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Jordan took Victor hostage at gunpoint. Nick tased Jordan, rendering her unconscious. Lily was shocked when she returned home and learned that Daniel and Heather had reunited -- and that Devon had known but hadn't told her. Ashley's personality shifts intensified. Audra dumped Tucker.
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Jordan took Victor hostage, but Victor turned the tables. Lily returned home and learned about Daniel and Heather. Ashley's personality shifts intensified. Audra dumped Tucker.
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Victor and Michael face off with Jordan

Victor and Michael face off with Jordan

Monday, March 11, 2024

A drunk Phyllis stumbled down the Athletic Club stairs leading to the Jazz Lounge and joined Nick at the bar. Nick asked Phyllis what was going on. Phyllis lowered her voice, leaned close to Nick, and replied, "Buy me a drink, and I'll tell you." Phyllis reached for Nick's glass of beer, but he informed her that she had already had plenty to drink. Phyllis, sounding despondent, cried, "Sometimes you just need to annihilate the darkness."

Phyllis told Nick that trying to change oneself was a waste of time. Nick told Phyllis he admired the way she had changed and continued to change. Phyllis, tugging at her fake eyelashes, lamented that her kids tiptoed around her like they were walking on eggshells. Phyllis cried that she had no friends. Phyllis loosened and pulled out her hair extensions as she grumbled that her chance at happiness had blown up in her face. Phyllis told Nick she could not escape from her past.

Nick mentioned Danny Romalotti. Phyllis shushed him and cried, "Oh, don't say his name, please. Uh, why did I even try?" Nick recalled that Phyllis had given him the impression that things were on the upswing between her and Danny. Phyllis, sounding despondent, replied that Danny had admitted he did not want her.

Phyllis admitted that her first inclination was to seek revenge, a reaction she claimed proved she had not truly changed. Phyllis began sobbing and asked Nick why she should try to change. Nick assured Phyllis that she had changed. Feeling defeated, Phyllis cried, "So damn what?"

After Phyllis demanded a drink, Nick invited her to have dinner instead. Phyllis requested that Nick order junk food through room service. Nick steered an unsteady Phyllis toward the stairs. Inside her hotel suite upstairs, Phyllis changed into a robe while Nick ordered food. Phyllis told Nick he could leave, but he opted to stay. Phyllis asked Nick not to say anything to Daniel or Summer. Nick agreed he would not.

Phyllis poured herself a nightcap, but Nick suggested she pour out her heart to him instead. Phyllis recalled how she had rented Society for an evening, so Danny could make his pasta recipe with his special sauce. Phyllis cried that the romantic evening had gone awry when Christine had shown up with Danny. Phyllis became emotional when she acknowledged that her efforts to change had not been enough for Danny or for anyone else. Nick assured Phyllis that she would be enough for someone else. Phyllis became strongly drawn to Nick.

Phyllis cried that she was lonely, and she kissed Nick on the lips. Nick gently pushed Phyllis away and said, "No. No. All right. This is a bad idea for a lot of reasons." Phyllis noted that they were both lonely after Sally had dumped Nick for Adam. Nick was relieved when the food arrived. Phyllis gazed adoringly at Nick and said, "I know you love me just a little."

Nick acknowledged that he and Phyllis would always be woven into each other's lives because of their amazing history. Phyllis told Nick they could have shared their sentiments in bed. Nick told Phyllis she would have regretted it if they had. Phyllis insisted she would not have. Phyllis thanked Nick for everything and kissed him at the door before he left.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki demanded Victor tell her where he was planning to go so late at night. Nikki panicked when Victor admitted he was meeting Jordan. Nikki asked Victor how he could be certain that Jordan had not also set a trap for him. Victor assured Nikki he would maintain the upper hand. Nikki reminded Victor that they had failed to do so during previous encounters with Jordan. Victor was adamant that his plan would ensure that Jordan could never inflict pain on their family again.

Michael hurriedly entered the room, breathless, and said, "Okay, I'm here. What's the emergency?" Victor replied, "All arranged?" Michael said, "So, this is it, huh? This is really happening tonight." Nikki appeared stunned. Michael admitted he did not approve of the legal risks he and Victor were taking. Nikki, growing frustrated, questioned Victor about his mysterious "last stage." Victor refused to elaborate and promised that he would tell Nikki everything after he returned. Before he left, Victor kissed Nikki, told her he adored her, and insisted she trust him.

After Victor and Michael left, Claire entered the room and asked Nikki if she was okay. Nikki, unable to conceal her angst, claimed that she had been too keyed up to go to bed. Claire invited Nikki to distract herself by sharing a story about how Nikki Reed had met Victor Newman. Nikki, admitting she had been a promiscuous wild child, noted that she had inadvertently become entangled with a prostitution front posing as a modeling agency and later a commune that was actually a cult. Nikki shared that she had eventually worked as a dancer at the Bayou, where she had met Victor. Claire listened intently as Nikki recalled how Victor had taken her under his wing and taught her how to properly conduct herself and how to behave, and he had even encouraged her to practice playing the piano at his home.

In a flashback, a young Nikki had asked Victor about his intentions. Victor had replied that he'd intended to transform Nikki into an accomplished, cultured woman. Claire smiled during the retelling of Nikki's memorable moment and said, "And in the process, the two of you fell in love?" Nikki admitted that she and Victor had endured a lot, though they had always managed to find their way back to each other because their devotion to each other and their family was very important.

Nikki revealed that Victor had been raised in an orphanage. Claire, confused, said Jordan had claimed that Newman Enterprises' public relations had concocted the phony story about Victor to soften his ruthless reputation. Nikki replied that because Victor had indeed been raised in an orphanage, family meant everything to him. Nikki explained that as a result, Victor made "damn sure" that no harm came his family, which, Nikki added, also included Claire.

Claire asked about Eve Howard. Nikki revealed that Eve had once attempted to poison Victor. Claire was shocked, explaining that Jordan had described Eve as an innocent, loving person, whom Victor had betrayed. Nikki recalled that Eve, like Jordan, had been a menace. Eve, Nikki recalled, had been arrested and detained in a psychiatric facility.

Elaborating on Eve's evil plots, Nikki recalled that Eve, disguised as a caterer, had attempted to stab her during her and Victor's wedding. Claire proclaimed that Eve was just like Jordan, and she cried that perhaps she had inherited her grandmother's and aunt's madness. Nikki assured Claire that she was nothing like her grandmother or aunt, assuring the young woman that she was a kind and decent person.

Nikki told Claire they might be rid of Jordan forever if Victor's plan worked, adding that all she knew was that Victor had agreed to meet with Jordan after Jordan had reached out to him. Nikki said, "Just don't lose sight of the fact that if Victor's plan works tonight, we have you to thank." Nikki praised Claire for having the courage to contact Jordan and set the plan in motion. Nikki added, "The courage it took for you to set tonight in motion, that's the Newman side of you. You have proven that deep in your soul, you are a Newman."

