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Nikki tried to lure Jordan to the Newman ranch. Jordan befriended a drunken Seth in a scheme to get to Nikki. Victor declined Adam and Nick's proposal that Newman take over Sally's design company. Ashley unraveled as she began to doubt her sanity. Chance and Summer kissed.
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Nikki tried to lure Jordan to the ranch. Jordan befriended a drunken Seth. Ashley doubted her sanity. Chance and Summer kissed.
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Jack and Traci's intervention with Ashley goes awry

Jack and Traci's intervention with Ashley goes awry

Monday, February 12, 2024

At Society, Chelsea told Billy upsetting news about Connor. Chelsea shared that Connor was struggling in all his classes because he had difficulty focusing. Teachers, Chelsea explained, cited anxiety related to a processing disorder as the reason Connor had difficulties with learning and even carrying out everyday activities. Billy noted that Connor had never experienced similar issues in the past. Chelsea agreed, adding that no previous schools had reported those concerns. Chelsea disclosed that Connor was not eating well and not sleeping well, and he had become obsessed with washing his hands and using sanitizer.

Chelsea, overwhelmed, told Billy that Connor's school had recommended she consult with an on-campus therapist. Billy sympathetically told Chelsea to take a deep breath and allow him to help her. Chelsea, reaffirming her trust in Connor's school, told Billy her goals were to stay positive and proceed proactively. Chelsea added that Adam was doing the same. Chelsea recalled that Connor was still processing her recent trauma and learning that Johnny was his half-brother. Billy lauded Chelsea's growth in her ability to tackle difficult circumstances. Chelsea thanked Billy for helping her change her life.

Chelsea asked Billy about what was going on in his life. Billy recalled that during a run-in with Tucker at the Athletic Club, Tucker had asked about Ashley. Billy admitted he had wanted to reach across the bar and deck Tucker. Mocking Tucker's words and mannerisms, Billy said, "Did it ever occur to you that Ashley's coming after me?" Chelsea laughed. Billy related how he had confronted Tucker about falsely claiming to be Ashley's victim.

Billy told Chelsea that Tucker had accused him of being hungry for power, even suggesting that he had plans to merge Jabot with Chancellor-Winters. Chelsea laughed and said, "That's crazy. I mean, you would never try something like that, right? Try to take over your family's company from the outside?" Billy replied that he would not, though Tucker's suggestion had made him think about his relationship with Chancellor-Winters.

Billy explained to Chelsea that Jill had hired him as co-CEO, so he could represent her interests in the company she co-owned. Billy contended that Jill would be better represented if the company was renamed Abbott-Winters. Chelsea asked about dropping Katherine Chancellor's lasting tribute. Billy suggested the name "ACW" to represent the first letter of each of the three family surnames. Chelsea told Billy she assumed that he also wished to stake a claim on the company.

Billy acknowledged that his role had been good for him, noting that it was different from Jabot because he no longer had to constantly prove himself to Jack. Billy expressed pride in representing his mother's legacy by protecting her stake. Chelsea asked Billy if Lily and Devon would be open to changing the company's name. Billy reiterated that his goal was to represent his mother's 50 percent ownership. Chelsea noted that Billy and his mother shared the same name. Billy was adamant that his mother deserved recognition.

At the Newman ranch, Victor attended to a frazzled Nikki. After Victoria arrived and noticed that her mom seemed distraught, Nikki admitted that she had stumbled. Victoria replied, "Stumbled? Mom, what happened?" Nikki cried that she had made a bad mistake in response to panic and fear.

Victor explained that Nikki had reacted to news about the fire at the corrections facility and the possibility that Jordan had escaped. Nikki replied, "She had escaped." Victoria noted that family members had kept quiet about the fire, so Nikki would not panic. Nikki insisted that she had a right to know, considering that Jordan had already tried to kill her twice. Both Victoria and Victor told Nikki they had hoped to spare her from worry.

Victor assured Nikki he would protect her, adding that Jordan might have perished in the fire. Nikki, defiant, cried that she had proof that Jordan was alive and still very much out for revenge. Victoria and Victor inquired about Nikki's claims that Jordan was an imminent threat. Nikki replied, "I've been getting those phone calls again, and at first, nobody would be there. But this morning, I got another one with that same song playing."

Victor asked Nikki if she might have imagined the call. Nikki replied that she was certain she had heard the music on her phone and knew for certain Jordan was responsible. Victoria reminded her mom that Jordan had few resources and diminished power while in police custody. Victoria assured Nikki that she was safe in her home with her loved ones by her side. Victor agreed.

Nikki confronted Victor about having staff search for and remove her stash of alcohol. Nikki explained that she had to deal with her addiction on her own and that Victor's method was only a short-term solution. Nikki thanked Victor for understanding why she needed Jack. After Nikki went to bed, Victor told Victoria that Jack was Nikki's A.A. sponsor, explaining that Seth was in no position to help.

Victor told Victoria details about the incident at the dive bar on the edge of town, where he and Jack had discovered Nikki passed out. Victor blamed Jack for allowing Nikki to drink. Victoria defended Jack, but Victor denounced Jack for covering for Nikki and preventing her from drinking in the first place. Victoria asked her father if they should consider rehab. Victor expressed concern about keeping Nikki safe from Jordan's threats if she entered rehab.

Victoria wondered aloud if Jordan might be plotting revenge and making the threatening phone calls. Victoria recalled Claire having shared something Jordan had said. Jordan had told Claire that "fire was a wonderful distraction whenever a situation became chancy." Victor replied that if Jordan had survived the fire, he would make certain to keep her away from the house.

Upstairs, Nikki tossed and turned in her bed. In a nightmare, Nikki envisioned herself in tattered clothing, crouching outside in a doorway, guzzling booze from a bottle. Nikki awoke with a start and gasped for breath. Nikki picked up her phone and called Jack. Nikki assured Jack she wasn't angry at him for telling Victor about him being her sponsor. Jack agreed that Victor should know the truth.

Nikki cried that she had experienced her worst day so far and feared she might not be able to overcome it. Jack reminded Nikki that she should take one step at a time. Jack told Nikki he could visit her at the ranch whenever she needed him. Nikki, sounding desperate, cried, "I need help." Jack promised to help whenever Nikki needed him. Diane overheard Jack on the phone and sighed heavily.

At the Abbott home, Diane silently looked on while Ashley questioned Jack about why he had insisted on waiting for Traci to arrive before holding a family discussion. After observing knowing glances between Jack and Diane, Ashley demanded to know if her siblings planned to stage an intervention. Jack explained that Traci had questioned other waitstaff at the café and discovered that none of them recalled Tucker becoming physically violent during the altercation. Ashley, unconvinced, concluded that Tucker had bribed every staff member at the Parisian café. Diane appeared taken aback by Ashley digging in on her claims about Tucker's behavior. Ashley reminded Diane about Tucker's past treatment of her, listing blackmail, lies, and deception. Diane nodded.

