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After Nikki spiraled out of control, Jack told Victor about the severity of her condition. Victor reluctantly accepted Jack's role as Nikki's sponsor. Audra found out Tucker was still keeping tabs on Ashley. Fed up with the drama between Phyllis and Christine, Danny walked away from both of them.
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Jack told Victor about the severity of Nikki's condition. Danny walked away from Phyllis and Christine. Traci revealed multiple employees confirmed Tucker's version of his argument with Ashley.
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Traci grows increasingly concerned about Ashley

Traci grows increasingly concerned about Ashley

Monday, February 5, 2024

Adam phoned Chelsea to suggest they drive together to Connor's school. Adam was eager to prove to Connor that his father supported him. Chelsea, struggling to maintain her composure, asked Adam not to speak to or personally interact with Connor until she and Adam could discuss the situation. Chelsea agreed to leave Crimson Lights and meet Adam at Society. After Chelsea hung up, Billy approached with cups of tea as Chelsea hastily shoved her phone into her handbag.

Billy reminded Chelsea not to press Adam too hard. Chelsea agreed, adding that Adam might dig in his heels and make the situation worse. After Chelsea spoke on the phone to a staff member at the school, she told Billy that the school would ensure that Connor resumed his normal routine, which included getting adequate sleep and nourishment. Chelsea told Billy she hoped she could set Adam's mind at ease.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Sharon met with Devon and Nate about the possibility of forming a partnership between Cassidy First Technology and Chancellor-Winters. After they discussed the presentation materials Sharon's team had prepared, Sharon asked Devon and Nate if Billy planned to join them. Devon noted that Billy would not be part of their meeting, and he thanked Sharon for already addressing their follow-up questions. Sharon, pleased, replied, "Great. I hope that means you're ready to make a deal."

Nate glanced over his shoulder and saw Tucker and Audra standing close together in the foyer. Devon noticed Nate's interest in and reaction to Tucker and Audra. Devon told Sharon he believed the company was ready to make a decision. Nate agreed, adding that they were waiting for Billy and Jill to confirm.

Devon set Sharon at ease and told her a decision would be forthcoming later that day. Sharon, excited, said she should head back to her office to prepare her team. Devon was pleased and thanked Sharon for carrying through with the partnership idea she had envisioned in a dream. After Sharon walked away, Devon demanded that Nate tell him what was going on with Audra. Nate assured Devon that nothing was going on with Audra, though he was concerned about her being sucked back into Tucker's drama.

Devon advised Nate to steer clear of Audra, noting that she was constantly mired in drama. Devon recalled that Nate's ambition had led him to betray the family in the past, adding that Victoria had been a likely temptation the first time. Devon warned Nate that Audra might present the same temptation. Nate, referring to the partnership with Cassidy First Technology, was taken aback when Devon said he had purposely not included Billy in the meeting with Sharon.

Nate recalled that Sharon had first approached Devon and Billy with her idea. Devon brushed it off and said Billy could attend the next meeting. Nate stayed behind and noticed when Tucker watched Devon hurriedly rush out of the Athletic Club. Devon was far ahead when Nate followed after him.

At a table by the window, Audra asked Tucker about Devon ignoring him. Tucker claimed he only had eyes for Audra, adding that he had never before felt so close to her. Audra acknowledged a shift in her feelings for Tucker, though admitting that Ashley remained a concern. Tucker kissed Audra's hand and assured her he would choose her in all possible ways. Audra, noting that Tucker was not one to display affection in public, suggested that he was actually distracting her.

Tucker pulled away and sulked. Audra reminded Tucker that he had once promised she could run Glissade after he folded his company into Jabot. Audra encouraged Tucker to follow through by assuring him that if he kept his promise, she would be all in. Tucker suggested they set aside business in favor of basking in the afterglow of their renewed romance. Audra agreed, though she vowed to make him fulfill all the promises he had made.

Audra told Tucker she knew he feared she might have her own agenda. Tucker noted that suspicion kept them both on their toes. Tucker contemplated the excitement of each of them seducing information from the other. After Tucker watched Devon leave, he noted that his son no longer cared to glance his way. Audra told Tucker he was not as cold-blooded as he claimed to be. Tucker cried that he could not mediate reconciliation if Devon refused to engage. Tucker told Audra that Nate could not take his eyes off of her, hinting that they had engaged in trysts. Audra reminded Tucker they had agreed to keep each other guessing.

Audra claimed that Nate was merely a protective friend. Tucker replied that he was putty in Audra's hands, so Nate had no reason to protect her. Audra explained that Nate feared Tucker might wield undue influence over her. Tucker asked Audra how much influence Nate wielded over her. Audra leaned close to Tucker and replied, "Never as much as you." Tucker kissed Audra on the lips. Upstairs in Tucker's suite, Audra petitioned Tucker to share his plans for Glissade. Tucker, engaging in foreplay, assured Audra that reconciling with him would not be a mistake.

Sharon returned from her meeting with Nate and Devon before Chelsea left Crimson Lights. Sharon promised to share her news later. Billy was surprised to learn that Sharon had met with Devon and Nate to finalize the partnership. Billy told Sharon he should have been present, though he supposed that Devon would not agree. Sharon explained that Devon had told her he would run the numbers by Billy and Jill. Billy downplayed the misunderstanding and said Devon was adjusting to including him in business decisions.

Chelsea joined a frustrated Adam at Society. Adam admitted he had initially overreacted by threatening to pull Connor out of school, adding that he loved his son and wanted to do what was best. Chelsea explained that she had spoken to school staff, who had assured her they would arrange tutoring and additional evaluation to determine specific issues. Chelsea asked Adam to wait to visit their son until the school could determine Connor's learning differences. Adam asked Chelsea why she had not involved him. Chelsea explained that she had merely verified with the school that it was in Connor's best interest for them to wait, so they would not create additional conflicts. Adam became frustrated, claiming that information had been intentionally withheld from him.

Adam told Chelsea she could not call all the shots. Chelsea could no longer contain her frustration. Raising her voice, Chelsea cried that Connor's decision to phone her first had bruised Adam's ego. Chelsea admitted that she yearned to drive to the school, hug Connor, and assure him that everything would be all right. Adam replied, "Why are you fighting me on this?" Chelsea yelled, "It's not about you! Ugh, Adam, it's not about you."

Struggling to contain her anger, Chelsea asked Adam to put himself in Connor's shoes and consider how it felt to learn that he needed learning accommodations at the school he thought was suitable for someone like him. Chelsea cried that putting a spotlight on Connor was the last thing their son needed. Chelsea sighed and apologized for losing her cool. Adam paused and admitted to Chelsea that she was absolutely right. Taken aback, Chelsea asked, "You think I'm right?" Adam admitted that he also agreed with the school.

Chelsea told Adam they could visit Connor and support their son the right way at the right time. Adam thanked Chelsea for helping him see what was best for Connor. Chelsea expressed regret that Connor had chosen the school in response to her issues. Adam blamed himself for having let his son down in his early years. Chelsea assured Adam that Connor knew how much his dad loved him. Connor phoned. Chelsea and Adam sat side by side and spoke to their son. They ended the call by promising they would visit soon.

Billy was waiting at Chancellor-Winters when Devon returned. Billy mentioned the meeting with Sharon regarding finalizing the partnership. Devon reported that Nate had numbers to share with Billy and Jill before they contacted Sharon. Billy said he should have been part of the negotiations, noting that Sharon agreed. Devon explained that the meeting had come together quickly, so he had opted to keep the ball rolling. Billy insisted that contracts could not be finalized without him.

