle told Diane that Tucker and Audra had a plan to stage a hostile takeover of Jabot, but he didn't know the specifics. He said Tucker would leave the running of Jabot to Audra. Diane said, in turn, Audra had offered Kyle the position Jack wouldn't give him. Diane said she understood the temptation, but what was important was that Kyle hadn't acted on it. Kyle countered that he'd considered it. Diane claimed he'd done the right thing, and she was proud of him. He said he'd expected Diane to tell him what an idiot he'd been for getting involved with Audra. He said he dreaded telling Jack, but Diane said not yet. Kyle asked why he shouldn't confess.

Diane told Kyle it was time to turn the tables on Audra and take advantage of her to find out what she and Tucker were planning. She said then Kyle could bring the details back to Jack. She said Kyle didn't have to tell Jack he'd almost fallen into their trap. She told him to say that it had been his plan all along. Kyle said that would be a lie, but Diane claimed it would be a slight manipulation of the order of events. She said Jack would be so proud that he would forget all the Billy nonsense and give Kyle exactly what he wanted.

Later, Diane stood in the dining room, deep in thought.

Victoria walked into Victor's office and thanked Victor for making it obvious how little her feelings and opinions meant to him. She stated that he'd sent Nick and Adam to strong-arm her into staying at Newman, and that had told her Victor had no respect for her instincts. Victor said he recalled her instincts that had led her to Billy Abbott, J.T. Helstrom, Ashland Locke, and Nate Hastings. She claimed her personal life had nothing to do with it; this was business, and he was to leave her exes out of it. Victor said the problem was that she brought her personal business into the office.

Victoria asked Victor why he wanted her back at Newman. Victor said for Nikki and for Victoria. Victor said Victoria knew "damn well" it meant everything to Nikki to have Victoria at Newman and thriving. Victoria claimed it was difficult to thrive when Victor constantly pushed her down. Victor asked "what the hell" she was talking about. He shouted that she'd sat in the CEO chair "for how long," so he didn't know how he was pushing her down. He told her to watch her tone.

Victoria told Victor that Nikki had more respect for her for calling Victor out on his outrageous acceptance of Adam, despite all the underhanded, hurtful, and egregious moves Adam had always made. She said Nikki would applaud her if she cleaned out her desk and walked away. She asked how she would thrive watching Victor make excuses for Adam every time Adam tried to stick a knife in Victor's back. Victor asked what Victoria would have without the company and him. He said she would have nothing.

Victoria said Victor believed her life was empty without him and Newman. She asked if he'd ever had any respect for her. Victor admitted he had, but without the company to focus on, he was worried she would spin out. She asked if Victor thought that, because she'd chosen not to tolerate Adam and accept a subservient role at Newman, she was weak and would fall apart. Victor said he didn't know what to think about her anymore. Nick arrived and asked how bad things had become.

Victoria told Nick that Victor thought she led a meaningless life, and she would completely fall apart without his guidance. She told Victor that maybe that was what she would do, completely lose control. Victoria left.

Alone in his office, Victor looked at a photo of Abby, Nick, and Victoria.

Victoria returned to the jazz lounge and sat at the bar, drinking a glass of wine.

Nick arrived at Crimson Lights, looking for Sharon, but she wasn't there.

Claire's Aunt Jordan is at long last revealed

Claire's Aunt Jordan is at long last revealed

Friday, November 17, 2023

by Nel

In his apartment, Daniel told Summer he'd heard Chance had been shot. He asked how Chance was doing. Summer said she'd seen Chance in the hospital, and she said the bullet had gone right through his shoulder area. She said Chance was getting out of the hospital later that day. Daniel asked if things had changed between them since their last conversation. Summer said Chance was with Sharon, and she wasn't going to get in the middle of it. He suggested maybe things between Sharon and Chance had run their course. Summer accused him of sounding like Phyllis trying to play matchmaker. She said Chance only saw her as a friend.