In a dimly lit alley, Jordan pranced and sang as she practiced aiming a firearm. Jordan quickly hid out of sight when Michael and Victor arrived. Michael was apprehensive and regretted not having arranged for police backup. Victor explained that Jordan would have spotted police from a mile away. Michael made Victor promise not to do anything to put them in danger, explaining that he had promised Lauren he would return safe and sound.

Jordan approached and aimed her firearm at Victor and Michael. Jordan removed her dark wig and cap and glared at the men. Victor, noting that he had not positioned sharpshooters on the rooftops, explained that he had come with his attorney only, in keeping with his word. Referring to her late sister's unfortunate past experiences with Victor, Jordan replied, "People do change." Victor replied, "Well, some do, and some don't."

Jordan demanded to know about the restitution Victor had promised. Michael set down a briefcase. Victor glanced at the bag and said, "It's your new life. It's a bank account with ten million bucks in it." Jordan replied, "Nice." Victor explained that he had included a new passport, a new identity, and a new birth certificate, plus keys and a deed to a new house in the south of France. Jordan asked, "With or without a pool?"

Victor asked Jordan to imagine starting a new life and not having to worry about a "damn thing." Victor promised Jordan she would not have to fear prosecution if she left the United States and never looked back. Victor told Jordan that Eve would not have wanted her sister to spend the rest of her life in prison just to avenge her.

Jordan, distrustful, feared Victor had set a trap to have her arrested or even blown up when she entered the French cottage. Michael, angry, told Jordan that Victor had anticipated that she would be skeptical. Victor offered to become Jordan's hostage. Jordan replied, "Tell me how that would work."

Victor replied, "You take me to a hideaway that only you know about. You lock me up until you have made your escape. Then, you call my lawyer. Tell him where he can find me." Jordan asked what might happen if she decided to leave Victor in the hidden location to rot. Michael warned that he would ensure that the money in the bank account would vanish and that he would reveal her new identification and location to Interpol.

Jordan aimed her gun at Victor when he explained that she had to choose. Victor asked, "So, what is it going to be? A life of wealth and freedom that you could never have imagined, or the life you have today? Alone, despised, hunted like an animal. Do we have a deal?" Jordan said nothing as she braced her weapon by placing her left hand beneath her right hand. Victor and Michael stood motionless as Jordan glared menacingly at Victor.

Victor turns the tables on Jordan -- with some help

Victor turns the tables on Jordan -- with some help

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

In her hotel suite, Summer smiled as she awakened in Chance's arms, and they kissed. "Last night was ..." he began, but she told him not to break the spell. He fantasized that it wasn't morning, and they hadn't overslept. Summer figured that with the shades drawn, they could pretend all day. Chance mused that it felt like midnight to him, and they resumed kissing. Both of their phones pinged, and they reluctantly checked them. Chance read a message from Billy, requesting to meet as soon as possible.

At Society, a bedraggled Phyllis wore sunglasses as she sipped a Bloody Mary. Billy approached and surmised it had been a rough night, and she snapped that it was none of his business. He recalled a hangover cure that she'd taught him, and he offered to find some raw eggs in the kitchen. Phyllis declined, noting that she'd learned that some of her great ideas weren't so great, after all. Billy considered it progress, but he teased that most people learned life lessons about wearing sunglasses at breakfast earlier in life.

Phyllis admonished Billy for being judgy, and she ordered him to go away. He said he'd be across the restaurant if she needed him, and he retreated to his own table. He answered a call from Chance and inquired whether Chance was at the office. Chance asked about Billy's trip, and Billy vaguely replied that it had gone as well as expected under the circumstances.

Billy wondered how soon Chance could meet. "You coming?" Summer called from the bathroom. Chance watched as she ditched her robe and stepped into the shower. Billy mentioned that he was about to have breakfast at Society, and he offered to order some food for Chance. Chance told Billy not to wait on him, but he'd be there when he could. Chance joined Summer in the shower, and they kissed passionately.

Billy glanced over at a despondent Phyllis and rejoined her, citing an unexplainable responsibility to cheer her up. Phyllis dryly inquired whether the sudden desire was his one act of good karma for the week. Billy sat down and explained that he'd needed to leave Chelsea alone to deal with some challenges Connor was going through, and he felt guilty about it, so Phyllis was the beneficiary of him wanting to feel useful. Billy bragged that he was a fantastic listener. Phyllis winced as she removed her sunglasses and barked that he wasn't hearing what she was saying.

Billy pressed to know if Phyllis was okay. She said she was sorry Connor was going through something, but she didn't want to talk about what was going on with her. Phyllis wondered why Billy was there when she'd thought he'd be working hard at Chancellor-Winters, trying to stake a claim in the company. She shared that Amanda had told her that there was a power play going on between Billy and Devon, and Billy was trying to become head honcho.

Summer and Chance giddily entered Society, but Summer groaned when she spotted Phyllis and Billy. Summer anticipated getting the third degree, but Chance declared that the past twelve hours had been perfect, and he intended to hold on to that feeling. The couple headed over to Phyllis' table, and Phyllis quickly put her sunglasses back on. Chance asked if Billy had eaten yet, and Billy led him over to his own table.

Summer asked what was up with Phyllis, who claimed that she hadn't gotten a lot of sleep. Phyllis preferred to find out what was going on with Summer. Summer said she was there to get takeout and go back to the office, but Phyllis imagined that Summer had five minutes to have a cup of coffee with her mom. Phyllis pushed to know specifically what was going on between Summer and Chance, adding that she'd been cheering Summer on from the sidelines because she supported Summer going after what she wanted.

Phyllis observed that Summer and Chance had arrived there together, but not for a breakfast date. Phyllis guessed that the couple had been in the same place beforehand -- like a sleepover. Summer opted not to go into details, but Phyllis gushed that she could see the glow all over her daughter's face. Blushing, Summer admitted that she and Chance were having fun, and Phyllis exclaimed that she was happy for Summer. Phyllis mumbled that at least one of them was having a successful romantic life.

Phyllis noticed the "stupid grin" on Summer's face, and she admitted that she was jealous because everyone wanted that feeling of butterflies in their stomach. Phyllis boasted that her instincts had been right in that Summer and Chance were meant to be. Summer sensed that her mother's mood had nothing to do with Summer and Chance, and she wondered why Phyllis sounded like she was in mourning for something she didn't have. Summer questioned when Phyllis had last had a Bloody Mary for breakfast, and she guessed that something had happened with Danny the night before.

"Danny who?" Phyllis asked, reiterating that she didn't want to talk about it. Summer reasoned that her mother couldn't ask her about her love life and then shut down about her own. Phyllis confessed that she'd gone to bat and struck out. Summer said she was sorry, but she thought Phyllis couldn't be surprised because Danny and Christine were the real deal, and it was hard to compete with that. Phyllis lamented that even her daughter thought she wasn't worthy of having love.

Across the room, Billy surmised that things were going well for Chance and Summer. Billy asked for an update about work, but Chance inquired whether everything was okay with Chelsea and Connor. Billy replied that everything would be fine, but it would be a process. Billy turned the topic to how Nate and Devon had reacted to his absence, and Chance bluntly reported that no one had seemed to miss Billy. Chance elaborated that Nate and Devon had seemed relieved Billy hadn't been around. Billy proclaimed that it was exactly what he'd wanted to hear.

