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Cole discovered Jordan locked in the Newman cellar. Cole enlisted Michael's help to transfer Jordan to a real prison, but Victor interrupted them. Nate and Audra enjoyed a dinner date. Ashley agreed to seek help. Nikki returned home from rehab. Summer agreed to let Claire spend time with Harrison.
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Cole discovered Jordan locked in the Newman cellar. Nate and Audra enjoyed a dinner date. Ashley agreed to seek help. Nikki returned home from rehab.
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Audra spurns Tucker by accepting a date with Nate

Audra spurns Tucker by accepting a date with Nate

Monday, May 20, 2024

At the Athletic Club, Sally was walking in when Audra, dressed in a fetching cocktail dress, was leaving. Sally paused to compliment Audra's "date outfit," believing Audra and Tucker had reconciled. Audra explained that after she and Tucker had fought and made up too many times, she was done with him and would be enjoying dinner with Nate. Sally asked Audra about her career and the company she and Tucker had planned to run together. Audra replied that she might attempt to gain control of Glissade, adding that it would serve Tucker right if she did.

At Chancellor-Winters, Nate told Lily he was sorry that the board meeting had disappointed her. Lily admitted she should have ensured there would be adequate votes before convening the meeting. Nate suggested limiting Billy's power. Lily was not in favor of legal actions, though she was eager to explore other possibilities, and she thanked Nate for his help.

Devon arrived. Lily told Devon she had shared an update about the board meeting with Nate. Nate checked his schedule on his phone and announced his plans to take Audra out to dinner, though he made it clear he would not interfere with Tucker's relationship with Audra. Lily warned that Audra was underhanded. Nate promised not to reveal anything concerning Billy or any business matters that could be used against the company.

After Nate left, Devon told Lily that Phyllis had quit after he'd confronted her about disclosing to Tucker details about Billy's new position. Devon explained that he had sought information from Tucker about his and Mamie's original plans regarding gaining a foothold on Chancellor-Winters. Lily seemed taken aback that Devon had looked to Tucker for help with Chancellor-Winters. Devon admitted that approaching Tucker had been a mistake, and he assured Lily that they would handle the crisis without Tucker's help. Lily sighed.

A man arrived with a bouquet of flowers with a festive balloon attached and delivered it to Lily and Devon. Lily read the card, which was addressed to both of them. The card read, "I hear your little plan to box me out didn't work. Looking forward to working together. Best, Billy." Lily scoffed and admitted that she and Devon had gone behind Billy's back. Devon recalled that Billy had gone behind their backs first, adding that he would do anything to get rid of Billy.

Devon picked up a letter opener and stabbed the balloon, deflating it. Lily complained that Billy was engaged in gaining power within their company offices. Devon nodded and added, "Probably gathering forces to use against us." Lily admitted she felt Jill had betrayed them, so she and Billy were no longer trustworthy. Devon said, "I just wish this damn vote went our way."

Lily asked Devon if he regretted putting Abby on the board of directors. Devon replied that he respected Abby's business sense, though he regretted not having had a conversation with her before the board meeting. Devon vowed never to surprise Abby or Lily regarding crucial decisions. Lily informed Devon that Abby had told Daniel about her vote regarding his case. Devon replied that he had made clear to Abby that all decisions were to remain private.

Lily announced her intentions to avoid a lawsuit and seek middle ground with Daniel, though their concerns about Billy remained more pressing. Devon suggested they could either force Billy out or take Winters back from Chancellor-Winters by killing the merger and leaving Chancellor behind. Devon noted that Billy could then run Chancellor exactly as he wanted. Lily replied, "Jill really believes in keeping this merger in place, and Billy is going to follow suit." Devon suggested forcing Billy's hand and convincing him otherwise. Lily explained that they might force Billy's hand if they had the right incentive.

Lily disclosed to Devon that Billy had attempted to persuade her to relegate Devon to a secondary role, so she and Billy could run the company together. Devon asked Lily why she had not told him before. Lily explained that she had hoped to avoid drama and had no intentions of following Billy's ridiculous plan. Lily suggested lying to Billy and offering to implement his plan if he were to agree to cut ties with the Winters side of the company. Lily was certain Jill would keep her on board to balance Billy's wild card ways, adding that Billy would approve, so he would not be saddled with day-to-day management.

Lily told Devon he could take charge of the Winters side. Devon replied, "And then what happens after we pull that off? You gonna ditch them, and you and Nate are gonna come work with me?" Lily said they would, which would leave Jill to her own devices. Lily suggested offering Mamie a position at their true family company. Devon replied, "No guarantees."

At the Abbott home, Kyle quietly celebrated after he struck a deal with Mr. Foley over the phone. Kyle assured Mr. Foley he should not worry about Diane. After Kyle hung up, Claire arrived. Kyle had summoned her to talk. Claire's face lit up after Kyle invited her to become Harrison's nanny. Claire welcomed the opportunity to serve a purpose by helping a child grow and thrive instead of merely filing papers to collect a paycheck.

Claire, surprised and grateful that Summer had changed her mind, was disappointed when she learned Summer was not on board. Kyle explained that Harrison continued having bad dreams and often worried that Claire did, as well. Kyle told Claire that Harrison's mind would be set at ease if he spent time with her on a regular basis, allowing him to just be a kid again. Claire told Kyle that she could not accept the position without Summer's approval.

In the jazz lounge, Diane was sitting alone at the bar when Tucker, barking orders over the phone to an employee, entered. Before Tucker hung up, he insisted his investigator dig up dirt on Billy Abbott. As Tucker neared the bar, he hid behind Diane and said, "Would you like to dance?" Diane, startled, told Tucker to go away. Tucker oozed charm as he congratulated Diane for being promoted to co-CEO at Jabot. Tucker proclaimed that Diane had conquered Genoa City, adding that he was all in for a good, long con. Quickly correcting himself, Tucker told Diane she had managed a hard-fought battle and rebirth. Diane, frowning, cried that Tucker's sentiments were an insult.

