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Michael and Cole forced Victor to turn Jordan over to the authorities. After Diane threatened to leave Jack, he told Nikki that he could no longer be her sponsor. Claire became Harrison's nanny. Sally agreed to move in with Adam. Alan appeared not to recognize Tucker in Paris.
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Alan appeared not to recognize Tucker in Paris. Victor was forced to turn Jordan over to the authorities. Diane threatened to leave Jack, and he told Nikki he could no longer be her sponsor.
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Victor reluctantly agrees to Cole and Michael's plan

Victor reluctantly agrees to Cole and Michael's plan

Monday, May 27, 2024

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea and Adam eagerly anticipated an in-person visit with Connor. Chelsea mentioned Connor's confrontational reaction to his parents' recent phone call, but Adam noted that Connor's doctor had backed up his explanation regarding an obsession with time and numbers. Chelsea worried that she and Adam were making Connor's life more difficult. Nick approached and asked about the phone call with Connor. Adam claimed that the call had gone well, and Chelsea agreed. Nick replied, "Okay, I know you both better than that. How's he really doing?"

Chelsea told Nick about the distressing phone call. Adam said he and Chelsea were aware that Connor's recovery would be a struggle. Adam told Nick that he and Chelsea were hopeful about an upcoming visit with Connor. Nick assured Adam that family came before business. Nick assured Adam and Chelsea that Connor knew his parents were supporting his recovery.

After Adam left to meet up with Sally, Chelsea broke down and admitted to Nick that she was not doing well, despite reliance on psychiatric therapy she believed had made her strong and resilient. Nick explained that not only was Chelsea reliving her own experiences, but she was also feeling the same feelings as her son. Nick advised Chelsea to step back and allow Connor to work through his feelings on his own, so he could become stronger.

Chelsea thanked Nick for his support, adding that she had not had Billy to lean on because he was away on business. Chelsea credited Adam for becoming the more stable parent and a patient advocate after initially fighting the doctors and their methods at every turn. Nick admitted he'd never thought anyone would refer to Adam as a stable person. Chelsea checked her phone and realized she had missed a meeting with Summer. Chelsea admitted that she had not been helpful to her team. Nick suggested Chelsea take a leave of absence. Chelsea reminded Nick that she was the lead fashion designer. Nick suggested Chelsea select someone to step in and take her place.

At the Athletic Club, Adam caught Sally up on the latest about Connor and the upcoming in-person family therapy session. Sally learned that Adam and Chelsea would be away for a week or two. Sally assured Adam that the session would be an important step, and she encouraged him to take Connor his favorite soccer jersey and a gift from her. Adam praised Sally for being patient. Sally said she loved Connor.

Adam replied, "And I love you, so I need you to stop putting on a brave face, because I can tell something's wrong." Sally explained that she felt lost because she had never been so unsure about her future after realizing that switching to interior design had been a mistake. Sally admitted she missed fashion, believing it was part of her DNA. Adam assured Sally that it was never too late to start over. Sally kissed Adam, and he vowed to support her.

Adam returned to Crimson Lights to tell Chelsea that the Newman jet was ready. Chelsea told Adam she was considering taking a leave of absence from Marchetti, so she could focus on Connor. Chelsea told Adam she needed to find someone to cover for her. Adam asked Chelsea if she might consider Sally. Chelsea appeared relieved.

At the Abbott home, Jack and Traci entered through the front door and told Ashley they had taken a stroll. Traci, noticing that Alan was not present, asked Ashley where he was. Ashley said she had asked Alan to leave because her head was spinning. Jack offered to help Ashley think things through. Ashley informed Jack and Traci that Alan believed she was suffering from dissociative identity disorder, more commonly known as multiple personalities.

Ashley asked her siblings if she had interacted with them as someone exhibiting a completely different personality. Traci replied that Ashley's behavior had been confusing. Ashley, sounding desperate, asked Traci and Jack if she should commit herself. Traci was not in favor of committal, though she suggested Ashley seek treatment for her frightening blackouts. Jack recalled witnessing startling personality shifts they feared posed a danger. Neither Traci nor Jack was in favor of Ashley committing herself to the Fairview Psychiatric Hospital.

Ashley revealed to Jack and Traci that Alan believed she had suffered some type of trauma in Paris after the argument with Tucker. She said Alan explained that Ashley needed to recall what had happened before treatment could begin. Ashley apologized to Jack and Traci for having put them both through hell. As Jack was talking, Ashley heard a high-pitched tone in her head.

In her mind, Ashley confronted two of her alter personalities. The flirty, fun-loving personality explained that she, the bossy alter personality, and Ashley were like layers of an onion. Ashley cried, "You are the voices that have been tormenting me for months." The fun-loving personality accused the bossy one of attempting to murder someone. Ashley cried that her alter personalities were responsible for her blackouts. The bossy alter personality, addressing the fun one, replied, "Nice job, you stupid idiot. You're freaking her out."

The alter personalities addressed Ashley in unison and insisted they were protecting her, adding that she should not be the one in control. The fun-loving personality, dressed in red and wearing a headband, insisted that Ashley should not travel to Paris with Alan. Ashley cried that Jack had been right about something being wrong with her. Both alter personalities assured Ashley that their job was to protect her while she enjoyed a long nap.

The bossy alter personality insisted on taking charge of Ashley. The fun-loving personality insisted she could better deal with Alan because he had a thing for her. The bossy personality complained that everything had been under control until Tucker had awakened Ashley. Ashley asked the bossy personality why they had been with Tucker at the jazz lounge.

Ashley's bossy personality claimed she had been handling the situation. The fun-loving personality, initially addressing the bossy one and then Ashley, replied, "Now you just cool your jets, Miss Meany. Sweetheart, she's telling you the truth, though. You don't want to go to Paris. It won't be good what you find there. You could make things a lot worse."

