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Ashley remembered that Alan's sociopathic twin brother, Martin, had become ominous when he'd tried to convince her that her argument with Tucker had been more violent than it had been. Alan and Martin fell off the balcony during a struggle, and Martin didn't survive. Summer's distrust of Claire reignited.
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Alan realized that Ashley had met with his sociopathic twin brother, Martin. Summer's distrust of Claire reignited.  Billy confided in Lily about Jill's health issues.
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Tucker remembers something odd about bumping into Alan

Tucker remembers something odd about bumping into Alan

Monday, June 3, 2024

Sally summoned Nick to meet her at Society, so she could share news of her latest development. After nervously engaging in small talk, Nick spoke briefly about Jordan resurfacing. Nick scoffed that Jordan had more lives than a cat. Noticing that Sally was hesitant to share her news, Nick assured her she could talk to him about anything. Sally announced that she would be filling in at Marchetti while Chelsea took a leave of absence.

Nick graciously embraced Sally's news and bragged that Summer had been willing to let bygones be bygones. Sally told Nick that she had tried her best to make her design business a success, and she offered to pay back Nick's investment. Nick, acknowledging that some investments failed, refused Sally's offer to compensate him. Instead, Nick requested that Sally focus her talents and energy into her role at Marchetti.

Sally told Nick that most exes would not be as generous and kind. Nick replied that he did not hold grudges. Sally noted that Summer had let go of her grudges, though Summer had struggled most to forgive the unfortunate ending of Sally's romance with Nick. Nick assured Sally that he would always be in her corner, no matter what. Nick and Sally parted after exchanging a warm embrace.

Nick visited with Victor at the Newman ranch, telling his father he wanted to check on everyone. Victor told Nick that Nikki was at an outpatient session. Nick admitted he was concerned about how Nikki would be affected after hearing that Jordan was still alive. Victor explained that Nikki felt confident that Jordan had been put away for good. Victor spoke about Jordan rotting in hell in a facility that was as strong as Fort Knox.

Victor changed the subject and told Nick he was worried about Adam and Connor. Nick agreed that it was hard for a parent to watch their child suffer. Both Nick and Victor acknowledged that Adam had made much progress in turning his life around. Victor admitted he feared that the setback with Connor might lead Adam back into darkness. Nick disagreed and said Adam had learned to take a step back and listen to reason. Nick gave credit to Sally for helping Adam grow stronger. Victor discounted Sally's role, but he praised Nick for cultivating a strong bond and building mutual respect with his brother.

At his hotel suite in Paris, Tucker instructed Haley, his assistant, to contact the CEOs of all companies operated under the Glissade umbrella and instruct them to cancel any current or upcoming meetings with Audra Charles. Haley replied, "Should I give a reason?" Tucker told Haley she should explain that Ms. Charles was no longer associated with Glissade. Afterward, Tucker stepped out onto the balcony, gazed up at the night sky, and said aloud to himself, "Game on, Audra."

After Haley completed her task, Tucker requested a meeting with the board of directors, so he could officially and permanently remove Audra Charles as a board member. Tucker again stepped out on the balcony for a breath of fresh air. In a flashback, Tucker remembered bumping into a man on the sidewalk in Paris. The man, closely resembling Alan, had mussed hair and had been wearing a black leather jacket. Tucker had said, "Hey, Alan. How's it going?" The man had looked blankly at Tucker before rushing away.

Tucker was still haunted by the recollection when he returned to his room from the balcony. Tucker slumped down in a chair near Haley and sighed heavily. Haley asked Tucker if he needed something. Tucker explained that he had earlier run into a man he knew named Alan who had completely ignored him. Tucker explained that the man had seemed to lack any recognition whatsoever. Tucker told Hayley he would take a walk to clear his head.

In her Paris hotel suite, Audra went about selecting an outfit for her scheduled meetings with CEOs. First considering a black suit, Audra said aloud to herself, "No, this one looks like I'm going to a funeral." Next admiring a black-and-silver outfit, Audra remarked, "Not bad. This one says, 'Trust me, I'm in charge. Forget about that deadbeat Tucker McCall.'" Audra was interrupted by a phone call from Mr. Lemaire, who canceled his meeting after having received a phone call from Tucker's assistant. After Audra hung up, she said aloud to herself, "I see what you're up to, Mr. McCall, and if you think you can get away with this, you've underestimated me again."

Audra discovered, after making additional phone calls, that every scheduled meeting had been canceled. Audra informed one CEO that due to a horrible scandal at Tucker McCall's previous company, he would soon step down as CEO of Glissade and that she would take control as the next CEO. After Audra hung up, her phone rang. It was Sally announcing that she was the new creative director of Marchetti, adding that it was an interim position. Audra said she was thrilled for Sally.

Audra confided to Sally that Tucker was attempting to erase her from the company, though she would never allow him the satisfaction of giving up. Sally replied that Audra had not told her about what had happened with Tucker. Audra, noting that her relationship with Tucker had ended, explained that she had been the one meeting with company executives while Tucker had stayed in the background. Audra cried that Tucker was coming after her.

Tucker waited in the hallway at his hotel for an elevator. When the doors opened, Audra was standing inside. Audra exclaimed, "I don't believe this. You checked into the same hotel? Is this your plan, to keep tabs on me for the rest of my life?" Tucker, entering the elevator with Audra, complained that she was the one inserting herself into his orbit. Audra explained that she had had no choice because Tucker had refused to acknowledge her right to be part of Glissade.

Tucker informed Audra that he had rescinded her rights to Glissade. Audra reminded Tucker that she knew where he kept his dirty laundry. Tucker informed Audra that he intended to oust her as a board member. Audra warned that she would inform everyone concerned about his plan to break down the company into bite-sized pieces, so he could sell each piece off to the highest bidder.

