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Jordan poisoned Victor, Victoria, and Nick to avenge the death of her sister, Eve Howard. Victoria and Cole realized that Claire believed she was their dead baby girl. Jordan announced that she'd stolen baby Eve from the hospital. Jordan stabbed Nick. Jack refused to heed Billy's warnings about Kyle.
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Jordan poisoned Victor, Victoria, and Nick. Claire believed she was Victoria and Cole's daughter. Jack ignored warnings about Kyle.
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Jordan and Claire reveal their sinister motives

Jordan and Claire reveal their sinister motives

Monday, November 27, 2023

At the Athletic Club, Adam approached Nate and asked if he had seen Victoria or Victor. Adam explained that he had not seen them at the office or anywhere else. Nate replied that he had not. Adam asked Nate whether or not he was still involved with Victoria. Nate replied that it was none of Adam's business, and Nate said he assumed that Adam's family was keeping him in the dark.

Sally was descending the stairs and overheard the snarky exchange between Nate and Adam just before Nate left. Sally greeted Adam and said sarcastically, "You just make friends everywhere you go, don't you?" Sally asked Adam to elaborate about his family having shut him out. Adam replied that Nate was wrong about what he had said. Adam insisted that his relationship with his father had never been closer.

Sally and Adam sat at the bar. Sally asked Adam if he and his father had mended their relationship. Adam said that he and Victor were working things out, though he had not had an opportunity to share the latest developments because Sally had been avoiding him since their previous encounter. Adam noted that neither one of them had expected what had happened, though he was convinced that the relationship he and Sally had once had still meant something to each of them. Sally told Adam she could not return to the past.

Adam pleaded with Sally to regard him as a changed man. Sally admitted that Adam's willingness to use his father's illness to take him down was disturbing to her. Adam replied, "I didn't go through with it." Adam noted that he had shown maturity and restraint by having reconsidered and backing away from his plan. Sally remarked that Adam had set the bar for himself too low.

Adam explained that Victor had fabricated his illness as a trap in order to determine who was betraying him. Adam said that though everyone thought he was betraying his father, it was actually Nate. Adam told Sally that after all that had transpired, Victor expected him, Victoria, and Nick to work things out. Adam insisted that working things out would be impossible because Victoria and Nick avoided interacting with him, as did most people in his life. Sally reminded Adam that she had needed some space.

Sally admitted to Adam that she still did not have all the answers regarding her mixed feelings for Nick and for Adam. Adam told Sally he still longed for her and their relationship and hoped she might feel the same way. Sally told Adam that after thinking things over, she had sought answers from the universe and had not yet gleaned a response. Adam quipped that the universe was very busy. Adam suggested Sally let her heart tell her what to do. Adam admitted that though he had a bad track record at maintaining relationships, he would fight for his relationship with Sally. Adam cried that the night they had been together had meant something special to them both.

Sally asked Adam how they should proceed. Adam suggested they have dinner together. Sally replied, "Like a date?" Adam said, "Like a proper date. No pressure, no expectations." Sally accepted.

Adam asked Sally about the status of her personal and working relationships with Nick. Sally explained that Nick had followed through with his promises and allowed her to run her business however she wanted. Adam replied that he was glad Nick had kept his promise to Sally. Sally asked Adam if he and Nick might become friends. Adam recalled that he and Nick had repeatedly tried to be friends, but their efforts had never lasted.

Adam changed the subject and expressed relief that Connor was not so much like his father and was living a normal life. Adam credited Connor with changing his father's life and perspective in a positive direction, as children often did. Adam paused and noted that Sally was still mourning the loss of their daughter. Sally told Adam she needed time to think and backed out of their dinner plans, though she promised to have dinner another time. Adam offered to walk Sally to her door. Sally told Adam they might get in trouble again if he did.

Sally allowed Adam to walk her to the foot of the stairs. Adam paused near the stairway and said, "Well, I guess this is as far as I go." Sally thanked Adam for a lovely evening. Adam told Sally they should enjoy a real date soon and see where it took them. Sally leaned forward and kissed Adam on the lips. Adam smiled and said he had not expected a kiss. Sally smiled back and replied, "Neither was I."

Nate had coffee with Audra at Crimson Lights. Nate told Audra about Victor having pretended to suffer from end-stage dementia. Nate explained that Victor had believed his ruse might help him catch one of his children using his condition against him in an attempt to oust him from the company. Audra asked Nate how the trap had worked against him.

Nate explained that he had suggested sending Victor to a private sanatorium where he could receive care without worrying about media scrutiny. Audra chided Nate for having walked right into a trap. Nate defended his actions, explaining that as a doctor, he had been genuinely concerned about Victor's well-being and had never had any other intentions. Audra replied, "You were making a play, and Victor shut you down."

Audra told Nate that she assumed his plans had involved him and Victoria taking over while Victor was away undergoing treatment. Nate replied that it had been his plan, which he had hoped would keep the company running. Nate admitted that he was furious about how the situation had worked against him. Audra asked Nate if he wanted to get back at the Newmans. Nate replied that he was not stupid enough to go after Victor Newman, so he intended to move on.

Audra mentioned that she had potential opportunities she was considering. Audra suggested she might have a place for Nate because she preferred colleagues she could trust to do their job by whatever means were necessary. Nate insisted he was not as ruthless as Audra believed he was. Before Audra walked away, she replied, "Keep telling yourself that."

At the home where Jordan supposedly resided, Cole Howard phoned Victoria and left her a message. Cole said, "Listen, I'm at the house that Nikki told me to go to, but she's not here, and obviously, neither are you. I'm all by myself, I think. You know, it's a little weird because I'm in somebody's house, and I have no idea whose it is." After Cole hung up, Aunt Jordan stealthily approached from behind, struck him in the head with a hammer, and knocked him unconscious. Jordan laughed after Cole slumped to the floor.

Upstairs in a bedroom, where Nikki was being held captive, Nikki struggled to awaken and crawl out of bed. Nikki cried, "Oh, God. I've got to get out of here." Unsteady on her feet, her eyesight blurry, Nikki collapsed back on the bed and hugged her pillow for comfort. Beneath the pillow, Nikki discovered a tattered photograph of a woman with short blonde hair. Nikki studied the woman's face and cried, "Eve?"

Later, Jordan entered Nikki's room. Nikki called out, thinking Jordan was Claire. Jordan hovered over Nikki and said, "You can call me Jordan for now." Jordan instructed Nikki to stay calm, explaining that she should have left her I.V. in place in order to stay hydrated. Nikki inspected her hand and saw a tube still taped to the top of her hand.

Nikki was confused when Jordan informed her that she would be joining her family after they arrived. In a moment of clarity, Nikki cried, "You did this to me!" Jordan bent over close to Nikki and replied, "No, Nikki Newman. You did this to yourself. Your whole family did this to you."

Downstairs, Claire arrived with Victor, Nick, and Victoria. Claire called out to Jordan. Victoria demanded to know where Nikki was. Claire, acting as if she was unsure about where her aunt could be, offered bottles of water, which everyone drank. Jordan, her right arm in a sling, entered the room from the stairway. Victor told Jordan that he was looking for his wife. Jordan claimed that Nikki was still at the hospital, but she refused to name the facility and claimed that visiting hours were over.

Victor demanded to see his wife. Jordan instructed Claire to order a car service. Claire stepped out of the room. Victoria asked Jordan to explain what had happened to Nikki. Jordan claimed that Nikki had begun rambling as if she had been drinking, suffered a seizure, and later collapsed. Nick noted that his mother had not had a drink in many years because she was a recovering alcoholic.

Jordan claimed that after Nikki had collapsed, an ambulance had arrived and administered an anti-seizure medication called Phenytoin, which had stabilized Nikki. Claire returned and claimed that a car should arrive within 15 minutes. Victoria said all she wanted was to see her mother. Claire cut her eyes at Jordan. Jordan admitted that no car would arrive, nor was Nikki at a hospital. Nick angrily said, "What the hell is this? What are you talking about?" Jordan removed her sling and announced that it was time to tell the truth, sternly ordering them all to shut up and listen.