Ashley snapped out of her encounter with her alter personalities and realized Traci had been trying to talk to her. Jack asked Ashley what had happened. Ashley, distraught, explained that she had gone to an incredibly strange place. Ashley cried that she was falling apart and was convinced she had to go to Paris to seek answers and force the voices to leave her head. Traci assured Ashley that Alan would help her every step of the way. Traci insisted on accompanying Ashley to give her love and support. Ashley asked Traci to pack while Jack readied the company jet. Though Jack and Traci protested, Ashley insisted on visiting Alan in person.

Traci phoned Alan to tell him that Ashley was on her way. Ashley entered Alan's suite at the Athletic Club. Alan told Traci on the phone that Ashley was with him. After Alan hung up, Ashley told him she was losing her "damn mind." Ashley told Alan about experiencing a blackout and finding herself in a bright white room with two versions of herself, one of which she described as a bitch and another who spoke with a Southern accent. Ashley told Alan that both of her alter personalities had insisted they should take over. Alan explained that that the "alters" believed they were protecting her, though their existence meant that something was terribly wrong. Alan suggested Ashley travel to Paris with him as soon as possible.

Victor confronted Cole and Michael as they stood outside the cell holding Jordan captive. Before the men could respond to Victor's question about what they were doing, Jordan replied, "Saving me from you, you monster." Victor glared at Jordan and replied, "Over my dead body." Michael told Victor that as Victor's lawyer and friend, he had to intervene. Cole took all the blame, noting that he had been suspicious and put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Jordan cried, "They're my angels of mercy. They're going to get me the hell out of here." After Victor ordered Michael and Cole to follow him upstairs, Jordan began hyperventilating, crying that she had almost been freed and saved from dying a slow death. Jordan, kneeling on the floor, bracing her elbows on the mattress, cried, "It's all slipping away again."

In the Newman living room, Michael and Cole informed Victor that they would both be implicated as accomplices to his crime. Victor replied, "What crime?" Michael said, "Kidnapping, illegal imprisonment, intent to cause harm, all felonies with hefty sentences." Victor declared his intentions to keep Jordan imprisoned, yelling, "I want that woman to rot in hell."

Victor ordered Cole and Michael to leave and not say a word, but both men refused. Victor cried that Jordan had nearly killed the love of his life and had harmed his beloved family. Cole, noting that Jordan would spend the rest of her life in prison, impressed on Victor that his inhumane treatment of her was wrong. Cole warned that Nikki and Victoria would eventually uncover his secret.

Victor recalled the number of times Jordan had escaped, noting that each time, guards and inmates had been killed. Victor insisted that Jordan was where she belonged. Michael told Victor he would be haunted if he let Jordan die, adding that Victor might even face spending the rest of his life in prison. Cole noted that Jordan had endured enough torture. Victor asked Michael and Cole about their plan. Michael replied that because Jordan, a known arsonist, had escaped from prison, she would be incarcerated in a secure facility better prepared to contain her. Cole agreed that Jordan seemed no longer capable of pulling her old scams.

Victor asked Michael what might happen if Jordan disclosed that Victor had kept her in a dungeon. Michael replied that Jordan, a psychopath, could make any claim she desired, though it would not sway a judge. Michael told Victor it was imperative to destroy the dungeon and the cell and bury all evidence. Michael asked Victor to consider Nikki's reaction if she stumbled upon Jordan being imprisoned in the basement.

Cole warned that Jordan was ruthless and might gain the upper hand after jimmying the lock. Michael agreed that everyone on the ranch would be in danger. Cole explained that the plan involved Victor claiming that his guards had found Jordan, barely alive, washed up on the riverbank. Michael added that Victor would then turn Jordan over to the authorities and allow justice to prevail.

Victor, Michael, and Cole returned to the basement. Victor set a small bottle on the table outside the cell. Jordan asked, "So, what's the verdict? What are you going to do with me?" Victor told Jordan that Michael and Cole had suggested either handing her over to prison guards or admitting her into the loony bin. Jordan replied that Victor would prefer she die a miserable death as he watched.

Victor replied, "You are an evil woman. You have done extraordinary damage to my family. Perhaps the story that I concocted -- that you went over the bridge whilst fleeing from my security guards. You slipped and plunged into waters 100 feet below. Maybe we make that story a reality. How's that?" Sobbing, Jordan conceded and told Victor he had won. Jordan begged to be put out of her misery.

Jordan gasped in fear when Victor unlocked the cell door. Jordan backed away and cried, "No! I will not die like this. Not at your hands." Jordan ran toward Cole and Michael and begged them to help her. Victor picked up the bottle sitting on the table, saturated a handkerchief with the drug contained in the bottle, and pressed the handkerchief against Jordan's mouth and nose.

After Jordan fell unconscious, Victor phoned the police and said, "This is Victor Newman. We found that Jordan woman who escaped from prison twice and who terrorized my family and almost killed my wife. We found her on the banks of the Galewood River." Victor offered to surrender Jordan to the authorities. After Victor hung up, he accused Cole and Michael of betraying him, vowing that he would not easily forget.

In his suite at the Athletic Club, Tucker phoned Audra and left her a message. Tucker said, "So, it would appear that you decided to go on our Paris trip, after all. I just wanted to give you a heads-up that it might've been a waste of a plane ticket unless you have some shopping to do. That meeting you scheduled without my knowledge, I canceled that, and if you schedule another, I'm going to cancel that, too."

After Tucker hung up, Jean-Jacque phoned. Tucker apologized to Jean-Jacque for canceling his meeting with Audra. Tucker informed Jean-Jacque that Audra was not allowed to communicate with anyone connected with Glissade. Tucker was taken aback when he learned that Audra was meeting with representatives of companies that Glissade had acquired. Tucker then phoned his assistant, Hayley, and requested she book him on the next flight to Paris.

