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Tucker and Audra professed their love, but she declined his marriage proposal. Ashley admitted that she'd been suffering from memory gaps. Heather, Phyllis, and Billy encouraged Daniel to fight for the game he'd created. Connor identified his parents as triggers for his OCD.
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Audra declined Tucker's marriage proposal. Ashley admitted suffering from memory gaps. Connor identified his parents as triggers for his OCD. A disguised Jordan skulked about Genoa City.
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A disguised Jordan stalks Claire

A disguised Jordan stalks Claire

Monday, April 1, 2024

At the Abbott home, Jack related to Traci his unfortunate encounter with Tucker, recalling that Tucker had expressed concern for Ashley's erratic behavior. Tucker, Jack added, had said that Ashley had told him she wished to become both business and romantic partners again. Traci laughed and replied, "Oh, that definitely doesn't sound like Ashley." Jack agreed and accused Tucker of stirring up additional trouble for the Abbott family. Jack invited Traci to join him and Diane for a drink at the Athletic Club. Traci declined, explaining that she had some reading to do.

After Jack left, Traci recalled Ashley having complained to her brother and sister about being watched like a hawk for signs of instability. Ashley had insisted her family back off and let her live her life. Ashley entered the room and interrupted Traci's flashback, noting that her sister had seemed to be a million miles away. Aware that Traci was concerned, Ashley insisted that she was over Tucker, so there was no need for Traci to hover. Traci informed Ashley that Tucker, concerned about her, had told Jack about her erratic behavior. Ashley brushed aside Tucker's concern and advised Traci not to believe him, as his goal was to manipulate.

Traci noted that Ashley had become moody and unlike her usual self since her return from Paris. Growing irate, Ashley berated Traci for believing Tucker over her. Traci made it clear that she did not believe a word that Tucker said. Ashley noted that Tucker was genuinely concerned and had even told her he believed he was to blame for their breakup. Ashley told Traci that allowing Tucker to think she was crazy was exactly what she wanted him to do. Traci, taken aback by Ashley's statement, said it made no sense, given that her sister had claimed she was over Tucker.

Ashley announced to Traci that she had a plan. Traci, noting that "I have a plan" rarely worked as intended, inquired about the details of Ashley's plan. Ashley claimed that because Tucker believed she was fragile, weak, and vulnerable, he himself had become vulnerable. Ashley explained, "All I have to do is get him to trust me with his heart and with his empire, and then I'm going to take it all away. So, all he's left with is that sad, desolate, bankrupt soul of his."

Ashley shrugged nonchalantly as if she was confidently certain that every step of her plan would succeed. Traci warned that it would not be wise for Ashley to get close to Tucker again, explaining that because he was difficult to fool, there was little chance of gaining control of his company. Ashley, angrily raising her voice, replied, "Oh, I'm just going to do it. It's perfect. He's not going to see me coming." Ashley walked toward the door despite Traci pleading for her sister to wait and talk things over.

Tucker met up with Audra in the jazz lounge. Audra attempted to avoid interaction, but she allowed Tucker two minutes to explain after he admitted he had been wrong. Tucker told Audra he realized that Ashley, whether she was faking a mental breakdown or not, was none of his concern, adding that Audra was everything to him. Audra, frustrated, replied "Yeah, I heard that a million times." Tucker asked Audra what they could do to get their relationship back on track.

Tucker admitted he had broken his promises and failed to be honest with Audra. Tucker told Audra he had been a fool not to make her his priority after she had faithfully stood by him. Becoming emotional, Tucker told Audra she was his best friend, adding that he did not know what else to say but that he was sorry. Audra asked Tucker to look her in the eyes and say the only words he could say without meaning them. Tucker replied, "I love you, Audra." Audra nodded and cupped her hand over Tucker's. Tucker kissed Audra's hand before standing up and kissing her on the lips. Audra pulled back and said, "I love you, too."

When Tucker and Audra entered his suite, they found Ashley sitting in a chair, waiting for them. Tucker threatened to have Ashley thrown out or arrested. Ashley informed Tucker that she had made the appointment they had spoken about. Ashley replied, "I'm doing this for us." Tucker insisted that there was no "us," and there never would be again. Tucker told Ashley she needed to get to a better place on her own or with the support of her family because he was bowing out. Audra cried, "You heard him, Ashley. Out!"

Ashley asked Tucker if they could speak privately. Audra asked Ashley if she really wanted to be rejected by Tucker repeatedly. Ashley replied, "Tucker, could you put a muzzle on this yappy little bitch." Tucker grabbed Audra when she lunged at Ashley. Tucker demanded that Ashley leave. Ashley calmly shrugged and said, "Okay. All you had to do was ask." In the hallway, Ashley suddenly became disoriented and said to herself, "Where am I? What's going on? What am I doing here? What's happening to me?"

At the Newman ranch, Adam arrived as Victor was berating someone on the phone about the police department and his own security team's blunder after Jordan had managed to escape custody. After Victor hung up, Adam asked how it could be possible that Jordan was an unstoppable threat. Victor, determined to prevail, replied, "Hell she is. I'm going to find her. That woman will be brought to justice if it's the last damn thing I do." Adam nodded.

Adam informed Victor that he was heading to the East Coast with Chelsea and Connor. Adam explained that Connor was struggling with OCD. Victor replied, "Obsessive-compulsive disorder. I've heard that term pertaining to adults, but rarely to children."

Adam explained to Victor that there was no cure, though Connor could learn to manage his condition using exposure and response prevention therapy, or ERP, offered at a specialized school. Adam said he and Chelsea had secured the last spot at the school and would have to travel there with Connor immediately. Victor offered use of his corporate jet, but Adam noted that Nick had already made arrangements. Victor offered his support, recalling the helpless feeling of having a child who had suffered. Adam cried that he had felt helpless after Connor had said he hated himself.

Victor told Adam to trust his instincts. Adam, blaming himself for being an absent father, sighed and replied, "But I'm a screw-up. I'm the guy who never gets it right." Victor recalled that he had not been around for Adam, though he was proud of the man his son had become. Victoria arrived and expressed concern about Claire's whereabouts. Victoria remained distraught despite Adam's and Victor's attempts to assure her that Claire was probably okay.

