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Nikki succumbed to her temptation to drink. Claire agreed to a DNA test. Ashley realized that Tucker wanted to use Glissade to destroy Jabot. Jill and the Abbotts united to turn the tables on Tucker. Phyllis spied Danny and Christine kissing. Lily and Devon invited Nate to return to Chancellor-Winters.
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Claire agreed to a DNA test. Jordan arrived in Genoa City. Jill and the Abbotts united against Tucker. Phyllis spied Danny and Christine kissing.
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Cole and Victoria vow to seek answers from Claire

Cole and Victoria vow to seek answers from Claire

Monday, December 4, 2023

Danny joined Christine in the dining room at the Athletic Club. Danny proudly announced that he had finished last-minute touches on the song he and Christine had collaborated on days before. Christine recalled that Danny had done all the work. Danny recalled that Christine had been his muse, which he insisted was a genuine talent. Danny and Christine, each using one earbud from a pair, listened to a demo of the song. Christine removed her earbud and cried, "It's beautiful." Danny, beaming, replied, "Like the lady herself."

After eating breakfast together, Christine and Danny reminisced. Christine told Danny that the song was still playing in her head and should be included on his new album. Danny replied, "Thank you, Cricket, your encouragement is everything." Christine winced when Danny also gave credit to Phyllis for his fresh inspirations. Danny explained that he had observed Phyllis striving to become a better person, which had inspired his lyrics about forgiveness and starting over.

Danny admitted he had felt compelled to give credit where credit was due. Teasing, Christine tossed her napkin on the table and declared that she would have to share her cut of the royalties with Phyllis. Danny replied, "Don't go comparing yourself to Phyllis, because I don't."

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Chelsea continued a conversation with Summer about navigating her future, having compared the thought process to fashion designing. Summer replied, "You can't design your future. Life happens. Priorities change. Outside forces get in the way." Chelsea, mentioning that she had seen the look on Summer's face whenever she interacted with Chance, cautioned her about dreaming of a future that might not work out. Phyllis entered and greeted Summer and Chelsea. Chelsea was politely cordial. Phyllis seemed skeptical after Summer claimed that she and Chelsea had been discussing Marchetti business.

After Chelsea left, Phyllis sat down across from Summer and said, "You're not still shutting me out, are you?" Summer insisted she was not. Phyllis observed that Summer and Chelsea appeared to have been chatting about personal matters, not business. Phyllis cried that she had worked hard to change and become a better person because she loved her daughter, and she felt hurt because Summer had put a wall between them. Summer admitted she had been engaging in a personal discussion with Chelsea and promised to give her mother a chance to prove herself. Phyllis mentioned Chance. Summer declared that she would not pursue Chance. Phyllis noted that the heart wanted what it wanted.

Phyllis appeared sympathetic when Summer admitted she felt torn between attempting to reconcile with Kyle and deeply yearning to be with Chance so much that it made her feel dizzy. Summer acknowledged that she could not turn off her feelings for Kyle, once thought to be the love of her life. Summer told her mom that she also wanted to do what was right regarding Harrison because she loved him. Phyllis said she remembered that Kyle and Summer had determined that their marriage was unsalvageable. Summer admitted that holding on to Kyle was her way of distracting herself from her feelings for Chance, whom she believed was unobtainable.

Phyllis disagreed, declaring to Summer that nothing was unobtainable, having changed her mind from her previous declaration. Phyllis told Summer to instead follow her heart. Summer insisted she was moving forward and focusing on work, insisting that her mom should not be concerned. Changing the subject, Summer asked Phyllis if she and Daniel were getting along while working together at OmegaSphere. Phyllis nodded. After Summer inquired about developments in her mother's personal life, Phyllis smiled and said they should discuss it over lunch.

As Christine and Danny were leaving the dining area, Christine asked him how long it had been since the release of a new album. Danny replied, "Way too long, unfortunately." Christine declared that the world needed more joy and more reasons to get out and dance. Christine asked Danny to send her a recording of the song she had inspired, so she could listen to it again. Danny said he would, adding that he had titled it "Hawaii on My Mind." Christine, showing great emotion, replied, "That's the perfect title." The couple kissed. Phyllis and Summer entered and watched Danny kissing Christine.

Jill and Billy sat down together at Society. Billy told his mom he'd had no idea she was in town. Jill explained that she had tackled pressing concerns and wanted to visit with her son because they had not had an opportunity to visit during her previous stop in Genoa City. Jill confided that Mamie Johnson was attempting a full-on attack after joining forces with Tucker McCall. Billy asked Jill what Tucker might gain from the alliance. Jill confided that Tucker wanted to acquire Chancellor-Winters while Mamie yearned to have her family run the company.

Jill asked Billy if he was content at Jabot, explaining that she suddenly felt outnumbered by the Winters family, given that blood was thicker than water. Billy was surprised to learn that Nate might rejoin the company to prove he had redeemed himself. Jill proclaimed that Nate's blind ambition had not diminished, adding that Devon was connected as Tucker's son. Billy replied, "And you're on the other side, all alone?" Jill begged Billy to join her at Chancellor-Winters, claiming he might be her only hope.

Chelsea interrupted Jill and Billy and greeted Billy with a hug. Jill seemed displeased when Billy told Chelsea that she should be aware of his mother's business proposition. Billy told Chelsea his mother had hoped he might leave Jabot and join Chancellor-Winters. Billy recalled that he and Lily had endured a rocky road while he had worked with her. Jill assured Billy that he had learned from his mistakes. Billy replied, "Wow. Okay. I mean, it's backhanded, but I'll take it." Chelsea told Billy his mom seemed sincere.

Jill reminded Billy of the strides he had made. Billy declared that he knew what he was doing and had been making the right decisions. Jill asked Billy about his relationship with Jack. Billy replied, "He's my brother. I owe him everything." Jill asked Billy if he was ready to leave Jack and join forces with her.

Billy told his mom he was happy at Jabot, though he was aware that Kyle wanted his old job back, so there were challenges. Chelsea interjected, "That's putting it mildly." Billy cried that he had remained at the family company to ensure Tucker did not get his hooks into Jabot. Jill replied, "Jack has Ashley, Kyle, and Diane. I have no one. I need you, Billy."

At the Newman ranch, Victor, Nikki, Victoria, Nick, and Cole gathered to discuss their harrowing ordeal. Nikki was too anxious to sit. Nick winced and pressed his hand against his torso, where Jordan had slashed him with a knife. Victor insisted that their attackers would pay a price. Victoria reminded her father that Jordan had not yet been captured. Victor noted that Jordan belonged with Claire in prison.

Nikki, troubled, became fixated on a bottle of vodka sitting on a bar counter. In a series of flashbacks, Nikki recalled the horror of discovering that while she had been held captive, vodka had flowed directly into her veins through an I.V. Nikki also recalled suffering from withdrawal and having drunk vodka from a bottle left inside the room. Nikki took a deep breath, collected her thoughts, and poured Nick a glass of water. Nikki sat down beside Nick on the sofa.

Cole and Nick recalled how fortunate they had been to find the antidote to the poison they had ingested. Nick said he still did not clearly understand Claire and Jordan's motives. Cole suggested that the women had sought convoluted revenge for things that had never actually happened. Nick noted that Claire and Jordan had somehow known about Nikki's struggle with alcohol addiction. Nikki insisted she felt stronger after having flushed the alcohol out of her system.

Nikki blamed herself for having fallen for Claire's deception. Victor was taken aback when Victoria expressed sorrow for Claire, explaining that Jordan had convinced her niece to hate them. Victoria sadly acknowledged that the ordeal had ruined Claire's life. Nikki disagreed and cried that Claire was a heartless sociopath who deserved their contempt. Nikki again became fixated on bottles of liquor at the bar while Victor poured himself a drink. Victor was adamant that Claire did not deserve their compassion. Nick agreed.