Summer extends a job offer to Claire

Summer extends a job offer to Claire

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

At the jazz club, Jack told Diane that he felt hopeful about Ashley, who was headed to Paris with Traci and Alan. Jack relayed that Alan was convinced that Ashley had experienced something significant that had undermined her stability, and they hoped to get to the bottom of the problem abroad. Diane clucked that Ashley wasn't the only one she was concerned about, and she wondered how Jack was dealing with Ashley's woes on top of everything that had happened with Nikki. Jack assured her that he was doing fine and not fixating or spiraling. He continued that he wasn't inclined to hide behind a haze of pills or anything else, and he was optimistic that Ashley would turn a corner once she got to Paris. "Ashley's in Paris?" Tucker asked from nearby.

Jack barked that it was a private conversation, and Tucker wasn't entitled to know more. Tucker pressed to know if Alan had approved of Ashley going to Paris, and he swore that he had only the best intentions for Ashley and her recovery. Tucker questioned whether Jack knew Tucker had been the one to take Ashley home after she'd collapsed. Jack maintained that Tucker had nothing to do with it. Tucker recounted that Ashley had again tried to convince him that they still could have everything they'd wanted as a couple, but he hadn't wanted to go there, so he'd taken her home. Diane asked what had been in it for Tucker.

Tucker reiterated that he still cared about Ashley, and he implored Jack to tell him why Ashley was in Paris. Jack divulged that Alan thought Ashley's condition stemmed from an incident that had happened after her fight with Tucker. Tucker warned Jack not to start blaming him as the underlying cause of her issues again, but Jack snapped that it wasn't about Tucker for once. Tucker apologized, and Jack asked if Tucker had any clue what might have happened after the fight. Tucker recalled that he'd immediately gone back to Genoa City after the incident, and he hadn't seen or talked to Ashley until much later, after she'd also returned.

Tucker thought it sounded reasonable that Alan would take Ashley back to Paris to face the trauma, and he pledged to try not to run into her while he was there. Jack was shocked to hear that Tucker was also going to Paris. Tucker defended that he'd already booked a business trip, since Glissade was headquartered there. Jack snarled that it was a convenient coincidence, and he was sorry he'd told Tucker anything about Ashley's whereabouts because it was just the sort of thing Tucker would use. Tucker wondered if Jack ever got tired of playing the blame game.

Jack had no doubt that Tucker had played some role in what was happening to Ashley, and he didn't trust Tucker not to interfere. Jack ordered Tucker to "stay the hell away from Ashley." Tucker reiterated that the last thing he intended to do was muddy things for Ashley -- if she was truly serious about dealing with it. Tucker pointed out that her decisions hadn't been set in stone lately. Jack growled that Tucker didn't get to question Ashley's judgment.

Jack demanded that Tucker keep Ashley's problems to himself, since the last thing she needed was outsiders peering into her personal life. Tucker recounted that he'd voiced concern about Ashley to Jack weeks earlier, but instead of listening, Jack had gone off on him. Tucker called Jack part of the problem for not getting Ashley help when she'd needed it. Tucker stressed that he wanted nothing more than for Ashley to beat it and go back to being the person she had been. "Do you?" Tucker questioned, and he stalked off.

Jack groused that he couldn't get "that bastard" out of their lives. Diane urged him to accept what Tucker was saying, noting that Tucker had no motive for interfering. Jack fretted that Tucker could do real damage, since it would immediately trigger Ashley if she saw Tucker in Paris.

In Tucker's hotel suite, Tucker's computer rang with an incoming call. Audra appeared on the screen and questioned how he'd found out she was in Paris. She testily asked if he was keeping tabs on her, and he calmly replied that he wasn't. She asked what part of her being done with him he didn't understand. He wondered why she was meeting with personnel at the companies Glissade had acquired, since he'd made it clear that it was all or nothing, and she'd walked away from him and everything else. Audra retorted that she and Tucker were done, but she and Glissade were not. Tucker warned that she was very mistaken.

Audra refused to stand for Tucker stalking her, but he maintained that he wasn't having her followed. He recounted that a Glissade employee had contacted him, asking if he'd be attending a meeting with her that he hadn't approved or been aware of. Audra huffed that she could meet with whoever she wanted, since Tucker didn't control her. Tucker firmly stated that he controlled Glissade, so he'd canceled that meeting as well as others she'd set up. "You walked away from me, and that means you have nothing to do with Glissade," he dictated. "We'll see about that," she hissed.

At Crimson Lights, Summer empathized with how difficult it was for Chelsea to watch her child suffer, knowing there was nothing she could do to take the pain away. Chelsea bemoaned that she felt helpless and cut off from son, and it was why she'd asked to meet with Summer. Chelsea shared that the doctors had decided that Connor was ready for a visit from her and Adam, and she had a huge ask. Chelsea explained that she felt like she needed to be more present for Connor, and she requested a leave of absence.

Summer encouraged Chelsea to take whatever time she needed, but Chelsea recognized that the timing couldn't be worse. Chelsea added that she had a suggestion that she hoped Summer would keep an open mind about. Chelsea contended that Summer needed a great designer who knew how to launch a line, manage a team, and make sure everything got done on time -- and very few people could do that. Chelsea acknowledged that Summer didn't have great history with Sally, but she swore Sally had changed. Summer grumbled that based on her experience, Sally had nowhere to go but up.

Chelsea praised Sally's creativity and business perspective, but Summer argued that Sally wasn't in fashion anymore. Chelsea revealed that Adam had told her Sally wasn't happy with that decision, since she was a fashion designer at heart. Summer wasn't thrilled with the idea of working with Sally, and she requested time to think about it. Chelsea sensed that Summer was also stressing out about something else. Summer confided that she'd needed to make some other big decisions lately to trust people that she had good reason not to trust.