Diane checked her phone and noted she had expected to meet with a client. Tucker quipped that the Abbott King and Queen reigned over their kingdom while their son, the heir apparent, did their bidding. Diane, frustrated, told Tucker that blowing smoke without an agenda was not his style, and she insisted he mind his own business. Unfazed, Tucker asked Diane if Billy might leave Chancellor-Winters and return to Jabot, acknowledging he was just looking out for Devon. Diane replied that as far as she knew Billy was content working for Jill's company. Diane received a call from Mr. Foley announcing that he had closed the deal with Kyle.

Diane returned home and confronted Kyle about humiliating her by accepting the licensing agreement with Jasper Foley. Kyle boasted that he had pulled off an impressive coup for Jabot and had saved his mother from suffering through a boring dinner. Diane, angry, replied, "I don't need saving from a business client, Kyle. Who I need saving from is you." Diane complained about waiting for a client Kyle knew would never show up.

Kyle feigned sympathy about Foley failing to cancel the meeting. Diane was livid that Kyle had again gone behind her back. Kyle brushed off his mother's concern and suggested she take credit for the deal to impress Jack. Diane said she would never take credit for or lie to Jack about a deal she had not finalized.

Diane demanded Kyle tell her why he continually sabotaged her and then acted as if nothing had happened. Kyle claimed that Foley had approached him because Foley had not believed Diane "had the chops" to negotiate. Kyle suggested that Mr. Foley did not think Diane was capable because she did not hold a business degree and had no experience. Diane told Kyle she had many years of experience as a working professional in addition to Jack's complete confidence. Diane accused Kyle of undermining her.

Kyle cried that his mom constantly tried to knock him down by ensuring he was never allowed autonomy. Diane defended herself and said she had tried to step down in favor of Kyle. Angered, Diane, issuing a direct order from his superior, told Kyle not to finalize the Foley deal. After Diane went upstairs, Kyle phoned his assistant, Marjorie, and requested she draw up a contract to finalize the Foley deal, boasting that he had closed the deal.

Audra joined Nate at Society for drinks before dinner. Nate promised Audra he would be a better friend and check on her more often. Nate asked Audra about her job status regarding Tucker and Glissade. Audra replied, "I still haven't decided yet." Audra asked Nate to drop the subject. Nate briefly mentioned his educational background and his fondness for competition swimming. Audra recalled her fondness for lyrical dance, which she described as emotional storytelling involving flowing, expressive movements.

Tucker spotted Audra and Nate, interrupted them, and asked Audra if they could talk privately. Audra told Tucker she had said all she had to say to him. Tucker told Audra he was relieved she had not flown to Paris, which meant something to him. Audra ignored Tucker and asked Nate to accompany her to the Athletic Club for a drink. Tucker slumped into Nate's chair after Nate and Audra left together.

Tucker was consoling himself at the bar when Sally entered. Tucker asked Sally to talk to him about Audra, but she made it clear she would not betray her friend's confidence. Tucker told Sally he wanted to ensure he had not blown his relationship with Audra. Sally replied, "I don't think you have." Tucker, noting Audra's connection with Nate, cried that circumstances had conspired against him and Audra. Tucker soberly professed his love for Audra and said that if she was attempting to make him jealous, she had succeeded. Sally said she believed there was hope for Tucker and Audra if he could manage to get his act together.

Nate escorted Audra to the Athletic Club. Audra thanked Nate for being patient all the times she had not taken his warnings about Tucker to heart. Nate replied, "Well, it's better late than never." Audra vowed not to let Tucker take advantage of her any longer, vowing it was time to let him go. Audra invited Nate to join her for a nightcap in her suite. In her room, Audra served Nate a glass of Tucker's expensive scotch. Audra said that enjoying Tucker's scotch was better than her original plan of pouring it down the drain in spite. Nate suggested he and Audra stop talking about Tucker.

Tucker knocked on Audra's door. Audra asked Nate to open the door. Audra stood beside Nate after he opened the door. Nate informed Tucker that Audra had invited him to join her. Tucker told Audra they needed to talk. Nate replied, "I think she's made it clear she has no interest in speaking to you." Nate told Tucker that whatever had happened between him and Audra had convinced her that she wanted nothing more to do with him. After Nate slammed the door, Nate and Audra clinked their glasses together. Tucker leaned against the wall and appeared downcast.

Summer was sitting in her suite at the Athletic Club, working, when Claire stopped by. Summer opened the door and sarcastically congratulated Claire on her new job. Claire replied that she had not accepted the position and wanted to discuss why. Summer and Claire retreated to the jazz lounge to talk. Claire acknowledged that Summer had suffered after Jordan had kidnapped Harrison, and she apologized for the trauma she had inflicted on Summer's family. Claire told Summer she was grateful that Harrison did not blame her for the trauma he had experienced.

Summer acknowledged that Harrison was fond of Claire, though she did not believe it was healthy for Harrison to be around Claire. Claire stressed that she cared about Harrison and yearned to be supportive. Summer told Claire that though everyone else seemed ready to let go of the horrible things Claire had done to them, Summer could not. Claire explained that she yearned to make up for all the bad she had done. Summer replied, "Claire, you lied to my family. For months, you pretended to be someone else. You tricked my grandma. You held her hostage. You destroyed her sobriety. You poisoned my dad and my grandpa. People could have died because of you."

Claire did not deny what she had done. Summer asked Claire if she would allow someone who had done those things to care for her own child. Claire assured Summer she was a different person and would not be a threat to Harrison or anyone else. Summer replied, "I just don't believe that."

Cole makes a shocking discovery

Cole makes a shocking discovery

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Chelsea arrived at Adam's apartment and chirped that they'd received a nice surprise from Connor's team that morning. Adam assumed that Connor's request for a video call meant their son was getting better. They sat down on the couch and initiated the call. Connor appeared on the screen, and Adam asked how things were going. "No, no! What are you doing? You can't call now!" Connor cried, and he slammed his computer shut.