After Victor stepped out, Adam suggested that perhaps Claire had run off to reunite with her Aunt Jordan and team up against their family. Victoria berated Adam for not extending the same grace to Claire that he had insisted be granted to him when he had yearned to be accepted. Adam apologized, adding that though he was not completely convinced that Claire was not a threat, he understood why Victoria felt protective of her daughter. Adam disclosed that Connor had been diagnosed with OCD and would require treatment at a residential facility. Victoria said she was sorry for all that Connor and his parents were going through, though she felt that early intervention would make a difference. After Victor returned, he reported that Claire had told the security guard at the front gate that she was going out for coffee.

Wearing a black bucket hat, Jordan approached a rusty green door designated as "apartment 8." Jordan winced at the stark concrete block walls smudged with grime that more closely resembled a parking garage. Jordan remarked, "Well, I've seen worse." As Jordan inserted a key in the lock and opened the door, she said, "Oh, the Newmans and their amateur hour. They thought they could take me down. Well, it's time for a reckoning."

Claire was seated alone at Crimson Lights when Michael arrived and asked her why she was at the coffee shop. Claire explained that she was celebrating her first outing into the real world all by herself since her release from the hospital. Michael said he was surprised Claire's family had allowed her such freedom, given that Jordan had escaped custody. Claire admitted her family did not know, and she insisted she could not allow fear to rule her life. Michael warned Claire that she was Jordan's target. Claire lauded her freedom from the hate Jordan had poured into her all her life. Michael observed that Claire, like her mother, was a strong young woman. Lauren entered the coffeehouse, and Michael introduced her to Claire.

Lauren applauded Claire for having gone through a lot and managing to emerge on the other side. Claire credited Michael for taking on her case. Claire said she looked forward to getting to know her family and perhaps working with children after she had befriended a little girl at the hospital. Summer entered, saw Claire, and attempted to avoid being noticed. Claire called out to Summer. Lauren mentioned to Summer that she was getting to know Summer's cousin.

After Michael and Lauren left, Claire was eager to visit with Summer. Summer claimed she was taking a brief coffee break from work and had no time to visit. Claire approached Summer and said, "You learned the whole truth about me, didn't you?" Summer admitted she could not wrap her head around what Claire had done to her family. Claire admitted she felt ashamed about her horrible actions. Claire explained that she was no longer the same person after receiving professional help, which was ongoing. Summer shook her head in dismay and cried, "You tried to kill my dad, my aunt, and my grandparents. I've got to ask you. What makes you think that you will ever be qualified to work with children?"

Claire told Summer she had recently engaged in a discussion with Kyle. Claire recalled having told Kyle she was doing everything possible to get better, so she could build a real life for herself by becoming productive, giving back, and hopefully finding a way to work with kids. Claire cited her own experience with childhood abuse for her interest in helping children. Claire cried that despite having been taken from her family and doing everything she'd been told to do, she was taking responsibility for her present and her future, so she could make a difference in a good way. Claire asked Summer to try to build trust in her, so they might someday have a real relationship as cousins.

Chance entered Crimson Lights. Summer introduced Claire as her cousin. Claire told Chance that Nikki regarded him as a genuine hero. Summer agreed. Claire left after she received a text message from Victoria. Lurking in the patio entrance, Jordan, clad in men's attire, including a wool cap, oversized eyeglasses with thick lenses, and a fake beard and mustache, watched as Claire exited through the front entrance.

Chance told Summer that Claire seemed nice. Summer noted that Claire had plotted with her great-aunt to destroy the Newman family, explaining that Claire and Jordan had lured Nick, Victoria, and her grandparents to a remote cabin and had tried to kill them all. Chance replied, "Why the hell isn't she in prison?" Summer explained that her family had instead sought treatment for Claire's mental illness and afterward had invited her to live at the ranch. Summer recalled having seen Claire in action with Nikki when Claire had been Nikki's assistant. Summer noted that Claire was a good actress. Summer expressed doubt that Claire could transition from homicidal behavior to become a normal person after a couple of months of therapy.

Victoria was relieved when Claire returned home. Claire explained that she had gone out for coffee. Adam replied, "Alone?" Claire snapped, "Why do you care?" Adam explained that her family had been worried. Victor admonished Claire and insisted she not leave without being accompanied by a member of the security team. Claire said she refused to live in fear of Jordan. Victor told Claire she sounded like her grandmother. Victoria made Jordan promise not to take off on her own again.

Michael arrived at the ranch and announced to Victor, Victoria, Claire, and Adam that someone identifying herself as Eve Howard had purchased a train ticket from Chicago to Houston. Michael suggested that Jordan might be on the run. Victor replied that Jordan might want them to think she was on the run. Michael offered to follow up and let Victor know for sure.

After Michael left, Adam said it was time for him to accompany Connor and Chelsea. Victor and Victoria asked Adam to give their love to Connor. Claire asked about Connor. Victor explained that Connor was struggling with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Claire recalled having encountered children with the disorder and said her heart went out to Connor.

At the Athletic Club, Diane lifted her martini glass and toasted to taking a break from their crazy and busy schedules for a while. Jack, unable to fully relax, complained that Tucker had said he believed that something was terribly wrong with Ashley's mental health. Jack noted that he had spoken to Ashley himself, and she had insisted she was fine. Diane asked Jack if he believed Ashley. Jack recalled having witnessed Ashley's past struggles with emotional issues, during which times she had exhibited confusion and insecurity. Jack said he had been convinced by his own observations that Ashley's mental health was strong and solid.

Redirecting the conversation to her work relationship with Kyle, Diane admitted she had actively sought evidence of Kyle's disrespect. Jack told Diane that Kyle had admitted to him that he had resented his mother. Diane, feeling vindicated, cried that it was not okay for Kyle to resent her, adding that her job was not worth sacrificing her hard-fought relationship with her son. Diane asked Jack how he would feel about her and Kyle reversing their roles.

Jack was taken aback and asked Diane if she would give up her job as co-CEO. Diane said she would because she wanted Kyle to succeed. Jack said he did not believe that switching positions was the answer, recalling that he had already told Diane that she and Kyle had to find a way to resolve their differences and find common ground, so they could work together effectively. Diane replied, "So, I guess that's a no." Jack insisted that Diane was in a position she deserved to hold.

After Ashley left Tucker's suite, she watched from the top of the stairway landing as Jack kissed Diane near the exit doorway below. After Jack and Diane left, Ashley stepped outside. As a cool breeze seemed to rouse Ashley's self-awareness, she said aloud to herself, "What is happening to me?"