Tucker, pulling the stop lever to pause the elevator, asked Audra what it would take for her to back off. Audra replied, "So, does this mean you're finally giving up?" Tucker offered to buy out Audra's interest at a fair offer. Audra insisted she wanted to win and for Tucker to lose. Tucker asked Audra why she was being vindictive. Audra replied, "I want Glissade. I want it all."

Audra admitted that despite Tucker gunning for her, she wanted Glissade more than he did. Tucker told Audra she did not know what he truly wanted and how hard he was willing for fight for it. Audra recalled that after Tucker had struck out at taking control of Chancellor-Winters and Jabot, he had seized Glissade as a consolation prize, adding that Tucker had initially acquired Glissade for Ashley.

Tucker reminded Audra that he had declined Ashley's offer to reconcile because, despite everything, he loved Audra. Audra recalled that Tucker had planned to rebuild Glissade with Ashley. Audra noted that to her, Glissade was just about running a company without any emotional baggage attached. Audra told Tucker he should give her Glissade because his obsession was Ashley, adding that Ashley needed Tucker more than Audra ever would. The elevator doors opened, and Audra rushed out.

Sally later met with Chloe at Society. Sally informed Chloe that she intended find Chloe a position at Marchetti. Sally joked that she even missed Chloe giving her a hard time about Adam. Chloe quipped that she could send Sally daily emails. Sally insisted she could not do her job without her best partner and best friend. Chloe admitted it hurt to have to close their business, and she apologized for taking out her frustrations on Sally. Sally told Chloe that jobs were temporary, but good friends were forever. Sally sent a message to Summer, asking to meet with her to make a proposal.

Ashley met with Alan in her Paris hotel suite. Ashley insisted she had met with Alan the same evening she had experienced a memory lapse. Traci listened as Alan explained that he had not been in Paris on the particular weekend Ashley claimed she had seen him. Ashley became frustrated, insisting that the meeting was the one instance she clearly remembered. Traci interjected, "Okay, so you were leaving the bistro after Tucker stormed out." Ashley picked up the narrative, recalling that she had gone for a walk and phoned Alan. Alan explained that the mind could play tricks with memories and moments at the best of times, noting that Ashley had suffered duress after quickly marrying Tucker and then watching her relationship unravel in a short period of time.

Ashley paused to remember what had happened after she'd left the bistro and recalled having stopped at a bar, where she had ordered Bordeaux. The Bordeaux, Ashley said, had reminded her of how much Alan liked the wine, so she'd called and asked him to join her. Alan replied, "Did you talk to me, or did you leave a message?" Ashley, miffed, insisted she was telling the truth. Ashley told Alan they had been together on the night in question, adding that she was certain it had happened. Traci, attempting to calm her sister, explained that she and Alan were only trying to help Ashley remember.

Ashley cried that Alan was insisting he'd been in Florence, when she remembered talking to him at the bar in Paris. Pausing for a moment, Alan asked Ashley if she remembered the name of the bar, offering to help her find it if they returned to the area. Distraught, Ashley replied, "What difference would it make? If I remember a name or whatever, it means I'm hallucinating or fantasizing. Maybe you should just go ahead and institutionalize me, after all."

Traci admonished Ashley, declaring that they had traveled to Paris to help her and would not quit until they got to the bottom of what was going on. Alan replied, "I think we should focus on that night. If you can recapture your memory of it, it might hold the key to everything." Ashley, regaining her resolve, said, "Let's do this." Alan suggested Ashley rest first, but Ashley insisted, offering to serve coffee before they set out.

After Ashley stepped out, Traci demanded to know what Alan was thinking. Alan said he believed Ashley's blackouts had begun earlier than he'd first thought. Traci recalled Alan having said that a traumatic event not related to the argument with Tucker had caused Ashley's blackouts. Alan agreed that the argument with Tucker was unlikely related to the blackouts. Traci replied, "Okay, then, why would Ashley have a blackout that night? What happened to her that would shake her up so much?"

Ashley returned with coffee and recalled that she had been angry at Tucker after leaving him at the bistro, though she had not been afraid of him. Ashley explained that the encounter had later morphed into something terrifying. Alan asked Ashley to recall when and why the change had taken place. Ashley promised Traci that despite her alter personalities' determination to protect her, she felt closer than ever to finding the answers.

Ashley, Alan, and Traci entered the upscale bar Ashley had remembered visiting after her argument with Tucker. Alan asked Ashley what she remembered. Ashley pointed to a seating area in a corner and told Alan they had sat there. Ashley recalled that she had been wearing the same clothing she had worn during her visit with Tucker. Ashley said, "I told you about Tucker's ultimatum. I realized that I couldn't separate from my family or the company, and you were indignant on my behalf. You completely supported my decision. We had another glass of wine, I think. And then, it's just a blank."

Alan asked Ashley what else she remembered. Frustrated, Ashley and Traci both admitted they sensed something was going on. Traci noted that they had put their trust in Alan, so he should not hold anything back. Alan informed Ashley that he had never visited the bar in his life. Ashley appeared stunned. Traci looked confused.

Tucker stood outside Ashley's hotel suite and knocked on the door repeatedly. No one answered the door. Tucker phoned Ashley and left a message. Tucker said, "Hey, Ashley. Uh, I know you're in Paris. And as it happens, I'm in Paris, too. Actually, as luck would have it, I ran into your friend Alan on the street, but he acted like I was a complete stranger, no recognition of me whatsoever. I just hope that doesn't mean that ... Well, anyway, I hope everything is working out for you, and you're finding the answers you're looking for. Bye."

Alan suspects his brother was involved in Ashley's trauma

Alan suspects his brother was involved in Ashley's trauma

Tuesday, June 4, 2024

At the Abbott mansion, Claire informed Kyle and Summer that she and Harrison had tidied up the boy's room, and Harrison was drawing his third picture of caterpillars. Kyle gushed that he'd known Claire would be great with Harrison. Summer observed that Harrison seemed to be back to his silly self again, and she thanked Claire. Claire nervously asked how her trial was going. At the same time, Summer stoically replied that things were going well, while Kyle crowed that Claire had knocked it out of the park.

