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Jordan killed Seth and set Victoria's house on fire. Chance and Summer made love. Connor was diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder.
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Connor opens up to Dr. Alcott

Connor opens up to Dr. Alcott

Monday, March 4, 2024

In the waiting room of Dr. Alcott's office, Connor wondered if Adam, Chelsea, and Billy were all there at the same time because Connor was in trouble. They assured Connor he wasn't in trouble, which led Connor to speculate, "Maybe you're here because there's something wrong with me."

Chelsea explained to her son that they were all aware that Connor had been having problems, and they wanted to figure out why and how they could help. Connor asked if "help" meant something like the help Chelsea had gotten, and Chelsea confirmed Connor's interpretation of the word. Chelsea explained to Connor that everyone needed help occasionally, and Adam agreed.

Adam explained that the specialist Connor was there to see would merely be asking questions, which Connor should answer truthfully. Billy added that if Connor could open up with the doctor, it would make it easier for her to help Connor feel better about himself.

Dr. Alcott stepped out of her office and invited Connor to join her for a talk. Chelsea and Adam moved to join them, but the doctor suggested that only one parent should go. "How about Mom? Does that work for you?" the doctor asked Connor. Adam began to voice an objection, but a look from Chelsea made him stop mid-sentence. Adam sat down across from Billy. Chelsea took her son's hand and confidently declared, "We got this." Chelsea and Connor walked into Dr. Alcott's office.

Once Billy and Adam were alone, as they sat across from one another, Billy chastised Adam, wondering if Dr. Alcott had an hour to spare for Adam. Billy told Adam that Adam needed to get control of himself. ."Do you honestly think Connor can't pick up on your attitude?" Billy asked.

Adam wondered whom Billy was "trying to impress." He reminded Billy that Billy was not Connor's father. Billy explained that it was exactly the reason he could remain more objective. Billy pointed out that Connor was nervous and afraid and that Adam's being "wound up" by Billy's presence was not helping the situation.

Adam got snarky. "Well, thank you for your insights, Doctor Abbott," Adam said, sarcastically. Billy insisted that he wasn't attacking Adam but was "100% here to support Connor." Billy told Adam that it put them on the same team. Billy confessed that if it were Johnny or Katie in with the doctor, he had no idea how he would react.

Adam listed all of Connor's lifelong troubles: Adam's absence, finding out that Johnny was Connor's half-brother, watching Chelsea's mental health issues, and whatever Connor himself was struggling with. Adam berated himself for not realizing that Connor was so troubled. Billy reassured Adam that he had done a good thing by getting Connor some help. "What if he does have OCD?" Adam wondered. Billy crossed the room and sat near Adam. "Then, you deal with it the way you would with any other diagnosis. You find the right specialist. You get the right treatment, and you move forward," Billy explained.

Adam asked Billy if Billy had gotten help for his gambling addiction. Billy admitted that he had, off and on, but had tried to get through it alone, because Billy's ego had told him that he was stronger than "some stupid, self-destructive compulsion." Billy told Adam that therapy had worked, and one time, had made Billy crack. When Adam questioned what Billy meant by that, Billy wouldn't give Adam any details. Billy wanted to calm Adam down for Connor's sake. Adam remarked that Billy didn't want to reveal any weaknesses to someone Billy thought of as an enemy.

Billy told Adam that he had "zero interest" in hiding anything from anyone. Billy said that he owned his actions and experiences. Billy admitted that he had had a breakdown, which had resulted in Billy trying to run Adam down with his car. "Thank God for Kevin and Chloe, or I'd be dead right now," Adam commented. Billy agreed with that sentiment and told Adam that Billy would regret that moment for the rest of his life.

Billy explained that he had sought therapy after that event and had felt better and stronger ever since. Adam admitted that he, too, had sought help in the past. Adam brought up the subject of the exposé Billy had released about Adam, "The Making of a Monster." Adam thanked Billy for the article because it had helped Adam recover the repressed memories of Adam having killed a man when he'd been eleven years old. Adam admitted that therapy had helped him, too. Billy declared that everybody needed help at one time or another.

Inside Dr. Alcott's office, she explained her credentials to Chelsea, including the fact that she'd been practicing psychology for 31 years. Dr. Alcott told Connor there was nothing he could say that she wouldn't understand. Dr. Alcott asked Connor if she could start with some questions. Connor, silent and hesitant, looked to his mother for guidance. Chelsea put her hand on her son's arm and told him everything would be all right.

Connor told Dr. Alcott that he liked to sit in the back of the class because he didn't want anyone looking at him. Connor couldn't answer Dr. Alcott's question about his favorite part of the school day because he didn't have one. Connor felt that he had previously enjoyed school but that he didn't anymore. "Why do you think that is?" the doctor asked. Connor explained that he couldn't concentrate anymore.

Dr. Alcott asked Connor what had changed to make concentration harder. Connor described scary, intrusive thoughts that would start and not go away. The doctor asked Connor to share some of the scary thoughts. Connor explained that, even if he was hungry, he wouldn't eat because he was afraid the food would make him sick. Connor added that it wasn't just food. Connor declared that there were germs everywhere, which could make him "really, really sick." Dr. Alcott asked Connor if he'd ever gotten "really, really sick." Connor replied, "No, but that's because I wash my hands all the time to get the germs off of them." Dr. Alcott supported Connor. "That sounds like a really good idea to me," she said.

Dr. Alcott asked Connor if there was anything else that scared him. Connor told Dr. Alcott that the other kids talked about him and made fun of him. Connor was convinced they were going to hurt him. "Oh, Connor. I'm so sorry. I'm sure that's not true," the doctor said. Connor nodded in reluctant acknowledgment. The doctor asked which were the scariest thoughts of all. Connor said that the thoughts that had woken him up in the middle of the night were that something bad was going to happen to his parents and that it would be all Connor's fault.

Dr. Alcott asked Connor what he had done to try to make the thoughts go away. Connor said that counting helped to drown out the thoughts, but that only certain numbers were "lucky." Dealing with numbers that weren't "lucky" was the reason Connor disliked math class. Connor explained that seven and multiples of seven were his luckiest numbers. Connor also told the doctor that straightening up his room and his closet had helped to make the scary thoughts go away and that it helped to keep germs away, too. Dr. Alcott thanked Connor for letting her get to know him. She asked Connor to wait with Billy while she got "more information" from Connor's parents.

Connor sat with Billy in the waiting room. Billy asked how thing had gone with Dr. Alcott. Connor replied that they had gone better than he had expected. Connor said he liked the doctor and that she had made Connor feel safe to talk. Billy told Connor that the only reason she had been able to do that was because Connor had been brave and honest. Billy said he was proud of Connor.

Dr. Alcott informed Chelsea and Adam that the fact that Connor had been able to open up on his first visit meant that, on some level, Connor knew he was loved and supported. Adam asked if the doctor had gleaned enough to make a diagnosis. Dr. Alcott told Adam that Connor was showing all the signs of obsessive compulsive disorder. The doctor explained that invasive thoughts had been interfering with Connor's day-to-day functioning. She mentioned that Connor's fear of contamination, germs, and illness had been overwhelming. Other signs were Connor's need for order and the restrictions of "lucky" and "unlucky" numbers.

Adam asked Dr. Alcott what caused OCD. She informed Adam and Chelsea that there were no definitive causes of OCD. She said that genetics, neurotransmitters, and environment were all possibilities, but it would not be productive to look for blame, especially self-blame. She informed Connor's parents that it was important to take the steps that Connor needed to help him manage the illness.

