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Claire was released into Victoria and Cole's custody, and she moved into the Newman ranch. Nikki realized that Jordan might be the woman who'd urged Seth to reach out to her. Audra warned Ashley to back off Tucker. Ashley was tormented when she heard her own voice inside her head.
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Claire was released from the care facility. Ashley heard her own voice inside her head. Nikki realized Jordan might be the woman Seth had met.
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Esther reacts to Devon and Billy bickering

Esther reacts to Devon and Billy bickering

Monday, February 26, 2024

At Chancellor-Winters, Esther overheard Devon and Billy discussing a businessman named Lenny Flanagan. Devon lauded Lenny as a smart, innovative, stand-up guy. Billy was not as impressed, citing Lenny's lack of successful business ventures. Devon accused Billy of dismissing his business contact based on their past track record. Billy complained that favoring Devon's deals instead of pursuing lucrative opportunities wasted time and resources. Esther entered the office and confronted Devon and Billy about wasting their time and energy on bickering instead of accomplishing great things for Chancellor-Winters. Devon and Billy both disagreed that they had bickered. Devon assured Esther that their differences of opinions were nothing to worry about.

Esther became emotional and said that the company was important to her. Esther, recalling her years at the Chancellor mansion, noted that she was adept at picking up on tense situations. Devon suggested that Esther was reading a little more into what had transpired. Esther surmised that Devon resented having to work with Billy because he would rather work with Lily and that Billy resented Devon for resenting him. Esther entreated both men to consider how their fathers, John and Neil, might react to them focusing on petty conflict instead of making the business a success for all the people who counted on them.

After Esther walked out, Billy admitted that Esther was not wrong. Devon replied that their dads would probably admonish them and urge them to get on with business. Billy agreed. Chance and Nate entered the office. Chance presented his idea to create a music festival, which he said would boost marketing and name-recognition by offering branded merchandise. Devon, impressed, said implementing Chance's idea seemed right for their company. Billy told Chance that his idea needed more work.

After Devon had to step out, Nate told Billy that Chance's idea had a lot of potential. Billy agreed, though he did not agree that the idea should be fast-tracked. Billy wished Chance luck. After Billy left, Chance said, "I have no idea what the hell just happened there." Nate said Billy was likely trying to maintain his mentoring position and did not want Chance to get ahead of himself. Chance noted that Devon had loved the idea. Nate explained that Devon was likely trying to prove he was not an autonomous control freak. Chance replied that he felt he could count on Nate more than he could Billy.

While having lunch at the Athletic Club, Audra was eager to discuss with Tucker the sudden shift in Ashley's attitude. Tucker claimed that talking about Ashley bored him. Audra recalled that Ashley, suddenly possessive of Tucker, had approached her and claimed that their relationship would never last. Audra connected Tucker's moodiness and preoccupation with Ashley's encounter. Tucker replied, "What's your point?" Audra asked, "Do you swear that you had no more contact with Ashley Abbott in the last 24 hours?" Tucker belligerently accused Audra of being more obsessed with Ashley than he had ever been. Tucker told Audra that if she continued to confront him with a barrage of ridiculous questions about the past, she should count him out.

Audra apologized, admitting to Tucker that she felt insecure after witnessing Ashley's startling change. Tucker explained that Ashley had realized she was wrong. Audra leaned forward and replied, "So you did talk to her last night, didn't you?" Audra advised Tucker not to lie to her. Tucker admitted that Ashley had visited him to apologize and admit he had been right about what had transpired in Paris. Tucker noted that Ashley's epiphany was related to a fender bender that had shaken loose repressed memories.

Audra questioned Tucker about Ashley's agenda. Tucker insisted that Ashley's destruction of their relationship was irreparable. Tucker tapped his finger on the table and said emphatically, "I want you to know that right now. It's over." Audra, recalling having seen the fire in Ashley's eyes along with her confidence and determination, said she was convinced that Ashley wanted Tucker back and would do anything to make it happen. Tucker replied, "Bring it on."

At the Abbott home, Traci informed Jack that after Ashley had spoken to Tucker, she had spent the night at the Athletic Club. Jack replied that knowing Ashley had been in close proximity to Tucker made his skin crawl. Jack asked Traci what Ashley had discussed with Tucker. Traci replied that, in a nutshell, Ashley had rescinded her accusations against Tucker and conceded that the big blow-up that had taken place in Paris had unfolded exactly as Tucker had described. Jack expressed concern that Tucker's influence on Ashley might continue. Traci shocked Jack when she told him that she suspected that Ashley was considering forgiving Tucker and perhaps even trying again to reconnect.

Ashley entered the living room from the stairs and told Jack and Traci there was no reason for them to end their topic of conversation. Traci explained that she had only revealed the basics of Ashley's story. Ashley admitted that Tucker had been right, and she had been wrong. Ashley noted that she had exaggerated everything that had happened. Ashley blamed anger and fright for having created an altered memory. Ashley told Jack that once she had freed herself of emotions, her mind had revealed a different perspective.

Traci reminded Ashley that despite her revelation, there had been an argument with Tucker that had terrified her. Traci added, "Tucker is who he is." Ashley replied, "Tucker is who he is. He had nothing to gain from making me doubt my sanity, right? He had nothing to gain from bribing an entire restaurant staff." Jack acknowledged that the fight no longer seemed to have a grip on Ashley's emotions. Traci suggested that after finding peace, it was time for Ashley to put Tucker behind her. Jack added, "No more unanswered questions, no more confusion, just a clean break. You can get on with your life now." Ashley replied, "If only it was that easy."

Ashley pleaded with Jack and Traci to trust her to make the right decisions. Jack said he had a horrible feeling that Ashley was considering giving Tucker another chance. Traci said she and Jack hoped Ashley would choose what was best for herself. Ashley became defensive, warned her siblings not to push her, and insisted she was capable of deciding what was best for herself. Ashley assured her siblings she would not fall into a trap.

Billy entered the Abbott home and greeted Jack, Traci, and Ashley. Billy asked Ashley about her trip to Paris. Ashley replied, "Exhausting. Enlightening." Ashley hugged Billy, and then she left after telling her family she would catch up later. Traci shared with Billy that Ashley had told Tucker she knew he had been telling the truth all along about what had happened in Paris. Traci noted that she and Jack were worried about the fallout. Billy suggested Ashley had rushed out to escape her overprotective siblings. Traci recalled that Ashley had been tied in knots over what had happened. Jack added that he and Traci did not trust Tucker McCall.