After Traci arrived, she was displeased to learn that Jack had already spoken to Ashley. Ashley confronted Traci, asking her sister why Traci had gone behind her back. Traci explained that she had wanted Ashley to be surrounded by family before Traci shared what she had learned. Ashley, still unconvinced, cried that Tucker's tactics were still in play. Raising her voice, Ashley cried, "I'm not wrong! He's gaslighting me, but clearly, he's gotten to you. You guys know what he's capable of. Why are you doubting me?"

After Ashley claimed that Tucker had paid bribes to all restaurant staff, Traci reported that she had offered each worker twice as much as Tucker had paid in exchange for telling the truth and admitting that they had accepted bribes. Traci told Ashley that not one worker had accepted her money because they had all refused to lie. Ashley was adamant about Tucker having paid the waitstaff a lot of money. Traci explained that had the staff taken Tucker's money, they would have also accepted hers. Traci noted that Tucker would never know, and the workers would gain nothing from lying for him.

Traci reminded Ashley that she had experienced a flicker of doubt when they had questioned the first waiter they had encountered at the café. Traci suggested that Ashley had, for a moment, remembered what had actually happened. Ashley, crying, said she could not believe her family was siding with Tucker and letting her down in the most painful way. Jack told Ashley that facts about what had happened in Paris did not matter because her feelings about it had propelled her to end the marriage and leave Tucker for good. Traci disagreed, telling Jack that knowing the truth was the most important thing.

Ashley, sobbing, said, "The most important thing is that I'm being betrayed by my family. Can't you see that?" Traci replied that she and Jack only wanted to help Ashley move on. Ashley cried that her siblings were attacking her with accusations and suspicions. Ashley asked her siblings if they were questioning her sanity. Crying pitifully, Ashley rushed out the front door.

After Ashley left, Diane urged Jack and Traci to give Ashley time to calm down, and she said they should refrain from making matters worse. Diane agreed with Jack that what mattered most was that Ashley had broken free from Tucker. Traci, miffed, asked Diane if she believed it was wrong to share the truth with Ashley. Jack noted that Tucker's denial had rattled Ashley. Diane admitted that she believed Jack and Traci's confrontation with Ashley had been counterproductive. Traci replied, "There is only one thing that is going to help Ashley move forward and let all this go. That is for Ashley to find out the truth, whatever that may be, so that Tucker can't use it against her anymore."

In Tucker's suite at the Athletic Club, a text to Tucker from Ashley riled Audra. Audra accused Tucker of breaking his promises of loyalty to her, declaring that he was obsessed with Ashley. Accusing Tucker of engaging in sex without intimacy, Audra cried that she had broken her own rules by believing his lies. Tucker claimed he was keeping tabs on Ashley in order to avoid seeing her, thus freeing his mind to focus attention on Audra. Audra disagreed, claiming that Tucker hoped to see Ashley again.

Tucker insisted he was sick of Ashley's constant arguments, accusations, and claims that he was gaslighting her. Audra, pointing out that they could not avoid Ashley while dining out, complained that she would be subjected to Tucker's "love-hate" reactions whenever he saw Ashley. Tucker, with a straight face, suggested he buy a restaurant just for them, adding that he would do anything for Audra.

Audra admitted she understood why Tucker had grown weary of Ashley's accusations, adding that they should stop arguing about Ashley. Audra said she hoped Traci had been helpful in convincing Ashley to accept the truth about what had happened in Paris. Tucker said he no longer cared what happened to Ashley. Audra asked Tucker if he would devote his full attention to her. Tucker replied, "Every bit of it." Tucker claimed that he had been blinded by Ashley, falsely believing she was the good and true part of his life, though he had come to realize that Audra was his best friend.

Tucker leaned forward and began kissing Audra. Ashley interrupted when she pounded on the door, yelling at Tucker to open the door. Tucker ignored Ashley. Giving up, Ashley retreated to the lounge downstairs, sipping drinks, ordering another before finishing the first. Ashley sent a text message to Tucker, asking to see him immediately. While Ashley waited for Tucker, she was unaware that he was upstairs in his suite, making love to Audra.

Audra interrupts Ashley and Tucker's confrontation

Audra interrupts Ashley and Tucker's confrontation

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Nick walked into Society and headed to the bar, where he spotted Chance and Summer laughing together at a table across the room. Summer showed Chance some photos from one of her favorite beach vacations, and Chance mused that it was gorgeous. She agreed, but he cooed that he hadn't been talking about the beach. She asked if travel was his thing, and he rattled off a list of his stints in Iraq, Las Vegas, and Mallorca.

Chance added that he'd gone to Australia when he'd found out his father wasn't dead, and he imagined Summer knew how that felt. Summer was fascinated by the wild adventures he'd experienced, and she wondered if he ever missed those days. He took her hand in his and proclaimed that he was happy right where he was.

Phyllis joined Nick at the bar and crowed that Summer and Chance were together -- just as Phyllis had predicted. Nick pointed out that Sharon and Chance had just ended things about five minutes earlier, but Phyllis contended that Summer and Chance were obviously together. Nick shared that he'd suspected Summer had a crush on Chance, but he'd also known she had too much integrity to make a move while Chance had been with Sharon. Phyllis was happy that Summer and Chance were having fun together, and Nick conceded that he hadn't heard their daughter laugh like that in a long time.

Phyllis believed that Summer deserved long-lasting happiness after everything Phyllis had put her through. Phyllis added that she deserved her own happiness, too, even if other people didn't think so. Phyllis figured that the happiness gods were always smiling upon Nick, and she asked what was going on with him. Phyllis noted that it been a while since she and Nick had touched base, and she inquired whether he was happy.

Nick recognized that Phyllis got into grooves where she would put all her focus on one thing, like Summer's love life, Diane Jenkins, or dodging the law, but he doubted his happiness was on that list. Phyllis acknowledged that he'd been very mad at her after she'd "died," and she'd been nervous to talk to him because his opinion mattered to her. She argued that he hadn't been blowing up her phone, trying to get in touch with her, either. Nick countered that he'd had a lot going on. Phyllis swore that she cared about him and always would.

Phyllis recalled that she and Nick had been in and out love many times, and the most amazing thing they'd done had been to create an incredible girl. Phyllis reasoned that they would always share the bond of being Summer's parents, no matter what happened between them, and she ordered him to stop stalling. Nick insisted that he was in a good place, but he couldn't help but worry about Phyllis. She suggested that he buy her a drink while she filled him in on why she was so deliriously happy. "This I gotta hear," Nick replied.

Summer noticed her parents were in the restaurant, and she told Chance not to look. He immediately looked over at the bar and asked if it was a problem, noting that she was tight with her dad and had made peace with her mom. Summer groaned that her folks took perverse pleasure in knowing all her business. Chance empathized, since even though his mom didn't live in town, Nina made it a point to know everything, whether she was near or far.