Kyle reluctantly revealed that there was something Claire needed to know, and Summer muttered that she had a feeling Claire wouldn't like it. Kyle announced that Jordan was alive and being held in a maximum-security facility. Summer accused Claire of knowing about it, and Claire admitted that she'd found out earlier that morning. Summer huffed that Claire hadn't thought it was important enough to tell them. Claire explained that her parents and Nikki had thought it would be best if Victor shared the news.

Kyle confirmed that Victor had stopped by earlier that day to share the information. Claire defended that she'd wanted to say something, but she'd also wanted to honor her family's wishes. Claire added that Jordan was somewhere she couldn't hurt anyone again. "Unless she burns it down like the last prison she was in," Summer spat. Kyle told Claire she could take off, and Claire asked if she should be there at the same time the next day. "Absolutely," Kyle replied as Summer glared at him.

Claire headed out. "One day! One day on the job, and she's already keeping secrets that change everything," Summer ranted. Summer speculated that Claire had hidden the news because she'd known it would be a game-changer. Kyle scoffed at the implication that Claire had pulled Jordan from the river or hidden her in a closet. Summer angrily asked if he was mocking her. Kyle acknowledged that it was a lot to take, but he thought she couldn't blame Claire.

Summer snapped that she was sick of Kyle telling her what to think and how to feel, and it was condescending and offensive. Kyle insisted that Jordan resurfacing had no impact on Claire taking care of Harrison. Summer worried about the kidnapper's two most recent targets hanging out every day, and she preferred to let Claire go before Harrison got more attached. Kyle objected to firing Claire, and he reminded Summer that she'd said herself that their son was back to his sweet self. Kyle said he refused to take that from Harrison, and he stormed off. Summer yelled after him that it was her decision, too.

In Chancellor Park, Summer thanked Chance for meeting her. He informed her that Kyle's story had checked out, and Jordan was in one of the highest-security facilities in the country, where no one had ever escaped. He added that the prison was taking extra precautions, and Summer figured that Victor would be "raising hell" if they weren't. Chance wondered why she hadn't turned to her grandfather instead of him.

Summer griped that Victor was one of Claire's biggest champions, and the Newmans told Summer she was being unfair whenever she mentioned Claire's history. Summer called Chance her impartial hero, but he cooed that he wasn't impartial because he'd always be on her side. He observed that she didn't seem relieved that Jordan wasn't a threat anymore. Summer shared that Claire had shown up for her first day of work, knowing about Jordan without saying a word. Summer fretted that Jordan might not be able to hurt Harrison, but the person Jordan had groomed since birth had direct access to him.

Chance asked if Claire had given Summer a reason to worry about Harrison. Summer conceded that Claire had been upbeat and responsible, and she hadn't seen Harrison that happy in a while. Summer added that no one wanted to remember that Claire had also been the perfect assistant to Nikki before trying to kill the Newmans. Summer wondered if Jordan might reach out and trigger Claire's hatred for the Newman family. Summer complained that Kyle hadn't even considered rethinking hiring Claire, even though it was supposed to be on a trial basis.

Summer groaned that she felt like she'd been guilted into hiring Claire, and Chance lectured that no one should force her into a decision that important. Summer thought it was impossible to deny how much Claire meant to Harrison, but she doubted she could be at peace when the exact reason she'd agreed to hire Claire was part of why she wanted to say no. Chance asked if Summer was jealous. Summer pointed out that as Harrison's mom, she had to make him eat his vegetables and brush his teeth, but Claire was new and exciting.

Chance recognized that Claire also happened to have a dark and scary past, but all Harrison saw was his fun new friend. Summer grumbled that she knew what that friend had been capable of in the past, and seeing Harrison excited about Claire when Summer knew the truth had stirred up complicated feelings. Summer reported that both Harrison and Kyle had practically done cartwheels when Claire had shown up with brownies, and she didn't think it had been about the brownies. Chance queried whether he should be worried that Summer was jealous of Kyle's reaction to Claire, too.

Summer swore there was no reason for Chance to worry about her and Kyle, and she and Chance affirmed that they were very happy together. Summer recalled when she'd run into Kyle and Harrison with Claire in the park, laughing just after they'd gotten off the Ferris wheel. Summer revealed that Kyle had told her later that Harrison had wanted to call Claire -- and not his mom -- to invite her to go with them. Chance sympathized that Summer felt like she was on the outside, looking in.

At Society, Mariah and Tessa were happy to see Kyle, and the threesome discussed how Harrison was recovering from his kidnapping trauma. Mariah was certain Kyle had been taking care of everyone else and not thinking about himself. Kyle replied that seeing Harrison happy was all he needed, and he showed the women photos to prove that the boy was back to his goofy self. Mariah remarked that Harrison had loved whoever had taken the photos, and Kyle reported that it had been Harrison's new best friend, Claire. Kyle indicated that the kidnapping experience had bonded the two, and Claire had even become the boy's nanny. Mariah was stunned.

Mariah referred to Claire's history, but Kyle asserted that Claire had gotten help and was stronger for it. Mariah doubted Summer had accepted Claire, but Kyle contended that he'd gotten Summer to see that Harrison felt safe around Claire. Tessa inquired about Claire's experience with children, and Kyle shared that Claire had done research and that she was intuitive and thoughtful. Kyle mused that Claire gave energy to everything in the way she lived her life, taking joy in the simplest things. He found it charming and inspiring to see how positive she was. Mariah teased that Harrison wasn't the only one who thought Claire was very special.