Jordan asked Victor if she looked familiar, suggesting he focus on her eyes. Victor said he had never seen Jordan in his life. Jordan explained that her sister was Eve Howard, whom Victor had known intimately. Jordan accused Victor of breaking Eve's heart and throwing her out like she was not even human. Jordan cried that because Victor hurt people, she had drawn him and his family together, so they could all make amends.

Victor asked Jordan if her scam included demands for money. Victor recalled that Eve Howard, a deeply disturbed woman who had made his life a living hell, had never mentioned having a sister. Jordan explained that she and Eve had been estranged at the time Eve had been with Victor. Jordan said that Eve had died before she and her sister had gotten an opportunity to heal. Jordan blamed Victor's interference for separating her from her sister. Victor replied, "It took you 40 years to come up with this cock and bull story?"

Victor, frustrated, insisted that he and his children needed to find the hospital and help Nikki. Jordan admitted that she had lied about Nikki having suffered a seizure, adding that Nikki had not been transported to a hospital. Victor, Nick, and Victoria appeared stunned and demanded to know what had happened to Nikki.

Victor told Jordan she had better tell him where his wife was -- or else. Jordan replied, "Or else what?" Victor warned that Jordan did not want to find out, explaining that he reacted severely to threats against his family. Jordan replied, "Oh, your family. Do you mean like my sister? Did my sister, Eve, cross you? Is that why you threw her out like trash, Victor Newman?"

Victor again asked about Nikki, adding that he was finished playing games. Claire appeared to enjoy watching Jordan confront and taunt Victor. Jordan informed Victor that she was not playing games, adding that her intentions were as serious as a heart attack. Jordan disclosed to Victor, Nick, and Victoria that she had poisoned the water they had drunk with Digoxin, so they did not have long to live. Jordan menacingly proclaimed that it would be her utmost pleasure to watch them die.

While Jordan was taunting the Newmans downstairs, Nikki had a disturbing nightmare about having confronted Eve in the past. Nikki, in distress, her cheeks stained with mascara, had asked Eve what she had done to Victor. Eve had replied that he had died, though not before she and Victor had realized what they had meant to each other. Eve had claimed that Victor had intended to give her his name. Eve had informed Nikki that she had planned to marry Victor. Teary-eyed, Nikki had asked Eve if she had talked Victor into marriage. Eve had claimed that Victor had begged her to marry him, adding that she had given him a son and her life. Nikki awoke and cried, "No, no!"

Downstairs, Victor told Jordan that she was crazy. When Victor, Nick, and Victoria attempted to leave, Jordan informed them that all windows and doors had been triple-locked. Victoria cried, "Why are you doing this?" Jordan replied, "So Claire and I can stand here and watch you die." Claire dragged an injured Cole into the room. Victoria exclaimed, "Oh, my God. Cole?" Victor, taken aback, said, "Cole Howard?" Claire replied, "Well, he had to be here for the family reunion. Didn't he, Mother?" Cole and Victoria appeared stunned.

Jordan's confession stuns everyone -- including Claire

Jordan's confession stuns everyone -- including Claire

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

At the Oregon lake house, Victoria reeled as Jordan sat down with a smirk. "What did you call me?" Victoria incredulously asked Claire, who reiterated that she'd referred to Victoria as "Mother." A confused Victoria wondered why. Claire explained that Victoria was big on formalities, so "Mother" seemed appropriate. Claire reasoned that they were way past the "Mama" and "Mommy" phases that Victoria had missed, but "Mom" felt a little too familiar.

Victoria assumed that Claire was either completely delusional or just crazy, since she'd never seen Claire before Claire had shown up at Newman. Claire snarled that it would have been awful for Victoria to see her own daughter, and Cole asked "what the hell" was going on. Claire spat that Victoria had ignored Claire's existence all those years, choosing to go about her life with the children she'd acknowledged. Claire wondered if Victoria had made her children cookies and read them stories at night, or if she'd neglected them in a more subtle way than she had done to Claire. Victoria insisted that she wasn't Claire's mother.

Claire declared that Jordan had been right -- if one told a lie often enough, it became the truth. Victor stood up and ordered Jordan to reveal Nikki's whereabouts. "Or what, Victor, you'll beat me?" Jordan defiantly questioned. Jordan reminded Victor that he had poison in his system, so he was in no position to negotiate, and he'd never find out what had happened to his wife if he hurt Jordan. Jordan conceded that Victoria's denials had been convincing, but she thought Victoria knew the truth underneath all her beautiful hair.

Jordan accused Victoria of being afraid to think that she was standing right in front of her daughter. Victoria huffed that all she wanted to know was where her mother was. Jordan pointedly noted how strong a mother-daughter bond could be. Victor asked what Jordan wanted. Jordan snapped that she wanted her sister; however, Eve was dead, and there was nothing Victor could do to get her back.

Nick surmised that the antidote was in the house somewhere. Jordan taunted that it was a big house, the bottles were small, and the clock was ticking. Claire announced that she knew where one of the bottles was, and Jordan knew the location of the rest, so the group had to convince them both to let them all live. Victoria asked Cole if he recognized Jordan. Cole recalled meeting an aunt a couple of times; however, she and his mom hadn't gotten along, and he couldn't be sure it had been Jordan.

Nick confirmed that the doors and windows were bolted shut. Jordan warned that if they tried to escape, they were miles away from anything and would be dead before dawn. Victor realized Jordan was enjoying the situation, and Jordan called it payback. She hissed that there wasn't a currency in the world to pay her enough for what the Newmans had done. Jordan suspected that her captives would start to feel nausea and dizziness very soon, and Victor wondered what she wanted them to do. "Everything I ask of you," she replied.

Jordan recognized that Victor was an alpha male who liked running the show, but it wasn't his show -- it was hers and Claire's. Victor confirmed that he understood, and Claire commanded that everyone turn over their phones. As Claire collected them, she marveled that she'd never thought she'd see the day both her parents were there. Victoria maintained that she and Claire weren't related. Claire coldly asked how Victoria thought it felt, knowing Victoria and Cole had pretended Claire had never existed after they'd given her away the day she'd been born. A horrified Victoria realized who Claire was claiming to be.

Claire locked everyone's phones in a drawer. Cole adamantly stated that Claire couldn't possibly believe whatever lie Jordan had told her. Victoria denied that what Claire was saying was true, and Nick asked what they were talking about. Victoria revealed that Claire believed that she was Victoria and Cole's baby, Eve. Cole figured that it was why Jordan and Claire had lured him there. Claire insisted she was their daughter, and she believed Victoria and Cole were either in denial or putting on a show.

Victoria offered to prove that Claire's claim was impossible by showing Claire the medical records and taking her to baby Eve's gravesite. Claire chalked it up to being a cover story, since people had known Victoria had been pregnant with a child who'd been beneath the Newman family line, so Victoria had gotten rid of Claire in a way that would garner sympathy. Victoria cried that she'd wanted her baby girl more than anything in the world. Claire found it disgusting how easily Victoria lied.

Victoria tearfully asserted that it had broken her and Cole's hearts when their baby had died, but it was the truth. Victoria added that she had no idea why Jordan had cooked up the twisted fantasy. She said Claire had deserved her parents' love, but Victoria and Cole weren't who Claire thought they were. "I am that sweet, little Eve Nicole Howard that you gave away," Claire proclaimed. Victoria moved to strike her, but Claire caught her hand. "Now I'm Claire Grace, and the only one lying about anything here is you," Claire growled. Jordan looked at Claire approvingly.

Upstairs, Nikki lay in bed with an intravenous needle inserted into her hand. She stirred and envisioned the bathroom door squealing as it opened. Victor appeared, and she thanked God. She begged him to help her get out of there, but he lectured that she'd sworn she'd never drink again. Victor told her that he would only help if she admitted she had a problem.