Adam spoke up. "Wait a minute. 'Manage'? Are you saying there's no cure for this?" he asked. Chelsea told Adam that there was no cure, but that they would work together to provide Connor with the tools he needed to "remain the wonderful kid he is" and be free of the pain. "We can't panic or do anything that will get in the way of helping Connor," Chelsea declared.

Chelsea and Adam walked out of Dr. Alcott's office. Connor wanted to know what the doctor had said to his parents. "Am I really sick?" Connor asked. Adam tried to deflect with an offer of talking over some burgers, but Connor said, "Please, just tell me."

Chelsea took the lead. "Sweetie, you have something called obsessive compulsive disorder." Connor asked if people died from that. Chelsea and Adam immediately told him no. Chelsea assured him that OCD could be treated, like Chelsea's depression. She told Connor that they would all learn about OCD together. "Am I going to be okay?" Connor asked. "Yes, you are. I promise you," his mother assured him. Chelsea hugged Connor, then Adam hugged them both as Billy looked on.

Nina and Christine walked into Crimson Lights and sat at a table. Nina advised Christine to sit Danny down and make him see what was at stake with the situation with Phyllis. Christine was upset that Danny had called it "a competition" when Phyllis was the one who was playing games.

Nina insisted they put intellectual arguments aside, and she advised Christine to focus on the heart. Nina felt that Danny needed to be made aware that he was pushing Christine away, and he needed to know how close he was to losing Christine. As they waited to see if Danny would reply to Christine's invitation, Nina suggested that Christine not mention Phyllis at all, but rather focus on the two of them.

Christine explained to Nina that, to Danny, it wasn't about Christine and Danny, but rather, Christine and Phyllis. Christine reminded Nina that the last time something like that had happened, Phyllis had tried to kill Christine. Christine started getting upset as she told Nina that she did not want a repeat of that.

Nina tried to calm Christine down. Nina suggested that Christine remove Phyllis from the equation, because when Phyllis was involved, Christine lowered herself to Phyllis' level. "C'mon, Cricket! You're better than this! You're better than her!" Nina pleaded with Christine. Christine was about to reply, but Danny walked into Crimson Lights. Danny told Christine that had received her message, but he was swamped with planning his extra tour dates. Danny explained that he'd be leaving Genoa City in a couple of weeks. Christine stood and asked, "So, just like that, you're just leaving? Are you really ready to give up on us?"

Nina excused herself and left. Danny and Christine went to a more private table and sat. Danny told Christine that he was exhausted by the conflict between Christine and Phyllis. Christine said that she was exhausted, too, and that she blamed Danny for letting Phyllis get between them. Christine told Danny if that was the case, she couldn't envision a future with him.

Danny apologized for anything he had done to make Christine feel like he had prioritized Phyllis over her. Danny admitted Christine was right about Phyllis having turned things into a competition, but he also told Christine that she was partly to blame for engaging Phyllis and trying to beat Phyllis at her own game. Danny said he felt like a "door prize" that would go to the winner. Christine told Danny that she had never thought of him as a "door prize" and never would, but she thought of him as the man she was falling back in love with. She added, "And I believe with all my heart that if you just shut out Phyllis' noise, just for a second, you would see that you are falling back in love with me, too."

Phyllis ran into Society, where Abby was setting tables. Phyllis told Abby that she wanted to rent out the restaurant and the kitchen for the night. Abby matter-of-factly refused and tried to dismiss Phyllis, but Phyllis bulldozed ahead with her request. "You don't understand. Everything in my life right now is riding on this." Abby turned away and continued with her work.

Phyllis followed Abby, who explained that the restaurant had been booked full for the night. Phyllis spouted several outlandish excuses that Abby could try in order to divert customers away for the night: a kitchen fire, a refrigerator explosion, and an outbreak of bird flu among the staff. Abby waved them all away and told Phyllis, "You have a real business sense."

Phyllis then offered to make the favor financially worthwhile to Abby. Abby suggested that Phyllis take the offer to some other restaurant, but Phyllis insisted that she wanted no other restaurant and that Abby should feel flattered and do Phyllis the favor.

Abby suspected that Phyllis wanted Society because all the other restaurants had turned Phyllis down. Phyllis turned it back on Abby. Phyllis claimed that if anyone Abby didn't despise had made the same request, Abby would have quickly complied. Abby, unable to argue with the truth, offered to work something out "later in the week," but that wasn't good enough for Phyllis. "No, no, no, no. It has to be tonight!" Phyllis exclaimed.

Abby asked Phyllis who was to be her "prey" at dinner. Phyllis refused to divulge a name, lest Abby mock her. Phyllis suddenly rescinded her request, to which Abby replied, "Great! I've already forgotten about it." Abby walked away. Phyllis ordered a three-olive martini from the bartender and, staring at an empty table, began to daydream.

In her fantasy, the restaurant was filled with flowers and candles. Phyllis was seated, and Danny brought her some pasta covered with "the sauce." Phyllis tasted it and praised it to Danny. "How can I thank you?" Phyllis asked. Danny replied, "By letting me cook this way for you for the rest of our lives." The daydream paused as Phyllis sipped her martini.

The fantasy then continued with Phyllis and Danny slow dancing together. "I was such a fool to even think there was a future with Christine. My future, and my destiny, is right here, in your arms, where I belong," Danny said. Phyllis replied, "And I belong right here with you, in your arms. That's the truth." They were about to kiss, but Abby's voice snapped Phyllis out of the reverie. "Good. You're here," Abby said.

Abby informed Phyllis that the restaurant's last reservation of the evening was for 8:30, so Abby could turn the restaurant over to Phyllis at 10:00. Abby required Phyllis to pay the staff double-time. Phyllis informed Abby that her "prey" would be doing the cooking, and Phyllis would be supplying the drinks. Abby refused to leave Phyllis alone in the restaurant, so Phyllis agreed to keep and pay the staff.

Abby further instructed Phyllis not to make a mess. Phyllis agreed and thanked Abby. Abby replied, "You're welcome... I think. Enjoy." Abby walked away, and Phyllis smiled with a sense of excitement.

Back at Crimson Lights, Danny was about to kiss Christine, when his phone pinged a text notification from Phyllis: "We're all set. 10:00 at Society. Can't wait." Christine read the text. She asked Danny, "Can't wait for what?"

Phyllis sat at the bar at Society and checked her phone for the time. Meanwhile, Danny admitted that Phyllis wouldn't stop unless Danny stopped her. Christine reminded Danny that, not long before, his exact words had been, "I want you." Christine asked if Danny had meant those words or if he'd just "said them in the heat of the moment" and since regretted them. Danny responded by taking Christine's face into his hands. He pulled her in for a kiss. "I meant it from the bottom of my heart," Danny whispered to her. Christine smiled, and they kissed again.

Nikki receives some horrifying news

Nikki receives some horrifying news

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

At Chancellor-Winters, Devon asked if Nate was checking out the big office while Billy was gone. Nate swore that the power grabs were behind him, and he explained that he was dropping off some figures to support Chance's pitch. Devon supposed that Billy had nixed the idea because Devon had liked it. Nate thought it was the only thing that made sense, since Billy had been pulling for Chance in every other way.

Devon mentioned that Billy had asked him to loop Chance in on executive decisions while Billy was out of town. Mamie overheard as she entered, and she grumbled that Billy was getting too full of himself. Mamie thought it might be time to start grooming Chance to be their ally, but Devon objected because there was enough tension with Billy without using Chance as a pawn. Devon asserted that he liked Chance and his ideas, and Mamie argued that it would help to have Chance on their side.