Victoria explained that Claire had also fallen victim to Jordan, having believed her aunt's lie that she was Eve. Claire, Victoria added, had been convinced that her parents and extended family had abandoned her. Nick disagreed, adding that they had no way of knowing that Jordan was Eve Howard's sister. Cole replied, "Well, my mom did have a sister, and from what I know, they weren't close. So, is Jordan she? I don't know."

Victor received a report from his investigators. A photograph that investigators had unearthed helped to determined that Jordan was Eve Howard's sister, though they had different fathers. Cole recalled that his aunt had been a traveling nurse. Victor, continuing to read the report, said that Jordan, a registered nurse, had worked at Genoa City Memorial Hospital during the time Victoria had given birth to baby Eve and had disappeared shortly after the infant had died.

Victoria, addressing Cole, cried, "That can't be true. Jordan can't be telling the truth about stealing our daughter, can she?" Cole replied, "Honestly, I don't know what to think. To brainwash a young girl for over a 20-year span, making her believe that she was an abandoned baby, so that one day Jordan could use her as a weapon against your family? And all of this was done because of my mother?" Victor cried, "She had to know that it would devastate you, too." Nikki said that if Jordan's revenge centered on Eve, then it would be most relevant as revenge against her and Victor.

Cole recalled that his mother had struggled with mental illness most of her life and had been committed for treatment at one point. Victor asked Cole if he believed Claire might have inherited his mother's affliction. Cole and Victoria remembered that Claire had appeared shocked when Jordan had claimed she had stolen his and Victoria's baby from the hospital. Cole replied, "I don't believe this was a con on Claire's part. She's convinced that we're her parents."

Nikki insisted that Claire should have questioned her aunt at some point and even requested a paternity test. Victor explained that Jordan would have anticipated such questions and been prepared to present some kind of proof. Nick agreed. Victoria cried, "Just stop! We're talking about this as if it could be true. Like Claire could be ours, and Jordan stole her. So, then, what baby died?" After Victoria walked away, Cole told the family he would speak to Victoria privately.

Nikki stood alone at the bar counter and poured herself a cup of coffee. Bottles of liquor drew Nikki's attention. Nikki walked away and offered to get drinks for Nick and Victor. Both men declined drinks, but Nick said he needed food. Nick, concerned about his mom, recalled that she had been trapped in a room for days before they had arrived. Nikki said she still felt guilty and berated herself for not having seen any signs of Claire's intentions.

Victor blamed himself and his past with Eve Howard, recalling that the woman had targeted him. Nikki cried, "And now, we're all targets. Do you think that Jordan was telling the truth? That Claire could be Victoria and Cole's daughter?" Nick suggested conducting DNA tests. Nick, becoming emotional, sadly recalled the day Victoria and Cole had had to say goodbye to their little girl. Feeling stressed, Nikki again focused her attention on the bottle of vodka sitting on the bar counter.

Victoria and Cole talked privately on the patio at Crimson Lights. Victoria told Cole that everything they had endured had been unsettling. Cole agreed it was hard to believe what had happened. Victoria asked Cole how he had known to show up at the house. Cole explained that Nikki had sent him a text message claiming that Victoria was ill and had requested to meet with him. Victoria noted that Jordan had likely already incapacitated Nikki and had used her phone. Cole recalled that he had flown straight to Oregon from L.A. and had stepped right into a trap.

Victoria recalled how young they had been when Eve had been born, remembering that the infant had been too weak and frail to fight. Cole acknowledged that neither of them had ever been the same after Eve had passed away. Victoria cried that their loss had been thrown in their faces in the most brutal way imaginable, leaving them with questions they could not answer. Victoria asked Cole if it was possible Claire could be their daughter. Cole replied that if what Jordan had claimed was true, then Claire Grace could be their premature baby all grown up. Cole vowed to find out one way or the other by first facing Claire again.

Nikki succumbs to the temptation to drink

Nikki succumbs to the temptation to drink

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Nate entered Society and spotted Lily sitting at a table. He inquired whether she was dining alone, and she informed him that she'd just finished a lunch meeting. He wondered whether she and Devon had thought more about Nate returning to Chancellor-Winters. Lily replied that they hadn't decided yet. Nate reminded her that they'd agreed to give him another chance if Mamie divulged what her true agenda with Tucker was -- and Mamie had.

Lily clarified that she and Devon had agreed to consider it, and it was what they were doing. Nate testily asked what was left to consider. Lily shared that Devon wanted to talk to Victor to get his side of the story about why he'd let Nate go. Nate was appalled that they'd turn to the man who'd just fired him for a reference. Nate protested that his cousins weren't giving him a fair shake, and he questioned what more he had to do to prove he'd changed.

Lily recognized that Nate had worked hard to turn things around, but she also argued that the latest news about Victor and Newman Enterprises had been troubling. Nate swore that he'd only been looking to get Victor help and protect Newman. Lily countered that Nate had also been aiming to get Victoria back into the CEO chair. Nate indignantly asked how he was the bad guy when Victor had let his family believe he'd been losing his mind. Lily lectured that it was all about what Nate's true intent had been -- to help Victor, or to help Victoria get her old job back. Lily urged Nate to be honest about where his strongest allegiance had been.

Nate objected that it wasn't a fair question. Lily opined that if he had really cared about Victor's mental state, that would have been at the forefront of his mind. Nate grumbled that he'd been wasting his time even asking his cousins for any consideration. As Nate angrily stood up to leave, Lily swore that she and Devon were trying to do the right thing. Nate ran into Audra on his way out, and she asked if he was all right. He said he had to get out of there, and he invited her to join him. Audra glanced at Lily and readily followed him.

At the Athletic Club bar, Audra asked what had Nate so agitated. He groused that Devon was meeting with Victor to get confirmation about why Nate had been fired, since Devon hadn't taken Nate's word for it. Nate swore that he'd told the truth, but it was obvious his cousins weren't ready to welcome him back with open arms. Audra advised Nate to stop playing the martyr, since he'd wanted Victoria to have power again. Nate snapped that she was making the same assumption Victor and Lily had made.

Nate reiterated that he'd only suggested that Victor seek medical attention because Nate had been worried about Victor's health and the company. Audra didn't doubt that Nate cared about Victor, but she also noted that he hadn't hesitated to take advantage of the situation not only for Victoria but also for his own benefit. Audra encouraged Nate to own it, since he'd gain much more respect than trying to excuse his behavior. Audra swore that she wasn't condemning Nate for his actions, since she would have played things the same way.

Nate defended that he was a doctor who'd thought Victor had needed help, and it hadn't been a chess move for him. Audra guaranteed that Victor had made many similar moves on his rise to the top, and she found his wrath toward Nate disingenuous. She insisted that what mattered was what they did moving forward. Audra doubted Nate would get a sterling recommendation from the Newmans, so his chances of returning to Chancellor-Winters were slim to none. She proclaimed that it was time for him to reconsider joining forces with her.

Audra anticipated that even if Lily and Devon hired Nate back, Nate would be gone if he made just one mistake. Nate believed that it might count for a lot that he was family, but Audra warned that it was wishful thinking. She asked what it would take to convince him to join her somewhere he'd be admired and respected. Nate admitted it was tempting -- but everything she said was tempting. He decided to see what Lily and Devon said, and if they didn't value family as much as he did, then he was in.

At Daniel's apartment, Lucy gushed to Daniel and Heather that her new room was awesome, and she wanted to call Sally to tell her it rocked. Lucy couldn't wait to sleep in her new bed, and she excitedly asked when she could move in. Daniel reminded Lucy that they'd agreed she would move in that weekend. Lucy whined that the weekend was too far away, and she preferred to move in that afternoon. Daniel agreed if it was okay with Heather, who joked that Lucy was anxious to abandon her.