Nikki swore that she'd been forced to drink, and she realized she needed to remove the I.V. needle. Victor placed his hands on hers and urged her to fight to make it back home to him. Nikki wailed that she couldn't, since it was in her, and it burned. Victor proclaimed that she was stronger than alcohol, and he encouraged her to show him she could do it. She complained that she was sleepy, but he implored her to keep her eyes open, or she would die. Victor ordered her to be the woman he knew she was by getting to her feet and fighting. A groggy Nikki slowly struggled to sit up. "Fight. Fight. Fight," she weakly repeated.

Victor recalled that he'd seen Nikki fight the battle before, and she'd always won. He was confident she could do it, but she murmured that while she was trying, she could barely move. Victor swore that he couldn't lose her, and Nikki willed herself to get out of bed. Victor reminded her that their family adored her. Nikki said she loved him, but she was tired and didn't know what was happening. Victor declared that it couldn't be the end of her, so she had to keep fighting. "Come to me," he beckoned. She extended her hand to reach for his, and the I.V. stand clattered to the floor.

Downstairs, Nick wondered what the noise had been. Jordan chalked it up to a cat knocking over some china, and she called to Claire, who seemed to be in a trance as she stared at Victoria. Claire absently backed Jordan's statement up. Victor and Nick exchanged a knowing glance.

Nikki pulled out the I.V. needle and pledged to get the alcohol out of her system, telling herself she was strong. She suddenly faced a vision of Claire, who told her that she might as well lie back town. Nikki ordered Claire out of her way, but Claire chirped that she was the best assistant Nikki had ever had. Nikki called her a liar, but Claire teased that Nikki had believed her before and would believe her then. Claire insisted that it was better that way, since Nikki liked how the alcohol felt. Claire smiled and assured Nikki that she'd earned it.

Nikki asked why Claire was doing that to her, and Claire groused that the booze made Nikki whiny and pathetic. Claire suggested that Nikki accept that no one knew where she was or would show up to rescue her. Nikki bellowed that she wasn't going to die there, but Claire cooed that it was okay to be weak and give in sometimes. Nikki contended that she was much stronger than Claire thought she was, and she charged at Claire, who vanished. Nikki ran into the bathroom to throw up.

Meanwhile, Claire wistfully recalled that other kids at school had had moms and dads, as did every kid on television and in books, but she'd been different. Claire remembered growing up knowing that Victoria and Cole had denied she'd ever existed. Cole stressed that it wasn't true, but Victoria prompted Claire to finish her story. Claire claimed that Victoria and Cole had shipped her away after she'd been born because they hadn't wanted her, and she'd been inconvenient to the way they'd planned the rest of their lives.

Claire wondered if there had always been a plan to get rid of her or if Victor and Nikki had talked Victoria and Cole into it to prevent Claire from sullying the family name. Claire surmised that Victoria hadn't wanted the burden of a baby when she'd been too busy being the Newman princess. Claire wondered if Victoria and Cole had thought about her when her birthday had rolled around. Cole explained that baby Eve had been born prematurely, and she'd been the most beautiful thing he and Victoria had ever seen; however, Eve had been frail and too weak to survive. Victoria wailed that Eve had died, and they'd buried and mourned her.

Victoria added that not a day had gone by that she hadn't thought of her dead daughter. Cole demanded to know if Claire was satisfied to see Victoria torn apart, reliving one of the worst days of their lives. Victor offered to send any amount of money Jordan and Claire wanted to tell him where his wife was and let his family go. Jordan scoffed at the idea that Victor still thought money would get them out of it. She stressed that she didn't "give a damn" about money, and she vowed to inflict as much pain on them as they'd inflicted on her sister.

Victor barked that Jordan was no more Eve's sister than Claire was Victoria's daughter. Jordan asked how Victor could possibly know, noting that it hadn't taken him long to get Eve into bed and pregnant. Victor pointed out that a DNA test had proven Cole wasn't his son, but Jordan countered that Eve hadn't known that when she'd found out Victoria and Cole were getting married. Jordan recounted that her sister had rushed back to stop it, but Eve had gotten sick and died before she'd been able to. Jordan insisted that Cole's mother had been trying to protect him, but Victor had tried to poison Cole's mind by convincing him that Eve was crazy and better off locked up or dead. Victor realized Jordan blamed him for everything.

Victor flashed back to Eve asking if he'd let her return. He suspected that she was the same "double-dealing, scheming witch" she'd been when she'd first ruined his marriage. Victor ranted that her son wasn't his, but the young man was a decent human being, which was why Victor hadn't sent her packing years earlier. Eve guessed that Victor just wouldn't admit he was lonely. He retorted that he would rather spend ten years on a desert island alone than one month being intimate with her.

Eve gushed that she and Victor were two of a kind, and they could own the whole world together. Victor knew the real object of her affection was his money, and she would do anything to get it. Eve insisted that she loved him, but he snapped that she lied as easily as she breathed -- and just about as frequently. Eve pleaded that he couldn't do that to her. He said he could and would, and he ordered her to get out. Eve ominously stated that he would regret what he'd done to her.

Jordan asked if it was hard for Victor to face that he was responsible for all of it. Victor suggested that she keep him there and let everyone else go, including Nikki. Jordan snickered and refused to let him die a martyr, believing his family was safe. Jordan contended that Eve had deserved much better than that, and the Newmans' relentless denial was an insult to Eve and to Claire.

Claire figured that other kids had grown up wanting to be movie stars or Olympic athletes, but she'd always pictured watching her parents pay the price for not wanting her. Victoria adamantly stated that she would never believe Claire was her child, since Eve had died, and it was all just a con that Jordan had perpetuated. Claire forced Victoria to look at her, since she believed that Victoria would see her daughter if she looked in Claire's eyes. Victoria's eyes welled with tears.

Cole raged that Jordan and Claire were both sick, and he refused to let them torture Victoria or the rest of them any longer. Cole raced to the door and furiously tried to open it. Nick attempted to join him, but he stumbled and almost fell. Victoria got wobbly when she tried to stand up, and she realized that the poison was starting to work. Jordan advised them to save their strength.

Victoria reminded Claire that she'd promised to give them the antidote if they listened, and they'd done everything Jordan and Claire had asked. Jordan haughtily noted that they hadn't admitted what they'd done, and they hadn't shown remorse or taken any responsibility. Jordan lectured that they'd all been a colossal disappointment. Victor glanced over at the stairway. Jordan rambled that the only thing that would make it better would be if Eve could be there to see it all. "Justice for Eve!" Jordan bellowed.

Jordan taunted that they were all going to die. Victoria reasoned that Claire was angry with her and Cole, but not Victor, Nikki, or Nick. Victoria appealed to Claire not to punish all of them for the grudge Claire held against her and Cole. Claire brightened at the thought that Victoria was finally starting to believe the truth, but Victoria reiterated that it just wasn't possible. Victoria accused Jordan of lying to Claire for years, but Jordan swore that Claire was the daughter Victoria and Cole had thought they'd lost.

Cole recalled that he'd been there when Eve had taken her last breath, and they'd buried her. Jordan claimed that the child Victoria and Cole had buried hadn't been their daughter. Jordan explained that she'd been in such grief that she'd felt she'd had to do something to the family who had killed her sister. Jordan admitted that she'd stolen Claire from the hospital to make the Newman family pay for all their sins. "She is your daughter," Jordan stressed. Claire's eyes widened in shock.

Jordan rattled off details, like baby Eve's time of birth and the room number she'd been born in. Cole asked if Jordan was trying to tell them that she'd switched their baby with another one that had died. Jordan crowed that it had been easy when she'd been wearing a nurse's uniform in a busy maternity ward. Jordan called her niece a magical creature that the Newmans had never deserved. Claire stammered that Jordan had told her that her parents hadn't wanted her and had given her away. Jordan thought it was apparent that Claire had merely been a bump in the road for them.