Nate entered and told Billy that the numbers had not been set in stone. Billy asked not to be left out again, insisting that collaboration was the key to Chancellor-Winters' strength. Devon and Nate agreed. Billy advised closing the deal quickly because they were not yet clear of Tucker's threat. Billy explained that growing their company would mean that Tucker would be less likely to attack. After Billy left, Nate told Devon he did not believe that Tucker was an imminent threat, as he was too involved with mitigating damage inflicted on Glissade. Devon maintained that they should stay alert. Nate suggested he could use his friendship with Audra to his advantage.

Billy joined Chelsea and Adam at Society just as the parents concluded their phone call with Connor. Chelsea told Billy that Connor sounded like he was feeling better. Adam admitted that Connor was still shaky, though he seemed more relaxed after they explained that other children faced similar issues. Chelsea noted that she and Adam would schedule video calls, so they could check in and show support. Billy told Adam and Chelsea they had set a solid plan, and he commended them for being cooperative. Adam credited Chelsea for showing him the correct way to proceed. Before Adam left, he told Billy that Billy was lucky to have Chelsea in his life.

Traci impatiently waited at a Paris café for Ashley to return. Ashley, upset after a waiter had confirmed Tucker's version of the altercation that had haunted Ashley for months, had rushed off without Traci. Ashley suddenly appeared. A relieved Traci cried that she had feared that Ashley had changed her mind about reconnecting at the café, and she suggested they find a different place that would not trigger Ashley's memory of the traumatic event. Ashley insisted she had not exaggerated the details of Tucker's angry response, and she declared that Tucker had paid the waiter to lie. Traci attempted to hide her reaction to Ashley's claim that Tucker had paid off the waiter.

Ashley recalled that it had been Tucker's idea for her to return to the café and question the waiter who had witnessed the argument. Traci requested that Ashley prepare herself if she learned that Tucker had not contacted the waiter, who had simply reported an accurate recollection matching Tucker's. Ashley accused Traci of siding with Tucker. Ashley confessed that when she had phoned Tucker, he had doubled down on his version. Ashley explained that Tucker's aim was to punish her for not agreeing to cut ties with Jabot. Ashley, growing frustrated, snapped at Traci. Ashley cried that she was onto Tucker's ploy to make her believe something was wrong with her mind. Traci appeared distraught and concerned.

After Ashley apologized to Traci for ruining their evening in Paris, she beckoned to the waiter to serve them wine. Traci attempted to appease her sister, though she admitted she did not approve of Ashley calling Tucker. Traci insisted that Ashley exorcise Tucker from her thoughts and move on. Ashley fixated on a glass of red wine and suddenly experienced a flashback of the altercation, which confirmed Tucker's account of the encounter. Ashley said nothing about her flashback and insisted again that Tucker had lied about what had taken place.

Traci begged Ashley to return home. Ashley said she intended to confront the waiter and make him tell the truth. Traci declared that they had reached a dead end and that Ashley should move on with her life. Ashley replied, "Stop treating me with kid gloves, please. What, you think I'm going crazy?" Traci said she thought no such thing, though she was concerned about Tucker working his way into Ashley's thoughts.

Traci declared that focusing on Tucker was not worth Ashley's time and energy. Ashley admitted that being in Paris stirred bad memories she desired to shake off. Traci, relieved, cried, "Thank God. Let's go home." Ashley refused, explaining that she needed to stay behind and talk things out with someone. Traci offered to stay and listen. Ashley insisted that Traci return home alone. Ashley explained that she needed to talk to her friend in Paris in hopes of restoring her peace of mind.

Adam turns to Nick for brotherly advice

Adam turns to Nick for brotherly advice

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Abby and Devon were kissing at Society as Tessa walked in. Tessa inquired whether she was early, but Abby assured her that she was right on time. Abby thanked Tessa for taking the time to meet with her, and Devon asked about Aria. Tessa gushed that the hearing aids had changed the tot's whole world. Devon headed out, and Tessa said Abby's invitation had intrigued her, since Abby had asked to meet with only her and not Mariah, too. Tessa surmised that the meeting wasn't entirely social.

Abby asked how things were going with Tessa's modeling gig at Marchetti. Tessa admitted that it had been a little slow, since fashion marketing was cyclical, and the work on the spring line was done. Abby assumed it wasn't a full-time commitment, and Tessa wondered if that had something to do with why she was there. Abby announced that she had a proposition for Tessa.

Abby enthused that if everything went as planned, she'd be joining the board at Chancellor-Winters, and she wanted to be as involved there as they'd let her be. Abby continued that she'd need a day manager at Society, and Tessa knew how the restaurant operated because she'd worked there before. Abby asked if Tessa would be interested in the job, but Tessa protested that she hadn't done much managing. Abby called Tessa a problem-solver who was great with people and knew the regulars, and she thought Tessa would be a perfect fit.

Tessa promised to talk to Mariah and think it over, but she questioned why a successful entrepreneur like Abby wanted to go back to an office. Abby explained that she'd been feeling restless because Society was a well-oiled machine, but talking about joining the board had excited her. Tessa offered to give Abby an answer by the next day, noting that she was excited about the idea, too. Abby and Tessa hugged goodbye as Devon returned to the restaurant.

After Tessa left, Abby reported to Devon that she thought Tessa was interested, and if Tessa accepted, Abby would be one step closer to joining Devon at Chancellor-Winters. Devon said he was glad to have her join the team, even though Nate thought Tucker had lost interest. Abby contended that Tucker wasn't the only reason she wanted to join the board, and she looked forward to showing Devon what she was capable of in a corporate setting and having a say in Dominic's legacy. She added that she also wanted to be more connected to Devon and his world. He loved the sound of it, and they kissed.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor updated Victoria and Nick about the fire at the Oregon prison. Victor indicated that it would take weeks before the authorities could identify the bodies, but there were six inmates who were unaccounted for. Nick realized that Jordan could have run off in the chaos. Victoria wondered if her mom knew, and Victor shared that Nikki had freaked out when she'd seen the news report.

Victoria bet Victor wished he had told Nikki himself, but Victor imagined it would have upset Nikki even more. Nick worried that with no evidence that Jordan was dead, she could be hitchhiking her way back to Genoa City. Victoria insisted that they be on high alert until they knew. Victor pledged to do everything in his power to protect Nikki, and he mentioned that he'd know where she was every minute of the day.

At Newman Media, Nikki answered her landline phone, but no one was on the line. She hung up and nervously grabbed her cell phone, and she was relieved that she hadn't received any calls there. She tried to resume working, but her landline rang again. "Leave me alone!" she bellowed into the phone before hanging up and sobbing.

Nikki grabbed her coat and purse and headed for the door. Moments later, Victor answered a call, and he was surprised to hear Nikki had taken a rideshare. He ordered his investigator to discreetly follow her and let him know where she ended up.

Nikki crept into the Empty Glass Lounge, wearing sunglasses to hide her face. She sat at a table near the back and gestured for service. Meanwhile, Victor learned of Nikki's whereabouts from his investigator and declared that he was on his way.

A short time later, Victor entered the Empty Glass and approached a server. Victor asked if the man had seen a woman matching Nikki's description and if she'd been drinking. The server snapped that the folks there valued their privacy, and Victor pulled out some bills and asked if that helped. Nikki spotted Victor and stayed out of sight in the back of the bar. She drunkenly sent a text message to Jack: "call Vitor.lute him somepace to met. ASSP. plesse."

At Jabot, Lauren entered Jack's office and recognized that Jack had wanted to discuss something with her in person for a while. He asked how things were at Fenmore's, and she bragged that everything was going like clockwork. He was glad to hear it, and he requested a favor. Jack informed Lauren that things were improving with Nikki, since she'd been reaching out to him after her first drink and sometimes before she succumbed to the urge. Lauren considered it progress.