Chance was confused about why Billy was happy, and Billy explained that it meant his presence was creating a sense of pressure. Chance revealed that Nate and Devon felt like they had to keep an eye on Billy because they were worried about what moves he'd make. Billy reasoned that it kept everyone on their toes, doing their best. Chance grumbled that Billy was more focused on office politics than the actual work. Billy considered it Chance's lesson for the day that those things were tied together. Chance was more interested in finding out Billy's real agenda.

Billy wondered why Chance was suspicious, and Chance claimed that he was just reporting back as Billy's eyes and ears. Billy commended Chance for doing a great job, but he stated that just because Nate and Devon had trust issues didn't mean Chance should. Billy maintained that he was making sure Chance understood the dynamics of the C-suite, and he implored Chance to stick with him. Chance responded that he'd feel better knowing whether his mentor was using him as a spy.

Billy asked if Chance still had a chip on his shoulder because of Billy's critique of his idea. Chance hoped Billy respected him enough to be honest. Billy argued that it benefited them both if he had a larger presence at Chancellor-Winters, and both he and Chance were there to support Jill and protect her from whatever grab Mamie was pushing Devon and Nate to make. Billy refused to apologize for looking out for Jill's interests, and he implored Chance to get in line with him if Chance wanted a place in the company.

Nick voiced surprise when Adam arrived at Newman, since Nick had expected his brother to be with Connor. Adam reported that Chelsea was with Connor, who had a few more sessions with the OCD specialist. Adam planned to cover a few meetings and then pick up some of Connor's things before heading back to Minnesota. Adam revealed that Connor hadn't wanted anyone else to touch his belongings, and Nick offered to do anything he could to help. Adam mentioned that he was supposed to meet Victor, but he didn't know where their father was.

Adam recalled that he'd seen on the news that Claire had been released. Nick guessed that Adam hadn't heard the latest, and he shared that Victoria's house had burned down the night before with no one inside. Both of their phones chimed with a message, and Adam was puzzled about why Michael was summoning them. Adam headed for the door, but Nick stopped to check something else on his phone and announced that he had something to handle. Nick said he'd meet Adam at the ranch, and they both hurried out.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki thanked God when Michael entered the living room. She peppered him with questions about why Victor wasn't with him. Nikki groused that Michael had only sent one text message, hours earlier, about everything having gone according to plan, but she wanted to know every detail. Michael confirmed that Jordan hadn't been arrested, and he was there on Victor's behalf to explain the final phase of the plan to the entire family. Nikki begged Michael to tell her Victor was all right.

Claire entered the room and asked where Victor was. Victoria and Cole arrived with apologies for being late because they'd been meeting with an insurance agent about the fire. Nikki relayed that Victor had met with Jordan the night before, but he hadn't returned home. Michael urged them to stay calm, since he would explain once Nick and Adam got there. Adam walked in and expected that Nick wouldn't be far behind. Nikki refused to wait any longer, and Michael divulged that Jordan was holding Victor hostage. The Newmans panicked.

Claire lamented that Jordan had sounded unhinged, and Adam testily asked if she'd known that Victor was meeting with her aunt. Claire replied that she'd only known because Nikki had told her. Claire confirmed that she'd passed Victor's message along to Jordan as he'd requested. Michael indicated that Jordan had reached out to Victor to meet, and Adam lectured that they should have called the police. Michael explained that Jordan had only agreed to meet if there were no police or security involved, and she'd been shrewd enough to pick a location in an alley that had made surveillance impossible.

Michael recounted that Jordan had arrived out of nowhere with a gun, and Nikki dissolved into tears. Michael imagined that Jordan might have killed him and Victor if she hadn't liked what Victor had had to say. Victoria blasted Michael for letting a madwoman lead Victor away at gunpoint, but Michael clucked that they all knew no one made Victor do anything he didn't want to do. Michael continued that Jordan's plans had changed once Victor had presented an offer of ten million in cash, a new identity, and a house in France. Michael added that Victor had volunteered to let her take him hostage until she could safely disappear.

Adam demanded to know if it had been Claire's idea because she was still working with her aunt, but Claire denied it. Cole defended that Claire had risked her safety to help Victor with his trap, and Claire insisted that she wanted Jordan locked up as much as the rest of them. Adam was surprised by how quickly his family had embraced Claire, as if they'd forgotten she'd tried to kill them after being raised by her aunt to hate them. Claire asserted that Jordan had lied to her for her entire life, but she knew then that she was part of the Newman family.

Adam questioned whether it had been Claire's plan all along. Claire retorted that her mom had been right in that Adam wasn't like the other Newmans, since he was going out of his way to accuse her when everyone else had been welcoming. Nikki ordered them to stop, since their bickering wasn't helping to find out what had happened to Victor. Michael believed Victor was alive and well, since Victor had warned Jordan that they'd drain her bank account and alert Interpol if she didn't inform Michael of Victor's location. Michael added that he'd been reading criminals his entire career, and he'd seen in Jordan's eyes that she wanted an escape hatch.

Nikki bemoaned that it didn't mean Jordan wouldn't double-cross Victor. Michael indicated that Victor had provisions in place, but he didn't know what they were, so he was as much in the dark as the rest of them. Claire remarked that Jordan acted that way when she felt trapped, and her aunt became volatile and harder to predict. Michael advised that Victor had another shoe to drop that Jordan wouldn't see coming.

Victor drove a car as Jordan held him at gunpoint. She instructed him to drive ten more miles and not to think about doing anything foolish. Victor assured her that he fully intended to see his plan through to the very end. Jordan was confident that no one had followed them, and Victor asserted that when he made a deal, he stood by it. He reiterated that no one had known where they'd been meeting, and he'd given himself up willingly to ensure her escape.

Jordan doubted Victor's family was happy that she'd be living the rest of her life in the lap of luxury in a French chateau on his dime. Jordan anticipated that Claire would regret passing along Victor's message, and Victor questioned whether it hadn't been enough that Jordan had burned down his daughter's home. Jordan ranted that she'd devoted her life to Claire, who had abandoned Jordan the minute Claire had thought she'd been welcomed by the family that had destroyed her grandmother. Jordan asked if Victor had welcomed Claire or if he was just using her the way he'd used Eve. Victor crowed that Claire had been only too happy to seal Jordan's fate.

Jordan dared Victor to admit that he didn't "give a damn" about her niece, but Victor contended that Claire was his granddaughter. Jordan chuckled at the thought of him caring about Claire joining the high and mighty Newman family, and she surmised it was all a ruse to make Claire feel safe and loved so he could get to Jordan. Jordan prided herself for knowing how his devious mind worked, and Victor compared life to a chess game. Victor concluded that Jordan had planned to kill him that night, but she'd changed her mind once he'd presented a mutually beneficial alternative. Jordan warned that there was one problem -- and it was a biggie.