After Tessa headed back to work, Kyle thought it sounded like Mariah was judging. Mariah agreed that Claire deserved a second chance, but she also empathized with Summer as a protective mom who wanted the best possible nanny for her child -- not someone whose aunt had just kidnapped her kid. Mariah continued that there were a lot of qualified people out there, including those who weren't just getting a grip on their new reality. Kyle defended that he'd gotten to know Claire, and she'd succeeded against all odds with strength, honesty, and an intense desire to do the right thing. He swore that it was who he was entrusting Harrison with, and he wouldn't push for it if he thought there was the slightest possible risk. Mariah theorized that something else was going on.

Kyle scoffed at the idea that he was crushing on the nanny. He questioned why Mariah would go there when he was trying hard to co-parent with Summer and work with his mother, which was impossible. Mariah pointed out that Claire was pretty, smart, and fun. Kyle stressed that he'd hired Claire because his son felt safe around her, and he couldn't ask for more as a parent. Mariah sincerely hoped Claire was a perfect fit, and Kyle replied that she was -- as long as Summer didn't change her mind.

Cole arrived at the tack house to find out how Claire's first day on the job had gone. Victoria responded that she'd been checking the clock every few minutes, and it would be more fun to have someone to wait with. Victoria reported that Claire had been bursting with excitement that morning, and Cole declared that he couldn't be prouder. Victoria remarked that it was a whole new chapter for all of them.

Claire arrived home, and Cole asked how things had gone. Victoria thought Claire's smile said it all, and Claire happily rambled about her day with Harrison. Victoria inquired whether the boy was still recovering from the kidnapping, and Claire sensed that he was bouncing back. Claire credited Kyle and Summer for surrounding Harrison with love, but Cole commended Claire for being a part of Harrison's support system by being able to relate to him and help him heal. Victoria was sure Summer had lightened up a bit.

Claire shared that Summer had treated her more like an employee than a relative. Claire added that it hadn't helped when Kyle had told Summer that Jordan was alive, and Summer had accused Claire of purposely holding back the information. Victoria offered to talk to Summer, but Claire firmly declined. Claire praised Kyle for being nothing but supportive, since it had made her think she really could do the job. Cole commented that it sounded like she'd made a friend.

Claire went upstairs to order a book about caterpillars for Harrison. Victoria told Cole that she wanted Claire to make friends, but she wasn't sure Kyle was the right choice. Victoria continued that Kyle was a great guy, but she worried that Claire would be caught in the friction between him and Summer because it was obvious Summer wasn't fully on board with Claire being Harrison's nanny. Cole was sure Summer would eventually get over her reservations for Harrison's sake.

Victoria clucked that Kyle hadn't always had the best judgment, citing his tumultuous relationship history. She pondered whether she was overthinking things. Cole placed a reassuring hand on her knee and considered it understandable that she was being an overprotective mom because she loved their daughter. Cole thought it was a positive thing that Claire had made a real friend, since it was exactly what she needed.

Victoria resolved not to worry, and she wondered when Cole had gotten so wise. He chalked it up to just wanting to be a good dad, and Victoria assured him that he was a great father. His phone pinged with a text message from Victor, who summoned him to the main house right away. Cole informed Victoria that he had to take off but would check in with her and Claire later, and he headed out.

Claire returned downstairs and reported that she'd ordered multiple books to be ready for Harrison's next questions. Victoria noted that Claire was a big fan of Kyle, and Claire reasoned that she wouldn't have the job without him. Victoria mentioned that she'd known Kyle a long time, and he was a complex guy. Claire swore that she wasn't expecting her new boss to be her best friend. Victoria clarified that she wanted Claire to have friends outside of work to have a full and rounded life. Claire claimed that her only focus was being part of the family and living a life she could be proud of.

Victoria apologized if she was asking too many questions, and Claire imagined it was how Victoria felt when Claire asked about the feelings between Victoria and Cole. Victoria insisted that they could talk about anything, and Claire mused that it somehow felt like she'd known Victoria her whole life. Victoria chalked it up to a mother-daughter connection, and she hoped Claire always felt free to be open and honest about anything on her mind. Claire wondered if Cole had really shown up to check on her or if it had just been a good excuse to stop by and see Victoria.

Victoria was sure Cole couldn't wait to hear about Claire's first day, and she mentioned that he had also been concerned about how the Jordan news would affect Claire. Claire was more worried about the impact on Nikki. Claire declared that Jordan was in the past, and all she cared about was their family and the future.

Cole arrived at the ranch, and Victor concluded that Cole had already been on the property. Cole confirmed that he'd been at the tack house to hear about Claire's first day on the job, but he assumed Victor hadn't summoned him there to talk about Claire. Victor proclaimed that he wanted to talk about Cole's betrayal -- unless Cole thought Victor had forgotten. Cole contended that he'd been protecting Victor and the family, and he contemplated what would have happened if Jordan had been discovered in the cage downstairs. Victor barked that he would protect his family.

Victor condemned Cole for following Victor in his own home and going behind his back to free Jordan. Cole argued that he'd intended to get her into a legitimate facility where she couldn't hurt them anymore while making sure Victor wouldn't be prosecuted for holding a prisoner. Cole defended that he and Michael had just been trying to help, and Victor revealed that he'd fired Michael for his part in it. Cole pointed out that Victor couldn't fire him, but Victor retorted that he could tell Cole to stay away from his family. "And stay the hell away from my daughter!" Victor growled.

At the bar in Paris, an agitated Ashley demanded to know why Alan was saying he hadn't been there before when they'd had an in-depth conversation in that room about her problems with Tucker. Alan maintained that he'd never been to that bar before, and Traci wondered if Ashley was confusing the location. Ashley asserted that she remembered everything about the place, and she even recognized the bartender, Jean-Pierre.

Alan pressed to know what Ashley recalled about their conversation and how he'd responded. Ashley testily inquired whether he thought she was delusional. Alan believed things had happened as Ashley remembered, but they hadn't happened with him. He suspected that she'd spent the evening with his brother.