Heather offered to help Lucy pack, and Lucy ran off to her room. Heather observed that the teen hadn't been that happy in a long time, and she remarked that it was proof that moving back to Genoa City had been the right decision. Daniel appreciated Heather putting their daughter's needs first, but he questioned whether she was also happy they'd made the move. He insisted that he always wanted her to be happy, no matter what had happened between them.

Heather confirmed that she was happy she'd moved back, since Genoa City felt like home. She continued that she'd had some positive meetings with the Chancellor-Winters legal team, and she was cautiously optimistic it might work out. Heather thanked Daniel for helping her and Lucy make a smooth transition, since she hadn't known what to expect. He figured she'd thought things might be weird between the two of them. She admitted it had been her fear, but she couldn't have done it without him. They hugged as Lily opened the front door.

Lily firmly closed the door to make her presence known, and Daniel said he was glad she'd stopped by. Heather observed that Lily had her own key, and Lily handed Daniel a new set of keys that she'd had made for her own apartment. Lucy returned and enthused that she loved her dad's new digs, and she pulled Heather away to check out her closet. Daniel stated that it was a pleasant surprise to see Lily. She said she'd thought Lucy wouldn't be moving in until the weekend, pointedly noting that there were surprises all around.

Daniel informed Lily that he'd invited Lucy to check out her new bedroom, and the teen had asked to move in right away. Daniel marveled that having Lucy's energy in the place gave it a good vibe and made his house feel like a home. He felt like everything was falling into place, and he thanked Lily for putting in a good word for Heather at Chancellor-Winters. Daniel figured that the more settled Heather felt, the more he could count on having Lucy around. Lily halfheartedly replied that she'd been happy to help, but Daniel sensed that something was wrong.

Lily chalked her mood up to her intense conversation with Nate. She confided that she wasn't sure her cousin had changed as much as he wanted everyone to believe, and he'd been a "pompous ass" at Society. Lily proposed that she and Daniel grab some coffee before she headed into some meetings, and they kissed as Heather walked back in. Heather told Daniel that Lucy had a question about her room, and he exited. Heather hoped Lily didn't feel put out by Lucy moving in, but Lily insisted that she was happy Lucy was there because she knew Daniel had missed his daughter. Heather promised to stay out of everyone's way and not step on any toes.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki informed Victor that Nick had left, and she worried that their son was in more pain than he'd been letting on. Victor suspected that Nick wasn't the only one, and he suggested that she sit down and rest. Nikki insisted she was fine, but Victor recognized that what Jordan and Claire had done to her had been unconscionable. Victor admitted that he'd been afraid he would lose Nikki, but she credited him for being the reason she'd stayed strong and kept her focus. She added that she'd heard his voice telling her to keep fighting. Victor held up a clenched fist and vowed that he'd never let anyone hurt her. They kissed.

Victor and Nikki simultaneously received a text message and learned that Victoria had gone back to Oregon to confront Claire. Victor wondered if Victoria and Cole actually thought Claire was their daughter, but Nikki insisted that Claire couldn't be. Victor reflected on how Jordan and Claire had compromised Nikki's sobriety, but Nikki repeated that she was fine. Victor gently asked if she was sure the experience hadn't driven her back to the bottle.

Victor took Nikki into his arms and pledged to be there for her, and she replied that knowing she had his love and support was all she needed. Nikki swore that she didn't want to drink, but she still planned on going to a meeting that afternoon. Nikki resolved to fight the temptation with everything in her. Victor promised to be there every step of the way, and they embraced. Nikki gazed over at the bottles of alcohol on the bar and flashed back to chugging vodka at the lake house.

Later, Nikki stirred restlessly as she snoozed in bed. She dreamed about waking up at the lake house, discovering a silver serving tray next to her, and finding a bottle of vodka underneath the lid. She awakened when her phone rang with a call from an unknown caller, but all she heard on the line was some music. Nikki demanded to know who it was, and she looked disconcerted when the call disconnected.

Meanwhile, Devon arrived at the ranch and shook hands with Victor. Devon revealed that he was there to get information about why Victor had fired Nate, since Nate wanted to return to working at Chancellor-Winters, and Devon wanted to know if Nate was being honest. Victor warned that Nate couldn't be trusted, although he suspected Devon already knew that. Devon relayed that Nate had claimed he'd changed, but Victor clucked that Nate was as ambitious and ruthless as they came.

Devon shared Nate's contention that Victor had misunderstood Nate's intentions. Victor insisted that Nate had jumped the moment he'd noticed a weakness in Victor. Devon imagined it had been difficult for Victor to put his family through worrying about his mental state, but Victor asserted that he would do anything to protect his company and family. Devon seemed surprised that Victor had felt the need to protect them from Nate. Victor again cautioned Devon not to trust Nate, since being family only went so far.

Nikki returned downstairs and warmly greeted Devon. Victor explained that Devon was there to ask questions about Nate, who wanted to be rehired at Chancellor-Winters. Nikki hoped Victor had told Devon that Nate was a snake, and Devon thanked them both for their candor. Devon mused that he and Lily had a lot to consider, and he departed. Victor observed that Nikki looked peaked. She mentioned that she'd tried to take a nap, but she hadn't been able to quiet her mind.

Victor asked if Nikki wanted anything from the kitchen, and she requested some tea. He held her close for a moment before stepping out. She watched him disappear down the hall before heading to the bar. She poured a glass of vodka and paused briefly to stare at it before downing it in entirety.

In an Oregon jail, a guard led Claire into the visitors' room. Claire was stunned to see Victoria and Cole there. Claire shared that when the guard had told her she had a visitor, she'd expected to see her aunt. Cole anticipated that Claire wouldn't see Jordan for a while. Claire said she didn't understand what they were doing there. Victoria explained that they needed more answers, and she inquired how old Claire had been when her aunt had told her that Victoria and Cole were her parents. Claire asked why they even cared.

Cole said he and Victoria wanted to know if there was even the slightest possibility it could be true. Claire was skeptical of the idea that she might suddenly have parents who embraced her, loved her, and accepted her into their lives. She wondered if they would see her as a victim and use their influence and power to get her out of the situation. Claire murmured that she wasn't sure if it was something she'd want.

Victoria pointed out that if Claire's story was true, Claire was just as much a victim as Victoria and Cole were. Claire asked if they would help her, and Victoria agreed to consider it if they were able to get concrete proof to go on. Cole inquired whether Jordan had ever shown Claire a birth certificate or hospital records, but Victoria wondered whether Claire had just believed everything Jordan had said. Claire whimpered that she couldn't accept that she'd been gaslighted from the day she'd been born and that her whole life had been a lie.

Cole pondered whether Jordan's story had been so ingrained in Claire that Claire hadn't even questioned its validity. Cole assured Claire that no one would blame her if that was the case, and Claire asked if it was about finding someone to blame. Victoria explained that it was about getting answers, and she implored Claire to give them some. Victoria empathized that Claire had been just as traumatized as they had been.

Victoria considered it possible that Jordan had groomed Claire to believe she deserved retribution against her parents for abandoning her as a baby. Cole added that Jordan might have manipulated Claire into helping her get revenge against Nikki and Victor for what Jordan believed they'd done to her sister. Victoria argued that there might be a way out for Claire and a path to be forgiven for it. Victoria begged Claire to help them understand what had happened. Claire recounted that she'd been five years old when Jordan had first told her the truth about her parents.

Claire revealed that at first, Jordan had just occasionally mentioned that she couldn't understand how a parent could walk away from a sweet little girl like Claire. As Claire had gotten older, Jordan had reminded her how lucky she'd been that Jordan had taken her in when Claire's parents hadn't wanted her. Claire realized that her aunt had nurtured her resentment and pain until it had become Claire's only reality that she was an unloved, abandoned child who only Jordan cared for. Claire remembered that she'd asked herself every day what she had done to make her parents hate her enough to pretend she'd never existed.