Jack mentioned a predicament at work that could lead to everything going wrong. He explained that Nikki hadn't yet replaced Claire as her assistant, and Audra had just left Newman Media. Jack lamented that Nikki was in a tailspin without support, and she was taking on too much at the wrong time. He worried that the stress of trying to run a division on her own while fighting her addiction was a recipe for disaster.

Lauren figured that Newman would hire the best in the business, but Jack pointed out that trust was paramount with Nikki. Jack believed Nikki needed someone who knew the cast of characters and could show kindness and discretion without being a pushover. He added that the person had to understand the position was temporary until Nikki got control of her life again. Jack asked if Lauren could let her staff run Fenmore's while she stepped in to help Nikki.

Lauren appreciated Jack's faith in her, but she balked because she wasn't in the media world. Jack countered that she wouldn't be producing or editing, but only serving as backup on internal things that she'd dealt with before, like negotiations and contracts. Lauren doubted she was the right person, but Jack pleaded that Nikki needed someone she could count on. He asserted that he'd do it himself if Nikki hadn't been adamant that Victor stay unaware that Jack was involved.

Jack pointed out that Victor was fond of Lauren -- and she'd never been married to Nikki or been Victor's sworn enemy. Lauren felt blessed with an incredible management team who was excellent at managing things day to day, and she figured she could step in to help Nikki for a bit while still being available for the big things at Fenmore's. Lauren insisted on knowing whether Nikki was open to the arrangement or if she would see it for what it really was -- watching to make sure Nikki didn't take that first drink.

Jack shared that Nikki knew he'd been considering someone to recommend as her COO, but she didn't know it was Lauren. Jack reiterated that Nikki needed a right hand to depend on, and he anticipated that she'd be thrilled if she had a friend she could truly trust. Lauren imagined it would be a fresh challenge, and she hoped Fen wouldn't be turned down if he ever needed help. Lauren stressed that it would be temporary, and she wouldn't walk away from Fenmore's. Jack offered to accommodate any schedule she wished, and Lauren agreed to help.

Lauren recalled when she'd told Jack she was in over her head and needed help, and he'd stepped in without hesitation to become Nikki's sponsor. Jack reasoned that it was what they did for the people they loved. He received Nikki's text message and showed it to Lauren. Jack noted that Nikki's messages were normally letter-perfect, and he concluded that she was drunk and asking him to rescue her. "Enable her is more like it," Lauren muttered. Lauren asked what Jack intended to do, and he replied that Nikki had left him little choice.

At the Empty Glass, the server confirmed the woman Victor was looking for had been there, but he couldn't say for sure what she'd been drinking. Victor answered a call from Jack, who urgently requested to meet to talk about Nikki. Victor replied that he'd be in his office in 15 minutes, and he headed out. Nikki breathed a sigh of relief.

Meanwhile, at Newman, Nick hoped to close an acquisition deal in record time to please Victor. Adam silently sipped a glass of water, and Nick observed that his brother had been distracted all day. Adam referred to personal stuff, and he recalled that Nick had made it clear he wanted to keep things between them strictly business. Nick reasoned that it had been to prevent them from falling back into old patterns, but he preferred to talk about Adam's personal problems because they were bound to affect his work performance. Nick added that things had been going great between them, and he wanted to keep Adam in a good place. Nick promised that Adam would get no judgment from him.

Over drinks at the Athletic Club, Adam told Nick that Connor had found a special school because he'd wanted to be around kids with similar issues. Adam imagined his son had also wanted to put some distance between himself and Genoa City, since his parents were "celebrities of the wrong kind." Nick sympathized that there was pressure to conform at that age. Adam recounted that Connor had been doing well at first, but the boy had struggled as time had gone on, having trouble focusing on his schoolwork.

Adam lamented that Connor seemed to have a learning difference or processing disorder, but no one knew yet. Nick questioned what Adam thought should be done. Adam admitted that he'd initially been angry at the teachers and the school, and he'd been ready to go there and "raise hell." He said Sally and Chelsea had calmed him down. Adam explained that they'd convinced him to have faith in the school and work as a team to give Connor a sense of control over how to handle it.

Nick praised his brother for listening, noting that it had shown a lot of growth for Adam to take the women's advice. Adam said it was new for him to put his own feelings on hold for Connor's sake. Nick recognized that it was a tall order when one's kid was in pain, and he'd been there a time or two. Adam figured that part of the reason he'd overreacted had been his own experience with loneliness, having felt ashamed about how he felt and who he was for most of his life. Adam didn't want Connor to feel that way, since his son deserved to be at peace with himself.

Adam clarified that he hadn't meant his statement as an attack on Nick or Victoria, and he swore that it meant a lot that Nick was trying to give him a second chance. Nick acknowledged that Adam had also been making an effort, so they were even. Adam stated that watching his own child fight a battle against something he was powerless to fix had forced him to take on a new perspective. Nick recalled that each of his kids had put him through the wringer at some point, which had been tough, but making mistakes had been the only way they'd learn.

Adam pointed out that all of Nick's kids had turned out okay, but he wasn't surprised, given the dad they'd had. Nick refused to take much credit, but Adam argued that Nick had to have done something right. Nick considered it the sincerest compliment Adam had ever given him. Adam said he was swallowing his pride and asking for advice because he was so scared for Connor that it hurt, and he could use some brotherly wisdom.

Nick advised Adam to stay the course by remaining cool and calm and trusting the professionals at Connor's school but to also do his own research on Connor's issues by getting a second opinion. Nick encouraged Adam to talk to Sharon, and Adam approved of the idea. Nick added that if Adam found out there was a problem with the school or the way the faculty was treating Connor, he'd help Adam to "raise hell." Adam remarked that Nick's advice wasn't too shabby, and he agreed to keep his brother posted.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria updated Cole about Jordan's status. Cole revealed that he'd spoken to Claire's therapist, and he'd learned Claire hadn't been told anything about the fire or Jordan going missing. Cole understood that the doctors wanted to keep the information from Claire to avoid causing a setback, and Victoria sensed that he disagreed. Cole contended that Claire was stronger, and she wanted some control over her recovery. He believed Claire had the right to know that her aunt could be on the loose again or even dead.

Victoria admitted that her gut instinct was to keep Claire in the dark, but she conceded that it wasn't practical or fair. Victoria envisioned Claire watching the news and putting things together for herself, and she felt that being hit with the news while alone would make everything worse. Cole thought Claire should hear it from them, since they'd slowly been earning her trust, and lying to her would undo everything they'd accomplished so far. Victoria agreed that they should both be there to support Claire when she found out and to let her know they'd never keep anything from her. Cole vowed that Jordan would never hurt their daughter again as long as there was breath in his body.

At the psychiatric facility, Claire warmly welcomed Victoria and Cole and revealed that she'd just been writing down her thoughts in a therapy journal to create a sense of control. She chirped that things were going better, and she'd worked through some things in group therapy that morning. Claire mentioned that she usually didn't say much, but she'd been more talkative that day. Victoria commented that when she got upset, she found it helpful to talk things through. Claire realized it wasn't just a regular visit and that something more was going on.

Cole cautioned that there was no good way to ease into it, and he divulged that there had been a fire at the women's prison in Oregon. He continued that a number of inmates had perished but hadn't yet been identified, and Jordan hadn't been among the known survivors. Cole added that others had gone missing, and Victoria pointed out that Jordan might have escaped. Cole reported that the authorities were still investigating, and there was no confirmation of anything yet.