Billy reminded Traci and Jack that Ashley had vowed to stick with the family before the argument in Paris had taken place. Billy said he was certain that a reunion with Tucker was off the table. Billy suggested they all let Ashley take control of her future. Jack warned that Ashley was taking an enormous risk. Billy disagreed and insisted they support Ashley and allow her to proceed on her own. Traci agreed, noting that Ashley's changed demeanor seemed to be a positive sign.

Tessa greeted Ashley when Ashley entered Society. Ashley was flattered to be recognized. Tessa introduced herself as the restaurant's new manager. Abby approached and escorted her mother to a seat. Abby informed her mother that she had accepted a position on the board of directors at Chancellor-Winters, so she had hired Tessa to manage Society. Abby told her mom that she had spoken to Traci about the Paris trip and was worried.

Ashley sighed and rolled her eyes. Ashley insisted that she was more in control of her emotions than she had been in a very long time. Devon arrived and greeted Abby and Ashley. Ashley said she had invited Devon to join them, so she could put their minds at ease. Ashley told Abby and Devon that the waiter at the Paris café had confirmed Tucker's version of the events, insisting that Tucker had not violently acted out by breaking a glass or throwing a chair. Ashley noted that Traci had questioned the staff and had also confirmed Tucker's recollection of the argument.

Ashley admitted that her misunderstanding had tarnished Tucker's reputation. Ashley begged Devon to reconsider his decision to shut Tucker out of his life. Devon explained that he had other reasons for not wanting Tucker in his and Dominic's lives. Ashley requested that Devon give Tucker another chance. Devon explained that he and his family were careful about who they chose to include. Ashley asked Devon to think about it. After Ashley left, Abby sighed. Devon shook his head in dismay. Abby told Devon that something had caused Ashley to give Tucker the benefit of the doubt.

Mariah surprised Tessa at Society and asked her how things were going. Mariah teased that she might attempt to make outlandish requests from the manager. Tessa replied, "Like what?" Mariah teased about desiring a fancy highchair for Aria. Mariah asked Tessa if she was really okay with her new job. Tessa said she genuinely enjoyed interacting with staff and the patrons. Mariah insisted that she might have particular demands when ordering empanadas. Tessa smiled.

Later in Tucker's suite, Tucker told Audra to forget about Ashley and think about their plans. Audra instructed Tucker to arrange their trip immediately. Tucker phoned his assistant and instructed her to book a trip to Paris for two. Audra began kissing Tucker. Tucker carried Audra to the bed and began disrobing. After the couple made love, Tucker fell asleep. Audra dressed and left. Audra stopped by the Abbott home, confronted Ashley, and said it was her turn to set some things straight.

Chance joined Summer at the Athletic Club and told her that Billy had not been impressed with his pitch, though Devon and Nate had loved it. Summer, upbeat, reminded Chance that he was still settling in. Chance noted that Billy's sudden change appeared to be related to a game plan he had in mind for Chancellor-Winters. Summer asked Chance why he thought so. Chance cited an underlying tension between Billy and Devon that was unrelated to the idea he had pitched. Summer, recalling that Billy had left Chancellor-Winters because he had felt like an outsider, might require time to adjust to working with Devon again. Chance said he felt like Billy had reacted as he had only because Devon had embraced his pitch. Chance noted that he did not want to be forced to pick sides.

Audra warns Ashley to back off Tucker

Audra warns Ashley to back off Tucker

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis and Amanda happily reunited with a hug. Phyllis couldn't believe her friend was there, and Amanda pointed out that Phyllis could also visit her. Phyllis cautioned against tempting her, since she might jump into Amanda's suitcase and start living in the guestroom. Phyllis wondered why Amanda was back in town. "Battle preparations," Amanda announced.

Amanda gently chided Phyllis for making her believe Phyllis had been dead. Phyllis recalled that she'd apologized, and Amanda ordered Phyllis not to die on her again. Phyllis inquired about the battle plan, and Amanda explained that she was overseeing things for Jill at Chancellor-Winters. Phyllis surmised that Billy was causing trouble and that he needed an ally. Amanda replied that troublemakers usually did.

Phyllis expressed her condolences about Amanda's mom, and Amanda murmured that she was grateful for the time they'd had. Amanda checked her phone and realized she had to go. Amanda asked what Phyllis was up to, and Phyllis joked that she planned to spend her time thinking about her bad luck and bad choices. Amanda insisted that Phyllis was too fierce for that, and they hugged goodbye.

Nate met Mamie at Society for lunch. Mamie mentioned that a little birdie had told her there was a certain chill in the Chancellor-Winters office. Nate assumed it had been Esther, and Mamie shared Esther's concern that John and Neil wouldn't be happy about what was going on at the company. Nate cited the tension been Billy and Devon, and he divulged that Billy had proposed that they add Abbott to the company name. Nate added that Devon and Lily had nixed the idea with the promise to revisit it when Lily returned.

Mamie declared that there would be no revisiting it if she had anything to say about it. Nate reported that Amanda was in town on Jill's behalf, and Mamie griped that Jill's minions were nothing but trouble. Nate praised Chance for being smart and a fast learner. Mamie remembered that Billy had been mentoring Chance, but Nate informed her that Chance had seemed to have taken a step back after Billy had shot down one of Chance's ideas simply because Devon had liked it. Nate continued that Chance had turned to Nate for support, and he was willing to do whatever he could to help. Mamie figured that the fewer allies Billy had, the better.

Nate didn't want to see Chance used as a pawn in a power struggle. Mamie defended that Jill had declared war, so there was no backing down. Nate argued that Mamie had started the war when she'd secretly invested in the company. Mamie countered that her investment had always been in family and the Winters legacy, and she had to make sure they banded together.

Nate groaned that he'd experienced conflict with Devon and at Newman, and it never ended well. Mamie insisted that the ending would be different that time, but Nate begged her to give up the battle she felt she needed to wage with Jill. Mamie refused to back down from doing what was best for her family, and she complained that Jill had had a stranglehold on Chancellor-Winters for far too long. Mamie believed it was time their family took full control of their company, and she vowed to make sure it happened.