As Adam prepared to call Connor's team to find out what was going on, Connor called back. Chelsea asked if he was okay, and Connor complained that they'd called at 9:13, which had been too soon. Connor explained that the number 13 had been in the time, and the numbers had also added up to 13. He griped that his parents couldn't see how bad that was, and Adam recognized that they hadn't considered it. Chelsea figured that they'd been so excited to talk to Connor that they'd jumped the gun, and Adam promised they wouldn't do it again.

Adam asked how therapy was going, and Connor forlornly indicated that it wasn't great. Connor vaguely referred to stuff he was dealing with that week, and he called it no big deal. He eventually confided that it had to do with memories and feelings, but he didn't want to talk about it. Chelsea suspected that he did, or he wouldn't have asked them to call. Adam swore that they wanted to listen and help. Connor protested that he didn't know if anyone could, but Adam urged him to try.

Connor recounted that during therapy, he'd started having bad thoughts about how everyone would be happier if he wasn't around. Chelsea and Adam insisted it wasn't true. Connor revealed that his OCD told him they were only saying that because they were supposed to, but he felt that he was a bad person who was useless. Chelsea inquired whether Connor's team was helping him. Connor responded that they had some ideas, and he was trying. He wished he could just be normal and not be that much trouble for everyone. He added that he was sorry he wasn't a better son.

Adam insisted that Connor's OCD was telling lies. Adam continued that he should be the one apologizing for not being a better father. Chelsea stated that nothing Connor was going through was his fault, and it pained her to think he felt he had to be perfect for them to love him. Chelsea assured Connor that there was nothing he could do or say to ever make them stop loving him. Connor cried that he didn't want to make them sad anymore. Adam was adamant that Connor didn't, and all they cared about was making things better for him.

Connor blurted out that the call had made things worse, and he had to go. Over Adam and Chelsea's protests, Connor abruptly said goodbye and hung up. Adam called Connor's facility to make sure the staff would keep a close eye on Connor to make sure he was all right. Chelsea thanked him for handling it, since she would have been a mess if she'd done it. She bemoaned that their son was really suffering, and it had ripped her heart out to hear Connor say he felt useless. Adam agreed that Connor had sounded hopeless, but Chelsea vowed not to give up on the boy.

Adam worried that Connor wasn't getting any better and might be getting worse. Chelsea questioned what their alternative was, and she pondered whether they'd been hoping for too much too soon. Adam told her that she didn't have to stick around, since he'd probably just drag her down. He encouraged her to spend time with Billy, but she reported that her beau was away on a business trip.

Chelsea commended Billy for being supportive and understanding, but she felt bad that she was constantly unloading her problems on him. She asked if Adam had been bombarding Sally with the details of every bad call or issue Connor had, and Adam admitted that he'd tried not to. Chelsea recalled that Adam had said there would be moments they needed to reassure one another, and she thought that was one of them.

Chelsea looked through a photo album, fondly reminiscing about happier times as a family. Adam struggled to pinpoint which moment had started causing Connor's problems, noting that they'd always been able to make him feel better. Chelsea recalled checking under Connor's bed at night for monsters and assuring him he was safe. Adam wondered how they'd ever know when they'd stopped keeping the monsters away. Chelsea thought they had to hope and pray that Connor could fight the monsters off himself. They pledged to always be there to help Connor, and Adam put a comforting arm around Chelsea.

Over breakfast at the Athletic Club, Audra concluded that she'd been right about Nate being interested in her as more than just a friend. Nate admitted that it had been below the surface for a while, but either the timing had been bad for him, or Tucker had been there. Audra insisted that ship had sailed, and all she could say was, "Bon voyage." She rolled her eyes when Tucker appeared in the foyer and approached their table. Tucker sarcastically commented that a "public morning-after breakfast" was subtle, and he wondered if it was for his benefit. Ashley watched them from across the room.

Tucker voiced surprise that Audra and Nate weren't hand-feeding one another, and he requested that the server pour chocolate over the couple's strawberries and put it on his tab. Nate began to intervene, but Audra stopped him, grousing that Tucker always threw a tantrum when he didn't get what he wanted. Audra crowed that Tucker couldn't ruin her mood after the glorious night she'd just had. Tucker guessed he knew why she hadn't accepted his marriage proposal.

Audra reminded Tucker that she didn't believe in marriage, and he hardly understood her if he was making it all about himself. Tucker contended that whatever she'd felt for him had obviously been conditional, and she'd loved him as long as she'd gotten to go to Paris. He accused her of never being in it 100 percent and of cutting and running at the first sign of trouble. Audra questioned whether he was serious after all the times he'd strung her along, only to pull the rug out from underneath her.

Tucker regretted how he'd handled the drama with Ashley, but he condemned Audra for considering his deference to his son to be a rejection of her. Audra retorted that she'd told him she wasn't going to marry him or anyone else, but he'd thought he could change her mind and force everything with no regard to what she wanted. She thought it was even more reason ending their relationship was a good idea. Tucker warned that she'd never have anything to do with Glissade again. Audra stormed off, and Nate followed.

With her "Ms. Abbott" alter in control, Ashley approached Tucker. "You want to come with me?" she beckoned. In the jazz lounge, Tucker thought he shouldn't be around anyone -- especially not Ashley. Ashley surmised that he thought she was a nutcase. Tucker clarified that he just wasn't in the mood. Ashley mentioned that she'd seen Nate with Audra, and she concluded that it was all falling apart for Tucker. Tucker stressed that he needed time to think.

Ashley clucked that Tucker thought too much, and she contended that they were similar in that they were crazy when love was involved. She figured that they both found people who they thought could fix everything, but when that didn't happen, their worlds fell apart. Tucker reiterated that he should go, but Ashley pointed out that the club wouldn't be open for hours, so they'd have privacy. She invited him to have a seat, relax, and chat. Inside Ashley's head, Belle worriedly asked, "Oh, no! Are you going to kill Tucker right now?"

Ashley retrieved a bottle of wine from the bar. Tucker protested that it was early in the day, and she asked when he'd become such a puritan. She complained that people were arbitrary in their beliefs about what was acceptable behavior, and it was why they had begun to deem her radioactive. Ashley implored Tucker to loosen up, and he asked if the wine was poison. She offered to take the first sip.

