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Lily fired Daniel and Heather. Danny and Christine made love. Nikki's urge to drink intensified after Jordan escaped from the hospital. Tucker begged Ashley to seek professional help. Adam and Chelsea convinced Connor to give a residential treatment facility a shot.
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Lily fired Daniel and Heather. Jordan escaped from the hospital. Tucker begged Ashley to seek professional help. Adam and Chelsea convinced Connor to go to a treatment facility.
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Phyllis sounds an alarm for Christine and Danny

Phyllis sounds an alarm for Christine and Danny

Monday, March 25, 2024

In the executive suite at Chancellor-Winters, Devon had a private conversation with Daniel. Devon made clear that though he would never be happy about the way Daniel had treated Lily, he appreciated Daniel admitting that he'd betrayed Lily. Daniel replied, "You don't need to praise me for that. You know, how could I not tell Lily the truth? I care about her. I always have. I always will. I don't want to make the situation worse by lying to her." Devon advised Daniel that should he change his mind or eventually feel that he had made a mistake, it would be his problem and not Lily's.

Daniel, recalling that he had cared about and respected Lily for most of his life, explained that he had embraced a chance to reconnect with his family and did not anticipate changing his mind or regretting his decision. Devon replied, "I don't want the thought to even enter your mind that Lily should give you a second chance." Devon told Daniel that he should refrain from engaging with Lily in order to minimize her emotional pain.

Daniel reminded Devon that he and Lily resided in the same building and also worked in the same building because Omega Sphere was a division of Chancellor-Winters. Devon admitted that cutting ties with Omega Sphere and with Daniel had crossed his mind. Daniel suggested that Lily might have the final say on whether or not a personal issue might necessitate making a bad business decision. Devon suggested that he and Lily might keep the division and replace Daniel in order to protect her. Devon informed Daniel that he would speak to Lily before making a final decision.

At Crimson Lights, Lily encountered Heather. Heather welcomed Lily home and said she was glad that Mattie felt better. Lily replied, "You already said that, Heather. Remember? I went to Daniel's apartment and walked in on your warm, little, fuzzy family moment?" Lily recalled that after she'd left town, Heather had gotten what she'd wanted, so there was nothing left to say. Heather claimed that she had never meant to hurt Lily, insisting that what had happened had not been premeditated. Lily replied, "I was not a consideration to you. I know that your feelings for Daniel came back before I even left. You wanted him back."

Heather claimed that what had happened between her and Daniel had caught them both by surprise, adding that they had not engaged in an ongoing affair. Lily noted that she held Daniel responsible for his choices, adding that the fact that he and Heather had had sex even one time was what mattered. Lily added that Heather having shared her "wonderful news" with Lucy and with Devon had changed everything. Heather recalled that she had had her heart broken a few times. Lily replied, "This is a double betrayal by both of you. I mean, Daniel and I, we have a lot of history, right?" Lily cried that though her romantic relationship with Daniel had not lasted, their friendship always had, and she believed it always would.

Lily recalled that she had been the first person to welcome Heather back to town and had even hired her at Chancellor-Winters right away. Lily advised Heather to stay away from Lily, not offer apologies, and not expect forgiveness after Heather had made her choice to reconnect with Daniel. Heather asked if Lily intended to fire her. Lily replied that she had not yet decided. As Lily was leaving, she ran into Daniel. Daniel greeted Lily and asked her how she was doing. Lily, in a mocking tone, replied, "I'm great, thanks." After Lily hurriedly left, Daniel noticed a smiling Heather standing in the patio doorway.

While drinking coffee, Heather told Daniel that Lily felt she had been betrayed romantically. Heather added that Lily also felt that Daniel had betrayed their lifelong friendship. Daniel recalled that in the past, he and Lily had emerged from breakups with their friendship intact. Daniel acknowledged that after what had happened, maintaining the friendship would be up to Lily. Daniel assumed full responsibility and told Heather she should not have to bear any fallout.

Heather admitted that she had badly repaid Lily after Lily had welcomed her back to town and given her a job. Heather acknowledged that Lily had every right to be hurt and angry after Heather and Daniel had blindsided her. Heather warned that she and Daniel might not have encountered the full extent of Lily's reaction. Daniel assured Heather that together, they would handle whatever happened. Daniel suggested that he, Heather, and Lucy focus on being a family and never risk being separated again.

Lily entered her office at Chancellor-Winters and greeted Devon. Lily described her unfortunate encounter with Heather at Crimson Lights. Lily cried that she had not realized how upset she was until she'd seen Heather's face. Devon advised Lily not to stay angry about situations she could not control and to instead let it go. Lily asked Devon why she should let it go. Devon explained that it was not worth Lily's time. Lily replied that she would move on because it was what she always did. Sighing, Lily cried, "God, this really hurts."

Devon suggested he and Lily shut down Omega Sphere and let Daniel go. Lily admitted that the thought had crossed her mind, as had telling Heather to pick up her final paycheck and leave. Lily noted that Omega Sphere was profitable and that Heather was a good attorney. Devon offered to accept whatever decision would keep Lily focused and happy. Lily replied, "I think happy might be a stretch."

Christine joined Danny at the Athletic Club after he extended an invitation for them to meet. Christine mentioned that Danny's voicemail message, which he had set to song, had made her feel like she was the luckiest woman on the planet. Danny noted that he felt like the luckiest person on the planet to be in the company of Christine. Responding to Danny's grand invitation, Christine announced that she had managed to clear her schedule, so she could join him on the first leg of his tour. Christine requested and was granted first-class travel arrangements after teasing Danny about notoriously basic accommodations usually associated with music tours. Christine invited Danny to skip breakfast in favor of spending the morning in a hotel room. Danny, smiling, rushed off the book a room.

After Danny walked away, Christine sent a message to Nina to cancel a meeting with her, explaining that her friend would be glad to hear details later. After Christine set down her phone, she noticed Phyllis looming over her shoulder. Phyllis said, "Poor bug. All alone. I'm so sad. Did you mean to sit alone, or did everybody stand you up?" Christine replied, "I'm fine. I'm really fine." Phyllis told Christine that she deserved to be miserable and lonely.

Phyllis nonchalantly announced that she might attend at least one or maybe all of Danny's shows, noting that a change of environment would be therapeutic. Christine picked up her phone and read a message from Danny letting her know that he had reserved room 427. Christine informed Phyllis that when she was wrong, she was really wrong. Before Christine walked away, she told Phyllis to take care of herself. Phyllis mumbled aloud that she always took care of herself, though she suddenly became suspicious of Christine's next move.