Victoria and Cole take a trip down memory lane

Victoria and Cole take a trip down memory lane

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

At the jazz lounge, Phyllis made a beeline for the bar, and Billy advised her to slow down because the bartender wasn't going anywhere. He proposed that they belly up and commiserate, but she declined. He envisioned some old friends solving the world's problems, and he offered to buy. Phyllis dismissively suggested they do it another time, and Billy warned that she appeared to be gearing up for a heck of a headache. He volunteered to have her hangover concoction sent up to her room in case she needed it in the morning.

Phyllis complained that Billy had previously been better at reading the room. He recognized that she didn't want him there, but he thought their snarky banter might pull her out of her funk. She inquired about his own funk, since it couldn't be fun being locked in a power struggle with the Winters family when they outnumbered him. Phyllis speculated that Billy was just trying to get a little credit, respect, and love, but he wasn't having any success and instead had been labeled as difficult. Billy sensed that they weren't talking about him anymore.

Billy assured Phyllis that he would be just fine at work, and he thought she should be more concerned about her son. He realized from her reaction that she hadn't talked to Daniel. Billy assumed she knew Daniel and Heather were back together, and Phyllis pretended that she'd already been aware. Phyllis took credit for making it happen, but Billy advised her against patting herself on the back, since there had been fallout to the love story. He shared that Lily had been the last one to find out and that she was having a hard time with it.

Billy revealed that Lily and Devon had discussed firing Daniel and Heather, and the Winters siblings hadn't listened when Billy had tried to talk them out of it. Phyllis protested that Omega Sphere was Daniel's baby, and she was appalled that Lily would be petty enough to fire him over a relationship issue. Phyllis ranted that if a relationship wasn't working, one should let the other person go and wish them luck, not turn into a snake and make vengeance a top priority. Billy silently stared at her. "Shut up!" she cried.

Phyllis groused that Devon and Lily were drunk on power, and it was why their company was sinking like a rock. Billy defended that it wasn't, and he reasoned that Lily hadn't been able to ignore that Daniel had cheated on her. Phyllis argued that every person in town had been through it, and it was nothing new. She called Devon and Lily hypocrites after they'd doled out their own share of romantic misery.

Billy cautioned that Phyllis might be getting upset over something that hadn't happened yet, but she anticipated that Daniel would be crushed and that she'd also get pink-slipped. She griped about what a mess the company was, but Billy hesitated to go that far. Phyllis ordered him not to be a company man, since the place was a Dumpster fire, and he needed allies. She cautioned that he was just sitting there, waiting for the Winters clan to pick him off when the time was right for them.

At Crimson Lights, Heather urged Daniel to remember that what was important was that their family was reunited. He groaned that they were also unemployed, and it would have been nice if it had happened before he'd dumped money into redecorating his place. Heather wished she'd bought a less expensive car when she'd returned from Portugal. Daniel mentioned Lily's promise of severance packages, but Heather thought they needed a plan.

Heather intended to give Michael a call to find out if any local firms were hiring, and she imagined Christine still had connections at the D.A.'s office. Heather insisted that Daniel wait for the right opportunity because she didn't want him to have to settle. She pictured him finding something he was passionate about, like he had been with Omega Sphere. Daniel grumbled that the train had left the station, and there was nothing he could do about it.

Daniel recalled that he'd signed his company over, expecting to continue to run it even though he no longer owned it. Heather asserted that whoever took over wouldn't pour their soul into the place like he had. She believed that it was more like losing a part of himself than losing a job. Daniel admitted that he hadn't thought about what giving up Omega Sphere had meant, since it had gotten him through losing his family and helped to get them back again. He cried that the game was his salvation, and he couldn't replace it if he tried.

Daniel confessed that he'd thought he'd been securing his future by aligning with Chancellor-Winters, but he hadn't considered that he'd stood to lose Princess Louisa. Daniel worried that the company could assign the character to anyone or spin it in a direction that was totally wrong. Heather lamented that they hadn't done anything wrong by falling back in love, but Lily was going to make them pay for it by taking away the one thing that she knew would hurt them the most.

Daniel bemoaned that the irony was that the platform had been intended to be about overcoming obstacles, but it was all being taken away from him after it had achieved its purpose by getting his family back. Heather hinted that maybe there was a chance for him to get the platform back. He informed her that his contract had been straightforward, and he doubted Lily was going to be feeling generous. Heather insisted that it was too important not to try, and she thought that he had to fight for Princess Louisa for Lucy's sake.

Heather conceded that Lily had every right to be angry on a personal level, but she believed Lily hadn't had any right to go after Daniel's business or creation. Heather asked to look at the contract to determine whether there was a case for unlawful termination. Daniel balked, but Heather argued that Lily could keep the platform but give Daniel back Princess Louisa. Daniel worried that it would humiliate Lily if he filed a case claiming she was trying to punish him for breaking her heart. Heather asked if it was any different than what Devon and Lily were doing by trying to cheat Daniel out of something he'd created.

Heather pledged to play hardball if needed, since Daniel deserved to keep his dream. Daniel realized that the more he thought about what he was losing, the more upset he became. Heather guessed that they'd been so relieved that they hadn't needed to hide their love anymore that they hadn't focused on the repercussions when Lily found out. Daniel declared that he was wide awake and focused then. He received an urgent text message from Phyllis, requesting to meet for a drink.

Daniel assumed that his mother had heard the news about both his reunion with Heather as well as their firing, and he wasn't interested in a lecture. Heather pointed out that Phyllis had been their biggest cheerleader, so his mother probably wanted to congratulate them and show her support. Daniel called Heather an optimist, and she argued that they could both use a drink. They left together.

Daniel and Heather entered the jazz lounge. "Look at the happy couple!" Phyllis exclaimed. Phyllis told them that she'd just been talking to Billy about how excited she'd been when Daniel had told her that he and Heather had gotten back together. Daniel played along, and Phyllis mentioned that they'd also been discussing how Daniel's job might be on the line. Daniel announced that Lily had already pulled the trigger and fired him and Heather.

Billy swore that he hadn't been involved in the decision. Daniel appreciated it, and he warned that he had no idea what it meant for Phyllis' position. Heather piped up by suggesting that Daniel fight for at least Princess Louisa. Billy agreed, noting that Devon and Lily were acting out of emotion to the detriment of the company. Billy encouraged Daniel to do what he had to do. Heather stressed that Daniel needed to fight for what was rightfully his, and they were all behind him.

Over dinner at Society, Victoria updated Cole about how Claire had left the ranch while Jordan was still on the loose. Cole pointed out that they couldn't keep Claire in a bubble because she wasn't a little girl anymore. Cole acknowledged that Claire was a grown woman who was trying to overcome a lifetime of brainwashing and hoping to find a place in the world. Cole thought Claire was handling everything beautifully, and he encouraged Victoria to cut her some slack.