Ashley noted that Audra had really done a number on Tucker. Ashley bet that Tucker had thought he'd had the upper hand; however, Audra had pulled a fast one, and his heart was broken. Inside Ashley's head, Belle lectured that Ms. Abbott was too smart to kill Tucker, since people had seen Ashley slip down there with him. Ashley chugged her drink and assured Tucker it was perfectly safe. She added that if he was lucky, he would soon be feeling no pain.

Ashley's phone pinged, and she saw text messages from Traci and Alan. Tucker asked if the message was from Alan, but she indicated that Alan was on his way back to Europe. Ashley mentioned that Alan had told her that Tucker had been asking for information about her, and Tucker insisted that he'd done it out of concern. Ashley declared that Alan had given her a clean bill of mental health. In Ashley's head, Belle called Ms. Abbott a good liar, and she thought Tucker might actually believe it.

Ashley claimed that Alan had advised that just because she was unpredictable didn't mean she needed to be committed. Tucker inquired whether the psychologist had offered any observations or suggestions. Ashley thought Tucker could use some time on a shrink's couch, but he wouldn't be a good fit with Alan because it would be too messy. Tucker asked what she meant, and Ashley implied that Alan had wanted something more than friendship with her. Ashley pushed to know how that made Tucker feel, and he asked if it made a difference.

Ashley proclaimed that she'd tried, but she couldn't let go of the dream of her and Tucker conquering the world together. Ashley cooed that she knew Tucker still had feelings for her, and he was always trying to save and rescue her because he still loved her. Tucker urged her to concentrate on her own well-being, since he had something else to focus on. Ashley told him to forget about Audra because he needed a woman and not a little girl. Ashley asserted that she was his perfect partner. "Come with me. Let me show you how much I love you," she purred.

Tucker recalled that Ashley had been telling him she loved him one second and acting as if she'd be happy if he were gone the next. She chalked it up to being tied up in knots over losing him, wanting to be with him but afraid of getting hurt and upsetting her family. Ashley swore that she'd put it all behind her, but Tucker was skeptical that she'd found clarity after a few conversations with Alan. Ashley contended that she and Tucker had been through fire to get to where they were right then. She added that she wanted a real life with him, and she added that she knew he wanted it, too.

In Chancellor Park, Nate found it interesting that Audra had allowed Tucker to believe that she and Nate had spent the night together. Audra figured that Tucker had deserved it after all the times he'd jerked her around. Audra swore that she'd had a wonderful night with Nate, and she wondered if he was angry that she'd let Tucker think whatever he wanted. Nate opined that bullies and egomaniacs like Tucker needed to be put in their place sometimes. Audra cautioned that Nate would be on Tucker's target list, but Nate was more concerned about Tucker going after her. Audra confirmed that it was in Tucker's nature to seek revenge when he felt he'd been wronged, and she planned to stay one step ahead of him.

Nate called Audra smart to walk away from Tucker. She contemplated why she'd thought Tucker would change, but Nate asserted that it wasn't her problem anymore. Audra wondered if Nate had work to do, but he told her he still had time. She groaned that she had nothing but time, and Nate inquired whether Tucker had been serious about cutting her out of Glissade. Audra predicted that Tucker would sooner blow the company up than let her take credit or reap any rewards. Nate asked if she had options, and she questioned whether he was offering her back her job at Chancellor-Winters.

Nate imagined Devon, Lily, and Jill would object to taking Audra back after the way she'd duped them the last time. Nate asked if making a move for Glissade was still on the table. Audra opted not to make any decisions until she had time to process everything, but she anticipated it wouldn't be long because she wasn't the type that sat around waiting for something to happen. Nate pointed out that Tucker might get over it and realize he couldn't do the job without her. Audra recounted that she and Tucker had worked as a team whether they'd been sleeping together or not. She said that time was different, and it was finally time to say goodbye.

Nate remarked that Tucker had been part of Audra's life for many years, and he imagined it might be hard to let go. Audra maintained that it was time to move on, and Nate volunteered to be there for her for whatever she needed. Audra wondered why he'd been there for her when she hadn't been a great friend to him. He called it a new day with new beginnings. "I'll drink to that," she replied. Audra reflected on all the times she'd tried to encourage the bad side of him, when it turned out she'd wanted the good side all along.

At the Newman ranch, Victor carried a serving tray into the living room, and Cole wished him a good morning. Cole explained that he'd been down at the stables, making arrangements for Claire's first riding lesson. Cole inquired whether there had been any word from Nikki, and Victor reported that she was progressing well. Cole noted that Victor was living at the ranch by himself, and he queried who the tray was for.

Cole thought he smelled Brussels sprouts, and Victor claimed he was feeding their leftovers from the night before to the horses. Cole commented that it was fancier than what they'd fed the horses when he'd worked in the stables -- especially when Victor Newman delivered them on a tray. Cole offered to help with the feeding, but Victor said it relaxed him to do it. Victor prompted Cole to cut to the chase and share what he wanted to know. Cole was confident that Victor was hiding something, but he didn't know what or why. Cole added that every time he talked with Victor, he felt like he wasn't getting the whole truth.

Victor recalled that he'd invited Cole into his home and given him the run of the place. Cole said he appreciated it, but Victor huffed that Cole had a strange way of showing it. Cole asked where Victor kept disappearing to. Victor warned that Cole would soon become an unwelcome guest if he kept questioning Victor. Cole defended that Claire was living there, and he wanted to make sure she was safe. Victor insisted that he wanted the same thing, and he brusquely told Cole to have a nice day. Cole cautioned that he was even more suspicious that Victor was hiding something. "I said goodbye," Victor coldly stated.

In the cellar, Jordan whimpered that it stank in there, and she called Victor a bastard. She spat that he knew Brussels sprouts made her want to vomit, and she vowed that he wouldn't break her. She resolved to find a way out of there. "How did this happen to me?" Jordan wailed.