Summer revealed that Kyle wanted to hire Claire as Harrison's nanny, and she recapped Claire's history of conspiring with Jordan against the Newman family. Summer groaned that all the other Newmans had forgiven Claire and welcomed her into the family, but Summer hesitated to let Claire care for her kid. Summer recognized that Claire had dealt with 20 years of psychological damage as Jordan's victim, but Summer didn't understand how the Newmans could suddenly trust Claire. Chelsea believed in using caution when their kids were involved, but she imagined the Newmans saw something in Claire that gave them confidence. Chelsea envisioned that maybe Summer would one day be able to see it, too.

Later, on the coffeehouse patio, Sharon greeted Chelsea and asked how she and Connor were doing. Chelsea confided that things were a lot rockier than she'd hoped, and she wasn't sure how much rockier they'd get. Chelsea shared that she was torn between excitement and absolute terror to see Connor again. She figured she was missing Billy, since he kept her grounded.

Sharon advised Chelsea not to sell herself short, since Chelsea had a wealth of strength and a bottomless reserve of love and compassion for Connor. Chelsea credited the people she'd relied on to get through it, noting that Adam had surprised her throughout the journey. Sharon murmured that when Adam let himself care, he had a lot more to offer than even he realized. Chelsea recalled that they'd both stumbled, but he'd been caring and supportive through the whole thing, and she was grateful.

Kyle, Claire, and Harrison laughed as they entered the Abbott mansion. Kyle asked how Harrison had liked the Ferris wheel, and Claire thanked the boy for giving her extra courage by grabbing her hand when she'd gotten scared. Harrison admitted that he'd gotten a little nervous, too. Claire claimed that she'd no idea, since he'd been cool under pressure. Kyle instructed Harrison to wash up for dinner, and Harrison asked if Claire was staying. Kyle confirmed that she was more than welcome to join them.

Claire said she should go home. Harrison wished she could stay, since they'd had the best day ever. He hugged her, and she promised they'd have even better days ahead. After Kyle sent Harrison upstairs, Claire inquired whether Kyle thought Summer had been sincere about considering her for the nanny position. Kyle reasoned that Summer wouldn't have gotten Harrison's hopes up just to shoot them down. Claire admitted that she was nervous about getting her hopes up, too, since it had to be hard for Summer to trust her.

Kyle asked if Claire was trying to talk herself out of a job. Claire lamented that on paper, she shouldn't be anywhere near a kid -- or even adults. Kyle assured her that practically everyone thought she would be a good fit as Harrison's nanny, but Claire said there would be no hard feelings if Summer couldn't overlook her history. Kyle's phone pinged with a message, and Kyle reported that Summer was on her way over to talk.

Summer arrived at the mansion and was surprised to see Claire there. Kyle indicated that the day had been a massive success, and Harrison was getting washed up for dinner. Summer said she was glad Claire was there, since Summer wanted to follow up on their conversation in the park. Summer stated that she hadn't yet made a decision about the nanny position, but there were questions she wanted to ask.

Summer quizzed Claire about what she'd do in emergency situations and if she had any training in first aid or providing childcare. Claire shared that she knew CPR and had done extensive research about caring for a child Harrison's age. Claire rattled off some of the things she'd learned, and Summer was impressed that Claire had done her homework. Claire remarked that it had been fun for her, but she also understood the trauma Harrison had faced -- and not just the abduction.

Claire mentioned that Victoria had filled her in about the history with Harrison's biological mother and the man he'd thought had been his father, and she related to the feelings of abandonment and confusion. Claire commended Summer and Kyle for dealing with all the trauma beautifully, since Harrison obviously saw the world as a magical place that he couldn't wait to explore. Claire proclaimed that the caring and resilient little boy was a testament to their love. Summer called Harrison a special boy who had experienced a lot of loss, but she was committed to nurturing the excitement he had to meet every day.

Kyle thought Harrison would love the recommendations Claire had presented. Claire enthused that she felt like she and Harrison had bonded after everything they'd been through. She continued that she'd done the research, hoping Summer would change her mind about Claire, but Claire also thought a career path to work with kids felt right. Claire shared that she was envious of how lucky Harrison was to have such loving parents, since she would have loved to grow up with parents who'd put their child first. Claire believed it made the world a different place to know where one belonged and who one belonged with.

Summer observed that Harrison enjoyed spending time with Claire, and it had hurt her heart to see him worried about Claire. Summer rationalized that maybe the answer was for Harrison to see that Claire was okay, so he could go back to being his normal, adorable self. Summer praised the research Claire had done, and she offered Claire the nanny position on a trial basis. Claire beamed as Harrison returned to the room.

Harrison asked if his mom was staying for dinner. Kyle announced that he had good news, and he inquired whether the boy was still okay with Claire being his new nanny. "Yay!" Harrison cheered, and he hurled himself into Claire's arms. Jack and Diane returned home, and Kyle filled them in about Claire becoming Harrison's nanny. Jack congratulated and welcomed Claire.

At Society, Adam was certain he would feel better once he saw Connor, but he didn't look forward to leaving Sally. Sally brightly pointed out that they still had that night together. Adam mentioned that there was something he needed to tell her, since he didn't want a repeat of the situation where he'd spoken with his father about folding her design company under the Newman umbrella. "What did you do this time?" she asked.

Adam swore it wasn't a bad thing, and Sally might see it as a great opportunity. Adam explained that Chelsea was planning to take a leave from Marchetti to focus on Connor's needs, and he'd asked her to suggest to Summer that Sally fill in to finish the summer line. Sally was taken aback, and Adam clarified that he hadn't committed to anything. He recalled that she'd told him how much she missed working in fashion, and when the possibility had opened up, he'd felt the need to say something to get her back to her dream.