Christine entered suite 427, which Danny had lit with dozens of twinkling candles. Christine said, "Mr. Romalotti, it looks like you're trying to seduce me." Danny replied, "Well, that's the plan." Danny presented Christine with a red rose and kissed her on the lips before the couple began swaying to a romantic song. Danny unbuttoned Christine's blouse and slowly slid the garment down over her shoulders. In the hallway, Phyllis appeared, pressed her ear to the door of suite 427, and overheard the romantic music playing inside. Desperate to interrupt the lovers, Phyllis pulled the fire alarm, pinching her finger in the process. As Phyllis ran away, alarms sounded and emergency lights flashed.

At the Newman ranch, Victoria, Nikki, and Claire gathered to talk about their encounter with Jordan the previous day. Victoria asked her mother and daughter if they had managed to sleep. Claire recalled that during a dream, she had experienced her life as if she had grown up as a member of the Newman family. Nikki remarked that Claire's dream sounded interesting. Victoria noted that it made her both sad and angry at Jordan for taking away everything that Claire had deserved. Victoria declared that Jordan could no longer take anything from Claire.

Claire described her dream as mostly beautiful moments except for a few instances when Jordan had crept in and turned the dream into a nightmare. Nikki replied that she was surprised to hear that Jordan had not been too busy haunting her own dreams to appear in Claire's. Victoria agreed that Jordan's reign of terror was over. Nikki admitted that she had thought she might feel more at peace after having confronted Jordan.

Victoria recalled the horrifying and unexpected moment Jordan had poisoned herself using the same toxin meant for Nikki and Victor. Claire remarked that perhaps things should have ended differently. Victor entered the room and said, "Thank God you're safe, okay? All of you. Had I known what that woman was up to, I would never have let you go there alone."

Victor asked Nikki why she had not gone to their bed. Nikki explained that she had slept in a guest room. Victor told Nikki that when he had tried to open the door to the guest room, he'd discovered that it was locked and realized that Nikki was avoiding talking to him. Victor expressed disapproval of Nikki, Victoria, and Claire's decision to confront Jordan in the basement without him present to take charge and protect them. Nikki admitted that because she had needed time to clear her head, she had avoided Victor, though she knew that Larry, their security guard, had reported what had transpired to Victor.

Victor berated Nikki, Victoria, and Claire for having faced a homicidal maniac, adding that he would have preferred that the situation had ended in finality. Victor added that he would not have minded if Jordan had rotted in hell on the basement floor she had devised for him and Nikki to die on. Victoria noted that Jordan had drunk the poison on her own after the tables had turned, and she'd became stuck in her own trap.

Claire praised Nikki for having taken control of Jordan. Nikki explained that she could not have stooped to Jordan's level and allowed her to die in front of them. Victor replied, "Why would you not have wanted that?" Nikki explained that she would not have been able to live with herself had she not dialed 9-1-1.

Victor warned Nikki, Victoria, and Claire that Jordan could break out of Memorial Hospital and terrorize them all again. Victor stepped out to call the hospital and inquire about Jordan's condition. Claire asked if Nikki regretted letting Jordan live. Nikki replied, "Absolutely not. Death is too easy of an out for her. She needs to suffer behind bars for the rest of her life."

Claire recalled that the last time Jordan had been imprisoned, she had burned the facility to the ground, killing people in the process. Claire warned that Jordan would never stop until she got what she wanted. Nikki vowed to do whatever needed to be done to ensure that Jordan could not prevail. After Victor returned, he informed Nikki, Victoria, and Claire that Jordan was recovering and would be transferred to a maximum-security prison soon.

Nikki defended her actions, explaining that allowing Jordan to die on the floor would have made her, Victoria, and Claire as despicable as Jordan. Victor declared that there was no better way for Jordan to have died. Nikki explained that instead, Jordan would suffer a long, lonely, empty existence behind bars, where she would have nothing else to do but think about how she had failed to destroy them. Victor asked Nikki to consider what might happen if Jordan escaped from prison, adding that what was done was done. Victor told Nikki, Victoria, and Claire he hoped they could put the horror of what had happened out of their minds. Claire admitted she would not have shed a tear while watching the poison Jordan swallowed do its job. Victor said he hoped the prison system could keep Jordan behind its walls, adding that in the future, his family should heed his warnings.

After Victor left, Nikki acknowledged that an awful experience had at least brought her, Victoria, and Claire closer together. Nikki admired Victoria and Claire and said, "Grandmother, daughter, and granddaughter." Claire agreed that Jordan could never take away their relationships to each other. Nikki held Victoria's hand and declared, "We braved it together. We truly did beat her." Nikki extended her hand to Claire, and she clasped her grandmother's hand. The three women engaged in a warm group hug.

Confined to a hospital bed at Memorial Hospital, Jordan thought to herself, "Stay calm. The poison got me out of that room. That was the point. Now, I just need to stay in here long enough to figure out my next move." Jordan examined the handcuffs clamped to her wrist and the bedrail. Yanking her arm to test the strength of the restraint, Jordan appeared to plot her escape.

Tucker begs Ashley to see a psychologist

Tucker begs Ashley to see a psychologist

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

At the Athletic Club, Danny and Christine began to make love in their hotel suite. In the corridor, Phyllis pulled the fire alarm and scurried away. Christine reasoned that it might be a false alarm, but Danny wanted to make sure they had a long life together. They hurriedly got half-dressed and rushed out.

Phyllis waited at the bottom of the stairs as patrons filed out of the club. She spotted Danny and Christine and claimed that she'd just been getting some coffee and orange juice when the alarm had gone off. Phyllis observed that the couple looked unkempt, and she feigned sympathy that they'd been in the middle of something. Christine noticed that Phyllis' finger was bleeding, and she wondered how Phyllis had managed to wound herself over a glass of orange juice. Christine knowingly contemplated whether someone had pulled the alarm on purpose.

Phyllis questioned who would do such a thing. Christine imagined it had been someone deeply disturbed who didn't care about diverting emergency crews away from actual emergencies. Phyllis guessed that the alarm had malfunctioned, but Christine speculated that a poor, insecure woman had yanked the alarm and hurt her finger. Christine accused Phyllis of not being able to stand the thought of Christine and Danny being together. Phyllis fibbed that the only reason she knew they'd been upstairs was because they'd shown up half-naked and disheveled.