Later, Victor dropped off another tray of Brussels sprouts and observed that Jordan hadn't finished the ones from the day before. Jordan hissed that she hated them, but Victor enthused that they were full of vitamins and fiber. He threw some sprouts at her, and she demanded that he get her real food. Victor barked that she didn't decide what she got, since he determined what and when she ate. Jordan cackled and chugged from her bottle of liquor.

Victor chided Jordan for drinking at that hour, and she groused that she didn't even know what day it was. She asked how long she'd been down there. Victor growled that it hadn't been nearly long enough to pay for what she'd done to his wife and family. Jordan referred to the special assignment Victor had for her, and she argued that he had to let her out to do whatever it was. Jordan begged him to release her, and Victor imagined it was how Nikki had begged for help and mercy after Jordan had pumped alcohol into Nikki's veins.

Jordan said she was sorry, but Victor snapped that it wasn't good enough. Jordan offered to apologize to Nikki in person, and she swore she would grovel or do anything to get out of there. Victor taunted that he loved to hear her beg, and he popped a Brussels sprout into his mouth. Jordan groaned in disgust, but she jumped when he intentionally clattered the serving tray. Victor departed, and Jordan continued to yell that she was sorry.

Cole covertly watched as Victor emerged from the cellar with the serving tray. After Victor was out of sight, Cole opened the cellar door and crept down the stairs. His jaw dropped when he saw Jordan curled up on the cot in her cell.

Cole is shocked to find Jordan locked in the wine cellar

Cole is shocked to find Jordan locked in the wine cellar

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

At Crimson Lights, Jack left a voicemail asking Traci to let him know if she heard from their sister. As Jack turned to leave, he smacked into Devon. Devon said that he had been distracted by work. Jack asked Devon how things had been since Billy had returned to Chancellor-Winters. Devon replied that it had been "exciting," and Jack asked what Billy had "done now."

Devon confessed that he had not being "seeing eye to eye" with Billy. Jack was surprised when Devon said that Jill had given all her power to Billy. Devon told Jack that Billy wanted to "rebrand the company" and add Abbott to its name.

Devon said that Billy had been so focused on his "power grab" that Billy hadn't cared about how things would affect other people. Devon said that Billy thrived on conflict, and he asked if Jack could get Billy to "relax." Jack said that it was a big deal that Jill had put her trust in Billy, and he believed that everyone at the company would find their "way through this." Jack said that Billy was probably feeling unaccepted and undervalued. Jack advised Devon to "think of what Neil would do" to figure out what to do next.

Jordan lay passed out in her dirty cell when Cole woke her up, asking what was going on. Jordan jumped up and asked Cole to release her. Jordan asked if she was hallucinating or if Cole was really there. Cole was clearly shocked and looked confusedly around the room. Cole told Jordan that everyone thought she had drowned. Jordan said that Victor had "set everything up" so he could lock Jordan up and gloat at her misery. Jordan demanded that Cole help her escape. Jordan said that she had been "reformed." Jordan begged Cole to at least call the cops if he didn't want to help her break out.

Cole said that he needed "time to think," and he left. Cole, looking overwhelmed, walked back to the living room, where Victoria and Claire wanted to tell him about grooming the horse. Claire talked about how much she loved the stables, and Cole looked off distractedly. Claire and Victoria noticed Cole had not been paying attention and asked what was wrong. When Cole got ready to answer, Victor walked in. Cole asked if Victoria and Claire wanted to get lunch.

At Society, Claire and Victoria continued to talk about the horses, and Cole spaced out. Claire asked what Cole's favorite thing about working in the stables had been. When Cole didn't answer, Victoria said that he seemed "a million miles away." Cole apologized and asked what Claire wanted to do after she mastered horseback riding. Claire said that she wanted to get a job and mentioned that "if Kyle had his way," she'd become Harrison's nanny. Victoria said that that would be a great fit. Claire said that she had turned down Kyle's offer because it would not be "fair to Summer." Victoria said that Summer was just refusing to get to know Claire. Claire said that she hoped Summer would open up eventually, but Claire wasn't going to "push it."

Claire told her parents that she had settled on working with kids for her career and was considering getting a master's degree in early childhood education. Victoria asked for more information as Cole zoned out, thinking about what Jordan had said to him earlier from her cell. Cole excused himself and went outside to make a call. Cole called Michael and asked how soon they could meet.

In Chancellor Park, Nate and Audra ate ice cream. Audra said that if she "had been paying attention," she would have noticed Nate instead of focusing on Tucker. Nate suggested that Audra was "still searching for something." Nate reminded Audra that she had arrived in Genoa City to "take it by storm," and he wondered what had been behind her "drive." Audra said that her agenda had been Tucker's, but Nate said that she had also been driven "by heartbreak."

Audra said that her breakup with Noah Newman had been "a lifetime ago." Nate speculated that the breakup had caused Audra to put up "walls." Audra asked if they were really talking about Noah, or if Nate was referring to his own breakup with Victoria. Nate said that he had used "ambition as a distraction" after both of his most recent breakups. Audra said that ambition had been more of an "aphrodisiac" with Nate and Victoria. Nate asked if Audra's relationship with Tucker had been like that or if it had been more "transactional." Nate told Audra that he hoped she had finally had a "wake-up call" with Tucker because everything Tucker did was "transactional." Audra suggested that she was talking to Nate because of transactional things like the ice cream and job prospects.

Nate said that Audra had not been "working" him for a job. Audra conceded that she would never be accepted back at Chancellor-Winters. Nate said that he thought Audra was "up to something" with Glissade. Audra was coy and said that she always landed on her feet. Nate pointed out that Audra was spending time with him because she wanted to and not because there was anything Nate could do for her career. Nate told Audra that he knew they were just friends. As Audra wiped ice cream off Nate's lip, Lily approached with a concerned expression.

After exchanging pleasantries with Nate and Audra, Lily asked if Nate would be joining their work call. When Nate said that he would be, Lily, with a cold expression, told him not to be late and walked away. Audra said that Lily clearly did not like Audra. Nate asked if the ice cream had spoiled Audra's appetite, because he wanted to have lunch with her later. Audra said that she would "be delighted."

