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Claire lured Victor, Victoria, and Nick to Oregon. Nikki chugged the bottle of vodka that Claire had left behind. Cole Howard arrived at Jordan's lake house and called out for Nikki and Victoria. At Diane's urging, Kyle pretended to be in on Audra and Tucker's plan to take over Jabot.
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Cole Howard arrived at Jordan's lake house. Kyle pretended to be in on Audra and Tucker's plan. Gloria returned to Genoa City.
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Jill, Lily, and Devon confront Mamie

Jill, Lily, and Devon confront Mamie

Monday, November 20, 2023

Chance and Nina joined Jill at Crimson Lights. Jill hugged Chance and teasingly chastised him for not immediately letting her know he had been injured and treated at the hospital. Nina suggested that Chance's encounter with an armed criminal might serve as a wake-up call. Nina added that Chance might consider leaving law enforcement. Chance clarified that he had not made any decisions and had only considered the possibility. Nina, pleading her case, cried that she and Jill would never again fear that something bad might happen to their loved one.

Jill suggested that Chance follow in the footsteps of his grandfather and Katherine and join his grandmother at Chancellor-Winters. Jill added, "Honey, I will teach you the ropes of the business world." Chance was not certain he was qualified, but both Nina and Jill reminded Chance that he naturally had excellent instincts to navigate the business world. Jill assured Chance that she could recognize talent when she saw it, and she was certain he would excel at business. After Jill left, Chance told his mother he would consider leaving police work and venturing into the family business. Nina vowed to support her son, no matter what he decided.

Unable to overcome his self-doubts, Chance cried that it was like stepping off a cliff because the business world was an unknown. Nina, sobbing, recalled that Chance's previous injuries had left him fighting for his life. Nina cried that Chance had a reason to stick around for everyone who loved him, especially his mother. Chance admitted he had never considered himself worthy of claiming a part of the Chancellor legacy. Nina was adamant that Jill would disagree.

Nina was relieved when Chance admitted he should step up as a Chancellor and accept a role in running the family business. Nina replied, "That would be my dearest wish come true." Chance phoned Jill and left a message informing her that he would like to meet and talk. Nina thanked her son for having taken the first step.

Kyle and Diane greeted each other at the Abbott home before Jack came downstairs for breakfast. Diane cornered Kyle and again stated her case for keeping quiet about the plan, which he had later backed away from, to collude with Audra and Tucker and betray Jack and Jabot. Kyle cried that he had almost attempted to benefit from selling out his own father to Tucker. Diane reminded Kyle that he had reversed course and that thoughts were not the same as actions. Jack overheard Diane tell Kyle that he should not say anything to his father until the time was right. Jack asked, "Tell me what?"

Kyle apologized to his father for having been a jerk when Jack had offered him the position of COO of Jabot. Jack was pleasantly surprised to learn that Kyle was reconsidering the offer. Jack asked Kyle what had prompted his change of course. Kyle claimed he had needed time to self-reflect, especially after Billy had called him a spoiled brat who believed he was entitled to take his uncle's job. Diane was miffed when she heard what Billy had said. Kyle defended Billy, agreeing that his uncle had been right to call him out on his behavior.

Kyle credited his mom and her advice for his decision to let the past go and move forward. Kyle told Jack that he intended to prove himself to his father and, in turn, allow his father an opportunity to prove he had faith in his son. Jack thanked Diane for having shared good advice with their son. Diane told Kyle that she and Jack wanted him back with his family at Jabot. Kyle announced that he would accept the job his father had offered. Jack, jubilant, hugged his son. Diane smiled.

Tucker was finishing breakfast in the dining room at the Athletic Club when Devon joined him. Devon did not mince words and informed his father that he had once again caught Tucker telling another lie, which, Devon added, was one too many. Tucker pretended not to know what Devon was talking about. Devon replied, "We're talking about your collusion with Aunt Mamie."

Tucker again denied he had colluded, but Devon revealed that Tucker had been covertly using Mamie's firm to invest in Chancellor-Winters. Tucker claimed that most of the funds were Mamie's, not his. Devon asked Tucker what he was after. Tucker replied that he only wanted to grow closer to Devon. Devon warned Tucker to keep his hands off Chancellor-Winters, reminding Tucker that Tucker had no right to claim any part in Neil and Katherine's legacy. Devon ordered Tucker to keep his distance from Devon and his family. Before Devon left, he said, "I'm done with you."

Devon ran into Ashley on his way to the exit and greeted her briefly. Ashley sensed that something was wrong. Ashley confronted Tucker and asked, "What the hell have you done now?" Tucker refused to disclose what was going on until Ashley offered to help. Tucker initially blamed Phyllis for spreading lies and accusations about him, which he suggested had gotten back to Devon. Tucker cried that as a result, Devon had cut Tucker out of his life.