Christine recalled that Phyllis had taunted her earlier about being sad and lonely because Danny had rejected her. Christine revealed that Danny had actually invited her to go with him on tour. Christine surmised that Phyllis had followed her upstairs, listened at the door, and gone crazy once Phyllis had realized Christine and Danny were together. Phyllis barked that the only crazy thing was that Danny would be interested in someone like Christine.

Christine lectured that pulling a fire alarm was a felony, and Phyllis was still on probation. Christine envisioned checking the alarm for traces of blood or fingerprints, but Phyllis retorted that Christine wasn't the D.A. anymore. Christine argued that she could still file a report as a concerned citizen. Danny announced that no one would be calling the cops, and he urged Phyllis to let her fixation with him go and move on. As Danny led Christine upstairs, Christine victoriously glanced back at Phyllis.

In their hotel suite, Danny relit the candles as Christine rambled about how Phyllis had pulled the alarm to mess with them. Danny reasoned that even if Phyllis had done it, it had been a childish move that hadn't worked, and he suggested he and Christine pick up where they'd left off. He turned the music back on and jokingly complained that Christine was wearing way too much clothing. She began to unbutton her blouse.

After having sex, Danny sprinkled flower petals over Christine and traced the words "I love you" on her bare back. She turned over in bed and said she loved him, too. They kissed.

At the Athletic Club bar, Phyllis declared that it was never too early for Champagne, and she announced that she was celebrating big news -- she was wiping Danny Romalotti from her life. Phyllis groused that Danny had zero taste in women, and she wondered why he'd want "the Bug" to go on tour with him when he could have had Phyllis. She vowed to get her life back on track and wipe both of them from her life, since she couldn't care less what they did.

At Society, Audra asked if Sally wanted some company. Sally mentioned that she was waiting for Adam, but she welcomed Audra to join her and save her from reading an article about a wildly successful design firm that wasn't Sally's. Audra invited Sally to vent, noting that she could use someone to vent to in return. Sally surmised that things weren't in a better place with Tucker. Audra reported that she'd tried to take Sally's advice and fight for their relationship, but she'd concluded that it wasn't worth saving.

Audra figured that maybe it had felt like love, but it had actually been stupidity. Sally recalled that Audra had been adamant about her feelings for Tucker and their unique connection. Audra bemoaned that it didn't mean it was healthy. Audra explained that Tucker had sworn he adored her and that she was the one, but he couldn't seem to let go of Ashley, who was there every time they turned around.

Audra revealed that she'd given Tucker an ultimatum to cut Ashley off, or Audra would be gone. She said he'd made the outrageous claim that Ashley was dealing with psychological issues. Sally protested that Ashley was one of the most confident and stable people in town. Audra theorized that either Ashley was faking it to win Tucker back, or Tucker had made it up as an excuse to stay in Ashley's life. Audra declared that either way, she couldn't keep putting herself through it, so she was done with Tucker.

Later, Adam joined Sally, who inquired about the follow-up session with the OCD specialist. Adam reported that Connor was struggling with his feelings about his diagnosis and treatment options. Adam continued that his son had pleaded with him to return home, but Adam doubted it would be for long if Chelsea and Dr. Alcott got their way. Adam brokenly confided that Connor had said he hated himself. Sally suggested they go someplace more private to talk.

In Sally's hotel room, Adam divulged that Dr. Alcott had recommended that Connor go to a residential treatment center. Sally reasoned that maybe Connor needed a specialized place to get focused help. Adam bemoaned that Connor wanted nothing to do with it, and the boy had begged Adam not to make him go because he had trouble getting used to new places. Sally pointed out that Connor had gotten used to his new school and liked it. Adam shared that it had been harder on Connor than Adam and Chelsea had realized.

Adam explained that Connor had good and bad numbers, and some numbers scared Connor. Sally imagined it had to be exhausting to be constantly calculating to make sure the numbers didn't cause trouble, and she pointed out that the facility might help Connor. Adam elaborated on how the exposure and prevention treatment was designed to trigger people's anxieties and coach them not to respond with their compulsive behaviors. Sally thought it sounded promising, but Adam worried that it would just trigger all of Connor's fears and make everything worse.

Adam reported that Chelsea was furious that he'd agreed to take Connor home because she'd been ready to ship their son off that day. Adam felt like Chelsea and the doctor were ganging up on him to push the plan through. He wondered if it would be bad to pause to get a second opinion, since the decision and the label would have an impact on the rest of Connor's life. Adam questioned why he was the enemy for wanting to make sure they were doing the right thing. Sally assured him that putting on the brakes was understandable with Connor's well-being at stake.

Adam groaned that Chelsea was totally on board with what the doctor wanted to do, and she wanted to put the plan in place immediately. Adam grappled with how fast things were happening, and he recalled the hopeless look in his son's eyes and Connor calling himself crazy. Sally sensed that Adam was afraid of committing to a plan because he was struggling to accept that Connor was really sick. Adam said he'd learned that when Connor's anxiety was triggered, an everyday situation could feel like the boy's life was in danger.

Adam contemplated how he hadn't known that his sweet, smart boy with his whole life ahead of him had been living in that kind of pain. Sally consoled Adam with a hug and urged him not to beat himself up for having feelings about Connor's condition. Adam thought maybe none of it would have happened if he'd been around more, but Sally told him to stop. Adam wished he was more confident about what to do. Sally advised him not to think about how it affected him and focus only on how to get Connor through it.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack descended the stairs and found Ashley in sweats and pigtails, munching popcorn, wearing headphones, and laughing at something she was watching on her tablet. He loudly called her name, and she removed her headphones and asked, "How you doin'?" She exclaimed that she was binge-watching season three, and he remarked that he hadn't known she had that much free time. Ashley joked that it kept her out of trouble, and she offered to pause the show if he wanted to talk to her about "business or something."

Jack pointed out that it wasn't like Ashley to binge-watch a sitcom in the living room. "Who says?" she retorted. Jack mentioned that Billy had reported that Ashley hadn't seemed like herself when he'd run into her at Society. Ashley argued that she'd decided to chill at home and relax by watching the show, and she suggested that Jack try it sometime because it was cheaper than the booze he drank. She complained about how her family was constantly judging her. "What do you all want from me, anyway?" she testily asked.