Adam hoped he hadn't done the wrong thing again. Sally insisted that she wasn't upset, and she found it amazing that he'd thought about her with everything he was going through. Adam figured it could be the perfect thing for her, and he informed her that Chelsea had seen the logic in it. Sally agreed that it might be a good opportunity for her, but the likelihood of Summer wanting to work with her was probably slim to none. Sally refused to spend their last night together before he left talking about her career. Adam thought she deserved something special before he left town.

Adam and Sally retreated to his apartment, where he poured them a nightcap. She gushed that dinner had been perfect, and he replied, "And so are you." She said she would miss him, but her heart would be with him the entire time he was in Maryland. Adam shared that he was tense about going, since he hadn't seen Connor since dropping the boy off at the facility. Adam worried that the trip might trigger a setback for his son, and he wondered if it was selfish of him to go.

Sally advised Adam against creating negative scenarios around the unknown, and she predicted that Connor having time with his parents would make all the difference in the world by lifting his spirits. She imagined that Connor would take his cues from Adam and Chelsea, and if they were tense, the boy would know it. Sally urged Adam to be the calm, devoted father that Connor loved and adored. Adam marveled that she always knew the right thing to say -- especially when he needed to hear it the most. He added that he loved her for it, among other things. They kissed.

Later, in bed, Adam announced that something potentially great had just hit him, but it depended on Sally. He invited her to move in with him. Adam reasoned that Sally was there most nights, and she already had stuff in the bathroom and closet. Sally hesitated to talk about it while he was getting ready to go out of town. Adam suggested that she move in while he was gone, and she could take over the closet and redecorate. She protested that it was a really big decision.

Adam recognized that Sally had housekeeping at the club, but he quipped that there was no place like home. She mused that it was a lovely word, and he stressed that home meant something constant that she could count on. Sally swore that he didn't have to give her a closet and her own key to know he could count on her, since she wasn't going anywhere. Adam countered that maybe he wanted her to know she could count on him.

Sally thought it sounded beautiful, but she wanted to take a moment to think about it, and she wanted Adam to do the same. He told her to take all the time she needed, knowing how much it would mean to him. Adam encouraged Sally to think about how happy they would be and what it would be like to have a place to call home.

Later, Adam lay awake as Sally slept. He slipped quietly into the living room and stared at a framed photo of Connor. He looked upward and regretted that it was too late for him to ask for favors for himself, but he prayed for help for his son to get better and for Chelsea and Connor to get to the other side. "They deserve that and so much more. Please," a desperate Adam cried. Sally covertly gazed down at him from the top of the stairs.

Diane warned Jack that Nikki could end their marriage

Diane warned Jack that Nikki could end their marriage

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Jack started his day with a visitor when he found Nikki at the door. He asked her in and told her how good she looked. He admitted he hadn't expected to see her yet. He said he could see that she had made real progress while in rehab, but Nikki admitted she had a long way to go. Nikki said it was necessary to get help elsewhere and expressed gratitude to Jack for helping her. "You are the reason I am back on the right path," she said.

Nikki wanted to discuss what had happened in the Athletic Club room the night Nikki had decided to go to rehab. She made Jack reassure her that he was fine and that there were no lasting effects from taking the drugs. Nikki was relieved, but Jack said he would have done anything to save her. However, he knew his actions might have been a bit too extreme.

Nikki wholeheartedly agreed, but seeing how far he would go for her had made her realize she had to advocate for and help herself. "What you did was the stupidest and bravest thing anyone has ever done for me," she said. Jack then told her that she was doing the courageous part. Nikki still wanted Jack to be her sponsor, and he agreed.

Jack and Nikki sang one another's praises as Diane eavesdropped. Nikki soon received a call from Victor, who needed her at the ranch. Nikki and Jack said their goodbyes. Diane made sure to walk into the living room and also bid Nikki farewell.

Once Jack and Diane were alone, Jack tried to talk casually, but Diane didn't want to hear it. She asked Jack why he would agree to be Nikki's sponsor without consulting her first. Jack was confused. "I didn't think you'd have any objection," he said. Jack promised her that he wouldn't risk his sobriety for Nikki again.

An angry Diane couldn't believe Jack would agree to do it again, but he argued that Nikki was one of his oldest and dearest friends, so he felt compelled to help her. Diane countered, "She takes up so much of your time and energy. I have tried to be the bigger person, but you're making things very difficult for me. It's too much." Jack assured Diane that Nikki was doing better, and things would be different. Jack promised he would never call his dealer again, even for Nikki.

Jack and Diane argued as Jack admitted he was torn. Diane said it felt like Jack was choosing Nikki over her. Jack said he didn't want to let Diane down, but he couldn't abandon a lifelong friend. Diane said, "I don't think I can get past this, and I don't think you realize how serious I am. This is about trust...I don't know how we're going to survive this."

After a good night's sleep, Victoria arrived downstairs and saw Claire sitting at the table, staring at her phone. When Victoria looked over Claire's shoulder, Claire accused her of "mom-spying." Claire was looking at healthy recipes for kids, so she gave Victoria the good news -- she had accepted a job as Harrison's new nanny. Victoria was shocked that Summer had changed her mind and chosen to give Claire a chance.

As Claire told Victoria how nervous she was, Cole and Victor showed up with their own news about Jordan. However, Victor wouldn't say a word until Nikki got there. When she arrived, he informed everyone that Jordan had been found alive on the banks of a river. Nikki and Victoria were stunned, and Claire was alarmed. Cole said Jordan had been sent to a maximum-security prison, and Victor added that no one had ever escaped from it. Victoria said Jordan had escaped from prison, she had escaped from the hospital, and she had somehow cheated death. Claire worried that they'd never be free of her.

Nikki was nervous that Jordan could still be a threat, but Victor tried telling them things would be okay. Nikki also thought there was something odd about their story. She wanted to know how Jordan had survived her fall into the river and stayed alive for so long. Victor told her that Jordan's evil had helped her survive. Claire expressed concern that Jordan would somehow go after them again.