Devon complained that it didn't help when Mamie talked about sides. Mamie had no doubt that Billy was scheming about how he could wrest more power from Devon, since Billy had always been a gambler intent on getting the better hand. Amanda appeared in the doorway and declared that it wasn't fair to say Billy was the one with power on his mind. Amanda assumed she was facing the Mamie Johnson, and she considered it an honor to meet Mamie.

Mamie and Amanda shook hands, and Amanda explained that she was there on Jill's behalf. Mamie implored Amanda to simply admit that Jill had sent her to spy. Devon said he and Nate had some things to go over, and Mamie suggested that she and Amanda go somewhere for drinks. Mamie announced that she had a message that she'd like Amanda to pass on to her boss, since Mamie had a proposition that might put the imaginary battle behind them.

After Mamie and Amanda left, Nate muttered that he didn't know how much more patience he had with Mamie, who seemed determined to drive a wedge between the Chancellor and Winters families. Devon realized that he hadn't felt an "us vs. them" vibe until Billy had joined the company, and he agreed with what Mamie had said about Billy wanting more control and power. Devon had no problem with Billy taking time off, but he griped that Billy wanted to sit in the office when he felt like it and leave when he wanted to leave. Devon sensed that Chance was already more committed to the business than Billy was, and he believed Chance could be a good ally if things got messy.

Nate cited Devon's need to always be in the middle of a corporate scuffle. Nate recalled that Devon had battled with Lily and then Nate before butting heads with Billy, and Devon had been the one constant in the situations. Devon defended that on all three occasions, he'd been trying to protect the company and Neil's legacy. Devon snapped that Nate had posed the biggest threat, yet Devon had forgiven him and given him a second chance. Devon questioned what Nate was trying to do.

Nate proposed that they focus on work and let Billy self-destruct, but Devon hesitated to turn a blind eye. Nate thought the person they should be most concerned about was Mamie. Devon reiterated that Billy was the problem, and the fact Nate didn't see that made Devon question where his cousin's loyalties stood. Nate stated that he'd only pointed out Devon's role in creating conflict. Devon suggested that they wait and see what Mamie's proposition was. Nate inquired whether it bothered Devon that Mamie hadn't discussed it with them first.

At the Athletic Club, Nina greeted Chance with a hug and marveled that she'd never get tired of seeing him in a suit. Nina expressed relief to know the only injury he was risking was a paper cut, but Chance warned her not to be too sure. She referred to his vague reference to office politics over the phone, and he admitted that he was still getting used to the job. Nina sensed that he was down about something, and she wondered if he regretted that he'd resigned as police chief. Chance bemoaned that C-suite players could be just as slippery as criminals.

Chance explained that he felt like he was caught in a power play between Billy and Devon. Chance theorized that Devon resented that Jill had put Billy in a high-level position without consulting Devon. Chance recalled that Billy had been great about mentoring him, but when Chance had pitched a big idea that Devon had liked, Billy had dismissed Chance's proposal in front of everyone. Chance continued that he could handle rejection, but he didn't want to be a pawn in whatever was brewing between the men.

Chance revealed that he'd been tasked with being Billy's eyes and ears while Billy left town on a personal matter, putting Chance right in the middle. Chance compared it to working undercover again, and he guaranteed it wouldn't be the last time someone asked him to pick sides. Nina pointed out that he didn't have to stay at the company if he didn't want to, and a surprised Chance protested that he thought she liked him in a suit. She confirmed that she wanted him behind a desk and not in the field, but there were other places he could do it.

Nina added that she wanted Chance to be safe and happy, but just because he was a Chancellor didn't mean he had to work at Chancellor-Winters. Chance considered it an opportunity to prove he was above all of it, but Nina worried about him putting himself in the middle of a fight. Chance intended to prove he had the company's best interests at heart, and he thought Nate was in the same position.

Mamie and Amanda approached Chance and Nina's table, and Nina gushed that Chance had just been saying how exciting it was to work at such an amazing company. Mamie recounted that Devon and Nate were always singing Chance's praises, and she looked forward to what Chance would do in the future. Mamie imagined Nina was proud of her brilliant, handsome son, and Nina proclaimed that she was. Mamie and Amanda headed to the bar.

Chance worried that it wasn't good for the two women to be meeting alone, and he concluded that something was up. Nina remarked that Mamie and Amanda were two brilliant, successful women who could easily be working together, but they were clearly at odds. Nina sympathized that Chance hated the posturing and politics, but he insisted that he had an advantage in that the line between right and wrong had always been clear to him. He pledged to stick with his instincts and not let anyone mess with him.

Nina guessed a corporate battle would be safer than a shootout, and Chance joked that there had been no bloodshed yet. She hoped he didn't become so disillusioned that he changed his mind about his career move. Chance assured his mother that he knew when to engage and when to back away. Nina reflected on how Jill could get when she was in a fight, and she expected it wouldn't be easy if that was where things were headed.

At the bar, Mamie praised how Chance and Devon worked well together, and Amanda thought Jill would be happy to hear it. Mamie lectured that adults learned how to let things go. Amanda questioned whether Mamie had let go of her old grudge against Jill. Mamie denied that what she felt toward Jill was a grudge, and Amanda asked how she'd describe it. Mamie proposed that they have drinks first, since it would be nicer that way.

Mamie shared that her focus in life had shifted to family, tradition, and legacy, and Amanda noted that Jill had been saying some of the same things. Amanda imagined the women were more alike than they wanted to admit. Mamie supposed that both she and Jill could get what they wanted, but not right then. Mamie proposed a redivision of Chancellor-Winters, and a stunned Amanda inquired whether Mamie wanted to undo the merger. Mamie confirmed that it was the message she wanted Amanda to deliver to Jill.

Amanda was sure Jill would never agree because it would undermine the company's advances and make leadership look weak and unstable. Mamie clarified that they could avoid doing it in a public-facing way and just set clear internal boundaries so each side would work independently. Amanda argued that it would defeat the purpose of the merger, but Mamie huffed that the union had been a failed move. Mamie preferred that they all get back to work and stop infighting. Amanda wondered what Mamie would get out of it.

Mamie swore that her only agenda was to protect her family, and she worried that Jill had put Billy in a position that had destabilized everything because no one knew what his motives were. Mamie contended that her plan would put an end to the threat and the doubts it caused. Amanda saw the logic and respected Mamie's motives, but Mamie was certain Jill would assume the worst. Mamie appealed to Amanda to give the plan her blessing when she filled Jill in. Amanda warned that no matter what she told Jill, the answer would be a resounding no.

After Mamie left, Nina invited Amanda to join her and Chance. They made some casual conversation about Amanda meeting with Chancellor-Winters' heavy hitters, and Nina assumed Amanda knew about Jill and Mamie's feud. Amanda figured that two people who were that much alike had to be either best friends or mortal enemies. Chance thought the women respected one another but just enjoyed sparring. Amanda joked not to tell his grandmother that, and they all laughed.

Mamie was glad to find Devon and Nate still at the office. Devon pointed out that she'd talked with them about drawing lines in the sand, but then she'd sent a proposition to Jill without discussing it with them first. Mamie explained that she'd been testing Amanda by throwing her a line to see if she'd bite. Mamie revealed that Amanda had seen her point of view, but the lawyer had been sure Jill would turn down the idea flat. Mamie supposed that it would be nice if she and Jill were able to hash things out as two old friends, but the less peaceful way suited her just fine.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki reported that Seth reaching out to her hadn't been as innocent as she'd thought, since it appeared Jordan had put him up to it. She added that she had what might be Jordan's phone number, and it could be the opportunity they'd been waiting for. Nikki recounted that Seth had described meeting a woman named Isabelle who had claimed to be an old friend of Nikki's, but Nikki didn't know anyone with that name. Nikki relayed that she'd asked Seth to string Isabelle along to buy time, but she didn't think they should wait. Victor stepped out to call his security team and the cops.