Jordan noted that Victor intended to have his attorney drain her bank account and alert the international police if she didn't reveal where she was keeping Victor hostage, but Michael could take the same actions even if she did inform him of Victor's whereabouts. She cackled that the deal was a grand, empty promise. Victor inquired whether she didn't want the money or new identity. Jordan conceded that she would have enjoyed the chateau, but she'd only played along to get what she really wanted -- Victor alone. She vowed to make him pay.

Jordan led Victor to an isolated location, unbolted a door, and gestured for him to enter a dreary room. She turned on a light, revealing a tattered bare mattress and little else. He remarked that she'd planned ahead. "Cozy, isn't it?" she cooed. She enthused that it was the perfect place for him and his beloved Nikki to die a horrible death, but he would have to die alone because she'd had to abandon her "two-for-one" plan after he'd made his offer.

Jordan bragged that Victor had played right into her hands, but Victor countered that it had been his idea to be her hostage. He figured it had been silly to think he could outsmart her. Jordan recalled that she'd tried to teach Claire that Victor's arrogance was his blind spot, and in the end, it would be his downfall.

Jordan observed that Victor was taking things well for a man about to spend the rest of his short life spent locked in that room. Victor recognized that she intended to let him die, but he contemplated how she'd go on the run without the money she would have had if she'd accepted his offer. Jordan spat that he couldn't buy her off, and he would spend the rest of his life starving and dying there in that decrepit hole. She taunted that poor Nikki and his rich, beautiful children would grieve for him until Jordan went after them.

A shadow appeared in the open doorway, and a man with a Taser covertly crept in. Jordan threatened that it wouldn't be over until every member of the Newman family had paid, but Victor firmly replied, "It is over." The man shocked Jordan's neck with the Taser, and she was knocked unconscious. The man felt for a pulse. "I started to think you weren't going to come," Victor admitted. Victor and Nick locked eyes.

As Jordan lay sprawled on the mattress, Nick picked up her gun. Jordan slowly awakened and asked where she was. Victor haughtily replied that it wasn't the south of France. "Cozy, isn't it?" he echoed. Victor showed her a tracking device he'd been wearing.

Jordan argued that no one had followed them. Nick explained that he'd taken a parallel route, and he held up her gun, assuming she was looking for it. Victor leaned in ominously close to Jordan, and she jumped. "Don't you ever underestimate me," Victor growled.

Lily returns home and gets quite the surprise

Lily returns home and gets quite the surprise

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Adam met with Sally at Society. He told her that he would soon be going back to Minnesota to be with Connor. Adam also told Sally that his father's life was in the hands of a madwoman. Adam told Sally that Jordan had poisoned his family, burned down the prison, and torched Victoria's house. Sally wondered how anyone would try to make a deal with a person like that. Adam replied, "Have you met my dad?"

Sally was sure Victor was "too savvy to let anyone get the better of him," but Adam was worried, nonetheless. Adam was also worried about Connor. Sally offered her hands to Adam. He took them. Sally told Adam that she would be there for him. Adam swore to Sally that he wasn't shutting her out, but there was so much going on that Adam didn't know what kind of help he needed. Adam told Sally that he would try to remain optimistic. Sally was confident that both Victor and Connor would get through their troubles.

Adam continued his self-recrimination. Sally said, "Adam! Look at me, please. I wish that you could see you as I do, instead of the way you do." Sally reminded him that she had also been a troublemaker. They decided that if they'd been on a dating app, they would have been matched "in a heartbeat." "Either that, or both of us would be blocked for being too much of a risk," Sally observed. Adam smiled at Sally and said, "I wish I had met you years ago." "Me, too," Sally replied.

Adam called the waiting and the worrying "grueling." Sally suggested they talk about Adam. Adam told Sally that she was too good for him. Sally would have none of that. She told Adam that his opening up to her was "more than enough for me right now." Sally told Adam she wanted him to go be with his family at the ranch, and then, to go be with his son. Adam nodded in agreement. Adam and Sally stood and embraced. He looked Sally in the eye and softly declared, "I love you." Sally smiled and replied, "I love you." They kissed, and Adam left.

At the Newman ranch, everyone was frantically worried about Victor. Michael texted someone, and Cole paced as Victoria left a voicemail for Nick. Victoria was very worried that Nick was hours overdue and hadn't replied to any calls. Victoria felt like they were all being held captive by Jordan again.

Michael tried to assure Victoria that Victor was two steps ahead of Jordan. Michael reminded Victoria that Victor would do anything and everything to protect his family. Cole felt guilty and sick that his deranged mother and aunt had tortured the Newman family. Victoria told Cole to stop blaming himself.

After Cole had left the room, Michael talked with Victoria about the road ahead, after Victor had dealt with Jordan. Michael hoped Cole would stay in Genoa City and that something good would happen for Cole and Victoria. Michael told Victoria that he liked Cole. Michael admired how strong and caring Cole had been with both Victoria and Claire.

Victoria did not believe that karma or destiny had brought Cole back into her life, but rather, it had been Claire. Victoria told Michael that if he was playing matchmaker, he was wasting his time. With so much going on in her life, Victoria said, "The last thing that I need or want is a relationship," a remark she didn't realize a returning Cole had overheard.

Cole listened as Victoria told Michael that she knew Michael had been trying to distract her. Cole entered with some sandwiches Claire had made. Cole told Victoria and Michael that Claire had gone upstairs to get some rest. Victoria took comfort in knowing that her mother and daughter had had each other to help get through the crisis. Michael expressed concern that the stress might be too much for Nikki to bear.

Billy and Chance arrived at the Chancellor-Winters office, where Devon was working at his laptop. "Did you miss me?" Billy asked with a smile. Devon replied, "Actually, if I'm honest, it was peaceful around here with you gone." Devon remarked that no one had tried to change the company name while Billy had been away. Billy shot back and asked, "What about Aunt Mamie?" Billy told Devon that Amanda had informed Jill about Mamie having wanted to split the company but keep the name as it was. Devon said that Mamie had only made a suggestion.

Devon asked Billy if he thought Mamie wanted to destroy the company. Billy believed that Mamie wanted to run Jill out of the company. He asked if Devon would be happier being in complete control of his half of Chancellor-Winters.

Devon turned the question back on Billy, who was "100%" in favor of splitting the company. "I think the merger was a mistake," Billy said. Billy explained that the levels of trust and Billy's perspective had changed since the merger process had begun. Billy told Devon that Jill felt "isolated and outnumbered." Billy stated that Devon and Jill both wanted autonomy, "So, let's split the company up," Billy suggested. Devon turned to Chance and asked, "You've been pretty quiet, Chance. What do you think about all this?"

Chance was reluctant to give his opinion, but when pressed, he said, "I think that there's no room in a corporation, especially one of this size, for petty infighting or saber-rattling." Billy asked to whom Chance was directing his comments. Chance replied, "I think you both need to take a deep breath and chill out." Chance left the office.