At Chancellor-Winters, Chance entered Billy's office to grab a file, and Billy asked if they were good. Chance coolly confirmed that they were, and Billy advised him not to take Billy's response to his pitch personally. Billy explained that it hadn't been a reflection of the actual idea, but a music festival would have a lot of moving parts. Billy added that it had potential, and it was something the company could get excited about in the future. Chance thought it would help if they hashed some things out.

Billy recognized that Chance was upset that Billy hadn't supported his proposal. Chance acknowledged that he still had a lot to learn, but he'd felt a shift during the meeting that he hadn't felt comfortable with. Chance believed Billy's response had stemmed from an issue between Billy and Devon, since Billy had slammed on the brakes once Devon had said he liked the proposal. Billy swore it wasn't a power struggle, but Chance maintained that it had felt like Billy and Devon were trying to prove something to one another. Chance refused to be used by either one of them.

Chance mentioned that Nate had seen the same thing Chance had. Billy said he was sorry if Chance was upset about the way Billy had responded, but he wanted Chance to learn the ropes and understand how the corporate world worked. Chance swore that he could take criticism, but he had an issue with being weaponized in a power struggle that he wanted nothing to do with. Billy maintained that he'd simply given his opinion, and he hadn't had any ulterior motive. Billy added that he wanted to see Chance succeed, and Chance recommended that Billy give him less protection and more room.

Amanda arrived and asked if it was a bad time. Billy claimed that he and Chance had been ironing out some work issues, and Chance said it was good to see her. Amanda hoped the issues weren't serious, and Billy assured her they had it all figured out. Chance left, and Amanda asked what was really going on.

Amanda pointed out that Chance was on their side as Jill's grandson. Billy explained that Chance was also new and ambitious, and Chance had to learn how the company worked. Amanda argued that Chance was an adult, a cop, and a war veteran, and she doubted he needed a lesson from Billy. Billy countered that Chance needed advice in business, and he instructed Amanda not to treat Chance with kid gloves just because of their history with Devon and Abby. Amanda said Jill wanted their team pulled together, but Billy wondered why it seemed like Amanda suddenly didn't trust him.

Billy thought that perhaps Amanda only saw him as the guy she'd hung out with at the Empty Glass. She swore that had been a million years earlier, and she had complete faith in him. She conceded that she had a soft spot for Chance, but she was confused because Jill had told her things had been going well with Billy mentoring him. Billy reported that Chance wanted success out of the gate, and Chance got a chip on his shoulder every time Billy criticized his ideas. Amanda compared it to the conflict between Devon and Nate the first time around, when Devon had been too harsh.

Billy indicated that Devon had gone in the other direction by loving everything Chance said, and he suspected Devon was doing it to make Billy look like a dream killer. "Are you?" Amanda asked. Billy swore that he wasn't in the business of casually shooting down good ideas, and he stood by his assessment that Chance's idea needed work. Amanda contemplated whether Billy was in denial.

Abby arrived at the office and ran into Chance. She asked what was wrong, and he blurted out that he'd been trying to learn how to manage working with Billy. Chance stormed off.

Abby followed Chance to the Crimson Lights patio. She voiced concern that he wasn't happy, and he chalked it up to corporate life being more difficult than he'd thought. He cited the politics and people, and she named Billy. She declared that as a future member of the Chancellor-Winters board, she wanted to know about any issues. Abby swore that she wasn't taking notes, and she just wanted Chance to be happy. Chance insisted he was fine, but he confided that he hadn't realized the baggage Billy had.

Abby offered to help, but Chance preferred to talk about her becoming a board member. He wondered what would happen to Society, and she informed him that she'd hired Tessa to manage the restaurant. They discussed Amanda's return to town, and Abby admitted that seeing her had been uncomfortable. Chance figured that he saw Devon every day, and they made it work. Abby said she always wanted the best for Chance, and he happily indicated that his life was moving in that direction.

In his hotel suite, Tucker woke up alone in bed, and he called out for Audra.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Jack updated Kyle and Diane about Ashley's revelation that Tucker hadn't been violent in Paris, after all. Jack voiced concern that Ashley might be susceptible to Tucker all over again. Kyle insisted that Ashley and Tucker's marriage was over, and Diane encouraged Jack to let Ashley decide how to handle Tucker. Jack vowed that he'd never let Tucker hurt Ashley again. Tucker descended the stairs, and Jack scowled. Over Diane's protests, Jack made a beeline for Tucker. Diane bemoaned to Kyle that she'd hoped to have a nice, quiet meal.

At the bar, Jack called Tucker a demon that couldn't seem to be exorcised. Tucker dryly ordered two glasses of the finest holy water from the bartender. Jack noted that Ashley had changed her mind about what had happened in Paris. Tucker confirmed that she'd seen the light and been big enough to admit it to him. Jack clarified that Ashley hadn't changed her mind about how dangerous Tucker was, and he suggested that Tucker hop on a jet out of town and never look back. Tucker asked when Jack would let Ashley live her life the way she chose.

Jack barked that Ashley was done with Tucker for good. Tucker found it pathetic that everything that had happened had resulted from Jack's obsessive need to keep an iron grip on his family. Tucker referred to Jack's son almost betraying his family, Billy going back to Chancellor-Winters, and Ashley's spirit "damn near" breaking. Tucker suggested that Jack look in the mirror if he was looking for someone to blame.

Jack countered that Kyle not only hadn't betrayed his family, but his actions had helped put Tucker down for good. Jack continued that Billy had gone to Chancellor-Winters to protect Jill from Tucker's attacks, and Tucker had broken Ashley's spirit by insisting she turn her back on the family she loved. Jack victoriously added that he was the one there having a meal with his wife and son, whereas Tucker was sitting alone at the bar, knowing his son had barred him from his life. Jack pondered who the pathetic one was.

Tucker admitted that Jack and the Abbotts had done a number on him, but he figured he should thank Jack, since Ashley selling Glissade was the key to Tucker's future. Tucker looked forward to kicking "some Jabot ass," but Jack recalled that Tucker had promised he wouldn't go after Jabot. Tucker expected that his innovative new company would make Jabot look like a tired, old work horse.