Claire cried that it changed everything, since her parents had wanted her. Jordan warned Claire not to be fooled, since their guests would say anything to stay alive. A shaken Claire grappled with the fact that Jordan had stolen her from the hospital to pay the Newmans back. Jordan argued that she'd given Claire a wonderful life, and she questioned whether Claire thought the Newmans would have done better for her.

Claire recounted that Jordan had told her that her parents hadn't wanted or loved her. Jordan rationalized that if Victoria and Cole had loved Claire, they would have known Claire was still alive. Victoria questioned how they could have known. Claire yelled that none of her aunt's stories were true, and Jordan had used her. Victor silently headed for the stairs as Nick lunged at Jordan, demanding to know where the antidote was.

Victor called out for Nikki, who heard him and pounded on the door. Victor opened the door to Nikki's room, and Nikki asked if it was really him. He took her into his arms and assured her that everything would be all right.

Gasping for breath, Victoria begged Claire to help them. "Tell me who I am. Tell me I'm your daughter," Claire pleaded. Victoria gently explained that Claire wanted them to believe something that couldn't be true. Claire protested that Victoria didn't want it to be true, but Victoria insisted that she wanted Eve to be there. Cole pushed Claire to accept that her aunt had lied to her for her entire life.

Victoria sadly remembered that she'd held her dying baby in her arms, but she wished her child had lived. Claire contemplated why Jordan had said she'd stolen Claire from the hospital. Victoria admitted that she didn't have answers, and she pointed out that they couldn't get them unless Claire helped them.

Jordan broke free of Nick's grip and grabbed a knife. Nick chased Jordan up the stairs, and she turned around and slashed him across the chest. Jordan appeared in the bedroom doorway and found Victor and Nikki together. "Just where the hell do you think you're going?" Jordan growled, formidably brandishing the bloody knife.

Nick crawls to his phone and calls 9-1-1

Nick crawls to his phone and calls 9-1-1

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

by Nel

In Nikki's office at Newman Media, Audra left Nikki a voicemail message saying she needed Nikki's help. She stated that it wasn't like Nikki to go off the grid, but she hoped everything was okay.

At Crimson Lights, Billy left a voicemail message for Victoria, stating her message had him worried, and he asked her to call him back. Nate arrived. Billy asked if Nate had heard from Victoria. Nate replied that he hadn't. Billy explained that Victoria had left him a message saying Nikki had had a seizure, and Victoria had been on her way to Oregon. He said Victoria had sounded frantic, and he hadn't heard from her since.

Nate asked Billy if Victoria had told Billy what type of seizure it had been because Nikki's MS could put her in a vulnerable position. Billy said he knew nothing more. Nate said he wanted to know more about Nikki's condition. Billy said he'd thought Victoria's first call would have been to Nate.

Nate sent a text message to Victoria: "Everything all right? I'm with Billy. We're concerned." Billy said he had a right to know if Nate and Victoria were no longer together because his kids had been through a lot, and he didn't want to add to their confusion. Nate assured Billy that his situation with Victoria wouldn't affect Billy's kids.

Billy said he'd heard Nate had left Newman, and he wondered if that had anything to do with Nate and Victoria's breakup. Nate said he and Victoria had had a bit of a falling-out. Billy asked what Nate had done. Nate said he loved that Billy automatically assumed it had been his fault. Billy claimed it didn't matter whether it had been Nate's fault or not; the Newmans would make it look like it had been Nate's fault. He said that was the Newman playbook.

Billy asked what had happened, and Nate said he'd fallen into one of Victor's infamous traps. Billy said Victor prided himself on those traps, and there were only two options: either one gnawed on one's leg to free oneself from the trap, or one cut one's losses and walked out the door. Nate said he'd chosen the door.

Billy told Nate he knew that Victor was back in the CEO chair and that Victoria had been demoted. He asked if that was how everything had begun. Nate stated it had begun and ended there. He said he felt he'd done everything right, medically, professionally, and ethically, but Victor had misinterpreted his advice, as had Nick and Victoria. Billy stated that Victoria didn't automatically fall in line with Victor, so there had to be a reason she'd turned against Nate, and it hadn't been because Victor had.

Nate said that Billy couldn't be objective, and his opinion would be skewed when it came to Nate's relationship with Victoria. Billy said he sympathized with Nate for being "Victor's latest casualty."

Standing alone at the counter, Nate remembered a recent conversation he'd had with Victoria. Victoria told Nate she was sorry. He asked if that was because he'd been fired. Nate said he had been the only doctor in that room and had offered Victor the best course of action, but Victoria hadn't had his back. Victoria said after everything she'd done to prove her worth to Victor... Nate interrupted and said he was sure she would get over it. He accused Victoria of throwing him to the wolves. She said there was a way to fix it, but Nate claimed she would have to take a stand that she didn't want to take. He said all he'd wanted to do had been to protect Victor and give her back what she deserved while Victor healed. He said his mistake had been believing Victoria had had his back.

In real time, Billy asked if Nate had received a response from Victoria. Nate said he hadn't. Billy checked his phone, and he confirmed Victoria hadn't replied to him, either. He said he was worried because she was really good about keeping him updated. He said something serious had to have happened for Victoria to drop everything to be with Nikki. Billy said he would try to reach her again. Billy stepped away to make his call. Audra arrived.

Nate told Audra that he and Billy had been trying unsuccessfully to reach Victoria. Audra said she'd left a dozen messages for Nikki, and she hadn't responded, either. Nate said Audra might not hear from Nikki for a while, depending on the severity of her seizure. Billy returned, and he confirmed that Victoria had gone to Oregon to be with Nikki. Billy said Victoria's message had been frantic. Audra said if Nikki couldn't respond, Claire usually filled her in, but Claire wasn't responding, either. Billy asked "what the hell" was going on.

Nate told Billy he'd spoken to the transportation coordinator, who'd told him Victoria, Victor, and Nick had flown to Oregon. Billy found it strange that no one had reached out to them. Audra said she'd spoken to Casey, and she hadn't heard from Nikki nor was she expecting her. Audra said it was unusual for Claire not to respond. Billy announced that he was going to call the Oregon police to ask them to check Claire's aunt's house.

Nate asked if Billy had an address. Nate said he didn't feel it was necessary to call the police. Billy insisted that a billionaire CEO, the co-CEO of Newman, and the CEO of Newman Media were together, and no one had heard from any of them. He said that was very suspicious. Audra said if all the Newmans had flown to be with Nikki, one of them would most likely have reached out to let them know what was going on. Audra and Nate wanted to hold off, but Billy claimed if the Newmans were in trouble, valuable time was being lost to locate them.

Nate told Billy the most likely possibility was that the Newmans were preoccupied with Nikki's health, and they didn't have time to respond. Billy left a voicemail message for Victor, asking him for an update. Billy said it was weird that Victor hadn't taken his call, because Victor usually jumped at the opportunity to berate him.

Nate asked if it had occurred to Billy that Victor might have great affection for him. Billy said no because Victor hated him. He said Victor had never believed he'd been good enough for Victoria, and Victor reminded him of that every chance he got. He was sure Nate had gotten a bit of that, but Nate claimed Victor had always treated him with respect -- and at times, admiration. He said he'd been Victor's physician previously, and that might have carried a lot of weight. Nate asked Audra if she'd been able to get hold of Nick, but she said none of the Newmans were answering.

Nate told Billy there might be a rational explanation, but Billy insisted that he'd known the Newmans his whole life, and irrational things happened to them constantly. Billy said he would stop by Newman Tower and see if anyone had any information or if they'd heard anything. Billy left.