Lucy and Heather arrived at Daniel's with housewarming gifts. Heather informed Daniel she had an interview at Chancellor-Winters for a position on their legal team. She thanked Daniel for making that happen, but Daniel said she should thank Lily. Summer said she had to get back to work, but she asked Daniel to invite her over when Sally had finished decorating, because she wanted to see the end result. Daniel agreed. Summer left, and Lucy went to see her room.

Heather told Daniel that she'd seen Summer's look, and she asked what was going on. He responded that with Heather back in town, Summer was worried it would stir up his old demons, and he would spiral again. He assured Heather that Summer knew it had been his fault. He said Summer also knew how dark the place was that he'd gotten to. Daniel said it had to have crossed Heather's mind, but Heather denied it. Heather said she knew he was in a better headspace. She said she wouldn't have moved back if she thought he would hurt her. She said she really liked who he was at that moment.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon asked Mariah and Tessa how Aria was doing with her hearing aids. Tessa said Aria could handle them for about an hour. Mariah said Sharon had a visitor. Sharon was surprised and delighted to see Chance. Mariah told Chance they were happy his injury hadn't been more serious. Mariah asked Chance what had happened to the person who'd shot him.

Before Chance could respond, Nina arrived and chastised Chance for sending her a text message informing her he would be at the coffeehouse. She asked why he hadn't allowed her to pick him up from the hospital. Chance said the chief of police could handle checking out of the hospital on his own. Nina claimed he was afraid she would nag him about their conversation. Sharon asked what conversation Nina was referring to.

Chance told Sharon that he'd admitted that getting shot had reminded him of the last time he'd been shot and the other situations where his life had been on the line. Nina said Chance had questioned if it was time for a career change. Nina told him to trust his gut if it told him that it was time to go. Chance said he'd just become chief of police, and he wasn't sure if walking away was the right move yet. Chance said there was a lot to consider, and he wanted Sharon's opinion. Nina looked chagrinned. Mariah and Tessa left. Chance suggested he take them for breakfast. Nina didn't look happy that Sharon had been invited.

Nate and Mamie arrived at Lily's penthouse to meet with Jill, Lily, and Devon. Jill asked why Mamie was there. Nate said he'd asked Mamie to be with him for moral support. Mamie said it was Nate's business, and she wouldn't say another word. Jill said she and Mamie had something to discuss, but it wasn't the time.

Nate began by saying he was hoping he, Lily, and Devon could take a step closer to repairing their relationship, and he would like to return to Chancellor-Winters, if they would have him. Lily said it wasn't surprising, since Mamie had been pushing for it. Devon reminded Nate that for months, he'd bragged about how happy he'd been at Newman, how they respected him, and how Victoria was a great boss. Devon asked what had changed.

Nate told Devon he was no longer at Newman. Devon asked if Nate had blown things up at Newman the same way he had at Chancellor-Winters. Nate said Victor had reclaimed the CEO chair, demoted Victoria, put Nikki in charge of Newman Media, and appointed Adam as Nate's assistant. Nate said Victor had then laid a trap for his children and Nate because Victor had suspected someone would betray him. He said Victor had faked confusion and memory loss because he'd wanted to see who would take advantage of his mental decline.

Nate said he'd fallen for Victor's charade. He said Victor had wanted everyone to think he'd lost his grip on reality. He said he'd tried to protect Victor, but it had blown up in his face. Nate said he'd thought he would discretely get Victor the treatment he'd needed, by taking him to an out-of-the-way place where there was no chance of media leaks, but Victor had seen it as him trying to get Victor out of the way so that Nate and Victoria could take control. Devon asked if that had, in fact, been Nate's plan. Nate denied it because he'd been concerned about Victor and wanted Victor to get proper treatment; however, Victor had been hellbent on finding a traitor, and Victor had decided it was Nate.

Dripping with sarcasm, Jill said Nate wouldn't turn on anyone for his own advancement. Nate said he'd owned what he'd done in the past, but he hadn't done that "this time," because a man's well-being had been at stake. Devon asked if Nate hadn't seen that as an opportunity to get Victoria back into the top spot. Nate claimed his only objective had been to protect Victor's health and well-being, and his plan would have accomplished both.