Victoria asked if Nikki was okay. Nikki was grateful that she'd figured out Jordan's game before any real damage had been done, but Victoria observed that her mom still seemed shaken up. Claire surmised that Nikki was upset because Claire was out of the hospital and living in the Newman home. Nikki was adamant that Claire was welcome there, but Claire imagined that Nikki was still furious about what Claire and Jordan had put her through. Claire reasoned that pretending those feelings didn't exist wasn't healthy for anyone.

Nikki acknowledged that anger couldn't begin to describe what she felt about what Jordan continued to do to them, and Claire was a reminder of it. Victoria was aghast, but Nikki clarified that the more she looked at Claire, the more she saw Victoria's strength and intelligence. Nikki was determined to get to a point where she didn't think about Jordan when Claire walked into a room, and she refused to let Jordan have that kind of power over her. Nikki stressed that she was pleased that the judge had approved Claire's release, and Claire promised they wouldn't regret it. Nikki insisted that the ranch would be Claire's home for as long as necessary, and Claire hugged her.

Claire proclaimed that she was ready to help track Jordan down. Victoria and Cole protested that Claire didn't have to do it that night, but Victor insisted that time was of the essence. Nikki thought they needed to take advantage of Jordan's slip-up. Claire figured that she wouldn't be able to sleep until it was over. She preferred to try to find out what her aunt was up to, and then Victor could make sure Jordan never tormented them again. "You bet," Victor firmly stated.

Nikki gave Claire the phone number and a reassuring pat on the shoulder. Claire reported that the call had gone to voicemail, and Victor ordered her to hang up, since they had to be patient and not let Jordan know they were onto her. Victoria observed that Claire looked disappointed. Claire explained that she'd psyched herself up, thinking they might get on with their lives soon. Claire added that she wanted to focus on the future, but she couldn't until they dealt with Jordan. "Amen to that!" Nikki declared, clasping Claire's hand.

Victoria took Claire upstairs to get some rest, and Cole headed out. Nikki wished Seth would call with an update, and she contemplated the possibility that she'd simply forgotten about a woman named Isabelle. Victor doubted Nikki was wrong, and he intended to proceed with his plan of staging a photo shoot in front of Victoria's house to make Jordan think it was where Claire lived. Victor anticipated having Jordan right where they wanted her.

At the Empty Glass, Seth covertly watched as Jordan poured out her drink into a bus tub. He returned to their table with another round of drinks and pressed her to tell the real story about her and Nikki. Jordan stammered that she couldn't believe Nikki didn't remember her, and she whimpered that Nikki had to hate her for letting Nikki down. Seth reasoned that perhaps Nikki simply didn't remember because she'd partied a lot back in the day. Jordan claimed that she'd changed her mind and wanted to see Nikki.

Jordan begged Seth to call Nikki to set up a meeting somewhere private, since she was sure that Nikki would recognize her if they saw one another again. Seth imagined Jordan was right -- especially once Nikki saw her cheap wig. Jordan huffed that it was impolite to comment on a woman's appearance, but Seth ordered her to "cut the crap" because he knew she was the one who'd kidnapped Nikki and forced vodka into her veins. Jordan claimed to not know what he was talking about.

Jordan chalked it up to Seth having one too many. Seth clucked that a couple of drinks weren't enough to get a professional drinker like him sloshed, and the fact that she didn't know that was another sign that she wasn't who she said she was. He also referred to her act of throwing her drink in the bus cart, and she got up to leave. Seth grabbed her wrist, called her despicable, and growled that she wasn't going anywhere.

Jordan barked that she needed some air because Seth had bought her a lot of drinks. Seth admitted that he'd tried to get her drunk enough to slip up, but she was a tough nut to crack. Jordan conceded that she'd lied about being best friends with Nikki, but she maintained that she knew nothing about a kidnapping or forcing vodka on anyone. Seth reasoned that it would be easy enough to prove by meeting with Nikki, Victor, and the cops, and the laugh would be on Seth if she was telling the truth.

Jordan complained that Seth's grip was strong, and he was hurting her. Seth asked if she'd agree to meet Nikki and Victor, and Jordan anticipated that the laugh would be on Seth. Jordan jerked her arm away, but Seth insisted on not letting her out of his sight while they went outside to call Nikki together. They exited the bar, and Jordan claimed that she was looking forward to the reunion. He turned his back, and there was a flash of headlights. Jordan pushed Seth directly into the path of an oncoming car.

Jordan staggered back into the bar and sobbed to call 9-1-1 because there had been an awful accident. She cried that she'd tried to get Seth to stop, but he had said he wanted it to be over and had asked her to tell Nikki Newman he was sorry just before he'd walked in front of the car. Jordan wailed that he'd killed himself in front of her, and the bartender raced out to the street. Jordan ducked out the back exit.

In the alley, police sirens blared as Jordan threw her wig and outer layer of clothing into a Dumpster. Retrieving items from her bag, she changed into a different color sweater, swapped out her glasses for another pair, and put on a long, brown wig, topping it with a beret. She checked her phone and smiled when she saw that an unknown caller had attempted to reach her.

Meanwhile, Victor stepped out to make Nikki a cup of tea. Nikki tensed up when her phone rang with a call from an unknown caller. She answered by coolly asking who the caller was, and a police officer identified herself. The cop informed Nikki that Seth had been involved in a hit-and-run accident and hadn't survived. The officer relayed that a witness had told the bartender that Seth had stepped in front of the car on purpose. Nikki reeled in horror.

Claire speaks with Jordan

Claire speaks with Jordan

Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Phyllis arrived at Society, where Abby asked her what the evening was all about. Phyllis declared that she was having dinner with Danny, who planned to make his "special pasta with his special sauce." Abby figured Danny would be cooking in public because he didn't want to be alone with Phyllis. Phyllis saw a couple of customers having a romantic dinner. She wanted Abby to shoo them off. Abby stopped Phyllis from approaching the couple. "Please, don't make me change my mind about this," Abby said.

Outside Society, Danny and Christine arrived, holding hands. Danny asked Christine if she was sure she wanted to go inside with him. Christine said that she was sure, and added, "I don't trust Phyllis as far as I can throw her." Danny tried to convince Christine that he planned to have "a delicate conversation" with Phyllis and that he believed he should do it alone. Christine was sure that, left alone with Danny, Phyllis would twist his words around. Christine reckoned that with an audience, Phyllis couldn't "plant a kiss on you and claim you initiated it." Danny agreed that Christine was right but told her he still wanted to go in first, alone, to "defuse this thing before it blows up."

Danny walked into Society, where Phyllis greeted him cheerfully. Seconds later, Christine walked in. Christine told Phyllis that Danny had asked her to come. Phyllis said that she didn't want Christine at what was "a private dinner." Phyllis said that Christine could go. "That's not gonna happen," Christine replied. Abby, feeling awkward, excused herself and told the trio, "Try not to destroy anything."

Danny told Phyllis that they needed to talk. Phyllis wanted to talk over dinner, "Just us. You promised me. You're not breaking your promise, are you? Please, tell me you're not," Phyllis calmly asked. Christine answered, "As a matter of fact, he is."

Christine announced that Phyllis and Danny would not be having the romantic dinner that Phyllis had planned to use to ambush Danny. Phyllis claimed that it was merely a farewell dinner between friends. Christine found it unbelievable that Phyllis would rent out a restaurant and expect Danny to cook.