Jack scoffed at the idea that a "ragtag collection of moribund companies" run by a man who knew nothing about the beauty business could be a threat to Jabot. Jack looked forward to watching Tucker fail, and he warned Tucker to stay away from Ashley. "And what if she can't stay away from me?" Tucker asked. Jack again ordered Tucker to stay away from Ashley and never hurt her again.

Meanwhile, Diane lamented that Tucker continued to be a menace. Kyle figured that Tucker would get bored and move on, but Diane thought Tucker seemed more emboldened than ever. She envisioned what would happen if Tucker managed to suck Ashley back in, which would pull Jack in, too. Diane fretted that Jack was dealing with a lot between Jabot and looking after Nikki. Kyle argued that his father had them to help at Jabot, and he guessed that Diane's real concern was Jack's renewed connection to Nikki.

Diane understood Jack was stepping in to help an old friend who desperately needed it, but she worried about his own battle with addiction. Kyle assured his mother that Jack had overcome the problem, and he had faith in his dad. Diane turned the topic to their conversation about Kyle's struggle with resenting that she was in the position he wanted. She wondered how they could fix it, but they both clammed up when Jack returned to the table.

Jack asked what he'd missed, and Kyle assumed Jack had read Tucker the riot act. Jack confirmed that he'd declared in no uncertain terms that Tucker needed to keep his lies and games away from Ashley and their family. Kyle questioned why Jack had wasted his time, since it was like lighting a match. Jack hoped he'd provoked Tucker into crossing the line, so they'd have something to crucify him with.

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley observed that Audra was worked up. Audra huffed that it was her turn to do the talking, and she revealed that Tucker had told her that Ashley had gone to his suite the night before. Audra continued that she and Tucker didn't keep secrets, since their relationship was based on honesty. Ashley asked if Audra was done. "You're done with Tucker," Audra haughtily replied.

Ashley laughed and argued that it wasn't Audra's call. Audra cautioned that the game Ashley was playing wouldn't work, since it was too late if Ashley had changed her mind and decided she wanted a future with Tucker. Audra crowed that Ashley had blown it, and Ashley needed to back off because Tucker was with Audra. Ashley suspected Audra was there because she wasn't convinced Tucker was over Ashley. Audra snarled that Ashley had hurt Tucker for the last time, and if Ashley tried to seduce him as part of her sick game, she'd have to deal with Audra.

Ashley inquired about Audra's dynamic with Tucker, noting that Audra clearly had daddy issues, and they both knew Audra was an opportunist who was taking advantage of Tucker's broken heart. Audra maintained that she and Tucker had a future, and she announced that he was taking her to Paris. Ashley reminded her that it was where Ashley and Tucker had spent their honeymoon. Audra considered it more proof that Tucker was over Ashley, but Ashley recommended that they avoid a certain café.

Audra bragged that Tucker wanted her to meet the Glissade board, and they would create a company like no one had ever seen. Ashley recounted that she and Tucker had planned to do the same thing. Audra snapped that unlike Ashley, she wouldn't go back on her word by running home to her family. Ashley questioned whether Audra had family to run to, and she speculated that Audra had glommed onto Tucker because she had nowhere else to go. Audra warned that Ashley didn't want to go to war with her, since it would end badly for Ashley.

Ashley asked if Audra was threatening her. Audra stated that she had much more experience fighting dirty than Ashley did, and she enjoyed it more than she should. Ashley realized Audra really was in love with Tucker. Audra said she understood him, and Ashley clucked that believing that was Audra's first mistake. Audra contended that she and Tucker were alike because their minds worked in the same ways, and they wanted and believed in the same things.

Ashley grumbled that Tucker only believed in Tucker, but Audra shot back that Ashley didn't get him at all. Audra admonished Ashley for the way she'd treated him, making him jump through hoops to prove he was worthy of her, only to dump him over a bogus drama that had only happened in her head. Audra dared Ashley to admit she wanted Tucker back. "I don't have to admit anything to you, you bitch," Ashley bellowed. Audra replied that it didn't matter because Ashley had already lost. Ashley stomped over to the door and held it open. Audra left, and Ashley slammed the door behind her.

Audra returned to her hotel suite and poured a drink. There was incessant knocking at her door, and she found Tucker there. He fetched his own drink and told her to start practicing her French, since they'd be leaving in three days. Audra toasted to Paris, muttering that the trip couldn't happen fast enough. Tucker recounted that he'd woken up alone, and he wondered where she'd slipped off to.

Audra claimed that she'd had errands to run, and Tucker inquired whether one of them had been confronting Ashley. Audra asked how Tucker had known, and he replied that he knew Audra. He offered to make his feelings clear again and again until Audra believed that she was the only one for him. Audra swore that she wasn't feeling insecure -- not anymore. Tucker inquired whether he should be worried about what she'd done.

Audra assured Tucker that Ashley was still standing, but it had felt good to let Ashley know that Audra and Tucker stood together. Audra shared that she'd warned Ashley not to try to get between them. Tucker proposed that they let that be the end, since there was nothing to be gained by provoking Ashley. Audra merely considered it a warning.

Ashley paced at the Abbott mansion. She silently thought to herself that there had to be another way, and she asked herself if she was sure it was the best way to handle things. "Yes," she affirmed aloud. Jack, Diane, and Kyle returned home and found Ashley sitting on couch. Jack expressed concern, but Ashley implored him to believe she had accepted what had happened in Paris and was moving on.

Ashley chirped that things were finally going her way, and she was excited about the future. Ashley claimed that she had an idea she wanted to mess around with at her lab, and she headed out. Diane observed that Ashley had sounded completely over Tucker, and she implored Jack to stop worrying. Meanwhile, Ashley called Tucker and invited him to meet her for a drink.

Claire makes a decision about Victor's plan

Claire makes a decision about Victor's plan

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Michael Baldwin visited Claire's room at the hospital. Claire told him that she was ready to do whatever it would take for her to be released. Michael revealed that he had already set things in motion. Claire told Michael that Victor had promised that it would be Claire's decision, but Claire had begun to wonder if that was a lie.