As Daniel, Heather, and Lucy sat at breakfast, Lucy told her parents that she had been asked to serve on the prom decoration committee. Lucy was concerned that she didn't yet have a date, but she was hoping a boy named Waylon Mars would ask her. Daniel told Lucy that he expected to meet Lucy's prom date before Daniel would let Lucy go anywhere with him. Lucy looked to her mother for help, but Heather told Lucy, "You're on your own."

At that moment, the door opened, and Lily came in, carrying a bag of groceries. Daniel welcomed Lily back with a brief hug. Lily explained that she had wanted to surprise Daniel with lunch, "But it looks like I'm the one getting surprised," Lily said.

Lucy and Heather greeted Lily. Daniel asked about Maddie. Lily told them all that Maddie was doing better after losing her teacher in a fire. Lily informed them that she had set Maddie up with a therapist. Heather suggested a walk in the park to Lucy, who, in turn, suggested that Heather and Lucy go look at prom dresses instead. Heather and Lucy gathered up the breakfast dishes and headed to the kitchen. Lily was suspicious. After Heather and Lucy had left the room, Lily asked Daniel, "What's going on?"

Heather and Lucy interrupted briefly as they headed out the door. Once they were gone, Lily asked Daniel what she had interrupted., because she felt like she had "walked in on a warm, fuzzy family moment." Daniel tried to stall by offering Lily coffee, but Lily wasn't distracted. Lily asked Daniel directly, "You and Heather got back together while I was gone, didn't you?" "Yes, it happened. But not intentionally," Daniel said.

Lily asked if Daniel and Heather had slept together. "We did," Daniel admitted. He told Lily that he and Heather had realized they wanted to put their family back together. Lily got upset that Daniel had never mentioned any of that during all the calls and texts they had shared while Lily had been away.

Daniel explained that he hadn't wanted to add to the pile Lily had been dealing with, take her attention away from Maddie, or break up over the phone. He elaborated that he and Heather had only slept together once, weeks earlier, but "it had felt right. It had felt like we had found our way home."

Lily sat. "I guess I should appreciate you were honest with me... but, oh, my God, this really hurts." Daniel sat beside Lily. He said, "Lily, you have to believe me when I say that is the last thing I ever wanted to do." Lily replied, "Yeah. That's exactly what people say right after they hurt you the most."

Lily said that she should have seen it coming. She accused Heather of having used Lucy as an excuse to show up at Daniel's place, and she speculated that Heather had turned up her efforts after Lily had left town. Daniel said that things hadn't happened that way, and he didn't want Lily blaming Heather for any of it. Daniel called it "a consensual moment of clarity that happened just that once." Lily observed, "You talk about the sex like it's the only way you can cheat." Lily told Daniel that every time Daniel talked with Lily without telling her about Heather was cheating, and every time he said that he wanted to be with Heather was cheating.

Lily wondered if anything she had shared with Daniel was real. "It was to me," Daniel declared. Lily told Daniel that he was not the type of guy to betray Lily randomly. "There had to be something significant pulling you two together," Lily claimed. She asked Daniel if he had fallen back in love with Heather. Daniel considered his response, then said, "Honestly, I don't think I ever stopped loving her."

Lily told Daniel she'd been able to tell he was still in love with Heather by how devastated he had been upon learning that Heather had been seeing someone in Portugal. Daniel maintained that he had moved on without Heather after she had left him. "And then, she moved back to town," said Daniel. Lily put up her hand to stop him. "I already know. I watched the whole thing happen... and I still thought that you were someone I could have faith in," Lily said.

Daniel apologized and offered Lily a chance to yell or to hit him. Lily said she'd do neither of those and declared that she had to get out of there. Daniel asked Lily if he should have told her right away, because he had struggled with that decision. Lily was incredulous. "Are you kidding right now? You want me to make you feel better about your timing in telling me? Yeah, sure, Daniel. You know what? Yeah. I am so happy you didn't, because, you know what? Maddie needed all of my attention," Lily snapped, Daniel contritely said, "Devon thought that might be the case, too." Lily was taken aback. "My brother knew about you two? For how long? Like, from the beginning?" she asked.

Chance walked into Crimson Lights and saw Nate sitting at a table. Chance told Nate that Devon and Billy were having a "tense meeting" at the office. Nate figured that Devon would be working hard not to let on that Billy was bothering Devon, while Billy would be continuing to push. Chance observed that Chance and Nate were alike, in that neither of them wanted to be involved with Devon and Billy's conflict. Nate said that he didn't want to take sides. Chance agreed and felt both he and Nate were only on Team Chancellor-Winters. Nate stated that he only wanted to work productively and in peace.

Chance suggested that he and Nate should step up and "be the adults in the room," before Devon and Billy derailed the entire company. Nate nodded as he considered Chance's words.

Back at Chancellor-Winters, Billy asked why Devon was opposed to splitting the company, since it would stop the two of them from being at each other's throats. "That's funny, because I wasn't aware that we were," Devon said.

Billy appreciated Devon's calm demeanor but accused Devon of being at his throat. Billy acknowledged that Devon didn't trust Billy but resented him. Devon thought "resent" was too strong a word. Billy compared them to "two powder kegs, ready to blow." Billy suggested they could prevent an explosion with an agreement and some signatures. Devon replied, "You see, the problem with that, Billy, is -- your mother won't let that happen."

Adam arrived at the ranch. Michael told him that they hadn't heard from Victor. Victoria asked Adam what had happened to Nick. Adam informed his sister that Nick had received a phone message as he and Adam had been preparing to leave the Newman Enterprises office. Victoria suggested that Jordan might have used a message about Christian to lure Nick into a trap. "What if she has him, too?" Victoria worried.

Michael told Victoria that she was letting her imagination run away with her. Adam suggested that they call Christian's school in order to see if some crisis had pulled Nick away. Victoria agreed, declaring that she had to know if her father and brother were okay. At that moment, Victor and Nick entered. "Don't worry, my sweetheart. We are," said Victor, as Victoria ran into her father's arms.

Victor told the group that he had reason to believe that the problems with Jordan were finished. Meanwhile, in the room where Jordan was being held, Jordan pulled at the locked door and raved in frustration, "Damn you, Victor Newman!"

Ashley's personality shifts intensify

Ashley's personality shifts intensify

Thursday, March 14, 2024

At Society, Daniel approached Heather at her table. Heather asked if it had been difficult for Daniel to tell Lily that he and Heather were back together. Heather told Daniel that Lucy had been worried he wouldn't go through will telling Lily. Daniel asked if it had been Heather who had really been concerned.

Daniel said telling Lily everything had been harder than he had thought it would be. Daniel told Heather that Lily had been hurt and upset, but Lily had not been surprised. Heather asked if Daniel was okay. Daniel said that he had confessed to Lily that he had never stopped loving Heather in the first place. Heather told Daniel he was a good man and asked if he had regrets. Daniel said he regretted hurting Lily but had no regrets about having reconnected with Heather.

Lily, clearly angry, walked into the office at Chancellor-Winters. Lily immediately asked Devon how he had kept the news about Daniel and Heather from her.