Ashley, Traci, and Alan returned to Ashley's apartment. Alan explained that he hadn't wanted to discuss the topic in a bar where his brother might return. Alan lamented that it was a conversation he'd never wanted to have, but he needed to consider another possibility about what Ashley had experienced. He revealed that his twin, Martin, was a sociopath. Ashley recounted that she'd been married to someone in that situation, and she wouldn't wish it on anyone.

Alan divulged that Martin had been in and out of therapy and on various medications throughout their childhood. Alan remembered Martin being a sweet, loving boy when he'd been on his meds, growing into a man Alan had been proud to call his brother. Alan bemoaned that without medication, Martin became belligerent and rebellious, and Martin's condition had been why Alan had become a psychologist. Ashley asked why Alan had never told her he had a brother.

Alan explained that he and Martin had lived together outside of Paris so Alan could monitor him, and Martin had been thriving. Alan had offered Martin a job transcribing the notes from Alan's sessions, but he regretted that he hadn't foreseen Martin flipping out because some of the sessions had involved patients who'd undergone severe trauma. Martin had accused Alan of playing God with patients' lives and controlling Martin's. Alan continued that Martin had gone off his meds and maniacally demanded that Alan cure him on the spot, and Martin had become enraged and violent when Alan had told him it wasn't how therapy worked.

Alan confirmed that Martin could be violent when he was off his meds, and he'd tried to get Martin back on meds and even looked into inpatient facilities. Martin had taken it as a complete betrayal and run off after they'd had a huge argument. Alan disclosed that he'd spent two years with private investigators trying to find Martin, but he'd realized it had been an unhealthy obsession, and he'd had to let it go. Alan acknowledged that it seemed Martin had recently met Ashley at the bar, which also meant Martin was keeping track of Alan's connections. "He's keeping track of me," a horrified Ashley surmised.

Alan guessed that Martin had accessed Alan's phone when Alan had stupidly left it behind at his house when he'd gone to Florence. Alan considered it possible that Martin had answered Alan's phone and pretended to be Alan when Ashley had called. Ashley realized that Martin would have recognized her at the bar, based on the photo that had popped up when she'd called. Alan was unsure of his brother's involvement, and he resolved to stay focused on Ashley.

Alan asked if Ashley could remember anything else, and she shouted that it was a complete blank. Alan suspected that something traumatic had happened between Martin and Ashley on the night in question. Ashley wondered why she wasn't afraid of Alan if she'd thought Martin had been him. Alan responded that it depended on what trauma had actually occurred. Traci exclaimed that if they found out, if might not only help Ashley, but it could also lead Alan back to his brother.

Billy tells Lily about Jill's illness

Billy tells Lily about Jill's illness

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

At the Athletic Club, Devon said that he was surprised Nate had time for lunch and wasn't hanging out with his "new pal, Audra." Nate told Devon that Audra was in Paris on business. Devon warned Nate to keep his distance from Audra, since she was still at least professionally involved with Tucker. Nate said that they needed to focus on Billy and his "world tour."

Nate said that he didn't believe that Billy had done enough damage with the offices to "stage a coup." Mamie walked over and said that she would like to see if Lily could join them so Mamie could speak with Nate, Devon, and Lily.

Devon said that he hoped Mamie hadn't returned to "cause any trouble." Mamie said that she wanted to meet about something else. Mamie said that she understood she could "be a piece of work." Mamie told Nate and Devon that she had done "some good" by "nudging" Nate and Devon back together. Mamie confessed that she had pushed so hard that things had gotten "off track." Mamie asked what she could do to make things right by her family.

Devon said that he was worried that Mamie would eventually try to "stir stuff up again." Mamie admitted that she had returned to Genoa City, looking "for a fight," but she promised she would stay in her lane from that point forward. Devon said that Mamie would have to prove herself by selling her shares of Chancellor-Winters to them.

Mamie said that Devon was asking her to give up on a "lucrative investment," and Devon was being "overly cruel." Devon disagreed and said that Mamie could invest elsewhere. Mamie said that she had heard that Jill had given Billy her proxy for the company.

Mamie said that if Devon was asking her to sell her stake in Chancellor-Winters, she had the right to ask what Devon planned to do about Billy's increased power. Devon said that things with Billy were under control, and he reiterated that his answer to Mamie about "making things right" was to sell her shares. Devon got ready to leave, and Mamie asked Nate to stay. Mamie hissed that the family "must work together."

Nate told Mamie that winning "back Devon's trust" would take some time. Mamie said that she didn't understand how she had lost Devon's trust in the first place. Nate told Mamie that she had gone about things the wrong way, and she needed to stop focusing on Jill. Nate advised that Mamie needed to move past her "animosity for Jill," or things could turn "personal" instead of professional.

At Chancellor-Winters, Billy walked into Lily's office. Lily said that she'd thought Billy had still been on his "Billy Abbott suck-up tour," and she asked if Billy had run out of "butts to kiss." Billy, clearly worried about something, said that he needed to have a private conversation with Lily.

Billy said that he was betraying Jill's trust by telling Lily anything. Billy told Lily that he had just found out his mom was sick. Billy recounted that Jill was having cardiac issues again, but he didn't have information on her prognosis. Lily told Billy that she was very sorry to hear the news and that Jill meant "the world" to Lily. Billy said that he had an even greater "sense of urgency" to add the Abbott name to Chancellor-Winters.

Lily said that it would be ridiculous to rebrand the company again. Billy said that it was important to him to show Jill that her legacy would be secure. Lily said that Billy should spend time with Jill rather than making the company name such an issue. Billy reminded Lily about his past issues with his mom. Billy said that he would like to make up for all his "bad behavior" toward Jill in the past.

Lily said that she wished Jill had trusted Lily with the truth about her diagnosis. Billy asked Lily to convince herself to embrace the idea of the name change. Billy said that Lily would be the only person who could "convince Devon" that the idea was good. Billy told Lily that she couldn't tell Devon the truth about Jill. Devon entered and asked if everything was okay. Billy excused himself and said that all the offices he had visited were "doing great."