Ashley griped that she'd gone through a hard time with Tucker, and she was sorry if her watching a sitcom wasn't cool with Jack. Jack conceded that she had the right to do whatever she needed to get her mind off Tucker, but he found it to be an erratic way to do so. Ashley asserted that she needed a "vacay," and Jack proposed that she go to a sunny beach with Traci. Ashley haughtily clarified that she wanted a vacation from her family, and she sauntered out. In her head, her own voice told her that she wasn't strong or healthy enough and warned that she was raising suspicion. The voice demanded that she hand over control, and her disposition suddenly changed.

As Jack cleaned up the mess Ashley had left behind, Traci entered the room, looking for Ashley. Jack shared that their sister had stormed out after he'd walked in on her watching a sitcom on her tablet and laughing like a teenager. Traci figured it was better than the prickly attitude Ashley had displayed lately, but Jack questioned when Ashley had been known to binge-watch anything. Traci reasoned that people needed escapism, but Jack worried that Ashley's whole demeanor had seemed unhinged.

Traci wondered if Ashley was still recovering from what had happened with Tucker, despite Ashley's claim that she'd put the incident behind her. Ashley, having changed into a more sophisticated outfit, eavesdropped from the stairs as Jack and Traci discussed Ashley's struggle to accept that she'd been wrong about the violent nature of her argument with Tucker. Ashley blasted them for continuing to psychoanalyze her, and she ordered them to stop. Ashley declared the mystery of Paris solved, and she condemned her siblings for talking about Tucker more than she did.

Ashley asserted that she wanted to move on, but the two of them were whispering behind her back about having her committed for watching a sitcom. Traci apologized if it seemed like they'd been hovering, but she thought Ashley couldn't blame them. Ashley spat that she did blame them, since she wanted to move on with her life. "So, back the hell off and let me!" she bellowed, walking out over Jack's protests. Jack pondered whether it was time to let go and let Ashley do things her way. Traci thought that would be a big mistake.

Jack didn't know what more he could do for Ashley when he couldn't even ask how she was doing without getting a lecture or a tantrum. Traci believed that Ashley's attitude was the result of feeling their judgment below the surface, and Ashley was deeply humiliated. Jack thought Ashley had seemed absolutely sure of herself. Traci refused to let it go because she'd watched Ashley closely, and something was off. Traci shared that every instinct she had was screaming that it was bigger than any obsession Ashley had with Tucker.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Tucker left a voicemail for Ashley. He assumed she'd been getting his messages, and he cited how she'd first told him that all was forgiven and that she wanted to pick up where they'd left off, only to send a text message telling him to forget everything just hours later. He suspected that something was up with her, and he insisted on meeting her in person. He requested that she call him back.

Audra entered the coffeehouse patio but immediately backtracked when she saw Tucker. He stopped her and reminded her that she'd never answered him about Glissade, but she thought she'd made herself crystal clear. Tucker swore that what was going on with Ashley had nothing to do with the way he felt about Audra. Tucker insisted that they had a company to run, and he encouraged her not to let anything get in the way of that. Audra doubted that they could work together when they couldn't even work things out between themselves.

Audra admitted that she felt angry and used, and she declared that she was done fighting for Tucker in Ashley's latest sick seduction attempt. Tucker agreed that Ashley was sick, but Audra contended that Ashley was playing him. Audra added that Ashley wasn't a fragile flower having a mental collapse, although she wouldn't "give a damn" if Ashley was. Audra argued that even if Ashley needed help, Tucker wanted to be the one to save her, and it wasn't healthy for Audra. "I'm out romantically, professionally, completely. Is that clear enough for you?" Audra asked.

Tucker maintained that what he and Audra had was as real as it got, but he owed it to Ashley to help her. Tucker explained that he cared about Ashley and always would, but he wasn't in love with her. Tucker questioned whether Audra would ever stop caring about Noah, and he thought she couldn't expect him to just stop having any feelings toward Ashley after she'd been a big part of his life for a long time. He pledged to do whatever was needed to help Ashley and then spend every waking hour trying to fix things with Audra. Tucker begged Audra not to throw away her career because of it.

Audra indignantly asked if Tucker thought she couldn't succeed without him. Tucker knew that she could, but he urged her to think about the opportunity she'd be missing. Audra replied that even if it was a mistake, she didn't care anymore, and she thought one of the smartest moves she'd ever make was to extricate herself from him. He reached for her arm, but she pulled away and yelled, "Don't touch me!" Nate approached. "You heard the lady," Nate warned Tucker.

Tucker told Nate to mind his own business, and Nate ordered Tucker to stop harassing Audra. Audra asked Nate to buy her a cup of coffee, and they headed to the counter. Tucker received a text message from Ashley, asking him to meet her at Society.

Inside the coffeehouse, Audra thanked Nate for his assistance with Tucker. Nate reiterated that he was still having trouble understanding where she stood with Tucker. Audra declined to go into details, but she assured Nate that she was done with Tucker in all ways. Nate guessed that she was out of a job again, and he asked if she had a "Plan B." She admitted that she didn't, but she was confident that she'd figure something out because she was a survivor.

At Society, Ashley apologized for taking so long to get back to Tucker. She flirtatiously swore she wasn't playing hard to get, and he asked what "forget the whole thing" had meant. Ashley called it a stupid mistake, and Tucker noted that she'd been running hot and cold. He wished she'd tell him it was just a game of revenge that she'd been playing, so he could stop worrying about her and move on. As she retrieved the olive from her martini, she assumed from the cute little furrow in his brow that his concern meant he loved her.

Tucker confirmed that he cared about Ashley, but he couldn't use the word love after all the games she'd been playing. She asked what she had to do to convince him that her feelings for him weren't a game. Tucker recognized that everything that had gone down had taken a toll on both of them, and he thought it had messed with her head because she seemed to be teetering on the edge. "The edge of something wonderful," she cooed, and she implored him to take a leap with her. He flatly replied that he wanted her to see a psychologist. She laughed.

Tucker offered to go with Ashley and eat crow if she was perfectly fine. He begged her to do it for herself if not for him. Ashley found it patronizing that Tucker thought she needed a therapist. She claimed that she'd bared her soul to a psychiatrist friend in Paris, and he'd declared her perfectly normal. Tucker asked if her memory of her chat with that therapist was as crystal clear as the one of her fight with Tucker.

Ashley called what had happened in the café an isolated circumstance, and she thought they'd moved on. Tucker pushed to know what she had to lose by seeing someone unbiased in Genoa City. Ashley picked up her martini and chirped that she was happy with her friend's analysis. Tucker assumed her friend had probably told her what she'd wanted to hear, and he refused to give up until she saw another professional.