Lily reminded Devon that she had been chatting with Daniel for months. Lily said Devon had known Daniel had been back with Heather and had kept it from Lily on purpose. Devon replied that he was sorry, and he explained that Daniel had asked Devon to keep his secret until Daniel could tell Lily himself. Devon said he and Daniel had just been worried about her and had wanted to let her "be there" for Maddie. Lily, on the verge of tears, said that while she was trying to be rational, she had really just wanted to slap Daniel -- and maybe Devon, too -- in the face.

Lily told Devon that she had known Daniel and Heather had a connection ever since Heather had returned to Genoa City. Lily admitted that she had understood that Daniel had just wanted his family back. Lily told Devon that when she'd asked Daniel if he was "back in love" with Heather, Daniel's reply had been that he had "never stopped loving her." Lily realized Daniel's return to Heather hadn't all just been for Lucy and that Daniel had wanted Heather back, too. Lily apologized for storming in angrily earlier and said she was just "really, really, really sad."

Devon told Lily that she "just hasn't found anyone that deserves" her. Lily said she needed to distract herself with work and asked Devon what the issues had been with Billy. Abby interrupted and gave Lily a hug. Lily congratulated Abby for joining the board. Abby asked Devon if Billy would return to Jabot since Lily had returned.

Devon said he assumed not because Billy was set on "protecting" the company from the Winters family. Lily, confused, asked if Billy was still trying to change the company name. Devon said Billy had moved on to bigger things, but Mamie had had an idea to divide the company back into two separate entities. Devon told Abby and Lily that he was against the move and that "all hell is about to break loose."

In her suite, Audra packed her suitcase. Tucker knocked on the door, and Audra grabbed him for a kiss. Audra giddily explained to Tucker why she had been packing too much and that she had been able to obtain a reservation at a swanky restaurant overlooking the Eiffel Tower. Tucker replied that she should not have made the reservation quite yet. Tucker explained that they would have to postpone the trip.

When Audra inquired as to why they had to postpone the trip, Tucker replied that two of the people they had been planning to meet would not be able to see them. Audra said that was not a good enough reason to cancel. Tucker disagreed and said it would be foolish to make two trips to Paris, and the trip could be rescheduled later. Audra was not convinced and told Tucker it was clearly about Ashley.

Tucker denied Audra's accusation. Audra asked how Tucker could expect her to believe that. Tucker said he didn't care what Ashley had wanted, and it had not been the right time to go to Paris. Audra, enraged, told Tucker that he could just stop responding to Ashley's calls or opening his door when she knocked. Tucker continued to insist that the postponement had been about business.

Audra asked why she had not been notified that the meetings had been cancelled all of a sudden. Tucker asked if "this is how it's going to be" between them moving forward -- that everything would be about Ashley. Tucker said he had spent months trying to convince Ashley he could be trusted and that he would not repeat that with Audra. Tucker stormed out.

Later, Audra started throwing her clothes around the room and crying, then she stomped out.

Audra walked into Crimson Lights, still fuming at Tucker. Audra bumped into Sally, spilling her coffee. After Audra apologized and commented that Audra and Sally hadn't seen each other since they had met, Sally mentioned the new lipstick line at Glissade. Sally asked Audra what it had been like to work with Tucker McCall. Audra replied that it had probably not been much different than working with Adam Newman. Sally invited Audra to join her to drink their coffee.

Audra toasted with Sally that they had both been fired from Newman Media and had survived. Audra asked Sally if Adam and Sally had gotten back together. Sally confirmed that she had been dating Adam again. Audra said, "That's great" and that happiness was all that mattered. Sally thanked her for understanding and asked if Audra and Tucker had been more than business partners. Audra replied, "Definitely more," and she thanked Sally for "not looking appalled." Audra told Sally she should be on a plane to Paris but that Tucker had claimed there had been issues with their Paris associates, so they had needed to postpone the trip.

Audra asked Sally how well Sally knew Ashley. Sally replied that Ashley had told her off years earlier, and that was about it. Sally asked Audra if Audra suspected "something was going on" between Ashley and Tucker. Audra replied that she had not previously thought so, but Ashley clearly wanted Tucker back. Sally asked what Tucker had had to say about that. Audra said she didn't believe Tucker had gotten over Ashley, and Audra had asked herself if Tucker would be worth fighting for.

Sally told Audra that even though they didn't know each other well, Sally would like to help Audra. Audra replied that Tucker was brilliant and unorthodox and that he had never let anything get in his way. Audra confessed that she couldn't get enough of Tucker. Audra said she had thought that Audra and Tucker had finally gotten to a good place with their relationship.

Audra said Ashley had always been Tucker's ideal woman, even though she had tortured him. Sally commiserated that when Adam had broken her heart, she had tried to give up on him, but she couldn't. Sally said that a once-in-a-lifetime love would be worth fighting for. Sally said if Audra and Tucker had had what Sally and Adam had, then Audra would need to fight harder to save it.

Over salads at the Athletic Club, Abby told Ashley that she had officially become a board member of Chancellor-Winters, by unanimous vote. Abby told her mother how much she had missed the corporate world. Ashley, clearly distracted, said "that's nice." Abby accused Ashley of being "a million miles away." Abby told Ashley that Ashley could talk to her about anything -- unless she had been thinking about Tucker. Ashley was visibly annoyed.

Ashley retorted that the "only one with Tucker on the brain" was Abby. Abby reiterated her concern for Ashley. Ashley brushed it off and said she had gotten over Tucker for good. Ashley told Abby to stop threatening Tucker. Abby quizzically replied, "How would you know about that unless you saw him last night?" Ashley said she had just been speaking in general.

Abby told Ashley she would continue to protect her mother. Ashley asked what Abby had said to Tucker. Abby recounted that Tucker had thought Ashley had been pretending to forgive him so she could "screw him over." Ashley claimed that was ridiculous and that she wanted to declare the topic of Tucker finished forever.

Changing the subject, Ashley mentioned that Devon had to be thrilled to work with Abby. As Abby responded, the voice inside Ashley's head thought, "Ashley's daughter is such a pain in the ass with all her questions." The voice said it would be thrilled to have "cleaned up this mess" so Ashley could return and deal with her "irritating family."

Ashley told Abby she needed to get back to the lab. Abby and Ashley prepared to leave, and Abby asked Ashley if she really hadn't seen Tucker the night before. Ashley asked if Abby would ever trust her. Abby replied that she had just wanted to make sure Ashley was finished with Tucker. As Abby left the room, the voice in Ashley's head said, "My God, that was insufferable. If you only knew the things I did to protect you, Ashley." Tucker walked down the stairs.

Ashley asked Tucker what was wrong and suggested it was Audra. Tucker asked, "What's going on with you, Ashley?" Ashley told Tucker she had made herself clear the night before. Tucker surmised that Ashley just didn't know what she had wanted or what she had been doing. Ashley asked Tucker to discuss things privately -- in Tucker's room.