Cole asked if he was delivering a sermon, but Victoria assured him that he was once again telling her exactly what she needed to hear. They heard some excited squeals at the bar, and they looked over as Mariah and Tessa hugged. Victoria and Cole approached the women and asked what the celebration was about. Tessa showed them a photo of a house on her phone, and Mariah declared that it was theirs.

Mariah gushed that they were officially living the dream, but Tessa whispered something in her ear. A horrified Mariah apologized for going on and on about their new house when Victoria had just lost hers. Victoria assured them that they didn't have to apologize, and she took comfort in always having memories that no one could take away from her. Victoria envisioned that someday, there would be a new house and new memories, and she encouraged the couple to enjoy the moment.

Tessa recognized that the tack house would always be Aria's first home, and it would be hard to leave. Cole recalled that he and Victoria had once lived together in the tack house, and he inquired whether the upstairs shower handle still stuck. Victoria was sure there had been a few remodels since then, but Cole was certain that what had made it a great place was still there. Mariah proposed that they see for themselves, since she and Tessa had a bottle of Champagne at home that they'd love to share. Victoria mused that it would be a trip down memory lane.

Victoria and Cole returned to the Newman ranch and were happy to find Claire still awake and dressed. Cole mentioned the questions Claire had about them and the life she'd missed, and Victoria proposed that instead of telling stories, they show her "where it all began for us."

Victoria, Cole, and Claire arrived at the tack house, and Victoria explained that she and Cole had thought it would be nice to have their daughter see where they'd once lived. Mariah introduced herself and said she'd heard a lot about Claire. Claire began to apologize, but Mariah insisted that there would be no judgment because she and Tessa had done many things they weren't proud of. Tessa invited Claire out for margaritas to get to know one another outside the headlines.

Cole looked around and admitted the tack house was different, even though time had stood still in his head. He pointed to where the breakfast table had once been, and he called it the place where he and Victoria had fallen in love. Aria cried upstairs, and Mariah and Tessa left the room to tend to her. Victoria asked what Cole was thinking, and he reminisced about them living there. Victoria thought it seemed like a lifetime earlier, and she and Cole reflected on the good times and some that weren't so good.

Victoria recalled that during a fight, Cole had stormed out of the house into a blizzard. Cole recounted that she'd locked him out, but Victoria defended that she'd simply gone to bed because she'd thought he'd been off sulking. She continued that he'd been lucky that she'd looked out the window and seen him shivering in the snow. Cole jokingly recommended never to leave the house in winter without wearing pants. Claire asked what the two had been arguing about, but neither Cole nor Victoria could remember.

Victoria conceded that she and Cole hadn't been the "maturest of adults" back then, but Claire thought it sounded like they'd been very much in love. Cole confirmed that they had been. Victoria wondered what Claire thought of the tack house. Claire replied that she liked it, since she could imagine her parents being happy there. Mariah and Tessa returned with Aria, and Claire asked to hold the baby. Claire fawned over Aria.

Later, once alone with Mariah, Tessa admitted that Claire hadn't been what she'd expected. Mariah sensed that Claire was trying to find her way after finding her parents when she'd already been grown and after not getting off on the right foot. Tessa noted that Mariah and Sharon had worked everything out and that Victoria and Claire had seemed to share a mother-daughter bond.

Tessa discovered a stuffed elephant named Tad as she packed their belongings, and she last remembered seeing him when Aria had been trying to bathe him in pasta. Mariah protested that they couldn't keep everything, but Tessa wailed that Tad looked sad. Mariah agreed to keep the toy awhile longer, but she looked forward to making new memories in their new place.

At the ranch, Claire wanted to hear more, and Cole confirmed that it had been a long time since he and Victoria had been at the tack house together. Claire noted that it hadn't seemed that way based on how they'd been talking. Cole considered it an important time for him and Victoria, since it had led to them having Claire. Claire murmured that it could have been her house, but she noticed that Victoria had been quiet on the walk back. Cole teased that Victoria had the look in her eye that she got when she had a big idea.

Victoria praised Cole for still being able to read her pretty well, and he was glad he hadn't lost his touch. Victoria wondered what Claire thought about living in the tack house. Claire voiced surprise that Victoria wanted her to move, and she inquired whether she'd done something wrong. Claire said she would understand if she'd overstayed her welcome or if the Newmans didn't want her around all the time. Victoria clarified that she'd be moving to the tack house with Claire, and she reiterated that Claire was family.

Cole thought it was a great idea, since the women would remain on the Newman property with all its security. Victoria explained that she'd been worried about Johnny and Katie not having a home to return to when they were back for break, and it would get crowded if they all stayed at the ranch. Claire wondered how the kids felt about her being there. Victoria reported that Johnny and Katie were anxious to meet their big sister, and Claire marveled that she still couldn't believe she had siblings.

Claire admitted it was all a little overwhelming. Victoria apologized if she'd dumped the move on Claire, but she felt like the universe was sending them a message that the tack house could become their home. Victoria invited Cole to visit as often as he liked, and she imagined it could be a place to give Claire space and time to plan the rest of her life. Victoria added that Claire had time to think about it, and there was no rush. "So, when can we move?" Claire excitedly asked, and she and Victoria hugged.

Later, Victoria and Cole sat on a bench outside on the Newman grounds. He said he hadn't thought about that blizzard night in years, and he put his arm loosely around her and considered how nice it had been whenever they'd made up. Victoria asked if he thought she was doing the right thing with Claire and the tack house. Cole expected that it would be a chance for Claire to have a home and be part of a family for the first time in her life. Victoria hoped it would be a second chance to watch their daughter grow up.

Cole anticipated that Victoria would be the perfect role model. Victoria swore that she was far from perfect. Cole insisted that she was an amazing mother and woman, and she took his breath away about a dozen times a day. He leaned in close and appeared to be about to kiss her, but he stopped short and said he'd better get going. Victoria thanked him for that night, and Cole replied that he'd had a great time. He softly stated that having her in his life had changed everything, and he never wanted things to go back to the way they had been. He squeezed her hand and left.

Victoria found Claire staring into space in the Newman living room, and she worried that she'd rushed the move. Claire insisted that she was really excited about it, but she felt guilty that Victoria had changed her life for Claire. "This is my life. There's nothing that matters to me more than you," Victoria soothed. Claire recalled that Victoria had loved running Newman, and she urged her mom to consider going back to work. Victoria indicated that it didn't feel right, and she'd know if or when she was ready.