At Chancellor-Winters, Lily told Devon that she had run into Nate and Audra "looking very flirty" in the park. Devon advised Lily not to worry about Nate. Lily reminded Devon that Nate and Audra had both schemed against Chancellor-Winters before and suggested they might be teaming up to hurt the company. Devon said that Nate would not ruin his "second chance" at the company over Audra. Lily said that she didn't know if she could trust Nate's "instincts" if he was interested in Audra.

Nate entered, and Lily said that she was sure Nate "could understand" why Lily wouldn't like the idea of Nate and Audra "getting cozy." Nate said that he had just been offering Audra support, and he wouldn't be offering her a job at Chancellor-Winters. Devon said that he hoped Audra wasn't trying to involve Nate in any drama with Tucker. Nate said that Audra had broken up with Tucker.

At the jazz lounge, Ashley told Tucker that he was "wounded." Ashley asked Tucker to forgive and trust her. Ashley started touching Tucker and asked him to let her remind him how good they had been together. Tucker pushed Ashley off with a patronizing smile. Tucker said that Ashley was not herself and had been "ping-ponging back and forth" with wanting to be with Tucker. Ashley admitted that she had been "volatile," but she couldn't walk away from her "soul mate." Tucker reiterated that something was "seriously wrong" with Ashley.

Ashley accused Tucker of convincing himself that something was wrong with Ashley to ignore his feelings for her. Tucker asked Ashley to stop deflecting and see that everyone in her life had been trying to help her. Ashley said that being apart from Tucker was not helping her. Tucker again told Ashley that she needed help.

Ashley called Tucker a coward and said that he'd run to Audra as a "rebound chick." Ashley taunted Tucker about Audra's refusal of his marriage proposal. Ashley said that Audra could never give Tucker what Ashley could.

Tucker said that Ashley was not going to provoke him by talking about Audra or "dissuade" him from his position that something was wrong with Ashley. Ashley wrapped her arms around Tucker and asked what she could do to convince Tucker that she was fine. Tucker said that Ashley needed to "see a legitimate therapist." Tucker asked if he was "speaking to Ashley right now."

Ashley was angry and asked what Tucker was talking about. Tucker said that other people had been worrying about her, too. Tucker accused Ashley of sending Alan away because she had been afraid Alan would "find out" about her. Ashley told Tucker to "save the BS." Tucker said that "the real Ashley would want to get help." Ashley stormed off as Tucker yelled after her. In Ashley's head, the Belle persona told the Ms. Abbott persona to let go of control. Ashley passed out.

At the Abbott mansion, Traci asked Alan what else they could do for Ashley. Traci recounted how Ashley had dodged the therapy appointment they'd been to. Alan said that things with Ashley had been "a lot to process." Jack walked in and asked if Traci and Alan had spoken with Ashley. Alan said that he had not seen Ashley since they had had "a misunderstanding" the day before. Traci told Jack that Ashley might be worse than they thought.

Alan explained Ashley's behavior from the day before when she had seemed unable to remember the namesake of Chancellor Park. Alan said that Ashley had tried to kiss him and "became petulant" when he had resisted her advances. Alan said that he'd followed Ashley home and "witnessed a pretty profound personality shift." Ashley had told Alan that their friendship was over and had left. Traci said that neither she nor Alan had heard from Ashley since. Jack asked if Ashley could have "felt rejected."

Alan said that Tucker had mentioned noticing Ashley's "personality shifts" and that Ashley had "referred to herself in the third person." Alan suggested that Ashley had created "different personas" to protect herself. Traci and Jack wondered what Ashley might need protecting from.

Alan asked when Jack and Traci had first noticed changes in Ashley. Jack said that it had been when Ashley had returned from Paris. Alan said that he couldn't imagine that the different personas could be the "result of a breakup." Traci asked if it was possible that Ashley could have a recurrence of a brain tumor. Alan said that he didn't think the symptoms aligned with a tumor and speculated that a "more traumatic" event had occurred. Traci asked how they would be able to figure out what else could have happened when Ashley was refusing to talk to anyone.

Cole seeks assistance from Michael

Cole seeks assistance from Michael

Thursday, May 23, 2024

At the coffeehouse, Cole flashed back to talking to Jordan in the wine cellar. Michael approached and snapped Cole out of his memories. Cole said that he needed to hire Michael as his attorney to maintain confidentiality. Cole gave Michael a dollar, and Cole asked what Michael knew about Victor and Jordan. After Michael recounted what he knew about Jordan's "death," Cole told Michael that Jordan was alive. Cole told Michael that Victor was keeping Jordan "in a dungeon at the main house." Michael sighed and muttered, "Damn, damn, damn, damn."

Michael was frustrated that he had believed Victor's story about Jordan. Cole said that he had noticed how strange Victor had been acting, so Cole had followed Victor and slipped down to the basement after Victor had departed. Cole reported that Jordan had thought he was a hallucination, and she had begged him to help her. Cole said that he understood Victor's motivation, but he said that Victor had not gone about dealing with Jordan the right way. Michael agreed that Jordan belonged in a "proper prison." Cole said that he had sought out Michael for advice because Cole didn't want to get Victor into trouble.

Michael said that "the legal ramifications would be enormous" if anyone found out what Victor had done. Cole said that Jordan had been very confused, and he surmised that no one would believe Jordan's story if she got out. Michael told Cole that Victor would never listen to them, so they would have to "do the dirty work" of putting Jordan in a real jail themselves.

Michael said that he didn't understand what Victor had been thinking. Cole said that "no one else should suffer" because of what Jordan had done. Cole said that he might have an idea for how to get Jordan out of the cell while keeping Victor out of trouble.