Tucker admitted he had invested in Mamie Johnson's company without disclosing his involvement to Devon. Tucker explained that due to Mamie's investment in Chancellor-Winters, Devon believed that his aunt and his father were colluding. Tucker added that Devon feared that Tucker's intention was to buy a stake in Chancellor-Winters. Ashley replied, "Clearly, that's why you came back to Genoa City, right? Is to get your hands on Chancellor and Jabot?" Tucker denied Ashley's claims.

Ashley, mocking Tucker and laughing at his foolishness, said that she had become exhausted by his game-playing and lying. Tucker complained that he and Ashley no longer had any common ground. Ashley replied that there was no greater common ground than sharing a grandson together, and she acknowledged that Tucker was an excellent grandfather. Ashley offered to help Tucker mend his relationship with his son, explaining that she was concerned about Devon, Abby, and Dominic. Ashley recalled the pain of being cut off from a parent and dealing with the regrets of time lost as a result of the separation.

Ashley became frustrated when Tucker asked Ashley what she wanted in return for her help. Ashley replied that all she wanted was for them to learn to be civil, so she and Tucker could gush over their grandson and enjoy family gatherings without causing a scene. Tucker reluctantly accepted Ashley's offer. Ashley gently tapped Tucker's arm with her handbag before she rushed away.

Devon sought solace from Abby at Society. Devon informed Abby that Lily and Jill had proof of Tucker's direct involvement with Mamie and her investment in Chancellor-Winters. Devon explained that Tucker had lied about not using Mamie's financial firm to make investments and had continued lying even after having been confronted with proof. Devon told Abby he had cut ties with Tucker. Abby, saddened, told Devon he deserved a loving, trustworthy father. Abby added that Tucker yearned to be a good father but was not capable of following through.

Devon told Abby that he had warned Tucker to stay away from Chancellor-Winters. Devon acknowledged that despite the warning, Tucker would likely do whatever he wanted because he was unconcerned about negative fallout. Abby sighed and replied, "Even if the fallout is his relationship with his son." Devon told Abby he was determined to protect his family and his company from Tucker. Abby offered to talk to her mother and find out what was going on. Devon informed Abby that he planned to work with his family to thwart Tucker's plans.

Devon met with Jill and Lily at the penthouse apartment. Devon informed them that Tucker denied having colluded with Mamie, though Devon said he was certain Tucker had a plan in the works. Devon added that they should be ready to stop Tucker. Lily agreed that she, Jill, and Devon should take precautions. Lily told Devon she was sorry that Tucker had let Devon down again.

Devon replied that Tucker could not be trusted, so Devon would no longer waste his time trying to reconcile with his father. Devon expressed remorse for Dominic's loss. Lily suggested that Tucker might consider his loss to be a wake-up call. Jill disagreed and insisted that Devon should not retain false hope, considering that "Tucker is Tucker." Devon agreed with Jill and advised both Jill and Lily to prepare to fend off Tucker's attack. Devon said he had a plan he hoped they might be willing to approve.

Ashley arrived at the Abbott home soon after Jack welcomed Kyle's return to Jabot as the new chief operation officer. Ashley applauded and congratulated her nephew. Ashley jokingly said, "So, you're not gunning for Billy's job anymore?" Ashley laughed and teased that it had not been Kyle's smartest move. Kyle admitted that he had been set straight after a few smackdowns. Diane winced as Ashley chided Kyle over his missteps. Kyle insisted that he intended to make his family a priority and work as a team player. Kyle mentioned Tucker's expected next move.

Ashley told Kyle, Jack, and Diane that she had run into Tucker after Devon had confronted him. Jack asked Ashley about the confrontation. Ashley explained that Devon had discovered that Tucker had invested in Mamie's company and that Mamie and Tucker had plans to stake a foothold at Chancellor-Winters. Jack claimed that it was unlike Mamie to get involved with a man like Tucker. Ashley noted that because Mamie hated Jill, Mamie believed that working with Tucker might end up negatively impacting her enemy.

Ashley admitted that she had offered to help Tucker mend his relationship with Devon, adding that her goal was to protect Abby. Jack warned Ashley not to get involved. Ashley insisted that Devon deserved to have a relationship with his father. Jack accused Ashley of taking advantage of the situation. Ashley angrily replied, "That's your opinion. What do you need to hear from me? I promise you I don't have any intentions of reconnecting with Tucker on any level."

Jack shook his head in disgust. Ashley suggested that Tucker's reconciliation with Devon might also persuade Tucker to back away from Jabot. Jack was determined to stick to his plan and release the dirt he had uncovered about Tucker. Ashley warned that if publishing the article failed to stop Tucker, there would be nothing left for them to do. Diane agreed with Ashley, adding that making the information public could inflame Tucker. Kyle agreed. Jack agreed to back off.