Lily confronts Daniel and Heather

Lily confronts Daniel and Heather

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea and Adam discussed Connor's dietary needs. They needed to discern which foods were triggering Connor's OCD and why. Adam was glad that Connor was home. Chelsea was still concerned. She stressed to Adam that Connor was still obsessing about numbers, germs, and whether Chelsea had moved anything in Connor's room while he had been away.

Chelsea said any decisions they were to make had to be to help Connor and should not be based on what either parent might want. Adam wanted to get a second opinion on Connor's diagnosis, but Chelsea felt that doing so would be "wasting precious time." Chelsea pointed out that Adam had witnessed Connor's behaviors for himself. "Do you really think Connor's been misdiagnosed?" she asked. Chelsea begged Adam to get on board with her.

Chelsea wanted Adam to look at some research she had done regarding a residential treatment facility in Maryland. Adam wanted to find something closer to Genoa City. Chelsea insisted that the two of them had to put aside all their own fears and guilt, because Connor was very intuitive. Furthermore, Chelsea insisted that she and Adam had to be on the same team if they were to successfully help their son. Chelsea reasoned that if they could convince Connor that there was no shame in asking for help, he would come to accept that the treatment facility would be good for him. Adam relented and agreed to look at the information Chelsea had emailed to him.

Adam looked over the material Chelsea had sent him. Adam conceded that the facility was top-notch. They both wished a place like that had existed while they had been dealing with their own traumas and mental health issues.

Daniel walked past a bookshelf in his apartment. A framed photo of him with Lily caught his eye. Daniel took the picture from the shelf. He put it away into a desk drawer just as Heather entered the room. Daniel discussed wanting to meet Waylon, Lucy's potential prom date. Heather accused Daniel of being a pushover with Lucy. Daniel denied it, citing the example of having said no to Lucy's request for driving lessons -- at age three. Heather felt that their daughter would make good choices regarding Lucy's first crush.

Daniel and Heather realized it was time to head off to work. They agreed to arrive separately at Chancellor-Winters, so as not to rub Lily's nose in Daniel and Heather's relationship. Daniel and Heather both wondered if either of them was about to be fired. Heather reckoned that she was more expendable as just a part of an already successful legal team, while Daniel was the creator and head of the company's gaming division.

Heather offered to look into legal ways of protecting Daniel from being let go. Daniel told Heather he did not want to initiate a legal battle, since Devon would only be acting to protect Lily, Devon's sister. Heather asked Daniel if the potential loss of Omegasphere had caused him to regret getting back together with Heather.

Heather declared that she had no regrets about starting a "new chapter" with Daniel. She asked Daniel to answer her question. Daniel took her hand and said, "Heather, I promise you I have no regrets." Daniel talked about having cleaned up his act in order to become the man Heather could count on. Daniel realized that Omegasphere had brought Heather and Lucy back into his life, and so, might have already served its purpose.

Daniel promised Heather that, no matter how things turned out with Devon and Lily, he would be fine. Daniel told Heather he was more concerned about her. Heather assured Daniel that one of the reasons she had taken the job at Chancellor-Winters had been to be in close proximity to Daniel for 40 to 50 hours a week. Daniel figured they could figure out a way to do that "without anyone's help." Daniel and Heather kissed.

Daniel suggested that in order for them to work together, each doing something they loved, they should open a "fancy art/law boutique." Heather played along, but then, Daniel grew somber, having remembered that he and Heather had been joking around while Daniel was the one who had broken Lily's heart. Daniel wondered if it might be better for everyone if he went to Chancellor-Winters and resigned.

Lily met Devon at Society for lunch. Lily was dreading a catch-up meeting with Daniel and Heather, which she had set up before she'd returned to Genoa City. Devon asked Lily if there would ever be a time when Lily could see Daniel and Heather at the office without feeling uncomfortable. Lily replied, "Honestly, no, which is why I think it's best for everyone if we fire Daniel and Heather." Billy, who had just walked into Society, heard Lily's remark and exclaimed, "I'm sorry. Excuse me for a second. What did you just say?" Billy wondered if Devon and Lily were "planning another corporate purge."

Devon told Billy that Devon and Lily were discussing terminating Daniel and Heather's contracts, but Devon did not want to go into details. Billy maintained that, as a board member, he was entitled to more information. Billy resented that he had been excluded from the conversation. Billy told Lily that he had no problem relocating himself out of Lily's office but that he had no plans to leave Chancellor-Winters. Billy explained that staying at the company would be the best way for Billy to protect his mother's interests.

Billy wondered what would happen to the gaming division if Daniel was fired. Billy asked about the fallout, should Lily fire someone with whom she was in a relationship. Lily's silence and the look in her eyes made Billy realize that Lily and Daniel were no longer involved with each other. Devon twice asked Billy to drop the subject, but Billy pressed on. "Something happened between Heather and Daniel, and now you want to fire them both," Billy observed.

Lily admitted that she and Daniel had broken up because of Heather. Billy said he was sorry Lily had been "hurt in that way--again." Billy felt that firing Daniel and Heather for that reason alone was not justified, since Heather had found a place on the legal team, and Omegasphere had been doing very well. Lily felt that once everyone found out about Daniel and Heather, the "tension in the air" would make for an uncomfortable workplace. Billy wondered if they would have to deal with a wrongful-termination lawsuit. Devon and Lily told Billy that Daniel and Heather did not want to create any more drama than they already had.

Billy maintained that firing Daniel and Heather would be "short-sighted" and "a mistake." Billy advised Lily not to make a professional decision based on personal feelings. Billy left, and Devon noted that Billy had made some valid points. Lily replied "Yeah, well, I don't agree, so..."

Lily reminded Devon that when Jill had hired Lily and Billy together to work at ChancComm, it had been because Jill hadn't trusted Billy's judgment, a situation that had not changed. Devon asked if anything Billy had just said had affected Lily. Lily adamantly denied it. Devon tried to reason with Lily, but she got fed up with the conversation and left, just as Abby walked over to their table. "What just happened?" Abby asked, as she and Devon watched Lily rush away.

Devon brought Abby up to speed on the conversation that had just happened. He explained that Lily was bouncing between anger and pain but that Billy had made a valid point that "emotional reactions have practical ramifications." Devon had no answers but believed that firing Daniel and Heather would be a big mistake. Abby responded, "I couldn't disagree more. They should be fired!"