Claire continued that she'd been home-schooled until she'd been a teenager, since Jordan hadn't wanted her around kids with normal families. Claire disclosed that her first real experience with school had been a strict, all-girls private school, and Jordan had driven into her the fear of being outcast and ridiculed if Claire had ever told the truth about being abandoned by the powerful Newman family. Claire shared that Jordan had instructed her to say that her parents had been killed in a car accident and that her great-aunt had taken her in. Claire figured that it hadn't been hard for her damaged psyche to adopt it as a background to present to the world, but she'd been consumed by bitterness.

Victoria pressed to know if Claire had ever questioned any of it. Claire pointed out that she'd never seen any proof, and perhaps she hadn't wanted to see it because any hard evidence would have broken her and destroyed whatever defenses she'd managed to build up to protect herself. Cole inquired whether Claire was questioning the validity of the story then. Claire contemplated how she could stop believing Jordan's story when it was all she'd ever known.

Cole related because his mother had suffered from mental illness, and he knew how difficult it was to consider that one's only parent wasn't telling the truth. Claire pondered why Jordan had spent a lifetime poisoning a child's mind with an evil lie when there had been much easier ways to exact revenge on someone. Victoria stressed that they needed answers about who Claire was and what had happened. Claire insisted that she knew who she was. Victoria asked if Claire would consent to a DNA test to have concrete proof of whether Victoria and Cole were really her parents. "Yes, but only if you help me. Please help me," Claire cried.

Claire confessed that she knew everything about the Newman family after spending years following them, and she knew they were rich and powerful enough to fix anything. Victoria cautioned that it didn't quite work like that, but she offered to do what they could. "No matter how the DNA comes out?" Claire asked. Claire divulged that she didn't have a lawyer, since she hadn't wanted the public defender she'd met with. Claire said she'd been waiting for Jordan, who she thought wouldn't just leave her there and would at least get her an attorney.

Victoria pointed out that Jordan was in more legal trouble than Claire was, so Claire couldn't count on her aunt resurfacing anytime soon. "Abandoned by the only parent I've ever known," Claire murmured in disbelief. Cole volunteered to arrange for a good lawyer to help Claire make bail, but there was something she needed to do for them. Victoria insisted that they get a DNA test. Claire nodded.

Nate discovers that Audra and Tucker plan to take over Jabot

Nate discovers that Audra and Tucker plan to take over Jabot

Wednesday, December 6, 2023

by Nel

At the bar at the Athletic Club, Nate sent a text message to Devon: "Can we meet to discuss my proposal?" Tucker approached. He said he'd heard that Nate had tried to have Victor committed, and he wanted to hear the whole story, especially the part where Victor caught on to what Nate had been up to. Nate stated he'd been trying to protect Victor. Tucker asked how, wondering if it was "by sending Victor to the loony bin."

Tucker told Nate he didn't take such stories at face value, but "this one" involved Nate, who was trying to work his way back into Tucker's son's company. Tucker claimed Nate had tried to take Victor out so he could slide back into the C-suite again. Nate denied it. Tucker asked Nate if he hadn't arranged for Victor to have an extended stay at a Geneva clinic for that purpose. Shocked, Nate asked how Tucker knew that. Tucker said information was available for a price. Tucker said he loved the idea of Victor in a straitjacket, with drool rolling down his chin.

Tucker said he knew Audra had offered Nate a role in their new venture. Nate asked about Tucker's involvement. Tucker said he'd been on the fence about including Nate, but Nate's move with Victor had won him over. Nate stated that Tucker's involvement changed everything for him. Tucker said his involvement didn't matter, but Nate claimed it mattered to him. He said he didn't like Tucker's connection to Audra or Mamie. Tucker said when Nate came to his senses, he knew where to find Tucker.

After Tucker left, Nate called Audra and said they had to talk immediately about her offer.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Lily was working when Nick walked in and gingerly removed his jacket. Lily asked if he was okay because he looked like he was in a lot of pain. Nick claimed it had been a minor accident, and he didn't want to talk about it. Lily asked Nick for the full story on Newman and Nate before she, Devon, and Jill made their final decision about rehiring Nate. Nick said Nate had tried to get rid of Victor to clear a path for himself and Victoria.

Lily claimed it had sounded more complicated than that. She commented that Victor had pretended to be mentally unstable to set a trap for everyone. Nick said Victor had felt someone on his executive team hadn't been loyal, and it had turned out he'd been right. Lily asked why no one had thought it had been a good idea to send Victor away for treatment, even though Nate had been a doctor. Nick replied there had been other options that hadn't included shipping Victor off to some inpatient facility, and any doctor would have known that.

Lily told Nick that perhaps Nate had tried to protect Victor and Newman Enterprises. Lily suggested that maybe the Newmans had been too quick to assume Nate's intentions had been bad. Nick countered that Lily might be too quick to assume Nate's intentions had been good. He said Nate had had the most to gain. Lily asked if Victor would have fired Nick, Victoria, or Adam if they had done the same thing.

Nick told Lily that Victor had set the trap to shake out any traitors, and if any of Victor's children had tried to pull what Nate had, they would have been fired on the spot. He said Nate had attempted to stage a coup by trying to take advantage of Victor's supposed mental incapacity. Lily claimed people trying to orchestrate a coup usually tried to absolve themselves, and Nate had been trying to reinstate Victoria. Nick clarified that Nate wanted to reinstate Victoria so he could be her second in command; it had been a power play.

Devon arrived as Nick told Lily she'd dodged a bullet with Nate the first time. He claimed he had no idea why Lily would invite that kind of a threat back into their business. Devon said Victor had said the same thing. Nick received a text message from Victor: "Meet me at my office." After Nick left, Devon told Lily his visit with Victor had been illuminating. He said Nate had burned his bridges at Newman, and it seemed Nick felt the same way.

Lily told Devon she was torn and that Victor had set Nate up. Devon asked what it said about Nate for falling into a trap like that. Lily reminded him that Nate had been Victor's doctor, and he'd cared about Victor. She asked if Nate's desire to reinstate Victoria had been secondary to his concern for Victor. She said that as a doctor, Nate had always put his patients first. Devon replied that once Nate had gone into the corporate world, he'd "lost his damn mind." Lily suggested that maybe Nate had found it again.

Devon told Lily they had to take their company's stability into consideration because they had enough on their plate, trying to figure out how Tucker was trying to get Jill out of the picture. He asked if Lily wanted to invite another threat in. Lily said Mamie would be disappointed at them for turning Nate down. Devon believed Mamie would understand when they told her why.

Esther brought in a plate of cookies for Devon and Lily. She told them she'd been upset when things had turned tense at Chancellor-Winters. She said Mrs. C would be very happy they'd mended fences because family had been very important to her. She said if Nate would return, everything would be perfect. Devon said he and Lily had been discussing the possibility of Nate's return. Esther left.

Lily told Devon they couldn't hire Nate back just because Mamie and Esther wanted it. Devon agreed. He said Nate might need to keep failing before he learned his lesson. Lily suggested perhaps they were the only ones who could save Nate from himself.

Alone in her living room, Nikki poured herself a shot of vodka, knocked it back, took a mint, and hid the shot glass in her purse when she heard Victor returning with her tea. Victor said he knew Nikki had been putting on a brave front for her family, but she couldn't brush aside that alcohol had been injected into her. Nikki admitted she was struggling.

Nikki told Victor it had been nearly five years since her last drink, but her sobriety was gone. Victor said that wasn't her fault. He claimed he was responsible for what had happened because he'd had an affair with Eve Howard in the distant past.

Nikki told Victor she would reach out to her sponsor. She said she had a meeting to attend, and she wanted to go alone. Victor said he would contact Nick to see how he was doing. Nikki claimed Nick was putting up a good front, but he had to be feeling the physical and emotional toll from the knife attack. She also wanted to hear back from Victoria. Victor left for the office.