Chance reasoned that at least he and Summer had parents who cared, and he couldn't find fault with Nick and Phyllis because they'd raised an incredible woman. Summer resolved to start practicing his silver lining mentality. Chance pointed out that she could practice right then, since her parents were headed their way. Phyllis and Nick approached Summer and Chance's table, and the group exchanged awkward pleasantries. Phyllis marveled that she'd wondered if she was dreaming when she'd seen the young couple there, and Summer looked stricken.

Chance politely invited Phyllis and Nick to join them. Nick declined, noting that Summer and Chance seemed to be having a good time. Nick steered Phyllis away, and Chance remarked that he'd been anticipating that Nick would pull out old class photos of Summer with nerdy hair. Summer considered it lucky that they hadn't needed to sit there while her mom made subtle comments. She glanced over at the bar and commented that it was strange seeing her parents having a peaceful drink together. Chance questioned whether Nick and Phyllis were on a date, but Summer was sure they'd simply run into one another.

"To us," Phyllis toasted, and she thanked Nick for forgiving her for the debacle with Diane and Jeremy. She admitted that she wasn't sure she would have been able to do the same for him. Nick lectured that what Summer had gone through had changed her forever, and she shouldn't have had to go through it. He continued that it had been very hard for him to let it go, but he wanted to do so for all their sakes. Phyllis swore that she would regret what she'd done for the rest of her life.

Phyllis added that she would also be grateful to Nick every minute of her life for getting their daughter through it. Nick figured that if Summer and Daniel had been able to get over it, he should be able to follow their lead. Phyllis recognized that he was giving her more credit than she deserved. Nick considered her kids to be amazing people, but he encouraged her to give herself credit for making changes to try to become a better person. He found it to be interesting timing, since he was also choosing to believe the same thing about Adam, who was making decisions to better himself.

Phyllis appreciated that Nick didn't think she was a lost cause, but she balked at being compared to Adam. She wondered if Nick ever wished he was more like Adam, since it had to be difficult for Nick to always be looked at as the righteous Newman because it didn't leave room for mistakes. Nick reminded her that he'd bought her a drink to talk about her, not to analyze him and convince him he was a "wannabe bad boy." Phyllis pushed to know what had happened between him and Sally. Nick called Sally smart, beautiful, and unpredictable, and he doubted Phyllis found it hard to believe he'd go for that type. Phyllis thought he was deflecting, and she proposed they be straight with one another.

Nick confessed that he still cared about Sally, and it had killed him when their relationship had ended. Nick explained that Sally hadn't been able to let go of her feelings for Adam, and Phyllis was taken aback that Sally had chosen Adam over Nick. Phyllis inquired how Nick was doing post-breakup, and he reported that he was back on track, focusing on family and work. He wondered if she was sticking to her life changes, and she indicated that things were going well.

Phyllis hinted that she thought she'd found peace with a certain someone, and Nick guessed she was talking about Danny. Phyllis giddily nodded, and Nick voiced surprise that Danny felt comfortable with her, considering their history. Phyllis asserted that Danny had seen that she'd changed and how hard she was trying. Nick hoped it worked out for her.

Meanwhile, Summer recounted a time when she'd told Harrison that he'd had enough cookies before bedtime, and the boy had gotten mad at her, threatened to waste toothpaste, and stormed out of the room. She continued that when she'd checked on him later, she'd discovered that he'd gone straight to bed, and he'd looked so sweet that she hadn't known if she should scold him for talking back or thank him for not wasting toothpaste. Chance shared a story about Dominic seeing a drum set in a store window, and when Chance had refused to buy it, the tot had thrown a world-class tantrum. Chance recalled that he'd told his son that he'd never get what he wanted by acting like that, and Dominic had turned into the sweetest kid on the face of the earth.

Summer inquired whether Chance had gotten his son the set, but Chance explained that he hadn't been about to spend a dozen car payments on something the boy would lose interest in after a week. Chance bemoaned that there was nothing like getting outsmarted by a kid who didn't reach his knees, but he figured they could use those moments as fodder to embarrass their children when their kids had kids of their own. Summer wondered if it was payback for what they'd put their parents through, and she gazed over at Nick and Phyllis.

Chance asked how Summer and Kyle were doing with their co-parenting situation. She replied that they were civil, and she confided that she was worried about her ex. Summer sensed that Kyle felt disillusioned after Jack had kept her on at Marchetti but had let Kyle go, and Kyle had since been passed up for the co-CEO slot twice. Summer griped that Kyle kept making dumb moves, like getting involved with Audra, but all Summer could do was watch from a distance and hope for the best.

Chance wondered if Summer regretted that her marriage hadn't worked out. Summer insisted that she would always care about Kyle, but she'd realized regret was wasted energy. She reasoned that life was hard, and people disappointed one another; the best she could do was own up to her mistakes and try not to make the same ones again. Chance said he liked the way she thought.

Summer inquired whether Chance and Abby had found a comfortable balance with Dominic after their ugly breakup. Chance admitted that he'd been hurt to be betrayed like that, and he'd needed time to get past it, but he'd learned from it. He figured that no one could force love, since hearts were unpredictable and uncontrollable, and logic played no part. He agreed with Summer's statement that there was no point to feeling regret, since it got them nothing but nowhere. Summer grabbed his hand and said she liked the way he thought, too.

Chance helped Summer put on her coat, and she thanked him for dinner. He thanked her for a terrific and interesting evening, and he said he'd liked learning more about the way she thought and felt. "Right back at you," she replied, and they kissed. Across the room, Phyllis asked if Nick was as happy for Summer and Chance as she was. Nick grumbled that it was hard to see Summer start a new relationship that soon.

Nick conceded that Summer was a grown woman and mother with an amazing career, but he could never look at her like she wasn't a little girl who needed him to protect her. Phyllis saw in his eyes how proud he was of Summer, and he lamented that he'd never be okay seeing their daughter kiss a man. Phyllis toasted to finally finding their happy places, and they clinked their glasses together.

In Tucker's hotel suite, Tucker and Audra had sex. She asked if he was still glad he'd chosen her, and he breathlessly replied that she'd made a pretty good case for herself. Later, they spooned in bed, and Tucker gently unwrapped his arm from a sleeping Audra to check his phone. He saw Ashley's text message about needing to see him, and he looked wistful.

At the Athletic Club, Ashley sipped a martini and ignored a call from Traci. Moments later, Ashley's phone pinged with a message from Tucker, asking where she was. She replied that she was downstairs. Tucker softly asked if Audra was awake, but she didn't respond. "I love you," he whispered, and he kissed her shoulder.

Ashley became agitated as she heard Tucker's angry words from the bistro in Paris in her head. She sent him another message, warning that she'd be gone in another five minutes. Tucker appeared and coolly asked what she wanted. She insisted that they talk in private, and she suggested that they go up to his room. He responded that they would have the conversation right there, or she could forget it.