After Jack stepped out to take a call, Ashley left. Diane, keeping her voice low, told Kyle that he, not Ashley or Billy, would be the one who would save Jabot from Tucker. Kyle nodded nervously. Kyle vowed not to let his father down. Diane assured Kyle that his father would be proud. After Diane stepped out, Kyle sent a text message to Audra, requesting to meet with her.

Ashley met with Abby to discuss Devon and Tucker's falling-out. Ashley said she knew for a fact that Tucker cared deeply for Devon. Abby cried that Tucker had lied to his son and secretly tried to wrest control of Devon's company. Ashley asked Abby if Devon had proof. Abby said she did not know the details, though she was certain Devon had proof of Tucker's misdeeds. Ashley asked Abby if she believed Tucker and Devon might recover from the rift. Abby said she believed the relationship might remain severed forever because Tucker had hurt Devon and broken his trust. Ashley asked for Abby's help in convincing Devon to reconcile with Tucker, explaining that perhaps mending the relationship might ease Devon's pain.

After Devon shared his plans with Jill and Lily in private, Jill expressed concerns that it might be too risky to rely on the level of trust necessary to pull off Devon's scheme. Devon said he was certain his plan would allow them to get the information they needed. Lily said it might be their only chance to figure out what Tucker was planning and stop him in his tracks. Devon heard a knock at the door and asked Jill and Lily if they all agreed. Jill and Lily told Devon that they approved.

Devon opened the door and welcomed Mamie and Nate. Both said they were surprised to have received Devon's invitation. Jill confronted Mamie about her involvement in planning to oust Jill from Chancellor-Winters. Mamie said that Tucker had merely invested in her company. Jill accused Mamie of colluding with Tucker.

Nate, taken aback, asked Mamie if she had been using him as part of her overall plan. Mamie claimed that her goal was to get Nate back into the family fold. Mamie insisted that her ultimate goal was to unite their family under one corporate umbrella. Devon told Mamie she could prove her loyalty by revealing Tucker's agenda, and if she did, they would consider allowing Nate to rejoin them at Chancellor-Winters. Mamie did not immediately respond.

Audra read Kyle's text message requesting to meet with her. Afterward, Audra sent a text message to Tucker. Audra wrote, "Kyle is reaching out. You were right." Tucker replied, "Reel him back in." Tucker sat alone, contemplating his next moves.

A familiar face shows up at Jordan's lake house

A familiar face shows up at Jordan's lake house

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Kyle and Audra met at the Athletic Club. She voiced surprise that he had reached out, since she hadn't been sure she'd ever hear from him again. He conceded that his emotions had gotten the better of him the last time they'd spoken, but he figured that they had too much of a connection to leave things the way they had. Audra expected Kyle to tell her in a less emotional way that he was backing out of the plan he'd agreed to only a few days earlier, and she informed him that she didn't need to be let down gently. She preferred the direct approach, and she urged him to tell her what was on his mind. "I want back in," Kyle replied.

Audra noted that Kyle had been adamant about wanting in on the plan, but then he'd been just as adamant about not betraying his family. She complained that it was making her dizzy, but he swore he was willing to do it. Audra asked why he'd consider working with her, and Kyle asserted that he wanted to be co-CEO of Jabot. She argued that he'd made it clear that he didn't want to get the job that way, and she questioned why she should believe he wouldn't change his mind again. Kyle claimed that he had evidence to prove that he was committed. "Evidence to prove what?" Tucker asked as he joined them.

Tucker, Kyle, and Audra retreated to the jazz lounge, and Tucker inquired about how Kyle could prove he was sincere. Kyle cautiously glanced around before playing an audio file on his phone. In the file, Ashley revealed that she intended to nudge Tucker and Devon back together, hoping it would get Tucker to back off Jabot. Tucker huffed that it wasn't news, since he'd assumed Ashley had been trying to manipulate him. Kyle guessed that Tucker had been hoping it wasn't true, but Tucker argued that it was irrelevant.

Kyle contended that the point was that he'd thrown his aunt under the bus to show whose side he was on. Audra was impressed by the sneaky move, but Tucker snickered at the thought of Kyle Abbott playing dirty. Audra imagined Kyle had given some thought to how he could help them achieve their goal. Kyle divulged that he'd accepted the position of COO of Jabot, portraying himself as a team player who was willing to put his family above his own ambitions. Kyle was sure his father had believed it because Jack had wanted to, and it was a weakness that had been easy to exploit.

Tucker planned to use any information Kyle could gather to destroy the company from the inside. Kyle protested that he wanted to run the company, and there would be no incentive if there was no company left to run. Audra clucked that "destroy" was too strong a word, and Tucker suggested that "cripple" was a better term. Audra pointed out that Jabot was too financially stable to fall prey to any kind of storm they could create. Tucker reasoned that they needed control to put Kyle in charge, and they needed leverage to get it by creating some kind of crisis at Jabot. Tucker asked if that would be a problem for Kyle.