Victoria explained that she and Cole had wanted Claire to hear it from them, and Cole stressed that they needed to be prepared for anything. Claire looked uneasy, and she imagined they'd already thought of the possibility that Jordan had set the fire. Claire recalled that Jordan had told her more than once that a fire could be the ultimate distraction in an emergency. Cole asked if Jordan had a history of arson. Claire had no idea, but she said she wouldn't put it past her aunt, who would be proud to cause complete chaos.

Victoria swore that Jordan would never get near Claire again, and Cole promised to do whatever was necessary to keep Claire safe. Claire mused that they'd said those words before, but she was starting to feel that they really cared. Victoria assured Claire that she could trust the feeling, and Cole declared that it was his job as Claire's father to protect her. He added that Claire had gone long enough without anyone to take care of her, and he never wanted her to be afraid again. Claire asserted that she wasn't scared of Jordan -- just angry and filled with disgust when she thought of her aunt. Victoria considered that a good step in the healing process.

Claire asked how Nikki was taking the news that Jordan might have escaped, and Victoria shared that Nikki had read about the fire online. Claire recalled that Nikki had always been the target to make Victor suffer, and she inquired whether Nikki had been able to fight the effects of the alcohol Jordan had pumped into her. Victoria confided that it had been rough, but her mother had been going to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings to try to get her life back. Claire claimed that she'd had nightmares about Nikki getting into an accident while driving drunk, and it made her angry and sad to think about what Jordan had put Nikki through.

Cole realized it was the first time he'd heard Claire put the blame entirely on Jordan and not herself, and he thought it sounded like another good step. Claire explained that she'd been working hard with her therapist to understand her relationship with Jordan, and it was her goal to let go of the guilt and accept that she'd been manipulated for years by a mentally ill adult who'd had control over her mind. Claire reported that the doctors had said she was doing well, and it would just take time to undo the damage Jordan had done. Cole had complete faith Claire would get there, and Victoria proudly stated that it seemed their daughter was starting to heal on all fronts. Claire beamed.

Jack tells Victor he's been helping Nikki

Jack tells Victor he's been helping Nikki

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Christine ran into Danny at Crimson Lights. She mentioned that she hadn't seen Danny since she'd walked in on him kissing Phyllis. Danny told Christine he'd been laying low and concentrating on his music since that night, but Christine told Danny that his silence spoke volumes. "You really don't know what you want, do you?" Christine asked Danny, just as Phyllis entered.

Phyllis, smiling broadly, bounced her way over to stand right next to Danny. "Look who's finally come up for air," Phyllis remarked. Danny greeted her awkwardly as Christine looked on. Phyllis pulled up a chair and told Danny that she had been about to send out a search party for him. Phyllis reminisced about how Danny would require a "personal zone" when he was writing his music. Christine remarked, "Of course, he did. He was married to you. Who wouldn't want as much personal space as they could get, under those circumstances?"

Danny interrupted Christine and Phyllis before things could escalate. Danny informed Phyllis that he'd been in the recording studio, "in the zone." Danny told the women that he wanted the dynamic between the three of them to end. "I've really had enough," Danny told them.

Christine called that dynamic "a competition," something that she had already informed Danny she didn't want. Phyllis told Christine she should just let Danny say what he wanted to say. Christine said that she wasn't sure she wanted to hear what Danny had to say. Phyllis suggested to Danny, "Maybe you came here to admit that you have feelings for me, and you want to be with me." Then, to Christine, Phyllis said, "And that's the last thing you want to hear, right, Christine?"

Danny addressed Phyllis and Christine. "You two are incredibly special to me," Danny began. He noted all the history the three of them had shared. Danny told Phyllis and Christine that his feelings had evolved. Danny expressed that he wanted to help Phyllis and be there for her, but without all of "this," referring to the drama between the three of them.

"You're lumping me in with her?" Christine asked Danny, incredulously. "I don't mean to, I don't... I guess maybe I am," Danny admitted. Christine was dumbfounded, but Phyllis smugly smiled. Phyllis concluded that she was right, and that Danny had feelings for her. Christine didn't want to hear any more of it. Christine started to leave, but Danny stopped her, claiming that he wanted to "bring the temperature down." Christine replied, "Tell yourself what you want. You're buying into her garbage!"

Danny said that what he felt for Phyllis was friendship. "You kiss all your friends like that?" Phyllis gloated. Danny told Phyllis he didn't condone the game playing she'd done nor having posted the video of Danny playing his new song. Frustrated, Danny wondered if living without any romantic entanglements would be the best thing for him to do. He told Phyllis and Christine that he cared for both of them, but his feelings were different for each of them. Danny suggested that the three of them all take a step back in order to let things cool off. He grabbed his jacket and left Crimson Lights.

"You always seem to find a way to ruin everything for everyone around you!" Christine said as she glared at Phyllis. Phyllis and Christine continued to snipe at each other. "Can't you see that Danny just isn't that into you?" Phyllis asked Christine. Christine replied, "Phyllis, you throw yourself at Danny every chance you get. It's embarrassing."

Christine told Phyllis, "Danny's right about one thing: you need to take a deep breath and step back... now!" Phyllis accused Christine of needing a rebound lover after having been dumped by Paul. Phyllis leaned in close and whispered to Christine, "You don't scare me. If it's war you want, it's war you'll get. And we'll see who wins." Christine responded, "Okay. If that's how you want to play it. Gauntlet? Thrown."

At Society, Abby greeted Traci, who had just returned from Paris. Traci told her niece that Ashley had stayed behind. Traci told Abby that Ashley had insisted that Traci go home and had refused to take no for an answer. Traci told Abby that Ashley had a friend in Paris with whom Ashley could confide.

Traci told Abby that she'd returned home to bring the family up to speed and to coordinate a reaction for when Ashley returned to Genoa City. Abby asked Traci what had happened in Paris. Traci told her niece that Ashley had not gotten the answers she had been seeking. Traci explained that the bistro waiter had corroborated Tucker's version of events, and Ashley had speculated that Tucker had bribed the waiter.

Traci told Abby that, after seeing the waiter's reactions, Traci believed Tucker and the waiter were telling the truth. Abby found that hard to believe, but Traci told Abby that there was more to the story than even Ashley knew. Traci told Abby that she had gone back to the bistro to question more of the staff. Traci said that every person she had spoken to had remembered Tucker's version of the events.

Abby was unconvinced, but Traci repeated her belief that Tucker had been telling the truth. Traci told Abby that Ashley was unaware that Traci had canvassed other witnesses. Traci figured that it would be better for Ashley to hear the news while surrounded by family. Abby was concerned about how her mother would handle the realization that the confrontation between Tucker and Ashley had not been as intense as Ashley had remembered it. Abby wondered how they would all proceed. Traci wanted to talk with Jack but had not been able to reach him.

Traci assured Abby that she would be in touch after speaking to Jack. Traci left. Abby immediately called Ashley but had to leave a voicemail. Abby asked her mother to call her or "better yet, come home."

Audra sat on the love seat at the foot of Tucker's bed. Tucker brought her a glass of water and kissed her neck. Audra accused Tucker of stalling, then she asked him about his plan. Tucker suggested that they should take a bath together, and he would explain his plan while they were in the bathtub. "Now, I know you're dodging," Audra insisted.

Tucker agreed to talk business. Audra asked Tucker what exactly he had in mind for the two of them. Tucker was amused by how eager Audra was being. Audra smiled.

Tucker showed Audra a list of five European fragrance and cosmetics companies. All five companies were struggling. Tucker figured that none of the companies would survive on their own, but if folded into Glissade, they would make Tucker's company a powerhouse to rival Jabot. Audra rolled her eyes. "There it is," Audra said. She reminded Tucker that he'd said it was not about Jabot and that Tucker had no more interest in the Abbott family's company.