Ashley announced that she'd wanted to see Tucker to tell him that she'd never been more disgusted by anyone's actions than she was with his. She accepted the fact that she'd married him, but she snarled that she was eternally embarrassed and ashamed that she'd ever loved him. Ashley sarcastically commended Tucker for outdoing himself by bribing the entire restaurant staff on a different continent to make her think she was cuckoo. Tucker surmised that the staff had backed up his version of their argument, and Ashley spat that she knew the truth.

Ashley vowed to protect herself and everyone she loved from Tucker's poison, and she bitterly congratulated him on making her own family doubt her. She warned that there would be a lot of pain headed his way, and he shouldn't blame her but should look in the mirror instead. Tucker thought it sounded like a threat. Ashley mentioned the campaign she'd been on to get him and Devon to reconcile, and she declared that it was done. She pledged to do everything in her power to make sure Devon was cut out of Tucker's life forever.

Ashley ranted that she couldn't believe she'd ever let herself feel any guilt about how she'd created Tucker's rage because of his intense heartbreak. Tucker laughed and said she really was delusional if she doubted the heartbreak she'd caused. Ashley hissed that she couldn't break what he didn't have, and he didn't have a heart. She surmised that his rage in Paris had been about his inability to control and monopolize her, and something had happened when she'd realized he was to blame. Ashley revealed that all the guilt she'd had was gone, and it had been replaced with sheer and utter contempt for him. Tucker flatly asked if she was finished, since it was his turn.

Audra woke up and found herself alone in bed. She called out for Tucker but received no response.

Meanwhile, Tucker swore on the soul of his grandchild that he hadn't bribed, threatened, or done anything to coerce the waitstaff to get them to say what he wanted. He swore that if they'd backed up his story, it was because it was the truth. Tucker stated that he was saddened that Ashley couldn't just be satisfied by walking away and instead had to go scorched earth by making up ugly fiction about him. He encouraged her to seek professional help to figure out what was going on with her.

Audra suddenly appeared and sidled up next to Tucker. Audra mentioned that she'd woken up, and Tucker hadn't been there. Audra huffed that the last thing she'd expected had been to find him with the woman who'd put him "through such hell." Ashley realized that Audra had been the reason Tucker had been unable to have a private conversation in his room. Audra asked if that was a problem, and Ashley scoffed at the idea of being shocked that the two were sleeping together.

Ashley pointed out that Audra was just one on a very long list of Tucker's hookups, but it seemed a little soon. She questioned whether the papers had even been drawn up yet. Tucker reminded Ashley that she'd been the one who'd dumped him, and she hadn't put up a fight when he'd started annulment proceedings. He asked whether she'd expected him to sit alone in his room, pining over her. Ashley declared that Tucker had become Audra's problem, and she wished Audra luck. Ashley pondered whether Audra had been sleeping with Tucker the same time she'd been sleeping with Kyle. "Classy," Ashley snarked, adding that Tucker and Audra deserved one another. Ashley walked out.

Audra and Tucker retreated to his suite, and she asked "what the hell" had just happened. He apologized that she'd had to witness that Ashley was further gone than either of them had realized. He recounted that Ashley had heard the truth from several witnesses in Paris, but she refused to believe it and seemed intent on painting him as a villain. Tucker suspected that something was very wrong with Ashley, but Audra snapped that she didn't care what Ashley thought about anything.

Audra wondered how Tucker had managed to get out of bed with her to meet with his ex-wife. Tucker admitted that Ashley had sent him a text message, saying she'd needed to see him immediately. Tucker defended that he'd only met with Ashley to tell her he was officially moving on and not because he'd wanted to hear what she had to say. Tucker revealed that Ashley had been fine with ending things with him, but she'd gone a step further by threatening to keep Devon and Dominic out of his life forever.

Tucker added that it wouldn't work, since he'd "be damned" if he let Ashley keep him out of his son and grandson's lives. Audra inquired whether he'd told Ashley about their relationship. Tucker replied that Audra had taken care of that rather effectively, and Audra wondered if he would have told Ashley if Audra hadn't shown up. "Absolutely," he affirmed. He proclaimed that Ashley was old news, and Audra was his future.

Ashley returned home and poured a glass of water. Her thoughts drifted to Tucker's version of their argument in Paris, and she crumpled into a chair, trembling. Traci entered the room and asked if her sister was okay. Ashley whimpered that she didn't know what was happening to her.

Nikki and Victor set separate plans in motion

Nikki and Victor set separate plans in motion

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

In Claire's room at the hospital, Victoria looked on as Claire talked to a young girl about a book of Greek mythology that Claire and the girl had been reading together. They talked about Athena, the goddess of wisdom and courage. Claire noticed Victoria in the doorway. Claire introduced her mother to Nadia, a patient who was recovering from pneumonia and was about to celebrate her seventh birthday.

A nurse arrived to escort Nadia back to her room. Claire told Nadia that if she was still at the hospital the next day, they could read more stories together.

Claire told Victoria that seeing the kids at the hospital made Claire feel stronger. Claire expressed hope that she might be able to offer help to the children. Victoria told Claire, "I am so proud of you."

Claire noted that the kids filled her with energy, and if she wanted to keep up, she would have to get out of her own head. Claire expressed appreciation for the distraction and said that making children smile felt like a different kind of therapy. Claire admitted that she found her regular therapy sessions draining, but she acknowledged that the work needed to be done. Claire voiced her determination to get better.

Claire asked Victoria if there was any news about Jordan. Victoria wanted her daughter to put Jordan completely out of Claire's mind. Victoria was thrilled that Claire had enjoyed the mythology book, which Victoria had given her, and that the book had meant something to Claire. Claire listed the comparisons between the Greek pantheon and the Newman family: "Victor as Zeus, the convoluted family tree, all the nonstop intrigue and infighting." Victoria admitted that "the parallels are very clear."

Claire asked if that meant Victoria was Athena. "I've been known to hurl a thunderbolt or two," Victoria joked. Claire smiled and said, "I love your visits. I really look forward to them." Victoria sat beside her daughter and explained that they were both on similar journeys of self-discovery. Victoria told Claire that, until Victoria had found her answers, "there's nothing that I would rather be focused on than you."

Adam and Nick were summoned to Victor's office, but neither knew why, and Victor was not there to explain. Adam and Nick speculated about which of the family's crises was the reason for the meeting. Both men simultaneously received a text from their father, which said Victor was unavoidably detained. Victor, at the ranch, ended a phone call when Nikki entered the room. Nikki was resentful and accused Victor of talking about her behind her back. Victor assured his wife that the phone call had not been about her, but about Jordan.

Victor updated Nikki about the fire at the prison: authorities had determined that the fire had, indeed, been arson. After identifying the bodies of the deceased, six prisoners were still unaccounted for. Victor promised Nikki that Jordan would be recaptured. Nikki thought it would be better to lure Jordan into a trap.