Kyle recognized that he would need to be involved for the plan to work because it required intel that only someone on the inside could deliver. Kyle added that he didn't trust either Tucker or Audra, and he knew a hurt Tucker wanted to punish Ashley and the people who were important to her. Tucker dryly inquired whether Kyle had gotten that from his freshman psychology class, and he cautioned that he knew more about Kyle than Kyle thought.

Kyle stressed that he wasn't joining Tucker and Audra out of spite to burn things down, but he agreed to be part of it because it was the only way he'd get to run the company. Kyle warned them not to play him, or they wouldn't get what they wanted. Tucker welcomed Kyle aboard again, and the men shook hands. Tucker directed Kyle to run back to Thanksgiving to play the prodigal son and get back in the Abbotts' good graces. Audra volunteered to walk out with Kyle.

In the Athletic Club foyer, Audra told Kyle she was glad he was back. Kyle imagined that Tucker was pleased with her efforts, but she observed that Kyle didn't seem pleased for a man who was about to get everything he wanted. Kyle ordered her not to try to manage him, but Audra found it appealing that he didn't trust her. She acknowledged that there was nothing in it for her if Tucker burned things down. Kyle anticipated Tucker giving him the means to cripple the company, but Audra pledged to build it back better and stronger once they got control, since it was what Tucker did best. Kyle confirmed that he was clear on who he was dealing with, and it was why he was putting up with both of them. He walked out.

Meanwhile, Tucker chugged his drink and dictated a text message to Devon, asking if they could try to fix things because he'd love to spend Thanksgiving together. Audra returned to the lounge and commented that it looked like it was just the two of them. Tucker replied that it was just the way he liked it, since he'd never understood the appeal of Thanksgiving. He complained that the turkey was always dry, and no one ever got the mashed potatoes right. Tucker invited Audra to go upstairs, and she bristled. He clarified that he intended to take her to the dining room to buy her a burger and bourbon. He offered her his arm, and they headed upstairs together.

At the Abbott mansion, Diane carefully positioned a tray of appetizers on the coffee table. Jack noted that it was the third time she'd moved them, and she pointed out that it was her first Thanksgiving as his wife in his family home. He stressed that it was their family home, and she mused that she wanted it to be perfect. Jack assured Diane that no one was keeping score, and it was the one day of the year that everyone set their judgment aside and put their battles on hold to join together in gratitude and unity. Diane dryly asked if he'd met his sister.

Jack recalled that Ashley had shown restraint on Thanksgiving the year before, but Diane remembered being afraid Ashley would stab her with a fork. Jack chalked it up to the magic of the holiday that Ashley hadn't done it, and he marveled at how much had changed in the past twelve months. Ashley overheard as she entered the room, and Jack informed her that they'd been reflecting on how Ashley and Diane's relationship had progressed. Ashley supposed she owed Diane a debt of gratitude for saving her life, though part of her still believed Diane would have preferred that Ashley had choked to death on a grape.

Diane chirped that she and Ashley were on the same team then. Jack declared that they were all working toward the same goal -- to protect Jabot from Tucker. Ashley could hardly believe that she'd married Tucker and left him on their honeymoon. Jack suggested that they not talk about Tucker for one day and instead focus on the things they were grateful for. Ashley announced that she wanted to invite Tucker and Devon over to share a drink. Diane protested that it would risk spoiling the day.

Ashley anticipated that Tucker would agree to it because of Devon, and Tucker was likely to be vulnerable because he would otherwise be alone on the holiday. Jack muttered that it couldn't happen to a nicer guy, and he refused to allow Tucker in their home. Jack suggested that Ashley meet with Tucker and Devon elsewhere, but Ashley pleaded with her brother to put his dislike for Tucker aside for the greater good. Jack groused that it would ruin their family celebration to have that man in their house, and he remained vehemently against it.

Jack asked to have one Tucker-free day, but Ashley thought he could survive seeing Tucker for the sake of their family company. Jack figured that Devon already had plans, but Ashley argued that it was just one drink. Jack insisted that Thanksgiving should mean something and that it should be about family. He added that he was grateful she was there, but she huffed that some things were more important than sitting at a table and eating turkey.

Jack reiterated that the day was about family, and they needed to value it by enjoying one another's company and trying to keep their family tradition going. He lamented that there were far too few of them. Ashley swore she was grateful that he was trying to keep the tradition alive. Jack contemplated what their dad would have done. Ashley contended that John would have agreed with her, but she offered to meet Tucker and Devon at the Athletic Club. Diane insisted that she wanted Ashley there with the family. Ashley promised that she would be there for part of it, but seeing Tucker was something she had to do.