Nate told Audra he was worried about Victoria. Audra said she was surprised because she had the impression that things between him and Victoria weren't good. He admitted that Victoria's choices had hurt him, but it didn't mean he'd stopped caring about her. Audra asked him to be careful of stepping back into the Newman vortex. She said he was better off free of that, and Nate agreed he was better off away from Victor. He said he didn't know if there was still a future for him and Victoria.

Audra stated that Nate had been blindsided, and she asked why he would set himself up for that to happen again. She said Victoria would always choose Newman over Nate, and he deserved better. She said her offer for him to come and work for her was still open. Nate reminded her she hadn't told him what the job was. He asked why he would accept a job offer for a job he knew nothing about. She said he knew the most important part -- he would be working with her.

Nate asked if Audra wanted him to forget all his other prospects and go work with her at a mysterious opportunity for no other reason than to work with her. He said he'd always admired her self-confidence. Nate asked where she'd developed that skill and how she'd become the person she was. She said none of that mattered other than that she was in Genoa City with him and doing what she did best. She said she facilitated, negotiated, cultivated, disseminated, and dominated, and she looked good doing it. He said Audra was a one-of-a-kind piece of work.

Nate told Audra that before he accepted her job offer, he needed a little more to go on. She said she would let him buy her dinner, and she would give him a few hints about her job offer. He agreed.

At the lake house, Nick stumbled down the stairs after being stabbed. Victoria screamed, and Claire just stared.

Upstairs, Jordan asked Victor if he was feeling a little peaked and if the poison was getting to him. Victor asked whose blood was on the knife Jordan was holding. Jordan replied it wasn't Victor's -- yet. He told Jordan to put the knife down, but if she was going to use it, he would come after her. Jordan laughed.

Jordan asked if Victor was giving her orders after what he'd done to her sister and her family. Victor asked if Jordan had forgotten that Eve had tried to kill Nikki. Jordan claimed Victor had destroyed Eve, and then he'd told Victoria and Cole to abandon their baby, saying the baby would be better off because the Newmans would never love her, since she was Cole's daughter. Victor denied it. Jordan claimed she'd loved that baby, and she'd given her guidance and a promise. Jordan said Claire would have become nothing but a broken young woman without her. Victor stated that Jordan had turned Claire into a monster.

Nikki told Victor she didn't understand any of it, and she wanted to know what Jordan wanted. Victor said Jordan was trying to kill them. Jordan laughed, and she said it wouldn't be much longer before the poison killed them. Victor said if the poison was about to kill him, then he would take her down with him. He knocked the knife out of Jordan's hand, grabbed her, and threw her on the bed. He took Nikki's hand, and they left the room. Victor locked Jordan in the room.

Downstairs, Cole and Victoria applied pressure to Nick's wound while Victoria begged Claire to call an ambulance. Claire refused. She said she'd waited 20 years to hear how horrible Victoria had felt for leaving her and for Victoria to say she was sorry. Victoria said she was sorry for the lies Jordan had told to make Claire believe those terrible things. She said she was sorry for the way Claire had been raised to be filled with so much hate. Claire claimed Jordan wouldn't lie to her.

Victoria told Claire she and Cole had loved their baby, and they'd been destroyed when Eve had died. Claire claimed she was Eve. Cole said Claire had been lied to her entire life and had lived with misguided anger for too long. Victoria begged Claire to listen to Cole because Claire knew it was all wrong, and they were dying. She implored Claire to call an ambulance, and she promised to help Claire.

Victor and Nikki slowly descended the stairs. Claire asked if they'd hurt Jordan, but Victor demanded that Claire provide them with the antidote. He promised that Jordan would spend the rest of her life in prison. He told Claire that if any of them died because of Claire's inaction, she would meet a fate worse than what they were going through.

Nikki asked Claire what kind of a monster she was. She said she'd trusted Claire. Victoria implored Claire to turn the situation around for all of them. Cole said they would all help Claire, but they couldn't do that unless Claire helped them. Nikki said the rest of Claire's life would depend on what she did next.

Claire asked if Victoria would help her. Victoria said she would do whatever she could to help. Claire got the antidote and gave it to Victoria to distribute. Claire said Nikki didn't need it because she'd only had an I.V. of alcohol. She gave a vial for Victor to drink. Nick crawled to the dresser and grabbed a phone and dialed 9-1-1 for help while everyone ingested a vial of the antidote.

Cole apologized to Victoria. He said he hadn't known. Victoria said she knew he hadn't. Cole asked Victoria if their baby was dead. Victoria confirmed the baby had died, and what Claire had said had been lies, because their baby had died. Claire began to cry.

The EMTs arrived and took care of Nick's knife wound. Cole announced the ambulance was going to transport everyone to the hospital to make sure they had been successfully detoxified. Nikki said she hadn't been poisoned, but Victor stated she'd suffered a lot of trauma and needed to be checked out.

Victor asked the police officer if she'd arrested the woman in the locked room. The officer told him there was no one in any of the upstairs rooms. Victor stated there was only one exit out of that house, and Jordan hadn't gotten by them. Nikki said there was a window in that bedroom. The officer said the window was open, but it was too high for anyone to jump from. Victor claimed there was no way Jordan could have escaped without injuring herself. Nikki asked Claire where Jordan would hide. Claire said she had no idea.

Billy walked into Victor's office. It was empty. He called Nick, and to his surprise, Nick answered. Billy asked for answers. Nick said he couldn't get into it, but they were all together and safe. Billy asked what Nick meant when he said they were all safe. Nick said they would all be home soon, and Victoria could fill him in when she could. Billy asked if everyone was all right, but Nick said he had to go and disconnected the call.

Victor told the officer Jordan was criminally insane, and they had to find her.

Another officer was taking Claire out in handcuffs, but Claire stopped, and she told Victoria she didn't know who she was. Claire apologized to everyone and left with the officer. Victoria said Claire was very confused, but Victor claimed Claire was as crazy as Jordan.

Cole said the EMTs were ready to take them all to the hospital.

After everyone left, Jordan looked into the living room from an air vent near the ceiling.

Jack refuses to believe Kyle would betray him

Jack refuses to believe Kyle would betray him

Thursday, November 30, 2023

by Nel

At Society, Ashley asked if Devon had communicated with Tucker. Devon said he had. He asked Ashley not to be concerned because he wanted nothing to do with Tucker because Tucker was incapable of changing. He said he wouldn't risk Tucker getting close to Dominic. Abby asked if Ashley was falling for Tucker's "I'm sorry I hurt you" act. Ashley admitted she thought she and Tucker had been in love with each other and she wanted to think some part of that had been real. Abby asked if Ashley was saying she could forgive Tucker for the things he'd done to her.

The waiter pouring water into Ashley's glass stirred memories of the conversation Ashley had had with Tucker in Paris. Ashley told Tucker she wanted to talk things through with him, but Tucker didn't want that. Ashley said Tucker claimed she wasn't the woman he'd married, but she was still the woman who was deeply in love with him. Ashley said she knew he was angry because she'd told him she needed to stay at Jabot, but it wasn't intended as insult or betrayal.

Tucker accused Ashley of fixating on her family, her one true love, and the company her daddy had built. He accused Ashley, Jack, and Billy of being emotionally stunted human beings who were disgustingly obsessed with each other. He said he'd made a choice of putting Ashley first. He said it was their only chance to be more than a team or partners, to make two halves a whole. Ashley said that wasn't realistic because they'd always been different people, and she didn't want to change who they were. She said who Tucker was had been the reason why... Tucker screamed, telling her not to lie to him.

Tucker told Ashley they didn't have anything. Still screaming, he said she'd made him beg her, cut open a vein and bleed, and begged her to trust him and to believe in them. He said he'd had to worship her because that had been the only way the ice queen would thaw -- total devotion -- and she'd given him nothing in return.

Ashley cowered and asked Tucker to calm down, but screaming louder, Tucker claimed she'd destroyed him and that he'd never really had a chance with her. Scared, Ashley suggested they talk things out the next day. Tucker cruelly mimicked Ashley's fear and said he didn't care where she slept or what she did. He knocked back his wine and threw his glass on the table, shattering it, and he screeched for Ashley to "go to hell." Tucker left.