Victor was adamant that he would not let Nikki use herself as bait. He insisted that Nikki should work from home -- not only to be safe from Jordan, but also to be safe from the temptation of alcohol. Victor reminded Nikki that he'd gotten rid of all the alcohol at the ranch. Nikki agreed to do things Victor's way. Victor promised Nikki that her nightmare would soon end, then he left to meet up with his sons at the office.

Chloe met Sally at Crimson Lights. They talked about having nearly completed their most recent project but not having any new business on deck. Chloe and Sally brainstormed about how to boost business. Sally admitted that reaching out to contacts in Los Angeles was not an option, since Sally had burned too many bridges there. Chloe and Sally wondered why their good work and satisfied clients hadn't led to new work. Chloe knew that start-ups often faced those issues. Chloe figured it was time to go back to their investor for a new infusion of cash, but Sally was adamant about not asking Nick for more money.

Chloe made a snide remark about Sally having gotten back together with Adam. Sally informed Chloe that the relationship between Sally and Adam was going well. "Maybe you could just be happy for me, as my friend?" Sally asked. With a big, phony smile, Chloe replied, "Yay."

Chloe noted that there was one possibility they hadn't discussed: saving the business by taking on a new partner with wider contacts and deep pockets. Sally was concerned about giving up control, but Chloe weighed giving up some control versus losing the entire company. Sally suggested a few other ideas, not ready to give up on her and Chloe's company. "I refuse to admit defeat," Sally declared.

Adam had an idea he wanted to run by Nick, but before Adam could explain, Victor arrived at his office. He told his sons that the fire at the prison had been arson, and he told them about Jordan's escape. Victor told Adam and Nick that Nikki would be working from home. Nick wondered if Nikki would stick to that plan, considering how she did not like feeling trapped.

Nick stated that he felt it was time to come up with a plan to eliminate the threat of Jordan. Victor agreed. Adam suggested they set a trap for Jordan. Victor told Adam and Nick that Nikki had come up with the same idea, but Victor refused to let Nikki use herself as bait.

Victor stated that Jordan hated him as much as she hated Nikki, so Victor planned to use that to his advantage. Adam and Nick wanted Victor to explain that remark, but Victor declined "I can't talk about it until the pieces are in place," Victor declared.

Adam offered whatever help Victor needed. Nick figured that Victor planned to use himself as bait, and though Nick couldn't support it, he could understand it. Nick, too, offered to help his father however he could. Victor thanked his sons for their offer but declined. Victor said, "This is a battle I have fight all on my own."

Later, after Victor left, Nick told Adam he wished Adam hadn't sounded so supportive of Victor's plan without knowing what it was. Adam explained that by being on board with Victor, Adam and Nick could keep Victor safe. Nick admitted that it was the only reason he had gone along with their father.

Nick asked Adam what Adam had wanted to discuss with him before Victor had arrived. Adam said that there was something he wanted to discuss with Nick before running it by Victor, and it concerned Sally. Nick said, "Adam, if you're about to tell me that you're planning to marry her, there's no need for that. It doesn't concern me." Adam told Nick that it was Sally's business he wanted to discuss. Adam explained that since wrapping up their first projects, business was going slow for Sally. Nick assured his brother that if Sally needed more money, all she had to do was ask. "Except, she won't," Adam replied.

Adam explained to Nick that funneling cash into Sally's business was not his goal. Instead, Adam wanted to revive the idea of having a design division established at Newman Enterprises for Sally to run. Adam wanted to convince Victor to follow through on the offer on which Victor had reneged. Nick asked Adam if Sally knew Adam was going to propose the idea to Victor. Adam said that he wanted to obtain Victor's blessing and be sure Nick would be amenable to the idea before he got Sally's hopes up. Nick said Adam was smart, because Nick didn't believe Victor would resurrect the design division idea. Adam told Nick that he wanted Nick's help to convince Victor to do it.

Lauren visited Nikki at the ranch. Nikki thanked Lauren for stepping in to help Nikki run Newman Media until a replacement for Audra could be found. Lauren asked Nikki to bring her up to speed on the projects Audra had been working on. Nikki tried to explain but was having trouble focusing. Lauren noted that Nikki was having a rough morning then asked if Nikki wanted to call Jack. Lauren explained that she had been in the room when Nikki had texted Jack to ask him to distract Victor away from the dive bar.

Lauren told Nikki that even though Lauren couldn't be her sponsor, she wanted to be a part of Nikki's support team. Lauren asked her friend, "I know that you're struggling. How can I help?" Nikki told Lauren that she appreciated their friendship, but that she didn't want to fall apart in front of Lauren. Nikki explained that it wasn't drinking that had her feeling frazzled, but it was the news of Jordan's escape.

Nikki explained to Lauren that Jordan had already been calling Nikki, trying to scare her. Lauren compared Nikki's situation with Jordan to her own experiences with Sheila Carter. Nikki agreed. "You're right! I won't let her intimidate me. I won't give her the satisfaction!" Nikki declared. Nikki grabbed her phone and looked up the last call she had received from Jordan. Nikki dialed the number. The call was answered, though the recipient did not speak.

Nikki taunted Jordan. Nikki said that the music Jordan had played over the phone was not a source of shame but that Nikki considered it a "fight song." Nikki said she hoped Jordan would try to get to Nikki at the ranch so that Nikki would have an excuse to cross the line. Nikki called Jordan "insane," "weak," and "a coward." After the call, Lauren called Nikki "amazing" and "ferocious" for putting "the fear of God into that monster." Nikki doubted that Jordan would be deterred.

Victor arrived at Claire's room. He wanted to speak with Claire in private. Victoria asked her father why. He told Victoria that he wanted to ask Claire some questions about Jordan. Victoria was hesitant, but Claire was sure that it was because Jordan had escaped. Victor informed Claire and Victoria that DNA evidence had proven Jordan was not among the casualties of the fire. Victor asked Claire if she could provide any clues as to Jordan's behavior or whereabouts that would help the authorities recapture her. Claire had no idea where Jordan might be, but Claire was certain Jordan had set the fire.

Victoria tried to reassure Claire that Victor's security team would keep Claire safe, but Claire informed her mother and grandfather that she was no longer afraid of Jordan, nor had she any desire to help her aunt. Victor was glad to hear that. Claire told Victor and Victoria about having received a phone call from Jordan a few days earlier. Claire explained that the reason she hadn't mentioned the call before was that she had put it out of her mind. Claire told Victor and Victoria the details of the call. "I told Jordan that she could never manipulate me ever again, that I never wanted her to contact me again, and that I wished she was dead," Claire said.

Claire explained that she was furious that Jordan had tricked her and ignored Claire's wish to never be contacted again. Claire promised Victor that she would inform him immediately if anything else came to mind. Claire told Victor that she wanted to help protect the family, especially Nikki. While telling Victor about her thoughts and concern for Nikki, Claire addressed him as "Mr. Newman." Victor sat back in his chair and said, "You know you're a part of the family now, so why don't you call me 'Victor'?" Victoria thought that was sweet.