Jack said the last thing he wanted was to argue with Ashley, but he grumbled about how stubborn she was being. Ashley questioned why he had to be a control freak, and he replied that he was still worried about her. She encouraged him to think of it as an opportunity to talk about her behind her back, jokingly adding that it was their real family tradition. Jack prepared to check on things in the kitchen, and the siblings hugged and wished one another a happy Thanksgiving.

After Jack stepped out, Ashley thanked Diane for what she'd said. Diane swore that she wanted it to be their first family Thanksgiving together without all the animosity, but she warned that there could be a problem with Ashley's plan. Diane said she understood that Ashley wanted to take advantage of the emotions that the holidays stirred up, but she objected to Ashley sacrificing the whole day for it. Diane continued that it would mean a lot to both her and Jack to have Ashley there for Thanksgiving dinner.

Diane loved that Harrison was growing up with family traditions, and she recalled that Jack had found out a year earlier that he had another grandchild. Ashley considered it a shame that Allie couldn't be there, but she accepted that the young woman was pursuing her dreams in Paris. Diane hoped Ashley could make it back in time for dinner because the table would feel empty without her. Kyle returned home and remarked that something smelled delicious. Ashley complimented Diane's Thanksgiving decorations, and she headed upstairs to get ready.

Kyle informed Diane that he'd met Audra, and Tucker had shown up. Kyle revealed that he'd told them he was in on their plan to take over Jabot, and he thought Diane had been right about how to handle it. Kyle pictured undercutting Tucker, handling the threat on his own, and making it a gift to his dad. Jack reentered the room and welcomed the sight of mother and son together. Diane relayed that she'd done her best to convince Ashley to make it back for dinner. Jack wanted their family to be together, but he couldn't believe Tucker was still invading their lives. Kyle implored his father to forget about Tucker, since the day should be about their family.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria left a voicemail for Nikki. Victoria hoped her mother was having a good visit with Casey, and she told Nikki to give Casey her love. Victoria added that she didn't want to interrupt their quality sister time, but she requested that Nikki give her a call because she could use some advice.

In the corridor, Victoria considered calling Nate. A frazzled Claire stepped off the elevator and apologized for almost running into Victoria. Victoria mentioned that Claire had been heading out west with Nikki. Claire explained that she'd returned to pick up some work, but Victoria sensed that something was wrong. "It's your mother," Claire blurted out.

Moments later, Victoria rushed into Victor's office, followed by Claire. Victoria reported that Claire had gotten a call from her aunt in Oregon, and Nikki had apparently suffered some kind of seizure that morning. Claire claimed that Aunt Jordan had called an ambulance, and Nikki had been taken to the hospital. Victor made a call and ordered the pilot to get the jet ready. Victoria insisted on going with him, and she planned to grab Nick on their way to the airport. Victor and Victoria hurried out, and Claire followed them.

Later, Nick joined Victor, Victoria, and Claire at the Athletic Club. Nick learned that they hadn't heard anything from Nikki, and Claire indicated that Jordan hadn't been picking up, either. Victor became irate when he answered a call and found out the jet wasn't ready yet. Victoria cried that her mom needed them, and Victor swore everything would be all right.

Victor asked Claire what her aunt had said about what had happened with Nikki. Claire said Nikki had supposedly started twitching, and her arms had jerked out of control before she'd collapsed. Victoria suspected the incident had been related to Nikki's multiple sclerosis. Victor was determined to relay Nikki's medical history to her doctors, and he asked for the name of the hospital. Claire explained that there weren't many hospitals near the lake house.

Victoria wondered where Jordan had been treated after her fall. Claire claimed that a retired doctor who lived on the lake had tended to her aunt, since Jordan hated hospitals. Claire feigned regret that she hadn't gotten more information, and Victor pressed her to get in touch with Jordan to tell Jordan about Nikki's medical condition. With the Newmans within earshot, Claire called Jordan and reported that Victor and his children were very worried. Claire handed the phone to Victor, who introduced himself to Jordan. Jordan gushed that she couldn't believe she was speaking with him.

Victor thanked Jordan for helping his wife. Jordan pretended the connection was bad, and she stated that the doctors were tending to Nikki. Victor instructed Jordan to tell the medical staff that Nikki had MS, and Jordan indicated that the doctors had already figured out what had been ailing Nikki, who was responding to epilepsy medication. Jordan continued that the hospital had needed to keep Nikki overnight to avoid taking any chances. Victor shared that he would be there in a few hours.

Jordan remarked that it was handy to have private jets. Victor requested the name of the hospital, but Jordan again feigned having a terrible connection and hung up. Claire bemoaned that the service could be awful in such a remote area. Victor said he owed Jordan a debt of gratitude, and he looked forward to thanking her in person. Victoria fretted that she hadn't known Nikki would be in such a remote location, and Claire explained that most people moved there to be off the grid. Victor, Victoria, Nick, and Claire headed out.