Ashley snapped back to reality when Abby asked if Ashley was all right. Ashley admitted she'd been thinking about the fight she and Tucker had had and how Tucker had blown up. She admitted she'd played a part in what had happened. She said Tucker had been wrong, but she felt partially responsible for what had happened in Paris.

Ashley told Devon she'd could have handled things better; however, she wouldn't defend what Tucker had done, and the incident could have been avoided. Devon said Tucker was a narcissist, and it was never his fault. He said perhaps Ashley's instincts had taken over and she'd sensed something had been off with Tucker. She said she regretted that things had ended so horribly. Abby said Ashley had to see Tucker for who he really was, a rage-filled man who'd masqueraded as the love of her life.

Ashley said it had to be hard for Devon, but Devon claimed he'd defended Tucker more times than he could count. He said Ashley was the victim, not Tucker, and Abby added that Ashley had to be done with Tucker. Ashley said she had to remember she hadn't been the only person affected by what had happened in Paris. Abby told her to walk away from Tucker. Ashley assured Abby her eyes were wide open regarding Tucker, and she was trying to figure out what Tucker was up to regarding Jabot. Devon said he didn't know what Tucker had planned for his company, either. Ashley asked what harm Tucker could do to Chancellor-Winters.

Devon asked if Ashley was aware that Tucker was involved in Mamie's investment at Chancellor-Winters and that Tucker claimed his only interest was to shore up the company for Devon's benefit and Dominic's future. Devon said he was certain there was more to it, which was the reason he'd cut Tucker off. Ashley said if Chancellor-Winters was Tucker's target, then maybe it was true that he had no interest in going after Jabot. Abby said Tucker wouldn't be happy burning down one company, and he wouldn't be satisfied until he burned down the world.

Ashley told Abby and Devon that she'd hoped to reconnect with Tucker and manipulate him to find out what he was up to, but she'd realized the only person who had any influence over Tucker was Devon, Tucker's Achilles heel. Ashley said Tucker was desperate for Devon's love and approval, and he craved Devon's forgiveness. Devon asked if Ashley thought Tucker would tell Devon what Tucker's plans were if Tucker got Devon's forgiveness. Ashley said she hoped so, but Devon's forgiveness would have to be sincere. She said if there was any emotion left in Tucker, Devon was the only person who could bring it out.

At the Abbotts', Jack and Diane told Kyle they were very happy it was his first day as COO at Jabot; however, there was an electrical problem on the top three floors of Jabot, and they would all be working from home. Jack proudly stated it was the beginning of Kyle's special career. Kyle said he really appreciated that Jack had made it happen and that Jack believed in him.

Kyle told Jack and Diane he had a couple of things to take care of. He said there was a surprise in the works, and he needed to talk to Diane. Jack left to meet with Billy. Diane asked if Kyle had made any progress with Tucker. Kyle claimed he finally had Tucker in his pocket. He said he'd told Tucker he'd been remorseful with the family, and he'd taken the COO job. Tucker saw it as beneficial having someone on the inside to help him take Jabot down. Diane asked if Tucker had given Kyle the slightest hint about his plan. Kyle admitted Tucker hadn't, but Kyle would find out because Tucker needed Kyle.

Diane warned Kyle not to get overly confident because Tucker was a dangerous snake. Kyle claimed Tucker thought he was working Kyle, but Tucker didn't realize that Kyle was working Tucker. Diane warned Kyle not to get cocky because Tucker was shrewd, and he was possibly setting Kyle up as a test of some kind. Kyle claimed he was aware it was a possibility, and he promised to be careful.

Diane told Kyle she'd had a lot of experience with Tucker, and she wanted to help Kyle outmaneuver Tucker. Kyle suggested she trust him to handle things. He said he had Audra as an ally. Diane was concerned that Kyle believed Audra had his back. Kyle asked if she was worried that he couldn't pull it off. Summer entered and said it appeared she'd walked in on a serious conversation. She asked what they were trying to pull off. Diane said it was Kyle's first day at Jabot as COO. Summer said it was great that Kyle was working with the family again.

Kyle asked why Summer was there so early. She said she wanted to get Jack's advice about an internal issue. Diane said Summer had just missed him. Summer said she would catch him at the office, but Kyle informed her there was no electricity on the top three floors, and they would all be working remotely. Diane suggested that Summer work with them, and Harrison would be happy to see her when he got home. Summer agreed. Diane suggested that Summer run that problem by Kyle, and they could figure it out together.

Kyle told Summer he had a lot to do, like getting the lights turned on at Jabot. Kyle left. Summer told Diane that Kyle didn't want to be in the same room with her. She said it would be nice if they could be friendly with each other, despite getting a divorce. Diane said it would be better if they could find their way back to each other. Summer stated that Kyle had made his choice, and she didn't want there to be any animosity between them. Diane claimed Kyle found the situation awkward, even more so when Diane meddled. She claimed Kyle was as sad about their circumstances as Summer was.

Summer told Diane she knew the breakup was mostly her fault, but Kyle had sealed the deal. Summer suggested perhaps Kyle had slept with Audra because he'd wanted to hide, but he'd definitely made a statement that he was moving on. Diane said she didn't like or trust Audra, and she didn't want her in their lives. Summer claimed Kyle was going through one of his phases by flexing his muscles and trying to prove he was the big man on campus. Diane said she was worried that Kyle might have gotten into something he couldn't get out of.

At Crimson Lights, Tucker greeted Billy. He asked if Billy was having a slow day. Billy said because Tucker didn't have a real job, his body clock was out of whack. Tucker claimed he had a real job; he just didn't know what it was or where he would turn up next. Tucker said Jack seemed to think Billy was chomping at the bit to release that damning information Billy and Jack had on him. Tucker said if they had the damning information, they had to release it.

Billy told Tucker he liked the idea of hanging the sordid damages over Tucker's head, and it seemed that the damning information they had was working, since Tucker hadn't made any moves against Jabot or the family. Tucker said perhaps Billy, Jack, and Ashley hadn't noticed that he'd succeeded in sabotaging things. Billy claimed it wasn't "worth a damn thing" without results.

Tucker told Billy there were other forms of revenge, some more insidious than others. Billy said he didn't buy it. He claimed it was just another one of Tucker's defensive sleights of hand. Tucker told Billy not to give it a second thought because he'd already lit the fuse. Billy claimed they would find out soon enough if it was one of Tucker's unhinged plots. Tucker said it didn't matter because it might be too late to release that damning information. Tucker left.

While waiting for Jack, Billy recalled a recent conversation between him, Jack, and Ashley. Billy told Ashley that Kyle had been trying to get him kicked to the curb so Kyle could take over as co-CEO. Billy said he'd confronted Kyle, and ultimately, Kyle had backed down. Billy claimed Kyle's turnaround seemed a bit abrupt. Billy said he'd asked Kyle if he would use Audra to spy on Tucker for them. He explained it had been a spur-of-the-moment idea, but Kyle had refused to use Audra to spy on Tucker for their benefit.

Billy said it appeared Kyle was watching out for himself, not them or the company. Jack said Kyle felt rejected and disrespected, and he wanted to prove Jack wrong for not giving him what he wanted. Billy asked if there was a connection they were missing. He said Tucker was going after Jabot, and Tucker needed someone on the inside. He said Kyle had felt boxed in, and perhaps Tucker had seen an opportunity to get his claws into Kyle and turn him against family.

Billy jolted back to reality when Jack greeted him. Billy told Jack that Tucker wondered why they hadn't used the dirt they had on him to blow him out of the water. Billy said he'd told Tucker they were content to keep Tucker guessing, but Tucker had reacted ominously. Billy told Jack that Tucker had implied he'd already set something in motion inside Jabot that would take them all down. Jack claimed Tucker was bluffing.