Phyllis accused Christine of trying to isolate Danny and control his life. Danny told Phyllis that it had been his decision. Danny apologized for leading Phyllis on. Phyllis suggested that, instead of having Danny cook, they could scrounge something up from the kitchen. Christine spoke up. "What don't you understand? Danny is not having dinner with you!" Phyllis asked Danny if he was going to let Christine speak for him. Danny turned and asked Christine to let him talk with Phyllis alone. "It's important," Danny added.

Danny asked Christine to meet him at Crimson Lights in 15 minutes. "I meant everything I said to you," Danny assured her. "Just watch out for this one. She plays dirty," Christine advised. Phyllis protested, "That's not who I am anymore. That's the old Phyllis." Christine scoffed at that. "There's only one Phyllis. You'll never change," Christine maintained. She told Danny, "I will wait 15 minutes," Christine leaned around Danny and took a parting shot at Phyllis. "His sauce is spectacular," Christine said just before she left.

Seconds later, the dining couple also left, and Phyllis was excited that she and Danny had the restaurant to themselves. Danny immediately shut Phyllis' exuberance down. "There's not going to be a dinner tonight," he informed Phyllis. He added, "There's not going to be anything, anything, between us, okay? Tonight or ever," Danny said.

Phyllis asked Danny why he had agreed to dinner then told him it was because there was a part of Danny that couldn't say no to Phyllis. Danny tried to reply, but Phyllis stopped him. With a look of resignation, Phyllis said, "Christine wins." Danny insisted that it wasn't a competition. Phyllis accused Danny of having "chickened out."

Danny insisted that he only wanted Phyllis as a friend and that Phyllis only had those feelings for Danny because she didn't have many friends at that moment. "I just can't be one of those people right now," Danny added. Phyllis told Danny that he could leave and not worry about her. "I understand," Phyllis said. Danny left. Abby saw the exchange and approached Phyllis. "Are you okay?" Abby asked.

Summer descended the stairs at the Athletic Club and saw Chance sitting at the bar. She asked him if he wanted some company. Chance told Summer he had just been thinking about her. "Good thoughts?" Summer asked. Chance replied with a kiss. Summer took a seat at the bar. Chance suggested that they should grab a table and have dinner together, but Summer coyly smiled and told Chance that she had a better idea.

Summer and Chance went up to a room at the Athletic Club. Summer called down to room service for two orders of fries with extra mayo, a hot fudge sundae, and a bottle of Pinot Noir. Summer informed Chance that the kitchen was backed up and that the order would take 30 to 40 minutes. "30 minutes. Is this where you tell me about your day and I tell you about mine?" Chance asked. Summer replied, "We could do that... or..." Summer pulled Chance into a kiss. Chance and Summer made love.

Later, as Summer and Chance lay in bed, Summer confessed that she'd been thinking of Chance all day. Chance said he felt like they were a real couple. He thanked Summer for her "better idea," and they made love again.

At the Newman ranch, Claire morosely looked at the family photos that were in the room. Victoria entered. Claire mused, "I would have been in some of these if Jordan hadn't ruined my life." Victoria assured her daughter that there would be "new pictures and new memories."

Claire was worried about fitting in with the family. She used Adam as an example, since he, too, had come into the Newman family as an adult. Claire wondered if she should speak to Adam about it, but Victoria suggested instead that Claire should just be herself. Claire didn't think that would be so easy. Victoria told Claire, "All I see right now is my bright and beautiful daughter, standing in front of me, who is exactly where she belongs." Victoria embraced Claire.

Claire's phone rang. It was the number Nikki had given Claire. Victoria said that Claire didn't have to answer it. Meanwhile, near the Dumpster where Jordan had thrown away her "Isabelle" disguise, Jordan, in her new disguise, snarled into her phone, "Pick up! Pick up, dammit! Whoever you are!"

Claire declared, "I have to know if this is Jordan. We have to stop her, and this could be our only chance." Claire answered the phone. Jordan accused Claire of rubbing Claire's release and new living arrangements in Jordan's face. Claire said that Jordan was wrong. Jordan wondered whether Claire had made a mistake or if the Newman family had turned on Claire.

Jordan told Claire, "I forgive you," and stated that Claire had been influenced by "the Newmans. A viper's nest." Claire said that Jordan was wrong. "The Newmans have been wonderful. They love me. They've helped me heal. They've given me a real family, a real home." Jordan tried to convince Claire that the Newmans would destroy Claire, just like they'd done to Claire's grandmother and Jordan's sister, Eve Howard. Jordan claimed that Victor would use Claire then discard her as trash. Claire informed Jordan that Victor had been very kind, despite what Jordan had turned Claire into. Jordan accused Claire of being gullible.

Claire informed Jordan that there was a message from Victor. Claire reported that Victor wanted it all to end and that Victor was ready to accept responsibility and make amends for his part in what had happened to Eve. Jordan asked if Victor was there. Claire said she was with her mother. Jordan snidely asked if Claire was all settled in at Victoria's house, drinking hot chocolate. Claire lied and said that was exactly what she was doing. Claire asked if Jordan had an answer for Victor. Jordan replied, "Tell Victor I'll be in touch. Oh, and Claire, give Nikki my best." The call ended. Victoria, a look of great concern on her face, asked Claire, "Are you okay?"

Victor and Nikki arrived at the Empty Glass Lounge, where the police officer in charge gave them details about Seth Morgan's death, unknowingly including the lie that Jordan had concocted in which Seth's last words had been, "Tell Nikki Newman I'm sorry." Nikki was visibly shaken.

Victor asked how often the barkeep had seen "Isabelle" with Seth. The man replied he had seen her a couple of times. The barkeep gave Victor a description: "Red hair, glasses, 60-ish." Victor asked the police officer to collect DNA and fingerprints from the glass "Isabelle" had used. Victor quietly told Nikki that if Seth had "stepped in front of that car, he didn't do it of his own volition."

Nikki blamed herself for Seth's death. Victor tried to assure her that Jordan was responsible, as she had been for the deaths resulting from the prison fire. Nikki looked over at a bottle resting on the bar. "Oh, God. All I want to do is drink until this whole thing is over," Nikki lamented. Victor put his arm around his wife. "Victor, please, take me home!" Nikki pleaded.

Claire explained to Victoria that Jordan had been angry and vicious but that Claire had also sensed an edge, a desperation in Jordan's voice. Just then, Victor and Nikki entered the room. Victoria could see that Nikki was upset. Victoria asked her mother what was wrong. Victor sent Claire to get Nikki some chamomile tea. Then, Victor and Nikki told Victoria that Seth was dead.

Victoria became agitated. She declared that it was exactly what she was afraid of. Victor maintained that Victoria and Claire would be safe as long as they stayed at the ranch. Victoria told her parents about the phone call from Jordan and that Jordan had been intrigued by Victor's offer. Victor declared that his plan was in motion and that it would all be over soon.

Jordan fumed. She called Claire an "ungrateful, spiteful little brat." Jordan decided that they all needed to be taught a lesson. At that very moment, Jordan spotted a red plastic jug among the trash. She sniffed its contents, smiled, and said, "The fun doesn't have to end yet."

Christine sat at the counter at Crimson Lights. She checked the time on her phone. She stood to leave just as Danny walked in the door. Christine sighed with relief. Danny explained what had happened with Phyllis. Christine was skeptical at how civilized Phyllis had behaved. "Why does that worry me more than if she had thrown a few plates or shoved her tongue down your throat?" Christine asked. Danny told Christine that he had seen a sense of acceptance in Phyllis' eyes and that he believed Phyllis was ready to accept the truth about Danny and Christine. "I hope so," Christine said.