Claire pointed out that Cole didn't seem eager to end his sabbatical. Victoria figured that they'd missed many years with Claire, and they wanted to dedicate that time in their lives to her. Claire couldn't help but wonder if maybe more was going on, and she referred to the looks Victoria and Cole had exchanged at the tack house when they'd talked about their past. Victoria guessed that being in their old place had stirred up memories. "Of when you were happy and in love?" Claire knowingly asked. Victoria smiled.

Tucker proposes to Audra

Tucker proposes to Audra

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

In Tucker's room at the Athletic Club, Tucker awakened and flashed back to Ashley telling him to "muzzle" Audra. After getting dressed and writing Audra a note, Tucker sneaked out of his room. Tucker walked down the stairs as Lily entered the lobby. Tucker inquired about Maddie, and Lily asked how he had heard anything about it. Lily said that she didn't think Devon would have told Tucker, since Devon didn't want anything to do with him.

Tucker asked Lily how Devon had been doing. Lily accused Tucker of having a "hidden agenda." Tucker said he understood Lily had "suspicions" about him, but he had been doing his best to give Devon space, even though he had missed Devon and Dominic. Lily said Tucker had "no one to blame" but himself for the situation. Tucker concurred and said he would like to "correct all that." Lily told Tucker that she was "not the one that needs to be convinced" Tucker was trying. Lily walked away as Devon entered. Tucker tried to talk to Devon, but Devon ignored Tucker and walked away.

Devon returned, and Tucker tried to talk to him again. Tucker asked if Dominic was still "into music." Devon protested that he was late for a meeting with Lily, and he needed to go. Tucker asked Devon to wait and said that he knew he had caused harm, but he needed to know if Devon felt his father was "beyond hope." Devon told Tucker that he had tried to "draw lines," but they had never mattered to Tucker. Devon said all Tucker had ever cared about was what he had wanted. Tucker said that was not true, but Devon interjected that Tucker couldn't stop "sabotaging" the things he cared about. Devon proclaimed that he was done playing Tucker's game and stormed off.

Devon asked Lily what had been happening between her and Tucker when Devon had walked in. Lily replied that Tucker had been trying to pretend to be a "human being," but she hadn't been in the mood to engage with him. Devon told Lily that he had just refused to offer Tucker forgiveness. Lily told Devon not to let Tucker "get to" him. Devon protested that he was fine. Lily said that it would be okay if Devon was "sad" that Tucker hadn't been a good father.

Devon told Lily that he couldn't miss what he'd "never had" with Tucker. Devon said Tucker didn't behave like a good father, and Devon knew that, since he himself was a father and because Devon had had Neil as a father. Lily said Devon's relationship with Tucker was "more complicated" than Devon was willing to admit. Devon said he was just "letting off some steam" to Lily. Lily said they had bigger problems to worry about than Tucker, anyway.

Devon asked Lily what she had been referring to. Lily said "the issue" was the constant tension between Devon and Billy. Devon admitted he was frustrated by Billy. He called it a "moot point" because Lily had returned, and Billy didn't need to be with the company anymore. Lily said she didn't agree, and Billy had a place at Chancellor Winters.

In Tucker's suite, Audra awakened and found that Tucker had gone. Audra opened Tucker's note and read it. Tucker had written how "fortunate" he was to have Audra. Tucker admitted he had been "an idiot" to resist that they had been meant for each other. Tucker signed off saying he "couldn't wait" to get back to Audra and that he loved her.

Tucker returned to his room and found Audra putting on jewelry. Audra asked Tucker where he had been. Tucker asked Audra if she had found his note. Audra confirmed that she had read the "sweet" note and that it had been "short on the details" of where Tucker had gone. Tucker said he had run an errand. Audra said that Tucker was being mysterious. Tucker smiled and refused to give Audra any hints on his "surprise."

Audra closed her eyes as Tucker led her down the stairs to the jazz lounge. When Audra opened her eyes, she saw the room had been romantically decorated. Tucker said that because they hadn't been able to go to Paris, he had recreated Paris for them. Tucker asked Audra if she approved, and she replied, "C'est magnifique."

Tucker and Audra toasted with Champagne. Tucker told Audra that he didn't think Audra understood how much she meant to him. Tucker listed out what he loved about Audra and said he hadn't realized how much he needed her. Tucker continued to proclaim his love and told Audra that he marveled at her. Tucker pulled a ring out of his pocket and said, "Marry me, Audra. I love you, and I want to show you how much every day for the rest of my life."

At the Abbott mansion, Traci asked Jack if he had seen Ashley, and she told him that Ashley had not returned home the night before. Jack said that Ashley was none of their business. Traci argued that something been clearly had wrong with Ashley lately. Jack told Traci she was overreacting. Traci protested that there was a "new situation" with Ashley.

Jack said he understood Traci's concerns about Tucker, but he didn't think Tucker was that much of a threat. Jack assured Traci that Ashley was "done" with Tucker. Traci continued to question that Ashley had moved on.

Traci said that Ashley's involvement with Tucker had not ended. Jack said there was nothing the two of them could do but trust Ashley. Traci retorted that Jack was asking her to "sit back and watch a slow-moving train wreck." Jack said they just needed to "be there" for Ashley. Jack reminded Traci that she had been the glue that had held their family together, and he was glad Traci was still with the family. Jack advised Traci that they should give Ashley space until Ashley asked them for help.

After Jack left, Traci called the front desk of the Athletic Club to see if Ashley had been there. Ashley walked in, disheveled, and Traci asked where Ashley had been. Ashley replied that she "didn't know." Ashley said she had woken up alone in a motel room and hadn't known how she had gotten there. Ashley told Traci that the last thing she remembered had been standing outside Tucker's suite. Traci asked Ashley if she had been drinking. Ashley said she hadn't been drinking, but she couldn't remember anything else. Traci wondered if Ashley had been drugged. Ashley said she knew she hadn't been drugged because it was "not the first time" something like that had happened.

Ashley, distraught, explained to Traci that when her situations happened, she could be "all the way across" town with no memory of how she had gotten there. Traci again asked if Ashley was sure she had not taken any pills or drunk alcohol. Ashley responded that the situation had not been "a blackout" but was more of a "dead zone" she could "kind of remember." Ashley started crying, and Traci agreed that Ashley's ordeal sounded "terrifying." Traci said they needed to figure out how to stop the memory lapses from happening. Ashley questioned how they would be able to do that, and the sisters embraced.