In Jordan's lake house in Oregon, a haggard Nikki clutched a half-empty vodka bottle before setting it on a table. She staggered across the room and grabbed a bottle of water. She opened the bottle and sniffed its contents, and she was relieved to discover it truly was just water. As she sipped the water, she wondered how much vodka had been pumped into her, since she hadn't felt like that in a long time, and she hadn't ever wanted to feel like that again. Nikki chugged more water and yelled for Claire. "Why are you doing this to me?" Nikki wailed.

Trembling, Nikki stared at the vodka bottle and willed herself not to do it. She contemplated why Claire wanted her to suffer, since it was clear Claire knew her weakness. Nikki told herself that it was a disease, and she closed her eyes and vowed to take it one day at a time. Nikki rocked herself back and forth on the bed, her gaze intent on the bottle of vodka.

Nikki picked up the vodka bottle, placed it on a silver serving tray, and covered the tray with its lid. After a moment, she removed the lid and willed herself to pour the alcohol out, since she knew how things would end if she didn't. She carried the vodka into the bathroom and unscrewed the cap. Her hands shook as she held the bottle over the sink, but she stopped short of dumping it down the drain.

Nikki took a swig from the bottle and gasped for breath, then chugged again. She stumbled back into the bedroom and had another long drink. The bottle slipped out of her hand and shattered on the floor. Nikki dissolved into tears and crawled into bed. "What have I done? God help me," she sobbed.

Later, a disoriented Nikki stirred in bed and envisioned the bathroom door swinging open. She asked who was there.

Downstairs, there was a knock at the lake house door, and a man's voice called out for Nikki and Victoria. The man discovered the door unlocked, and he opened it. Cole Howard entered the house and announced that he'd received Nikki's text message about Victoria, and he asked if Victoria was all right.

Michael and Gloria return to town with a scandalous tale

Michael and Gloria return to town with a scandalous tale

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

by Nel

At Lily's penthouse, Daniel, Devon, Nate, and Mamie had gathered for Thanksgiving. Devon suggested that Mamie tell them what Tucker's real intentions were. Lily clarified that they didn't want the intentions Tucker had tried to sell them. Devon reminded Mamie that Nate returning to Chancellor-Winters depended on that information, but Mamie said the day was about family, gratitude, and loving each other, not business. Nate said it meant a lot to him that Lily and Devon would even consider letting him return to Chancellor-Winters, and he vowed he wouldn't let them down.

At Society, Lauren thanked Abby for rescuing the Baldwin-Fisher Thanksgiving catastrophe. Lauren griped, "Leave it to Gloria to show up from Singapore without any warning and expect a Thanksgiving dinner." Abby replied that at least Gloria hadn't shown up with a whole entourage. Kevin and Chloe arrived. Kevin griped about Gloria changing everyone's holiday plans at the drop of a hat for a family reunion no one wanted. Chloe said they all needed to put on a smile and pretend they all wanted to be there.

Michael and Gloria arrived. Michael happily greeted and hugged everyone. Gloria growled that she hadn't slept in months. She hugged Kevin and Chloe, and she asked about her grandbabies. Kevin said Gloria would see them later. Gloria claimed her grandbabies were the air she breathed and her legacy. Gloria flopped down on the couch and appeared to fall asleep.

Abby told everyone the food was ready, but they would have to serve themselves because the staff had the day off. Gloria stood up and started to say that when she'd owned Glow... Michael clamped his hand over Gloria's mouth. He told Abby he was sure they would manage. Abby left.

Lauren told Gloria how amazing Abby had been to put the whole Thanksgiving dinner together with next to no notice. Gloria asked if it was asking too much to come home to a home-cooked Thanksgiving dinner after months of prison food. Lauren stated it was, and it would have been nice if Gloria had given her a heads-up that she was on her way to Genoa City instead of just showing up on Lauren's doorstep.

Michael told Lauren he'd tried to let her know, but his text messages hadn't gone through, and his calls had gone dead. Chloe said they all had much to be thankful for. She suggested they make the most of it, since Michael and Gloria were home safe, and they were all healthy. Chloe asked Michael and Kevin to pour the wine, and she asked Lauren to help her in the kitchen.

At the bar, Kevin claimed that Michael and Gloria had been gone so long that he and Chloe had thought they'd been relocating to Singapore. Gloria claimed that while in Singapore, all she'd wanted had been to get home to her family. She claimed it had been the only thing that had kept her alive. Michael said it could all have been avoided if she'd just stayed out of trouble.

Lauren said they all wanted to hear what Gloria had done and why it had taken Michael so long to exonerate her. Gloria said she wouldn't contaminate the occasion by recounting the most unspeakable nightmare she'd been through, but Kevin disagreed. He said Gloria had done something that had landed her in a Singapore jail, and she was trying to wave it off with a simple "I hate when that happens."