Christine admitted that she had been too eager to engage with Phyllis, and she acknowledged that she had said things to Phyllis that had upset Danny. Christine apologized. Danny made a joke about the masala chai tea Christine had brought him. Christine smiled and marveled at Danny's kindness and capacity for forgiveness. They kissed. Christine reiterated that she did not think of Danny as a "door prize," but rather, as the man with whom she was falling back in love.

Danny suggested that he and Christine proceed to keep Phyllis out of their conversation and talk about something else. "Anything!" Christine exclaimed. Danny mentioned his tour. Christine's mood deflated at the thought of Danny going away so soon after they finally had a chance to be together without interference. Danny asked Christine, "What does your agenda look like for the next six weeks?" Danny wanted Christine to join him on the first leg of his tour.

Back at Society, Phyllis sat at a table and was working on the bottle of wine she had planned to share with Danny. Abby sat with her. Phyllis couldn't understand how Danny could love Christine. Abby suggested that it was time for Phyllis to move on. Phyllis said that she would fully move on after she finished the bottle of wine.

Phyllis wondered why Abby even cared. Abby admitted that she didn't like Phyllis but that she'd seen the effort Phyllis had put in to creating the evening, just to see it all fall apart. "Maybe you're just lying to yourself," Abby remarked. Abby wondered if the whole thing was about Phyllis being more interested in beating Christine than being with Danny. "Trust me, it wasn't. But now, it is" Phyllis said. Phyllis said, "Christine thinks she's won because Danny ran after her, but I'm gonna make her wish he never had."

As Summer slept, Chance received a text from Devon: "Could you work up a more detailed presentation of your music festival idea? Nate and I are interested." "Yes," Chance said to himself. He smiled, took out his tablet, and began to work.

Victor asked Claire how Jordan had seemed on the phone. "Angry, amped up, definitely rattled" Claire replied. "Good," said Victor. Victoria received a phone call. She listened and grew suddenly upset. "I'll be right there!" she said. Victor asked Victoria what had happened. Victoria exclaimed, "My house is on fire!"

The Newman realize that Jordan set the fire that destroyed Victoria's home

The Newman realize that Jordan set the fire that destroyed Victoria's home

Thursday, March 7, 2024

Victoria and Victor were sitting in her car, staring in horror at her house while it burned down. From outside Victoria's car window, a firefighter told Victoria the firefighters were doing all they could to extinguish the fire. Victoria begged the man to "do anything" because everything she had was in that house. Victoria began crying uncontrollably as Victor tried to comfort her.

While she paced around the living room, Nikki declared, "It was Jordan" who had set the fire at Victoria's house. Claire recounted to Nikki how her aunt had once told her that "a good fire is often the perfect solution for a bad situation." Nikki said Jordan was pure evil. Claire was astonished as she realized that when Jordan had heard that Claire and Victoria had been in the house, Jordan had gone to burn it down.

Nikki expressed relief to Claire that Claire and Victoria were safe and that Victoria's kids were at boarding school. Victor called Nikki, and she asked him what had been happening. Victor told Nikki that the house was burning down. Nikki started crying, and Victor told her nothing could be saved.

Nikki started to lose control and banged on the bar as she said, "It's too much! I can't handle it!" Claire asked Nikki to tell her how Claire could help. Nikki told Claire to talk to her about anything other than Jordan. Nikki sat on the couch and started shaking. Claire recounted that Nadia -- the girl who had been at the hospital with Claire -- had loved the book about mythology that they had read. Claire told Nikki that Nadia and Claire both loved the goddess Athena. Claire said Nadia had wanted to change her own name to Athena "so she could be strong and brave and everyone's favorite."

Nikki started to calm down, and Claire told Nikki that Nadia had "explained something" in Claire's own heart that Claire had not known was there. Claire said she had realized that all her life, Claire had wanted to be "someone's favorite." Nikki said Claire obviously had touched Nadia's heart, too. Nikki suggested that Claire should consider working with kids when she was ready to decide what to do next in her life. Claire said she had never thought of that, but she thought she would love to work with children.

Claire told Nikki that she might not be able to work with kids because of her record and lack of training. Nikki encouraged Claire not to sell herself short because of her many positive qualities and "the best reference" she could have -- her family. Claire started to cry and thanked Nikki for her kindness. Claire said her life could really begin once Jordan was locked away.

Claire apologized for mentioning Jordan again. Nikki said the moment had passed. Claire said Victoria had lost everything. Nikki disagreed and said Victoria still had her family, and she could buy new things. Nikki said they would recover from what Jordan had done because "that's how Newmans are." Claire said she had felt stronger with the Newmans' support. Nikki grasped Claire's hand, and they both smiled at each other. Nikki thanked Claire and said Claire's distraction had been just what she had needed.

Victoria entered, and Nikki hugged her as they both cried. Nikki reminded Victoria that all she had lost were "just things." Nikki said Jordan deserved to rot in hell for all she had done. Claire said Jordan was usually more "calculated" than that, and the fire had been a sign of her desperation. Claire said Jordan had nothing left to lose, and that might make her more dangerous -- or could make her sloppy.

Nikki suggested going to the media about Jordan's attacks. Victoria and Victor disagreed. Victor said telling the media would only "entice" Jordan to continue her attacks. Victor said he was going to convince Jordan to meet with him.

At his room at the Athletic Club, Tucker was packing his suitcase when Abby knocked on his door. Abby scowled as she entered and asked Tucker what kind of game he was playing with Ashley. Tucker told Abby he had no idea what Abby was talking about because things were clearly over between Tucker and Ashley. Abby replied that it was clear to her that Tucker had been "messing with" her mom's head, and Abby was disgusted. Abby spewed that Ashley had seen things in Tucker than no one else had ever seen, but he had kept pushing Ashley until she had "lost herself."

Abby said when Ashley had finally had "the courage" to leave, Tucker had started playing even more games with her. Tucker asked Abby what Ashley had told Abby. Tucker protested his innocence, and Abby yelled at him to stop pretending to be "clueless." Tucker told Abby that Ashley had been acting strange for a while and he had initially thought Ashley was trying to get back at him. Tucker suggested Ashley was "pretending to be contrite" to set him up. Abby, baffled, asked what Ashley could possibly want to set him up for. Tucker said he didn't know what Ashley was up to and that he had started not to care.

Abby noticed Tucker's suitcase and asked if he was "leaving Genoa City for good." Tucker said he was going to Paris for a few days. Abby told Tucker he should make his business trip permanent. Abby continued to lay into Tucker for his "lies and deceit" and said she hoped he would pack his bag "and be gone for good." Tucker said he had stayed away from Devon, but Abby argued that that was not enough. Abby said if Tucker cared for Devon he would leave town. Tucker asked Abby why she was so outraged. Abby said Ashley had tried earlier in the day to convince Devon to forgive Tucker.

Abby told Tucker that Ashley had said she had misinterpreted the fight she had had with Tucker in Paris. Tucker was skeptical. Tucker asked how Devon felt about what Ashley had said. Abby, exasperated, said Devon would not forgive Tucker "overnight." Tucker asked Abby why she was there if nothing had changed. Abby replied that she was worried Ashley might be considering forgiving Tucker. Abby begged Tucker to stay away from Devon, Dominic, and Ashley.

Tucker asked Abby if she was really there because Abby thought Devon might forgive him in the future. Abby said Devon deserved a father, but all Tucker did was hurt other people. Abby told Tucker that if Ashley was contemplating revenge on Tucker, she hoped Ashley crushed Tucker "like a bug." Abby threatened Tucker that if he hurt her family, he would regret it.