Victor soon left, so Victoria started asking Cole questions. He told them that Jordan had been weak and worn out when they'd found her, but Nikki still seemed suspicious. She wondered if Jordan could have been faking, but Cole insisted that she wasn't. Victoria had the same worries as Nikki, but Cole wasn't afraid. "My aunt will never hurt any of us again," he said.

Claire said she felt obligated to tell Summer and Kyle the news, for Harrison's sake. That was when Victoria told Cole and Nikki about Claire's new job. They were thrilled for her, but the Jordan update put a damper on things for Claire.

Over in the wine cellar prison, Victor stared at the results of his handiwork before Cole arrived with concrete blocks to form a wall over the jail cell.

Sally woke and found Adam preparing breakfast in bed for her in the kitchen, thus ruining his plans to surprise her. He thanked her for being a support the night before as he had worried about his visit with his son. He said, "Having you here makes things easier. With you around, everything's better."

That prompted Sally to bring up Adam's offer for her to move in with him. Adam hoped he hadn't put too much pressure on her, while Sally admitted it was a big step. Adam wanted her to move in, but he didn't want her to feel pressure. Sally finally gave Adam an answer: "I'm going to put you out of your misery. My answer is yes, I will move in with you." Adam was overjoyed and relieved. He even had keys ready for her and gave her carte blanche to redecorate any way that she wanted. Sally deemed his apartment perfect.

Later, Sally met with Chloe in her hotel room to break some bad news: their little interior design company was quickly failing. "Chloe, this isn't easy for me to say, but I think we've reached the end of the line," Sally told her. Chloe was sure they could salvage things, but Sally didn't even want to anymore. She broke the news to Chloe that she might take over for Chelsea while Chelsea was out of town, visiting Connor.

Chloe was offended because Sally hadn't bothered telling her any of the information beforehand. Sally defended herself, saying it had all happened very fast. Chloe then noticed Sally's suitcase and learned that Sally was moving in with Adam. Chloe told Sally that she was not happy about it. However, she begrudgingly wished Sally luck.

Eventually, Sally promised she would help Chloe get her job back at Marchetti if Sally could. Chloe worried about how Nick would feel, since he had invested in their company. Sally promised that she would sort everything out, insisting, "We're still a team. That doesn't need to change." Chloe disagreed, but Sally continued insisting she wouldn't let her friend down. As Chloe left, she told Sally, "I guess this partnership is over."

Chelsea sipped coffee at Crimson Lights while waiting for Adam so they could leave to see Connor. She was shocked and thrilled when Billy approached her table because he was back in town sooner than she'd expected. He said he'd cut his trip short to see her before she left. The pair sat down to discuss the situation.

Chelsea was nervous because it was the first time she and Adam were going to see Connor since he had gone to the mental health facility. She felt a combination of hope and terror, but Billy assured her things would be fine. "You got this, Chels," he said.

When Adam arrived at Crimson Lights, he was also stunned to see Billy. He was further surprised when Billy complimented and thanked him for being a support for Chelsea. Finally, Chelsea and Billy said their goodbyes. After Adam and Chelsea left, Billy received a text from Jill asking to chat. When Billy got to his desk, he video-called his mom.

Jill made sure that Devon and Lily weren't around before telling Billy that she had some health issues. "Little things" like a rapid heartbeat and lightheadedness had led her to see a doctor, where she had learned that there were some complications, but she refused to specify what was wrong. She was in London with her brother Snapper, and he was overseeing her treatment. She reported that she just needed to take it easy and avoid stress. She said things could get worse, but she wouldn't allow it.

Billy was worried, but Jill assured him she would be okay if she listened to doctors' orders. "Know this, my son. I am confident that I can take this on." Billy promised not to let Jill down.

Tucker has a very surprising Paris encounter

Tucker has a very surprising Paris encounter

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Audra sat in her Parisian hotel room, typing away on her laptop. She was soon shocked to see Tucker at her door. Audra was furious that he was there. Tucker explained that he had flown all the way across the ocean to tell her what he had sent in an email -- "cease and desist all Glissade interactions."

Audra argued that Tucker didn't get to dictate who she did and didn't speak to. It was her business, so Tucker argued that Glissade was his, and she couldn't just rip it out from under him. Audra told Tucker she didn't owe him any explanation and suggested he leave and hop the next fight to Genoa City.

Tucker refused to go, wanting to know how they had ended up at odds. He said, "We were genuinely happy. At least I was. I was ready to commit my entire life to you." He said he was still willing, with or without marriage.

When Tucker asked Audra why she was doing "this," she answered that he seemed to choose everyone else over her, especially Ashley. She said, "I fell for the oldest lie in the book, that I could change you. That my love will change you, but you will never change. And I'll never let myself believe you again."

Tucker continued insisting that Ashley didn't come first, but Audra didn't buy it. She also seemed determined to hurt Tucker as she reminded him that Devon didn't want to have anything to do with his biological father, even when Devon had tried to get some help from Tucker.

Tucker said he didn't think he needed to forget about his family for Audra, but she said she had just wanted him to stick to their plans. They had planned to enjoy a trip together, and he had repeatedly postponed it because other people seemed more important. She insisted, "You will never make me a priority because I'm done." He left but reminded her to stay away from Glissade.

Ashley, Traci, and Alan arrived in Paris and walked into Ashley's apartment. Ashley was relieved to see things were as she had left them the last time they had been there. However, she wondered if one of her alters had been in charge for some of that time. Alan told her that was what they were there to find out.

After Ashley left the room to freshen up, Traci told Alan she thought things were going well. Alan believed that Ashley being in her own apartment was a safe space for Ashley. Traci was sure that the real Ashley was with them at that moment. While Ashley was on the balcony, her alters started vying for control. Ashley tried fending them off while Traci and Alan decided they needed to let Ashley lead the way when trying to figure out what had caused her alters.