Claire wished there was more she could do help. Victor announced that there was something Claire could do. Victor reckoned that Jordan couldn't help herself and would call Claire again, Victor wanted Claire to pass along a message. Victoria protested, but Victor continued. He wanted Claire to tell Jordan, "I am willing to make amends for all the hurt that I have caused her sister, Eve."

Claire asked Victor why he would want to make amends with Jordan. Victor didn't explain but asked again for Claire to deliver the message, if she could. Victor thanked Claire for listening to him. Claire thanked Victor for the visit, and he left. Victoria went after Victor and stopped him outside the door to Claire's room. Victoria told her father that she would not allow him to use Claire as a go-between in whatever scheme he was planning. Victor told Victoria that Nikki was "drinking herself to oblivion" because Jordan was torturing her.

Victor pointed out that Claire was their family's only connection to Jordan. Victoria reminded her father that Claire was also one of Jordan's victims. Victoria tried to reason with Victor. She said that even talking to Jordan at all could cause a setback for Claire, to which Victor replied, "I'm concerned about your mother -- not her, do you understand? End of discussion!" Victor stormed away.

Victoria went back into Claire's room. She told Claire that she wished Victor hadn't put Claire in the middle. Claire reasoned that Victor was using the offer of amends to set a trap. Claire told Victoria that if Claire could help get Jordan locked up again, she'd be glad to talk with her aunt one last time.

Nikki finished giving Lauren an idea of what was involved with Audra's workload. They were packing up their tablets and papers when Nikki's phone rang. "It's her," Nikki gasped. Lauren pointed out that Nikki had already spoken her piece, and there was no reason for Nikki to answer the call. Nikki stared at the phone as it continued to ring.

Ashley and Nikki are both pushed to the brink

Ashley and Nikki are both pushed to the brink

Thursday, February 15, 2024

At the Abbot mansion, Ashley was sitting on the couch, visibly distraught. Jack asked her if she was okay, and she said she wasn't sure what was real and what was not. She said Tucker had "finally succeeded" in breaking her. Jack looked horrified.

Jack told Ashley that Tucker's manipulations had not broken her. Wiping tears from her eyes, Ashley asked Jack what Traci had told him. He admitted Traci was very concerned about the effect Tucker was having on Ashley. Ashley said, "I'm not doing well, Jack." Jack encouraged Ashley, explaining that both of her siblings would support her, and said she did not need to do things alone. Ashely grew more upset and told Jack that she was scared. She said she was worried that she really had exaggerated what had happened at the bistro in Paris. She worried that her brain had twisted things.

Jack argued that Ashley had done nothing wrong to choose her family over Tucker. He suggested that her mind had decided to "up the stakes" against Tucker's manipulations. Ashley skeptically asked if Jack thought Tucker would just go away. Jack told Ashley to focus on the fact that Tucker had never deserved her. She nodded in agreement and said she should "take the win" that she wasn't married to Tucker anymore. Jack stepped away to take a call as Ashley sneaked out the front door.

At the Athletic Club, Victoria told Cole that Victor had once again gone too far. She asked where Victor got off using Claire as bait for Jordan. Victoria told Cole she couldn't believe Victor had asked anything of Claire. Cole wondered if that would trigger another setback for their daughter. Victoria echoed his concern. She said she was infuriated that Victor would use her daughter that way. Cole said he understood Victor's motivation.

Victoria told Cole that Victor had finally accepted Claire into the family. Cole expressed his surprise but said he could see Victor doing that because of his devotion to family. Victoria asked Cole if he thought Claire should assist Victor with his plan. Cole said it could help Claire heal. Victoria, looking worried, said she would never forgive Victor if his plan hurt Claire's progress.

Victoria thanked Cole for talking things through with her. She said he had been very supportive, even though he was the "strong, silent type." Cole was glad he had appeared strong because he was still shaken up by finding out Claire was the daughter they had mourned for years. They commiserated on how good it was to find that she was alive, even though it was so painful to have missed her growing up. Victoria said it was heartbreaking that they had missed her first steps and graduation.

Cole said Claire really needed him and Victoria, and he should have been there. Victoria argued that he had been cheated out of that time and would have been the best father. She reminded him that when he had received the text he'd thought had been from Nikki, he'd dropped everything to be there for her and her family. Victoria said she would never forget it.

At Newman Towers, Adam told Nick he needed Nick's help in asking their father to hire Sally back at Newman Enterprises. Nick asked what that meant for his investment in Sally's business. Adam argued it would be a big win for Nick. Nick accused Adam of just wanting to remove Nick from Sally's "orbit." Adam said Nick was wrong and that his only concern was Sally.

Adam told Nick that Victor would be impressed to see them work together on the initiative. Nick taunted Adam that he needed Nick to get it approved by Victor. Victor walked into his office and asked his sons if they needed anything from him. Adam told Victor that they had something to discuss.

Nick asked Victor for an update on the "Jordan situation." Victor told his sons that he had baited Jordan by talking about Jordan's dead sister Eve. Victor told the men that he had asked Claire to answer any calls if Jordan reached out to her. Nick asked how Victoria would feel. Victor replied, "I don't give a damn if your sister is against it." Victor reiterated that he would do whatever it took to protect his family.

Nick and Adam agreed with Victor that Nikki's protection should be their priority. They asked to know more about Victor's plan, but he refused to tell them more. Adam changed the subject by asking if Victor remembered pulling the rug out from under Sally. Adam asked Victor to reconsider hiring her at Newman, since things were better between them. Victor asked if Adam was telling him her "little company has already failed."

Adam told Victor that Sally needed as much help as possible. Adam said he had seen "the numbers" for the company, and they weren't shabby. Victor asked, "What is the hold this woman has on both of my sons?" Adam said she was much more than Victor had given her credit for, and he asked Victor to give her another chance.

Victor questioned why Sally would need Newman if she were that good at business. Adam replied that Sally's business would be a solid return on their investment. Victor told Adam he had made his point and that he wanted Adam to leave so he could speak with Nick privately. Nick said that he would like Sally to succeed. Victor asked if he minded Sally working with Adam. Nick insisted he had "moved on" and that having her join would be good business and would keep Adam happy and on his best behavior. Nick said Sally would be a good bet for Newman.

Outside Victor's office, Adam left a voicemail for Sally that told her to clear her schedule for dinner because he might have a surprise for her. Nick walked out and asked Adam to return. Victor appeared to concede and told Adam that he understood why Adam wanted Sally to join Newman. Abruptly, Victor then declared, "Under no circumstances will I work with Sally Spectra." He left the brothers looking chagrinned.

Nick told Adam he had supported the idea but had known it might not go over well. Adam thanked Nick for his help with trying to convince Victor. He admitted he was disappointed but told Nick he would not give up. Nick told Adam not to press their father on the issue.