Billy told Jack he was good at reading bluffs, and Tucker wasn't bluffing. He said Tucker had some kind of attack planned for Jabot. Jack brushed it off as only Billy's opinion. He claimed Billy's reads of people had led him into a lot of trouble. Billy claimed his read was pristine. Jack said Billy was a gambling addict who had lost a lot of money at the poker table, and he was skeptical of Billy's "pristine" read.

Billy told Jack he'd always been a winning player at the poker table because poker wasn't gambling. He said in poker, one played the person, and he assured Jack that Tucker had a strong hand. Billy said he watched the hands -- if someone was tapping on the table, if they were fidgeting, if they were playing with their chips, even if they were touching their mouth or face. He said those were all signs of weakness because the hands didn't lie. He said Tucker's hands hadn't moved; Tucker was sneaky confident, like he had someone on the inside at Jabot.

Jack asked Billy who would collude with Tucker. Billy said someone very high up, maybe someone new, maybe someone who'd been around a long time. Jack asked if Billy still thought Tucker had his claws into Kyle. Billy said he wanted to give Kyle the benefit of the doubt, but he was having a difficult time accepting Kyle's quick turnaround from anger to contrition. He understood that Jack didn't want to believe that Kyle was involved with Tucker. Jack stated he didn't want to believe it, and he didn't want to have that conversation.

Billy told Jack that he wasn't bluffing because he'd seen something in Tucker's eyes, and Tucker was up to something. He said Kyle's sudden flip to team player was a little too coincidental. Jack said perhaps Tucker had a plan in motion, but he refused to believe Kyle was involved. Billy said he knew what kind of a train wreck that would set off for all of them if he was right. Jack claimed Kyle knew how devastating that kind of betrayal would be, and that was why Kyle would never be involved in it. Billy said he would keep digging and stay on guard. Jack grabbed his coat, ready to leave, but Billy asked him to wait.

Billy told Jack they had to figure things out, but Jack suggested they let things play out. Billy understood how Jack felt, entertaining the thought that Kyle would be involved with Tucker. Jack was adamant that they didn't know if Kyle had done anything. Jack said if Tucker had Kyle in his clutches, Tucker would find himself in a world of pain, and Tucker wouldn't see Jack coming. Billy said Ashley was the one person who could stop Tucker in his tracks.

In Tucker's suite, Kyle asked if Tucker was behind the electrical problem at Jabot. Tucker denied it. Kyle asked how Tucker planned to take advantage of Kyle's new inside position. Tucker said there were many ways, and he'd set his plans in motion with Billy earlier. He said he'd led Billy to believe there was a metaphorical bomb ticking away at Jabot. He said if Billy had taken the bait, he and Jack would look for the bomb. He wanted Kyle to find out what would happen so that he could anticipate. Kyle assumed he was that bomb. Tucker said Kyle was a lot smarter than he looked.

Kyle told Tucker he would be right under their noses, helping them dig. Kyle said since he was the inside man, he wanted the details of Tucker's plan. Tucker said Kyle would know when he needed to. He told Kyle to keep playing spy and to let Tucker know what he found out.

Billy remains suspicious of Kyle's abrupt change in attitude

Billy remains suspicious of Kyle's abrupt change in attitude

Friday, December 1, 2023

by Nel

At Crimson Lights, Sharon told Chance that everything was coming along nicely with the new and improved Kirsten Incorporated, and the launch would be soon. Sharon invited Chance to help her brainstorm a new name for the company. He agreed.

Chance told Sharon it was time to refocus and leave law enforcement completely. Sharon said she wasn't disappointed. She said Nina had been badly shaken when he'd been shot. Chance admitted he couldn't keep putting Nina through it, and he'd realized how his job affected the people he cared about the most. He said it wasn't fair to his parents, to Dominic as he got older, or to Sharon. He said getting shot again had been a wake-up call.

Sharon told Chance that everyone who cared about him was filled with pride and admiration for Chance keeping their city safe. Sharon asked if Chance was sure that was what he wanted. Chance admitted it was. He said he needed to talk to the appropriate people at the station and make sure they had a replacement, because he couldn't just walk away. He said once that was done, spending time with Sharon was high on his list.

Sharon asked Chance if he was considering Jill's offer. Chance said he was still thinking about it because he couldn't believe he was considering working at the family business. Sharon reminded him it had been his grandfather's company, and it was Chance's legacy. He said growing up, he'd been opposed to the idea of working at Chancellor, but recently, Katherine's voice kept whispering in his ear, telling him what to do.

Before Kyle entered the Abbott home, he recalled his earlier conversation with Tucker. Kyle asked Tucker how he planned to take advantage of Kyle's new inside position as COO. Tucker replied that he'd thought Kyle would never ask.

Snapping back to the present, Kyle entered his home, and Billy asked if there was any news about the electrical issue at Jabot. Kyle said they would all be back in their offices before the end of the day.

Billy snarked that Kyle had shown up late for his first day on the job, and he asked what was more important than a new job. Kyle said he'd dealt with the electrical issue. Billy remarked how contrite Kyle had been with Jack, insisting that his miraculous turnaround had been real. He said Kyle had arrived late for a position he hadn't wanted but had accepted. Kyle added that he'd had a few errands to run. Billy asked him to share what errands.

Kyle claimed Billy didn't trust that he was happy to return to the company as COO. Billy said he had a hard time trusting Kyle's sincerity after "all the co-CEO or nothing talk." Billy mentioned Kyle's quick turnround. Kyle retorted that he'd come to his senses, and he'd realized the COO position was perfect for him. He assured Billy there was no master plan to oust Billy from the executive suite.

Billy told Kyle he was good at reading people, and his gut told him something wasn't right. Billy suggested it was a good time for Kyle to rethink his priorities. Kyle claimed Billy thought he had Kyle all figured out, but Billy was wrong. Billy admitted he wanted to be wrong. Kyle said that he, too, was an exceptional people reader. Kyle claimed Billy's insecurity was showing, something not becoming of a person in a position of power.

Summer entered, and Kyle asked why she was still there. She reminded him she was working there. She asked where Kyle had been. Kyle asked why everyone wanted to know where he'd been. She teased that his stress wasn't a good look. Kyle claimed it was family drama. Billy was on a business call, and he left the room.

Summer asked Kyle if he wanted to tell her what was going on. Kyle claimed Billy was convinced Kyle was carrying out some underhanded scheme to take Billy's job. Summer asked if Billy was wrong, because Kyle had been very vocal about how he hated that Billy was in the co-CEO spot. She asked if Kyle had suddenly changed his mind. Kyle admitted he'd been thinking about it for a while, and he was over it.

Summer asked if Kyle was happy to be working with the family, no matter what position he held. Kyle assured her he wasn't working an angle. He acknowledged that he'd left the co-CEO position, and he'd accepted that he couldn't have it back just because he wanted it. Summer asked if he regretted stepping down to run Marchetti. He admitted he did, and maybe he wouldn't be restarting his career if he'd stayed where he'd belonged in the first place.

Summer asked if Kyle's regret had gone further back than that, because hers might have. She said she wondered if they would still be together if they hadn't returned from Milan or brought Marchetti under the Jabot umbrella. She said they had been happy in Italy. She asked if it was possible that returning to Genoa City had been the beginning of the end for them. Kyle said he tried not to think that way. Jack entered and asked Kyle to go over a few things with him, and he returned to the study. Kyle told Summer everything would have been different if they hadn't returned, but they couldn't change what had happened after their return. Kyle joined Jack.

When Chelsea arrived, she asked if Summer wanted to see her sketches, but Summer said she didn't want to do it there.

Jack told Kyle to get together with his assistant and decide which projects he wanted to get involved with. Jack said they had a number of new products in the pipeline, and he wanted to channel Kyle's considerable expertise in marketing. Jack said he knew marketing was a long way away from operations, but they still wanted Kyle's input. Jack said at last he was working side by side with his son, something he'd always wanted.