Traci told Ashley that Ashley had been very brave. Ashley questioned how they would move forward. Traci said Ashley needed to see a doctor for tests to rule out any physical conditions. Traci suggested seeing a therapist after that, but Ashley said a therapist wouldn't be able to help her. Traci said they needed to "explore every avenue" for Ashley's safety. Ashley looked anguished and asked Traci for some water. As Traci went to get water, the voices in Ashley's head warned that "they are going to put us away."

The voices in Ashley's head asked what they should do. When Traci returned with water, Ashley asked Traci if they could "keep this between" the two of them. Ashley asked Traci not to tell Jack because he would just be bossy. Traci told Ashley that Jack cared about her as much as Traci did. Ashley asked Traci to "pinky swear" that she wouldn't tell, otherwise Ashley would not go to the doctor. Traci reluctantly locked pinkies with Ashley and said that she wouldn't tell. Ashley looked relieved and said she was leaving to take a bath. Traci looked after her in confusion.

At Society, Tessa greeted Nikki. After being seated, Nikki asked Tessa how "the move" was coming along. Tessa reported that she and Mariah had vowed to stop "collecting stuff" when they moved into their home. Nikki commiserated with Tessa about the challenges of collecting. Jordan, disguised as a man, walked into the restaurant. Tessa told Nikki she was grateful for having been allowed to stay at the tack house.

As Jordan sipped coffee at the bar, Nikki continued to chat with Tessa. Nikki told Tessa that one thing Tessa wouldn't miss was the heightened security at the ranch. Tessa said she admired Nikki's strength, as she had been stalked by "a deranged person." Nikki reported that there had still been no news on Jordan's whereabouts. Tessa said she hoped "the nightmare will be over soon." Nikki gazed longingly at a bottle of vodka sitting on the bar.

Jack entered Society and sat down with Nikki. Jack asked Nikki what was wrong. Nikki sighed and replied, "What's not wrong?" Nikki told Jack that Victor had wanted to take her on a vacation. Jack said he thought that would be a great idea. Nikki said she worried a trip with Victor would mean time alone with her "terrible feeling and urges" to drink. Nikki told Jack she didn't want to be away from him. Jack reminded her he was "just a phone call away" and said that he thought a trip away was "exactly" what Nikki needed. Jordan eavesdropped from the bar.

Nikki said she didn't know if she could have survived her "ordeal" without Jack. Jordan whispered to the bartender. Nikki and Jack chatted as the bartender approached and said the "gentleman from the bar" had sent Nikki a drink. Nikki noted that no one was at the bar, and the bartender surmised that the person had to have left. The waiter told Nikki the drink was "premium distilled vodka." Nikki ordered the waiter to take the drink away.

Jack went to look for the mystery man and told Nikki he had spoken with her bodyguard. Nikki insisted that Jordan had to have "put him up to it." Jack asked the bartender if the "the guy" was a "regular." The bartender replied that he had never seen the man before. Nikki said Jordan had to "have an accomplice." Nikki said she needed "to get away" because she couldn't take it anymore.

Audra rejects Tucker's proposal

Audra rejects Tucker's proposal

Thursday, April 4, 2024

At the Athletic Club, Devon asked Lily if she truly thought there was a place for Billy at Chancellor-Winters. Lily said that Devon was "refusing to see" a part of the picture. Devon denied it and asked Lily what had changed in her mind about letting Billy go. Lily protested that she was just "being logical." Lily argued that Jill had been feeling threatened and that if Lily and Devon fired Billy, it would prove to Jill that she had "had a right to worry."

Devon told Lily he understood her loyalty to Jill, but he felt that Jill had been overreacting and had been fueling the war between the two sides. Lily said firing Billy would "exacerbate the situation." Devon continued to disagree and said that Mamie's suggestion to divide the company could make sense. Lilly said Mamie's continued presence at the company had been worrying her and that Lily would not divide the company.

Devon said they should not throw out the idea of dividing the company just because Jill hadn't liked that the idea had been Mamie's. Lily said Devon also wanted to "cut Billy loose" because Devon had a problem with Billy. Devon agreed that was true and said that he also had professional reasons for wanting to get rid of Billy. Lily agreed when Devon said that Billy had been at too many different jobs. Devon said Billy couldn't be trusted to commit.

Lily reminded Devon she had been the one who had encouraged Billy to leave the company before, so Devon should not use that against Billy. Lily told Devon that she would talk to Billy about why he wanted to stay at Chancellor-Winters. Devon said he didn't think Billy was "worth the trouble."

At Chancellor-Winters, Chance asked Billy if Daniel had been let go. Billy confirmed that both Daniel and Heather had been terminated. Chance questioned why that had happened. Billy said it had not been his decision, and he didn't think it would "end well."

Chance asked Billy why Lily and Devon would fire Heather and Daniel "without cause." Billy reiterated that it had not been Billy's decision. Billy told Chance that Devon and Lily were united and that Nate would probably "follow suit." Billy said that he was committed to the company and would continue to try to execute Jill's vision. Billy continued that the "infighting" Chance saw was because there was "a lot going on right now." Billy worried that the company would have to fire the gaming division due to Daniel's departure.

Chance inquired about Chelsea, Adam, and Connor leaving town. Billy said he felt for all three of them -- even Adam. Billy said Connor had "one thing going for him," and that was Chelsea. Billy said he didn't think Adam had been handling things very well. Billy hoped Adam could "rein it in." Billy said that he wished he could go support Chelsea, but doing that could make things worse. Chance told Billy he admired Billy's restraint.

Chance reminded Billy about an upcoming meeting, which Billy had forgotten. Chance encouraged Billy to take some "personal time" if Billy needed it. As Chance started to exit, Lily and Devon walked into the office. Billy told Lily and Devon that he had just filled Chance in on the "shake-up." Devon said he supported Lily's decision because it had "needed to happen." Billy disagreed and asked Devon if he thought there would be "blowback" because Lily had fired two executives for "personal reasons." Devon and Billy continued to argue. Lily stood and asked them both to stop.

Lily asked Chance and Devon to leave the room. Lily told Billy that firing Daniel and Heather had been her call, and Billy didn't have to agree with everything Lily did. Lily told Billy she had just been telling Devon that Billy had a purpose and place at the company. Billy thanked her but said that he didn't need Lily's support if Devon wanted to "badmouth me." Lily said that not everything had been "Devon's fault." Lily said that because she had returned, there needed to be "a clear chain of command." Lily asked Billy what he wanted to accomplish and if she could count on Billy to "put the company first."