Abby compared the Heather-Daniel-Lily situation to when Devon and Abby had gotten together. Amanda had left town, partly to care for Amanda's sick mother, but party so as not to face Devon and Abby every day. Knowing that Lily would never begrudge Daniel his happiness, Devon said the kind thing would be for Daniel and Heather to resign. Devon was still worried that if Lily used her position of power to fire Daniel and Heather, it would be unprofessional and unethical.

Billy walked into the back entrance of Crimson Lights and joined Chelsea and Adam. Billy mentioned that Chelsea had shared the facility information with him. Adam did not like hearing that. Adam asked Billy, "So, you're already in the loop, and you already have an opinion. Why do I suddenly feel outnumbered? Is this an ambush?"

Chelsea explained that she'd shared the information with Billy only so she could get his opinion. Adam declared that the decisions belonged to Connor's parents, not Chelsea's "boyfriend." "I couldn't agree more," Billy replied. Billy explained that he was only concerned about being there for Chelsea, so Adam shouldn't feel like Billy had been trying to tell Adam how to raise Connor. Billy asked if Adam had someone he could talk to about all of it. Adam admitted that Sally had given him some "useful advice," including points that Billy had made.

Adam reiterated that helping Connor was Adam's first priority. "So, let's move forward and do whatever it takes to get him into that program," Adam said. Chelsea smiled then covered Adam's hands with hers.

Daniel and Heather walked into Crimson Lights, and as they fixed their coffees, they strategized about how to handle the upcoming catch-up meeting with Lily. Daniel predicted the meeting would be "excruciating." Heather still did not want Daniel to quit and walk away from his passion. As Heather was making her argument, Daniel spotted Lily, who was heading for the front counter. Heather offered to walk over and hand Lily a resignation letter, but Daniel suggested that they let Lily speak first. Lily turned away from the counter and saw Daniel and Heather.

Lily walked over to Daniel and Heather. Lily told them that they were both "terminated, effective immediately." Daniel apologized for things having ended up that way. Lily glared and said, "Yeah, well, you should have thought of that before you betrayed me."

Kyle wants to learn more about Claire

Kyle wants to learn more about Claire

Thursday, March 28, 2024

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea and Adam told Connor they believed he needed to go to the treatment center that had been recommended by his doctor. Chelsea and Adam assured their son that it was beautiful in Maryland and that Connor would like it. Connor responded that it didn't matter because he would not go.

Chelsea told Connor she understood, but Connor had to go to the center. Connor accused his parents of wanting to send him away so they could forget he existed. Chelsea and Adam insisted that was not the case and that they loved Connor more than anything. Connor asked, "Even if I'm crazy like the doctors said?" Connor complained that he didn't know what was real anymore. Adam said he was sorry things were hard and scary, and Adam and Chelsea would "do anything" for Connor. Adam and Chelsea continued to encourage Connor that going to the treatment center was what would be best.

Connor asked if there would be other kids at the center. Adam and Chelsea assured Connor there would be and that they both would visit Connor. Connor asked if Adam and Chelsea would make Connor stay there even if he hated it. Chelsea promised Connor he would not have to stay at the center if Connor really didn't like it there. Adam said Connor needed to "give it time" before trying to return home. Connor relented and said he would "try." Chelsea smiled and asked Adam to call the center and confirm that the three of them would be there.

Adam called, and the center said they could "enroll him immediately." Connor complained that everything was happening "so fast." Adam hugged Connor and assured the boy that life would get better. Chelsea and Connor left for home as Sally arrived.

Adam told Sally that Connor had finally agreed to go to the residential program. Sally told Adam she was proud of him for doing what was best of Connor. Adam said he felt guilty for the situation and that maybe if Adam had been a better parent, things would be different. Sally said Adam had been an amazing parent and shouldn't blame himself. Adam told Sally that Adam, Chelsea, and Connor would be leaving in the evening for the facility. Sally continued to encourage Adam that he would "get through this." Adam, tearing up, said something had broken inside Adam when Connor had said he didn't know "what was real."

Chelsea returned to the coffeehouse and thanked Sally for supporting Adam. Sally told Chelsea she couldn't imagine what they all were going through. Sally told Chelsea to call Sally if Chelsea ever needed anything. Chelsea said she was glad Sally was back in Adam's life. Sally told Chelsea that that meant a lot. Chelsea left again to get Connor. Sally reiterated to Adam that he and Chelsea had been doing great as parents. Sally told Adam not to worry about work and that Sally would be "thinking of" him and Connor. They hugged goodbye.

Diane walked into the Abbott mansion while Kyle sat on the couch, working on his laptop. Kyle told Diane that Harrison had asked why Kyle couldn't be his nanny full-time. Kyle said he had explained to Harrison that Kyle had a full-time job. Diane appeared miffed as she said it had been impressive that Kyle had "found time to show up" his mother at work by doing her job, too.

Kyle looked at Diane in confusion. Diane explained that she had just learned that Kyle had rewritten a presentation for her project. Diane angrily told Kyle that he couldn't just "override" her work and pretend to be CEO.

Kyle said Diane was exaggerating and that he had only wanted to improve Diane's work for her. Diane told Kyle he should have approached Diane with his input, and she could have decided if she'd wanted to make any changes. Diane said she felt blindsided, and Kyle again said Diane was overreacting. Kyle insisted the changes had been minor and were not a big deal. Diane argued that Kyle had been making a lot of changes to her work in general. Diane became even more angry and accused Kyle of looking over her shoulder since she had become CEO. Diane reminded Kyle she was his superior.

Diane apologized and told Kyle she should have addressed her concerns with Kyle sooner. Kyle, growing hostile, said Diane resented him for knowing what the CEO job entailed. Diane conceded that Kyle did have a lot of knowledge and suggested they go to lunch. Kyle said he needed to go and left abruptly.

Jack returned home, and Diane told him about her conversation with Kyle. Diane told Jack that things had gotten heated because Kyle resented Diane for having the co-CEO position. Diane asked Jack what she should do about it. Jack said he would not tell Diane how to handle things because that would "undermine" both Diane and Kyle. Diane, exasperated, said she'd just like Jack's advice. Jack said Diane and Kyle would get through it.

At the Newman ranch, Victoria and Claire sipped coffee on the couch. Claire told Victoria that Claire had been "on edge" her whole life because of Jordan. Victoria reminded Claire she didn't "have to worry about that anymore." Victoria suggested she and Claire go out and do "normal" things. Claire said they should start by going to lunch.