Gloria claimed it had been a simple case of mistaken identity. Michael laughed and said there hadn't been a mistaken identity. He said, as usual, she'd been "guilty as hell" of the crime she'd been charged with. Kevin insisted that Gloria tell them because they wouldn't let up. Gloria claimed they were all very cruel, and they didn't realize the pain that unfortunate incident had caused her. She claimed it was a miracle she was alive. Michael groaned that Gloria was going to milk it, as if she'd committed a capital crime. He suggested they have dinner while Gloria cleared up the mystery, and if she didn't, he would.

At the table, Lauren told everyone that even though it had been a shotgun dinner, it had brought them all together, and Michael had been gone far too long. Lauren stated she was grateful for her very interesting family. Kevin said he was grateful for their happy and healthy children, and his own heath so he could enjoy them. He said he was also thankful for that moment with his beautiful family. Gloria said she was grateful for her family, but especially grateful for Michael, who'd saved her from a fate of unspeakable suffering.

Gloria told everyone she'd had an affair with a diplomat but that his wife had caught them together. Gloria said his wife had had a meltdown, hurling unwarranted insults at her, and then she'd thrown Gloria out "like a common trollop.:" Gloria said she'd gone into the closet to retrieve her clothes, and she'd taken three pairs of the wife's designer shoes and a "divine silk cocktail dress." Gloria said that after everything she'd been through, she'd believed she'd deserved them. She said the worst part had been that the husband had pressed charges. Lauren laughed because Michael had gotten Gloria off on a mistaken identity defense. Michael claimed he was that good.

At the Athletic Club, Tucker asked Audra to explain why he'd noted there was something more going on between her and Kyle than casual sex. Audra accused Tucker of being jealous. Tucker claimed that in some alternate universe, he and Audra would have been a perfect match. Audra asked if he really believed that. Tucker asked what there was not to fall in love with: she was brilliant, talented, and stunningly beautiful. He admitted he was a little jealous. Tucker kissed Audra's hand. He said she wouldn't get anything like that from Kyle. Audra asked if Tucker was saying she deserved someone like Tucker, just not Tucker.

Tucker received a text message from Ashley: "Can we have a drink together?" He showed Audra the message. Tucker said he had no intention of replying, because he didn't trust the invitation any more than he trusted Ashley. He said after hearing Kyle's recording of Ashley's conversation with Jack, it was clear she was setting him up.

Audra said Tucker missed the game of cat and mouse. She noted that Tucker was hoping Ashley missed the game, too. She said one could love and hate a person at the same time, and that was exactly how he was feeling about Ashley. Audra said if it was a lost cause, then he should reply no to meeting her. Tucker changed his mind and said it was a golden opportunity to find out how far Ashley was willing to take things. He said he would be a fool not to respond. He replied to Ashley's text message: "Sure, meet me in the jazz lounge." Audra claimed Tucker was going to blow their plan out of the water because he couldn't get Ashley out of his head.

Billy and Chelsea arrived at the Abbotts' for Thanksgiving. Jack told Chelsea that Billy was very happy she was back in town. Jack asked Chelsea to say hello to Anita and Connor when she saw them later. Ashley entered, and Jack asked if she still planned to meet with Tucker. Ashley admitted that she did.

Traci arrived with a couple of take-out bags. Billy explained to Chelsea that they took turns picking up specialty desserts because they didn't all like the traditional ones Mrs. Martinez made. He said Harrison found pecans disgusting, and Billy admitted he hated pumpkin pie. Billy asked Chelsea if Adam would be joining her and Connor for Thanksgiving, Chelsea replied that she'd explained to Connor that Adam and Anita didn't get along, and Connor had decided he didn't want them to be put through that. Jack and Billy agreed that had been very mature of Connor.

Ashley told Jack she would go and have a drink with Tucker and Devon, and hopefully she would be back in time for dinner. She said she wanted to mend the rift between Devon and Tucker, and perhaps she could show Tucker there was no point in attacking Jabot. Jack said there was no decency or humanity left in Tucker. Ashley left.

Diane asked if Kyle was preoccupied because Harrison was spending the day with Summer. Kyle denied it. Diane asked if it was Kyle's involvement with Audra. Kyle said he wasn't worried about it, and Diane shouldn't be, either, because he claimed he would use Audra far more than Audra would use him.

Elsewhere, Billy told Kyle that Jack had informed him that Kyle had reconsidered his potential future at Jabot, and he'd decided to return as COO. Kyle admitted he had. Billy said that was exciting, and he asked what had changed Kyle's mind. Kyle asked if it mattered. Billy admitted it didn't as long as Kyle was being sincere. Kyle said there was nothing to worry about. Billy said he wasn't worried, but he was protective of the company, the family, and Jack. Kyle asked if Billy wanted to protect Jack from Kyle. At that moment, Chelsea told Billy she had to leave to meet with Anita and Connor. Billy walked Chelsea to the door.