After Abby left. Tucker flashed back to a previous conversation with Ashley where he had told her she was either "brainwashing" herself or "setting him up" for something. Tucker had asked Ashley what she wanted, and Ashley had said, "I think you know." Back in the present, Tucker took a drink and pondered what was going on with Ashley.

At the Abbott house, Jack approached Ashley in the living room and asked why she was up so late. Ashley replied that she had been exhausted when she'd gone to bed, and she had woken up due to a bizarre dream. Ashley told Jack that she had dreamed that he had been yelling at her, but she hadn't been able to understand him. She recounted that Tucker had been in the dream, translating what Jack had been saying. Ashley told Jack that what Tucker had said to her had made more sense. Jack told Ashley that the "logical interpretation" of the dream was that Tucker had been able to understand things that Ashley had not been able to understand. Ashley looked perplexed and told Jack that she had not been herself in the dream.

Jack told Ashley that it was just a dream and that it had not been reality. Jack told Ashley that if Tucker "would just leave town," everything would be better. Ashley said that would never happen. Jack asked if Ashley was sure she wanted Tucker out of her life. Ashley said he wasn't sure and that sometimes she felt "a shift" and would see Tucker differently. Ashley questioned whether she should forgive Tucker and "give it another chance."

Jack told Ashley that Tucker did not deserve a second chance. Ashley said she needed to deal with things on her own. Jack encouraged Ashley that she just needed to find her footing and then she could move on from Tucker. Jack mentioned that Traci had told him that Ashley had a "psychologist friend" in Paris. Jack told Ashley she should call them right away, and Ashley agreed that was a good idea.

Ashley, alone in the living room, started hearing voices. The voices said she "couldn't let this happen" and "not again." Ashley rubbed her temple, and her face visibly hardened.

Jack returned to the living room, and Ashley told Jack she had called her friend and left a voicemail. Jack suggested they eat pie, but Ashley said she was going to take a walk. Jack protested that it was "freezing out there." Ashley said that the cold was just what she needed to clear her head, and she walked out the front door. Diane walked downstairs, and Jack told Diane that Ashley was "in knots again" about Tucker. Diane encouraged Jack to give Ashley space.

Jack reminded Diane about the "last time" Ashley had fallen in love with Tucker. Jack said even though everyone had tried to warn Ashley about Tucker, she had married him, anyway, and it had been "an unmitigated disaster." Diane told Jack he had to stop worrying about Ashley and that Jack had done everything he could. Jack said he didn't understand why Ashley seemed confused one moment and fine the next. Diane said she felt Ashley was "working through some things."

Diane reminded Jack that he had been a great big brother. Jack told Diane he had noticed how supportive Diane had been of Ashley. Diane told Jack that he deserved the credit for things being better, and she wrapped her arms around him. Diane told Jack that she loved that Jack looked after others, but she would also love for things to get better.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki wandered around the darkened living room alone and started shaking again. Nikki picked up her phone and dialed Jack. Jack answered, and after Nikki told him she was having a "rough time," Jack said he'd go over to the ranch. Diane sighed in exasperation and told Jack she would wait up for him.

While sitting at the bar at the Athletic Club, Abby told Devon that she had "just had it out with Tucker." Devon asked why she would waste her time talking to him. Abby, still visibly enraged, told Devon that she had told Tucker to stay away from her family and that he should make his business trip permanent. Abby said she had also told Tucker that Ashley had talked to Devon about possibly forgiving Tucker. Abby told Devon that when she'd said that, Tucker had gotten "a spark" in his eyes and had seemed hopeful Devon would forgive him. Abby asked Devon to never "make that mistake again."

Devon assured Abby that he was done with Tucker. Devon said it was his turn to tell Abby she should also stay away from Tucker. Devon asked Abby what she thought was "really going on" with Ashley. Abby said she was unsure and rhetorically asked, "Why is my mom suddenly drawing him back in?"

Abby and Devon were leaving the Athletic Club when Ashley walked in. Abby asked Ashley why she was there so late. Ashley made an excuse about being at the lab and needing to grab something to eat. Abby asked Ashley to follow Abby and Devon home and get something to eat with them. When Ashley said no, Abby questioned her mother, "Are you really here for the food?" Ashley told Abby not to worry and that she wasn't there to see Tucker. After Abby and Devon left, Ashley texted Tucker: "Need to see you ASAP. I'm downstairs. It's urgent."

Jordan places a call to Victor

Jordan places a call to Victor

Friday, March 8, 2024

Mariah arrived at Society and found Tessa hard at work. Mariah wanted to share a snack with Tessa, but it was obvious Tessa was preoccupied. "Something's bugging you. What's going on?" asked Mariah.

Later, after having something to eat, Tessa admitted that she hadn't mentioned what she had been upset about because she hadn't wanted Mariah to be upset, too. Tessa explained that a new security guard at the Newman ranch had stopped her after having mistaken Tessa for Jordan. Tessa was concerned that Aria might pick up on all the stress and tension. Mariah wondered if it had become the "new normal at the ranch." Tessa wondered if it was time the three of them moved out.

Tessa was concerned that even after the police had caught up with Jordan, the Newman ranch might not be the best place to raise their baby. "The Newmans don't exactly live a simple, quiet life," Tessa said. Mariah began to come around to the idea of moving. "Maybe it's time to create our own home," Mariah suggested.

Mariah, on her phone, and Tessa, on a tablet, browsed real-estate listings. After seeing a few that weren't right for them, Mariah and Tessa agreed that they should make some lists of needs and deal-breakers. Mariah and Tessa looked at another listing. Tessa told Mariah that she enjoyed planning their future together "We're living the dream," Mariah agreed. "There's no one else I'd want to live it with," said Tessa. They kissed.

Tucker received Ashley's text asking him to meet her downstairs at the Athletic Club. Tucker called Ashley and asked her what it was about. She insisted on telling him in person. Tucker told Ashley that he was getting ready to go to Paris and tried to end the conversation. Ashley said, "Trust me. When I talk to you face to face, you're going to rethink Paris. You're going to rethink everything."

Tucker let Ashley into his room. He told her about Abby's visit and how Abby had blamed him for Ashley's recent behavior. Tucker figured that Ashley having asked Devon to forgive Tucker had set off alarm bells in Abby's head. Ashley told Tucker he wouldn't have to worry about Abby.

Tucker told Ashley that Abby was confused and added, "Frankly, so am I, by these bizarre one-eighties of yours." Ashley calmly explained that she wanted things with Tucker to go back to the way they had been before. She told Tucker that neither of them had ever had feelings "like this" for anyone else -- nor would they ever have them again. Ashley mentioned their years together and the obstacles they had overcome. Ashley told Tucker that she had let her guard down, and "now," it was his turn.

Ashley told Tucker that she wanted to be a part of Tucker's plan for Glissade -- and every aspect of his life, professional and personal. Tucker told Ashley that it was "not going to happen." "Then, why did you invite me up to your suite?" Ashley coyly asked. Tucker told Ashley that he had hoped she would say something honest. He told her that whatever she was scheming, it was not going to work.

Ashley said that she had no ulterior motives. She moved seductively toward Tucker, who put up his hands and backed away. Tucker told Ashley that he would not fall into whatever trap she was trying to set. Ashley told Tucker that they loved each other. She asked him to meet her halfway. Ashley approached Tucker again. Tucker shouted at her, "That's enough!"

Ashley, still calm, told Tucker, "You're not gonna intimidate me just because you yelled at me." She told Tucker that she knew all his rage, anger, and suspicion was because Ashley had wounded him. Ashley apologized to Tucker. Tucker played along. He smiled and said, "Apology accepted. Now, get the hell out of my apartment."