Alan told Traci he felt the traumatic event that had brought Ashley's alters to the forefront had likely happened after she and Tucker had fought at the bistro. Traci remained unnerved that Ashley would have to remember something that was clearly painful. She was also alarmed to learn that the alters could once again take control.

After Alan left, Ashley admitted to her sister that she was afraid to go to sleep because she could hear her alters fighting and knew they wanted to take charge. She felt she needed to stay awake to keep them at bay. Traci promised to be supportive and asked what Ashley needed. Ashley said she just wanted Traci to keep an eye on her and notice if she did anything out of character.

Later, when Tucker was walking around Paris, he ran straight into Alan, who took one look at him and walked away without even saying hello. This left Tucker very confused.

Back at Ashley's suite, Ashley told Alan she was ready to talk and try to get to the bottom of what had happened when she and Tucker had fought on their ill-fated honeymoon. Ashley remembered she'd been upset the night before the fight because she'd been worried about the idea of giving up her family and Jabot for Tucker. She had planned to talk to Tucker about it, but their time at the bistro hadn't gone well.

Alan asked Ashley to retrace her steps after the fight, but she was scared. Ashley said she'd gone for a walk, and later, she'd called Alan and asked to meet with him. Alan told Ashley that he didn't remember the call and informed her he'd been in Florence at the time.

At the Abbotts', Diane reiterated that she was furious with Jack for agreeing to be Nikki's sponsor, knowing how she felt. She told Jack she couldn't take any more and she was done.

Jack was shocked that Diane would consider ending their marriage. Choking back tears, Diane marveled at how much they had been through just to "end up in such a sad place." Diane stressed that it was not just about Jack being Nikki's sponsor; it was about him not respecting her feelings. She admitted she'd tried to be understanding and outwardly supportive, but she had never liked the idea of Jack spending so much time with Nikki, who was also an addict.

Diane told Jack she could no longer pretend that it didn't bother her when he'd drop everything to run to Nikki when Nikki needed him. Jack promised he would never take drugs again, but Diane didn't think it was a promise he could keep. Jack asked Diane what he had to do to get Diane to believe him. Diane told Jack he shouldn't be Nikki's sponsor again. Diane said she refused to be the "silent and supportive wife."

Diane complained that she had to live in fear every day that she would be without the love she had waited so long to have, or that Kyle would be without a father and Harrison without a grandfather. Jack insisted he wasn't going to do anything to jeopardize their future. Diane said she'd give him some time to think about what she'd said, and she walked out of the house. Jack followed her.

In Chancellor Park, Jack tried to talk to Diane, but she didn't want to hear any more. While they were arguing, Jack received a text message from Nikki asking to meet with him right away. Jack chose not to tell Diane that Nikki had asked to meet with him. Diane told Jack she wanted him to help Nikki find another sponsor. When Jack refused, Diane told Jack she needed to walk away from their marriage. Jack agreed he would tell Nikki he would no longer be her sponsor. Diane and Jack embraced.

Summer and Kyle spent their morning watching Harrison ride his bike. Kyle was proud of Summer for giving Claire a chance, but Summer hoped Kyle was right that they could trust Claire. Later, Summer told Harrison that if he missed them, he could call them at any time.

Harrison was thrilled when Claire arrived with brownies, but Summer pointed out that the treats were for after lunch. Claire agreed, and she promised to follow all of Summer's rules. Harrison was disappointed when he learned that they wouldn't get to go see the ducks that day.

Kyle and Summer left. At Crimson Lights, Summer told Kyle how nervous she was. Kyle didn't think there was anything to worry about.

Diane has separate confrontations with Victor and Kyle

Diane has separate confrontations with Victor and Kyle

Friday, May 31, 2024

At Crimson Lights, Summer and Kyle discussed business, but Summer kept checking her phone. Just as Kyle pointed out that they hadn't heard from Claire or Harrison because everything was fine, Summer and Kyle both received text notifications from Claire. Summer jumped to the conclusion that something was wrong.

Claire had sent a photo of Harrison interacting with caterpillars. Summer felt relieved and admitted that it was nice of Claire to send the photo. Kyle asked if Summer was feeling better about having hired Claire as Harrison's nanny. Summer admitted to Kyle that Claire made their son happy. When Summer wanted to change the subject to work, Kyle was hesitant. Kyle admitted that things were still tense between him and his mother. Summer wondered if Kyle had done something underhanded behind Diane's back.

Kyle told Summer about having closed a deal without his mother's input, causing Diane to not finalize the deal. Summer reminded Kyle that Diane was technically his boss. Kyle explained that the deal was good for the company, and he hoped Diane wouldn't nix the deal because of ego. Summer claimed that Diane was unpredictable, and she reminded Kyle that her feelings about Diane stemmed from the fact that Diane had abandoned Kyle as a child. Kyle thanked Summer for her support.

Summer found it ironic that the mistrust of Diane, which had led to the end of her marriage to Kyle, had been composed of feelings Kyle was having himself. Summer advised Kyle not to lose sight of his ultimate goal. Kyle thanked Summer for the advice. Kyle showed Summer the photo of Harrison and the caterpillars again. "We have a pretty good kid, don't we?" asked Kyle. Summer smiled and replied, "He's the best. And he's gonna be okay."

Later, as Summer was walking through the park, Sally walked up to her. Summer talked about having taken Harrison to the traveling carnival and about Adam and Chelsea's visit with Connor. Sally acknowledged that Connor had to be Adam's priority and that she wanted to support Adam in every way.