Tucker told Audra that she was wrong, and he only wanted to prove that his new company could best Jabot. "What do you expect to get out of all of this?" Audra asked Tucker. Tucker replied that he was looking for success and to be re-legitimized in the corporate world. He wanted to wash away the dirt from the cover-up scandal and be respected again.

Tucker asked Audra to be at his side. Skeptical, Audra asked, "So, this isn't about running Jabot out of business?" "It's a bonus. It's not the goal," Tucker replied, but Audra wasn't buying it. Tucker told Audra that she was the one who was obsessed with Ashley. Audra responded that she didn't want to play his games anymore. Tucker told Audra that he had no time for games. Tucker took Audra in his arms and asked her, "Can we talk business now?" Audra gave Tucker a quick kiss and a big smile.

Nikki, stumbling drunk at a dive bar, sent Jack a text that was misspelled, "Tank you." Jack called her immediately. Despite Nikki's protestations, Jack told Nikki that he would send a car for her. Jack informed Nikki that he had, per her request, successfully lured Victor away from the bar to an urgent meeting. Jack ended the call, as Victor exited the elevator. Nikki sat at a table and had another drink.

Victor asked Jack what Jack needed to tell him about Nikki. Jack told Victor that what was going on was unfair and that it had to end. Jack admitted that he had not coincidentally run into Nikki at the A.A. meeting, but he had accompanied her for support. Jack further confessed that he'd been acting as Nikki's sponsor and that Victor had been kept in the dark about it at Nikki's insistence. Victor reasoned that Nikki hadn't told him that Jack was acting as her sponsor because she'd known how angry Victor would be.

Jack told Victor that he'd been trying to get Nikki to let Victor in since the beginning. Jack informed Victor that the stress of keeping this secret was making things worse for Nikki, and that Nikki needed all the help she could get -- immediately. Victor reconstructed the events of the past few hours. Jack admitted to luring Victor away from the bar. Victor accused Jack of enabling. "You're not helping her! You gave her permission to drink more!" Victor accused.

Jack took umbrage at Victor's remark. "Quite the opposite! I am encouraging her sobriety!" Jack insisted. Jack suggested that Victor focus on what had sent Nikki over the edge "this time." "Victor, she needs both of us. The question is -- will you allow that to happen?" Jack asked. Victor replied, "Can I be very honest with you? I'm damn worried about her."

Victor asked Jack why he was choosing that moment to come clean about Nikki's secret. Jack told Victor that it was because he could see how worrying about his wife had been tearing Victor apart. Jack assured Victor that Nikki had, indeed, made some progress. "She knows when she's in trouble. She knows that she can call out for help," Jack said. Jack tried to explain that he had to betray Nikki's confidence because he didn't want things to get any worse for her than they already were. "Keeping secrets from those we are closest to is only gonna make things worse, and that's why I am here," Jack said.

Jack explained to Victor the reasons why Jack should be Nikki's sponsor. Jack stressed that it was a long-term battle for Nikki's stable sobriety. He touched on some details of the process: the one-month and three-month chips, working the program and the steps, and digging deep to find the strength to be sober again. Jack added, "Nikki wants this. It's important to her That is the good news here. So, I am hoping you'll allow me to do everything I can to help her!"

At the dive bar, Nikki had three empty glasses on her table. Her phone rang. Nikki answered it, only to hear the music that Jordan had used to taunt her before being jailed. Nikki smiled as she drunkenly slurred, "Oh, hi! I hope you're coming for me, Jordan. Yes, that's right! I dare ya! Because it'll be the biggest, worst mistake you've ever made. I'll wait for ya!"

Nikki hung up the phone, then stumbled over to a table near the window. She peeked out the window blinds. "I'll be waiting. I'm waiting," Nikki muttered.

Tucker and Audra descended the stairs to the lobby of the Athletic Club, just as Traci entered through the revolving door. Tucker, in his usual smug tone, greeted Traci in French. Tucker told Traci that he knew she had been in Paris with Ashley, and that he knew Ashley was still not accepting the truth of what had happened at the bistro. He hoped since Traci knew the truth, Traci would be able to convince her sister of it, as well.

Traci told Tucker that she would not speak about Ashley with him and that Tucker no longer had any right to know anything about Ashley's thoughts or feelings. Traci told Tucker she was disgusted with him. She pointed out that no matter whose version of events was true, things were over between Tucker and Ashley. Traci demanded that Tucker move on and leave her sister alone, then she left the club. Audra had watched the entire exchange without saying a word.

Once Traci was gone, Audra accused that the interaction had gotten under Tucker's skin, but he denied it. He told Audra, "Traci's right. Ashley and I are finished. I'm moving on. The end."

Audra wondered how someone as formidable as Ashley could make people so protective of her. Tucker told Audra that the entire Abbott family hated outsiders. He predicted that Jack would eventually exile Diane because the Abbotts were all so co-dependent. Audra told Tucker that it finally sounded like he was ready to move on. He asked Audra, "Ashley Abbott is dead to me. Do I need to do something to prove it to you?"

Traci arrived home and called out to Jack. After getting no response, Traci called Jack's phone and left another frantic request for him to call her back.

Jack received a call from Nikki, who was still at the bar. Jack told Nikki he would be right there. Victor stood and said to Jack, "I'm coming with you," and they left together.

Victor agrees to let Jack help Nikki

Victor agrees to let Jack help Nikki

Thursday, February 8, 2024

Devon and Daniel had a tense encounter at Crimson Lights. Devon asked if Daniel had informed Lily about his relationship with Heather. Daniel reminded Devon that he had decided to wait until Lily was emotionally prepared to handle the news. Devon replied, "So the plan is just to keep cheating on her until that time comes?" Daniel defended himself, explaining that he and Heather had put things on hold until after he spoke with Lily.

Devon accused Daniel of living a lie and sneaking around with Heather while Lily was staying on the other side of the country. Daniel maintained that he was continuing to support Lily while she was away comforting her daughter. Devon complained that keeping Daniel's secret had put Devon in an awkward position. Daniel made it clear that he would continue to support Lily.

Devon asked about Heather. Daniel assumed full responsibility and told Devon not to drag Heather into the situation. Daniel admitted he had not yet determined how to handle everything. Devon berated Daniel for the way he was treating Lily. Daniel replied, "I hate it, too, but be honest with me. Are you really in any place where you can stand here and pass judgment on me right now?"

Daniel recalled Devon's involvement with Abby while he'd been with Amanda, adding that one could not always control what the heart dictated. Devon, recalling the hardships Lily had suffered, including losing her parents, surviving cancer, and having been imprisoned, explained that another blow would be too much. Daniel said he was certain his family deserved to be together and vowed never to take Heather and Lucy for granted again. Devon backed down, but he made it clear he would not lie to Lily if she asked him anything about Daniel.

At Daniel's apartment, Lucy asked her mother if she might move in soon. Heather explained that her relationship with Daniel had to remain under the radar until Daniel had an opportunity to break up with Lily. Lucy, eagerly anticipating making her family whole again, said that at least she and her mother could talk about the most exciting thing in the world. Heather agreed that reuniting their family was exciting and had made her very happy. Feeling apprehensive, Lucy asked her mother about the possibility of Daniel changing his mind about breaking up with Lily.

Heather reassured her daughter, explaining that the look in Daniel's eyes and the love in his voice were real. Lucy reluctantly agreed to abide by her mother's advice to remain patient and let Daniel proceed his way. As Heather and Lucy were leaving to get coffee drinks, a distracted Danny arrived. Heather asked him if he was okay. Danny claimed he was struggling with song lyrics for his new album. Before a concerned Heather closed the door, she paused and watched Danny, who appeared to be lost in thought.