In her cage, Jordan scrounged for something to help her escape. As she was trying to use a bed spring to jimmy the lock, Victor approached the door to the wine cellar and noticed it had been left ajar. When he got downstairs, Victor taunted Jordan about trying to escape. Victor asked if Jordan had had a visitor. Jordan played dumb and reminded Victor that the world thought she was dead. Jordan told Victor that he had won, and she asked him to kill her. Victor said that he wouldn't kill Jordan as long as she was "amusing" him.

At the tack house, Victoria and Claire chatted about their lunch and horseback riding session. Claire said that Cole had seemed distracted and tense with Victor before lunch. Victoria agreed and said that Cole suspected Victor had been involved in Jordan's demise. Claire asked what Victoria thought.

Nikki returned home from rehab but didn't find Victor. Nikki went to the tack house, and Victoria welcomed her back with a hug. Nikki, looking vibrant, said that her counselors had released her early. Nikki said that she felt "such a sense of freedom." Claire asked if Victor had been excited that Nikki was home. Nikki said that she hadn't been able to locate him.

Nikki asked what she had missed while she had been gone. Claire said that she had been gearing up for horseback riding lessons, and Claire asked Nikki to give her some lessons, too.

Nikki answered the door when she heard Victor outside the house. They hugged, and Victor asked if Nikki had left the facility too soon. Nikki said that she was allowed to do aftercare, and nothing would "threaten" her recovery, since Jordan was gone.

At the jazz lounge, Tucker revived Ashley after she passed out. When she awoke, Ashley told Tucker not to touch her. Ashley asked what they were doing at the jazz lounge. Ashley wobbled, and Tucker forced her to sit down. Tucker told Ashley that she had passed out, and he asked if she could remember what had happened beforehand.

Ashley asked Tucker to leave her alone. Tucker insisted that he take Ashley home. Tucker said that Ashley was "in trouble" and "scared" and that it was okay for her to ask for help. Ashley relented.

At the Abbott mansion, Alan, Jack, and Traci speculated about what could have happened to Ashley in Paris after Tucker had left her there. Jack was surprised to find out that Alan thought Ashley's "trauma" could have happened that long before.

Traci said that when Ashley had gotten home from Paris, Ashley had seemed like herself. Traci wondered if something could have happened to Ashley when she had returned to Paris with Traci to interview the waitstaff at the café. Traci said that she thought Ashley's mood swings had started after the second trip. Alan said that their theory was plausible, and Traci started to beat herself up for having left Ashley in Paris alone. Alan said that it would be "up to Ashley" to get help. Alan said that it was imperative they connect to the "real" Ashley to find out what had happened.

Alan said that once they could "deal with the underlying issues," Ashley's alters would subside. Alan advised that Ashley would need therapy in a "controlled setting," and Traci asked if Alan meant that they should put Ashley in a psychiatric hospital. Alan said that he could recommend many good places in Europe.

As Alan prepared to leave, Ashley and Tucker arrived. Tucker told Jack and Traci that Ashley had collapsed at the jazz lounge. Ashley said that she didn't remember what had happened. Tucker recounted that Ashley had asked him for another chance and drunk one glass of wine. Tucker urged Ashley to be honest with herself and her family.

Ashley, looking exhausted, said that she assumed Tucker was telling the truth about what had happened. Ashley started crying, and Alan asked if he could speak to Ashley alone. Tucker turned to go, and Ashley thanked him for knowing she'd needed to be with her family. Ashley apologized for having hurt Jack and Traci, and they left.

Outside, Traci told Jack that they had Tucker "to thank" for having Ashley back home. Jack refused and said that Tucker was "in part" to blame for Ashley's situation. Traci worried that Ashley would be overwhelmed by the potential diagnosis of dissociative identity disorder. Jack said that he didn't know how Ashley would cope, either.

Ashley's head began ringing, and the voices inside called her "weak." Ashley yelled, "Stop it!" Alan asked who Ashley had been talking to. Ashley said that she didn't know, and she begged Alan to help her. Alan explained that he thought Ashley was suffering from dissociative identity disorder. Ashley said that Alan could not be right because she hadn't experienced any recent trauma. Alan said that Ashley was "blocking it." Ashley said that if Alan wanted to put her in a facility, she would not go. Alan suggested that Ashley return to Paris with him, and they could find the truth together.

At the Athletic Club, Tucker flashed back to previous conversations with Ashley. Tucker received a call from Jean-Jacques, who asked if Tucker would be attending any meetings that were scheduled with Audra. Tucker asked if Audra was in Paris.

Victor catches Michael and Cole in the wine cellar

Victor catches Michael and Cole in the wine cellar

Friday, May 24, 2024

At the tack house, Victoria and Claire chatted about Nikki's return. Victoria said that Jordan would be "rotting in hell," and the Newmans would be living "happy and successful lives." Victoria said that dealing with Jordan had been worth it, since they had all found Claire. As Cole entered the living room, he received a text from Michael saying to "stay close."

Victoria and Claire asked what was going on with Cole. Claire said that it was "getting harder to pretend" that something wasn't amiss. Claire asked if Cole was needed back at work. Victoria and Claire agreed that they would hate it if Cole needed to go back to Oxford.

Cole said that he had no intention of going anywhere. Victoria said that Cole seemed preoccupied and jumpy. Cole said that he just had "a lot on [his] mind." Victoria asked if Cole still suspected Victor had been complicit in Jordan's death. Cole asked why it even mattered what had happened "if Jordan is really gone." Claire picked up on the "if" and asked if Cole was doubting that Jordan had died. Cole said that he did not believe Jordan was out there and going to hurt them again. Cole suggested that they all "take a deep breath and count [their] blessings."

Victoria and Claire started talking about horse riding. Claire asked if Victoria and Cole could start giving Claire a lesson right then. Cole's phone pinged with a message from Michael that said, "Time to move." Cole said that he would need to postpone because he has something to "take care of." Victoria said that Cole was being "the man of mystery." Cole promised he'd meet them at the stables as soon as he could, and he left. Victoria looked after him quizzically.