Nikki was about to leave home when she received a call from an unknown caller. When she answered, all she heard was music. Nikki asked who was calling and why. When she didn't receive a response, she disconnected the call. Nikki muttered that she knew the music, but she couldn't recall where she knew it from.

At the A.A. meeting, Nikki spoke about a recurring nightmare she'd had in the past where she'd find herself at a bar, ordering a drink, or hiding a bottle of vodka in a purse in her closet. She said the details always changed, but the panic always remained the same. She would wake up in a cold sweat, terrified she'd lost her sobriety in a weak moment. Sobbing, she said she'd had that same nightmare the previous evening, but when she'd woken up, she'd realized it hadn't been a dream.

Nikki said her four years, eleven months, and twenty-one days of sobriety were over, and it hadn't been her fault. She acknowledged that every alcoholic said that it wasn't their fault, but she explained she'd been kidnapped by a deranged woman who'd known her history and injected alcohol into her system through an I.V. She said when she'd regained consciousness, the demon had been awakened. She said she hadn't taken the first drink, but the disease didn't care how it happened; it screamed for more. Nikki said she was terrified, and she wouldn't go down that road again.

A short time later, Nikki reached into her purse, and she saw the shot glass she'd put in there earlier. The memories of her drinking from the bottle while she'd been held captive came flooding back. She dropped the shot glass into the trash, and she left.

At Newman, Victor asked how Nick was holding up. Nick said the pain was manageable. He said he was worried about Nikki, and he hoped she wouldn't go into denial about how traumatic the situation had been. Victor said Nikki was aware of it, and she was at an A.A. meeting. Nick asked if Victor had heard from Victoria. Nick said he couldn't believe she'd gone to confront "that con artist" Claire. Victor said Victoria and Cole were in Oregon to find out if Claire was their daughter. Nick was worried that Claire might continue playing mind games with them. Victor stated that Victoria would figure it out.

Nick asked Victor to tell him about Eve Howard, but Victor preferred not to talk about her. Nick insisted he needed to know what they were dealing with. Victor said Eve Howard had tried to kill him with poison, just like Jordan had tried to do. He said Eve had almost ruined his first wedding to Nikki because Eve had escaped from "a loony bin" and shown up at their wedding.

Nick told Victor that Claire and Jordan shared the same traits, and their family was lucky to be alive. He asked if Victor had been able to track Jordan down because she needed to be behind bars. Victor agreed, but Jordan hadn't been located. Victor added that he'd learned how important it was that they stuck together as a family. Nick agreed.

At the Athletic Club, Nate knocked on Audra's door. When Nate entered, he saw Tucker lying on the bed. Audra asked what was so urgent. Tucker said they'd been discussing him. Nate stated that Audra had neglected to mention that her venture involved Tucker. Audra asked Tucker to give them some privacy. As Tucker was leaving, he told Audra he liked Nate and that Nate had potential.

Nate asked Audra "what the hell" she was cooking up with Tucker and why she'd kept Tucker's involvement a secret. Audra said Tucker's involvement was purely financial. Nate said if Audra wanted him on board, she needed to tell him exactly what the new venture was. Audra claimed it wouldn't work if he didn't trust her. Nate said his trust had gone out the window the second he'd learned Tucker was behind her venture. Audra claimed she and Tucker were making a move on a company. Nate said it was a hostile takeover.

Audra told Nate not to sound so judgmental, since it was no different than what he and Victoria had planned for Chancellor-Winters. Nate reminded her that she knew he regretted doing that. Audra said Nate would come in after the fact. She said Tucker was targeting a company for personal reasons, and Tucker didn't want any part in the day-to-day operations. She said she would run the company, and she would build the team she wanted. Nate claimed Tucker had made it sound like he was calling the shots on assembling the team.

Nate said Audra had indicated that Tucker's interest in the company was personal. He guessed Tucker was going after Chancellor-Winters. Nate asked if she thought he would go along with that. She assured him they weren't going after Chancellor-Winters because Tucker wouldn't do anything to hurt Devon. Nate guessed it had to be Jabot because Tucker wanted to hurt Ashley and the Abbotts. Audra admitted that was Tucker's agenda, but hers was to take something good and make it remarkable. Nate asked if that meant destroying the Abbotts.

Audra asked where Nate's conscience had been when he'd booked a one-way ticket to Geneva for Victor. He said he wasn't as mercenary as Audra, Tucker, and the Newmans had tried to make him out to be. She claimed he didn't have many options. Nate received a text message from Devon: "Ready to meet." Nate told Audra that maybe he did have other options. He left.

Downstairs in the dining room, Victor asked Nikki about her meeting. She said there had been a few familiar faces, and she'd shared with them. She said it had been nice to do it in a safe place, but she couldn't believe she was facing it again. She thought her alcoholism had been a thing of the past, but Jordan had taken that away. She said it felt like the disease had been in remission, but it had returned.

Nikki received a call and declined to answer it. Victor asked what had her rattled. Nikki confessed she'd been getting calls from an unknown caller, and when she answered, there was only music playing. She said there was something unnerving about it. Victor suggested she not answer those calls because it might be Jordan trying to get into Nikki's head. Nikki said if it was Jordan, then she was succeeding. Victor asked about the music. Nikki hummed a few bars. Victor admitted it was unfamiliar to him. Nikki claimed if she could recall the music, perhaps she would understand why someone was tormenting her. Victor said he had an idea.

Nate joined Lily and Devon on the patio at the coffeehouse. Nate hoped it was a good sign. He asked if they'd made a decision. Lily informed him they had.

At Society, Nick left Victoria another voicemail message stating he was worried about her and that Victor had filled him in about Eve Howard. He said he understood she had to get to the truth about Claire. He told her to keep her eyes open because Jordan was dangerous, and she was still out there. He asked Victoria to call him.

In the jazz lounge, Victor asked if the piano player could play and identify a tune if Nikki hummed it to him. He agreed, and he identified the tune as "Kitty's Bounce," from the swing era. Upset, Nikki told Victor it was the tune she had danced to when she'd been stripping. She guessed the calls were from Jordan, who was trying to break her. She was worried it was just the beginning. Nikki said a woman she'd never met was trying to get to her. She said it was like Eve all over again, wreaking havoc. Victor promised he wouldn't allow Jordan to get to Nikki.

Jordan entered a seedy motel room and removed a disguise.

Jill aligns with the Abbotts against Tucker

Jill aligns with the Abbotts against Tucker

Thursday, December 7, 2023

by Nel

At Crimson Lights, Devon told Nate that he and Lily had spoken to Nick and Victor. Lily said they wanted to believe Nate had learned from his mistakes and was ready to be part of the company and family. Devon said Victor was convinced that Nate had tried to pull a coup and have Victor committed to a clinic, then Nate and Victoria would have taken over Newman.

Nate told Devon and Lily it hadn't been a power play because he'd believed Victor had been ill and that the move had been for his benefit. Devon stated that Nate had said the same thing to them when he'd tried to hijack their company. Devon said Victor, Nick, and Nikki had warned him about Nate, and Nate could understand their trust issues. Lily said she believed Nate had cared about Victor, and she didn't believe Nate had used Victor's illness as a power grab.

Lily told Nate that she and Devon wanted to help Nate let go of the past and to allow Nate to lean on family. Nate claimed he needed a chance to show he was committed to his family and the company. He said Mamie believed in him, but Devon claimed there was more to their decision than just making Mamie happy.

Devon told Nate that Tucker was going after Chancellor-Winters, and they needed to be ready for him. Devon said standing united was the only way the company would survive it. Nate claimed Devon and Lily weren't sure hiring him was worth the risk, but Devon said they were all willing to give him another shot. Devon said it would be provisional, and if they suspected that he was up to anything... Nate assured them that wouldn't happen.