Michael explained to Claire that Victor wouldn't accept failure, so Michael always liked to do as much as he could as soon as he could, even before having been given the green light. Claire suspected Michael was covering for Victor, but she still wanted to proceed "full steam ahead."

Michael and Claire discussed the particulars of moving ahead and what the reality of living in the Newmans' protective custody would look like. Michael said it would include heightened security. Claire would also be required to continue her therapy on an outpatient basis. Michael told Claire to be ready because "you could be starting your new life as a Newman by breakfast tomorrow."

After Michael left, Cole stopped by Claire's room. He was concerned about how all Victor's scheming had been affecting her. Cole didn't want any guilt on Claire's part to motivate her into helping to trap Jordan. Claire assured her father that she had considered the plan from all sides. Cole told Claire that he supported her decision and that he would have Claire's back.

Claire told her father how quickly she might be released. Cole told her that he was worried Claire had stated that she had to do it. Cole asked Claire if she really was ready "to face the outside world again." Cole assured Claire that she would have the family's love, whether she participated in the plan or not. Claire told her father that she would not miss her room nor the hospital food, but she would miss her visits with the kids. Cole assured Claire that they could work something out.

Cole mentioned Claire's younger siblings. Claire admitted that the thought of meeting them scared her, but she was looking forward to spending time with them. Claire felt that her visits with the young patients at the hospital had been good therapy for her.

At the Newman ranch, Victoria chastised Victor for going behind her back to influence Claire. Once again, Victor stated he was doing everything he could to keep the family safe from Jordan. Nikki joined them, fresh from a nap. Nikki remarked that she had heard loud voices, but then Victoria and Victor had gotten quiet when Nikki had entered. Nikki wanted to know what was really going on. Victoria told Nikki that her father was being impossible. "And you are being obstinate," Victor replied.

Victoria brought Nikki up to speed on Victor's machinations involving Claire and her early release. Again, Victor declared he was "protecting the family." Victoria again tried to get through to Victor. She tried to get her father to understand the risk to Claire's progress. Victoria asked Nikki to back her up.

Nikki praised Claire's "strength and poise" but then told Victoria that Victor's plan was "starting to make sense." Nikki explained that since Jordan enjoyed taunting Nikki so much, provoking Jordan into revealing herself might not work. Nikki believed Claire would have a better chance of luring Jordan out of hiding, since once Claire was safe with the family, Jordan wouldn't be able to stop herself from making a move.

Victoria objected again and asked, "And you want to put my daughter in that psychopath's crosshairs?" Victor replied, "No harm will come to Claire, I promise you. End of discussion." Victor stood up and left the room. Victoria couldn't get Nikki to support her position, so Victoria threatened to "play the same Newman card" that Victor had used to persuade Claire to help him and give Claire an ultimatum: if Claire went ahead with Victor's plan, Victoria would turn her back on Claire.

Nikki told Victoria that Victoria could never follow through with that threat. Nikki pleaded with Victoria to go along with Victor's plan. Victoria insisted that there had to be another way. Victoria told Nikki that she was tired of her parents ignoring her feelings about the plan. Then, Victoria stormed out. Nikki instinctively moved toward the bar, but there was no liquor there.

Victor reentered the room. Nikki asked him what would happen if Claire was to be released. Victor explained that publicizing the return of a long-lost child and staging a photo taken at Victoria's house would be the trap for Jordan.

Ashley called Tucker and asked to meet him for a drink. Audra was with Tucker. She wanted to know who was on the phone. When Tucker asked, "What do you want, Ashley?" Audra grabbed the phone and demanded, "I told you to back off! What the hell do you think you're doing?"

Ashley told Audra she was "simply inviting an old friend out for a drink." Audra told Ashley that she felt embarrassed for Ashley and her attempts to win back Tucker. Ashley claimed to be the only woman Tucker had ever loved. Audra replied that she herself was the one who had always been there for Tucker every time Ashley had broken his heart.

Ashley asked if Audra had informed Tucker about the threats Audra had made to Ashley. Audra told Ashley that she had, and that was the reason Tucker had warned Audra not to provoke Ashley. Tucker silently watched the tense exchange.

Audra told Ashley that Tucker wanted nothing to do with Ashley. "Then, let him tell me that to my face," Ashley replied. Audra angrily told Ashley, "That's not gonna happen! You lost any power you had over him! You don't get to call the shots! Have a nice life!" Audra ended the call.

Ashley heard her own voice in her head, telling her to let go and move on. Ashley shook it off and told herself to give Tucker time, because he couldn't resist Ashley.

Audra told Tucker that Ashley wanted to hear from Tucker directly that he and Ashley were finished. "Maybe that's a good idea," Tucker pondered. Tucker suggested that the best way to deal with Ashley would be to tell her, "in no uncertain terms," that she and Tucker were over. Audra disagreed. She told Tucker that the best way to deal with Ashley would be to ignore her. Tucker chuckled at that suggestion and said, "But you didn't do that, did you?"

Tucker told Audra that running interference for him would only fuel Ashley and that he should be the one to shut Ashley down. Audra maintained that it was a trap, and that Ashley was still seeking payback. Audra could see that Tucker had already made up his mind to meet with Ashley. Tucker wanted Audra to go with him, so Ashley could see him and Audra together. "For me," he asked. Audra relented, but added, "Don't say I didn't warn you." Tucker texted Ashley, "Where are you?" Ashley, then back home, read the text and smiled.

Later, at the Athletic Club lounge, Tucker walked down the stairs and found Ashley, sipping a glass of wine at a table. Ashley said, "I knew it," when Audra also stepped into view. Ashley assumed that Audra had insisted on joining them, but Tucker stated that he was the one who had asked Audra to join him. Audra hoped that seeing them together would finally get Ashley to realize that Audra and Tucker were together.

Ashley said that she wasn't trying to get Tucker back, but Audra wasn't buying it. Audra demanded that Tucker tell Ashley that it was over. Ashley smirked and calmly said, "Yeah, Tucker. Tell me. Tell me it's over and that we don't have a second chance."