Lucy and Heather entered Crimson Lights just as Devon and Daniel concluded their discussion about Lily. Devon greeted Lucy and Heather before he departed. Lucy mentioned to Daniel that Danny had seemed upset when they had spoken to him before leaving home. Daniel replied that he should check on Danny. Heather sent Lucy to order the drinks.

Heather asked Daniel about the conversation with Devon. Daniel explained that though Devon was concerned about Lily, he understood why things had changed. Heather admitted that she hoped Daniel might inform Lily sooner rather than later. Daniel did not respond and told Heather he would see her at his apartment later. Lucy served Heather a frothy coffee drink, and said, "To being a family again." Heather sighed and replied, "Cheers."

Phyllis ran into Diane at the Athletic Club. After awkwardly exchanging pleasantries, Phyllis tossed her hair and boasted that others had informed her that she had a special glow. Diane replied that she would love to know more, though she was too busy running Jabot. Diane announced that she had been promoted to the position of co-CEO, working alongside Jack. Phyllis quipped, "When does karma play a part?"

Phyllis noted that Diane had Jack's ring on her finger and his company under her thumb. Diane explained that she had pulled for Kyle to assume her position, though her son had agreed with Jack that she was the perfect choice. Phyllis, lowering her voice to a whisper, announced that she was thrilled to have someone special in her life who cared for her. Phyllis haughtily declared that it was a feeling far superior to having a husband offer her a pity position.

Phyllis stopped by Crimson Lights while Heather and Lucy were sharing a toast with their coffee drinks. Phyllis said, "What are you two toasting?" Lucy replied that she and her mom were happy. Phyllis asked about Daniel. Heather explained that Daniel had gone home to check on Danny. Heather told Phyllis that something seemed to be bothering Danny. Phyllis appeared concerned, seemingly aware of what might be the cause of Danny's distress.

Daniel returned home and greeted his dad. Daniel told Danny that he had heard his dad was in a bit of a funk. Danny threw up his hands and said, "Romance is a pain in the neck." Danny explained that things had been progressing well with Christine until Phyllis had told him how she felt. Danny recalled having rebuffed Phyllis repeatedly. Danny recalled that Phyllis had kissed him and that Christine had seen them kissing.

Daniel asked his dad how he could have let such a thing happen, especially knowing the way Phyllis operated. Daniel asked his dad what he planned to do. Danny replied, "Back away from both of them. If I don't back off, they're not going to back away from each other."

Danny explained to Daniel that his love for Christine was different from his "duty" to Phyllis. Daniel insisted that his dad did not owe anything to Phyllis. Danny explained that because Phyllis was trying to change her life, she deserved his support, plus he deserved a little bit of trust in handling the matter. Daniel replied, "That was a very passionate defense of Mom."

Daniel admitted that he knew how distressing it was to have his world suddenly turned upside down. Daniel admitted that he and Heather had quietly reconciled, explaining that Lily did not yet know. Daniel cried that the thought of lying to and hurting Lily was killing him. Danny encouraged Daniel, assuring him that he would find the words. Danny asked for advice. Daniel replied, "Buckle up, buttercup."

Phyllis rang Daniel's doorbell. When Daniel answered the door, Phyllis suggested they have dinner together. Before Daniel could respond, he stepped out in the hallway to accept a call from Lily. Phyllis smiled at Danny, ran her finger down the keys of his piano, and asked how his writing was coming along. Danny reminded Phyllis that they had agreed to take a little break.

Phyllis told Danny that she'd heard that he had feelings for her. Danny replied, "As a friend." Phyllis admitted she was a wildcard and always said and did what was in her heart. Phyllis told Danny that talking to him and laughing with him meant a lot to her, though she acknowledged that she sometimes got carried away.

Danny reminded Phyllis about her having posted a video of them on social media and having picked a fight with Christine. Phyllis cried that everything she did was about "you and me." Danny declared that there was no "you and me." Phyllis admitted having done things in the past that she regretted. Phyllis pleaded with Danny to give her just one chance to give him something he did not even know he needed. Danny calmly replied, "This is not going to happen."

Daniel stepped back inside and told his parents that Lily was doing well. Danny picked up his jacket and walked toward the door. Phyllis called out to Danny, but he said he had to go.

After the door closed behind Danny, Daniel glared at Phyllis and asked, "Are you happy?" Phyllis said that maybe she and Danny were meant to be together, just like Daniel and Heather. Phyllis blamed Christine for interfering with her relationship with Danny. Phyllis insisted Danny would see what Christine was doing. In the hallway, Danny waited for the elevator. When the doors opened, Christine stepped out. When Danny saw Christine, he smiled at her.

Jack and Victor entered the Empty Glass Lounge on the edge of town. Victor spotted Nikki passed out with her head resting on a table. Victor exclaimed, "Oh, my God." Victor roused Nikki. After Nikki acknowledged Victor, she saw Jack. Horrified, Nikki, slurring her words, addressed Jack and cried, "Oh, no. No, no, no. What did you do? What did you bring him here, for? How could you do this to me?"

Victor explained to Nikki that he was the one who had known she was at the bar. Nikki broke down in tears and cried that nothing was all right. Victor struggled to lift Nikki to her feet and help her walk to the door. Jack grabbed Nikki's purse, and the trio exited the bar.

Victor and Nikki left the bar in a chauffeur-driven car. Nikki fell asleep. Victor ordered his security officer to make sure no one discovered that Nikki had been at the bar and that she would never be served drinks there again. Nikki awoke during the ride and cried that it was humiliating for Victor to see her in such a condition. Victor asked Nikki why she had chosen Jack as her sponsor without letting him know.

Nikki explained that because Victor hated Jack, she had not wanted to upset him. Nikki, desperate, cried, "Darling, please don't try to take this from me." Nikki pleaded with Victor to stop by Jack's house, so they could all talk and help Victor understand why Jack was the right choice to be her sponsor. Nikki told Victor that if he wanted to help her fight the disease, he had to understand how she needed to fight it. Victor agreed, though he insisted he would give Jack a piece of his mind.

Jack entered his home and poured himself a drink. In a flashback, Jack remembered having confronted Victor when Victor had had an affair with Nikki while she'd been married to Jack. Victor had expressed concern after learning that his ex-wife and the mother of his children had become "an incorrigible drunk." Yelling, Jack had reminded Victor that what had been going on with Nikki had not been his problem. Victor had blamed Jack, noting that Victor would not have allowed such a tragedy to befall Nikki.

Diane walked in the front door and began blabbing to Jack about Phyllis. Diane noticed Jack was distracted. Jack explained that though he hated breaking a confidence, he had informed Victor that he was Nikki's sponsor. Diane remembered Jack having said that secrets were an impediment to recovery. Jack replied that so was a lack of trust, explaining that he had helped Victor drag a mortified, drunken Nikki out of a dive bar.

Jack cried that Nikki blamed him for allowing Victor to see her in such a state. Jack told Diane that Victor had reacted negatively. Jack, vowing to support Nikki, was adamant that Victor would not be allowed to call the shots. Jack told Diane he was determined to give Nikki everything he could to help her recover.

Diane answered the door when Victor and Nikki arrived. Victor pointed his finger at Jack and said, "Things are not finished between us." After Victor realized that Diane knew, he begged her not to tell anyone. Diane assured the Newmans that she respected their privacy. Diane left to pick up a folder at her office.

Jack asked Nikki how she was feeling. Nikki told Jack she understood why he had told Victor the truth, lauding her friend as a man of integrity. Nikki turned to Victor and explained that she was the one who had decided not to tell him that Jack was her sponsor. Nikki said she had already felt like "such a burden," and she'd known Victor would be upset to learn she was leaning on Jack for support. Victor replied, "Sweetheart, you know damn well I will go through hell for you."