Devon inquired about Lily and Billy's discussion. Lily said that their conversation didn't have anything to do with their "plan" for the company. Devon said that Mamie was back in town, and she had apologized. Devon said that he didn't believe Mamie's story, and if Mamie found out they were planning to "de-merge" Chancellor-Winters, Mamie would say, "I told you so." Devon asked again what Lily had been talking to Billy about. Lily told Devon to "worry about Mamie," and she would "handle Billy."

Nate returned to the office as Devon was telling Lily that he had given Mamie "an ultimatum." Devon said that he didn't think Mamie was "capable" of staying out of their business, and Nate interjected that he agreed. Nate explained that Mamie was still "fired up," and he didn't believe she'd "let go" of her plans.

At Adam's apartment, Adam and Chelsea discussed their upsetting trip to see Connor. Adam said that he could not pretend that everything was fine, and he tossed a gift bag in the garbage can.

Chelsea plucked the bag from the garbage and said that she would not let Adam throw it away or "give up" on Connor. Adam argued that the bag contained Connor's favorite cookies, so they would be "stale and moldy" by the time they saw Connor again. Adam said that it seemed hopeless, since they had yet again tried to see Connor, and the doctors hadn't let them. Chelsea yelled that she needed Adam to reassure her because she couldn't handle the situation by herself.

Chelsea started crying, and Adam hugged her. Sally walked in with a box of her belongings to move in. Adam took the box, and Chelsea said that she hadn't realized Sally had moved in. Sally asked why Chelsea and Adam were back "so soon." Chelsea said that Adam could fill Sally in, and she left. Adam hugged Sally and said that he had missed her. Sally said that she was worried and asked what had happened with Connor.

Adam told Sally that the trip had been canceled. Adam recounted that Connor's excitement about his parents' visit had triggered a flare-up in Connor's OCD. Connor had punched himself in the face to self-harm.

Sally told Adam that Chelsea was right about Adam needing to "stay strong" and keep the faith. Adam asked why things seemed to be worse for Connor after he'd been admitted for treatment. Sally suggested that Connor's condition might have to get "worse before it gets better." Adam asked Sally how he was supposed to "live with" the fact that his son had punched himself in the face.

Adam told Sally how he had thrown the gift in the trash. Sally said that they could get more cookies, and Adam should continue to let out his anger -- as long as Connor didn't see it. Adam told Sally that Chelsea had begged him to "stay strong." Sally said that he could support Chelsea and still let out his anger when he was with Sally. Adam kissed Sally.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea met Billy and told him how glad she was to see him. Chelsea told Billy that Connor had disassociated, but he had called the nurse right after he had hit himself. Chelsea recounted that the doctors had said that Connor was learning to "manage" the OCD, since he had gotten help. Billy asked if Adam wanted to change facilities after the latest situation. Chelsea said that she didn't blame Adam if he did. Chelsea said that she and Adam had been "taking turns trying to be strong for each other."

Billy told Chelsea that Jill was sick and being taken care of by her brother in London. Billy said that the news had taken his "breath away." Billy told Chelsea that he had sworn not to tell anyone, but he had already told Lily. Chelsea said that she was surprised that Billy would tell Lily. Billy explained his plan to get Lily to help him convince the board to change the company name. Chelsea said that she didn't think it was wise of Billy to trust Lily, with all the drama going on at work. Chelsea said that it would be awful for Jill if she thought she couldn't "trust her own family."

Billy said that he trusted Lily because she respected Jill. Chelsea asked if Jill knew how hard Billy was pushing the name change, and she suggested that it mattered more to Billy than to Jill. Billy said that Jill had given him power and would trust his judgment. Chelsea told Billy to focus on "supporting Jill" and not to waste time with a company battle.

Ashley is horrified to learn the truth

Ashley is horrified to learn the truth

Thursday, June 6, 2024

In her Paris apartment, Ashley tried to keep herself awake. Alan said that Ashley was lucky to have a sister like Traci, and Ashley agreed, saying that her whole family had always been very supportive. Alan tried to talk Ashley into sleeping, but she refused, since she was terrified that her alternate personalities would assume "control" if she slept.

Alan said that it was a positive sign that the alters hadn't taken over in a while. Ashley said that she was afraid to find out more about what had caused her trauma. Alan assured Ashley that her fear was normal, but he felt that the best thing she could do was rest. Ashley reminded Alan that she had just found out that Alan's brother was a "sociopath" who might be after her, so she couldn't rest. Alan confessed that his brother, Martin, was "dangerous," but he said that Ashley could "become whole again" if she could face her trauma. Ashley said that the situation had to be difficult for Alan, too. Alan apologized for having put Ashley in peril with Martin.

Ashley tried again to remember her time at the bar with Martin. Ashley asked Alan if hypnosis could be a possible solution. Alan said that Ashley wasn't an "ideal subject" for hypnosis, but Ashley insisted they try. Alan asked Ashley to take slow, deep breaths, and he started to count backwards. As Ashley went under, Alan asked her to describe the bar the night she'd met Martin.

Ashley remembered the quiet bar and said that she had called Alan to join her. Ashley said that she had talked to Martin about Tucker, and they had "toasted" their friendship. Traci quietly wandered in and sat down to listen.

Ashley became agitated and remembered Martin telling her that he had had a new piece of artwork to show her. Alan brought Ashley out of hypnosis. Ashley insisted that they go to Alan's townhouse to trigger more memories. Ashley's phone pinged with a voicemail from Tucker. Tucker had left Ashley a message telling her that he had run into Alan, but Alan had acted like he hadn't known Tucker at all. Alan said that he had never seen Tucker, and Ashley speculated that Tucker had actually seen Martin.