Devon asked why Victor had fired Nate if he didn't have proof. Nate said he'd made arrangements for Victor to be placed in the facility. He said he'd set it up proactively so that things could move smoothly and quickly. Devon asked if Nate had committed Victor without his consent. Nate claimed it had been to ensure that Victor would have a place, if needed. He said the one ready to take advantage of Victor's weakness was Adam. Devon asked if there was proof of that. Nate claimed Adam himself was the proof.

Lily asked Nate if Victor hadn't seen that. Nate replied that Adam had played the redeemed black sheep, and Victor had believed Adam had been sincere. Nate said Adam was family; Nate wasn't. Lily remarked that since Nate was out of a job, he wanted them to forgive him and welcome him back to Chancellor-Winters. Mamie chimed in to encourage them to welcome him back into their family, where he belonged. Jill reminded Mamie that she'd promised not to intrude on their discussion. Mamie told Jill she wouldn't intrude on any business discussions, but their conversation was much more. She said it was about cousins taking a giant step toward reconciliation, the very thing her whole journey had been about.

Jill asked Nate why they should bring him back to Chancellor-Winters. She said she was having a difficult time buying that Nate was a team player. Nate insisted he'd learned a lot since his departure from Chancellor-Winters.

Nate told Jill he didn't need to prove himself at every turn, no matter the cost. He said he had a new appreciation for the value of collaboration, he knew when to speak up and when to listen. He said that "my way or the highway" wouldn't get him very far. He claimed he was more flexible, he'd learned a lot from his wins and losses, and he knew the meaning of family. He said he was ready to be the best man for the job and a proper cousin to Devon and Lily -- his family.

Nate admitted he'd kept up with what had been happening at Chancellor-Winters, and he'd read all the business press, so he was current on what had been accomplished. He said he believed he could be of use in a number of areas. He said he wanted to feel like he was part of the family again. Lily asked if he wanted to be part of the family or if he wanted a job because he was unemployed.

Nate said he missed Lily and Devon. He said their estrangement had gone on too long. He hated that they weren't as close as they had been, and so did his mom, Olivia. He said he wanted to make Olivia proud, and that included Malcolm, his dad, Dru, and Neil. He said Neil and Malcolm had always found their way back from any issue, and Dru and Olivia had clashed a lot but had always made up.

Jill said she appreciated Nate putting himself on the line, and she knew it hadn't been easy. She said she believed he was sincere and regretted betraying them in the past, but she, Lily, and Devon had to discuss whether they wanted Nate back at Chancellor-Winters. Nate thanked them for listening, and he and Mamie left.

Lily told Jill and Devon that Nate seemed sincere and honest, and they all believed in second chances. Devon said he didn't think Nate would have cared about Chancellor-Winters if he hadn't been fired. He said Nate had two strikes in the corporate world, from them and from Newman. He said he wanted to learn more about the Victor story before they made a decision. Lily agreed. Jill said she didn't think Nate was lying because it sounded too much like Victor, and Nate knew it would be easy to check his story.

Devon told Jill it didn't mean Nate's intentions hadn't been self-serving or serving Victoria. Lily asked Jill's opinion about Nate's return. Jill said it wouldn't be her first choice because he'd cross "one hell of a line" trying to sell them out, but she believed he was being sincere. Jill said she might be persuaded to give it a try if Nate was being straight with them because they would need all the support they could get. Devon asked what that meant.

Lily told Devon there was evidence that Tucker was involved with Mamie's investment in Chancellor-Winters. Lily said they had the proof, and she'd seen it. She said Mamie and Tucker both had a vested interest in Chancellor-Winters. Jill claimed that it most likely involved getting rid of her. Lily said Tucker had been making investments with Mamie's firm, LBB, and that wasn't a coincidence, because they were colluding somehow.