Jack asked Nikki how she planned to move forward. Nikki replied that she did not want to change anything, explaining that she could not count on Seth and needed someone dependable. Nikki declared that Jack would not let her down. Victor complained that Jack's interference had worsened Nikki's condition. Nikki cried that Jordan, still a constant threat, had violently taken her sobriety. Nikki, pleading, told Victor that only Jack could help her. Victor agreed to abide by Nikki's wishes. Victor told Jack that if anything happened to Nikki, Jack would have "hell to pay."

Danny reaches his limit

Danny reaches his limit

Friday, February 9, 2024

At Daniel's place, Phyllis accused her son of being unable to deny his feelings for Heather. Phyllis told Daniel that what was happening with Daniel and Heather was the same thing that was happening between Phyllis and Danny.

Daniel told his mother that her making trouble for Danny and Christine felt like Phyllis was up to her old tricks again. Phyllis insisted she was not being aggressive and that the pull between her and Danny was mutual. Phyllis called it "fate" and "destiny," but Daniel didn't buy that. He said it sounded more like "ego" and "ancient history." Daniel said he felt like Phyllis was more concerned about beating Christine than any feelings Phyllis had for Danny.

Phyllis told her son that she couldn't believe he would say something like that to her. "Don't play the wounded act," Daniel said. He told Phyllis that he had seen her social-media post. Daniel quoted his mother's post. "'That feeling you get when your ex plays you a love song,' Come on! What is that?" Daniel asked Phyllis. Daniel said that tagging Danny in the post seemed like "a calculated move." Phyllis denied that. "Maybe I was just happy in the moment and I wanted to share it. Sue me," she protested.

Phyllis asked Daniel why he had a problem with his parents reconnecting. She said that her situation with Danny was like Daniel's with Heather. Daniel refused to let Phyllis drag his relationship into the conversation. He accused Phyllis of doing anything to get what she wanted with no regard for the feelings of others.

Phyllis refused to apologize for going after what she wanted. "I'm not ashamed for going after love," Phyllis declared. Daniel was convinced that Phyllis only cared about besting her old rival. Phyllis wondered why her son couldn't distinguish between "the old Phyllis" and "the new Phyllis." "Because I need to see some actual change," Daniel replied.

Phyllis asked Daniel why he didn't just cut her off if that was how he felt about her. "Because you're my mother," Daniel replied. He explained that he was trying to salvage their relationship. Daniel expressed his frustration in trying to fix things between them while Phyllis kept derailing herself over and over again.

Phyllis called that "condescending" and "degrading." She started to leave. Daniel accused Phyllis of having not gone to see him, but his father, and he said that she had Danny "tied up in knots." "Did Danny say that?" Phyllis asked. Daniel replied, "Oh, my God! You're not even listening to me, are you? I hate seeing Dad this way!" Phyllis responded, 'What about me? You don't hate seeing me this way? Seriously? It's like a dagger in my heart that you are pulling for Christine over me!"

Daniel stated that Danny and Christine actually had a relationship. Phyllis insisted that she and Danny had a connection that was growing every day and that it was killing her that Daniel wanted Phyllis to step aside. Phyllis brought up Lucy's desire to see Daniel and Heather get back together. Phyllis said it was breaking her heart that Daniel didn't want the same thing for his parents. "I don't want to have dinner with you," Phyllis declared. She left, slamming the door behind her.

Christine showed up at Daniel's place and saw Danny outside the door. She asked if she and Danny could talk and "clear the air." Danny told Christine that he was on his way to the recording studio and that he didn't want to disturb Daniel. Christine asked Danny if he was making excuses. She reminded Danny that they had been in the middle of an "honest moment" when Phyllis had barged in.

Danny explained that he didn't want to get into an argument. Christine agreed but told Danny that she wanted to finish their important conversation. Danny agreed to get a coffee with her before he went back to work.

At Crimson Lights, Danny accused Christine of not wanting him to be friends with Phyllis. Christine didn't understand how it was suddenly an issue, except that it was exactly what Phyllis had wanted. Christine told Danny that the feeling of the two of them getting closer was real. "You made the sauce," Christine pointed out. "Yeah, I did," Danny conceded.

Christine observed that since Phyllis had discovered that Danny had been spending more time with Christine, Phyllis had been "throwing herself" at Danny. "It's just so obvious that she's going after you as a slap in the face to me," Christine said. "Because, of course, she could never have legitimate feeling for me," Danny countered. Christine called Phyllis a narcissist who only cared about winning. Danny compared himself to a chess piece in the battle between Christine and Phyllis. "I am sick of being stuck in the middle!" Danny exclaimed.

Christine admitted that she despised Phyllis, but she told Danny that it had "nothing to with you and me." Christine told Danny that she'd gone to see him to reassure herself that she wasn't crazy and that the things she had been feeling for Danny were real. Christine told Danny that reconnecting with him was "exciting and special." She pleaded with Danny, "Please, say it was real for you, too." "Of course, it was," he answered.

"I needed to hear that," Christine admitted. She told Danny that she hated the idea of "walking away from us and not giving us a chance." Christine promised Danny that she would give very little thought to Phyllis, but Christine was hurt that Phyllis kept forcing herself between Danny and Christine and riling things up -- and that Danny seemed to just let that happen.

Danny replied, "I'm not blind, okay? I can see how incredibly difficult she can be," just as Phyllis walked into Crimson Lights. Danny noticed Phyllis' presence as Christine said, "That woman is a walking apocalypse." Phyllis walked right over to Danny and Christine's table. "Well, so much for Danny's request for space," Phyllis sniped. Danny put up his hand. "Phyllis, don't," he said.

Phyllis accused Christine of having summoned Danny to warn him about Phyllis. Danny denied that. Phyllis said she'd give Danny and Christine some privacy, but Phyllis wanted to tell Danny about a surprise concert ticket she'd obtained for him. Christine asked Danny if he had gotten her away from Daniel's apartment so quickly because Phyllis had been there.

Danny said, "Yes. Because I was afraid of this." Christine got upset. "It's as if you're playing us off each other -- like you're enjoying it," Christine observed. "Not a bit," Danny protested. Phyllis started to comment, but Christine told her to shut up.

Danny had had it. He stood. "Enough, you two. Like I said before. I don't want any part of this. I really don't. I can't handle it!" Danny declared. Danny added that "if spending time with the two of you is gonna be this kind of drama, then, you know what? I think it's a big mistake for all of us. I really do" Danny stormed out, leaving Christine and Phyllis alone together.

Diane returned to the Abbott home and, not having seen Victor's car, decided it was safe to go in. Jack told his wife that Victor had taken Nikki home. Jack told Diane that Nikki was not as furious with him as she had been when she'd seen him with Victor at the dive bar. Jack informed Diane that Nikki had insisted that Jack remain her sponsor. Jack added that Victor had fought Nikki on that point but had finally agreed.

Diane observed, "You know, it's touching, actually. His love for Nikki transcends his animosity toward you." Diane hoped the truce would last for as long as Nikki needed help. Jack explained that Victor's blessing came with a warning: "Anything happens to Nikki on my watch, he'll see that I pay for it."

Jack told Diane that he was glad everything was out in the open. He acknowledged how supportive Diane was being. "I love you for it," Jack told his wife.

Diane asked Jack, "Do you really think you can help save Nikki from all of this... or is she too far gone?" Jack explained that Nikki's struggle was compounded by the fact that "one of the people who set this godawful spiral in motion" was Nikki's own granddaughter, and that on top of that, Jordan, the "mastermind" of the vendetta against Nikki and her family, might be on the loose.