Ashley returned Tucker's call, and she asked where Tucker had seen Alan. Tucker recounted bumping into Alan on the street and asked why Ashley had inquired. Ashley told Tucker to focus on business and leave her alone, and she hung up. Alan was surprised that after he'd had private investigators looking for Martin for two years, Martin was in Paris.

Traci, Alan, and Ashley went to Alan's townhouse. Ashley looked around the living room and said that the painting on the wall was the painting Martin had taken her to see. Alan said that he had purchased the painting a couple of months before. Ashley demanded to be hypnotized again, but Alan suggested she try to "remember naturally."

Ashley remembered sitting on the sofa, drinking and talking with Martin. There was a loud noise from somewhere else in the house, and Alan said that no one was "supposed to be" there. Alan said that he might have left a window open, and he left to check for signs that someone had been in his home.

Traci told Ashley how brave and strong Ashley was. Ashley thanked Traci again for her support. Traci said that she admired Alan, and Ashley said that Alan had said the same about Traci. Ashley looked over at the painting again and said that "something shifted." Traci said that it might be a good sign that the alters had weakened.

Ashley remembered Martin telling her that Tucker was a narcissist who didn't deserve a "second chance" from Ashley. Martin had said that Ashley had been making excuses for Tucker and that what Tucker had truly wanted had been to "berate...humiliate...terrorize" her. Martin had called Ashley "too fascinating a subject" to be "held back" by Tucker. Ashley had asked what Martin had meant by calling her a "subject."

Alan had removed his jacket and was rolling up his sleeves as he returned to the living room. Ashley said that she had remembered more from the night with Martin. Ashley recounted what she remembered, and Alan said that Martin had been "obsessed" with Alan's therapy work. Alan confessed that he had had doubts about his patient treatment after Martin's experiences with therapy and medications. Alan berated himself for not having done more for his brother, and Ashley said that Alan was being "too hard" on himself.

Alan suggested that they try hypnosis again. Traci was perplexed and reminded Alan that he had said earlier it would be risky to try again. Ashley said that she wanted to try, and Alan re-hypnotized her. Ashley remembered Martin telling her that she wasn't "a subject," and he had suggested they try "role-playing." Martin had said that he would play the role of Tucker so Ashley could see Tucker for who he really was.

Traci begged Ashley to stop the hypnosis. Traci said that Ashley was too exhausted, and Ashley needed to "take some time to process everything." Alan disagreed and said that Ashley needed to "push on." Traci finally relented, and Alan started hypnosis again. Ashley's head started ringing, and she said that Ms. Abbot was "trying to take over." Alan demanded that Ashley fight harder. Ms. Abbott said that Alan was lying. Alan said that Ashley was getting "closer to the truth." Ashley calmed down and tried to remember more.

Alan asked Traci to make some strong coffee. Traci was angry and again begged Ashley to take a break. Alan said that they couldn't "lose momentum" and that Traci's presence could be "impeding progress."

In Tucker's room, he listened to Ashley's voicemail, grabbed his coat, and left.

Ms. Abbott returned, and Alan demanded Ashley fight the alters off. Ms. Abbott said that she was what Ashley needed. The voices stopped, and Alan suggested that they "reenact" the night "as vividly" as they could.

Ashley remembered reenacting the fight with Tucker. Ashley had said the things to Martin that she had said to Tucker during their fight at the restaurant. Martin had insisted that Tucker had become "enraged" after Ashley had told him that she hadn't wanted to turn on her family. Ashley had denied Martin's account and had reiterated that Tucker had wanted to "dominate" and "punish" Ashley. Ashley had pictured Tucker becoming cruel and yelling. Martin had said that Ashley had needed to take the power back from Tucker. Martin had said that Tucker hadn't known what he had had, but Martin could be a "better version" of Tucker. Martin had leaned in and kissed Ashley. In her mind, Ashley started confusing Martin and Tucker.

Ashley tried to explain that Martin had been the one who had been very aggressive, and she had "blended" the two men together. Ashley asked Alan if her mind had "splintered" in that moment when she had gotten the two men confused. Alan replied, "Well done. I knew I could do it."

Ashley looked perplexed. Alan said that his "brother" had always thought he had had all the answers. Alan said that he was the one who "knew best" and that Ashley had just helped him prove it. Ashley asked what she had helped prove. Alan replied that if Ashley could figure that out, she would be his "favorite subject." Ashley, growing horrified, said, "You're Martin."

Martin told Ashley that she was "a little slow on the uptake," and he grabbed her and put his hand over her mouth.

Alan and Martin plunge off the balcony

Alan and Martin plunge off the balcony

Friday, June 7, 2024

At Alan's townhouse, Traci brought coffee into the living room and wondered where Alan and Ashley had gotten off to. Traci answered a knock at the door and found Tucker.

Tucker said that he was there to see Alan, and Tucker inquired about how Ashley had been doing. Traci wouldn't fill Tucker in, but Tucker insisted that he had heard "fear" in Ashley's voice on the phone. Tucker entered, but Traci refused to tell Tucker where Ashley was. Tucker said that he wanted to know why Alan had acted like Tucker was a stranger when they'd run into each other. Tucker also wanted to know why Ashley had sounded so terrified on the phone. Tucker asked Traci, "Are you absolutely certain Alan can be trusted?"

Upstairs in the townhouse, Martin dragged an unconscious Ashley down the hallway. Alan was passed out, gagged, and zip-tied in the closet.

Traci told Tucker that Alan could be trusted. Traci was coy as Tucker continued to pry for answers. Traci said that she appreciated Tucker's concern, but she would continue to respect Ashley's privacy. Traci insisted that Alan had been really helping Ashley, and Tucker needed to stay out of things. Tucker questioned Alan's motives for popping "back into" Ashley's life at the same time as her "traumatic events."

Tucker told Traci that she seemed afraid and anxious. Tucker said that he had a feeling Alan's "work" with Ashley wasn't "quite what it appears to be." Traci insisted that everything Alan had been doing had a "positive and therapeutic purpose." Traci suggested that Alan had simply not recognized Tucker, and she said that there had been "nothing nefarious" about the situation.