At the Abbott mansion, Traci left a voicemail for Ashley, asking her to return home to get to the bottom of things. Jack and Nikki walked in. Jack asked Traci if there had been "any changes" with Ashley. Traci confirmed that Ashley had returned the night before. Traci told Jack they would discuss Ashley later, and she left. Nikki told Jack that Traci had not told him something, and it had been because Nikki had been there.

Jack changed the subject and said he and Nikki needed to talk about the stranger who had sent Nikki vodka at Society. Nikki rhetorically asked, "Who was that? And why would he do something like that?" Nikki insisted Jordan "was behind it" and speculated that Jordan had "other partners in crime" trying to get to Nikki.

Jack said it could be possible that the man had just seen a beautiful woman and had wanted to buy her a drink. Nikki skeptically asked, "Who buys a stranger a drink and then leaves?" Jack said that the trip Nikki had been planning would be perfect because Nikki could use the time away. Nikki replied that she had been having "second thoughts" about the trip with Victor. Nikki said she felt that leaving town would just make Jordan think she had really gotten to Nikki. Nikki said she would not give Jordan the satisfaction.

Jack said he understood Nikki's concerns, but Jack's concern was Nikki and her safety. Nikki thanked Jack for his concern and asked Jack not to worry about her. Diane walked in. Nikki said she needed to get home to tell Victor that she didn't want to go on the trip. Diane questioned why Nikki would turn down such a "romantic getaway." Nikki retorted that she had her reasons. Nikki hugged Jack and said Jordan would not beat her.

After Nikki left, Diane huffed and said she hoped Nikki had been all right. Jack said Nikki's fight was "not over yet." Diane said it was "too bad" Nikki was "still struggling." Jack asked Diane if something was bothering her. Diane replied that she didn't think Jack would really want to hear what had been troubling her.

Jack assured Diane that he could "handle" whatever had been bothering her. Diane relented and admitted she had been having an issue with how much time Jack had been spending with Nikki. Jack said he had thought Diane had understood. Diane agreed and said she had just been feeling insecure. Jack said he needed to show Diane how much he loved her.

Nikki returned to the Newman ranch and took a bottle of vodka out of her purse. Nikki took a small sip, breathed, and then took another.

At the jazz lounge, Tucker said that he "didn't want to waste any more time," and he held the engagement ring out to Audra. Audra asked Tucker to wait and reminded him that she had not said yes. Tucker assumed Audra wanted him to get down on one knee, but Audra told him to stop. Audra said she didn't have an answer, but she did have questions. "Why now? Why this?" She asked Tucker said it was because he had realized his life would not be complete without Audra. Tucker said he had known "for a while" that Audra was who he had wanted to be with. Audra, annoyed, asked "What's the catch?"

Audra told Tucker they had barely been together as a couple. Tucker said that even though they hadn't been a couple long, they had shared virtually everything else for years. Audra questioned if the proposal had been a reaction to Ashley. Tucker yelled, "No!" Tucker argued that he loved Audra and wanted to be with her forever.

Tucker said other people hadn't taken him "at my word" but that Audra had known him better than that. Audra asked who else had not believed him. Tucker replied that he had run into Devon earlier, and it had not gone well. Audra asked if the run-in with Devon had "provoked this proposal." Tucker recounted that Devon had said, "Look at you, Tucker. You're all alone, and you'll always be alone." Tucker, growing emotional, told Audra that Devon had been wrong because Tucker still had Audra. Tucker put the ring back in his pocket.

Audra apologized but insisted that the proposal had "come out of nowhere." Audra admitted that they had chemistry, spoke their own language, and understood how each other thought. Audra argued that what had made their relationship different was that it had not been bound by "anyone else's rules." Audra said marriage didn't fit them. Tucker said that everything had changed when he had realized Audra was all that mattered. Tucker asked, "If not now, when?"

Audra told Tucker she was "just not there." Tucker laughed and said that was "fair enough." Tucker said he might propose again the next day. Audra asked Tucker if he was sure he hadn't been just trying to "prove something" to Ashley or Devon -- or to Tucker himself.

Tucker told Audra he would consider her questions. Tucker asked that Audra consider his proposal. Audra said she would "try." Audra commented about how lovely the setup at the jazz lounge had been. Smiling, Audra raised her champagne glass and said, "To us, the world's most unconventional couple."

Tucker and Audra danced and discussed their special "connection." Audra hypothesized that their connection might be so special because they were not married. They kissed. Shortly after, their kissing continued in Tucker's bed.

Chelsea and Adam experience a flood of emotions over Connor

Chelsea and Adam experience a flood of emotions over Connor

Friday, April 5, 2024

In the back of the Newman limousine, Chelsea told Adam to remember to thank Victor for the use of the Newman jet. Chelsea looked at her phone. Adam glumly told Chelsea that she shouldn't bother to look for a call from Connor.

Adam angrily told Chelsea that Connor was in Baltimore without his parents and was probably very confused. Chelsea told Adam that he needed to "stop" and that they both were processing what had happened. Chelsea yelled that she hated the situation, too. Adam apologized for getting angry and told Chelsea that he would set up Connor's petty cash fund when Adam arrived at home. Adam told Chelsea not to forget to send Connor his "lucky jersey" in case Connor would want to play again. Both parents stared out the windows and looked anguished. Chelsea got out of the car at her stop and told Adam to call if he heard anything.

Adam stared out the window and remembered Connor saying he had not wanted to go to the facility. Adam asked the driver not to take him straight home.

At Chancellor-Winters, Billy told Lily that he wanted to do a good job and add value to the company. Lily replied, "This is me you're talking to. What else?" Billy said he wanted to honor Jill's legacy. Lily told Billy that he shouldn't lie to her because she would "see right through it."

Billy told Lily that he could see a future where "Chancellor-Winters soars to new heights." Lily asked how Billy had planned to make that happen. Billy replied that he and Lily needed to work "side by side, running the whole damn place."

Lily laughed skeptically and said that she knew Billy was joking. Billy disagreed and said it would be the best option. Lily asked what would happen to Devon, Nate, Chance, and Jill if she and Billy ran the company. Billy said they would all "still have a seat at the table," with Devon getting the "biggest piece of the pie." Billy said his plan would be a great opportunity for Devon to focus on his passion for music. Lily said Devon would not "see it that way." Lily again asked about Jill. Billy said Jill had put him in his role because Jill had wanted to "groom" him to replace her. Lily remained skeptical. Billy said Jill had "hand-picked" them both to run the company together.