Ashley told Tucker he should be in Paris right then, and Tucker mentioned the trip had been postponed. Ashley said she believed he hadn't gone because there had been more interesting things in Genoa City. Tucker shook his head and said, "You're not you." Ashley insisted, "I've never been more me." Tucker asked Ashley to follow him to the lounge.

Tucker and Ashley grabbed a table at the jazz lounge. Tucker was still looking at Ashley skeptically and said the Ashley he knew had been "subtle, understated, and thoughtful," and Ashley had not been acting that way anymore. Tucker said Ashley had been acting dark and aggressive. Ashley, twirling her hair, reminded Tucker that he had always liked those qualities in himself. Ashley said she'd be willing to change to be more like Tucker, and she tried to kiss him.

Tucker pushed Ashley off and said he didn't understand what had been "going on" with her. Ashley contended that what she had wanted was Tucker. Tucker questioned Ashley, saying she had "hated" him lately, yet suddenly, Ashley loved him again. Ashley asked what she would have to gain by being insincere. Tucker said he had seen something in Ashley's eyes that had told him Ashley had been confused.

Ashley asked what she would "possibly have to be confused about." Tucker admitted he didn't know the answer, but he was convinced that something was "off" with Ashley. Ashley accused Tucker of making it seem Ashley had "mental health issues" like in Paris. Tucker said to leave Paris out of it and that he would like to help Ashley with whatever was wrong.

Ashley told Tucker she didn't need help and that she wanted things "to go back to the way they were" before. Tucker asked Ashley if she would abandon her family to get back together with him. Ashley responded, "In a heartbeat." Tucker asked, "And I should just believe you?" Ashley nodded and began kissing Tucker.

Heather and Daniel returned to Daniel's apartment. Heather asked Daniel if their being back together would make it challenging between Daniel and Lily at work. Daniel said they were all adults, and they would make it work. Daniel said he'd rather talk about something like "Who is Waylan Mars, and are we really going to let him take our daughter to prom?" Heather confessed that Lucy had already found some dress options. Daniel said he wasn't ready for Lucy to date but that he was ready to move forward with Heather. Heather kissed Daniel and said they could finally be together in public. Daniel said he couldn't wait to "see what comes next" and kissed Heather again.

Audra confronts Tucker

Audra confronts Tucker

Friday, March 15, 2024

At the Newman ranch, Victoria and Claire recounted the events of the previous evening, regarding Victor's confrontation with Jordan. Claire remarked on Victor's fearlessness, while Victoria noted her father's stubbornness. Victoria and Claire were grateful that Nick had shown up in time and that Jordan was locked away in the "dungeon" in which Jordan had planned to keep Victor. Claire asked Victoria if Victor planned to keep Jordan in that basement indefinitely or if he was going to contact the authorities.

Victoria assured Claire that Victor was tough but not cruel and that he wouldn't leave Jordan to rot in a basement. Claire observed that Victor would really do anything to protect his family. Victoria reminded Claire that, as Victor's granddaughter, the family included Claire. Claire marveled at the thought of her new, big family, and how Jordan's having been locked up would prevent Jordan from hurting the family anymore. "Are we really all safe, finally?" Claire asked her mother.

Victoria assured Claire that their ordeal was over. Claire asked if the two of them could go out somewhere, anywhere, because after going from prison to the hospital to the ranch, Claire was eager to go out into the world and be with people. Victoria smiled and told Claire that was "a great idea."

Kyle and Summer were having a hard time finding a nanny for Harrison. After five failed interviews at the Abbott home, Kyle and Summer wished for Linda's return, but Kyle noted that Linda's mother's surgery would make Linda unavailable for an unknown length of time. Harrison's parents expected to make no more progress, since after every interview, Harrison had asked, "Why can't Mommy just come home?"

Kyle and Summer both suspected their young son was playing them. By disapproving of all the nanny candidates, Harrison would force Summer to return home to him. Kyle told Summer about how he had assured Harrison that even if his parents lived apart, they both still loved him. Further, Kyle had told Harrison that even if Mommy did return home, both of his parents had busy jobs, and someone else would have to pick up Harrison from school and be with him while Kyle and Summer were working. Kyle and Summer agreed to give Harrison a vote, but they would not let the boy control the situation. At that moment, they heard Harrison cry out in distress, "Mom!" Kyle and Summer ran up the stairs.

After Kyle and Summer took Harrison downstairs, Harrison explained to his parents that he had had a bad dream. "A lady I didn't know came and took me away," Harrison said. Kyle and Summer assured Harrison that his bad dream wasn't real. Kyle explained that until Linda returned, they had to find Harrison a new sitter. Harrison objected and told Summer, "If you can't come back, I want the old Linda or no one."

Kyle tried to change the subject. He suggested no more talk of Lindas, followed by trips for the three of them to the bookstore and then to Crimson Lights for hot chocolate. That made Harrison smile.

Sally and Audra continued their conversation at Crimson Lights. Audra appreciated Sally's advice about Audra fighting for her relationship with Tucker. Audra admitted she was torn between fighting and walking away. Sally offered to tell Audra about being torn between Adam and Nick, if Audra had "about a spare month or two." Audra considered Sally's advice to have arrived "at the right time."

Adam walked in and commented that seeing Sally and Audra alone together at the same table was "scary." The women explained to Adam that though they had met, they had not had a real conversation until that day. Audra called the conversation "long overdue." Sally told Adam that she and Audra had a lot in common.

Adam pointed out that Sally and Audra did have something in common: two high-powered businesswomen who had both been fired from Newman Media without good reason. Sally added that she and Audra were also both involved with "complicated men who aren't exactly popular or appreciated in Genoa City." Audra said she had to get back to the Athletic Club, so she thanked Sally for the advice, and she left.

Adam asked Sally what the advice had been about. Sally told Adam she "might have just found a new friend. And let's face it, I do not have too many of those," Adam told Sally to "proceed with caution." Sally replied, "If I knew the first thing about proceeding with caution, then..." "You and I would not be together. Point taken," Adam finished.

Adam got specific. He advised Sally to proceed with caution regarding Audra because Audra didn't like Adam. Adam reminded Sally that he had been instrumental in releasing information about Tucker's scandal cover-up to the press. Adam suggested that Audra might have an agenda for cultivating a friendship with Sally.

Sally told Adam that she didn't get the sense that Audra had been seeking payback. Adam asked again about the advice Sally had given Audra. Sally told Adam that it had been relationship advice, which had had nothing to do with Adam. Changing the subject, Adam told Sally that Victor was home, exhausted but safe and sound,

Sally asked Adam if there had been any new updates about Connor. Adam informed Sally that he and Chelsea had another appointment with Dr. Alcott. Adam admitted that he and Chelsea felt "pretty helpless" and that Connor felt "confused." Sally told Adam that he was doing "all the right things."

Adam admitted to feeling more overwhelmed the more he learned about OCD. He hoped the fact that Connor had been diagnosed early would make a difference. Adam checked the time then told Sally that he had to go. Sally gave Adam one more small pep talk. Adam thanked her then kissed her. They told each other, "I love you," and Adam left to gather some of Connor's comfort items before the next appointment with Dr. Alcott.