In the closet, Alan stirred.

Traci asked if Tucker was in Paris with Audra. Tucker said that they had hit a "snag," and he asked Traci if she was ever going to give him any answers. Traci said that she was not under "any obligation" to share private information about Ashley with Tucker. Tucker said that he still cared about Ashley to his own "detriment" and that his regard for Ashley was a factor in his not being with Audra. Traci suggested that Tucker could care about Ashley in the morning, since it was so late. Tucker asked if he could have a look around. Traci refused and asked Tucker to leave. Tucker said that he would trust Traci's opinion about Alan, but Tucker wouldn't feel better until he could see for himself.

Ashley screamed from upstairs, and Tucker ran to help. Martin screamed at Ashley to be quiet. Ashley told Martin that he needed help. Martin was angered, and he shoved Ashley. Tucker and Traci arrived and caught Ashley. Alan also arrived after escaping from the closet.

Martin angrily insisted that he was not insane and that he was smarter than Alan. Alan asked Martin to go downstairs and talk. Martin said that Alan would just "call them up" and have Martin "lock [him] away again." Alan said that Martin needed to get help. Martin said that all he had ever wanted was to "be an only child." Martin lunged at Alan and started shoving him around the hall. Both men tumbled through the balcony doors and went plunging off the side.

Ashley ran downstairs and out the door as Traci yelled for Ashley to stop.

Later, Tucker assisted Alan inside. Tucker said that the ambulance was on the way, and Alan said that the ambulance wouldn't do any good for Martin. Alan said that it was ironic that he had survived the fall because he had landed on Martin. Traci asked Ashley how she was doing. Ashley said that she was scared, and she asked why Tucker was there. Tucker recounted what he had told Traci, and he asked if someone could explain to him "what the hell" had just happened. Alan said that Ashley probably didn't want to "relive" things, and Alan told Tucker to leave. Tucker asked if Alan could be serious after what had just happened. Traci suggested that Tucker leave and give his statement to the police. Tucker relented, but he told Traci to call him if Ashley needed anything.

Ashley apologized, and Traci and Alan insisted that Ashley had not been responsible. Alan recounted that Martin had attacked him, and Traci said that Martin had fooled them all by pretending to be Alan. Alan said that he and Martin had always done "twin things" like pretending to be each other. Alan said that Martin had become very good at "imitating" Alan. Alan expressed sorrow that Martin had hurt Ashley. Traci asked if there was anyone that she could call for Alan. Alan said that they didn't have a lot of family. Alan said that he was sad but also "relieved" that Martin was "at peace."

Ashley said that she thought she had put the pieces together of what had initially happened with Martin. Ashley said that the anger Martin had exhibited that evening was "the same rage" she had seen when they had met at the bar. Ashley said Martin had done "something" to her, but she wasn't sure what it had been. As Ashley cried, Traci started crying, as well. Alan tried to encourage the sisters that they had gotten some "clarity" on things. Ashley said that she could clearly see her alters in a white room that goes on for "infinity."

Ashley described the characteristics of Ash, Belle, and Ms. Abbott. Ashley said that Ms. Abbott would eventually have killed Tucker if time hadn't run out. Ashley said that Tucker had always seemed to know when the alters were in control, and when Ashley was "off."

Traci and Ashley told Alan that they were sorry for his pain. Alan said that Martin had always been "troubled," but eventually, Martin had become violent and had descended "into some kind of darkness." Alan said that the end result with Martin had been "inevitable."

Ashley, Traci, and Alan, with his arm in a sling, returned to Ashley's apartment. Traci was surprised the police had believed their "bizarre" story. Alan told Traci that he was still upset that Martin had hurt Ashley. Traci asked Alan to "be gentle" with himself. Traci asked if Ashley wanted to stay in Paris or go home. Ashley said that she probably wasn't ready to go home. Alan agreed, and he said that Ashley needed to "continue the work" on her mental health.

Ashley asked if Alan could find a therapist for her in the US. Alan feared that while the incident with Martin had "released" the alters, they had been created long before due to some sort of childhood trauma. Alan advised Ashley to go to a "controlled, safe environment." Ashley refused to go to an institution. Alan told Ashley that he was on the board of "an incredible clinic" that specialized in Ashley's condition. Alan swore to Traci that the clinic was excellent. Traci's phone rang, and she answered a call from Jack and walked in the hall.

Traci told Jack that she wished he were in Paris with them. Traci told Jack that Ashley had made a "great breakthrough." Traci said that hearing Jack's voice made "everything better." Traci asked if Ashley was ready to talk to Jack. Ashley took the phone and told Jack that she was sorry for all the issues she had caused. Jack said that all that was important was that Ashley was safe.

Traci laughed with Alan about how relieved she had been to have heard from Jack. Traci apologized to Alan for "babbling" after he had been through so much. Alan said that Traci had been "carrying the weight of the world" on her shoulders. Alan said that he didn't deserve Traci's kindness, but Traci reminded Alan that Martin had caused the trouble. Traci said that Alan had helped Ashley "find herself" again. Alan said that Traci deserved a lot of "credit" for Ashley's breakthrough. When Traci waved Alan off, he said that it was possible for people to love each other and still "fail them deeply in the worst possible way." Traci put her hand on Alan's in sympathy, and they smiled at each other.

Ashley told Jack that Alan thought she needed to go to a clinic outside Paris. Jack told Ashley that she would make the right decision because she was strong and brave. Jack reminded Ashley that all her siblings would "be there" for her. Ashley hung up and went back to the living room. Ashley said that she was ready to continue to get better.

When Tucker returned to his hotel suite, he had a drink and lay down. Tucker answered a call, and he yelled at the caller that he would "deal with it later." Tucker slammed the phone on the nightstand and yelled out in anger.

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