At the lake house, Nikki was still unconscious as Claire brushed Nikki's hair. Claire looked at the I.V. bag, and she told Nikki it was time for a new one because she needed Nikki to remain calm until the big family reunion. Claire said Aunt Jordan would answer all Nikki's questions, once everyone had arrived. Claire admitted she'd been waiting for this Thanksgiving her whole life. She told Nikki to have sweet dreams and to enjoy them while she could. Claire left.

Nikki regained consciousness. She noticed the tray covered with a cloche on her bed. She lifted the cloche. There was half a bottle of vodka. She replaced the cloche, and she pushed the tray away. She saw the I.V. post, and the needle in her hand. The voice in her head said she had to find her phone to call Victor. She pulled the I.V. needle out of her hand. She got out of bed.

Nikki was unsteady and said she felt weak and lightheaded. She removed the cloche and picked up the half empty bottle of vodka; she looked at the I.V. bag, and she suspected it was filled with vodka. She poured a few drops of the I.V. fluid into her hand from the needle, and she sniffed and tasted it. The I.V. liquid was vodka, and she was drunk. She was horrified, realizing that Claire had forced her to lose her sobriety by intravenously injecting vodka into her bloodstream. Nikki began to cry.

In the living room, Claire was getting ready to leave. She stared at herself in the mirror when she heard her Aunt Jordan say not to go soft on her. Jordan said they'd waited "so long," but they were very close.

Abby greeted Nina, Sharon, and Chance when they arrived at Society. She said she'd had no idea that Chance had been discharged from the hospital, but she was thankful he was okay. Chance thanked Abby for stopping by the hospital. She said she would set up a visit with Dominic when Chance was ready.

Nina invited Abby to join them for breakfast. Bewildered, Abby accepted. Nina asked Abby how she would feel if Chance quit law enforcement. Chance asked Nina not to put Abby on the spot. Abby admitted that when she and Chance had been married, she'd lived in constant fear that something bad would happen to him, and then Spain had happened. She said she'd never stopped worrying about Chance because she still cared about him. Abby said if they were talking about Chance walking away from the force, she was all in.

Abby asked Chance what he would do if he walked away from the force. She asked if he would go back to being a private detective or a security consultant. Chance said he hadn't given it any thought because he wasn't done being chief yet. Sharon said they all respected that it was a big decision. Nina suggested that maybe big business was his true calling, since he was a Chancellor, and big business would be a natural field for him. At that moment Summer arrived. She said she was happy to see Chance was out of the hospital. She asked how he was feeling. He said he was getting a lot of sympathy. Summer said he deserved it.

Summer left to pick up her order. Abby asked Summer what was going on between her and Chance. Summer realized how obvious she'd been.

At the Athletic Club, Mamie told Nate she was proud of him. She said he'd handled everything just right. She said his cousins would be foolish not to have him back in the family business. Nate thanked her for her vote of confidence, but he wasn't so sure that would happen because it was obvious Devon needed more convincing to forgive Nate -- if he ever could. He said the Victor fiasco hadn't helped. Mamie said if Devon didn't get there, she would get him over the finish line.

Sharon, Nina, and Chance returned to the coffeehouse. Chance told Nina he wanted to stick around the coffeehouse for a while, if that was okay with Sharon. Sharon claimed she would suffer through it. Nina left.

Alone, Sharon asked Chance how he really felt about leaving the force and doing something else. Chance said they'd talked about it before, but she reminded him that he'd said he liked helping people and keeping them safe. Chance said he'd felt really good about being chief, and he hated the idea of leaving his guys in the lurch. He said being shot was a good reason to rethink his life. Sharon said whatever he decided, it was fine by her. She said she didn't want him to feel pressured into making a decision. He promised he would do what was best for him.

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Camryn Grimes reprises role as Mrs. Claus for Disney special
Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
Christel Khalil and fiancé enjoy a baby shower with co-stars
Hayley Erin opens up about her return to Y&R and her new character
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