Tucker told Ashley, "You and I don't work. Never have, never will. And I've been too dumb to realize it... until now." Ashley stood up and declared, "Let's drop the charade. We all know how this is gonna go. You love me. I know you do. And I love you, too." Ashley admitted to Tucker that the destruction of their marriage had been her fault, but she wanted to get it all back and work with him to make Glissade a success. Ashley told Audra to walk away, and she stepped around Audra to get to Tucker. Ashley kissed Tucker, then left the lounge. Audra stared at Tucker, who wiped his mouth with his shirttail.

Nikki wondered how Victor would get Victoria to agree to a staged photo shoot. Victor told Nikki to try to talk Victoria into it. Michael arrived and told them of his visit with Claire. He explained that Claire was "all in" on helping them but had figured out that Victor had proceeded behind Claire's back. Michael called Claire "savvy," to which Victor replied, "Yeah, well... she's a Newman."

Michael told Victor and Nikki that the judge could rule on Claire's case as early as the next morning. Victor wanted Michael to alert the press as soon as Claire was released.

Victoria arrived at the hospital. Claire told her mother that she was ready to be released. Victoria asked if Claire even knew the details of Victor's plan. Claire admitted that while she didn't know the specifics, she had agreed with Victor that once Jordan discovered that Claire had been released, it would trigger Jordan to make a move.

Victoria was sure Victor was keeping them all in the dark about something. Claire told Victoria that after seeing Victor risk his own life at the lake house in Oregon, he wouldn't do anything that put his family in danger. Claire told Victoria that she really wanted to do it and said, "Frankly, I can do it with or without you," though she still wanted Victoria's blessing. "Give me this chance... Mom. Support me on this, please," Claire pleaded.

Victoria asked Cole for his opinion. Cole felt that he and Victoria should trust Claire's instincts. Victoria relented and agreed to back her daughter up, though Victoria said that she did have some non-negotiable ground rules for Victor.

Audra and Tucker went back up to his place. Audra was furious at Ashley and insisted that Audra and Tucker leave for Paris that night, but Tucker didn't respond immediately.

Ashley returned home and poured herself a drink. The voice in her head spoke up. "I don't like where this is headed," it said. Ashley told the voice to shut up. The voice pleaded, "Ashley! Wake up! Wake up! Ashley!" The expression on Ashley's face changed to one of fear. She looked around the room, as if she didn't realize how she'd gotten there. Ashley began to sob.

As Claire settles in at the Newman ranch, Jordan learns of Claire's release from the hospital

As Claire settles in at the Newman ranch, Jordan learns of Claire's release from the hospital

Thursday, February 29, 2024

At Society, Mariah and Kyle were enjoying some breakfast when Abby stopped by their table to check on them. Mariah said that she had a new level of appreciation for Abby after seeing how completely spent Tessa was after returning home from work. Abby shared that Tessa was a hard worker and loved by the entire staff. "Hiring her is my best idea yet," Abby beamed. Mariah joked that Tessa would love to hear that Abby was taking credit for all of Tessa's hard work.

After Abby excused herself to check in with Devon, Mariah told Kyle that she was happy that Tessa finally had a chance to shine. Mariah and Kyle both agreed that the Society job was just what Tessa needed until her voice was healed enough to return to singing. Mariah spoke briefly about working with Sharon, but she cut things short when she realized that Kyle seemed uneasy about everyone else's happy work situations.

"Part of me wishes I could steal my mom's job right out from underneath her," Kyle said. A stunned Mariah wasn't sure how to respond to Kyle's "bombshell." Kyle quickly tried to take back his statement. He claimed that he didn't really want his mom's job. He suggested that after realizing that he'd been acting like "an ass," he had decided to "stop fighting [to] compensate for [his] bad behavior."

Kyle said that he had insisted that Diane take Billy's job after Billy had left for Chancellor-Winters. "Once again, I missed out on the opportunity that I know in my heart I deserved," Kyle grumbled. Kyle denied that he resented his mother. Mariah ordered Kyle to stop being so hard on himself.

After rattling off a list of things that had made Kyle's past year tough -- "the breakup with Summer, then getting booted out of Marchetti, then there was that horrible mistake with Audra Charles" -- Mariah questioned if Kyle had thought about his role in those things. "You have made your choices every step of the way, and you have to own them," Mariah said firmly. Kyle scrunched up his face and flatly stated that he was no longer enjoying their breakfast. Mariah told Kyle that she loved him and wanted him to examine his choices and behavior in order to figure out what he wanted and who he wanted to be.

Later, Kyle returned home to the Abbott mansion and learned from Traci that Harrison's nanny had to leave town because her mother had fallen ill. Traci offered to step in while the nanny was away. She also told Kyle that Harrison had mentioned that he missed seeing Summer. Kyle shared that the boy had told him the same thing. Kyle worried that Harrison had experienced too much loss and change in his young life. Traci assured Kyle that he was a good father.

Billy told Devon that he would be accompanying Chelsea to Minnesota because she needed to speak to a specialist about "some new challenges" that Connor was facing. Devon assured Billy that he had no objection to Billy heading out of town for a few days. Billy said that he'd be taking his work computer with him and encouraged Devon to reach out if there was anything that popped up.

Billy asked if Devon could keep Chance "in the loop" of any big decisions that were made while Billy was out of town. Devon didn't think that newcomer Chance was an "appropriate stand-in" for Billy, but Devon agreed to honor Billy's request. Abby arrived just as Billy was heading out the door.

Abby sensed that the tension between Devon and Billy had not eased. Devon told Abby of Billy's request that Chance be involved in daily operations. Despite that, Devon confessed that he was happy that Billy would be out of town because it meant that things would run more smoothly -- at least for a few days.

Abby had been planning to go back to work, but she did not want to leave while Devon seemed down. Abby told Devon that she wanted him to be "happy most of the time, if not all of the time." That, she explained, was how she had felt ever since she and Devon had gone from "being best friends to what we are now." Abby suggested that she help Devon release some of the stress in his body. Intrigued, Devon's face showed disappointment when Abby said that she'd arrange for Devon to get a hot stone massage. She quickly assured him that she was just joking, and they shared a kiss.