Lily said that "for fun," they could discuss what would happen if Jill and Devon behaved as Billy said. Billy told Lily that she needed "to dream." Billy continued to try to convince Lily that they would be perfect partners to run Chancellor-Winters. Billy said Devon had been "holding this company back" because Devon was not a dreamer like Billy and Lily.

Chelsea entered the office. Chelsea said she had tried to call Billy. Billy said his phone had been off, and he and Lily had been "having a spirited discussion about the future of the company." Lily said they were done talking, and she hoped Chelsea's trip had gone well. Lily left. Chelsea sighed in exhaustion, and Billy hugged her.

Chelsea and Billy took a seat at the coffeehouse. Chelsea recounted the trip to Baltimore. Chelsea said the facility had been impressive, and after Connor's first therapy session, she had been encouraged. Chelsea said that when she had spoken with the therapist, however, they had told her that they needed to help Connor without Chelsea and Adam present. Starting to tear up, Chelsea told Billy that "according to them" Adam and Chelsea had been "triggers" for Connor's condition.

Chelsea told Billy that her "psychotic breakdown" had caused Connor's trauma. Chelsea said that Connor had been convinced her "suicide attempt" had been his fault. Billy consoled Chelsea and told her to remember that "this current moment is temporary," and things would get better. Billy encouraged Chelsea to trust her instincts that the facility had been the right choice.

Chelsea told Billy that the therapist would be starting Connor on "exposure and response prevention" therapy to expose Connor to his fears. Billy said that sounded intense. Chelsea started to cry again, and she told Billy that the therapy meant Connor had to be in pain and suffer to get better. Billy reminded Chelsea that the therapists at the facility were "trained specialists" who had helped a lot of people. Billy said that Connor would not only return home but that, when he did, he would "amaze" Chelsea. Billy said he wouldn't let Chelsea go through things alone while she waited for Connor to return.

Billy inquired about Adam. Chelsea said that Adam had kept it together -- barely. Billy again told Chelsea that she had good reasons to trust the facility. Chelsea, still distraught, said that she was devastated by having to stay away from her son.

At Crimson Lights, Nick asked Sally if she had heard from Adam. Sally reported that Adam and Chelsea were working on a treatment plan for Connor with the facility. Sally said that the last thing Adam had wanted to do was "send Connor away," but Adam had had no choice. Nick said that he was glad Adam and Chelsea were getting Connor the help he needed.

Sally told Nick that it was a "miracle" that Nick and Adam had been acting like brothers. Nick said it had also been a miracle when Adam had listened to Nick about letting Victor know the situation. Sally and Nick agreed that Victor had been great about letting Adam use the jet. Nick said he was just sorry that Adam hadn't been able to convince Victor to fold Sally's business under the Newman umbrella. Sally told Nick that he should not feel bad because she had found out the idea was "not dead, after all."

Sally told Nick that Adam had been convinced Victor would change his mind. Nick said he wasn't so sure. Sally said that Adam needed to focus on other things, and she needed to support him. Nick asked Sally if she had been doing okay. Sally said that she had been wondering if becoming an interior designer had been a mistake. Nick told Sally not to sell herself short because her skills could "translate" into other fields of work. Sally told Nick that she wanted to stop talking about herself and start talking about him. Nick said that things were going well with work and family.

Back in her room at the Athletic Club, Sally sketched. Sally answered a knock at the door. Sally opened the door, and she and Adam immediately reached out to hug each other.

Sally asked Adam why he had already returned to Genoa City. Adam told Sally that the facility had "made" him and Chelsea leave. Adam looked visibly pained as he told Sally that the facility had been inviting "on the surface." Sally asked why Adam and Chelsea had had to leave. Adam said that Connor had had his first session with a therapist, who had blamed everything on Adam and Chelsea.

Sally inquired about how the facility could have blamed Adam and Chelsea for Connor's OCD. Adam said that he didn't believe anything the therapist had said. Adam argued that the doctors had talked with Connor for "about a minute and a half" before determining that Connor had been blaming himself for any problems Chelsea and Adam had had. Sally agreed that the doctor had made a "brutal conclusion" -- unless the idea had been Connor's. Adam said that the facility was a "scam," and they were just trying to get money. Sally said that the issue wasn't about money but about Adam hurting.

Adam said that he had wanted to ask the doctors how they would feel if they had been banned from their children. Adam angrily declared that he had wanted "to sue them all into bankruptcy." Sally said that she knew that Adam wouldn't do that because all his focus needed to be on Connor's recovery. Adam continued to complain about what had happened and said that he had "wanted to explode." Sally said that Adam should be proud that he had controlled himself. Sally told Adam that he should not do anything until he had given himself a chance to calm down.

Adam asked Sally if she thought he had been wrong to be angry at the facility and if she thought they could be right. Sally said that she wasn't qualified to answer him. Adam questioned, "What if they are right? What if I failed my son?" Adam surmised that Connor might be better off without his father.

Adam said that if he had caused Connor's issues, then Adam needed to get out of his son's life. Sally adamantly told Adam that he was meant to be Connor's father. Adam responded, "I would die for him." Sally told Adam that he needed to continue to be Connor's champion. Adam asked how Connor would manage everything "for the rest of his life."

On a bench outside the facility, Connor poured water on his hands and tapped the bottle three times. Connor rubbed his hands together while he looked around in misery.

Nick was sitting at the bar when Lily walked in. Nick asked Lily, "How's Mattie?" Lily replied that Mattie had been doing well. Lily asked Nick if the two of them should have lunch together. As they sat at the table, Lily and Nick chatted about business. Nick told Lily that he had been working very closely with Adam. Lily joked that it had to have been going well, since Nick didn't have a black eye or bandages. Nick said that he and Adam didn't "want to deal" with Victor if they couldn't make the partnership work.

Nick asked Lily how things had been going with her and Daniel. Lily told Nick that they had broken up, and Daniel had gotten back together with Heather. Nick told Lily that it would be okay if she felt angry. Nick said that he understood after what had happened with Adam and Sally. Nick said that he had gotten better over time and that Lily would, too -- and that at least she didn't have to "deal with family gatherings" with Daniel.

Nick said that he had had time to get over Sally, but he understood that things with Daniel were "raw and new" for Lily. Lily said that she would not let the breakup hold her back.

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