Ashley continued to try to make out with Tucker, but he pushed her away. "I told you. This is not working," Tucker said as he turned away from Ashley. Ashley disagreed and tried to embrace Tucker. He grabbed her by the wrists and pushed her off him again. "No matter how I look at this, it's problematic," Tucker said. He explained that if Ashley has been setting him up for something, it was not going to work. He told Ashley that if she was "going through something emotional or psychological," he would feel remiss if he didn't try to help her in any way he could.

Ashley suggested a third option: that she was being "100% sincere." Tucker replied, "I don't believe you. I can't. You're either lying to me, or you're lying to yourself." Ashley insisted, "I am not lying to myself." Tucker removed Ashley's hands from his shoulder and his thigh, then said, "Yes, you are. As long as it's one or the other, I can't help you." Tucker stood up and walked away. Ashley took a swig of her drink then felt a twinge of pain in her head.

Tucker sat at the bar in the Athletic Club. He ordered a double bourbon, neat. Ashley walked by and saw Tucker. He noticed her then turned back to his drink. Ashley turned to go, but Audra had just walked in through the revolving door. Ashley advised Audra to give up. "You don't have a chance. I've got him right where I want him," Ashley gloated as she left.

Audra sat at the bar and told Tucker what Ashley had just said. "What would make her think that?" Audra asked. "She kissed me again, and she thinks it meant something," Tucker said. He assured Audra that he had not returned the kiss and that he didn't want to discuss Ashley anymore. Audra said that every move Ashley had made was suspicious. Tucker wanted Audra to ignore Ashley. "The same way you're ignoring her?" Audra asked.

Tucker apologized to Audra for having stormed out of the room earlier. Audra asked what Ashley had said to Tucker "before that damned kiss." Tucker insisted that, in Ashley's state, it didn't matter what she had said or done. Tucker said, "I'm trying so hard right now to let all this go, Audra. I really am. Can you?" Audra responded, "I will if she will," but added that she didn't know how she was supposed to react when Tucker's ex-wife had told Audra that she "didn't stand a chance."

Tucker believed that Ashley had had some kind of "severe psychological break. She is not herself. She needs help." Audra was unconvinced. She said that Ashley had not seemed like "a psychological wreck." Audra accused Ashley of having put on a performance in order to reel Tucker back in, and she said that perhaps Tucker wanted to "play hero." Tucker maintained that Ashley needed professional help.

Audra grew angry for letting herself be vulnerable with Tucker again. Tucker declared, "I adore you! I want the world with you. What's going on with Ashley is a completely separate issue." Tucker told Audra that Ashley was no threat to her. He informed Audra of everything that Ashley had said before Ashley had kissed him. He assured Audra that whatever was going on with Ashley had nothing to do with love or romance. "It has to do with wanting to help someone I care about. Doing the right thing, which, as you know, is not my forte, but I swear to God, that's all this is."

Audra remarked that Tucker really couldn't see that Ashley was sucking him back in. Tucker denied it. Audra told Tucker that she had recently talked to someone who had advised her to fight for Tucker. She exclaimed, "But I can't fight this... especially when I'd be fighting all on my own. Good luck." Audra turned to leave, but Tucker grabbed her arm. Audra spun around and, through gritted teeth, demanded, "Let go!" Tucker released Audra, and she stormed out.

Audra went back to her room. There was a knock at the door. Audra looked through the peephole, saw it was Tucker, and demanded, "Go away!" Tucker said he had just one thing to ask her. "It's a crucial question. Please." Audra slid the door chain into place then opened the door. "Are you done with everything, or just me?" he asked. Tucker asked about Glissade. He pleaded with Audra not to let Ashley ruin that for them, too.

Ashley returned to the Abbott home and poured herself a glass of water. She smiled as she thought back on her recent kiss with Tucker. The emotional voice in Ashley's head spoke up. "I don't like this. This is gonna make things worse. I don't think we should trust you," the voice said. The part of Ashley's personality that was in control replied, "You don't really have a choice." Ashley dropped the glass and grabbed both sides of her head in pain as the inner voice screamed, "You have to be stopped! I think I-- I do! I do! I need to take over!"

Kyle, Summer, and Harrison walked in through the front entrance to Crimson Lights, just as Victoria and Claire walked in the back entrance. Victoria asked Claire, "How are you doing? Are you ready for this?" Claire replied, "Ready as I'll ever be." Victoria offered Claire a chance to back out of being there, but Claire wanted to stay. Victoria asked, "How would you like to say hello to one of your new family members?" Claire looked at Kyle, Summer, and Harrison, then back at Victoria.

Victoria led Claire inside and called to Summer. Summer stood up and rushed to hug her aunt. Victoria introduced Summer to Claire. Summer greeted Claire warmly and said, "Welcome to the family, cuz." Summer introduced her stepson, Harrison, who was still in a bad mood, though he was drawing on a piece of paper. Claire broke the ice. "Hey, what are you drawing? Is that a squirrel? Do you know how to get a squirrel to like you? Act like a nut!" Harrison smiled a bit.

Summer told Claire that Harrison liked squirrels and ducks. Claire noted that the ducks were gone, but they would "always come back. They just fly south for the winter. Do you know why? It's too far to walk!" Claire got another smile out of Harrison.

Claire explained that the kids' ward at the hospital had lots of good joke books. Summer predicted that Claire would get along great with Nick. Victoria and Summer told Claire about Nick's silly streak and awful dad jokes. "Just wait 'til you see him dance," Victoria remarked, to which Summer exclaimed, "Oof!" Claire promised Harrison more jokes the next time she saw him.

Kyle returned with his family's food and drink order. He asked where Harrison's scowl had gone. Summer explained that Harrison had "misplaced it when Claire showed up." "Claire's funny," Harrison said with a big smile. Kyle introduced himself to Claire. "It's a pleasure to finally meet a stranger who makes my son smile," Kyle said.

Adam arrived at Dr. Alcott's office, where Chelsea and Connor were already seated in the waiting room. Connor was morosely playing with his hoodie, alternating between adjusting the hood over his head and tugging on the hood's drawstrings. Adam and Chelsea tried to get a response out of Connor, but he wouldn't speak. Adam told Connor that he knew there was a lot going on in Connor's head, but they were ready to listen to anything Connor wanted to say. The dam broke. Connor exclaimed, "I hate this! I hate the doctor! I hate being here! I hate myself!" Adam and Chelsea looked at each other in desperation.

Kyle, Summer, Victoria, and Claire were seated at the table in Crimson Lights. Harrison joined them with a picture for Claire. Claire thanked Harrison. Harrison then caught sight of Ashley, who had walked in through the back entrance. Harrison rushed to her. Kyle followed.

Ashley was quite bubbly and asked Harrison, "How's kindergarten? Oh, wait. What grade are you in? I cannot believe how big you are. I mean, pretty soon, you're gonna be bigger than your dad!" Kyle grew confused and concerned. He asked if Ashley was okay. Ashley told them that she couldn't stay and talk, then bounced inside to get some cocoa. Kyle looked worried.

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