Billy met up with Chelsea at Crimson Lights before they headed out on the road. Billy tried to calm Chelsea's jangled nerves by assuring her that they would take things one step at a time. Chelsea tried to talk Billy out of going with her, but he insisted that he wanted to go. Billy gave Chelsea a quick kiss, and she told him that she appreciated him. Adam arrived a short time later and asked if Billy was there to see Chelsea off.

Adam was less than thrilled when Billy said that he would be driving Chelsea to Minnesota. Adam felt that Connor's situation was a "private family matter" and that Billy's presence could make things worse. Chelsea argued that Connor "hardly sees Billy as an outsider." Chelsea added that she and Adam should not be worried about who was going to the meeting, but rather the purpose of the meeting. Adam backed down and focused instead on the therapist that they'd be speaking to.

Chelsea praised the therapist, but Adam said that he had a "hard time believing that my son could have OCD." Adam demanded that they get a second or third opinion. Chelsea became enraged as she pointed out that they had not even heard the therapist's first opinion. As Adam and Billy started to bicker, Chelsea suggested that both men stay home.

Victoria arrived at Newman Enterprises to speak to her dad, but Victor wasn't at his desk. As she stepped into the office, she jumped slightly when Victor stepped out from behind the open office door to ask if she was there to try to change his mind. A defeated Victoria told Victor that she would no longer fight his plan to lure Jordan out of hiding. Victor was pleased but noted that Victoria was still upset.

Victoria announced that she had "conditions" for her support. Victor questioned why his daughter saw a flaw in everything he did. "Every move I make, you question. What's the real reason -- what's beneath all this?" Victor snapped. Victoria argued that her actions were motivated by her concern for Claire. Victor asked if Victoria was upset that he had promoted Adam and Nick during her absence. Victoria said that she was not and admitted that she approved of some of the decisions that Victor had made while she'd been on leave.

A jubilant Michael burst into the office with news that the judge had issued a ruling. "Provided a series of therapeutic and safety contingencies are met, the judge has agreed to remand Claire to... hold for applause... Victoria and Cole's custody," Michael chirped. Victoria worried that being released could be too overwhelming for Claire. Michael was surprised that Victoria was on board with Claire's release.

"No matter what, Daddy, you have to keep her safe -- and no surprises. Stick to the original plan," Victoria said uneasily. Victor reminded Victoria that Claire was his granddaughter and that he would not dare to put her in a dangerous situation. When Victoria requested that Claire live with her, Victor strongly objected. Victor stated that he could not provide the same level of security at Victoria's that he could at the ranch. Victoria begrudgingly agreed.

Later, Victor told Michael that they needed to release a statement to the press about Claire's release. They also needed to stage a photo that made it look like Claire was living in Victoria's house. Michael remarked that Victor's plan had a lot of moving parts -- and that one wrong move could bring the entire plan crashing down. "I play chess -- always a few moves ahead," Victor said as he leaned closer to Michael. The two men discussed the details of the plan and how Victor planned to lure and capture Jordan.

Victoria and Cole went to visit Claire in the psychiatric care facility to share the news of her impending release. Claire admitted that she didn't know how to feel. "I've never been out there the way that I am now," Claire said as she walked around her room. Claire said that she was excited but also scared. Cole assured Claire that it was perfectly normal to have those feelings.

Claire wondered what would happen next with Jordan. Victoria said that whatever happened next, Claire would not be alone on her journey. "Journey... it's kind of strange to think of my life that way," Claire said with a broad smile. Claire's eyes widened as she thought about all the options that she'd soon have in her life.

As Claire let everything sink in, Victoria shared that there were still some conditions that needed to be met before Claire could be released. Those conditions included enrolling in outpatient therapy, a parole-like check-in with "the penal system," and the installation of a security system where Claire would be living. Claire wondered where she'd be living. Victoria told Claire that she'd wanted Claire to move in with her. Ultimately, though, Victoria agreed that the Newman ranch would be a more secure location.

Claire recalled being a child and dreaming about being a "real Newman" and living in a house with secret passages and a stable with horses that she could ride. Victoria and Cole smiled warmly as they listened. Victoria said that Claire would soon be living somewhere where she was loved.

At the Empty Glass Lounge, Jordan, as "Isabelle," looked at an unanswered text message she'd sent to Seth, asking if he'd seen Nikki. She hurried typed another one, claiming that she was worried about her "old friend Nikki." As time passed and she received no response, Jordan phoned the hospital and pretended to be Nikki wanting to talk to Claire. She was shocked to learn that Claire had been released.

At about the same time, Cole and Victoria took Claire to the Newman ranch. She walked around in disbelief. "You are home," Victoria said with a smile. She reached out and pulled Claire into an embrace.

Nikki begins to put the pieces together

Nikki begins to put the pieces together

Friday, March 1, 2024

Nina met Christine at Society. They talked about how they were both glad Chance had left law enforcement to work at Chancellor-Winters. Christine caught Nina up on all the things Phyllis had done to get in the way of Danny and Christine: the social-media post and the well-timed kiss. Christine was upset that Phyllis had Christine acting like "a jealous schoolgirl."

Christine explained that Danny had backed away from both her and Phyllis because he couldn't handle the conflict. Christine berated herself for playing into Phyllis' hand. Nina advised Christine, "You know you can't give up on this. That's not the Cricket I know."

Christine told Nina that Christine was also upset with Danny for having bought into the claim that Phyllis had changed. Nina suggested that Christine back off and throw herself into her work in order to create some distance between Christine and Danny. Then, with the prospect of losing Christine made evident, Christine should wait to see if Danny made an effort to bridge the gap. Nina believed once Danny realized Christine was pulling away, it would make him realize what was at stake.

Nina was sure that giving Danny a little incentive would put him back on the right path -- to Christine. Christine said that she was not going to put up with Phyllis' "garbage" anymore. "It's time to draw a line in the sand," Christine declared. Christine left Danny a voicemail, inviting him to meet for drinks or dinner. She told Danny they needed to talk. "It's important," Christine added.

At the Athletic Club, Phyllis overheard Danny talking on the phone about going on tour. "Now? When we're so close to getting back together?" Phyllis asked. Danny accused Phyllis of being unable to accept reality. Once again, he told Phyllis that they would not be getting back together and that they were "friends, co-parents. That's it."