Ashley declared that she would never hurt Tucker again and asked him what she could do to prove it. At that moment, Audra knocked on the door. "Tucker!" Audra called. Tucker walked around Ashley to open the door. Audra immediately kissed Tucker then noticed Ashley's presence. Tucker told Audra that Ashley was just leaving. On her way out the door, Ashley told Audra, "I'll speak slowly, so you can understand me. Tucker and I will be husband and wife again." Ashley admitted to having made a mistake, but she was determined to rectify it. Ashley left.

Not buying Ashley's declaration, Audra looked at Tucker and snidely remarked, "So, suddenly, she's madly in love with you and wants you back?" Tucker shook his head in disagreement. He said Audra had nothing to worry about. Audra noted that Tucker's ex had just declared intentions to win him back. Audra said, "Look. I'm not worried, but I sure as hell am annoyed." Tucker called that "fair," and explained that it had not been "some secret rendezvous." Audra asked why Tucker hadn't met Ashley downstairs, in public.

Tucker explained that he had been in the middle of packing for Paris, so it had been more convenient for him that Ashley had gone upstairs. Tucker stated that he didn't want Audra to be jealous. Audra asked if Ashley had ever insisted she and Tucker get back together before, to which Tucker replied, "Never, which makes me suspect some strategic move at play here. To what end, I have no idea, but it's not going to work."

Tucker declared that he would never lose Audra. Audra called Ashley's tough stance "sheer bravado." Tucker told Audra that he had seen confusion in Ashley's eyes, as if Ashley didn't know why she had been there. Audra wondered if Ashley was going to follow them to Paris. Tucker assured Audra that Ashley was not going to interfere with the trip. Audra expressed her eagerness to be alone with Tucker in Paris. "I am going to be the absolutely luckiest man in Paris," Tucker replied. "You already are!" said Audra. They kissed.

Downstairs at the Athletic Club bar, Ashley ordered an old fashioned. A voice in Ashley's head whispered, "I think she suspects." Aloud, Ashley replied, "It won't be much longer now. And then, she'll be safe... for good."

Jack arrived at the Newman ranch after getting a call from Nikki. Jack told Nikki he was glad that she had called rather than going out drinking. Jack was glad there was no more alcohol left in Nikki's house. When Jack made that comment, Nikki guiltily produced an unopened bottle that had been hidden inside a zippered chair cushion.

Jack asked if Nikki had had someone bring her the bottle. Nikki told Jack that the bottle had been overlooked when Victor had had the house searched and cleared. Jack looked concerned, but Nikki showed him that the bottle was full and unopened. Jack asked Nikki about her "rough night." Nikki replied, "I don't even know where to begin -- with the house fire or my former sponsor's murder."

Jack asked Nikki if she was sure Seth had been murdered. Nikki explained that Seth had been looking forward to going to rehab. Nikki told Jack about having gone with Victor to the Empty Glass Lounge and speaking with the police officer who had told them about the woman with whom Seth had left. Nikki added that the same woman also had told the police officer that Seth's last words had been, "Tell Nikki Newman I'm sorry."

Nikki told Jack that Jordan had killed Seth in order to send Nikki a message. Nikki blamed herself for having sent Seth to string Jordan along. Jack told Nikki not to think like that. He called Jordan a "sociopath." Nikki told Jack about the fire at Victoria's house. Jack was relieved that no one had been hurt.

Jack commented on the beefed-up security at the ranch. Nikki's fears were not allayed. "I am terrified for my family... and how much I want to have a drink!" Nikki exclaimed. Jack suggested that they go to an A.A. meeting. "Let's go!" Nikki agreed.

At the A.A. meeting, Nikki shared about the "madwoman" who had force-fed Nikki alcohol. Nikki told the group about Seth's death and named Jordan as the one who had pushed Seth into the path of the oncoming car. Nikki clarified that she hadn't been there nor witnessed the crime but that she was sure Jordan had been responsible. Nikki confessed that she was feeling "tremendous guilt" for having used Seth to keep Jordan "on the hook."

Nikki told the A.A. group that although all she wanted to do was crawl inside a bottle, she would not do that, in order to honor Seth. Nikki raged, "I'm going to make it my life's mission to make sure that that monstrous, murderous bitch is put back behind bars!" Nikki went further and furiously declared that she wanted Jordan to die a horrible death in prison. Jack, who was seated near Nikki, was stunned by the vitriol that had just come from his dear friend Nikki.

Victor, lying on his bed, reading, received a call from Jordan, who was still outside, near the Empty Glass Lounge, wearing her new disguise. Victor accused Jordan of having had "a busy night." Jordan, with mock innocence, told Victor that she had no idea what he was talking about. Jordan claimed that she had just been reading about the "terrible fire" at Victoria's house. She asked Victor if it was true that there had been no injuries nor casualties. Victor said that he wanted to talk about Claire.

Jordan wanted Victor to tell her where Claire was really living, but Victor replied that that would be Claire's decision. Jordan told Victor that she didn't buy a word of the message Claire had delivered to her from Victor. Victor said that it was precisely because of the things Jordan had done to his family that he wanted to make amends and "put an end to this horrible story."

Jordan accused Victor of stealing Claire and turning her against Jordan. "Given that you stole her from us as a baby," Victor replied. Victor, as he rolled his eyes, told Jordan that he had regrets about what had happened to her sister, Eve. Jordan became more agitated. Jordan cynically exclaimed, "So, tell me, Victor! Unburden yourself! Tell me all about it! Tell me what you're going to do to make amends for my sister!"

Victor told Jordan that in order to do that, he would have to look into her eyes. He asked her to meet. "So I can walk right into your trap?" Jordan scoffed. Victor replied, "Or I into yours, right? I mean, are you willing to take the risk? I am."

Nikki and Jack returned to the ranch. Nikki admitted it had felt good to vent all that rage, but she knew it wouldn't last. Nikki was grateful to Jack for helping her through it. She asked Jack for a favor. Nikki retrieved the bottle from the cushion and asked Jack to take it away. Victor entered and saw the bottle in Nikki's hand.

Nikki pointed out to Victor that the bottle was unopened, and she explained that Jack was going to dispose of it. Jack took the bottle, bid Victor and Nikki a good night, and left. Nikki asked Victor why he was up and dressed. Victor lied and said he had to make a call to Singapore from the office. Nikki didn't believe him. "It's just us. Why don't you tell me what's really going on?" she asked her husband.

Victor maintained that he was going to the office to make a call to Singapore. Nikki was still suspicious. Victor deflected and asked Nikki why she had called Jack. Nikki told Victor it was because she had been "in danger of opening the bottle. You should be grateful I got ahold of Jack when I did!" Nikki declared. Victor conceded the point, expressed gratitude to Jack, and suggested Nikki go up to bed.

Nikki was adamant. "Victor, I am not going to let you slip out the door, at this hour, when I don't know what you're up to," she said. Victor tried to leave. Nikki demanded, "Tell me where you are going. Tell me the truth."

Fresh from a shower, wearing a towel, Tucker sat in a chair and mused, "Something's not right." Audra, clad in a bathrobe, emerged from the bathroom. She observed Tucker's preoccupation with a look of concern on her face.

At the Abbott home, Jack poured himself a glass of water. Ashley, cheerful, entered and greeted her brother. "Well, hello, Jackie!" she said with a smile. Jack noted that Ashley looked refreshed. Ashley explained that she had a vision for her life. "Without Tucker, I hope," said Jack. Ashley replied with a smile, "Absolutely."

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