Nikki and Lauren were at the Newman ranch when Nikki's phone rang. Lauren said Nikki did not have to answer because Nikki had already said everything she'd needed to say to Jordan. Nikki answered and barked, "What do you want?" Nikki told the caller that she knew it was Jordan.

Disguised in a long wig and sitting in a dirty bar, Jordan said, "That was quite a little tirade" Nikki had left on her voicemail. She goaded Nikki by saying the "booze" gave her the bravado to leave such a message. Nikki let Jordan know that she had not had a drink all day and was getting stronger every day. Jordan smugly said that Nikki should show how strong she really was by meeting Jordan face to face.

Nikki told Jordan she would not be intimidated and would meet Jordan on her own turf. Nikki invited Jordan to the ranch. Jordan said she was not stupid enough to fall for that and that she was closer than Nikki thought.

Nikki told Jordan she wasn't fooled by Jordan's bluff. Jordan said Nikki didn't get to make the demands when she had nothing to bargain with. Nikki retorted, "And what do you have?" Nikki told Jordan that Jordan was on her way back to prison, but Jordan insisted she had unfinished business that she needed to handle first. Jordan warned Nikki to "keep your eyes open" because she would never see Jordan coming. Nikki replied, "Don't bet on it."

Nikki told Lauren about Jordan's threats. Lauren said Nikki should have asked Victor for help before she'd provoked Jordan. Nikki conceded that the conversation had not been pleasant. She asked Lauren to lunch to get Jordan out of her head. Lauren said she would rather call Jack and ask if he wanted to visit the ranch, since it had such tight security.

Ashley, riding in the backseat of a hired car, received a text from Jack asking where she had gone. She responded that she just needed some air. Later, Traci texted Ashley. Suddenly, a car appeared in the rearview mirror and slammed into the back of Ashley's car. Ashley immediately flashed back to having a car accident before. The flashback showed a scene of her, noticeably pregnant, passed out and bloodied in the front seat of a car.

Jack was distracted as he entered the Newman ranch. Lauren told Jack that Nikki had had a rough morning. She recounted to Jack that Nikki had wanted to go out to eat to "sneak a drink." Jack told Lauren she had done the right thing by calling him. Lauren said she could leave so Jack could talk to Nikki, but first, she asked if things were really okay with Jack. He assured Lauren that Nikki had his full attention.

Nikki returned to the living room, where Jack held up a bag of food from Society. Lauren excused herself to tend to made-up issues at Fenmore's. Nikki said it was fine and thanked Lauren for her help. Jack told Nikki he was glad she had reached out, and he asked if Victor was "getting used to" Jack being Nikki's A.A. sponsor. Jack asked Nikki why she had reached out to him.

Nikki said she knew Lauren had been concerned that Nikki would drink because of Jordan's calls. Nikki told Jack she had called Jordan back, and he asked if she really thought that was a good idea. Jack called it "impulsive." Nikki admitted to Jack that Jordan saying Nikki would "never see her coming" had upset her.

Jack said Jordan was only taunting Nikki to keep her on edge. Jack said he always admired Victor's determination to protect his family. He told Nikki the thing that would make her most vulnerable to Jordan was to take a drink. Jack warned Nikki that Jordan was looking for an opening to get to Nikki. Nikki promised she would be strong and said her life depended on it.

At the bar, Nikki's former sponsor, Seth, was having a drink and looking at Nikki's recent texts. Seth was clearly struggling when Jordan sidled up to his table, smiling.

Seth meets ''Isabel''

Seth meets ''Isabel''

Friday, February 16, 2024

Nate and Devon arrived at Chancellor-Winters. Billy arrived a few seconds later. Billy wanted to discuss a proposal with Devon alone, but Devon told Billy that Nate could listen in. The three men sat, and Billy told them that he and Jill thought it was time to add the Abbott name to that of the company and that they should rebrand the company as Abbott-Chancellor-Winters, or ACW.

Nate noted that Jack was getting top billing. "Alphabetical order," Billy replied. Devon wondered why it had only just become an issue, since Jill had never wanted to change the company name before. "Why is it only an issue now that you're here?" Devon asked Billy.

Billy insisted that changing the company's name was not "a power grab," but rather, a way to acknowledge Jill's contribution to the state of the company. Devon offered to call Lily and discuss it with her, then get back to Billy. Billy agreed, and he left.

Nate assured Devon that he was on Devon's side. They speculated about Billy's motives. Devon concluded that changing the company name was Billy's "power play." Nate told Devon about the conversation Nate and Billy had had regarding Aunt Mamie and her motives. Nate and Devon agreed that they would have to keep an eye on Billy.

Ashley returned to the Abbott home, rattled by the minor car collision she had just experienced as well as the memories of the accident she'd had that had caused her to lose Brad's baby. Ashley heard several different voices in her head, including her own. "Where are you, Jack?" "Is she okay?" "Stop!" "Poor thing." "Shut up!" "Needs help." "Don't give in! Be strong!" Ashley called out to Traci and Diane, but no one replied. Ashley looked over at the bar, and she focused on the decanter and glass upon it.

Nikki and Jack, at the Newman ranch, finished their lunch together, and Nikki thanked him for joining her. Jack reminded Nikki of the A.A. acronym "HALT": never to let herself get too "H"ungry, "A"ngry, "L"onely, or "T"ired. Victor arrived. Nikki told Victor that Jack was there to ease her anxiety. Nikki told her husband that Jordan had called again and that Nikki had spoken to her.

Victor took Nikki's phone and called Jordan, but Jordan didn't answer. Victor asked for details about the call from Jordan. Nikki told Victor that she had instigated things with Jordan because Nikki was sick of Jordan making her a prisoner in her own home. Nikki explained to Victor that she had told Jordan to stay away from the Newman family.

Victor blamed Jack for allowing Nikki to speak with the woman who had almost killed Victor's entire family. Jack told Victor that he had learned about the call after the fact. Nikki confirmed it by telling Victor that Lauren had urged Nikki not to let Jordan intimidate her. That led Victor to second-guess having brought Lauren in to help Nikki run Newman Media. Nikki told Victor that getting help from Lauren was a good idea.

Jack reminded Victor that including Lauren in Nikki's support team and at Newman Media had been Jack's idea. The comment led Victor to question Jack's suitability as Nikki's sponsor. Jack asserted that he was a good sponsor because he cared about Nikki.

Nikki explained how desperately she had wanted a drink after the phone call with Jordan. Nikki expressed gratitude that Lauren had called Jack, who had dropped everything in the middle of a work day to help her. Nikki credited Lauren and Jack for the fact that Nikki was sober.

Victor was glad Nikki hadn't taken a drink. He reluctantly thanked Jack for coming to Nikki's aid, then suggested that Jack leave. Jack checked with Nikki, who agreed that Jack should get back to his day. Jack left.