Summer admitted that Sally subbing for Chelsea at Marchetti was a good business decision, and despite Summer's misgivings, it did warrant a discussion. Summer talked about her reasons for not trusting Sally: how Sally had helped Tara to blackmail Summer and that Sally had left Nick for Adam. Sally expressed regret and apologized for the blackmail, but she refused to apologize to Summer about Sally's personal life.

Summer admitted she was grateful for how things had turned out: moving to Italy, marrying Kyle, and becoming Harrison's stepmother. Summer explained that Marchetti was important to her and that she wanted the company to be a place where the people's needs were met so that their talents could flourish. Summer explained that she had no time for holding grudges. Summer offered Sally the job.

Sally graciously accepted the offer of "interim creative director" at Marchetti. Sally was excited, but was also nervous about getting up and running, mostly because she didn't want to have to bother Chelsea with a bunch of questions. As Sally talked, Summer looked down at her phone and drifted off. Sally asked Summer if everything was okay, and Summer unconvincingly told Sally that everything was fine. Summer then told Sally that she had time to help Sally with work.

Jack met with Nikki at Society. Nikki told Jack that Jordan had been found alive and was in maximum-security custody. Nikki explained that she felt stronger after her outpatient therapy and a meeting. Nikki could sense that there was something that Jack was trying not to tell her. She surmised that Jack could no longer be her sponsor.

Jack admitted that Diane had been terrified upon hearing about the events of the night Jack had overdosed. Jack assured Nikki that Diane was happy that Nikki had gotten help, but Diane had been devastated by Jack's choices. Nikki asked if Jack had been tempted to take pills since that night. Jack assured Nikki that he had not. He told Nikki that he didn't want to go down that road again because he had too much to lose.

Nikki felt indebted because Jack had risked his sobriety and life for hers. When Jack admitted that he would do it all again, Nikki replied, "And that is why you can't be my sponsor." Nikki also expressed gratitude to Diane for having let Jack be Nikki's sponsor in the first place. Nikki assured Jack that she would find another sponsor and that Jack would also remain her "dearest friend."

Jack offered that he and Nikki could still go to meetings together. "I would like that," Nikki replied. They promised to stay in contact with each other. Jack told Nikki about the visit Victor had paid to him while Nikki had been in rehab. Nikki said, "Our spouses may not understand what we lived through that night, but we do."

Victor approached Diane at the Athletic Club. He accused Jack of having put Nikki's life in danger. Diane, despite her own misgivings about the night Jack had overdosed, defended her husband without letting on to Victor that she hated what Jack had done. Diane described what Jack had done as "selfless." Victor advised Diane to "take a close and cold and hard look" at the man she was married to, before he ruined her future. Victor told Diane that he had once admired her. He referred to her as "a viper" who had been "defanged" by turning to Jack Abbott. "I used to admire you, respect you. Now, I pity you," Victor said as he stood and left.

Victor walked right into Michael. Michael apologized for being late because he'd been checking up on Jordan. "All good," Michael reported. Victor bluntly said, "Let me tell you something, Michael Baldwin. You betrayed me. You're fired." Victor left. Diane had witnessed the exchange. Michael approached Diane and asked, "Seems I'm out of a job. Wanna buy me a drink?"

As Diane and Michael sat at the Athletic Club bar, Michael explained that he had been fired for "disobeying orders," and seemed unconcerned, as he had been hired and fired by Victor before. Diane told Michael about Victor coming down on Jack for something Jack had done as Nikki's sponsor. Diane confessed to Michael that she couldn't admit to Victor that she sided with him on the issue.

Diane explained the details of the night Jack had taken the pills, and she couldn't understand why Jack would put so much at risk. Michael reminded Diane that Nikki and Jack had a lot of history and went back a long time, which might explain why Jack would go to such extremes. Diane told Michael about the ultimatum she had given to Jack: that if he continued to be Nikki's sponsor, then Diane would walk away from her marriage to Jack. Michael suggested that Jack might resent Diane for having put him in that position.

At the Abbott home, Claire and Harrison talked about caterpillars and butterflies. Later, after Victor had joined them, Kyle arrived home and found them all on the sofa, having milk and cookies. Claire took Harrison out of the room, so Victor and Kyle could talk. Victor told Kyle about Jordan being alive. Kyle asked to be the one to inform Summer.

Victor pumped Kyle for information about Kyle's situation working under his parents at Jabot. "It must be hard to take orders from your mother. You should be in her position, you know that," Victor said. Victor compared Kyle to Kyle's grandfather, John Abbott: "calm, steady." Kyle appreciated the compliment. "Don't ever underestimate your own potential," Victor advised Kyle.

Victor left. Claire went downstairs, and Diane arrived home. Kyle told them about the reason for Victor's visit. Claire explained that Victor had wanted to tell the families himself. Kyle asked his mother if she had just arrived from the office. Diane explained that she'd had some outside meetings. She became indignant and asked, "What's the problem, Kyle? Are you looking for new ways to disparage my job performance?"

Claire excused herself to check on Harrison. Kyle defended his line of questioning, stating that he liked to be involved and informed. "Well, most COOs wouldn't constantly be questioning their CEO," Diane snapped. Jack returned home and asked what he'd walked into. Neither Kyle nor Diane spoke up. Diane then timidly asked if Jack had spoken to Nikki. Jack confirmed that he had and that he was no longer Nikki's sponsor. He again asked Kyle and Diane what he had walked in on. Kyle grumbled that everything was fine and walked away.

Nikki entered the living room and updated Victor on her meeting. Victor asked if Nikki had found a new sponsor, noting that it "can't be Jack Abbott - he fell off the damn wagon." Nikki shared that she had asked Jack to be her sponsor. Victor was shocked. He calmed somewhat when Nikki revealed that Jack had turned down her request. Nikki claimed to understand that her involvement with Jack was causing strain on his marriage. Victor rose from the sofa and expressed his opposition to Nikki being "anywhere near that guy."

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