Nikki walked in, visibly distraught, and reported that Jordan had still been creating drama. Nikki said that Jordan had had a seizure, and Victoria asked if it had been from the toxin she had drunk. Nikki complained that the "medical emergency" had delayed Jordan's transfer to prison. Claire questioned if there "even was a seizure." Victoria realized Jordan had taken the poison, knowing that the women would rescue her, so she could go to the hospital instead of back to jail.

Victoria told Claire and Nikki that Jordan didn't "have any moves left to play." Claire said Jordan would have a backup plan and shouldn't be underestimated. Jack walked in, and Victoria reintroduced him to Claire as her daughter. Jack asked if he could speak to Nikki, and Victoria and Claire left for lunch. Jack asked if there had been tension when he had walked in. Nikki confirmed that they had been discussing Jordan. Nikki said she had saved Jordan's life, and she "may live to regret it."

Nikki told Jack that Jordan had drunk poison, and Nikki had called 9-1-1. Jack told Nikki that she couldn't have stood by and watched Jordan die. As Jack continued to assure Nikki she had done the right thing, a noise startled Nikki. Nikki started to panic that Jordan had gotten in the house. The noise had been Victoria accidentally knocking over a chair. Jack noticed Nikki was still shaking, anyway.

Nikki confessed to Jack that lately, she had needed a lot of distractions to shut Jordan out of her head. Jack started filling Nikki in on things with the Abbotts. Jack said he had been concerned about Ashley, and he could use some advice. Jack told Nikki that Ashley had still been struggling with her divorce from Tucker. Nikki guessed that Tucker had insisted he was blameless. Jack confirmed that Tucker had said he had been innocent, and even Ashley had finally relented that maybe she had blown everything that had happened in Paris "out of proportion."

Jack reported that Ashley had been vacillating on her feelings for Tucker. Jack complained that he "couldn't get through to her." Nikki said she was sorry he had been dealing with that and that she understood Jack's concern. Nikki advised Jack to "stay out of it." Nikki said that even though Ashley hadn't always made the best decisions, Ashley needed to know she could always trust Jack to lean on. Nikki told Jack not to "risk pushing her away." Jack conceded that Diane had given him the same advice.

Alone in the living room, Nikki answered her phone. Security was calling for Victor. Nikki said she could take a message. Nikki looked aghast as she was told that Jordan had escaped from the hospital.

At Society, Claire said it still felt weird getting to know the real Victoria instead of the Victoria she'd read about in the press. Claire said the press hadn't known how silly Victoria could be or that Victoria was not a good baker. Victoria laughed and told Claire there was "so much" Victoria would like to know about Claire. Victoria asked Claire what Claire would have studied if she had been able to.

Victoria told Claire how much she had loved art. Claire replied that she loved museums -- for art and people watching. Claire said Jordan had allowed Claire to go to museums to help Claire "blend in" with Victoria's world. Claire said she "got something out of it, anyway," because Jordan hadn't been able to take Claire's imagination away. Kyle approached the table as Victoria left to take a call.

Claire invited Kyle to sit down. Kyle warned Claire that he wasn't in the best mood, but Claire insisted Kyle was still better company than some of the other people she "put up with." Kyle sat down and asked Claire to tell him more. Claire said she had "tons of experience with undesirable companions." Claire explained that she had been raised by her aunt and asked how Kyle was connected to the Newmans.

Kyle said his marriage to Summer was over, but they had been doing their best at co-parenting Harrison together. Kyle asked if Claire had had a hard time as a child growing up without parents. Claire told Kyle he asked a lot of questions and said Kyle had to be trying to figure out how "terrible of a person" Claire was.

Kyle questioned why Claire would think that. Claire insisted that Kyle was treating her differently than he had the day before because Kyle had heard more things about Claire. Kyle confessed it was true that he had found out more about Clare's life and had been shocked by it. Claire told Kyle he "should walk away" because of Claire's dangerous past. Kyle told Claire he wanted to hear her side of the story.

News of Jordan's escape rattles the Newman family

News of Jordan's escape rattles the Newman family

Friday, March 29, 2024

As Jack passed through the dining area of the Athletic Club, Tucker, who sat at the bar, called to him. Tucker wanted to talk with Jack, but Jack was not interested. The two men traded barbs. Jack suggested that Tucker go to France and focus on Glissade business. Tucker replied, "Has it ever occurred to you I might move Glissade here?"

Jack told Tucker that if Glissade moved to Genoa City, Jack would enjoy a "ringside seat to watch [Tucker's] further self-destruction." Jack moved to leave, but Tucker told Jack he really wanted to discuss Ashley. Tucker told Jack that Ashley had sought Tucker out. Jack did not let Tucker get a word in, as Tucker tried to explain his concern for Ashley. Tucker agreed with Jack that there was no future for Tucker and Ashley, but Tucker remained convinced something was wrong. "Take her out of your thoughts!" Jack demanded, but Tucker replied, "She's falling apart, Jack!"

Tucker believed it had all started with Ashley misremembering what had happened in the Parisian bistro. Tucker told Jack that there was something behind Ashley's eyes that Tucker did not recognize. Tucker mentioned the conflicting text messages he'd received from Ashley. Jack did not believe what Tucker said, but after Tucker revealed that Ashley had wanted to partner with Tucker "in all things," Jack admitted that he had been concerned Ashley's "big heart" would lead her to forgive Tucker. Jack got a text notification. Jacked demanded that Tucker stay away from Ashley, then he rushed away.

Kyle and Claire continued their conversation at Society. Claire noted that Kyle's view of her had to have changed since he had learned more about Claire's past. Kyle told Claire that he wanted to hear the rest of Claire's story. "How did a nice girl like me end up trying to poison her long-lost family?" Claire joked. "There must be a story there," Kyle said with a smile.

Claire said, "It started from birth, up until a few months ago. My whole life. Who I was, where I came from, it was all controlled by my deranged aunt." Claire explained that she hadn't always known Jordan was trouble. Because Jordan was the person who had kept Claire clothed, fed, and safe, Claire had trusted Jordan completely when Jordan had claimed that Claire had been abandoned by the Newmans.