Nate acknowledged how difficult it had been for Lily and Devon to come to that decision. He said he was humbled that they had enough faith to give him another chance. He asked if they had a position in mind. Devon said they wanted him in the product development department. Nate promised they wouldn't regret their decision. Devon said Nate would have to sign non-compete and non-disclosure agreements.

While Lily stepped away to take a call, Nate thanked Devon for seeing through Victor's mudslinging because he knew how much Devon looked up to Victor. Nate said he'd always admired Victor's drive and what he'd accomplished, "but at what cost?" He said Victor was ruthless at the expense of his own kids. Nate said he'd learned how not to treat family. Devon said they needed to focus on their company to keep it strong and make things work.

Nate acknowledged it had been difficult for Devon to accept him back into the company. Devon admitted that Lily had been the driving force in rehiring Nate because she was a believer in second chances. Devon said he genuinely wanted to see Nate succeed; however, everyone would be keeping an eye on him. Nate griped that Devon would be breathing down his neck, waiting for him to make a wrong move.

Devon insisted he was giving Nate a fair shot, but Nate claimed it was on a short leash. Devon remarked that Nate was already combative, and he hadn't even started his first day. Lily returned and said there was a fire at Mattie's university. She said the fire had been contained, but the students were on lockdown. She said Mattie had sounded terrified. Lily said she had to be near Mattie. Devon called the airport and got the jet ready for Lily. Lily left.

At home, after a business discussion about reassessing their Entrepreneurship Development Program, Jack told Diane to go for it. Diane commented that Jack seemed to be in a good mood. He said he was happy Kyle had returned to where he belonged, and he was very proud. Jack and Diane kissed but were interrupted when Billy arrived. Billy said Jill believed Tucker was about to make a move. He said Jill believed Mamie and Tucker were going to try to force her out of the company. Jack said Tucker was back to his original agenda, to take over Chancellor-Winters and Jabot.

Diane asked Billy if Jill had a way to fight them off. Billy stated that Jill always had a plan and that she'd tried to convince him to join her at Chancellor-Winters. Jack said they needed Billy. He asked if Billy was considering it. Billy said Jill needed him more because she felt outnumbered and outgunned, and she was concerned that Lily and Devon would align with Mamie. He said with Nate possibly back in the fold, the Winters side would have a deep edge. Jack claimed Jill's ties with Lily and Devon were very strong. Billy said there were strong ties, and then there was family.

Billy told Jack that Jill was worried Tucker and Mamie would take the company and split it up, with Mamie taking Winters and Tucker swallowing up Chancellor. He said Jill was looking for reinforcements, and she wouldn't let anything to happen. Jack again asked if Billy was considering joining Jill. Billy replied that he wasn't going anywhere because he was certain Jill could hold her own; however, he wondered why they should let her go after Tucker alone.

Billy suggested to Jack that they unite and work with Jill. He said they would have the power to outplay, outmaneuver, and neutralize Tucker. He suggested they use their resources and topple Tucker once and for all. He said they didn't know Tucker's endgame, but they knew Tucker, what he wanted, and how he operated. He said Tucker was always looking at the angles, with one eye on the sidelines. He suggested they go after Tucker.

Jack agreed that Jill always had an agenda, and she always got what she wanted. Billy claimed Jill needed their help. Jack explained that Tucker loved playing the dangerous man of mystery to keep them all guessing, and he didn't think Jill felt as threatened as she would have Billy believe.

Billy asked Jack why Jill would lie to him. Jack said it was more a manipulation to get her bright and talented son under her wing. Billy asked if Jack thought it was a power play between Jack and Jill. Jack said Billy was everything to Jill because family meant everything to her. He said Jill wanted Chancellor to feel as much a family business as the Winters side and Jabot. He said it was the same as him wanting to work with Kyle. Jack said he didn't hold it against Jill, and if she'd decided to stack the deck against Tucker to get Billy to return, then all was fair.

Billy told Jack there was only one goal, and that was to stop Tucker. He said they didn't have a lot of options. Diane agreed. She said Ashley was hoping to get through to Tucker by helping him reconcile with Devon. Jack didn't like that scenario. He said Tucker knew how to hold on to his rage and how to use it. Diane suggested it was time to release the article, but Billy said Tucker wasn't concerned about the fallout because he wouldn't wind up in jail.

Billy told Jack that Tucker had lit the fuse, and he was going after Jabot. Diane noted that after all of Tucker's blustering, he hadn't done anything. She said Tucker just wanted to see them squirm because it was all a game to him. Jack said Billy might have figured out what Tucker's actual endgame was.

Jack told Billy that maybe Tucker's only agenda was making them think he had one and driving them apart. Jack claimed they were constantly looking for the fire Tucker claimed he'd started at Jabot. Jack said Tucker could sit back and watch them burn to the ground. Diane insisted Tucker didn't do subtle. Jack said Tucker had lost Ashley, the love of his life, and he was in pain -- furious -- and wanted them to feel that pain, too. He said Tucker taunted them and pushed them to the edge. He said maybe the slow, steady, relentless torture was one gigantic mind game.

At Society, Jill told Tucker there was no way he would get his hands on Chancellor-Winters. She said if she fell over dead, Tucker had no chance of making it his. She informed him she'd made a legal provision so Tucker wouldn't be able to finagle ownership shares in the company. Mamie arrived, and she approached their table. She asked what their tête-à-tête was about.

Jill told Mamie and Tucker to stop pretending they weren't in cahoots, as they were trying to take Chancellor-Winters away from her. Mamie said as much as she would love to see Jill lose what she shouldn't have in the first place, she wasn't about to align herself with the man who'd broken Ashley's heart. Tucker claimed he was trying to get Jill to name her price.

Jill suggested that Tucker run along and play with the record collection Katherine had left him. She advised him to let a grownup run the company the way his mommy wanted. Tucker asked Jill to name a price. Jill said there was no price in the universe that would convince her to sell Chancellor to him, and she would almost rather sell it to Mamie. Mamie suggested they draw up the paperwork.

Jill said she only marginally trusted Mamie more than Tucker, only because Devon and Lily could keep Mamie in line. Jill claimed Tucker had no one to keep him grounded because he was a loose cannon, and he only wanted to make a big noise. Jill said she wanted to build a company and leave a legacy for her family. Mamie stated that was what they all wanted. Jill replied that Mamie and Tucker were both underestimating her. She warned them that she had a big arsenal in her back pocket, and if they pushed her or her family, she wouldn't hesitate to use it.

Tucker claimed Jill was full of fire, protecting what was hers. He said it was the only thing she had in her life, her terra firma, but to him, it seemed "the terra isn't so firma these days." Tucker said the Winters side was very firm, but not the Chancellor side, because Billy had decided to work for his big brother rather than with his mother. Tucker claimed Jill was alone. Jill laughed and said that came from the man whose wife had just dumped him and whose son wanted nothing to do with him. Tucker claimed she was an army of one, and she was running scared.

Tucker said he felt sorry for Jill, and he wasn't backing down because he might have his own arsenal. Jill claimed maybe his arsenal wasn't as large as he thought. Tucker laughed and said the devil's greatest trick was convincing the world he didn't exist. Tucker left. Jill griped about what she wouldn't do to get Tucker out of their lives. Mamie suggested Jill give him a check for a million dollars to get rid of him, but that might come back to bite Jill. Jill asked if Mamie had returned to bite her.

Mamie told Jill she was there for her family. Jill said she felt there was a whole lot more going on. Mamie claimed she didn't trust Tucker any more than Jill did. Mamie said she didn't want anything to do with Tucker after what he'd done to Ashley, but Jill asked her to prove it by telling her what Tucker wanted. Jill suggested they call a truce and share information with each other if Mamie really wanted Tucker gone.