At the stables, Victoria and Claire discussed the horse. Victoria said that Claire would learn to ride because Claire had "all excellent teachers." Claire said that she wondered what she could have learned from her parents if Jordan hadn't kidnapped her. Victoria recounted that she had "felt so empty" when she had thought Claire had died. Victoria said that they couldn't take their mother-daughter time for granted, and she wanted to "cherish every single minute of it."

Victoria looked at her phone, and Claire asked if Victoria was worried about Cole. Victoria replied that she just thought Cole had been very "preoccupied." Claire teased Victoria that there wasn't "another woman" to worry about. Claire said that Victoria was "hooked" on Cole.

After Claire teased Victoria some more, Victoria tried to change the subject. Claire said that she couldn't help but notice something was going on with her parents. Victoria confessed that her connection to Cole had been "growing." Victoria said that Claire was the main focus. Claire said that she appreciated their attention, but she wanted her parents to start focusing on themselves.

At the Newman ranch, Michael welcomed Nikki home. Nikki told Michael how grateful she was that Lauren had stepped in at Newman. Nikki said that she owed Lauren lunch, and Michael suggested that Nikki and Victor go to lunch with Lauren and Michael immediately.

Victor said that Nikki needed to time to "settle in" at home. Nikki said that she was "starving" and wanted to go to lunch. Michael pretended that he needed to finish up some contracts for Victor, and he said that he would meet them at Society. After Nikki and Victor departed, Michael hurried down the hall and tried to find the secret panel to the wine cellar. Cole arrived and showed Michael the correct panel. As they entered, they walked by a sensor that had been placed on the wall.

At Society, Nick and Phyllis asked how Summer and Harrison had been doing. Summer said that things had gotten better, but the therapist said that it was "a process." Phyllis and Nick didn't believe that Summer was as good as she had recounted. Summer tried to change the subject, but her parents insisted on knowing what was on Summer's mind. Summer said that Harrison had been "worried sick" about Claire and had still been having nightmares. Summer wished she could make Claire disappear from their lives.

Summer said that it was not unreasonable for her to want to avoid Claire. Nick said that he understood, but he said that since Claire and Harrison liked each other so much, it might be nice for them to spend a little time together. Summer said that Nick sounded "exactly like Kyle." Summer argued that Claire was not "entitled" to a job. Phyllis said that if Summer wasn't ready to trust Claire, Summer shouldn't be pressured by her family to do so.

Nick surmised that Summer was taking out her "rage" on Claire because Summer couldn't "take it out on the real villain." Nick said that he really didn't think Claire was a threat and that Harrison was probably picking up on Summer's anger. Summer argued that she couldn't "fake it" with Claire. Summer said that she had had "an instinct" about Claire long before the kidnapping. Nick said that Harrison's "instinct" had been to trust Claire. Nick encouraged Summer to let go of her fear and anger, since Jordan was gone.

Victor and Nikki arrived at Society and greeted Nick and Summer. Nikki suggested that they all eat lunch together with Lauren and Michael. Victor's phone pinged, and he abruptly tried to leave. Nikki questioned what Victor was doing, and he insisted it was a "simple business matter."

Nikki told Summer, Nick, and Phyllis that Victor was "being mysterious." Nikki asked about Harrison and said that she wanted to visit him the next day. Nick and Summer commented on how wonderful Nikki looked, and Phyllis asked, "What's your secret?" Nikki replied, "Alcoholism."

Nikki said that she had just gotten back from rehab. Phyllis said that it was great that Nikki had taken care of herself and done right by her family. Phyllis said, "Congratulations, welcome home," and Nikki smiled. Summer left the restaurant, and Nikki asked how Summer had really been doing. Phyllis said that they had tried their best to help Summer, and Nick said that there was "some residual rage" left for Summer to work through. Nikki said that she understood Summer's pain at having to watch Harrison suffer.

Phyllis asked Nikki to tell them about Claire. Nick admonished Phyllis, but she said that she wasn't trying to attack Claire. Phyllis said that Nikki would be the one entitled to "hold a grudge" against Claire, but Nikki wasn't doing that. Nikki admitted that she had had reservations about Claire initially, but she'd gotten past them. Nikki said that Claire was a "very sweet, caring person." Nikki said that Summer would eventually see the good in Claire, since Jordan was out of their lives "forever."

Back at the Newman ranch, Michael looked around the wine cellar in shock. Jordan popped up from her cot and demanded to know why Cole and Michael were there. Michael said that Jordan was lucky Cole had "a conscience." Michael said that they were there to take Jordan to a real prison. Victor arrived and said, "I'll be damned if I allow that to happen."

At Chancellor Park, Kyle was trying to explain to Harrison why chickens couldn't fly. Harrison spotted a woman across the park who was wearing a hat and glasses. Harrison drew close to Kyle and said that "the witch" was back. The woman walked by, and Kyle reassured Harrison that Jordan was gone for good. Harrison asked Kyle why Summer didn't like Claire.

Harrison worried that Summer thought he liked Claire more than Summer. Kyle said that Summer had just been so scared when Harrison had been gone that it was "taking her a little time" to stop worrying. Harrison asked if they could call Claire and invite her to the carnival.

At the stables, Claire's phone rang, and she answered Kyle's call. Kyle said that Harrison wanted Claire to ride the Ferris wheel with them. Claire said that she would love to see Harrison, but she didn't want to "cause any trouble."

Harrison was excited to see Claire arrive at the park. Kyle, Claire, and Harrison rode on the Ferris wheel. Harrison told Claire not to be scared. Claire giggled as the Ferris wheel started up. Summer arrived at the park and ran into Claire, Harrison, and Kyle. Harrison excitedly told Summer about the Ferris wheel.

Kyle filled Summer in on Harrison's "minor freakout" at the park earlier. Kyle said that Harrison had been doing better since Claire's arrival. Summer thanked Claire for "being there for Harrison." Claire said that Harrison was a great kid, and Summer said that she couldn't agree more. Summer told Claire that Harrison seemed happy that Claire was there and that that was the "most important thing." Summer suggested that they get together and discuss Claire seeing Harrison more regularly. Claire said that she would love that. Harrison threw his arms up and said, "Hooray!"

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