Diane was worried that Jack, by helping Nikki, was putting himself in harm's way. Jack assured his wife that Victor's security team was on high alert and that Jack and Diane had security of their own. Diane expressed concern that being so involved with Nikki's struggle might be affecting his own sobriety. "Have you been tempted, at all, to start using yourself?" Diane asked her husband.

Jack promised Diane that he hadn't been tempted to take pain pills again. "Would you tell me if you had been?" Diane asked Jack. "Absolutely! You have my word on that," Jack promised. He assured Diane that dealing with Nikki's addiction had only strengthened his own resolve.

Diane explained to Jack that she wanted to be there for him during the stressful time. "I don't doubt that for one second, and I am eternally grateful. You are my rock" Jack said to Diane, and they embraced.

Nate walked into Society, where Audra was sitting at the bar. He asked to join her. Nate noted that, to him, it seemed Audra and Tucker were getting closer. Nate asked Audra if it was part of her plan or if she was falling under Tucker's spell.

Audra asked Nate why he cared about her relationship with Tucker. She took a dig at Nate, accusing him being content to bask in the glow of his cousin's forgiveness. Nate called Audra out for dodging his question by attacking him. Nate observed that Audra was falling for Tucker, and he expressed his hope that it wouldn't cloud Audra's judgment.

Mamie arrived at Society. As Audra was leaving, she assured Nate that her eyes were wide open. After Audra left, Mamie asked Nate, "What was that all about?" Nate told Mamie that Audra had made "a deal with the devil." Nate told his aunt that he wasn't sure if Audra was actually partnering with Tucker or "if she has her own scheme going." Mamie asked Nate why it mattered to him. Nate explained that he and Audra had been colleagues and that he considered Audra a friend.

Mamie observed that Audra reminded her of Jill Abbott: ambitious, scheming, and nothing but trouble. "You stay away from that one, you hear me?" Mamie cautioned Nate.

Mamie told Nate that she felt bringing him back into the company was a good decision, though she did have one question. "How are you getting along with Billy?" Mamie asked. Nate told Mamie that things were "fine," but Mamie suggested that Nate put more effort into creating a better business relationship with Billy. Mamie told Nate that they needed to know what Billy and Jill were up to. Nate accused Mamie of "trying to stir things up."

Billy was enjoying a quiet drink alone at the Athletic Club bar. Tucker walked in and asked Billy if Ashley had returned from Paris yet. Billy said, "My sister's whereabouts are none of your business," but Tucker begged to differ. Billy told Tucker that Ashley was through with Tucker and that Tucker should move on, but Billy added, "Oh, that's right, you can't. Because you're a bitter, hollow man that feeds on anger and retribution."

Tucker accused Billy of having a lot of anger. Billy believed Ashley should have a restraining order against Tucker. Tucker told Billy that he was only seeking information about Ashley so that Tucker could avoid her. Billy didn't believe that. Tucker said that Ashley was the one looking for retribution. Tucker claimed that he only wanted to prepare himself for Ashley's next attack.

Billy said to Tucker, "You still have the audacity to paint yourself as the victim here. Tucker responded, "That's something I will never be -- anybody's victim." Tucker noted that he was still standing after the cover-up scandal. "I don't share your knack for failure," Tucker told Billy, to which Billy replied, "Actually, Tucker, my days of failure are over." Billy listed all the ways his life was going well: his job, his relationship, his kids. "I have all the things you will never have," Billy told Tucker.

Tucker admitted to being self-absorbed, calling it the secret of his success and a prerequisite of self-preservation. Tucker accused Billy of being just as ruthless as Tucker was. Tucker suggested that Billy's next move would be to take over Jabot. "What better way to best Jack?" Tucker speculated, and he left.

Mamie was convinced that Jill had been feeling outnumbered at Chancellor-Winters, and that that was why she had brought Billy and Chance on board. "She is threatened by me, and she is just trying to shore up her reinforcements," Mamie explained. Nate tried to dissuade his aunt. Mamie insisted she was trying to protect her family's legacy. "Damn right, I'm worried. And you and Devon should be, as well," Mamie sighed, as Billy entered Society. Billy asked, "Worried? About what?"

Nate explained to Billy that Mamie believed the reason Jill had brought Billy into Chancellor-Winters was as part of a power play against Mamie. Billy acknowledged the rivalry between his mother and Mamie. Billy claimed Mamie's fear was understandable then admitted that Mamie was right. Billy explained that Jill had originally brought Billy in to protect the Chancellor interests against outside threats, like Tucker. Nate asked if Billy had been trying to smooth things over with Jill, like he had been trying to do with Mamie. Billy replied that he couldn't do that because he agreed with his mother that "Mamie is the worst threat."

Nate asked Billy why he and Jill saw Mamie as a threat. Billy replied that he agreed with his mother because they believed the only reason Mamie had returned to Genoa City and put her money into Chancellor-Winters had been to oust Jill, something that Tucker had wanted, as well. Mamie rolled her eyes at that and reiterated that she was done with Tucker after what he had done to Ashley. Billy noted that Mamie might have changed her mind about allying with Tucker, but the impulse to go after Jill was still there.

Nate told Mamie and Billy that Tucker was still a threat and that any internal conflict at Chancellor-Winters would only help Tucker. Nate thought that they should be united. Billy suggested that Nate convince his Aunt Mamie that going after Jill was "a fool's errand."

Ashley looked out the window of the company jet. Ashley recalled the Parisian bistro waiter's words when she had questioned him about Tucker's outburst during her honeymoon. Then, she flashed back to her memory of the events, where Tucker had broken a glass and overturned a chair. She also flashed back to her most recent conversation with Tucker, in which he had denied gaslighting her. She then replayed Tucker's version of the story in her head. Ashley looked upset and afraid.

Tucker, alone at his place, received a text: "Ashley back from Paris." He replied, "Let me know when she gets to her house." There was knock at the door. It was Audra. She was there to discuss the five companies that Tucker wanted to fold into Glissade. Audra noted that two of the companies had questionable financials and had overleveraged themselves by taking on junk debt.

Tucker told Audra that he knew about that and had hoped Audra would catch it. "Gold star for you," he teased. "So, you weren't testing my analysis skills. You were testing my loyalty," Audra remarked. Neither Tucker nor Audra was sure that they could trust each other. "You're okay with that?" Audra asked. Tucker smiled, "I'm more than okay with it. I am thrilled with anything that keeps that fire in your eyes, because that fire might be my favorite thing in the whole world."

Tucker caressed Audra's neck. She waved his hand away. "Stop it," she said. Then, Tucker kissed her neck. "Okay. Go ahead," Audra said as she smiled. Tucker nuzzled Audra's neck, then they kissed. Tucker received a text alert. Audra pulled Tucker's phone from his pocket, read the incoming text, then asked Tucker, "Who's home?" Audra realized what was going on. "¡Dios mio! You're still keeping tabs on Ashley, aren't you?" she asked.

Ashley arrived home, to Jack and Diane's surprise. Ashley told them that she needed a bit of time to deal with her anger over what Tucker had done. Ashley told Jack and Diane that Tucker had bribed the bistro waiter to lie about what he had witnessed.

Jack and Diane shared a look. Ashley called them out on it. Jack tried to deflect, but Ashley asked, "What aren't you telling me?" Jack tried to stall, suggesting they wait until Traci and Abby could join them, but Ashley wasn't having it. Ashley asked, "What do we suddenly have to discuss as a family?" Jack replied, "You."

Diane remarked that Ashley looked exhausted. Diane suggested Ashley go upstairs to take a bath. Jack suggested Ashley unpack and unwind. Ashley cut them off. She wanted to know why Jack and Diane wanted to have a family meeting about Ashley. Ashley asked, "What did Traci tell you about Paris?"

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