At home, Lily told Charlie she would keep him updated. Daniel arrived. Lily said there was a fire around the perimeter of the university, and the students were on lockdown and couldn't be evacuated. Daniel asked an associate to clear his schedule for the next two days. He told Lily he was going with her. Lily protested that Daniel couldn't go with her, but Daniel insisted. He said nothing mattered more than making sure Lily and Mattie were safe, but Lily promised she was okay and told him to stay in town.

Elsewhere, Mamie walked into the Athletic Club, and Tucker greeted her. He said he didn't like how things had ended with Jill. He asked for a word with Mamie, but she refused and said she didn't trust him, especially after what he'd done to Ashley. Tucker claimed he owned what he'd done, but Mamie said it didn't change how she felt about him. She told Tucker there was nothing he could say that she wanted to hear. Mamie started to walk away, but Tucker said it was about Jill.

Tucker told Mamie that no matter their differences, they believed in family. He said he admired that Mamie was bringing her family together and building a legacy. Tucker admitted that Jill scared him because her back was against the wall, she was desperate, and she would fight long and hard to protect herself. He said he wasn't going to let any of that spill onto Devon because Devon was happy working with Lily and raising Dom with Abby. Tucker refused to let anything blow that up, so he was backing off. Mamie asked what game he was playing.

Back at the Abbotts', Billy reminded Jack that Tucker had tried to frame Billy for embezzlement. Jack remarked that it had been easy to figure out that Tucker and Phyllis had been behind it. Jack claimed it had been a bluff to scare them into thinking his threat had been real. Diane claimed the family was too strong to fall for that, and the same applied to Chancellor-Winters. Jill walked in and said Billy had done an excellent job at Jabot, but he would shine at Chancellor. Billy told her he wasn't leaving Jabot. Jack told Jill they'd been discussing how Tucker had Jabot and Chancellor-Winters in his crosshairs. He said they had a theory about what Tucker was really up to, and Billy had a plan. He said they needed Jill's input.

Diane told Jill that Tucker had been threatening to bring them to their knees, but he hadn't made any overt moves against them. Billy said perhaps it was all smoke and mirrors and simply mind games. Jack asked if Jill was with them that Tucker was only blowing smoke in the hope that he would divide everyone and their companies. He said Tucker was hoping to break all their hearts the way Ashley had broken his.

Jill told Jack she couldn't afford to ignore "Tucker's stupid plan." She said he had his claws into Chancellor, and it had to be resolved. She asked to hear Billy's plan. Billy said they needed to form a united front, since Tucker was coming after all of them, but together, they could turn those mind games back on Tucker. Jill said it wasn't a bad idea, and Mamie had said she was through with Tucker and his lies, so she might be a good ally.

Jack told Jill he thought Tucker was on the ropes after he'd lost Ashley, and he was dealing with Devon's rejection of him again. He said Tucker was desperate, hurting, and in fear. Jack said that was when they needed to attack Tucker, push him to the edge, and break him once and for all.

At the coffeehouse, Devon read the news about the fire at Mattie's university. He told Nate the fire was growing. Nate said things like that put everything into perspective. Devon asked if they were on track. Nate said 100%. Nate thanked Devon for giving him that opportunity. Nate got up to leave, but Devon stopped him. He said Lily believed in Nate, and if Nate screwed up and broke her heart again, Nate was done. Nate left.

Jack tells Ashley a plan is in place to take down Tucker

Jack tells Ashley a plan is in place to take down Tucker

Friday, December 8, 2023

by Nel

At the Abbotts', Jack and Billy told Jill their plan was the best way forward to defeat a common enemy. Jack said if they worked together, they would be unstoppable. Jill said she knew exactly where to hit Tucker and where it would hurt the most, something he couldn't recover from. Jill said she'd heard about a European fragrance company that Ashley and Tucker had purchased before they'd married. Billy said it was to have been the foundation of their new corporation. Jill informed them that Tucker had been funneling money into that company.

Angry, Jack asked why he hadn't seen that. He said Tucker had orchestrated his entire plan of carefully curated chaos, and they'd played right into his hands. He said Tucker didn't want to own Jabot; he wanted to destroy it from the inside out. Jack said when Tucker saw them spinning out of control, he would use Glissade as the instrument of their destruction. He stated they had to find a way to stop him. Jack said no matter what happened, Tucker had a fallback. He said if Tucker succeeded in taking them down, his company would be on top, and they would be in splinters at the bottom, trying to dig their way out. Jack said even if Tucker failed, down the road, Tucker had a company that could rival theirs.

Billy asked Jack how that involved Chancellor. Jill told him that Tucker would go after Jabot first, and then Chancellor. She said she was worried about how to fend him off. Jack said they had to render Glissade worthless. Jill said they needed a big stick, but Billy claimed they already had one.

Jill was shocked when Billy said that Tucker was already heavily involved in a cover-up with one of his artists and illicit behavior with underaged girls. Jack told Jill that Adam had found the information while digging for dirt on Tucker. Billy said they could take that to the French board of directors, and they would send Tucker up the river Seine without a paddle. Jill proclaimed how proud she was of Billy. She agreed the truth would set them free. Jack told Jill they needed to run things by Ashley first, since she owned half the company.

Diane told everyone they needed to keep Tucker distracted. Jill gleefully suggested that she wanted to handle that. She said she had an idea, and she purred in delight at how much fun that was going to be. Jill gave them the bare bones of her plan, and she asked if it was enough of a distraction. Jack asked if Jill could convince Tucker she was sincere and that it came from the heart. Billy wasn't so sure, because Jill wasn't great at concealing emotions. Jill said she couldn't control her emotions when Billy was involved, but in Tucker's case, there was no love lost between them.

Jill noted that Jack seemed to have a grievance. He asked Jill to shed light on trying to poach Billy from Jabot. Billy asked if Jill didn't want him to be happy. Jill said she preferred that Billy be happy in her realm, but Billy claimed if they took Tucker down correctly, then he didn't need to be Jill's sidekick. Jill said she wanted Billy to work with her because he was her son, and she wanted to build something beautiful, important, and durable with the person she'd poured her heart and soul into. She asked if that was what Jack wanted, his family in business together. Jack said more than she knew.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Mamie said Tucker looked like a man with revenge on his mind. Tucker claimed the idea of revenge didn't seem as sweet to him anymore. He said what he had in mind was profoundly different from what people expected from him.

At the entrance to the club, Ashley saw Mamie and Tucker together, and she made a detour to their table. She heard Tucker say it was time for him to be more productive and to focus his energy on putting something good out into the universe. Ashley said she would believe that when she saw it.

Ashley asked if Mamie believed that Tucker wanted to be a productive member of society. Mamie didn't, but she said they would have to wait and see if he did redirect his energies toward something positive. She said her family meant everything to her, and she would fight to the death to protect them. She told Tucker that if he wasn't telling the truth, he would need to start praying. Mamie left.

Ashley asked if Tucker was willing to share his path to productivity. Tucker agreed, since she was intimately involved. Ashley asked what part she could possibly play in his future. Tucker said she'd encouraged him to pursue Glissade. He said he was cultivating a sense of purpose. He stated that his plans began with Glissade. Ashley asked if he wanted her to sell her share of the company to him. Tucker said his lawyers were drafting an offer that Ashley would find quite generous.

Ashley asked what Tucker wanted her to do with all his generosity. He confirmed there were no strings attached, just a clean break. Suspicious, Ashley asked what he was up to. Tucker growled and asked why she couldn't believe that he was trying to change his ways. She said she couldn't.

Ashley told Tucker there were a few things during their time together that she regretted, but acquiring Glissade wasn't one of them. She said with the right leadership, it had a lot of potential. Tucker asked if she was reneging on selling him the company or just trying to drive up the price. Ashley said maybe she'd changed her mind. Tucker claimed she only wanted it because he did. She told him she wasn't that petty. She said Glissade would fail if it wasn't attached to a large corporation like Jabot, and it needed her to survive. Tucker claimed he could build it up from nothing. He said he could make it breathe, and he'd done it before.