Kyle told Jack it wasn't his first time in the executive suite, but Jack claimed it felt different, like Kyle was there to stay. Kyle also pointed out he wouldn't be working by Jack's side because he was down a rung or two. Kyle claimed he'd accepted that he didn't have to be co-CEO to make a significant impact at the family company. Jack said the COO was a key position, and he had faith Kyle would do his very best. Kyle received a call from Audra saying she needed to see him immediately in her suite.

At the coffeehouse, Chance told Sharon that when his grandfather had died, Katherine had taken over the company, not knowing anything about it, but she'd made it a huge success. He said he would figure it out, but first he had to figure out a way to step down without any disruptions. Sharon claimed they needed to celebrate. Summer and Chelsea arrived and caught Sharon and Chance kissing.

Sharon and Chance greeted Summer and Chelsea, and Chance said he had to get to the station, since he still had a job until he left. Summer asked if that meant... Chance admitted he was stepping down, but he still had a few reservations. He thanked Summer for being a good friend. Chance left.

On the patio, Summer told Chelsea the sketches were great. Chelsea said Chloe had been a huge part of the process, and she deserved a lot of the credit. Summer said she'd been very appreciative that Chloe had stepped in during Chelsea's absence. Summer said she was sorry Chloe didn't feel that they could all work together. Chelsea said Chloe was really smart and incredibly talented, but she didn't like being told what to do.

Summer told Chelsea that professionally, it had been a really good year, but personally, it had been a mess. She said her divorce was progressing. Chelsea said Summer had previously said she was at peace with the end of the marriage and was focused on moving forward. Summer admitted it was still difficult.

Chelsea said Summer and Kyle had had some really beautiful moments, and she was sure Summer wouldn't trade any of them, even if she'd known how things would end. Chelsea said a divorce was a long and rough road. She told Summer to focus on all the wonderful things happening at the moment and on what would happen.

Chelsea asked if Summer was interested in pursuing Chance. Summer reluctantly admitted she liked Chance. She said he'd been a really good friend to her, especially when Phyllis had been gone, but it didn't matter because Chance was dating Sharon. Summer insisted she didn't want to interfere.

Chelsea asked Summer if Sharon and Chance were serious. Summer didn't know, but they were in some kind of relationship. She said she didn't want to be the other woman. Chelsea asked what it would look like if things could work out the way Summer wanted them to. Summer looked at Sharon working behind the counter.

At Society, Devon told Ashley he didn't want to play games with Tucker or pretend everything was okay between them. He said if they ever reconnected, it had to be real. Ashley said sometimes the only recourse was to fight fire with fire when dealing with people like Tucker. Ashley said Tucker was very angry, and he was taking it out on their companies. She said she thought if Devon reconnected with Tucker, it would get Tucker to back off.

Devon told Ashley he wasn't ready to forgive Tucker, and he wouldn't fake it. She said she knew Devon was hurt and angry. Devon commented that they were both concerned about what Tucker might do to their companies. Abby suggested that if Devon could convince Tucker that Devon had forgiven Tucker, perhaps Tucker would stop the destruction he was planning. Devon said Tucker wouldn't buy it if Devon wasn't sincere. He stated he couldn't sell something he didn't feel. Ashley said she would have to give more thought to what to do next. Ashley left.

Abby told Devon she believed Ashley was right; they needed to fight fire with fire. Devon said Tucker knew where Devon stood after Tucker had lied to Devon about his connection to Mamie. He said he'd made it clear that Tucker was to stay away from him, Abby, and Dominic. Abby asked what he would say if Tucker was plotting against Devon's and her family's companies. She asked if they should do whatever it took to stop him. Devon asked what they would do if Tucker didn't believe him.

Devon told Abby that Tucker wouldn't believe he'd had a change of heart overnight. Abby asked if Devon would be receptive if Tucker reached out to him. Devon said he could be, but Tucker wouldn't run to him for forgiveness. Abby wasn't so sure. Devon said Tucker could try to reconcile with him, but Devon wasn't interested.

Abby asked Devon if reconciliation was off the table. Devon said they were talking about faking it, not reconciliation, and he didn't want to fake it. Abby asked if Devon wondered what Tucker had in store for Chancellor-Winters. Devon claimed he, Jill, and Lily would handle Tucker. Abby said if Tucker pulled off what he had planned for Chancellor-Winters, it would affect Devon, and in the long run, it would affect Dominic.

Abby said she knew Devon wanted to take the high road, but she would fight for her family and would like to do it honorably; however, if it became necessary, she would get down and dirty. Devon said Tucker wasn't someone they wanted to mess with. Abby claimed that neither was she. Abby stated she wasn't going to wait for Tucker's next move. Devon asked what she planned to do. She suggested that Devon give her a role at Chancellor-Winters, maybe put her on the board. She said that was the kind of move they needed to make to show Tucker she was in the fight, too.

In Audra's suite, Tucker told Audra he'd just seen Kyle, and Kyle had asked a lot of questions. Tucker claimed Kyle couldn't be trusted because he had a plan of his own, and he was gathering information. Audra said Tucker was wrong because she could tell Kyle wanted Jabot. Tucker retorted that what Kyle wanted was his daddy's approval, to capture Tucker, and to push Billy out of the co-CEO chair that Kyle believed was rightfully his. Tucker said they would use that to their advantage because Kyle was so desperate for Jack's approval, he would be easily manipulated.

Audra claimed Tucker was underestimating Kyle. Tucker asked why she kept defending Kyle, and he asked if she was falling for him. She said she wasn't smitten with Kyle -- they just had fun, and they worked well together. She said she still had her eye on the prize. Tucker claimed Kyle was a tool they could use and throw away. Audra asked why Kyle couldn't run Jabot alongside her, since he knew the company inside out. Tucker claimed she was smart enough to get the inside scoop on her own.

Audra claimed she was worried that Tucker's need for vengeance had clouded his judgment. Tucker claimed he was seeing the world with extreme clarity. He asked if he needed to worry about her, since she seemed to be second-guessing everything. Audra assured him she would always land on the side of success. She said she would jump ship if Tucker's obsession was going to get in the way of her success. Tucker asked Audra where she was planning to jump ship to and asked if it was Kyle. She said Tucker was still underestimating Kyle.

Tucker told Audra it was time to start trusting him again. Audra asked when she had ever fully trusted him. Tucker agreed trust had always been a delicate balancing act between them, and there was a fine line between trust and distrust, like loving and hating someone at the same time. Audra said she'd never loved or hated him. Tucker said they were complicated. They kissed.

Ashley walked into the Athletic Club, and Tucker greeted her coolly. Ashley asked why he was so hostile toward her. She said he'd been amenable when she'd offered him the company they'd bought. He said he was mercurial. She asked what had changed, because he was acting like an ass.

Sitting at the bar, Tucker told Ashley the hardest part about their time in Paris had been loving someone he couldn't trust, and he guessed that took longer to fade. She said it sounded like he was blaming her for what had happened in Paris without taking any responsibility at all. Tucker said even after they'd apologized to each other, nothing had changed.

Ashley told Tucker she'd talked to Devon about his relationship with Tucker, and it wasn't good. Tucker asked if it was so bad that they wouldn't be able to make peace. Ashley said she wouldn't give up trying to mend his relationship with Devon, but it was going to be very difficult for Devon to forgive Tucker.

Tucker told Ashley he didn't know why she cared. She said because of their grandson. Tucker said the rift between him and Devon seemed more business than personal. He said Devon was concerned about Tucker's investment with Mamie. Ashley said business and personal issues were never completely separate. She said she would help him get his relationship with Devon back on track. She knew how much it meant to Tucker to spend time with Dominic. Tucker said that meant a lot to him, and he appreciated Ashley's intentions. Tucker left.

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