Victor got angry. He shouted at Nikki, "That woman threatens you, and you call Jack Abbott? I am your husband!" Nikki exclaimed, "Victor, I am not choosing Jack over you! I am choosing my sobriety over drinking! But when you challenge him like that, I get upset!" Victor relented. "If it helps you, then I continue supporting him as your sponsor," Victor grumbled. Nikki thanked Victor.

Nikki gave Victor details of the conversation she had had with Jordan. "That woman is a psychopath! We have to stop her!" Nikki declared. Victor told Nikki about having set a plan in motion to trap Jordan, but he refused to give her details. "I have it under control," Victor insisted.

Nikki didn't want to be kept in the dark, because her mind would conjure up all sorts of images. Victor told Nikki that his trap would involve convincing Jordan that he wanted to make amends for what had happened to Jordan's sister, Eve Howard, by getting a message to Jordan, Nikki deduced that Victor wanted to use Claire to set the trap. "That's exactly what Dad wants to do, but I'm not going to allow it," Victoria said as she entered the room.

Victoria told Nikki that she didn't condone Victor's plan to involve Claire in the plan to trap Jordan. Victor maintained that he had not manipulated Claire, but Claire had wanted to be rid of Jordan as much as the rest of the Newmans did.

Victoria told her parents that she and Cole had almost approved of Victor's plan, but they didn't want to risk causing Claire to have a setback in her recovery. She said they feared that it would undo all of Claire's therapy and progress. "That's not fair to Claire. We have to find another way!" Victoria declared.

Nikki agreed with Victoria about not wanting to put Claire at risk. Victor conceded that Claire was family and that he didn't want any harm to come to her, but he stubbornly insisted that Claire was stronger than Victoria was giving her credit for. Nikki spoke up. "There's another way to get to Jordan," Nikki said. Victor asked, "And what, pray tell, is that?" to which Nikki replied, "Through me."

At the Empty Glass Lounge, Jordan, disguised in eyeglasses and a long red wig, approached Seth, who was drinking beer at a table. Jordan pretended to be a fallen alcoholic named Isabel. She said Seth looked like he could use another drink. Seth informed "Isabel" that he preferred to drink alone. "Isabel" told Seth that they had a friend in common -- Nikki Newman.

"Isabel" bought Seth another beer. Seth asked her how she knew Nikki. "Isabel" made up a sad story about how she and Nikki had been "great friends" who had partied together until the hangovers and broken relationships had taken their toll. "Isabel" claimed that she and Nikki had gotten sober together, and it had caused their friendship to deepen.

"Isabel" continued to weave her fictional yarn to Seth. "Isabel" claimed that she had stumbled, but then when she had desperately wanted to get sober again, Nikki had cut "Isabel" out of her life because she was dangerous to Nikki's sobriety. "Isabel" assured Seth that she didn't blame Nikki. "How could anyone hate Nikki Newman?" she asked with a smile.

Seth asked "Isabel" how she knew his name. She told him she had heard him share at an A.A. meeting and that she had heard enough to realize that he and Nikki were friends. "Past tense," Seth advised her. He explained to "Isabel" about how he had been Nikki's sponsor, but she'd called him out and cut him off after he had started drinking again.

"Isabel" told Seth not to blame himself. "How could I not? I feel terrible. She needed me, and I let her down," Seth replied. Seth admitted that he missed his friendship with Nikki, and he felt she had been there for him more than he had been there for her. "Isabel" advised Seth not to let his pride get in the way of reaching out to Nikki. "A friendship with Nikki Newman is a rare and beautiful thing. Don't throw it away," she coaxed him.

Seth suggested that "Isabel" take her own advice and call Nikki. "Isabel" declared that it was too late for her, but she cared about Seth because she saw a little bit of herself in him. Seth was convinced it was too late for him to salvage a friendship with Nikki, as well. "Saving your friendship with Nikki could change your world," "Isabel" counseled Seth.

Ashley finished her drink and set down the glass. Jack arrived. The sound of the door shutting startled Ashley, who gasped loudly. Jack apologized for startling his sister. He could see Ashley was visibly upset. He offered to help, but Ashley said it was something she had to handle herself. Jack pleaded with Ashley not to shut him out. Ashley told Jack there was nothing he could do. "I'm barely hanging on," she confessed.

Ashley told Jack about the minor car accident she had just experienced. She opened up about all the old feelings and emotions the accident had brought up. Ashley broke down in her brother's arms. "I feel like I'm never gonna stop crying, and I feel like I wanna curl up in a ball, and I feel like I'm gonna run away. Run away and not come back," Ashley cried. Jack held Ashley tight and tried to reassure her that things would be okay. "What's happening?" Ashley sobbed.

Jack held his sister and promised her she'd be all right. Calmer, Ashley thanked Jack for his "wise words." She declared that she was stronger than Tucker thought she was. Jack was doubtful that his words had been that healing. Ashley suggested that maybe it was his hugs. She called them "miracle workers" then asked for another one. Jack looked concerned as they hugged. Ashley looked like the wheels were turning in her mind.

Billy met Chelsea at Crimson Lights. They discussed Connor and his problems at school. Chelsea told Billy that she and Adam had decided to let the school's teachers and psychiatrist diagnose and treat Connor. Billy told Chelsea that, in the meantime, she had to take care of herself so that she could be ready to help her son once it was time for Adam and Chelsea to step in.

Chelsea wanted to change the subject. She asked Billy about his meeting with Devon. Billy admitted the meeting hadn't gone well and that he had to find a way to go around Devon.

Chelsea told Billy that she had to get back to work, despite not being in the right head space for it. Billy suggested Chelsea take a "self-care break." Billy offered several suggestions, but Chelsea didn't bite. "I know you're right. I'm just not sure how to be gentle with myself right now," Chelsea lamented. "Let me show you," Billy replied. He caressed Chelsea's hair, and they kissed. Chelsea and Billy went upstairs to Chelsea's place and made love.

Afterwards, as Chelsea and Billy snuggled in bed, Chelsea smiled and called Billy "lovely" and her "moment of peace." Neither wanted to leave the bed, but both had to get back to work. Chelsea told Billy she felt guilty being so happy while her son was hurting. Billy told her, "But you have to. That's the balance. The good days help you get through the tough ones." Billy told Chelsea that he and Connor were both lucky to have her. Chelsea kissed Billy again.

Victor insisted he would not let Nikki use herself as bait to lure Jordan. "She's already coming for me. She's made that clear," Nikki said. Nikki told Victoria that she had spoken to Jordan, who was nowhere near finished with the Newman family. Victoria said, "This is a nightmare." Her mother disagreed. "No. This gives us the power," Nikki countered. Nikki planned to continue taunting Jordan until Jordan made a move, at which time, the family would be ready for her.

Victor asked if Nikki planned to push Jordan's buttons. Nikki replied with sober determination, "Yes! I will push her buttons until she makes a mistake -- a fatal mistake."

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