Tucker reminded Ashley that earlier in the week, she hadn't been able to wait to unload the company on him. She said she'd changed her mind because she'd seen the vast potential. Tucker growled that she couldn't let him have the smallest part of anything because she hated him that much. He said if she wanted to try something new, she could do it at Jabot. She repeated that she wasn't going to sell her half to Tucker, and it was nothing personal. Tucker declared that he would have to fight her for it. Ashley smiled.

When Danny arrived at Daniel's apartment with bags of food, Daniel said he was scrolling for updates on the fire surrounding Mattie's campus. Danny said he'd heard the fire had been 80% contained. Daniel said Lily was on her way there to be with Mattie. Daniel said he was excited to spend some quality time with Danny, but Danny said he was there to borrow Daniel's kitchen to make his pasta sauce. Daniel said Danny only made it for special occasions. He asked why Danny was making it that night. Danny informed him it was for a dinner with Christine.

Daniel told Danny it was time they had "the talk." Daniel noted that Danny and Christine's relationship was at the "special sauce" level, and he wanted to know how they'd gotten there. Danny claimed they were friends, and they were getting closer. He said Christine was a wonderful person, and he hated to see her sad. Daniel asked if it was just "pasta with a pal." Danny admitted they'd kissed. Daniel laughed. Danny said things were moving in a really nice direction.

Christine entered Crimson Lights, and Phyllis asked what Cricket was up to. Christine said she'd been hoping for a quiet moment alone. Phyllis said she understood because Christine needed to plan her future, since the rumor mill indicated she was vacating the D.A.'s office. Christine said it boggled her mind why Phyllis thought what Christine did was any of Phyllis' business. She asked why Phyllis was prying.

Phyllis told Christine she'd noticed that Christine and Danny had gotten closer. Christine asked why that concerned Phyllis. Phyllis said because if Christine was part of Danny's circle, it meant she was part of Daniel's circle, and in turn, part of Phyllis' life. Phyllis said she didn't love that, but she was trying to make peace with it.

Christine asked why Phyllis assumed Christine was becoming more involved in Danny's life. Phyllis claimed it was just a vibe she'd picked up. She asked again if Christine and Danny were becoming closer. Christine said she wouldn't share that with Phyllis. Phyllis claimed there was no sense in pining over Paul; it was better to rip off that bandage. She said she admired Christine's ability to move on.

Christine said her relationship with Danny was none of Phyllis' business. Phyllis noted that it was a relationship. Christine asked why Phyllis was so curious about Christine and Danny. She accused Phyllis of being jealous. Phyllis said she and Danny were friends and co-parents. Christine told Phyllis her relationship with Paul was over, and her relationship with Danny was worth her time and attention; however, she didn't know whether they would become more than friends. She said she might have more clarity after their dinner later. Phyllis said pizza and beer would be fun, but Christine said Danny was making an unforgettable home-cooked meal. Phyllis claimed Danny would make his sauce. Phyllis left.

In the jazz lounge, Phyllis sent Summer a text message: "Sitting here alone. Meet me for a drink? "Summer replied, "Sorry, can't tonight. Burning midnight oil. Raincheck?" Phyllis wrote to Daniel: "Join me for a drink? I'm buying." Michael asked if he could buy Phyllis a drink. He asked what he'd done wrong. Phyllis accused him of abandoning her. She said he'd ghosted her when she'd returned from the dead.

Michael told Phyllis he'd returned with Gloria, believing all Gloria's problems were in her rear-view mirror, only to find out she'd had them tucked away in her carry-on. He said he'd had to drag himself to the other end of the globe to clean things up. Phyllis complained that things were difficult when he wasn't around because he was the only one who understood her.

Phyllis confirmed she was happy Michael had returned. He asked Phyllis to tell him what was going on. Phyllis admitted she'd been trying to be good, but she didn't know how much more she could take because everyone still saw her as a pariah, and nothing was going to change. She said her kids hated her and treat her like someone they tried to avoid if they saw her walking down the street. Michael replied that just because she'd managed to stay out of prison, it didn't mean she wasn't going to pay for what she'd done. She said she was shunned and shamed by her friends and neighbors.

Michael said he remembered a time when Phyllis would have given up, asking what the point was, and she would have done her best to live down to their low expectations of her. He said he could see she actually wanted to be better. He teased that his best friend was growing up. They laughed. Phyllis said she didn't understand karma, but she guessed her situation was her karma -- and she hated karma.

Phyllis told Michael she didn't understand how Diane and Christine got to move on. She said she was suffering, but they'd been forgiven; they were happy and had love. She asked why she couldn't have those things, too. She asked why she couldn't have someone who loved, supported, trusted, and believed in her. She claimed she deserved that.

Michael told Phyllis she couldn't achieve true enlightenment by feeling sorry for herself or hating other people's happiness. He said she couldn't compare her journey to other people's. He said everyone had their own lessons to learn. He told her to keep her eyes forward, do good, and put more love into peoples' lives, and that love would be rewarded. Phyllis said she would like to believe that.

Michael pointed out Phyllis' silver linings: no prison, her debts had been paid, her children ... Phyllis interrupted to say the kids hated her. Michael agreed they might be a little skittish, but they had been through a lot. He said she had a second chance, and she needed to do something with it. Phyllis said she would work on beautifying her life and creating her own path.

When Christine entered Daniel's apartment, she told Daniel she couldn't believe how a smell could bring back such good memories. She said Danny probably cooked that way for Daniel all the time. Daniel said never, but he wished Christine and Danny a lovely evening. He asked them to save him some leftovers, and he left. Danny came out of the kitchen, and he was surprised to see Christine was already there.

After dinner, Christine told Danny it had been the best dinner she'd had in years. They discussed how he'd put the best ingredients together, and it was magic and remarkable. Christine said the change in the little things and time added more depth -- it was still the same, but better. Danny turned on some music, and he asked Christine to dance. While dancing, they kissed.

Back at the Abbotts', Billy said he needed to leave because he had to find out as much about Ashley and Tucker's company as he could. Jack advised him not to make any moves against the company until they cleared it with Ashley. Billy wondered if Ashley had a plan of her own. Ashley entered and said she was always up to something. She asked if they wanted to discuss Glissade.

Jack acknowledged it wasn't easy for Ashley to talk about, but Ashley asked if they thought Tucker was secretly shoring up Glissade. Billy replied they did. Jack said Tucker was funneling money into the company to use it as a weapon against Jabot. Ashley agreed. She said Tucker had offered her a generous amount to buy her half of the company. She said she'd thought if she could keep Tucker distracted with Glissade, he would keep his hands off Jabot and Chancellor, but she'd realize he was up to something that had to do with Glissade. She said she'd told Tucker she'd changed her mind about selling it. She said she wanted to push him a little to see how much he wanted Glissade, and he wanted it badly.

Jack asked Ashley if Tucker wanted to start something new. Ashley confirmed that Tucker wanted to use it as a wrecking ball against Jabot. Jack suggested she sell her half to Tucker. Billy said they had a plan. Diane said, "With a little help from Jill." Jack said they were all working together to shut Tucker down once and for all.

In Tucker's suite, he asked his lawyer about the purchase agreement for the company he and Ashley owned in France. Tucker told her to go through it with a fine-tooth comb for a surefire way to "kick Ashley's ass to the curb" so he could be the sole proprietor. The lawyer said that wouldn't be easy. Raising his voice, he stated he'd made her a very rich woman to do things that weren't easy. He told her to find a way to make it happen -- or he would find someone who would.

This episode included the song "Start Again" by Hannah Bates.

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