Traci told Jack it was way past time to eat. Jack asked if they should wait for Ashley. Traci said they all knew who Ashley was with. She asked if Jack wanted their Thanksgiving to hinge of what might or might not happen between Ashley and Tucker. Jack asked if she ever got tired of being the voice of reason.

Jack asked for everyone's attention. He said he had a couple words before they sat down for dinner. He said he had much to be grateful for; he'd married the woman of his dreams, who'd brought a richness, a level of meaning, and joy to his life. He said she'd changed who he was as a man. He said, "This has been a challenging year for the Abbots on several fronts… but in the end, we got through it. Why? Because as strong as we all are as individuals, we all know from life that we are decidedly stronger together. Strong enough to handle anything that life throws us. We have so much to be grateful for and so much to look forward to. Yes, there will be challenges. Yes, there will be setbacks, but we will grow and learn and thrive as long as we face those challenges together."

At the penthouse, Devon told Mamie he thought it was fantastic that she was trying to bring the family together, but he was sure she understood how much it had hurt to be betrayed by their own family and the reason it was so difficult for them to get past that. Mamie said she understood, but it appeared they were all inching their way back toward each other, and that was good enough for her.

Mamie told Devon she wasn't naïve enough to think that every family was so united. Mamie said she'd spent a lot of years at the Abbott house, and the Abbotts' closeness was their strength and their bond. She said she believed that their family was also headed for something magnificent. Lily asked Mamie to tell them how Tucker played into all of that, because they deserved to know.

Mamie said that she and Tucker had two common goals. She said hers had been to get back with her family, and Tucker's was to get rid of Jill so he could clear a path for Devon and Lily. Mamie claimed she was in favor of both. Mamie asked if it would really be so bad if Jill no longer had equal control of Chancellor-Winters, and Lily and Devon wouldn't have to run every decision past Jill. She said they would own their company without outside interference. Lily and Devon exchanged a look.

Mamie assured everyone it had nothing to do with Tucker grabbing Chancellor-Winters for himself. She said it was all about Devon's future and Tucker's legacy for his grandson. She said Tucker had never believed that Jill had any right owning Katherine's company, and he believed Devon was the true Chancellor heir. Devon asked if Tucker's plan was to push Jill out of the company. Mamie remained silent. Devon told Lily they should warn Jill, but Lily reminded him that Jill had already known. Devon asked for specifics about Tucker's plans to overthrow Jill.

At the Athletic Club, Ashley stopped at Audra and Tucker's table, and she commented that it was "such a surprise" to see them so cozy together. Tucker said he and Audra were trendsetters, and they'd decided that turkey, mashed potatoes, and family gatherings were passé. He said they'd chosen to have cheeseburgers at the hotel bar on Thanksgiving. Audra thanked Tucker for dinner. She wished Ashley a happy Thanksgiving, and Audra left.

Ashley told Tucker it made her sad to think he would be alone on Thanksgiving. She said she'd thought it was a good day to try to bridge the gap between him and Devon. They went to the jazz lounge.

Tucker told Ashley not to waste her time pretending to feel bad for him. He said he'd gone through worse calamities than what they'd been through. He suggested they leave Devon out of it. Ashley said she knew Tucker was in a lot of pain. She said she'd sent Devon a text message, asking him to meet them there to try to make peace. Tucker claimed that had been very presumptuous, and Ashley didn't expect Devon to show up any more than Tucker did. He asked what she wanted.

Ashley told Tucker she had a proposition for him. Ashley said the company they'd acquired as the foundation for "Simply Ashley" was solid, and it had a lot of potential. She suggested Tucker take it and go forward in a positive and productive direction. She wanted him to see it as a gesture of goodwill because she'd reneged on their business partnership. She felt it would make peace for everyone. Tucker said it was a deal.

ENCORE: Eve Howard claims Victor is her son's father (1993)

ENCORE: Eve Howard claims Victor is her son's father (1993)

Thursday, November 23, 2023

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, The Young and the Restless rebroadcast a classic episode of the show from February 4, 1993.

In the episode, Victor received a surprise visit from Eve Howard, Traci confronted Lauren about her affair with Brad, Gina played matchmaker for Ryan and Nina, and Nikki helped Victoria mend her broken heart.

You can read a full account of the episode -- and Daily Recaps dating all the way back to the first episode Y&R on March 26, 1973, in Soap Central's The Young and the Restless Daily Recaps Archive.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, November 27, and picked up where the Wednesday, November 22, episode concluded.

PREEMPTION: The Young and the Restless did not air

PREEMPTION: The Young and the Restless did not air

Friday, November 24, 2023

Because of the extended Thanksgiving holiday, The Young and the Restless did not air due to CBS sports coverage of college football. This was a planned preemption and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the preemption.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, November 27, and picked up where the Wednesday, November 22, episode concluded.

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