Claire told Kyle that she still hated herself for almost killing her family, and the resulting trauma, especially to Nikki. Claire thought it was incredible that the Newmans had forgiven her and welcomed her into the family. Claire expressed gratitude at the opportunity to build a new life for herself. Claire asked Kyle if he still thought Claire was "a crazy criminal," but before Kyle could answer, Victoria returned from taking a phone call. Victoria thought it was "wonderful" when Kyle explained that he had been getting to know Claire better while Victoria had been away. Claire looked at Kyle and asked, "Is it?"

Cole arrived at Society and asked to speak to Victoria and Claire in private. Kyle excused himself and gave them some privacy. Claire knew what Cole was going to tell them. "Jordan escaped again, didn't she?" Claire asked. Victoria asked Cole if Nikki knew about the escape. Cole wasn't sure. Victoria wondered if confronting Jordan had been a mistake. "Did we cause this?" Victoria asked.

Victor, seated at his desk, yelled into the landline phone, "I don't want to hear any more excuses! You find that woman!" Victor slammed down the phone. Nick stood opposite Victor, incredulous. He couldn't believe Jordan had escaped again. Victor regretted letting Nikki, Victoria, and Claire go to the basement to confront Jordan. Nikki heard the remark as she entered the office. "Jordan is free to hunt us again, and it's all my fault," she said.

Nick told his mother not to blame herself. Victor wondered how Nikki had heard the news before he had. Nikki explained that the security team had been unable to reach Victor so had called Nikki instead. Nikki explained that she had been jumping at every sound, so she'd decided to go to Victor's office and "be around people." Victor asked if Nikki had stopped anywhere on the way. "Do you mean did I stop for a drink?" Nikki asked. Nikki admitted that, with Jordan on the loose, Nikki was "desperate for a drink."

Nick asked if there was anything he or Victor could do. Nikki told them that the best thing they could do would be to make sure Jordan was recaptured as soon as possible. Nikki expressed regret at not letting Jordan die. Nick told his mother that she shouldn't blame herself for being a better person than Jordan.

Later, Nick worked at Victor's desk. Sally entered, looking for Nick and Victor. Sally explained to Nick that Adam would be leaving with Chelsea and Connor to prepare for Connor's move to the OCD treatment facility in Maryland. Sally asked that Nick and Victor support Adam. "He's really struggling with this," Sally said. Nick told Sally he would arrange for Adam's family to use the Newman jet. Sally asked if Nick and Adam were truly getting along, like Adam had told her. Nick assured Sally it was true. Sally said it was nice to see. Nick asked Sally to let him handle telling Victor about Connor's situation.

At an A.A. meeting, Nikki brought the group up to speed about Jordan's capture and escape. She admitted, "Do I want a drink? Oh, yes. Hell, I want the whole bottle." Nikki described the situation as a nightmare from which she could not wake. Nikki didn't believe she was as strong as her family had been telling her she was. Nikki was about to start blaming herself again, when she caught sight of Jack, who had just arrived at the meeting. Nikki explained that she had prayed that Jordan would spend the rest of her life in prison but had since realized she'd prayed for the wrong thing. "I wish she was dead," Nikki fumed. Jack reached over and took Nikki's hand.

Jack escorted Nikki back to the Newman ranch. Nikki admitted that the reason she had called 9-1-1 had been to prolong Jordan's suffering. Nikki didn't feel worthy of the support she'd been getting from Nick and Jack. Victor arrived and dismissed Jack. As Victor walked Jack out, Jack reminded Victor that progress took time. Victor returned to Nikki and asked if the A.A. meetings were too hard for her. Nikki confessed that the urge to drink felt like a war. She feared it would get worse. Victor took Nikki's hand and kissed it. He assured his wife that they would fight it. Victor told Nikki that he had a plan.

Victor told Nikki he wanted to have a big party in honor of the anniversary of their first wedding. Victor also wanted to get away from Genoa City, alone with Nikki, before the party. It would serve two purposes: to get Nikki away from Jordan and all the triggers that threatened Nikki's sobriety, and second, with no targets around, Jordan might leave town. Nikki wasn't sure she believed that, but she told Victor, "Yes. Yes, Victor, please. Take me away from all this." "Anywhere your heart desires, Victor replied, as they embraced.

Nick found Adam at Crimson Lights. Adam was having trouble getting a flight to the East Coast. Nick offered him the Newman jet, for which Adam was relieved and grateful. Nick asked how Adam was doing. Adam told his brother that everything was happening so fast that Adam was just pushing through it. Nick asked about Connor. Adam told Nick that Connor was scared and angry, but he was willing to give treatment a shot.

Adam expressed worry that Chelsea was being too hard on herself, considering her own mental health struggles. Nick asked if Billy had been stepping up to help Chelsea. Adam's affirmative reply had a resentful tone. Nick reminded his brother, "If your kid's in trouble and needs help, it's all hands on deck." Nick reiterated that he'd be there for Adam. Adam was grateful for the pep talk.

Nick told Adam about his conversation with Sally. Nick advised that Adam should tell Victor about all of it before Adam and his family left for Maryland. Even with Nikki and the Jordan situation on his plate, Nick maintained that Victor would want to know what Adam and Connor were going through. Adam agreed that talking to Victor was the right thing to do. Nick wished Adam safe travels and good luck. Nick left.

Jack arrived home, where Kyle wanted to inform his father about the difficulty Kyle had had with Diane at work. Jack said Kyle and Diane would have to work things out between them, and Jack would not be put in the middle. Jack asked Kyle if there was any truth to the suspicion that Kyle resented his mother for landing the co-CEO position at Jabot. Kyle said, "Yes."

Kyle was annoyed about the mistakes Diane had been making at Jabot. He claimed the presentation he'd had to fix had been rushed. Kyle admitted he'd been looking for evidence that his mother was not up to the job, and he'd been quick to point out her mistakes. Jack asked if Kyle and Diane could find a way to "break this unhelpful cycle." Kyle was sure he could figure it out.

Victoria, Cole, and Claire arrived at the ranch to check on Nikki. Nikki and Victor told them that the GCPD was on the lookout for Jordan, and in the meantime, Victor and Nikki would be taking a trip to celebrate their anniversary. Victor told them that he intended to also have a big party when they returned. Victoria was worried that, if her parents were out of town, Jordan might shift her focus to Claire. Claire declared that if that happened, they would handle it. Claire believed that her grandparents deserved a vacation.

Victoria said she was worried for Claire's safety. Claire told them all, "Don't. Jordan can't get to me because I no longer fear her." Victor smiled at his granddaughter.

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Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
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