Phyllis insisted that there was something more between her and Danny. "And it's very, very powerful. I feel it," she said. Phyllis compared watching Danny and Christine together to watching paint dry. Danny wanted to end the conversation, but Phyllis ignored that. She told Danny that she understood his hesitation because she was also taken by surprise by the feelings she had developed for him.

Danny told Phyllis that the drama between the three of them was exhausting and that it was the reason Danny had decided to go back on tour. Phyllis asked if there was anything she could do to change Danny's mind. "Not a single thing," Danny replied.

Danny told Phyllis that he would be leaving Genoa City in two weeks. Phyllis wanted to go out to dinner with Danny before he left. Danny was reluctant, but after Phyllis promised it would be "just a dinner" with no strings attached, Danny agreed to "set something up in a week or so," Phyllis quickly asked, "How about tonight?"

Phyllis denied that she was trying to pressure Danny, but she said that she had a rare free evening that night. Danny agreed to have dinner with Phyllis. Phyllis had one more request. Seductively, she said to Danny, "What I want you to do is to cook for me."

Phyllis told Danny that she wanted Danny to make "the sauce." Danny did not want them to be alone at either of their apartments, so Phyllis said that she would make arrangements to buy out an entire restaurant and shop for the ingredients. "All you have to do... is... cook," Phyllis coaxed.

Nikki arrived at her office and found a lovely floral arrangement on her desk. She assumed it was from Victor, but it was a thank-you gift from Seth. Nikki called Seth to thank him for the flowers. Seth invited Nikki to join him at Crimson Lights for coffee.

Nikki, accompanied by her bodyguard Larry, arrived at Crimson Lights. After ordering tea from Esther, Nikki joined Seth at a table. Seth wondered if the presence of a bodyguard was related to the ordeal in which alcohol had been forced on Nikki. Nikki confirmed Seth's guess and told him that Jordan had escaped prison and still posed a threat.

Nikki asked Seth about the good news he had wanted to share. Seth informed Nikki that he was planning to check himself into rehab in order to take control of his sobriety. Seth mentioned "Isabelle," but Nikki was unable to place that name. Seth explained that "Isabelle" had been avoiding Nikki at the A.A. meetings. Nikki asked why.

Seth related the story that "Isabelle" had told him about how Nikki and "Isabelle" had been drinking buddies who had gotten sober together but had fallen out after "Isabelle" had started drinking again. Nikki declared that none of that had happened, and she had never known anyone named "Isabelle."

Seth felt bad for having betrayed "Isabelle's" confidence. Nikki grew suspicious, and she asked Seth to repeat everything "Isabelle" had told him. Seth recounted his conversation with "Isabelle," which made Nikki realize it was "Isabelle" who had encouraged Seth to reach out to Nikki. Nikki asked what "Isabelle" looked like. Seth described a woman with long red hair and glasses. Nikki told Seth she knew no one who looked like that.

Nikki asked about how the conversation with "Isabelle" had started and who had brought up Nikki's name. Seth told Nikki that "Isabelle" had approached him and told him that they had a friend in common. "How did she know who you were? How did she know that you knew me?" Nikki asked Seth.

Seth repeated the phony story that "Isabelle" had told him about how she'd hidden in the back of the A.A. meetings and pieced together Seth and Nikki's friendship. Nikki asked Seth, "Is it possible she was wearing a wig?" Seth conceded the possibility. He realized that Nikki suspected that "Isabelle" might be Jordan. "Where did you leave things?" Nikki asked Seth. Seth explained that "Isabelle" had been curious for details about Seth's meeting with Nikki and had been texting Seth nonstop.

Nikki asked Seth to give her the number "Isabelle" had used to send the texts. Seth gave it to her. Nikki asked Seth to help her find out if it was Jordan and if she had been using Seth to help her stalk Nikki. Nikki asked Seth to string Jordan along, then report back to Nikki. Seth agreed to help but was blaming himself for putting Nikki in more danger. Nikki told Seth, 'To the contrary -- you may have just given me the upper hand."

Claire got a tour of the Newman ranch from Victoria and Cole. Claire thanked Victor and her parents for letting her stay there. Victor assured his granddaughter that she was "a Newman now." Claire explained to Victor that her therapy had helped her to see the truth about Jordan. Claire said she hated what Jordan had done to her and the family. Claire assured her family that she only viewed Jordan as the person who had taken Claire away from her family. Claire was determined to protect her family from the threat Jordan was posing.

Victor updated Claire, Cole, and Victoria. He told them that the news of Claire's release had been given to the media. Claire felt strange that her identity was being made public, due to the fact that Jordan had always insisted that Claire keep her identity a secret. Cole assured Claire that no one was ashamed of her. Victoria told Claire that the public story would also cement Claire's place in the Newman family.

Claire wondered about Nikki's absence from Claire's homecoming. Victor assured Claire that Nikki was accepting of having Claire stay at the ranch. Victor explained that Nikki needed to escape the confines of the ranch and that Nikki would be accompanied by a member of Victor's security team at all times.

Victor excused himself and left with Cole to meet with the security team. Once they were alone, Claire asked Victoria if she still had issues with Claire's new living arrangement. Victoria told her daughter that she was thrilled to have Claire home, but she still had issues with Victor's plan. Claire expressed a desire to get to know her siblings but worried if they would accept her. Victoria assured Claire that her kids would accept Claire and that Victoria had plenty of stories about them to tell.

At the Empty Glass Lounge, Jordan, dressed as "Isabelle," used a web search to discover Claire's whereabouts. Jordan found the news story and realized that the Newmans had taken Claire in. Jordan got quite upset and felt that the Newmans would destroy Claire as they had done to Jordan's sister, Eve Howard.

Seth entered and confronted "Isabelle." "I was hoping I'd find you here. What aren't you telling me? What are you trying to pull with Nikki?" Seth asked.

Nikki arrived at home and found Victoria and Claire. Nikki welcomed Claire to her new home. Victor and Cole returned. Victor told the women that his plan was falling into place and that they would soon feed Jordan some more information in order to lure her out of hiding.

Victor gave Claire a monitored cell phone. Claire asked how Jordan would get the number. Nikki spoke up. "I may have a way for you to contact her. And if I'm right, your aunt has already made her first mistake," Nikki declared, to the surprise of all.

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